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January 3 to 7, 2011
The bus crash claimed the lives of the driver and Ali. Michael was hailed as the hero for finding Olivia and Morgan. Olivia was rushed to the hospital after help arrived. Olivia underwent emergency surgery to stop the internal bleeding. Dante sat vigil at Olivia's bedside until she woke up. Dante noticed the sparks between Olivia and Steve. Steve hired a new doctor named Terrell Jackson. Terrell and Lisa had a past connection. Lisa explained that she had called Terrell because she needed him to seduce Robin. Terrell wanted to rekindle things with Lisa if he succeeded in helping her break up Patrick and Robin. Lisa thought that it would serve Patrick right if she dumped him after she wrecked his marriage. Jason was choked up with emotion when Elizabeth let him spend some time with Jake. Theo took steps to get to know Sonny's children. Sonny resented Theo's insensitivity when Theo showed up at the hospital to interrogate Dante about Anton's shooting. Later, Brenda asked Theo if he could get a continuance for the first hearing, but Theo explained that a man's son had died, so a father had the right to expect someone to pay for it. Spinelli was impressed with Diane's writing skills, so he proposed that they collaborate on a book about The Jackal, P.I. Jason turned to Sam, Spinelli, and Diane for help to dig into Theo Hoffman's past. Carly confronted Sam when Sonny let it slip that Abby was a stripper. Sam refused to apologize for introducing Michael to Abby. Carly decided to offer Abby money to leave town and to never contact Michael again. Abby refused to accept Carly's offer. Sonny warned Michael that Carly was on the warpath.
January 10 to 14, 2011
Siobhan continued to secretly meet with the Balkan, unaware that he was Theo Hoffman. It was revealed that the Balkan held Siobhan's sister captive to force Siobhan to cooperate. Siobhan broke things off with Lucky when she realized that the Balkan might have her lure Lucky to his death. Sonny surprised Brenda with a special set of wedding rings. Later, Sonny had an unsettling dream about their wedding day. Sonny asked Dante to be his best man. Dante initially declined Sonny's request, but Brenda persuaded Dante to change his mind. Lulu feared that Dante had developed a romantic attachment to Brenda, so she asked him to request a reassignment. Dante insisted that protecting Brenda was simply a job. Carly turned to Diane for help obtaining legal documentation to prove that Brenda and Dante had a child together. Abby was arrested for prostitution after an anonymous tipster called in. Michael refused to believe that Abby was guilty of the crime, so he pleaded with Dante to help Abby. Michael and Abby kissed. Sam learned that there was a procedure that might reverse her fertility problems. Molly had flashbacks of the bus crash, followed by angry outbursts. Elizabeth and Brook vied for Nikolas' attention. Brook warned Lucky that Elizabeth was after Nikolas' money. Lucky advised Nikolas to follow his heart in regards to Elizabeth. Patrick realized that Lisa had likely passed the incriminating syringe to Johnny, so he turned to Johnny for help. Johnny claimed that he had no idea what Patrick was talking about. Terrell continued to work Lisa's agenda to seduce Robin, but he was livid when he discovered that Lisa had failed to tell him that Robin was HIV positive.
January 17 to 21, 2011
Brenda told Theo about the circumstances of Aleksander's death and Dante's decision to dispose of the body. Theo assumed that Dante had confided everything to Lulu, so he talked to Lulu about the cover-up. Lulu ended things with Dante because she felt that she couldn't trust him. Sonny and Brenda remained determined to get married on February 18th, despite pleas from Jason and Dante to postpone the wedding. Jason was certain that the Balkan would make a move against Brenda on the special day. Theo called a mystery person to arrange for Brenda to be abducted on her wedding day. Theo manipulated Sonny into hiring Claire to work on the wrongful death lawsuit after Theo learned of Sonny's brief affair with Claire. Diane legally procured the evidence that Carly needed to prove that Dante had fathered Brenda's child. Carly decided to wait until the wedding ceremony to share the information with Sonny. Elizabeth proved to be a thorn in Brook's side as things heated up between Brook and Nikolas. Abby falsely confessed to being a prostitute in the hopes of driving Michael away. Michael insisted that he didn't judge Abby, but Abby refused to continue to see him. Sam talked to Dr. Lee about a fertility procedure that might make it possible for Sam to have a baby. Terrell volunteered to work in the AIDS wing to impress Robin. Lisa was pleased to see Robin warming up to Terrell. Siobhan met with one of the Balkan's henchmen, who allowed Siobhan to talk to her kidnapped sister, Megan.
January 24 to 28, 2011
Alexis made an appointment for Molly to see a therapist because Molly appeared to be suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder. Molly suggested that Michael also see a therapist because he seemed to be exhibiting similar symptoms since leaving Pentonville. Abby remained determined to keep her distance from Michael for his own good. Michael had difficulty accepting Abby's decision. Michael had flashbacks of Carter when he found Abby being attacked in an alleyway. Ethan suspected that Maya wasn't ready to leave the mansion after she had failed to put down a deposit on an apartment. Dante refused to give up on Lulu, so he continued to seek forgiveness for not telling her about his past with Brenda. Dante questioned Theo's ethics when he found Theo sharing information about the wrongful death lawsuit with a stranger named Sean Butler. Theo claimed that he had hired Sean as a security consultant. Sam and Jason talked about the fertility procedure that might make it possible for her to have children. Sam insisted that she needed more than a fifty percent chance before considering having a baby because she couldn't deal with the loss of another child. Lisa was delighted when Patrick became jealous over the growing friendship between Terrell and Robin. Lucky began to suspect that Siobhan might be the traitor, so he gave her false information about Brenda's wedding. Siobhan walked into Lucky's trap. Brook resorted to poking a hole in her tire to sabotage Elizabeth and Nikolas' dinner.
January 31 to February 4, 2011
Brandon attacked Abby in an alleyway. Michael froze momentarily, but then sprang into action to rescue Abby. Jason's first instinct had been to cover up what had happened, but Dante insisted that Michael had not done anything wrong, so it should be reported. Michael was left shaken by the experience because it had reminded him of when Carter had attacked him in jail. Michael told Jason and Carly that he had been raped by Carter in Pentonville. At Carly and Jason's urging, Michael reluctantly agreed to go to counseling to deal with the rape. Sonny was shocked when Carly told him about Michael's rape. Sonny warned Carly that blaming Dante wouldn't help Michael. The Balkan managed to stay a step ahead of Lucky. Dante and Jason feared that Lucky couldn't be objective about Siobhan. Lucky insisted that he knew Siobhan and that she had told him the truth about her sister, Megan, being kidnapped by the Balkan. Lucky arrested Siobhan to make certain that the Balkan didn't think that Siobhan was working with Lucky. Siobhan and Lucky figured out that Megan was being held in Galway, so they made plans to fly to Ireland. Brenda revealed that she had suffered a miscarriage during her trip to Africa. Brenda tearfully admitted to Dante that she'd never had a chance to hold her baby boy. Dante was filled with remorse when he learned about Michael's rape. Dante considered resigning from the police force because of what he had done to Michael. Lisa grew increasingly frustrated when she noticed that Robin and Patrick seemed to be growing closer. Terrell made it clear to Lisa that he was not into "boiling stuffed animals," so he would only go so far to help Lisa. Carly eavesdropped while Brenda and Robin talked about her. Later, Brenda was stunned to find that her wedding dress had been shredded.
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February 7 to 11, 2011
Carly denied accusations that she had destroyed Brenda's wedding dress and then flooded the Archer Pavilion, where the wedding had been scheduled to take place. Carly claimed that Brenda had framed her for the acts of vandalism. Siobhan was reluctant to further endanger Lucky, but Lucky insisted on finding Megan. Siobhan and Lucky headed to Ireland to rescue Megan. In Galway, Lucky and Siobhan made their way to a warehouse where the Balkan's men were waiting. One of the henchmen congratulated Siobhan on leading Lucky to them. Michael was relieved by Sonny's assurances that he would always love and respect Michael after Sonny had learned about the rape. Michael left his first therapy session with a thirst for vengeance. Dante warned Michael that going after Franco wasn't the answer. Michael agreed to leave Franco to the authorities provided that Dante didn't resign from the police force. Dante was surprised when Lulu showed up with tickets to the opera for a Valentine's Day date. Lisa took steps to arrange for Patrick to find Robin and Terrell in a compromising position. Patrick vowed not to let Terrell take advantage of Robin. Patrick was disappointed when Robin agreed to go out for drinks with Terrell on Valentine's Day. Jason took steps to surprise Sam with a special Valentine's Day dinner. Sam took a pregnancy test at the hospital and then asked Elizabeth to let her know when the results were in. Jason let Sam know that Elizabeth had called to let Sam know that the pregnancy test results were back. Molly and Kristina arranged for Alexis and Mac to spend Valentine's Day together.
February 14 to 18, 2011
Ethan agreed to be Kristina's "date" to the wedding when Maya had to work. Lucky and Siobhan managed to get to the cabin where Megan had been held. The Balkan's henchmen returned before Lucky, Siobhan, and Megan made good on their escape. Sam learned that her pregnancy test was negative. Johnny paid the waitress to make certain that Lisa drank the drugged beer. Johnny took Lisa back to his place to sleep it off. Johnny told Lisa about Claudia's obsession with Sonny to warn Lisa that she was headed down his sister's path. Patrick and Robin shared a passionate kiss on Valentine's Day. Sonny figured out that Suzanne had been responsible for Brenda's torn wedding dress, the flooded pavilion, and the stolen wedding ring. Brenda angrily confronted Suzanne, who admitted that she had tried to stop the wedding out of love for Brenda. Brenda forgave Suzanne after a talk with Sonny. Suzanne was revealed to be the Balkan's wife and Aleksander's mother. Suzanne had been in cahoots with her husband from the beginning. Theo arranged for Shawn to be part of the security detail at Brenda's wedding. Sonny arranged for Max and Milo to kidnap Carly to keep her from ruining the wedding. Carly escaped from Max and Milo's custody and then made her way to the Archer Pavilion. Lulu agreed to reconcile with Dante. Carly showed Luke the evidence that she had against Brenda, but Luke didn't share the news with his daughter. Molly overheard Theo confess that he was the Balkan. Molly raced to Jason's penthouse as soon as the coast was clear to share the news with Jason and Sam. Jason and Sam headed to Metro Court to capture the Balkan. Edward gave Brenda a special gift: Lila's handkerchief. Shawn was poised to kidnap Brenda when Carly showed up to confront her rival.
February 21 to 25, 2011
Carly unwittingly foiled Shawn's plans to kidnap Brenda. Brenda refused to leave town when Carly threatened to reveal that Brenda and Dante had a child together. Brenda stopped the wedding to tell Sonny about Carly's plans. Sonny felt betrayed by Brenda and Dante's affair until Dante clarified that they had never slept together. Dante revealed that he had merely claimed to be the father of Brenda's baby to keep the baby safe from the father's family. Sonny quickly forgave Brenda for not telling him about the baby and then asked her to marry him. Moments later, Sonny and Brenda were married. Lulu was hurt that Dante had kept another secret from her. Shawn agreed to switch sides to help Jason capture the Balkan. Jason and Shawn arranged for a meeting with Theo at the Pine Barrens, but the Balkan's men ambushed them shortly after their arrival. Theo began to question Suzanne's loyalty when he realized that she hadn't told him about their grandchild. Suzanne claimed that she hadn't wanted to add to Theo's grief after losing Aleksander. Jax accepted that his marriage to Carly was over for good. Carly found an injured Shawn lying in the middle of the road, so she took him back to her house to treat his gunshot wound. Kristina confided to Ethan that she planned to marry him one day. Theo kidnapped Sam. Brenda entered the limousine as she and Sonny prepared to leave for their honeymoon. Sonny exchanged a few words with Luke and then turned to join his bride in the limousine. Sonny was horrified as the limousine suddenly exploded. Later, paramedics pulled out a body. Sonny and Jason were shocked to realize that the woman in the limousine was Sam.
February 28 to March 4, 2011
Sam was pulled from the wreckage of the bomb-proofed limousine and then rushed to the hospital. Sam escaped the explosion with a concussion, temporary hearing loss, and a few scrapes. Sonny realized that the Balkan had kidnapped Brenda. Sonny charged into Carly's home to demanded answers from Shawn. Sonny threatened to torture and kill Shawn if Shawn did not cooperate, but Carly and Michael managed to talk Sonny down until Dante arrived. Shawn was taken to the hospital where one of Theo's hired assassins tried to kill Shawn. Shawn decided to retrieve his records from Manhattan in the hopes that it would help lead them to Theo. Shawn returned to Carly's house to ask her to deliver a message. Jax stonewalled Sonny when Sonny turned to Carly for help compiling a list of people who had contact with Theo during Theo's stay at Metro Court. Dante assured Sonny that the police were working to find Brenda, but Sonny was determined to do things his own way. Michael found himself on the wrong side of a gun when he followed Theo's hit man into an alley. Dante arrived in time to arrest the man before Michael was hurt. Nikolas confessed to having feelings for Brook. However, Nikolas admitted to Lucky that he felt torn because he knew that Elizabeth wanted to try to make things work. Elizabeth began to question Aiden's paternity when Monica remarked how much Aiden looked like Lucky. Theo questioned Brenda about her baby with Aleksander. Brenda explained that her son had been stillborn. Theo was certain that the baby was alive after he learned that Suzanne had been present at the time of his grandson's birth. Theo accused Suzanne of hiding their grandchild from him because she resented how he had coddled their son. Suzanne conceded that she had not wanted Aleksander to follow Theo into a life of crime. Brenda tried to enlist the aid of Jules, Theo's servant, to help her escape. Theo was furious when he discovered that Brenda's room was empty.
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MARCH 2011
March 7 to 11, 2011
Lucky convinced Siobhan that marriage was the only solution for her immigration problems. Elizabeth was stunned when Lucky told her about his plans to marry Siobhan. Nikolas and Brooke made love. Elizabeth had another paternity test done for Aiden. Things heated up between Lisa and Johnny. Maxie and Matt slipped into Johnny's penthouse to search for the syringe that Lisa had tried to inject into Robin's I.V. Maxie was delighted when she overheard Johnny and Lisa discuss the incriminating evidence. Patrick and Robin decided to search the penthouse a second time when Maxie and Matt failed to find the syringe. Johnny and Lisa walked in on Robin and Patrick. Ethan remained oblivious to Kristina's infatuation with him. Kristina overheard Maya and Ethan discuss moving out of the Quartermaine mansion, so she told them about a cottage for rent next door to her house. Jax was furious when he discovered that Shawn was hiding out in Carly's home. Jax vowed to keep the children away from Carly if she continued to involve herself in Sonny's problems. Luke offered to help Carly with her custody woes -- for a price. Carly made it clear that she didn't want to hurt Jax. Sam was released from the hospital. Spinelli discovered that Suzanne was Theo Hoffman's wife. Jason confronted Suzanne with the information. Suzanne assured Jason that she genuinely cared for Brenda and wished to help him find her. Theo arranged to have a knife plunged into Jules's back just as Jules reached Sonny. Theo decided that Brenda was no longer of any use to him in finding his grandson, so he had her injected with a deadly neurotoxin. Theo took Suzanne hostage as he made his way out of the cave. Sonny found Brenda and rushed her to the hospital, where Robin tried to counter the effects of the poison with an antidote.
March 14 to 18, 2011
Johnny sent Lisa and Robin on a scavenger hunt for the syringe. Steve warned Lisa that he would fire her if the syringe were to surface. Robin found the syringe. Theo took Suzanne hostage and then escaped in a helicopter. Brenda made a full recovery after receiving an antidote for the deadly toxin. Sonny decided to spirit Brenda away for a well-deserved honeymoon. Michael decided to take advantage of Sonny and Jason's distraction with the hunt for Theo to prove that he was worthy of being part of his father's organization. Dante and Ronnie headed a raid on Pier 52, were an illegal shipment was being unloaded. Dante was stunned to discover that Michael was among Sonny's men at the warehouse. Jason managed to get Michael out of the situation before any other police officers recognized Michael. Sam got a lead on one of Theo's henchmen. Sam suffered a blinding headache while driving. Carly raced to the doctor's office when she received word that Josslyn was sick. Jax and Carly received devastating news when Terrell revealed that Josslyn might have a rare kidney cancer. Lucky and Siobhan decided to head to a justice of the peace to get married. Luke tried to make it in time for Lucky's wedding. Things turned ugly after Elizabeth caught Nikolas and Brook getting intimate in the library. Elizabeth vowed not to let Aiden return to Wyndemere while Brook lived there. Elizabeth received the results of Aiden's paternity test. Tragedy struck when Jake managed to slip out of the house. Jake was struck by a car that kept on driving. Things looked bleak for Jake as he was taken into surgery in critical condition.
March 21 to 25, 2011
Things heated up between Abby and Michael when she invited Michael to spend the night. Brenda and Sonny honeymooned in Positano, Italy. Suzanne received a call from her grandson's caretaker. Theo learned that his grandson was on Iberia Isle, outside of Baton Rouge. Suzanne realized that Theo intended to dispose of her, since he no longer needed her. Lisa managed to steal the syringe out of Robin's locker and then destroy it. Robin admitted that she missed Patrick and wanted him to move back home. Patrick assured Robin that he was committed to her and determined to make their marriage stronger. Tragedy struck when Jake Webber succumbed to his injuries during surgery. Carly and Jax learned that Josslyn had cancer in both kidneys. Carly pleaded with Jason to consider donating one of Jake's kidneys to Josslyn. Jason went to Elizabeth with Carly's request. Elizabeth refused to allow Jason to use their son for "spare parts." Lucky eventually persuaded Elizabeth to agree to the organ donation. Josslyn made a quick recovery after the transplant. Carly was rattled when she received a message from Franco promising to keep a closer eye on Josslyn. Dante compiled a list of suspects for Jake's hit-and-run after reviewing the footage from a traffic camera near Elizabeth's house. Dante found a car with Jake's DNA all over the bumper; it belonged to Luke. Luke was horrified to realize that he had killed Jake. Lucky questioned if Luke had been drinking on the night of Jake's accident.
March 28 to April 1, 2011
Lulu apologized to Elizabeth for the way that she had treated Elizabeth following Elizabeth's affair with Nikolas. Elizabeth assured Lulu that she understood that Lulu had been trying to be a protective sister to Lucky. Michael and Abby made love for the first time. Michael and Abby's happiness was short-lived when they learned that Brandon had been released from jail after hiring a new attorney. Brandon threatened to accuse Michael of an unprovoked attack if Abby didn't drop the attempted rape charges. Abby refused to risk Michael being sent back to Pentonville, so she gave in to Brandon's demands. Brandon beat up Abby, so Michael went gunning for Brandon. Theo closed in on his grandson, but Suzanne remained a step ahead of Theo. Suzanne slit Theo's throat before Theo was able to get his hands on their grandson. Jax was furious when he learned that Shawn had been hired to protect Josslyn from Franco. Carly insisted that she trusted Shawn to guard their daughter. Jason decided not to attend Jake's memorial service. Jason admitted to Sam that he realized that he had made the wrong decision to stay out of Jake's life. Luke refused to blame the accident on his drinking, despite Jason and Lucky's certainty that Luke might have seen Jake in the road if Luke hadn't been drinking. Sonny and Brenda cut their honeymoon short when they learned about the tragedy. Brenda agreed to hire a private investigator to confirm Suzanne's claim that Brenda's child had been stillborn. Spinelli confessed to Maxie that she had been the inspiration for his novel. Lisa was livid when she learned that Robin and Patrick had reconciled. Lisa decided to strike up a friendship with Kristina after Lisa overheard Kristina offer to babysit Emma.
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APRIL 2011
April 4 to 8, 2011
Jason managed to keep Michael from shooting Brandon; however, Brandon later turned up in the parking lot of Vaughn's with two fatal gunshots to the head. Dante assumed that Jason had killed Brandon to keep Michael from doing the deed. Jason realized that he had to find the real killer before the murder was pinned on him or Michael. Jason became upset when Lucky showed up at the penthouse to question Jason about Brandon's murder. Anthony Zacchara called Johnny. Johnny assured his father that he had found something that would give them leverage against Sonny. Lucky suggested that he and Siobhan get married right away, but Siobhan felt that Lucky needed time to grieve. Lucky asked Sonny to be there for Luke. Lucky explained that he couldn't jump on the "denial bandwagon" like Luke and Lulu had. Lucky also refused to watch his father drown his grief in alcohol when alcohol had led to Jake's tragic death. Nikolas found Luke tearing up the Haunted Star. Later, Luke decided to torch the casino. Sonny had doubts about Suzanne's claims that Lucian was Brenda's son, but Brenda embraced the child with open arms. Sonny urged Brenda to get a DNA test to confirm Suzanne's story about Lucian. Brenda and Carly traded insults about the other's fitness as a mother after Carly had learned that Lucian was Brenda's son. Carly stunned Sam by suggesting that Sam have Jason's baby to help Jason through his grief over losing Jake.
April 11 to 15, 2011
Carly pleaded with Abby to take a step away from Michael during the investigation into Brandon's death. Michael resented that everyone feared that his temper would get him into trouble. Dante and Sonny suspected that Johnny wanted to set up Michael for Brandon's murder. Sonny warned Johnny not to recruit Michael into the Zacchara organization. Jason tried to persuade Michael to stay away from Johnny, but Michael was determined to make his own choices. Lulu insisted that Johnny wouldn't intentionally hurt Michael. Lisa offered Kristina an herbal solution to the stress of trying to get into college. Kristina was unaware that Lisa had replaced the herbal supplements with a powerful narcotic. Elizabeth was undecided about what to do regarding Aiden's paternity tests. Maxie found the paternity test results when she dropped off a plant for Elizabeth while Elizabeth was at work. Maxie threatened to tell Lucky the truth about Aiden if Elizabeth didn't do it. Carly insisted that Jason and Sam needed to have a baby, so she offered to be Sam's surrogate. Sam politely turned down Carly's offer to carry her baby. Sam apologized to Elizabeth for the way that she had treated Elizabeth after Jake had been born. Elizabeth reminded Sam that everyone made mistakes. Sonny had reservations about his role in Lucian's life, but he ordered Diane to secure Brenda's maternal rights. Brenda sat down with Michael to get Michael's take on being raised in Sonny's world. Michael confessed that the business was no place for a child, so he was happy that Jax was raising Morgan and Josslyn.
April 18 to 22, 2011
Sonny's children threw him a surprise birthday party. Suzanne placed a call to an unknown person, whom she instructed to tell Suzanne's grandson that "grandma's work here is almost done, and I will be home for good." Cell phone footage surfaced that showed Michael aiming a gun at Brandon. Diane warned Sonny that it would only be a matter of time before Michael was arrested for Brandon's murder. Dante and Jason suspected that Abby might have been responsible for Brandon's death. Anthony reached out to his attorney, Angela Dwyer, to tell her that Johnny might be asking questions about Brandon. Michael was shocked when Ronnie turned up on Abby's doorstep with an arrest warrant for Abby. Jason admitted to Sam that he was ready to start a family. Sam decided to make an appointment with Dr. Lee. Dr. Lee determined that Sam was an excellent candidate for fertility reconstruction. Carly was certain that a new baby would help Jason get past Jake's death. Elizabeth couldn't find the words to tell Lucky and Nikolas the truth about Aiden's paternity. Ethan told Johnny that Maya had returned to Philadelphia. Ethan had no idea if or when Maya would return. Kristina began to take Lisa's "herbal supplements," unaware that they were actually powerful narcotics. Johnny was shocked to arrive home to discover that Anthony had managed to find a way to be released from prison.
April 25 to 29, 2011
Elizabeth remained reluctant to tell Lucky the truth about Aiden's paternity because she didn't want to drive a wedge between Lucky and Nikolas after they had worked things out. Maxie wondered why Lucky's relationship with Nikolas was more important than Lucky's relationship with Aiden. Luke tried to provoke Jason to kill him by going after Sam. Sam warned Lucky that Luke was treading on dangerous ground, so Lucky decided to stage an intervention for Luke. Ethan and Lucky were forced to drug Luke to get him to a warehouse for the intervention. Luke denied that he was an alcoholic, and then refused to seek treatment. The interventionist warned Luke that there would be consequences for not going to rehab. Luke was unmoved by everyone's threat to cut Luke out of their lives. Robin persuaded Brenda to have a DNA test to determine if Lucian were truly Brenda's son. Suzanne was not pleased when she learned of Brenda's plans. Brenda was horrified when Lucian suddenly disappeared. Kristina continued to take the "herbal supplements" that Lisa had given to her. Lisa stopped by while Kristina was babysitting Emma. Lisa offered to keep an eye on Emma while a heavily medicated Kristina took a short nap on the sofa. Abby was arrested for Brandon's murder, so Michael tried to confess. Michael's confession was ignored because there had been a witness to the shooting. Jason and Dante suspected that Abby had been framed. Sonny and Dante feared that Michael's association with Abby might compromise Michael's parole, so they urged Abby and Michael to maintain some distance until the murder was solved.
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MAY 2011
May 2 to 6, 2011
Brenda was certain that Sonny's enemies had been responsible for Lucian's disappearance, but Sonny and Dante suspected that Suzanne had masterminded the kidnapping. Everyone, except Ethan, stood firm behind their decision to stop enabling Luke. Luke decided to file a lawsuit against Tracy to get ownership the Haunted Star. Tracy pleaded with Alexis not to represent Luke. Elizabeth returned to work, but was haunted by visions of Jake. Elizabeth decided to tell Lucky the truth about Aiden's paternity after a heart-to-heart talk with Jason about Jake. Elizabeth changed her mind when she found Lucky and Siobhan at the justice of the peace, about to be married. Lucky was stunned to realize that he had married Siobhan on Jake's birthday. Jason had a dream about taking Jake on a motorcycle ride. Sam went through with the fertility reconstruction procedure. Jason suspected that Anthony had been responsible for Brandon's murder. Anthony paid off the hit woman he had hired to kill Brandon, while posing as Abby. Lisa eavesdropped on Patrick and Robin's private moments at home via listening devices that she had carefully hidden throughout the house. Jax vowed to sue for primary custody of Josslyn. Carly reminded Jax that she had rights as Josslyn's mother, but Jax argued that Josslyn's safety was his only concern.
May 9 to 13, 2011
Brenda took to the airwaves in a desperate attempt to get Lucian back. Suzanne fled to San Antonio, where she reunited with her grandson, Alec. Suzanne intended to start over with Alec in Switzerland under her new identity of Sherry Scott. Sonny asked Carly to accompany him and Dante to Texas to help rescue Brenda's son. Sonny explained that Brenda couldn't go because she was too emotionally unstable. Carly discovered a picture of Alec, which made Sonny realize that Lucian had been a decoy. Suzanne gained the upper hand when Sonny, Dante, and Cary caught up with her. Brenda was furious that she had been left in the dark about the search for her son. Jax warned Brenda that Sonny and Carly had a habit of sleeping with each other when they went through a crisis together. Shawn warned Jason that Jax and Carly were gearing up for a nasty custody fight. Jax seized the opportunity to take his daughter home while Carly was out of town. Sam confided to Spinelli that she feared that she might not be ready for motherhood. Michael continued to ignore everyone's warnings about Anthony. Michael was confident that he could use Anthony to clear Abby of the murder charges. Lisa stole Patrick's credit card statements and then made purchases to make it appear that he had been carrying on a clandestine affair with her. Kristina questioned why the herbal supplements that Lisa had given to her looked different from the ones that were sold online, but Lisa provided a plausible explanation. Siobhan discovered Aiden's paternity test results, but she decided not to tell Lucky that Aiden was his son.
May 16 to 20, 2011
Jax took custody of Josslyn, while Carly was in San Antonio with Sonny. Jax uncovered some alarming information about Shawn, which he shared with Carly in an attempt to discredit Shawn. Shawn decided to resign, so that Jax couldn't use him against Carly. Carly accused Jax of slowly trying to drive her out of Josslyn's life. Sonny reunited Brenda with her son, Alec. Brenda confessed to Jax that she didn't feel the same instant connection to Alec that she had felt toward Lucian. Brenda continued to harbor resentment because Sonny had asked Carly to join the rescue mission, instead of Brenda. Ethan was stunned when Kristina offered a few of her herbal supplements to him. Ethan warned Kristina that the pills were actually narcotics. Kristina confronted Lisa about the deception, but Lisa claimed that Kristina had known all along that the pills weren't herbal supplements. Ethan went to Johnny with his concerns about Lisa. Johnny realized that Lisa was mentally and emotionally unstable. Patrick suspected that Lisa was behind his sudden credit card problems. Lisa took steps to frame Patrick for Robin's murder by arranging for a gas leak in the basement of the Drakes' home. Robin unwittingly walked into Lisa's trap. Lisa locked Robin in the basement, hopeful that Robin would be dead within an hour, but Robin managed to turn the tables on Lisa. Alexis had concerns about Jason and Sam having a baby together because of the danger surrounding Jason. Sam assured Jason that she would understand if he decided that he didn't want to have children.
May 23 to 27, 2011
Abby was delighted to learn that the charges for killing Brandon were dropped after Michael and Johnny tracked down the hit woman and then forced her to confess. Jason was concerned when he learned that Michael and Johnny had worked together to clear Abby's name. Jason found Anthony slipping out of the interrogation room after Anthony had promised to arrange for the hit woman's escape once Abby was cleared of the murder charges. Luke finally agreed to go to rehab. Luke tried to delay entering treatment, but Tracy drove him to Shadybrook. Luke offered the counselor a substantial bribe. Dante turned to Carly for help because Lulu was struggling with Luke's alcoholism. Lulu decided to quit her job at Crimson, so that she could focus on getting the Haunted Star up and running for Luke. Lisa was stunned when Patrick and Robin managed to turn the tables on her. Patrick and Robin revealed that they had realized that Lisa had been up to something when the credit card company had contacted Patrick about some unusual charges. Mac placed Lisa under arrest for attempted murder. Lisa tried to reach out to Johnny for help, but Johnny turned his back on Lisa. Sonny was furious when he overheard Kristina ask Brenda for advice on how to attract Ethan's attention. Sonny forbade Kristina to date Ethan, but Kristina reminded Sonny that she was eighteen. Brenda and Sonny disagreed about how to deal with Kristina's interest in Ethan. Maxie learned that Siobhan had discovered that Lucky was Aiden's father. Jax remained determined to get full custody of Josslyn at any cost.
May 30 to June 3, 2011
Lulu learned that Luke had left Shadybrook fifteen minutes after checking in. Lulu decided to revamp the Haunted Star in the hopes of giving Luke a reason to return to Port Charles. Lulu was certain that Luke needed her support instead of tough love. Tracy insisted that Luke needed to hit rock bottom before he was ready to get help. Tracy announced that she had decided to sell the casino, so Lulu turned to Nikolas for help. Anthony murdered the hit woman who had killed Brandon and then planted her body in Pozzulo's. Brenda was horrified when she and Alec made the grisly discovery in Sonny's office. Brenda was certain that the dead woman had been a message to Sonny and that it would only be a matter of time before Sonny's enemies targeted her and Alec. Brenda suggested that Sonny retire and that Jason take over the mob. The charges against Abby were dropped. Michael decided to join the Zacchara organization after Johnny promised Michael that Michael would never have to go against Sonny and Jason. Abby accused Michael of being selfish and then broke off their relationship because she didn't want to be involved with someone in the mob. Alexis and Sonny were stunned when they saw Kristina's new look. Kristina claimed that she dressed like other girls her age and then reminded her parents that she was almost nineteen, so they couldn't tell her what to do or how to dress. Sonny was certain that Kristina had dressed provocatively to attract Ethan's attention. Lisa warned Patrick that he would never be able to remain faithful to Robin because it wasn't in his blood to be monogamous. Patrick and Robin were rattled when they learned that Lisa had escaped from custody during Lisa's transfer from Shadybrook to Ferncliff. Elizabeth continued to be haunted by Jake, which led to a potentially fatal mistake at work. Jax asked Robin to testify for him during the custody hearing, but Robin insisted that Carly was a good mother. Carly learned that Shawn had killed one of his own men while in the military.
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JUNE 2011
June 6 to 10, 2011
Ethan walked in on Maya and her new lover, Aaron, in bed together. Maya explained that she was serious about Aaron, so she would not be returning to Port Charles. Ethan decided to fly to the Dominican Republic to obtain a quickie divorce. Ethan was stunned when Kristina joined him on the trip. Ethan warned Kristina that her parents would be furious when they realized that she was missing, but Kristina assured Ethan that she could handle her father and then reminded Ethan that she was eighteen. Alexis jumped to the wrong conclusion when she learned from Molly that Kristina and Ethan had flown to the Dominican Republic. Alexis and Sonny flew on Sonny's private jet to the Dominican Republic to stop their daughter from marrying Ethan. Michael was surprised to learn that he had been accepted to Port Charles University, but he had no idea who had sent in the application. Lisa turned to Johnny for help after she escaped from Shadybrook. Johnny reluctantly agreed to arrange for Lisa to flee the country. Meanwhile, Anthony offered to help Lisa exact revenge against all those who had wronged her, so he spirited her away to a safe house that even Johnny knew nothing about. Lucky was determined to track down Luke. Lucky realized that Luke had returned to his roots: a brothel in Florida where Luke and Bobbie had lived after their mother had died. Dante and Maxie were concerned about Lulu, so Maxie arranged for Dante to fly Lulu to France for a romantic getaway. Elizabeth was outraged when she arrived home to find Steve and Olivia packing up Jake's things. Later, Elizabeth feared that she was losing her mind when she realized that she had forgotten that she had requested Steve's help to donate Jake's things.
June 13 to 17, 2011
Kristina and Michael graduated from high school. Kristina continued to try to get close to Ethan. Ethan refused to be strong-armed by Sonny when Sonny demanded that Ethan stay away from Kristina. Sam went to the hospital when she experienced some cramping. Robin decided to run some blood tests on Sam, including a pregnancy test. Lucky was devastated when he returned from Jacksonville without Luke. Lulu was stunned when Lucky told her that Luke had no intention of returning to Port Charles or the family fold. Elizabeth turned to Jason with her concerns about Lucky. Jason urged Elizabeth to tell Lucky how she felt, but Elizabeth insisted that it would be inappropriate because Lucky was married. Lucky decided to burn down the Spencer house. Siobhan raced into the burning house because she believed that Lucky was trapped inside. Lucky and Dante rescued Siobhan when they heard her cry out as the fire surrounded her. Siobhan was raced to the operating room, where Elizabeth made a potentially fatal mistake with the medication. The hospital went into lockdown after Lisa, disguised as a security guard, took several people hostage. Spinelli jumped into the path of a bullet when Lisa took aim at Maxie.
June 20 to 24, 2011
Lulu went to Florida to find her father. Elizabeth found Lucky at the Haunted Star on the verge of taking a drink of scotch, so she told him that Aiden was his son. Lucky pushed the drink aside because he didn't want Aiden to look at him the way that Lucky looked at Luke. Lucky was relieved when Siobhan woke up after her surgery. Siobhan admitted that she had known that Aiden was his son, but she hadn't told Lucky because it hadn't been her secret. Lucky vowed to make his marriage to Siobhan work. Nikolas was certain that Elizabeth had lied about Lucky being Aiden's father to keep Lucky from drinking. Elizabeth assured Nikolas that she had a paternity test to prove that Aiden was Lucky's son, but Nikolas accused her of altering the results. Michael went to work for Sonny at the warehouse. Edward offered Abby a job under the condition that Michael also agreed to work for ELQ. Lisa lapsed into a coma after she had injected herself with a syringe filled with drain cleaner. Steve revealed that Lisa was not expected to wake up from the coma if she survived the deadly injection. Maxie was stunned when Spinelli woke up after surgery and then introduced himself as Jackal, P.I. Jason became concerned when he realized that Spinelli was unable to access the organization's off-shore accounts. Robin revealed that Sam's pregnancy test was negative. Jax asked Brenda to testify at the custody hearing.
June 27 to July 1, 2011
Nikolas had a change of heart about fleeing the country with Aiden. Nikolas returned Aiden to Lucky and Elizabeth and then announced that he had decided to leave Port Charles for good. Lucky found Helena in Elizabeth's house, with Aiden on her lap. Helena tried to plant seeds of doubt about Aiden's paternity, but Lucky saw through Helena's lies. Elizabeth was horrified to learn that she had administered the wrong medication, which had caused the near-fatal drop in Siobhan's blood pressure during surgery. Michael and Abby started their new jobs at ELQ. Asher, a rising star at ELQ, appeared to resent Michael's new position with the company. Carly was furious when Jax informed her that Michael and Morgan would be called as witnesses in the custody hearing. Jax ignored Brenda's warning that she would not testify against her husband. Sonny expected Brenda to help Carly when he learned that Brenda had been subpoenaed as a witness, but Brenda insisted that she couldn't testify that Carly was a good mother. Brenda accused Carly of using her children as pawns to manipulate men. Spinelli remained firmly entrenched in his Jackal persona. Maxie suspected that Jackal was Spinelli's way of dealing with the trauma of nearly dying. Sonny confronted Spinelli about the missing twenty million dollars from Sonny's off-shore accounts. Sonny was infuriated when Jackal denied any knowledge of the missing fortune. Javier offered Lulu a job as a cocktail waitress. Lulu reluctantly agreed to work for Javier after he threatened to warn Luke that someone had been asking questions. Maxie suggested that it was time that Jason proposed marriage to Sam.
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JULY 2011
July 4 to 8, 2011
Dante tried to persuade Lulu to return to Port Charles with him, but Lulu remained determined to work at the brothel until Luke surfaced. Lulu learned that Luke had contacted Javier. Elizabeth told Siobhan about the mix-up with the medications during surgery, which had nearly killed Siobhan. Siobhan accused Elizabeth of trying to murder her, so that Elizabeth could have Lucky for herself. Elizabeth was suspended for three months. Siobhan was infuriated that Elizabeth had only received a slap on the wrist, so she vowed to sue Elizabeth and the hospital for malpractice. Steve was indefinitely suspended as the chief of staff. Patrick was not pleased when he learned that Robin had been appointed the interim chief of staff. Ethan leapt to Kristina's defense when he discovered Anthony harassing Kristina on the sidewalk. Abby suggested that she and Ethan pretend to carry on a secret affair to discourage Kristina's crush. Michael reluctantly agreed to go along with Abby's plan. Kristina refused to believe that Ethan was interested in Abby. Brenda and Alec were terrified when gunfire erupted around them as they climbed into the back of a limousine. Sonny realized that Anthony had orchestrated the incident with Brenda and Alec. Sonny was furious when he learned that Jax had subpoenaed Michael and Morgan to testify. Jax was delighted when Sonny stormed into his office and then began to threaten him during a meeting with the court-appointed mediator. The mediator made a favorable recommendation for Jax to be awarded sole custody of Josslyn. Brenda testified that she and Alec had been the targets of violence by Sonny's enemies.
July 11 to 15, 2011
Lucky persuaded Siobhan to drop the malpractice lawsuit against Elizabeth and the hospital. Edward was delighted when Michael gave him sound business advice. Asher was revealed to be in cahoots with Anthony Zacchara. Anthony had paid Asher to sabotage ELQ, so that Anthony could swoop in and then use ELQ as a mob front. Monica was stunned when Tracy told her that Jake had been Jason's son. Monica was deeply hurt that Jason had never told her about her grandson. Javier murdered Lupe after he discovered that Lupe had known that Dante was a police officer. Javier offered to tell Lulu where Luke was if she slept with him. Lulu and Dante devised a plan to outwit Javier, but Javier remained a step ahead of them. Sonny learned that Jax had paid off the mediator to recommend that Jax be awarded sole custody of Josslyn. Sonny threatened to expose Grace, unless she did as he instructed. Grace drugged Jax's coffee and then pretended that he had attacked her. Jax was promptly arrested after the police found cocaine, ecstasy, and prescription drugs in Jax's room. Molly and Morgan decided to teach Jax a lesson about compromising by disappearing with Josslyn. Ethan hoped to scare Kristina off by inviting her to Las Vegas to go gambling. Kristina called Ethan's bluff.
July 18 to 22, 2011
Brenda was furious when she realized that Sonny had framed Jax to secure custody of Josslyn for Carly. Brenda refused to raise her son in an environment where violence and crime were okay, so she decided to leave Sonny. Jax was devastated when the judge awarded Carly sole custody of Josslyn. Jax decided to leave town to clear his head, so he invited Brenda and Alec to join him. Sonny took off after he learned that Brenda and Jax had left town together. Jason arranged a romantic dinner on the rooftop of an apartment building, so that he could propose marriage to Sam. Maxie helped Jason to pick out an engagement ring, but she later lost the ring when she modeled it for Jason. Sam happily accepted Jason's proposal of marriage, despite the unusual engagement ring that he gave her. Siobhan accused Elizabeth of trading on Jake's tragedy to get what she wanted. Elizabeth threw Siobhan out of her home. Lucky was assigned a new case investigating missing narcotics from the hospital. Siobhan was furious when Elizabeth was reinstated at the hospital. Lulu and Dante's search for Luke led them to Greece, where Dante attempted to get a job working for Helena.
July 25 to 29, 2011
The changes that Robin made as chief of staff ruffled many feathers. Steve worried that Robin was in over her head. Michael searched for clues to Sonny's whereabouts. Sonny went to Bensonhurst to revisit his past. Abby admitted that Michael's casual attitude about working for the mob frightened her. Tracy remained resistant to Anthony's charms as he tried to romance her. Tracy refused to allow Anthony to launder mob money through ELQ. Luke turned up in Greece, but carefully stayed out of sight. Lulu was stunned to realize that Nikolas believed that Aiden was his son. Nikolas explained that he had walked away from Aiden because Lucky had been hanging on by a string, so everyone had expected Nikolas to hand Aiden over to Lucky to save Lucky from self-destructing. Nikolas was determined to live a life without the Spencers or the Cassadines. Siobhan relentlessly hounded Elizabeth, making outrageous accusations and condemning remarks, in an effort to force Elizabeth to stop Lucky from pursuing a drug investigation. Siobhan feared that Lucky would succumb to temptation when he was confronted with his drug of choice. Anthony paid a drug dealer to trap Lucky in an alley and then inject Lucky with drugs. Monica talked to Elizabeth and Jason about Jake. Carly was furious when she learned of Jason and Sam's engagement from Elizabeth. Carly was unaware that someone was following her and Josslyn.
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August 1 to 5, 2011
Michael and Abby went to Sonny's island in search of Sonny. Abby was disappointed when Michael decided to extend their stay on the island because she feared that it would jeopardize her job at ELQ. Tracy was shocked when Skye sauntered into ELQ. Tracy was certain that Skye had set her sights on stealing the family fortune, but Skye claimed that she was in town for a fundraiser that Jax had organized. Shawn worried that Jax would try to snatch Josslyn, so he kept close tabs on Carly. Carly learned that Jax had secretly slipped back into town to grab Josslyn, so she turned to Jason for help. Anthony arranged for J.T., the drug dealer, to inject Lucky with a drug that triggered wild hallucinations. Anthony wanted Lucky to be discredited and then booted off of the police force, so that Anthony could smuggle drugs through Luzetta's Bakery. Anthony was confident that Spinelli's antics at the bakery had made it the last place that anyone would suspect criminal activity. Lucky turned violent while high on drugs, so he knocked out Dante and then fled. Elizabeth and Dante joined forces to search for Lucky before anyone realized what had happened. Ethan grew concerned for Siobhan when he found her with a serious nosebleed. Siobhan brushed it off, but she continued to be plagued with headaches. Siobhan demanded that Elizabeth include her in the search for Lucky. Siobhan took a tumble down a flight of stairs during an altercation with Elizabeth, so Elizabeth rushed Siobhan to the hospital, but tragedy struck when Elizabeth's car collided with Jason's.
August 8 to 12, 2011
Elizabeth rushed Siobhan to the hospital after Siobhan suffered a head injury during a fall down a flight of stairs. Matt operated on Siobhan to stabilize her, but he was curious were Lucky was. Lucky stumbled into the church where he and Elizabeth had once exchanged vows. Elizabeth found Lucky at the church, but he was in a weakened state, so she injected him with medication to counter the effects of the drugs that Lucky had been given. Jax managed to kidnap Josslyn. Carly turned to Jason for help, but they were involved in a car crash while driving. Jason was taken to the hospital, where the doctors discovered a mass on the base of his frontal lobe. Patrick insisted that Jason required surgery, so that they could biopsy the mass to determine what it was. Sam wanted to wait for Jason's brain swelling to go down, but Monica reminded Sam that it was Monica's decision to make. Alexis and Diane found themselves stranded at Jake's during the storm; they they knocked back drinks and played strip pool with Coleman. Sonny went looking for Jax with deadly intent, determined to make certain that Jax never took another thing from Sonny again. Jax turned to Robin for help after his car broke down. Sonny discovered that Jax and Josslyn were hiding out at Robin's house when he overheard a video chat between Matt and Robin. Shawn and Robin persuaded Jax to hand over Josslyn to Shawn, so that Shawn could return Josslyn to Carly. Sonny caught up with Jax at Robin's house.
August 15 to 19, 2011
Dante gave Lulu a key to the loft for her birthday. Shawn had tracked Jax down to Robin's house, and then persuaded Jax to return Josslyn to Carly. A shot rang out when Sonny showed up to confront Jax. Robin was grazed by the bullet, which provided her with the opportunity to stall Sonny long enough for Jax to get away. Jax headed to the airport, but discovered that the wires had been ripped out of the cockpit of the jet. Jax quickly repaired the damage and then took off in the plane. Later, Jax's jet crashed into the harbor. Dante arrested Sonny, and then charged Sonny with Jax's murder. Carly blasted Sonny when she learned that he had been responsible for Jax's death. Lucky raced to Siobhan's side when he learned about the car accident. Lucky remained determined to take down the drug ring. Anthony decided to kill Siobhan when he learned that she had regained consciousness, because she had overheard Anthony's plans for the bakery. Jason suffered a seizure after surgery. Robin recommended another operation to stop Jason's life-threatening seizures from continuing. Tracy was rattled when Skye revealed that she knew that Tracy had skimmed millions from Gino Soleito's mob organization, and then had used the money to save ELQ. Skye was shocked when she discovered Jax, unconscious, near the docks.
August 22 to 26, 2011
Tragedy struck when Anthony murdered Siobhan. Matt discovered a clue that Siobhan had left behind for Lucky. Lucky was determined to discover the meaning of Siobhan's cryptic message. Steve revealed that medications were missing from the hospital, so he decided to launch an investigation. Matt assured Elizabeth that she wouldn't be held responsible for the missing medication that she had used to counter Lucky's drug overdose. Carly was stunned when Michael supported Sonny's decision to go after Jax. Mac was on hand to comfort Alexis after she learned about Jax's plane crash. Skye found Jax on the waterfront. Jax was determined to keep anyone else from discovering that he was alive. Skye managed to get her hands on some money, so that Jax could go into hiding. Robin discovered that Jason's seizures were being caused by a particle of the dashboard that had been embedded in his brain years earlier during his car accident with AJ. Jason decided to have the surgery to remove the particle from his brain. Sam thought about what life would have been like if she and Jason had stayed in Hawaii. Carly and Elizabeth fantasized about what life would have been like if their relationships with Jason had worked out. Monica daydreamed about how different things would have been if Jason's hadn't been in AJ's car on that fateful night, and Alan hadn't died.
August 29 to September 2, 2011
Kristina was plagued by dizzy spells, and bouts of debilitating neck pain, which led to her passing out after one of her attacks. Skye asked Ethan to watch over Edward because she feared that Anthony might harm her grandfather. Johnny tried to persuade Skye to reveal the details of her plans with Anthony, but Skye refused to trust Johnny. Robin was furious to have been left out of the loop when the police had decided to launch a sting operation in the hospital to lure Anthony into making a move against Jason, who remained unconscious following brain surgery. Steve explained that the district attorney's office had been concerned about Robin's objectivity because of her close relationship to Jason, so they had turned to Steve for help. Matt was frustrated when Maxie continued to obsess over Spinelli. Spinelli had a breakthrough during his visit with Jason. Elizabeth was grateful when Matt covered for her by replacing the two missing bottles of hydrocodone from the hospital's supply closet. Matt and Elizabeth realized that someone had stolen one of the bottles of pills because Elizabeth had only removed one bottle of the narcotics for Matt to test. Lucky became defensive when Elizabeth told him about the theft. Lulu and Lucky had a heated argument about his drug use. Lucky denied Lulu's accusation that he had relapsed, but he later took a hydrocodone pill. Shawn revealed that it appeared that Jax had managed to parachute out of the jet before it had crashed into the harbor. Carly was eager to tell Morgan that Jax was alive, but Shawn advised her against it because it was clear that Jax had decided to lay low for a while. Carly and Shawn realized that Jax had stolen her boat to get out of town, so she covered for Jax by claiming that she had sold the yacht. Sonny demanded to see Morgan, but Carly revealed that she had changed Morgan's name, and then sent him to a military academy, far away from Sonny's reach.
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September 5 to 9, 2011
Sam was relieved when Jason woke up without any complications. Sam offered to postpone their wedding until Jason had fully recovered from the delicate surgery, but Jason insisted that they get married on September 23rd as they had planned. Kristina collapsed on the waterfront. Tests revealed that a bone fragment from an old injury had been pressing against an artery. Patrick recommended surgery, so Kristina discussed her options with Ethan. Kristina's family was surprised when Kristina credited Ethan with persuading her to have the surgery. Molly discovered that Kristina's injury might have been a result of something that Sonny had done, not the abuse that Kristina had suffered at Kiefer's hand. Skye tried to slip out of town, but Anthony wasn't eager to leave a lose end when he learned that Skye had damaging information on him. Skye and Anthony reached an agreement, but Ethan became concerned when Skye disappeared from the Haunted Star where she had promised to wait for him. Siobhan's sister, Megan, arrived in Port Charles to claim her sister's body. Lucky tried to make peace with Megan for Siobhan's sake, but Megan wanted nothing to do with Lucky, so she returned to Ireland to bury Siobhan. Lucky turned to hydrocodone pills for solace. Elizabeth realized that Darryl, the janitor, was part of the drug ring. Elizabeth decided to follow Darryl when Lucky didn't answer her call. Darryl took action when he caught Elizabeth tailing him. Lulu packed her things, and then moved out of the loft. Dante tried to work it out with Lulu, but Lulu insisted that she couldn't trust Dante after he had admitted that he wouldn't have changed a thing if he had to do it over again. Abby was delighted when Michael accepted Jason's offer to work at the coffee warehouse as a manager. Michael revealed that he had also signed up for night classes at Port Charles University. Carly learned that Shawn had rented a room at Kelly's.
September 12 to 16, 2011
Carly was surprised to learn that Shawn had been hired to run things for Jason while Jason recuperated from the surgery and focused on planning his wedding to Sam. Sonny blamed Johnny for Kristina's health crisis, but Johnny reminded Sonny that Sonny had planted the bomb in Johnny's car that had caused the potentially paralyzing injury to Kristina. Olivia stopped Sonny from killing Johnny. Olivia turned to Kate for help because Olivia was certain that Kate would be able to get through to Sonny, who appeared to be going to a dark place. Kate initially refused to help Sonny, but later had a change of heart. Matt and Patrick were concerned when Kristina was unable to feel anything in her right foot. Jason and Sam were surprised to realize that Spinelli was back to his old self. Spinelli revealed that Jackal had stumbled upon evidence indicating that the Zaccharas were moving drugs through the bakery, and that Dante and Lucky were investigating the drug ring. Lucky found proof of illegal activity at the bakery when he discovered a flour bag containing drugs. Working together, Elizabeth and Maxie managed to get loose, but only Maxie evaded their captors.. Spinelli's cyber skills remained elusive. Jason quickly ordered Shawn to focus on finding Elizabeth and Maxie. Anthony paid Lisa Niles a visit to promise the comatose doctor that he would help her to recover. Luke returned to Port Charles, but carefully avoided making contact with his family as he spied on them.
September 19 to 23, 2011
Franco returned to Port Charles to stir up trouble. Spinelli's cyber skills continued to elude him. Johnny murdered two of Anthony's henchmen after Maxie and Elizabeth escaped captivity. Lucky managed to kill Darryl as Darryl closed in on Elizabeth with deadly intent. Anthony paid a doctor to give Lisa an experimental drug protocol. Lisa moved her fingers after the first treatment. Kristina was elated when the feeling in her right leg returned. Edward gave Jason a ring that Edward had given to Lila on their wedding night. Sam was touched when Monica gave her Alan's wedding ring, so that a piece of Alan would always be with his son. Sam became overwhelmed by the wedding preparations, so Jason whisked Sam away to spend some time at a Chinese restaurant. Jason and Sam were surprised to learn that the owners of the restaurant had a grandson who was an ordained minister. Jason and Sam decided to get married on the back terrace of the restaurant with the elderly Chinese couple as witnesses. Dante proposed marriage to Lulu. Lulu couldn't give Dante an answer right away, so she went to Crimson to talk to Maxie. After a heart-to-heart talk with Maxie, Lulu decided to accept Dante's proposal, so she enlisted Maxie's help to arrange a special evening for Dante. Dante and Lucky realized that Sonny's enemies might use Jason and Sam's wedding as an opportunity to make a move against Sonny. Johnny plotted to have Anthony's drugs offloaded from a ship in the harbor, and then planted in the Corinthos-Morgan warehouse. Things went awry when Anthony slipped into the warehouse and then shot Dante.
September 26 to 30, 2011
Steve evaded Olivia's questions about his life in Memphis. Alexis struck a bargain with Sonny to ensure that Kristina did not pursue a career in the fashion industry. Dante proposed to Lulu, but she asked for time to think it over. Lulu decided to accept Dante's proposal after a talk with Maxie, so she arranged a special evening for Dante to give him her answer. Anthony took aim at Dante while Johnny planted drugs in Sonny's warehouse. Lulu blamed Sonny for Dante's grave condition. Sonny suspected that Johnny was behind the shooting, so he vowed to find proof. Spinelli confessed to Maxie that he had lost his cyber skills. Maxie realized that Spinelli hadn't been exaggerating when he was unable to retrieve surveillance footage from the warehouse around the time of Dante's shooting. A mystery person skulked around Wyndemere, and then took a shard of glass to slash a painting of Laura. Ethan was knocked out as he snooped around Wyndemere. Helena warned Ethan to leave the castle, because there were things there that even she feared. Lucky admitted to Elizabeth that he had relapsed. Elizabeth was surprised to learn that Lucky hadn't told Laura about Siobhan's passing. Lucky explained that he and Nikolas had wanted to protect their mother because her mental health remained fragile. Jason surprised Sam by taking her to a cabin that he had built in the woods. After Jason and Sam made love in the cabin, they headed to the airport to fly to Hawaii. Franco wasn't far behind the newlyweds.
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October 3 to 7, 2011
Franco sent Josslyn a special gift from Hawaii. Jason and Sam arrived in Hawaii for their honeymoon. Sam confessed that she couldn't stop wondering if Jason would have loved her if he had woken up, after the surgery, as the old Jason Quartermaine. Jason assured Sam that he needed her as much as she needed him. Jason and Sam remained oblivious to Franco, who shadowed them on their honeymoon. Lulu agreed to marry Dante, but she took off her engagement ring at every opportunity. Lulu continued to seek solace from alcohol. Ethan had an encounter with Helena at Wyndemere. Helena warned Ethan that there were things in the castle that even she feared. Ethan told Lucky about his strange conversation with Helena. At Ethan's urging, Lucky read the letter that Siobhan had left behind. Maxie was touched when Spinelli gave her a red heart-shaped balloon for BJ's birthday. Matt surprised Maxie with a commemorative brick that he had purchased from the hospital, which was raising money for a renovation project. Matt had gotten the brick inscribed, "In honor of Barbara Jean Jones." Matt talked to Elizabeth about his mother, who had passed away shortly after giving birth to a stillborn child. Spinelli noticed the closeness between Matt and Elizabeth. Shawn, with Carly's help, hid the bags of uncut drugs that Johnny had planted in the warehouse. Michael remained determined to prove to Sonny that he was worthy to be in the mob. Sonny made it clear that he wanted Michael far away from all criminal activity. Luke paid Tracy a surprise visit. Luke claimed that he had stopped drinking, but Tracy remained skeptical. Anthony agreed to keep Tracy's secret about the stolen mob money in exchange for a night of passion with Tracy. Luke overheard Anthony's indecent proposal. Luke tried to enlist Ethan's help with a diamond heist, but Ethan wasn't interested.
October 10 to 14, 2011
Lulu continued to turn to alcohol to escape from her problems. Sam and Jason enjoyed their honeymoon in Hawaii, unaware that Franco was nearby. Carly persuaded Shawn to take her to Hawaii, so that they could tell Jason about Franco's gift to Josslyn. Franco was pleased when Carly played right into his hands. Elizabeth was heartbroken when Lucky revealed that he wasn't interested in rekindling their relationship. Lucky decided to fly to Ireland. Elizabeth agreed to go out on a date with Matt. Anthony was delighted when Lisa woke up from her catatonic state. Lisa resented Anthony's interference, because her career was in shambles, and she was facing criminal charges. Anthony warned Lisa that he could make certain that she went back to "sleep." Lisa managed to slip out of her room, and then turned the tables on Anthony by attacking him on the docks. Patrick showered Robin with presents on her birthday. Robin and Patrick made plans to build their dream home, unaware that Lisa remained a threat. Kristina was delighted when she learned that she had been accepted to Yale.
October 17 to 21, 2011
Matt had a change of heart about going to his celebration party with Maxie, after she suggested that she could use it as an opportunity to write an article for Crimson. Maxie was livid when she realized that Matt had asked Elizabeth to his party, so she tried to get on the boat. Spinelli decided to follow Olivia's advice to make a move on Maxie before it was too late. Anthony was grateful when Maxie fished him out of the water. Spinelli offered to take Maxie to the boat, so they climbed into a dinghy. Spinelli and Maxie ended up stranded near Spoon Island, where Spinelli saw strange lights near the castle. Lisa stowed away on the boat, as everyone gathered to celebrate Matt's achievement. Matt kissed Elizabeth, but Elizabeth questioned his motives. Lisa managed to overpower Elizabeth, and then throw her overboard. A mystery man pulled Elizabeth's unconscious body out of the water. Sonny advised Lulu to be honest with Dante about her concerns. Sonny went to Jake's, where he saw Kate and Coleman in a heated kiss. Sam was appalled when Carly crashed her honeymoon. Carly and Shawn revealed to Jason that Franco had made contact. Olivia suffered a dizzy spell. Lisa knocked out Robin. Robin was horrified when she woke up bound to a chair, and then saw Patrick, unconscious, on the bed, and Lisa in the stateroom with them.
October 24 to 28, 2011
Lisa terrorized the guests who had boarded the chartered boat to celebrate Matt's professional achievement. Matt kissed Elizabeth, but Elizabeth suggested that he had kissed her for the wrong reasons. Lisa knocked out Elizabeth, and then threw her overboard. A mystery man fished Elizabeth out of the water. Spinelli found Elizabeth on the beach at Spoon Island, so he raced her to the hospital. Olivia struggled with bouts of lightheadedness, but she refused to have blood tests when she and Steve arrived at the hospital. Lisa drew a vial of Robin's HIV-positive blood, which Lisa intended to inject Patrick with. Robin stopped Lisa from infecting Patrick with the HIV-positive blood. Robin sensed that she was missing something crucial when she woke up on deck, with no memory of how she had gotten there. Lisa disappeared as Mac, and the harbor master, arrived. Alexis confided to Luke that she had turned to Sonny for help to get Kristina accepted into Yale. Luke urged Alexis to walk on the wild side, and to remember her Cassadine roots. Things heated up between Carly and Shawn when they shared a passionate kiss. Jason and Sam decided to continue their honeymoon in Hawaii after they received word that Franco had been spotted in Canada. However, Franco was closer than Jason and Sam realized. Kate and Sonny decided to explore their relationship, but Kate wanted to take things slowly by starting out as friends. Lucky arrived in Ireland to carry out Siobhan's last wishes. Lucky was warned to stay away from St. Margaret's chapel.
October 31 to November 4, 2011
A mysterious clown shadowed many of the passengers from the chartered boat after Lisa disappeared. Elizabeth's health continued to decline after she suffered hypothermia. Lucky arrived in Ireland to follow Siobhan's final wishes. Strange things began to occur while Lucky was at St. Margaret's Chapel. Franco kidnapped Jason. Jason was horrified as he was forced to watch Franco on a television screen slip into the bathroom in the bungalow, while Sam showered. Johnny blackmailed Steve into treating Anthony for the infection that Anthony had developed from the rusty nail that Lisa had attacked Anthony with. Johnny reminded Anthony that it was the two-year anniversary of Claudia's death, but Anthony warned Johnny that Johnny hadn't known the real Claudia. Olivia continued to suffer bouts of lightheadedness, so Lulu suggested that Olivia might be pregnant. Sonny hosted a family dinner to bid farewell to Kristina before she left for Yale. Ethan gave Kristina a friendship bracelet as a going away present, but Kristina vowed that she would always wait for Ethan. Alexis was shocked when Diane announced her decision to pursue a career in journalism as a gossip columnist. Diane encouraged Alexis to take over as Sonny's attorney. Luke warned Ethan to stay away from Wyndemere, but Ethan was repeatedly drawn to the castle, where mysterious lights and movements haunted the place. Carly became jealous when she spotted Shawn out at Jake's with a dancer at Vaughn's. Carly decided to kiss Johnny to pay Shawn back, but Sonny walked in.
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November 7 to 11, 2011
Jason was horrified when he woke up in a room with a television monitor that showed Sam in the shower, while Franco closed in on her. Jason watched helplessly as Franco carried an unconscious Sam to the bedroom, and then stripped off his shirt, before draping it over the camera. A short time later, Franco released Jason. Jason raced to the bungalow where Sam slept soundly in the bed. Sam recalled snippets of what had happened, but she insisted that the man in the shower, and in the bed with her, had been Jason. Jason wanted to take Sam to the hospital to be examined, in case she had been raped, but Sam refused. Lisa Niles's body washed ashore. An autopsy revealed that Lisa had died from blunt force trauma to the head, not drowning. Mac was determined to find out who had killed Lisa. Lucky was stunned when he received a message, in the churchyard of St. Margaret's Chapel, from Jake, imploring Lucky to return home. Tracy told Luke that Aiden was Lucky's son. Elizabeth was tormented with hallucinations that Jake needed her, so Jason went to her hospital room to comfort her. Maggie, the new head of the pediatrics wing, arrived at the hospital to start work. Olivia decided to take a pregnancy test after Lulu suggested that Olivia's dizzy spells might be a result of pregnancy. Lulu remained reluctant to announce her engagement to Dante, so Olivia advised Lulu to be honest with herself, and with Dante, if Lulu wasn't ready to get married. Shawn opened up to Carly about his childhood, when he had watched his father gunned down.
November 14 to 18, 2011
Ethan discovered wet footprints at Wyndemere, but he failed to find the person who had left them. A woman, who bore a striking resemblance to Laura from the back, emerged from the tunnels after Ethan left the castle. Ethan talked to Alexis about the Cassadines, and the recent odd occurrences on Spoon Island. Sam and Jason returned home from their honeymoon. Jason decided to pick up a pamphlet about sexual abuse at the hospital, to help Sam deal with what might have happened with Franco. Monica and Matt looked on, while Jason comforted Elizabeth during a fevered hallucination about Jake. Monica warned Elizabeth not to get in the way of Jason and Sam's marriage. Sam told Jason that she needed some time alone. Lucky received a message at the churchyard in Ireland, urging Lucky to go home, because Aiden was sick. Lulu was shocked when Luke stopped by to visit Aiden. Lulu was deeply hurt when Luke admitted that everyone had advised him not to seek her out. Lucky called home, and then implored his father to get Aiden to the hospital. At the hospital, Monica advised Steve to report Elizabeth to the police for possible child abuse, because of Aiden's bruises, but Steve insisted that Elizabeth would never raise a hand to the boys. Aiden was diagnosed with idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP), a blood disorder, in which the immune system destroyed blood platelets. Olivia questioned her relationship with Steve when she realized that Maggie and Steve shared a secret, which Steve refused to talk to Olivia about. Sonny decided that he had to stop running from Brenda, so he revealed that he would not be in Port Charles for Thanksgiving.
November 21 to 25, 2011
Matt and Maxie reconnected as lovers, while they picked out clothes for the magazine spread. Sonny invited Kate for a tropical getaway, so that he could finalize his divorce from Brenda, but Kate wasn't interested in being Sonny's consolation prize. Sonny arranged to obtain his divorce another way, and then suggested that he and Kate go to New York City. Shawn confessed that Carly was the most interesting person that he knew. Carly was startled when Shawn readily accepted her invitation to Thanksgiving dinner. Shawn surprised Carly by cooking a traditional Thanksgiving dinner for her. Jason left a threatening message for Franco. Sam remained edgy after returning from Hawaii. Michael found himself on the wrong end of Sam's defensive move when he inadvertently startled her. Sam talked to Michael about his rape, without revealing what had happened to her. Monica stopped by the penthouse to tell Sam about Jason's visit with Elizabeth, and to invite Sam and Jason to Thanksgiving dinner at the Quartermaine mansion. Things did not go as planned when Jason and Sam arrived at the mansion. Lucky returned from Ireland. Maggie informed Lucky that Aiden would make a full recovery, because Aiden had received a life-saving blood transfusion. Lucky went to the Haunted Star to thank Luke for driving Aiden to the hospital; however, Lucky left when he saw Luke staring at an opened bottle of scotch. Sparks flew when Johnny met Officer Delores Padilla. Dante collapsed after chasing a suspect fleeing from a waterfront warehouse.
November 28 to December 2, 2011
Kate took Sonny to the brownstone where he had grown up, to face his demons. Lulu was furious when she realized that Dante had requested to work on the Lisa Niles murder investigation. Mac granted Dante's request, but on the stipulation that Dante work with a partner, Delores. Maxie was frantic when Matt cancelled all of his appointments, and then seemingly disappeared. Shawn deduced that the symbols in Franco's tag were elements from the Periodic Table. Spinelli was able to determine that the symbols in the new tag were ancient, and that they related to "the bond to the creator." Sam put the clues together, including Franco's gift of a tiny wind-up baby doll to Josslyn, and realized that Franco might have tried to get her pregnant. Ethan talked to Alexis about the mystery man skulking around Spoon Island. The mystery man fell asleep in a chair facing the portrait of Laura, while he read a book, which had a sketch of Laura's portrait. Ethan managed to sneak up on the lady in white. Ethan admitted that the lady in white was not what he had expected. Shawn wanted to guard Carly and Josslyn around the clock, so Carly proposed that he move in with her. Robin visited Stone's bridge on the anniversary of his death. Later, Robin received the results of lab work that she had done in secret. Robin was shocked when Monica informed her that the board had relieved Robin of her chief of staff duties, because of the murder scandal. Robin decided to share a secret with Patrick. Elizabeth learned that Luke had driven Aiden to the hospital, so she angrily confronted Luke and Lucky about putting Aiden in a car with Luke.
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December 5 to 9, 2011
Sonny returned to the brownstone where he had grown up, to face his demons. Diane announced that she had been hired to write a column for newly resigned Mayor Floyd's newspaper, which he intended to revamp and rename. The ex-mayor also decided to start using his middle name, Prescott, instead of Garrett to launch his new career. Jason turned violent when Pres revealed plans to print an article about Franco's return. Pres insisted on pressing charges against Jason for the assault, so Dante arrested Jason. Sam and Michael followed the clues in their search for Franco. Sam was shaken when she and Michael discovered another gift from Franco, a DVD. Sam wept as she clutched her fertility necklace after viewing the DVD alone. Jason's outbursts of anger continued as he lingered in jail. Elizabeth was devastated when Lucky made it clear that they did not have a future together. Elizabeth accused Lucky of being like his father, and then left the hospital without telling anyone where she was going. Lulu and Dante broke off their engagement, because Lulu couldn't accept Dante's decision to work in the field instead of behind a desk. Spinelli suggested that perhaps Lulu had changed, because the old Lulu would have followed her heart, instead of allowing fear to guide her decisions. Maxie reminded Anthony of the favor that he owed her, so she asked him to help cover up Lisa's murder, to protect herself and her loved ones from being charged with murder. Matt resurfaced in time for Mac to round up all of the suspects, including the Zaccharas, on the chartered boat where Lisa had been killed.
December 12 to 16, 2011
In Bensonhurst, Sonny asked Kate to spend Christmas with him. Michael was heartbroken when he learned that Abby had been killed in a construction site accident. Sam was on hand to comfort Michael, but Michael blamed himself for Abby's tragic death, because he had sent her to Chicago, thinking that she would be safe. Sam admitted to Michael that Franco had raped her. Jason watched Franco's DVD, in which Franco taunted, "We're going to be a daddy." Robin asked Jason to help her disappear, because her life-saving cocktail of medications was no longer working. Robin wanted to spare her family from having to watch her die a slow and lingering death, like the one that Stone had endured. Jason felt terrible for Robin, but he refused to help her. Jason insisted that Robin tell Patrick what was going on. Mac decided to close the case on Lisa's murder when Officer Briggs texted a full confession, and then committed suicide. Maxie was horrified when Anthony revealed that Officer Briggs's confession and suicide were a result of the favor that Maxie had asked for. Delores questioned Mac and Dante's eagerness to close the case on Lisa's murder. Lulu told Dante that she wasn't ready to give up on their relationship. Dante was delighted when Lulu had a change of heart about marrying him. Lucky questioned Elizabeth's reasons for checking into Shadybrook. Elizabeth explained that she needed professional help to accept that her relationship with Lucky was over. Elizabeth met someone new at the sanitarium, but she confided to Matt that there had been something vaguely familiar about the man.
December 19 to 23, 2011
Sam found the pieces of Franco's broken DVD in the trashcan, so she realized that Jason had watched the video. Sam assured Jason that she wasn't pregnant, but Jason refused to discuss it. Michael returned home with Abby's body. Michael decided that he would scatter Abby's ashes in a field of lavender in New Zealand, because she had always thought that the place had looked like Heaven. Sonny and Kate's romantic getaway to New York City screeched to halt when Max called with news that there had been a shootout at Pozzulo's, and Bernie had been hit. Bernie slowly recovered from the gunshot after surgery. Spinelli was disappointed when his plans to spend Christmas with Maxie fell through, because Maxie and Matt had worked things out. Lucky learned that Elizabeth had faked her breakdown, in a desperate attempt to win Lucky back. Lucky conceded that he had sent Elizabeth mixed signals, but he could not forgive Elizabeth for the deception. Lucky received another sign that he should return to Ireland, so he told the boys goodbye, and then left before Christmas. Elizabeth felt betrayed when she befriended someone at Shadybrook, who later was revealed to be the psychiatrist who had been assigned to her case. Ewen felt that Elizabeth could benefit from therapy, but she wanted nothing to do with him. However, she had a change of heart after Ethan told her that Lucky had left town. Robin reached out to Brenda to get the name of a doctor who could review Robin's lab results and offer a second opinion. Lulu and Dante decided to get married on Christmas Eve when they went to New York City for a quick getaway. Everyone received special Christmas gifts as they celebrated the holiday.
December 26 to 30, 2011
Ethan exchanged messages with the lady in white. Robin pleaded with Jason to see Patrick about Jason's episodes of uncontrollable rage, but Jason refused to go in for a check-up unless Robin agreed to talk to Patrick about her own health crisis. Robin continued to find excuses to keep Patrick out of the loop. Sam realized that her period was late. Jason was surprised to learn that Sam had told Michael about the rape. Michael went to New Zealand to spread Abby's ashes in a field of lavender. Michael spotted Jax in an Auckland airport as Jax made his way back to Port Charles. Carly surprised Shawn with a dog, to help Shawn with his posttraumatic stress disorder. Carly and Shawn shared a heated kiss, but Shawn quickly pulled away, because he wasn't ready for the complication of a relationship. Carly hosted a New Year's Eve bash at Metro Court. Michael overheard Carly and Shawn discuss Jax. Michael used Carly's party to reveal that Carly had known that Jax was alive. Sonny felt betrayed, because Carly had allowed the kids to mourn Jax, and she had been willing to let Sonny go to jail murder. Jason and Michael were injured after Michael walked into the path of Jason's motorcycle. Anthony proposed marriage to Tracy.
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