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General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 21, 2011 on GH
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Monday, November 21, 2011

Jason sat at the desk in the restaurant office and made a phone call to a number he believed to belong to Franco. He did not get Franco, but did get an answering machine. Jason's anger increased as he told Franco that he was going to find him and kill him. Jason said that if Franco wanted to play games, Jason would play, but he told Franco to leave Sam out of it. When the answering machine cut him off, Jason slammed the handset on the desk.

Sam stood on the terrace of Jason's penthouse. She was lost in thought when a hand tapped her on the shoulder. She reacted and pinned the person with his arm behind his back. Sam apologized for overreacting when she saw that it was Michael. Michael also apologized for letting himself in and sneaking up on her. Michael noted that Sam did not seem relaxed after her honeymoon, but quickly blamed it on Carly's intrusion with Josslyn. Sam did not correct him.

Michael said he was there to see Jason because he was worried about Abby. When Sam inquired, Michael said that girls from Vaughn's were being roughed up after hours. Sam asked if a police report had been filed. Michael said he had told Dante, but Michael did not think that the plight of a few strippers was very high on the police priority list. Michael said that he hoped that Jason could help find the animal responsible for the attacks.

Sam said that she would take the case. She said that she wanted to get back to work, and she would like to stop the man responsible for hurting Abby's friends. Michael was grateful to Sam. He said that the attacks evoked bad feelings for Abby. Sam said that Abby had been lucky because Michael had stopped Brandon from beating and raping Abby. Michael said he was the lucky one because helping Abby had helped him overcome the helplessness and shame he had felt after being raped in prison. Michael said that at first he had tried to forget but could not. He said finally being able to talk with Abby about what had happened had been the start of his recovery.

Without telling what happened to her, Sam said that Michael was better off being able to remember. She said that victims of the date rape drug did not remember and could not confront what had happened to them and would always imagine the worst. Michael said he had never looked at it that way and that Sam had a point. Sam told Michael that he had a lot of courage. Sam said that it was not always possible to hurt the one who had hurt you, so they could go after the animal hurting Abby's friends instead.

Monica arrived and was delighted to see both Michael and Sam. She immediately invited Michael to Thanksgiving dinner, but he said that he had plans for dinner at Carly's. Monica understood, but secured his promise to show up for dessert. When Michael was gone, Monica told Sam that she was family and invited both Sam and Jason to Thanksgiving dinner. Sam said she would tell Jason.

Monica said she had seen Jason at the hospital, but he had not gotten his checkup because of Liz. She told Sam about Liz's high fever and delirious condition and how Jason had calmed her down. Sam said that Jason was good at taking care of others. Monica responded that since Jason and Sam were married, Sam should be Jason's only priority.

At Crimson, Maxie took Matt to the clothes closet to look for a suitable wardrobe for the upcoming, "Woman Behind the Man" photo shoot. Matt said he had a message from Mac who had more questions about the Lisa Niles murder. Maxie said that the photo shoot was more important. Matt wanted to know why he could not wear his doctor clothes and besides, he added, he was not the focus, Maxie was. Maxie replied that she wanted people to know that he was more than some guy who cut people up. Before Matt could say more, Maxie found a dress to try on. Matt forgot what he was going to say when Maxie stripped down to her bra and panties. While Maxie tried on the dress, Matt stripped down to his skivvies and started clowning around.

In the Crimson offices, Kate called for Maxie. When Maxie did not appear, Kate went looking, but was distracted when Sonny got off the elevator with a gift-wrapped box. Sonny said that he wanted to take Kate on a trip and that he had a present for her that would reveal where they were going. Kate protested that she was on deadline, but smiled and opened the present anyway. Inside was a neon pink bikini. Kate laughed and said that the gift ruled out Alaska, but not Sonny's island. Sonny said they were not going to the island but to the Dominican Republic.

When Kate asked if it was business or pleasure, Sonny responded that it was both. Kate immediately realized that Sonny intended to get a divorce from Brenda and told him that she would not be a consolation prize. Kate said that she was not a rebound girl, all soft and springy. Kate said that she was a stone wall, and if he rebounded on her, he would get hurt. Sonny tried to get Kate to change her mind, but Kate refused. She said that there were lots of women who would apply for the job. Sonny agreed, but added, as he walked out, that nobody could fill a bikini like Kate. Kate held the bikini and smiled once Sonny was gone.

Kate resumed her search for Maxie and found her fooling around with a nearly naked Matt, who stumbled and knocked over a clothing rack. Maxie apologized and explained their purpose there while Kate looked on with disdain. Kate told Maxie to take off the dress and get back to work. Kate said that the dress cost more that Maxie made in a year and was on loan. Kate added that Maxie and Matt should clean up the mess they had made while she washed her eyes out with bleach.

Alone again, Matt told Maxie that Kate totally wanted him and both dissolved in laughter. Maxie stripped off the dress. They started kissing and knocked over another rack as they sank to the floor and made love on the designer fashions. Afterwards, Matt wanted to know what turned Maxie on more, him or a rack full of dresses. Maxie pretended to think, but replied that it was Matt by far. Matt got serious and said that he had missed their closeness, but Maxie was distracted when she saw that the expensive dress was tangled in one of the fallen racks. In the office, Kate got a delivery from Sonny.

At Carly's place, Shawn received a text message from Carly inviting him to Thanksgiving dinner, which he accepted without hesitation, though Shawn did wonder why Carly had not asked him in person. Carly said she wanted to do it the formal way, and that she was surprised that she had not had to talk him into it. Shawn said that a man had to eat, and besides that, they were pretending to be a couple for the cops. Carly wanted to know if it was really an act. Shawn asked her what she thought. Carly said that she felt that they had gotten closer after Shawn had opened up to her about his father. Shawn said he felt the same.

The doorbell rang. When Jason hurried in, Shawn excused himself to look in on Josslyn while Carly and Jason talked. Jason told Carly that she had been right, that Franco had been in Hawaii. Jason quickly detailed Franco's murderous actions, omitting what had happened to Jason and Sam. Jason added that Franco had disappeared but would be back. Jason agreed when Carly said that he and Sam should have returned with her. Jason said he was trying to get everything in place so he could keep everyone safe.

Carly said she hoped Franco tried to get to her. Jason did not agree, but Carly insisted that that she wanted a chance for payback on the person who had sent an animal to rape her son. Jason said that Franco would not stop and that everyone Jason loved was vulnerable. Jason got very angry and said that he was to blame for everything because Franco should be dead.

Carly asked what was wrong and told Jason that she did not blame him. Jason said that Carly should blame him because it was his fault that Franco was still alive. Jason said that he had wanted to give Sam something special because of all that she had given him. Instead, said Jason, he had led her into a trap. Carly said that Sam was a big girl who could take care of herself.

Jason noticed one of Franco's camera creations among Josslyn's toys. He picked it up and asked if she had taken it home from Hawaii. Carly said yes, but before she could ask questions, Shawn returned with a picture that Josslyn had drawn. As they looked at the drawing, Carly told Shawn that Franco was back. Shawn admitted that Jason had updated him and asked him to watch out for Carly and Josslyn.

After Jason left to check up on Sam, Shawn told Carly to try not to think about Franco. Carly spit out, "Try punching a time clock." Carly said that Shawn should wear a uniform so she could tell when he was off-duty. Carly said she did not know whether Shawn was spending time with her because he was working or because he wanted to be with her. Shawn said that he enjoyed her company, but the job was first. Carly wondered if Shawn had shared his memories with her because they had something real, or because Jason had told Shawn to stay close to her.

Carly wanted to know where she stood with Shawn. Shawn said that it was the nature of the job for a bodyguard to get to know those he protected. He told Carly that she was the most interesting person he had ever guarded. Carly asked if she made him uncomfortable. Carly said that she thought that they were developing feelings for each other. Carly wanted to know if she was just a job to Shawn. Shawn moved closer and told Carly that in case she had not figured it out, she was a lot more than a job to him.

Diane showed up at Sonny's office to tell him she had one last piece of business with him. When Sonny told her to leave, Diane presented him with signed divorce papers from Brenda. When Sonny remained calm, Diane wanted to know why he was not smashing walls. Sonny said that he had gone a little nuts when Brenda left, but he was trying to move forward. Diane replied that chasing after Kate was not moving forward, but taking a giant step in the opposite direction.

Diane reminded Sonny that the last time he and Kate had been together, Kate had almost been killed. Without giving Sonny a chance to speak, Diane told him to sign the papers and give them to Alexis. Then she walked out. Sonny threw the papers on his desk.

Sonny signed the papers and said, "Goodbye, Brenda." The phone rang. Sonny was delighted that Kate was on the other end. She asked if he was going to keep giving her gifts until she agreed to go away with him. Sonny said he no longer had to do any business because he had just signed the divorce papers that Brenda had filed. Kate assumed the trip was off. She said that her schedule was clear, and she could have gone with him.

Sonny said they could still go to a different island. Kate said she would not be another one of Sonny's many island conquests. Sonny laughed and told her to open the latest present. When she did, Kate discovered a woolen scarf. Sonny said that it was clear that the only obstacle they had was the past. Sonny said that he wanted to go to the island where it had all started for them. Kate was stunned.

Matt and Maxie got dressed. He carefully disengaged the designer dress from the clothing rack. Maxie was very grateful. She said that she was happy that they were all healthy and that Lisa was dead; she wished that Lisa's body had never been found. Matt was silent as Maxie picked out a designer jacket for him to try on. Maxie said it was for special men. Matt added, "And me."

Kate walked in and commented that Matt was still there. She told Maxie that she had been forced to find her in person because Maxie was not at her desk, taking care of business. Kate had a pink piece of paper in her hand. Maxie thought she was being fired and started telling Kate that she had booked all Kate's appointments and done several other chores.

Kate told Maxie that she was taking off, and Maxie would have to reschedule all the appointments. Kate said that she ought to fire Maxie but that she would give Maxie one more chance. Maxie was so happy that she hugged Kate, who looked at her coldly. When Maxie asked where Kate was going, she said, "Back to where it all started."

Jason took a look at the graffiti that Franco had left for him in Hawaii before opening the door to his penthouse. Sam was inside. Jason asked if they could go to lunch or do something that got them out of the apartment. Monica walked out of the kitchen. She told Jason about Thanksgiving dinner. Jason started to decline, but Sam said she wanted to go and be with his family.

Sonny walked out of his office as an angry Jason rushed in. Sonny said he was leaving for a few days. When Jason murmured that it was nice, Sonny asked what was wrong and said that Jason only said, "nice" when something was wrong. Jason said that he still had not found Franco. Sonny said he could cancel his trip if Jason needed him. Jason told Sonny to go because he could handle the situation. Sonny replied that he had forgotten that Jason had never been a kid and did not know how to cope when someone made him feel helplessness.

Sonny said that Jason did the kid thing and turned that person into a monster. Sonny told Jason that a monster or psychopath could die like anyone else. Sonny said all Jason had to do was take him into an alley and put two caps in his head, and the monster's power would be gone. Before walking out, Jason told Sonny that just because the monster was dead did not mean that a person was free. Sonny looked down at the keys, which he was holding in his hand, to the Bensonhurst house where he had grown up.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

At the Zacchara penthouse, Johnny frowned when he opened his door and saw Sonny standing on the doorstep. Sonny explained that he knew what Johnny had done. Johnny seemed unconcerned as he questioned what Sonny was talking about. Sonny revealed that he had received a report from the garage that had fixed Kate's car. According to Sonny, Kate's car had been tampered with, so Sonny was certain that Johnny had been responsible.

Johnny calmly denied touching Kate's car. Sonny argued that there had been too many coincidences that night not to suspect Johnny. Johnny and Sonny traded barbs until Sonny ordered Johnny to leave town. Johnny argued that the five families would pounce on Sonny, "like a bum on a bologna sandwich," if the Zaccharas left town. Johnny promised that the five families wouldn't be as lenient with Sonny's family as Johnny had been, so Johnny wondered if they still had a truce.

Sonny vowed that whoever had sabotaged Kate's car would have to deal with the consequences. Johnny realized that Sonny wasn't interested in peace, so he warned Sonny that if Sonny kept pushing then Johnny would eventually push back. Shortly after Sonny stormed out, Anthony, who had been eavesdropping, entered the living room. Anthony suggested that Johnny find a good woman, so Johnny wouldn't feel the need to work out so hard. Anthony then chuckled, as he recalled that things hadn't gone very well with Johnny's last girlfriend. Johnny pointed out that Lisa was gone, and that Anthony was on the mend, so Anthony should drop it.

Anthony was curious what Johnny had held over Steve's head to get Steve to cooperate. Johnny refused to confide to his father, so Anthony advised Johnny to get another cop on the payroll. Anthony argued that Sonny had someone on the inside, so Johnny should too.

At Crimson, Dante stopped by to talk to Kate. Kate greeted Dante, and then admitted that it had been nice to see him at Kristina's party. They exchanged chitchat for a few minutes, and then Dante explained that he had some questions about the warehouse shooting. Kate insisted that she had given her statement to the police, so she had nothing to add. Dante demanded to know what had prompted the photo shoot at Sonny's warehouse, shortly after Ronnie had found traces of drugs nearby. Kate insisted that the photo shoot had been planned, which made Dante curious about her renewed loyalty to Sonny.

Kate turned the question around by wondering why Dante appeared to have a sudden drive to take Sonny down. Dante explained that he needed to know if he had walked in on something that he shouldn't have, and if one of Sonny's men had shot him, or if it had been something else altogether. Kate suspected that Lulu was the driving force behind Dante's quest to figure out what had happened at the warehouse. Kate pointed out that blaming Sonny for the shooting might result in the wedding not happening. Dante immediately became defensive, as he demanded to know what she was talking about. Kate insisted that she had just stated the obvious.

Kate assured Dante that Sonny would never intentionally harm one of his children, but Dante didn't waver in his determination to get answers. "What the hell are you doing here?" Sonny asked from the doorway as he looked at his son. Kate explained that Dante had been questioning her about the warehouse shooting, so Sonny immediately informed Dante that Kate had had nothing to do with it. Sonny insisted that he was just as eager to find the person responsible for shooting Dante as Dante was. Dante was certain that Kate's photo shoot was a cover-up, so he intended to prove it. Moments later, Dante received a text message.

Dante warned Kate not to be stupid, and then left. Kate thought that it had been a bad idea to get involved with Sonny, because she had helped him to hide seven bags of drugs. Kate wondered if going to New York with Sonny was a good idea, so Sonny was curious if she intended to back out. Kate pointed out that she hadn't said that, but she questioned what he expected from her on the trip. "Nothing," Sonny assured her. Kate thought that it was interesting that he wanted to explore their past together, yet he insisted that he wanted to move forward.

Sonny revealed that he wanted to make new memories with Kate, and that he hoped that the trip would give them "new meaning." Sonny turned on the charm, and then kissed Kate. Kate capitulated, but she warned him that she refused to be seen in public with him while he wore the overcoat that he had on. Kate ordered Sonny to take off the coat. Moments later, she presented him with a new one, tailored to fit, and then helped him into it. Sonny admitted that he liked the fit, so he pulled his key from the old coat, and then whisked Kate out of town.

Later, Sonny and Kate arrived at a hotel in New York. Sonny walked Kate to her room, and then promised to see her in the morning. After a chaste kiss, Sonny left. Kate entered her room, but within seconds, someone knocked on the door. Kate opened the door, but she didn't see anyone on her doorstep, or in the hallway. Kate returned to her room.

Seconds later, another knock sounded, on the other side of her room. Kate opened the door and saw Sonny smiling down at her. Sonny explained that they were in a suite, and that his room was right next to hers, so all she had to do was knock on the door if she got scared, or wished to talk to him. Kate smiled, and then closed the door.

At the apartment, Olivia thanked Lulu for dropping by on short notice. Olivia explained that she didn't want to be the meddling mother-in-law type, but she had noticed that Lulu and Dante had hit a rough patch. Olivia invited Lulu and Dante to join her for Thanksgiving dinner, and then tried to tempt Lulu's palate by listing the pies that Olivia had intended to bake. Lulu smiled, and then explained that a pie couldn't fix what was wrong with Lulu and Dante's relationship. Olivia fetched two glasses of wine, and then handed one to Lulu. Lulu confided that Dante had been granted approval to investigate Lisa Niles's murder.

Olivia blamed herself for Dante's involvement, because Dante wanted to protect his mother. Lulu argued that it wouldn't have mattered; Dante would have taken any case. Lulu then revealed that Dante continued to investigate the shooting at Sonny's warehouse. Olivia reminded Lulu that Dante was who he was, and that Lulu had known that. Lulu explained that she didn't want to be like one of the widows from Brooklyn, whom Olivia had talked about. Olivia assured Lulu that none of those women would have traded a single moment with their husbands.

Lulu confessed that she didn't know if she were the type of woman who could live each day with the threat of loss. Olivia explained that loss was a fact of life, and that anyone could die without warning. Olivia wondered if Lulu were prepared to live her life without taking a chance at happiness, to never join her life with someone, or perhaps meet up in some future time. Lulu chuckled, and then asked if Olivia believed that love continued after death. Olivia admitted that she would hold on with both hands if she had the kind of love that Lulu and Dante had.

Lulu explained that she hadn't had the chance to talk to Dante, because Lulu had been busy at the hospital with Aiden. Olivia was stunned when Lulu revealed the details about Aiden's life-threatening illness. Olivia realized that Steve had to have been frantic with worry. Lulu assured Olivia that everything was fine, because Dr. Wurth, the new doctor on staff, had quickly diagnosed Aiden. Olivia confided that Maggie was someone from Steve's past. Moments later, Officer Padilla arrived to question Olivia about the night of Lisa Niles's murder. Lulu seized the opportunity to thank Officer Padilla for driving Lulu to the hospital after Dante had been shot.

Officer Padilla smiled politely, and then explained that she needed to speak privately with Olivia. Lulu returned the smile, but refused to be dismissed. Olivia wondered how she could help the young police officer, so Officer Padilla explained that she needed to collect the clothes that Olivia had worn on the night of the ill-fated chartered boat ride. Olivia revealed that her dress was at the cleaners, prompting Officer Padilla to question if Olivia had hoped to get rid of damaging evidence. Olivia and Lulu were offended by Officer Padilla's implications that Olivia had something to hide. Olivia insisted that she had simply wanted to get the dress cleaned, because she had been in the engine room, working on the boat's motor.

Lulu suggested that Olivia consider consulting an attorney before answering the young officer's questions. Olivia maintained that she didn't have anything to hide. Officer Padilla was curious what kind of tool Olivia had used to work on the boat's engine. Olivia wondered where Officer Padilla was headed with the question, but Dante appeared before Officer Padilla could reply. Dante demanded to know why the officer was questioning his mother, so Officer Padilla explained that she was following up on a new lead. Dante resented that no one had kept him apprised of the new developments in the case, and then informed Officer Padilla that Olivia wouldn't say another word without an attorney present.

Dante dismissed Officer Padilla, so Olivia decided to check on the pies in the kitchen to give Lulu and Dante some time to talk. Dante acknowledged that he had received Lulu's text message, so Lulu admitted that Olivia had seemed in need of help. Dante realized that he and Lulu had left things in a bad place, so he suggested that they talk. Dante appreciated that Lulu was afraid for his safety, because of his job, but he revealed that he was just as terrified of losing Lulu. Dante promised that he would do whatever it took to make their relationship work, but Lulu argued that he wouldn't give up his job.

Lulu quickly assured Dante that she would never ask him to do that, but it was the fear of Dante being hurt in the line of duty that she was struggling with. She had no idea how to adjust to a future of living in fear. Dante conceded that his job wasn't risk-free. Lulu agreed, and then confessed that she was afraid that she was starting to lose sight of the "good little things" about Dante that made her love him, such as the way he looked in the mornings, and how adorable he was when the Yankees played the Red Sox. According to Lulu, those were the things that made her love him. Dante was relieved, because he had been afraid that Lulu had been on the verge of ending things with him. Lulu smiled, and then assured Dante that she couldn't imagine her life without him.

Olivia returned to the living room as Lulu and Dante kissed. Olivia admitted that she had overheard their "beautiful" words, so she reminded them that it was time for them to make an announcement. Dante confessed that he wanted to keep his engagement to Lulu quiet a little while longer. Olivia was disappointed, but she agreed to respect their wishes.

Officer Padilla went to the Zacchara penthouse to question Johnny about Lisa. "A beautiful woman, and a cop. Just the combination you need," Anthony suggested to his son. Johnny explained that his father was in need of medication, and that Anthony had been on his way out. Anthony wished Johnny luck, and then advised his son to play something on the piano for the young police officer. After Anthony left, Officer Padilla revealed that Johnny had been seen at the harbor on the night of Lisa's murder. Officer Padilla wondered what Johnny had been doing in the boat, but Johnny decided insisted on showering first, because he had been working out.

Johnny invited Officer Padilla to join him, or to stay while he freshened up, so Officer Padilla opted to search his penthouse. Johnny assured her that he had nothing to hide, and then left. A short time later, Johnny returned to the living room as Officer Padilla played a simple piece on the piano. She stopped when she noticed him standing on the staircase. Officer Padilla straightened her back when she realized that Johnny was sans a shirt, so she decided that they should meet at the police station to continue the interview. "Sure, anything you want Officer Delores," Johnny replied.

Delores wondered how Johnny had known her name. Johnny confessed that it hadn't been difficult to find out the name of the "hot new cop." Delores informed him that she expected him to arrive at the station at ten in the morning, on Friday, and then left. "Delores, it's almost music to my ears," Johnny murmured.

At the nurses' station, Steve was relieved that Aiden's crisis was over. Steve realized that it meant that he had made the right decision to hire Maggie. However, he warned Maggie that Robin was not happy with Maggie's antics, such as helping Luke to fake a heart attack. Maggie argued that it had been an angina attack, and that it had saved Aiden's life. Maggie resented Steve pretending that he hadn't known exactly what he was getting into when he had hired her.

At the hospital, Lucky arrived to check on Aiden. Tracy explained that Aiden had received a blood transfusion, so Aiden was out of danger. Tracy wondered how Lucky had known that Aiden had been sick. Lucky was saved from explaining when Dr. Wurth arrived. Tracy quickly introduced Lucky to Aiden's doctor, who explained Aiden's condition to Lucky. Luke sat nearby, in the waiting area, as Lucky asked Maggie for assurance that Aiden would be okay. Lucky wanted to see Aiden, so Maggie thought that it would do the child good; however, she cautioned Lucky that Aiden needed to rest.

Tracy glanced up to look for Luke after Lucky had walked away, but Luke was nowhere to be seen. In the hospital room, Lucky held Aiden, and then explained that they had a lot of people to thank, including Siobhan and Jake. Lucky conceded that it didn't make sense, but perhaps it wasn't supposed to. Lucky realized that everything had worked out, as it should have, including Luke answering Lucky's phone call.

At the nurses' station, Steve reminded Maggie that there were rules at the hospital that she would be expected to follow, and that she wouldn't be able to get away with the games that she had played in Memphis. Maggie promised Steve that she had a new bag of tricks, but Steve wasn't amused. "What happened in Memphis is over, and there's a reason for that, and you know what that is," Steve warned her. Moments later, Steve spotted Lucky, so he decided to talk to Lucky about Aiden.

Lucky confessed that he was concerned about Liz, because Lucky hadn't been able to reach her. Steve informed Lucky that Liz was in the hospital, recovering from pneumonia. Steve revealed that Liz knew about Aiden's situation, but she hadn't been told that Luke had driven the baby to the hospital. Lucky agreed that it had been a wise decision. Later, Steve apologized for having been harsh with Maggie. Maggie assured Steve that she understood that he didn't want to be reminded of what had happened in Memphis.

However, Maggie was confused why Steve had pushed so hard to get Maggie on staff, unless it was an attempt to keep her quiet. Steve assured Maggie that he had offered her the job because she was the best in her field. He then reminded her that she needed to complete her paperwork, so that she didn't get fired before she was hired. Steve and Maggie were unaware that Anthony lurked nearby.

Tracy strolled into the Haunted Star as Luke played card tricks at a poker table. Tracy credited Luke with saving Aiden's life, but Luke made a wisecrack in an attempt to deflect the praise. Tracy realized that Luke couldn't accept that he had done something good. Luke was curious if it somehow "validated" his ticket, or if he received a demerit for the "blood alcohol level." "I guess that depends," Tracy replied. Luke invited Tracy to judge for herself, and then nodded towards the bar, and the opened bottle of scotch.

Tracy studied the bottle for a moment, and then noted that it appeared to be full. Luke confessed that he liked to live on the edge, although he missed seeing things through his "filter." Tracy was curious what Luke would filter out. She wondered if Luke would have taken Aiden to the hospital if he'd been drinking. Luke tried to avoid the question, but Tracy was relentless. Luke doubted that anyone would believe what he had to say, so Tracy pointed out that everyone had good reason to distrust Luke.

Tracy then switched gears to ask what Luke intended to do for Thanksgiving, because no one should be alone on Thanksgiving. Luke continued to make light of everything, so Tracy warned him that Lucky was likely on his way to see Luke. "What condition do you want to be in when he gets here?" Tracy wondered. Luke changed the subject by asking Tracy about Anthony. Tracy insisted that there was nothing going on between her and Anthony, and then tried to get back on topic.

Tracy thought that Luke had made a lot of progress. "Don't blow it now," she advised Luke. "Progress is in the eye of the beholder," Luke argued. Tracy admitted that she cared about Luke, prompting Luke to grumble that he clearly wasn't doing his job right. Tracy conceded that he had his faults, and then warned him, "Don't add stupid to the list."

Later, Luke was playing cards when he heard Lucky arrive. Luke reached for the bottle of scotch, to stare at it. Luke stopped in the doorway, saw his father with the bottle of scotch, and then quietly left. Luke waited until he was certain that Lucky was gone, before he screwed the cap onto the bottle of scotch.

At the hospital, Tracy checked in with Maggie to see how Aiden was doing. Tracy was relieved that Aiden was recovering, so she thanked Maggie for everything that Maggie had done. Anthony caught up to Tracy at the elevator. He blocked Tracy from leaving, and then accused her of avoiding him. Tracy didn't deny it. Anthony was curious if Tracy's family realized how thankful they should be for all that Tracy had done for them. "I'll be seeing you soon," Anthony warned as Tracy pushed passed him.

Anthony confessed that he looked forward to spending time with Tracy under the mistletoe.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

In New York, Sonny knocked on the adjoining door of Kate's room to let her know that breakfast was ready. Kate didn't respond, so Sonny knocked again, and then reminded her that he had let her sleep in. The silence stretched, so Sonny opened the door. He was surprised to see that her bed was empty.

Later, Kate returned to the hotel room. She explained that she had met a client for breakfast, and then she had gone shopping. Sonny reminded Kate that it was a romantic getaway, not a business trip. He had hoped to go back to where everything had started for them. Kate admitted that she didn't think that it was a good idea, so Sonny accused Kate of always pulling away, whenever they got closer.

Kate reminded Sonny that her life mainly centered on work, so during her downtime, she liked to relax by gazing at her koi pond, and other areas around her estate. She confessed that she sometimes noticed the lights on in Sonny's mansion, and that she had seen Sonny pacing the floors throughout the night. Sonny tried to downplay it, but Kate ignored him, and then explained that she had heard him walking around his room all night. She suspected that Sonny had been thinking about Brenda. "Why are you riding my ass right now?" Sonny demanded.

Kate explained that she knew Sonny well enough to know that he had a habit of trying to walk off the pain. Sonny insisted that he was just restless, but Kate argued that walking off the pain had never gotten him anywhere. Sonny tried to change the subject by offering her something to eat, but Kate accused Sonny of trying to avoid the subject. Sonny explained that she made him feel like "an emotional cripple," which Kate agreed was an appropriate description. According to Kate, Sonny had never escaped from what had happened to him in Bensonhurst. Sonny became defensive as he reminded Kate that she didn't have room to talk, because she had changed her name.

Kate insisted that she had made a life for herself, but she conceded that she had paid a price for that. Kate admitted that she had given up a lot, including Sonny, "and a piece of you that I took with me." Sonny argued that she had broken her promise to him to be together forever. Kate assured Sonny that she had loved him, and that she had never been afraid of that. Sonny admitted that he had felt the same way, which was why he tended to wait for the bottom to fall out whenever he got close to someone. Sonny confided that each time, it took something from him.

Kate was curious what she had taken from Sonny. "Faith," Sonny quietly replied. Kate didn't believe him; otherwise he wouldn't have fallen in love again. Sonny insisted that the faith that he'd had in Kate had been kept locked away in his heart, guarded. Kate decided that they needed to do something important before they continued their conversation.

A short time later, Kate and Sonny stood outside of Sonny's childhood home. Kate explained that it was time for Sonny to face what had happened to him.

At Kelly's, Jason admitted to Shawn that Franco had been pushing Jason to find out what kind of person Jason was. Shawn cautioned Jason not to play into Franco's hand, but Jason was determined to show Franco exactly what Jason was capable of doing. Jason stormed out of the diner just as Carly and Josslyn arrived. Carly called out to Jason, but he kept walking. Shawn met Carly at the door, so she asked him what was going on with Jason. Shawn explained that Jason had been worked up about Franco.

Carly confessed that she had always thought that Jason could handle anything; however, she no longer believed that. Carly admitted that she was concerned about Jason. Shawn confessed that he was worried, too, and then led Carly and Josslyn into the diner. The delicious aromas wafting from the kitchen immediately struck Carly. Shawn explained that he had prepared a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Carly was stunned; she reminded him that she had ordered a catered gourmet meal for them.

Shawn suggested that they sample each dinner to see which one was better. Carly agreed. Later, Carly entered the restaurant with a plate of food from the kitchen. She explained that one of the benefits of a catered meal was that there wasn't any cleanup involved. Shawn argued that the catered food tasted like cardboard. Moments later, Michael called to check on his mother.

Carly revealed that she was having dinner at Kelly's with Shawn, so she invited Michael to join them. Michael declined, because he had decided to have dinner with the Quartermaines. Carly was disappointed, but she accepted her son's decision. After she ended the call, Shawn tried to cheer her up by tempting her with more food. Later, Carly conceded that Shawn's meal had been the best Thanksgiving dinner that she'd ever had.

Shawn handed Carly a piece of pecan pie. Carly took one bite, and then complained that he should have told her to save room for dessert. Carly loved the pie, which reminded her of the pecan pie that her adoptive mother's friend had baked at Thanksgiving. Shawn revealed that it was his mother's recipe. He reminisced about his own childhood Thanksgiving dinners, and then admitted that everything had changed after his father had died. Carly asked for the recipe, but Shawn would only agree to share it if she promised that she wouldn't use it to sell pies at the Metro Court Restaurant.

Carly reminded Shawn that she was a terrible cook, but she agreed to his terms. Shawn reached over to wipe a crumble of pie from the corner of Carly's mouth. Carly and Shawn stared deep into each other's eyes, but the spell was broken when Josslyn made a noise in her sleep. Carly decided that it was time to get her daughter home to bed, but Shawn wanted Carly to stay. Carly agreed, but only if Shawn worked his magic on the jukebox. Shawn accepted the challenge, selected a romantic song, and then pulled Carly close for a slow dance. They were unaware that someone stood outside, watching them dance.

Jason arrived home to see Sam asleep on the sofa. Jason gently tapped Sam's shoulder to let her know that he was home, but she jumped up, startled. Jason immediately apologized for scaring her, but Sam assured him that she had just overreacted. Jason revealed that he had been out all night, looking for Franco, without success. Sam was certain that Franco would stay far away from Port Charles after what had happened in Hawaii.

Jason mentioned that he had talked to Shawn about Franco, so Sam questioned if Jason had told Shawn about what Franco had done to her. Sam relaxed when Jason assured her that he hadn't told anyone. She explained that it should be her decision. Later, Sam returned to the living room after she changed into something to wear to the Quartermaines. Jason wondered if she still wanted to spend Thanksgiving with his family, or if she would rather stay home to watch a game, and spend time with Spinelli. Sam revealed that Spinelli had gone to "to his nanny's" for Thanksgiving.

Jason was surprised that Spinelli hadn't mentioned it, so Sam explained that Spinelli had been avoiding Jason. Jason was shocked; he thought that Spinelli was "back to normal." Sam revealed that it was only partly true, because Spinelli hadn't regained his cyber-skills. Sam insisted that people didn't get over a traumatic event easily or quickly. Jason realized that she was talking about what had happened to her in Hawaii, so he tried to comfort her. Sam confessed that she was frustrated, because she didn't know what she needed.

Later, Sam and Jason selected a bottle of wine to take to the Quartermaines. Sam was curious if the wine were expensive, so Jason explained that Carly had given it to him. Sam grew somber as she confessed that she regretted that she hadn't listened to Carly when Carly had shown up in Hawaii. Sam admitted that she had been more determined to prove Carly wrong, because she had suspected Carly of having ulterior motives for intruding on their honeymoon. "Stop punishing yourself," Jason gently ordered Sam. Jason thought that it would be best to skip going to the Quartermaines, but Sam disagreed.

Sam suggested that it would be better to spend time with the Quartermaines, instead of sitting around trying to figure out what to say to each other. Sam left the room to grab her coat, so Jason called Bernie to get an update on the search for Franco. Jason was frustrated when Bernie revealed that they didn't have any new leads. Jason warned Bernie to find something, because Jason needed to end things, once and for all.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Alice put the finishing touches on the holiday decorations. Monica warned Alice that it was too much for a pizza dinner, but Edward announced that he had ordered Cook to prepare a traditional Thanksgiving dinner to celebrate Jason joining them. Monica worried that Jason would feel overwhelmed.

In the foyer, Tracy grumbled when Michael walked through the front door without knocking. Michael explained that he had been invited, and that he was family. Edward beamed with joy when Michael entered the parlor, because Edward anticipated a happy family reunion with Jason and Sam. Edward couldn't remember the last time that so many generations had been gathered for a Thanksgiving meal. Alice decided to check on Cook. In the foyer, Alice asked Tracy if Luke were expected for dinner.

Tracy snapped at Alice, which let Alice know that Tracy hadn't heard from Luke. In the parlor, Monica and Edward cautioned Michael to steer clear of Tracy, because she was in a foul mood. Michael apologized on behalf of Abby, who was helping a friend move. Tracy complained about Jason as she entered the parlor. Monica reminded Tracy that Jason was Monica's son, so he was welcomed. Moments later, the doorbell rang.

No one rushed to answer it, so Tracy decided to go to the door. It was a delivery person with flowers for Tracy. Tracy read the card, which revealed that Anthony had sent the flowers. Tracy dumped them into the trashcan, and then rejoined her family in the parlor. Tracy's mood didn't improve when Alice entered the parlor with the discarded flowers, which Alice had put in a vase. Tracy went to the foyer to call Luke, to find out his plans for the day, but his voicemail picked up.

Tracy left Luke a message, admitting that it would be nice to see him. Edward appeared just as she ended the call. He wondered if she had been calling "the reprobate." Tracy apologized to her father for her surly attitude, but she explained that she had a problem, and needed his help. Tracy revealed that she'd had an opportunity to infuse ELQ with money, but there had been some problems that Anthony had gotten wind of. Tracy was stunned when Edward revealed that he knew that she had been referring to Gino's mob money.

Tracy realized that Skye had told Edward about Tracy's secret. Tracy was livid, but Edward thought that Tracy should have been grateful, because it had given Edward the opportunity to safeguard the company from Anthony's threats. Tracy relaxed as she wondered if Edward would help her deal with Anthony. Edward surprised Tracy by refusing to get involved. According to Edward, Tracy had gotten herself into the mess with Anthony, so she could get herself out of it.

Later, Monica and Edward warmly greeted Jason and Sam. Tracy hovered on the end of the sofa in a sullen mood, because she was upset over Luke's absence, and Edward's callous decision. Tracy accused Monica and Edward of fawning over a "thug" and a "gold-digger." Jason glared at his aunt, as Tracy questioned why Monica and Edward refused to accept that Jason didn't want anything to do with them. Jason stepped away to calm down, so Sam pulled Michael aside to find out how things were going with Abby's friends who had been attacked. Michael was curious if Jason were upset about Sam's involvement in the case, because Jason had seemed tense.

Sam assured Michael that everything was fine. Meanwhile, in the foyer, Jason called Bernie for an update on Franco. Jason's temper flared when Bernie revealed that they didn't have any new leads.

Later, Edward announced that they had waited long enough for Luke to arrive, so Edward instructed Alice to serve dinner. Michael decided to pass the time by asking Jason and Sam about their honeymoon. Jason quietly seethed as Sam haltingly revealed that she had taught Jason how to surf. Jason left the room, to cool off in the foyer, so Sam followed him. Jason revealed that the dead woman's body had disappeared out of the room by the time the police in Hawaii had arrived. Sam immediately regretted showering, instead of going to the hospital, because all of the evidence against Franco was gone.

Moments later, Monica entered the foyer to announce that dinner was ready. Jason admitted that he didn't think he should stay, so Monica implored Jason to reconsider. Jason reluctantly entered the parlor with Sam in tow. Edward was delighted that they finally had a real Thanksgiving dinner, so he invited everyone to sing a traditional Thanksgiving song. Jason noticed that Sam appeared uncomfortable. Seconds later, everyone was shocked when Jason suddenly upended the table, scattering food everywhere, and then stormed out. Sam looked around apologetically, and then followed her husband.

At the loft, Dante arrived home to see Lulu baking in the kitchen. Lulu admitted that she hadn't been expecting Dante until after the game. Dante insisted that he had wanted to spend some time with his fiancée, so he had decided to arrive home early. In the kitchen, Dante noticed the Lulu had taken off her engagement ring. Lulu explained that she had wanted to keep it safe while she had been baking. Dante suggested that they throw a party to officially announce their engagement.

Lulu offered to let Dante chose the date, so Dante assured her that he would not let his job affect their relationship. Dante then tried to talk about Luke, but Lulu insisted that she wanted to focus on good things like Aiden's recovery and Lucky's return home.

Later, Lulu became uncomfortable when she noticed the red tablecloth on the table. Dante realized that it reminded her of the night that he had been shot. Lulu confessed that she felt silly. Dante started to go to her, but his cell phone went off. Dante glanced at the screen, and then revealed that it was work. Lulu smiled joyfully when Dante decided to ignore it. Moments later, the smoke alarm sounded.

Lulu was disappointed when she realized that she had burned her pie. Dante offered to pick up another one at his mother's place, so Lulu promised to have the finest Thanksgiving dinner waiting for him when he returned. Later, Lulu stared at the cold turkey. Fed up, she grabbed her coat, and then left.

Dante gave chase when he spotted a suspect fleeing from a warehouse, after an alarm went off. Shortly afterwards, Dante slowly made his way out of an alley, and then collapsed.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, ABC did not broadcast an original episode of General Hospital. This programming change was planned, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the pre-emption.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, November 28, and pick up where the Wednesday, November 23 episode concluded.

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, ABC did not broadcast an original episode of General Hospital. This programming change was planned, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the pre-emption.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, November 28, and pick up where the Wednesday, November 23 episode concluded.

On behalf of everyone at, we want you to know that we are so thankful that you choose to get your soap opera information from us. Your support over the years has been amazing. We wish you and your family a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving

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