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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 5, 2011 on GH
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Monday, September 5, 2011

Due to the Labor Day holiday, General Hospital did not air today. This was a planned pre-emption and there will no be "lost" episodes as a result of this programming change.

Regular programming will resume on Tuesday, September 6, and pick up where the Friday, September 2 episode concluded.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lucky approached the nurses' station to ask Matt where to claim Siobhan's body. Matt revealed that Lucky couldn't do that, so Lucky reminded Matt that Siobhan had been Lucky's wife. Matt explained that Lucky's marital status wasn't the problem, which prompted Lucky to wonder if there had been something in the autopsy report that Lucky should be aware of. Matt admitted that he wished that he could say yes, but there hadn't been any signs of physical violence, or traces of a known lethal substance to explain Siobhan's untimely death. According to Matt, it was as if Siobhan had simply stopped breathing.

Matt explained that the cause of death had not been from natural causes, so Lucky pointed out that it made it a police matter, which meant that Lucky was within his rights to take Siobhan's body. Matt revealed that Siobhan had apparently not gotten around to changing her will after she had married Lucky, so Siobhan's sister, Megan McKenna, had legal rights to her sister's body. Matt added that Megan had arrived to claim Siobhan's body. Lucky decided to talk to Megan when Matt pointed him to the conference room where she was waiting. Megan glared at Lucky with open hostility when he entered the room.

Lucky started to apologize to Megan, but stopped when she threw a cup of water in his face, and then angrily blamed him for her sister's tragic death. Lucky realized that it was pointless to defend himself, so he suggested that they find a way to work together as Siobhan's family. Megan made it clear that Siobhan's family was in Ireland, not in Port Charles. Lucky reminded Megan that Siobhan was his wife, but Megan accused Lucky of using Siobhan as a pawn. Megan informed Lucky that Siobhan had confided to her, so she knew about Siobhan and Lucky's troubles.

Megan tearfully demanded to know how her sister had died, but Lucky admitted that he didn't know. Megan suspected that Lucky didn't care. Lucky disagreed, and then vowed to find out what had happened to his wife, but Megan wasn't impressed. She revealed that she had warned Siobhan that Lucky was trouble, and that she had advised her sister to get away from him. Lucky argued that he hadn't forced Siobhan to marry him, so Siobhan had been free to leave if she had wanted to go. Megan conceded that Lucky might not have killed Siobhan with his own hands, but she blamed him for allowing whatever "force of evil" had killed Siobhan into Siobhan's life.

"You might as well have murdered Siobhan yourself," Megan snarled at him, and then stormed out. Lucky was shaken by the encounter, so he reached into his pocket to pull out a bottle of hydrocodone.

At the Webber house, Liz invited Cameron to the dinning room table to celebrate his first day of school with his favorite treat of chocolate milk and cookies. Cam looked glum as Liz poured chocolate syrup into two glasses of chilled milk, and then started to stir. She was curious why Cam seemed so down, so Cam explained that he recalled making chocolate milk for his brother, Jake. Liz's smile disappeared as she admitted that she missed Jake, too, so she suggested that they make a toast to Jake. Cam cheered up as he and Liz clinked their glasses together, and then said in unison, "To Jake." After taking a sip of their drinks, Liz kissed the top of her son's head.

Later, Liz sent Cam to the bathroom to brush his teeth before bed. Liz eyes filled with sadness as she remembered the sounds of Jake's laughter. She snapped back to the present when someone knocked on the front door. Liz assumed that it was the sitter, Andrea, so she was surprised to see Dante standing on her doorstep instead. Liz explained that she had to go to work soon, so Dante revealed that he was there on police business. Liz was startled when Dante suggested that she had been the last person to see Siobhan alive.

Liz argued that the killer had been the last person to see Siobhan alive, but she realized that she was a suspect because of Siobhan's accusations during the weeks leading up to Siobhan's death. Dante assured Liz that he just wanted to get to the bottom of things, so he asked Liz why Siobhan had asked to see her. Liz insisted that she and Siobhan had had a civil conversation about Lucky, and that Siobhan had cleared Liz of pushing Siobhan down the stairs. Liz became nervous when Dante pointed out that Siobhan wasn't around to corroborate Liz's version of events. Dante asked Liz to give him a call if she recalled anything else of importance, and then started to leave, but Liz called out to him before he reached the door. Liz revealed that Siobhan had claimed to know something about the people who "had done what they did to Lucky."

Dante was surprised that Siobhan had known something about the drug ring. Liz added that Siobhan had wanted to discuss something important with Lucky, but had refused to confide the details to Liz. Dante thanked Liz, and then opened the door just as Matt was about to knock. Matt wondered if everything were okay, so Liz assured Matt that she was fine. After Dante left, Matt questioned Liz about Dante's visit. Liz revealed that Siobhan's death had officially been ruled a homicide, and that she was a suspect.

"That's absurd," Matt insisted. "Maybe not," Liz replied. Matt thought that her comment sounded cryptic, so he asked her to explain herself. Liz confided that she had wanted Siobhan to go away ever since she had met Siobhan because Liz believed that Siobhan wasn't good for Lucky. Matt pointed out that it didn't equate to murder, but Liz argued that she might have subconsciously switched the medications during the operation because of her feelings for Siobhan. Matt fired several questions at Liz, which quickly confirmed to him that she hadn't intentionally harmed Siobhan, so he asked Liz to promise to stop talking as if she had.

Matt confessed that he carried his own guilt about Siobhan's death because Siobhan had been his patient. Liz quickly defended Matt by insisting that he was too hard on himself, but Matt was determined to focus on Liz. Matt urged Liz to stop making people think that she had murdered Siobhan, or she might end up in jail. Liz admitted that she had spent so much time wishing that Siobhan would go away, yet in the end "she was going to leave Lucky anyway."

At the hospital, Dante entered the conference room to talk to Lucky. Lucky managed to shove the bottle of hydrocodone back into his jacket pocket before Dante spotted the pills. Dante wondered if Lucky were okay, so Lucky revealed that there wouldn't be a funeral service for Siobhan in Port Charles because Siobhan's sister intended to take Siobhan's body to Ireland for burial. Lucky changed the subject by asking if there had been any new developments with the case. Dante admitted that he had questioned Liz, because she had been the last to see Siobhan alive. Dante told Lucky that, prior to her death, Siobhan had been eager to tell Lucky some important news about the drug ring.

Lucky realized that Siobhan might have been silenced, so her murder was on his hands. Dante was concerned about Lucky because it appeared that Lucky was on the edge. Lucky confessed that one of the most difficult things about being a recovering addict was that everyone constantly doubted him. Lucky realized that people had a right not to trust him, but he resented it. Dante advised Lucky to quit the case, but Lucky argued that it would be like admitting that he was using again when he wasn't. Dante reminded Lucky that Lucky's wife had just died, so no one would question Lucky taking a leave of absence.

Lucky refused to consider it after learning that someone in the drug ring might have murdered Siobhan. Dante feared that continuing the investigation was too big of a risk for Lucky to take. Dante doubted that Lucky wanted to jeopardize his sobriety after working hard to get clean. Dante confessed that he hoped that Lucky had the strength not to fall, and then left. Later, an orderly handed Lucky an envelope containing the last of Siobhan's personal belongings. Lucky opened it, and then pulled out Siobhan's wedding band.

Liz rounded the corner as Lucky stared at Siobhan's wedding ring with tears in his eyes. Lucky slipped into the conference room, pulled out the bottle of pills, and then took a hydrocodone pill.

In Jason's hospital room, Sam was relieved when Jason woke up. She wondered how he was feeling, so Jason admitted that he wasn't sure. Sam was curious what Jason recalled, but Jason admitted that everything was jumbled. Sam told him about Jax, and the car crash. Afterwards, she tried to determine if Jason knew the date. Patrick entered the room before Jason could reply. Patrick ordered Sam to step out of the room, so she reluctantly waited in the hallway while Patrick examined Jason.

Sam took the opportunity to thank God for saving Jason's life, but she begged Him to let Jason be the man that she had fallen in love with. Meanwhile, Patrick quickly concluded that Jason was on the road to recovery, so Patrick invited Sam back into the room. Sam relaxed when Jason revealed that the last thing that he recalled was Sam promising to wait for him. Patrick was confident that Jason would be fine, so Jason wondered when he could leave the hospital. Patrick insisted that he wanted Jason out of the hospital as soon as possible, because Patrick was tired of Jason's bodyguards, and thugs skulking the hallways with murderous intent, but Jason's health was more important.

Sam resented Patrick remarks about the mob, but Patrick insisted that he was just letting Jason know what had been going on while Jason had been unconscious. Jason had no idea what they were talking about, so Patrick informed Jason that Sonny was out of control, and that Anthony had made an attempt on Jason's life. Sam warned Patrick that Jason would try to save Sonny, but Patrick ordered Jason to stay put. Patrick explained that the surgery had been extremely difficult, so he refused to discharge Jason until Patrick was certain that Jason was strong enough to leave. Sam explained that Jason didn't respond well to orders, so Patrick promised Jason a speedy recovery if Jason followed Patrick's instructions. Sam grumbled about Patrick's horrible bedside manners after Patrick left the room, but stopped when she noticed that Jason was trying to get out of bed.

Sam demanded to know where Jason was going, so Jason explained that he intended to leave. Sam refused to let Jason get out of the bed. Jason argued with her for a few minutes until he realized that she wouldn't budge. Jason reluctantly settled back into bed, but he complained that their wedding was already under the gun because they had lost too much time, so they needed to get things back on track. "No Jason, we don't," Sam replied. Jason wondered if she had changed her mind about marrying him, but Sam assured him she hadn't. However, she offered to postpone their wedding until Jason was fully recovered.

Jason asked Sam to stop trying to talk herself out of getting married. He assured her that he wanted her to have the wedding of her dreams because they would only get married once. Sam smiled, and then crawled into bed with him to snuggle in his arms. Jason confessed that it was strange to think that a piece of AJ's dashboard had been migrating to his brain for years. Sam admitted that she had been afraid that he had been lost to her, so Jason revealed that he had fought the anesthesia as he had been put under, until he had thought of Sam in Hawaii. Sam grinned as she jumped up, and then fetched a binder filled with honeymoon destinations that she wanted Jason to consider.

In the hospital's locker room, Steve and Olivia kissed passionately. Olivia worried that someone might walk in on them, but Steve assured her that they had the locker room to themselves for half an hour. Steve and Olivia made love, and then showered together. Afterwards, Steve confessed that he wanted more than an occasional hour or stolen moment. Olivia agreed, so Steve invited her on a romantic weekend getaway. Olivia loved the idea, so she suggested that he show her around Memphis.

Steve shook his head as he admitted that he wanted to find a new destination for just the two of them, so Olivia offered to put together a list of places. Steve smiled, and then kissed her. He admitted that she had lit up his night. Olivia smiled seductively, blew him one last kiss, and then left. Steve watched her walk away as echoes of an electric guitar, and a cheering crowd drifted through his mind.

On the waterfront, Anthony called one of his minions to instruct the man to circle the harbor, and to keep a sharp eye out until the shipment had arrived. Anthony explained that he wouldn't be able to join his minion because "something unexpected" had landed at Anthony's feet. After Anthony ended the call, he studied Kristina's unconscious body. A short time later, Anthony seemed deep in thought, as he watched over Kristina's prone form, when Michael suddenly appeared. Michael demanded to know what Anthony had done to Kristina, but Anthony denied having harmed Kristina. Michael pulled out a cell phone to call for help, so Anthony explained that it wasn't necessary because Anthony had already called 9-1-1.

As if on cue, the distant sound of sirens grew louder as the ambulance neared the waterfront. Later, Kristina woke up in a hospital room as Patrick called her name. Michael and Alexis hovered nearby. Patrick was curious if Kristina remembered anything, so she told him that she had gone to the warehouse on the waterfront to think. Patrick explained that Kristina had collapsed, so he wondered if there had been any strange symptoms prior to her fainting spell. Kristina shook her head.

Moments later, Molly called to get an update on Kristina, so Michael took the phone into the hallway to assure Molly that Kristina was awake and alert. After Michael ended the call, Anthony walked up to Michael to make certain that Michael reminded Sonny that Sonny owed Anthony "big" for helping Kristina. Anthony warned Michael that he always collected. Michael didn't say anything as he watched Anthony walked way. A short time later, Michael returned to Kristina's hospital room. Patrick wondered if Kristina had collapsed before, so Kristina replied, "Not exactly." Alexis was shocked; she immediately demanded that Kristina clarify the remark.

Kristina confessed that she had been experiencing "head rush" sensations, which she had attributed to not eating properly. Kristina then revealed that she had also been bumping into things, and having difficulty with her depth perception when she went to reach for various objects. Michael wondered if the symptoms had anything to do with the drugs that Lisa Niles had given to Kristina. Alexis was stunned because it was the first that she had heard of Lisa giving Kristina pills. Patrick explained that he hadn't been obligated to tell Alexis about the incident because Kristina was an adult. However, Patrick quickly clarified that he doubted that there was a correlation between Kristina's fainting spell and the hydrocodone pills that Lisa had given to Kristina.

Kristina was eager to go home, but Patrick insisted that she remain in the hospital until they had run some tests. After Patrick left the room, Kristina explained to her mother that she hadn't wanted to tell Alexis about the incident with Lisa because she hadn't wanted Alexis to overreact to a situation that had been handled. Alexis took deep breaths, and then promised that they would discuss it after they had figured out what was wrong with Kristina. Later, Alexis stepped out of the room, so Kristina and Michael talked about Anthony finding Kristina.

Kristina confessed that it was "creepy" to think that Anthony had been alone with her, while she had been unconscious. Michael agreed, but he was more concerned about why Kristina hadn't told anyone about her strange symptoms. Kristina admitted that she hadn't thought that it had been important.

At the nurses' station, Patrick informed Anthony that Kristina had cleared Anthony of wrongdoing, so Anthony was free to go. Patrick warned Anthony that if Anthony continued to loiter around the hospital then Patrick wouldn't hesitate to call security to remove Anthony from the premises. Anthony resented Patrick's attitude, so Anthony placed a call to one of his goons to instruct the man to pay a doctor a visit. Anthony was unaware that Michael stood nearby.

Meanwhile, Alexis demanded to know what was going on with Kristina. She became frustrated when Patrick explained that he didn't have any answers yet.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

At the hospital, Dante called the loft in the hopes of catching Lulu there. The answering machine picked up, but Dante suspected that Lulu was listening. He asked Lulu to pick up the phone, but when the answering machine continued to record, Dante decided to tell Lulu what he was feeling. He admitted that he didn't want to arrive home to discover that her things had been cleared out of the bathroom, or that she had moved out. Dante insisted that Lulu was everything to him, so if she were to leave him then his life would be empty. Dante reiterated that he didn't want to lose her, and then ended the call.

Moments later, Alexis walked up to ask if Dante had seen Sonny, but Dante explained that he didn't plan to unless it was to arrest his father. Alexis revealed that something was wrong with Kristina, so they needed to find Sonny. Dante advised Alexis to discuss it with Kristina first because Dante was certain that Kristina wouldn't want Sonny around. Alexis explained that Sonny was Kristina's father, so Sonny should be told, or there would be hell to pay. After Alexis walked away, Dante called someone to ask for a favor.

At the loft, Lulu stopped packing her things long enough to hear what Dante had to say, as he left a message. She reached for the phone just as Dante ended the call. Moments later, Maxie arrived at the loft, carrying bags filled with various samples for Sam's wedding. Lulu was annoyed that Maxie had gone shopping instead of helping Lulu to pack. Maxie was unrepentant as she offered to show Lulu the stunning engagement ring that Jason had bought for Sam, but Lulu declined. Maxie accused Lulu of being determined to be miserable "for no good reason."

Lulu explained that she couldn't trust Dante because of his pattern of keeping secrets from her. Maxie confessed that she didn't know many guys who would follow their girlfriend halfway around the world to chase after a "crazy runaway father." Maxie wondered if perhaps Luke were at the root of Lulu's decision to end things with Dante; she suspected it was a way for Lulu to make her own rules. Lulu denied it, but Maxie didn't believe Lulu. Lulu bristled when Maxie started unpacking Lulu's suitcase. Maxie explained that Lulu and Dante would eventually reconcile, so it was pointless for Lulu to pack as if she were leaving for good.

Lulu tried to snatch a dress out of Maxie's hand, but Maxie held on firmly. A brief struggle ensued between the friends, until the dress ripped in two. "You happy?" Maxie wondered. Lulu admitted that she was miserable. Maxie's irritation immediately melted away; she promised to pay Lulu for the dress, but she insisted that it was a mistake for Lulu to end things with Dante. Maxie grumbled that she had sacrificed an all-expense paid trip to the French countryside with Matt, so that Lulu and Dante could have a romantic getaway, and reconnect. Maxie resented that Lulu had repaid Maxie by taking off for Florida, where Lulu had picked up some "tacky" clothing.

Maxie held up a skirt as an example of Lulu's poor choices. Lulu defended her purchase by informing Maxie that the colorful skirt had been purchased at a vintage store in Jacksonville. Maxie patiently explained that things went out of style for a reason. Lulu scooped up her clothes, and then suggested that Maxie find Spinelli to focus on him. Lulu suspected that Maxie was determined to fix Lulu because Maxie hadn't been able to help Spinelli. Maxie admitted that she had hoped to snap Spinelli out of his gumshoe fantasy world by taking him to Georgie's grave, but he had continued to fixate on the "weirdest things."

Maxie revealed that she had also thought that seeing Jason would help Spinelli, but Spinelli had disappeared after the visit. Lulu was curious if there were trouble in paradise because she had noticed that Maxie hadn't mentioned Matt's name. Maxie explained that she and Matt were focused on their careers, so there were times that several days would pass when they didn't speak to each other. Maxie assured Lulu that everything was fine with Matt, but Lulu didn't believe her. Lulu suggested that it sounded like a nice way of dressing up the fact that Maxie and Matt spent very little time together. Maxie argued that her relationship with Matt was healthy and mature; they weren't like Lulu who refused to work through her problems with Dante.

Lulu insisted that she had tried, to no avail. Maxie suspected that Dante wasn't damaged enough for Lulu. Maxie reminded Lulu that there were plenty of damaged people in Lulu's life, so Lulu shouldn't throw away the ones who weren't. Moments later, Dante entered the loft with a bouquet of flowers in his hand. Maxie smiled as she pointed out that Dante clearly wanted to fix things.

After Maxie left, Dante revealed that he had made reservations for dinner at a French restaurant, but Lulu claimed that she wasn't hungry. Dante suggested that they talk, so Lulu confessed that she had resented his lack of honesty about Lucky. Dante reminded her why he hadn't told her about Lucky's brush with drugs, but he assured Lulu that he would do whatever it took to make their relationship work. Lulu demanded to know if Dante would do it again. "Yeah, I would, given the circumstances," Dante admitted after several tense moments.

Lulu was furious that he had essentially told her that he'd lie to her again. Dante explained that he was a cop, so there would be times when he couldn't discuss things with her. Lulu argued that it was different if it involved her brother, and Lucky's addiction. Dante insisted that it was Lucky's secret to share, but Lulu claimed that Dante had used the same argument regarding Brenda's child. Lulu felt that she couldn't trust Dante, so he assured her that he was honest about how he felt about her. Dante declared his love, and then kissed her, but Lulu pulled away.

"I can't do this," she told him, and then returned to packing. A short time later, Dante watched helplessly as Lulu walked out. In the hallway, Lulu stared at the closed door as a tear slid down her cheek.

Skye made a final check of her suite after she had hastily packed. Skye was satisfied that she hadn't left anything behind, so she went to the door. She stopped short when she saw Anthony standing on her doorstep with a knowing smile. Anthony pretended to be surprised that she would leave town without saying goodbye. He claimed to have been deeply hurt when Skye insisted that her work in Port Charles was done. Anthony warned her that he tended to do things that he regretted when he felt that way.

Anthony switched gears to remind her that they'd had a good thing going, but Skye reminded him that it had been a business arrangement. "More like a trade," Skye clarified. Anthony confessed that he would trade most of the women that he had known for Skye. Skye was flattered, but she made it clear that she wasn't romantically interested in Anthony. Anthony claimed to be crushed, so Skye deftly steered the conversation to safer waters by reminding Anthony that he had more than enough leverage on Tracy to go after her.

Anthony agreed, but he was more concerned about the information that Skye had on him. He admitted that he wasn't comfortable with anyone knowing things about him that they shouldn't. Skye became nervous as she suggested that she had been bluffing, but Anthony's intuition told him otherwise. He wanted a hint about what she knew, but Skye playfully warned him that there wouldn't be any fun in that. She tried to brush past Anthony, but he blocked her path, as he wondered what had made Skye think that he would allow her to leave. "Is there a problem here?" Ethan asked as he suddenly appeared in the hallway.

Anthony immediately plastered on a saccharine smile as he explained that he and Skye were friends, so Anthony had been trying to convince her to stay in Port Charles. Anthony vowed that he wouldn't make the mistake of letting Skye slip through his fingers again, and then left. Ethan followed Skye into her suite as he accused Anthony of being up to no good. Skye assured Ethan that she could handle Anthony, so Ethan was curious why she had asked for Ethan's help. Skye explained that she wanted Ethan to keep an eye on Edward while she visited her daughter, but Ethan insisted that he needed more motivation. Skye chuckled as she admitted that Ethan was very much like Luke.

Ethan turned serious as he tried to find out what was really going on. Skye confessed that she had landed in some financial trouble, so she had decided to replenish her coffers when an opportunity had presented itself. Ethan continued to probe for information, but Skye warned him that the less he knew, the better. Ethan admitted that it was just a challenge to find out more. He switched tactics by talking about Jake's tragic death, and how Luke had unraveled. Skye felt bad for the Spencer children when Ethan revealed that Lulu and Lucky had gone after Luke, but Luke had refused to return home.

Ethan confessed that he had left Luke alone because his father had been carrying around enough guilt. He insisted that it was important for Skye to confide to him because Luke would never forgive Ethan, or himself, if anything happened to Skye. Skye smiled; she applauded Ethan for using Luke's name like that, in an effort to get her to open up. Ethan insisted that desperate times called for desperate measures. He warned Skye that people with information on Anthony tended to have a short life expectancy. Skye was curious what would be in it for Ethan, so Ethan reminded Skye that Lila Rae wouldn't be orphaned.

Ethan revealed that he knew what it was like to lose both parents; he insisted that no child should have to experience that kind of pain. Skye accused Ethan of working for Johnny. Ethan didn't have an opportunity to reply because he received a call notifying him that Kristina had been admitted to the hospital, and that she had asked to see him. Ethan and Skye shelved their discussion to rush out the door.

In Jason's hospital room, Jason was curious how Kristina was doing. Michael explained that Jason's room had been on the way to Kristina's room, so Michael had decided to check on Jason first. Jason assured Michael that everything was fine, and that Patrick expected Jason to make a full recovery. However, Jason admitted that he still had to undergo some tests. Michael and Jason discussed Jason's brain surgery, and then Michael revealed that it had seemed as if the Quartermaines had been hoping that Jason would wake up as "their Jason." Jason wondered how Michael's job at ELQ was going. He was not pleased when Michael replied, "I quit."

Michael realized that Edward had been upset about Michael's decision, but Jason's recovery had helped to soften the blow. "We're both alive, right? Even if we aren't the upstanding citizens that he wants us to be," Michael added with a smile. Jason explained that it had been like a death for the Quartermaines when Jason had woken up with no memory of his life before the tragic crash. Michael insisted that they couldn't have him as a replacement. Jason accused Michael of being irresponsible for squandering the chance, and the job, that the Quartermaines had handed to Michael.

Michael resented that everyone considered him irresponsible, but Jason was curious what Michael would call someone who walked away from something without considering how it would affect the people that he cared about. Jason reminded Michael that Abby's job had been tied to Michael's position at ELQ. Michael explained that Abby had wanted Michael to be happy, and that he wouldn't have been satisfied at ELQ. Jason argued that Abby had been happy working there, so sometimes a person had to make sacrifices for loved ones. Michael was confident that Abby would be able to find another job, but Jason insisted that it wasn't about a job; it was about doing the right thing.

Jason reminded Michael that it had been difficult for Jason to give up Jake, but Jason believed that Jake had deserved better, just as Michael had. Jason wished that Michael had given ELQ more time, but Michael argued that he had been needed for other things. "Like what?" Jason demanded. "Like, Dad. He needs my help, and I can't let him down," Michael replied. Michael explained that a lot had happened while Jason had been in the hospital, but Jason revealed that he knew about Jax's disappearance. Jason was stunned when Michael absolved Sonny of any wrongdoing.

According to Michael, Jax had been in the wrong because Jax had taken Josslyn. Michael insisted that he refused to turn his back on Sonny, like everyone else had. Jason argued that Sonny had been the one who had been in the wrong, and that Sonny had crossed a line that Sonny would never have crossed if Sonny had been thinking clearly. Michael assured Jason that Sonny was "perfectly fine," except for feeling betrayed. Jason wondered if Michael were truly okay with Josslyn losing her father. "That part sucks," Michael confessed; however, Michael insisted that lots of children grew up without their real fathers. "I did," Michael added.

Jason acknowledged that he was loyal to Sonny, but Jason argued that Sonny had been wrong to go after Jax. Michael disagreed, so he was determined to stand by his father. "I'm all he's got right now," Michael explained. Jason didn't want Michael involved, but Michael warned Jason that it was too late. Michael demanded that Jason find a place for him in the organization, or Michael would figure out a way on his own. "You know I will," Michael warned Jason.

Jason revealed that they could use someone at the warehouse, but Michael resented being given a "legitimate" position, when he could do more. Jason explained that Michael didn't have to keep proving himself to Jason. Michael realized that Jason suspected that Michael felt that way because of what had happened in Pentonville. Michael conceded that perhaps Jason had a point, and then confided that the therapist had assured Michael that Michael would be able to get past it one day. Jason advised Michael to focus on learning to manage the anger because it affected everything, including Michael's decisions. Moments later, Milo and two thugs entered the hospital room.

Michael decided to check on Kristina, so Jason asked Michael to consider his offer. Michael explained that it wasn't necessary; he had decided to take the job. Michael realized that he had surprised Jason, because Jason had expected Michael to decline.

Sam entered Kristina's hospital room to invite Kristina to help with some wedding plans. Kristina agreed to the visit, provided that Sam didn't try to lecture her about Ethan. Sam agreed, and then dumped some binders on Kristina's bed. They chatted about Maxie's role in planning the wedding, and then opened a binder to look at wedding dresses. Kristina realized that Sam was trying to keep Kristina distracted because Sam and Alexis were concerned about the test results. Sam insisted that she needed Kristina's help, so Kristina suggested a wedding gown.

Sam glanced at it, and then offered to be fitted for it. Kristina realized that her sister was really worried because she had agreed to wear a hideous gown that Lady Gaga wouldn't even wear to a funeral. Sam shrugged as she explained that it was just a dress. Sam confessed that Jason was all that she wanted. Alexis soon joined them, so Alexis suggested that Kristina invite Taylor to the wedding. Kristina revealed that she hadn't talked to Taylor since he had gone to Brown.

Kristina accused Alexis of liking Taylor because he wasn't anything like Ethan. Moments later, Patrick entered the room to inform the family that he had the results of Kristina's tests. Alexis wanted to discuss them privately with Patrick in the hallway, but Patrick explained that he was obligated to review the results with Kristina because she was of age. Kristina immediately realized that the news was grim because of the expression on Patrick's face. Patrick revealed that the tests had indicated that a bone fragment had impinged on Kristina's vertebral artery, which had been interrupting the blood flow to the brain. According to Patrick, that was the reason that Kristina had been experiencing dizzy spells, and chronic neck pain.

Kristina was curious how it had happened, so Patrick suggested that an old sports injury might have caused the problem. Kristina revealed that she hadn't played sports. Sam wondered how it could be fixed, so Patrick recommended surgery. He informed them that they would go through the back of Kristina's neck to remove the fragment; however, he warned that there was a risk of paralysis. Alexis wanted to discuss it with Sonny, but Kristina made it clear that her father didn't get a say. Kristina insisted that she didn't even want Sonny there.

Patrick decided to give the family some time to discuss Kristina's options, so he excused himself. Kristina asked Sam to call Ethan, but Alexis argued that Ethan wasn't part of the family. Kristina insisted that Ethan was her friend, and that she valued his advice because she was able to talk to him, and be herself around him. According to Kristina, she never disappointed Ethan. Alexis assured Kristina that Kristina had never disappointed her, but Kristina reminded Alexis of Yale. Alexis clarified that she had been disappointed in Yale, not Kristina.

Alexis admitted that she had also regretted that she had built up Kristina's hopes for something that hadn't happened. Kristina was adamant that she talk to Ethan, so Sam assured Kristina that she would call him. Later, in the hallway, Sam revealed to Alexis that Ethan was on his way. Alexis wondered if Sam had been thinking the same thing that Alexis had been when Patrick had told them about the bone fragment. Sam nodded when Alexis blamed the abuse that Kiefer Bauer had inflicted on Kristina for Kristina's situation. Alexis was upset that Kristina might end up paralyzed because of what Kiefer had done.

A short time later Ethan and Skye arrived at the hospital. Sam warned Ethan not to lead Kristina on, because it would make things worse. Ethan wondered why Sam had called him if she had been worried about that, so Sam explained that Kristina had asked to see him. Sam then turned to Skye to advise Skye to stay out of sight because it would only upset Kristina. Skye agreed, so Ethan entered Kristina's room alone. Alexis was curious what Skye had done, so Skye rolled her eyes in exasperation, and then looked away.

Skye noticed Anthony was skulking nearby, so she made a hasty exit. Michael was livid when he spotted Anthony, unaware that Anthony was chasing after Skye. Michael stopped the elder Zacchara to remind Anthony that Anthony had been warned to stay away from Sonny's family. Anthony was annoyed when Skye managed to slip into the elevator, and make her escape, so he turned to remind Michael who had called for an ambulance. Michael thanked Anthony for helping Kristina, but he promised that there would be trouble if Anthony was at the hospital when Sonny showed up.

Later, Anthony checked in with one of his goons to make certain that his "gift" had been delivered as instructed. Anthony was disappointed when the thug informed Anthony that they hadn't found anything. Anthony decided to deal with the problem personally. Meanwhile, Skye entered her suite, which had been left in shambles after a thorough search.

In Kristina's hospital room, Ethan sat down. Kristina admitted that she hadn't expected him to show up. Ethan was curious what was going on, so Kristina explained that she wanted an honest answer to a question. He seemed nervous that it might be about them, but Kristina assured Ethan that she knew that he wasn't interested in her. However, she was curious if it would matter to him if she were in a wheelchair, if he did love her. Ethan became concerned as he demanded to know what she was talking about.

Kristina wanted an answer first, so Ethan revealed that it wouldn't matter. Kristina told Ethan about the bone fragment and the risk of paralysis if she had the surgery. Ethan reminded Kristina that Patrick was one of the best, so the worst-case scenario was a big "what if." Kristina wondered if Ethan would have the surgery, but Ethan made it clear that it was Kristina's decision to make. Kristina agreed; however, she valued Ethan's opinion, so she wanted him to help her decide, as her friend. Ethan confessed that he would have the surgery if Patrick had recommended it.

Kristina worried that something might go wrong, but Ethan warned her that she couldn't think like that. He assured her that if it were him, he'd want it out. Kristina smiled, and then demanded that Ethan stop being so cute because she was supposed to be mad at him. Ethan adopted a serious expression, but they soon burst out laughing. Kristina asked Ethan to promise her that he would dance with her at her sister's wedding, even if she were in a wheelchair.

Later, in the hallway, Alexis was curious if Michael had reached Sonny. Michael shook his head, so Alexis and Michael entered Kristina's hospital room. They were startled to see that Patrick was in the room. Patrick explained that Kristina had decided to have the surgery. Alexis was relieved, but she was curious who or what had changed Kristina's mind. Kristina claimed that she had realized that she had a lot to look forward to.

In Jason's hospital room, Sam curled up next to Jason in bed as she asked how Jason felt about getting married in the hospital. Jason refused to consider it, but Sam explained that Kristina's situation was serious. Jason appreciated that Sam was concerned for her sister; however, he insisted that they stick to their original wedding plans. Sam wondered if Jason believed in signs. As if on cue, Maxie burst through the door to announce that she had once again lost Sam's engagement ring.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Skye looked around her ransacked suite in disbelief. She was shaken when she spotted an orchid on the bed, so she jumped when she heard a noise from the doorway. Skye relaxed when she realized that it was Ethan. Ethan looked at the damage, and then explained that he had wanted her to stay with him at the hospital because he had been afraid that Anthony would make a move against her. He wondered if Skye finally appreciated the danger that she was in because of the information that she had on Anthony. Skye insisted that Anthony had simply wanted to rattle her, but she assured Ethan that she didn't frighten easily.

Ethan argued that Johnny had tried to warn Skye about Anthony, but she had refused to listen. Skye claimed that she and Anthony had a mutually beneficial arrangement, but Ethan didn't understand how the vandalized room had benefited Skye. Ethan warned Skye that Anthony could make Skye disappear with ease if Anthony viewed Skye as a threat. Skye claimed that she and Anthony had gotten what they had wanted, so it was time for her to leave town. Ethan decided that Skye needed to be somewhere safe until then, so he ordered her to pack her things.

Later, at the Haunted Star, Ethan assured Skye that she would be safe in the casino. Skye confessed that it was sad to see the place closed up. Ethan explained that Nikolas had given Lulu the money to buy the casino, and to restore it, but his sister had quickly abandoned the project after Lulu had realized that Luke needed to be left to his own devices, so that she could focus on her own life. Skye was curious how Ethan felt about the Haunted Star's closing. He admitted that he missed working there, but he had no other choice. Skye admitted that she was grateful, because Ethan needed the money that he would earn from protecting Edward.

Ethan left to make traveling arrangements for Skye, while she remained behind to wait. A short time later, she was startled when the lights suddenly flipped on. Skye called out to Ethan, but Anthony sauntered in instead. Anthony explained that he couldn't let her go without saying goodbye.

At the hospital, Jason was frustrated when Maxie admitted that she had once again lost Sam's engagement ring. Maxie promised to retrace her steps, but Jason thought that it would be best to buy Sam a new ring. Sam feared that the wedding plans were too much for Maxie to handle. Maxie insisted that she was up to the task, and assured Sam that she would find the ring because it had spoken to Jason. Maxie then lifted the box from Luzetta's to show Sam a sample of the wedding cake that Maxie had picked out. Sam was delighted when she sampled a bite of the cake, but Jason claimed that he preferred the cakes from Kelly's.

Maxie grumbled that it was important that a wedding cake look as good as it tasted. Jason once again broached the subject of buying a new engagement ring, but Sam quickly suggested that they table the discussion for another day. The conversation then drifted to Spinelli. Maxie confessed that Spinelli was still lost, and that she was worried because he didn't appear to be getting better. Jason wished that he could help, so Maxie seized the opportunity to reveal that she had told Spinelli that Jason wanted Spinelli to be his best man. Sam suggested that Maxie should have discussed it with Jason first, but Maxie insisted that time was of the essence.

Maxie switched gears to remind Sam that they still had to select a wedding gown. Sam revealed that Kristina and Molly had been working on it, but Maxie insisted that Sam's sisters didn't have the "critical fashion sense" that Maxie had. Sam decided that Maxie had given her and Jason enough to think about, so she ushered Maxie out of the door just as a nurse arrived to check on Jason.

At Kelly's, Carly was on the phone, trying to juggle a bag and cup of coffee. She dropped the bag just as Shawn appeared. He quickly picked it up, prompting Carly to wonder if Shawn had been following her again. Shawn chuckled as he revealed that he had been renting a room above Kelly's. Carly assured Shawn that he would be welcome to stay at Metro Court Hotel. Shawn declined, so Carly offered Shawn a job at the Port Charles University because a professor in the chemistry department had taken a sabbatical.

Carly confided that the head of the university was a personal friend of hers, and then bragged that she had made a few contributions to the university. Shawn made it clear that he wasn't interested in a job that Carly had bought for him, but Carly quickly clarified that it was a referral. Carly urged Shawn to try it out, but Shawn refused to consider it because he preferred to get a job on his own. Carly suspected that Shawn's pride prevented him from taking the job, so she demanded to know what his objections were. Shawn confessed that he didn't want to be her project; she had plenty of those in her life.

At the hospital, Michael promised Molly that Kristina would be fine because Patrick would be operating on their sister. Kristina joked that she wouldn't be able to dance again if the worst happened. Molly wasn't amused, so Alexis assured Molly that everything would be okay. Kristina surprised everyone when she credited Ethan for convincing her to have the surgery. Michael scowled, so Alexis quickly led Molly out of the room to give Kristina and Michael some privacy. Kristina confessed that the thought of surgery had been scary, but Michael's expression was worse.

According to Kristina, Michael was starting to look like Sonny. She warned Michael that she didn't want to hear any snarky remarks about Ethan because Michael wasn't in a position to be the "boyfriend police." Michael was stunned at the suggestion that Ethan was her boyfriend, but Kristina refused to get into it with her brother. Michael agreed to change the subject, but Kristina quickly added that she didn't want to discuss Sonny either. Michael wished that Kristina would give their father a break, because Sonny loved her. Kristina had her doubts because Sonny hadn't bothered to show up at the hospital to play the concerned parent.

Michael argued that Sonny didn't know about Kristina's situation, and that he had no idea where Sonny was because it wasn't Michael's job to keep tabs on Sonny. Michael explained that his role was to make certain that things ran smoothly. "That sounds ominous," Kristina admitted. "Well, I'm going to be an enforcer," Michael replied, and then added, "for coffee beans." Kristina had no idea what that meant, so Michael told her about his job at the warehouse. Kristina recalled that Michael had worked at the coffee warehouse once before, so she was curious what had changed.

Michael confessed that, in the past, he had been trying to prove himself, but he finally realized that he didn't have to do that anymore. Kristina smiled smugly as she suggested that he had taken her advice. Michael smiled back, and then warned her not to get used to it. Shortly after Michael left, Molly returned to Kristina's hospital room to see how Kristina's visit with Michael had gone. Kristina admitted that it had been good, so Molly wondered if Michael and Abby were still together. Kristina revealed that they were, although she didn't understand Abby's appeal.

Molly confessed that she thought that Abby was nice, but Kristina argued that Abby was using Michael. Kristina suspected that Michael didn't see it because Abby was his first girlfriend. Molly accused Kristina of being proprietary because Kristina was no longer Michael's closest confidant. Kristina insisted that she was concerned about Michael, even though Kristina considered herself to be the one who was "a mess." Meanwhile, Alexis found Sam leaning against the wall, and crying, outside of Kristina's room. Alexis feared that something had happened to Jason, but Sam explained that she was upset because Kristina never seemed to get a chance to be young and happy.

Alexis assured Sam that Kristina was resilient, so Alexis was confident that Kristina would get through the crisis. Sam insisted that Kristina had to, and then went into her mother's waiting arms. Alexis held her daughter until Sam pulled herself together. Sam wiped away the tears, and then followed Alexis into Kristina's room. Sam pretended to be in a panic because Maxie was overwhelmed with wedding plans, so Sam needed Molly and Kristina's help. Molly and Kristina warned Sam that it was too late to order things like a wedding cake and a wedding gown, so the wedding would have to be postponed.

Molly and Kristina burst out laughing at Sam's shocked expression. Sam relaxed when her sisters admitted that they had been teasing her, and that everything was in place, so they just needed Sam to give her approval. Sam smiled and then hugged her sisters. Later, Alexis stopped Sam in the hallway to confess that she had seen through Sam's ploy to distract Molly and Kristina with wedding plans. However, Alexis was concerned that Sam was under too much strain, so Alexis wondered if Sam wanted to push back the wedding date until everything had settled down. Sam assured Alexis that she was happy, and ready to move forward with Jason.

In Jason's hospital room, Carly admitted that she was thrilled to see that Jason was on the mend, and himself. Jason sensed that something was on Carly's mind, but she assured him that she could get through life without his help, at least for a day or two. Carly frowned when she noticed the wedding samples scattered around the room. "God forbid Sam let something like brain surgery stand in her way," Carly said with a sneer as she glared at the slice of wedding cake. Jason quickly informed Carly that it had been his idea to keep their wedding date. Carly decided that she didn't care, because she was just thankful that Jason hadn't changed.

Carly confided that they had all been worried about him, so Robin had advised everyone to go somewhere special to send Jason positive thoughts during the surgery. Jason guessed that Carly had gone to Jake's. Carly nodded as she admitted that she had thought about how things might have been if she had made different choices. Jason was surprised when Carly confessed that she had fantasized about running the mob with Jason. Carly told him about the fantasy, including that she had sent Michael to live with the Quartermaines after he had been shot in the head, so Michael hadn't killed Claudia, or gone to jail. Jason reminded Carly that they couldn't go back, and then revealed that he had given Michael a job.

Carly was livid until Jason explained that it was a legitimate job at the coffee warehouse. Carly smiled with relief as she praised Jason for being the only person who could keep Michael safe. She then wondered if Jason had been able to talk to Michael about Sonny. Jason explained that Michael wasn't ready to hear that Sonny was headed for a breakdown. Carly feared that Michael didn't understand the difference between Jason and Sonny, but Jason suggested that Carly saw a difference that wasn't really there. Carly had no idea what Jason was talking about.

According to Carly, Sonny was selfish and power-hungry, and created messes that Jason was left to clean up. Carly insisted that Sonny used people, but Jason warned her that she couldn't tell Michael those things because it would push Michael way. Carly was concerned because Michael appeared to be making the same mistakes that Carly had made by thinking that Sonny could be saved. Carly explained that Michael had been the only person not to turn his back on Sonny after what Sonny had done. Jason revealed that he knew about the sabotaged plane, and Jax's disappearance, so he was curious why she hadn't mentioned Jax to him.

Abby went to the coffee warehouse to pick up Michael. Michael was curious how Edward was doing, so Abby revealed that Tracy had taken full advantage of Edward's absence from the office. Michael suspected that his great-grandfather hadn't gone to work because Edward had been worried about Jason. Abby agreed, so Michael asked about her day at work. Abby was excited as she told him that the ELQ attorneys had been impressed with her during an important meeting, so they had asked her to do some paralegal work. Michael was happy for Abby because he knew that it was exactly what she had wanted. Abby suggested that Michael might have found the meeting interesting, but Michael doubted it.

Abby explained that ELQ was sponsoring a yacht race. Michael acknowledged that it sounded good; however, he was more interested in the family coffee business. She wondered how his day had been, so Michael led her to a nearby table, and then poured her samples of three different coffees. Abby laughed, but took a sip of each, and then offered her honest opinion. She invited Michael to try a sample of her favorite coffee, so Michael swished some in his mouth, swallowed it, and the described the different flavors that had been combined to make the coffee so good.

Abby was impressed until Michael admitted that he had made the whole thing up. Abby burst out laughing, but sobered when Michael announced that he would put in an order for the coffee beans that she had enjoyed. He grinned as he explained that he was the new warehouse manager, and then quickly assured her that it was a legitimate job. Abby smiled when Michael confessed that he liked the work, and it would give him time to figure out what to do with his life. She was thrilled when Michael added that he had signed up for some night classes at Port Charles University. Michael assured Abby that her job at ELQ would be safe because she was smart, and she deserved it. Abby and Michael kissed.

At the nurses' station, Matt was on his cell phone, finalizing plans for a special evening, when he noticed Liz holding Jason's file. After Matt ended the call, he asked if Liz were okay. She assured him that she was, but it had hit her that Jason had been close to dying. Jason's brush with death had made Liz think about what she had once shared with Jason. Matt thought that it was natural, so Liz wondered why it felt weird to check on Jason. Matt suggested that it was normal to wonder how things would have played out if she had gone down another path.

Liz seemed surprised at his insight, but she argued that sometimes they had no control over the path that they took. Seconds later, Liz warned him that Maxie was approaching. Matt turned to Maxie with a smile. He revealed that he had a surprise for Maxie, and then confided that it was a celebration. Maxie wondered what the occasion was, so Matt explained that, for starters, Maxie had found Sam's engagement ring. Maxie admitted that she had lost it again, so she needed to retrace her steps in the hopes of tracking it down. Matt suggested that it could wait, but Maxie insisted that it was too important to put off.

Matt tried to persuade Maxie to join him for dinner, but she babbled about the wedding plans, and finding the engagement ring. Maxie insisted that she would have to take a rain check; she asked him to text her a new date and time for their dinner, and then dashed off. Matt was frustrated, so he invited Liz to a picnic. A short time later, Matt ushered Liz onto the hospital's rooftop, which had been transformed for a romantic starlit picnic. Liz suspected that Matt had intended to propose marriage to Maxie, but he quickly clarified that he had hoped to tell Maxie that he was about to be published. Liz was stunned when he revealed that it had been his project that she had been asked to help with months earlier.

Liz was happy for Matt because she appreciated that his work would change lives. She was flattered that he had shared the news with her. Matt admitted that Maxie probably wouldn't have understood the significance of the work, but Liz assured him that Maxie would have been supportive. Matt confessed that it wasn't Maxie's strong suit. He revealed that Maxie had a busy schedule, which made her the perfect girlfriend because it gave him the freedom to focus on his own work. Liz thought that Matt's work was amazing because he had made a major breakthrough in cancer treatment. She was sorry that his girlfriend didn't know about it. "But you do," Matt replied.

Matt explained that Liz had been able to take one look at the folder and know exactly what he was talking about. Matt confessed that the research had consumed him for years, so Liz wondered why Matt hadn't told Patrick about it. Matt admitted that he feared that Patrick would have viewed it as a challenge to best him. Liz was curious why Matt hadn't shared the news with Noah, so Matt revealed that his father had never been interested in Matt's life, or his accomplishments, even though Noah had worked on a similar project in the 70s. Liz was glad that she was there, even if it had been by default, to celebrate Matt's good news. Liz then thanked Matt for letting her vent about Siobhan the other day.

Matt assured Liz that everyone indulged in dark thoughts occasionally. The conversation then drifted to Lucky and Siobhan. Matt revealed that Siobhan's sister had claimed Siobhan's body, and then had blasted Lucky for Siobhan's death. Liz felt terrible for Lucky, but Matt worried that Lucky might slip back to drugs. Liz explained that Lucky had worked hard to be sober, so she was certain that he would be able to fight the temptation. Matt was impressed with Liz's faith and loyalty in Lucky; he admitted that everyone needed someone like Liz in their lives. Liz smiled, and then was forced to excuse herself after she received a page.

At the nurses' station, Liz called Lucky, but reached his voicemail instead. She ended the call without leaving a message. Meanwhile, Matt slowly packed up the picnic on the rooftop.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Carly visited Jason in his hospital room. He apologized for not having done more to prevent Jax's plane crash. Carly explained that she'd sent Morgan to military school to keep him from Sonny. Jason urged her to take Morgan home before Sonny found out, but Carly replied that Sonny already knew. Jason registered his objection, but Carly assured him that Morgan was relieved that he was no longer in the middle of his family's feud.

Carly said she no longer believed the lie that Sonny was a good father. He only cared about himself, she complained. She offered that Jason had always put her kids first; Sonny hadn't. Jason warned that Sonny would act irrationally. Carly apologized for burdening Jason and took full responsibility for having continually sided with Sonny. It had driven Jax out of her life, she said.

"Josslyn losing her father doesn't mean Michael and Morgan should lose theirs," Jason countered. Carly asked if Jason thought that Sonny would make any sacrifice for his children, and Jason remained silent. Jason suggested that Carly move Morgan to another school, but Carly refused. She said she didn't care about Sonny's hurt feelings, just as Sonny entered the room.

Sonny told Jason that Carly had also changed Morgan's last name to Benson. Sonny defended himself and pointed out that he had not been responsible for Jax's plane going down. After Carly stormed off, Sonny ranted about her and vowed he wouldn't give up. He went so far as to say, "I'm not gonna give up on my kids like you did." Sonny realized what he'd said and apologized.

Jason implored Sonny not to compound problems by doing anything illegal to get to Morgan. Jason asked Sonny why Sonny had recently been out of control. He asked what Sonny had been thinking when he'd waved a gun around at Robin's house. Sonny didn't answer but lamented that he hadn't had the opportunity to kill Kiefer for beating Kristina.

After Sonny left, Sam returned. She expressed her fears that Kristina might end up paralyzed. Jason assured her that Patrick would not fail them. Sonny caught up with Carly in front of the elevators and asked her what he'd have to do to get access to his son.

Anthony not so subtly threatened Skye. Skye didn't flinch, daring him to kill her. Anthony explained that Skye was too valuable to him. He'd continue to use the information Sky had provided to mess with Tracy but that he'd leave Edward alone. Anthony made her promise not to tell anyone what she knew about him, or harm would befall her daughter.

He compared himself to Edward, which prompted Skye to defend her grandfather. Anthony assured her that Tracy was the target of his revenge, not Edward. Skye promised she would not reveal Anthony's secret.

Anthony called one of his men, who was posing as an orderly at the hospital, just as the man was about to enter the drug storage room. Anthony told him to get to the bakery, pronto. Liz happened by, just as the man went into the room. After the orderly left, Liz called Lucky but got his voicemail. After leaving a message, she followed the man to the waterfront. As she called Lucky again, she was attacked from behind and dragged away.

Lucky counted the pills he contemplated taking before flushing them down the sink. He desperately fought the urge to use. "You can't outrun your fate," he told himself. However, he then looked himself in the mirror and vowed that he wouldn't be like his father.

Ethan visited a lonely Edward at the Quartermaine mansion. Edward reported that Maya would not return to Port Charles. Ethan apologized, and Edward reminded him that Ethan hadn't kept his part of their bargain, so he would not get any money. Ethan surprised Edward by agreeing but asking for Edward's help instead.

He wanted Edward to allow him to use the ELQ jet. Ethan wouldn't give the details but explained that he was helping a woman who had upset some very dangerous people. Edward knew that Ethan was talking about Skye and told him as much. He authorized Ethan and Skye to use the jet.

Ethan left and called Skye with the news, but she told him that it was unneeded. Ethan returned to the Haunted Star to talk with Skye, but found the place empty.

At the hospital, Sean asked Robin to give Patrick a break and warned that Patrick had performed too many surgeries that day. Patrick announced that he was ready to begin Kristina's procedure, but Robin wavered. Sean beseeched Patrick not to perform Kristina's operation until he'd gotten some rest. Robin witnessed Patrick drop a file, which concerned her.

Sonny approached Patrick about the procedure, but Patrick told Sonny not to interfere. Sonny began to argue, but Robin stopped him cold. Later, Robin broke the news to Patrick that she'd taken him off the roster. Sean would perform Kristina's surgery, she explained. Patrick stormed out of the hospital.

Sonny asked Alexis to explain what had happened to Kristina. Alexis explained that Kristina had a bone fragment in her spine, which might have been the result of a previous trauma. Sonny angrily assumed that it was likely something that Kiefer had done to her. Alexis urged Sonny not to bring up any of that pain and to just to be there for their daughter.

Sonny visited Kristina in her room. She berated him and accused him of being responsible for Jax's death. Sonny made it clear he wouldn't leave and offered to support her, no matter what.

In Kristina's room, after Kristina had been taken to the OR, Robin shared what she could with Alexis and Sam about the likely outcome of the surgery. Robin expressed confidence that the procedure would go well. Molly pointed out that Kristina was a lot calmer than Alexis was.

Molly persuaded Alexis to bargain with God by offering to dance with Jason at Sam's wedding if Kristina were to be healed. After Sam left, Molly had the realization that perhaps Kiefer had not been responsible for Kristina's injury; maybe Sonny had been.

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