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January 3 to 7, 2011
After letting Daisy escape, Jana gashed her head and told Kevin and Chloe that Daisy had hit her. Daniel found Daisy in labor, and he delivered the baby. Daisy knocked Daniel out, left the newborn at a church, and escaped to Canada. Security photos showed that Daisy still appeared to be pregnant. Victoria was angry that she was unable to have another baby. Billy arranged for a private adoption to give Victoria the baby she desired. Bert found Daisy's baby, and he and his wife, Agnes, sold the infant to Primrose. Billy met with Primrose about acquiring a baby. When Neil and Sofia fired Blake, Cane confessed to Sofia that Blake was blackmailing him. Katherine discovered that Colin was an ex-con. Ronan learned his odds for a liver transplant weren't good. Heather told Nina about Ronan's illness. Jack listened to Adam's theory about how Victor had set Adam up for Skye's murder. Security images of Victor and Skye from the Newman elevator proved that they'd known one another. Jack decided to go to Hawaii to discover if Sharon's story was true. Phyllis kept a vigil at Daniel's bedside until he finally regained consciousness. Jana suffered an apparent memory loss, completely blocking out 2009.
January 10 to 14, 2011
Jack went to Koa's store in Hawaii to check up on Sharon's story. Koa called Victor about Jack's investigation, but Victor wasn't concerned. Adam refused to accept a plea arrangement. Jack found Skye's burned perfume bottle and realized that Victor had faked Skye's death in Genoa City and then set her up in Hawaii. The authorities were unimpressed with Jack's evidence until he found Skye's keychain in Hawaii and matched it to surveillance photos from Genoa City. The D.A. dropped the charges, and Adam was freed. Jack was furious when he learned that Diane and Kyle had moved into Victor's ranch. Paul listened to a recording of Chance's shooting and realized Ronan had used blanks. Heather confronted Ronan, and he admitted that Chance was still alive. Nina was not a match for Ronan's transplant and asked Christine to have Chance tested. Christine said that wasn't possible. Victoria and Abby bested Victor at the mediation, inciting Victor's ire and limiting his ability to do business. Billy bought a baby for Victoria, unaware it was Daisy's newborn. Daniel's memory was spotty. Phyllis approved of Billy publishing the story of what Victor had done to Skye. Despite battling Nick for custody of Faith, Sharon had Adam move in with her.
January 17 to 21, 2011
Christine fired Ronan when she learned that he'd compromised the case. Nina convinced Christine to have Chance tested as Ronan's donor. Nina told Paul that Chance was alive and in a Witness Protection Program. Nina convinced Ronan to stay in Genoa City. Nick's petition for sole custody was denied, and Sharon was able to share time with Faith. Victor plotted to overturn the judge's ruling. Billy and Victoria bonded with Lucy and introduced the baby to Nick, Nikki, and Abby. Daniel held Lucy and remembered delivering Daisy's baby in the car. Katherine confronted Colin about his criminal past. Colin proposed to Jill, and she said yes. Cane warned Blake to keep away from Lily. Sofia offered to keep the James Collier illusion alive so Cane could pay off his blackmailers. Kevin took Jana to the revival movie house, and she remembered being abducted. Kevin resisted Jana's attempts to seduce him. Chloe was frustrated because she and Kevin were unable to be together romantically. A government agent questioned Sharon about Skye's disappearance in Hawaii. When new evidence was uncovered, Sharon was arrested for Skye's murder.
January 24 to 28, 2011
Victor rejected Victoria's new baby because he wanted Victoria to break up with Billy. Nikki blasted Victor for hurting Victoria, but Victor told Nikki to leave him alone. Daniel realized that Lucy might be Daisy's baby. Nikki found comfort in Deacon's arms. Phyllis and Billy ran the video of Sharon and Skye at the volcano on the Restless Style website. Adam convinced Jack to team with him in a scheme to resurrect the Newman Fund, using Skye's hidden assets. Victor anonymously posted bail for Sharon. Phyllis and Jack convinced Sharon and Adam to pool their resources to prove Sharon hadn't killed Skye. Lily learned that Cane had been part of an Australian crime family and that Blake was blackmailing him. Tucker discovered James Collier was a fictitious employee created by Cane to con McCall Industries out of a fortune. Tucker fired Cane for his treachery and Sofia for covering for Cane. Jill's family objected to her plan to marry Colin. Nick and Diane decided to be just friends. Victor and Diane began a no-romance affair. Jill said yes when Colin proposed that they elope. Noah and Devon went to New York to record a CD on Tucker's label. Deacon told Meggie to stop calling him.
January 31 to February 4, 2011
Tucker demanded that Sofia return the money Blake had stolen from McCall Industries or face the police. When Cane said he'd tell Jill about Colin's true identity, Colin threatened to kill Jill. Sharon was distraught when Nick won full custody of Faith. Diane was surprised when Nick asked her to resume their romance. Blake ran Sofia down with his motorcycle. Cane told Lily the reason why Blake had been blackmailing him. Cane put the truth about Colin being his father in a letter to Lily, but she never received it. As Colin and Jill were married in the church, Blake and Cane fought over a gun. Cane was killed, and Blake fell to his death. Neil saved the twins from being injured. Ronan collapsed and was hospitalized, in need of immediate transplant surgery. Christine revealed that Chance was a donor match for Ronan. Jill was shocked to discover Chance was still alive. Lily watched Cane's goodbye video to the twins. Malcolm told Sofia he couldn't trust her anymore. Chloe was upset about Billy and Victoria's quickie adoption. Daniel had Lucy's pacifier tested for DNA and determined that he was her father. Colin vowed to protect Cane's children from the violence that had taken Cane and Samantha from him.
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February 7 to 11, 2011
Kevin told Jana that they were divorced and that he loved Chloe. Jana accused Chloe of stealing Kevin. Malcolm and Sofia canceled their wedding. Ronan's doctor turned out to be Nate Hastings, Olivia's son. Phillip arrived from Australia. Chloe had doubts about having a relationship with Kevin. When the liver transplant was complete, the FBI whisked Ronan out of Genoa City. Christine had known nothing about the transfer and was determined to find out who'd authorized it. Chloe and Phillip suspected that Ronan had played them to get the transplant that had saved his life. Chance refused to believe that Ronan had lied to them. Sofia told Neil that she was to blame for Cane's death. Malcolm had doubts about a future with Sofia. Gloria and Jeffrey threw a Valentine's fundraiser at Gloworm. Gloria and Katherine arranged for Chloe and Kevin to be locked in the same room. At Delia's birthday party, Daniel saw Lucy and kept secret the fact that Lucy was his daughter. Phyllis and Jack found video evidence that Victor had been at the volcano when Sharon had tried to save Skye. Adam used an online credit card scheme to make it seem like Skye was alive. Lily prepared for Cane's funeral. Victor saw Diane kissing Nick.
February 14 to 18, 2011
At the Gloworm fundraiser, Victor saw Nikki dancing with Deacon and responded by kissing Diane passionately. Adam proposed to Sharon, and she accepted. Ashley warned Adam not to hurt Sharon or Faith. Kevin and Chloe finally made love. At Cane's funeral, Lily spoke to Cane's spirit. Traci assured Lily's family that Lily's vision of Cane was just a defense mechanism. Phyllis wanted Daniel to search for Daisy and the baby in Canada. Abby had second thoughts about continuing the arbitration. When Nick rejected Diane, she moved in with Victor. Christine discovered that Ronan had arranged his FBI transfer. Ronan was bitter about what he'd done to Chance and Nina. Chance was determined to track Ronan down. Victor asked Nick to testify for him at the arbitration. Tucker plotted with Victoria to merge Jabot with Beauty of Nature. Nick saw the video of Victor in Hawaii that proved Victor had been at the volcano when Skye had died. Tucker missed Sofia, but he could not forgive her. Meggie threatened to tell Nikki about Deacon's part in the con job on Nikki. Nick accused Victor of arranging Skye's disappearance and allowing Sharon to be arrested for Skye's murder. At the hearing, Nick sat with Abby and Victoria, opposing Victor.
February 21 to 25, 2011
Jack fumed when he learned that Phyllis had shared the video from Hawaii with Nick, who had shown it to Victor. Kevin asked Jana to move out. Chloe and Heather blamed Chance for turning their lives upside down when he entered Witness Protection. Victor was furious with Nick for joining Abby and Victoria in their lawsuit. Neil sympathized with Sofia about Malcolm. Lily thought Cane was trying to communicate with her. Daniel confessed to Lily that he was Lucy's father. Nikki pleaded in vain with Victor and their kids to end the lawsuit. Neil and Sofia made love. Adam demanded that Victor step up for Sharon. Michael warned Diane to be honest with Victor after she said that she had feelings for another man. Jana was hired as Lucy and Delia's nanny. Sharon suspected that Adam had made a deal with Victor. Tucker rehired Sofia. Victor told Abby that his relationship with Diane was none of her business. Michael told Victor that his deal with Adam would constitute obstruction of justice. Neil learned that Malcolm and Sofia had reconciled. To get Victor to clear Sharon of Skye's murder, Adam testified that he had forged Abby, Nick, and Victoria's trust fund documents.
February 28 to March 4, 2011
Phyllis told Jack about Adam testifying for Victor at the arbitration hearing. Tucker fired Jack because the Beauty of Nature deal was in jeopardy. Ashley learned about Tucker's duplicitous business dealings from Jack. Meggie threatened to tell Nikki the truth about Deacon unless he got Meggie out of jail. Ryder returned and asked Jana to help him find Daisy's abandoned baby. Angelo threatened to hurt Chloe if Kevin didn't get Jeffrey to pay Hogan. Billy ripped Victor online. Victor, Katherine, and Murphy told Meggie that she'd spend the rest of her life in prison. Sharon demanded that Adam recant his testimony. Victor blackmailed Adam to keep him in line. Adam slugged Nick when he caught Sharon crying in Nick's arms. After seeing Sharon with Faith, Victor went to the D.A. to testify that he'd been in Hawaii the night Sharon had tried to save Skye's life. Nick said he'd give Sharon joint custody of Faith if Adam left town. Nick comforted Sharon after Adam claimed that he'd never loved her. Neil decided to discredit Adam's testimony. Adam bought a one-way ticket out of Genoa City. Lily had visions of Cane.
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MARCH 2011
March 7 to 11, 2011
Victor told the D.A. that he'd witnessed the encounter between Sharon and Skye on the volcano in Hawaii. Without implicating himself for failing to save Skye, Victor declared that Skye's death had been an accident. When Neil testified that Adam had lied about altering the trusts, the judge ruled in favor of Nick, Abby, and Victoria, awarding them $500 million each. Victor fumed at Neil for interfering and ordered Michael to find a way to overturn the decision. Nick rejected Diane's attempts to resume their affair. Nikki went to Victor to give him a birthday gift, and they wound up making love. Sharon asked Paul to find Adam for her. Deacon double-crossed Meggie by tipping off the guards about her attempt to escape. Meggie got revenge by telling Nikki that Deacon had been Meggie's partner in crime. Nikki was devastated, but when she went to see Victor, she learned that he'd eloped with Diane. Adam discovered Koa, Victor's accomplice from Hawaii, in a Thai bar. Tucker offered to make Victoria or Jack CEO of a giant cosmetics corporation if one of them acquired Beauty of Nature for Tucker Unlimited. Ashley and Tucker reunited when she accepted how he conducted business.
March 14 to 18, 2011
Victor and Diane announced their marriage. Nick nixed Sharon's plea to get the judge to reinstate shared custody of Faith when he learned that she'd hired Paul to find Adam. Chloe was critical when she found Chance and Heather in bed. After ending her affair with Deacon, Nikki fell off the wagon. Jack was incensed that Victor was Kyle's stepfather. Nina threw a surprise birthday party for Chance. Sharon was determined to find Adam in Bangkok, so she used Faith's birth certificate to get a fake passport. Phyllis reported Sharon's fraud to the air marshals, prompting Sharon's arrest. In Thailand, Adam tried to befriend Koa. Anticipating his return to Witness Protection following the trial, Chance said goodbye to his loved ones. Kevin tried to find a way out of Hogan's gambling ring. Victor showered Diane with gifts. Billy and Victoria fought over her desire to be CEO of Jabot. Adam urged Koa to tell him the truth about Skye. At Pomerantz's trial, Chance received a message threatening Heather's life. Jana found the church where Daisy had abandoned Lucy. Heather was bound and blindfolded in a taxidermy shop. Nikki lied to Katherine about staying sober. Phyllis flew to Bangkok to find Adam.
March 21 to 25, 2011
Chance and Paul rescued Heather from a burning building. Katherine rescinded her offer to host Tucker's wedding to Ashley. Chance confessed his love for Heather, but she wasn't sure she felt the same for him. Abby pulled a "Naked Heiress" stunt, but when a Chicago cable executive wanted her to exploit the Newman family on her TV show, she refused. Nikki denied that she was drinking again. Billy talked Primrose into fixing Lucy's birth certificate so the baby could be christened. Katherine refused Jack's offer of a business partnership because she was plotting with Victor to teach Tucker a lesson. Daniel and Michael found Daisy in Canada. Sharon's bail was revoked when she tried to go to Bangkok to find Adam. In Thailand, Phyllis and Adam collaborated to find Koa's evidence that Sharon was innocent. Jana investigated Primrose's baby brokering activities by pretending to be pregnant. Victor led Nick, Victoria, and Abby to think he'd give up Beauty of Nature to avoid paying the $1.5 billion judgment. At a press conference, Victor announced that he was taking Newman Enterprises public. Daniel agreed to help Daisy avoid returning to Genoa City because he didn't want her to reveal that she had abandoned the baby.
March 28 to April 1, 2011
Michael suspected that Daniel had allowed Daisy to flee in Canada because Daniel had never wanted the baby. Sharon's mother refused to attend her daughter's trial. In Thailand, Adam and Phyllis grilled Koa until he told them where to find Sharon's camera. Nick took Faith to court to visit Sharon. At the trial, Victor testified for Sharon, but he pleaded the Fifth multiple times. Chloe learned that Angelo would never hurt a woman. Kevin got the upper hand on Angelo by threatening to send a copy of the Gloworm betting records to the D.A. Primrose uncovered Jana's ruse. Vance was forced to put Sharon on the stand. Phyllis and Adam found Sharon's camera, but the memory card was missing. Jana took photos of Primrose's documents. Kevin identified the figures in Primrose's documents as bank account numbers. After Lily saw Cane's ghost again, she made an appointment to see a therapist. Chloe insisted that Victoria fire Jana. Heather told Chance she didn't love him the way he loved her. Neil advised Victoria to give up on Beauty of Nature. Walsh eviscerated Sharon in court. Koa escaped from Phyllis and Adam's clutches.
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APRIL 2011
April 4 to 8, 2011
Gloria and Chloe were arrested after breaking into Jana's apartment. The bank informed Billy that someone had asked about his accounts. Phyllis asked Malcolm to find the video of Sharon and Skye at the volcano in the memory cards Phyllis had collected in Thailand. Abby rejected Tucker's offer to buy her Newman stock. Lily met with a therapist. Colin told Jill that his son had been responsible for Samantha's death. Neil wondered if Sofia was really sure about marrying Malcolm. Phyllis learned that Daniel had allowed Daisy to get away in Canada. Noah told Sharon that he felt sorry that Faith would never know the mother he'd had as a boy. Adam sold his Newman shares to Tucker. Katherine reported Tucker to the SEC for reprehensible business tactics. Phyllis warned Daniel that she'd never stop searching for Daisy's baby. Adam arranged an escape plan for Sharon. Malcolm and Sofia decided to get married right away. When Sharon was found guilty, Victor asked Michael to handle her appeal. Nikki urged Victor to fix the problems in their family. Before returning to her cell, Sharon feigned illness, found the supplies Adam had stashed for her in the toilet, and fled from custody.
April 11 to 15, 2011
Sharon eluded the police and drove to Sedona. Adam led Nick and Phyllis on a wild goose chase by pretending to meet Sharon in St. Martin. After ditching Phyllis and Nick on a ferry to St. Barts, Adam flew to New Mexico. Phyllis and Nick wound up stranded in the honeymoon suite. Unable to resist their attraction, Phyllis and Nick made love. Jack trusted Phyllis to be faithful to him despite her traveling with Nick. Billy left Chloe and Gloria in jail for breaking into Jana's apartment, and Heather couldn't get them out on bail. Jana admitted to Kevin and Billy that she had been searching for Daisy's baby and had met a baby broker named Primrose. Billy called Primrose to ensure she kept quiet about Lucy. Sofia and Malcolm got married, and Sofia suspected that she was pregnant. Sharon wrote goodbye letters to Adam, Faith, and Noah. Thieves held up Sharon, taking her car and jewelry. Adam failed to connect with Sharon at the motel, but he found her letters. Adam learned that there'd been a car wreck nearby. Sharon wandered into a diner and heard a news report, which said that Sharon Newman had been killed in a crash.
April 18 to 22, 2011
In New Mexico, Adam identified a body with his mother's wedding ring as Sharon. Nick and Phyllis returned from St. Martin and heard about Sharon's alleged death. Victor arranged to fly Noah home from New York. Sharon met a veterinarian named Sam, who gave her a place to stay on his farm. On their honeymoon, Malcolm saw Sofia's early pregnancy test. Neil was shocked to learn that Sofia was having a baby. Lily was stunned when Cane appeared and she was able to touch him. Gloria and Chloe were released from jail. Daniel walked out on Abby's television show. Billy discovered that Jana had gone to his bank, searching for a connection to Primrose. Nick, Noah, and Victor told Adam to stay away from Sharon's funeral. Angry about being shut out, Adam climbed to the bell tower to get into the chapel and speak the truth about Sharon. Daniel erased Kevin's hard drive to keep him from finding out that Lucy was Daisy's baby. Guilty about her fling with Nick, Phyllis avoided Jack. Sharon decided to let everyone believe that she'd died in the wreck. Agnes met Jana at Victoria's house, where Agnes recognized the outfit she'd bought for the abandoned baby among Lucy's giveaways.
April 25 to 29, 2011
Victoria was shocked that Billy had used a baby broker and that Lucy's biological parents were Daniel and Daisy. Jana abducted Delia and Lucy, and she forced Kevin to go along with her. Jack dumped Phyllis after she confessed to making love with Nick in St. Martin. Kevin convinced Jana to let Delia and Lucy return to their families. The police assumed Kevin was Jana's partner, even though Chloe claimed that Jana was deranged. Jana held a gun on Kevin and asked him to love her again. Daniel asked Phyllis to stop searching for his baby because he'd found her already. Phyllis discovered that Lucy Abbott was Daniel's daughter. Lily urged Daniel not to sign away his rights to Lucy. Abby resented that Daniel had confided in Lily instead of her. Phyllis confronted Victoria and Billy about custody of Lucy. Daniel stopped his mother's attempt to disrupt Lucy's life by showing her that he'd legally assigned his rights to Lucy to Billy and Victoria. The Newmans dropped the charges against Adam after he blackmailed them with Sharon's goodbye letters. Adam learned that Sharon had left him her house in her will. Sharon went online and saw the reactions to her death.
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MAY 2011
May 2 to 6, 2011
Jana tortured Kevin by locking him in a closet. Abby confronted Daniel about his relationship with Lily. Phyllis agreed to let Lucy remain with Billy and Victoria in exchange for visitation rights. When Chloe filed for sole custody of Delia, Child Protective Services took Lucy from Billy and Victoria because of the questionable adoption. Daniel submitted another DNA test to prove Lucy's paternity. Abby sold her Newman stock to Jack instead of Tucker. Olivia helped Sofia alter her baby's conception date so that Neil and Malcolm wouldn't know that Neil could be the father. Katherine created a campaign to find Kevin. Jana tried to act like her former self to make Kevin love her again. When Kevin balked, Jana decided to kill Chloe. Jack let Victor think that Abby had betrayed Victor with the stock sale. Diane tried to comfort Victor, but he refused to open up to her. Nikki showed Victor that he had it all. Diane gave Jack a chance to stick it to Victor by making love to her. Abby refused to attend her mother's wedding. Cane asked Lily to take the twins to the cemetery. Jana lured Chloe to the hideout, and in their ensuing fight, Jana collapsed and appeared to be dead.
May 9 to 13, 2011
Kevin and Chloe were suspects in Jana's death. Tucker outmaneuvered Katherine by going to the Chancellor board. Victor gave Michael an ultimatum to either stop representing Phyllis in Lucy's custody case or lose Victor's business. Kevin was arrested for kidnapping. Katherine asked Victor to help her beat Tucker in business. Abby vandalized the decorations for Tucker and Ashley's wedding. Nikki and Victor made love, prompting Victor to draw up annulment papers for Diane. Abby attempted to lure Diane and Tucker to the Abbott cabin, where Abby wanted to prove to Ashley that Tucker was no good. Victor was so incensed that Nikki had forgiven Deacon that he tore up the annulment papers. Traci blasted Jack for buying Abby's Newman stock. Nick was upset when the media treated Sharon's death as a suicide. Tucker waited on the road near the cabin, thinking his friends were on the way for a bachelor party. As Abby drove Ashley to a bogus bachelorette party, Ashley realized that Abby was drunk. Phyllis hired Leslie to seek full custody of Lucy for Daniel. Murphy convinced Katherine to give Tucker a second chance. With Ashley in the passenger seat, Abby stepped on the accelerator and ran over Tucker.
May 16 to 20, 2011
After the crash, Tucker needed immediate surgery for a brain bleed. Tucker fell into a coma. Katherine found a loophole in Tucker's living will that allowed him to remain on a ventilator. In order to protect Abby, Ashley said that she'd driven the car. Diane told Detective Mauro that she had seen the driver run Tucker down on purpose. Because of her accusations against Ashley, Victor banished Diane from the ranch and left her penniless. Tucker's lawyer, McGinnis, revealed that Tucker's wishes had been for Katherine to take over McCall Unlimited if he was incapacitated. Tucker had also wanted the search for his missing son to continue. The cause of Jana's death had been a brain aneurysm. Chloe and Billy fought over Delia's custody. Daniel felt pressured by Phyllis, Billy, and Victoria. Lily was surprised when Colin couldn't see Cane, but she was frightened when the twins could. Piper reminded Sharon of Cassie. Colin met with the imposter Cane and revealed his plan to drive Lily mad so he could raise his grandchildren as Atkinsons. To vex Victor, Adam let Diane live with him. Abby confessed to Ashley, Traci, and Jack that she had manipulated Tucker and Diane to meet at the cabin. Ashley was arrested for attempted murder.
May 23 to 27, 2011
Katherine got an order of protection to keep Ashley from Tucker. Phyllis fumed when Daniel and Lucy moved into Billy and Victoria's garage apartment. Katherine fired Ashley from Jabot. Nikki saw Abby at an A.A. meeting and suspected that Abby had been driving the car that had hit Tucker. Katherine was impressed with Jack's presentation to run Jabot. Victor advised Katherine to put Victoria in charge of Jabot. Phyllis wrote a blog entry to try to lure Daisy out of hiding. Billy fired Phyllis from Restless Style. Angelo left town. Nick was disgusted with Diane for moving into Adam's house. Rafe told Billy that Phyllis' blog had violated the gag order. Sharon told Sam about Cassie. Doris asked Nick and Adam to prove that Sharon's death had been an accident. Because of her visions of Cane, Lily asked Neil to care for the twins. Sharon agreed to go to the San Pueblo fair with Sam and Piper. Lily screamed at Cane to stop visiting her. "Cane" was really Caleb, Cane's twin. Caleb was secretly working with his mother in opposition to Colin. Piper saw Nick and Adam's news story about Sharon on the Internet.
May 30 to June 3, 2011
On Memorial Day, Katherine had a farewell party for Chance. Nina blamed Heather for Chance's decision to reenlist in the Army. When Adam and Nick flew to Sedona to prove that Sharon's car crash had been an accident, Diane showed up uninvited. At the San Pueblo fair, Sharon saw Adam and was tempted to speak with him. Nick was irritated with Diane, but he still had sex with her. Nikki made a scene at an A.A. meeting, blaming Deacon for her drinking. Victor rescued Nikki and escorted her to rehab. Lily confessed to Devon and Neil that she'd been seeing Cane. Genevieve revealed that she'd arranged for Blake to kill Caleb on the church steps on the day of Colin's wedding, letting everyone believe Cane had died. Genevieve plotted with Cane to keep Lily and the twins safe from Colin. Katherine had Ashley arrested for defying the order of protection. Jack was furious when Katherine offered the Jabot CEO position to Victoria. Despite Kevin's request, Chloe refused to drop the custody case against Billy. Daisy read Phyllis' blog and returned to town. The judge awarded Daniel custody of Lucy. Abby remembered that she had been driving the car that had hit Tucker.
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JUNE 2011
June 6 to 10, 2011
Colin persuaded Neil to let the twins spend the night with Jill. When Victoria turned down the job, Jack urged Katherine to name him Jabot CEO. Katherine suspended Sofia for insubordination. Adam plotted with Diane to cash in on the Newman IPO by making the press believe Victor was dead. Victor offered to buy Jabot and take it off Katherine's hands. During a court-appointed visit with Lucy, Victor warned Phyllis that Lucy's life was endangered because of Phyllis' deal with Daisy. Genevieve and Cane thwarted Colin's abduction of the twins. Ashley urged Jack to fight for Jabot. Sharon learned that Sam's wife had left him. Noah gave Adam a change purse of Sharon's. Sharon decided that Adam was better off without her. Walsh ignored Abby's confession about Tucker's accident. The carjacker nearly spotted Sharon at Sam's house. Jack was devastated when Katherine considered selling Jabot to Victor. Neil found Cane's letter and learned that Cane had an identical twin and that Colin was Cane's father. At the MacMillan estate, Neil and Cane worked together to keep Colin from leaving with Matty and Charlie. Genevieve attacked Colin and left him to die. A fire threatened Cane's life. Sofia had to be hospitalized.
June 13 to 17, 2011
John's spirit appeared and advised Ashley, Jack, and Billy. Abby wanted to bribe Diane into changing her testimony so Ashley would be freed. Jill learned that her marriage to Colin was a fraud. Genevieve announced that she was staying in Genoa City. Michael and Lauren ended their friendship with Phyllis. Lily refused to forgive Cane for his deception. Colin survived the fall from the balcony. Diane sold inside information about the Newman IPO to Jack. Victor asked Lauren to be on his board of directors and made a tremendous offer to Katherine for Jabot. Taking John's advice, Jack gave up his Jabot obsession. Victoria blamed Billy for making promises he couldn't keep. On the day of the Newman IPO, Diane feigned a miscarriage to get Victor to take her away from the ranch in an ambulance. Reports of Victor's death resulted in the Newman stock dropping. Adam and Jack took advantage of the news to buy low and make a killing in the market. Victor realized Diane had lied about being ill and threw her out of the ambulance. The judge reversed Billy and Victoria's adoption of Lucy and restored Daisy's parental rights. Daniel told Phyllis that he was through with her when she was awarded custody of Lucy.
June 20 to 24, 2011
Victor learned that Adam had collaborated with Diane to manipulate the Newman IPO and that Jack had gotten inside information. Billy left Victoria because he'd failed her. Katherine learned that Mac and J.T. had welcomed a baby daughter. Victor offered Victoria a seat on the Newman board. Sofia confessed to Malcolm that she wasn't sure who the father of her baby was because she'd slept with both him and Neil. Jack became Jabot CEO. Victor convinced Walsh to reinstate Ashley's bail by discrediting Diane as a witness. Because of diplomatic immunity, Colin was freed. Lily told Cane that she wanted nothing to do with him. Phyllis confided to Nick that getting Lucy had jeopardized her relationships with Summer and Daniel. Victoria decided not to take Billy back when she found he'd reverted to his bad-boy ways. Diane, Adam, and Jack were called before a grand jury about the Newman IPO stock manipulation. Sharon refused hospital care for a severely cut leg. Jill's marriage to Colin was legally declared a fraud. Tucker awoke from the coma and asked Ashley why Abby had tried to kill him. After telling Victor that she'd driven the car that had hit Tucker, Abby decided to broadcast her confession on television.
June 27 to July 1, 2011
In Tucker's hospital room, Tucker and Ashley were married. Tucker blasted Katherine for the way she had run his business while he had been in a coma. Jack worried that Tucker would fire him from Jabot. Abby was surprised to meet Eden, Noah's ex-girlfriend, in rehab. Victoria found Billy with another woman, even though he'd done nothing wrong. Victor coerced Diane into rescinding her testimony against Ashley. Billy sold Restless Style to Nick. The SEC refused to stop investigating Diane's involvement in the Newman stock manipulation. Diane asked D.A. Walsh to clear her with the SEC in exchange for her getting evidence against Adam. Genevieve flirted with Jack on his birthday. Tucker confided to Ashley that he was unable to think the way he had before the accident. Abby left rehab when Noah delivered news that the charges against Ashley had been dropped. Eden left rehab and went to Genoa City. Jack shut down the Newman Fund. Sharon made love with Sam. Nick hired Phyllis to write for Restless Style. Victoria accepted Victor's offer to run Newman Enterprises with him. Tucker needed Ashley to run McCall Unlimited and keep secret that he suffered from a brain injury. Noah and Adam agreed to work together to clear Sharon's name.
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JULY 2011
July 4 to 8, 2011
Abby told Noah that her parents didn't know that she'd checked out of rehab. Victor fumed when Adam challenged him at a Newman board meeting. Diane stole information from Adam's computer about a photographer named Gingerman. At Crimson Lights, Noah ran into Eden. Eden explained to Michael that she'd been in rehab for an eating disorder. Abby asked Daniel to reconcile. Sharon tried in vain to confess her past to Sam. Deacon overheard Diane plotting, and he offered to be her partner. Billy was ticked that Nick had rehired Phyllis. Sam took Sharon to the town dance. Nick, Noah, and Doris scattered what they thought were Sharon's ashes in the park. On one of the memory cards, Adam found evidence to clear Sharon. Victoria and Nick fought over her return to Newman Enterprises and his purchase of Restless Style. Devon warned Cane to stay away from Lily and the twins. Nick and Phyllis had sex in the office. Katherine rejected Genevieve's offer of friendship. Cane took a job at Jimmy's. Victoria told Billy to clean up his act before Delia's custody hearing. Colin assured Jill that he'd win her back. In front of Sam, a U.S. Marshal arrested Sharon. Cane saw Daniel kissing Lily.
July 11 to 15, 2011
Sharon returned to Genoa City in handcuffs, and Nick blasted her for letting the family believe she'd died. Adam saw Sam with Sharon and realized their connection. Adam destroyed the evidence that would have cleared Sharon, and then he lied to Noah about it. Billy was arrested for solicitation. At the custody hearing, Victoria testified for Billy, but the news about Billy's arrest resulted in Chloe winning sole custody of Delia. Lily and Devon were stunned that Neil might be Sofia's baby's father. Victor surmised that Sam was a better man for Sharon than Adam. Tucker surprised everyone by showing up at the Jabot launch. Chloe refused Billy's plea to talk with Delia before the new custody arrangements started. Victoria sympathized with Billy, but she refused to reconcile, since he'd disappointed her again. Victor implied to Diane that he'd raise Kyle. Colin suspected that Jill still loved him. Jack and Genevieve had their first date. Diane made a deal with the D.A. to entrap Adam, and she then plotted with Adam to put Victor behind bars. Adam duped Sharon into thinking that he had forgiven her about Sam. Phyllis slammed Sharon in her blog. Abby learned about Ashley's wedding. Eden sublet Heather's apartment. Victor paid off the hooker who had set up Billy.
July 18 to 22, 2011
Ashley was impressive at the Jabot launch, where she covered for Tucker with the media. Abby turned to booze after learning about Ashley's wedding. Deacon asked Diane to let him in on her revenge schemes. Sharon was sentenced to 30 years in prison without parole. Abby confessed to Tucker that she'd driven the car that had hit him. Tucker forgave Abby, but when she questioned him point-blank, he refused to admit his tryst with Diane. Phyllis demanded that Adam produce the memory card that would have cleared Sharon, but Adam claimed he didn't have it. Phyllis wrote a blog about the memory card and suggested that Adam had destroyed it to punish Sharon for betraying him with Sam. Walsh offered Sharon a deal if she revealed Adam's role in her escape. Billy was hospitalized after a car crash, but he was not arrested because he hadn't been drinking. While Billy was supposedly unconscious, Victoria confessed her love but said they were finished. Diane got Victor to assume responsibility as Kyle's legal guardian by explaining that she was double-crossing Adam and feared Adam's wrath. Using a fake passport from Adam, Diane arranged for Kyle to go to Switzerland, where she'd join him later. Adam plotted to frame Victor for Diane's murder. Billy's birthday was a bust.
July 25 to 29, 2011
Diane sent Kyle to school in Switzerland for his protection. Diane attacked Phyllis when she saw Nick and Phyllis having sex at Restless Style. Adam refused to marry Sharon because she had betrayed him with Sam. Genevieve offered business advice to Jabot and Beauty of Nature. Victor approved Abby and Victoria's plan to use The Naked Heiress to promote Beauty of Nature. Victor hired Avery Clark to handle Sharon's appeal. Sam beat up Adam when Adam refused to produce the evidence to clear Sharon. Phyllis got a restraining order against Diane. Katherine proved in court that Tucker was mentally incapable of running his company. Adam was indicted for stock manipulation because of Diane's deal with the D.A. Diane filed a lawsuit against Nikki, blaming her for Diane and Victor's marriage ending. Adam told Diane that their deal was over. Diane sold pictures of Victor and Nikki in bed together to a tabloid. Deacon sold Diane the video of Abby's confession. Nikki disappeared from rehab. Diane got Victor arrested for domestic abuse. Chloe found Billy in the park with Delia, violating the judge's ruling. Victor removed Adam from the Newman board. Diane asked Jack to reunite with her in order to be a family for Kyle.
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August 1 to 5, 2011
Nick blasted Diane for selling photos of Nikki and Victor in bed to a tabloid. Diane tried to seduce Jack, but he was furious with her for shipping Kyle to a Swiss boarding school. Phyllis threatened Diane. Billy was jailed for taking a swing at Victor. Victoria and Billy reconciled and made love. Diane tried to blackmail Ashley with Abby's confession video. When Ashley refused to pay, Diane vindictively told Ashley about her fling with Tucker. Katherine informed Tucker and Ashley that she'd legally challenge the validity of their marriage because of Tucker's brain injury. Michael urged Diane to leave Genoa City. Murphy found Diane's dead body in the park. Adam recalled setting up the fake murder scene with Diane. Victor remembered meeting Diane and her telling him that Adam planned to set up her murder to frame Victor. Jack lied to the police to keep them from knowing that he had threatened Diane on the footbridge. Jack heard from Kyle, and he later flew off to take Kyle home. Ashley considered leaving Tucker because his lie about Diane had made Abby look like a liar. Abby had no memory from the night of Diane's death because of booze. Billy left Genoa City for Victoria's sake.
August 8 to 12, 2011
Nina was shocked to find Ronan at the Genoa City Police Station. Ronan suspected Adam had killed Diane because of a clue that seemed to link her body to Adam's Harvard class ring. Lily told Daniel that she was divorcing Cane. Genevieve informed Cane and Colin that she was staying in town. Jack vowed to fight for custody of Kyle, opposing Diane's decision to bequeath custody to Victor. Tucker lied about a serious rash on his wrist. Nick and Ashley searched the park for her lost cell phone because it had a message on it that might incriminate Nick in Diane's murder. Deacon threatened Abby and Phyllis with knowledge about their connection to Diane's murder. Katherine confided her strategy to Neil about using Tucker's company to get Chancellor Industries to acquire Jabot. Kyle swiped Jack's Harvard ring to protect his father from the cops. Avery's defense team included students, and they got to work on getting Sharon a new trial. From Hong Kong, Billy sent Delia a jade bracelet, but Chloe was infuriated that Billy had left without saying goodbye to his daughter. Ronan questioned Phyllis about an acrylic nail at the crime scene. Kevin broke up with Chloe because of her obsession with bad boys like Billy.
August 15 to 19, 2011
Lily served Cane with divorce papers. Abby told Ronan that Tucker had killed Diane. At Diane's funeral, Victor, Michael, and Jack spoke kindly of Diane for Kyle's sake. Sam took Phyllis to see Sharon. Avery was passive-aggressive about getting Sharon a new trial. Lily was unable to make love with Daniel on his birthday because of her memories of Cane. At Diane's funeral, Ronan confronted the murder suspects, urging them to tell the truth -- or else. After an angry exchange, Colin and Genevieve made love. Deacon threatened to reveal that he had seen Phyllis chasing Diane with a rock the night Diane had been killed. Nick and Ashley bonded when she told him about the photo she had received in the mail. Deacon forced Phyllis to date him. Avery learned that Adam had destroyed the memory card. Victor offered Sam work on the ranch and sent him to Victoria's to rent her garage apartment. Without reading them first, Tucker signed the documents regarding McCall Unlimited that Katherine had given him. Neil convinced the board to go along with Katherine's plan to purchase Jabot. Genevieve trashed her home after Colin called to ask for a divorce. Jack learned that Kyle had hidden Jack's Harvard ring from the cops.
August 22 to 26, 2011
Ronan secretly recorded Nick and Ashley saying that they had been in the park when Diane had been killed. Heather returned to town, and Paul helped her get a job working on Diane's case for the district attorney's office. At Tucker's competency hearing, the judge ruled that Tucker could resume running his company; however, the sales agreement Tucker had signed giving Katherine control of Jabot was upheld. When Ronan searched the Newman ranch for evidence from Diane's murder, Victoria claimed that she was Victor's alibi. Katherine and Jack celebrated her getting Jabot. Ashley warned Jack not to trust Katherine. Avery won a new trial for Sharon. Deacon continued to pursue Phyllis, even after Nick warned him to back off. Lily and Daniel made love. Ronan told Adam that Adam's Harvard ring had been damaged after Diane's murder. After Genevieve received divorce papers from Colin, she and Jack made love for the first time. Colin tried to charm Jill into forgiving him. Noah blasted Nick for keeping Faith away from Sharon. Phyllis asked her sister -- Avery -- why she was in Genoa City. Adam convinced Walsh and Heather to let him leave Wisconsin for medical treatment. Phyllis feared her past had returned to haunt her.
August 29 to September 2, 2011
Noah bailed on the record deal with Tucker's label. Tucker gave Devon 24 hours to find a replacement for Noah. Nina was distraught about Ronan's disinterest in having a relationship. Cane delivered Lily the signed divorced papers and said he was returning to Australia. Neil, Malcolm, and Sofia learned that the baby's paternity could not be determined until he was born. Malcolm angrily told Neil he'd never forgive him. Tucker fired Devon. Jack comforted Genevieve after Colin gave her the final divorce decree. Genevieve and Jill were both hired as head of marketing for Jabot. Jack forced them to work together. Tucker warned Katherine that he'd get Jabot back from her. Colin and Jill made love. Paul's investigation revealed that Tucker's son was Devon. Katherine kept the information about Devon from Tucker and then offered Devon a job to create a new label. Chloe was upset with Ronan. Lily stopped Cane from leaving town and let him spend time with the twins. Daniel informed Neil that Lily had let Cane back into her life. Sharon agreed to let Avery remain on the case. When Chloe returned home after having sex with Ronan, she learned that Delia was desperately ill. Jack asked Katherine to sell Jabot to him.
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September 5 to 9, 2011
Delia was diagnosed with leukemia. Delia's best hope for recovery was a bone marrow transplant, prompting everyone to be tested as a possible donor. Victoria began to search frantically for Billy, who had last called from Hong Kong. Chloe blamed Billy for abandoning his daughter. Ashley forgave Tucker, and they reunited. Jack asked Victor to find Billy for Delia's sake. Victor blasted Heather for being the prosecutor in Sharon's new trial. Avery convinced the judge to exclude everything about Sharon's escape during the trial. Nick and Noah supported Sharon in court. Avery's tactics in court surprised Victor, and he decided to testify for Sharon. Nick and Phyllis made love. Katherine changed her will to include Devon, but she kept it secret from Tucker that Devon was his son. Neil was suspicious of Katherine's interest in Devon heading up Chancellor's new music label. Phyllis offered to testify for Sharon but only if Avery kept quiet about Phyllis' past. Nick overheard when Phyllis blurted out that Avery was her sister. On her wedding anniversary, Victoria longed for Billy. Kevin resented that Billy didn't care enough to be in touch with Delia. Billy was locked up in a foreign prison cell.
September 12 to 16, 2011
A jealous Genevieve left Colin in the locked wine cellar of her mansion, and she let Jill believe he'd gone with Genevieve on a business trip. Jill was miffed when Colin supposedly stood her up for a romantic rendezvous. Victor found Billy in a Burmese prison and offered a deal to get him out so Billy could provide a bone marrow donation for Delia. Paul's son, Ricky, arrived to work with Avery on Sharon's trial. Adam's eye surgery was a success. Heather planned to get Adam to testify against Sharon. Phyllis told Nick that she had never wanted anyone to know that Avery was her sister. Tucker sabotaged Jabot shipments to undermine Katherine. Tucker convinced Jack to help him steal back Jabot from Chancellor. Billy agreed to Victor's plan, including never seeing Victoria again, in order to save Delia's life. Abby wore a wire to try to get Tucker on tape, saying that he killed Diane, but she instead got Ashley incriminating herself. Kevin agreed to Victor's plan to let everyone believe Kevin was the donor, when it would really be Billy's bone marrow. Katherine kept the truth about Tucker and Devon being father and son from them.
September 19 to 23, 2011
Kevin was uncomfortable pretending that he was Delia's bone marrow match. Victor threatened to reveal Billy's crime in Asia if Billy reached out to Victoria. Ronan tried to get Ashley to confess to killing Diane. Tucker warned Devon that Katherine was using Devon to get to Tucker. Heather and Ricky clashed about him not informing her that he was working for Avery on Sharon's case. Colin unlocked Genevieve's hidden safe and learned that she was on a mission to drain his secret bank accounts. Avery was able to undermine Adam's testimony against Sharon. Abby admitted that she'd worn a wire for the cops to entrap Tucker. Jill and Cane found Colin trapped in the wine cellar. Ashley sided with Tucker against Abby. Phyllis refused to let Avery near Lucy. Sharon turned down a plea bargain when Nick showed up in court with Noah and Faith. Jack realized that Victor had lied about looking for Billy. Jill forgave Colin, and they had a romantic reunion. Cane broke into Genevieve's safe to find evidence to nail Colin. Daisy schemed to befriend Sharon. Billy watched Victoria with Sam after Victor led Billy to believe they were romantically involved. Lily admitted to Lauren that Cane still got to her.
September 26 to 30, 2011
Phyllis was incensed to learn that Daisy's new attorney was Avery. Phyllis lied that Lucy had chicken pox to avoid having to comply with Daisy's court-ordered visit with Lucy. Noah pleaded with Sharon to reconsider the plea deal. Billy hid in his house and overheard Victoria and Sam together, and he misinterpreted Sam's affection for Keely as amorous intentions for Victoria. John visited Jack and urged him to go all the way to take back Jabot. Billy deleted an email from Victoria, believing that he had to get over her. Ronan found Diane's diary in a lockbox at the Athletic Club. Jack demanded a new deal from Tucker in exchange for testifying against Katherine at the arbitration hearing. Chloe kissed Kevin. Neil was conflicted about why he had slept with Sofia. Gloria threatened Colin with information she had on him. Cane gave Ronan the ledger from Genevieve's safe, hoping Ronan would use the data to arrest Colin. Ronan recorded Victor and Adam saying they'd seen Diane the night of the murder. Nick went to meet a blackmailer, only to discover that he been caught in a police sting. Ronan discovered a memory stick in one of Diane's pillows. Ashley learned that Tucker had agreed to sell Jabot to Jack.
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October 3 to 7, 2011
Avery used Daniel to get information about Lucy. Phyllis was forced to give in to Daisy's demands, and she took Lucy to the prison to see her mother. Ronan found Abby's taped confession, and she was arrested for attempted murder. After Jack testified against Katherine about the sale of Jabot to Chancellor, the judge returned Jabot to Tucker. Katherine collapsed in court and was hospitalized with a brain bleed. Tucker convinced the D.A. to drop the charges against Abby. At the hospital, Tucker overheard Jill reveal that Katherine had put Devon in her will. Billy sneaked into the hospital to see Katherine. Cane saw Billy and followed him to the trailer. Jill admitted to Tucker that Devon was his biological son. Billy assured Cane that he planned to reveal his return to his family once Delia's bone marrow transplant succeeded. Tucker told Devon that he was Devon's father. Sofia admitted to Malcolm that she loved Neil. Katherine refused to apologize to Tucker for keeping the truth about Devon from him. Devon contemplated talking with his mother, Yolanda -- who had changed her name to Harmony -- about Tucker. Victoria had Michael prepare divorce papers, but she couldn't sign them because she still loved Billy. Phyllis decided to put Devon's story on the cover of Restless Style.
October 10 to 14, 2011
Jack fumed when Tucker indicated that he'd sell Jabot to the highest bidder. Neil gave Katherine his resignation from Chancellor. Victor suspected that Billy had called Victoria. Katherine was discharged from the hospital. Jack and Genevieve made love when she returned to Genoa City. Jack warned Colin to leave Genevieve alone. Jill turned down Colin's invitation to go to Australia with him. Devon rejected Tucker and Katherine. Devon was unhappy when his mother, who was going by the name Harmony, showed up. Harmony turned down a payoff from Tucker to return to Milwaukee. Genevieve said that she had the power to destroy Colin because she had the key to the code to decipher the ledger. Katherine moved Harmony into the mansion. Lily accused Cane of lying to her again. Ronan tapped Colin's phone and heard Colin order the elimination of Gloria and Genevieve. Tucker held a press conference to say that he was proud that Devon was his son. With Neil and Malcolm by her side, Sofia delivered her baby, a boy named Moses. DNA proved that Neil was Moses' father. Victor was anxious to ship Billy out of town after Delia's operation. In the hospital, Chloe believed Kevin was the donor when Delia received the bone marrow transplant.
October 17 to 21, 2011
When Nick balked at taking Faith to Sharon's trial, Victor got a court order compelling him to do so. Avery had a photographer snap a picture of Sharon reaching for Faith, hoping it would sway the public in Sharon's favor. After he provided the bone marrow for Delia's transplant, Billy wanted to reveal himself to Victoria, but he didn't. Harmony moved into Katherine's mansion, but she offered to return to Milwaukee to give Devon space. Tucker received a better offer for Jabot than Jack's. Ronan worked with Chance on a massive sting to capture Colin. Lily got in the middle of Colin's hit on Gloria and Genevieve, but Cane saved her. Myrna, Genevieve's housekeeper, was hospitalized after being caught in the gas explosion at Genevieve's home. Tucker sold Jabot to Jack, and the Abbott family finally regained Jabot. Jill turned on Colin right before the cops arrested him for attempted murder. Lily forgave Cane. Malcolm divorced Sofia and left town because the baby's father was Neil. Adam felt bad about Sharon's plight. Someone stole Ronan's phone and summoned the suspects in Diane's murder to meet at a warehouse. Tucker, Ashley, Abby, Jack, Victor, Victoria, Nick, and Phyllis went to the warehouse, where a film projector began to play.
October 24 to 28, 2011
At the warehouse, the suspects agreed to destroy the incriminating film footage rather than let Ronan see that they had all tangled with Diane the night of her death. Nick believed Adam was responsible for the warehouse gathering. Ronan arrested Adam because he had no alibi for where he'd been while the others had been at the warehouse. Genevieve's housekeeper, Myrna, was really Patty, who had been in contact with Adam. After being caught in the explosion at Genevieve's house, Patty suffered burns all over her face and body. Before Colin was deported to Australia, he saw Genevieve give the code to his secret files to the authorities. Lily was grateful to Cane for saving her and the kids from Colin, and they reunited. Kevin said yes to Chloe's musical marriage proposal. Chance rejected Heather's offer to reconcile. Avery pleaded with Adam to help her save Sharon. Victoria signed the divorce papers. Victor insisted that Billy leave town. Adam took advantage of a drunk Heather and had pictures taken of her in compromising positions. Nikki left rehab and went to London instead of going home. Abby realized that Devon was in love with Roxy. Phyllis and Ronan flirted, trying to get information out of each other, and they made love.
October 31 to November 4, 2011
OOn Halloween, Billy donned a Santa Claus costume to visit Delia in the hospital. Later, Billy gave a drunken Victoria a goodnight kiss. Phyllis stole Ricky's photos of Adam and Heather kissing from Avery's desk, and she then published them on the web. The judge learned that Ronan and Phyllis had found the memory card proving that Sharon had tried to save Skye from falling into the volcano. Sharon was exonerated and set free. Heather was fired from the district attorney's office and decided to leave town. Paul was shocked that Ricky had taken the pictures that had destroyed Heather's career. With Nick's approval, Sharon took Faith on a trip out of Genoa City. Phyllis was unapologetic about publishing Ricky's photos without permission. Kevin agreed to Chloe's plan to have a Christmas wedding. Ricky agreed with Avery to sue Restless Style over the photographs. Angelo's wannabe-singer daughter, Angelina, sang at the Halloween party. Billy asked Cane to find the woman from Myanmar who could clear Billy's name. Nick pleaded with Avery to drop the suit. Phyllis and Ronan were drawn to each other. Avery and Nick made love. Victor hired Adam in order to keep tabs on him. Sharon took Faith to Sam's ranch in New Mexico.
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November 7 to 11, 2011
Phyllis was arrested for stealing the photographs. Adam went to work for Newman Enterprises, much to Victoria's displeasure. Angelo demanded that Devon make sure that Angelina won a singing competition. Angelina wanted to date Kevin. Christine, Nina, and Chance confronted Ronan about his actions after the liver transplant. Nick refused to explain the recording from the night of Diane's murder to Ronan. Tucker and Ashley sent out wedding invitations. Neil asked Sofia to stay with him through the holidays. With her bandages removed, "Myrna" was revealed to be Patty Williams. Phyllis discovered that Avery and Nick had made love. Angelo informed Gloria that he was her new partner. Victoria told Victor that Adam had bought their charade. Christine recalled that Ricky's mother was a homicidal maniac. Paul admitted he didn't know Ricky very well. Phyllis and Nick agreed to just be friends. Chloe celebrated that Delia was in remission. Victor confronted Billy about not leaving town. Cane went to Myanmar to find Chelsea and clear Billy's name. Daniel learned that Avery was his aunt. Phyllis and Ronan bonded over having screwed up family issues, and they made love. Avery was intent on getting Daisy reunited with Lucy. Jill and Victoria went to Myanmar to find Billy. Chance received new orders.
November 14 to 18, 2011
Patty broke into Jack's house. Cane spoke with Chelsea, the woman who might clear Billy's name, but then she disappeared. Victoria and Jill searched for Billy in Myanmar. Victor assigned Tank to watch Billy, but Tank allowed Billy to see a sleeping Delia. Victor plotted to send Billy to a monastery in India. Victor heard Delia blaming herself because Billy had never visited her in the hospital. Victor was upset that Victoria had gone to find Billy. After Moses' christening, Neil gave Sofia a birthstone necklace and asked her to marry him. Tank left Billy at a New York airport bar, as per Victor's secret instructions to let Billy go. Devon went to Tucker and Ashley's wedding. In Myanmar, a man pulled a knife on Jill and Victoria. Cane rescued Jill and Victoria, and they flew to America. Victoria feared Billy was dead. Cane relented and told Jill that Billy was not dead. On a layover in New York, Victoria found Billy. They made up and made love. Katherine told Jill that she'd invited Harmony to live with them. After Christine challenged him, Ronan decided to rescind his transfer. Chance said goodbye to his family when he received new orders. Gloria fought off Angelo's advances.
November 21 to 25, 2011
Phyllis told Avery that their parents had forced Phyllis to leave home. Victoria forgave Billy when he confessed his indiscretions. Patty drugged Jack and Genevieve's food so Patty could cuddle with Jack. Avery admitted that her father was guilty of his crimes. Adam ordered Patty to leave town. Billy reunited with Delia and his family. Victoria was incensed to learn about Victor's machinations involving Billy. After Sofia said yes, Neil had second thoughts about proposing to her. Neil lashed out at Harmony for trying to inject herself back into Devon's life. Tucker and Ashley left on their honeymoon. Ronan received a tip that there was evidence regarding Diane's murder at Newman Enterprises. Victoria blasted Victor for trying to destroy her marriage. Chloe was angry with Kevin for lying to her about Billy. Cane celebrated Thanksgiving with Lily and the twins. Jill was ticked off that Katherine had invited Harmony to live with them. Chloe made up with Kevin, and she told Angelina to stay away from Kevin. Adam outwitted Patty by framing Victor with the evidence from Diane's murder that Patty had planted in Adam's desk. Victoria quit her job and walked out on Victor. Nikki arrived home from rehab and went to the ranch, looking for Victor. Ronan found the incriminating evidence in Victor's safe. Victor was shocked when Ronan arrested him.
November 28 to December 2, 2011
Nikki had a romantic reunion with Victor, and they made love. Ronan questioned Victor about the syringe of a paralytic drug found in Victor's safe. Victor told Ronan that Victor was being framed for Diane's murder. Victoria told Adam that Victor would throw him out of Newman Enterprises. Patty stole Jack's cat. Nick fired Phyllis for working on a Restless Style story that fingered Nikki as Diane's murderer. Tucker lashed out at Katherine for keeping Harmony in Genoa City. Adam denied having knowledge of the syringe in Victor's safe. Deacon told Nikki that he'd seen her in town over the summer. Billy bought Restless Style back from Nick. When Ashley learned that Tucker's therapist was Emily, Jack's ex-fiancée, Tucker agreed to find another doctor. Ronan questioned Nikki and learned she had motives to kill Diane. Nikki began drinking and confessed to Victor that she had murdered Diane. Victor protected Nikki by claiming that he'd killed Diane, and he got Adam to back up his assertion. Victor was arrested. Phyllis left town. Abby invested in Devon's music business. Nick and Victoria agreed to go into business together. Chloe and Kevin decided to buy a house. Emily returned to Genoa City and made contact with Paul and Jack. Patty saw Jack with Emily.
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December 5 to 9, 2011
Angelina agreed to accept Devon's musical instruction. Sharon demanded that Victor tell her the truth, but he insisted that he'd killed Diane. Victor told Michael that Nikki had been drunk the night Diane had been murdered and that Victor had been responsible for Diane's death. Angelo made a deal to give Kevin a dream house for Chloe if Kevin made sure that Carmine stayed away from Angelina. The judge refused to accept Victor's guilty plea when Ronan claimed that Victor had not worked alone. Ronan was fired. Victor bribed Detective Mauro in order to get his fingerprints on the syringe that had been used to kill Diane. Nick challenged Adam for control of Newman Enterprises. Daniel and Eden made love. Sharon and Avery conspired to help Victor's defense, despite his request that they butt out. Nikki went on a drunken bender. Nick warned Sharon that she'd lose custody of Faith if she had contact with Adam. Avery was disillusioned with Nick. Ricky agreed to work with Phyllis. Deacon told Nikki that he had seen Victoria kill Diane and had witnessed Victor cover it up. Nikki married Deacon in Las Vegas to keep him quiet about the alleged circumstances behind Diane's death. Victoria fumed when Billy ran a story in Restless Style about her parents. Jeffrey turned up stranded on a deserted beach.
December 12 to 16, 2011
Sharon learned that Avery was involved with Nick. Nick discovered Phyllis was having an affair with Ronan. Nikki regretted marrying Deacon. Nikki lashed out at Sharon. Neil and Sofia got married, but after the ceremony, Neil disappeared. Cane and Lily sympathized with Genevieve about Samantha and then helped her trim the Christmas tree. John appeared to Jack and gave him advice to help Kyle grieve for Diane during the holidays. Victoria and Billy discussed adoption. Jack blasted Victor for hurting Kyle and Billy. Phyllis had flashbacks about growing up with Avery. Phyllis and Ronan teamed up to solve Diane's murder. Sharon and Michael pleaded in vain for Victor to defend himself in court. Katherine tried to get Nikki to stop drinking. Gloria accepted financial help from her family. Sofia wanted more from Neil than a marriage license. Nick punched out Deacon in public. Adam used Nick's actions to lobby board members for the upcoming meeting. Devon turned down Tucker as a client, but he accepted Tucker's business advice. Patty was devastated when Jack proposed to Genevieve. Ronan and Phyllis received footage showing a passed-out Nikki in the park on the night of Diane's murder. Nikki burst into the courtroom as Victor was sentenced to 25 years in prison.
December 19 to 23, 2011
Patty was in tears when Genevieve accepted Jack's proposal. Nikki tried in vain to stop Victor's sentencing. Sharon realized that Victor had accepted the 25 years to life sentence for murder in order to protect Nikki. At the Christmas pageant, Katherine surprised Devon by taking Ana to visit. Harmony met her daughter for the first time in years. At the Newman board meeting, Tucker's deciding vote went to Adam. Nick was furious, but Victor informed Michael that his plan was in place. Despite Victor's request that she stay away, Sharon insisted on visiting him in prison. Angelina sang better when she saw Kevin's face. Nikki learned that Deacon had lied about his knowledge of Diane's murder. On Kevin's wedding day, Angelo forced Kevin to tend to Angelina. When Carmine shot at Kevin and Angelina, they went on the run. Sharon spent Christmas at the prison, visiting Victor. Phyllis fumed at Nick for his affair with Avery. Kevin called Chloe to say he couldn't make the wedding because he needed some time. Chloe felt abandoned. Victoria and Billy decided to use the chapel for their own impromptu wedding. While rushing to the wedding, Nikki wrecked her car. A guardian angel showed Nikki how desperately her family and friends needed her.
December 26 to 30, 2011
Kevin missed Chloe while forced to stay on the run with Angelina. On their honeymoon, Billy and Victoria agreed to forget Myanmar. Kevin's actions confused Chloe. When an adoption agency had a prospective mother for them to meet, Billy and Victoria rushed home. Nikki refused to return to rehab. Victor finally told Michael about his master plan to neutralize Adam permanently. To maintain Faith's custody deal with Nick, Sharon got a restraining order against Adam. Angelina's song hit the web. Adam told Sharon he still loved her, and they had sex one last time before the court order took effect. Phyllis and Nick were jealous of each other's relationships with other people. Cane was worried about Genevieve's engagement to Jack. Nikki tried to fool Deacon into revealing what he had done on the night of Diane's death. Patty drugged Jack's champagne. Angelina posted a picture on Face Place, and Angelo realized she'd lied to him about her whereabouts. Katherine was grateful to Harmony. Sharon visited Victor on New Year's, and he surprised her with a diamond and a marriage proposal. Nikki saw the ring on Sharon's hand, and Victor asked Nikki to leave. Chelsea went to see Billy and Victoria. Angelina lied to Kevin about Carmine being after them.
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