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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 23, 2011 on GH
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Monday, May 23, 2011

In the basement of Robin's house, Lisa gloated that Robin was dead and Patrick would soon go to prison for her murder. Her glee was short-lived when Robin sprang up and grabbed her. Lisa asked how Robin could be alive when Lisa had pumped in enough gas "to kill a horse." Patrick entered the basement with Mac, who promptly arrested Lisa. As Mac read Lisa her rights, Lisa claimed that she was rescuing Robin and that Robin was again making false accusations.

Mac warned Patrick and Robin not to touch anything before forensics had a chance to go over the basement to gather evidence. As Mac hauled Lisa up the stairs, she claimed that it would be her word against Robin's, but Patrick said that was not the case. Robin told Lisa that she had used her cell phone to record every word that Lisa had said to her. Patrick told Lisa that it would be her word against herself, not Robin.

Once upstairs, Patrick and Robin explained how they had trapped Lisa. Patrick said that his credit card company had notified him of suspected identity theft when unusual charges started showing up on his card. When he found out that they were for expensive hotels and flowers, both he and Robin realized that Lisa was up to something. Rather than confront her, they secretly checked her computer and found that she had visited sites on wiring and repairs to their gas heater.

Patrick had wanted to go to Mac, but Robin had feared that Lisa would wriggle out, so they'd decided to trap her. They had realized that Lisa had access to their home after Kristina called and told them about Lisa and the pills. They had also figured out that their house was bugged, so they'd continued to act normally, waiting for Lisa to make her move. When she had, they'd followed her to their house. Patrick had waited outside, turned off the gas to the house, and called Mac. Robin had gone inside and pretended to let Lisa trap her in the basement.

As Mac hauled Lisa back to the police station, she shouted that they were plotting against her and that Patrick still wanted her, not his frigid wife Robin. After Lisa was gone, Robin said that maybe it was a good thing that Lisa had entered into their lives, because even though a crazy person had torn them apart, they had been able to pick up the pieces, and they were stronger than ever. She said maybe they appreciated their marriage and family even more.

Patrick said that he was very happy that he would get to spend the rest of his life with the woman he loved and his beautiful daughter. He said a locksmith would arrive the next day to change the locks and then they could be completely safe. Robin said the ordeal had been even harder on Patrick than on her. Robin said that even though she had been the target, Patrick had been the goal. Both agreed not to let Lisa's plan to kill Robin and frame Patrick mess with their heads. They shared a warm, loving kiss.

In Jax' office, Brenda sincerely thanked Carly for helping Alec and making sure that he got home safely to Brenda. She said that she had been angry and upset and had not properly thanked Carly. Carly said that if Brenda really wanted to help, she could get Jax to relent on the custody issue concerning Josslyn. Brenda said that she did not feel comfortable getting involved. Carly sniped that Brenda's gratitude only went so far. Brenda quickly exited the office without responding.

Once alone, Carly demanded Josslyn, but Jax would not give her up. Carly wanted to know how Josslyn was different from Alec. Jax said Alec was not his son. He insisted that Josslyn was not safe as long as Carly had connections to Sonny and Jason. Jax said he was not trying to take Josslyn away from Carly. He told Carly that she was welcome to stay with Josslyn as long as they stayed at the hotel under his protection.

Carly asked if Jax realized the damage it would do to Josslyn when she got old enough to realize that she was not allowed to go to her mother's house or be in her mother's care. Jax remained unmoved by Carly's pleas and determined not to surrender Josslyn. Carly said that she was done arguing with Jax and that they would have to let the lawyers decide. Carly said that a judge had ruled that they were to share custody and that if Jax refused to comply, she would go to the judge. She told Jax to get Josslyn ready because she would be back for her.

Jason met with Sonny at the restaurant. Sonny was grateful to see Jason. He shared his fears that he could not keep Brenda and Alec safe. He thought that perhaps they would be better off without him. Jason said that Sonny could not make a decision of that magnitude by himself. Sonny said it was not fair to drag Jason into his problems while Jason was coping with problems of his own.

Sonny asked about Sam and told Jason that he was glad that Jason still confided in him. Jason said that no decision had been made about having a child, and he was glad that Sonny was not pressuring him, like many of his other friends were doing. Jason said that losing Jake had made him realize that there were no guarantees and that things happened. He said that he understood that a loved one could be taken away in an instant.

Later, after Jason left, Sonny was on the phone with Bernie when Brenda arrived. She wanted to know if she was interrupting, but Sonny said he always had time for her. She told him about thanking Carly. She told Sonny that she had been so upset and angry that she had not thanked him for saving her son. Sonny said it was okay. Brenda wanted to know if he was upset that she had been with Jax. Sonny said it was not up to him to decide who her friends should be, even if he did not like them.

Brenda said that her only reason for visiting Jax had been to thank him for the nanny referral. Brenda acknowledged that she was still uncomfortable around Alec. Sonny assured her that Alec would love her, and she would be the best mother in the world. That made Brenda happy. Sonny said that he wanted to be a better person and show Brenda that he could be truthful with her.

Brenda asked how safe she and Alec would be. Sonny said that most of his enemies knew that family was untouchable. When Brenda questioned "most," Sonny said that was why they had 24-hour guards. Sonny said that he could not make guarantees, but that he would do everything in his power to keep Brenda and Alec safe. Brenda seemed reassured, and they hugged.

Michael broke into Johnny's apartment, but as he searched the desk, Anthony got the drop on him with a shotgun. He told Michael that breaking in gave him a green light to blow Michael to kingdom come. Anthony then went into his crazy act and said that he was a terrified, feeble old man who had every right to shoot the ex-con who had killed his daughter. Michael said that Sonny and Jason would be after Anthony if he did.

Michael said all he wanted was the name of the hit woman that Anthony has used to frame Abby. Anthony scoffed that Michael was too straightforward, just like Jason. Before Anthony could do more, Johnny arrived home and made his father put down the shotgun. Michael begged Johnny for the name of the hit woman and said that he would owe Johnny if Johnny helped clear Abby. Johnny sent Michael away and warned Michael to let him handle Anthony.

After Michael was gone, Johnny wanted to know why Anthony had been waving the shotgun around. Anthony said Johnny should thank him. He said that because Johnny had been able to save Michael, Michael would have more reason than ever to trust Johnny. Johnny said that Anthony was playing with fire. Anthony accused Johnny of being too soft and tiptoeing around trying to keep everyone happy. Anthony said that Johnny's enemies would see that as a weakness and mow him down. Johnny said that Anthony was out of touch and that Johnny was honoring a new business model.

Anthony got tough and said that when he was ready to pass on his mantle, it would not be to a man who was soft. He said that if Johnny were not up to the task, Anthony would find someone who was. Johnny lost his temper and insisted that he had not been sitting on his hands. He said that he had been building his own power base. He shouted that Anthony had not been able to take Johnny out when he was five and that he would love to see his father try it at this point. Anthony approved of Johnny's outburst and said he was pleased to see that Johnny had a spine.

Johnny got a call from Lisa, who said that she was at the police station and needed his help because she had been arrested. After getting off the phone, Lisa told Mac that she was the victim of a conspiracy and that her lawyer would have a field day proving that Mac was helping out his niece, Robin. Mac was cool and collected when he told her that the recording on Robin's cell phone and forensic evidence found on her computer proved that Lisa had premeditated Robin's death. Lisa called it a police conspiracy, but Mac insisted that she would be locked up for life.

Michael went to Jason's penthouse and told him what had happened at Johnny's. Jason said he thought that Michael had agreed to help Carly. Michael said he had not agreed to stop helping Abby. Jason said he was working to help Abby. Michael said it was not good enough and that he did not trust the system. He said that he was not going to let Abby end up in the same hellhole that he had. Jason said that Michael could not help Abby if he threw his own life away. Jason said that he had not been able to face going to Jake's funeral, and he did not want to attend Michael's.

After Michael left, Jason held Jake's toy motorcycle and ruminated on his dream of what it would have been like if he could have shown Jake his motorcycle and held his son on the seat, while offering to take him for a ride when he was old enough. Jason's thoughts were interrupted when Carly knocked. She noticed the motorcycle, and he told her about his dream. He told her that he really wished the dream had happened. Jason told Carly that when he had played with Jake at the hospital the night of the bus accident, he had found himself staring at Jake and doing everything he could to keep the boy with him.

Carly apologized for not spending more time with Jason, but said that she had been completely wrapped up in Josslyn and getting her well. Jason said he understood and was glad that Josslyn would recover. Carly told Jason that the court said Jax had to share custody and that she was picking Josslyn up that evening.

On the phone, Anthony told a confederate that he had flexed his muscles, but that no response had been forthcoming. He asked what could be expected from a Bensonhurst punk. He said Sonny needed to pay for his arrogance and that something bad had to happen to Sonny's lovely wife, Brenda.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

At Pozzulo's, Sonny explained that he needed to deal with something, to keep the peace in Port Charles, but he couldn't go into detail about it. Brenda tried not to let Sonny's secrecy bother her, so she invited him to wake her up when he got home. Sonny smiled as he revealed that he had a case of her favorite champagne delivered to the house. Brenda laughed as she confessed that it sounded as if he intended to get her drunk. "Maybe," Sonny replied with a devilish smile. After Brenda left, Sonny called Bernie to make certain that all the men were in place and that they knew what to do to stay a step ahead of Anthony.

At Kelly's, Kristina was stunned when Ethan revealed that Lisa had gone off the deep end by trying to kill Robin, and then frame Patrick for the crime. "That's insane," Kristina remarked. Ethan agreed, but he was relieved that Lisa was no longer a threat to Kristina. Kristina was happy that the Drakes were fine, but she felt terrible because Lisa had used her to gain access to Robin and Patrick's home. Ethan reminded Kristina that Lisa had been a master manipulator, so Kristina wasn't to blame for what Lisa had done. Ethan reached for Kristina's hand when he noticed her tremble.

Ethan assured Kristina that it was part of the withdrawal symptoms, so he advised her to take it easy. Kristina was grateful that Ethan had recognized the narcotics that Lisa had given to her. She then confided that she had searched her purses earlier hoping to find a stray hydrocodone pill. Ethan was confident that the desire for the narcotic would wane as the drug left Kristina's system, but Kristina feared that she was already an addict. Ethan promised her that she wasn't because he knew what an addict looked like. Kristina realized that Ethan had been referring to Luke.

At Lucky's apartment, Lulu suggested that Luke's intervention had been a disaster because it had pushed Luke further out of control. Lucky insisted that it would take time for Luke to realize that rehab was the answer, so he urged Lulu to have patience. Lulu argued that they didn't have time because Luke had been on a "bender," since they had released Luke from the chair. Lulu thought that they needed a new tactic, so she suggested reaching out to Luke. Lucky feared that they would be enabling Luke if they tried to do things Lulu's way. Lulu conceded that the twelve-step program had worked for Lucky, but she insisted that it wasn't for Luke.

Lucky reminded Lulu that the twelve-step program had worked for millions of people, not just him. Lulu admitted that it seemed like Lucky expected Luke to be magically cured, but his plan wasn't working. Lucky explained that only Luke could make the decision to become sober. He assured Lulu that Luke needed time to reach the point where he was ready to accept help. Lulu confessed that she and Ethan were tired of trying to do things Lucky's way, so they wanted to try things her way. Lucky feared that Luke would drink himself to death if they didn't get out of Luke's way, so that Luke could surrender to something greater than himself.

Lulu didn't agree; she wanted the family to approach Luke with love. Lucky explained that cutting off Luke was a much needed act of tough love. Lulu didn't understand Lucky's lack of optimism. Lucky assured his sister that he believed that Luke could be helped if he went to rehab. Lucky realized that Lulu had to do what she thought was right, but Lucky explained that he couldn't be a part of her plan because he had to safeguard his own sobriety. Lucky insisted that being around Luke made that too difficult. Lulu refused to abandon their father as Lucky had.

At the nurses' station, Liz assumed that Nikolas was there to meet with Steve. Nikolas reminded Liz that it was Tuesday. "That's right. You're here to pick up Jake," Liz replied. Liz immediately realized what she had said. She quickly apologized and then explained that she had often called the boys by the wrong name. Liz confided that what used to be funny was now just a painful reminder of Jake's loss. However, she assured him that it helped her to get back into a routine.

Nikolas wished that he could help Liz, so he suggested that she take some time off to visit her sister in California or fly to the Bahamas for a vacation. Nikolas offered to cover all of the expenses, but Liz declined. She appreciated Nikolas' generosity, but she insisted that she would go crazy if she just sat around. Liz was adamant that she needed to stay busy with the boys and work to get through the difficult days. Later, Nikolas entered Kelly's with Aiden in tow. Lucky walked in moments later.

Lucky joined his brother and Aiden at the table. Lucky fondly recalled how much fun Jake had been at Aiden's age. Nikolas confessed that the wife of one of his friends had their child on an intense learning program, but Nikolas feared that it might be too much for Aiden, so he had decided to expose Aiden to classical music instead. Lucky chuckled as he suggested that Nikolas play some rock-n-roll for Aiden. Lucky revealed that Cam wasn't really into music and that Jake hadn't had the patience for it, so it would be fun to see if Aiden took to it.

Lucky smiled as he confessed that he hadn't thought that they would ever get to the point where he and Nikolas would be discussing their children. Nikolas was grateful that he and Lucky had been able to get past their problems because Nikolas had missed having Lucky in his life. Later, Lucky returned to his apartment shortly before Ethan stopped by to talk to him about Luke's situation. Ethan admitted that he had been wrong about Luke, so Ethan apologized for not properly supporting Lucky's attempt to get Luke into a treatment program. Ethan acknowledged that reaching out to Luke had been a mistake.

Ethan had hoped that his friendship with Luke might have helped Luke get to the root of Luke's drinking problem, but Ethan had been mistaken. Ethan revealed that Luke had recently confessed to wanting absolution and then warned Ethan that it was time to take action. Ethan confessed that the remark hadn't made any sense to him, so he knew that Luke needed help. Lucky wished that Ethan could talk to Lulu, who still believed that it was possible to reach out to Luke. Ethan was determined to help their father in any way that he could.

As if on cue, Luke called Lucky to ask Lucky to gather the Spencers for a family meeting at the Haunted Star. Lucky revealed that Ethan was with him, so he promised that they would be at the casino shortly. After Lucky ended the call, Ethan wondered what Luke was planning. Lucky feared that Luke intended to have a big dramatic goodbye before Luke left town, never to return.

At the Haunted Star Luke smashed shot glasses with a baseball bat in a drunken game of baseball. Dante entered the casino and then revealed that had been a complaint of someone disturbing the peace. Luke took full responsibility, so he invited Dante to arrest him and then throw away the key. Dante refused to take Luke into custody because he believed that Luke was just crying out for help. Disgusted, Luke poured himself a drink and then resumed the "batting practice." Dante suggested that Luke had bottomed out long enough, so it was time for Luke to go to rehab.

Luke insisted that he liked it "down here." Dante struck a nerve when Dante mentioned Lulu. Luke accused Lulu of being sucked into the "dad's an alcoholic" cult, so she was forbidden to talk to Luke. Dante explained that Lulu was running around town trying to fix things because she loved her father. Dante was disgusted that Luke had repaid Lulu by continuing to spiral out of control. He was curious who would be expected to clean up Luke's mess.

"No one," Luke replied. Dante urged Luke to get help for Lulu's sake, but Luke ordered Dante to stay out of his business and the casino. Dante explained that Lulu had always had a mental block about relationships. According to Dante, Lulu believed that relationships never lasted because someone always left. It was obvious to Dante where Lulu gotten that idea from. After Dante left, Luke resumed drinking, and destroying the barware.

Later, Lulu entered the casino to find Luke, in a sullen mood, seated at a table as he knocked back shots of alcohol. Lulu warned Luke that the damage to the Haunted Star wasn't fair to Tracy. Luke snidely assured Lulu that Tracy could afford to replace everything and then suggested that the casino could use a renovation. Luke then claimed that he had simply been trying to have some fun. Lulu fetched a dust pan and then began to sweep up the shattered glass. Luke told Lulu to leave it alone, but she ignored him.

Furious, Luke charged at Lulu as he screamed, "When I say leave it, I mean it. Damn you!" Lulu was shocked by the rage in her father's tone. She slowly stood up and then gave Luke a wide berth as she quickly fled the casino in tears. Luke kicked the chair in her wake and then took another swig from a bottle of scotch. Moments later, Luke seemed to realize what he had done. His eyes filled with tears as he stared at the destruction.

Tracy arrived at the loft a short time later. She immediately sensed that Lulu was upset. Lulu explained that Luke had trashed the Haunted Star, but she advised Tracy not to go near the casino because Luke needed some space. Tracy realized that something had happened, so she tried to get Lulu to talk about it. Lulu refused to tell Tracy about the incident, but she promised to clean up Luke's mess. Tracy insisted that it wasn't Lulu's responsibility, so Lulu confessed that Luke had said the same thing.

Dante went to see his father at Sonny's office. Sonny was on the phone, speaking Spanish, when Dante entered the office. After Sonny ended the call, Dante wondered if Sonny had been talking to one of the Escobars. Sonny reminded Dante that he had many business associates who spoke Spanish and then changed the subject to find out why Dante was there. Dante explained that Luke was in bad shape, so Dante wondered if Sonny would talk to Luke again. Dante revealed that Lulu was trying to fix things, but nothing was working.

Luke poured himself a drink as Sonny entered the casino. Luke offered to get Sonny a drink, but then suggested that intervention protocol prohibited it. Sonny assured Luke that he didn't want a drink. Luke imagined that Dante had talked to Sonny. Sonny explained that Lulu wasn't taking proper care of herself because she was so worried about Luke. Luke insisted that he was fine, but Sonny could see that was a lie.

Luke admitted that Lulu had tried to clean up the shattered glass in the casino, which had been reminiscent of Luke's mother's attempts to clean up after Luke's father. Luke explained that Tim Spencer had been a dock worker who drank too much, and viciously abused Luke's mother. Luke had learned at an early age how to cover up the abuse until his mother had died on the floor of their tenement apartment because she had been afraid to go to the hospital with a ruptured appendix. Luke suspected that was the reason that he had always been drawn to damsels in distress. Luke admitted that he had always feared that he would turn into his father.

Luke acknowledged that he had crossed the line once, to his eternal shame, with Laura. Luke then quietly admitted that he had almost done it again earlier when Lulu had tried to clean up the broken glass. Luke acknowledged that he had frightened his daughter, which made him realize that he had behaved just like Tim: a drunk and a coward. "Luke, you know what has to be done, right?" Sonny quietly asked. "Yeah, I guess I do. I guess, I do," Luke answered.

Dante arrived home to find Lulu huddled on the bed as she tried to dig something out of her finger. Lulu explained that it was a piece of glass that she could feel, but not see. Dante took over the task of trying to remove the sliver of glass from her thumb, while Lulu told him that she had tried to clean up the mess on the Haunted Star. She was mortified when Dante revealed that he had been at the casino because of a complaint about the noise. Lulu feared that Luke had said something to upset Dante, but Dante assured her that he was fine. Lulu then tearfully told Dante about Luke's reaction to her attempt to clean up the casino.

Dante insisted that Luke didn't have a right to yell at Lulu, but he explained that Luke was in a bad place, so Luke was lashing out at everyone around him. Dante urged Lulu not to take it personally. Lulu realized that she had been wrong to persuade Lucky to try a different tactic with Luke, so she intended to call Lucky to apologize.

Brenda was pleasantly surprised when Kristina stopped by Greystone Manor. Kristina apologized for intruding, but Brenda insisted that Kristina, Molly, Morgan, and Michael were welcome any time because it was their home. Brenda sensed that Kristina was nervous, so Kristina admitted that she needed some fashion advice on how to dress in a more sophisticated manner. Brenda and Kristina sat down to flip through a fashion magazine, as Brenda gently questioned Kristina's sudden interest in a new look. Kristina confessed that she wanted to look different because of Ethan.

Kristina and Brenda were unaware that Sonny had arrived home. Meanwhile, Kristina assured Brenda that Ethan was just a friend. However, Kristina wanted more than friendship, so she hoped to update her wardrobe, so that Ethan would see that Kristina was old enough to be with him. Brenda suddenly glanced up when she heard Sonny enter the parlor.

At the Haunted Star, Ethan, Lucky, Lulu, Nikolas, and Tracy were gathered at a table when Luke entered the casino. Luke thanked them for agreeing to meet him and then apologized to Lulu for upsetting her earlier. Luke conceded that he had treated everyone shabbily, but he promised them that he was through doing that. Luke announced that he had decided to check into rehab first thing the following morning. "Why not go tonight?" Lucky suggested.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

At Lucky's apartment, Maxie was disappointed when Siobhan answered the door. Siobhan reminded Maxie that she was married to Lucky, so Maxie shouldn't be surprised that Siobhan lived with Lucky. Maxie suspected that might change when Lucky found out. Siobhan was curious what Maxie was talking about, but Maxie refused to elaborate beyond asking that Siobhan not get "all wifey" when Lucky and Liz spoke. Siobhan dragged Maxie into the apartment and then cut to the chase by suggesting that Maxie save the "cryptic bull." Siobhan realized that Maxie knew that Aiden was Lucky's son.

Maxie doubted that Liz would have told Siobhan without talking to Lucky first, so Maxie demanded to know if Siobhan had been spying on Liz or if Siobhan were in cahoots with Helena. Siobhan admitted that she had stumbled across the information, but she assured Maxie that she had no intention of sharing the news with anyone. Maxie warned Siobhan not to tell Lucky because Maxie intended to do it if Liz didn't. Maxie insisted that Lucky needed to hear about Aiden from someone who truly cared about Lucky, not a green-card wife. Maxie insisted that it wasn't Siobhan's business and that Siobhan would lose Lucky if Lucky learned the truth about his son.

At Greystone Manor, Kristina informed Sonny that she and Brenda were having a private conversation. Sonny reminded his daughter that they were in his home and that he knew that Kristina and Brenda had been talking about Ethan. Kristina admitted that she had been seeking Brenda's advice about Ethan because Kristina wanted Ethan to think that she was hot. Sonny took a moment to compose himself and then suggested that Kristina might want to remember that it wasn't a good idea to say something like that to her father. Kristina was unapologetic, so Brenda stepped in to defuse the situation by explaining that Sonny was just being a protective father.

Kristina revealed that she had always had feelings for Ethan, so she had finally decided to accept the inevitable. Sonny reminded Kristina that Ethan was a married man, and too old for Kristina. Kristina suggested that Sonny not get "morally judgmental" because it looked ridiculous on him. Brenda advised Kristina not to accuse Sonny of looking ridiculous, but Kristina ignored Brenda. Kristina insisted that Ethan's marriage was a business arrangement and that Kristina was eighteen, so she was free to date whomever she liked, including Milo.

Sonny argued that Kristina couldn't date Ethan. He reminded Kristina of what had happened with Johnny. Kristina blamed Sonny for the fiasco because Sonny had planted a bomb in Johnny's car. Kristina warned Sonny that she intended to be with Ethan, but Sonny put his foot down. Brenda quietly advised Sonny against forbidding Kristina to see Ethan because it would just push Kristina into Ethan's arms. Sonny suggested that Brenda stay out of it, but Brenda reminded him that Kristina had involved her.

Brenda was curious how much older Ethan was. "Five years. Maybe six," Kristina replied. "Ha! Six?" Sonny shot back. Brenda conceded that it was a big age gap for someone who was eighteen, but she was certain that Ethan would be careful with Kristina's heart because of Luke and Sonny's friendship. Brenda warned Sonny that a person couldn't tell another person whom they could and couldn't like. Kristina felt vindicated, but Brenda didn't appreciate Kristina's tone or attitude toward Sonny.

Brenda insisted that Kristina was lucky to have a father who cared enough about Kristina to be worried, so Kristina should show her father some respect. Kristina didn't think that respecting Sonny meant that Sonny had the right to order her around when she was an adult. Sonny argued that Kristina didn't pay her own bills, so she couldn't claim to be an adult. Kristina invited Sonny to cut her off financially because Kristina didn't care. After Kristina stormed out, Sonny marched off to take care of something.

In Maxie's apartment, Maxie was desperate to talk to Lucky, but she was only able to reach his voicemail. She left him a message and then contemplated calling him back until someone knocked on the door. It was Kristina. Kristina apologized for dropping by unexpectedly, but Maxie assured Kristina that it was fine because Kristina had kept Maxie from doing something that Maxie might have regretted. Kristina explained that she desperately needed Maxie's fashion advice. Maxie was eager to help, so she invited Kristina in and then led Kristina to the bedroom to clear out the closet.

Maxie and Kristina tried on various outfits, until Kristina found something that she liked. Kristina was stunned when Maxie announced that Kristina could keep all of the clothes because they had been perks from working at Crimson, so the clothes had been free. However, there was a catch. Maxie suspected that Kristina's newfound interest in looking older had to do with a guy, so Maxie wanted Kristina to promise to proceed with caution. Kristina assured Maxie that she would be fine because the guy would never hurt Kristina. Maxie warned Kristina that sometimes things didn't turn out as one anticipated.

At the Haunted Star, Lucky suggested that Luke enter rehab immediately, but Luke balked. Luke didn't see the harm in waiting until morning. Tracy offered to take Luke to rehab, but Luke remained resistant because he resented being treated like a child. Lulu didn't know why it couldn't wait until morning, so Lucky explained that Luke might change his mind. Lucky asked to speak privately to Luke, but Lulu objected.

Tracy assured Lulu that everything would be fine and then persuaded Lulu to leave with her. Nikolas followed Tracy and Lulu out of the casino, while Ethan lingered behind to assure Luke that he fully supported Luke's decision. Ethan hugged his father and then left. Luke confessed to Lucky that it hurt to see that no one trusted him. Lucky explained that addicts broke everyone's trust because they lied to everyone, especially themselves.

Luke wasn't interested in hearing Lucky preach to him about everything that addicts did wrong because Luke had heard it repeatedly from Lucky over the weeks. Luke quickly adopted a conciliatory tone and then invited Lucky to continue. Lucky warned Luke that he wasn't fooled by Luke's true motive for calling the family together. Lucky knew that Luke had intended the meeting to be a goodbye before Luke went on the run. Lucky accused Luke of being a coward.

Lucky was curious why Luke had apologized to Lulu earlier, but Luke insisted that it didn't concern Lucky. Lucky admitted that he could ask Lulu, but Lucky suspected that Lulu would lie to cover for Luke. Lucky was disgusted with Luke as he accused Luke of abusing Lulu. According to Lucky, Luke was his own worst nightmare: Tim Spencer. Luke resented the comparison. He insisted that Lucky had no idea what kind of man Tim Spencer had been, so Lucky couldn't appreciate the nightmare that Luke had witnessed growing up.

"To hell with you," Luke shouted as he punched Lucky. Luke wondered if Lucky felt satisfaction because he had pushed Luke to the edge. Lucky was curious if Luke finally saw just how bad things were. Luke immediately calmed down as he realized that Lucky had been right. Luke had become his father.

Luke deeply regretted killing Jake; he promised that he would never run from the responsibility of what he had done on that fateful night. Luke had always prided himself on never having regrets, but that was no longer true. Luke would always regret taking Jake's life. Luke realized that he had failed Lucky, but he promised that he had always loved him. Lucky assured Luke that it went both ways. Luke picked up his cell phone and then called Tracy.

At Kelly's, Tracy assured Lulu that all the arrangements had been made for Luke to receive thirty-day inpatient treatment at Shadybrook. Lulu couldn't understand why everyone had been so cold towards Luke after Luke had agreed to go to rehab. Tracy explained that addicts often made promises to go to rehab, but delayed treatment because in reality it was just a ploy to get the heat off of them. Lulu didn't understand how treating Luke like garbage would help Luke accept treatment. Tracy insisted that Luke needed to take responsibility for his actions, in order to be the man that they loved. "Isn't that worth whatever it takes?" Tracy wondered.

Moments later, Tracy's phone rang. It was Luke. Luke wanted Tracy to drive him to rehab because he was ready to go into treatment immediately. Later, Tracy and Luke arrived at Shadybrook. Luke felt terrible because he realized how much damage he had caused his children. Luke was determined to make it up to them somehow. Tracy revealed that Lulu had said something that had resonated with Tracy. Lulu had wondered why a person, like Luke, who had a disease, had been treated like garbage.

Tracy's eyes filled with tears as she confessed that she hoped that Luke knew that it had not been her intention. Luke confessed that he had never meant to treat Tracy like the enemy. Luke assured his wife that he loved her, and valued the love that she had for him. Tracy assured Luke that she didn't have any regrets because she loved him. She was confident that Luke could conquer his addiction, so she promised to be waiting for him on the other side. They kissed, held each other for a few minutes, and then Tracy slowly backed out of the room. "See you on the other side," Luke assured Tracy as she closed the door.

At Kelly's, Nikolas confessed that he hadn't thought that Luke could go to rehab. Lulu was certain that Luke had agreed to go for the sake of his children. Nikolas suspected that Lulu didn't believe that Luke was an alcoholic. Lulu assured Nikolas that she recognized that Luke had a problem, but she had been uncomfortable with the idea of tough love. However, Lulu was certain that Luke would make rehab work because he had finally accepted that he was an alcoholic.

Lucky arrived home to find Siobhan waiting for him. Lucky revealed that Luke had agreed to go to rehab, but Siobhan noticed that Lucky sounded sad. Lucky confessed that he feared that he had gone too far with his tough love. He revealed that he had made several attempts to get clean during his own battle with an addiction to pills, but he had always failed. Lucky admitted that he had been scared straight when he had lashed out in anger at Liz while she had been pregnant. Lucky explained that it had made him realize that he couldn't do it on his own, so he had gone to rehab.

Lucky confided that he had pushed Luke to the same edge; however, Lucky was afraid that it had been too much for Luke. Lucky worried that the program might not work for his father, so Luke might walk out. Lucky admitted that the possibility of Luke leaving treatment scared him more than anything else.

Ethan arrived at Greystone Manor at Sonny's request. Sonny explained that Kristina had the impression that she and Ethan were close. Ethan explained that Kristina had been under tremendous stress, so she had needed a friend. Sonny feared that Kristina might see something between her and Ethan that wasn't there, so he wanted Ethan to stay away from Kristina. Sonny argued that Ethan was too old and a married man, so it wasn't appropriate for Ethan to be around Kristina. Ethan understood Sonny's concerns, but Kristina was a "sweet kid," so Ethan refused to cut off all ties with her.

Sonny appreciated all that Ethan had done for Kristina, especially after Sonny's wedding to Brenda when the limousine had exploded. However, Sonny insisted that Kristina was emotional and fragile, so she was looking for a hero. Sonny believed that it would be wrong for Ethan to take advantage of that. Ethan had no idea what Sonny thought was going on between Ethan and Kristina, but Ethan assured Sonny that they just talked. Sonny didn't mind Ethan and Kristina talking, as long as it never went beyond that. Ethan promised that he knew where Sonny stood.

Brenda watched from the second floor landing as Ethan left. She descended the stairs to join Sonny at the wet bar. She confessed that she feared that Sonny had handled things wrong with Kristina because the more that Sonny tried to push Kristina and Ethan apart, the more Kristina would want to be with Ethan. Sonny assured his wife that he knew what he was doing, so he asked her not to interfere. "Fine," Brenda agreed.

At the Haunted Star, Ethan poured himself a drink as Kristina entered the casino. Ethan was curious how big of a role she thought that genetics played in things. Ethan was certain that he wasn't an alcoholic, but he realized that he could become one because his grandfather had been a drunk, Lucky had battled addiction, and Luke had entered rehab for alcohol dependency. Ethan insisted that he was screwed because of his genetics. Kristina suspected that Luke's trip to rehab had prompted Ethan's musings.

Ethan confessed that he had been concerned about it for a while, but it was the first time that he had spoken to someone about it. Ethan didn't know if he should quit drinking, while he was ahead. However, he didn't see the point of being alive if he couldn't enjoy living. Kristina revealed that her family had often remarked that she was more like Sonny than the other children. She admitted that it frightened her when she saw shades of her father in her sometimes.

Ethan revealed that it was the opposite for him. Ethan loved being like Luke because it made Ethan feel as if he belonged. Ethan feared that all of that would change with Luke's sobriety because Luke might not be the same man that he had been. Kristina suggested that Ethan hero worshiped Luke at times, so Ethan saw Luke in a better light than Luke actually was. Ethan confessed that it felt as if he were being ripped away from the people that he cared about, which would leave him without anyone to turn to. Ethan feared what he might become, but Kristina insisted that Ethan would be the same awesome person.

At Shadybrook, the counselor entered Luke's room to welcome Luke. Luke pulled out a wad of cash and then offered it to the counselor. "Buy you a drink?" Luke asked.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sam entered Kelly's to find that Abby had already ordered a cup of coffee for her friend. Sam gratefully accepted the coffee. Sam confided that she had slipped out of the house to see Dr. Lee for a post-surgery check-up. Abby was curious how the visit had gone, but Sam didn't want to talk about it. Abby respected Sam's privacy, so she switched gears to reveal that the preliminary hearing for Brandon's murder had been scheduled for the following Friday.

Abby acknowledged that Diane was a wonderful attorney, but Abby realized that she faced an uphill battle. Sam appreciated that Abby didn't have a lot of faith in the justice system because of what had happened to Michael. Abby wanted to proceed with caution because the outcome of the case would affect Michael. However, Abby had no idea what to do.

Michael went to Jason's penthouse to find out if there had been any news about the hit woman who had framed Abby for Brandon's murder. Michael explained that Abby was running out of time because a preliminary hearing had been set. Jason urged Michael to have patience because a lot could happen before the hearing. Michael didn't want to take any chances, so he asked Jason to help him and Abby leave the country if they couldn't clear Abby's name in time. Jason explained that living on the run had consequences.

Michael was determined to keep Abby safe, so he didn't care. Jason argued that running away would make Abby look guilty, and it would violate Michael's parole, so Abby and Michael would never be able to return to Port Charles. Michael insisted that he would rather live on the run with Abby than risk her being sent to jail. Jason assured Michael that Diane would be able to get the hearing postponed, to buy Jason some more time, but Michael wasn't satisfied. Michael demanded to know if Jason would help them leave the country. Jason suggested that Michael calm down and then promised that, if there were no other options, he would help Michael and Abby disappear.

Later, Jason left a voicemail message for Diane to call him back as Sam entered the penthouse. Jason assured Sam that it hadn't been necessary for her to sneak out of the penthouse earlier that morning. Sam admitted that she had an appointment with Dr. Lee. She confessed that she had thought that she had been ready to hear what Dr. Lee had to say, but Sam had been wrong. Sam revealed that the procedure had been a success; however, she had mixed feelings about it because she didn't want their decision to have a baby to affect what they had now. Jason and Sam agreed not to rush into anything, but Jason assured her that he loved her.

Johnny arrived home to find Anthony complaining about the penthouse being a "hovel" with poor lighting and no room to grow anything. Anthony also wondered why there were so many people wandering around the hallways. Johnny explained that those people were called "residents." Anthony argued that they could be witnesses. Johnny barked at his father, which Anthony blamed on Lisa's arrest. Anthony conceded that she was "lovely and lethal," so it was shame that she would have to spend the rest of her life locked away.

Moments later, Anthony's cell phone rang. Anthony marveled at the wonders of technology as the phone kept ringing. Johnny reminded Anthony that cell phones had been around since before Anthony had gone to jail, so he ordered his father to answer the phone. Anthony pressed a button on the phone and then shouted at the phone, "Hello. Hello, is anybody there?" Johnny rolled his eyes in exasperation until Anthony finally seemed to get the hang on talking on a cell phone.

Anthony asked for some privacy, but Johnny refused to budge, so Anthony stepped out to the balcony. It was the hit woman whom Anthony had hired to kill Brandon. Anthony growled that he had instructed the woman not to contact him again, but the woman was unapologetic as she complained that Anthony hadn't warned her that Sonny Corinthos was involved. The hit woman threatened to go to Sonny if Anthony didn't give her more money. Anthony agreed to meet the woman and then ended the call.

Meanwhile, Johnny overheard Anthony's end of the conversation, so Johnny demanded to know what was going on. Anthony tried to pretend that it had been a woman that he had met, but Johnny easily saw through the lie. Johnny guessed that the hit woman Anthony had hired had discovered that Michael was connected to Sonny, so she was demanding more money for her silence. Anthony brushed it off as an "interesting theory," and then tried to leave. Johnny warned Anthony that paying off blackmailers was bad for business.

Michael went to Kelly's after he left Jason's penthouse. Abby confessed that she was nervous about her court date, so Michael suggested that they leave town. Michael explained that Jason and Sonny could help them disappear, so that they wouldn't have to worry about anything. Abby wasn't interested in running away, but Michael insisted that they would have all the money that they needed to travel the world and live comfortably. Abby refused to let Michael give up his family for her, but Michael argued that he couldn't let her go to jail.

Abby appreciated Michael's concern, but she urged him to think about his own life. She wanted him to graduate from high school, to go to college, and to complete his parole. Michael tried to persuade Abby to change her mind by suggesting that they sail around the world, but Abby explained that she couldn't enjoy herself if she were constantly looking over her shoulder in fear. Abby didn't want Michael to throw his life away to save hers. Michael argued that he could say the same thing to her.

Michael's phone rang moments later. It was Johnny. Johnny revealed that he had a lead on the hit woman who had framed Abby. In the background, Anthony was duct-tapped to a chair as he screamed for Johnny not to say anything to Michael. Eventually, Anthony yelled for Michael to stay away from "Jetty Docks." Michael quickly ended the call and then explained to Abby that he had to leave.

A short time later, Michael arrived at Jetty Docks. "Michael, what the hell are you doing here?" Johnny demanded. Johnny warned Michael that it had been foolish to race to the docks because it could have been a carefully orchestrated ambush planned by Anthony to take Johnny out. Michael argued that Anthony would likely go after Sonny next, so Johnny needed backup. Johnny reminded Michael that Michael's parole might be jeopardized if anything were to go wrong. Michael didn't care because the hit woman was the key to Abby's freedom.

Maxie bumped into Dante at Kelly's, so she was curious if Lulu were okay. Dante seemed confused by the question because he had thought that Lulu was at work. Maxie revealed that Lulu hadn't been at work for days. Dante realized that Lulu had been missing work because of Luke, so he promised to talk to Lulu about it. Maxie confessed that she didn't want to see Lulu lose her job, because Lulu was good at it, but Kate's patience was at an end. Maxie explained that she couldn't keep covering for Lulu, so it was time for Lulu to focus on herself instead of worrying about Luke.

At the Haunted Star, Lulu looked around at the covered tables and clean floor. She jumped when she heard a noise. "Dad?" she called out moments before Tracy appeared in the doorway. Tracy was curious if Lulu had expected Luke to have skipped out on rehab. Lulu admitted that she had meant to call Tracy to see how things had gone when Tracy had dropped off Luke at Shadybrook. Tracy revealed that Luke had been quiet, but determined.

Lulu was curious if Tracy thought that Luke would stay in rehab. Tracy admitted that she had no idea, but she assured Lulu that Luke appeared to have taken it seriously because he realized that he had hurt his children. Lulu admitted that she had regrets, but Tracy insisted that Lulu hadn't done anything wrong. Lulu confessed that she had tried to remember if there had ever been a time during her childhood when Luke had yelled, stumbled, or done something that might have indicated that he had a drinking problem, but there hadn't been a single incident. Tracy explained that over time the alcohol had turned on Luke.

Lulu wanted Luke to stop drinking, but she confessed that she was afraid that he wouldn't be her dad any more. Lulu hadn't realized that Luke had a drinking problem until Jake had died. Tracy suggested that they had all been blind to Luke's drinking. Lulu confided that Lucky had changed after he had gotten sober. According to Lulu, Lucky used to be fun, but after rehab he had turned serious. Lulu was afraid that the same thing would happen to Luke.

Tracy explained that Lucky had simply grown up. Lulu argued that Lucky's dream had gotten smaller; he focused on keeping a job, raising kids, and staying sober, so that there wasn't any room for anything else in his life. Tracy conceded that Lulu made it sound grim. Lulu confessed that she couldn't see Luke going through the twelve-step program. Tracy chuckled as she assured Lulu that Luke would find a way to make it cool. However, Tracy insisted that Luke needed to focus on sobriety or else they would lose him.

Lulu recalled that her father had always smelled like cigars, soap, and scotch when he had hugged her. She admitted that she would miss it because she had grown to like the smell. Tracy didn't know what would happen after Luke had completed the treatment, but she hoped that Luke focused on putting his life back together instead of trying to destroy it. Lulu wondered if Tracy thought that Luke would be able to do it. Tracy admitted that she didn't know, but she was certain that the burden of killing Jake would be something that Luke would have to learn to live with.

Later, Dante found Lulu sitting alone in the casino. He told her about his encounter with Maxie, so he figured that he would find Lulu at the Haunted Star. Dante was curious what Lulu was doing at the casino. Lulu explained that she had intended to clean up Luke's mess, but Tracy had taken care of it. Dante suggested that Lulu go to work, but Lulu confessed that she didn't know where she wanted to be. She revealed that she had spent so many weeks worrying about her father, that it felt as if there were a hole in her life.

Lulu added that she was afraid that Luke might emerge from rehab as a completely different man. The conversation then drifted to the night of the accident. Lulu wondered if Dante believed that the alcohol had played a part in the tragedy. Dante was reluctant to answer the question because he didn't want to hurt Lulu, but Lulu insisted that Dante's professional opinion might help her see things more clearly. Dante conceded that Luke might have seen Jake or swerved away if Luke hadn't been drinking. Dante was also certain that Luke would have realized that he had hit something, and then called for help.

"Say it," Lulu tearfully urged Dante. "Yes, I think Luke's drinking contributed to the accident," Dante replied quietly. Lulu confessed that Luke had often let her down when she had been a child, and that she had always made excuses. She realized that she had to stop doing that because the same man who had let her down had also killed Jake. Dante was curious why she thought that Luke had agreed to go to rehab despite being so dead-set against it.

Lulu revealed that Tracy suspected that Luke had done it for his children. Dante wondered if Lulu thought that Luke would want her to spend all of her time in the casino feeling terrible. Lulu didn't have an answer, so Dante advised her to live her life the best way that she could. Lulu smiled when he jokingly suggested that she could start by writing poems about her wonderful boyfriend.

At Jax's office, Carly thanked Jax for letting her take Josslyn home the night before. Jax reminded Carly that he hadn't been given a choice. Carly ignored the bitterness in his tone as she told Jax about the wonderful morning that she had spent with their daughter as Josslyn became reacquainted with her home and Morgan. Jax argued that Josslyn had no idea about the danger that surrounded her. He revealed that Alexis had convinced him not to file for emergency custody; however, it was still an option.

Carly insisted that Jax could find a hundred reasons to be afraid or they could focus on finding reasons to make it work. Jax assured Carly that he wanted Josslyn to have both of her parents in her life, but the priority was to keep Josslyn safe. Carly was grateful that she only had to prove to the judge, not Jax, that Josslyn was safe with her. Later, Carly and Jax ended a business call. Jax was impressed that Carly had handled their client so well, so he offered to take her out to celebrate.

Carly didn't understand how they could close a complicated deal, but not figure out a way to share custody of Josslyn. Jax wished that they could because he hated that they had ended up on opposite sides. Alexis entered the office moments later. Alexis apologized for disturbing them, but Carly explained that the meeting had lasted longer than they had anticipated. Carly started to leave, so Jax asked if he could pick up Josslyn later that evening because he would be out of town on business the following day. He promised to drop Josslyn off in the morning.

Carly admitted that she had plans with Josslyn, so Jax decided to reschedule his meetings, so that he could spend the following day with Josslyn. Carly assured him that it wasn't necessary, so she promised to call later to arrange a time for Jax to pick up Josslyn. After Carly left, Alexis confessed that she was encouraged by what she had seen. Jax revealed that he wanted Alexis to file an emergency request for sole custody, so that Jax wouldn't have to return Josslyn once he picked his daughter up that evening. Alexis made the necessary phone calls, but then warned Jax that he was headed down a dangerous path.

Alexis explained that he would have to prove that Josslyn was in imminent danger and that the judge had made a mistake by granting temporary joint custody. Jax insisted that the judge had been wrong, but he was willing to find another judge to hear the case. Alexis warned Jax that it would make Jax look like a "rich and entitled" man. Jax was willing to take the risk to keep Josslyn safe. Alexis reminded Jax that Carly could prove that she had spent every night at the hospital with Josslyn, but Jax had not. Jax argued that he had left to keep the peace between him and Carly.

Alexis warned Jax that the court wouldn't see things that way, so Jax threatened to use Michael's shooting to illustrate the danger around Josslyn. Alexis pointed out that Michael had been with Sonny, not Carly, during the shooting. Jax made it clear that he would do whatever was necessary to keep his daughter safe.

Carly was surprised when Jason stopped by her house for a visit. She told him that Josslyn would be excited to see him, but Jason explained that he was there because Diane had received word that Jax had filed for an emergency custody order. Carly was livid when she realized that Jax had played her. Jason warned Carly not to let Jax take Josslyn because Jason was certain that Jax wouldn't return Carly's daughter. Carly wondered why she should continue to try to compromise with Jax when Jax refused to extend her the same courtesy.

Friday, May 27, 2011

At the Haunted Star, as Lulu crowed over her recent break with Kate and Crimson, Dante tried to be supportive. He worried that taking over the casino could be overwhelming for her. He was also concerned that Luke could return from rehab a bitter, resentful man. Dante proposed that he and Lulu go bungee jumping or take a camping trip. Lulu agreed to a vacation, but only after Luke returned home.

Anthony, strapped to a chair, begged for Abby to let him free. As an incentive, he offered her a job. Abby rejected the hollow offering and told Anthony that she wouldn't bargain with the man who'd murdered a man and tried to pin it on her. Anthony taunted Abby about her relationship with Michael. He suggested that Michael would soon tire of dating an ex-stripper.

Anthony fleshed out his job offer. All he wanted, he said, was for Abby to continue dating Michael but to persuade him to work for Johnny. Anthony made it clear that he planned to resume control over the Zacchara business and that Michael could fulfill his destiny as a mobster. Sonny would never allow Michael to work for the Corinthos organization, Anthony pointed out.

On the waterfront, Michael secretly recorded an exchange between Johnny and the hit woman who'd killed Brandon. She threatened to tell Sonny that Johnny had framed Abby in Brandon's murder. She then pulled a gun on Johnny and threatened to kill him, if she didn't get the money that Anthony owed her. As she prepared to shoot Johnny, Michael emerged from hiding and, pressing his finger into her back as a decoy for a gun, demanded she drop the gun. Johnny and Michael called the cops.

At the station, a dubious Dante stressed the importance of handling the case by the book. He wanted to make sure no one had paid the woman to take the fall or had mistaken what she'd said. Dante was skeptical of Johnny's motives. Why, Dante wondered, would Johnny involve the police in a mob matter. Johnny stated that he simply wanted Abby to be proven innocent. Dante appeared concerned about the growing friendship Michael was developing with Johnny.

Michael returned to Abby's apartment to give her the good news that he and Johnny had gotten the hit woman to confess and that the ballistics report matched the bullet that killed Brandon to the woman's gun. Jason arrived and asked how Michael had been involved in the confrontation between Johnny and the hit woman. Jason scolded Michael for not having let Jason handle it, and was surprised that Michael seemed to admire Johnny.

Johnny returned home. Anthony stated that Johnny's actions belied his supposed hatred for his father but that Johnny truly loved him. Anthony let Johnny know that Abby had been by. Johnny cut the tape holding Anthony to the chair and told him it had been a mistake to hire someone to kill Brandon. Johnny taunted his father, letting Anthony know there was material evidence that tied Anthony to the hit.

Later, Michael showed up to thank Johnny. Johnny admitted that, as much as he hated his father, Anthony was still family. However, he wouldn't allow the man to ruin innocent people's lives. Michael offered to repay Johnny with a favor, and Johnny considered it.

Jason went to the police station to spy on Anthony speaking to the hit woman in the interrogation room. Inside, Anthony thanked her for letting Jonny and Michael "capture" her. He said she'd been worth the million dollars he'd agreed to pay her and promised that, as soon as Abby was cleared, his people would arrange for her to escape. She threatened to give Anthony up if she were to feel abandoned. As he exited the room, Anthony was shocked to find Jason standing there.

Dante went to Carly's home to inform her that Abby was off the hook for Brandon's murder. To Carly's astonishment, Dante mentioned that Lulu was having a tough time since, to Carly's surprise, Luke had gone into rehab. Dante asked Carly to reach out to Lulu. Later, Carly went to the Haunted Star to see her cousin. Lulu realized that Dante had sent Carly to see her. Lulu announced that she'd quit Crimson. Carly asked if Lulu really wanted to run a casino, and Lulu replied that she wanted to be close to Luke to help keep him sober.

Patrick and Robin discussed Lisa's departure with Liz at the nurses' station. Liz broke the news that the recently reunited couple would have to take over Lisa's entire caseload. Liz answered the phone and learned that a little boy had just been hit by a car. Patrick would have to scrub in for surgery. The news hit Liz particularly hard, so soon after Jake's death.

The boy's mother went to Liz and begged her to allow the woman to be in the O.R. during the procedure. Liz consoled the woman, who berated herself for not having paid enough attention to her son. Liz and the woman chatted about being mothers and told stories about their boys, but Liz never mentioned Jake. Robin and Patrick returned, bearing good news.

The woman asked Liz to show her the way to the boy's room and thanked her for being so kind. As Liz headed back to the nurses' station, she saw Jake standing in front of her. Later, Robin found Liz crying in a conference room. Robin offered to find someone to cover the desk, but Liz declined, worrying that Steven would make her take another leave of absence. "Why did her little boy get to live," Liz wondered, "and mine didn't?"

At Jax and Carly's home, Jax and Alexis confronted Jason and asked him to leave. Jason made it clear that he was not leaving until Carly said so. Carly returned from checking on Josslyn and reminded Jax that Jason had been responsible for convincing Liz to approve the kidney transplant that had saved Josslyn's life, after Jake's death. She dared Jax to go to the judge overseeing their custody case. Jax announced that the judge had given him emergency sole custody and asked Alexis to give Carly a copy of the decree.

Alexis replied that she hadn't actually filed the paperwork, because she thought Josslyn's custody should be worked out privately. Alexis implored Jax to compromise. Jax stated that barring Jason any contact with Josslyn was one of the things on a long list of demands. Alexis pointed out that, since Carly was not seeking sole custody, for Josslyn's sake, the judge would likely lean toward an equal split -- exactly what Carly had proposed. Jax disdainfully applauded Jason for having given up Jake to Liz and said he wished Carly would do the same for their daughter. Jax stormed out.

Alexis chased Jax into Kelly's and explained that she'd done what she'd thought was in the best interest of all parties concerned. She said that, as an attorney and as a friend, she'd done the right thing. The only way the judge would grant Jax sole custody of Josslyn, Alexis pointed out, would be to lie on the stand about Carly -- and Alexis would have no part in that. She begged Jax to compromise and warned that he could lose custody altogether. Jax angrily demanded that Alexis begin acting like his lawyer and devise with a way for him to get full custody.

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