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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 31, 2011 on GH
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Monday, October 31, 2011

Ethan went to Wyndemere to return Laura's portrait. As he lit a jack-o'-lantern, and spoke to the portrait, Ethan heard a creak as a door to a secret tunnel swung open. Ethan told the portrait that according to legend, the jack-o'-lantern was lit on All Hallow's Eve as a protection from ghosts and ghouls. Ethan took the lit pumpkin and entered the tunnel. He emerged sometime later. Ethan was joking with the lantern face and preparing to leave Wyndemere when a noise sounded from the tunnel. When he turned, Ethan saw a shadow. Ethan got serious, grabbed a fireplace poker and reentered the tunnel.

At Crimson, Maxie phoned the Metro Court desk to see if Matt had sent flowers for her birthday. Sonny got off the elevator and went into Kate's office. Spinelli was next to arrive. He wished Maxie a happy birthday and invited her out to dinner. Maxie declined. She told Spinelli that she was waiting for Matt to ask her out. Spinelli suggested that perhaps Matt's interest in her had waned and Matt might have forgotten Maxie's birthday. Maxie said that Matt only needed to be reminded that he was crazy about her.

Spinelli retreated as Mac stepped off the elevator to invite Maxie to spend the evening with him in celebration of her birthday. She again declined in favor of Matt. Mac huffed that he was not happy over the way Matt had treated Maxie on the boat. Maxie said it had been a misunderstanding. She and Mac hugged. Mac left, and Maxie went back to work.

Kate greeted Sonny warmly when he interrupted her. Sonny invited Kate to dinner, but she said that she was already obligated to attend a costume party for business reasons. She invited Sonny to go with her, but Sonny said that he did not do costumes. Sonny said that Kate would miss the meal that he was cooking. He invited her over for drinks before the party instead. Kate said that she could not make promises. They wished each other a happy Halloween. After Sonny left, Kate looked at her calendar and muttered, "How could I forget?"

Moments later, Kate bolted out of the office and told Maxie that she was leaving early and that Maxie could leave as well. Maxie was stunned when Kate said that Maxie's urgent tasks could wait until the following day. Maxie was over the moon when Kate gave her a designer bag to replace the one that had been damaged by exploding nail polish and then wished Maxie a happy birthday. When the elevator doors closed, Kate smiled.

Lulu was about to tell Dante that she was afraid to marry him because he was a cop, when Epiphany interrupted to say that Dante was recovered enough to be released from the hospital. Dante immediately said that he was happy because they could announce their engagement. Before Lulu could respond, Sonny popped in to invite them to a family party at his home to celebrate Kristina's acceptance at Yale. Lulu pleaded that it was Dante's first night out of the hospital. Sonny was cordial and said he understood.

When Sonny left, Lulu followed him into the hall and told him not to play the family card. Sonny said that the party was about family. When Lulu accused him of pressuring Dante, Sonny said that he was not pressuring Dante. He reminded Lulu that he had not divulged her secret -- that she was afraid to marry Dante because he was a cop -- to anyone. Lulu shut up and went back to Dante.

Dante asked about Lulu's conversation with Sonny and acknowledged Lulu's dislike for Sonny. Dante said that he loved Lulu -- that she was his fiancé and the most important person in the world to him. Dante wanted to know if anything was bothering her. Before Lulu could respond, Maxie interrupted to ask if Lulu remembered that it was Maxie's birthday. Lulu had forgotten, but wished her a good day before Maxie rushed off to find Matt. Alone again, Dante told Lulu how much she meant to him. Dante said that he would not have survived without Lulu's love.

Dante told Lulu how much faith he had in their love. He told her that his love for her could handle any confession that she might tell him. Before Lulu could speak, Kristina, who, though excited about Yale, could not help but wonder if Sonny had exerted influence to get her in, interrupted them. Dante assured Kristina that she was bright and talented and that Sonny did not have the kind of power that could influence admission to Yale. Reassured, Kristina invited Dante and Lulu to the celebration party. Dante declined because he thought that was what Lulu wanted, but Lulu surprised Dante by accepting the invitation.

After Kristina had gone, Lulu said she had changed her mind because it was sweet of Dante to care so much about Kristina. Lulu said that it did not matter about Sonny because she also had faith in their love. Dante again tried to get Lulu to tell him what was bothering her, but she replied that it was not important. She said that she was worried because the loft was a mess. Dante said that it was okay. Dante vowed his love and kissed Lulu's hand, and they left his hospital room.

In her dream, Robin was napping on the couch when an intruder wearing a pumpkin-head mask startled her awake. When the intruder removed the mask, it was Lisa Niles, who pulled out a syringe. When Robin actually awoke, she was unsettled, but Patrick comforted her. He advised Robin to rest up after her ordeal, but she said that she wanted to take Emma to the GH Halloween party. Robin said that she could not stop thinking about Lisa and then said she had to stop thinking about Lisa because it gave Lisa too much power over Robin's life. Patrick seemed convinced that Lisa was gone for good and told Robin to relax.

Daughter Emma, who was dressed in a fairy princess costume, joined the doctors Drake. Patrick picked up Emma and took her to the car while Robin got Emma's tiara and goody bag. The bag was shaped like a pumpkin. Robin remembered her dream about Lisa in costume.

At General Hospital, Steve and Matt discussed Lisa. Steve seemed convinced when he said that no one would have to worry about Lisa again. Epiphany refused to let Matt snack on the Halloween candy. After Matt showed off Lisa's picture on the front page of the newspaper, Epiphany said that Lisa better not show her face around the hospital again. While Robin took Emma trick-or-treating in the hospital, Patrick went back to work. Mac arrived to ask more questions of Matt, Patrick, and Steve about events on the boat. In the background, a clown seemed very interested in their conversation.

Patrick asked if Lisa's body had been found. Mac wanted to know why Patrick assumed that Lisa was dead. Matt wanted to know how Lisa had been revived. Mac wanted to know how Robin was coping. Patrick said that Robin was with Emma. When Mac left to find her, the clown bowed.

The clown walked to the elevator and bumped into Robin as she stepped off. Robin picked up Emma and held her close. The clown got on the elevator. Patrick took Emma from Robin and asked about their afternoon. Emma showed all the candy that she had collected. Patrick went back to work. Maxie stepped off the elevator, as Robin was about to get on and head home.

Robin wished Maxie happy birthday and invited her to dinner, but Maxie insisted that she was going out with Matt. They hugged and parted. Patrick asked Matt about Maxie. Matt said he had a surprise planned at the Metro Court for Maxie's birthday. Patrick was paged away. Maxie was creeping up on Matt's back when she received a text message from an unknown party inviting her to meet for dinner at the Metro Court. She tiptoed away and did not let Matt know that she was there.

Alexis went to Sonny's office. She was worried that Kristina would find out that Sonny had pulled strings to get Kristina into Yale. Sonny told Alexis to calm down. He told her that the only way that Kristina would ever find out was if Alexis gave it away through her guilty behavior. Sonny assured Alexis that he had done nothing wrong or hurtful to get Kristina into Yale. Alexis convinced herself that it was better for Kristina to go to Yale than to stay in Port Charles, attend PCU, moon over Ethan, and work for Kate in the fashion business. After establishing her balance, Alexis jokingly told Sonny to calm down and then flounced out of his office.

Maxie went to the Metro Court and was thrilled when she was shown to a romantic table. Behind her, a man dressed in a suit and wearing a costume tiger head entered the restaurant. At GH, Matt told Epiphany that he had to leave for a date with Maxie, just as alarms started sounding from Liz's monitors.

Kate, dressed in a flashy costume, knocked on Sonny's terrace door. When he opened it, Kate greeted him, chewing gum and speaking with a Bensonhurst accent. Sonny seemed to recognize the costume. Kate said that it was similar to one that she had worn to the Halloween party where they had first kissed. Both remembered the party and the dad who had called the cops on the underage drinkers in his house. Sonny said that the kiss had been incredible. Kate replied that Sonny had probably not recognized her under the heavy makeup that she had been wearing at the time.

Sonny and Kate reminisced. He asked her to stay for dinner, but she said business was a priority. As she left, Sonny called after her and said that he had recognized her and had known whom he was kissing. Kate grinned and said, "See ya," in her Bensonhurst voice. Kate went home and smiled as she looked at pictures taken at that long-ago party. Sonny looked happy as he stood on his terrace with a glass of wine.

Robin took Emma home and they counted Emma's candy. Robin apologized to Emma for the scary clown and said that it would not happen again. At GH, the clown in question seemed to be watching Steve and Patrick. Robin held Emma but did not notice the shadow of a pumpkin head outside. When the doorbell rang, Robin took the treat bowl to the door. When she answered it, the person standing there was wearing the same costume that Lisa had been wearing in Robin's dream.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

At Metro Court Restaurant, Maxie was disappointed when her masked date turned out to be Spinelli. Spinelli realized that she had been expecting Matt, but Spinelli hoped that she would enjoy the birthday celebration anyway. Maxie appreciated the effort that Spinelli had put into planning the special night, but she admitted that she had wanted to spend the evening with Matt, even though Matt had been incredibly rude to her on the boat. Maxie also complained that Matt had thrown Liz into the mix, which, according to Maxie, had been "borderline unforgivable." However, she intended to make certain that Matt made up for it by insisting that he agree to do the article that Maxie had been working on.

Spinelli began to twirl a basketball on the tip of his finger as Maxie switched gears to tell him about Kate's incredible gift. Maxie had no idea why Kate had given her the designer purse, so Spinelli suggested that perhaps it had been because it was Maxie's birthday. Maxie had her doubts; however, she returned to the topic of Matt. Maxie explained that she had hoped to spend her birthday with her boyfriend, not with Spinelli. Spinelli was curious if Maxie had ever pondered the meaning of fate. Maxie confessed that she seldom pondered anything.

Spinelli reminded Maxie that fate had played a big role in their relationship. He suggested that the midnight picnic under the stars that he had planned for her had kept her from boarding the chartered boat. Spinelli pointed out that Lisa had not been Maxie's biggest fan, so his lie might have saved Maxie's life. Spinelli's ball-twirling distracted Maxie. She was curious if he thought that it was strange that he could suddenly do the trick.

Spinelli confessed that at first it had seemed like an out-of-body experience, but then it had felt natural. Maxie wondered how he had developed the skill, so Spinelli admitted that he suspected that losing his cyber skills had allowed other hidden talents to emerge. Spinelli suggested that there might be other skills waiting to be discovered. Maxie pointed out that a lot had changed in their lives since their non-marriage. She reminded Spinelli that he'd developed two different personalities, and that she had become involved with Matt. Maxie thought that it would be best for Spinelli to leave, before Matt showed up, but Spinelli insisted that he had decided to go after what he wanted.

Later, Maxie realized that Matt would not be arriving, so she decided to leave. Spinelli stopped her by presenting her with a gift. Maxie was delighted when she opened the box that Spinelli had handed to her. Inside the small box was a gold charm bracelet with a celestial motif. Spinelli explained that it was a reminder that she was the light that guided him. Maxie was touched. She leaned close to Spinelli, but before their lips touched, she pulled away.

At the hospital, Liz was groggy as Matt explained that Lisa had chloroformed her and then had tossed Liz overboard. Matt then revealed that Spinelli had saved Liz, but Liz tried to explain that it had been someone else. Matt didn't seem to understand her as she slowly drifted off to sleep. Meanwhile, a clown lurked outside of Liz's room as Matt promised to stay with Liz, and then assured his sleeping patient that "the crazy bitch is gone." The clown left when Matt insisted that Lisa had gotten exactly what Lisa had deserved.

Matt then quietly began to talk about Maxie. Matt confessed that he had sent the one person away that he had hoped to share his special night with. He acknowledged that Maxie was infuriating, but he also admitted that Maxie was "glorious." However, Matt had no idea what he would have done if he hadn't had Liz to confide to during the previous few months. Matt started to leave, but stopped in the doorway when the alarms on Liz's monitors went off.

Matt called for help, and then quickly stabilized Liz by inserting a breathing tube. Matt instructed a nurse to check on Liz every fifteen minutes, until Liz was out of the woods.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Lulu was livid when she saw Officer Padilla in Dante's room. Lulu berated the officer for bothering Dante while Dante was recovering from the gunshot wound. Dante quickly explained that he had asked to see Officer Padilla. Dante then turned to Officer Padilla to reveal that he had obviously walked in on something at the warehouse that he shouldn't have seen. He was curious what Officer Padilla had learned of the shooting, but Officer Padilla advised Dante to discuss the warehouse shooting with Sonny, and then left.

Lulu realized that Dante wanted to attend Sonny's dinner party for Kristina because Dante was back on the job. Lulu confessed that she was concerned that it was too soon. Dante explained that he feared that the trail would grow cold if more time passed. Dante knew that Lulu was upset, but he admitted that he suspected that Michael was trying to cover for Sonny. Dante assured Lulu that he was strong enough to investigate the case, but Lulu argued that Dante acted as if solving the case would fix everything. Lulu warned Dante that there was more damage than he realized.

Dante appreciated that it had been traumatic for Lulu to watch him nearly die on two occasions. Lulu agreed; she explained that it felt as if it were an annual event. Dante promised that it wasn't. According to Dante, police officers rarely got shot or had to draw their weapons. Dante reminded Lulu that Luke had been involved in more sketchy situations his entire life. Lulu agreed, and then reminded him what it had cost Laura, and the rest of the family.

Dante conceded that no one's life was completely safe, and that nothing lasted forever. However, he insisted that most of his work was mundane, not life-threatening. Dante explained that he liked to help people who couldn't help themselves, and that loving Lulu was the only thing that felt better. Lulu assured him that she loved him too. Dante smiled as he admitted that he couldn't wait to marry her, and that he looked forward to announcing their engagement during Sonny's dinner. Lulu's smile quickly faded.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny looked at a rhinestone glove that Kate had kept from their first Halloween together. Diane entered the parlor and saw Sonny staring at the glove, then confessed that she didn't want to know what he was doing with it. Diane helped herself to a glass of scotch, and explained that she had just returned from her European book tour. Sonny's smile fled when Diane revealed that she had seen Brenda in Italy. Sonny made it clear that he wasn't interested in hearing about Brenda, but Diane ignored Sonny.

Diane explained that Brenda had asked about him, and that Alec had been with his mother. Diane began to ramble about what Brenda had been wearing, so Sonny urged Diane to get to the point. According to Diane, Brenda had cut back on her work schedule to devote more time to being a mother. Diane insisted that Brenda had seemed relaxed and at peace, so Diane was certain that Brenda had made the right decision by leaving Sonny. Diane was happy to report that Brenda had not been pining away for Sonny.

Sonny became annoyed, but Diane assured him that she had just gotten started. Sonny questioned Diane's motives for telling him about Brenda's visit. Diane was shocked when Sonny suggested that Diane was Jax's emissary, because Jax wanted Sonny to know that Jax had won. Diane reminded Sonny that Jax had perished in the plane crash, but Sonny pointed out that Jax's body had never been recovered. Diane argued that Sonny was an expert at making bodies disappear, so it didn't mean anything to her that Jax's body had not been found after the crash.

Sonny was curious why Diane was "flapping" her mouth about Brenda, if Jax were truly dead. Diane explained that she wanted Sonny to accept that Brenda was gone for good, so that he would stop using Brenda as an excuse for all the wrongs that had been done to him. Kate appeared in the doorway in time to overhear Diane's remark.

Diane insisted that Sonny's marriage to Brenda had been a mistake, and that he should be grateful that Brenda and Alec had gotten out it with their lives intact. Diane thought that Sonny should also admit that a part of him was happy that Alec was gone. Sonny was shocked at the suggestion, but Diane argued that Sonny had distanced himself from Alec from the beginning, so it was clear that Sonny had not been interested in being the child's father.

Sonny glanced up in time to see Kate standing in the doorway. Kate apologized for interrupting them, but Diane warmly greeted Kate. Kate was curious how the book tour had gone, so Diane gushed about its success, and then revealed that there wouldn't be another one for a long time. Sonny suggested that it would give Diane the opportunity to focus on her real career, but Diane made a shocking announcement. Diane had decided to pursue a career in journalism by becoming a gossip columnist. Sonny wondered if Diane were having a midlife crisis, but Diane explained that it was a safer career choice than the one that she'd had.

Diane handed Sonny her letter of resignation, and then added that she had found a new way to express herself, and be happier, as had Brenda. "When will you?" Diane wondered as she walked out of Sonny's parlor. Sonny started to pour himself a drink, but Kate stopped him. Kate explained that drinking wouldn't help ease the hurt of Brenda leaving. Kate then suggested that his pain was about more than just Brenda walking out. According to Kate, Sonny was frustrated, because he hadn't been able to protect someone that he had cared about.

Kate insisted that alcohol wouldn't help numb the pain, because he had to accept that sometimes people left. Sonny leaned in close to Kate, and then replied, "Yeah, but sometimes they come back, right?" Sonny started to kiss Kate, but she pulled away. Kate didn't think that it was the right time for them to kiss, because they had been talking about Brenda. Kate didn't want to be a replacement for Brenda, or to be kissed out of gratitude for helping him with his children. Sonny was curious if kissing Kate were off-limits entirely.

Kate smiled as she gently kissed his cheek, and then his forehead. Sonny smiled, as he confessed that it had not been what he'd had in mind, but he would accept it. Kate started to leave, so Sonny wondered if he would see her later that evening. Kate admitted that she didn't know, so Sonny was curious how big of a deal her cocktail party was. Kate confessed that if she ducked out of it for anyone, it would be for Sonny, and then left. Sonny smiled.

In Ireland, Mrs. MacInerny knocked on Lucky's door. She realized that Lucky still intended to go to St. Margaret's Chapel, despite her warnings. Lucky admitted that Mrs. MacInerny had never said anything specific to persuade him not to follow his wife's wishes, so Mrs. MacInerny explained that there were some things that couldn't be spoken of. Lucky revealed that he was just trying to understand what was going on, because he had made a trip to Ireland. Lucky showed her the handkerchief, and the rosary that Siobhan had given to him. Mrs. MacInerny thought that Siobhan should have known better than to send Lucky on such a dangerous quest.

Lucky showed Mrs. MacInerny the rowan crucifix, and then admitted that he had noticed that Mrs. MacInerny had one too. He was curious what it was for. Mrs. MacInerny insisted that she had given him her best advice, so that was all that she could do. She advised him to get a good night's rest, and then promised to prepare him a hearty breakfast before his trip home. Lucky refused to leave without honoring Siobhan's wishes. "Then more's the pity, and may God have mercy on your soul," Mrs. MacInerny replied.

Lucky decided to read the passage of Siobhan's letter regarding the instructions for the rowan crucifix to Mrs. MacInerny. He was curious what Siobhan had meant when she had told him that the crucifix was for getting him under the eyes of the wee folks without waking the watchers. Lucky wondered who the watchers were. "What they sound like, guardians," Mrs. MacInerny answered. Lucky was curious what the guardians watched, so she explained that they guarded secrets and knowledge.

Lucky thought that it sounded like a bunch of superstitions, so Mrs. MacInerny hoped that the watchers would leave Lucky alone; however, she suspected that his skepticism would provoke them to prove a point. Lucky was curious what Siobhan had meant about dipping the rosary in the well, so Mrs. MacInerny explained that Siobhan had not been referring to a traditional well. According to Mrs. MacInerny, the well was a hole in the wall left by a bolt of lightning. She warned Lucky that he might not want to hear from those who had passed, so she advised him to focus on his loved ones who were in the present.

Lucky insisted that he wasn't afraid of Siobhan's spirit, because she clearly wanted to tell him something. Mrs. MacInerny suggested that there might be more consequences than he had bargained for, and then left. "Maybe she's right," Lucky conceded. Moments later, a lone wolf howled. Lucky gathered his things, and then left. Later, he arrived at the gates of St. Margaret's Chapel. He started to open the gates, but a noise behind him caught his attention.

At Johnny's garage, Anthony huddled under some covers as Johnny suggested that his father might have an infection. Johnny wondered if perhaps Lisa had intentionally attacked Anthony with a rusty nail. Anthony was curious if there had been any sign of Lisa, but Johnny assured him that there hadn't been. Anthony wasn't surprised. Anthony then suggested that they contact another doctor who had done some work for the mob, but Johnny revealed that the man had taken his own life. However, Johnny admitted that he had someone else in mind.

Anthony wanted to know who it was, but Johnny would only volunteer that the person had something big to hide.

At the hospital, the clown lurked in the background as Steve left a message for a new doctor. Steve explained that he had gone out on a limb to get the doctor a position at the hospital, so he demanded to know where the doctor was. Steve warned the doctor not to screw him over, and then ended the call. Seconds later, Olivia walked up to ask Steve to talk her out of telling the truth. Steve pulled Olivia aside to remind her that it wasn't like her not to tell the truth. Olivia explained that Sonny intended to host a family dinner to honor Kristina's acceptance to Yale.

Olivia didn't want Dante to go, because she thought that it was more important for Dante to spend time with Lulu, rather than getting sucked back into Sonny's world. Steve pointed out that the dinner was for Dante's sister, Kristina. However, he conceded that Sonny might have ulterior motives for hosting the dinner. According to Steve, Sonny was a "loose cannon" who was not above using loved ones to cover his tracks. Olivia admitted that Steve sounded as cynical as she did. Steve explained that he knew people would go to great lengths to cover something that they didn't want the wrong people to know.

The clown continued to watch as Steve and Olivia switched to the topic of Lisa. Steve confessed that he hoped that Lisa stayed far away from them. Olivia admitted that she had no idea how she had missed noticing that Steve had injured his face on the ladder of the boat. Steve seemed surprised that he had blamed the ladder for his injury, so he quickly amended that he had hurt himself on some "boat stuff." Olivia laughed, and then let the matter drop. Steve and Olivia kissed, as the clown turned and then walked away.

Moments later, Johnny exited the elevator. He nearly bumped into the clown, but the clown kept walking. Johnny watched Steve and Olivia until Olivia decided to go to Sonny's dinner. Johnny waited until Steve was alone, and then approached the doctor. Johnny explained that he needed Steve's help, but Steve wasn't interested in helping the mobster. Johnny decided to change Steve mind by telling Steve a story.

A short time later, Johnny returned to the garage with Steve in tow. Anthony was surprised to see Steve, but Steve made it clear that he was there reluctantly. Steve quickly treated Anthony's wound, and then gave Anthony some antibiotics to treat the infection. Steve then made it clear that he expected Johnny never to discuss their earlier conversation again. Steve explained that people died in the hospital, and on the street. Johnny tried to pay Steve, but Steve refused to accept the money.

After Steve left, Anthony admitted that he was curious what Johnny had said to make Steve dirty his hands. Johnny only smiled.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

In Ireland, Lucky stood at the gates of St. Margaret's Chapel when a noise suddenly caught his attention. Lucky looked over his shoulder but didn't see anything, so he opened the gates. Moments later, Lucky found the hole in the wall that had been made by a lightning bolt. A lone wolf howled as Lucky pulled out the rosary that Siobhan had given to him. Lucky then re-read the letter that Siobhan had written to him, urging Lucky to wait for the signs. Lucky folded the letter, tucked it into his pocket, and then sat down to wait.

Lucky fell asleep. A short time later, he was startled awake by a noise. Lucky looked around, and then stood up. He was shocked when he glanced down to see stones that spelled out the word "GO" near his feet.

At Wyndemere, Luke demanded to know what Ethan was doing in the castle. Ethan explained that he had been returning Laura's portrait to its rightful place. Luke insisted that what lived in the castle was "slow and dank." According to Luke, it seeped through a person's skin, and then into their bones. Luke insisted that no amount of hope would break the hex, and that anything drawn to Wyndemere was bad news. Ethan and Luke were unaware that they were being observed.

Ethan wondered what Luke was doing there, so Luke admitted that he was trying to break the hold that the castle seemed to have over Ethan. Ethan claimed that he had been doing some research, but Luke argued that the Spencer-Cassadine war was over. Ethan assured Luke that Luke had nothing to be concerned about, because Helena and what she had been looking for were not there. Moments later, Ethan became distracted when he noticed something outside the window. Ethan decided to investigate, but he didn't find anything. Upon Ethan's return, he insisted that it hadn't been his imagination.

Luke stared at the picture of Laura, as he suggested that Ethan would be better off chasing real diamonds with Luke, rather than following dark fantasies in Wyndemere. Ethan was curious if that were an invitation, or the beginning of a goodbye speech. Luke explained that looking at Laura's portrait had reminded him of the anger in Lulu's eyes. Ethan suggested that Lulu's anger might pass if Luke were to stop avoiding Lulu. Luke began to talk about love. According to Luke, love made a person selfish.

Luke conceded that love could be beautiful, but it could also make a person destroy that which they held most precious just to prove what a "worthless son of a bitch you are." "Is that love, or just you?" Ethan wondered. Luke pointed out that a part of Luke ran through Ethan's veins. Luke urged Ethan not to repeat the mistakes that Luke had made, because no matter what kind of roadblocks that Ethan put up, love would eventually knock on Ethan's door. According to Luke, Ethan would end up hitting a wall at 120 mph. Meanwhile, Ethan and Luke continued to be surreptitiously observed.

"Is that what everything is to you now, a hit-and-run?" Ethan asked. Luke ignored the question, as he steered the conversation to the topic of his divorce from Tracy. According to Luke, it was what Tracy wanted. Ethan argued that Tracy wanted Luke, as did the rest of the family. Luke refused to acknowledge the comment as he urged Ethan to leave Wyndemere. Ethan realized that Luke couldn't handle hearing that his family needed him.

Ethan explained that Lulu was in a tough spot, because she desperately loved Dante, but she was holding back. According to Ethan, Lulu should be allowed to believe in happiness, but Luke argued that love was like the phases of the moon, which waxed and waned, and then occasionally disappeared into the darkness. "So what?" Ethan wondered. Ethan insisted that it was all temporary; they were there, and then they were gone, so they should appreciate what made them feel alive, even if it were for a moment. Ethan pointed out that Lucky and Lulu were proof that Luke had once had love.

However, Ethan had been a mistake, a convenient side effect of an affair between two con artists. Luke insisted that Ethan had been more than that, but Ethan argued that he was a constant reminder to his siblings of how their father had disappointed their mother. Ethan realized that he was proof that the greatest love of all hadn't been that great in the end. Luke denied it. Luke explained that what he'd had with Laura had been perfect for a long time, but Luke had put a Buick-sized dent into it. "And I'm the dent?" Ethan wondered.

Luke revealed that he had destroyed his relationship with Laura to prove to himself that he hadn't been worth everything that Laura had given to him. Ethan was curious why Luke couldn't have tried to prove that he had been worth it, so Luke explained that he didn't think like that. Luke insisted that stepping out on Laura had been a survival move. Ethan was curious if Holly had been a means to take the edge off, so Luke explained that he'd been desperate to prove that he wasn't trapped in an illusion. Luke admitted that Laura had known about the constant infidelities, but she had refused to kick Luke out completely. It had made Luke feel as if he had been loved unconditionally.

Ethan accused Luke of repeatedly abusing a powerful gift. Luke confessed that he had felt like a fly that had been trapped in amber, but he hoped that Ethan would one day find that kind of love. Ethan laughed, because it had been one of the worst things that Luke had ever said to him. Ethan couldn't believe that Luke had talked about what a "car wreck" love had been, and how Luke had abused it, yet Luke wanted Ethan to experience that kind of love.

Luke explained that love would find Ethan regardless, so he hoped that his son didn't repeat Luke's mistakes. Ethan refused to play it safe, because he wanted to feel something real. Luke warned Ethan to be ready for the consequences. Ethan admitted that he had preferred Luke's advice when Luke had been drinking, and then left. "So did I," Luke admitted, and then followed his son out. Moments later, a light spread through the room, and then illuminated Laura's portrait.

In Hawaii, Sam confessed that the thought of packing and returning home made her want to cry. Jason reminded Sam that they still had a day left of their honeymoon, so she didn't have to pack. Sam noticed that Jason was working on something, so Jason explained that it was a surprise. However, he refused to tell her what it was. Jason went to the bookcase to fetch something, but stopped when he caught a glimpse of his reflection in the mirror. It didn't escape Sam's notice that Jason seemed startled.

Jason assured her that he was fine, and then changed the subject by asking her if she wanted to do anything special before they returned home. Sam admitted that she wanted to stay in. Later, Sam and Jason discussed how they would spend their final evening in Hawaii. Sam wanted to take a walk on the beach, and then confided that she had wanted him to feel as safe with her as she had felt with him. Jason hugged her, but appeared concerned.

Sam decided that it wasn't dark enough to see the stars, so Jason decided to give her the surprise that he had been working on. He had made a necklace out of the shell that she had found on the beach. Sam was touched when he explained that it had reminded him of how happy she had been when she had found it. Sam was curious if he recalled the significance of the fertility shell. "Yes," Jason admitted, but he confessed that he had never believed in those types of things. "But who knows?" he added when she seemed disappointed.

Jason put the necklace on Sam, and then admitted that she loved surprises. "Well, then get ready for the next one," Jason replied. He kissed her, and then Sam wondered what he had in store for her next. Jason explained that it was not there, so Sam decided to challenge him to a "romance-off." Sam explained that they would have a twenty-dollar limit, and one hour, to find something special for each other. After Sam left, Jason seemed uncomfortable as he looked around the bungalow, unaware that Franco spied on him from a secret lair.

At the lake house, Alexis and Molly helped Kristina pack for Yale. Molly was delighted when Kristina gave Molly a dress, but Molly was disappointed that she couldn't join the family dinner because Molly had a cold. Molly was curious if Ethan would be attending the dinner. Kristina admitted that she doubted that Sonny had invited him, but Kristina didn't see any reason that she couldn't call Ethan to invite him herself. Alexis returned with more things for Kristina to pack, and then revealed that there were 2,369 of the best and brightest young men at Yale. Alexis knew that, because she had made a point of finding out.

Kristina warned Alexis that it wouldn't change how Kristina felt about Ethan. Alexis tactfully changed the subject by revealing that she had a gift for Kristina. Inside the box were a stuffed toy and a picture of Alexis, Kristina, and Molly. Alexis wanted Kristina to have a reminder of home, so Kristina thanked her mother, and then hugged Alexis. Kristina promised to call, text, and video chat with her mother and sister often. Alexis admitted that she was proud of Kristina, and all that Kristina had accomplished.

Kristina admitted that she knew what Alexis and Sonny had done for her. Alexis began to panic, until Kristina clarified that she wouldn't have gotten into Yale if it hadn't been for her parents' support and love. Alexis relaxed as she realized that her secret remained safe. Alexis credited Kristina with doing all of the work to get into Yale, but Kristina insisted that Alexis had believed in her. Alexis, and her daughters, exchanged more hugs before Molly dashed off to fetch Kristina a special present. It was a book of their Uncle Stefan's Russian poems.

Alexis conceded that she'd had a stormy history with the Cassadines, but Molly and Kristina were shining examples of the future of the Cassadines. After Alexis carried a suitcase to the car, because Kristina intended to drive to Yale after dinner at Sonny's house, Kristina and Molly shared an emotional goodbye. Molly wondered when Kristina would return home, so Kristina warned her sister that it might be awhile, because Kristina had to make up for lost time at school. Stefan's book of Russian poetry fell out of Kristina's suitcase as Kristina left the bedroom.

At the hospital, Lulu admitted that she had second thoughts about going to the party at Sonny's house. Dante took off his hospital gown, to change into the shirt, prompting Lulu to reach out to touch his newest scar. Dante noticed that Lulu wasn't wearing her engagement ring, so he confessed that he was eager to see it on her finger after they had announced their engagement at dinner. Lulu suggested that it might be a mistake, because she didn't want to take the attention away from Kristina. Moments later, Olivia entered the hospital room, snapping pictures. Olivia was excited, because she had overheard Lulu and Dante discuss announcing their engagement.

Dante warned Olivia that it might not happen, but Lulu smiled as she assured Dante that it was okay; she was ready to tell the family about their engagement.

At Greystone Manor, Michael and Abby arrived for the family dinner. Sonny revealed that they were the first guests. Abby admitted that the aromas from the kitchen smelled delicious. Michael insisted that Sonny was a great cook, so Sonny joked that he hadn't killed anyone yet. Sonny turned away as Abby's smile faded, so Michael warned her to be nice. Abby decided to call work, so she excused herself, while Michael joined his father in the parlor.

Sonny noticed that Michael and Abby appeared to be getting along better, so Michael admitted that they had worked things out. The conversation then drifted to Dante. Michael explained that they might have a serious problem, because Dante appeared to be putting things together about the night at the warehouse. Sonny reminded Michael that they didn't know what had transpired at the warehouse, so there was nothing to be concerned about. Michael argued that Dante suspected Sonny of the shooting, so Dante expected Michael to "roll on" Sonny. Sonny insisted that he'd had nothing to do with the shooting, but Michael explained that he simply wanted peace between Dante and Sonny.

Sonny promised to deal with his relationship with Dante, but Michael wanted to know what to do. Michael was reluctant to lie to Dante. Michael thought that Dante should know the truth, but it would implicate too many people, including Carly. Moments later, Abby entered the room. She wondered if they had been talking about the shooting at the warehouse. Sonny quickly assured Abby that the drugs were gone, but Abby was surprised that Sonny had managed to get rid of seven bags of uncut hydrocodone.

Sonny assured her that he appreciated her helping him out, but Abby clarified that she had done it for Michael. Sonny thanked Abby, and then suggested that they move forward. "Does that include Johnny?" Abby wondered. Sonny promised Abby that no one had to worry about anything, especially Abby.

Later, Dante and Lulu arrived. Sonny seized the opportunity to speak privately to Lulu about her concerns regarding Dante. Sonny was curious why Lulu had changed her mind about attending the dinner. Lulu explained that Dante had wanted to be there. Sonny wondered if she were okay with marrying Dante, knowing that Dante would continue to put his life on the line. Lulu didn't have an opportunity to reply because Dante chose that moment to thank Abby for calling 9-1-1 after the shooting at the warehouse.

Moments later, Olivia returned from the kitchen to announce that everything looked fine, but she needed to fetch some "macaroni and gravy." Abby seemed confused, so Dante explained that it was "Brooklyn" for pasta and sauce. Olivia enlisted Lulu's help, so Lulu followed Olivia out to the car. Sonny asked Abby to check on dinner in the kitchen, so Abby left. Sonny admitted that it was nice to spend time with Michael and Dante, even though Morgan couldn't be with them. Sonny thought that Kristina would be delighted to spend time with a "good family."

"Is that what we are?" Dante wondered. Sonny confessed that Alexis had been afraid that something might go wrong, so Dante was curious why. Sonny smiled pleasantly as he admitted that he didn't know, because everything seemed fine. Dante agreed, but it was clear that Dante didn't believe that.

Later, Alexis arrived. She was curious where everyone was, so Sonny explained that they had gone to the kitchen to eat, because they had been hungry. Alexis told Sonny about her scare at the house, when it had seemed as if Kristina had figured out that Alexis had persuaded Sonny to pull some strings to get Kristina into Yale. However, Alexis assured Sonny that Kristina didn't know. Sonny warned Alexis that he intended to collect on her promise to help him. "Fine," Alexis replied just as Kristina appeared in the doorway.

In the foyer, Lulu and Olivia carried in several covered dishes. Lulu became concerned when Olivia suddenly swayed on her feet and then leaned on a table to steady herself.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

At the Drake residence, Emma was exhausted from the Halloween festivities at the hospital, so she had fallen asleep on the sofa. Patrick decided to carry his daughter to bed, to tuck her in for the night. He chuckled when he returned to the living room, because Emma had insisted on him reading a bedtime story to her, despite how tired she had been. Robin confessed that she was disappointed, because Emma's birthday party had not gone as Robin had hoped. Robin regretted that she had planned it for the middle of the week, instead of the weekend.

Patrick assured Robin that it was fine, but Robin felt guilty, because her busy schedule didn't give Robin a lot of time to spend with Emma. The conversation then drifted to the topic of Lisa. Robin wondered if their lives would ever be normal again. "Yes," Patrick promised Robin. Robin warned him that she intended to hold him to that.

Patrick reiterated that Lisa would never hurt their family again, so Robin told Patrick about the nightmare that she'd had of Lisa terrorizing Robin, while wearing a pumpkin-head mask. Robin explained that her dream had been the reason that she had freaked out when a trick-or-treater had shown up on their doorstep, wearing the same kind of mask. Patrick felt terrible, because he had been responsible for Lisa being in their lives. Robin insisted that they had the opportunity for a new beginning, so she wanted to focus on that.

Robin then admitted that she wished that their daughter had been awake, so that they could celebrate Emma's birthday. Patrick was struck with inspiration, so he fetched a camcorder, and then taped a message for Emma. Patrick confessed that he had never imagined that he'd be a father, but that had changed when he had first held his precious daughter. Patrick couldn't imagine his life without Emma; he wondered who would laugh at his jokes. "Because clearly Mommy wouldn't," Patrick added as he glanced at Robin.

Robin turned the camera on her, and then jokingly replied, "Clearly Daddy isn't funny." Patrick disagreed, so he decided to tell a joke to prove his point. "Why did the tomato turn red?" Patrick asked. Robin shrugged, and then asked, "Why?" "Because it saw the salad dressing," Patrick answered. Robin feigned confusion as she claimed that she didn't understand the joke.

Patrick continued his message by thanking Emma for holding his hand, even when they weren't crossing the street, and for holding onto his ears during the shoulder rides. However, Patrick admitted, his favorite thing was when Emma rubbed the fabric of his shirt between her fingers, while he read Emma bedtime stories. According to Patrick, it made him feel as if he were Emma's security blanket. Patrick couldn't believe that Emma was another year older. He realized that she would grow up one day, but he vowed that she would always be his baby girl. "I love you, sweetheart," Patrick said in conclusion.

Robin then taped her own message to their daughter. Robin insisted that Emma would always shine, and agreed that Emma was daddy's girl. Robin assured Emma that Emma was beautiful, but Robin wanted Emma to remember that Emma was also kind, compassionate, and funny. According to Robin, there wasn't anything that Emma couldn't do. Robin and Patrick sat close together on the sofa, and then told Emma how much they loved her. They wished Emma a happy birthday, and then kissed each other.

Later, Robin and Patrick agreed that they would probably regret kissing on camera, because Emma would likely be embarrassed by it one day. However, Robin thanked Patrick for being the best husband and father that she could have hoped for. Robin had no idea how she had gotten so lucky. Patrick felt the same way, but as he hugged his wife, he appeared troubled.

Carly entered Kelly's, but no one appeared to be there. She called out, demanding a cup of coffee, so Luke suddenly popped his head out of the kitchen. "What the hell are you doing here?" Carly demanded. "Nice greeting," Luke grumbled. He wondered what she had expected, so Carly reminded him of the intervention.

Luke insisted that he lived with the knowledge that he had killed Jake every day of his life, but Carly wasn't moved. She informed Luke that everyone had gotten along well without him. Luke disagreed. He informed her that Tracy had found someone new, so Luke had decided to give Tracy a divorce. Carly questioned if Tracy had actually moved on, and then suggested that Luke was playing some kind of game. Luke assured her that he was done with that, prompting Carly to wonder if he intended to stick around. "For now," Luke admitted.

Carly was curious if Luke knew how his children were doing. Luke revealed that Lucky had gone on a pilgrimage to Ireland, Ethan was chasing ghosts at Wyndemere, and that Lulu was close to the edge of a freefall. Carly grimaced when she sipped the coffee that Luke had handed to her. Luke explained that it tasted awful because it was missing a key ingredient: scotch. Luke then revealed that he was on the wagon. "Right, and I'm a vegan," Carly replied.

Luke assured his niece that it was true; he was "dry as a bone." Carly suspected that Luke had ulterior motives for being in Port Charles. Luke smiled as he conceded that ulterior motives ran rampant in their family. Carly adopted an expression of innocence as she asked him what he meant by that. Luke glanced up the staircase, and then accused Carly of dropping by Kelly's to see Shawn. Carly denied it, but Luke reminded her that Luke and Shawn were the only men at the diner, since Mike had gone to rehab for his gambling addiction months earlier.

Carly argued that at least Mike had admitted to having a problem. Luke claimed that it had been Mike's last line of defense, because Mike had a "pissed off bookie," to contend with. According to Luke, Carly could have gone to Sonny's coffee warehouse, if she had truly been interested in getting a good cup of coffee. Carly confessed that she and Sonny were not in a good place. Luke suspected that it had to do with Jax, and then revealed that he had seen Skye not too long before, and that Skye hadn't seemed concerned about Jax's plane crash. Therefore, Luke was confident that Jax had survived the crash, and that someone had helped Jax slip out of town.

Luke wondered if Carly were interested in admitting to helping Jax, but Carly denied any involvement. Luke was proud of Carly; he insisted that it was always best to deny things to the very end. Carly conceded that she hoped that Luke's hypothesis was true, because she didn't want Josslyn to grow up without a father. However, Carly warned Luke that Sonny might be tempted to finish the job, if Sonny suspected that Jax were alive. Luke promised to keep his theory to himself, so Carly wondered if Luke were blackmailing her. She demanded to know what he wanted, so Luke asked for $1.50, for the coffee.

Moments later, Shawn called Carly to see if she had heard from Jason and Sam. "No," Carly replied, and then asked where Shawn was. Shawn reminded Carly that he had the night off, but Carly heard Coleman's voice in the background. She smiled when Shawn ended the call. Luke warned Carly that taking Josslyn to paradise with Shawn had been a mistake, because tantrums and diapers were not romantic. Carly insisted that she had needed to go to Hawaii, because Franco had been a threat to Josslyn.

Luke accused Carly of having manipulative skills that rivaled his own. Carly smiled, and then left. Moments later, Luke set a flask of scotch on the counter, and then stared at it. Meanwhile, Carly went to Jake's, where she was startled to see Shawn spending time with a beautiful young woman.

At Kate's house, Kate stood in her bedroom as the cocktail party was underway. She glanced at the Halloween picture of herself that had been taken during her junior year in high school. Kate wandered to the balcony, and then looked at her guests. "What the hell? Oh, you've got to be kidding me," she said as she caught sight of one of her guests doing something.

At Greystone Manor, Lulu was concerned when Olivia became lightheaded. Olivia tried to brush it off, but Lulu wondered if it were possible that Olivia might be pregnant. Olivia laughed, and then assured Lulu that it was impossible. Olivia insisted that she had been down that road before, so she refused to have any more surprise babies. However, she implored Lulu not to breathe a word of it to Dante, because Olivia didn't want Dante to worry needlessly.

Lulu explained that she couldn't keep an important secret from Dante, because that would make Lulu a hypocrite. Olivia pointed out that there wasn't a secret to tell, since Olivia was certain that she wasn't pregnant. Lulu argued that Olivia was obviously not well, so Lulu was certain that Dante would want to know.

In the parlor, Sonny and Alexis welcomed Kristina when they saw their daughter standing in the doorway. Kristina asked to speak privately to her father, so Alexis reluctantly left the room. Kristina confessed that her mother was acting "weird," so Sonny reminded Kristina that Alexis was anxious about Kristina going to Yale. However, he assured his daughter that they were both proud of Kristina. Sonny insisted that Kristina had worked hard to go to Yale, so she had earned it. Kristina disagreed.

Kristina felt terrible for treating her father poorly. Sonny pointed out that Kristina was a lot like him; they let their emotions get the best of them, and then lashed out at people. However, Sonny insisted that they had every reason to celebrate Kristina's accomplishment. Sonny confessed that he would miss his daughter, and her drama, but he realized that her education would open doors for her. Sonny explained that he had always wanted his children to have a better life than the one that he'd had. Kristina admitted that she finally understood that, so Sonny vowed that he would always be there for Kristina, and then hugged her.

Dante, Michael, and Abby entered the parlor from the kitchen. Michael was relieved that Kristina had stopped blaming Sonny for everything. According to Michael, there had been enough people doing that. Dante reminded Michael that there was good reason for that, because people close to Sonny tended to get hurt. Michael insisted that Sonny had not been responsible for Dante being shot. Dante wondered if Michael were referring to the second shooting, when Dante had been in the warehouse.

Michael suggested that Dante blame him, since Michael was the manager of the warehouse. Dante didn't have a problem with that, but Dante wanted to know what had happened. Abby quickly intervened by changing the subject to reveal that one of her stripper friends had been roughed up a few nights earlier. Dante didn't immediately respond, prompting Abby to wonder if strippers weren't considered a priority to the police. Dante assured her that he would look into it. Moments later, Lulu entered the parlor, so Dante offered to help Lulu carry some of the covered dishes to the kitchen.

Michael insisted that Abby's interference hadn't been necessary. He assured her that he could have handled Dante. Abby suggested that Michael should have simply denied any knowledge of what had transpired at the warehouse, and let Sonny fend for himself. Michael was surprised, but Abby insisted that she just wanted to make certain that Michael walked away from the incident without a bullet in his chest.

Later, Sonny's family was gathered in the parlor, so he offered a toast to Kristina. Sonny explained that it had been an honor to be Kristina's father, and to watch her grow up to become a beautiful woman. Sonny insisted that Kristina was an inspiration to him, her mother, and to everyone else in the room. Sonny assured Kristina that they all loved her, and then hugged his daughter. Alexis wept as she watched Sonny and Kristina.

Alexis explained that she was emotional, because Kristina was going off to school. Moments later, Kate entered the parlor. Kate felt uncomfortable, because she realized that it was a family gathering, so she excused herself, and then left. Sonny followed Kate into the foyer, where he called out to her. Sonny wanted Kate to stay, but Kate explained that she didn't belong there. "Yes, you do," Sonny argued.

Kate reminded him that she wasn't the mother of one of his children, but Sonny credited Kate for helping him to build bridges with his children, instead of burning them down. Kate was happy that Sonny was in a good place. Sonny became distracted when he heard a noise outside. Kate explained that it was probably Diane, who had decided to celebrate her new career change by "chugging beers" and then tossing the cans into Kate's koi pond. Seconds later, Olivia stepped into the foyer to ask Sonny where the wine was. Sonny explained that Michael could help Olivia, so he instructed her to find Michael. Moments later, Kristina popped her head out to inform Sonny that something was burning in the kitchen.

Kate realized that Sonny was busy, so she told him to get back to his family dinner. Sonny thanked Kate for everything that she had done for him at the warehouse, and then walked her to the door. Dante overheard the exchange, so he wondered what Kate had done. Sonny smoothly explained that Kate had been looking for a location for a photo shoot, so Sonny had offered Kate the warehouse. In exchange, Kate had made certain that Sonny's new line of coffee beans had been displayed in the pictures. Dante didn't believe him, but Sonny refused to get into it with Dante during Kristina's party.

Dante explained that he felt as if everyone knew something, except the police. Sonny asked Dante to be a cop after the dinner, so Dante backed down. Lulu approached Dante after Sonny returned to the parlor. She asked him to put his badge down for the rest of the night, so Dante agreed. Dante was eager to announce their engagement, so he went to the parlor to share the news with his family. Lulu followed Dante to stop him from making the announcement.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Johnny threatened Anthony and demanded that the old man stop talking about Claudia. Anthony demanded to know what was really behind Johnny's hostility. Johnny reminded him that it was the second anniversary of Claudia's death. Anthony continued to refer to his daughter with scorn. He justified all of his actions as a father.

Johnny asked why Anthony had hated his daughter so much. Anthony responded cryptically that Claudia was his daughter, more than Johnny would ever know. Johnny demanded to know what was up Anthony's sleeve. Johnny physically attacked Anthony, who defended himself with a wrench. Johnny dared his father to kill him. When Anthony stepped back, Johnny stormed out. Later, Anthony ordered flowers for someone's grave.

During Kristina's farewell party, Dante announced that he had something to say. Lulu was reluctant to steal any attention from Kristina. As Dante prepared to announce that he and Lulu were going to get married, a drunken Diane stumbled in, accompanied by an equally inebriated Max, and followed by a reticent Milo. Sonny asked Max to remove his girlfriend, but Max reminded everyone that she had dumped him -- again.

Sonny and Diane argued, which led everyone to learn that Diane no longer worked for Sonny. Olivia tried to return attention back to Dante's impending announcement, but Lulu nervously shifted the focus to dinner. Diane explained that she was moving forward with her creative writing career, as a gossip columnist. She suggested that Alexis should represent Sonny. Alexis expressed nothing but hesitancy.

Toward the end of the evening, Ethan arrived. Olivia, who wasn't feeling well, left the room, followed by Lulu. As Olivia departed, she told Lulu to figure out when to announce the engagement.

Kristina took Ethan out of the room to say goodbye. Sonny voiced his disapproval of Kristina's friendship with Ethan. In the foyer, Kristina thanked Ethan for having always been her friend, though she'd often made that difficult. Ethan gave Kristina a friendship bracelet as a farewell gift. He told her she should give her suitors a chance, but she replied that, in her heart, she'd always be waiting for him.

As the evening wound down, Dante asked Lulu why she'd avoided announcing their engagement. Lulu said it was because she didn't want to upstage Kristina. Dante pressed her to let everyone know of their plans soon.

Michael told Abby that it had been two years ago that night that he'd killed Claudia. Sonny eavesdropped on their conversation. Abby was supportive of Michael. After they went for cake, Sonny placed a call. Alexis and Kristina left for New Haven. Dante appealed to Michael and asked him not to get any deeper into Sonny's underworld dealings.

Jason returned to the beach house to discover a romantically appointed table. On it was a note that said he'd never guess what would happen next. Later, Sam arrived and found only a note to her from Jason. Sam took the necklace she was wearing off and put it into the jewelry box next to the bed. She got undressed.

Jason regained consciousness inside of an empty cinder block room that had only a video monitor on the wall. On the screen was a mechanical monkey, playing the cymbals. He yelled out to Franco, demanding a showdown. The video feed switched over and began to transmit live footage from inside the beach house. As he watched Sam shower, Jason pleaded with Franco to leave her be. Someone walked into Sam's bathroom.

At Jake's, Shawn enjoyed himself with his date. In walked a disdainful Carly. Shawn confronted Carly, who explained that she was simply celebrating her birthday. Carly invited herself to Shawn's table and introduced herself to Raynelle. Carly intimated that she and Shawn had been intimate in Hawaii.

Shawn took Carly away from the table and urged her to go home and spend her birthday with Josslyn. Carly played the song that she and Shawn had danced to at Kelly's weeks before and attempted to seduce him. Shawn turned off the jukebox and walked away.

As Shawn and Raynelle shared a dance later, Carly grilled Coleman about the couple. Coleman would only reveal that Shawn had been with Raynelle a few times. Coleman suggested that Carly should forget about Shawn and be with him instead. "You need to set your sights in a new direction, like right across this bar," he proposed.

Carly saw Johnny walk in and made a play for him. Johnny realized that Carly was using him to make Shawn jealous. Carly's trepidation was eased when Johnny told her Raynelle was a dancer at Vaughn's. Carly responded by kissing Johnny, just as Sonny walked in.

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