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General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 14, 2011 on GH
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Monday, November 14, 2011

At General Hospital, Steve was uncomfortable as Olivia questioned him about his relationship with the new pediatrician, Dr. Maggie Worth. Steve finally admitted that he and Maggie had dated in Memphis. When Olivia wondered why he was having such a hard time telling her about Maggie, Steve said it was embarrassing to talk about a relationship that was in the past. Steve said that was why he had introduced Olivia to Maggie as "My Olivia." Steve kissed Olivia and said that he was "my Steve." After another kiss, Steve said he had to get to work and would call Olivia later. Maggie watched the conversation unobserved by either Olivia or Steve.

Liz was delirious as she held on to Jason and begged him to take her home to Jake, who needed her. Matt looked on as Liz told Jason that he was the only one who could help her. Matt asked Jason to leave, but Monica appeared and said to let Jason stay. Jason soothed Liz as Monica and Matt worked to reduce her fever. Matt and Monica stabilized Liz, who returned to normal and remembered her delirium as a dream. She thanked Jason, who left after telling Liz to get some rest.

Monica followed Jason out of the room. She thanked him for helping with Liz and acknowledged that it could not have been easy to listen to Liz talk about Jake as though Jake were alive. Monica asked about the honeymoon, but Jason was not very responsive. Monica asked if anything was wrong, but Jason said, "No." Monica hugged Jason. She told him that they were family and that he could talk to her about anything at any time. When Monica left, Jason pulled the pamphlet about helping victims of sexual assault out of his pocket and looked at it.

Luke dropped by Sonny's restaurant office. Luke told Sonny that he was doing an amends tour, but in Sonny's case he was there for an apology from Sonny for Sonny's part in the intervention that Luke's family had held for him. Sonny said that he had just been trying to help Luke's family by letting them use one of his warehouses. Sonny told Luke that he had great kids. Sonny said that Lulu and Dante were thinking of getting married. Sonny told Luke that he thought that the marriage would work out. Luke replied that it would be a disaster.

Sonny said he thought Lulu was good for Dante and vice versa. Luke said Sonny thought that Lulu would save Dante. Luke added that he would not interfere with his grown-up kids no matter how much of a mistake he thought one of them was making.

Luke was convinced that Lulu had doubts. He said that she was stubborn and a Spencer, and would probably marry Dante anyway. Sonny asked Luke if he would still marry Laura if he had known how things would turn out. Luke responded by asking the same of Sonny about Brenda. Sonny said that he did what he did. Luke said that a person could not change the past.

Luke asked if Sonny was taking his medication. Sonny wanted to know if Luke had stopped taking his. Luke got huffy and said that he would assume that Sonny knew what was best for him, just like Luke knew what was best for himself. As Luke turned to leave, Sonny said that he got that Luke was mad at him. Sonny said that the bottom line was that Luke's kids had missed him, and Luke did care about them, no matter how much he tried to act like he did not.

Sonny said that he had known Luke too long and too well not to be able to see through Luke's pretense. Luke then admitted to Sonny that Aiden was his grandson. Sonny was happy for Luke. Sonny said that the grandchild provided continuity, and hopefully the child would take all the good that Luke had to offer him into the future.

When Luke asked Sonny about the bad, Sonny said it was a risk one had to take, but the important thing was for the child to feel loved, not abandoned. As Luke turned to leave, Sonny jokingly told Luke that if Dante and Lulu did get married, Sonny did not want to have to hunt Luke down and force him to do the father of the bride honors. Luke said that if Sonny decided to marry again, he should remember that sometimes the best thing that people like Luke and Sonny could do for people they loved was to "stay the hell away" from them.

Lulu was at Liz's house, taking care of Cameron and Aiden, when Dante got there. The boys were cranky, but not as cranky as Lulu when she found out that Dante had taken a case. Lulu told Dante that he had only been home from the hospital for two days. Lulu said that Dante had 26 weeks of leave due to him and was back at work after only 24 hours. Dante said he was not investigating his own case. Dante assured Lulu that the murder of Lisa Niles was a low-key one where he knew all the suspects, including his mother, whom he felt honor-bound to protect. Lulu noticed a bruise on Aiden, but Dante noted that Olivia had mentioned that Dante was always getting bruises when he was a child.

Lulu told Dante that he needed to be more patient. Dante said that he had been patient. Dante said he had been patiently waiting to see Lulu wear his ring and announce their engagement publicly. Aiden fretted. Lulu said it was not a good time to talk. Dante said that he would be back later, after Lulu put the boys to bed.

Dante said that he was sharing the decision with Lulu, who huffed that it was after the decision had been made. As Dante left, Lulu wondered if it was too much to ask that Dante go to the loft and get some rest. After Dante was gone, Lulu confided to Aiden that it was hard to watch someone you loved walk out the door, not knowing if they would return to you. A knock sounded at the door. Lulu thought that it might be Lucky. When she opened it, Luke was standing there.

Kate was on the phone outside of Kelly's when Johnny approached her. He asked if she was hanging around so she could thank him for helping out with her car the previous evening. Kate said that the car did not run any better after his effort. Johnny said Kate should admit that he had been a good distraction while she waited for help to arrive. Kate told Johnny to cut the crap. She said she had no time for fools or gangsters trying to yank her chain to annoy Sonny.

Johnny's tone changed. He said that he genuinely admired Kate because she had been able to leave her past and reinvent herself, something that he had been unable to do. Johnny said that Kate was at the top of her game. He asked why she would throw all her success away for Sonny. Kate said that Johnny did not care about her-that he was motivated by the desire to see Sonny unhappy. Johnny responded that Sonny loved his misery-that he heaped it on himself and those around him. Johnny said that Sonny had married Claudia instead of Kate because he wanted that big piece of Zacchara territory that went with the wedding.

Kate said that maybe turnabout was fair play. She told Johnny that she had also wanted more and that the one time Sonny had tried to get out of the mob and change his life, she had left him waiting on a corner in Bensonhurst. She said that Sonny might have been different if she had stayed. Kate said that perhaps Johnny's anger was misplaced and he should be blaming her instead of Sonny. Johnny was momentarily speechless, but quickly recovered and said that Kate should not feel guilty for walking away because Sonny was addicted to power just like his father, Anthony. Johnny added that Kate could not save Sonny, but had saved herself by walking away. Kate said that had been her justification for her actions in the intervening years.

Kate told Johnny that no one could outrun the past -- that a person had to face the past and make amends. Kate said regret and self-blame were poison. She said that Johnny was not mad at Sonny, but at himself because he had not been able to save Claudia. Johnny changed his tone and became more respectful. He said that his original agenda had been to mess with Kate and Sonny. He told Kate that she was right about Claudia. Johnny acknowledged that he owed Kate. He told her that if she ever needed a friend or a favor, she knew where to find him.

In Ireland, Lucky slept, and Siobhan sat on his bed and talked to him. She told him that he was stubborn and still did not believe in the power of love. Siobhan told him she would have to teach him about that. She said that for the moment, he needed to listen because Jake, who did not know the ins and outs like she did, had more to say to him. Siobhan begged Lucky not to be so resistant. She said that if it was the last time Siobhan got to see Lucky, she intended to have the last word.

Siobhan put on her hat, moved to the window, and disappeared at the same time as a loud noise, like a door slamming, was heard. Lucky was startled awake. He shut the window and noticed Siobhan's tam on the floor. Mrs. MacInerny, the innkeeper, was also awakened. She offered tea and understanding, and encouraged Lucky when he said he had to go back to the churchyard.

Once there, Lucky called for Jake to tell him what he needed to know. Lucky begged Jake's forgiveness for not being there, for not protecting him, and for not saving Jake from the car. Lucky fell asleep near the wall. When he awoke a new message appeared on the ground. The stones spelled out: "Go home daddy, Aiden."

Mac caught up with Patrick and Robin at GH. He had questions about Lisa. Robin wanted to know why Mac was so fixated on the people on the boat as suspects. Mac said that the coroner's report put Lisa on the boat at the time of her death. Robin insisted that no one on board would have killed Lisa. Mac said the police were searching the boat for the murder weapon. Robin said that it had probably been tossed overboard. Officer Padilla arrived and told Mac that the coroner had confirmed that a cast iron tool had probably been the weapon. Robin remembered holding a wrench but did not say anything to Mac.

When Mac wanted to ask more questions later, Robin told him that she and Patrick were taking Emma out of town for a family weekend. Patrick left to go on rounds, but Mac wanted to know if Robin was holding something back, because she had the same look on her face that she had sported as a teen when she was hiding something. Robin said that she was not holding back. Robin told Mac that she did not like reliving her experiences with a crazy person, and she resented Mac treating her and Patrick as murder suspects.

Across the way, Robin noted Maggie taking a pair of gloves from a drawer at the nursing station and excused herself from Mac. She watched Maggie draw faces on the fingers, put them on her hands and then tell a little girl in a wheelchair that the finger puppets were friends who would help her heal. Robin interrupted. She told Maggie that she could not use hospital supplies without permission. The little girl's attendant said that when the little girl had refused to wear the gloves, which were needed to heal a rash on her hands, Maggie had found a way to entice the little girl to wear the gloves.

Robin was still cold when she introduced herself as chief of staff and did not warm up when Maggie said the little girl had been misdiagnosed. Just as Robin was about to climb on her high horse, Steve walked over and introduced Maggie as the new pediatrician that he had hired. Robin thawed a little, but was firm when she told Maggie that she could not practice medicine until she had filled out the paperwork for HR. After Robin walked away, Steve noted that Maggie was already mixing it up with the chief of staff. Maggie smiled and said she was going to like it at GH.

Officer Padilla stopped Steve and wanted to talk, but Steve said that he was busy and needed to see his sister Liz, whom Lisa Niles had drugged and thrown overboard. Officer Padilla said it was not a problem and that she would catch up with Steve later to have a chat about Lisa. Steve entered Liz's room. Matt told Steve that Liz was feeling better. After Matt left, Steve said that the boys were fine. Steve wanted to know if Liz had heard from Lucky. When she said she had not, Steve said that Lucky was being unfair, and Steve would talk to him when he returned from Ireland.

Mac questioned Matt about Lisa. Matt said he had been drunk and had been passed out for most of the trip. Robin told Patrick that Matt would not hurt a fly and that there was no way that he had killed Lisa. Officer Padilla cornered Olivia and questioned her. When Olivia said that she had been with Steve in the engine room, trying to fix the engine, Officer Padilla automatically assumed that Steve had been repairing the motor. Olivia took offense to Padilla's conclusion.

Dante arrived as Padilla asked Olivia about the tools she had used. Dante stopped the interview and advised Olivia that she should not say anything without an attorney. Padilla moved on. Olivia breathed a sigh of relief and thanked Dante for being overprotective.

Jason was on the phone when he arrived at Sonny's office. He told Max to find Franco and deliver Franco directly to him. Jason said he would take care of the rest. Sonny looked at Kate's picture as he toyed with his phone.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

At the penthouse, Spinelli made a gambling bet over the phone, in an effort to replenish Sonny's missing millions. Moments later, Sam entered. Spinelli proudly presented Sam with a few post-wedding gifts, in Chinese takeout boxes. Spinelli seemed oblivious to Sam's subdued manner as he rambled about the wedding gifts. Spinelli then shifted gears to inquire about Sam and Jason's honeymoon.

Spinelli hoped that the honeymoon had lived up to Sam and Jason's expectations, but Sam said little. Spinelli was eager to hear about their adventures in Hawaii, so Sam explained that she and Jason had kept to themselves. Spinelli noticed the necklace that Sam was wearing. He realized that the shell represented fertility, so he gleefully wondered if he should expect an announcement soon. Sam quickly changed the subject by asking about McCall and Jackal Private Investigations. Spinelli confessed that his cyber skills were gone; however, new skills had emerged.

Sam was impressed when she noticed that Spinelli could twirl a basketball on the tip of his finger. Her smile vanished when Spinelli revealed his intentions to move out of the "regrettably pink room." Sam insisted that Spinelli continue to live with them, but Spinelli didn't want to be in the way. He reminded her that circumstances had changed, so things were different. Sam disagreed, and then argued that she had already discussed it with Jason, and that they had agreed that Spinelli should continue to live in the penthouse. Later, Sam opened a fortune cookie, tucked into the gifts that Spinelli had given to her.

Sam dropped the slip of paper on the desk, which read, "Love will take you where you never thought possible."

At Pozzulo's, Sonny was startled to see Jason sitting in the restaurant. Jason quickly hid the brochure on sexual assault, which he had picked up at the hospital, before Sonny noticed it. Sonny was curious how Jason's honeymoon with Sam had gone, so Jason simply answered, "Fine." Sonny confessed that he had heard about Franco's attempt to contact Jason, so Sonny wondered what had happened. Jason admitted that Franco had tried to get to Jason through Carly. Sonny was frustrated, because Carly hadn't talked to Sonny about it.

Sonny couldn't believe that Carly had had the audacity to crash Jason and Sam's honeymoon, with Josslyn in tow, to warn Jason about Franco. Sonny's temper flared when Jason revealed that Carly had tagged along with Shawn, who had intended to warn Jason about Franco. Sonny pointed out that Sonny was the head of the crime organization, so it had been wrong of Shawn to go to Jason. Sonny suspected that Shawn had simply hoped to score points with Carly.

Jason defended Shawn, and then reminded Sonny that Shawn had been dependable during Jason's absence by helping Sonny hide the uncut hydrocodone that had been planted in the warehouse. Sonny conceded that he'd had a rough patch, but things were better. Sonny assured Jason that Jason's "clean up services" were not needed, because Michael was successfully running the coffee warehouse, Kristina had gone to Yale, Morgan doing well in military school, and Dante and Lulu had become engaged. Jason was curious how Sonny was doing. Sonny admitted that Kate had been a "godsend."

Sonny had no idea where his relationship with Kate was headed. "Maybe somewhere good, like you and Sam," Sonny suggested. Jason's expression became guarded, but Sonny didn't notice. After Sonny left, Jason returned to reading the pamphlet on rape.

In Liz's hospital room, Steve watched his sister as Liz rested. Ethan entered the room, with a bouquet of flowers in his arms. Ethan was curious how Liz was doing, so Steve admitted that Liz was remarkably well, given the circumstances. Ethan wondered why Lisa had targeted Liz. Steve explained that Liz had simply gotten in the way. Ethan was curious if Steve had seen Lisa before Lisa had died.

"Before she was murdered," Matt clarified as Matt entered Liz's hospital room. Matt revealed that Liz hadn't been the only person to end up in the water on that fateful night; Lisa had been killed by blunt force trauma to the head, and then had been dumped into the water. Ethan questioned how Liz had managed to swim to shore, if Lisa had chloroformed Liz before pushing Liz into the water. Matt told Ethan about Liz's "savior." Ethan noticed that Matt seemed skeptical about the story, so Matt explained that a traumatized mind could manifest a happy event to replace a near-death experience.

Ethan imagined that everyone was relieved that Lisa no longer posed a threat to anyone; however, he was curious if there were any suspects in the case. Matt revealed that the passengers on the boat were under suspicion, except Liz. Liz stirred in bed, so Matt went to check on her. Matt was happy that Liz appeared to be doing better, but Steve warned Ethan not to tire Liz out with a long visit. After Matt and Steve left, Ethan wondered if he could get Liz anything. Liz was concerned about her sons, so Ethan assured her that the boys were with relatives.

"But not their dad," Liz noted. Ethan reminded Liz that Lucky was trying to honor Lucky's dead wife's last request, as any man would. Liz was amazed that Siobhan had managed to manipulate Lucky from the grave, but Ethan didn't think that Liz should worry about that. He pointed out that she should be happy that Cam and Aiden were fine. Liz smiled, and then relaxed as Ethan suggested that she focus on her recovery. He suspected that Liz didn't realize how close she had been to "checking out." "I do, I do. I know I would be dead if it weren't for him," Liz replied.

Ethan was curious about the mysterious stranger who had rescued Liz, so Liz assured Ethan that she hadn't imagined the man. Ethan promised that he wasn't as quick to discount what she had said as others had been. Ethan realized that mystery abounded on Spoon Island, because he had been spending time there. Liz wondered why Ethan had been hanging out at Wyndemere, so Ethan reminded her of the Spencer/Cassadine history.

The conversation then drifted to the topic of Laura. Liz confessed that she had always respected Laura, and that she had loved Laura with all of her heart. Liz admitted that it had been difficult to see Laura completely unresponsive for years, while rocking in a chair. Ethan wondered if Laura had been different after she had woken up from the catatonic state. Liz confided that Laura hadn't been radiant, as she had once been, and that it had seemed like Laura had been to places, and seen things, that no one else could understand. Liz revealed that she had never mentioned it to others, but she had sensed that there were times that Laura wouldn't have minded "being back there."

Ethan pointed out that ultimately, that was what had happened. Liz chuckled as she pointed out that Laura was happy, and well, living in Paris. Ethan explained that he had been told that the balance of Laura's mind was delicate. "Always," Liz conceded. She revealed that it was the reason that Laura's family was so protective of Laura. Ethan hoped to meet Laura one day, so Liz advised him to fly to Paris.

However, Liz warned Ethan to stay away from Wyndemere, because it was not a healthy place to be around. Liz reminded him that her best friend, Emily, had been killed at Wyndemere, and that Liz had cheated on Lucky with Nikolas in the castle. According to Liz, some places were magnets to darkness and loss.

In the hallway, Matt was curious if they had gotten the test results back from Liz's x-rays. "No," Steve replied. Matt decided to run more tests on Liz, but Steve insisted that it wasn't necessary. Steve resented the implication that he didn't know what he was doing. Matt pointed out that Steve had had a lot on his mind lately, so it hadn't been meant as an insult. Steve acknowledged that he had been preoccupied with some things that were going on with Olivia.

At the Webber residence, Lulu talked to Aiden about how it was difficult to watch someone leave, not knowing if they would be back. She realized that Aiden knew what it was like, because Lucky had left. Moments later, there was a knock at the door. Lulu was stunned to discover her father standing on Liz's doorstep. Luke realized, by Lulu's reaction, that she hadn't known that he had been in town. Lulu was shocked when Luke revealed that Lucky, Ethan, and Tracy had known about Luke's return.

Luke explained that their family had advised Luke to stay away from Lulu. "Typical," Lulu grumbled. She angrily tried to send Luke on his "merry way," but then demanded to know why he was there. Lulu pointed out that Liz was in the hospital, with pneumonia, and that it was clear that he had not dropped by to visit with Lulu. Luke confessed that he had stopped by to meet his grandson, Aiden.

Lulu was hostile as she barked that Aiden was not an exhibit. She was curious why Luke had sought out Lucky and Ethan, but not her. Luke explained that everyone had thought that it would be for the best, but Lulu argued that Luke had owed her "face time," because she had been the only person in the family who hadn't given up on him. Lulu couldn't understand how he could have ignored her, but Luke insisted that he had been under the impression that she had gotten on with her life. Lulu felt betrayed and hurt, but Luke didn't understand why, since she had a new family whom she could count on. Lulu had no idea what Luke was talking about.

Luke ignored the remark, as he demanded to know why Lulu had gone to the Cassadine compound in Greece to look for him. Lulu was stunned to realize that Luke had been on the premises after all. She wondered if Luke had enjoyed knowing that she had pretended to be a cocktail waitress at a brothel, while searching for him to make peace with her father. Lulu revealed that she had quit her job and bought the Haunted Star, in an effort to give Luke incentive to return home, so that they could be partners. Luke revealed that he had quit drinking, but Lulu scoffed, so Luke reminded her that he was there to meet his grandson.

Lulu pointed out that he had seen Aiden, so Luke was free to go to the nearest bar to get drunk. Luke envied Lulu for being so sure of who she was. Lulu argued that Luke was "insanely messed up, not complex." Luke acknowledged that he had made a mistake by staying away from Lulu, but he had thought that it had been for the best. He assured her that if he had known that she was at Liz's house, he would not have stopped by. "Great. You really know how to make me feel better," Lulu replied bitterly.

Luke was frustrated by Lulu's constant fear of abandonment, because it always stood between them. According to Luke, it was a weakness that Helena had seen in Lulu, and exploited. Lulu wondered what that meant, so Luke explained, "Men leave. That's your biggest fear Lulu." Luke accused Lulu of being terrified that Dante would leave her, but Lulu countered that she had accepted that Luke didn't "give a damn" about her, and that Luke would never change. Moments later, Cam called to ask Lulu to drop off his inhaler at his friend's house, where Cam was spending the night.

Luke offered to take it to Cam, but Lulu insisted that Luke stay with Aiden, since Aiden was the reason that Luke had stopped by.

In Ireland, Lucky sat in the churchyard reading the message, "Go home Daddy. Aiden." Lucky wondered what Jake was trying to tell him, but he didn't receive an answer. Frustrated, Lucky yelled that he didn't know what "they" wanted from him. Lucky insisted that he needed more information than he had been given. Lucky sensed a presence behind him, so he turned. He was startled when he saw the red knit cap on the fence of the churchyard.

Angry, Lucky kicked at the stones until the message disappeared. Moments later, Lucky woke up from his dream. He spotted the red knit cap on the wall, where the well was, and then looked down on the ground. The message read, "Go home Daddy. Aiden sick. Hurry." Rattled, Lucky called Liz's house, but the answering machine picked up. Lucky started to leave a frantic message, but Luke heard his son on the answering machine, so Luke answered the call.

Luke demanded to know what was wrong, but Lucky explained that he didn't have time to get into it. Lucky wondered where Liz was, so Luke explained that she was in the hospital with pneumonia. Lucky revealed that he needed Luke to do something, without asking any questions. "Okay, what is it?" Luke replied. Lucky instructed Luke to take Aiden to the hospital. Luke assured Lucky that nothing was wrong with Aiden, except that Aiden had a bruise on his arm, but Lucky insisted that Luke get medical attention for Aiden.

Lucky then asked if Luke had been drinking. Luke reminded Lucky that he had quit drinking, so Lucky revealed that there was an extra car seat in the house, and then urged Luke to get to the hospital quickly, but not to speed, or drive recklessly. After Lucky ended the call, he returned to the inn to pack his belongings. Mrs. MacInerny heard the commotion in Lucky's room, so she stopped by to see what was going on. Lucky explained that he had received a message, and that he needed to return home, so that he didn't lose another son.

After Lucky left, Mrs. MacInerny went to the churchyard to talk to her husband, Jamie. She realized that she shouldn't question, or need validation, that they still belonged to each other, because she knew it in her heart. Her eyes filled with tears as she noticed that Lucky had left some of Siobhan's things in the well, so she gathered them up with the intention of sending them to Lucky. The wind picked up as Mrs. MacInerny admitted that she had been alone too long. She sensed something behind her, so she turned to see a message written on the ground. She welled up with tears as she read "Still yours," written in stone. "Here and beyond," she replied to her beloved Jamie.

On the plane, Lucky noticed a bruise on his arm. He turned to see a cart filled with alcohol, while he waited for the plane to take off.

Meanwhile, Luke put the car seat in the back of his car, and then strapped Aiden in. Aiden had a bruise on the same arm, and in the same place, as Lucky had. It amazed Luke how much Aiden looked like Lucky. He then admitted to his grandson that kids and cars were not his favorite combination. Moments later, Luke got behind the wheel of the car, and then drove away.

At Wyndemere, a barefoot man approached Laura's portrait, and then stared at it for a while. Later, Ethan returned to visit Laura's portrait. Ethan confessed that Laura looked good, and that it hadn't been cheap to restore the painting to its former glory. Ethan decided that it had been worth every penny. He promised to see her on the way out, and then explained that he was off to find Liz's mystery man. Moments later, Ethan noticed wet footprints on the ground leading to the portrait.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

At Wyndemere, Ethan studied the wet footprints on the floor leading to Laura's portrait. He was fairly certain that he was not dealing with a ghost. Ethan spoke to Laura's portrait, as he theorized aloud. He recalled that Helena had been looking for something at Wyndemere, but she hadn't found it. Ethan wondered if perhaps Helena had arrived with someone, who had been left behind. Ethan was confident that whomever the footprints belong to, hadn't gotten far, because the footprints were still wet.

"It's a mystery to be solved," Ethan concluded. "You loved a good mystery, didn't you? When you were whole and well. Or is it just that you loved Luke that much?" Ethan asked Laura's portrait. Ethan admitted that perhaps that was the biggest mystery of all. He then began to talk about Holly, and what little his mother had told him of his father. Ethan revealed that he hadn't arrived in Port Charles looking for a father, but rather an opportunity to learn the art of the con from the master.

Ethan confessed that learning about Luke and Laura's great love had been a big surprise for him. Ethan knew that Laura had recognized Luke's demons, and that she had stood by, loving Luke, while they had devoured Luke. Ethan vowed that, if he were to find someone like Laura, he would not be his father's son by not fighting for love, and chasing it away. Something in the tunnel entrance caught Ethan's attention, but he casually strolled over to the sidebar, and then poured himself a drink. Ethan toasted to Laura, as he explained that he saw what was happening to the Spencer legacy.

According to Ethan, all of the Spencers were scattered, and failing miserably at finding happiness. Ethan slowly made his way to the tunnel entrance, while talking to the portrait, and then suddenly reached inside the tunnel to grab something. Ethan quickly pulled back his hand, which had been injured as the door swung shut. Ethan pushed it back open, and then went to investigate.

A short time later, Ethan returned empty-handed. "It ran fast and furious," Ethan revealed to Laura's portrait. Ethan wondered if a homeless person, man, or the hero who had saved Liz from a watery grave had left the wet footprints on the floor. He speculated that there might also be a possibility that there were more than one person present in the castle. Ethan sat down on the sofa to contemplate the mystery, while someone stood outside, watching him.

Ethan wondered why he felt compelled to unravel the mystery on Spoon Island. He suspected that it might have been Laura's way of welcoming him to the family. Ethan blew out the candles, and then left. Moments later, a woman with long blonde hair and a flowing white gown walked out of the tunnels. She was barefoot as she carried a lantern to stand in front of Laura's portrait. The woman bore a striking resemblance to Laura from the back.

In Luke's car, Luke tried to reassure Aiden as he drove his crying grandson to the hospital. Luke was startled when Luke's conscience suddenly appeared in the backseat of the car, and then questioned if Luke were doing the right thing by driving with Aiden. Luke warned his conscience that he didn't have time for soul-searching, so he instructed his conscience to "beat it." Luke's conscience ignored Luke, as he asked what Lucky had been thinking to ask Luke to take Aiden to the hospital. Luke's conscience reminded Luke of the bottle of scotch that Luke had cracked open at the Haunted Star earlier that evening. Luke's conscience admitted that he had looked away, so he was curious if Luke had taken a drink.

Luke ignored the question, so Luke's conscience noted that Luke had passed the spot where Jake had been killed. Luke's conscience reminded Luke that it wasn't too late to turn around, but Luke kept on driving, and then turned the radio up to drown out his conscience's voice. Luke's conscience persisted by hinting that the date held special significance to Luke. Luke suddenly recalled that it was the wedding anniversary of his marriage to Laura. "Bull's-eye," Luke's conscience replied, and then consoled Luke with the suggestion that perhaps Laura had forgotten. Luke doubted it; he explained that Laura remembered everything.

Luke's conscience agreed that it had been for the best not to tell Laura that Luke had killed Jake, because of her delicate frame of mind. Luke argued that anyone could have killed Jake on that fateful night, and then insisted that the alcohol had not played a role in the tragedy. Luke's conscience wondered, if that were true, why Luke had decided to get off of the "sauce." Luke explained that he had been making a point to the "intervention lynch mob," so his conscience asked about the twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. Luke refused to repeat them, so Luke's conscience started with the first step, which was to, "admit you're powerless over your addiction, and that your life has become unmanageable." Luke's conscience announced that Luke had received a new grandchild for acknowledging that step.

Luke's conscience wondered if Luke thought that acknowledging the twelve steps was a weakness, or Luke's lack of faith in God. Luke preferred to leave God out of it, so his conscience moved on to the next step, which was to make a list of people whom Luke had hurt, and then make amends. Luke insisted that only one person mattered: Jake. Luke insisted that he could never make it up to Jake for taking Jake's life. Luke's conscience argued that there had been other people who had been hurt by Luke, and that Luke's attempts to make amends to them had been weak and insincere. Luke's conscience reminded Luke that Luke had intentionally lied about entering rehab, and then he had divorced Tracy.

Luke's conscience confessed that he had looked away during Luke's decision to divorce Tracy, so he wondered if Luke had actually gone through with it. Luke ignored the question, so Luke's conscience moved on to Aiden. Luke's conscience wondered if perhaps Lucky had been testing Luke by putting Aiden in Luke's care. Luke assured his conscience that it had been an act of desperation on Lucky's part, so Luke's conscience mentioned the time that Luke had shown up at Lucky's door with the AA schedule. Luke confessed that it had been a gesture, and a nod, to the way that Lucky had handled his own addiction. Luke reminded his conscience that he had dried out, and then had sat through several meetings.

"For two weeks," Luke's conscience argued. Luke's conscience wondered if it would have been some kind of vindication to Luke if Lucky had failed at his sobriety. Luke was adamant that it wouldn't have been, but Luke refused to be a hypocrite by admitting to being sick when he wasn't. "Fair enough," Luke's conscience conceded, and then moved on to the next step, which was to make direct amends to people whenever possible, except when it might cause harm or injury to others. Luke's conscious doubted that Lucky needed to make amends. Luke agreed; according to Luke, Lucky was a fine man who had made his father proud.

Luke's conscience then addressed the step dealing with spiritual awakening, and contact with God through prayer and meditation. Luke laughed, and then explained that there wasn't "a man behind the curtain." His laughter died when Luke appeared to hit something in the road. Luke's conscience wondered if it had been a pothole or a "four-year-old." Luke ordered his conscience to be quiet, because Luke was tense enough. Luke then demanded to know what his conscience's purpose was.

Luke's conscience explained that he was simply holding up the mirror for Luke to see. Luke's conscience reminded Luke of all of his wrongs, from raping Laura to abandoning the Spencer children. Luke's conscience accused Luke of punishing the children for trying to help to get Luke sober, and for driving Laura over the edge. Luke refused to take responsibility for Laura's mental illness, so Luke's conscience switched gears by demanding to know why Luke had gone to Liz's house. Luke explained that he had wanted to see his grandson.

Luke's conscience then started to complain about Luke's driving. He accused Luke of not paying attention to the road, and then questioned if Luke had drank the scotch. Luke yelled at his conscience to "shut up." Luke's conscience warned Luke that he couldn't fix Luke's mistakes, but the argument ceased abruptly when Luke screamed as headlights suddenly appeared in his path.

At Liz's house, Lulu was frantic when she realized that Luke and Aiden were not there. She called Ethan, but reached his voicemail. Lulu explained that she had left Luke alone with Aiden for a short time, but they had been gone when she had returned to Liz's house. Lulu asked Ethan to call her if he saw Luke, so that she could fetch Aiden. Afterwards, Lulu called Lucky, but reached his voicemail, so she ended the call without leaving a message. Moments later, Tracy stopped by, looking for Luke.

Lulu quickly filled Tracy in on what had happened, so Tracy suggested that Luke might have been trying to get attention. Lulu blamed herself for what had happened, because she had yelled at Luke for leaving town, and for drinking. Tracy was curious if Luke had been drinking, so Lulu admitted that Luke had denied it. However, Lulu confessed that she didn't trust her father. Tracy decided to call the Haunted Star to see if Luke had gone there, but stopped when Lulu noticed that there was a message on the answering machine.

Lulu and Tracy listened to Lucky's message, and then decided to check to see if the extra car seat was in the house. Lulu felt terrible, because she hadn't stayed with Aiden, but Tracy realized that Luke might have taken Aiden to the hospital. Lulu and Tracy rushed to the hospital, but the nurse revealed that there wasn't a record of Aiden Spencer being admitted. Lulu and Tracy turned to leave, but stopped short when they spotted a somber-faced Luke. They demanded to know what Luke had done to Aiden, and where Aiden was.

On the plane, Lucky was anxious to get home. He chastised himself for giving in to his fears, but he realized that he couldn't second-guess himself. Lucky admitted that he had nothing else to believe in, not even himself. Despite his fears, Lucky fell asleep. Moments later, he dreamed of Siobhan. Lucky glanced at his sleeping form in the window seat, so he realized that he was asleep on the plane.

Siobhan and Lucky sat down in nearby seats as Lucky explained that he had wanted to thank Siobhan for warning him about Aiden. Lucky then asked Siobhan why she had written the letter. Siobhan revealed that the McKennas had "a thing with death," so she'd had a feeling that her time had been at an end. Lucky admitted that he had expected her to send him a message, because her letter had indicated that he would get one last message from someone he had loved. Siobhan chuckled as she pointed out that he had merely assumed that she had meant herself.

Lucky questioned if it were real, or just in his head. Siobhan smiled indulgently as she explained that the head, heart, and soul were all connected. She pointed out that he wouldn't have been having the dream, if he didn't believe that a higher power were at work. Siobhan admitted that he had been fighting himself so hard, that she had to reach out to him. Lucky questioned God's will, but Siobhan insisted that she had died for a reason. Lucky didn't know what it was, but Siobhan argued that he did, in his heart; however, she couldn't give him all of the answers.

Lucky and Siobhan then talked about Jake, and Jake's gift of life. Lucky felt as if it were a "full-circle" moment. He had no idea if Aiden were even sick, so he questioned why he had risked Aiden's life by putting his son in a car with Luke. Lucky explained that Luke had set a new standard for self-destructive behavior. Siobhan admitted that it sounded familiar, so Lucky conceded that he might be more like his father than he cared to admit. Lucky revealed that a part of him was tempted to finish what he had started by burning down the Spencer family home, popping pills, and ripping Liz's heart out.

Siobhan quietly told Lucky that Liz was still in love with Lucky. Lucky wondered what better way to prove that he was a true Spencer, and his father's son, than to set one more tragedy into motion, by asking Luke to drive Aiden to the hospital. Lucky was curious if Siobhan knew how things would turn out. "Hardly," she replied. Siobhan studied the red knit cap in her hands, and then commented that it appeared as if it had been put through the mill, like his faith. Lucky revealed that he doubted that he had any left.

Siobhan reminded Lucky that he'd once had faith. Lucky agreed, but he had lost it over the years. Siobhan explained that faith never went away; it was tested. Lucky was curious if he were being tested by being pushed to see how much he could lose. Siobhan insisted that, whether prayers were answered or not, or people betrayed others, people needed to pray, and then pass it along. According to Siobhan, each new leap of faith made a person fuller. Siobhan warned Lucky that his heart was shrinking to nothing, but Lucky argued that it didn't make any sense to him.

Siobhan wondered who had told him that it had to make sense. Lucky worried that he had wrongly put his trust in Luke to keep Aiden safe, so Siobhan suggested that it was a sign that Lucky still had faith. Lucky was curious what would happen if the warnings about Aiden were true. Siobhan smiled, and then informed Lucky that he would have to stop making wisecracks about her ancestors. Lucky smiled, but then sobered as he confessed that he was tired of feeling the way that he did.

Siobhan assured him that the answer was right in front of him, in his children's faces. Lucky insisted that he would miss Siobhan. Siobhan was glad; it was part of the reason that she had contacted him. She warned him that she couldn't hold his hand, because the rest of the story was his to tell. Lucky had no idea what that meant, but Siobhan assured him that he eventually would. Siobhan then revealed that she had to go back, but she asked Lucky not to forget her. Moments later, Lucky woke up.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

At the Metro Court Restaurant, Olivia spotted Kate seated at a table. Olivia warned "Connie" that the restaurant was closed. Kate asked for glass of water, and then requested that Olivia use Kate's real name. Olivia reminded Kate that Connie was the name on Kate's birth certificate. Kate rolled her eyes, and then wondered why Olivia was in a foul mood. According to Kate, Olivia liked to pick a fight with Kate when Olivia was feeling peckish.

Olivia made a sarcastic remark, prompting Kate to complain that she resented when Olivia acted like Kate was prim and proper, while Olivia was tough, every time Olivia's feelings were hurt. "Careful, Connie, your Bensonhurst is showing," Olivia replied. Olivia claimed that she simply wanted to draw out Kate's more "authentic side." Kate was curious if it were Olivia's mission in life to get Kate to regress. Olivia explained that she missed Connie, because Connie was not just Olivia's cousin, but she had also been Olivia's best friend.

Olivia insisted that Kate Howard wouldn't give someone like Olivia the time of day. Kate ignored the remark as she urged Olivia to confide to her. Olivia revealed that Steve's ex-girlfriend was in town, and that it was clear that Maggie knew something about Steve that Steve refused to tell Olivia about. Kate suggested that perhaps Olivia was sabotaging herself, because things between Olivia and Steve were getting too intense. Olivia assured Kate that she wasn't looking for excuses to bail on her relationship with Steve, but Olivia had enough self-respect not to latch on to Steve, if he wanted to be with another woman.

Kate suggested that perhaps Steve wasn't the person whom Olivia wanted. Olivia had no idea what Kate was talking about, so Kate admitted it had seemed like Olivia still had feelings for Johnny. Olivia refused to go back there, because she had accepted that she couldn't save Johnny any more than Kate could save Sonny. Kate reminded Olivia that they weren't talking about Kate and Sonny, but Olivia thought perhaps they should, before Kate ended up getting herself into trouble.

At the penthouse, Spinelli was concerned when he heard Jason yelling at Max to find Franco. After Jason ended the call, Spinelli wondered what Franco had done to make Jason so angry. Jason explained that Franco had victimized another woman, and that he had left another, more elaborate, tag. Jason showed Spinelli the snapshot of the tag that Jason had taken on the cell phone, and then demanded to know where Spinelli's laptop was. Spinelli admitted that it was at the office, because Spinelli had anticipated having to move out of the penthouse; however, Sam had explained that it wasn't necessary. Jason seemed startled by the information, but didn't comment beyond instructing Spinelli to figure out the meaning of Franco's new tag.

Sam entered the living room, so Jason waited until Spinelli had left before questioning Sam about inviting Spinelli to continue living in the penthouse. Jason worried that Sam was afraid to be alone with Jason, so he quickly assured her that she could talk to him. Sam admitted that she doubted that it would do any good, but she promised Jason that she trusted him, and that she felt safe with Jason. However, she didn't think that there was any rush for Spinelli to move out. Jason disagreed, because everything had changed. Sam was curious what he meant by that, so Jason reminded her that they were married.

Sam explained that she didn't want her life to suddenly be different. She wanted to be surrounded by the people who made her feel secure. Jason realized that Sam was looking to feel safe again. Sam assured Jason that she would get there, but Jason feared that he wasn't helping the situation. Sam knew that he was trying to help her, but his constant digging for things that weren't there was driving her crazy. Sam insisted that she didn't need that kind of stress.

Jason admitted that he didn't know what to do, so Sam explained that there was nothing to do, because he had gotten her through the worst of it. Jason gently assured Sam that asking for help was not a sign of weakness, but Sam asked him to drop it. She insisted that she didn't want to talk about what had happened in Hawaii. Jason refused to let the matter drop, so he handed her the pamphlet on sexual assault that he had picked up at the hospital. He admitted that he thought that she should get some help. Sam glanced at the pamphlet, and then warned him that she would not join a group of strangers whom she had nothing in common with.

Sam was adamant that she would deal with what had happened in Hawaii on her own. According to Sam, she didn't need to hear the horror stories of other women who had been raped, because Sam didn't remember what had happened with Franco. Sam admitted that she had imagined the worst, but she didn't have an awful, violent story to share with women who had been assaulted. Sam insisted that it would just make her feel worse if she had to listen to what other women had endured during their rapes.

Jason was startled when Sam revealed that she needed to be alone for a while. Jason was curious what that meant, so Sam assured him that she loved him. However, she could see that he was in pain, which made her want to help him. Sam explained that she couldn't help Jason until she had helped herself. Sam went to the bedroom, so Jason picked up the pamphlet, and then tore it up.

In Liz's hospital room, Matt was relieved that Liz was on the mend. Liz smiled, and then wondered when she could go home to her sons. Matt warned Liz that she would have to stay in the hospital a little longer, but he assured her that everyone was helping to take care of the boys. Liz explained that she was eager to get home, because she felt bad that the boys didn't have Lucky around to take care of them while she was in the hospital. Matt acknowledged that Liz still loved Lucky, and that it had become clear, when her fever had spiked, that she and Jason shared a connection that no one could touch. "Least of all me," Matt added.

Liz explained that she would always be connected to Jason because of Jake, and that Lucky was Cam and Aiden's father. She conceded that Lucky and Jason had been a huge part of her life. However, Liz thought that Matt was confused about his feelings for her. She pointed out that he had only kissed her because he had been drunk, she had been "in a mood," and Maxie hadn't been on the boat. Matt argued that Liz had been the only person who had truly understood what it had meant to him to have his paper published, whereas Maxie hadn't. Liz realized that Maxie could be self-centered, but she was certain that Matt had genuine feelings for Maxie.

Matt didn't disagree. He assured Liz that the one thing that he wasn't confused about was that he didn't want to lose Liz as a friend. Liz admitted that she felt the same way. Liz tried to return the bracelet that Matt had bought for Maxie's birthday, but Matt insisted that Liz keep it.

At Maxie's apartment, Maxie painted her toenails, while she waited for her facial mask to harden. Moments later, the doorbell rang. It was the florist with a delivery of long-stemmed red roses. Maxie was surprised when he explained that there hadn't been a card with the flowers. A short time later, Spinelli stopped by to check on Maxie, because Franco had resurfaced. Maxie assumed that Spinelli had sent the flowers, but he revealed that they weren't from him.

Maxie was certain that Matt hadn't sent the flowers, because he would have added a card. She recalled that Franco had sent the last bouquet of red roses. Spinelli promptly grabbed the flowers, and then threw them into a trashcan. Afterwards, he stomped on them. Moments later, Matt arrived to see if Maxie had received the red roses that he had sent to her. Maxie and Spinelli quickly explained why they had destroyed the flowers.

Spinelli tried to apologize, but Maxie insisted that Spinelli had nothing to be sorry for, because they had just been taking precautions. Spinelli left, looking shame-faced. Maxie insisted that Matt wait for her, so that she could wash off the facial mask and change clothes. A short time later, Maxie returned to the living room. Matt had managed to salvage a couple of the roses, but they were a bit wilted.

Matt explained that he had sent the flowers because he was sorry for disappointing Maxie on her birthday, but he had become sidetracked with saving Liz from a life-threatening situation. Maxie wasn't satisfied, because he had bought Liz a beautiful bracelet. Matt confessed that the gift had been intended for Maxie. Maxie wondered where it was, so Matt revealed that he had opted to give her something else. Matt assured Maxie that he had been thinking of Maxie on her birthday, and that he had planned something special to celebrate her day.

Maxie softened towards Matt. Matt admitted that they had a lot to discuss, if they intended to stay together. Maxie wondered if that were really what Matt wanted. "Yes," he assured her, but he insisted that they both needed to make an effort. Maxie was delighted when Matt agreed to be a part of her magazine spread. Maxie hugged Matt in gratitude, but Matt appeared somber as he held Maxie.

At the hospital, Lulu and Tracy questioned Luke about Aiden. Luke explained that Lucky had requested that Luke take Aiden to the hospital, but Lucky hadn't told him why. Luke admitted that he would have gotten to the hospital sooner, but he'd had car trouble. Tracy wondered what kind of car trouble, so Luke revealed that "some clown" had swerved into Luke's lane. Lulu questioned Luke's version of events, and then insisted that Luke shouldn't have been driving with Aiden. Tracy argued that it didn't matter, because the important thing was that Aiden was in the right place, if Aiden were sick.

Lulu insisted that Aiden had seemed fine when she had left the house, so she didn't understand why Lucky would think that Aiden had been sick. Luke admitted that he didn't have an answer to that, but he assured Lulu that Lucky was on his way home. Lulu thought that the story was very "convenient" for Luke. Tracy was shocked by Lulu's remark. Luke couldn't believe that Lulu had suggested that he had made the whole thing up, and used an innocent child, just to play a hero. Lulu was unapologetic, so Luke advised Lulu to talk to Lucky when Lucky arrived.

Meanwhile, Steve explained to Maggie, the new doctor on staff, that his nephew had been admitted to the hospital. Monica overheard Steve talking about Aiden, so Monica wondered what was going on. Steve revealed that Aiden had some unusual bruising, so they needed to examine the little boy. Monica suggested that they notify the police, because they couldn't rule out child abuse. Steve was stunned by Monica's comment. He insisted that his sister would never raise her hand to the children, but Monica argued that Liz had neglected the boys.

According to Monica, Liz was not the most mindful parent, because she hadn't been paying attention when Jake had been killed. Steve insisted that his sister had become distracted for a second, which happened to every parent. "Especially when you let other people take care of your kids most of the time," Monica shot back. Monica suggested that Liz had missed a medical red flag, but Steve defended his sister by pointing out that Liz was a nurse. Maggie ignored Monica's unflattering accusations to ask Steve if Aiden had recently had sore gums. Steve explained that Aiden was too young to complain about something like that, so there was no way to tell.

Monica demanded to know who Maggie was, so Maggie introduced herself. Moments later, Robin walked up, and then clarified that Maggie shouldn't be involved in Aiden's case, because Maggie had failed to fill out the proper paperwork to activate her employment with the hospital. Maggie argued that Aiden's treatment shouldn't be delayed because of a technicality. Monica accused Maggie of being melodramatic, and then reminded everyone that Aiden was asymptomatic. Monica insisted that the police should be called, but Robin argued that Monica was not objective.

Maggie suggested that there wouldn't be any harm in examining Aiden, but Robin feared that the hospital might face a lawsuit. Maggie kept pushing, until Robin finally relented. Monica was stunned that Robin had let Maggie walk all over Robin. Robin dismissed Monica's concerns, because she knew that Monica was angry with Liz. "Sometimes I forget how much," Monica admitted as she stormed off. Robin turned to Steve for advice.

Steve assured Robin that Maggie was the best in the field. Robin sensed that she was missing something, but she didn't have time to press Steve for more answers, because Aiden was more important. Robin decided to oversee Maggie's examination, so she walked away. Later, Maggie and Robin noticed that Aiden had developed more bruises. They discussed the possibility that he might have leukemia, but Maggie suspected that it was something else.

Steve updated Luke, Tracy, and Lulu about Aiden's situation. Steve revealed that Aiden's bruises were out of the ordinary, so a specialist had been asked to examine Aiden. Lulu decided that Liz needed to know about Aiden, so she excused herself to go to Liz's hospital room. After Steve left, Luke decided to leave, too, but Tracy stopped him. Tracy was curious if Luke wanted a drink, "or five." Luke just looked at Tracy, so she conceded that she knew that he was sober. She then questioned why Luke had been at Liz's house.

Luke confessed that he hadn't known that Lulu would be there; he had gone to see his grandson, to see if there were any hope for the future of the Spencers. Tracy wondered if a part of Luke had been looking for hope for himself. Luke smiled, and then admitted that he had given up on that. Tracy reminded Luke that Aiden was Luke's flesh and blood. Luke was curious if that were the reason that she had pushed him so hard to see Aiden, or if she had been hoping to give Luke incentive to stay in town. Tracy insisted that she had thought that Luke should know that he had a grandson.

Luke suspected that Tracy had been hoping that Luke would have some sort of epiphany. "Stop it," Tracy ordered. She informed him that he was not beyond redemption, and then questioned why he had returned to Port Charles. Luke complained that Tracy, and the children, had been putting all kinds of expectations on him. Tracy realized that Luke couldn't live up to his own legend, but Luke argued that it had died with Jake, "In spectacular fashion."

Tracy explained that she had loved Luke for a reason, and that she knew him in ways that he refused to know himself. She suggested that if he wanted to fall into the bottle, leave her, and turn his back on his family then she would not stop him. However, she wanted him to remember that he had seen Aiden, because he cared about his grandson, not because anyone had pushed Luke to visit the child. Moments later, Robin returned to the waiting area. Robin revealed that Aiden had been presenting with more bruising, and that they were running tests on the child. Robin revealed that Luke might have saved Aiden's life by rushing the little boy to the hospital.

Elsewhere, Steve spotted Maggie, so he called out to her. He realized that Maggie knew what was wrong with his nephew. Maggie nodded, but she wanted to wait for the test results to confirm her suspicions. Steve promised to have the results to her by the morning, but Maggie advised Steve to put a rush on the tests, because they didn't have any time to waste.

In Liz's hospital room, Lulu gently broke the news to Liz that Aiden had been admitted to the hospital. Liz initially thought that Lucky had been feeling guilty about not being with the boys, so he had raised a false alarm about Aiden. Lulu assured Liz that something was wrong with Aiden, so Liz decided to check on her son for herself. Liz started to get out of bed, but Lulu tried to stop her. Monica heard the commotion from the hallway, so she entered the hospital room to find out what was going on. Liz explained the situation, and then pleaded with Monica, as a mother, to understand that Liz needed to be with Aiden.

Monica coldly informed Liz not to play the mother card with her. Liz was stunned, and then realized that Monica still harbored anger over Jake's death. Monica didn't deny it, and then insisted that she would not allow Liz to use the grief over losing Jake to "latch onto a married man." "How dare you!" Liz replied. Liz assured Monica that Liz would grieve the loss of Jake every day of her life, something that Liz thought that Monica would understand. Monica was unmoved as she suggested that it hadn't been the first time that Liz had been a victim for Jason.

Liz reminded Monica that it had been the fever talking, but Monica argued that Jason was married to Sam. "Don't get in the way," Monica warned Liz.

Later, Liz slowly made her way to the examination bay, where Aiden rested in a crib. Lulu helped Liz, who was still hooked up to an I.V. In the examination bay, Liz stroked her son's back as she tearfully promised Aiden that his father was on his way home. Liz promised Aiden that everything would be okay, because she would make sure of it.

Lulu left the cubicle, and then saw Monica standing near the nurses' station. Monica realized that she owed Liz an apology. Lulu reminded Monica that Monica had also lost Jake. "There's a couple that I lost," Monica conceded. Monica sadly confided that during Jason's recent brain surgery, she had been hoping that Jason would return to her, as he had been prior to the accident with AJ.

Friday, November 18, 2011

As Molly and Alexis discussed Thanksgiving, Alexis admonished her youngest not to manipulate Mac and Alexis into another matchmaking scheme. Alexis and Molly made plans to visit Kristina. Sonny walked in and announced he was there to cash in on the favor Alexis owed him.

He asked her, again, to represent him, and she refused. Alexis asked if Sonny had been involved in Lisa's body's appearance at his warehouse. He replied that he hadn't but that the police would question him, and he needed the best attorney, since Diane was not available to him.

Sonny told Alexis that it would be best if Kristina did not find out how she had gotten into Yale. Ethan walked up and asked how she had. Alexis jumped in and said they didn't want their daughter to know that Alexis was on retainer.

Sonny left, and Ethan asked Alexis if anyone was staying at Wyndemere. Ethan worried that Lulu was afraid she'd end up like her mother. He pumped Alexis for information on Helena, but he assured her that Helena was not in Port Charles. Ethan said he felt as if someone else had been at the house when he returned the restored painting.

He also let Alexis know that a strong male stranger had taken Liz to the mansion after she'd washed up on Spoon Island. "Someone else is there," Ethan proclaimed. He offered to look after the place for Alexis. After he left, Molly asked about a page that had been ripped out of Stefan's book of poetry.

At Wyndemere, a mysterious woman started a fire and sat to look at the painting of Laura.

Michael asked why Carly had invited Shawn to Thanksgiving dinner. Michael expressed his disapproval. She replied that her relationship with Shawn was none of Michael's business. Carly let him know that Franco had been taunting the family again.

Michael said that he was ashamed of Carly. She told Michael he should be grateful to Shawn, as Shawn had covered for Michael. Dante overheard Carly's statement as he walked into the warehouse and asked her to explain. Carly asked Dante to lay off the investigation.

After Dante had left, Sonny showed up, and Michael told him Carly would be hosting Thanksgiving. Michael mentioned that Shawn had been invited, which prompted Sonny to tease her about seeing Shawn while still married to Jax. Carly threw the charge back at Sonny, and asked whether he'd mentioned to Kate that he was still married to Brenda. Carly left.

Michael urged Sonny to ignore Carly's concerns about Kate and asked if Michael and Abby could spend the holiday with him. Sonny regretted to announce that he would not be in Port Charles for Thanksgiving.

Steve berated Maggie for her penchant for breaking the rules. She challenged him to use his influence to prioritize Aiden's lab tests, but Steve refused. Maggie hatched a plan and wandered off, leaving behind a vexed Steve. Robin told Steve she didn't think that hiring Maggie had been a wise decision. Epiphany explained to Robin that Patrick's patient was ready for surgery, but Patrick was nowhere to be found. Robin called and left him a message.

Tracy told Luke he'd done a good thing and that, for once, he should stick around to see how things would turn out. After Tracy walked away, Maggie approached Luke and asked if he was a gambling man. She convinced him to fake a heart attack to distract Steve. A while later, Luke began to gasp for air. Lulu walked in as Steve tended to her father.

Tracy announced that Luke's episode was bogus and that he'd done it to create a diversion. Lulu yelled at Luke for his thoughtlessness. Maggie returned and announced that she'd done the lab work herself. Aiden had a blood condition that meant he could bleed to death and would need a transfusion. Luke and Lulu both offered, but Lulu made it clear that Luke shouldn't. Luke perceived that his daughter was insinuating that his blood alcohol lever might be high.

Anthony worried that the police might be able to connect him to Lisa's return or Dante's shooting. Johnny warned his old man to be careful, as Anthony had scared off the one cop on the force they had been able to count on to turn a blind eye. Anthony was pleased that they still had Steve under their thumb.

Patrick burst in and threatened Anthony and demanded to know why Anthony had manipulated Lisa into giving Anthony power of attorney. Anthony suggested that Patrick might have been feeling guilt for his own part in Lisa's meltdown. Anthony taunted Patrick, who physically assaulted him. Johnny rushed in and broke them apart, stating that if it would be anyone, Johnny would be the one to strangle his father.

Dante walked in, and Patrick demanded that Anthony be arrested for having unleashed Lisa on the city. Dante replied that he had no grounds to make an arrest, so Patrick stormed out. Anthony exited, which left Dante to question Johnny about the girls at Vaughn's who'd been roughed up. Johnny said he'd hired extra security and suggested that Dante should keep an eye on Olivia. Dante pointed out that Johnny was at the top of the suspect list in the shooting.

Patrick returned and told Robin that Anthony had been responsible for having revived Lisa and that Anthony had done it to pay Patrick back for having prevented him from killing Jason. Robin hoped that Patrick's confrontation with Anthony wouldn't make things worse.

Dante got a call that let him know the murder weapon had been found. Lisa had been killed with a wrench. Separately, Steve and Maggie each read the "Dead In the Water" headline in the Port Charles Press. Both looked overly concerned.

Olivia and Kate dined together. Olivia insinuated that Sonny was chasing after Kate in order to avoid feeling the pain of his breakup with Brenda. Kate told her cousin that Sonny and she would never have gotten together if Olivia hadn't dumped him. Kate criticized herself for not having been loyal to her cousin.

Olivia lamented that Sonny and Dante could not seem to bond the way a father and son should. Kate snidely told Olivia that Olivia shouldn't have hidden the two from each other for so many years, but she apologized and took responsibility for the things she'd done that had impacted Olivia, Sonny, and Dante.

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