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January 4 to 8, 2010
Franco kidnapped Sam and Carly. Sam was imprisoned in a soundproof glass enclosure with a bomb wired to it. Franco's plans for Carly changed after he heard that Jason had been arrested for Claudia's murder. Lucky and Jason had planned the ruse in the hopes of throwing Franco off balance. Jason was able to slip out of the police station in time to rescue Carly. Jax decided that it would be best if Carly and the kids flew with him to Australia until Franco was apprehended. Franco decided to snatch Maxie, but his plans went awry when he found Lulu working alone at Crimson. Franco settled for taking Lulu. Franco spirited Lulu to an undisclosed location where he secured her to a chair with a bomb attached to it. Dominic discovered Franco's schematics for a bomb. Jason and Dominic realized that Franco intended to use bombs in his plans to force Jason to choose. Lucky overheard Nikolas declare his love for Elizabeth. Lucky felt betrayed by his brother. Lucky assumed that Elizabeth did not return Nikolas' feelings. Elizabeth tried to downplay what Nikolas felt for her. Michael admitted that he was haunted by Claudia's death. Michael tearfully told his mother that he had not meant to kill Claudia. Lisa was surprised to learn that Robin had once been involved with Jason. Lisa seemed to take every opportunity to manipulate Robin and Patrick by planting doubts about each other in their minds. As the seconds ticked down, Jason and Dominic arrived at the warehouses where Sam and Lulu were being held. Both women realized that they were out of time.
January 11 to 15, 2010
As the seconds ticked down, Jason and Dante raced to rescue Sam and Lulu. Jason and Sam discovered that the bomb that Franco had planted in the warehouse with Sam was not real; however, Lulu was not so fortunate. The bomb on Bristol Street detonated, destroying the warehouse. Franco managed to slip out of town before Jason or the police caught up to him. The police found a body in the bombed-out warehouse; it was later identified as Claudia. Sonny decided that Franco would make a perfect scapegoat for Claudia's murder. Michael remained haunted by what he had done to Claudia. Lulu and Dante managed to escape unscathed. Lucky struggled to deal with Nikolas' declaration of love for Elizabeth. Lulu blamed Elizabeth for the situation between Lucky and Nikolas. Steve advised Elizabeth to tell Lucky the truth. Lucky was stunned when he spied Nikolas and Elizabeth in an intimate moment. Dante was livid when he realized that Johnny knew that he was an undercover cop. Dante demanded to know why Olivia had allowed her son to walk into the "lion's den" without so much as a warning. Olivia claimed that she had been stuck in the middle between people whom she loved. Lisa appeared to derive pleasure from watching Robin and Patrick argue. Lisa arranged to "accidentally" fall into Patrick's arms while he helped her move some furniture. Ethan intervened when Kiefer grabbed Kristina. Ethan advised Kristina to end her relationship with Kiefer, but Kristina didn't think she could do it.
January 18 to 22, 2010
Carly asked Lulu and Jason to be Josslyn's godparents. Edward invited his great-granddaughter, Maya Ward, and Maya's half-sister, Zoe, to live at the Quartermaine mansion. Michael was livid when he learned that Sonny intended for Dominic to take over the organization when Sonny retried. Michael believed that Sonny's empire rightfully belonged to him. Ronnie was confident that they had enough evidence to arrest Sonny. Ronnie informed Dante that Sonny's arrest was imminent. Dante was uncomfortable with the idea of forcing Michael to testify against Sonny. Olivia advised Sonny to leave the country. Sonny was confident that his plan to frame Franco would solve all of his problems. Jason worried that involving Franco would force Franco to turn over the incriminating pictures of Michael to the police. Johnny suggested that Lulu could face some backlash for her role in Sonny's arrest. Dante decided it would be best to sever all ties with Lulu. Lucky told Jason that Maxie was a potential witness for the night of Claudia's murder. Maxie agreed to keep quiet about what she had seen, in order to protect Michael. Lucky turned to alcohol in an attempt to drown his sorrows. Ethan warned Lulu that Lucky was drinking. Lucky confronted Nikolas and Elizabeth about their affair. Michael learned that Dominic was an undercover police officer.
January 25 to 29, 2010
Lulu was furious when she learned that Nikolas and Elizabeth had an affair. Lulu blasted Elizabeth in front of Elizabeth's co-workers. Elizabeth said nothing as Lulu hurled insults and accusations at her. Carly advised Jason to take Jake away from Elizabeth. Jason believed that Jake was better off with Elizabeth despite Elizabeth and Lucky's breakup. Olivia tried to force Agent Rayner to pull Dante off of the investigation. Rayner allowed Olivia to believe that she had gained the upper hand, but Rayner simply moved up Sonny's arrest warrant. Johnny broke off his relationship with Olivia when he realized what Olivia had done. Johnny was certain that Olivia's primary concern had been to protect Sonny. The arrest warrant for Sonny was issued. Dante asked Ronnie to wait until after Josslyn's christening to arrest Sonny, so that Sonny's family would have one last happy memory before their lives were changed. Spinelli provided Jason and Sonny with proof that Dominic was an undercover cop. Sonny decided that Dominic needed to die. Sonny ordered Dominic to meet him at Greystone Manor. Dominic realized that Sonny was sending him into an ambush. Dominic decided to pull out his badge and then began to read Sonny the Miranda Rights. Sonny drew his gun and then shot Dante point-blank in the heart. Olivia arrived moments later. With grief-stricken eyes, Olivia told Sonny, "My God, Sonny. You just shot your own son!"
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February 1 to 5, 2010
Sonny was horrified when he realized that he had shot his own son. Dante was rushed to the hospital, where he underwent emergency surgery. Dante slowly recovered from the near fatal gunshot. Dante recalled dreaming that Sonny had claimed to be Dante's father. Lulu confirmed to Dante that it had not been a dream. Dante was furious that Olivia had lied to him all of his life. Olivia insisted that she had kept quiet about Sonny to protect her son from Sonny's lifestyle. Sonny was arrested for Claudia's murder. Sam stole the gun that Sonny had used to shoot Dante. Ronnie was certain that Sam and Jason were behind the theft of the gun. Jax admitted to Carly that he had known that Dante was an undercover cop. Carly was stunned when Jax confessed to his involvement in Dante's undercover operation against Sonny. Carly decided to pack up the children and then move in with Jason. Michael wanted to take responsibility for killing Claudia. Jax pointed out that Jason and Sonny had eliminated all of the evidence, including anything that might support Michael's account of events. Kristina, Morgan, and Molly were shocked when Michael admitted to killing Claudia. Robin was hurt when she discovered that Patrick had kept the secret about Sonny and Dante from her. Dante and Olivia lied to the police about the shooting to protect Sonny. Dante claimed that he had accidentally shot himself. Elizabeth had another meltdown at work. Nikolas ordered Elizabeth to take a leave of absence. Things turned violent when Kristina rejected Kiefer's advances.
February 8 to 12, 2010
Sonny tried to reach out to Dante. Sonny told Dante about the abuse that Adella and Sonny had suffered at the hands of Sonny's stepfather, Deke. Dante didn't think that a terrible childhood was a valid excuse for Sonny to have chosen a life of crime. Elizabeth tried to reach out to Lucky, but Lucky cruelly lashed out at her. Elizabeth's emotional state continued to deteriorate. Helena returned to Port Charles when she learned of the rift between Nikolas and Lucky. Helena announced that it was time for Nikolas to produce a true Cassadine heir. According to Helena, Spencer's bloodline was tainted because of Courtney and Sonny. Johnny paid Anthony a visit in jail. Johnny announced his intention to rebuild the Zacchara organization. Anthony warned Johnny that it would be an uphill battle. Michael tried to confess to killing Claudia, but Mac didn't believe Michael. Mac was certain that Michael was making a false statement in an attempt to help Sonny avoid prosecution. Mac offered Dante a job with the Port Charles Police Department on the condition that Dante would not compromise the force by protecting Sonny. Dante agreed to Mac's terms. Lucky discovered Elizabeth's unconscious body in an abandoned church.
February 15 to 19, 2010
Lucky rushed Elizabeth to the hospital after he found her unconscious in the chapel where they had exchanged vows as teenagers. Elizabeth, Lucky, and Nikolas were stunned when Kelly told them that Elizabeth was three months pregnant. Elizabeth contemplated suicide as she sat on the ledge of the hospital's roof. Steve, Lucky, and Nikolas decided that Elizabeth should seek inpatient treatment at Shadybrook. Helena returned to Port Charles. Helena went to Shadybrook to torment Elizabeth. Helena was confident that Elizabeth carried the "Cassadine heir." Lucky felt compelled to tell Elizabeth what he thought she needed to hear, so that she would move forward with treatment. Nikolas made his intentions clear to Lucky; Nikolas intended to ask Elizabeth to marry him. Nikolas confessed to Elizabeth that his feelings for her had not changed. Carly wanted Dante to claim that he had manufactured evidence against Sonny. Dante refused the throw away his career for Sonny. Sonny accused Olivia of cheating him out of watching his son grow up. Olivia refused to apologize for the decisions that she had made. Jason and Sam spent a romantic Valentine's Day together. Alexis was embarrassed when her daughters caught her making out with Mac on the sofa. Jax and Carly were desperate to save their marriage, but they were too stubborn to admit it. Johnny made a move against Sonny. Maxie and Lucky's cars were on a collision course.
February 22 to 26, 2010
Jason continued to view Dante as a threat to Sonny. Claire Walsh, the new federal prosecutor, arrived in Port Charles. Claire was determined to get Sonny's bail revoked. Sonny ordered Jason to devise a contingency plan, in the event that Claire succeeded with her plans. Dante was subpoenaed to testify against Sonny at Sonny's arraignment. Dante lied on the stand about who had shot him. The judge returned with a decision about Sonny's bail. Lucky and Maxie talked about Elizabeth. Lucky admitted that he had lied to give Elizabeth hope. Maxie suggested that Lucky wasn't ready to forgive Elizabeth. Nikolas let Elizabeth know that his feelings for her had not changed. Nikolas wanted to marry Elizabeth. Elizabeth was concerned about Helena's obsession with the baby. Johnny continued to plot against Sonny. Jason quickly tracked the hijacked shipment back to Johnny. Johnny was eager to enlist Ethan's help. Ethan arrived in time to back Johnny up during a shootout. Sam suggested that Ethan might be sending mixed signals. Kristina was hurt when Ethan told her that she was too young for him. Kiefer tried to work things out with Kristina. Patrick and Robin had an argument after Patrick overheard Robin trying to influence Dante's view of Sonny. Patrick appeared jealous when he heard Steve ask Lisa out. Patrick confided to Lisa that Robin kept her friendships with Sonny and Jason separate from her life with Patrick. Robin opened up to Steve about her marriage.
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MARCH 2010
March 1 to 5, 2010
Lucky intervened when he realized that Jason intended to help Sonny escape if the arraignment did not go Sonny's way. Carly interrupted the court proceedings by accusing Jax of trying to railroad Sonny. The judge ultimately ruled in Sonny's favor because Sonny had not made an attempt to leave town. Jax and Carly made love. Carly wanted Jax to know what he would be losing if he continued to work against Sonny. Carly was rattled when she found a picture of Franco among the proofs of Josslyn's christening. Carly warned Jason that Franco remained a threat. Ronnie, Dante, and Lucky were assigned to an FBI task force. The objective of the task force was to shut down organized crime in Port Charles. Lucky admitted to Elizabeth that he had not forgiven her for the affair. Elizabeth decided to schedule a paternity test, so that everyone could move forward with their lives. Helena bribed a lab technician, so that she would be the first person to see the results of the paternity test. Nikolas arranged for Lisa to secretly send a second paternity test to an independent lab for analysis. Nikolas remained hopeful that he had a future with Elizabeth. Lisa resented how Patrick changed whenever Robin was around. Robin and Patrick argued about Robin's unwavering support of Sonny. Lisa took advantage of the discord between Patrick and Robin. Sonny found Dante questioning Michael. Sonny ordered Dante out of Greystone Manor. Kristina was hurt when Ethan showed up at Kelly's with a date. Ethan insisted that Kristina was too young for him. Kristina blamed Sam for Ethan's change of heart.
March 8 to 12, 2010
Carly was furious when Sonny decided to send Michael to the island. Jason believed that it was for the best for Michael to leave Port Charles until the trial ended. Jason and Sam took Michael to the island. Jason arranged for Max and Milo to keep an eye on Michael while Jason and Sam returned home for the trial. Michael remained determined to return to Port Charles to save Sonny. Bernie arrived in time to prevent Michael's latest attempt to leave the island. Claire informed Sonny and Carly that Michael had been subpoenaed to testify in court. Sonny was tempted to trust Dante with the truth about the circumstances of Claudia's death. Carly urged Sonny to reconsider because Dante was a cop. Johnny rescued Maxie and Spinelli from a storm drain. Robin was concerned that Maxie might develop pneumonia, which could be life-threatening for someone with an organ transplant. Spinelli was overwhelmed by guilt for endangering Maxie. Patrick began to question Lisa's intentions after an awkward encounter in the locker room. Patrick's suspicions grew when he found himself stuck in an elevator with Lisa. Lisa insisted that Patrick was overreacting. Kristina continued to pursue Ethan, but Ethan rejected all of Kristina's advances. Kiefer laid in wait for Kristina until he found her alone in the house. Kiefer turned violent when he confronted Kristina in a jealous rage.
March 15 to 19, 2010
Kiefer brutally beat up Kristina at the lake house. Meanwhile Sam had confronted Ethan at the Haunted Star about a bruise that she had discovered on Kristina's arm. Ethan went to the lake house to straighten things out with Kristina; he was stunned when he found Kristina crumpled on the floor. Ethan scooped up Kristina and then raced her to the hospital. Lucky questioned Kristina about the assault; she claimed that Ethan had attacked her. Lucky was forced to arrest Ethan, who insisted that he was innocent. Sonny ordered Jason to kill Ethan. Johnny urged Jason to proceed with caution because Kristina might have lied. Jason realized that Kristina's story had some inconsistencies. Kristina begged Sonny not to kill Ethan. Alexis was surprised when Kristina refused to press charges against Ethan. Ethan went to the lake house to find out why Kristina had falsely accused him. Helena received the results of the paternity test, which confirmed that Lucky was the father of Elizabeth's baby. Helena ordered the lab technician to change the results of the test to show that Nikolas was the father. Helena intended to raise the baby as a Cassadine who would one day destroy the Spencers. Lisa, Alice, and Coleman were selected as jurors for Sonny's trial. Maxie's health continued to decline.
March 22 to 26, 2010
Maxie's health continued to decline. Robin warned Lulu that Maxie could die. Maxie was thrilled by a visit from Georgie until she realized that Georgie was there to help Maxie cross over. Patrick planned a surprise picnic in the park for Robin. Carly went to the island to tell Michael about Kristina's attack. Michael suspected that Kiefer had beaten up Kristina. Michael wanted to return to Port Charles to be with his sister. Ethan went to the lake house to plead with Kristina to tell the truth. Sam called the police to report that Ethan had violated the restraining order. Luke tried to appeal to Sonny as a father to spare Ethan's life. Sonny agreed to allow the courts to deal with Ethan. Lulu told Ethan that their father had once raped her mother. Lucky helped Ethan understand that Luke was more than a sum total of one night. Jason talked to Lucky about the discrepancy in Kristina's story. Lucky re-interviewed Kristina about the assault. Kristina insisted that she wanted to drop the charges against Ethan. Kiefer worried that the police would file charges against him if Ethan weren't prosecuted. Sonny went on a rampage when Jason broke the news the charges against Ethan had been dropped.
March 29 to April 2, 2010
Elizabeth decided to check herself out of Shadybrook. Helena found out about the second paternity test that Nikolas had arranged. Helena took steps to ensure that the second paternity test results listed Nikolas as the baby's father. Michael was determined to return home when he discovered that Sonny's trial was not going well. Patrick and Robin continued to be at odds over Robin's unwavering support of Sonny. Edward was delighted when his great-granddaughter, Maya Ward, finally arrived in Port Charles. Edward was thrilled to discover that his granddaughter, Skye Quartermaine, had returned to the family fold. Luke was curious why Skye was in Port Charles. Johnny managed to push Sonny's buttons by insisting that Sonny had abused Claudia. Sonny stood up in court to defend himself against Johnny's false accusations. Kristina was horrified by her father's behavior. Luke enlisted Lucky and Dante's help to investigate Kristina's assault. Lucky and Dante quickly zeroed in on Kiefer as their prime suspect. Kiefer turned violent when Kristina refused to continue lying to protect him. Alexis found Kristina savagely beaten and unconscious on the living room floor. Maxie's health took a turn for the better. Claire decided to call Maxie to testify. Maxie inadvertently revealed that Sonny had been driving Michael's car on the night that Claudia had died.
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APRIL 2010
April 5 to 9, 2010
Alexis found Kristina badly beaten at the lake house. Tragedy struck when Alexis hit Kiefer with her car while racing Kristina to the hospital. Sam and Molly found Kiefer in a ditch, but it was too late. Kiefer succumbed to his injuries shortly after arriving at the hospital. Diane urged Alexis to take responsibility for the accident. Kristina admitted that Kiefer had been abusing her. Lucky arrested Ethan for Kiefer's hit-and-run after Lucky noticed that the front fender of Ethan's car had been damaged. Alexis decided to talk to Mac about the hit-and-run accident. Claire subpoenaed Morgan to testify at Sonny's trial, in the hopes of drawing Michael out of hiding. Carly was livid when she learned that Ronnie and a social worker had picked Morgan up from school. Maya Ward entered the internship program at General Hospital. Steve was concerned that Elizabeth had left Shadybrook too soon. Elizabeth insisted that her children needed consistency, so she refused to leave them again. Johnny suggested that he and Olivia move in together, but Olivia didn't want to ruin "a good thing." Dante forgave Olivia. Lulu became uncomfortable when Dante applauded his mother for not taking the "easy way out" by having an abortion.
April 12 to 16, 2010
Judge Carroll threw Dante into jail for contempt of court when Dante tried to prevent Morgan from testifying. Claire offered Sonny a deal that would allow him to only spend five years in jail, but Sonny rejected it. Claire turned down Jason's offer to take the deal in Sonny's place; she was certain that Sonny had murdered Claudia. Patrick and Robin continued to be at odds because of Sonny. Lisa treated Patrick and Steve to a night of drinking at Jake's. Steve assigned Elizabeth to work in the oncology department, where Elizabeth met a terminally ill patient named Shirley Smith. Shirley offered Elizabeth some advice after Elizabeth found Maxie and Lucky spending time together at Lucky's new apartment. Jax flew to the island to make certain that Michael didn't return to Port Charles. Michael realized that Jax wanted Michael to say that it was okay to send Sonny to jail. Mac informed Ronnie that Jax had landed on Sonny's private island. Dante got wind of Ronnie's plans, so he warned Jason. Alexis confessed to Mac about the hit-and-run. Mac charged Alexis for the crime, but immediately released her. Warren demanded to know why Mac was protecting Kiefer's killer. Ethan apologized to Kristina for yelling at her. Kristina was released from the hospital, but remained withdrawn because of several upsetting confrontations with Kiefer's parents. Kristina found her smile when Nikolas invited her to Wyndemere to spend time with Spencer. Carly was called to testify. In typical Carly fashion, she made a bold statement when she carried Josslyn into the courtroom.
April 19 to 23, 2010
Carly managed to charm the jury. Claire realized that if she didn't get Michael on the witness stand, then Sonny would walk. Dante used Morgan to get a lead on Michael. Michael told Dante the truth about how Claudia had died. Dante refused to believe that Michael had killed Claudia until Michael produced some proof. Michael gave Dante the shirt that Michael had worn when he killed Claudia. The forensic lab confirmed that the blood on the shirt was Claudia's. Warren demanded that a new investigation be launched into Kristina's assaults. Warren accused Lucky of using Kiefer as a scapegoat to cover up Ethan's crimes. Warren publicly accused Alexis of murder. Skye helped Kristina to make peace with Ethan. Lucky warned Ethan that the DNA evidence suggested that Ethan had attacked Kristina. Maxie admitted to Jason that Spinelli might not be enough to make her happy. Olivia turned down Johnny's offer to move into an expensive new penthouse. Dante returned to Port Charles with Michael and enlisted Lulu's help to hide Michael. Maxie decided to keep quiet when she learned where Michael was hiding. Sonny was hopeful that Dante wouldn't turn Michael over to Claire. Michael managed to give Dante and Lulu the slip. The jury began deliberations. Skye reached out to Luke for help. Skye had squandered Lila Rae's inheritance, so Skye was determined to track down Alcazar's hidden fortune.
April 26 to 30, 2010
Helena arranged for her manservant, Thor, to kill the lab technician who had changed the results on the paternity test for Elizabeth's baby. Elizabeth's friendship with Shirley continued to flourish. Elizabeth was certain that Shirley wasn't as ill as the doctors claimed. Jason and Sonny were at odds over what to do about Dante after he refused to tell anyone where Michael was. Tests confirmed that Claudia's blood was on Michael's shirt. Michael managed to slip away from Dante and Lulu. Patrick and Robin had different ideas about what to do when they spotted Michael in the park. Michael went to the Quartermaine boathouse to wait for the verdict of Sonny's trial. Kristina, Molly, and Morgan reunited with Michael. Michael intended to confess to killing Claudia if Sonny was convicted. Lucky eventually found Michael. Michael told Lucky what happened on the night that Claudia died. Jason made it to the boathouse as Lucky prepared to take Michael into custody. Lucky drew his gun on Jason when Jason tried to stop Lucky from leaving with Michael. Carly felt betrayed because Lulu had kept Michael's whereabouts a secret from her. Lisa was the only juror who refused to convict Sonny. Claire let Johnny know that Lisa might be the reason that Sonny wouldn't go to jail. Johnny tried to persuade Lisa to change her vote. Dante raced into the courtroom as the jury prepared to read the verdict. Dante announced that Michael, not Sonny, had killed Claudia. The judge called Dante to the stand to hear Dante's story. Carly continued to lie to protect Michael when she was called to testify.
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MAY 2010
May 3 to 7, 2010
Michael took the stand and then revealed that he had killed Claudia. The judge convicted Michael of involuntary manslaughter and then sentenced Michael to five years in Pentonville, with a possibility of parole after two years. Michael tried to be strong for Sonny's sake. Everyone was stunned by the judge's decision. Carly accused Lulu of betraying her family. Dante and Lulu made love for the first time. Olivia warned Jason not to go after Dante. Johnny remained determined to destroy Sonny. Olivia continued to reject Johnny's requests to move in with him. Helena played on Nikolas' insecurities. Nikolas resented Lucky's demands for Helena to leave town. Helena's manservant, Thor, assured Helena that the police didn't question the drowning death of the lab technician who had changed the results of Elizabeth's paternity test. Tracy wondered why Helena was so interested in Elizabeth's baby when Nikolas already had an heir. Tracy began to suspect that Helena had tampered with the paternity tests after Epiphany revealed that Lawrence Bailey had drowned. Elizabeth was delighted that Lucky's first instinct had been to protect her during a confrontation with Helena. Shirley was admitted to the hospital with a high fever. Epiphany warned Elizabeth that Shirley's time might be drawing to an end.
May 10 to 14, 2010
Michael was transferred to Pentonville. Carly persuaded Jason not to kill Dante because she wanted to dismantle Dante's life and pay Lulu back for betraying her family. Carly was careful to tell Dante and Lulu exactly what they wanted to hear. Anthony agreed to take Michael under his wing in jail in exchange for Jason's promise to keep Johnny safe. Jason was uncomfortable leaving Michael's fate in Anthony's hands, so Jason devised a plan to serve time in Pentonville next to Michael. Sam vowed to wait for Jason. Dante was filled with regret about his role in Michael's sentencing. Dante and Lucky joined forces to figure out a way to get Michael released from prison. Sonny paid Luke a visit to apologize for everything that had happened to Ethan after Kiefer had assaulted Kristina. Alexis faced a judge for the hit-and-run that had killed Kiefer. Warren Bauer was outraged that Alexis had been given community service and a suspended sentence. Warren vowed to sue Alexis for everything that she was worth, since he couldn't have the satisfaction of seeing her sent to jail. Elizabeth was jealous when she spotted Lucky and Maxie spending time at Jake's shooting pool. Helena continued to manipulate Nikolas. Helena kidnapped Tracy when she learned that Tracy had been asking questions about the recently deceased lab technician. Carly and Sonny turned to each other for comfort following Michael's transfer to prison. After they made love, Carly asked Sonny to stay away from Morgan. Carly thought that they needed to do for Morgan what they hadn't done for Michael. Jax was stunned when Carly asked him to adopt Morgan. Sonny made it clear that he would not allow Jax to adopt Morgan.
May 17 to 21, 2010
Jason and Sam had a romantic getaway before Jason turned himself over to the police. Mayor Floyd threw up a roadblock to delay Jason's transfer to Pentonville. Dante resorted to blackmail, in order to force the mayor to back down. Carter jumped to Michael's aid when Frank threatened to teach Michael that the Corinthos name didn't carry any weight in prison. Carter made it clear that everything in prison, including his help, had a price. Michael grew alarmed when Carter showed up in Michael's jail cell after lockdown to collect payment. Carly remained determined to destroy Dante and Lulu. Lulu feared that Dante would never look at her the same if he knew that she had an abortion before they had met. Carly discovered that Dante knew Brook Lynn Ashton. A quick investigation revealed that Brook had been having financial difficulties that had led to legal troubles for credit card fraud. Carly tracked down Brook. Claire admitted to Lucky that her biological clock was ticking. Nikolas tried to warn Lucky that trouble was brewing when Helena suddenly disappeared. Luke suspected that something was wrong when Tracy failed to show up at the casino to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Helena stashed Tracy in a dungeon in the hopes of luring Luke into a trap. Patrick admitted that he was jealous when he saw Lisa flirting with Steve. Robin was determined to honor Stone by working in the AIDS wing. Maxie decided to snap Spinelli out of his depression by making him jealous.
May 24 to 28, 2010
Jason arrived in Pentonville, but he was too late to help Michael. Michael was left bruised after his encounter with Carter, but he refused to discuss it with Jason. Jason decided that Michael needed to learn some self-defense techniques. Carly was startled when she saw Michael's battered face. Brook Lynn Ashton agreed to seduce Dante in exchange for Carly paying off Brook's bills. Carly offered to give Brook a fifty thousand dollar bonus if Brook could secure a video of Dante cheating on Lulu. Dante was thrilled to reunite with Brook. Brook explained that she had friends and family in town. Lulu decided to tell Dante about the abortion that she had when she was a teenager. Dante assured Lulu that he loved her more than ever. Brook found herself drawn to Johnny. Johnny continued to be a thorn in Sonny's side. Olivia pleaded with Sonny to leave Johnny alone, but Sonny made it clear that, sooner or later, he would see Johnny dead. Sonny offered to help Claire build a case against Johnny. Claire accepted Sonny's offer, but she confided to Lucky that she intended to send Sonny to jail along with Johnny. Nikolas was furious when Elizabeth missed an ultrasound appointment. Nikolas tried to pressure Elizabeth to move to Wyndemere with the boys, but she refused to raise her children near Helena. Helena kept Tracy in a dungeon to lure Luke to Greece. Luke eventually tracked down Tracy, but Thor managed to gain the upper hand. The tension mounted between Robin and Patrick. Lisa took advantage of Patrick's jealousy by flirting with Steve at every opportunity.
May 31 to June 4, 2010
Sam was disappointed that she and Jason couldn't enjoy conjugal visits, so she suggested that they get married. Jason agreed to marry Sam, but Sam changed her mind when she realized that her proposal was over-the-top, even for her. Carter stalked Michael until he found Michael alone. Spinelli continued to wallow in depression over Jason's incarceration. Jason wasn't thrilled to discover that Spinelli and Carly were in cahoots. Brook and Carly continued to plot against Dante and Lulu. Lulu's insecurities began to show as Brook and Dante spent more time together. Brook turned down Edward's offer of an allowance and college tuition because he had attached some strings to the money. Kristina had a disturbing dream about Kiefer. Afterwards, Kristina called Johnny to talk to him about Sonny's relationship with Carly. Johnny claimed that Sonny manhandled his sister and was psychologically abusive. Sonny agreed to attend a therapy session with Kristina, but things didn't go well. Sonny asked Carly if he had ever abused her. Carly warned Sonny not to ask questions if he didn't want to hear the answers. Elizabeth worried that she wouldn't be able to provide for her children the way that Nikolas could, so she considered investing in a pharmaceutical company. Robin decided to go to Africa for three weeks to open an AIDS clinic. Patrick was hurt that his wife hadn't consulted him about her plans. Luke was worried as Tracy's health steadily deteriorated while they remained imprisoned in Helena's dungeon. Lucky suspected that Helena was behind Tracy and Luke's sudden disappearance.
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JUNE 2010
June 7 to 11, 2010
Elizabeth considered talking to Diane about Cameron and Jake's trust funds. Elizabeth wanted to make an investment in a new drug that had the potential to make her very rich. Lucky showed up in Greece in disguise as a lost Irish tourist. Nikolas immediately recognized his brother, so he sent him on his way. In the dungeon, Tracy learned that her marriage to Luke had not been legal. Luke insisted that he wanted to marry Tracy as soon as they were freed, but Tracy wanted nothing to do with Luke. Michael admitted that Carter had attacked him before Jason had arrived in Pentonville. Carter continued to target Michael. Jason realized that the only way to stop Carter was to kill him. Jason and Carter had a violent encounter in the showers. As Carter lay dying from a stab wound to the stomach, he gave Jason a message from Franco. Kristina's anger and resentment towards Sonny grew. Kristina accused her father of being abusive and blamed him for Michael's incarceration. Kristina was determined to punish Sonny by pretending to date Johnny. Robin and Patrick worked things out before Robin left for Africa. Lisa continued to play her games with Patrick by using Steve to make him jealous. Maxie and Carly noticed Patrick's reaction to Lisa. Carly rented an apartment for Brook across the hall from Dante. Lulu began to feel threatened by Brook's friendship with Dante, and Brook's ability to cook, clean, and be a "happy homemaker." Dante reassured Lulu that she didn't have anything to worry about. Carly tried to enlist Johnny's help to take down Dante, but Johnny turned her down.
June 14 to 18, 2010
Steve and Lisa hit the sheets. Elizabeth was able to access the trust funds that Jason had set up for the boys. Elizabeth let her brother know that she intended to invest, along with him, in his friend's breakthrough drug. The warden questioned Jason after Carter's body was discovered. Three prisoners, who had worked near the showers at the time of Carter's murder, denied seeing Jason. Dante pleaded with Judge Carroll to reconsider Michael's sentence. Judge Carroll was saddened to learn that Michael had been attacked. The judge agreed to release Michael on the condition that Michael moved in with Dante. Judge Carroll also made it clear that Sonny was to stay away from Michael. Michael pleaded with Carly not to seek revenge for what had happened to him. Carly and Brook staged an argument for Lulu's benefit to plant some seeds of doubt about Dante. Carly confessed to Lulu that she feared that Dante would be as faithless as Sonny. Kristina was determined to hurt Sonny by pretending to date Johnny. Sonny was furious when he caught Kristina and Johnny holding hands. Johnny informed Sonny that Kristina was old enough to consent to sex, so Sonny couldn't stop them from dating. Sonny vowed to kill Johnny for sleeping with Kristina. Olivia ended things with Johnny after she walked in on Johnny and Kristina in the penthouse. Tracy refused to fly to Las Vegas to marry Luke. Claire set her sights on Franco after he sent Dante a photograph of a crime scene in Chicago, which was taken before the police had arrived. Jason revealed to Claire that Franco had wanted a "death match" with Jason to see who the more efficient killer was.
June 21 to 25, 2010
Johnny reluctantly went along with Kristina's charade that they were dating. Sonny's anger over the situation continued to escalate. Sonny ordered Max and Milo to find a way to kill Johnny by the end of the week. Sonny went to Pentonville to ask Jason to kill Anthony. Olivia decided to show Johnny what he was missing. Lulu overheard Brook talking to Michael about Sonny. Dante persuaded Claire to release Jason from jail to lure Franco out of hiding. Claire's supervisors agreed with the plan, but on the condition that Dante take custody of Jason. Dante realized that he might end up in jail if Jason went on the run. Carly made it clear to Brook that nothing had changed; she remained determined to break up Dante and Lulu. Luke moved in with Lucky after Tracy tossed Luke out of the mansion and off of the Haunted Star. Tracy pressed charges for trespassing when Luke showed up at the mansion to talk to her. Patrick took a swing at Steve over a disagreement about a patient. Steve suspended Patrick. Lisa assured Patrick that she was on his side, but then she made the same claim to Steve.
June 28 to July 2, 2010
Patrick's suspension was lifted, so that he could operate on Shirley. Elizabeth was grateful when Nikolas agreed to cover all of Shirley's medical expenses. Patrick and Lisa celebrated Shirley's successful surgery by getting drunk at the Metro Court Restaurant and then hitting the sheets. Tracy was livid when she discovered that Luke had stolen ten million dollars from her account. Luke tried to get Ethan to leave town with him, but Ethan refused. Jason was released into Dante's custody. Lulu implored Spinelli not to help Jason escape after Franco's capture. Sam and Spinelli had different ideas about how to welcome Jason home. Franco kept a close eye on Harbor View Towers. Maxie was conflicted about ending things with Matt. Franco anonymously sent five dozen red roses to Maxie and then hand-delivered the final dozen. Spinelli managed to track down Franco's mother. Sonny ordered Max and Milo to plant a bomb under Johnny's car. Sonny persuaded Alexis to host a family dinner with Kristina, Molly, Sam, and Michael to secure an alibi. Kristina slipped away from the lake house to spend the night at Johnny's penthouse. Johnny was certain that Kristina loved her father, deep down inside, so he persuaded Kristina that it was time to end their charade. Sonny raced to save Kristina, but the bomb detonated before he could reach her.
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JULY 2010
July 5 to 9, 2010
Franco gave Maxie a gift of sixty-six red roses and then asked her to pass along a message to Jason. Jason and Dante talked to Franco's mother, Karen Anderson, but she denied that she had a son or knew Franco. Franco assured his mother that she would not be bothered again because his masterpiece was nearly completed. Franco sought out Carly to tell her that Michael had been quite the prize in prison. In the park, Jax was troubled when he discovered Franco standing next to Josslyn's stroller. Johnny saved Kristina from certain death when he pulled her away from his car moments before the bomb detonated. Sonny denied any involvement in the explosion that might have killed his daughter. Michael overheard Sonny talking to Max about the bomb. Michael promised to keep Sonny's secret. Claire decided to seduce Sonny, in the hopes of getting him to drop his guard around her. Patrick was assailed with regrets after he slept with Lisa. Lisa assured Patrick that she was clear on where they stood. Patrick arrived home to discover that Robin had returned from Africa. Lisa took the opportunity to make several veiled remarks about their one-night-stand whenever Robin was near. Steve advised Lisa to keep her professional and private lives separate when he realized that Lisa and Patrick had slept together. Elizabeth softened towards Nikolas and apologized for trying to cut him out of the pregnancy. Spinelli decided to let Maxie go after he witnessed a passionate kiss between Maxie and Matt.
July 12 to 16, 2010
Sam had an opportunity to stop Franco, but she let him go when Franco pointed out that Jason would go back to Pentonville. Franco arranged for his friend, Kalup Ishmael, to perform a special rendition of Route 66 at Jake's. Jason and Dante figured out the significance of Kalup's song. Ronnie decided that Jason had served his purpose, so he sent Jason back to Pentonville. Jason found an envelope from Franco waiting for him in his jail cell. Jax admitted to Skye that he wanted to work things out with Carly. Skye suggested that Carly didn't value anything unless she had to fight for it, so she advised Jax to make Carly jealous. Carly took notice when she saw Jax kiss Skye. Skye confessed to Maya that helping Jax had made her remember all of the reasons that Skye had fallen in love with Jax. Maya opened up to Ethan about her tragic romantic past. Lucky made it clear to Elizabeth that they were over for good. Elizabeth apologized to Nikolas for the way that she had been treating him. Elizabeth went into premature labor. The patient identification bracelet on Elizabeth's wrist ended with the number 66. Maxie and Spinelli broke off their relationship. Lucky invited Maxie to go to a concert in the park. Lisa suggested that Patrick should humor her instead of pushing her away. Kristina continued to struggle with the abuse that she had suffered at Kiefer's hands. Alexis invited Sonny to spend time with her, Kristina, and Molly at the country club.
July 19 to 23, 2010
Shirley passed away from cancer. Robin questioned why Lisa was constantly implying that there was more to Lisa's friendship with Patrick. Olivia was hurt when she saw Johnny and Brook spending time together. Brook kissed Johnny, but Johnny insisted that he loved Olivia. Elizabeth gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Elizabeth and Nikolas named their son Aiden. Elizabeth and Nikolas' joy turned to terror when they discovered that their son was missing. The hospital was put on lockdown while everyone searched for the baby. Elizabeth and Nikolas were horrified when they learned that Franco had been responsible for their son's kidnapping. Dante and Jason headed to Los Angeles to track down Franco. Franco left Jason a DVD of a revealing talk with Carter about Michael. Franco explained that Michael had merely been a means to an end. Dante warned Jason that Franco was using Michael to force Jason to make a mistake. As Franco's exhibit opened, Jason and Dante closed in on Franco. The crowd of onlookers, at the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, was stunned when Franco plunged to his death from atop the Pacific Design Center. Before he died, Franco cried out to Jason not to shoot him because he knew where the baby was. Warren Bauer turned homicidal after a violent altercation with Michael at the hospital. Mac and Ethan were critically wounded as Warren made his way to Kristina. Mac managed to shoot Warren before Warren killed Kristina. Warren died, but not before blaming the carnage on Kristina.
July 26 to 30, 2010
Claire revealed that she wanted to have a baby with Sonny, but Sonny wasn't interested in expanding his family. Spinelli figured out a way to disable Jason's ankle monitor, so Sam begged Jason to run away with her. Jason insisted that he had to return to Pentonville. Dante was stunned to learn that the body recovered at the Museum of Contemporary Art hadn't been Franco's. Dante postponed Jason's return to jail until Franco was captured. Franco showed up on his mother's doorstep with a newborn baby. Lucky realized that Franco's accomplice had likely slipped out of the hospital before the lockdown. Lucky found Jane Morgan's body in one of the vacant hospital rooms. Jane had Aiden's identification bracelet clutched in her hand. Carly realized that Michael continued to struggle with what had happened to him in jail. Michael was plagued with nightmares of Carter. Jason told Michael about what had unfolded in Los Angeles. Lisa's delusional fantasies began to alarm Patrick. Lisa managed to lure Patrick to a room where she tried to seduce him. Patrick's harsh rejection infuriated Lisa. Patrick agreed to meet Lisa at Jake's to clear the air. Skye and Jax managed to gain access to Lorenzo's hidden fortune. Dante wasn't pleased when he saw Brook spending time with Johnny. Mac and Ethan slowly recovered from their gunshot wounds after Mac managed to kill Warren before anyone else was harmed in the rampage.
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August 2 to 6, 2010
Helena changed her mind about telling Nikolas that Lucky was Aiden's father. Elizabeth insisted that she wanted to raise Aiden with Nikolas, so she agreed to move to Wyndemere if Aiden were found. Franco settled his mother and baby "Pablo" in a new home in Oregon. Lucky managed to track Karen down with Spinelli's help. Lucky was poised to rescue Aiden. Ronnie decided that it was time for Jason to return to Pentonville. Diane took steps to delay Jason's incarceration. Sam overheard Lulu complaining that Jason might double-cross Dante. Sam reminded Lulu that Jason had saved Lulu's life; she advised Lulu not to lose sight of who she was. Lulu was determined not to let her love for Dante be at the expense of everyone else that she loved. Carly made it clear to Brook that she expected Brook to seduce Dante. Carly warned Brook to stay away from Johnny. Carly told Jax about her one-night-stand with Sonny. Jax moved ahead with his plans to divorce Carly. Carly reached out to Johnny because she believed that they had some common ground. Olivia was jealous when she found Carly spending time with Johnny in his penthouse. Sonny took steps to frame Johnny for the murder of Tomas Lopez. Sonny hoped that Tomas' brother, Santos, would retaliate by killing Johnny. Robin made an unsettling discovery in her locker. Patrick confronted Lisa with the disturbing pictures. Lisa denied that she had cut Robin's face out of the pictures. Robin was stunned when Lisa suggested that Robin had planted the pictures, in an attempt to get Patrick's attention. Robin received an email from Brenda Barrett.
August 9 to 13, 2010
Brenda Barrett was named the new Face of Cartullo Couture. Someone made an attempt to disfigure Brenda just before she was scheduled to present a humanitarian award. Brenda was determined to give her charity, the Alliance to Save Exploited Children, as much exposure as she could. Brenda was surprised when her movie star boyfriend proposed marriage. Sonny told Claire about his history with Brenda. Claire was curious whom Sonny loved more: Brenda or Carly. Sonny refused to answer the question, but Sonny's thoughts continued to drift to Brenda. Claire decided that it might benefit her to release Jason from jail to gain Sonny's trust. Claire assured Ronnie that she had not lost sight of her goal to convict Sonny. Jason was stunned to learn that he would be released from jail. Johnny accused Sonny of framing him for Tomas Lopez's murder. Michael tried to talk to Johnny about the escalating mob war, but their discussion was cut short when they were caught in a drive-by shooting. Michael pushed Johnny to the ground as a hail of bullets rained down on them. Dante took steps to cover up that Michael had been present during the shooting. Brook's attempt to seduce Dante failed. Dante insisted that he loved Lulu. Lulu was stunned when Dante raised the issue of marriage. Elizabeth and Nikolas were overjoyed when Lucky returned Aiden to them. Lucky admitted to Maxie that a part of him had felt a strong connection to Aiden. Maxie suggested that Lucky's love for Aiden was because Lucky was Aiden's uncle. Lisa's obsession with Patrick continued to escalate. Patrick was shocked to find Lisa waiting for him in his home while Robin was out of town. Lisa confessed that she had been in love with Patrick since college. Patrick reminded Lisa that he loved his wife and daughter.
August 16 to 20, 2010
Johnny's plan to kill Sonny in a public setting, to make it appear as if it were self-defense, backfired. Johnny ended up shot in the chest. Ronnie arrived on the scene seconds later. Johnny named Sonny as his shooter. Ronnie carefully pocketed Johnny's gun and then ordered that an APB to be issued on Sonny. Dante decided to keep Michael's name out of the drive-by shooting when the Lopez brothers tried to gun down Johnny. Brenda was surprised when she was asked to be the face of Franco's new masterpiece. Brook drugged Dante, in order to seduce him. Lulu was livid when she walked in on Brook and Dante together. Lulu quickly realized that something was off with Dante's behavior. Lisa's obsession with Patrick continued to escalate. Lisa broke into the Drake residence to steal Robin's lifesaving HIV medication. Robin and Patrick were alarmed when the nanny informed them that Lisa had taken Emma on an outing to get some ice cream. Elizabeth and the boys moved in with Nikolas. Sam broke into the Lopez warehouse to prove that they were behind the fire at Johnny's warehouse. Sam found herself trapped in the back of a van driven by one of the henchmen of the Lopez brothers.
August 23 to 27, 2010
Johnny was in critical condition after Sonny shot him. Sonny insisted that he had shot Johnny in self-defense. Ronnie tossed Johnny's gun into the harbor to make certain that there wasn't any evidence to corroborate Sonny's claim. Lucky found it hard to believe that Johnny had been walking around unarmed. Sonny decided to flee to Rome. Jason and Sam found themselves trapped in an abandoned cabin while Lopez's men surrounded them. Michael became suspicious about Brook when he overheard her ordering an expensive piece of furniture. Michael realized that his mother had paid Brook to break up Dante and Lulu, but Brook refused to confirm anything. Patrick told Robin that he had slept with Lisa while Robin had been in Africa. Robin was hurt by Patrick's betrayal, so she tossed him out of the house. Robin threatened to kill Lisa if Lisa ever went near Emma again. Lisa decided to go to the police station to report Robin's threat to Lucky. Lisa feigned shock when she opened her locker to discover that it had been vandalized and covered in blood. Lisa quickly accused Robin of committing the disturbing prank. Lisa threw herself in front of Robin's oncoming car to make it appear as if Robin had run her over. Nikolas realized that Elizabeth wasn't happy at Wyndemere, so he called Sarah to ask her to invite Elizabeth and the boys for a visit. A cloaked figure shadowed Brenda. Murphy persuaded Brenda to vacation with him on Lake Cuomo, where she finally accepted his proposal of marriage.
August 30 to September 2, 2010
Sonny decided to head to Rome after he made bail. Carly was furious when she realized that Sonny had gone looking for Brenda. Brenda was told that someone known as the Balkan was after her. Brenda refused to take the threat seriously. Brenda and Sonny made eye contact just as the Balkan's men moved in on Brenda. Johnny lied to Claire when he claimed that he had not been armed when Sonny had shot him. Brook told Lulu that Carly had hired her to seduce Dante. Carly managed to twist things around to make Brook the fall-person. Brook found herself penniless and homeless. Nikolas took pity on Brook, so he invited her to stay at Wyndemere and then hired her to be his companion for business functions. Lisa insisted that Robin had tried to kill her by running her down with a car. Robin was certain that Lisa had deliberately thrown herself into the path of the car. Robin insisted that Mac investigate the accident to clear her name. Robin was horrified to find one of Emma's stuffed animals in a lab beaker of boiling water. Michael confided to Jax that he didn't want to return to school. Michael felt that the students and teachers wouldn't want to be near a kid who had bludgeoned his stepmother to death. Lucky admitted to Lulu that he had been tempted to accept Johnny's offer to work for him. Lucky explained that he was restless and that being a police officer wasn't working for him.
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September 6 to 10, 2010
Sonny managed to get Brenda to safety when the Balkan's men made a move to kidnap her. Sonny was surprised to learn that Brenda was engaged to Murphy. Brenda was stunned when Sonny admitted that he had jumped bail. Sonny opened up to Brenda about shooting Dante and planting a bomb in Johnny's car. Brenda didn't think less of Sonny, but she urged him to return to Port Charles for the sake of his children. Carly suspected that the only reason that Sonny had returned to Port Charles was because Brenda had refused to live on the run with him. Jason was certain that Ronnie had something to do with Johnny's missing gun after Jason learned that Ronnie had been nearby at the time of the shooting. Robin was shocked to find Emma's favorite stuffed toy in a beaker of boiling water in the lab. Robin angrily confronted Lisa and then punched her. Steve was forced to suspend Robin. Robin packed up Emma and then moved in with Mac. Patrick persuaded Robin that they had to work together to deal with Lisa. Patrick and Robin staged a fight in the park for Lisa's benefit. Lucky was recruited to work for Interpol by going undercover as the Balkan's assassin, Ronan O'Reilly. Agent Bates revealed that Ronan, who looked exactly like Lucky, had been killed in a car accident. Two men grabbed Brenda as she was about to head to a Cartullo event. Michael was uncomfortable when one of Kristina's friends tried to get him into the pool at the country club. It didn't escape Kristina's notice how Michael cringed when her friend had touched her brother.
September 13 to 17, 2010
Carly was livid when she learned that there were plans for Brenda to appear on the cover of Crimson. Jax promised Carly that Brenda was part of his past. Kate urged Jax to consider rekindling things with Brenda if things weren't working out with Carly. Jax and Carly decided to give their marriage another try. Dante and Jason manipulated Sonny and Johnny to agree to a truce. Brenda broke off her engagement to Murphy because of unresolved feelings for someone in her past. Suzanne reached out to Jason for help. Jason agreed to fly to Rome to find out what was going on with Brenda. Lucky went undercover as Ronan O'Reilly. Lucky was immediately confronted by Siobhan and Liam, who blamed Ronan for a loved one's death. Siobhan sensed that something was off with Ronan, but Lucky managed to maintain his cover. Lucky received word that the Balkan wanted to meet with Ronan. Michael's first day at Madison Prep did not go well when a student named Bryce initiated a fight. Dante tried to get Michael to open up about what had happened in Pentonville, but Michael refused to discuss it. Robin and Patrick worked together to set a trap for Lisa. Maxie went to the hospital to warn Patrick not to let his guard down while trying to expose Lisa for who she really was. Patrick and Maxie were unaware that Lisa stood nearby, eavesdropping on their conversation. Claire recused herself from prosecuting Sonny in the future because she had a conflict of interest. Sonny and Claire shared a romantic dinner that led to them making love. Sonny admitted to Dante that he was using Claire to get over Brenda.
September 20 to 24, 2010
Sonny and Claire made love. Claire was unaware that Sonny was using her to forget Brenda. Diane warned Sonny that things would end badly with Claire. Morgan had reservations about going through with the adoption because he didn't want to add to Sonny's pain. Jax, Carly, and Michael managed to change Morgan's mind. Suzanne fired Jason after she learned that Jason was a career criminal. Jason rescued Brenda after the Balkan's men had pumped her full of heroin and then questioned her. The doctor revealed that Brenda would have died within the hour if Jason hadn't found her. Lucky continued to work undercover in Ireland as Ronan O'Reilly. Lulu decided to race to her brother's rescue after Dante told her about Lucky's assignment. Dante refused to let Lulu head into danger alone. Lisa managed to get her hands on some powerful tranquilizers, which she switched with some of Robin's HIV medications. Robin was unaware that she had taken the tranquilizers when she got behind the wheel of a car with Emma. Robin fell asleep as she drove to Maxie's apartment. Emma was found safe and sound, but Robin was missing. Robin was upset when she woke up in a cabin with Lisa and didn't have any idea where Emma was. Lisa insisted that it was just a coincidence that Robin had ended up in Lisa's cabin, but Robin suspected there was a more sinister reason behind it. Patrick decided to retrace Lisa's steps at the hospital. Steve told Patrick that an orthopedic nurse, who had worked with Lisa, had been found dead in the hospital's stairwell with a broken neck from a "trip and fall."
September 27 to October 1, 2010
Robin fell asleep behind the wheel of a car after Lisa switched Robin's HIV medications with some powerful tranquilizers. Robin was certain that Lisa had kidnapped her when Robin woke up in a cabin with Lisa. Lisa insisted that it had merely been a coincidence that Robin had stumbled into the cabin that Lisa was staying at. Robin managed to escape, but fell into a well. Lisa smiled with satisfaction and then returned to Port Charles. Emma was found safe and sound in the backseat of Robin's car. Robin had a vision of Stone. Stone helped Robin make peace with the past. Steve and Patrick figured out where Lisa had taken Robin. Lisa was hot on Patrick's heels, with a gun, as he closed in on Robin. Brenda agreed to fly to Port Charles with Jason. Spinelli eagerly offered Brenda her old room back. Sam suggested that she and Jason break up. Sonny admitted that he was using Claire to forget Brenda. Claire was delighted when Sonny whisked her to his private island for a romantic getaway. Sonny was stunned to find Brenda waiting for him when he arrived home. Siobhan hid in the closet while Lucky, Lulu, and Dante discussed Lucky's undercover assignment. Siobhan felt betrayed by Lucky. Lucky was arrested by the Irish authorities for the murder of the Balkan's two thugs. Lulu and Dante found themselves lost in the Irish countryside. Dante suspected that Lulu enjoyed their mishaps because it reminded her of Luke and Laura's adventures. Lulu conceded that it was fun to try to live up to the legend of Luke and Laura. Maxie was startled when Spinelli didn't seem to notice her as he entered Kelly's because he was lost in a computer game featuring a character inspired by Brenda Barrett. Maxie wasn't amused when Spinelli admitted that Brenda was the most captivating woman on the planet.
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October 4 to 8, 2010
Lucky was surprised when Luke, dressed as a priest, paid Lucky a visit in an Irish prison. Luke advised Lucky to romance Siobhan, so that she wouldn't reveal what she knew. Sam eavesdropped on Jason and Michael's conversation. Michael asked Jason to find him an escort because Michael believed that a professional could help him deal with his sexual issues. Jason refused to give in to Michael's demands; however, Sam arranged for Michael to meet her friend Candy. Sam assured Michael that Candy would be happy to help him out. Michael reacted violently when Candy ran her hands under his shirt. Sam resented Suzanne ordering her out of Jason's office. Suzanne explained that Brenda's safety was important to millions of children. Suzanne didn't think that Brenda should die because Sam didn't want to share her boyfriend. Diane took delight in telling Suzanne that Sonny was on Brenda like "white on rice." Brenda went to Greystone Manor to let Sonny know that she was in town. Sonny decided to break things off with Claire because of his feelings for Brenda. Claire called her bosses to let them know that she would help them gather evidence against Sonny, even though she couldn't prosecute him. Jax and Brenda reunited. Carly demanded that Jax stay away from Brenda for the sake of their marriage. Robin slowly recovered from her ordeal in the well. Lisa was transported to Shadybrook for treatment. Robin decided to move forward with her plans to divorce Patrick. Robin and Brenda had a heart-to-heart talk. Brenda decided that she wanted to be free to love whom she loved. Brenda and Dante were surprised to see each other again. Brenda was stunned to learn that Dante was Sonny's son.
October 11 to 15, 2010
Sonny introduced Brenda to Dante. It was clear that Brenda and Dante knew each other, but Brenda subtly warned Dante not to let Sonny know. Later, Dante recalled meeting Brenda when he had been assigned to protect her from the Balkan as a rookie cop in Bensonhurst. Brenda and Dante agreed to keep quiet about their connection because of a secret that they shared. Tracy was stunned to discover that Luke had returned to Port Charles. Tracy let Luke know that she would only consider giving him a second chance if he repaid the money that he had stolen from her. Two of Johnny's goons, who had been loaned out to the Balkan, roughed up Ethan in an effort to learn why Luke had paid Ronan O'Reilly a visit in an Irish prison. Robin wondered what was truly motivating Jax to keep Sonny and Brenda apart. Jax insisted that he was committed to Carly. Elizabeth returned from her vacation. Nikolas admitted that he had accepted that he and Elizabeth would never be a couple. Siobhan was forced to go with Lucky to Rome after the Balkan's men caught her eavesdropping on a private meeting with Ronan. Lucky, posing as Ronan, explained that Siobhan was his partner. The Balkan wanted Ronan to kidnap Brenda. Siobhan and Lucky shared a heated kiss, which led to them making love. Everyone was shocked when Lisa returned to the hospital, ready to report for duty. Lisa explained that she had been released from Shadybrook because she was no longer a danger to herself.
October 18 to 22, 2010
Mayor Floyd tried to enlist Ronnie's help to get Dante off of the police force through any means necessary. Ronnie agreed to go along with Mayor Floyd's plan, but he gave Dante a heads-up about the mayor's plans. Dante and Brenda continued to privately reminisce about their past association. Swavek revealed that the Balkan expected Ronan to kill Siobhan as a show of good faith. Lucky insisted that Siobhan had to return to Port Charles with him if she hoped to remain alive. Lucky asked Nikolas to hide Siobhan at Wyndemere. Swavek snapped pictures of Lucky and Jason's meeting as they discussed the Balkan's plans to kidnap Brenda. Steve learned that his friend's biotechnology firm had folded because his friend had failed to gain FDA approval for the new drug. Elizabeth was devastated by the news that she had lost the money that she had invested. Lisa continued to push Robin's buttons, which made Robin appear to be unstable. Lisa managed to persuade a hotel clerk to rent her a room near Patrick's. Ethan suggested that Luke fake a massive heart attack to win back Tracy. Maya agreed to help Ethan and Luke. Others also aided Luke as he put his plan into motion. Carly was furious when she learned that Jax had plans to convert several hotel rooms into an apartment for Brenda. Carly kissed Jason, but he made it clear that it wouldn't go any further. Carly admitted that she had set up Sonny and Claire in the hopes of keeping Claire from going after Michael. However, Carly was concerned that Brenda would want Jax if Sonny were unavailable. Sonny and Claire met for dinner and then agreed to start dating again.
October 25 to 29, 2010
Carly was livid when she learned that Jax intended to convert several hotel rooms into a secure apartment for Brenda. Jax insisted that he would do the same for any friend in need. Lucky stashed Siobhan at Wyndemere for her safety. Lucky and Jason decided to join forces to lure the Balkan out of hiding. "Ronan" intended to kidnap Brenda and then call the Balkan to collect her. Sam offered to step in as Brenda for Lucky's rendezvous with the Balkan. Brenda and Dante discussed why the Balkan was after her. Swavek overheard Lucky and Lulu talking on the Elm Street pier. Swavek reported to the Balkan that Ronan O'Reilly was really an undercover police officer named Lucky Spencer. Jax demanded that Brenda be assigned a police guard. Claire ordered Dante to protect Brenda. Lulu wasn't thrilled when she learned about Dante's new job. Luke managed to fake a massive heart attack with the aid of numerous Port Charles residents. Tracy began to soften toward Luke when she realized that she might lose him. Luke asked Tracy to marry him, but she wanted to wait until he was stronger before they discussed it. Michael was surprised when he bumped into Abby at Kelly's. Abby assured Michael that he was a wonderful guy and that she would like to help him. Claire continued to investigate Sonny in the Zacchara car bombing. Ronnie provided Claire with damaging evidence against Sonny. Robin and Sonny had a heart-to-heart talk about forgiveness. Sonny urged Robin to forgive Patrick for his affair, even if she didn't take her husband back. Patrick overheard Robin admit to Elizabeth that she was anxious over the idea of Patrick showing up at Emma's birthday party. Patrick decided to give Robin space. Someone took off with Emma while Robin's back was turned.
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November 1 to 5, 2010
Things went terribly wrong when Brenda raced to the warehouse to stop Jason and Lucky from following through on their plan to use Sam as bait for the Balkan. One of the Balkan's men snatched Brenda, but Dante arrived in time to rescue her. Brenda picked up a gun and then shot the thug before he killed Dante. Brenda suffered horrific flashbacks of a similar incident years earlier. Spinelli found proof that Brenda and Dante had known each other in 2007. Carly gladly shared the news about the connection between Brenda and Dante with Jason. Sam was uncomfortable with the bond that she saw between Brenda and Jason. The Balkan emailed a picture of Siobhan, tied to a chair, to Dante; it was addressed to Detective Lucky Spencer. Patrick confronted Lisa after Robin told him that someone had pulled a frightening prank with Emma. Lisa denied any involvement in Emma's temporary disappearance. Patrick was unaware that the proof of Lisa's guilt was hidden in her locker at the hospital. The Scorpio house caught fire after a candle accidentally tipped over and then ignited some wrapping paper. Lisa raced inside the house to save Robin and Emma. Robin accused Lisa of setting the fire. Lisa threatened to file a lawsuit if Nikolas didn't intervene with the police on her behalf. Ronnie gave Claire proof that Sonny had been involved in the Zacchara car bombing. Claire decided to turn the incriminating recording over to her superiors. Sonny felt betrayed by Claire. Tracy insisted that Luke recover from his heart attack at the Quartermaine mansion. Monica gave Luke one month to get Tracy to marry him. Edward was delighted when Brenda stopped by for a visit.
November 8 to 12, 2010
Jason, Dante, and Lucky tried to ambush the Balkan and save Siobhan on the bluffs. Siobhan was rescued, but the Balkan's thugs were killed before Jason could gain any information about the Balkan's whereabouts. Brenda opened up to Jason about her secret. Brenda revealed that she had killed the Balkan's son, Alexander, in 2007 and that Dante had helped her to cover up the crime. Sam was hurt when Jason explained that he couldn't share Brenda's secret with her. Lulu felt betrayed when she learned that Dante hadn't told her about his connection to Brenda. Carly enlisted Johnny's help to track down an ex-police officer named Brad Norman, who had worked with Dante in 2007. Lucky persuaded Siobhan to remain in Port Charles, under his protection, until the Balkan had been dealt with. Robin was certain that Lisa had burned down the Scorpio house despite an arson report that suggested that it had been an accidental fire from a candle that had been knocked over. Robin woke up from a nightmare to find Lisa looming over her hospital bed with a syringe. Lisa denied that she had tried to hurt Robin. Steve warned Patrick that Lisa had been careful to build a case to get Robin fired. Tracy admitted that she had known that Luke had faked his heart attack. Luke, Tracy, Ethan, and Maya flew to Las Vegas. Maya was stunned when she woke up with a hangover and married to Ethan. International Affairs quickly launched an investigation against Claire that threatened to ruin her career because of Sonny. Dante acknowledged that he and Brenda were connected by more than the Balkan, but Brenda made it clear that she didn't want to talk about the baby.
November 15 to 19, 2010
Brenda tried to put some distance between herself and Dante when Carly and Suzanne started asking uncomfortable questions. Carly learned that one of Dante's fellow police officers had suspected that Dante and Brenda had engaged in an affair in 2007. Carly shared the news with Jason. Michael begged his mother to drop her vendetta against Dante. Dante admitted to Sonny that he had once guarded Brenda in 2007. Sonny was stunned to learn that Claire had petitioned the court to lift the restriction on Sonny seeing Michael. The judge approved Claire's request. Dante feared that contact with Sonny would eventually land Michael in jail. Claire urged Sonny to follow his heart. Elizabeth met Siobhan. Elizabeth was concerned when she learned that Lucky had met Siobhan while working undercover for Interpol. Siobhan feared that Lucky was using her to make his ex-wife jealous. Lucky made it clear that he wanted to be with Siobhan. Ethan and Maya learned that their wedding could be annulled because they had been intoxicated during the ceremony. Edward offered to give Ethan and Maya one million dollars if they remained married for one year. Tracy announced that she and Luke would get married on December 21st, Laura's birthday. Patrick asked Lisa not to go to the hospital's board about Robin. Lisa claimed that she refused to enable Robin, so she intended to move forward with her plans to request that Robin be fired. Robin turned to Nikolas for help because she was determined to plead her case to the board from her hospital bed. Maxie walked in while Lisa tried to inject an unknown substance into Robin's I.V. Lisa fled and then managed to pass the syringe off to Johnny before she could be caught with the incriminating evidence. Brenda and Sonny found themselves drawn to a place from their past.
November 22 to 26, 2010
Things heated up between Sonny and Brenda. Brenda opened up about Aleksander, but she assured Sonny that she had never loved the Balkan's son. Sonny asked Brenda out on a date, which Brenda accepted on the condition that they take things slowly. Maxie caught Lisa trying to inject Robin's I.V. with an unknown substance. Lisa was put on probation for being in Robin's hospital room. Maxie and Robin were furious when they learned that Lisa had managed to ditch the incriminating syringe. Maxie was hurt that Matt and Patrick suspected that she might have framed Lisa. Johnny let Lisa know that he planned to hold onto the syringe, in case he needed something from Lisa in the future. Luke realized that Carly was trying to set Lulu up for a fall when he overheard Carly encouraging Lulu to stick with Dante. Luke tried to get Carly to back off, but Carly insisted that she wasn't doing anything wrong. Molly and Spinelli set up a romantic evening for Jason and Sam. Claire wondered if Diane and Alexis would be interested in hiring her if she quit her job as a federal prosecutor. Diane didn't think it would be a good idea for Claire to work for them because Diane feared that Claire wanted the job as an excuse to stay close to Sonny. Sam, Kristina, Maxie, and Robin worked together to arrange for Mac to spend Thanksgiving with Alexis. Luke surprised Tracy with a stunning diamond engagement ring. Edward was delighted when Michael spent Thanksgiving with the Quartermaines.
November 29 to December 3, 2010
Dante received a copy of Aleksander Janacek's autopsy report. The report confirmed that Aleksander had been killed with a regulation sidearm. Dante, Lucky, and Jason realized that Jerry Jacks might be involved with the Balkan. Jerry Jacks arranged for one of his henchmen to follow Sam, in an attempt to kidnap her. Jason managed to stop the goon from taking Sam, but a sniper killed the man before Jason could question him about Jerry's orders. Jason fired at the sniper, but the sniper managed to get away. Johnny arrived home with a gunshot wound. Ethan went to the hospital to fetch Lisa to help Johnny. Sonny and Brenda went out on a date and grew closer. Suzanne persuaded Jax to do whatever was necessary to keep Brenda and Sonny apart. Jax wasn't surprised when Carly revealed that Jerry might be working for the Balkan. Jax and Carly reached out to Lady Jane to find out if she had been in contact with Jerry. Lady Jane arrived in Port Charles at Carly's request. Lady Jane pleaded with Jax to spare Jerry's life. Patrick and Robin were stunned when they learned that Lisa had posted a video confession about her affair with Patrick. Lisa managed to spin things to paint herself as the victim. Agent Bates contacted Lucky to go undercover as Ronan O'Reilly to retrieve a safety deposit box in a New York City bank. Lucky wanted Siobhan to remain in Port Charles, but she decided to follow him.
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December 6 to 10, 2010
Johnny ended things with Olivia for the final time. Lisa treated Johnny's gunshot wound, but he developed an infection. Johnny ordered Lisa to get him the necessary medication to treat the infection. Theo, a hypochondriac, arrived at the hospital with complaints the he had a brain tumor. Tests revealed that Theo was fine. Robin took a liking to the cranky elderly gentleman, so she arranged to have him admitted to the hospital for a few days. Robin and Theo saw Lisa steal a bottle of antibiotics. Lisa claimed that the medication was for her housekeeper's cousin, who didn't have health insurance. Steve agreed to give Aleksander's body a second autopsy. Steve reluctantly told Jason where and when Aleksander's body would be released from custody. Old feelings resurfaced when Dante escorted Brenda to an event. Dante decided to get drunk after Brenda made it clear that she was happy with Sonny. Dante opened up to Michael about Brenda. Michael and Abby grew closer after a misunderstanding. Abby agreed to go out on a date with Michael. Siobhan was revealed to be in cahoots with the Balkan. Lucky found surveillance photos of Brenda and Aleksander, as well as Brenda and Dante, in Ronan O'Reilly's safety deposit box. Elizabeth advised Robin not to rush into a divorce.
December 13 to 17, 2010
Sonny and Brenda made love. Jerry Jacks claimed Aleksander's body and then made a daring escape. Jerry staged a crash to evade capture. Carly was stunned to find Jerry in her home, playing with Josslyn. Jerry explained that he intended to kill Brenda because she weakened men. Theo decided to file a malpractice suit against the hospital because they had failed to properly treat his hypochondria. Theo named Steve, Patrick, and Lisa in the lawsuit, but left Robin's name out of it because she had tried to help him. Carly had a talk with Abby about Abby's relationship with Michael. Abby called off her date with Michael, which led Michael to believe that Abby was afraid to be around him because he had violent outbursts. Abby explained that she liked Michael, but she was too old for him. Michael insisted that Abby was the only person who understood him. Abby finally agreed to go out on a real date with Michael. Carly decided to dig into Abby's past. Siobhan met with Jerry on Pier 52. Jerry ordered Siobhan to eliminate Lucky because Lucky had become a nuisance. Siobhan warned Jerry that it would be a mistake to kill Lucky. Lucky learned that Siobhan had lied about Fiona's phone calls. Dante and Brenda were slapped with a lawsuit for the wrongful death of Anton Banovic, the man who had tried to abduct Brenda in the alleyway. Diane and Alexis hired Theo because his forty years as a trial attorney could benefit Brenda and Dante. Theo Hoffman was revealed to be the Balkan.
December 20 to 24, 2010
Theo, who had been revealed to be the Balkan, decided to terminate his association with Jerry Jacks by having a sniper shoot Jerry. Siobhan was stunned as she watched Jerry collapse and then fall into the murky waters off of Pier 52. Theo ordered Siobhan to report Jerry's killing to the police, but he gave her specific instructions about what to say. Lulu tried to convince herself that Dante didn't have feelings for Brenda. Dante decided to plan a romantic dinner for Lulu. Luke and Tracy's wedding day arrived. The happy couple made it to the altar after Luke signed the prenuptial agreement. Carly sent Spinelli on a mission to break into the law offices of Garabaldi and Sloan to discover why Dante had hired them in 2007. Carly was delighted when Spinelli discovered that Brenda and Dante had a child together and that Dante had given Brenda full custody. Sonny proposed marriage to Brenda. Lisa was not pleased when she overheard Patrick and Robin make plans for Christmas. Robin invited Patrick to stay at the house, in a guest room, so that they could celebrate the holiday with Emma. Lisa reached out to a mystery person. Jason and Sam went Christmas tree shopping. Michael and Molly helped Jason and Sam to decorate the tree. Maxie tried to break things off with Matt, but Matt refused to walk away from Maxie. Matt insisted that Maxie was the perfect woman for him.
December 27 to 31, 2010
Brenda and Sonny announced their engagement at Luke and Tracy's wedding. Carly was thrilled that Spinelli had uncovered evidence that Dante and Brenda had a child together. Carly tried to persuade Sonny not to marry Brenda, but Sonny warned Carly not to interfere. Spinelli pleaded with Carly not to reveal Brenda and Dante's secret because several people, including Carly's children, could be hurt. Carly refused to believe that anyone except Dante and Brenda would suffer if Sonny learned about the baby. Theo arranged to talk to Brenda about the lawsuit. Theo ordered his men to keep Brenda under 24-hour surveillance. Theo made it clear to his goon that Brenda would be killed once Theo had what he needed from her. Jason admitted to Lucky that he questioned the timing of the lawsuit filed by Anton's family and the coincidence of Siobhan witnessing Jerry's shooting. Lucky reluctantly conceded that he couldn't ignore that Jason had a point. Lisa drugged Johnny and then searched his penthouse, in an effort to get her hands on the syringe. Johnny decided to hold onto the syringe for a while longer. Claire talked to Sonny and Diane about her career options after learning that she would be transferred to Alaska. Several Port Charles residents boarded a bus bound for a ski trip. Tragedy struck when the bus careened off of the road and then plunged down the side of the mountain. Carly was horrified as she heard the screams of the passengers while she was on the phone with Morgan. Bodies were scattered everywhere after the crash.
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