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General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 11, 2011 on GH
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Monday, April 11, 2011

At the loft, Dante awakened Lulu, who was agitated by a disturbing dream. In the dream, Lulu had berated Luke and told him angrily that he loved alcohol more than life. When she told this to Dante, she said that the dream was the opposite of how she felt. Lulu said that she felt as bad for Luke as for Lucky and that she was not mad at her dad. Dante said that a person felt what they felt. He comforted Lulu.

Luke was drunk and flicking a cigarette lighter on and off as he surveyed the gasoline-soaked floor of the Haunted Star. Lucky entered the casino and told Luke not to stop on his account because he loved fireworks. Then he asked Luke what he would accomplish by burning up Ethan's job and Tracy's investment with the Haunted Star. Lucky said that Tracy would be angry so Luke was probably burning up his marriage as well. Luke said it would simplify his life.

Lucky said that it reminded him of the night that Luke had burned down his blues club. Lucky said that burning the club had not worked out well for Luke and burning the Haunted Star would not work out either. Lucky said that burning up the boat was an empty gesture that would not get Jake back. Luke said it would be a spectacular way to break with the past. Lucky said that a wise man, his father, had told him that he could not outrun the past. Luke was thoughtful when Lucky left the casino.

Lulu also visited Luke on the Haunted Star. She smelled the gasoline, and Luke told her that he was reconsidering burning up the boat because it was a repeat of burning up his blues club. Lulu told him she would clean up. When Luke continued to flick the lighter as she cleaned, she asked him to stop. He said that some things could not be cleaned up. Lulu told him that unless he wanted to risk both their lives, he should put the lighter away.

At Kelly's, Carly encouraged Sam to have a baby with Jason. Carly said that what had happened with Jake proved that life was random. She said that Jason would be an excellent father and should have a kid of his own. Sam said that she could not deal with the sadness if something went wrong. Sam said that there was a 50 percent chance that she could not carry a baby to term. Carly offered to be a surrogate. Sam said that she appreciated the offer, but she did not think that Jason wanted to have a baby. Carly said that Jason was grieving and that Sam would have to make the decision.

After Carly left, Kristina approached Sam and told her that she was trying to make a decision about college. She did not know whether to continue hoping that Yale would accept her, or put down a deposit for a school where she was already accepted. Sam said it was a difficult decision, and she would help in any way she could.

At the penthouse, Michael told Jason that Ronnie had picked up Abby and was questioning her about Brandon's murder. He wanted to rush down to the station, but Jason prevented him. Jason sent Diane instead and assured Michael that Abby would be fine. When Michael tried to join Abby, Jason said that Ronnie was using Abby as bait.

Michael said that he did not care what Ronnie did to him because he was worried about Abby. Jason said that it was not Michael that Ronnie was after, but Jason. Michael finally understood that Ronnie would threaten to send Michael prison to get Jason to make a false murder confession to protect Michael. Michael left the penthouse, but not before promising to stay away from the police department.

Lucky stopped in to apologize to Jason for not protecting Jake. He told Jason that he should have stopped Luke from drinking. He said that the irony was that Jake had been conceived because of Lucky's addiction and had died because of Luke's. Lucky said he was sorry for being a coward and not standing up to Luke when it counted. Jason told Lucky that he was not to blame. Jason said that he knew that Lucky had loved Jake and done everything he could for him. Lucky said that Jake might have still been alive if he had confronted Luke about his drinking.

Patrick went to Kelly's to meet Robin, but found Lisa instead. He accused her of following him, but she said it was a coincidence because she was there to meet Johnny. A couple of blocks away, Robin ran into Johnny and wanted to clear the air. She wanted to know if Lisa and Johnny were dating. She hastened to add that she was not judging; she just wanted to know if Lisa had moved on from Patrick.

At Wyndemere, Brook Lynn offered Nikolas her sympathies. Nikolas was glad to see her and told her that he'd had a wonderful time with her, but that everything had changed when Jake died. He said that he truly cared for her and that she had helped him through a dark and dangerous time. He told her that she had made him laugh again. He said that he would always be grateful, but for the time being, he would be preoccupied with family and it was not fair to her. She told him that his instincts about family were right on and she admired him.

Brook Lynn said that she had been offered a place with a touring Latin band. She had intended to decline if Nikolas needed her, but since he didn't, it appeared to be the right thing to do. Brook told Nikolas that she had learned a lot from him. He said that he would miss her. She told him not to lose her number because one never knew what would happen in the future. They shared a short, loving kiss before Brook Lynn went upstairs to pack her bags and leave Wyndemere for good.

Johnny was smiling when he met Lisa at Kelly's. She said that she was glad that someone was happy to see her, and then recounted her meeting with Patrick. Johnny was skeptical and told her that she needed some amusement, like a movie. She said it was difficult when Robin and Patrick were constantly abusing her. Johnny said that the games were over, and she needed to move on. She said that if Patrick had given her that much attention when she was obsessed with him, they would have had a normal affair and she would have moved on.

Lisa worried that Patrick would go to Steve and get her fired. Johnny told her to get over it. Lisa wondered if she should get to Steve first. Then she remembered the movie they were supposed to see. Johnny was disgusted with her and told her that she still had Patrick on the brain and he had stuff to do. When he left Kelly's, Lisa walked over to Kristina.

Patrick arrived shortly after Robin got home with Chinese take-out. She wanted to know why he had cancelled their date night at Kelly's. He said he wanted to be home with Robin and Emma. They talked about Emma, and then Robin wanted to know the real reason. Patrick told her about his conversation with Lisa. Robin suggested that maybe Lisa was backing off, but Patrick said that Lisa had acted normal before then lashed out. Patrick did not want Lisa to hurt Robin or Emma.

Robin hoped that Lisa had transferred her attention to Johnny, but Patrick said that Lisa had successfully gotten away with her schemes, and he feared that she would try something again. Robin said that they had talked enough about Lisa and should concentrate on themselves and their lives. She said it was date night for them, and they should have fun with it. Patrick agreed.

Patrick and Robin discussed landscaping their back yard. Patrick wanted to hire it done, but Robin wanted more hands-on. They joked about going upstairs to complete their date night. They opened fortune cookies. When Robin's said that she would receive a gift, Patrick said that he had just picked up tickets for a rock concert. They agreed to ask Kristina to be Emma's babysitter.

Michael went to the loft to see Dante. He said that Abby was in trouble and asked Dante to help. Michael assured Dante that neither he, Abby, nor Jason had killed Brandon. Dante believed him. He also respected Michael for understanding that Ronnie was baiting Michael to get to Jason. Dante agreed to help, but made Michael promise to stay away from the police department.

Johnny found Luke on the Haunted Star and said that he wanted to buy back into the business. Luke said that he did not care about business. Johnny tried to be affable and identify with Luke, when he said that they had both done things they regretted and that they were both way past redemption. Luke was cold when he called Johnny a "choirboy" and said that whatever Johnny was looking for was not on the Haunted Star.

Michael went to see Carly and Josslyn at the hospital. Carly was sympathetic to Abby's plight, but told Michael that Abby was strong and would be okay. Michael said that he did not want Abby to have to relive her abuse for a jerk like Ronnie. Carly told Michael that he had to be strong and not let Ronnie bait him into actions that would get him sent back to prison. She advised him to stay away from Abby until Brandon's killer was found.

Dante went to Jason and told him that Abby was calm and handling Ronnie's interrogation very well. Jason wanted to tell Michael, but Dante said to wait. He told Jason that Brandon had no money and had originally had a public defender until a high-priced lawyer had stepped in and taken over his case for free. Dante said that someone with deep pockets had been bankrolling Brandon.

Lucky went to see Lulu at the loft. She told him about her visit with Luke. She said that he had put away the lighter and cleaned up the Haunted Star. Lulu said that Luke was in a lot of pain and did not know what to do. Lucky said that Luke did know what to do. Lucky told Lulu that Luke would drink until he no longer felt the pain.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

At the hospital, Carly admitted to Michael that she had initially disapproved of Abby because Abby had been a stripper, and an older woman. Carly had changed her mind about Abby after Carly realized that Abby was good for Michael. "That's awesome. Let's just leave it at that," Michael snapped. Carly explained that she couldn't because Abby's ex-boyfriend, whom Michael had beaten up, had been found dead. Carly thought that Michael and Abby should take a step back from their relationship until things had settled down. Michael wondered if Carly would stand aside to protect herself if Jason and Sonny were in trouble.

Jax walked up moments later and then remarked that he was glad to see that Josslyn was on everyone's minds. Michael decided to leave, so he excused himself and left. Carly quickly filled Jax in on her conversation with Michael. Jax warned Carly that Michael was growing up, so Michael would make his own choices. "Not if I can change his mind," Carly argued. Jax decided to change the subject to find out if there had been any more news about Franco.

Carly admitted that Franco had gone silent, but he remained a concern, so Shawn would continue to guard Josslyn. Jax resented Jason's mercenary watching over his daughter. Carly argued that Jason had persuaded Lucky and Liz to donate Jake's kidney, which meant that Jason had saved Josslyn's life. Jax assured her that he was grateful for what Jason had done, but he didn't appreciate Jason's presence in Josslyn's life. Carly admitted that she was surprised that Jax wasn't with Brenda. She quickly realized that Jax hadn't heard about Lucian, so she filled him in about Brenda's newfound son.

On a street corner, Michael bumped into Johnny. Johnny offered to help if Michael and Abby had any problems as a result of Brandon's murder. Michael thanked Johnny and then continued on his way.

Carly went to Abby's apartment to talk to Abby about Michael. Carly expressed concern about Michael's anger issues; she feared that Michael's temper might get the best of him if a cop questioned Abby about Brandon's murder. Carly wanted Abby to consider taking a break from her relationship with Michael until Brandon's murder had been solved. Abby admitted that she had similar concerns about Michael. Moments later, Michael entered the apartment. Michael's temper flared when he saw his mother standing in the living room.

Michael immediately accused Carly of trying to bully Abby, but Abby insisted that Carly hadn't been doing any such thing. Michael angrily ordered Carly to stay out of his business and then ordered her to leave. Carly claimed that Michael's outburst was exactly what she had been concerned about. After Carly left, Abby admitted that Carly had a point. Michael argued that he didn't want Abby to let his mother manipulate her. He explained that Ronnie had only questioned Abby to provoke Michael, so that Jason would step in.

Michael admitted that Franco had been obsessed with Jason, so everything Franco had done had been to get Jason's attention. Abby thought that Franco sounded like a very sick man. "You have no idea," Michael confessed. He revealed that Franco had sent Carter after him because the rape had been Franco's way to mess with Jason's head. Michael realized that it sounded selfish, but he couldn't imagine being alone again. Abby assured Michael that there would be no going back for them.

At the hospital, Alexis found Jax watching over Josslyn. Alexis was happy to hear that Josslyn would be released from the hospital in a few days, but she was curious why Jax seemed down. Jax told Alexis about Lucian. She confessed that something about Suzanne's story sounded wrong. Jax agreed. Alexis realized that she wasn't in a position to judge, but she was curious if Brenda realized that Lucian might end up either shot, kidnapped, or blown up if he were raised in Sonny's world.

Alexis reminded Jax that Kristina had not escaped unscathed, despite the limited contact that Kristina had with Sonny during the early years. Alexis couldn't understand why Brenda would make the choice to raise her son with Sonny when Sonny wasn't even Lucian's father. Jax agreed, so he decided to pay Brenda a visit to get a read on the situation. Alexis warned Jax that he was headed down a slippery slope by getting involved in Brenda's problems. Later, Carly entered Josslyn's hospital room to find Alexis sitting next to Josslyn's crib.

Alexis quickly explained that Josslyn had been asleep the whole time, so she hoped that Carly didn't mind the visit. Alexis admitted that she had stopped by to drop off some books for Josslyn that Alexis had often read to Kristina and Molly when they had been little. Carly assured Alexis that she wasn't bothered by the visit or the gifts. Alexis let Carly know that Jax had gone to see Brenda. It didn't escape Alexis' notice that Carly had taken the news in stride. Carly confessed that she was resigned to Jax always going to Brenda.

Alexis hoped that the visit with Brenda didn't cause problems for Carly and Jax. Carly insisted that all that mattered to her was that Jax was a great dad to Josslyn.

At Jason's penthouse, Spinelli tried to stonewall Dante when Dante asked to see Jason. Dante explained that the evidence continued to point to Jason as the primary suspect in Brandon's murder. Spinelli wasn't surprised that the "long arm of the law" continued to look in the wrong direction, but he was offended by Dante's insensitivity during Jason's time of grief. Dante admitted that he didn't think that Jason or Michael was responsible for Brandon's murder, but the weapon used was the same kind of gun that Jason was known to carry, and that Michael had access to it. Diane arrived moments later. Dante quickly explained to Diane that he was trying to clear Jason and Michael of killing Brandon, so he needed her help.

Dante revealed that Brandon had hired a high-powered attorney named Angela Dwyer to represent him. Dante pointed out that Brandon hadn't had the kind of money to pay for someone as expensive as Ms. Dwyer. Diane conceded that Angela Dwyer was a great attorney, but Ms. Dwyer had very questionable morals. Dante was curious if Diane knew which of Angela Dwyer's clients might hate Jason and Sonny. Diane revealed that the Zaccharas had recently hired Angela Dwyer. Dante thanked Diane for her help because she had saved him quite a bit of time.

After Dante left, Diane announced to Spinelli that their book was a huge success. Diane was certain that she and Spinelli would be asked to write a sequel, so she wanted to get a jumpstart on the next novel. She urged Spinelli to gather some new case files for them to review. Spinelli quickly snatched up his files before Diane had a chance to read them. He explained that some of his files were too confidential for publication.

Patrick and Robin were walking home when they saw Johnny and Lisa on a street corner. Patrick suspected that it wasn't an accidental encounter. Johnny immediately went on the offensive by accusing Patrick of having a god complex. Johnny insisted that Patrick didn't have the right to question them. Patrick and Robin argued that Johnny didn't know the real Lisa, so he couldn't appreciate just how dangerous she was.

Lisa played the victim by denying that she and Johnny had been stalking Patrick and Robin. Patrick ignored Lisa's cries of innocence to warn Johnny that Lisa was using Johnny as a smokescreen to hide behind. After Patrick and Robin left, Johnny made it clear that Lisa had better not prove Patrick right.

Patrick remained in a foul mood after he and Robin arrived home. Robin realized that Patrick was still thinking about their encounter with Lisa and Johnny. Patrick admitted that he was frustrated because Lisa was good at pretending to be normal. He feared that Johnny was enabling Lisa. Patrick argued that it was easy to see that Johnny was projecting Claudia onto Lisa, which said something very disturbing about Johnny's psyche. Patrick was certain that Johnny viewed Lisa as a victim, which made Johnny protective of her.

Robin pointed out that Lisa was delusional because she was fixated on the one-night stand with Patrick, but Patrick insisted that Johnny didn't see that. Patrick worried that there wouldn't be any limits to what Lisa could do with Johnny backing her up. Robin was certain that Johnny would not condone Lisa harming them, so perhaps Johnny was what Lisa needed to pull Lisa back from the brink.

At Kelly's, Kristina spoke to Taylor on the phone about his acceptance to Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. Kristina assured Taylor that she was happy for him and then ended the call. Afterwards, Brenda walked up to greet Kristina. Kristina was stunned when Brenda decided to introduce Kristina to Lucian, who was seated at a nearby table with Max. Kristina was curious how Sonny felt about Brenda's long-lost son. Brenda admitted that they were all trying to adjust, but things were better than Brenda could have imagined.

Kristina proposed getting all the kids together to meet Lucian over lunch. Brenda loved the idea, but she wanted to wait a bit until Brenda and Sonny had a chance to bond with Lucian as a family. A few minutes later, Brenda gathered up Lucian, so that they could go home to work on some plans for a playground in the backyard. A short time later, Diane entered the parlor of Greystone Manor, to find Max playing with one of Lucian's toys. "There's my big, sexy man-child," Diane said. Diane suggested that she and Max spend some time together, but Max explained that he had to work.

Moments later, Brenda popped into the parlor, looking for one of Lucian's books. After Brenda left, Diane asked Max who Lucian was. Max reluctantly told Diane about Brenda's son. Diane felt a massive migraine starting, but Max reminded her that Sonny was a natural at being a dad. Diane disagreed; Sonny was a natural at making children, not raising them. Jax arrived a few minutes later, looking for Brenda.

Max dashed off to fetch Brenda, so Jax decided to question Diane about Michael's legal situation in regards to Brandon's murder. Jax wondered how worried he should be. "Moderately," Diane answered. Diane assured Jax that she was doing her best to keep Michael and Abby out of jail. Brenda entered the parlor seconds later, so Diane excused herself to give them some privacy. Jax admitted that he had heard about Lucian.

Brenda beamed as she confessed that she was thrilled to finally have her own family. Brenda gushed about Lucian and then confided that it felt as if he were the last missing piece of her life. Jax was happy for Brenda; however, he warned her that it would change things. Brenda revealed that things were already different. Brenda eyes filled with tears as she confessed that she just wanted to keep her son safe.

Lisa entered Kelly's, and immediately noticed that Kristina seemed rattled. Kristina confessed that it might sound petty, but she was upset because her dad would be spending time with Brenda and Lucian rather than with Kristina. Kristina also admitted that her best friend, Taylor, had been accepted to Brown University. Lisa feigned sympathy and then offered to help take the edge off. Kristina wasn't interested in taking any drugs, but Lisa assured her that she had been suggesting some herbal supplements. Lisa offered to pick them up for Kristina, so Kristina agreed to try them.

After Lisa left, Ethan walked in. Ethan confessed that he had hoped to see her because he needed her help. Ethan admitted that he had been out of town when Jake had been killed; however, since his return, he had wanted to be able to help Luke. Kristina wondered how Luke was doing. "Not good," Ethan admitted. Ethan had no idea what to do, so Kristina advised Ethan to simply be there for Luke.

Kristina reminded Ethan that he and Luke didn't have a messy history to get in the way of things, so it should be make everything easier. Ethan appreciated the advice and then changed the subject to find out what was going on with Kristina. Kristina told Ethan about Lucian and then admitted that she felt threatened because she feared that the progress that she and Sonny had made would be undone. Ethan urged Kristina not to shut out Sonny, because she had a place in Sonny's life that no one could take away. They decided to share a piece of pie as they talked about Kristina's concerns about getting into Yale. Ethan suggested that Kristina look at things objectively, without worrying about what Alexis wanted for her.

Ethan thought that she should figure out why she wanted to go to Yale and then decide if it would be a good fit for her. Kristina liked the sound of that.

At the hospital, Lisa emptied out the bottle of herbal supplements and then replaced them with a narcotic. Lisa was on her way to Kelly's when she ran into Johnny on the street. Johnny admitted that it was fascinating to watch Lisa scurry from one place to another. He was curious what she was up to, but Lisa denied that she was doing anything. According to Lisa, she was starving, so she intended to go to Kelly's for something to eat. Johnny was prevented from pursing the conversation when Dante called out to him.

Lisa walked away as Dante approached Johnny to question Johnny about Angela Dwyer. Dante admitted that it was a strange coincidence that Brandon had been able to afford an attorney who worked for the Zaccharas. Johnny suggested that Dante question Angela Dwyer about Brandon. Dante thought it was odd how everything always seemed to lead back to Johnny.

Kristina decided that she would follow any advice that Ethan gave her because she found it inspiring how free and true to himself Ethan was. Ethan chuckled as he confided that disaster tended to follow in his wake. Lisa walked up and then admitted that Kristina seemed to be in a much better mood. Kristina credited Ethan for helping her.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

At Johnny's penthouse, Michael explained that he had stopped by because he wanted to question the people at Vaughn's about what they had seen on the night of Brandon's murder. Johnny warned Michael that the police would become suspicious if Michael were to start nosing around the club. Michael hoped to find evidence to exonerate Abby, but Johnny insisted that it would appear as if Michael were trying to cover something up. Johnny reminded Michael that the wife or girlfriend was always the prime suspect in any murder case, so he urged Michael to be smart. Michael was curious why Johnny seemed determined to help him, instead of seeking revenge for Claudia's death. Johnny confessed that Claudia had been sick with guilt for her role in getting Michael shot, and that she had been half gone when she had taken Carly hostage, so Johnny didn't blame Michael.

Olivia went to Dante's loft to drop off some food. She immediately noticed that her son seemed less than enthusiastic about her visit, so she asked him what was wrong. Dante admitted that he suspected that Johnny had set up Michael to gain leverage over Sonny. Olivia advised Dante to warn Sonny, but Dante feared that it might trigger a war between Sonny and Johnny. Olivia urged Dante to figure a way around it. Dante argued that the truce between Sonny and Johnny was fragile at best, so Olivia suggested that Dante stop thinking like a cop, and start acting like a brother and son.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny instructed Max to keep a low profile when Max was out in public with Brenda and Lucian. Max realized that Brenda wanted to live as normal a life as possible. Sonny reminded Max that there wasn't anything normal about his life or the situation with Lucian. Moments later, Diane entered the parlor to drop off some documents for Sonny. She was curious if Max were on break, but Max explained that he had been updating the boss. Diane acknowledged that Max was great with children, but she reminded Sonny that Max had a life outside of Sonny's world.

Sonny explained that he wanted to make certain that Brenda's maternal rights to Lucian were legal and airtight. Diane wondered what Sonny's role would be in Lucian's life. Sonny ignored Diane's question to add that he wanted Brenda's custody of Lucian to be ironclad. Diane wondered if Brenda had gotten a DNA test done to determine if Lucian were Brenda's biological child. Sonny insisted that they would deal with that later, so Diane agreed to draw up the paperwork. Sonny was relieved because he feared that Suzanne might cause problems if the custody issue weren't settled quickly.

Diane was curious who Lucian had been living with prior to arriving in Port Charles. Sonny explained that, according to Suzanne, the adoptive parents had been killed, so he worried that some of their relatives might decide to claim Lucian. Diane promised to check everything out, but she wondered if Sonny planned to adopt the young boy. Sonny admitted that he just wanted to support Brenda, which Diane thought was a wise decision. Sonny demanded to know what Diane meant by that. Diane dared Sonny to look her in the eye and then tell her that he wanted another child.

Sonny reminded Diane that he didn't pay her to pry into his personal life. Diane pointed out that Sonny was married to Lucian's mother, but Sonny was tired of Diane's lectures. Diane revealed that her book was a runaway best seller, so it would serve Sonny right if she were to quit her job to focus on her writing. Sonny made it clear that he was done talking, so Max volunteered to drive Diane to her office. Diane warned Sonny that Max would be taking a "well-deserved" five-hour lunch and then walked out. Dante stood in the doorway, watching the exchange.

After Diane left, Sonny admitted to Dante that Diane was a terrific lawyer, but he sometimes questioned if she were worth it. Dante advised Sonny to be nice to Diane because Michael might need her skill. Sonny became momentarily sidetracked when he made a quick call to line up a bodyguard for Lucian. Afterwards, Sonny admitted that he was frustrated because it was impossible to find someone qualified to watch over the little boy. Sonny noticed Dante's confusion, so he filled Dante in about Lucian. Dante was curious if there were any proof of Suzanne's claims.

Sonny explained that Suzanne had provided them with a birth certificate, but Dante pointed out that the piece of paper didn't mean anything, since he had been able to claim that the child was his at one time. Sonny wanted Brenda to be happy, but he didn't trust Suzanne. Sonny acknowledged that Lucian was a sweet child, but he confided that he didn't want any more children because he had his hands full with the children that he had. Dante was curious if things might have been different if Sonny had known about Lucian before the wedding. Sonny insisted that he would have loved Brenda, but he conceded that his life was difficult, so all he could do was adjust to the new situation. Sonny then asked Dante about his earlier comment regarding Michael.

Dante told Sonny about Brandon's murder, and how concerned Michael had been about Abby. Sonny argued that Abby was a big girl who could take care of herself; however, Sonny refused to let Michael end up back in prison. Dante confessed that Johnny might be trying to exploit the situation. Sonny was stunned when Dante revealed that Brandon had hired the Zaccharas' attorney, Angela Dwyer, to bail Brandon out of jail. Sonny was certain that Johnny wanted to set Michael up for Brandon's murder to get back at Sonny. Dante urged Sonny to be careful not to start a war, but Sonny insisted that he would do whatever was necessary to protect Michael.

Later, Michael paid his father a visit. Sonny admitted that he knew about Abby's ex-boyfriend's murder, so Michael quickly denied having killed Brandon. Sonny warned Michael that Johnny might be behind it, but Michael was skeptical because Johnny didn't have any reason to want to set up Michael. Sonny argued that getting Jason or Michael charged with murder would be a perfect way to distract Sonny. Michael wondered why Johnny would want to break the peace, so Sonny explained that the natural state of the Zaccharas was not peace, but rather chaos. Sonny explained that Brandon had hired Johnny's attorney, which meant that the dots connected to Johnny.

Michael was reluctant to rush to judgment, but Sonny insisted that Michael didn't owe Johnny any loyalty. Sonny demanded to know exactly what Johnny had said and done for Michael. Michael admitted that Johnny had loaned Abby some money, which he hadn't pressured her to pay back, and then warned Michael when Brandon's body had been found. Sonny ordered Michael to shut Johnny down if Johnny tried to reach out to Michael or Abby. Sonny explained that one of the principals of war was to know one's enemies; Sonny knew Johnny.

At Kelly's, Lulu thanked Maxie for covering for her at work. Maxie assured Lulu that she understood because Lulu was grieving for Jake. Maxie wondered how Lulu was holding up, so Lulu confessed that she felt like she was on overload. Maxie offered to take Lulu to a spa, but Lulu declined because she needed time to figure out her family issues. Lulu explained that Luke had attempted to burn down the Haunted Star and that Lucky was stuck on being hurt and angry. Lulu thought perhaps Liz might help Lucky to move forward, but Maxie insisted that Lulu should avoid pushing Lucky and Liz together because it would make things worse.

Lulu thought that was harsh of Maxie to say. Maxie insisted that she was sympathetic to Liz's loss, but she doubted that Lucky and Liz's problems would magically disappear because they had lost a child. Lulu argued that grieving together was a part of the healing process. "Says who?" Maxie wondered. Maxie explained that it was one thing if Lucky and Liz reconciled on their own, but it would be a disaster if Lulu tried to push them together.

Afterwards, Maxie decided to go to the hospital to seek Matt's advice. Maxie wondered if she had done the right thing by suggesting that Lulu not encourage Liz to help Lucky. Matt was curious why Maxie had felt that way. Maxie explained that she had said some mean, but true, things about Liz and how Jake's death didn't change anything between Lucky and Liz. Matt didn't see anything wrong with that, if Maxie believed what she had said. Maxie insisted that Liz was bad for Lucky because Liz had gotten "knocked up" by some other guy -- twice.

Matt agreed that Lucky and Liz were better off apart, but Maxie admitted that she sounded like a hypocrite because she had faked a pregnancy, scored drugs, and then fed Lucky's addiction in order to hold onto him. "Wow," Matt responded in a shocked tone. Maxie realized that they had never discussed it, but Matt recovered quickly and then assured her that she was being too hard on herself. Maxie confessed that she had never liked Liz, so she believed that Lucky deserved better. Maxie then revealed that she had wished for bad things to happen to Liz in the past, but insisted that she had never wanted Liz to suffer the loss of a child, so she felt that she needed to make things up to Liz.

Dante returned home to find Lulu leaving a message for Lucky. After Lulu ended the call, Dante wondered if everything were okay. Lulu confessed that things were worse between Luke and Lucky because Lucky wanted to wash his hands of Luke. Lulu revealed that Lucky couldn't deal with Luke's alcoholism while Lucky was struggling with the grief of losing Jake. Lulu had reminded Lucky that Luke was in pain, so she had urged Lucky to have more faith in Luke. Dante realized that it was tough dealing with family problems.

Lulu was curious if they were talking about her family or Dante's family. Dante told her about his suspicions that Johnny might be trying to set up Michael to get to Sonny. Lulu conceded that it sounded like more than a coincidence that Brandon had hired the Zacchara family attorney, but she doubted that Johnny would frame Michael for murder. According to Lulu, Johnny wasn't amoral, and he had a soft spot for children raised in the mob. Lulu insisted that Johnny had always felt bad that he hadn't been able to stop Claudia from getting Michael shot. Dante wondered if he had been looking at the situation from the wrong angle; perhaps Johnny had killed Brandon as a favor to Michael.

Michael arrived home after Lulu left. Michael was furious that Dante had talked to Sonny instead of to him. Michael insisted that he wasn't stupid or weak. Dante explained that Sonny had a right to know what was going on, but Michael argued that it would have helped if Michael had known about Dante's suspicions when Michael had talked to Johnny. Dante was curious when Michael had met with Johnny, so Michael told Dante about his request for permission to question the employees at Vaughn's. Dante warned Michael that stay clear of the strip club because the cops might suspect that Michael had something to hide.

Michael admitted that Johnny had cautioned him about the same thing. Dante insisted that nothing good could happen if Michael became involved in the investigation. Michael refused to do nothing while he, Abby, and Jason were suspects. Dante realized that Michael was desperate to be in control of things because he had felt powerless in Pentonville. "Yeah, you're damn right," Michael responded.

At Kelly's, Olivia explained that she had called to meet Steve because she wanted to see how he was holding up. Steve confessed that he was worried about his sister. Olivia understood that, but she was concerned about Steve. Steve admitted that he was still trying to process Jake's death. Olivia warned Steve that throwing himself into his work wouldn't help because there was more to life. "Like you," Steve quietly replied.

Olivia smiled and then invited him to join her for a picnic in the park on Saturday. She offered to provide the food if he provided the music by taking his guitar. Steve agreed, but explained that he had to get back to work. After Steve left, Olivia bumped into Johnny as she was leaving Kelly's. She admitted that she had heard that he was involved with "the unstable" Lisa Niles, and tangled up in the mess with Michael. Johnny insisted that he had merely given Michael some advice.

Olivia assured Johnny that he didn't have to evade or deny anything with her. Johnny chuckled as he confessed that he missed how straightforward she had always been. Olivia reminded Johnny that he had always been a "crummy" liar, so she knew that Johnny was up to something; however, she refused to believe that he would purposefully hurt Michael. Later, Johnny was on the phone with Anthony, when someone knocked on the door. It was Sonny. Sonny accused Johnny of paying for Brandon's attorney and then wondered if Johnny thought that Sonny would allow Johnny to frame Michael for Brandon's murder.

Liz was reviewing Aiden's paternity results when Nikolas stopped by. Nikolas confessed that he was glad that she had called. Liz explained that she needed to talk to him about something, so she invited him to sit down. Liz set the paternity results on the table and then admitted that she had been having a difficult time understanding how life could go on after Jake's death. However, she realized that her boys needed her, as did Lucky. Liz knew that Lucky was dealing with a lot because of Luke and the guilt over leaving the boys with her, even though Jake's death had been her fault.

Nikolas insisted that Liz wasn't to blame because it could have happened to anyone. Liz worried that Lucky needed Nikolas, but Nikolas quickly assured her that he and Lucky had worked things out. Liz was relieved that Lucky felt close to Nikolas again. Liz wasn't surprised when Nikolas confided that Lucky had struggled to remain sober; she imagined that it had been tempting to escape the pain of losing Jake. Nikolas admitted that he never wanted to risk losing Lucky as a brother again.

Liz decided to go to work after Nikolas left. Steve immediately objected when he saw Liz at the nurses' station. Liz insisted that she needed Steve to be a chief of staff rather than a brother. Steve assured her that he was; he argued that it was too soon for her to consider treating patients. Liz argued that she had been a nurse for a long time, so she would never endanger her patients. Steve felt that she needed more time to grieve for Jake, but Liz made it clear that she would always grieve for her son.

Steve admitted that he had talked to their sister, Sarah, and that he and Sarah had agreed that it might be best for Liz and the boys to have a change of scenery. Steve suggested that Liz visit Sarah in California for a while. Liz revealed that she needed to do something first before she could consider it.

Meanwhile, Maxie let herself into Liz's home to drop off a plant. Maxie looked for a piece of paper to jot down a note, but found Aiden's paternity results instead. Maxie pulled the paper out of the envelope and then read the results.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

At Liz's house, Maxie read the paternity results just as Lucky entered the house. Lucky was surprised to see Maxie there. Maxie quickly shoved the results into her purse and then she explained she had dropped off a plant. Maxie added that she had passed the nanny and children on their way to Wyndemere, so the nanny had given Maxie permission to enter on the condition that Maxie locked up on the way out. Maxie then quickly changed the subject by asking how Lucky was holding up. Lucky confessed that it had been hard since Jake had died.

Maxie was surprised when Lucky admitted that he was reluctant to see Liz because he was afraid that Liz would blame him for Jake's death. Lucky felt that he should have done something about Luke's drinking years ago because Lucky had known that Luke frequently drove drunk. Maxie insisted that Lucky couldn't blame himself for Luke's choices. She explained that guilt was a wasted emotion because it kept people stuck. Maxie advised Lucky to forgive himself and then move forward. Nikolas arrived moments later, so Maxie quickly excused herself.

Nikolas and Lucky talked about Liz and then Lucky confided his regrets about not forcing Luke to seek help for his drinking. Nikolas reminded Lucky that they had all turned a blind eye to Luke's drinking. Lucky argued that, as Luke's son, Lucky might have been able to get through to Luke.

At the hospital, Steve tried to persuade Liz to consider taking the children to visit Sarah in California. Liz insisted that she couldn't just pack up the kids, and leave, without trying to make things right with Lucky. Liz explained that she had let Lucky down in a lot of ways. Steve argued that Lucky and Liz should have been helping each other, but Lucky had barely been around since Jake's death. Liz explained that Lucky rightfully blamed her for the accident, so she understood why Lucky had kept his distance.

Later, Liz arrived home to find Nikolas waiting for her. She was surprised when she noticed the plant. Nikolas revealed that Maxie had dropped it off. Shortly after Nikolas left, Maxie returned. Maxie admitted that she had a good idea why Liz had called. Liz wondered if Maxie planned to blackmail her with Aiden's paternity results. Maxie started to deny it, but then conceded that Liz had good reason to jump to that conclusion.

Maxie clarified that she had taken the results to keep Lucky from seeing them, so she quickly handed them back to Liz. Maxie was curious who else knew that Lucky was Aiden's father. Liz admitted that it was just her and Maxie. Maxie admitted to being the "queen of bad choices," but she wondered if perhaps Liz thought that Lucky deserved to know the truth about Aiden when he was grieving so deeply for Jake.

At the Haunted Star, Tracy admitted that Luke's office reeked. Luke sarcastically remarked that it was his new aftershave. Tracy confessed that she had heard about Luke's threats to torch the casino, so she suggested that Luke's energy would be better spent focusing on work. According to Tracy, work was a great way to escape from the pain. Tracy ignored Luke's protests by offering to have Alice stop by to clean.

Luke surprised Tracy by revealing that he had almost driven home the night before, but he hadn't been able to get into the car because it had reminded him too much of the night that Jake had died. Tracy tried to steer Luke to a safer topic by offering to buy him something to eat. Luke agreed, but only if he could drive. Tracy didn't think it would be a good idea. Tracy and Luke talked about his drinking, which prompted Tracy to suggest that Luke consider looking at alcohol differently because what he was doing wasn't working for any of them.

Luke tried to change the subject by tossing a baseball at Tracy, which she deftly caught. "Lucky catch," Luke scoffed. Tracy thought perhaps it might be because she took daily walks since Luke's first heart attack, or because she had been an all-star shortstop in a previous life. Her eyes filled with tears as she added, "Or maybe it's just because I didn't have a fifth of scotch before breakfast." Tracy set the ball down and then quietly left.

Lucky was strumming his guitar in his apartment when Steve knocked. Lucky was concerned that something might be wrong with Liz, but Steve explained that he was furious because Jake's death had been as hard on Liz as it had been on Lucky. Steve insisted that Jake's parents should be helping each other, instead of keeping their distance. Lucky admitted that he blamed himself for Jake's death. Steve was stunned; he insisted that Lucky wasn't responsible for what had happened. Lucky argued that he had ignored Luke's drinking for years.

Lucky insisted that he would have been dead that if Liz had done the same when Lucky had been battling an addiction to pills. Lucky credited Liz with doing everything in her power to help Lucky to get sober. Lucky believed that if he had done the same for Luke then Jake might not have been killed. Lucky was certain that Liz was disappointed in how Lucky had handled Luke's alcoholism. Steve suggested that Lucky needed to blame himself as a way of try to control the situation. Lucky recalled that one of the twelve steps of recovery was to let go of things, which couldn't be controlled. Steve advised Lucky to get over himself because Liz needed her hero back to tell her that she wasn't to blame for what had happened to Jake.

After Steve left, Tracy showed up to plead with Lucky to go to Luke. "Is he on fire?" Lucky wondered. Tracy admitted that Luke wasn't, so Lucky pointed out that there wasn't a rush for him to see Luke. Tracy insisted that Luke was in serious trouble, and she feared that something terrible would happen. Lucky didn't seem concerned, so Tracy kept pushing Lucky to talk to Luke. Lucky argued that he needed to focus on his own sobriety, but Tracy warned him that Lucky could lose his father if something weren't done.

Steve entered Luke's office in time to have a baseball tossed at him. Steve quickly caught the ball, which prompted Luke to wonder if everyone in town played baseball on the side. Steve pointed out that a trained surgeon had to have quick reflexes. Luke wondered how Liz was holding up. Steve admitted that Liz needed Luke's help, so Steve urged Luke to stop wallowing and self-destructing because Lucky couldn't focus on Liz while Lucky was concerned about Luke.

At the loft, Michael accused Dante of pushing Sonny and Johnny closer to a mob war. Dante suggested that Michael could keep the peace by severing all ties with Johnny, but Michael resented being told what to do. Michael insisted that he needed to find the killer to clear himself, Abby, and Jason as suspects in Brandon's murder. Dante argued that it was his job to do, not Michael's. Michael began to rant about how the system had failed him, so Michael needed Johnny's help to find the person who had murdered Brandon. "Oh, cut the crap Michael," Dante snapped.

Dante believed that Michael was just looking for an excuse to work with Johnny, so that Michael could get into the mob. Dante suggested that Michael wanted to prove that he was as good of a criminal as Sonny, but Dante insisted that all Michael would just throw his life away. Michael insisted that he wasn't incompetent. Dante clarified that he had never said that; Dante acknowledged that Michael had dealt with more than Dante ever could have. Michael was curious if Dante could have fought off Carter. Dante admitted, "I don't know."

Michael was certain that Dante was just staying that because Dante didn't want to admit that Michael was weak. Michael insisted that he wanted to be strong. Dante didn't think that aligning himself with thieves and killers was the way. Dante argued that Sonny didn't want that for Michael. Dante made an impassioned plea for Michael to reconsider his choices, but the speech had little impact on Michael. Dante realized that all he could do was assure Michael that he would always love Michael because they were brothers.

At Johnny's penthouse, Sonny admitted that he wasn't surprised that Johnny had set up Michael for Brandon's murder. Sonny accused Johnny of being a coward and an opportunist. Johnny threw the insult back in Sonny's face by pointing out that Sonny's marriage to Claudia had been a business arrangement. Sonny suggested that Johnny was motivated by revenge, but Johnny argued that he was trying to save Michael from Sonny. Sonny reminded Johnny that he had honored the truce, so he warned Johnny not to push his luck.

Johnny wondered when it became a violation of the truce to befriend Michael. Johnny conceded that his father, Anthony, was crazy, but Johnny insisted that his life had been a "cakewalk" compared to the way that Michael had had been raised. Sonny refused to let Johnny manipulate Michael, but Johnny reminded Sonny that Michael was an adult who could make his own choices. Sonny wanted Michael to complete his parole and then to go on to college, so Sonny warned Johnny to leave Michael alone, and stop hiding behind children. After Sonny left, Michael knocked on the door.

Michael demanded some answers from Johnny about Angela Dwyer's connection to Brandon. Johnny denied that he had anything to do with Angela representing Brandon in court or killing Brandon. Johnny insisted that he was trying to save Michael from himself. Michael was curious what that meant. Johnny knew that Michael idolized Sonny, but Johnny compared the mob to being in a candy store. According to Johnny, Sonny had decided that candy wasn't good for Michael, so Sonny had tossed Michael out of the candy store, but Sonny had remained behind to gobble up all of the candy.

Michael made it clear that Johnny couldn't turn him against Sonny, but Johnny argued that Sonny wanted Michael to have nothing to do with the business. Michael thought that Johnny was implying that Michael wasn't good enough. Johnny rolled is eyes and then clarified that Sonny loved the business and the power; however, Sonny had blood on his hands that Sonny didn't he didn't want brushed off on Michael. Johnny explained that Sonny wanted Michael to stay squeaky clean. Michael was curious if Johnny intended to offer him a job.

Johnny refused to do that because Sonny would find a way of absolving himself of any wrong doing. Michael wondered how he could trust Johnny when Johnny hated Sonny. Johnny confessed that he knew what it was like to try to go straight after being raised in the business. Johnny warned Michael that the violence would eventually take its toll, so he encouraged Michael to ride it out with Abby, and go to college. Michael suspected that Johnny was trying reverse psychology. Johnny denied it, but he did admit that he wouldn't turn Michael down if Michael approached him for a job.

At Jason's penthouse, Sam told Jason about Carly's offer to carry a baby for them because Carly believed that Jason needed a child. Jason apologized for Carly's behavior, but Sam assured him that he didn't have to worry about it because she thought it had been rather selfless of Carly. However, Sam realized that Jason was grieving, so she didn't think that the time was right to think about starting a family. Jason appreciated Sam's understanding. Sam recalled that Jason had given her time to grieve after her daughter had died, so she wanted to be as supportive as Jason had been.

Later, Sonny arrived to talk to Jason about Michael's situation. Jason and Sonny agreed that Johnny was trying to recruit Michael. Sonny warned Jason that Michael wasn't listening to Sonny's advice, so they needed to make sure that Johnny was "nailed" for Brandon's murder. After Sonny left, Michael stopped by. Michael realized that Jason had spoken to Sonny about Johnny, but Michael insisted that Johnny wasn't trying to frame Michael for Brandon's murder. Jason hoped that Michael realized that Johnny was trying to recruit Michael to work for the Zaccharas.

Michael didn't want Jason to worry about him, so Jason suggested that Michael stay away from Johnny. Michael refused to make any promises. Michael admitted that he would rather work for Jason and Sonny, but Jason made it clear that it wasn't an option. Michael argued that Jason had made the choice to join the organization, but Jason insisted that he hadn't realized what he had been getting into. Jason explained that he had to walk away from Jake to spare Jake from having to go through what Michael had endured. Jason insisted that the business had robbed him of the chance to know Jake, so the lifestyle had not been worth it.

Sonny was in a foul mood when Dante entered the parlor of Greystone Manor. Sonny warned Dante that Johnny was becoming a problem because Johnny was trying to recruit Michael. Dante pointed out that they couldn't do anything about it if Michael were receptive to Johnny's offer. Sonny made it clear that he expected Dante to do whatever was necessary, including bending the law, to keep Johnny away from Michael. Dante refused to twist the law to serve his needs.

Dante admitted that he couldn't blame Michael from trying to follow in Sonny's footsteps because Sonny was married to a supermodel, and answered to no one while someone like Dante was just an underpaid cop. Sonny urged Dante to make Michael understand that Michael had the potential to be better than Sonny.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Maxie explained to Liz that Lucky and Nikolas had almost discovered that truth about Aiden's paternity, and she asked Liz when she would divulge the truth. Liz hypothesized that Helena had altered the original DNA test results and lamented that she had been so preoccupied that the results of the new test she'd commissioned that she hadn't paid attention to Jake before he wandered into the street. Maxie made it clear that Lucky and Nikolas had to know the truth. "Either you tell them," threatened Maxie, "or I will."

After Maxie left, Liz perused the test results again. Sam arrived to express her regrets. Liz asked how Jason was doing, and Sam responded that he had thrown himself into his work to distract himself from his grief. Liz expressed her desire to go back to work and added that Steven wouldn't let her, because he felt she needed more time. Sam apologized for having been so awful to Liz after Jake's birth. Liz expressed her regrets that she had turned her back on Lucky when he'd needed her most and for letting Jason down by convincing him to give up his son. As Sam left, Liz handed her a toy motorcycle, Jake's favorite, to take to Jason.

Tracy asked Lucky to reach out to his father. Lucky replied that it seemed as if everyone was in need but that he was having a tough time just getting through the day. Lucky also told Tracy that there was nothing he could do about Luke's self-destructive behavior. Tracy asked if Lucky thought she'd been enabling Luke to continue his addictive tendencies.

Lucky agreed that she had but that everyone who cared for Luke had been guilty. Lucky admitted that he had been the worst offender. Tracy forcefully stated that everyone close to Luke had reached out to him but that Lucky was the only one who could get through to Luke. "I can't look at him anymore without seeing that night flash through my mind," Lucky said. An exasperated Tracy left the apartment.

Later, Maxie stopped by, bearing flowers. She shared with Lucky that Liz was beating herself up, because Liz believed she was solely responsible for Jake's death. Maxie also stated that Lucky was not responsible for Luke's addiction. She apologized for having been partially responsible for Lucky's addiction, having supplied him with pills and destroying his marriage to Liz. Lucky said that, had things played out differently, Jake wouldn't have been born and that having been a father to Jake had made it all worth it.

As Nik showed up, a skittish Maxie abruptly departed. Nikolas assured Lucky that there was no timeline for grief. Lucky stated that he didn't want to be angry with his father, but that Luke refused to admit that his drinking had been a factor in the accident. Lucky took responsibility for not having confronted Luke over his addiction.

Nik posited that it wouldn't have made a difference had Lucky called Luke on his behavior. Lucky believed that Luke might not have gotten behind the wheel if Lucky had expressed his concerns. He wondered how he would help his father when it was taking everything in Lucky not to fall apart. As Nik assured his brother that Lucky was stronger than he gave himself credit for, Liz walked in with the results of the paternity test.

Steven visited Luke and told him that he wasn't interested in revenge. Luke agreed that Lucky, as well as Steven, had every right to hate him. Luke told Steven that Liz had stopped by to see him and had apologized for not watching Jake more closely the night of the accident. Luke suggested that Lucky convince Liz that Luke was wholly at fault for Jake's death.

Steven retorted that Lucky had barely been in touch with Liz since Jake's funeral. Lucky had to let Liz know that it hadn't been her fault, but that wouldn't happen until Lucky could stop worrying about Luke's impending meltdown. "Put someone else ahead of your pain," Steven admonished. Luke replied that he had no idea how to do that.

After Steven left, Tracy walked in. She was not amused by Luke's drunken humor. Luke surmised that Tracy had spent the day pleading with family in the hopes that someone could break through to him. She replied that all three of his kids had agreed on one thing: that they'd end up burying Luke, too, if he kept heading in the direction he was going.

Suzanne shared with Brenda the fun she and Lucian had enjoyed together. After putting her son down for a nap, Brenda returned to find that Suzanne had left. Sonny maintained that he had not said or done anything to nudge Suzanne to leave. Brenda said that she owed Suzanne a debt of gratitude because Suzanne had reunited Brenda with Lucian.

Sonny reiterated that he didn't trust the woman and that there was a chance that Lucian was not Brenda's son. He worried that, the more time Brenda and Lucian spent together, the harder the fall would be if the boy turned out not to be her son. He urged her to have a DNA test done, and Brenda agreed, though she said it would only prove what she already knew.

She boasted how happy she was that Sonny would be Lucian's father, but Sonny countered that his kids had suffered because of the life he led. Brenda shared her opinion that most of Michael's problems existed because Carly was his mom.

Later, Sonny went to see a surprised Suzanne. Suzanne repeated that she had only hidden Lucian to keep the boy away from Theo. She told Sonny that Brenda was alive because Suzanne had run interference all those years, to keep Theo away from Brenda. Sonny replied that he didn't believe a word out of Suzanne's mouth.

Suzanne suggested that she and Sonny put aside their mutual animosity for the sake of Lucian and Brenda. Sonny tried to get Suzanne to admit that she was using the boy to try to work Brenda. Suzanne vociferously denied the assertion and suggested that Sonny was feeling threatened by Lucian, because Brenda would be unable to devote one hundred percent of her energy toward Sonny. Suzanne offered to take the boy and disappear.

Jason implored Michael not to go into business with Johnny because it would destroy Michael's life and harm those he loved. Michael asked if Jason regretted joining the business. Jason explained that he'd likely have died if it hadn't been for Sonny but that Jason deeply regretted all the pain, suffering, and loss the business had caused him and his loved ones. He made it clear that Michael would pay dearly if he joined the mob.

Michael said that he would never be able to wear a tie and sit behind a desk, as it would kill his soul. Jason clarified that he didn't want to coerce Michael into trying to be someone he wasn't. Michael only wanted to be in control of his life, and working for Johnny, he believed, would give him that.

Jason shared that he'd felt the same way after the accident that caused his amnesia. The Quartermaines had tried so hard to help him regain his memories that they'd pushed too hard, ultimately prompting Jason to reject them. Jason assured Michael that, whatever choice Michael ended up making, even if it was the wrong one, Jason would never turn his back on Michael.

Sam returned to Jason's penthouse after Michael left. She recounted the interaction she'd just had with Liz, concluding that Liz had been very gracious. Sam presented Jason with the toy motorcycle and said that she believed he would have made a great father.

Jason mused that a good father knew when to let his child grow up and make his own decisions. Michael was at that point, and Jason admitted that he was scared for his nephew. Sam agreed that Michael would have to choose his path and live with the consequences. Jason said that whatever he did, it would never be enough to keep his loved ones safe.

Michael went to see his dad but had a visit with Brenda instead. Brenda asked for his opinion as to whether Lucian would be happy having Sonny as a father. Michael stated that he loved his father but that he was thankful Morgan and Josslyn were growing up with Jax, because Sonny's business was no place for kids.

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