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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 24, 2011 on GH
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Monday, October 24, 2011

In Hawaii, Sam woke up on the couch where she had fallen asleep earlier in the evening while cradling a restless Josslyn. She was startled that Josslyn was not in her arms, but Carly said Sam had been the only one who could soothe Josslyn's crying. After watching Sam with Josslyn, Carly had changed her attitude towards Sam. She told Sam that she would be a wonderful mother.

Outside the cabana, Shawn and Jason discussed Franco and Port Charles. Jason said that all they could do was to wait for Franco to make his move. Shawn said that Jason should enjoy his honeymoon while he could. Jason complimented Shawn on his swift thinking and resourceful response to the police and the drugs that had been planted in Sonny's warehouse where Dante had been shot. Jason said he was ready to retire and live in Hawaii permanently. Jason told Shawn that he would hire him as his replacement in a heartbeat. Jason assured Shawn that Sonny would trust Shawn as time passed. Shawn replied that it took time for trust to be earned.

Jason said the business was the same as combat, but Shawn said that there were differences, because in combat, a soldier had to have absolute confidence in his mate. Shawn said that Sonny was like the generals who sent their men into battle without warning of the dangers. Jason said that Sonny had warned Jason before Jason had started working for him. Jason told Shawn that he had chosen to work for Sonny because he'd had no childhood memories to stop him. Shawn murmured that sometimes it was better that way.

The conversation turned to Michael. Jason asked if Sonny had involved Michael in the business problems. Shawn replied that Michael had involved himself. Shawn said that Sonny had tried to send Michael away, but Michael had said it would make the cops suspicious and had refused to leave Port Charles. When Shawn told Jason that Sonny and Johnny had agreed publicly to a truce, Jason was suspicious and told Shawn that Sonny was just biding his time before taking action against the Zaccharas.

Sam was flattered that Carly trusted her with Josslyn. Sam admired how easy Carly made being a single mother look. Sam asked Carly how hard it was to be a parent without Jax to share the duties. Carly said that Sam would never have to worry about Jason leaving her. Carly told Sam that all parents made mistakes and screwed up their kids, but in her opinion, Jason would be a good parent. She asked if Jason and Sam were considering having a child.

Sam did not answer, but looked for a tactful way of asking if Carly accepted any responsibility for driving Jax away. When Carly willingly admitted that she had driven Jax away, Sam asked what Carly would do if she suddenly got a second chance with Jax. At that moment, several booms sounded outside. Both women dashed out the cabana door.

Once outside, they could see that fireworks were lighting up the sky and had caused the noise. Jason said it was part of a festival that he and Sam had been planning to attend. Carly encouraged them to go, but Jason said no because the threat of Franco still loomed large. Jason said he and Sam would check on Josslyn and watch the fireworks from the bedroom window.

As Jason and Sam went inside, Shawn had a flashback to his time in Afghanistan. Carly noticed and asked if Shawn was okay. He said he was, but Carly was not convinced. Shawn said his posttraumatic stress disorder was not triggered by noise as much as by something said to him, which was what had happened when Shawn had confronted Jax as he was leaving Carly's house with Josslyn. Shawn said it was not just fighting bad guys that set off the PTSD. Shawn told Carly the story of a woman who had died in his arms after being brutalized by the Taliban. The woman had stood up to the Taliban after they had killed her husband. Shawn said that after that experience, the only other creature he had been able to touch had been the dog that had adopted him in Afghanistan and was also killed.

Carly held up Josslyn's stuffed dog, Rufus, and both she and Shawn laughed. Shawn softened as he cradled Rufus. Shawn told Carly that she always offered help and comfort because that was who she was. Carly responded that Shawn always pushed it away because that was who he was. Shawn said he was not pushing Rufus away as he held the toy dog.

Shawn wanted to know why Carly tried to help him. Carly said that she wanted to know more about him because he had returned Josslyn to her and had spent many dark days with her. When Shawn asked why again, Carly said that maybe a girl just wanted to get to know a guy she was about to, and then stopped. Shawn asked, "About to what?"

Jason told Sam how beautiful she had looked when she was holding Josslyn and sleeping. He said Sam was a natural-born mother. Sam said that Carly had said the same thing. Jason wanted to know if Sam wanted to have a baby. Sam said that all the trouble they were having might be a message from the universe. As they looked at the sleeping Josslyn, Sam said that the baby was both beautiful and fragile. She said that it took a lot to be parents. Jason asked if that meant that she did or did not want to have a child.

Matt was staggering drunk as he both toasted himself and felt sorry for himself at the same time. He had difficulty finding his phone when it rang. Maxie was on the other end, but the voice line was garbled, so Matt hung up. All the bottles of booze were empty, so Matt opened an expensive bottle of champagne and told the empty room to put it on his brother's tab. Bitterly he noted that the name was Drake, not Hunter. Matt said that Patrick was his father's son, and Matt was just an accident.

Matt noticed a drawing of himself that Liz had made on a napkin. Ruefully, he declared that Liz would agree. Matt quaffed the contents of a full champagne glass and then stumbled out of the lounge onto the deck. Matt weaved around the outside deck calling loudly for Liz and apologizing for his behavior. When he did not find her, Matt went back to the lounge. He toasted Liz and thanked her for joining him as he continued drinking from the champagne bottle and feeling sorry for himself.

A mysterious stranger rescued Liz. As soon as she woke up, the rescuer ran away. Liz called out, but the stranger did not look back. Liz dragged herself off the beach.

Steve and Olivia traded quips as she worked on the boat's engine. Olivia said she could tell a lot about a man by looking under his car's hood. Steve wanted to know if Olivia had checked out his car. She said that she had. Olivia told Steve that he was comfortable with himself, but that he had secrets that he did not care to share. When Steve kissed her, Olivia said he was trying to deflect her comments.

Olivia was suddenly dizzy and nearly fainted. Steve helped her to a cabin and went in search of a first aid kit. Steve told her to stay put, but Olivia ignored him and went back to finish fixing the engine. Olivia got the engine running and went on deck to find the captain. Steve retrieved the first aid kit but found the cabin empty. Olivia had another dizzy spell and staggered towards the rail.

After Lisa drugged her, Robin awoke to find herself tied to a chair and Patrick drugged and tied to the bed. Lisa said that she had plans for Patrick. Lisa asked if Robin knew that Patrick had recently paid Lisa a visit in her hospital room. Patrick woke up and demanded that Lisa untie him. Lisa told Patrick and Robin that it was time for things to get interesting.

Patrick wanted to know how Lisa had recovered. Lisa said that she was unclean, like Lazarus, who she suspected the villagers feared after he had been raised from the dead. Lisa said that she was no longer motivated by hunger or unrequited love. Lisa said her soul was dead. Lisa taunted Robin and said that she had paid off the nanny and had taken Emma. When Robin screamed, Lisa pulled out a syringe.

Patrick tried to convince Lisa that he really cared for Lisa and had been pretending with Robin so that he would not lose custody of Emma. Lisa walked over to the bed and curled up against Patrick. She said that the old Lisa would believe Patrick's transparent lie, but not the new Lisa. While Lisa's attention was on Patrick, Robin worked at extricating herself from the ropes. Lisa told Patrick that love and hate had seeped out of her while she had been in the coma. Lisa said only one thing was clear to her: that she and Patrick would be together. Lisa got up, walked over to Robin and told Patrick that one way or another, Robin would be under his skin.

Patrick begged Lisa to stop. Robin cautioned Patrick to think about Emma. Patrick was pleading with Lisa when he saw her plunge the syringe into Robin's arm. When Patrick wanted to know what Lisa had done to Robin, Lisa said that Patrick thought that she had given Robin an overdose so that Patrick would have to watch Robin die. Lisa asked him where the irony was in that. Lisa said that this time around, she had thought about what to do. Lisa said she was going to give Patrick everything that he had ever wanted. She showed him a syringe filled with Robin's blood.

Patrick told Lisa that she did not have to hurt Robin. Robin begged Lisa not to hurt Patrick. Lisa said that since Patrick loved Robin so much, she was going to let them share everything, including HIV. Patrick said that he was not scared. He told Lisa that Robin had lived with HIV every day since she had been a teenager. Patrick proudly announced that Robin showed more courage every day than anyone he had every known. Patrick told Lisa that she might be void of love and hate but she could still feel disappointment.

While Lisa was distracted, Robin freed herself from her bonds and attacked Lisa seconds before she stabbed Patrick with the syringe and emptied Robin's tainted blood into him. As Lisa and Robin struggled, Patrick called out Robin's name.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

In Hawaii, Carly apologized to Shawn for dredging up memories of Afghanistan. Shawn assured her that she didn't have any reason to be sorry, so Carly switched gears to admit that she was terrified about the threat of Franco. Shawn promised that she could depend on him, but Carly was concerned that she had made Shawn uncomfortable by talking about his experiences in Afghanistan. Shawn assured Carly that she hadn't. Carly was startled when the fireworks show began again. She offered to go inside with Shawn, but he explained that he was fine.

Shawn revealed that the fireworks were a celebration of the volcano goddess, Pele. According to Shawn, Pele had been the ultimate handful, and who had been known for stirring up trouble, because she had been impulsive. Carly smiled, as she confessed that she liked Pele. Shawn wasn't surprised. Carly was curious how he knew about Pele, so he reminded her of how long it had taken them to get to Hawaii, which had given him plenty of time to read. Carly pointed out that she'd had a screaming toddler to deal with, so she had been too busy to read the brochures.

Shawn continued the story by revealing that Pele had been exiled, so she had set out in a canoe. Pele had discovered the Hawaiian Islands, where she had proceeded to create volcanoes until she had realized that she had reached the "navel of the world." According to legend, Pele had decided to live on the islands, where civilization had begun, because her strongest impulses had been to protect and nurture. Carly's smile deepened as she once again confessed that she liked Pele.

In the bungalow, Sam admitted that it was a bad time to make life-altering decisions, like having a baby. Sam was disappointed when Jason agreed, because he was concerned about the threat Franco posed. Sam refused to give Franco that kind of power over their lives. She was curious what Jason would have said if Sam had told him that she wanted to have a baby. She wondered if he were suggesting that they should put their lives on hold until Franco was dead. Jason didn't know what to say, but he was curious if Sam were prepared to go through what Carly had endured when Franco had gotten close to Josslyn.

Jason was adamant that the only way to deal with Franco was to find him, and then kill him. Sam pleaded with Jason to reconsider, because she didn't want Jason to cut their honeymoon short by going after Franco. Sam was confident that Franco wasn't in Hawaii, and didn't pose an immediate threat to them. "I'm sorry," Jason replied. He explained that if he couldn't pinpoint where Franco was, then he wanted Sam to return to Port Charles with Carly. Sam refused to give up on their honeymoon.

Sam insisted that someone would always need one of them, so it was imperative that they commit to each other, or else they wouldn't make it. Jason reminded Sam that he was committed to her, but Sam argued that they both had high-risk careers, so they should relish the time that they had. Sam refused to let Franco ruin their honeymoon. She realized that Jason would have to find Franco soon, but not right away. Moments later, Bernie called. After the phone call, Jason and Sam stepped outside to talk to Shawn and Carly.

Jason revealed that Franco had been spotted within the last hour at a hotel in Toronto, where he had checked in as C. Firth. Jason confirmed that the hotel's security footage showed a clear image of Franco, so there wasn't any question that Franco was in Canada. Carly remained doubtful, which annoyed Sam. Sam suggested that Carly had ulterior motives for wanting to believe that Franco remained a danger to them. However, Sam insisted that they could all get back to their lives. Shawn decided to take a walk to clear his head, while Sam demanded to know whether Jason planned to go after Franco, or remain in Hawaii on their honeymoon.

Sam smiled with satisfaction when Jason agreed to continue their honeymoon. After Sam returned to the bungalow, Carly expressed her reservations. She insisted that she didn't trust the information that Jason had been given, but Jason was confident that Franco was in Canada. Carly begged Jason not to listen to Sam, because Sam was blind to the danger. Carly was certain that Franco hadn't sent the gift to Josslyn on a whim; he knew that Jason was in Hawaii. Carly believed that the gift was a warning, which Jason needed to heed.

Jason argued that Franco had reached out to him before, without making a move, when Josslyn had been sick. Carly suggested that Franco had been giving Jason some time to get past his grief over losing Jake. Carly insisted that they needed to think like Franco. Jason explained that he didn't want Franco near Port Charles, so it would be dangerous for him to return home. Carly acknowledged that she and Sam didn't like each other, but they cared about Jason. Carly wanted Jason to trust her, so she decided to prove that she trusted him, by revealing that Jax was alive. However, she insisted that Sam couldn't know.

At the Haunted Star, Alexis was looking for Ethan when Luke greeted her. Alexis was surprised to see Luke. She admitted that she had been sorry to hear about his recent troubles, so Luke was curious why she hadn't been at his intervention. Alexis confessed that she hadn't had anything to contribute. According to Alexis, Luke was a fascinating and frustrating person who was an exercise in contradiction, and an amoral thief with latent heroic tendencies. "Hey, there's no need to be insulting," Luke replied.

Alexis conceded that he was the only guy she would conspire to commit murder with. Luke chuckled at the reminder of their plot to throw Helena from Wyndemere's parapet. He regretted that Helena hadn't plunged to her death. Alexis acknowledged that Luke had seen Alexis at her worst, so Alexis hadn't been comfortable sitting in judgment of him. Luke found Alexis' attitude refreshing, so he offered her some coffee. Alexis warned him that she didn't take hers with alcohol, so Luke confessed that he had given up the booze.

Alexis was curious if Luke's family knew that he had stopped drinking. Luke revealed that he had told them, but they hadn't believed him. Alexis imagined that it had been painful for Luke. "Not particularly," Luke claimed, but Alexis knew that he was lying. Luke changed the subject by inviting her to play game of cards. Alexis refused, because she had to pay for Kristina's tuition for Yale.

Luke was surprised that Sonny wasn't paying for Kristina's education. Alexis panicked as she demanded to know what Luke knew. Luke suddenly recalled why he considered Alexis to be the worst person to plan a murder with; she became paranoid easily. Alexis conceded that she felt guilty. She admitted that she had asked Sonny to help get Kristina into Yale, so she feared that Sonny had done various dastardly things to make it happen. Luke suspected that Sonny had simply greased some palms, or promised to build a wing, but Alexis reminded Luke that Sonny had a fondness for car bombs.

Luke advised Alexis to tell Kristina the truth, if it bothered Alexis so much. Alexis refused to consider it. According to Alexis, she was willing to live with sleepless nights, feeling hypocritical around Carly, and being indebted to Sonny. However, she feared that Kristina would eventually figure it out. Alexis explained that she had been looking for Ethan, because she knew that Kristina would confide her concerns to him. Luke revealed that Ethan was involved in a project, so he was not around.

Luke warned Alexis that regret was a waste of time, so he advised her to learn to live with what she had done, and then get on with her life. "How's that working for you?" Alexis wondered.

On the piers, Anthony was on the phone with one of his henchman. Anthony made arrangements for the henchman to deliver a boat to Anthony, so that Anthony could dump "cargo someplace that it will never be found." After Anthony ended the call, he held the two-by-four, which Lisa had attacked him with, as he looked out over the harbor. A short time later, the henchman arrived with keys to the boat. Anthony was pleased when the man revealed that the boat was equipped with GPS, so that Anthony wouldn't get lost.

After the man walked away, Johnny appeared. "What the hell have you done?" Johnny demanded. Johnny insisted that Anthony was the last person who should have played God with Lisa. Anthony was surprised that Johnny had seen Lisa. Johnny insisted that Lisa was just a shell of the person that she had been, and then he noticed his father cringe in pain. Anthony assured his son that he was fine, but then revealed that Lisa had "nailed" him, literally, with the two-by-four.

Johnny was stunned when Anthony confessed that Lisa had boarded the boat to terrorize Patrick, and others, and that she expected Anthony to pick her up. Johnny realized that Anthony intended to take Lisa to an undisclosed location, where Anthony would kill her, and then dump her body. Anthony insisted that Lisa was beyond saving. Anthony was startled when Johnny snatched the keys away from Anthony, and then headed to the boat. Anthony argued that Lisa didn't expect Johnny.

"Exactly," Johnny replied. After Johnny took off in the boat, Anthony called his henchman to arrange for another boat to be delivered immediately.

On the chartered boat, Matt continued to drink champagne as he mumbled to himself that Maxie would love Liz's scarf. Matt continued to ramble in his inebriated state about how Liz had been the only person to truly appreciate the accomplishment of his medical research, and being published. Moments later, the phone rang. It was Maxie. Maxie revealed that she was waiting for him outside, and then asked him to meet her at the ladder to help her onboard. Matt explained that the party was over, and that she was too late.

In Robin and Patrick's cabin, Robin and Lisa struggled over the syringe. Lisa managed to throw Robin across the room, which temporarily knocked Robin out. Lisa then closed in on Patrick, determined to inject him with Robin's tainted blood. Lisa explained that it would be a gift, because Patrick would be able to carry a part of Robin in his veins forever. Patrick insisted that he wasn't afraid, but Lisa didn't believe him. Lisa was about to plunge the syringe into Patrick when Robin suddenly sprang up, and then pulled the syringe out of Lisa's hand.

Lisa quickly fled the cabin, so Robin started to untie Patrick. He assured her that Lisa hadn't pricked him with the syringe, but Robin insisted that Patrick be given the HIV drug protocol as soon as possible. Patrick was stunned when Robin only untied one of his hands, and then ordered him to call Mac, while she went after Lisa. Patrick demanded that Robin remain in the cabin, but Robin grabbed the syringe, and then left. Patrick quickly untied himself, and then called Mac. Moments later, Matt stumbled into the cabin.

Patrick left without explaining what had happened. Meanwhile, Lisa stood on the deck of the boat, looking for the getaway boat. She ducked out of sight seconds before Robin appeared, armed with a metal mallet. Robin heard a noise, so she quickly took cover. Moments later, Steve appeared on deck. Robin warned Steve that Lisa was onboard.

Steve ordered Robin to find a safe place to hide, and then went to search for Olivia. Steve insisted that no one would be safe until "that bitch is dead." After Steve left, Patrick caught up to Robin. Patrick begged Robin to wait in the salon, while he tracked down Lisa. Robin eventually agreed, but she warned Patrick that Liz and Olivia were missing. Patrick was determined to take care of Lisa, once and for all, so he told Robin that he loved her, and then left.

A short time later, Patrick found the first mate, unconscious. Meanwhile, Robin entered the salon, but it was empty. Robin had flashbacks to her last violent encounter with Lisa at the hospital. "Never again," Robin vowed as she looked at the syringe filled with her blood. Moments later, Robin left the salon. Afterwards, Matt staggered into the salon, and then approached the bar.

Matt poured himself another glass of champagne. He saw something out of the corner of his eye, so he decided to investigate, because he thought that it was Liz.

On the dinghy, Maxie claimed that her call with Matt had been disconnected, but Spinelli suspected that Matt had not been eager for Maxie's company. Maxie demanded that Spinelli get her closer to the boat, so that she could get onboard. Spinelli argued that Matt had made it clear that Maxie had not been wanted. Maxie insisted that Liz, "the tramp," had brainwashed Matt to think that Maxie was a horrible girlfriend for not hanging on his every word. Maxie believed that she should have been praised for giving Matt time and space to get his "stupid research" done.

Spinelli argued that it didn't appear that "the maternal one" had meant any malice, but Maxie objected to the nickname. Maxie insisted that Liz deserved to be called something like "the backstabbing one," or "the serial cheating boyfriend snatcher." According to Maxie, Liz showed interest in anyone who didn't belong to her. Spinelli suggested that Liz appeared to have a genuine interest in Matt's work, but Maxie resented Spinelli defending Liz. Spinelli explained that he merely wanted to spare Maxie the hurt of being rebuffed by Matt.

Maxie insisted that she had chosen Matt because he was everything that she should want in a man, so she refused to lose him to Liz. Maxie was determined to get onto the boat, so Spinelli pulled their dinghy up alongside the boat. She told him that he didn't have to stay, so Spinelli left after Maxie climbed onboard. A short time later, Maxie searched the boat for Matt, unaware that Lisa was on the loose. Eventually, Maxie found a cabin, where she was certain that she would find Matt and Liz in bed together. Maxie threw open the door, but the bed was empty.

Maxie vowed to find Liz, whom she referred to as "Nurse Skank," and then accused Liz of being a "nauseating little bitch." Maxie opened the door to the closet, and then screamed when the unconscious captain fell out.

Elsewhere on the boat, Lisa spotted a craft approaching in the water, so she waved her arms in an attempt to catch its attention. Lisa turned and saw Robin closing in, and then smiled when she noticed the syringe in Robin's hand. Lisa doubted that Robin had it in her to inject Lisa with the syringe, but Robin argued that Lisa didn't know what Robin was capable of. Robin had a flashback of their struggle at the hospital, when Lisa had tried to kill Robin with the drain cleaner, so she attacked Lisa. Robin managed to jab the needle into Lisa's neck, but Lisa pushed Robin away.

Robin stumbled down a flight of stairs, and then looked up to see Lisa looming over her.

Liz remained unconscious on the beach as a light shone over her. Liz opened her eyes momentarily, and then drifted back into unconsciousness. A short time later, Spinelli spotted Liz on the beach, so he went to her rescue.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

In Hawaii, Carly confided to Jason that Jax was alive, and then begged Jason not to tell anyone, including Sam. Jason wondered if Carly had seen Jax since the plane crash, so Carly admitted that she hadn't. Jason was curious how she could be certain that Jax was alive. Carly reminded Jason that they had never recovered Jax's body, and then confessed that Jax had been the one to take the boat, which Carly had reported stolen. Carly also admitted that Jax had been quietly funneling money from his business accounts to support his life on the run. Jason was stunned that Carly hadn't told him sooner.

Carly explained that Sonny couldn't find out, because she feared that he would hunt down Jax. Jason agreed, for argument's sake, that Jax was alive. He was curious what Carly intended to do when Jax decided to return to Port Charles. Carly insisted that she would be happy, because it would be in Josslyn's best interest to have a relationship with Jax. Jason suggested that Jax might try to sue for custody of Josslyn, but Carly disagreed. She was certain that Jax had realized that it was best for Josslyn to stay with Carly.

Jason wondered if Carly were concerned that Jax might have been badly hurt during the crash. Carly admitted that she had considered that, but then she had realized that Jax had likely turned to Lady Jane for help. Carly explained that she had never called Lady Jane to tell Jax's mother about the crash. Carly was certain that Lady Jane would have called, looking for Jax, after weeks of not hearing from her son, but she hadn't. Therefore, Carly suspected that Lady Jane knew that Jax was alive. Carly once again begged Jason to promise not to tell anyone.

Jason admitted that he wasn't comfortable keeping big secrets from Sonny, because it never ended well. Jason was also reluctant to start his marriage with a lie. He didn't understand why Carly wanted to protect Jax, so Carly reminded Jason that Jax was Josslyn's father. Carly explained that Josslyn might want to have a relationship with Jax one day, so Carly had to do her part to make certain that it happened. Carly insisted that she didn't have anyone to lean on, because she had lost Jax and turned her back on Sonny, and Jason had married Sam. Jason was curious about Carly's divorce from Jax.

Carly confessed that she hadn't finalized the divorce, because it kept her from jumping into another marriage. Jason suggested that Carly try to have faith in herself. Carly chuckled, as she confessed that Shawn had said the same thing. Jason thought that perhaps Carly should listen to Shawn. Carly revealed that Shawn had also advised her not to run to Jason with every little problem. Jason admitted that she should try to handle things herself, but he assured her that he would always be there for Carly if she needed him.

Carly hugged Jason, and then told him that she loved him. Jason started to return to the bungalow, but Carly reminded him that he hadn't promised to keep the secret. She was frustrated when Jason refused. Moments later, Shawn walked up. "All clear?" Shawn wondered. Carly was curious where Shawn had been, so he revealed that he had taken a walk, and then he had gone for a swim.

At Pozzulo's, in Sonny's office, Sonny left Spinelli a voicemail message demanding that Spinelli produce the warehouse surveillance tape from the the night of Dante's shooting. Kate entered the office, and then wondered whom Sonny had been terrorizing on the phone. Sonny confessed that Kate had been the last person that he had expected to see. "Why?" Kate asked. Kate was curious if he had expected her to keep her distance from him after he had walked out on her at Jake's. Sonny admitted that he had been thinking about leaving it up to her to make the next move.

Kate surprised Sonny by kissing him passionately. Sonny questioned what was really going on. Kate explained that she had merely been returning the favor, and then admitted that she had been trying to determine if his sudden "re-attraction" to her had been real, or a way to amuse himself. Kate suggested that perhaps Sonny had been trying to see if he could get a woman he had lost to want him again, as a way of lessening the sting of losing Brenda. Sonny didn't want to discuss Brenda, but Kate refused to drop the subject.

Kate pointed out that she had lived next door to Sonny for ages, but he hadn't shown any interest in her until recently. She was curious if he were hoping that word would get back to Brenda about his involvement with Kate. Sonny claimed that he had actually been hoping that Kate would lead him out of the pain. Kate warned Sonny that she refused to be a weapon to punish Brenda for leaving with Jax. Kate thought that killing Jax had been enough. Sonny sensed that Kate wasn't convinced that Jax was dead, so he asked her if she thought that Jax had perished in the plane crash.

"Don't you?" Kate queried. Kate suspected that Sonny wanted to believe that Jax was alive, because then it would absolve Sonny of wrongdoing. Sonny pointed out that Jax's body had never been found, but Kate argued that Jax would have contacted someone if he had survived. Sonny suggested that Kate would have been the perfect person for Jax to turn to for help, because Kate traveled extensively. Kate disagreed; she believed that Jax would contact Carly first. Kate was curious if Sonny had ever bothered to investigate the possibility that Jax was alive. Sonny claimed that he hadn't been interested enough in Jax to wonder, but Kate didn't believe him.

Kate was certain that Sonny was afraid that he might discover that Jax was with Brenda. Sonny insisted that thinking about Brenda was a waste his time, because their marriage was over. Kate suspected that Brenda was under surveillance, but Sonny denied it, because he was trying to be a better person. Kate admitted that it was commendable, if it were true, but she hadn't seen any indication that Sonny had changed. Sonny was curious if she were there because she wanted to know if they had something real between them, or if she were feeling guilty. Sonny reminded her that she had left him waiting for her in Bensonhurst, which had led him to the "dark side."

Kate insisted that Sonny had already been working for Joe Scully, so she was not to blame for Sonny getting involved with the mob. Sonny wondered if she thought that they had a chance to make their relationship work, so Kate pointed out that she had been left bleeding on the altar the last time that they had tried to build a life together. Sonny admitted that he wanted to explore what they had. Kate argued that they had already done that. Sonny wondered if there were any harm in them spending time together, or if she were afraid that Coleman, or the mystery person whom she occasionally met out of town, would object. Kate insisted that she had been dealing with an editorial sabotage, so she had been forced to work under the radar to figure out who was behind it.

Sonny mentioned Coleman again, so Kate was curious if Sonny considered Coleman to be the competition. Sonny chuckled, and then assured her that Coleman didn't pose any kind of threat to him. Kate confessed that Coleman made her laugh, so Sonny reminded Kate of her other poor choices in boyfriends, all of whom were unsuccessful in life. Kate warned Sonny, that if they pursued any kind of relationship, then she didn't want any part of the anger and violence. Kate started to leave, but Sonny called her back. "You going to go without getting your answer?" Sonny wondered. Kate confessed that she had forgotten the question.

"Is this real or not?" Sonny reminded her. Kate smiled. She suggested that whatever it was, she wanted to start out as friends. She invited Sonny to join her for lunch in her office, and then offered to have her assistant call him with the time. After Kate left, Sonny stared as his keychain for Greystone Manor. Meanwhile, Kate returned home, where she opened the closet to look at her wedding dress that she had worn on her wedding day with Sonny.

At Kelly's, Alexis spotted Luke behind the counter, sipping on coffee. Alexis explained that she was there for pie, but Luke revealed that he wasn't working, so she could help herself to whatever she wanted. Alexis took him up on the offer, as Luke confessed that he was staying in a room above the diner. Luke complained that it was small and hot, so he was considering blackmailing Carly into giving him a room at Metro Court. Alexis snatched a box from under the counter, and then began to fill it with pastries, as she suggested that it might cheer up Luke to blackmail Carly. Alexis then switched gears to find out why Luke remained in town.

Luke confessed that he had been trying to figure out his next move. Alexis wondered what Luke's goal was, so Luke revealed that he would like to be filthy rich, and to live on a beach with "a virgin...Mai Tai." "The Grasshopper and the Ant," Alexis replied. Luke had no idea what Alexis was talking about, so she explained that it was a popular children's book. Luke revealed that the only book that he had read to his children was In Cold Blood.

Alexis explained that the book that she had referenced was about a grasshopper that had been very irresponsible. Meanwhile, the ant had been a hard worker, who had stored food and built a shelter in preparation for the winter. Luke realized that the point of Alexis' story was that the grasshopper had died, while the ant had lived. "Yes," Alexis admitted. Luke was curious if she were suggesting that they should strive to be ants. Luke insisted that he was a grasshopper. Alexis confessed that she had always wanted to be one, too, going from one adventure to another, without worrying about anything.

Luke was curious how the story had ended. Alexis explained that the grasshopper's family had tried to put the grasshopper in rehab, but the grasshopper had said, "No, no, no." Alexis then revealed that the grasshopper's family had abandoned him. Luke wondered if Alexis were suggesting that he had lost his family for good. Alexis assured Luke that his children loved him, and that they wanted him in their lives. Luke wasn't so certain.

Luke grew weary of picking at scabs, so he switched gears by mentioning Alexis' problem with her ex to get Kristina into college. Alexis preferred that Luke not refer to Sonny as her ex, because it sounded "icky" to her. Luke chuckled as he reminded Alexis that Alexis and Sonny shared a child. He then wondered what Alexis owed Sonny for helping her. Alexis confessed that she doubted that Sonny would expect her to repay him, because she was the mother of Sonny's child. Luke suggested that it might benefit her to walk on the wild side.

Luke urged Alexis to let her true colors show, and then reminded her that she was a Cassadine. Luke admitted that it bothered him that intelligent and interesting women seemed to fall into the same trap. According to Luke, they started out fearless, and fierce, but then their world ended up shrinking to the size of a bassinette. Alexis resented Luke going there, but Luke insisted that Alexis had been more interesting before she had become "a mommy."

On the pier, Johnny called one of his goons to report that the boat had been returned to the slip. Johnny ordered the henchman to get rid of the boat so that no one would find it. Later, Johnny checked in to make sure that his orders had been followed. He was relieved when he was told that the boat would not be found. Moments later, Anthony walked up to Johnny. Anthony was clutching his stomach, but Johnny didn't seem concerned as he asked his father, "Where were you?"

"Where were you?" Anthony replied. Anthony then laughed softly as he promised not to tell if Johnny didn't. Johnny decided to take his father to the garage to get a closer look at Anthony's wound. Anthony suspected that Johnny was only interested in helping Anthony, because of what had happened to Lisa. Johnny was curious what Anthony had seen, but Anthony passed out before he could answer his son's question.

On the chartered boat, Patrick gently shook Robin awake when he saw her lying unconscious on the deck. Robin cried out to be left alone as she woke up, but soon realized that Patrick stood over her body, not Lisa. Robin remained rattled, even though Patrick assured her that Lisa was no longer on the boat. Robin had an injured arm, but she refused to let Patrick look at it, because she feared that her blood might infect him. Robin remained concerned about Lisa's attempt to inject Patrick with the tainted blood, so she insisted that Patrick go on antiviral drugs immediately. Patrick promised Robin that he was fine, but Robin wasn't appeased.

Robin confessed that she had been about to inject Lisa with the tainted syringe, but at the last moment, Robin had had a change of heart. Robin insisted that, as a doctor, she hadn't been able to intentionally infect Lisa with HIV. Robin became frustrated when she realized that she couldn't remember the last few minutes on deck with Lisa. Patrick didn't want Robin to think about it. Moments later, Steve appeared on deck, looking for Olivia. Patrick and Robin became concerned when they noticed that Steve had scratch marks on his face.

Steve revealed that he had gone swimming earlier, so he suspected that he had received the facial injuries then. Steve was curious if they had seen Liz, but Patrick and Robin admitted that they hadn't. Steve was worried about his sister and Olivia, so he left to look for them. Meanwhile, Robin confessed that she didn't trust that Lisa was gone. Robin pointed out that it was too dark for Lisa to swim to shore. Patrick was adamant that Lisa was no longer a threat to them, so he refused to continue to talk about her.

Robin explained that she needed to make sense of everything, so she couldn't let it go. Seconds later, Patrick and Robin spotted the harbor master approaching the boat. As they waited for Mac to arrive, Robin wondered if Patrick had moved her before he had woken her up. "No," Patrick replied. Robin recalled that she had struggled with Lisa, and then Lisa had shoved Robin down a flight of stairs, resulting in Robin's arm injury.

Moments later, Mac, Ronnie, Officer Padilla, and another police officer boarded the boat. Robin and Patrick quickly filled Mac in on what had happened on the boat with Lisa. Robin showed Mac the syringe, filled with Robin's HIV-positive blood, which Lisa had threatened to inject Patrick with. Patrick credited Robin with stopping Lisa. Mac was curious if they knew where Lisa was. Robin didn't know, but she hoped that Lisa hadn't had time to claim any more victims.

In a cabin, Maxie was upset as she glanced down at her hands, which appeared to be covered in blood. Nearby, the captain's lifeless body was crumpled on the cabin floor. Seconds later, Officer Padilla entered the cabin, with her gun drawn. She ordered Maxie to step away from the body.

Elsewhere on the boat, Steve was relieved when he found Olivia. Olivia was shaken, but unharmed. Mac and Ronnie questioned Steve and Olivia. Steve confessed that he was concerned about his sister, because no one had seen Liz for hours. Mac and Ronnie gathered the passengers in the salon, where they saw Matt passed out on the sofa.

Mac was curious if anyone had seen Lisa leave the boat. Patrick explained that it was the only logical conclusion, so Mac suggested that Patrick answer the questions, so that the police could do their job. "No, no one saw her," Patrick replied. Mac wondered if anyone else had seen anything. Patrick and Steve glanced at each other, but didn't reply. Moments later, Officer Padilla led Maxie to the salon. Officer Padilla revealed that the captain was dead from a puncture wound to the neck.

Ronnie wondered whose blood was on Maxie's hands, so Maxie claimed that it was nail polish. Maxie explained that she had dropped her purse on the ground after the captain had fallen out of the closet. Maxie was upset because a bottle of red nail polish had exploded in her purse, ruining everything inside, including her phone. Matt slowly woke up and then saw Maxie. Ronnie was curious why Maxie had been looking in the closet, so she revealed that she had been searching for Matt. Matt wondered how Maxie had gotten onboard.

Maxie explained that she had used the ladder, so Olivia pointed out that Lisa had likely used the ladder as an escape route. Matt realized that Liz wasn't in the salon, so he asked where Liz was. Mac confessed that he wanted to know where Lisa was.

On the beach at Spoon Island, Spinelli grew concerned when Liz didn't respond to his pleas for her to wake up. He noticed that she was unusually pale, so he decided to get her some help. Spinelli stood up, and then froze when he noticed an eerie light emanating from the nearby foliage. Moments later, Liz began to cough, so Spinelli turned back to help Liz sit up. The light immediately disappeared. Liz recalled that a man had carried her to shore, but she realized that it hadn't been Spinelli. Spinelli quickly helped Liz to the dinghy. As they walked away, a bright light suddenly flared, and then quickly faded.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

In Hawaii, Carly thought that Shawn could use a break from the fireworks, but Shawn revealed that he had gained a new appreciation for them after meeting Carly. Carly warned Shawn not to try to throw her off her game, but Shawn explained that it hadn't been intentional, nor had it been one-sided. Carly switched gears by confessing that she had told Jason that Jax was alive. She reminded Shawn that she and Jason had been friends for a long time, so she trusted Jason. According to Carly, she had told Jason, because it was important that Jason believe in her; she didn't care about anyone else. Carly then admitted that it wasn't true; she wanted Shawn to believe in her, too, but she wasn't sure why.

Shawn suggested that perhaps it was time for Carly to believe in herself. Carly was curious why he thought that she didn't. She didn't give Shawn the opportunity to reply, because she once again changed the subject by reminding him of his promise to answer five questions about himself. She insisted that she still had one question left, but Shawn argued that it was debatable. Carly promised that if he answered it honestly, and completely, then she would do the same. Shawn suspected that she had made a similar promise before, but had failed to honor it.

Carly didn't deny it, but she vowed that they could make a pact. She quickly fetched a bottle of tequila, and two shot glasses. Shawn refused to drink the alcohol. He explained that the last time that he had gotten drunk on tequila, he had stolen a car. Carly wondered how old he had been. "Fifteen," Shawn replied.

Shawn regretted that he had let his parents down, so he had vowed never to do so again. Carly assured Shawn that he could never disappoint her. Later, Carly checked on Josslyn, to make certain that she was still asleep. Carly suggested that Josslyn had been able to sleep, because her daughter sensed that the danger had passed. Carly again tried to persuade Shawn to have a shot of tequila, but he stood firm. He wondered if she were hoping to ply him with alcohol, so that she could ask him questions that she had no business asking.

Carly insisted that she just wanted to get to know Shawn, so he suggested that she ask him how he liked his coffee. Carly revealed that she knew the answer to that question. Carly explained that Shawn liked his coffee very hot, so that he could cool it down by stirring it with a spoon, and then taking a test sip before drinking it. Shawn was impressed, so Carly pointed out that he wasn't the only observant person. Carly then told Shawn to stop deflecting by avoiding the question. Shawn didn't recall her asking him anything, so Carly asked him what he was so afraid of.

Carly threw back another shot of tequila, so Shawn advised her to slow down. Carly insisted that she wanted to have fun, even though it wasn't her honeymoon. Carly then revealed that she loved the beach, so she decided to take a swim. Shawn didn't think that it was a good idea, so he grabbed her hand to stop her from following through on her plan. Attraction flared between them as they looked into each other's eyes. Shawn and Carly shared a heated kiss, before Shawn pulled away.

Shawn reminded her that they had a long day of travel ahead of them, so he suggested that they get some sleep. Carly said nothing as she watched Shawn enter the bungalow.

At the hospital, Michael was on the phone with Mercedes, who wanted some time off to visit with her family while Carly and Josslyn were away with Shawn. Michael didn't see a problem with that, so he gave her the time off. Michael spotted Abby and two of her friends standing near the nurses' station, so he approached them. Abby explained that one of her friends, Karen, had been attacked while on the way to the bus. Michael thought that Johnny had extra protection for the girls at Vaughn's, but Abby explained that they had been at a nice club across town, not at Vaughn's. Abby was surprised when Michael admitted that he didn't want Abby hanging around with the girls from the strip club.

Later, Michael returned to Abby's side after checking on Dante. Abby revealed that her friend would have to stay overnight in the hospital, so Michael took the opportunity to apologize to Abby for his earlier remark. He claimed that he hadn't meant it, but Abby didn't believe him. She accused him of implying that bad things happened to women who worked at Vaughn's, and that she should hang out with a nicer crowd. Michael conceded that he'd prefer that she be safer, but Abby reminded Michael that he was the son of a mobster. However, she sensed that something else was bothering Michael.

Michael admitted that he was upset, because Carly had packed up Josslyn, and then gone away with Shawn, even though Jax was still missing. Michael confessed that he didn't trust Shawn. Abby reminded Michael that she had put up walls when she had worked at Vaughn's, to protect herself, so perhaps Shawn had done the same thing. Michael argued that her Candy persona had merely been an act, and that she wasn't like her friends, so she had no reason to sell herself anymore. Moments later, Abby's friends returned with some coffee, including a cup for Michael. They chatted with Michael for a little while, and then went to check on Karen.

Abby knew that it had bothered Michael when they had referred to her as Candy. Michael didn't deny it, because her name was Abby. Abby promised him that her friends were not trying to suck her back into stripping at Vaughn's, but she was curious why he had a problem with her friends, but not with Sonny. Michael explained that he was used to Sonny. Abby warned him that he would never get used to her friends if he didn't hang out with them. Michael quickly assured Abby that he didn't expect her to drop her friends just because they were dating. Abby admitted that it was thoughtful of Michael, so she suggested that he extend the same courtesy to his mother.

Michael insisted that he didn't care who Carly dated, but it shouldn't be Shawn, because he had a bad feeling about him. Abby suggested that it was because Sonny had raised Michael not to trust anyone who didn't agree with Sonny. Later, Michael made a point of introducing himself to Abby's friends. They talked amicably, and then the two ladies left. Abby thanked Michael for not making her friends feel inferior. Michael promised that he didn't look down at Abby's friends, but he was sad that they felt that they had to strip for a living.

Abby explained that one of her friends had been in real estate, until the market had bottomed out, and that the other had been a model who had lost her job. Abby started tell him that neither woman had ever been involved with someone like him. "What? In the mob?" Michael defensively wondered. Abby smiled as she clarified that she had meant lucky enough to meet someone as wonderful as him.

At Kelly's, Alexis accused Luke of being a chauvinist, but he insisted that he was an anarchist. Alexis reminded him of his comment that she was no longer interesting since she had become a mother. According to Alexis, it had been one of the most gender-biased things that she had ever heard. Luke suggested that it had merely been an observation. Alexis pointed out that everyone knew that Luke hated domesticity, so his remark stemmed from that. Luke claimed that he had never known a man to change his life 180 degrees just because he had become a father.

Alexis argued that it was about growing up, and putting one's child first. She insisted that a parent should want to teach their children not to make bad choices, but Luke claimed that good choices and bad choices were all the same. According to Luke, they were the sum total of their choices. He reminded her that the previous spring, he had made the choice to cut across town by going down Lexington. That decision had changed his life forever, and had ended the life of a four-year old child.

Alexis gently reminded Luke that what had happened to Jake had been an accident, and something that had been completely random. Luke explained that his point was that his children would make good and bad choices. He hoped that his children didn't make the same bad choices that he had, but whatever they did, they would have to live with the consequences of their decisions. Luke insisted that he didn't have any control over what his children did; he was only in charge of his own life. Alexis pointed out that it didn't mean that they couldn't help and support their children, or the decisions that they made, in an effort to make their children's lives better.

Alexis told Luke about a popular book that had been written by a woman who had unreasonable expectations of her children. The woman had wanted them to practice the piano four hours a day by the age of three and learn multiple languages, and had put them on the college track before they had finished with nursery school. Luke was curious if one of the children had slit the mother's throat, or if the children had killed each other. "Exactly," Alexis replied. She explained that the woman had thought that the children were a reflection of her own excellence, so the woman had been a pathological narcissist. According to Alexis, Luke was the opposite kind of narcissist. Alexis quickly added that she fell somewhere in the middle between the woman and Luke.

Luke chuckled, so Alexis insisted that she was nothing like the woman who had written the book, except that she would never stop wanting what was best for Sam, Kristina, and Molly. Luke agreed that it was Alexis' prerogative. To illustrate her point, Alexis reminded Luke that she hadn't stopped Sam from marrying a mobster. Luke pointed out that Sam was a grown woman, with a limited life expectancy, so Alexis hadn't had much say in the matter. Luke pointed out that the same was true for his children; they had lives of their own, so they were free to do as they pleased. Alexis was curious why Luke was still in town if that were true. She suspected that it was because Luke knew that his children needed him, and that he needed them.

At the garage, Johnny doused Anthony with water, to wake his father up. "What the hell?" Anthony sputtered as he sat up, and then brushed off the droplets of water. Johnny explained that he couldn't have Anthony dying on him, because it could be bad for business. Anthony suggested that it wouldn't be as bad as someone finding out what they had been doing in the harbor. Johnny checked outside to make certain that no one had followed them. Anthony groused that Johnny shouldn't have taken Anthony to the garage if Johnny had been concerned about being discovered.

Johnny reminded his father that Anthony had refused to go to the hospital. Anthony explained that he wasn't ready to go out in public until he knew how much trouble Lisa had made for herself on the boat. Johnny was curious what Anthony had thought would happen when Anthony had pulled a deranged and violent woman out of a coma. Johnny complained that Lisa had injected him with a paralytic drug, but Anthony insisted that he hadn't known that Lisa would wake up as some kind of "Franken-needle." However, Anthony explained that what was done was done. "It's not done," Johnny argued.

Anthony was curious if Johnny had held onto any of the uncut hydrocodone from the bakery, because Anthony was in need of some pharmaceutical assistance for the injury to his stomach that Lisa had inflicted. Johnny tossed Anthony a bottle of aspirin, and then gave him some water to wash it down. Johnny demanded to know why Anthony had arranged for Lisa to wake up from the coma. Anthony confessed that he had resented Patrick's superior attitude. Anthony felt that he deserved respect. "This is how you get it?" Johnny asked incredulously.

Johnny couldn't understand why Anthony hadn't simply hired someone to break Patrick's fingers. Anthony claimed that he preferred irony, but Johnny argued that Anthony liked chaos, not irony. Anthony explained that Patrick was a hypocrite who hid behind the Hippocratic Oath, so Patrick deserved to be put in his place. Anthony insisted that Patrick had driven Lisa crazy, and that Patrick had needed a reminder that Patrick wasn't the only person who had the power over life and death. Johnny was disgusted with his father, because Johnny had nearly died because of Anthony's scheme.

Anthony suggested that Johnny was overreacting, because Lisa had never had any intention of killing Johnny, otherwise Johnny would have been dead. Johnny decided to check Anthony's wound by jabbing his finger around the injury to see if it hurt. Anthony complained about Johnny's painful treatment, but Johnny wasn't moved. Johnny wondered why Anthony hadn't left Lisa alone. Anthony claimed that he had sensed that Lisa was a kindred spirit, but Johnny argued that Lisa had just wanted someone to love her, and that she had needed help. According to Johnny, the Lisa that he had seen earlier that evening had been devoid of emotion, so she should have remained in a coma.

Anthony suggested that no one would have to worry about that anymore. "Do they?" Anthony asked his son. Johnny changed the subject by warning Anthony that Anthony might be bleeding internally. "Was that before or after you poked me?" Anthony sarcastically wondered. Johnny added that the wound could be infected, so he advised Anthony to seek medical attention. Anthony reminded Johnny that their most sympathetic doctor was no longer available.

At the hospital, Spinelli practically carried Liz into the emergency room. Monica was on hand to help Liz onto a gurney, and then ordered the nurses to take Liz to a nearby examination bay. Spinelli explained that Liz had washed up on Spoon Island, and that it had appeared that she had been in the water for an extended time. Monica suspected that Liz had hypothermia, so she went to the examination bay to check on Liz. Liz explained that Lisa Niles had thrown her overboard. Monica suggested that Liz was delirious, but Spinelli panicked because Maxie was on the chartered boat.

Later, Liz was shivering, while Epiphany watched over her. Monica entered the examination bay to ask for an update, so Epiphany explained that Liz's body temperature was rising. Liz wondered what time it was, so Epiphany explained that it was a little past ten. Liz was concerned, because her boys were in the hospital's daycare center. Monica snidely suggested that they were used to that, because she had recalled seeing them there often. Epiphany glared at Monica, but Monica ignored Epiphany.

Liz was upset, because her boys should be in their own beds. Epiphany promised to make sure that someone stayed with the boys, so Liz asked Epiphany to assure Cam that Mommy was fine. Liz revealed that Cam worried easily since Jake had died. "I imagine he does," Monica said as she sneered. Epiphany gave Monica a venomous glance, but remained silent, because Liz hadn't picked up on Monica's hostility. Liz was concerned about her brother, Steve, and the other passengers on the boat, who might not realize that Lisa Niles was on board.

On the chartered boat, Maxie was stunned to learn that Lisa had terrorized the passengers. Matt was equally startled by the news, so Patrick pointed out that Matt had been too drunk to realize what had been happening. Matt reminded Patrick that it had been Matt's party, "so I can cry if I want to." Matt then wondered where Maxie had been all evening. Maxie claimed that she had spent the night in a boat, having a romantic picnic with Spinelli. "With Spinelli?" Matt asked. "Why not with Spinelli?" Maxie defensively replied.

Mac explained that he would need statements from everyone, but Robin was eager to get home to check on Emma. Mac assured Robin that he had called to make certain that Emma was fine. Steve pointed out to Mac that Robin needed medical attention for her arm, so Steve insisted on taking her to the hospital. Officer Padilla was curious why Steve seemed so eager to leave. Steve was spared from having to answer when Matt realized that Liz was missing. Matt and Steve wanted to search for Liz, but Mac explained that he had officers combing the boat for Liz and Lisa.

Mac asked Patrick and Robin to tell him everything that had happened, so Patrick and Robin revealed that Lisa had intended to inject Patrick with Robin's HIV-positive blood. Maxie was horrified by Lisa's diabolical plan. Matt remained determined to find Liz, but Mac ordered Matt to stay put. Robin told Mac about the struggle with Lisa on deck. Mac decided to put an APB out on Lisa, because Robin was certain that Lisa was still on the loose. Steve feared that Lisa might have taken Liz hostage, while Matt was concerned that Lisa had hurt Liz. Robin explained that Lisa had only intended to harm Robin and Patrick, so she was confident that Liz was fine.

Maxie grew silent when she spotted the napkin that Liz had doodled Matt's portrait on. Maxie folded the napkin, and then slipped it into her purse. Officer Padilla noticed what Maxie had done, but she didn't say anything. Meanwhile, Steve became frantic, because he feared that Liz might have gotten in Lisa's way, so Lisa had harmed his sister. Olivia thought that they should focus on something constructive, so Officer Padilla suggested that Robin go to the hospital to have her arm stitched up. Ronnie groused that Officer Padilla was a cop, not a doctor.

Patrick and Steve agreed that Robin needed stitches, and Olivia added that Steve should have the scratches on his face looked at. Mac was curious about Steve's injury, but Steve was spared having to explain when his phone rang. It was Monica. Monica explained that Liz was being treated for hypothermia, but she was coherent and stable. Steve ended the call, and then updated everyone. Matt felt responsible for Liz nearly drowning, so he started to leave.

Maxie demanded to know where Matt was going, so he pointed out that Liz needed his help. Patrick argued that Matt wasn't in any condition to help, but Matt insisted that hearing about Liz's brush with death had sobered him up. Mac insisted that no one would leave until he knew exactly what had transpired during the trip. Moments later, an officer entered the salon to report that "a crazy person" had tried to take a boat out of the harbor to reach the boat, because "the dangerous doctor of death," was loose. Maxie admitted that it sounded like her crazy person, so Matt gave Maxie a pointed look. Steve argued that Mac didn't have any reason to keep him there, so Mac agreed to let Robin, Olivia, and Steve leave.

Maxie hoped that Matt realized that she had proven how much she had wanted to be there for him, and how proud she was of his accomplishment. Matt told Maxie that it was difficult for him to focus on that, after what had happened to Liz. Moments later, Mac received a call from Spinelli. Mac assured Spinelli that Maxie was fine. Maxie heard Mac's remark, so she whined that the nail polish would never get out of her designer purse.

Robin revealed to Officer Padilla that she had lost her watch during the struggle with Lisa, so Robin had decided to look for it, because it had been a gift from Anna. Mac told Robin to be careful, so Robin reminded Mac that Lisa was no longer on the boat. Later, Robin found her watch near the staircase that she had tumbled down. Robin glanced at the deck, and then saw the blood from her injured arm. Seconds later, Robin jumped when Patrick quietly walked up behind her. Patrick immediately apologized for startling her, and then asked her what she had been doing.

Robin explained that she had found her watch exactly where she had expected to find it, which confirmed that she had fallen down the stairs. Robin couldn't understand how Patrick could have found her on another part of the deck, or why she couldn't remember getting there. Patrick reminded Robin that it was over, and then revealed that the boat was there to take them to shore.

At the hospital, Steve asked Epiphany to run some blood tests on Olivia because of Olivia's dizzy spells, but Olivia insisted that she was fine. Olivia offered to wait for Steve in the waiting area, while he went to check on his sister. After Steve walked away, Olivia continued to show signs of lightheadedness.

Nearby, Maxie grumbled that Matt didn't appreciate all the trouble that she had gone through to be with him. She resented that Matt was worried about Liz. Spinelli, who had been waiting for Maxie to arrive, revealed that he had rescued Liz from Spoon Island. "You couldn't have just left her?" Maxie complained. Spinelli looked taken aback, so Maxie quickly conceded, "Okay, I guess not." However, Maxie suggested that Liz had been pretending to by hypothermic to gain sympathy.

Spinelli appeared perplexed by the remark, but Maxie didn't notice, because she spotted Matt talking to Monica. Maxie walked up as Monica promised to share the results of the tests that had been run on Liz as soon as they were available. After Monica walked away, Maxie suggested that there was nothing else that they could do at the hospital, so they should go home. Matt blamed himself for Liz's situation, so Maxie demanded to know what exactly had happened between Matt and Liz.

Officer Padilla observed that everyone who had been on the boat looked uneasy. Ronnie reminded Officer Padilla that a psycho had been on the boat with them, so they had a reason to be rattled. He advised her not to turn the investigation into something that it wasn't, just because she wanted some action. Ronnie suggested that Officer Padilla focus on finding Lisa.

Steve checked on Olivia, who continued to appear pale. However, Olivia was more concerned about the scratches on Steve's face. She was curious how it had happened, but Steve avoided her question by going to check in on his sister. In the examination bay, Liz smiled when she saw her brother. Steve admitted that he was happy that Spinelli had found her. Liz recalled being fished out of the water, but she realized that Spinelli hadn't been the man who had carried her to shore.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Luke bumped into Tracy and asked her to lunch, one last meal before they would divorce. Tracy berated Luke for acting as if he'd thought he could just go away for months and return home to find everyone clamoring for his support. Luke scolded Tracy for her dalliance with Anthony.

Tracy accused Luke of leaving town so he could start drinking again. He replied that he still didn't believe his drinking was responsible for Jake's death, but that sobriety was the least he could offer to his loved ones. He said he wanted to leave town to avoid further disappointing Lulu. Tracy wouldn't give Luke a straight answer to the question of whether or not she was seeing Anthony, so Luke left.

Lulu went to the Haunted Star to look for Lucky, but Ethan informed her Lucky had left Port Charles to be away from Liz. Ethan explained that Lucky and Liz's relationship was unhealthy. Ethan told Lulu about the eerie letter Siobhan had left Lucky before her death.

Lulu expressed her growing doubts that she could handle living her life, wondering if Dante would die in the line of duty. Lulu admitted that she'd agreed to marry Dante because she wanted him to have a reason to live. Ethan hauled out the painting of Laura he'd taken from Wyndemere. Lulu talked about her mother's past, how Luke had settled in Port Charles for Laura but that it hadn't worked for either of them.

Lulu believed that Laura had finally broken because Laura had been trying to make the impossible happen. Lulu noted the parallels to her and Dante. Ethan reminded Lulu that she was not Laura, and Dante was not Luke. She shouldn't worry that they'd become her parents, Ethan suggested. As Ethan poured himself another stiff one, she pointed out the similarities between him and his father.

Lucky checked into an inn in Galway. The innkeeper told him to make himself at home while she prepared something to eat. Lucky reread the letter Siobhan had left him. The innkeeper returned with a meal, but became unnerved when Lucky asked her where St. Margaret's Chapel was.

The woman began to give him details but stopped herself. She warned him to keep away. Lucky told her that he needed to honor Siobhan's last wishes. The innkeeper let Lucky know that the rectory had burned down several times. The church was a place of bad luck, she stated.

Michael caught Dante wheeling around the hospital and threatened to turn him in to the nurses. Dante expressed his great frustration at being cooped up. He was also upset that Lulu wasn't dealing well with his latest injury. Michael complained that Ronnie had tailed Abby and questioned her in vain.

Dante was concerned that Michael was still working at Sonny's coffee warehouse and asked what had been happening the night of the shooting. Michael evaded the question. Dante pressed him and asked why Shawn had been there that night. Michael asserted that Dante wanted there to be more to the story to keep himself from thinking that Lulu was questioning whether or not to marry him. Not long after, Lulu arrived and told Dante she had a confession to make.

At the beach house, honeymooners Sam and Jason discussed Franco's whereabouts. Jason told Sam that he'd have to go to Toronto to look for leads. He needed to do it alone, he explained. Sam understood and vowed to make the most of their time before he had to leave.

Shawn caught up with Carly, who lounged at the beach while nursing a hangover. They talked about the kiss they'd shared the previous night. Carly played it off as if it wasn't a big deal. Later, Carly harangued Sam for putting Jason in danger by continuing her and Jason's honeymoon. Sam responded by pointing out Carly's penchant for running to Jason whenever Carly was in need. Carly reminded Sam that Franco tormented Jason by targeting the people Jason loved.

Jason asked Shawn to look after Carly and her children while Jason was away. Shawn agreed. They returned to the house, and Jason told Carly that he was going after Franco. Jason asked Carly to allow Shawn to protect her and the kids. Shawn, Carly, and Josslyn left. Later, Jason and Sam left to catch some waves. The moment they were gone, someone emerged from underneath the bed.

On the plane, Carly fretted about having left Jason behind. In Josslyn's toy bag was one of Franco's cameras.

Alexis went to the restaurant to discuss Kristina starting at Yale. Alexis asked Sonny not to go to New Haven so that their daughter would not be haunted by his history. Sonny was fine with that but wanted to throw Kristina a farewell party. Alexis thought it was a good idea but had a problem with having Kate on the guest list.

Alexis told Sonny that she actually admired Kate, but that Sonny would make Kate miserable, the way he had all of the other women in his life. Alexis also didn't want to see Sonny torture himself should anything bad happen to Kate.

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