General Hospital Daily Recaps for the week of September 19, 2011

Franco returned to Port Charles to stir up trouble. Johnny murdered two of Anthony's henchmen after Maxie and Elizabeth escaped captivity. Lucky managed to kill Darryl as Darryl closed in on Elizabeth with deadly intent. Anthony paid a doctor to give Lisa an experimental drug protocol. Lisa moved her fingers after the first treatment. Edward gave Jason a ring that Edward had given to Lila on their wedding night. Sam was touched when Monica gave her Alan's wedding ring, so that a piece of Alan would always be with his son. Jason and Sam decided to get married on the back terrace of the restaurant with the elderly Chinese couple as witnesses. Dante proposed marriage to Lulu. Things went awry when Anthony slipped into the warehouse and then shot Dante.
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Jason and Sam got married at the Noodle Buddha restaurant
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Monday, September 19, 2011

Kate walked into Sonny's restaurant just as Sonny was leaving his office. They smiled as they walked towards each other. When they got close, Kate reached out and slapped Sonny. Kate said it was for Jax. Sonny said he was not surprised and wanted to know why Kate did not wait to hear his side of the story. Kate replied that all Sonny had was excuses. Kate said that Sonny had not escaped his abusive past in Bensonhurst and because of that, when Sonny got hurt, Sonny hurt back. Kate said someone always had to pay, even if it were the wrong person.

Sonny tried to justify his actions by saying that he had been trying to save Josslyn, but Kate quickly debunked his arguments. Kate told Sonny that the real reason that he had gone after Jax was that Sonny blamed Jax because Brenda had walked out on Sonny. Kate said hat Jax had not forced Brenda to walk away, that Brenda had left by choice. Sonny accused Kate of casting Jax as a hero when she pointed out that Jax was trying to protect his daughter like any father should.

Sonny tried to lighten the mood by asking if Kate had journeyed across town out of concern for him. Kate admitted that Olivia had arrived at the office and insisted that Kate get involved. Kate told Sonny that he was still the wounded little boy she had wanted to protect all those years ago when they were growing up and that she still wanted to protect, even though they were adults. Sonny said that Kate was wasting her breath and her time if she was trying to save him, because he could not be saved. Kate responded that Sonny was running from his past, and it would eventually catch up with him. Kate said that what had happened in Sonny's past would always control him if Sonny did not stare it in the face.

For a moment, Sonny remembered being a frightened boy who was tormented and beaten by his stepfather, Deke. Sonny quickly deflected and wondered if Kate had learned to swim. When Kate said she had not, he equated his situation with hers. Kate quickly responded that they were not the same at all because Sonny had gone from being bullied to being a bully. Kate told Sonny that if he did not face his past, he would eventually do irreparable damage to his children and would be not any better than Deke.

Sonny ran out of excuses and told Kate he was done with the conversation. Sonny said that it didn't matter how he had gotten where he was; he was there and did not want to change. Kate looked amazed and replied sarcastically that she had been wrong about him and did not know Sonny as well as she had previously thought. Sonny got a phone call alerting him that Kristina was out of surgery. As he left Kate, Sonny said that Kristina might have been injured when a bomb that had been planted in Johnny's car had exploded and Kristina had been knocked to the ground. Sonny confided that people were saying that it was Sonny's fault. Quietly Sonny confessed to Kate that "people" were right.

At Crimson, Lulu held a wedding dress against her body and admired herself in the mirror. Dante walked in. After an awkward pause, Dante said that Olivia had called him to Crimson. Dante and Lulu both recognized it as an attempt to get them back together. Lulu said that she was there helping Maxie out so that Maxie could work on Sam's wedding. Dante told Lulu that Maxie was missing. Lulu wanted to know if she should be worried. Dante said that the police were doing all they could.

The conversation turned to marriage. Dante said he was a fan of marriage because making vows made it harder to walk away. Lulu said that trying to live up to "until death do us part" put a lot of pressure on a person. Dante responded that getting married made it more difficult to give up easily when things got messy. Both Dante and Lulu acknowledge their love for each other.

Dante got a call. He told Lulu that Mac was calling everyone in. Dante said he would call with news of Maxie. Dante comforted Lulu. He said that Maxie would be okay and that Dante and Lulu would be okay too. After Dante left, Lulu held the wedding dress to herself again and looked in the mirror.

Maxie and Liz were able to trick Joey momentarily. Maxie managed to escape with Joey chasing after her. Darryl arrived and stopped Liz before she could follow. Darryl made a phone call to Anthony, who was busy baiting a trap for Tracy. Anthony had rented out a whole restaurant in an attempt to impress Tracy. He was his usual crazy self as he talked to the orchids and gave instructions to the waiter. When Darryl told Anthony that he had a problem, Anthony told him to make the problem go away for good and hung up.

Johnny followed Anthony to the restaurant and interrupted Anthony's preparations to inquire about Anthony's plans for the evening. Anthony said he was trying to impress a beautiful woman. He told Johnny not to meddle in his business. Johnny said that it became his business when cops showed up at Johnny's door, asking questions. Anthony told Johnny not to fret because everything would end that evening. Johnny agreed that it would. Tracy arrived wearing sunglasses and all black. It was apparent that she did not want to be seen with Anthony.

Johnny left, and Anthony began trying to woo Tracy. Luke looked on from outside, unbeknownst to either Tracy or Anthony. Anthony was very charming when he presented Tracy with an orchid corsage and asked her to dance. Tracy said she was a married woman and was only there with Anthony because he had blackmailed her into going. Anthony pointed out that Luke was gone.

Tracy said a discussion of Luke was not on the table. Anthony tried to flatter Tracy, but she was not amenable to his charm. Tracy sensed Luke walk away. When Anthony implied that he and Tracy share a passionate interlude, Tracy told him, "Over my dead body," and walked out.

Spinelli followed a trail of wedding cake icing that he believed would lead to Maxie. Spinelli had just found another dab when Maxie ran by with Joey following close behind. When Maxie climbed stairs to a narrow walkway, Joey followed and so did Spinelli. Neither Joey nor Maxie noticed him. Maxie tripped and fell on the walkway. Joey trapped her and leaned over.

Spinelli tried to decide what to do. Spinelli acted out his Jackal P.I. persona and pretended to have a gun in his pocket. Joey was momentarily distracted. Joey laughed at Spinelli and told him to shoot. When Spinelli pulled an empty hand out of his pocket, Joey pushed Spinelli to the deck and started kicking him. Spinelli told Maxie to run.

Instead, Maxie attacked Joey, who threw her off and went after her again. Spinelli again distracted Joey and told Maxie to run, but Maxie would not leave Spinelli. Joey kicked Spinelli several times and, when he appeared to no longer be a threat, Joey turned his attention to Maxie. Spinelli sat up and looked at his flashlight. Spinelli got up, tapped Joey on the shoulder and when Joey turned, Spinelli shone the bright light in Joey's eyes and decked Joey while he was momentarily blinded. When Spinelli called Maxie "Maximista," she knew that the old Spinelli was back. Maxie gave him a big hug and said that she could breathe a sigh of relief.

Spinelli gave Maxie a long, slow kiss. Joey got up and advanced toward them with a knife when a shot rang out, and Joey toppled over. Neither Maxie nor Spinelli saw Johnny standing below holding a gun. Maxie asked if Joey was dead. Spinelli said that he had not killed Joey.

Maxie was glad that the ace of cyberspace was back because she did not like Jackal P.I. very much. Spinelli said that he had called on both personas to help him find Maxie. Maxie was overjoyed when Spinelli showed her Sam's ring, which he had found in the alley. Maxie was delighted, but when she hugged Spinelli, he lost the ring. Johnny called Anthony and said that he had disposed of the garbage that Anthony had left behind.

Darryl pulled a cloth and a vial from his pocked. As Darryl soaked the cloth, he told Liz that he would use the same drug on her that he had used to kill Siobhan. When Darryl tried to put the cloth over Liz's mouth and nose, she bit him and managed to escape. Darryl chased after.

Lucky was feeling the effects of withdrawal as he searched the back alleys. He stumbled several times and appeared disoriented. Lucky was slumped down by a dumpster when Liz ran into the alley with Darryl close behind. Lucky yelled for Liz to fall down. When she did, Lucky shot Darryl.

Dante and other policemen showed up to give Lucky and Liz assistance. Liz told her story, citing Darryl's confession that he had killed Siobhan. When Liz said that the thug chasing Maxie was named "Joey," Lucky said that Joey was the one who had shot him up. Lucky admitted privately to Dante that he was feeling the effects of drug withdrawal. Lucky told Dante that Liz had nearly been killed. Lucky said he was going to figure out who was behind the drug ring and nail him. Lucky gave Dante the evidence he had collected earlier then left to investigate a shot they had all heard.

Skye was on the Quartermaine jet as its crew prepared for takeoff. She was leaving a message for Edward when Luke boarded. Skye wanted to know if he had seen his relatives. Luke said that he had seen them, but they had not seen him. Luke said that Tracy was fine, and the rest would be better off without him. Luke told Skye that "life's a bitch and then you die."

Skye offered Luke bottled water and said that if he wanted something stronger, he would have to go elsewhere. Skye recognized that Luke was not happy with what he had found. She asked Luke if returning to Port Charles had been more than he had bargained for. Luke said that in the bargaining process, he had been shortchanged. Skye nailed Luke when she asked him if he was going to stay and deal with the mess he had made or if Luke was going to use Sky as his ride out of town.

Carly cornered Patrick and demanded to know why Jason was not in his room. Patrick told Carly that Jason was having tests. Carly demanded to know if Jason was recovered enough to attend a wedding. She worried that Sam was pushing Jason to do something that he was not physically ready for. Patrick said that he could not give Jason's medical information to Carly. Patrick asked Carly if she was aware of how possessive she was being. Carly confessed her fears that Jason would wake up different and she would lose her friend.

Carly asked if Patrick knew what it was like to have a friend like Jason. Patrick said that Robin was such a friend. Carly wanted to know what Patrick would do if Robin woke up one day and did not want to be with him anymore. Patrick told Carly that although it would hurt, he would let Robin go because that was what Robin wanted, and giving the person one cared about what that person wanted was the test of true love.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

At Kelly's, Shawn caught Carly peering through the window of the front door. Carly jumped when Shawn asked her if everything were okay. Carly claimed that she had been in the mood for a late-night snack, so she was disappointed that Kelly's was closed. Shawn was surprised that she didn't have a key to her family's diner; however, she was lucky to know one of the tenants. He unlocked the front door, and then invited her to follow him in.

Carly sat at the counter while Shawn went to the kitchen to whip up something for Carly to eat. Carly was impressed that he knew his way around the kitchen, prompting him to wonder why she didn't, since she was a mother. Carly pointed out that not all mothers knew how to cook. According to Carly, some mothers were experts at ordering take-out and making frozen pizzas. Shawn was curious if Carly had ever tried to cook, so Carly confessed that she had once attempted to make hard-boiled eggs in the microwave, but it had been a disaster because she had forgotten to remove the eggshells.

Shawn burst out laughing. Carly quickly became defensive, so she wondered if Shawn had more important things to do than fix her a snack, since he worked for Jason. "Unless I'm one of those chores," she added cautiously. "I've had worse," Shawn replied. Later, Carly was pleasantly surprised when she took a bite of Shawn's impromptu meal. Carly's smile slipped when Shawn revealed that he had learned to make cornbread at home. It was a reminder of everything that Carly had lost.

Carly explained to Shawn that Jax was gone, so she had no idea when Josslyn would see her father again, and Morgan had settled in at military school, where he loved being Morgan Benson. Carly admitted that it was difficult to smile, like everything was okay, especially when her best friend was about to marry a woman who hated Carly. Carly conceded that she wasn't all that fond of Sam either. Shawn doubted that Sam hated Carly, but Carly argued, "Yes, she does." Shawn was curious when Carly had last thought about herself. Carly chuckled as she confided that most people would say that she thought about herself all of the time.

Shawn insisted that he was serious; he thought that she needed to let go for a bit by putting her problems aside. Carly claimed that she couldn't do that because she had to play the grieving widow, run a hotel, and take care of her daughter. Shawn warned Carly that she had to let something else in, so Carly wondered what he had in mind. "Music," Shawn replied as he walked to the jukebox, and then selected a slow song. Moments later, he held out his hand in silent invitation. Carly smiled as Shawn twirled her around the floor, and then swayed with her to the music.

Carly and Shawn stared deep into each other's eyes as attraction flared between them. Shawn quickly pulled away, and then announced that he had to get back to work. Carly reminded him that he had been working, but Shawn confessed that he might get transferred if he enjoyed his assignment too much. Carly smiled, and then thanked Shawn for distracting her. "You're welcome," Shawn replied as he went to the door. He apologized for leaving her with the duty of cleaning up the dishes, but Carly admitted that she intended to leave them on the counter.

On Pier 14, Johnny removed the silencer from his gun as he approached J.T. from behind. Johnny wondered what J.T. was doing in the alley, so J.T. explained that he had been waiting for Joey. Johnny revealed that Joey would be late, and then scolded J.T. for being sloppy by leaving witnesses behind. J.T. insisted that he had just been a middleman, but Johnny wasn't satisfied. Johnny pushed J.T. against a wall, and then informed J.T. that J.T. answered to him.

Johnny was aware that J.T., and the men who had been involved in the operation, had served time in Pentonville. Johnny wondered if they had cooked up their scheme to run drugs through Luzetta's Bakery during their stint in jail. J.T. was reluctant to reveal anything, but Johnny insisted that J.T. provide names, including one in particular. J.T. worried that Anthony would kill him, but he admitted that Anthony had been in charge of the drug ring. Satisfied, Johnny instructed J.T. to make a call.

Afterwards, Johnny handed J.T. a gun for protection, while they waited for Rudy Trujillo to arrive. Johnny made a point of standing behind J.T. when Rudy arrived. Rudy was curious why J.T. had called, so Johnny grabbed J.T's gun hand, aimed the gun at Rudy, and then pulled the trigger. Meanwhile, Rudy managed to return fire as he fell to the ground, and died. J.T. was hit in the abdomen, so he looked up at Johnny in shock as he reminded Johnny that Johnny had promised him that everything would be okay. "I lied," Johnny replied as he left the alley.

Later, Johnny tracked his father down at the Metro Court Restaurant. Johnny sat in Tracy's vacated seat and then helped himself to Anthony's steak dinner as he informed his father that he had cleaned up Anthony's mess. Johnny revealed that J.T., Joey, and Rudy had not lived to dance another day. Anthony shrugged his shoulders, and then admitted, "Friends come and go." Anthony wanted his steak back, but Johnny handed Anthony a glass of water and a basket of bread instead. Johnny suggested that Anthony get used to it.

Anthony wondered what was going on, so Johnny explained that it was Anthony's lucky day. Johnny had decided not to implicate his father in the drug ring operation because someone else had pissed Johnny off more than Anthony had.

On the waterfront, Maxie and Spinelli looked at the murky water where Sam's engagement ring had landed. Maxie couldn't believe that she had lost the ring again. Spinelli took full responsibility for it, but Maxie insisted that Spinelli hadn't been to blame because he had saved her life, which was more important than the ring. Moments later, Lucky appeared to ask if Maxie and Spinelli were okay. Maxie and Spinelli assured Lucky that they were unharmed, but they couldn't say the same for the thug who had tried to kill them. Maxie bragged that Spinelli had knocked the man out with a single punch.

Lucky checked Joey for a pulse, as Spinelli explained that he and Maxie had been celebrating when Joey had regained consciousness. According to Spinelli, Joey had been prepared to attack them from behind when a "silent projectile" had felled the thug. Lucky realized that a silencer had been used to fire the deadly shot, so he was curious if Maxie or Spinelli had seen the shooter. Maxie and Spinelli shook their heads, so Lucky deduced that someone had killed Joey to keep Joey from talking to the police, not to protect Maxie and Spinelli. Lucky stepped away to call Dante, so Maxie tried to see if she could spot the ring in the water. Spinelli feared that it was a lost cause.

Moments later, Lucky returned to inform Maxie and Spinelli that a squad car would take them to the hospital to be checked out. Maxie was still upset about losing the ring, so Lucky suggested that they advise Jason to pick out a replacement ring. After Maxie and Spinelli walked to the squad car, Lucky noticed a bottle of hydrocodone near Joey's body.

In the alley behind Luzetta's Bakery, Liz revealed to Dante that Lucky had arrived in the knick of time. According to Liz, Darryl had intended to kill her when Lucky had shot Darryl. Liz admitted that Lucky had been there for her when she had needed him, which was all that she wanted Dante to put in his report. Moments later, Mac walked up eager for news about Maxie. Dante confessed that they had reports that shots had been fired near where Maxie and Liz had been held, so Lucky had gone to investigate. Mac felt better knowing that Lucky was on it, but he prayed that Maxie was okay.

A few minutes later, Lucky called Dante with an update. Dante quickly passed along the message that Maxie and Spinelli were unharmed, and that Joey had been killed. Mac was greatly relieved. After Dante ended the call with Lucky, Mac questioned Liz about what she knew. Liz explained that Lucky had suspected that someone at the hospital had been part of the drug ring, and that it appeared that Siobhan had known more than she should have. Liz explained that Darryl had revealed details about Siobhan's death that only her killer would have known.

Mac realized that Lucky had killed Siobhan's murderer. Dante told Mac about Siobhan's clue, and the discovery that certain bags of flour in Luzetta's had been filled with drugs. Mac wondered how the drug ring had nabbed Liz, so she revealed that she had followed Darryl after seeing him steal drugs from the hospital. Mac suggested that Liz had been either incredibly brave or very stupid. Liz assured Mac that she had left several messages on Lucky's voicemail about Darryl. She had been confident that Lucky would find her.

A police officer snagged Mac's attention, so Mac stepped away for a minute. Dante warned Liz that it would be better for Lucky if she didn't say too much about her involvement in the investigation. Shortly afterwards, Dante took Liz to the hospital for treatment.

Later, Lucky met up with Mac in the alley behind Luzetta's. Mac thanked Lucky for helping Maxie, but Lucky insisted that he hadn't done much because Maxie and Spinelli had caught a break when someone had killed Joey. Mac wondered if there were any leads on the shooter, so Lucky assured his boss that he was working on it. However, Lucky explained that two men, who had been part of the drug ring, had been found shot to death on Pier 14. Lucky admitted that it looked like they had been in a stand-off, but Lucky suspected that someone had made it look that way because the injuries had been perfect "kill-shots." Mac agreed that the murders were a little too convenient.

At the hospital, Sonny was furious as he confronted Matt about Kristina's inability to walk. Patrick quickly intervened by ordering Sonny to back off. Sonny accused Matt of screwing up the surgery, but Patrick defended his brother. Matt decided to check on Kristina, so Sonny started to follow, but Patrick blocked Sonny's way. Patrick accused Sonny of being out of control. Sonny suggested that Patrick was only interested in doing damage control for his brother because Matt had had no business operating on Kristina.

According to Sonny, Matt had been in over his head, but Patrick disagreed. Sonny wondered if Patrick would have let Matt operate on Emma. Patrick explained that neurosurgery was a little more difficult than breaking kneecaps to shake down people. Sonny decided to ignore the remark because he wanted to see Kristina. "Don't you think you've done enough damage to Kristina already, Sonny?" Patrick wondered. Sonny glared at Patrick as Patrick told Sonny that Kristina needed a parent, not an out-of-control thug who made things worse.

Sonny wondered how much worse things could get for his daughter, who had been left crippled. Patrick insisted that Matt had fixed the damage that Sonny had caused, but Sonny refused to take responsibility for Kristina's injury. Meanwhile, in Kristina's hospital room, Kate handed Kristina a gift bag. Kristina was curious if Sonny was behind Kate's unexpected visit, but Kate assured Kristina that Sonny didn't know about it. Kristina suspected that Sonny wanted Kate to prove that he was a good guy, but Kristina warned Kate that it would never work. Kate doubted that Sonny would try to use Kate to help his image, but if he had tried then Kate would tell Kristina the truth.

Kristina apologized, so Kate sat down and then urged Kristina to open her gifts. Kristina was stunned when she found high-end cosmetics, jewelry, and a smart phone in the bag. Kristina insisted that she couldn't accept the extravagant presents, but Kate explained that they were perks of her job. Kate wanted Kristina to have them because she knew that Kristina would appreciate the gifts. Kate then presented Kristina with the latest edition of Crimson, which hadn't been released to the public yet. Kristina was delighted because she loved the magazine.

Kristina thanked Kate for the presents. Eventually, their conversation drifted to Sonny; Kristina was curious if Kate had talked to Sonny recently. Kate didn't have an opportunity to reply because Matt entered the room to check on Kristina. Kate offered to leave, but Kristina insisted that Kate stay. Matt read the chart and then checked the monitors before announcing that Kristina was showing signs of improvement. Kristina wondered if that meant that she would be able to walk soon.

Matt explained that swelling was common after a procedure like the one that Kristina had been through. Kate quickly assured Kristina that the movement in Kristina's leg would return once the swelling reduced. Kate pointedly looked at Matt for confirmation, prompting Matt to agree. Matt promised to return soon to check on Kristina, and then left. Kate returned to Kristina's earlier question by admitting that she had talked to Sonny. Kristina suspected that Sonny had denied any responsibility for the injury that she had sustained during the explosion resulting from the bomb that Sonny had planted in Johnny's car.

As if on cue, Sonny entered Kristina's hospital room as Kate revealed that Sonny had talked about taking Kristina on an amazing trip after Kristina was released from the hospital. "Isn't that right?" Kate asked Sonny. Sonny admitted that he had planned to take Kristina on a trip for a while. Kristina reminded her father that she was in college. Sonny conceded that Kristina's education was important, but he had hoped that she would have time to travel. Sonny painted a picture of beauty and serenity as he talked about a strip of land on the coast of his private island, and then wondered if Kristina would be interested in going with him.

Later, Sonny approached Matt to apologize to the young doctor about his earlier outburst. Sonny realized that he had been blaming the wrong person for Kristina's situation. Matt accepted the apology, and then walked away. Kate, who had been standing nearby, approved. "There may be hope for you after all," Kate admitted.

Liz was on the phone with her grandmother as she and Dante stepped off of the elevator. Liz promised Audrey that she was fine, and that she would pick up Cam and Aiden soon. However, Liz asked Audrey not to tell Cam about what had happened because Liz didn't want Cam to worry. After Liz ended the call, Matt spotted Liz. Matt was immediately concerned about Liz, but she insisted that she was unharmed. Dante revealed that Liz had been favoring her right leg, so he urged Matt to examine her.

Matt reached up to hold Liz's head still while he looked at the gash on her forehead. Maxie and Spinelli rounded the corner in time to see Matt and Liz. Maxie quickly approached Matt, and then informed him that she and Spinelli had almost been killed, so they needed immediate medical attention. Matt turned to see what Maxie's injuries were, so Maxie showed him her hand. "That's it?" Matt asked. Maxie insisted that the entire experience had been traumatic, so Liz suggested that a nurse could find a bandage for Maxie's hand.

"So much for the sisterhood of hostages," Maxie complained. Liz assured Maxie that she was glad that Maxie hadn't been hurt, but Maxie insisted that she and Spinelli had almost died. Maxie credited Spinelli with saving her life. Matt examined Spinelli's bruised hand, and determined that Spinelli had a "boxer's fracture." Spinelli smiled until Matt promised to treat the hand, so that Spinelli could quickly get back to the computer.

Maxie was miffed when Matt insisted that Liz needed the gash on her head stitched up, so Liz would have to be treated first. Matt advised Maxie to go home, and to take a long, hot shower.

Meanwhile, in the alley behind Luzetta's, Mac commended Lucky for a job well done. Mac confessed that he'd had doubts about Lucky handling the investigation, but Lucky had proved him wrong. Lucky pulled out the bottle of pills that he had found near Joey's body, but Dante quickly snatched the bottle of pills from Lucky. Dante offered to log the narcotics into evidence, so Mac left. Lucky was curious why Dante had stopped Lucky from telling Mac about the incident with J.T., so Dante advised Lucky to allow the drugs to get out of his system before Lucky talked to Mac about it.

At the hospital, Sam became concerned when she saw Jason slowly making his way down the hallway. She admitted that she didn't think it was a good idea for him to take a stroll while he was still recovering from surgery. Sam reminded Jason that they were getting married in a few days, so she didn't understand why he would take such a risk. Sam didn't give Jason an opportunity to reply because she assumed that he was doing whatever was necessary to make certain that the Zaccharas didn't take advantage of Sonny's "psychological sinkhole." Sam realized that Jason wanted to send the Zaccharas a message, but she insisted that it was Shawn's job. Jason finally managed to explain that he hadn't intended to leave the hospital; he had been practicing walking down the aisle.

Sam smiled, and then led Jason back to his room. After Jason settled down in bed, Sam confessed that it felt good to laugh again. She admitted that the wedding plans had been overwhelming. Jason sensed that something else was troubling Sam, so Sam confided that she felt guilty for being happy when everyone else was having problems. Jason assured her that they would get married, and that there were lots of people helping to make that possible. Sam explained that part of the problem was that it seemed like people viewed their wedding as a bright spot in the middle of hard times.

Sam suspected that their loved ones looked to them as much-needed proof that two people who loved each other could overcome anything, which had put a lot of pressure on her and Jason. Jason advised Sam to forget what others wanted because he was only interested in knowing what she wanted. Sam admitted that she wanted to marry him. Jason confessed that he wanted the same, so that was all that mattered. Later, Max updated Jason on the drug bust. Jason wondered if Liz and Maxie had been found, so Max assured him that both ladies were fine.

According to Max, the drug dealers had felt the pressure from Shawn, who had stationed people in all the right places. Max revealed that everyone liked Shawn, except Sonny, and that Shawn had good instincts. Jason explained that Sonny's personal issues with Shawn didn't matter because they needed Shawn. Max was startled when Jason insisted on having Shawn head up the security at Jason and Sam's wedding. Max promised to coordinate everything with Milo, and then left. Sam, who had been quietly reading in a corner, realized that their wedding would be the perfect opportunity for someone to make a move against Sonny's organization.

Jason explained that he just wanted to take precautions because of what had happened at Sonny and Brenda's wedding. Jason admitted that he never wanted to feel as he had when he had seen Sam on the stretcher following the limousine's explosion. Sam was confident that Shawn wouldn't let anything happen at their wedding. Sam decided to run a few errands, so she kissed Jason and then promised to return later. Shortly afterwards, Max returned to Jason's hospital room. Jason revealed that he wanted Max to work with Shawn, who was looking into something for Jason.

Max admitted that he was happy for Jason and Sam, and then began to talk about his breakup with Diane. Max revealed that Diane hadn't returned any of his phone calls, emails, or text messages. Max blamed the book tour for ruining what he'd had with Diane. Max realized that he had been babbling, so he returned to the topic at hand. Max wondered what Shawn was working on. "Franco," Jason responded.

Moments later, Sam entered the room, so Max quickly congratulated Jason on his upcoming wedding to Sam, and then excused himself. Sam knew that Max had been covering for Jason, but she realized that it concerned business, so she decided not to ask Jason about it. Maxie and Spinelli walked in before Jason could reply. Maxie announced that she had good news and bad news. Maxie told Jason and Sam about Spinelli's heroics during the rescue, and then revealed that she had once again lost Sam's engagement ring. Jason was frustrated, but Maxie insisted that he could buy Sam a new ring. However, she promised to make sure that Jason and Sam had a perfect wedding, even if it killed Maxie.

At an undisclosed location, Franco snapped pictures of various items at a staged crime scene, including a murdered man on the floor. Franco's stuffed monkey sat on a shelf nearby, banging its cymbals together. Franco picked up the toy and then began to talk about Jason's wedding, and how Franco hadn't received an invitation. Franco decided that it was time to return to Port Charles because there was "no place like home."

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

At the Haunted Star, Ethan appreciated that Lulu wanted to sell the casino. However, he didn't see the harm in setting up a high-stakes game in the back room. Lulu advised Ethan to look in the mirror, but Ethan insisted that it had been a fluke that he had been roughed up after a game. Lulu changed the subject by wondering if Ethan could help her disappear for awhile. Ethan was concerned that Lulu intended to search for Luke, but Lulu assured Ethan that she was fine with their father being out of their lives. Ethan realized that Dante was the reason for Lulu's sudden desire to travel.

Lulu admitted that she feared that things would end badly if she stayed. She insisted that she and Dante didn't have a future together because he had lied to her. Ethan argued that everyone lied occasionally, but Lulu was adamant that she needed time to think things over. Ethan reached for his cell phone, and then promised to take care of everything as soon as she made a decision about where she wanted to go.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Dante asked his mother for help with Lulu. He explained that he wanted to make things right by proving that Lulu was the most important person in his life. Olivia was curious what Dante had in mind, so Dante confided that he intended to propose marriage. Olivia squealed with delight, and then ordered him to practice his proposal with her. Dante agreed, even though he thought it was awkward to pretend that his mother was Lulu.

Olivia smiled as Dante professed his love for Lulu, and revealed that he had known that he and Lulu were destined to be together the first time that he had seen her. Dante promised to spend the rest of his life trying to make Lulu smile, and then asked for Lulu's hand in marriage. Dante was taken aback when Olivia replied, "No." Olivia explained that he couldn't ask Lulu to marry him without a ring. Dante assured his mother that he intended to buy an engagement ring, so Olivia decided to set the stage for Dante's proposal, while he fetched the ring, and Lulu.

In Jax's office, Carly was staring at a picture of Jax when Shawn entered. Carly told Shawn that she had gotten into the hotel business by enlisting Luke's help to blackmail Jax for a fifty-percent share of the hotel. Shawn was certain that Jax realized that Carly would make a good business partner, or else he wouldn't have given into Luke's blackmail. Carly explained that the point of her tale was to illustrate that she had a pattern of relying on others to do her dirty work. Carly admitted that she had never cared about the methods that were used, as long as they got her results. Carly realized that Jax had deserved better than having Carly take everything away from him, including his daughter.

Carly thought that the least that she could do for Jax was to keep up the pretense that Jax had died. Shawn and Carly were startled when Sonny suddenly appeared in the doorway. Carly couldn't believe that Sonny had the nerve to show up in Jax's office. She suspected that Sonny would probably dance on Jax's grave if she had been able to give Jax a proper burial. Sonny explained that he was there to apologize, so Carly snidely wondered if he was sorry that he had tampered with Jax's plane, and taken Josslyn's father away from the little girl. Sonny confessed that he was sorry for both of those things, and how he had been behaved towards Carly afterwards.

Carly didn't believe Sonny because she was certain that he was trying to work her. Sonny assured Carly that he didn't want to hurt her, or anyone else. "Since when?" Carly angrily demanded. Sonny explained that he had hit rock-bottom, but Carly disagreed. Carly reminded him that she had seen him hit rock-bottom before, so she knew what to expect. However, she did hope that Sonny bottomed out, because he needed it.

Carly ordered Sonny to leave, so he left. Afterwards, Carly insisted that she refused to let Sonny back into her life. Shawn advised Carly to think it over carefully. He warned Carly that if she cut ties with Sonny then all of the men in her life would be gone, including Jason, because of his married to Sam. Carly seemed surprised that Shawn doubted that she could stand on her own feet. Shawn clarified that he hadn't said that.

Carly shrugged and then pointed out that Shawn was still around. Shawn reminded her that he was being paid, which immediately put Carly on the defensive because of the time that they had spent together the previous evening. "About last night," Shawn started to say, but Carly quickly cut him off. She assured him that she understood that he had just been earning a paycheck, so she suggested that he take a break by leaving. Shawn hesitated a moment, and then left.

Later, Sonny approached the nurses' station to apologize to Robin for showing up at her house with a gun, and then accidentally shooting her. He felt terrible that she bore a scar because of him, so Robin pointed out that everyone had scars. She appreciated that Sonny had a horrible childhood, but she insisted that he had to stop inflicting his pain on others. Sonny realized that he had been wrong, but Robin doubted that Sonny knew the difference between right and wrong. Robin confessed that she missed the person who used to help her through some difficult times. She warned Sonny that she couldn't continue to be his friend because of the person that he used to be.

Sonny apologized again, but Robin appeared to have doubts about his sincerity. Sonny decided to change the subject by inquiring about Jason. Robin was surprised that Sonny was unaware that Jason had checked out of the hospital. She suggested that the fact that he didn't know spoke volumes about the kind of person that Sonny had become. After Robin left, Sonny went to Kristina's hospital room to visit with Kristina, Molly, and Alexis.

Molly talked about how love had saved Jason, and returned him to his loved ones. Sonny's smile disappeared when Ethan poked his head into the room to see if Kristina were up for another visitor. Sonny told Ethan that it was family time, but Alexis grabbed Sonny's arm, and then dragged him into the hallway. Sonny wondered what he had done wrong, so Alexis explained that Sonny had shown a glimmer of humanity until he had been roped back into being a Neanderthal. Sonny insisted that he didn't want Kristina and Ethan getting any closer than they were, but Alexis warned Sonny that it wasn't the time to ban Ethan from seeing Kristina.

Sonny accepted Alexis' decision, so he offered to invite Ethan to ride along with them in the limousine to Jason and Sam's wedding. Alexis refused to allow her daughters to ride in Sonny's car, so Sonny was curious if she intended to let him ride with her. Alexis thought about it for a minute, and then suggested that they take public transportation. Sonny reminded Alexis that he was making an effort, because it had been the first time, in a long time, that Kristina hadn't looked at him with hate. Alexis advised Sonny not to force it, if he wanted more moments like that. Sonny admitted that it was hard, so Alexis welcomed him to parenthood.

Later, Kristina told Ethan about her unexpected visit with Kate. Kristina confessed that she had enjoyed talking to Kate, and that she had been tempted to tell Kate that she wanted to be a model. "Not that I have a shot," Kristina added. Ethan playfully poked Kristina's leg as he asked her, "Why not?" Kristina was startled because she had felt the jab, so she asked Ethan to do it again.

Kristina confirmed that she had felt it, so Ethan lifted the blanket, and then asked her to wiggle her toes. Kristina smiled as she wiggled her toes. She happily realized that there was a good chance that she'd be dancing with Ethan at Sam's wedding after all.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Olivia was busy transforming the balcony into a romantic setting for Dante and Lulu when Sonny appeared in the doorway. Sonny wondered what the occasion was, so Olivia explained that it was for a private dinner. She instructed him to make it quick because she was busy. Sonny acknowledged that they'd had a "disagreement" the other day. Olivia reminded him that he had been waving a gun around.

Sonny explained that he wanted to move past it because Olivia and Dante were family. Olivia argued that she didn't have time for Sonny, so she asked him to leave before Dante arrived. Sonny was curious about what was going on, but Olivia insisted that it was Dante's business. Sonny refused to be brushed off, so Olivia revealed that Dante intended to propose to Lulu. Sonny was surprised, but Olivia was adamant that he leave before Dante and Lulu arrived.

At the casino, Lulu was surprised to see Dante walk in. Dante explained that Ethan had called him to alert him that Lulu planned to leave town. Lulu was annoyed with her brother, but she insisted that she needed to get away to clear her head. Dante respected her decision, but he asked her to go somewhere with him first. Lulu wanted to know where Dante intended to take her, so he asked her to trust him. A short time later, Dante led a blindfolded Lulu onto Metro Court Restaurant's balcony.

After Dante removed the blindfold, Lulu looked around in stunned disbelief. Dante poured his heart out to Lulu, but she continually interrupted Dante's speech by insisting that she couldn't trust him, which was the most important thing to her. Lulu admitted that she had feelings for Dante, but she couldn't jump into a relationship with him. "Damn it Lulu, will you just shut up, and marry me?" Dante asked.

At Jason's penthouse, Spinelli offered Jason something to eat, but Jason ignored the food as he noticed the bags scattered around the living room. Spinelli explained that they were for the wedding, and then produced a gaudy red cummerbund for Jason's inspection. Jason refused to wear the hideous sash on his wedding day, so Spinelli put it away. Moments later, Edward knocked on the door. Edward explained that he wanted to talk to Jason about the wedding, so Spinelli warned Edward that it would be futile to try to persuade Jason not to marry Sam. Edward clarified that he liked Sam because she was a strong and independent woman, whom Lila would have approved of.

Jason was shocked when Edward revealed that he wanted Jason to give Sam the ring that Edward had given to Lila on their wedding night. Edward explained that he had hoped that Jason and Sam could pass it on to their children one day. Jason graciously accepted the precious gift, and then thanked his grandfather. After Edward left, Spinelli tried to go over some more wedding plans, but Jason ordered Spinelli to get busy transferring the twenty million dollars into Sonny's account. Spinelli appeared nervous, but agreed to do it.

Moments later, Liz knocked on the door. Liz explained that she had stopped by because she needed to tell Jason something before the wedding. Spinelli immediately tried to intercede by suggesting that some things were better left unsaid. Jason sent Spinelli upstairs with the laptop to find Sonny's missing millions. After Spinelli left, Jason noticed that Liz seemed nervous. Liz admitted that she was anxious, but Jason reminded her that they were past the point where they had to worry about what they said to each other.

Liz apologized, prompting Jason to wonder if she were troubled about what had happened to Jake. Liz explained that she was sorry for the crash, which had nearly killed Jason. Jason insisted that it wasn't necessary because he knew that she hadn't intended to hurt anyone. Liz confessed that she had made a lot of bad choices since their son's death. "What? You think that's unforgivable, not understandable?" Jason asked. Liz insisted that one mistake didn't excuse another.

Liz confided that she would never stop blaming herself for not keeping an eye on Jake that fateful night. Jason conceded that he hadn't kept an eye on things either; otherwise she wouldn't have been grabbed by the men at Luzetta's Bakery. Liz insisted that she had made a mistake by following the thug, but Jason reminded her that she had just been concerned about Lucky. She argued that her mistakes seemed to cost more than others, so Jason told her that they had to believe that they were where they were supposed to be, "right now." Liz smiled sadly as she admitted that he could only be a hero to one woman at a time.

After Liz left, Shawn paid Jason a visit to update him on the security at the church. Shawn assured Jason that the church was clean, but Jason remained concerned about Franco because Franco had been quiet for too long. Jason was certain that Franco would use the wedding as an excuse to make an appearance.

At Crimson, Kate looked at Sam's wedding dress, while echoes of her own wedding to Sonny replayed in her head. Kate snapped out of it when she remembered the sound of the gunshot as she stood at the altar with Sonny. Moments later, the phone rang. It was Maxie, calling for help with Sam's wedding dress. Kate was annoyed that her assistant wasn't at work, so she slammed the phone down.

Later, Kate tried to concentrate on her work, but her thoughts were on Sonny, and his heartfelt words, when he had proposed marriage to her. She snapped back to the present when the phone rang. It was Maxie again. Maxie was desperate for help with Sam's wedding, but Kate refused to offer assistance, so she ended the call. Maxie called back two more times, so Kate informed Maxie that Sam's wedding dress was at Crimson, however, Kate refused to send it to Maxie via a courier.

A short time later, Sonny entered Kate's office. He explained that he had been going around town, apologizing to everyone whom he had hurt. Kate gathered that it had been a long evening, so Sonny admitted that his apologies hadn't been well received. Kate was curious what had prompted Sonny to try to make amends, so Sonny credited Kate. Sonny revealed that Kate's suggestion that he take Kristina on a trip had made him see things in a different light. Kate was happy for Kristina.

Sonny realized that he had hurt Kate during their engagement, so he wanted to make it up to her. He acknowledged that she could have died at their wedding, but Kate quickly assured him that she had survived, and then moved on. Sonny admitted that Kate had always been able to find his quiet side, and chase away the demons, so she had saved him. Kate informed Sonny that she couldn't be his safe haven, because he had the opposite affect on her. Sonny wanted a chance to do better, but Kate wasn't interested. She explained that she had a complicated layout to work on, so she asked him to shut her door on his way out.

Sonny reluctantly walked to the elevator, but Kate quickly stood up and then followed him. "Five minutes," she told him. Sonny reminded her of her important layout, but Kate conceded that they were just pages. Sonny smiled softly as he returned to Kate's office.

At Sam's apartment, Maxie revealed that the wedding invitations hadn't been sent out. Sam looked worried, but Maxie promised to take care of it. Monica arrived just as Maxie pulled out Jason's wedding ring to show to Sam. Maxie was horrified when she realized that the inscription was for another couple, but Monica saved the day by surprising Sam with a special gift, Alan's wedding ring. Monica wanted Sam and Jason to have it, so that a part of Alan would always be with Jason. After Monica left, Maxie called Spinelli to tell him that she had emailed a list of guests to him, so she needed Spinelli to send out a mass email to notify everyone of when and where Sam and Jason's wedding would take place.

Spinelli tried to get out of doing it, but Maxie refused to give him that option. After Maxie ended the call, and then left to fetch Sam's dress, Carly dropped by. Sam explained that Jason wasn't there, but Carly revealed that she was there to talk to Sam. Carly acknowledged that there had been a lot of tension between them. Sam was stunned when Carly took full responsibility for that, so Sam conceded that she knew how much Jason meant to Carly.

Carly admitted that she that Sam obviously meant a lot to Jason, so Carly promised not to stand in their way. Sam appreciated that. Carly explained that she wanted Jason to be happy. Carly also wanted the same for herself, but she realized that it might not happen. Sam suggested that happiness sometimes took awhile. Carly warned Sam that the minute a person found happiness they opened themselves up to losing it.

Sam thought that it was a cynical view, so Carly reminded Sam that Carly had experienced a lot of heartache in her life, which Carly wanted to avoid in the future. After Carly left, Alexis and Molly stopped by to check on Sam. Moments later, Maxie breezed in. Maxie reminded Sam that Sam hadn't chosen a maid of honor. Maxie seemed disappointed when Sam teasingly suggested that Kristina or Molly might be suitable maids of honor. Sam took pity on Maxie, so she confessed that she had intended to ask Maxie.

Maxie happily accepted, and then insisted that they honor the tradition of something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. Molly offered to lend Sam the rock that Shawn had given to Molly to help keep Sam grounded on her wedding day. Maxie revealed that she had picked up a pair of blue Cartullo shoes for Sam to wear, so she extended the box to Sam. Maxie was shocked when Sam found a pair of leopard print platforms nestled inside of the box. Maxie tried to snatch the box out of Sam's hand, but Sam was determined to wear the shoes because she liked them.

Later, Sam was trying on her wedding dress and veil when Jason entered her apartment. Jason called out to Sam, but Sam ordered Jason to stay away from the balcony where Sam was standing. To Sam's dismay, Jason ignored the warning. Sam reminded Jason that it was bad luck for the groom to see the wedding dress before the ceremony, but Jason made it clear that he didn't believe in the superstition. Jason admitted that she looked amazing. Sam smiled as she confessed that she hadn't realized how important it was to see that look on his face.

Sam was happy that she didn't have to share that special moment with their guests. Sam's smile slipped, prompting Jason to wonder what was wrong. "I don't think I can do this," Sam replied.

At Franco's studio, in an undisclosed location, Franco talked to his toy monkey about Jason's wedding. "Are you ready?" Franco asked as he prepared to leave for the wedding. The male model on the floor suddenly sat up and then revealed that he wanted to attend the wedding with Franco. Franco explained that the model couldn't go because the man would be making headlines. The model had no idea what Franco was talking about, so Franco picked up a brick, and then bashed his head in. Afterwards, Franco turned to a table filled with tiny gadgets, sporting mini cameras, to ask if they were ready to go to the wedding.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

At Sam's apartment, Jason became nervous when Sam appeared to have a case of cold feet, but she quickly assured him that she wanted to marry him. However, she felt overwhelmed by the pressure of planning the perfect wedding. Jason suggested that she focus on what she wanted. Sam smiled as she explained that she had everything that she needed, the rock that Molly had lent to her, and the lug-nut that Jason had given to her when he had proposed. After a courier dropped by to pick up the wedding dress, Jason decided to whisk Sam away to help calm her nerves. They ended up at a Chinese restaurant.

The restaurant was closed, but Robert Yi and his grandfather took pity on Jason and Sam when they confessed that they were running away from their wedding. Robert's grandmother, Mrs. Yi, served Jason and Sam something to eat. Sam told Robert and his grandparents about their elaborate wedding plans, and how everything had gotten out of control. Mrs. Yi only spoke Chinese, so Robert translated for his grandmother. Robert explained that his grandmother had advised Sam to have lilies at her wedding because lilies represented unity in spirit, and one hundred years of love. Sam loved the idea, so she thanked Mrs. Yi and then watched the kind elderly lady join her Mr. Yi at another table.

Sam was curious what Robert's grandfather had said when Mrs. Yi had sat down. Robert revealed that his grandfather had bragged that Mr. and Mrs. Yi were at the halfway mark of the one hundred years of love, because they had been married for fifty years. Jason and Sam were impressed. Robert conceded that marriage was a big step, but Sam quickly assured him that she and Jason didn't have a problem with making a commitment to each other. Sam explained that the ceremony and reception had been the problem. Sam admitted that the wedding hadn't been a true representation of who they were.

Jason confessed that he'd marry Sam at the restaurant if it were up to him. Robert surprised Jason and Sam by revealing that he was an ordained minister, so he could marry them if they had a marriage license. Sam was startled when Jason pulled the marriage license from of his back pocket. Mrs. Yi believed that fate had sent Jason and Sam to them. Sam agreed, and then admitted that it felt right to her that she and Jason marry at the Chinese restaurant. Jason didn't object, so Mrs. Yi led the happy couple to the back terrace to get married.

Sam was amazed by the terrace's beauty and serenity. Mrs. Yi appreciated Sam's compliment, so she returned it by confessing that Sam's leopard print Cartullo shoes rocked. Sam thanked Mrs. Yi and then took her place under the phoenix symbol as Robert had instructed. Robert then had Jason stand under the symbol of the dragon. Robert explained that the symbols were the ultimate signs of Yin and Yang, male and female. "Alone they bring happiness, but together they bring double happiness," Robert added.

Robert wondered if Jason and Sam had rings to exchange. Jason pulled out the ring that Edward had given to him. Sam was moved to tears when Jason revealed that the ring had belonged to his grandmother, Lila, who had worn the ring for over fifty years. Jason slid the ring onto Sam's finger, and then Sam dug Alan's ring out her pocket. Jason was surprised when Sam explained that Monica had given Alan's wedding ring to her because Monica had been certain that Alan would have wanted his son to have it. Sam slid the ring onto Jason's finger as she reminded him that Monica and Alan's love had lasted a lifetime, so Sam was certain that theirs would too.

Afterwards, Jason and Sam exchanged wedding vows. Mrs. Yi then presented Jason and Sam each with a glass of red wine as Robert explained that red was the color of happiness. According to Robert, a drink of wine and honey would ensure that their life together would be sweet and rich. Jason and Sam took a sip of wine, and then handed the glasses back to Mrs. Yi. Robert then pronounced Jason and Sam husband and wife. After Jason and Sam kissed, Sam looked up to see the red paper lanterns illuminating the terrace.

Sam confessed that the setting reminded her of their rooftop dinner long ago. Sam revealed that she had known then that she had wanted to spend the rest of her life with Jason. Jason and Sam thanked Robert and his grandparents for the wonderful wedding. Sam decided to show her appreciation by presenting Mrs. Yi with the leopard print shoes. Mrs. Yi graciously accepted the gift. Sam's smile disappeared when she realized that they would have to break the news to Maxie. Jason suggested that they wait until the following evening.

At the Metro Court Restaurant, Lulu was stunned when Dante got on bended knee to propose marriage to her. Lulu urged Dante to get up. Dante realized that Lulu believed that she couldn't trust him, but he insisted that he was a work in progress. He promised her that he was a good investment, and that he wanted to be a better man because of her. Dante waited for Lulu to give him an answer, but Lulu couldn't do that. She explained that they had gone from being over to him proposing marriage, so she needed time to think things over.

After checking to make sure that everything was set at the church, Maxie and Spinelli walked through the park on their way to Crimson, unaware that the homeless man hovering nearby was Franco. Franco listened as Maxie and Spinelli talked about the last-minute preparations for Jason and Sam's wedding. Later, at Crimson, Maxie urged Spinelli to do some computer hacking for her. Lulu's timely arrival spared Spinelli from having to explain that he had no idea how to use a computer. Maxie became distracted when Lulu revealed that Dante had proposed, but Lulu hadn't given Dante an answer.

After Spinelli left, Maxie wondered if Lulu were prepared to risk losing the one thing that Lulu loved the most in the world because Lulu was afraid. Lulu reminded Maxie that Maxie hadn't gone through with her wedding to Spinelli. Maxie explained that was the reason that she was pushing Lulu so hard. Maxie wondered if Lulu loved Dante. "Yes," Lulu replied. Maxie then questioned if, out of all of the men that Lulu had met, Lulu thought that she could spend the rest of her life with Dante. "Yes," Lulu answered.

Maxie announced that her job was done. Lulu smiled, and then revealed that she had told Dante that she would give him an answer right away, so she needed Maxie's help because Maxie had contacts in Manhattan. Later, Maxie wrapped up a call as Lulu stood nearby. Lulu feared that her request had been too complicated. Maxie bragged that she had been able to rescue the wedding of the century by averting a number of disasters, so that Jason and Sam would have the perfect ceremony. Maxie insisted that she could handle Lulu's request. Maxie wondered when Lulu wanted everything to be ready, so Lulu answered, "Tomorrow night."

At Lucky's apartment, Lucky was packing Siobhan's things when Dante stopped by to discuss the drug ring investigation. Dante revealed that J.T., Joey, and Darryl had served time in Pentonville when Anthony had been incarcerated at the same prison. However, Dante admitted that they couldn't tie them together because there had been thousands of other prisoners at Pentonville during that timeframe. "So, we are at a dead end," Lucky realized. "Yes," Dante replied, and then switched gears by confessing that he had proposed to Lulu.

"And?" Lucky wondered. Dante revealed that Lulu had promised to think about it. "Oh," Lucky replied. Dante was curious what that meant, so Lucky asked if Dante were certain that he wanted to be a part of the Spencer family. Dante reminded Lucky that he would be marrying Lulu, not the entire family. Lucky argued that they were a package deal.

Dante realized that Lucky had a point, so he asked for some insight into Lulu. Lucky admitted that he would love to help, but Spencers were unpredictable. Lucky pointed to his father as a perfect example. Lucky explained that he had thought that he knew Luke, but Luke had managed to blindside Lucky. Dante felt bad for dredging up some bad memories when Lucky was going through a difficult time, so he decided to make a graceful exit. Lucky reminded Dante that Dante and Lulu's situation was different than Lucky and Siobhan's had been, because Dante and Lulu knew that they loved each other going into the marriage.

Dante argued that he and Lulu had baggage, so Lucky advised Dante not to hold back or try to play it safe. Lucky reminded Dante that no one knew if it were their last day on earth, so they should love the people that they were given to love, while they had the chance. Dante confessed that he had been hooked the moment that he had met Lulu, because she was unlike anyone that he had known. Lucky suggested that Dante be patient; Lulu might simply need some time to say yes. Dante smiled when Lucky admitted that he hoped that Lulu accepted Dante's proposal.

Dante was pleased that he had Lucky's approval, so he turned the conversation back to Anthony Zacchara. Dante suspected that Jason and Sam's wedding would provide the perfect opportunity for someone to make a move against Sonny because Jason and Sonny would be distracted. Lucky agreed. They realized that the following evening was a critical time, so they had to be in place, in the event that Anthony, or anyone else, made a move against Sonny.

At the Zacchara penthouse, Anthony was in a rush to leave. Johnny assumed that Anthony was meeting Tracy, so Anthony didn't bother to correct his son. A short time later, one of Johnny's henchmen arrived. Johnny instructed Cole to offload the drugs from the boat in the harbor, and then warned the henchman that there was no room for error. Johnny revealed that he intended to plant the drugs in the Corinthos-Morgan warehouse. Cole thought the coffee warehouse was a legitimate business, so Johnny explained that it was precisely the reason that he had decided to target the warehouse.

Johnny revealed that he planned to call in an anonymous tip, which would lead the police straight to Sonny's door. Cole warned Johnny that Sonny would figure out that Johnny had been behind the plot, but Johnny wasn't concerned because he knew that Sonny wouldn't have any proof. Cole cautioned Johnny that a lot could go wrong, but Johnny didn't want to hear it. "Just do it," Johnny snapped. Johnny hoped to be taking down his nemesis, while Sonny was making a toast to the happy couple.

Meanwhile, Anthony went to the long-term care facility were Lisa continued to linger in a coma. The doctor explained to Anthony that the protocol was in the early stages of development, so there weren't any guarantees that it would have the desired effect on Lisa that Anthony hoped for. Anthony pointed out that Lisa was in a coma, so things couldn't get much worse for her. The doctor reminded Anthony that Lisa wasn't able to tell them what she wanted, so Anthony pointed out that Lisa had given Anthony power of attorney. Anthony assured the doctor that he could authorize treatment. The doctor advised Anthony to get a second opinion, but Anthony insisted that he had complete faith in the doctor.

Anthony reminded the doctor that he was willing to pump tons of money into the facility to keep "the brain-dead breathing," so he expected his generosity to count for something. Anthony wrote out a check and then handed it to the doctor with orders to "shoot her up." Later, Anthony slipped into the penthouse unnoticed while Johnny was on the phone, instructing a henchman to scope out Sonny's warehouse, and then return with a detailed report of all of the entries and exits. Johnny warned the goon not to say a word to anyone. Johnny added, "My father knows nothing about it." Anthony listened intently as Johnny revealed that he wanted to put his plan into motion the following night.

At the hospital, Patrick was annoyed when Robin explained that she had cleared his schedule, so that they could attend Jason and Sam's wedding together. Patrick wasn't eager to see Sonny, but Robin warned Patrick that she intended to go to the wedding with or without Patrick. Patrick reminded Robin that he respected her friendship with Jason, so he expected Robin to respect his feelings about Sonny. Robin confessed that she just wanted to have fun with Patrick, because they had survived a nightmare with Lisa Niles. Robin wanted everyone to know that they had emerged from their ordeal stronger than ever. Patrick's resolve weakened when Robin revealed that she had hoped to get a sitter for Emma, so that they could enjoy a second honeymoon after the wedding by spending the night in a hotel room.

Patrick accused Robin of fighting dirty. Robin pleaded with Patrick to reconsider, so Patrick relented. He agreed to go to the wedding, because he knew that it was important to Robin. However, he wanted to reserve the right to "slap or punch" Sonny if Sonny caused any trouble. Patrick refused to let Sonny deprive him of the pleasure of having a nice evening out with his wife. Patrick didn't want anyone or anything getting between them.

At Wyndemere, a mystery person, with a flashlight, skulked around the closed-up castle until they spotted a portrait that had been draped with a sheet. The person pulled the sheet off of the painting, which was of Laura Spencer during her time as Stavros Cassadine's captive-bride. The person set the flashlight down and then wrote "LAURA" in the dust at the foot of the portrait.

Franco made his way to the church were Jason and Sam planned to marry. He set his little camera gadgets all around the church, and then looked into one of the cameras. "See you tomorrow," Franco said with a devious smile.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Dante looked at the ring he had offered Lulu then put it away before leaving his loft to go to Lucky's apartment. Dante and Lucky strategized about how find evidence that tied Anthony to the drug ring. They decided that Jason's wedding offered the Zaccharas a perfect opportunity to move their merchandise or to attack one of Sonny's warehouses. They looked at a map. Lucky wanted to split the possible Zacchara targets, but Dante insisted that he could handle the search alone, including Sonny's legitimate coffee warehouse.

Dante said that he noticed that Lucky was still recovering from the drugs in his system and still experiencing withdrawal. Dante told Lucky to stay home and recover. Reluctantly Lucky agreed. After Dante left, Lucky packed up Siobhan's things. When he looked under the couch, he found two narcotic pills.

Lulu helped an ungrateful Kate at the Crimson offices. Lulu wanted to leave, but Kate had more work. Lulu reminded Kate that she did not work for Kate, but Kate shot back that Maxie did and would lose her job if Lulu left. Lulu grumbled and compromised. Sonny got off the elevator and greeted Lulu, who told him that Kate was on the warpath. Undaunted Sonny summoned up some charm and entered her office. Kate immediately understood that Sonny was there to invite her to Sam and Jason's wedding.

Kate slammed Sonny for being so insensitive that he would invite her to a wedding on the same date and in the same church where she had been shot at her wedding to him exactly three years before. Sonny said he remembered the date and was asking her because he wanted to replace her bad memories with good ones. Kate scoffed at Sonny for asking her because his friends and family hated the sight of him and he could not face them alone. Kate told Sonny that he had burned all his bridges, including her. Sonny asked Kate if she really wanted to spend the night alone. Kate sent Sonny away and said that, unlike Sonny, she was comfortable with her own company.

Anthony talked to a comatose Lisa Niles and bemoaned that fact that she was not responding to the massive amount of wake-up drugs that Anthony had bribed a doctor to give to her. He told her that she was going to miss out on all the fun, mostly because he intended for her to provide the fun.

At General Hospital, Patrick and Robin talked about the wedding. Patrick said he was only going because of Robin. Robin said that if it were not for Jason, she would never have learned to love Patrick.

Shawn and Spinelli scoured the church for uninvited guests. Neither noticed Franco's spy cameras. Maxie got Spinelli alone and bemoaned the disasters surrounding the wedding. Maxie could not figure out why no guests were there and why the orchestra had not arrived, since she distinctly remembered that she had instructed Spinelli to take care of those details with his cyber skills. Spinelli did not meet her eyes.

Maxie got even more petulant when the dresses arrived. Neither the bridesmaid dresses not the bridal gown were what she had ordered delivered. In his studio, Franco, dressed in a tux, fondled Sam's wedding dress and watched the video feeds from the cameras that he had planted in the church.

Meanwhile, Jason and Sam woke up happily married in a hotel room. When Sam realized they would be late for their wedding, Jason said, "Let them wait!" and made love to Sam. As they got dressed, Sam said that getting married had made her feel free. She said that seemed strange, especially when it meant that they had made a lifetime commitment. Jason agreed that he felt both happy and free. Sam said she was glad to be free of the wedding and Maxie's obsession. She asked Jason to tell Maxie that they had eloped because Sam was afraid to tell her.

Sam's phone rang. Jason answered, and Maxie wanted to know why. Before Jason could answer, Maxie demanded that he and Sam get to the church in the next 20 minutes or risk her wrath.

Matt was standing at the nurses' station when Alexis and Molly wheeled Kristina out of her room in a wheelchair. All were dressed up for the wedding. Mac stepped off the elevator and said he was there to escort them. When Alexis protested, Mac told her to lighten up.

Alexis was alarmed when Molly said that they had another surprise, but when Kristina stood up and walked to her, Alexis was overjoyed. Matt said that Kristina was much improved but needed to return to GH after the wedding for more physical therapy. Molly added that Kristina improved when Ethan visited and that proved the power of true love. They all laughed.

Johnny met with one of his thugs and told him the plan to plant drugs in Sonny's legitimate coffee warehouse so that Johnny could frame Sonny and get him sent to prison.

Michael was working late at the coffee warehouse when Carly stopped in to invite him to attend the wedding with her. Carly was carrying a wedding present, which she placed on a table. Carly said that she had not been back to the warehouse since Michael had been shot there. They got into an argument about Sonny and Sonny's access to Morgan. Carly calmed the waters.

When Abby arrived, Carly realized that Michael was going to attend the wedding with Abby and said her goodbyes. Abby said that they could all go together. Michael agreed and left to put on his tuxedo.

Abby confided to Carly that she was also scared because Michael was working in Sonny's warehouse. Abby said that Michael was stubborn but had to make his own choices. Carly said that the warehouse gave her a bad feeling. She said that she would go on ahead to the wedding and see Abby and Michael there. She forgot to take the wedding present.

Ethan helped Lulu take groceries and decorations to Dante's loft. Lulu told Ethan that she had decided to say yes to Dante's marriage proposal. Ethan was happy for her and wanted to know why she had changed her mind about skipping town and hiding out. Lulu said that she was glad that Ethan had told Dante about her plans because she had been running away.

Lulu thanked Ethan for helping her decorate Dante's loft to mimic a scene from Dante's favorite comic opera. She promised to return the favor. Ethan said that he liked having siblings. Lulu confided that she was glad that Luke was not there to tell her the perils of getting married.

Lulu asked if Ethan missed Luke. Ethan said that he did not miss the man who left because that man had run out on everything that mattered. Lulu looked stunned and told Ethan that he was the sweetest brother ever. Ethan left for the wedding. Lulu called Dante and asked him to dinner. She said that she would get takeout and meet him at the loft at 9:30 pm. Dante agreed. Lulu got dressed for her big night.

Kate was home alone, dressed for an evening in. She went to a cabinet and opened it. Sonny went to the church and questioned Shawn. Sonny urged Shawn to double-check the choir loft because it had a good angle to shoot someone at the altar. Other people started arriving. Matt tried to talk to Maxie, but she was too busy to listen. Maxie told Alexis, Molly, and Kristina that there had been a disaster with the bridesmaid dresses. They seated themselves in the church.

Michael and Abby arrived, and Sonny greeted them. Carly saw them and did not appear happy. She did not stop but went into the church where Monica, Edward, Patrick, and Robin were already seated. Maxie was frantic about Jason and Sam, who arrived just as she was about to announce that the wedding had been cancelled. Sam and Jason were wearing black tee shirts and jeans and confirmed everyone's worst fears when Jason told the assembled crowd that there would be no wedding. Molly soon gushed, "Best wedding ever," when Jason went on to explain that they had eloped and had been wed the previous evening. They declared their love for each other to the crowd. Spinelli invited everyone to the reception, but Maxie wailed that the catering truck had overturned and there was no food.

Sam and Jason saved the day by calling the Yis, who catered Chinese food for all. Maxie was impressed by the food and thanked Mrs. Yi, all the while bemoaning the various wedding disasters. Mrs. Yi responded in Chinese and told Maxie that she could not fight fate. Elsewhere, Carly told Jason that she was genuinely happy for him. Jason said that being married did not mean that Carly was losing Jason. Carly agreed.

Carly joined Michael and Abby and said that she had left the wedding present at the warehouse. When Michael volunteered to go after it, Carly said it could wait. Sonny congratulated Jason.

Monica and Edward declared their happiness for Jason and Sam. Monica hugged Sam. Both Monica and Edward were delighted to see that Sam was wearing Lila's wedding ring and Jason was wearing Alan's. Matt tried to talk to Maxie, but she scrambled away to take care of another detail. Robin gave Jason her regards and reminded him that she had told him on the day that she had left for Paris that Jason would find the perfect person for him. Sam and Patrick joined them. Patrick agreed with Robin that marriage got better all the time.

Franco watched through his spy cams as Jason and Sam kissed. Sam said that her day was perfect. Music started, and Jason asked Sam to dance. They hugged each other close and swayed with the music. Franco danced with Sam's stolen wedding dress. Kate arrived in a stunning green dress. Across the room, Sonny moved towards her.

Anthony confronted Johnny in their apartment and demanded to know where Johnny was going. Johnny refused to answer. Anthony said that Johnny was getting emotional just like Sonny, and when Johnny got emotional, accidents happened. Johnny told Anthony that it was the wrong time for a father-son talk and stormed out of the apartment. Anthony concealed a gun and followed him.

Johnny went to Sonny's coffee warehouse, hid the drugs, and made a phone call. He heard a noise and ducked out of sight. Dante entered, and his phone rang. He did not answer, but Lulu was on the other end, dressed as an opera heroine. Her phone read 9:25 p.m. She started lighting candles. Dante started searching the warehouse and heard a noise. Dante followed Johnny around a corner and raised his gun and flashlight. He did not see Anthony appear silently behind him. As Lulu popped the cork on a champagne bottle, Anthony fired a shot at Dante's back.

In the hospital, Lisa Niles's fingers began to twitch.

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