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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 26, 2011 on GH
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Monday, September 26, 2011

Franco monitored Sam and Jason's wedding reception on the video feeds from the hidden spy cameras that he had planted. Franco danced with Sam's wedding dress while Jason danced with Sam. Spinelli and Maxie shared a loving look, but as Spinelli approached to asked Maxie to dance, Matt pulled her onto the floor. At the same time, Lulu popped a champagne cork in expectation of Dante's imminent return to the loft, and Anthony Zacchara shot Dante in the back as Dante investigated a noise in Sonny's legitimate coffee warehouse.

At General Hospital, Olivia placed a surprise present for Steve on a med cart while his back was turned to her. She tried to sneak away, but Epiphany caught her and explained that using the med cart for personal reasons was against hospital policy. Olivia managed to get past Epiphany and reach the elevator as Steve received his present, which contained a small airplane and a note that said, "Follow the clues." He looked up in time to see the elevator doors close on Olivia.

The clues led Steve to the roof, where Olivia had a meal of ribs, corn, baked beans, and other foods reminiscent of Steve's stay in Memphis. She wanted to remind him of the good times he had enjoyed in Memphis. She said that she had a dual purpose for the meal. Olivia wondered if Steve would attend the Beale Street Music Festival with her in April, and she wanted to celebrate the fact that Dante was getting engaged to Lulu. Steve said that he was glad that Olivia liked to plan so far ahead. Olivia said she liked to be well organized. She looked at her phone and said she was itching to call Dante, but even Dante could not screw up this night or his engagement to Lulu.

In the hospital, Lisa Niles twitched her fingers. Johnny rushed back to his apartment, out of breath. Anthony was waiting and told Johnny to calm down and thank his old man for saving him. Anthony told Johnny that planting drugs in Sonny's warehouse had been a good plan but that emotions had tripped Johnny up. Anthony said that when Johnny had heard someone yell, "One last chance," Johnny had chosen to run. Anthony said that if he had not shot the guy, Johnny could have been the one bleeding out.

Johnny was not happy to hear that Anthony has shot someone, but Anthony assured Johnny that it was one of Sonny's men and that Sonny's goon had been shot before. Anthony told Johnny to play more piano when he got emotional and to look for the love of a good woman, like Dr. Lisa Niles.

Sonny told Kate that she looked amazing, but she said that was the word everyone was using to give compliments. Sarcastically, Kate told Sonny that she was there because earlier he had invited her with such finesse and sensitivity. Kate said that she had let Maxie off for the past week to plan the wedding, which appeared to be a big disaster. Sonny said it depended on the perspective, because it looked to him like it was a big success.

Spinelli made a toast that was sincere and understandable. He said that he loved Jason and Sam and that they were family to him. Spinelli said that even though the wedding had not played out as planned, it was the element of non-tradition that made the wedding special. He thanked the Yis for the reception. Spinelli said that love triumphed. He raised his bottle of orange soda and toasted to his "friends, partners in crime, and now husband and wife. Live long and prosper." Everyone cheered and took a drink.

Molly went to Maxie and told her that Spinelli had been talking about her when he mentioned non-traditional. Maxie dismissed Molly's conclusions and read the fortune in her cookie. She was disgusted when it said, "Love is non-traditional." Maxie picked up a second cookie and the fortune in that one read, "Love is non-negotiable." She quickly tossed that one aside as well.

Matt joined Maxie and asked if she seriously believed in luck and fortunes. When Maxie's next fortune said, "Love is non-binding," she blurted out that she would like a fortune that applied to the life she was actually living. Matt said that life had nothing to do with luck. He said love took commitment and hard work. Matt said that Maxie was being ridiculous. Maxie said fine, she would go find ridiculous. She took off and ran straight into Spinelli.

Abby's fortune was blank, and Michael's said, "Love lies bleeding." Abby thought that the fortunes were very bleak, but Michael put a positive spin on them. He said that the blank one meant that they had a blank slate and could start over. He said his meant that he had a bleeding heart because he cared so much. Abby liked Michael's interpretation. They decided to sneak out of the party. They found an empty limo and made love.

Alexis said that it was her turn to make a toast. Sam tried to stop her, but Alexis insisted. Alexis said that she had not gotten to know Sam until she was an adult, and that Jason had not been what she'd had in mind for Sam. Alexis said that over the years, she had been forced to take a closer look at the depth of Sam and Jason's relationship.

Alexis said that Sam and Jason's relationship was like the lug nut he had given her as an engagement ring. It was strong and steady and real. Alexis told Jason that he was kind and loyal and that he loved her daughter. Alexis raised her glass and said, "You are unconventional, and may your love go on forever." Alexis hugged Sam and Jason and welcomed him to the family. Mac told Alexis, "Nice speech," and reminded her that she was now "married to the mob."

Sonny encouraged Kate to open her cookie. Kate disparaged the cookie. Sonny said it was not about the cookie but the message inside. Kate laughed when her fortune read, "Love wears a familiar face." She accused Sonny of planting the fortune, but he denied it.

Sonny asked why Kate was there. Kate said that she had not wanted to see Sonny tarred and feathered at his best friend's wedding. When Sonny smiled, Kate accused him of using his wounded little boy look to get his way just as he had on a past occasion. Sonny said that the occasion had been her birthday and that she had run away when he kissed her. Sonny said that running away had become Kate's pattern.

Patrick and Robin liked their fortunes, which read, "Love never dies," and "Love never sleeps." While they cuddled and laughed, Lisa moved her fingers again and grabbed the blanket in a fist. Patrick and Robin playfully said their goodbyes as they headed home to demonstrate their love for each other.

Carly approached Shawn to tell him what a good job he had done with security, but he brushed her aside to take care of business. Moments later, he opened his cookie. It read, "Love can be right around the corner." Around the corner, Carly got the same fortune. Shawn rejoined the crowd but did not notice Carly. Maxie grabbed Carly's fortune, read it, and said it should have been hers.

Kristina read her fortune to Molly. It said, "Love will stand you up." Molly took that to mean that Ethan was not attending the reception, but Kristina replied that it was because of Ethan that she had first stood up. Molly laughed. Alexis was eavesdropping when Kristina said that she was glad that she had not gotten into Yale so that she could stay close to Ethan. She told Molly that she wanted to ask Kate about a job in the fashion industry. Alexis jumped in and asked where that idea had sprung from.

Kristina retorted that it was Alexis who wanted Kristina to go into law. Kristina said that she had her own ideas about a career. Alexis said that the fashion industry was competitive and cutthroat. Kristina replied that Ethan would be there for her. Alexis asked if Ethan had told Kristina that. Kristina said no, but added that he would. Alexis wheeled Kristina away. They ran into Kate and Sonny. When Kristina asked about a job in fashion, Kate wisely told Kristina to give her a few days to make inquiries. Alexis was relieved.

Jason and Sam read their fortunes. His said, "Love is in the eyes of a child." Hers read, "Love comes in threes." When Jason asked if they should ignore the coincidence, Sam said that they should hurry up and get on their honeymoon. They laughed and hugged. Franco watched and opened his fortune. "Love is inconceivable," it said. He crossed out the "in" so it read, "Love is conceivable." He held the fortune and blew out a candle.

Alexis read her fortune, which said, "Love is behind you." Disgusted she tossed it away. She was startled when she turned around and Mac was there. Alexis babbled that it was a coincidence and that she was not ready. Then she hurried away.

Monica and Edward's fortunes said, "love lives on," and "Love is an 'L' word." They laughed and Monica asked if Edward thought that Sam and Jason would make it. Edward said yes and explained that Monica and Alan had made it just as he and Lila had. Monica reminded Edward of all the fights that they'd had. Edward said that it went with the territory.

Jason and Sam thanked their guests and left for their honeymoon in Hawaii. They got on Jason's motorcycle and vowed their love for each other. Franco continued to watch and mused that he was a terrible guest because he had not given them a present. He wondered out loud what to get for the couple that had everything. Inspiration struck, and he realized that Sam and Jason did not have everything. Franco said it was back to basics. He got a spray can and painted letters, symbols, and numbers on a canvas. He looked at the canvas and nodded in satisfaction.

Lulu poured champagne and waited for Dante as he struggled to call for help. Lulu grew more anxious when Dante did not appear. She called Ronnie, who told her that Dante was not working on a case. Lulu looked out the front door as Dante crawled to a bright light where he saw Lulu waiting for him at his front door. Dante collapsed while Lulu sat at the table and held her engagement ring and tears formed in her eyes.

Carly asked Michael to drive her to the warehouse so she could get the wedding gift that she had left there. Michael and Abby left with Carly. When they arrived at the warehouse, Michael went in to get the present and found Dante bleeding and unconscious.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

At Wyndemere, a mystery person continued to skulk around the closed-up castle. The person's anger was evident when the person wiped out Laura's name, which had been written in the dust below her portrait, and then smashed a nearby vase. The mystery person picked up a large shard of glass, and then put a gash in the portrait, right where Laura's throat was. Moments later, the bookcase to the secret tunnels was opened.

Spinelli saw Maxie sitting alone in the church's courtyard. He admitted that she appeared to be in need of a pick-me-up, so he handed her an orange soda. Maxie explained that she was down because she had put her career on the line for Jason and Sam's wedding, which had been plagued with one mishap after another. Maxie was also upset because Matt had left between disasters, and she hadn't received a decent fortune cookie. "What the hell happened?" Maxie wondered.

Maxie realized that it was possible for one or two things to go wrong with a wedding, but not everything. Spinelli acknowledged that Maxie had had a few setbacks, but Maxie quickly clarified that they had been "epic fails." Maxie then reminded him that Jason and Sam hadn't even had a wedding ceremony. Spinelli thought that it had been fitting for Jason and Sam to elope, but Maxie insisted that Jason and Sam wouldn't have had a private ceremony if Maxie had done her job correctly. Maxie was determined to redeem herself, so she ordered Spinelli to get on his computer to compile a list of everyone who had been hired for the wedding, and then help her figure out where things had gone wrong. Maxie was certain that Spinelli could restore Kate's faith in her.

In the church, Kate stood at the altar as memories of the shooting on her wedding day echoed in her mind. Moments later, Sonny entered. He realized that it might be difficult for Kate to be in the church, so Kate wondered if he were referring to "the debacle." Sonny suggested that debacle was a strong word, so Kate reminded him of the "funeral flowers, and fortune cookies," that she had been looking at. Sonny advised Kate not to act as if she were above it all. "That's the point," Kate explained.

Kate explained that she had "deleted" Bensonhurst from her background because she had wanted to rise above her early life. Sonny conceded that her accent was gone, but the girl was still there. "So is the boy," Kate shot back. Kate appreciated that he had taken her to the church to help her move past all the pain, so Sonny wondered if it had worked. He reminded her that he had once loved her.

Kate conceded that Sonny had loved her in his own way. She confessed that she was astounded that he was even capable of loving someone after everything that he had been through, but she couldn't understand why he hadn't learned from his failed relationships. Sonny chuckled as he marveled over her ability to caress his face with one hand, and then slap him with the other. Kate returned his smile as she admitted that he had been great with Kristina earlier that evening. However, Kate warned him that Kristina had been right to question if the kinder and gentler version of Sonny would stick around; Kate knew from firsthand experience that he never did.

"Never is a big word," Sonny warned Kate. Kate wondered if they could expect a miraculous transformation from Sonny. Sonny insisted that "my people know that I love them." Kate raised an eyebrow as she asked, "My people?" Kate suggested that Sonny's words had a tragic ring of ruined royalty to them, and that it was impossible for Sonny to share his life with one special person, like Brenda or Carly. Kate immediately regretted her harsh words when she saw the flash of pain in Sonny's eyes, so she quickly apologized.

Sonny acknowledged that women tended to leave him; however, he insisted that they usually found better lives. "Maybe. Sometimes," Kate replied. She admitted that she was grateful that Jason and Sam had gotten a better outcome than she and Sonny had on their wedding day, because no one had been hurt. Sonny stayed behind, while Kate went to the foyer to wait for him. A few minutes later, Sonny emerged from the church. Kate grumbled about Maxie's botched wedding plans, so Sonny reminded Kate that Maxie had tried her best.

Sonny pointed out that Kate hadn't always been perfect either. The argument ended abruptly when Alexis approached them in the courtyard. Alexis complained about being overheated, but Sonny was more interested in saying goodnight to his daughter before Kristina left. Alexis revealed that Ethan had taken Kristina home, prompting Sonny to accuse Alexis of encouraging a relationship between Ethan and Kristina. Alexis was more concerned about why Kate had encouraged Kristina to get into the fashion business, so Kate quickly clarified that Kristina had approached Kate for advice. Kate wondered if Alexis had expected her to shut Kristina down.

"Actually, yes," Alexis answered. Alexis explained that Kristina was an intellectually gifted young lady, so Alexis had hoped that Kristina would use that intelligence to raise women's consciousness, not their hemlines. Alexis insisted that Kristina had wanted a career in law ever since Kristina had been young. Kate suggested that sometimes people's goals changed, but Alexis hoped that fashion was just a phase. Sonny tried to interject before the argument got too heated, but the ladies ignored him. Kate explained that fashion was a cutthroat industry, so perhaps it would be best for Kristina to learn that lesson the hard way.

Alexis wasn't satisfied, so she reminded Kate that Kristina wasn't Kate's daughter, and that Kate couldn't understand Alexis' concerns because Kate wasn't a mother. Sonny shook his head as Kate walked away. Alexis acknowledged that her remark hadn't been nice, but Alexis accused Sonny of being insensitive, too, because he had taken Kate to the church where Kate had been shot on her wedding day. Sonny explained that Kate had wanted to put the past to rest, so he hadn't forced Kate to do anything. Alexis admitted that she was more concerned about Kristina, not Kate. She insisted that she wanted their daughter to get into Yale, not the fashion industry.

Sonny reminded Alexis that whatever happened in life would happen. Alexis decided that she needed to make a pact with the devil, so she revealed that she had a proposition for Sonny. Later, Sonny asked Alexis if she had any idea what her plan would cost him. "Yes," Alexis replied. However, she insisted that it was the logical course of action. Alexis explained that she wouldn't have asked Sonny for help if she hadn't been desperate. Sonny pointed out that he hadn't agreed to do anything because he was concerned that Kristina would find out.

Alexis was confident that no one would find out if Alexis and Sonny never discussed it again. Sonny reluctantly agreed, but he warned her that she would owe him. Alexis wasn't surprised. She confessed that the thought of being indebted to Sonny had chilled her to the bone. Sonny suggested that it should help fix Alexis' overheating problem, and then vowed to collect on the debt. Alexis didn't doubt it, so she hoped that God had mercy on her soul. Alexis asked Sonny to apologize to Kate for her, and then left.

Nearby, Maxie flipped through the slips of paper with everyone's fortunes until Spinelli returned. She wondered if he had found anything out, so Spinelli admitted that an Internet search hadn't been necessary. He tried to explain about his defunct cyber-skills, but Maxie became distracted when she spotted Kate rushing to the bathroom. Maxie decided to give chase, because she wanted Kate to hear what Spinelli had to say. Moments later, Kate tried to compose herself in the bathroom, while Maxie banged on the door, begging Kate to open up. Kate warned Maxie to go away if Maxie valued her job.

Maxie reluctantly returned to Spinelli's side to report that her attempt to talk to Kate had been a disaster. Maxie was certain that Kate believed that Maxie was incompetent, and a "creep." Maxie realized that she should have thought things through, instead of making things worse. Spinelli reminded Maxie that the night was not over, so Maxie could still turn things around. Maxie feared that another disaster was around the corner, so she was desperate to get the list of people, from the florist to the tailor, who had been hired to help with the wedding. Maxie intended to put the list on Kate's desk in the morning, and to hold everyone who had failed her accountable.

Spinelli finally mustered up the courage to admit to Maxie that he had become "nonfunctional" in the cyber-world. Nearby, Kate returned to the courtyard. Sonny wondered if Kate were okay, so she assured him that she was fine. Sonny admitted that she had seemed shaky earlier, so Kate attributed it to lack of substance. Moments later, Olivia called Sonny with grim news about Dante.

At the Corinthos-Morgan warehouse, Michael was stunned to see Dante lying on the floor, bleeding from a gunshot wound. Dante was unconscious, so Michael shed his jacket, and then covered his brother. Michael raced to the phone with promises to call for help when Carly and Abby walked in. "Oh, my God," Carly cried out when she saw Dante on the floor. Carly rushed to Dante's side to check Dante for a pulse. Carly was relieved when she found a weak pulse, so she ordered Abby to call for an ambulance. Michael shocked Carly and Abby when he stopped Abby from making the call.

Michael explained that Sonny might get in trouble if the police learned that Dante had been shot in the warehouse, so Michael wanted to talk to Sonny first. Abby demanded to know what was wrong with Michael that he would delay help for his brother, who was bleeding to death in front of him. Michael argued that they could get Dante to General Hospital on their own, but Carly insisted that Dante was in bad shape. She ordered Abby to make the call, so Abby picked up the phone, and then dialed 9-1-1. Michael was furious because it meant that the police were also on their way.

Michael assured Abby and Carly that Sonny would never shoot Dante again, especially in the warehouse where Michael had been shot. Carly was glad that Michael recalled what had happened in the warehouse, so Michael pointed out that Claudia had been responsible for him being shot in the head, not Sonny. Michael was certain that one of Sonny's enemies had taken advantage of Jason and Sam's wedding. According to Michael, something had been moved in the warehouse, but he couldn't put his finger on what it was, so he feared that Sonny had been set up in some way. Michael grabbed his cell phone, and then called Max to warn that they had a problem.

A short time later, Shawn met up with Michael in the alleyway. Michael wondered what Shawn was doing there, so Shawn explained that Jason had temporarily put Shawn in charge. Michael reluctantly revealed that Dante had been shot at the warehouse. Shawn was curious if Michael had called 9-1-1 for Dante. Michael admitted that he hadn't wanted to, but Dante's condition had been serious. Shawn assured Michael that he would take care of things, and then started to leave.

Michael demanded to know how Dante had been shot in Sonny's warehouse. Shawn explained that the security detail had been pulled from the warehouse to focus on another piece of property. Shawn was confident that the police wouldn't find anything damaging to Sonny in the warehouse, because the coffee business was legitimate. Michael argued that something had obviously happened, or else Dante wouldn't have been in the warehouse to begin with, so Michael wanted to know what Shawn wasn't telling him. Shawn was curious why Michael believed that something had been moved in the warehouse.

Michael explained that he had been there earlier, doing inventory, so things looked different. However, Michael couldn't pinpoint what was different. Shawn advised Michael to go to the hospital to check on Dante, or the police might become suspicious. Shawn promised to take care of everything else, but Michael wondered why he should trust Shawn. Shawn insisted that they didn't have the time to bond, but Michael should trust Jason's judgment. After Shawn left, Michael returned to the warehouse, where Ronnie was questioning Carly and Abby after spotting Michael's jacket.

Carly insisted that she and Abby had been alone when they had found Dante bleeding on the floor. Ronnie knew that Carly had been lying when he saw Michael's bloody shirt. Ronnie advised Carly to rethink what she had said.

At the Zacchara penthouse, Anthony applauded his son for planting drugs in Sonny's only legitimate business. Anthony insisted that it had been a brilliant strategy. Johnny suggested that Anthony hold the praise because Johnny had only been cleaning up Anthony's mess, and sticking it to Sonny as a bonus. Anthony resented his son's lack of gratitude for saving Johnny's life, but Johnny argued that they weren't supposed to leave any bodies in their wake. Anthony doubted that Sonny would care if he were down one man in his army, so Johnny was overreacting to the situation. Johnny wasn't satisfied.

Anthony wondered how Johnny had expected Anthony to react when someone intended to put a slug in Johnny's head. "Should I have stood there, and coached his aim?" Anthony demanded. Johnny pointed out that Anthony had once tried to kill his own son. Anthony suggested that Johnny get over it. "Get over it? You killed my mother," Johnny shouted at his father. Anthony's anger leeched out as he admitted that "poor Maria" had been a beautiful soul. "And you snuffed it out. Good job," Johnny replied.

Anthony insisted that they needed to move past it, so Johnny shifted gears. Johnny reminded Anthony of Anthony's lectures about not giving in to emotions, yet Anthony had gone off "half-cocked." Anthony argued that he had been in the business a long time, so he knew what to do. Moments later, Johnny's phone rang. Johnny grew quiet as the person on the other end spoke. After Johnny ended the call, he turned to his father to applaud Anthony for making a fatal mistake. Johnny revealed that the man in the warehouse had been a cop. "And, wait for it, he's not just any cop; he's Dante Falconeri, Sonny's son," Johnny added.

At Lucky's apartment, Ethan grew concerned when he found Lucky lying on the floor, staring at something between the sofa and the end table. Lucky assured his brother that he was fine, but Ethan had his doubts when he spotted two hydrocodone pills on the floor. Lucky, nor Ethan, noticed the envelope under the coffee table that read, "To Lucky -- If I should leave you." Ethan wondered how Lucky had ended up with the pills, so Lucky revealed that he had taken them from J.T., and then later succumbed to temptation. Ethan wasn't surprised that Jake's tragic death and Luke's problems had pushed Lucky over the edge, but he was curious why Lucky hadn't take the pills on the floor.

Lucky realized that it looked strange, but he wanted Ethan to trust him. Lucky explained that he had to face his demons. Ethan sat down on the floor next to Lucky, who continued to stare at the pills. Ethan respected Lucky's decision, but he was grateful that their sister seemed untouched by the family problems, although he did concede that she had "daddy issues." However, Ethan was hopeful because Lulu had decided to accept Dante's proposal of marriage. Lucky was pleased to hear about Lulu's plans, but he feared that Lulu might become upset when Dante arrived late. Lucky revealed that he had been with Dante earlier that evening, but Dante had sent Lucky home because Dante had realized that Lucky hadn't been in the right frame of mind to work.

According to Lucky, Dante had decided to check out Sonny's property alone. Ethan suspected that Lulu would be livid when she learned why Dante was late, but he was certain that she would also forgive him. Ethan then questioned if Laura knew about Luke's problems. Lucky admitted that they had told Laura about Jake's death in a crash, but they hadn't revealed that Luke had been driving the car. Lucky added that they had also kept quiet about Luke's intervention, and the fire at the Spencer house. Lucky explained that Laura's recovery was fragile, so they had been reluctant to pile too much on her at once. Lucky admitted that it was a miracle that Laura was able to function after she had spent years in a catatonic state, staring out a window in a sanitarium.

Ethan realized that lies by omission were a Spencer family tradition, so he understood why Lulu had been so upset about Dante's secret. Lucky conceded that Ethan had a point. According to Lucky, Ethan and Lucky were like their father, but Lulu was exactly like Laura. Ethan was curious if Lulu and Laura were really that similar, so Lucky revealed that there was a painting of Laura at Wyndemere, which had been painted when Laura had been Lulu's age. Lucky insisted that Lulu and Laura could have easily passed as sisters. Lucky resumed staring at the pills on the floor, so Ethan admitted that he was reluctant to leave Lucky alone.

Lucky argued that he had to fight his own battles, but Ethan feared that Lucky might not be strong enough. Lucky pointed out that there was only one way to find out. Ethan conceded that Lucky had a point, so he left. Moments later, Lucky stood up, picked up his cell phone, and then left a message for Dante. Lucky explained that he had decided to work, so he intended to track Dante down. Lucky started to leave, but his cell phone rang, so Lucky answered it.

On the hospital's rooftop, Steve couldn't believe how much food Olivia had cooked. Olivia explained that it was the Italian in her, and then admitted that she had hoped to remind him of Memphis. Steve reached over, and then kissed Olivia. Olivia wondered if Steve expected her not to notice that he changed the subject every time she mentioned his time in Memphis. Olivia enjoyed his kisses, but she wasn't interested in playing games, so she wanted to know if something had happened in Memphis. Steve painted a boring picture, dominated by work, of his life in Memphis.

Olivia realized that Steve was making it clear that his life before he had arrived in Port Charles was off-limits, so she agreed to respect his privacy. However, she reminded him that it might help him to talk about what had happened. Steve managed to distract her with a few more kisses. Olivia admitted that it was nice spending time with him on the rooftop, and then confessed that she loved staring at the stars in the night sky. Steve told her about a time that he had traveled with a band, and how he had watched the stars after gigs. Olivia wondered if Steve liked to go camping, so he was curious if she were angling for an invitation.

Olivia admitted that she would love to go camping with him. Steve smiled, but their romantic interlude ended when he was paged. Olivia decided to stay on the rooftop for a while longer to enjoy the evening. Later, Olivia stepped off of the elevator to thank Steve for keeping her mind off of Dante's marriage proposal to Lulu. However, she confessed that she was concerned because she hadn't heard from her son. Steve smiled knowingly as he suggested that Dante might be busy with Lulu. He then tried to prepare Olivia for the possibility that Lulu had turned Dante's proposal down.

Olivia assured Steve that it wasn't likely because she knew what Dante would say. Steve was shocked that Dante had practiced the proposal on Olivia. Olivia didn't understand why, since she knew Dante best. Olivia's smile quickly faded when Dante was rushed into the emergency room on a stretcher. Steve quickly instructed the paramedics to take Dante to a nearby examination bay, and then ordered Olivia to stay put. Olivia implored Steve to save her baby's life.

At the loft, Lulu stared at the engagement ring that Dante had bought for her. She regretted that she hadn't accepted Dante's proposal sooner. After awhile, Lulu decided to blow out the candles, and then clean up. Moments later, Olivia called to tell Lulu that she had bad news about Dante.

Sonny and Kate arrived at the hospital, where Olivia was waiting for an update on Dante. Sonny demanded to know where his son was, so Olivia explained that the doctors were working on Dante. Sonny was determined to see his son, so he pushed past Olivia as Kate stood in the background, looking shell-shocked.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Jason pulled the motorcycle over to the side of the road so that he and Sam could to take a moment to look up at the stars. Sam pointed to Draco, the dragon constellation. Jason studied the sky for a moment and then asked her where the phoenix constellation was. Sam explained that it was a southern constellation, so it was only visible near the equator. Jason was curious if they would be able to see the phoenix constellation while they were in Hawaii. Sam admitted that it was possible, but she wondered why Jason had taken them in the opposite direction from the airport. She confessed that she had been hoping to wake up with Jason in Hawaii, so that they could watch the sunrise together.

Jason promised Sam that it would happen, but he didn't seem in a rush to leave. He wondered if there were any other constellations that she wanted to show him. Sam laughed because she suspected that Jason wasn't really interested in stargazing with her. Jason confessed that she saw things differently than he did, so to him it was just a bunch of stars in the sky. He then asked her if there were anything else that she wanted. Sam assured her new husband that she had everything that her heart desired.

Jason cryptically suggested that perhaps there were things that she hadn't even realized that she wanted. Sam smiled, but she was curious if he thought that she held things back from him. Jason smiled back, and then turned the conversation to their unconventional wedding. Sam confided that she had been thinking of her brother, Danny, and how he had been locked in a basement most of his young life because his mother had been ashamed that he had been mentally challenged. Jason was curious if Danny had ever left the basement, so Sam revealed that Danny's mother would occasionally forget to lock the basement door. According to Sam, Danny would venture to a spring house on the property, where he would stretch out on the floor, and then watch the stars in the night sky through a hole in the roof.

Sam explained that Danny had found safety as the moonbeams bathed him in light. She then admitted that she felt the same way when she was with Jason. Sam hoped that her brother was watching over them, and that he was happy for Jason and Sam. Jason hugged his new bride, and then suggested that they leave. Sam feared that they had missed their flight, so Jason revealed that he had something better in mind. Sam smiled, but didn't ask any questions as she climbed onto the back of Jason's motorcycle.

At the Zacchara penthouse, Johnny called Ethan to get an update on Skye. Ethan revealed that Skye had left town, so Johnny demanded to know if Ethan had discovered what Skye had been holding over Anthony's head. Ethan admitted that he didn't know, so Johnny ordered Ethan to track down Skye. Ethan agreed, but he explained that he needed to do something first. After Ethan ended the call, Anthony entered the living room. Anthony was curious whom Johnny had been talking to, but Johnny refused to tell his father.

Anthony pointed out that he had saved his son's life, but Johnny was furious that Anthony had put them in a position where Johnny had to do damage control to clean up Anthony's mess. Anthony insisted that he had needed to shoot Dante because Dante would have killed Johnny. Johnny was confident that he would have made it out of Sonny's warehouse without Anthony's intervention. Anthony reminded Johnny that no one knew who had shot Dante, except for Anthony and Johnny, so he warned Johnny to be nice. "Got it?" Anthony asked in a menacing tone.

Johnny accused Anthony of acting on impulse, but Anthony was certain that Sonny would be charged with the shooting, once the police found the drugs that Johnny had planted in the warehouse. Johnny pointed out that Sonny had an airtight alibi with dozens of witnesses, so he doubted that Sonny would be blamed for shooting Dante. Anthony argued that they just needed to find one witness to roll on Sonny to secure an arrest and conviction. Anthony bragged that he had given Johnny a gift by shooting Dante, but Johnny disagreed. Johnny decided that there was only one way to fix things, so Anthony warned Johnny not to think about turning Anthony in.

On Spoon Island, Ethan tucked his cell phone away, and then slowly made his way to Wyndemere castle. Ethan heard several questionable noises, so he called out to see if anyone were present. No one responded, so Ethan continued to look around Wyndemere. Eventually, Ethan made his way to the room where Laura's portrait had been stored. After lighting some candles, Ethan spotted the painting leaning against a piece of furniture. Ethan was startled when he noticed that the painting had been slashed, and shards of glass were scattered on the floor. Ethan leaned down for a closer look when someone suddenly rushed up behind him, and then bashed him over the head with a heavy object.

At the Corinthos-Morgan warehouse, Ronnie questioned Carly about Dante's shooting. Carly insisted that she and Abby had found Dante unconscious, and bleeding, when they had returned to the warehouse to pick up a forgotten wedding present. Ronnie didn't believe Carly's version of events because it didn't explain the blood on Michael's shirt. Carly claimed that Michael had walked in afterwards, and then had tried to help his brother. Ronnie suspected that Dante had found evidence of illegal activity in the warehouse, which had led to the shooting. Ronnie was also certain that Michael had left the warehouse to get rid of the incriminating evidence.

Michael denied that he had shot his brother, so Ronnie suggested that Michael better have a "damn good reason" for leaving the scene of the crime. "He does," Shawn replied as he entered the warehouse. Carly smirked as Ronnie turned to question Shawn. Shawn introduced himself, and then explained that Jason had hired him to oversee things while Jason was away. Ronnie was curious if shooting cops were part of Shawn's job description. Shawn explained that his only responsibility was to oversee security, which was why Michael had called Shawn when they had found Dante in the warehouse.

According to Shawn, Michael had been concerned that the shooter might have been lurking nearby, but Ronnie didn't believe Shawn. Ronnie pointed out that it was odd that Michael would be worried about Carly and Abby's safety, yet he had left them alone and unguarded. Carly and Shawn continued to cover for Michael, but Ronnie remained convinced that Michael was hiding something. The tension mounted when Shawn suggested that Carly take Michael to the hospital to check on Dante. Ronnie reminded Shawn who was in charge, but Shawn argued that no one had broken any laws, so Ronnie didn't have the right to detain anyone. Ronnie warned everyone that he still had a lot of questions, but he agreed to let Carly, Michael, and Abby leave.

Michael managed to warn Shawn that something was off in the warehouse. Shawn nodded and then watched Carly and her son leave. Afterwards, Ronnie warned Shawn that he knew all about Shawn's military record. Shawn wondered what that had to do with the investigation, so Ronnie switched gears by threatening to run a gunpowder residue test on Shawn. Shawn was certain that the test would clear him, but he wondered what motive he would have to shoot Dante.

Ronnie shrugged, and then asked why Shawn had shot a fellow marine. Shawn stiffened, and then explained that he didn't owe Ronnie an explanation. Ronnie suggested that Shawn had shot Dante when Dante had surprised him. Shawn argued that Ronnie didn't have any proof to back up the theory, so Ronnie demanded to know where Shawn had been earlier that evening. Shawn revealed that he had been at Jason and Sam's wedding, so there were plenty of witnesses who could vouch for Shawn's whereabouts.

Ronnie decided to take a look around, so he ordered a nearby policewoman to keep an eye on Shawn. The policewoman was curious what Shawn thought had happened at the warehouse. Shawn became distracted when he noticed a powdery substance leaking out of a bag on one of the shelves. Shawn waited until the policewoman looked away before he quickly knelt down to dip his finger in the powder, and then taste it. Moments later, another police officer entered the warehouse to tell the policewoman that they had been ordered to begin searching the warehouse.

At McCall and Jackal Private Investigations, Maxie instructed Spinelli to sit down, and then open his laptop. She hoped that playing with the buttons might jog Spinelli's memory. Spinelli was excited when he found a game of solitaire, but he quickly grew frustrated when his cyber skills continued to elude him. Spinelli decided that it might help if he took a step back to regroup. Maxie agreed, so she led him to Sam's desk and then ordered him to take the lotus position, so that he could begin to clear his mind. Moments later, Ronnie entered the office to demand that Spinelli immediately turn over all surveillance tapes in and around Sonny's warehouse.

At the loft, Lulu dropped the phone when Olivia told her that Dante had been shot. Lulu quickly pulled herself together, picked up the phone, and then assured Olivia that she was on her way to the hospital. Lulu ended the call, looked at the engagement ring that Dante had bought for her, and then left.

At the hospital, Epiphany tried to stop Sonny from entering the examination bay where Steve was working to save Dante's life. Epiphany assured Sonny that Steve would update the family as soon as Steve had news, but Sonny wasn't satisfied. Sonny refused to wait, so he barged into the examination bay. Steve ordered Sonny to leave, so that Steve could focus on stabilizing Dante. Sonny reluctantly left, and he pulled Max aside to find out what had transpired at the warehouse. Max filled Sonny in on what he knew.

Sonny decided to go to the warehouse to check on the progress of the investigation, but Max advised Sonny against it. "Shut up," Sonny barked at Max. Sonny didn't trust Shawn, so Sonny was determined to find out who had shot Dante.

Alexis was on her way to the elevator, after dropping Kristina off at the hospital, when she spotted Kate standing in the waiting area. Alexis grew concerned because Kate appeared to be in a state of shock. Olivia explained that Dante had been shot as she guided Kate to a nearby chair. Alexis decided to check on Sonny, so she excused herself. Sonny assured Alexis that the doctors would patch up Dante, just as they had done for Kristina.

Moments later, Carly, Michael, and Abby arrived. Sonny thanked Carly for calling 9-1-1, and then led Michael away to have a private word with his son. Sonny praised Michael for doing the right thing by calling Max. Michael warned Sonny that the police didn't appear to believe Carly's version of events. Sonny wasn't concerned, because Carly had bought them some time to get things straightened out. Michael wondered if something were going on at the warehouse that he should be aware of.

Sonny promised Michael that nothing illegal was going on, but Michael insisted that something had been off at the warehouse. Sonny didn't want Michael to worry about it, because Sonny had it covered. Michael revealed that Shawn was at the warehouse, and that Shawn had helped to get the cops off of Michael's back. Michael realized that Sonny had reservations about Shawn, but he assured his father that Shawn had stepped up. Sonny suggested that Shawn had his own reasons for helping Michael.

In the waiting area, Kate was livid when she spotted Carly. Kate angrily accused Carly of turning against Sonny when Sonny had needed Carly the most, just as Carly had done to Jax. Olivia tried to calm Kate down, but Kate was too enraged. Kate was sick of Carly taking advantage of everyone's suffering, to make herself look good. Carly had no idea what Kate was talking about; she insisted that she had held pressure on Dante's gunshot wound until the ambulance had arrived. Kate told Carly to spare them the indignation, because Carly was transparent.

Kate was certain that Carly only pretended that all had been forgiven with Sonny, because Carly might need Sonny's assistance one day. Carly snidely accused Kate of being pathetic for holding onto Sonny with a death grip after he had spared Kate a single glance in two years. The argument escalated as Kate insisted that someone had to protect Sonny from Carly. Carly ordered Kate to go home, since Kate was neither a parent nor a family member. Kate and Carly continued to shout insults at each other until Alexis stepped between them to remind them that it was neither the time nor place for the argument. Moments later, Lulu arrived.

Olivia immediately went to Lulu's side. Lulu wanted to know where Dante was, and how he was doing. Olivia explained that they were waiting to hear from Steve. Lulu insisted that she needed to see Dante, and then revealed that he had promised to meet her at 9:30 p.m., so she couldn't understand why he had been at the warehouse.

Kate was on the hospital's rooftop when Alexis joined her. Kate realized that she had been out of line earlier, and that her over-the-top reaction had surprised her, but not in a good way. Kate conceded that Carly had been right, so Alexis promised not to tell anyone. Kate's eyes filled with tears as she acknowledged that she had walked out on her family years before, so she no longer knew how to act around them. Kate confessed that she had felt powerless, and that she was ashamed that Olivia had to be strong for Kate, instead of the other way around. Kate admitted that she shouldn't have gone to the wedding with Sonny, or to the hospital.

Alexis was surprised when Kate revealed that she had initially turned down Sonny's invitation to the wedding. Alexis was curious why Kate had changed her mind, so Kate confessed that she had thought that she could help Sonny. Alexis reminded Kate that a lot of women had felt that way, so Kate was not alone. Their conversation then drifted to children. Kate was certain that she would be a terrible mother, but Alexis argued that it wasn't true. Alexis revealed that she had felt the same way about motherhood until Kristina.

Alexis acknowledged that terrible things could happen to children, but Alexis wouldn't change a thing. Alexis loved her daughters, and strived to be a good mother. Kate apologized for encouraging Kristina to pursue a career in the fashion industry, but Alexis insisted that it wasn't necessary. Alexis was confident that Kristina would have a change of heart. Alexis decided to check on Dante, so she left Kate on the rooftop alone. Kate let her hair down, and then began to cry.

Everyone turned when Steve approached Olivia and Lulu. Steve explained that Dante needed surgery, so Sonny wondered if there were anything that he could do. Epiphany explained that they were short on Dante's blood type, so they could use some blood donations. Sonny quickly volunteered, because he and Dante had the same blood type, so Epiphany led Sonny away. Lulu wanted to see Dante, so Steve explained that Dante could only have one visitor before the surgery. Olivia urged Lulu to go to Dante, so Lulu entered the examination bay.

Lulu dissolved into tears when she saw Dante, but she quickly pulled herself together as Dante slowly opened his eyes. "Hi honey, I'm home," Dante said as he struggled to breathe. Lulu asked Dante not to say anything, because she wanted him to rest. Dante ignored her, as he told her that she looked beautiful. Lulu admitted that she had planned to tell him something, so Dante reminded her that he was there at that moment. Lulu sniffled as she looked at Dante with tears in her eyes.

Sonny returned to the waiting area. He asked Olivia where everyone was, so Olivia explained that Lulu was with Dante, and that everyone else had decided to follow Sonny's lead by donating blood. Sonny wondered how Olivia was holding up. She told him that falling apart was not an option, but she was upset because it should have been a special night for their son and Lulu. Sonny vowed to find out what had happened to Dante. Moments later, Johnny walked up.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Jason pulled his motorcycle over to the side of the road, a few miles from where Jason and Sam had been stargazing. "This is the surprise," Jason explained. Sam looked around, but she didn't see anything. Jason took her by the hand, and then led her to a cabin. Sam admitted that she hadn't expected to see a cabin nestled in the woods. Sam was astonished when Jason revealed that he, with the help of a crew, had built the cabin, so he had wanted to spend their wedding night there.

Jason regretted that their wedding hadn't been more elaborate, but Sam insisted that it had been perfect. She confessed that she had felt his heartbeat when he had put his hand in hers during the ceremony, and that the beat of his heart had matched hers. Sam assured Jason that she couldn't have asked for anything more than that. Jason admitted that her story about Danny, stargazing through the hole in the roof of the spring house, had made him want to share the cabin with Sam all the more. Sam wandered to the window, and then looked up at the night sky. She conceded that she could see a lot of stars.

Sam was curious why Jason had chosen that particular spot for the cabin, so Jason revealed that it had been the first place that had felt like home to him. He explained that he had felt trapped in the Quartermaine mansion, following the accident with AJ. Jason had found an abandoned boxcar on the spot where the cabin now stood, so he had taken refuge inside. Sam realized that Jason had been drawn to the boxcar because he had felt safe inside its walls. Jason agreed, and then admitted that he had the same feeling when he was with Sam. Jason and Sam kissed, and then made love.

At Wyndemere, Ethan regained consciousness after being bashed over the head. Ethan sat up slowly to look around, but within seconds, Helena crept up behind him, pulled him into a headlock, and then held a deadly dagger to his throat. Helena thought that it was time for Ethan and his family to learn that there were penalties for trespassing. Ethan urged Helena not to do anything rash, because the Spencers had made her life interesting. Helena lowered her guard, which gave Ethan the opportunity to twist free. Helena conceded that Ethan was bold like Luke, defensive like Lucky, and reckless like Lulu, but she was curious why he was there.

Ethan admitted that his interest had been piqued after a talk with Lucky. Helena smiled knowingly as she suggested that he had been lured by Laura's portrait. Ethan wondered if Helena had been responsible for the damage to the painting. Helena assured him that if she had wanted to harm Laura then she would have gone after Laura, not the portrait. Ethan was confident that Helena wouldn't hurt him or Laura. Helena thought that Ethan was awfully confident for "a man with his clothes on."

"Excuse me?" Ethan asked. Helena suggested that he wouldn't be the first man to trade favors to get himself out of a hazardous situation, so she was ready to hear his arguments for and against disrobing. Ethan told her that she had him confused with Luke. "Not likely," Helena assured him. She then shifted gears by asking Ethan what he had hoped to find at Wyndemere. Ethan confessed that he would have liked to say that he had gone to the castle searching for answers, but, with Luke's disappearance, he had no idea what the questions were.

Helena wasn't surprised that Luke had abandoned his family, while they were falling apart. Ethan admitted that he had heard that Luke had been stealing diamonds for Helena, but Helena revealed that the diamonds had not been what she had hoped for, and that Luke had lost his luster, so she hadn't seen nor heard from Luke since their last meeting in Greece. Ethan was curious if she were in Port Charles, hoping to find Luke. Helena smiled indulgently as she explained that her life didn't completely revolve around the Spencers. As they spoke, Helena noticed that the bookcase leading to the tunnels was ajar. She seemed to spot something in the shadows, but she was careful not to alert Ethan.

Ethan invited Helena to tell him about Laura. Helena was curious why he was interested in Laura, since Laura wasn't even his mother. Ethan explained that Laura was Lucky's mother, and, unlike Luke, Laura hadn't been self-destructive; Laura had always found hope, which Lucky could use. Helena insisted that Lucky needed to find his own strength, and that Ethan couldn't have been more wrong about Laura. Ethan noticed that Helena's eyes kept drifting to the tunnel entrance, so he turned to see what she was looking at.

Ethan didn't see anything, so he asked Helena what she had meant by her remark about Laura. "The men that she chose," Helena answered. Ethan argued that Luke had loved Laura, but Helena insisted that Luke had used Laura as a moral life raft. According to Helena, Laura had never minded drowning for the men who had loved her, which had eventually driven Laura crazy. Ethan realized that Helena wasn't big on love, so she conceded that she thought that love was a weakness. Ethan reminded her that she'd had children, so Helena admitted that she had loved "a son."

Ethan pointed out that she'd borne two sons. "Now I have none," Helena replied bitterly. Ethan suggested that she still had Nikolas, but Helena reminded him that Nikolas was off on a quest to find himself. Helena accused Laura of destroying Stavros and Stefan, so Ethan wondered if she were in town to return the favor. Helena assured him that the Spencers were imploding nicely on their own. Ethan pushed for an explanation for Helena's return, so she confessed that she had misplaced something that she had hoped was at Wyndemere.

According to Helena, Stavros and Stefan had raided the compound in Greece to decorate Wyndemere, but she realized that they had filled the castle with nothing more than ghosts. Ethan was surprised that Helena believed in ghosts, so she clarified that she believed in the manifestation of emotions. "Like love and kindness?" Ethan wondered. Helena scoffed, because love faded. She explained that she had been referring to lust and revenge, because those emotions resonated, and were something that darkness could gather around, and cling to like dust. "I'm finished here," Helena announced, and then suggested that Ethan should be too.

Helena warned Ethan that escaping her was one thing, but escaping the brooding presence that filled the walls of Wyndemere was another thing entirely. "Okay, is this some creepfest to keep me from scaling the fortress walls again?" Ethan asked. Helena insisted that Wyndemere was a tomb, not a fortress. Ethan was curious what had prompted her dark mood. Helena explained that there were things that even she feared, so if he had any sense then he'd fear them too.

Helena warned him that what he couldn't see could hurt him. Ethan admitted that it sounded like a challenge. "Or an epitaph," Helena replied, and then turned to leave. Ethan seemed surprised that she would leave like that, but Helena revealed that what she had been looking for hadn't been there after all. Ethan held up her knife, wondering if she had been looking for it. Helena told him to keep it; he might need it to fight off the ghosts. After Helena left, Ethan stared at Laura's portrait until he heard the door to the tunnel move. He quickly turned to look.

At McCall and Jackal Private Investigations, Maxie was stunned when Ronnie revealed that Dante had been shot, so Ronnie wanted Spinelli to turn over the surveillance tapes from Sonny's warehouse. Spinelli confessed that he would love to help, but he couldn't retrieve the tapes. Ronnie reminded Spinelli that the only reason that Spinelli was a part of Sonny's organization was because of Spinelli's cyber skills. Maxie argued that Spinelli had many wonderful qualities. Ronnie wasn't moved, so he gave Spinelli five seconds to turn over the tapes. Spinelli handed Ronnie the laptop, but Maxie refused to let Ronnie leave with it.

Ronnie wasn't about to return the laptop, so Maxie reminded Ronnie that her uncle was Ronnie's boss. She demanded that Ronnie produce a warrant before leaving with the laptop. Ronnie warned Maxie that Lulu wouldn't be happy to learn that her best friend had refused to help find Dante's shooter. After Ronnie left, Maxie acknowledged that Spinelli had lost his cyber skills, because the old Spinelli would never have willingly parted from his laptop. Maxie was concerned because she realized that if Spinelli couldn't retrieve the tapes, then it meant that he had also lost other important things belonging to Sonny. Moments later, Max entered, and then demanded that Spinelli access the surveillance footage from the warehouse.

At Liz's house, Liz returned to the living room after tucking Cam in for the night. She smiled when she saw Lucky rocking Aiden. "You're so good with him," Liz said. Lucky admitted that he loved spending time with their son. Liz wondered if she had heard him singing to Aiden, so Lucky nodded and then revealed that it had been a song that Laura would sing to Lucky and Lulu when they were young. Lucky put Aiden down in the playpen, and then joined Liz on the sofa.

Lucky confessed that he had been thinking a lot about his mother, and that he had hoped that Laura would have met Aiden already. He had also wanted Laura to meet Siobhan, but that would never happen. Liz was curious if Laura knew about Siobhan's passing, so Lucky explained he'd been reluctant to jeopardize Laura's recovery. Liz wondered what Laura knew about their breakup, and her affair with Nikolas, so Lucky admitted that he had simply told his mother that he and Liz had drifted apart. According to Lucky, Lulu had been furious with how Lucky and Nikolas had decided to "manage" Laura. Lucky realized that it was probably why Lulu had been so angry with Dante for keeping secrets.

Liz suggested that she and Lucky take Aiden to meet Laura. Lucky loved the idea, but he confided that Laura would be getting some good news soon because Lulu had decided to accept Dante's proposal of marriage. Liz was happy for Lulu and Dante. She recalled how delighted Lulu had been when they had decided to remarry, because it had been a sign that two people, who were meant to be together, could overcome any obstacle. Liz was pleased that it was Lulu and Dante's turn. Lucky hoped that it worked out for his sister and Dante.

Liz was relieved that Lulu realized that Liz and Dante had been trying to protect Lucky. She admitted that she was proud of Lucky, and how he had handled things after the incident on the docks. "Don't be," Lucky replied. He admitted that he had relapsed after J.T. had injected him with the drugs. Liz wondered if he were currently using, so Lucky assured her that he was clean. Liz relaxed, but Lucky warned her that it was not okay.

Lucky confessed that he had been craving the drugs on the night that she had been abducted in the alley behind Luzetta's Bakery, so he shouldn't have been handling a gun. Liz continued to make excuses for Lucky, so Lucky reminded her that he'd always had a choice about taking drugs. Moments later, Mac arrived to break the news to Lucky that Dante had been shot. Mac revealed that Dante had been off-duty, so he had no idea why Dante had been at Sonny's warehouse. Lucky was filled with remorse, because he realized that Dante might not have been shot if Lucky hadn't left. Lucky told Mac that he and Dante had suspected that Sonny's enemies would use Jason and Sam's wedding as an opportunity to make a move against Sonny, so they had decided to check out all of Sonny's properties.

Mac wondered why Lucky had cancelled on Dante. Liz tried to cover for Lucky by explaining that it had been a family matter, but Lucky decided to tell Mac about being shot up with drugs on the waterfront, and his relapse. Mac was disappointed that Lucky hadn't talked to him sooner about what had happened on the piers, but he was more concerned if Lucky were still using. Lucky admitted that he was trying to stop, but he couldn't make any promises because he had just been on the floor, staring at a couple of pills, before visiting Liz and the boys. However, Lucky was through lying to everyone, including himself.

At the warehouse, Shawn managed to disperse the powdery substance on the floor with his foot without the police officers noticing. The police officers were about to conduct a search of the warehouse, but Shawn objected because they didn't have a warrant. The policewoman reminded Shawn that the warehouse was a crime scene, so they didn't need a warrant. Shawn warned them that there was more evidence outside to collect, including possible footprints, tire tracks, and cigarette butts, so they should focus on those things first. Shawn assured the police officers that the warehouse wasn't going anywhere. The policewoman decided to do things by the book because it was her first crime scene since transferring to the department.

The policewoman instructed her fellow officer to start outside, and then went to the door to monitor the progress. Shawn assured her that she had done the right thing, but she argued that she hadn't made any friends. Moments later, she was forced to step out of the warehouse to help one of the officers, so she ordered Shawn to stay put. The minute that she left, Shawn went to work collecting duct tape, cleaners, and bottles, which he threw into a burlap bag, and then tossed into the bathroom. Seconds later, the policewoman returned. She noticed Shawn running around, so she demanded to know what he had been doing.

Shawn claimed that he had been looking around to see if he could piece together what had happened. The policewoman reminded him that it was their job, not Shawn's. Shawn agreed, and then asked if he could use the restroom. The policewoman agreed, so Shawn went to the bathroom, where he proceeded to put a bomb together. Moments later, he walked out carrying the makeshift bomb. Shawn showed the police officers the bomb, and then explained that he had discovered what Dante's shooter had been up to. Shawn warned them that the bomb was set to blow.

At the hospital, Lulu's eyes filled with tears as Dante told her that she was beautiful. Lulu reminded him that she had worn the dress on the night that he had taken her to the opera. "I know," Dante replied as he struggled to breathe. "What's your answer?" Dante wanted to know. Lulu tearfully explained that she had wanted everything to be perfect when she gave him an answer to his marriage proposal. Dante's breathing became more labored as he pushed for an answer.

Dante suddenly began to gasp for breath, so Steve rushed into the examination bay, and then pushed Lulu aside. Meanwhile, in the waiting area, Sonny demanded to know what Johnny was doing at the hospital. Johnny explained that he had heard the news about Dante's shooting, so Sonny accused Johnny of having something to do with it. Johnny pretended to be outraged at the suggestion that he would shoot Dante, and then go to the hospital to watch him die. Sonny argued that it would make a good cover story.

"Spoken like someone who did it once or twice," Johnny replied. Johnny went on the defensive by advising Sonny to have proof before making allegations. Sonny was confident that he would find proof of Johnny's involvement in the shooting, so Johnny wondered if Sonny intended to manufacture the evidence. Sonny insisted that he wouldn't have to. Moments later, Dante was taken to surgery. Steve explained that he would update the family when he could, and then left for the operating room. Lulu was distraught, so Olivia tried to comfort her.

Sonny warned Johnny that if there were any indication that Johnny had been responsible for Dante's shooting then Johnny would be lucky if there were enough pieces of Johnny's body left to put on a stretcher. Sonny then turned to Lulu to ask if the doctors had said anything about Dante's condition. Lulu was furious as she blamed Sonny for Dante's shooting. Sonny assured Lulu that he hadn't shot his son. According to Lulu, Sonny might not have pulled the trigger, but he was a black hole that sucked in anyone who got close to him. Olivia warned Lulu that screaming at Sonny wouldn't help, but Lulu ignored Olivia.

Sonny promised Lulu that he loved Dante, but Lulu accused Sonny of only loving Dante when it was convenient. Lulu insisted that Sonny played on the need that Dante carried around just enough to keep Dante happy. Lulu accused Sonny of wanting Dante to suffer. "Are you happy?" Lulu demanded. "No, I'm not," Sonny quietly replied. Olivia suggested that Sonny step away to get some air, so Sonny left.

Later, Lulu admitted that she couldn't understand why Dante had been at the warehouse. Olivia didn't have an answer for her. Lulu tearfully confessed that she had wanted to surprise Dante, so Olivia assured Lulu that Dante would be fine, and that Lulu and Dante would be able to start their life together soon. Moments later, Lucky arrived. Lulu begged Lucky to find out who had been responsible for the shooting, but Lucky revealed that he couldn't do that.

Meanwhile, Olivia followed Johnny to the elevator, unaware that Sonny was around the corner. Sonny eavesdropped as Olivia ordered Johnny to look her in the eye, and then tell her that he hadn't been involved in her son's shooting. Olivia warned Johnny that she would know if he were telling the truth.

Friday, September 30, 2011

In the dark, Ethan searched an empty mansion and found a glove. He made his way to an underground cavern, where he heard what sounded like someone crying. Back in the manor, he had a strong reaction to the image of the woman he'd noticed earlier. The painting had a clean slash through the canvas, as if her throat had been slit. On a table near the painting, Ethan found a dagger he hadn't noticed before.

On the hospital roof, Sonny found Johnny and offered an olive branch. The two men agreed to keep the truce, but Sonny seemed too confident, and Johnny was suspicious.

At Sonny's warehouse, the police questioned Shawn about the ticking bomb he'd found there. He argued with one of the cops, and she allowed Shawn to attempt to defuse the device. The cops left. Carly caught up with Shawn, surprised to find him there with a bomb. He confessed that he had planted the bomb as a diversion to keep the cops at bay. Shawn revealed that he'd discovered illegal drugs hidden in the inventory.

His theory was that a rival of Sonny's had planted the drugs to frame Sonny. Shawn surmised that Dante had discovered the drugs, and the thugs had shot him. Shawn and Carly made plans to dump the contraband. Carly suggested they hide it in the panic room that Sonny had installed. As they stacked the bags in the room, the door shut, trapping Carly and Shawn inside.

Abby found Michael sitting in a hospital room. She comforted him, but he was inconsolable. He couldn't forgive himself for having frozen when he'd found a bleeding Dante. Michael blamed himself for his part in Dante's shooting, believing that it wouldn't have happened if Michael had been at the warehouse, rather than the wedding. Abby tried her best to convince Michael that he was not responsible for what had happened to his brother.

Sonny arrived and asked to speak with Michael alone. Abby left for coffee. Sonny told Michael he believed Johnny was behind Dante's shooting and explained that he would lull Johnny into a false sense of security before taking revenge. Abby returned just in time to hear Michael say that he wanted to be a part of Sonny's plan.

Lulu begged Lucky to find out who had shot Dante. Lucky explained to her that he would be taking a leave of absence. He let Lulu know that he'd admitted to Mac that he was hooked on pills again. Lulu asked why Lucky had gone forward with the truth at that point. Lulu was shocked to discover that Lucky had only quit using after Dante had been shot.

Lucky said that he wanted to make sure his children didn't have to clean up after their father's messes the way Lucky and Lulu had always needed to with Luke. Lucky confessed to Lulu that Dante had gone to the warehouse alone, because Lucky had been incapacitated at the time. An enraged Lulu slapped her brother. Distraught, she blurted out that it should have been Lucky who'd been shot. She apologized but asked Lucky to leave.

Lucky went back to his loft and contemplated how his actions had affected those he loved. He went to pick up the pills he'd earlier thrown on the floor and saw an envelope under a table.

Olivia pleaded with Johnny to tell her whether he'd had anything to do with Dante's shooting. Johnny defended himself and suggested Sonny might have been involved in the incident. Olivia wondered if Anthony somehow figured into the crime. Johnny told Olivia that he still cared for her and that he'd never go after her son.

Later, Johnny let Olivia know he and Sonny had spoken and that Sonny believed Johnny had not had anything to do with the shooting. Olivia told him that she couldn't talk with him about anything until she knew her son would be all right.

On their honeymoon, Sam and Jason cuddled by the fire at the cabin. Jason shared with Sam how special the place had always been to him. He told Sam that he'd never felt at home until he met her. They both promised to simplify their lives. As they prepared to leave to catch their plane, Jason had an intense vision that bothered him. Sam asked what had made him react so strongly, but Jason played it off.

Elsewhere, at what appeared to be another warehouse, an unknown figure wearing flip-flops left behind a crime scene reminiscent of Franco's art. A man in a suit lay unconscious on the floor next to a large stuffed animal, as if deliberately posed. The stranger departed.

At the Haunted Star, Luke gathered together a bottle of fine liquor, a gun, and some jewels before calling someone to let them know he had returned to Port Charles.

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