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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 20, 2011 on GH
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Monday, June 20, 2011

In the tenth floor conference room at General Hospital, Lisa aimed a gun at Maxie and fired. Spinelli was shot when he jumped in front of Maxie to protect her. As Patrick, Robin, and Steve tried to save Spinelli, Lisa told Maxie that it was her fault. Lisa told the doctors to get away from Spinelli. Lisa said that the next time anyone disobeyed her orders, she would shoot Spinelli in the head.

Patrick begged Lisa to take him and to let Robin and Steve save Spinelli. Lisa refused, but told Patrick that she would give him a chance to defend himself. Lisa asked Patrick if he had ever loved her. Patrick said that back in college he had not had time for relationships. He said that he had considered Lisa a pal who had shared many wild and crazy adventures with him. Lisa wanted to know what Patrick had meant by his attention to her after Lisa arrived at GH.

Patrick said that he had thought that they were friends catching up on old times. He said that things changed after 20 years and that what he had wanted 20 years before was not what he wanted in the present. Patrick said that going home to his daughter Emma was the highlight of his day. Lisa then asked if Patrick stayed with boring Robin because he was afraid that Robin would keep Emma away from him.

At the nurses' station, Lucky was on the phone with Mac, Ronnie, Jason, and Dante, who were gathered outside the front doors of the hospital. Lucky told them that Spinelli had entered the conference room and had been shot. Lucky said he had booted up the program that would override the lockdown, but he did not know the code. Dante spotted a helicopter and said that he and Jason would use it to get to the roof and inside the building from there. Ronnie objected because Jason was a mobster. Dante told Ronnie that saving people's live was more important than Ronnie's grudge.

Matt ordered Liz to give Siobhan a drug injection of "dexamethasone." Liz filled a syringe from a bottle with a green label and injected it. When Liz placed the bottle on a tray with other drug bottles, the "dexamethasone" bottle had a blue label. The green labeled bottle began with the letters, "HEP." Neither Matt nor Liz recognized the mistake. Seconds later, Siobhan's pressure started dropping.

Lisa continued her cross-examination of Patrick. She asked if Robin was boring. When Patrick said, "No," Lisa said that the smart decision was to pacify the woman with the gun. Lisa finished with Patrick and then turned her attention to Steve. Lisa asked Steve if he thought that she was competent.

Steve told Lisa that he thought that she was a brilliant surgeon. He said that he had made every effort to give Lisa the benefit of the doubt. Lisa said that his reason for keeping her at GH was that Steve had slept with Lisa and feared a sexual harassment lawsuit. Steve told Lisa that she was a gifted doctor. Steve said it was a shame that Lisa's career was over because of an obsession. Lisa told Steve that he did not get to judge her.

Jason and Dante made it to the roof. Dante told Jason that he frequently told Jason to set a good example for Michael, but Michael was not there. Dante said that if Jason got a good shot at Lisa, Jason should take it. Dante shot the lock off the roof door, and they were able to gain access to GH. Down below, Ronnie complained to Mac about Jason partnering with Dante. Ronnie said that he thought that Mac had given orders that they were not to cooperate with the mob. Mac said that he made the rules, so he could ignore the rules. Mac said he would personally pin a medal on Jason if Jason succeeded in keeping whacko Lisa from hurting his family.

Lisa called Maxie as the next witness. Lisa asked Maxie at what point Maxie had decided to destroy Lisa's life. Maxie asked what she had to say to get help for Spinelli. Lisa said to tell the truth. Maxie told Lisa that she had known Lisa's agenda from the start. Maxie said that Robin had been trusting and had given Lisa the benefit of the doubt, but Maxie did not because Maxie was a lot like Lisa. Maxie said that she used to act the same way as Lisa. Maxie said that she had played games to get someone else's unappreciated husband in bed, all the while thinking that the husband deserved better.

Maxie said that she invested everything and ended up with nothing. Maxie said that that was where her similarity with Lisa ended. Maxie said that she had moved on with her life, but Lisa had become a stalker. Maxie said that after one drunken night with Patrick, Lisa had lost her career and her self-respect, and that very soon Lisa would lose her freedom. Maxie asked Lisa if it was worth it.

Lisa said that she got to ask the questions. Maxie told Lisa that Lisa would never get out of GH. Lisa said she did not want to get out because she was having a blast. Lisa started laughing hysterically and waving her gun around.

Jason and Dante made their way to Lucky, who was still pondering the codes that Steve might have used on the lockout system. Jason suggested Jake's birthday. When Lucky tried it, the lockdown ended. Downstairs with Mac, Ronnie was all for sending in the S.W.A.T. team, but Mac said that they had to think of the hostages. Jason also wanted to charge in, but Dante insisted that they try negotiating first. Mac told Ronnie to evacuate the patients. Mac wondered how Lisa had gotten a gun and where she had been staying since her escape from custody.

Liz found Lucky with Dante and Jason. She told Lucky that Siobhan was out of surgery, but still unconscious. Dante told Lucky to go see Siobhan and get all the details of the surgery from Matt. Liz took Lucky to Matt, who said that Siobhan had been bleeding from the brain. Matt said that Siobhan has experienced a sustained drop in intracranial pressure, and he did not know if Siobhan would wake up. Lucky was devastated.

Lucky went to Siobhan's room. He told her that Ireland was beautiful and that his mother had said that music grew from the land. Lucky said he did not know why Siobhan had stayed with him. Lucky said, "I don't know of you can hear..." and then abruptly stood up and walked out of the room. He went downstairs where he ran into Mac. Mac told him to go back to help Dante, but Lucky said he had to leave and walked away.

Ronnie finished the patient evacuation and wanted to call S.W.A.T. He told Mac to stop thinking like a parent and start thinking like a police officer. Mac did not answer and was distracted by Liz, who asked about Lucky. Mac told her that Lucky had disobeyed a direct order and walked away. Mac said that Lucky might as well turn in his badge.

Lisa called Robin to testify. Lisa tried to make Robin admit that Lisa would not harm Emma. Spinelli started choking on his own blood. Robin said that she would say anything Lisa wanted her to say if Lisa would let Spinelli get help. Lisa said that the trial would continue whether or not the witnesses were breathing.

The phone rang. Lisa told Maxie to pick it up. Maxie did as she was told. As soon as she heard Dante's voice, she told him the situation with Spinelli. Dante asked what Lisa wanted. Lisa said that she would not make a deal. Lisa said that she had what she wanted because she was having her day in court.

Lisa made Maxie hang up the phone. Lisa said that if there were any more interruptions, someone would die. Outside, Jason told Dante that they had tried it Dante's way, and they would do it Jason's way. Inside Lisa allowed Patrick to make a closing argument.

Patrick said that the Lisa holding them hostage was not the person he had known in college. Patrick said that college Lisa had been fun and carefree. Patrick told Lisa that she could be that person again. Patrick said that all she had to do was put the gun down and walk out with him. For a moment Lisa seemed swayed, but them she started clapping and said, "Bravo."

Lisa said that for a second she had almost believed Patrick, which must be why Robin was so gullible and believed Patrick's lies. She told Patrick to sit down. Lisa said that the court had reached a verdict. Lisa said that she had arrived at GH to save a patient. Lisa said that Robin had become jealous and pushed Patrick away, which was why Lisa and Patrick had had an affair. Lisa said that she found all of them guilty of scapegoating her.

At that moment, Jason and Dante burst through the door. Lisa shot Patrick in the arm and grabbed Robin as a shield. When Lisa said she would shoot Robin, Jason said Lisa would be dead before she could fire. Lisa pushed Robin aside and fled to the hall. Dante followed, tackled Lisa, and knocked her out. Steve said that Spinelli had to get to OR immediately.

Jason and Dante hovered over Spinelli as Matt and Steve wheeled Spinelli's gurney to the OR. Maxie told Matt that he had to save Spinelli. No one noticed as Lisa's eyes fluttered open.

Johnny blasted Anthony as he listened to the news about Lisa's takeover of GH. Johnny wanted to know what Anthony had done. When Johnny fumed and said that all Lisa had wanted was to get out of the country, but that Anthony has provided a gun and a safehouse, Anthony said that Lisa had played Johnny. When Johnny threatened to murder Anthony, Anthony told Johnny to either kill him or to shut up and learn.

Anthony said that Lisa was just like Claudia. Anthony said that Johnny had been too fond of his sister. Anthony said that Claudia had wanted to get her hooks into Johnny because she had known that Johnny would inherit everything. Anthony said that Claudia had known that she could not inherit because she was a woman as well as the daughter of Anthony's treacherous first wife.

Johnny said that he knew that Anthony found him a disappointment. Anthony said that was not true. He said that Johnny was his son. Anthony said that Johnny worried about the wrong people, like Michael. Anthony said that Johnny should think of Michael as a bargaining chip and nothing more. Johnny asked if Anthony had put a gun in Lisa's hand because he did not want Johnny to worry about Michael.

Anthony said that Lisa was barking mad and would have been back for more help in six months. Anthony said that Lisa was a liability that neither of them could afford. Anthony said it was too bad because Lisa had a smoking hot bod. Johnny said it was not like that, that he had genuinely liked Lisa. Anthony said that he liked Lisa also, which was why, instead of snapping her neck and dumping her body in the harbor he had given her what she had wanted most, a chance for revenge.

Johnny reminded Anthony that when Anthony had suffered a stroke, Johnny had called for help instead of letting Claudia put a pillow over his face. Johnny said that because he had saved Anthony, he felt that every bad thing that Anthony did was on Johnny. Anthony said that Johnny could toss him over the balcony and say that he was hallucinating. Johnny said he should. Anthony said that "should" was for losers. Johnny said that Anthony had tried to kill him but failed when Johnny's mother had stepped in front of the bullet.

Anthony said it was all about choices, and Johnny's mother had paid for her choice with her life. Anthony said that because of Johnny's mother's choice, Anthony had realized that his smarts and Johnny's mother's courage had made Johnny a good man. Johnny said that perhaps the only proof of that was for Johnny to destroy Anthony. Anthony said that Johnny had made an excellent point that they would both have to think about.

Lucky went to the Haunted Star. He poured Luke's favorite scotch into a glass and raised it to his lips.

At GH, while Robin and Patrick argued about the best treatment for Patrick's flesh wound, Lisa leaped out of hiding, grabbed Robin, and threatened to inject her with a syringe filled with cleaning solution. Lisa told Patrick that she was going to give him one more chance to convince her not to kill Robin.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

At the hospital, Spinelli was rushed into surgery after sustaining a gunshot wound to the chest during the hostage crisis. Maxie was in tears when Dante found her on the rooftop. She blamed herself for Spinelli getting shot, but Dante argued that Lisa had been unstable. Dante was curious what had transpired in the conference room, so Maxie told him about Lisa's "trial." Maxie admitted that she had provoked Lisa by yelling at her, so Lisa had decided to shoot Maxie. However, Spinelli had jumped into the path of the bullet at the last second, in an effort to save Maxie.

Maxie told Dante about the moments following the shooting, when Lisa had refused to allow anyone to help Spinelli. Dante confessed that he had been furious with Spinelli trying to rescue the hostages because the police could have used Spinelli's expertise to access the computer code, which would have lifted the lockdown. However, Dante realized that Maxie would have died if Spinelli hadn't been there. Maxie confided that the entire time that she and Spinelli had been a couple, she had worried that Spinelli would get hurt, or worse, because he had been determined to prove to her that he was a man of action. She confessed that after the breakup, she had been comforted by the knowledge that Spinelli would be safe because he no longer had a reason to prove himself to her. However, she had been wrong, because Spinelli had shown up to save her anyway.

Matt operated on Spinelli, while Spinelli's gumshoe persona, Jackal, stood in the shadows, watching the scene unfold. When Spinelli's vital signs suddenly dropped, Matt realized that Spinelli was in worse shape then they had thought. As Matt raced to save Spinelli's life, Jackal approached the operating table to ask what was wrong with Spinelli. Jackal was curious if Spinelli intended to take a "powder." According to Jackal, taking a slug hadn't a big deal because Spinelli had saved "the girl." Spinelli rallied when Jackal assured Spinelli that Maxie would pledge her undying devotion if Spinelli pulled through.

Jason caught up to Sam, who stood outside of Siobhan's hospital room. Sam explained that Nikolas had been visiting her when the lockdown had occurred. Afterwards, Nikolas had learned about Siobhan's injury, so they had decided to check on Lucky's wife. Jason was curious about Sam's cramps, so she quickly assured him that she was fine. She suspected that it had been a residual of the surgery. Jason took a deep breath and then told Sam about Spinelli's shooting.

Sam felt responsible because Spinelli had been at the hospital because of her. She regretted that she hadn't taken action when she had heard the alarm. Jason insisted that there hadn't been anything that Sam could have done. He then told her about working with Dante to save the hostages. Sam was impressed that Dante hadn't let "who works for who" stand in the way of saving lives.

Jason turned the conversation back to Sam; he was curious if Sam had gotten the results of the pregnancy test. Sam wasn't concerned about the pregnancy test because all she could focus on was Spinelli. She wanted their friend to be okay. Jason agreed. According to Jason, Spinelli had proven himself to be a true friend, so Jason had no idea what he would do without Spinelli.

In the conference room, Lisa held a syringe, filled with drain cleaner, to Robin's neck. Lisa ordered Patrick to convince her not to kill his wife. Patrick doubted that Lisa wanted to kill Robin because he believed that Lisa would have done it already. Patrick suspected that Lisa simply wanted Patrick's attention, good or bad. He insisted that Lisa mattered to him, so he promised to help her if Lisa put down the syringe. All the while, Patrick moved closer to Lisa until he was within reach of her.

Lisa was startled when Patrick suddenly lunged for the syringe to yank it out of her grasp. Robin managed to break free during the struggle, but Lisa refused to relinquish the syringe. Eventually, Patrick managed to gain the upper hand, but not before Lisa injected herself with the deadly chemical. Within seconds, Lisa collapsed as the drain cleaner entered her bloodstream. A short time later, Mac arrived to check on Robin. Robin credited Patrick with saving her life. Mac was curious if Lisa would make it, but Patrick didn't know.

Mac admitted that, as a police officer, he hoped that Lisa made a full recovery, so that she could stand trial for her crimes. However, as an uncle, Mac wanted Lisa to "burn in hell." Patrick couldn't believe that Lisa had gone so far as to put people in danger because of her obsession. Robin insisted that it wasn't Patrick's fault, but Mac didn't agree. Robin was outraged that Mac would suggest that Patrick had been even partly responsible for what Lisa had done. She reminded her uncle that she and Patrick had reconciled, so she expected Mac and Patrick to do the same.

Later, Mac asked Dante to go to the police station to write up a detailed report about Lisa's capture. However, Mac cautioned Dante to minimize Jason's role in everything because Mac didn't want to have to listen to Mayor Floyd complain. After Dante left, Robin informed Mac that Patrick would have to be checked out by a doctor before Patrick could give a statement. Mac looked at Patrick's injury and then suggested that it was minor. Robin sent Patrick on his way and then reminded Mac that Patrick was a brain surgeon, so any injury to Patrick's arm could compromise his ability to operate. Mac smiled because he loved it when Robin scolded him, but she wasn't amused.

Robin made it clear that she expected Mac to work things out with Patrick. Moments later, an orderly handed her the test results that she had been waiting for. Meanwhile, Matt approached Maxie to tell her that Spinelli had made it through surgery, and was expected to make a full recovery. Maxie hugged Matt and then went to see Spinelli. Spinelli remained unconscious as Jason, Sam, and Maxie hovered in his hospital room. Maxie admitted that Spinelli had been like a hero out of an old detective movie during the crisis.

Meanwhile, Spinelli had a gumshoe dream of walking into his office to find Maxie waiting for him. In the dream, Maxie insisted that it had to mean something that he had saved her. In the hospital room, Maxie told Jason and Sam that Spinelli had been the bravest man she had ever known, and that Jason had nothing on Spinelli. Maxie apologized for the insult, but Jason assured her that he hadn't taken offense. Moments later, Sam and Jason left to give Maxie some privacy. Maxie tearfully told Spinelli that she should have kept her mouth shut instead of letting Lisa provoke her.

Spinelli continued to dream about Maxie. In the dream, Maxie wanted to show him her gratitude for saving her, so she kissed him. Spinelli's eyes slowly opened. "Welcome back, hero," Maxie said. "Keep 'em coming doll-face," Spinelli responded. Maxie immediately realized that something was wrong. Her suspicions were confirmed when Spinelli introduced himself as "Jackal."

In the hallway, Robin thanked Jason for his help. Sam was surprised when Robin shifted gears to reveal that the pregnancy test results were in. Robin handed the results to Sam, but Sam asked Robin to tell her what they were. Robin revealed that Sam had been correct; Sam was not pregnant. Sam tried to hide her disappointment, but Jason noticed it. After Robin left, Sam assured Jason that she was fine, but Jason pulled her into his arms for a comforting hug.

At the nurses' station, Mac apologized for making "digs" about Patrick, but Robin didn't believe that Mac was sincere. Mac admitted that he didn't think that Patrick should get a pass because Patrick had hurt Robin by cheating on her. Robin argued that Patrick had apologized to her about the one-night stand with Lisa and that they had worked things out. Moments later, Steve approached the nurses' station to update Robin and Mac on Lisa's condition. According to Steve, Lisa was in a coma, and it was unlikely that Lisa would ever regain consciousness. Mac confessed that, as politically incorrect as it might sound, Lisa had gotten exactly what she had deserved.

Later, Robin found Patrick on the hospital rooftop. Patrick assured Robin that his injury would heal. Robin apologized for Mac's behavior. Patrick wasn't concerned about Mac because his thoughts were on what had happened in the conference room. Patrick revealed that Lisa had given up during the struggle, and that he hadn't tried to stop her from injecting herself with the syringe.

Robin refused to allow Patrick to blame himself for Lisa's decision to try to kill herself. Robin thought that it was ironic that Lisa's failed attempt had resulted in Lisa becoming a prisoner in her own body. Robin was relieved that she and Patrick were finally free of Lisa. Patrick held his wife, but his expression remained troubled.

On the Haunted Star, Lucky stood behind the bar, on the verge of taking a drink, when Liz walked in. Liz told Lucky that Mac needed Lucky at the hospital. Lucky explained that he wasn't available, and probably wouldn't be a cop for much longer. Lucky was curious if Liz knew how Siobhan had been hurt. Lucky explained that the house on Charles Street had symbolized the lost dreams of two marriages, his parents' marriage, and their own, so he had set fire to it. Liz reminded Lucky that the house hadn't been to blame for what had happened.

Lucky told Liz about the moment that he had realized that Siobhan had been inside the burning house. He wondered why he always hurt the people who loved him most. Liz begged Lucky not to do that to himself and then revealed that his sons needed him. Lucky was surprised when Liz clarified that he was Aiden's father. "It's true," Liz added at Lucky's expression of disbelief. Lucky warned Liz that even a well-intentioned lie wouldn't keep him from taking a drink if he wanted it. Liz promised him that it wasn't a lie.

Liz explained that she had arranged for another paternity test because of Jake. According to Liz, Jake had looked more like Jason the older that Jake became. The same had been true for Aiden. Lucky argued that Aiden's resemblance to him was because Nikolas and Lucky had the same mother, so Liz had actually seen Laura's features, not Lucky's. Liz reminded Lucky that Helena had been in Port Charles during the first two paternity tests, so Helena could have easily paid someone to change the results. Liz had decided to have a third test to see if her suspicions were correct.

Lucky was curious what Liz wanted from him. He wondered if she enjoyed playing "God" by giving him things that he desperately wanted and then taking them back. Lucky pleaded with her to stop tormenting him. He reminded her that she had let him believe that he was Jake's father for months before she had told him the truth, so he couldn't understand why she would keep quiet about Aiden. Lucky was stunned when Liz tearfully admitted that Jake had died because she had been reading the results of the paternity test. She confessed that after Jake had died, nothing had mattered to her.

Liz admitted that she had wanted Aiden to be his son, but she had never imagined that it would happen at the expense of Jake's life. Liz acknowledged that she had also been reluctant to shatter Lucky and Nikolas' newfound peace. She had convinced herself that the truth about Aiden's paternity could wait, but then Lucky had decided to marry Siobhan. Lucky realized why Liz had been at the courthouse on his wedding day. Liz conceded that she had intended to tell him the truth, but then she had changed her mind because she hadn't wanted Lucky to feel obligated. Lucky appreciated that Liz had tried to protect everyone.

Lucky thought about Siobhan, who was in a fight for her life. He insisted that he was no better than Luke. Lucky confided that telling Luke that Luke had been the driver responsible for Jake's death had been one of the worst moments of his life. Lucky recalled that Luke had grabbed a bottle and then drank it as if it would save him. That had been the moment that Lucky had realized that Jake had been killed because Luke had been drunk. Lucky admitted that from that moment on, he had been running away as much as Luke had been.

Lucky confessed that he had decided to take the coward's way out by diving into the bottom of a bottle. Liz assured Lucky that he was stronger than Luke and that she believed in him, and always would. Lucky admitted that Liz always knew how to talk him down from the ledge. Lucky pushed the bottle of alcohol away and then reached for Liz's hand. He told her that she had saved him, so he would try not to let her down. Liz insisted that Lucky couldn't.

"He's really mine?" Lucky asked. "Yes," Liz replied. Lucky wondered if Nikolas knew. Liz admitted that she would have to tell Nikolas. Lucky offered to accompany her, but Liz thought that it would be best if she did it alone.

At the hospital, Lucky sat at Siobhan's bedside. He confessed that he had no idea how to start making amends. He suggested that it would help if Siobhan were okay because he couldn't take it if he had hurt her. Siobhan stirred and then slowly opened her eyes. "What happened?" Siobhan asked. Lucky wondered if she knew who he was.

Siobhan chuckled and then assured him that she knew that he was Lucky Spencer, and her husband. Siobhan admitted that she recalled bits and pieces of what had happened. Lucky wasn't surprised when she confessed that she had run into the burning house because she had feared that Lucky had been trapped inside. Lucky confessed that he had started the fire and that he and Dante had heard her screams, so they had raced inside to rescue her. Lucky admitted that he was deeply sorry for what had happened, so he was determined to be the husband that she deserved.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

At Kelly's, Brenda and Alec talked about their trip to the aquarium. Alec admitted that his favorite fish had been the butterfly fish. Brenda was startled when Anthony entered the diner and then sat down at their table. Anthony immediately struck up a conversation with Alec by mentioning the trip to the aquarium. Anthony confessed that he enjoyed the flower gardens more than the aquarium, so he suggested that he and Alec go sometime. The conversation took an ominous turn when Anthony advised Alec to be careful never to wander off.

Brenda quickly informed Anthony that Alec always held her hand. Anthony smiled as he confessed that he knew that because his "friend" had been watching Brenda and Alec at the aquarium. Brenda warned Anthony that her bodyguard had done the same. Anthony admitted that he hadn't seen a bodyguard. "That's the point," Brenda replied as she hoisted her son onto her lap. Anthony confided to Alec that people watched Sonny all of the time, and then asked Alec to say hello to Sonny for him. Brenda appeared rattled as she watched Anthony leave.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny demanded to know why he hadn't been given clearances for his project. Diane reminded Sonny that it would take weeks for the city to approve the renovation on the piers. She warned him that it could take longer because he was Port Charles' leading crime boss. Diane was surprised that she had to explain that to Sonny because they had been dealing with the city for years. Sonny was clearly frustrated, so Diane suggested that Sonny had two choices: he could let her do her job or he could call Mayor Floyd to see how fast the mayor denied his request. Max immediately stepped forward to defuse the tension in the room, but failed.

Diane accused Sonny of being annoyed with her because she had refused to make him a father, yet again. Sonny was curious what Diane had to do with him becoming a father. Diane told Sonny about Brenda's request for Diane to arrange for Sonny to adopt Alec, and Diane's refusal to do it. Sonny demanded to know what Diane had said to Brenda. Diane admitted that, in light of what had happened to Sonny's children, she couldn't, in good conscience, arrange for Sonny to adopt Alec. Max begged Sonny not to fire Diane because Max feared that he would lose Diane.

Diane assured Max that she didn't have any plans to end their relationship. Sonny promised Max that he didn't intend to fire Diane, but Sonny expected her to work on her people skills because it wasn't her job to discuss Sonny's private matters with Brenda. Sonny warned Diane that if she didn't stay out of his business then he would let her go. Shortly after Diane left, Brenda arrived home with Alec. Sonny asked about their day at the aquarium. Alec told him that they had fun and then passed along Anthony's message.

After Alec left the room with Max, Brenda told Sonny about her encounter with Anthony. Sonny promised to handle Anthony. "Like you did before?" Brenda wondered. Sonny had no idea what Brenda was talking about, so she revealed that Anthony had approached her on the piers. Sonny wondered why she hadn't mentioned it sooner. Brenda explained that Sonny had been busy with Kristina and the graduation, so she had been reluctant to upset him.

Sonny insisted that Brenda and the children were his life. He promised that he would never pick one over the other. Sonny assured Brenda that he loved her, and wanted to take care of her. Later, Sonny and Max were waiting for Anthony when Anthony arrived home. Sonny informed Anthony that he had received Anthony's message. Sonny warned Anthony that he could get to Anthony anytime and anywhere.

"Duly noted," Anthony replied. Sonny vowed that if Anthony ever used one of Sonny's family members to relay a message then Sonny would do the same with the only family member that Anthony had left. Sonny promised that Anthony wouldn't like the message. Anthony remained silent as he glared at Sonny.

In Spinelli's hospital room, Spinelli spoke with his gumshoe accent as he confessed that Maxie was a sight for sore eyes. Maxie praised Spinelli for being a hero, and insisted that he had been amazing during the hostage crisis. She admitted that she didn't know how to thank him, so Spinelli suggested that she kiss him. Maxie chuckled and then told him that the accent wasn't necessary. She referred to him as Spinelli, which prompted him to clarify, "I told you, my name is Jackal, P.I." Maxie thought that "the voice" was cute, but she wanted to be certain that he was okay, so she asked him to drop the act.

Maxie grew concerned when Spinelli assured her that it wasn't act, and that he remembered the shooting. Maxie revealed that Lisa was in a coma, and not expected to make it. Spinelli admitted that it was justice, but he confessed that he owed Lisa one because "she brought out the real me." Maxie decided to ask Spinelli a series of questions to see what he remembered of his life before the shooting. Spinelli was able to answer every question, including his real name, so Maxie called Matt in to evaluate Spinelli.

Spinelli recounted the events that had unfolded in the conference room in his gumshoe style of speaking. Matt thanked Spinelli for saving Maxie's life. Spinelli assured Matt they were even because Matt had saved Spinelli's "bacon." Maxie dragged Matt in the hallway to find out what was wrong with Spinelli. Matt insisted that Spinelli was fine, but Maxie argued that Spinelli's "bizarre personality" wasn't normal. Matt reminded Maxie that Spinelli had adopted accents before, so the gumshoe act was simply a new quirk.

After Matt left to do rounds, Maxie returned to Spinelli's hospital room. Spinelli admitted that he wanted a shot of whiskey, but Maxie warned him that he would be falling down drunk if he drank it. Diane entered the room seconds later, after learning about the shooting. Diane was stunned when Spinelli referred to Diane as his favorite redhead and then called her "Cookie."

At the Spencer house, Ronnie suspected that Dante knew more about the fire than Dante claimed. Moments later, Lulu walked up. "Oh, my God," Lulu said as she looked at the burned-out shell of the home that she had grown up in. Dante promised that he had done all that he could to save the house, but it hadn't been enough. Lulu admitted that perhaps it had been for the best that the house had been destroyed. Ronnie wondered why Lulu felt that way and then asked if there had been a big insurance policy on the house.

Dante ordered Ronnie to knock it off. Ronnie decided to talk to the fire chief, but he instructed Lulu not to leave. After Ronnie walked away, Lulu admitted that she was certain that Lucky had torched the house. Dante suggested that Lulu discuss it with Lucky. Lulu confessed that she had wonderful memories of living in the house with her grandmother, Lesley. According to Lulu, Lucky did, too, but he had been determined to destroy all of that.

Lulu was curious where Lucky was, so Dante told her about Siobhan. Lulu was stunned, so she quickly left. Moments later, Ronnie returned. Ronnie revealed that the fire had been a result of arson and that Lucky was the prime suspect. Ronnie didn't expect Dante to give Lucky up, but he warned Dante not to risk his badge to protect Lucky.

At the Haunted Star, Tracy was working on some paperwork when Lulu entered. Lulu spotted the bottle of scotch on the bar. Tracy doubted that it belonged to Luke, even though it was Luke's favorite brand. Lulu suspected that Lucky had pulled the bottle off of the shelf because Siobhan had been injured in the fire on Charles Street. Tracy admitted that she had hoped that Luke had returned when she had heard about the fire.

Lulu confessed that she feared that Lucky had relapsed because she had sent Lucky to find Luke, which had set Lucky up for Luke to unload on him. Tracy thought that it was tragic if Lucky had started to drink, but she insisted that it wasn't Lulu's responsibility to save Lucky. Tracy reminded Lulu that Lulu had turned herself inside out trying to help everyone. Lulu claimed that she was fine, but Tracy didn't believe her. According to Tracy, Luke and Lucky were wrapped up in their own dysfunction. Lulu didn't want to hear any criticism about her father and brother because she loved them.

Tracy immediately backed down, but insisted that she loved Lulu, so she would be available if Lulu needed to talk. Later, Dante entered the casino and found a note on the bar. Tracy walked in moments later, looking for Lulu. Dante revealed that they had missed her; Lulu had gone looking for Luke. Dante decided to find Lulu, but Tracy warned him that Lulu would have told him where she was headed if she had wanted Dante to know. Dante didn't care, so Tracy warned him that Lulu was on a wild goose chase that would end in disaster.

On a plane, Lulu looked at a map of Jacksonville, Florida, and then called Lucky. Lulu reached his voicemail, so she explained that she was going to be out of town for a few days. She realized that the timing was bad, but she promised that things would be better when she returned.

At the hospital, Lucky explained that he wanted to be there for Siobhan, and to give their marriage a real shot. Siobhan thought that Lucky should know that he was Aiden's father before he made any promises to her. Lucky was stunned that she had known about Aiden. Siobhan noticed that Lucky didn't seem surprised about Aiden's paternity, so he revealed that he had recently learned the truth. He was curious why Siobhan hadn't told him about Aiden sooner.

Siobhan admitted that it hadn't been her secret to tell. Lucky revealed that Liz had decided to tell Nikolas, so everyone would know the truth soon. Siobhan wondered if Lucky wanted to reconsider the promises that he had made to her, but Lucky insisted that Aiden's paternity didn't change anything between them. Siobhan argued that a child was a bigger priority than a wife whom Lucky had married to keep from being deported. Lucky was curious if she were trying to get rid of him.

"No," Siobhan replied. Lucky suggested that Siobhan get some rest, but she wanted Lucky to take some time to process everything. Lucky couldn't understand why she wasn't mad at him for almost getting her killed, so Siobhan argued that it hadn't been intentional. Lucky revealed that Liz had found him in the casino, about to take a drink. Siobhan understood why Lucky had been tempted to drink, but she explained that it wouldn't have made his problems go away. Lucky appreciated that she hadn't tried to throw the twelve-step program in his face.

Siobhan realized that she didn't have experience with the program, but she knew that it worked because Lucky was proof of it. She was confident that Lucky would have gotten back on the program if he had slipped. However, she was grateful that Liz had stopped him. Lucky confessed that knowing the truth about Aiden had also stopped him from drinking. Lucky recalled how much he had wanted Aiden to be his son after finding Aiden with Franco's mother. Lucky wondered how sharing genes made Aiden more of a son than Cam or Jake.

Siobhan pointed out that it didn't mean that he loved Aiden more than Cam or Jake, but Lucky would see more of himself in Aiden. Lucky admitted that at first he hadn't believed Liz's claims that Aiden was his son. However, when he realized that it was the truth, he hadn't wanted a drink. Siobhan realized that it was because he didn't want Aiden to see him in the same light that Lucky saw Luke. Lucky explained that Cam didn't have to worry about the Spencer DNA, but Aiden did, which frightened Lucky.

Siobhan was certain that Aiden would be a fine man like Lucky. Lucky argued that she was in the hospital because of him. He warned her that "romance with self-destruction" was strong his family. Siobhan reminded Lucky that everyone fell, but what counted was how people picked themselves up. Siobhan suggested that Lucky would be there to show Aiden the way if Aiden ever struggled with addiction.

At Wyndemere, Liz was waiting for Nikolas in the turret room when he arrived home. Nikolas admitted that he had heard about the fire and Siobhan's injury, so Liz quickly assured Nikolas that Siobhan would recover. Nikolas realized that Lucky had burned the house on Charles Street, so he feared that his brother was becoming more like Luke. However, Nikolas hoped that the police suspected Luke of the arson, not Lucky. Nikolas started to complain about how Luke had always hated Laura's house, but Liz explained that she wasn't there for that. She confessed that she had something to tell him that she should have told him months before.

Nikolas was curious what she was talking about. "Aiden isn't your son; he's Lucky's." Liz tearfully revealed. Liz explained why she had decided to have a third paternity test done, and how she had been reading the results of that test when Jake had been hit. She admitted that she had kept the truth about Aiden's paternity from everyone because she hadn't wanted to shatter Lucky and Nikolas' newfound peace; however, she had found Lucky about to take a drink in the Haunted Star after Siobhan had been injured in the fire. Nikolas didn't believe Liz's claims about Aiden. He was certain that she had lied to Lucky to keep Lucky from relapsing.

Liz offered to show Nikolas the paternity test, but Nikolas argued that she could have easily changed the results because she was a nurse. Nikolas argued that she had always wanted Aiden to be Lucky's son, so she had lied in a desperate attempt to save Lucky. Nikolas insisted that Aiden was his son, so he refused to hand him over to Lucky as a replacement for Jake. Liz couldn't believe that Nikolas would say that to her, but Nikolas refused to apologize. Nikolas assured Liz that he could forgive her for lying about Lucky being Aiden's father as long as she told Lucky the truth and then never mentioned it again. Liz's eyes filled with tears as Nikolas stormed out of the room.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Maxie demanded to see Jason as she pounded on Jason's penthouse door. Sam opened the door to explain that Jason wasn't at home. Maxie revealed that Spinelli had morphed into Jackal, P.I., so she needed Jason's help to get the old Spinelli back. Sam suggested that perhaps Spinelli had been out of it because of the anesthesia, but Maxie assured her that it wasn't that. Maxie explained that Matt had ruled out a stroke, and other physical anomalies, so Maxie feared that it was psychological. Maxie was certain that Jason would be able to force Spinelli to return to the terrific guy that Spinelli had once been.

In Spinelli's hospital room, Jason was shocked when Spinelli spoke like an old-fashioned gumshoe as he introduced himself as Jackal, P.I. Jason ordered Spinelli to knock it off because he needed Spinelli's help to access the organization's off-shore accounts. Jackal insisted that he wasn't a "keyboard jockey," so he had no clue how to help Jason. Jason fetched Spinelli's laptop, but Jackal had no idea how to open it. Jason opened the laptop and then explained that Sonny's entire organization would be compromised if they didn't access the funds in the off-shore accounts.

Sam and Maxie entered the hospital room moments later. Maxie was annoyed when she realized that Spinelli still spoke like a gumshoe, so she demanded to know why Jason hadn't fixed Spinelli. Jackal greeted Sam and then asked if they had any interesting new cases to work on. Jason dragged Sam into the hallway to ask for her help with Spinelli. Sam confessed that she didn't want to change Spinelli because she thought that his new personality was "fun." Jason insisted that he needed Spinelli back immediately, so Sam returned to the hospital room to help jog Spinelli's memory.

Sam showed him the video game that Spinelli had created, and other various websites that Spinelli had designed, but Jackal was too busy admiring Maxie's "gams." Maxie ordered Jackal to stop staring at her with Spinelli's eyes because it gave her the creeps. Sam thought that it might help to discuss the cases that she and Spinelli had worked on, but Jackal was more interested in suggesting that they do something edgier than investigate cheating spouses. Jackal thought that industrial espionage, kidnappings, and murders would be more exciting. Sam was surprised because she had thought that he had been worried about her getting pregnant. Jackal assured Sam that it was her business, but he would take on the "mean streets" solo if she decided to have a baby.

Ethan went to the Quartermaine mansion to talk to Edward about Maya. Edward was disappointed to learn that Maya had decided to remain in Philadelphia, so he reminded Ethan of the deal that they had made. Edward wanted Ethan to find a way to change Maya's mind, but Ethan explained that, short of dragging her home in a private plane, he couldn't. Edward perked up because he had a private plane that Ethan could use. Ethan suggested that he would need money because time was of the essence.

Edward grew quiet when Ethan requested three hundred fifty thousand dollars to get Maya back to Port Charles. Edward chuckled and then admitted that Ethan was a chip off the old Spencer block. Edward revealed that he had already spoken to Maya, so he knew that Maya had found someone new and that Ethan had flown to the Dominican Republic for a divorce. Ethan was curious if Edward would give him a partial payment for the time that he and Maya had been married, but Edward tossed Ethan out because he blamed Ethan for driving Maya away.

At the Zacchara penthouse, Ethan poured himself a drink as he wondered if Johnny had any work available. Johnny admitted that he did have something lined up, but not for a couple of weeks, so he offered to front Ethan some money. Ethan appreciated it, but declined. Johnny was curious what was going on with Ethan, so Ethan told Johnny about Maya's affair, and the divorce. Johnny felt bad for his friend because he knew that Ethan had cared about Maya.

Ethan switched gears to warn Johnny that storm clouds were brewing. Ethan explained that Anthony had been making his presence known, which had "pissed off" Sonny. Johnny admitted that Anthony and Sonny had been itching for a fight. Ethan was curious where that left Johnny. "In the middle," Johnny replied. However, Johnny added that if he were lucky, he would be able to hold off Armageddon because Michael was the key to dealing with Sonny.

At Kelly's, Alexis decided that Kristina could not go to Cancun on her senior trip because Kristina had gone to the Dominican Republic with Ethan. Kristina argued that she was almost nineteen. Alexis resented Kristina for forcing Alexis to act like a "generic mom." Kristina complained that Alexis was being "arbitrary and unfair," but Alexis countered that it was her right as Kristina's mother. Alexis suggested that Kristina could ponder the error of her ways while Kristina's friends were in Cancun. Kristina was curious if Alexis were done.

Alexis smiled because she realized that Kristina hoped to get rid of her before Ethan arrived. Alexis wondered if Kristina were trying to get Ethan killed because Sonny disapproved of Kristina's relationship with Ethan. Kristina argued that Sonny hated Ethan because Alexis and Sonny had jumped to the wrong conclusion about why Kristina and Ethan had flown to the Dominican Republic. Alexis insisted that she expected Kristina to follow the rules as long as Kristina lived under Alexis' roof. Alexis revealed that Kristina would not be allowed to join Alexis and Molly on their trip to Manhattan, and that Kristina would have a 6:00 p.m. curfew until further notice.

Alexis suggested that Kristina wasn't being fair to Ethan by putting him in a position where he had to take care of Kristina. Alexis warned Kristina that Ethan wouldn't cross the line with Kristina, so she advised Kristina to find someone more suitable. Shortly after Alexis left, Ethan entered Kelly's. Kristina pretended to be surprised to see him. She invited him to join her, so Ethan sat down at her table. Ethan felt bad for Kristina when she told him about Alexis' decision to cancel the trip to Cancun and about the curfew.

Kristina assured him that she was fine and then wondered what his plans were. Ethan admitted that he had been thinking about heading out of town for a while because things hadn't worked out with the Haunted Star, and Johnny wouldn't have work available for another couple of weeks. Kristina smiled sweetly as she invited Ethan to her place to keep her from losing her mind. Ethan doubted that Alexis would approve, but Kristina claimed that Alexis had just been humoring Sonny, so Alexis didn't have a problem with him.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny and Michael discussed Michael's new job at the warehouse. Sonny wanted Michael to take an office position, but Michael insisted on starting at an entry-level job. Sonny wondered if Michael intended to work for Johnny if Sonny didn't agree. He admitted that it felt as if Michael were hanging the threat over his head. Michael explained that he simply didn't want Sonny to pave his way at the warehouse because Michael wanted to work his way up the ranks like any other employee. Sonny admitted that he had always vowed that his children would do better than him.

Michael clarified that he wanted to get things on his own merit, as Sonny had. Sonny confessed that he would have accepted help from his father if it had been offered, but Michael didn't believe Sonny. Moments later, Brenda entered the parlor, so Sonny asked Brenda to tell Michael about her encounter with Anthony at Kelly's. Brenda reluctantly told Michael about the veiled threat, which Sonny used as an excuse to warn Michael to stay away from the Zaccharas. After Michael left, Brenda was curious why Sonny had asked her to tell Michael about the incident with Anthony.

Sonny explained that Johnny and Anthony had been courting Michael for quite some time, so Sonny wanted Michael to understand that Anthony had overplayed his hand by threatening her. Sonny then changed the subject by suggesting that Brenda take advantage of the beautiful day by taking Alec to feed the ducks. Brenda wanted to spend the day with Sonny and Alec on the speedboat. Sonny confessed that he would love to, but he expected Alexis to arrive, so that they could discuss setting boundaries for Kristina. Brenda advised Sonny to listen to Alexis because Alexis might have a more realistic view of things. Sonny argued that Alexis had been too accepting of Ethan.

Brenda promised to stay out of it, but she warned him that no father in history had ever won the battle when a teenage girl believed that she was in love. She reminded Sonny that she had been eighteen when she had fallen in love with him, and that he had been much more unsuitable than Ethan. However, no one could have changed her mind about Sonny. Sonny conceded, "Unfortunately, you love who you love." Moments later, Alexis arrived, so Brenda excused herself.

After Brenda left, Sonny explained that he wanted to make certain that he and Alexis were on the same page in regards to Kristina. Sonny insisted that he didn't want Kristina to see Ethan anymore. Alexis assured Sonny that she had handled it by canceling Kristina's trips to Cancun and Manhattan, and giving Kristina a curfew. Sonny thought that it was a good start, but he wanted Alexis to forbid Kristina from seeing Ethan. Alexis warned Sonny that they would force Kristina to defy them if they took a stance like that with their daughter. Sonny argued that Kristina would obey them if they were a united front.

Alexis burst out laughing. She accused Sonny of being a Neanderthal and then asked him to join her in the twenty-first century. Alexis suggested that Sonny should have some faith in their daughter, but Sonny reminded Alexis that the last time they had done that, Kristina had ended up in an abusive relationship with Kiefer. Alexis argued that Ethan wasn't Kiefer, but Sonny couldn't understand her sudden turnaround. He reminded Alexis that she had been terrified that Kristina had eloped with Ethan.

Sonny insisted that Ethan was a con artist, so he expected Alexis to show more concern about Kristina's relationship with Ethan. Alexis accused Sonny of being a hypocrite because Michael was living with an ex-stripper, which Sonny didn't seem to mind. Sonny argued that it was a different situation because Michael was a boy. Alexis was too disgusted to respond, so she left.

At the penthouse, Jason finished up a call about the off-shore accounts, when someone knocked on the door. It was Edward. Edward admitted that he and Monica had been hurt because they hadn't been invited to Michael's graduation. Jason apologized, but Edward confessed that he was just relieved that Michael had lived to graduate. Edward explained that he had stopped by because he wanted to offer Michael the opportunity to intern at ELQ. According to Edward, it was time for Michael to return to his real family.

Jason revealed that Michael had a job at the coffee warehouse, but Edward scoffed. "The coffee business is actually legitimate, Grandfather," Jason clarified. Edward didn't expect Jason to say otherwise, so he asked Jason about Michael's plans for college. Edward was delighted to learn that Michael had been accepted to Port Charles University. Edward admitted that he didn't want to fight with Jason, but he reminded Jason that Jason had handed over Michael to Sonny when Michael had been a baby. Edward insisted that Michael had been paying the price for that ever since, so it was time for Jason to make things right.

After Edward left, Jason went to see Sonny to tell Sonny about Edward's offer. Jason admitted that it would be a great way to keep Michael safe. Sonny reminded Jason that Jason had left the family fold because the Quartermaines had nearly destroyed Jason. Sonny didn't want the same thing to happen to Michael.

At the coffee warehouse, Michael was getting familiar with everything when Abby stopped by. He told her about his talk with Sonny, which made her realize that she should work a little harder to find a job. Michael assured her that he would cover the expenses until she found something. Abby suggested that she take Anthony up on his offer to work for Angela Dwyer, but Michael warned her that she would be playing into Anthony's hands. Abby thought perhaps she could spy for Sonny, but Michael revealed that things were heating up between Sonny and Anthony, so it would be too dangerous. Michael thought that it would be best for Abby to stay away from the war that was brewing, so Abby suggested that Michael take his own advice.

Later, Johnny entered the warehouse and found Michael working. Johnny was surprised that Michael had opted for a low-level position with Sonny instead of taking Johnny up on his offer. Michael explained that everything had changed when Anthony had started "sniffing" around Abby, and threatening Brenda. Michael realized that Anthony was looking for a war, so Michael refused to side against Sonny. Johnny tried to persuade Michael to change his mind by suggesting that they would work together to keep the mob war from breaking out.

Meanwhile, Edward invited Abby to the mansion to offer her a job with ELQ, or one of its subsidiaries. However, Edward had one stipulation: Michael would have to agree to work for ELQ too.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Kristina "accidentally" ran into Ethan at Kelly's. She told him that Alexis had grounded her. Kristina asked Ethan to keep her company at home. Ethan said, "No." Kristina asked if it was because of Sonny's reaction when he found them together in the Dominican Republic. Ethan apologized for sending mixed messages.

Kristina said she was the one sending mixed signals because all she really wanted from Ethan was some help picking the country for her college "Study Abroad" program. Ethan said that he was not much of a scholar. Kristina said that because he had lived all over the world, his firsthand knowledge of the countries she was considering would be very helpful. Ethan was convinced and agreed to help her out at home.

At the mansion, over tea, Edward was very friendly to Abby. Edward offered her a job but made it clear that he would give her a job at ELQ only if Abby got Michael to work there also. Abby called Edward on his manipulation and told him that she'd had several offers from people who wanted to manipulate Michael through her. Abby told Edward that she did not control Michael. Abby said that Michael was a smart capable man who did not need her or anyone else to make decisions for him. Edward said that he wanted to offer Michael something better than mob life. Abby told him that if his offer was so wonderful then he should not need help from her. When Edward said that he did not want Michael to suffer for Sonny's sins, Abby told Edward very firmly that Michael would never turn against Sonny.

At Sonny's home, Jason outlined the internship at ELQ that Edward wanted to give to Michael. Sonny preferred that Michael continue working at the warehouse where he would be close. Jason argued that the job at ELQ might be better for Michael because it would get him completely out of the mob business and might even whet Michael's appetite for college. Sonny feared that Michael would succumb to Edward's controlling ways and end up like AJ. Jason said that Michael was stronger and more self-assured than AJ and did not care whether or not the Quartermaines liked him. On reflection, Sonny said that Michael was better off with Edward than with the mob.

Michael was stacking bags of coffee at the warehouse when Johnny showed up. Johnny said that the only way to keep the peace was for Michael to work for Johnny. Michael said that he would never turn against Sonny. Johnny said that Anthony would not go after Sonny if Michael worked for the Zaccharas. Michael said that Johnny was saying all the right things.

Michael then added that he would be a fool to believe any of them. Michael said that after Johnny had helped Abby, he had expected Johnny to call in a favor. Johnny told Michael that he did not expect a favor from him. Johnny said that he was trying to avoid a mob war. Michael asked if that meant that he could refuse Johnny's job offer. Johnny said that Michael understood how the business worked.

Johnny said that it was the law of the jungle, and Sonny was waving a red flag. Johnny said that by offering Michael a job, he was also offering Michael a way to save Sonny's life, because Anthony had no scruples or love of family like Sonny did. Johnny said that Anthony would stop at nothing to make sure Sonny was hurt or dead, including murdering Sonny's family. Johnny said that Anthony did not care about his own family, but Sonny did, and that was what made Sonny vulnerable. Michael said that he was turning down Johnny's offer. Johnny said that he hoped that Michael did not eventually regret his decision.

Lulu found the bordello where Luke had been staying. She approached Lupe and tried to get information about Luke. Lulu pretended that she had a job for Luke. Lupe was unconvinced, especially when Lulu seemed shocked to see a young girl lead a customer up the stairs. When Lupe asked why Lulu was staring, Lulu fretted that the girl looked like a high school kid. Lupe said that they had not asked for ID when the girl had been hired. Lupe told Lulu to leave, but Lulu persisted and wanted to see the owner. Lupe said Javier was a dangerous man, and Lulu should stop asking questions.

When Lupe sensed that Lulu had a personal reason to find Luke, she demanded to know what it was. Lulu lied and said the real reason she was there was because her boyfriend had been on a job with Luke and had not returned from it. Lupe told Lulu that her man was gone and to go away. Lulu would not leave and wanted to know where Luke was hiding. Javier intervened because Lulu was making a scene. Javier wanted to know what business Lulu had with Luke.

Brenda visited with Jax and Josslyn because she had learned from Alexis that she would be called as a witness in the custody case between Jax and Carly. Brenda said that she was not comfortable testifying that Carly was unfit as a mother. Jax said he did not want Brenda to testify that Carly was unfit; he wanted Brenda to testify that it was dangerous to be around Sonny. Brenda said that Jax was reaching. She said that she would not testify against Sonny. Jax introduced Brenda to Josslyn and continued pressing Brenda to confirm on the witness stand that Sonny posed a danger to Josslyn.

Dante met Tracy at Kelly's to tell her that Lulu had gone searching for Luke and to find out if Tracy knew where Lulu had gone. Tracy said that she had tried to help Lulu, but Lulu had refused to see Luke realistically. Tracy told Dante that it would be better for Lulu to confront Luke and let Luke tell her that he no longer wanted to have a relationship with his family. Dante wanted to support Lulu but Tracy told him to stay out of it and let Lulu find out the truth on her own.

Dante went to Sonny's to ask about Luke. Sonny thought that Dante was there about Michael and rushed to explain that Michael's job was strictly legitimate. Dante said that it was good that Michael was working for Sonny because Johnny was circling around. Dante asked if Sonny knew where Luke had gone because Lulu had gone after him. Sonny said that Luke had probably gone back to Florida to the whorehouse where he had grown up. Sonny said that he doubted that Luke would return.

Sonny said that it was best if Luke stayed gone. Dante said that Luke had a drinking problem and was causing his family a lot of pain. Sonny said that Dante could not understand Luke's pain unless he walked a mile in Luke's shoes. Dante could not understand why Luke would leave his family to hide out in a whorehouse. Sonny said that Dante would find it difficult to understand because he had grown up in a large, loving supportive family, which was the opposite of what Sonny and Luke had known.

Luke and Sonny had grown up with abusive fathers who had slapped them around and had made them feel like dirt. Even though they had climbed out of the gutter, both felt that they had gotten lucky, and no matter how successful they were, they knew deep down that the gutter was waiting for them to fall. Sonny said that Luke was not in his right mind, so Luke had gone back to a place where he fit in, and the bordello in Florida was where Luke felt he fit. Sonny added that it was not a place where Lulu should be poking around.

Johnny caught up with Jason and told him that he had seen Michael at the warehouse. Johnny said that he had offered Michael a job but Michael had turned him down. Jason was pleased. Johnny said that Michael had been given a chance to keep the peace but had passed on doing so.

Abby found Michael at the warehouse, and they talked about his first day on the job. He told her about Johnny's offer, but said that Johnny had overplayed his hand. Michael said that he would never turn against his father. Abby told Michael about tea with Edward and the strings attached to the job offer Edward had made to her. Michael said that Edward was a schemer, but Abby said that she felt sorry for Edward because he was a lonely old man who longed for his family. She said that some of what Edward had said made sense.

No one was home when Kristina got to the lake house with Ethan. She offered Ethan a glass of wine. Ethan accepted but worried that Alexis might get the wrong impression. Kristina made a joke about Alexis getting the wrong impression when she and Sonny had believed that Ethan and Kristina had gotten married in the Dominican Republic. Ethan quickly changed the subject to Kristina's study program. They discussed the attractions of the various European cities that Kristina could pick for her "Study Abroad" program.

Kristina asked Ethan if he would visit her in Europe once she got there. He said that the study program was too far in the future to make plans. Ethan told Kristina that all she had was a crush on him and that it would pass. Kristina told Ethan that they could settle the matter with a kiss. Ethan was reluctant, but Kristina was insistent. Ethan told Kristina to do her worst. Kristina started kissing Ethan.

Jason went to see Edward at the mansion. Edward implored Jason to insist that Michael take a job at ELQ. Jason was resolute when he said that the choice was up to Michael. Michael arrived with Abby in tow. Michael said that Abby had told him about her visit with Edward. Edward was about to defend himself when Michael said he would take the job Edward was offering -- as long as Abby got a job also.

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