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General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 5, 2011 on GH
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Monday, December 5, 2011

At General Hospital, Patrick and Robin waited for Liz to return to her room. Patrick encouraged Robin to fight for her job. Robin said that what was important to her was spending as much time as she could with Patrick and Emma. Robin had watery eyes when she told Patrick that she had not been careful and had subsequently made a mistake. Patrick thought that she was referring to the murder of Lisa Niles and told her that he had taken care of everything and that he had not given to police all the clothes that he and Robin had been wearing on the night of Lisa's death.

Robin told Patrick that he should not have tampered with evidence. She worried that he could go to jail as a result. Patrick said that Lisa had deserved to die because of all the lives that she had adversely impacted. Robin said that she wanted to forget about Lisa and focus on giving Emma the best Christmas ever. Patrick said that he would protect Robin and keep her safe. Patrick told Robin that he would not let anything happen to her.

Near the elevators, Liz confronted Luke while he was talking to Lucky. She wanted to know why he had been in her house when Aiden got sick. Liz told Lucky to keep Luke away from her boys because she was not burying another son because of Luke. Luke was momentarily stunned by her vehemence, but told Liz that he was glad that she had taken the target off herself and pinned it on him where it belonged. Liz's anger at Luke did not abate. She told him that he did not care about her other children and had only visited Aiden because Aiden was Lucky's biological son.

Liz started screaming at Lucky. She told him not to defend his father because of all Luke had taken from them. Lucky urged her to calm down, but Liz continued to shout that Luke had cheated Jake out of his future. Liz collapsed. Epiphany produced a wheelchair and took Liz back to her room. Luke told Lucky that it was Lucky's turn to have a say.

Lucky said that he had already said everything that he had to say to Luke. Luke replied that Lucky had told him that they could move forward once Luke was sober. Luke said he was sober and wanted to move forward. Lucky did not believe Luke. Luke offered that because of all that had happened, Liz was on emotional overload.

Luke cautioned that because Lucky had been there to catch her, Liz would continue to have expectations of Lucky. Luke told Lucky not to make the same mistake with Liz that Luke had made with Laura. When Lucky asked whether the mistake was falling in love or letting it go, Luke walked away.

Back in Liz's room, Patrick apologized to Liz for recommending Lisa to the hospital, which had ultimately resulted in Liz's near drowning. Liz assured Patrick that it was not his fault. When Patrick and Robin went out in the hall, he insisted to Robin that it was his fault and that Liz was a patient because of him. Patrick said he had a need to make everything right.

Robin begged Patrick to promise that he would do no more evidence tampering. Before she could secure that promise, Epiphany interrupted and told Patrick that he was needed in the OR. Robin went up to the mezzanine. As she looked over the hospital, she was holding her own medical file and had tears in her eyes.

Lucky went to Liz's room to check on her. Liz apologized for causing a scene and said that she was embarrassed. Lucky told Liz about his experience in Ireland. Lucky said that he had gone there because of a letter that Siobhan had left for him, but instead of getting a message from her, he had gotten a message from Jake about Aiden's illness. Liz said that Jake knew that she needed Lucky as much as Aiden did and had sent Lucky home to them.

Liz said that she and Lucky were being given a second chance and begged him to take it. She said that both Aiden and Cameron wanted them to be a family again. Lucky said they had been over the same ground before. Lucky said he was not strong enough to have Liz and then lose her again. Liz urged Lucky to reconsider. She said that they could give Aiden the life that had been taken from Jake.

On the Haunted Star, Luke left a note for Ethan. He looked at a bottle of whiskey and held it in his hands, but did not open it. Luke put on his sunglasses, grabbed his bag, and left the casino.

Elsewhere in the harbor, Lulu caught up to Dante on the boat where Lisa had been murdered. They argued about his job. Lulu's fears for Dante's safety fell on deaf ears. Dante insisted that he loved his job and could not sit behind a desk just to keep Lulu from worrying about his safety.

Dante told Lulu that she needed to find something that she loved to do. He told her to find something that she had a passion for that was not him or her family. Dante said that Lulu was focusing on the wrong things. Lulu said that she was not her mother and that Dante did not have to coddle her. Dante said that he did not go out looking to get shot and that he was not going to live his life worrying about all the bad things that might happen to him.

Lulu said that she did not want to worry that any time Dante left her, he might not make it back. She said that she could not live like that. Dante said that he was not going to change or give up his job, no matter how much he loved and wanted to be with Lulu, because it would change the person he was. He told Lulu that she would have to make the decision about their future. With tears in her eyes, Lulu took off the engagement ring. Dante said he guessed that meant there was no more need for ultimatums and then left Lulu alone on the boat.

Lulu threw the ring across the cabin, poured herself a large glass of whiskey, and downed it in one gulp. Back at the loft, Dante called Mac and left a message thanking him for assigning Dante to the Lisa Niles case. He unlocked the box holding his gun, snapped in a clip, and holstered the weapon.

Ethan caught the Laura look-alike at Wyndemere. He asked several questions, but the woman in white did not speak or answer him. When he asked why she had slashed Laura's portrait, and then wondered aloud about whether or not she was hiding from Helena and who the large footprints he had seen belonged to, the woman in white disappeared into a secret passage. Ethan followed, but did not find her. As he was leaving Wyndemere, Ethan saw a message in the dust that said, "Tell no one." After Ethan was gone, the woman in white found Ethan's message, which said, "Don't worry." She smiled.

On the Haunted Star, Ethan found Luke's note, which warned him to be careful when chasing ghosts because they could chase back. Luke added that he was off to chase ghosts of his own.

At the police station, Alexis and Mac talked about the Lisa Niles murder and his reasons for believing that Maxie, Robin, or both together could have killed Lisa. Alexis wanted to know why Mac did not recuse himself. Mac said that he could be more helpful by staying close to the investigation. Mac said that he finally understood why Sonny and Carly had covered up for Michael. Mac said he would do the same thing for either one of his girls. When Alexis asked if he had already suppressed evidence, Mac said he had not, but that there were a million ways to bury a case without tampering with the evidence.

When Alexis said that she believed him, Mac wanted to know why. Mac said that other than a few shared Thanksgivings that she did not know him at all. Mac referenced his bad boy past and said that he just wanted Alexis to know that he had a dark side, since she seemed to be attracted to men who did not walk the straight and narrow. Alexis got flustered and took her leave. When Mac asked if he could call her on non-business matters, Alexis said that he could.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

In Liz's hospital room, Lucky realized that Liz envisioned a future with him, so he warned her not to read too much into things. Liz reminded Lucky of what they had meant to each other, but Lucky argued that they couldn't go back, "ever." Liz quickly clarified that she wanted to move forward with Lucky. She knew that Lucky had gone to Ireland to deal with his guilt, because Siobhan's death had taken its toll on him. Lucky explained that he had gone to Ireland, because he had lost faith in everything, so Liz pointed out that Jake's message had been a sign.

Lucky insisted that the message had only been about Aiden, nothing more. Lucky added that he had been on a journey, so Liz wondered why they couldn't be on one together. Lucky explained that he and Liz were always drawn together by tragedies, because one of them needed saving, or to be a savior. Lucky admitted that he couldn't do it anymore, so he wanted a fresh start. Liz couldn't understand why Lucky refused to see that Aiden was a new beginning, and that the message from Jake had been a reminder that life went on.

Lucky stressed that life went on, not backwards. Liz suggested that Lucky stop punishing himself, because happiness was still within reach. She urged Lucky to embrace it, and then reached for his hand. Lucky pulled his hand out of Liz's grasp, and then reminded her that they had failed to make things work in the past. Liz's anger flared as she informed Lucky that he couldn't have it both ways. She accused Lucky of wanting everyone to see him as a great, and loving father, yet he also wanted to be free to pass in and out of his sons' lives.

Lucky denied it, but Liz argued that he had left for Ireland without telling the boys goodbye. Lucky argued that he had told her about his plans, but Liz claimed that Lucky had been vague, at best, and that he had treated her the same way that Luke had treated Laura. Liz accused Lucky of thinking like an addict, and running away from his responsibilities. Lucky disagreed, but Liz wondered if he truly expected her to believe that he hadn't thought about picking up a glass, or taking a pill. Lucky conceded that he had thought about it every day, which was why he had left town for a while.

Liz revealed that Ethan had told her that Lucky pushed Liz away, because Lucky loved her. Lucky acknowledged that he would always love Liz, but he insisted that they were codependent. Liz was tired of the addiction metaphors, so Lucky suggested that first loves didn't last for a reason: people grew up. Liz wondered if Lucky expected her to sit around waiting for him. Lucky admitted that it would be disastrous for her if she did, so Liz reminded him that he had once believed that love was enough.

Lucky was certain that, with time and help, Liz would accept that they could never be together again. Liz was stunned that he would imply that she needed professional help. Lucky assured Liz that he hadn't meant it like that, but Liz argued that it wasn't crazy of her to expect Lucky to stop making excuses to the boys about why he wasn't around, and to commit to all of them. Lucky promised that he would always be there for Cam and Aiden, and then reminded her that he had always been a "hands-on father."

As if to prove his point, Lucky assured Liz that he would take the boys until she was strong enough to go home. Liz angrily accused Lucky of being part of Cam and Aiden's lives when it was convenient for Lucky. Lucky didn't think that she was being fair. "Maybe not," Liz conceded, but she insisted that Lucky's dead wife seemed to be his priority. Lucky denied it, and then suggested that they both needed a break to find out who they really were. Liz assured Lucky that she knew exactly who she was; she was a single mother, who begged friends and family, including his sister, for help, so that Liz could work her butt off to keep a roof over Cam and Aiden's heads.

Liz refused to end up like Laura by going crazy, in an attempt to keep her family together, while her husband took off to "find himself." Lucky insisted that he wasn't like Luke. "Right," Liz replied, and then coldly accused Luke of trying to get a free pass for killing "my son," by convincing the world that Luke had given up alcohol. Lucky suggested that they continue the discussion another time, because it wasn't good for Liz to get upset. Liz resented Lucky telling her that he loved her and the boys, but then insisting that he couldn't be with them because he needed to find himself. Lucky decided to fetch Liz's doctor, but Liz accused Lucky of looking for an excuse to walk away, because that was what he was good at.

"Just go," Liz shouted as Lucky left. Moments later, Liz got out of bed, went to the closet, pulled out her overnight bag, and then dug out a tube of lipstick. Later, Lucky and a nurse returned to Liz's hospital room, but Liz's bed was empty. The nurse went to check the bathroom, while Lucky spotted something on Liz's bed. "Can't do this," was scrawled across Liz's pillow in red lipstick.

In Bensonhurst, Sonny stood outside the brownstone where he had grown up, as memories of the abuse that he had suffered at Deke's hands ran through his mind. Eventually, Sonny went to the apartment. "Welcome home," Sonny sarcastically said after he opened the door. Sonny wandered to the window, looked out, and then went to the closet where he had hidden as a child. Moments later, a cop entered the apartment with his gun drawn. Sonny quickly explained that he owned the building, so the cop slowly lowered the weapon.

The cop suggested that Sonny do the neighborhood a favor by tearing down the brownstone. According to the police officer, the boy who had once lived there had grown up to be mobster Sonny Corinthos. "Mean little son of a bitch," the cop spat as he talked about the Sonny that Jimmy had gone to school with. The police officer explained that Sonny had been the type of kid who would continue to beat someone, even after the person had stopped fighting. The cop insisted that Sonny had treated Adela the same way. Sonny's jaw clenched at the mention of his mother's name.

The police officer didn't seem to notice, as he continued his tale about Sonny's violence. The cop claimed that Sonny would beat Adela, who had been a nice woman, and a beautiful lady. The police officer added that Adela had been married to a good cop, named Deke, and that everyone in the neighborhood had known that Deke had intended to press charges against Sonny for abusing Adela. However, according to the cop, Sonny had arranged to have Deke killed. "Sounds like justice to me," Sonny growled.

The cop's eyes narrowed as he asked to see Sonny's identification. Sonny chuckled; he was surprised that Jimmy hadn't recognized him. Jimmy looked at Sonny's driver's license, which Sonny had handed to him. Jimmy insisted that he was proud of his uniform, unlike Sonny who was ashamed to use his own name. Sonny accused Jimmy of not being smart enough to make detective. The two continued to trade insults until Jimmy mentioned Deke's murder. The tension grew thick as Sonny warned Jimmy not to tread any further.

Jimmy wisely heeded Sonny's warning by returning Sonny's driver's license, and then walking to the door. Jimmy stopped to advise Sonny to let the rest of the neighborhood know who owned the building, so that they wouldn't bother the police the next time someone prowled around. "Deke Woods was a bad man," Sonny replied, but Jimmy just shook his head, and then left. Deke's vicious threats rang in Sonny's ears, accompanied by the sounds of Deke beating Sonny. "You lying piece of garbage," Sonny roared. Sonny was furious that Deke had blamed Adela's beatings on him.

Sonny hoped that Deke had thought of Sonny when Deke had been dying in the alley, and that Deke had known who had sent the gunman after Deke. Sonny also hoped that Deke had begged the killer not to shoot, the same way that Adela and Sonny had begged Deke not to beat them. "I don't beg anymore, Deke. I'm untouchable," Sonny shouted. Sonny vowed that he was done with Deke, but the sound of a sniffle drew Sonny's attention to the closet. Sonny saw a much younger version of himself, curled up and crying, on the closet floor.

Jason spotted Sam sitting in the alley where Franco's latest graffiti tag had been found. Jason gently suggested that it wasn't a good idea for her to be there alone, because it was what Franco would want. Jason assured her that he wouldn't stop until he hunted Franco down, and then ended it. Sam confessed that she doubted that it would ever end. Jason admitted that hanging out in the alley wouldn't speed things along. Sam explained that she had been in the alley, because she had hoped to pick up a trail on the man that she had followed from Jake's. Jason reminded her that it wasn't necessary to cover with him; they both knew what Franco had done.

Sam promised Jason that she wasn't trying to push him away. Jason confessed that he couldn't forget what it had been like to be stuck in the room as Franco targeted Sam. Jason suddenly recalled a time when Franco had vowed that things would end when Franco decided. Franco had advised Jason to play nice, if Jason wanted answers. Jason returned to the present as he promised Sam that he would figure out Franco's next move. Sam admitted that Jason had been right to insist that they stop obsessing over what Franco had done, because Franco would win.

"Not this time," Jason assured her. Sam begged Jason to go to Jake's with her for a few beers, and to be normal again, even if it were for a few minutes, but Jason declined, because he needed to take care of things.

At Carly's house, Shawn arrived with his belongings, and then suggested that they set some ground rules. Carly bristled, but Shawn insisted that it was the only way that he could properly protect Carly and Josslyn properly. Carly sarcastically wondered if she were expected to salute him, since he seemed to want to run her home like a military base. Shawn explained that he merely wanted to keep her safe, prompting Carly to wonder if things were back to being all business, or if they were still friends. Shawn admitted that they couldn't be both, so Carly dropped to the sofa, and then posed seductively. Carly smiled sweetly as she asked Shawn what the rules were.

Shawn was not amused. He reminded Carly that there was a sociopath fixated on her daughter. Carly assured Shawn that she took the threat seriously, so Shawn urged her to use some common sense. He pointed out that it was clear that Franco was in Port Charles, but Carly refused to cower in her own home. Frustrated, Shawn wondered what he had to do to set Carly straight. Shawn and Carly were startled when Michael suddenly appeared in the doorway, and then ordered Shawn not to talk to Carly like that.

Carly quickly assured Michael that everything was fine. Michael's mood didn't improve when he learned that Shawn had moved in with Carly, so that Shawn could guard her and Josslyn around the clock. Michael accused Shawn of using the threat of Franco to take advantage of Carly. Carly explained that it had been her idea for Shawn to move in, but Michael was certain that Shawn had an ulterior motive. Carly admitted that she didn't expect Michael to like Shawn; however, she wanted Michael to treat Shawn with the same respect that Carly showed Abby. Michael argued that Carly hadn't always treated Abby kindly, so Carly reminded Michael that her living arrangements weren't Michael's call to make.

Michael backed down, and then agreed to focus on finding the man who had been responsible for the attacks on the women at Vaughn's. Shawn warned Michael to reconsider, because it might land Michael in Franco's sights. Michael insisted that he wasn't afraid of Franco, but Shawn suggested that Michael should be, because Michael didn't know what Franco was capable of. "No, you don't," Michael snapped back. Shawn advised Michael to stay out of the mess, but Michael wasn't moved. "Go to hell," Michael snarled, and then stormed out.

Carly decided to tell Shawn about Michael's rape in Pentonville, but she warned Shawn not to say anything to Michael. Shawn realized why Jason was desperate to get to Franco, so Shawn assured Carly that he wouldn't let Franco near Carly, or her children. After Shawn went to check on the security system, Jason arrived. Carly told Jason about what had transpired with Michael and Shawn a few minutes earlier, and then admitted that she was worried, because Michael tended to be just like Sonny when Michael was angry.

After Jason left, Shawn set the alarm, and then asked Carly to pick up her shoes, which were scattered everywhere. He was afraid that he might trip over them during the night. Carly stubbornly refused to pick up her shoes, because it was her house. However, she promised to get to it in the morning. Later, Carly watched with appreciation as Shawn did pushups on the living room floor, unaware of his audience.

At Jake's, Garrett Floyd and Diane sat down at the bar, and then ordered drinks. Diane informed Coleman that Garrett had stepped down as mayor to focus on running his newspaper, the Herald. Diane revealed that the newspaper would be overhauled, and renamed the Port Charles Press. Garrett explained that he intended to put the ugliness of the scandal that his late wife, Andrea, had created behind him, by launching his new career using his middle name, Prescott. "Pres for short," Diane added.

Pres Floyd revealed that his new mission was to fight for the little people, and then added that Diane had been hired to write a weekly column. "The Port Charles Confidential," Diane clarified. Coleman warned Diane that her columns had already ticked people off. Pres confessed that they had also generated a lot of revenue for the newspaper. Coleman was curious how it felt for Pres to look for dirt, instead of covering it up. Pres smiled, and then admitted that he wouldn't have it any other way.

Meanwhile, Sam entered Jake's, and then approached Ranelle's table. Ranelle was seated with a friend, Kara, who had been a victim of the man stalking the women from Vaughn's. Sam wondered if Kara had recalled anything that might help to identify the attacker, but Kara confessed that she had never seen the man's face. Sam was curious if there had been anything familiar about the man. Kara and Ranelle exchanged a look, prompting Sam to realize that Kara had recognized something about the man. They were unaware that Pres Floyd's interest had been piqued when he had overheard their exchange.

Seconds later, Michael marched into Jake's, and then made a beeline for Ranelle and Kara's table. Michael loudly demanded know what the ladies knew about the man attacking the dancers from Vaughn's. Sam was startled by Michael's aggressive behavior, so she suggested that he calm down. Sam assured Michael that she had been discussing the case with the ladies, so his attitude had been uncalled for. Michael insisted that he had been trying to help, so Sam pulled him aside to continue their discussion privately. Michael explained that Abby might be the next victim, even though Abby had stopped taking her clothes off for a living.

Sam was shocked by the implication that Kara, and the other women, had somehow deserved to be attacked because they were strippers. Michael was hurt that she would think that about him, after what he had been through. Sam immediately apologized for overreacting, but Michael suspected that something else was going on with Sam. Sam explained that she just had been taken aback by the way he had talked to Ranelle and Kara.

Michael admitted that he was in a bad place, because he had recently learned that Shawn had decided to move in with Carly, because of Franco. Sam reminded Michael that Shawn would just be protecting Carly and Josslyn. Michael complained that Shawn had warned Michael to stay away from the stalker targeting the dancers from Vaughn's, because it might put Michael in Franco's path. Sam doubted that Shawn had meant any harm by the comment, but Michael argued that Shawn didn't know what it felt like to be a victim of a man who would use, and torture, someone just to get to Jason. Michael grew concerned when Sam suddenly turned away, so he quietly asked her what was wrong.

In the alley behind Jake's, Coleman showed Jason a new graffiti tag that had appeared within the previous hour. The tag read, "NO2CCAH5O." Jason studied the updated tag as he recalled a conversation that he'd once had with Franco. Franco had vowed to leave Jason with nothing but the purity of Jason's talent, and rage. Franco had promised that Jason's hatred for Franco would burn everything else away, so that Franco could hold up a mirror to show Jason who Jason really was, and to let everyone that Jason cared about "burn in hell."

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

At the Bensonhurst brownstone, Sonny studied the young boy who sat in the closet, where Sonny used to hide during Deke's abusive outbursts. Sonny insisted that the boy was a relic, who belonged in the past. Sonny claimed that he wanted nothing to do with the boy, but the boy simply looked up at Sonny with sad eyes. "I am you," the young boy replied. Sonny argued that he wasn't the same person that he had been as a child.

According to Sonny, people respected and feared him, because he was a powerful businessman. Sonny vowed that he would never be the young boy who had once cowered in the closet. Sonny resented how the young boy seemed to pass judgment on Sonny. Sonny insisted that the young boy was worthless, because he hadn't been able to help his mother or himself. Sonny claimed that the boy didn't have any power, or control, so the young boy wasn't Sonny, and Sonny was certainly not the young boy.

Kate suddenly appeared in the doorway, as Sonny continued to rant at the vision of himself as a child. Her eyes grew misty with tears as she watched Sonny rail at the boy. "You make me sick," Sonny shouted, and then insisted that he didn't want to see the young boy's scared little face again. "Disappear," Sonny shouted to the boy. Kate gently called out Sonny's name. Sonny turned, exchanged a long, and meaningful, look with Kate, and then reached out to her.

Sonny and Kate held each other for a few minutes, and then Sonny explained that even though the apartment was empty, something remained in the walls. Kate suggested that what had happened in the apartment was a part of Sonny, but it didn't have to define him. She believed that entering the apartment had been the first step in staring down his demons. Sonny argued that there weren't any demons for him to face. Kate conceded that he was right; they were just sad memories of a very sad young boy. Kate suggested they return later, but Sonny vowed that he would never be back.

Kate nodded, and then led the way out of the apartment. Sonny lingered behind to glance at the closet. The young boy remained seated in the closet. "Yes, you will," the young boy told Sonny. "You still need me," the boy added.

Later, Sonny and Kate arrived at their hotel suite. Sonny wondered if Kate had found what she had been looking for in the vintage clothing store. She admitted that she had discovered exactly what she had been looking for, but she was curious if Sonny could say the same. Sonny explained that the purpose of their trip had been for him to spend time with Kate, which he had hadn't had the opportunity to do. Moments later, Sonny and Kate shared a passionate kiss, and then made love.

At Crimson, Maxie was working alone, as she left another message for Matt, explaining that she was worried about him. Moments later, Lulu walked in. Lulu revealed that she needed Maxie's help, but Maxie insisted that she didn't have the time. Lulu refused to be brushed off, because she was desperate for Maxie's objectivity and honesty. Maxie relented, and then asked what was going on. Lulu confessed that she had been a mess since Dante's shooting; she couldn't stop thinking about how close Dante had been to dying.

Lulu explained that Dante had broken his promise to work desk duty, which had led to a heated argument, during which Dante had given Lulu an ultimatum to accept his decision, or end things. Lulu admitted that she had broken things off with Dante. "Again?" Maxie asked. Lulu was taken aback by Maxie's blasé attitude, so she insisted that she had been attempting to save Dante's life. Lulu was startled when Maxie suggested that ending things with Dante had been the right decision. "Why?" Lulu wondered.

Maxie was curious what Lulu wanted her to say, because it wouldn't matter, since Lulu would likely do whatever Lulu wanted to do anyway. Lulu was curious if Maxie were trying reverse psychology on her, so Maxie clarified that she had just been telling Lulu what Maxie thought that Lulu wanted to hear. Moments later, the phone rang. Maxie was annoyed when the person began to complain about a photo shoot for the magazine. After Maxie ended the phone call, Lulu suggested that Maxie had been rude. Maxie began to rant about how Lulu had abandoned Maxie to work alone, so Maxie had a lot on her plate.

Maxie made it clear that she wasn't in the mood to indulge Lulu; however, they were friends, so Maxie decided to give it one more shot. Maxie suggested that only Lulu could decide if it were worth staying with Dante. Lulu appreciated the advice, and then left. Afterwards, Maxie called Matt.

At the police station, Dante wondered if he could help Delores find what she was looking for in his desk. Delores claimed that she had been searching for the notes on the boat search, but Dante wasn't satisfied. He warned Delores that his desk was off limits. Delores realized that Dante didn't like her, so Dante admitted that she rubbed him the wrong way. Delores suspected that it was because she was ambitious, while he preferred his women to be "house-trained." Dante glared at Delores, who immediately apologized for the inappropriate comment.

Delores explained that she was eager, not uptight, because she wanted to make a difference. Dante admitted that he respected that, so he advised Delores to change out of her uniform. Delores seemed surprised by the remark, so Dante clarified that the uniform tended to make witnesses clam up. Delores relaxed as she conceded that Dante had a point. She suggested that they meet for drinks sometime, to get to know each other better, since they were going to be partners. Dante agreed, but he was curious how Delores' husband would feel about his wife meeting Dante for drinks.

Delores assured Dante that her husband would be fine with it, if he weren't out of town on business. After Delores left to change clothes, Mac informed Dante that the forensics report on the murder weapon, which had been used to kill Lisa Niles, was back. Dante thanked Mac for the update, so Mac shifted gears to find out how things were working out between Dante and Delores. Dante assured Mac that everything was fine, and then thanked Mac for putting him on the murder case. Dante explained that he had needed the work, especially since things weren't going well with Lulu. Mac seemed concerned, so he advised Dante to take the rest of the evening off.

After Mac left, Dante called the loft. Lulu didn't pick up, so Dante left a message for her. He admitted that he hated how things had ended between them, so he wanted to talk to Lulu, because he was confident that they could fix things. "I'm here," Lulu said as Dante ended the call. Dante turned to see Lulu standing in the squad room. Dante's smile quickly faded when she held out the engagement ring, and then explained that she had stopped by to give it to him.

"So that's it?" Dante wondered. Lulu confessed that she didn't see the point of dragging things out, because Dante had clearly made his choice. Lulu revealed that she intended to go to the loft to pack her things, and then left. Outside, Lulu stopped to cry.

At Crimson, Maxie left another frantic message for Matt to return her call. Maxie explained that she was freaked out, because she knew that he had called the forensics lab at the hospital, so she had a good idea why. Maxie quickly pretended to be making plans with Matt for a romantic evening when she spotted Mac step out of the elevator. Maxie ended the call, but Mac made it clear that he hadn't bought the ruse. Mac was curious why she was covering for Matt, but Maxie denied that she had been doing that.

Mac argued that Matt had not been seen for a few days, so Mac knew that Matt had disappeared. Maxie immediately became protective of Matt by warning Mac not to make Matt a suspect in the murder investigation. Mac was curious if Maxie trusted Mac. "Yes," Maxie replied without hesitation. Mac relaxed, and then questioned why Maxie had gotten rid of the dress, purse, and shoes that she had worn on the night of Lisa's murder. Maxie explained that everything had been ruined, so there hadn't been a point in keeping them.

Mac explained that if something had happened on the boat with Lisa, then Maxie needed to tell him. Maxie was curious if he were speaking to her as a police officer, or as her father. Mac assured Maxie that he loved her, and that he would do anything for her. He promised her that he had meant what he had said when they had commemorated BJ's birthday on the hospital's rooftop. Maxie insisted that she had told Mac everything, but Mac seemed skeptical. Mac reminded her that he could protect her, but she was not in a position to protect others, so she needed to tell Matt to get back by the morning, or Mac would put an APB out on Matt.

At the loft, Lulu packed her things. She stopped to listen to Dante's message, but then resumed filling a box with her belongings, including a bottle of wine. Afterwards, she left.

In the alley, behind Jake's, Jason studied Franco's latest message as he recalled a conversation with Franco, when Jason had denied being anything like Franco. Franco had told Jason that Jason should have died in the car crash, because Jason had squandered the gift that Jason had been given. Franco had conceded that Jason was nothing like him. "No one is," Franco concluded.

Jason roared with anger as he returned to the present, and then demanded to know if Franco were trying to punish him, by hoping that Jason would stop loving Sam, because of what Franco had done. Jason vowed that it would not happen. Moments later, Spinelli entered the alley. Spinelli was concerned about Jason, but Jason wanted to know if Spinelli knew the meaning of Franco's new message, "NO2CCAH5O." Spinelli looked at the graffiti tag, and then suggested that perhaps it was some type of chess match. Jason explained that Franco couldn't feel, so Jason suspected that Franco believed that if Jason lost everyone Jason loved, then Jason wouldn't feel anything either.

Spinelli pointed out that there hadn't been any casualties in Franco's latest round with Jason. Frustrated, Jason shouted, "Spinelli," and then quietly added, "Franco did enough." Spinelli wondered if perhaps the new tag was somehow tied to the gifts that Franco had sent to Josslyn. Jason's patience snapped as he insisted that he needed to know the meaning of the circle at the end of the tag. Spinelli didn't know, so Jason ordered Spinelli to leave. Afterwards, memories of what had transpired with Franco at the Museum of Contemporary Art flashed through Jason's.

Jason demanded to know what Franco wanted, and then dared the serial killer to face him.

At Jake's, Michael sensed that something was wrong with Sam, but Sam tried to blame her unease on trying to find the man who had been attacking the dancers from Vaughn's. Michael suspected that there was more to it, so he wondered if Sam had ever been victimized. "Yes," Sam admitted. Sam explained that before she had met Jason, she had attracted the wrong type of guys. Michael was surprised, because he had always thought of Sam as being a responsible person, who had always been in control. However, he assured her that she wasn't to blame for what her ex-boyfriends had done.

Sam assured Michael that she realized that, but she regretted that she hadn't been more aware. Michael wondered if something had recently happened to Sam. He promised her that she could trust him not to say anything. Sam brushed it off as the past creeping up on her. Michael admitted that he knew what that was like; Franco's return was a reminder of what had happened to Michael in jail. Sam was curious if he had been able to put the rape behind him. Michael explained that he was working on it, with Abby's help.

Sam could tell that Michael loved Abby deeply, but Michael insisted that it was an understatement, because Abby was everything to him. Michael admitted that he missed Abby, even though she had only been gone for a couple of hours. Sam thought that it was good that Abby was not in town, while the man attacking the dancers from Vaughn's on the loose. Michael agreed, because all of the victims had been Abby's friends. Sam assured Michael that he had done his best to protect Abby, but she warned him not to play the hero. Michael confessed that Abby had said something along the same lines, but Michael wondered if Jason would be able to stand by, and do nothing, if someone had hurt Sam.

Sam admitted that it wasn't in Jason's nature. Michael insisted that the same was true for him, which was why he was determined to find the man responsible for targeting the dancers. Sam warned Michael that sometimes it didn't matter, because the people that they loved ended up hurt anyway. Moments later, Coleman warned Sam that Jason was in the alley, where Franco had left a new tag. Sam and Michael raced out to the alley.

At Jake's, Johnny updated Ranelle and Kara about their friend, Lindsay, who had been the latest victim of the man who had been attacking the dancers. The ladies were concerned when Johnny explained that it was "touch and go" with Lindsay. Ranelle appreciated everything that Johnny had done for them, but Johnny was frustrated that he couldn't find the person responsible for the attacks.

Nearby, Diane noticed Pres Floyd watching Johnny. She was curious what the ex-mayor's fascination was with Johnny. Pres explained that something was clearly going on, so he urged Diane to find out by questioning Johnny. Diane warned Pres that approaching Johnny was pointless. She was confident that she would have more success talking to the ladies that Johnny had been talking to.

In the alley, Jason tried to figure out Franco's new message by going over the various conversations that he'd had with Franco, since first meeting the serial killer. "The circle has no beginning; it has no end," Jason mumbled. Jason suddenly realized something, so he started to leave, but Sam and Michael called out to him. Jason explained that Franco had taken things full-circle, so Jason was certain that Franco was waiting for Jason at the first place that Jason and Franco had met. According to Jason, it had been during a shoot-out. Jason started to leave again, but Sam insisted on going with her husband.

Everyone froze when Pres entered the alley, and then noticed Franco's tag on the side of the building. Pres realized that Franco had returned, so he decided that the people of Port Charles had a right to know. Pres wanted it to be the lead story in the newspaper, but Jason feared that it might mess things up. Pres ignored Jason's warning, so Jason threw Pres against a dumpster, and then threatened the ex-mayor. Pres took off, while Sam and Michael stared at Jason with matching expressions of disbelief over Jason's loss of control.

Johnny was impressed when he noticed Delores enter Jake's in her street clothes. Johnny hoped that Delores was there for drinks, not business. Delores wondered why it mattered, since it was clear that he was busy with some other ladies. Johnny glanced at Ranelle and Kara, and then explained that they worked for him at Vaughn's, but he had to temporarily close the strip club, because someone who had been attacking the dancers. Delores was curious why she hadn't heard about it, so Johnny suggested that the cops weren't interested in what happened to strippers. Delores ignored the remark as she asked how many women had been attacked.

Johnny told her that three of his dancers had been assaulted, but nothing had been done. He then switched gears by suggesting that they leave together. "Not going to happen," Dante warned Johnny as Dante suddenly appeared at Delores' side. Johnny was disappointed when Dante led Delores away. Dante thought that Delores had seemed quite cozy with Johnny, for a married woman. Delores pointed out that Dante had a fiancée, but Dante quickly clarified that the engagement had been called off.

Moments later, Pres walked up to Dante, and then demanded that Dante take action against Jason, who had assaulted Pres. Pres insisted on pressing charges, so Dante went to the alley to place Jason under arrest. Jason explained that Franco was back, so it was up to Jason to stop Franco. Dante was unmoved. Jason's anger mounted, so Dante drew his gun, and then ordered Jason to turn around, so that Dante could handcuff Jason. Jason hesitated, but then complied.

Sam and Michael were stunned as Dante led Jason away. Jason instructed Michael to take Sam home, but Sam refused to go.

In the bar, Diane struck up a friendly conversation with Ranelle and Kara.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

In New York City, Kate put the brakes on things before she and Sonny made love. She was afraid of being hurt, because Sonny continued to hide from his feelings, and the past. Sonny reminded Kate that she had been the one who had left, while he had waited for her on the street corner, ready to commit the rest of his life to her. Kate pointed out that he had made the same promises to Brenda and Carly. Sonny wondered why she always threw that in his face, so Kate explained that she suspected that Sonny used women as a distraction to escape his painful past.

Kate started to talk about the black eyes and bruises that she had seen on Sonny during their childhood. Sonny insisted that Deke was dead, so there was no reason to discuss it. He couldn't understand why Kate refused to accept that. Kate explained that she couldn't let it go, until Sonny did. Kate was frustrated, because she could see Sonny shutting down, which she was certain had doomed his marriage to Brenda. Sonny insisted that Brenda couldn't deal with his lifestyle, but Kate argued that Sonny hadn't done a good job of it either. Sonny was curious if Kate expected him to open a vein, and then beg her to heal him.

Sonny insisted that not everything in his childhood had been a nightmare. He had some good memories, including of a time when he had walked down the boardwalk with a pretty girl, who had held his hand. Kate smiled as she recalled that he had always held her hand tightly, because, she suspected, he had been afraid of being pulled back into the closet. Sonny claimed that he hadn't thought about any of that when he had been with her, but Kate insisted that people often revealed themselves in subconscious ways. Sonny was curious what Kate had revealed.

Kate confided that she had been terrified of the water, because she had a fear of drowning, so she had always held on tightly to Sonny when they had gone to Coney Island. Kate promised to be there for Sonny when he faced down his demons, but Sonny insisted on doing it alone. Kate wondered when that would be. "Soon," Sonny assured her. He then tried to shift gears by grabbing a bottle of champagne, and offering to order strawberries.

Kate declined the champagne and strawberries, because she had no intention of sleeping with Sonny. Sonny wondered why Kate continued to fight him, so Kate explained that she didn't want him to use her as a means to escape his past. Sonny claimed that she was the bright light that pulled him out of the dark, but Kate didn't believe him, because she saw the darkness inside of him. Sonny turned on the charm, as he assured her that he just wanted to have fun with her. He then surprised her with the admission that he had been thinking about skates.

Kate was startled when Sonny invited her to go ice-skating with him at Rockefeller Center. He explained that it wouldn't be Christmas if they didn't go. Kate smiled with delight as she agreed to go. Moments later, they left.

At the police station, Pres Floyd demanded that the charges against Jason be filed immediately. Pres warned Dante that he was familiar with the favorable treatment that Sonny and Jason received from certain police officers. Dante wondered what Pres thought about people like Franco, who murdered for art and sport. Pres insisted that the people of Port Charles had a right to know that Franco had returned, so Pres intended to run the story in his newspaper. According to Pres, Jason had viciously attacked him to keep Pres from alerting the public that the serial killer was back. Dante argued that Jason had wanted to stop Pres from creating panic.

Delores stood nearby, quietly watching the exchange between Dante and the ex-mayor. She pointed out to Pres that they didn't have any proof that Franco had actually returned. Pres snidely advised Dante to check with Sonny, and then warned Dante to keep Jason behind bars, or Pres would have Dante's badge. After Pres stormed out, Delores and Dante went to their desks. Dante grumbled about Pres, so Delores changed the subject by telling Dante that she was sorry that things hadn't worked out with Lulu. Dante didn't want to talk about it, so he advised Delores to go home.

Delores admitted that she'd rather stick around and learn. Dante couldn't believe that she was serious, but Delores reminded him that she had been assigned to work with him for that very reason. Dante clarified that they had been put together because Ronnie thought that Dante needed a babysitter. Dante doubted that Delores would learn anything from him that she didn't already know. Frustrated, Delores suggested that they divide up the cases, so that they could make good use of their time and resources. She started to reach for his key to the evidence room, but Dante quickly grabbed it, and then slid it into his desk.

"That's not going to happen," Dante told Delores. She was outraged that he had such a low opinion of Latino women. Dante was startled by her unexpected accusation, but Delores continued her rant about sexism in the police department. She suggested that was the reason that no one had investigated the attacks on the dancers from Vaughn's. Dante informed her that he had been looking into it, but he conceded that he had a full caseload. Delores quickly offered to take the case off of his hands, so Dante agreed, but he was surprised that she hadn't requested the Lisa Niles murder case.

Delores doubted that Dante would part with the case, since his mother was involved. Dante claimed that he just wanted to make certain that the wrong person wasn't charged with the crime. He then returned to the topic of the attacks on the dancers from Vaughn's. Delores revealed that she had reason to believe that the person who had attacked the dancers had struck before. Delores explained that she had discovered that five topless dancers had been attacked over a three-month period in 2009. According to Delores, the modus operandi had been the same as the recent attacks.

Delores then told Dante that another series of attacks, fitting the same pattern, had occurred at another bar the previous year. Dante agreed that it sounded like their guy, but he suggested that she clear it with her husband, before taking the case. Delores assured Dante that her husband respected that she had to do what she had to. Dante was impressed; he was curious how she had managed that. Delores confided that Dante's fiancée had asked her the same thing. "Ex-fiancée," Dante clarified.

Later, Dante decided to go to lockup to get a statement from Jason. After Dante left, Delores slipped over to his desk, swiped his key to the evidence room, and then quickly walked away.

At Kelly's, Lulu stared at her bare ring finger as Spinelli entered. Lulu greeted Spinelli, but he quickly sensed that she was troubled. Spinelli offered to help, but Lulu admitted that she doubted that he could; however, she invited him to join her. Spinelli sat down, so Lulu told him about her broken engagement. Spinelli was surprised to hear that Lulu and Dante had been engaged, so Lulu explained that they had kept it quiet. She conceded that perhaps it had been a sign that she wasn't ready to get married.

Spinelli knew from experience that the prospect of marriage could be overwhelming, even for two people who were in love. Lulu revealed that Dante had refused to compromise about his job, and that she had been unable to handle the daily danger that Dante faced as a police officer. Spinelli was surprised, because he recalled when Lulu had a penchant for danger. Spinelli and Lulu reminisced about their first adventure together, when they had been held captive in Alcazar's warehouse, and Lulu had bashed Jason over the head with a bottle of tequila. Spinelli confided that it was one of his most cherished memories. Lulu smiled, as she wondered what had happened to her.

"When did I start playing it safe?" Lulu wondered. Lulu confessed that for a long time, she had wanted to be a true Spencer, until she had realized that it meant being completely irresponsible, taking off on a whim, and trampling over everyone's feelings. Spinelli detected a hint of disillusionment in Lulu's tone, so Lulu admitted that she had been left one too many times by her father. Spinelli suggested that perhaps Lulu had projected her fear of abandonment onto Dante, because of Luke. Lulu insisted that Luke and Dante were nothing alike, but Spinelli clarified that Lulu might fear that Dante would leave her by dying. Lulu realized that Spinelli was right; she didn't want to get married, only to have the rug pulled out from under her if Dante were killed.

Spinelli advised Lulu to consider what she was giving up, and why she had fallen in love with Dante, before making a decision about her future. Spinelli wondered what had first attracted Lulu to Dante. Lulu admitted Dante had a wonderful sense of humor, and that he had always made her smile. Spinelli suggested that trust should be important too. Lulu's smile faded as she acknowledged that it was a problem for them, but Dante had always been willing to work on it. Lulu explained that even though she loved Dante, she thought that it was best to let him go, before she was hurt. Spinelli admitted that Lulu had changed, because the old Lulu would have followed her heart.

At Crimson, Maxie explained that she had called Anthony, because she was ready to collect on the favor that he owed her. Anthony smiled kindly as he assured Maxie that he was at her service. Maxie presented Anthony with a hypothetical situation, in which she needed him to cover up a crime for a friend. Anthony wondered if she were asking him to cover up a murder. Maxie insisted that she hadn't said that, but Anthony smiled knowingly as he assured her that she was in luck, because it was his specialty.

Maxie began to babble about how the cops couldn't find out. Anthony patiently pointed out that Mac was in charge of the police department, so she might want to ease off of the java before Mac became suspicious. Anthony then explained that they needed to get some things straight, before he agreed to help her. Anthony revealed that the job would require a lot of finesse, because they were talking about Lisa's murder. Maxie guiltily demanded to know why he thought that. Anthony explained that he could connect the dots, and then admitted that a lot of people had had a bone to pick with Lisa, including him.

Maxie perked up. She quickly realized that Lisa had been the "beautiful woman" whom Anthony had accused of stabbing him, and then tossing him into the harbor. Anthony confessed that he had been furious that Lisa had managed to catch him off-guard. He smiled devilishly as he wondered if Lisa had "seen it coming." Maxie asked Anthony if Lisa had, so he questioned why Maxie thought that he would know. Maxie pointed out that Anthony had had a motive to kill Lisa. Maxie realized that her request to cover up Lisa's murder would benefit Anthony more than it would her, because he would be the prime suspect if the police knew what had transpired between Anthony and Lisa on that fateful night.

Maxie suggested that Anthony help her out, if he wanted her to keep quiet. Anthony tried to understand why Maxie felt compelled to blackmail him to do her a favor that he had already copped to owing her. Maxie stared blankly at Anthony, so Anthony moved on. He explained that a lot of people had wanted Lisa gone, and that they were all sleeping better because she had died. Anthony then pointed out that several of those people were in Maxie's family. Maxie agreed, but she argued that none of her family members had a history of violence like Anthony.

Maxie warned Anthony that he would be at the top of the witness list, so if he wanted her to keep quiet then she would need his assurance that she would be protected. Anthony dropped all pretense of friendliness, as he moved close to Maxie to quietly inform her that there were all kinds of ways for him to make certain that she didn't talk. Maxie quickly backpedaled, as she sensed the danger. She assured Anthony that she hadn't intended to insult him. Anthony relaxed as he explained that he didn't like to be backed into a corner. Maxie remained nervous, but he told her to calm down, and then asked whom he was covering up the murder for.

Maxie refused to share any details, but she insisted that someone completely unrelated to either of them should be blamed, so that they both could avoid suspicion. Anthony liked the way that she thought. Maxie wondered if that meant that he would do it. Anthony shrugged, so Maxie explained that she didn't want to know the details, so that she could plead ignorance if Mac asked any questions. Anthony suggested that knowing whether he would do it might be one of the details that Maxie didn't need to know. Maxie wasn't satisfied, so Anthony promised to consider it. Once he was on the elevator, Anthony admitted that Maxie had guts, which made him want to keep everything as "clean and clear" as possible.

Michael followed Sam to the sidewalk where Jason had first seen Franco. Michael thought that it was a bad idea for Sam to be there, but Sam remained determined to find Franco. Michael insisted on helping her, since he had promised Jason to keep Sam safe. Sam insisted on handling things for herself, but Michael refused to let her, because he was certain that Jason wouldn't want Sam chasing after Franco. Sam argued that she could take care of herself, and deal with Franco, but Michael believed that he, more than anyone, had a score to settle with Franco. Sam warned Michael that he might end up back in jail.

Michael insisted that it would be worth it to go to jail, if it kept Franco from hurting anyone else. Michael explained that Sam couldn't understand what it was like not to have any control or power to stop Franco. Sam looked down, and then quietly apologized. Michael reminded Sam that it was his burden to live with, not Sam's. Sam realized that Franco had put Michael through hell, but she explained that no one wanted to see Michael get hurt again, especially Jason. Michael pointed out that Jason was powerless to deal with Franco, while Jason was locked up.

Sam relented, by accepting Michael's help, so Michael wondered what she knew about the night that Jason had first seen Franco. Sam revealed that Jason and Sonny had been scheduled to have a meeting at the brownstone, but they had been ambushed on the steps. Sam explained that Sonny, Jason, and their men had retreated to the car during the shootout, and that Jason had seen Franco waving to him as they sped away. Sam and Michael figured out where Franco had been standing, so they began to search the area for a sign that Franco had been there. Michael spotted a white circle on top of a trashcan, so he started to reach for the lid. Sam stopped Michael, fearing that it was rigged.

Sam decided to lift the lid herself, but Michael reminded her that she could be hurt just as easily has he could. Sam assured Michael that she was fine, but Michael refused to let her touch the lid. Sam realized that Franco wouldn't have booby-trapped the trashcan, because Franco wouldn't have wanted to hurt Jason and end the game. Michael thought that they should call the police, but Sam argued that the police were incompetent. Sam lifted the lid, and then saw a small wrapped package sitting on top of the garbage. Sam quickly opened the package and saw that it was a DVD.

Michael suggested that they take it to the police station, so that they could sneak it into Jason's jail cell. Michael explained that Sonny had someone on the inside who could arrange for Jason to view the DVD. Sam didn't want Jason to know about the DVD. She recalled showering and then passing out in Franco's arms as Michael wondered if Sam knew what was on the DVD.

At the nurses' station, Steve ended a call when Maggie walked up. Maggie thought that Steve looked stressed, so he revealed that he was tired and ready to sign out. Maggie asked if he had a moment to talk, but Steve explained that he had plans. Maggie suggested that they could discuss Lisa Niles's murder another time, prompting Steve to wonder what Maggie wanted to know about Lisa. Maggie explained that there was speculation about Lisa's murder. Steve warned Maggie not to believe everything that she heard, so Maggie admitted that she'd been told that the board had decided to replace Robin as chief of staff, because Robin was a suspect in the murder.

Maggie wondered if Robin had killed Lisa. Steve assured her that Robin hadn't committed the murder. "Then who did?" Lisa asked. Steve was curious if Maggie had rounds to do. Maggie smiled as she revealed that one of the nice things about working pediatrics was that her patients were usually asleep by eight, which gave her plenty of time to catch up on current events, like Lisa's murder. Maggie wondered how well Steve had known Lisa. Steve admitted that he had known Lisa well enough to assure Maggie that Lisa had not been stable.

Maggie was shocked at the suggestion that Lisa had deserved to die. Steve quickly clarified that he hadn't said that. However, Steve warned Maggie that Lisa hadn't been popular, so grilling people about Lisa's death wouldn't help Maggie to make friends. Maggie was curious if she and Steve were friends. Steve pointed out that he wouldn't have hired her if they weren't. Maggie suspected that Steve had hired her because he wanted to make certain that what had happened in Memphis stayed in Memphis. Steve wondered how far Maggie intended to push things.

"Don't worry, we're friends, remember?" Maggie replied with a saccharine smile. She then assured Steve that his secret was safe with her.

At Jake's, Olivia took a seat at the bar as she ordered a bottle of beer and a shot of tequila. Johnny offered to put it on his tab, but Olivia explained that she was meeting someone. She then wondered why Johnny was drinking alone. Coleman and Johnny revealed that Dante had arrested Jason earlier, which had cleared out the bar. Johnny then mentioned that Dante had been on a date with Delores, Dante's new partner. Olivia immediately defended her son's honor, claiming that Dante would never cheat on Lulu, because she had raised Dante to be a better man than that.

Johnny snickered, but opted to change the subject to why Steve appeared to have stood Olivia up. Olivia was confident that Steve would arrive shortly, so she carried her bottle of beer and shot glass to a nearby table. Johnny followed her, but Olivia made it clear that he wasn't invited to join her. Johnny took a seat at the table behind Olivia, and then offered to buy Olivia's next round of drinks. Olivia decided to wait until Steve arrived before ordering another beer. Johnny thought that Steve had kept Olivia waiting long enough.

Johnny insisted that Olivia deserved to be with someone who would put her first. Olivia was curious why Johnny didn't think that Steve put her first. As if on cue, Steve entered the bar, with Maggie trailing behind him. Steve demanded to know if Maggie had been following him. Maggie smiled innocently as she claimed that she had just looked for a place to unwind after a long day. Steve didn't believe her.

Maggie looked around, and then commented that he'd always had the best taste in dive bars. She was curious how Jake's stacked up to the dive bars that he had favored in Memphis. Steve wondered how much longer she intended to mention Memphis. Maggie smiled sweetly, and then replied, "Just until I get acclimated." She reminded him that he had been the one who had been concerned about her lack of friends, so he should consider her evening out as an attempt to be social. Maggie wandered to the bar, while Steve went to Olivia's table.

Steve kissed Olivia, and then apologized for not calling her. He promised Olivia that he hadn't invited Maggie to the bar, but he was curious how Johnny had ended up at Jake's. Olivia explained that Johnny had already been at Jake's when she had arrived, and that he had offered to keep her company, but she had turned Johnny down.

At the bar, Johnny struck up a conversation with Maggie by asking her how she knew Steve. Maggie mentioned that she had worked with Steve in Memphis. Moments later, Steve approached the bar to order a beer, and whatever Olivia had been drinking. Johnny reminded Coleman that Olivia had been drinking a beer, and a shot of tequila. Steve ignored Johnny's attempt to push Steve's buttons until Johnny revealed that Maggie had told him about working with Steve in Memphis.

Steve asked Johnny to take Olivia's drinks to her, so that Steve could have a private word with Maggie about a patient. Johnny happily relieved Steve of the drinks, and then walked away. Steve waited until Johnny was out of hearing range, before he demanded to know what Maggie had told Johnny. Maggie promised Steve that she hadn't said anything that would get Steve in trouble with Olivia.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Garrett approached Alexis at the police station. He announced that he was going by his middle name, Prescott (Pres for short). Alexis asked him to keep it professional. She threatened to sue him, as he was the editor of the Port Charles Press, for liable. She said she could prove that Garrett had deliberately provoked Jason into a physical confrontation.

Sam visited Jason in the interrogation room. He blamed himself for having gone after the former mayor. Sam admitted she'd gone with Michael to search for clues. She left and encountered Michael, who asked her if she'd told Jason about the DVD. Sam begged Michael not to say anything to Jason about the disk.

Michael went in to speak with Jason, who chastised Michael for helping Sam do something so dangerous. Jason demanded to know what Michael had seen, but Michael maintained that he'd told Jason everything. Garrett walked in and asked for a comment for the newspaper.

He threatened to launch an investigation and suggested Michael was hiding something. Jason's blood boiled over, and he attacked Garrett again. Alexis walked into the room as an officer handcuffed Jason to the table. She berated Jason for letting Garrett get the best of him - again -- and warned Jason to stay away from Franco.

Sam returned home, and examined the tiny baby toy that Franco had included with the DVD that had been sent to Josslyn. Sam then placed the DVD that she and Michael had found into the laptop. After viewing the DVD, Sam broke down crying.

Olivia arrived at the police station to see Dante. She grilled him about his "date" with Delores, but Dante explained that Delores was his partner. Besides, he had more important things to discuss. Olivia chided her son about his actions with Lulu, but Dante asked her to go somewhere with him.

Delores went to the garage and asked Anthony to leave with her. Johnny flirted with her and suggested Anthony comply. Delores suggested Johnny join them and they all left together.

As a worried Maxie asked Spinelli to help her find out what had become of Matt, Ronnie arrived to question her about Lisa's murder. He asked her to go somewhere with him and invited Spinelli to join them on a drive.

At the nurses' station, Patrick spotted Matt. Patrick demanded to know where Matt had been, but Mac arrived to request that the brothers, Robin, and Steve accompany him to the scene of Lisa's murder. Everyone balked, but Mac refused to take no for an answer.

Everyone who'd been summoned ended up on the boat where Lisa had been murdered. Mac reintroduced everyone to First Officer Briggs. Dante pointed out that everyone who'd been on the boat that night was there, with the exception of Liz, who'd been thrown overboard before Lisa's death, and the deceased Captain McCloud. Johnny, Anthony, and Spinelli, however, were there because they'd been nearby that night.

Mac presented the murder weapon, the wrench the police had found. Dante showed them Robin's watch, which had stopped at 9:49, during the final struggle between Robin and Lisa. Mac noted that Lisa had given Anthony power of attorney, so perhaps Anthony had worked out an arrangement with Lisa, but it had gone wrong. Dante speculated that Johnny might have tried to stop Lisa after getting wind of Lisa's deadly plans. Ronnie pointed out that Steve had had a romantic relationship with Lisa, so Delores seized the opportunity to question Steve about the scratch he'd had on his face the night that Lisa had been murdered.

Ronnie hinted that Olivia's motive to kill Lisa had been jealousy, but Olivia assured Ronnie that Steve's past didn't concern her. Dante quickly moved on to Matt by reminding everyone that Matt had been drinking. Matt freely admitted that he had been "drunk as a skunk," while Spinelli sat nearby, envisioning each scenario of Lisa's murder that the police had presented. Spinelli immediately sprang to Maxie's defense when the focus fell on her. Mac warned Spinelli that Spinelli was just as much of a suspect as everyone else in the room, because Spinelli had been near the boat too.

Maxie started to defend Spinelli, but Matt cut to the chase by conceding that everyone in the room had had motive to kill Lisa. However, Patrick added, the police did not have any evidence. Mac assured them that they did, and then reviewed the physical evidence with the suspects. Everyone was able to provide an innocent explanation for the fingerprints, hair, and fibers, so Matt argued that Mac didn't have enough to charge anyone. Mac was forced to agree, and then let everyone leave.

After the suspects had left, Mac, Dante, Ronnie, and Delores went over what they'd just witnessed. They had hoped to rattle the suspects' cages, so that someone would have confessed to the murder. Delores reminded them of the new evidence, the textile fiber, , which could pay off by leading them to the killer.

As Johnny and Anthony dined at a fine restaurant, Johnny noted that his dad had drawn attention to himself during the interrogation. Anthony told Johnny that, to survive, one had to put compassion aside. Johnny suggested that Anthony had a secret. Anthony replied that he knew Johnny was trying to seize power from him.

Patrick and Robin returned to the hospital. Patrick was annoyed that Mac had badgered his own flesh and blood, Maxie and Robin. Robin replied, "Sometimes you need to hurt someone in order to protect them." Maybe Mac had been trying to shield them, she suggested. He needed to grill them as hard as anyone else so as not to show bias.

Spinelli escorted Maxie back to Crimson. Maxie continued to fret over Matt. Spinelli tried not to show his disdain, and bid her goodnight. After he'd gone, Maxie called Matt and left him a message stating that he could tell her anything.

Briggs walked nervously down an alley on the waterfront. She froze when she heard a noise.

Dante threw on the lights, as someone crept through the chartered boat's salon. "It's you," Dante said when he saw Olivia standing by the bar with an expression of guilt.

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