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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 11, 2011 on GH
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Monday, July 11, 2011

At General Hospital, Robin and Patrick sparred about the surgical rotation. Patrick thought that he deserved the more complicated surgeries and chafed because Robin, in her new position as chief of staff, had chosen to assign mostly minor surgeries to Patrick. Robin told Patrick that she had her own ideas about improving patient care and that it began by upgrading the skills of the staff. Robin said that meant that all the surgeons got their fair share of complex operations. Robin said that Patrick's days of hogging the best surgeries were over. When Patrick opined that patient care would suffer, Robin asked Patrick if he was fighting for the patients or if he was afraid that another surgeon might show him up.

Elsewhere in GH, Liz eavesdropped as Lucky tried to convince Siobhan to drop that malpractice suit against Liz and GH. Siobhan insisted that Liz had purposely tried to kill her. Siobhan said that Liz had found the perfect method to get Siobhan out of the way so that Liz could get Lucky back.

Lucky insisted that Liz had made a mental mistake because she had returned to work too soon after Jake's death. Lucky said that if anyone was to blame, it was he. Lucky said that he had set the situation in motion when he had torched his family home. Siobhan said that Liz wanted Lucky back. Lucky said that he and Liz were toxic for each other because they were dysfunctional together, and both of them knew it.

Liz could not listen any longer and headed for the nurses' station, where she ran into Steve. Steve told her that it would be better for her if she stayed away from the hospital. Liz was sarcastic to him and tried to push him away, but Steve was persistent. Steve said that when Liz became bratty and snappish, it was because she was hurt. Liz admitted that it hurt to hear Lucky tell Siobhan that Liz and Lucky were dysfunctional as a couple, even though Lucky had told Liz that same thing in the past.

Steve said that Liz was not doing herself any favors by hanging around eavesdropping on Lucky. Steve told Liz to go home, take a breath, and make an ice cream cone. Liz snapped that she might listen to the last part of Steve's advice and then she stalked away.

Siobhan told Lucky that it broke her heart to see Lucky defend Liz as though Liz was an innocent victim. Lucky insisted that he had set all the events in motion. Siobhan said that Lucky was treating her like a jealous wife. Lucky said that Siobhan was making assumptions and jumping to conclusions about Liz that simply were not true. Lucky said that Liz would never deliberately hurt anyone, no matter how much Liz disliked that person.

Lucky said that he and Liz were over. He said that they would continue to co-parent Aiden and Cameron as they had Jake and Cameron. Lucky asked Siobhan to think about how a lawsuit would affect the boys. Lucky asked Siobhan to back off the lawsuit for everyone's sake. Siobhan asked if that meant that Lucky would stay with Siobhan if Siobhan let Liz off the hook.

Lucky said that he wanted to be a good father to Aiden. He said that he would continue to raise his kids with Liz. Siobhan said that Liz still loved Lucky and was using their mutual grief to manipulate Lucky. Siobhan said that Liz had visited Siobhan's hospital room, loaded with helpful advice. Siobhan said that Liz had told Siobhan that Siobhan would lose Lucky if Siobhan went through with the lawsuit.

Siobhan said she was pursuing the lawsuit for Lucky's sake. Lucky said that Siobhan was forcing him to defend Liz. He said that the only reason Liz had made the mistake with Siobhan's meds was because Liz was still grieving. Lucky told Siobhan not to tell him that she was moving forward with the lawsuit for Lucky's own good, because it was not. Siobhan thought for a moment and then said that for Lucky's own good, Siobhan would let the lawsuit go.

Robin took a break from GH and took a box of Emma's old toys to Liz. Robin told Liz about her new job at GH. Robin told Liz that everyone on the staff believed in Liz, and no one thought for a second that Liz had deliberately given Siobhan the wrong meds. Liz was relieved and told Robin that Lucky was at GH trying to convince Siobhan that Liz was not a killer. Liz said that she wanted to move on, but Liz said that she still wished that Lucky could be happy with her.

Robin said that she was glad that Liz still loved Lucky. Robin said that since Lucky and Siobhan had had a green card wedding, there was every chance that Lucky and Liz would eventually get back together. Liz said that Lucky genuinely loved Siobhan. Robin said not to count on it. Robin said that Siobhan would be on the next boat to Ireland if Siobhan did not drop the lawsuit against Liz and GH. Robin said that Siobhan was jealous because she saw what everyone else saw, that Liz loved Lucky and that Lucky would always love Liz.

Lucky found Patrick at GH and told him that Siobhan was dropping the lawsuit. Patrick said that everyone was sorry for what had happened. Patrick said that Liz had not been ready to return to work, and the staff had covered for her. Lucky said he could understand why Liz would want to get back to work. He said that Liz was just trying to get through the day and cover the hole in her heart. Patrick said that Siobhan's marriage to Lucky most likely meant a lot to Siobhan, since she had dropped the suit.

Patrick said that all one could do was the best one could and then move on. Lucky said that there was no moving on after the loss of a child. Lucky said that Jake was gone, and that was that. Lucky said that Jake was gone, Luke was gone, and Nikolas was gone. Patrick said that in his many talks with Nikolas, he had discerned that Nikolas was a good father who was probably devastated at losing Aiden. Lucky said that he would miss Nikolas, but that Nikolas had done what was right for himself. Patrick said that maybe that was also what Siobhan was doing. Patrick said that Siobhan was freeing Lucky to raise Aiden without a lawsuit hanging over Lucky's head.

Lucky was gone by the time Robin returned to GH. Patrick told Robin that Siobhan was dropping the lawsuit, but Robin was not surprised. Patrick was gleeful that Steve might be reinstated as chief of staff, but Robin thought that Steve might prefer his new job as head of the ER. Robin told Patrick that she liked being in charge and getting the opportunity to implement some of her ideas. She told Patrick to look at it as an opportunity for him to learn sharing. Robin chuckled when Patrick asked sarcastically if he should go down to daycare for that.

Lucky went to see Liz so that he could tell her that Siobhan had dropped the lawsuit. Liz was relieved. Lucky said that once Siobhan had seen that nothing good could result from the lawsuit and that it would hurt lots of people, she was willing to end the suit. Lucky said that both he and Liz needed to heal from losing Jake. Lucky said that he could not stop thinking about the miracle that Aiden was his son. Lucky hastened to point out that Aiden being his son did not change what had gone wrong between Lucky and Liz.

Liz said that even though she had known that Lucky was married, telling Lucky about Aiden had seemed to be the right thing to do. Lucky said that he had wanted to marry Siobhan because he had wanted her to stay in the country. Lucky said that when Siobhan woke up in the hospital, he had promised to be there for her. Liz said that she would expect nothing less of Lucky.

Jason and Sonny waited outside the courtroom where Josslyn's custody hearing was being held. Sonny ragged on Jax to Jason, accusing Jax of trying to cause trouble between Sonny and Brenda. Sonny said that he trusted Brenda to say the right things to the judge. Jason said that the danger around Sonny was real. Sonny thought Jason was being pessimistic, but Jason said he was being realistic about the danger. Sonny said that Jax was a selfish jerk trying to get his own way.

Sonny said that Jax was trying to get to Brenda by working on Brenda's fears, especially since Brenda had learned that her child was alive. Sonny said that Jax was counting on Brenda to break down. Sonny said that Jax's plan would backfire because Brenda would be strong and stand by Sonny. Sonny trusted Brenda not to mention the shooting the previous evening at their home because the incident had not been reported to the police.

Inside the judge's office, Brenda blurted out that no one had been harmed in the shooting the previous evening, and no one had been in any actual danger. When the judge wanted to look at the police report, Brenda admitted that no police report had been filed. Brenda tried to get back on point by telling the judge that Sonny was a loving father who was fiercely protective of his children. Brenda said that Sonny did not spend enough time with Carly to pose a danger to Josslyn. Jax gloated, and Carly looked distraught.

Jason and Brenda waited while Sonny testified. Brenda told Jason what she had said inside. Jason wanted to know why she had mentioned the shooting when there was no record and the shooting could not be proved. Brenda said that she had needed to tell the truth. Jason wanted to know if Brenda had told the truth or if Brenda was trying to get back at Carly.

The judge started Sonny's questioning by asking if Carly had taken Josslyn to court when Sonny was on trial for murder. Sonny said that no child had been harmed as a result of his actions. Sonny began to squirm when the judge inquired about the shooting on his property and followed up by asking if any of Sonny's children had been shot. Carly jumped up and shouted, "Stop." She apologized for her outburst, and then said that horrible, awful things had happened, but that Sonny loved his kids and was a good father.

Carly said that Jax had known Carly's history when he married her. Carly said that Jax had been aware of that history when they conceived Josslyn. Carly said that she would do everything in her power to keep Josslyn safe. Carly plaintively told the judge that all she was asking for was shared custody with Jax. Jax stood up and said that he could produce proof that Carly's life was surrounded with violence. At that point, the judge said that he had heard enough to make his decision and dismissed Jax, Carly, and Sonny from his office. He said that he would notify them when his decision was made.

In the hallway, Carly told Jax that his actions would hurt Josslyn. Jax scoffed at that before leaving Carly with Sonny and Jason. Sonny said that the judge had done his homework. Carly said that it was more than the judge. Carly said that the mediator, Grace, had crucified her long before Brenda or Sonny had testified. Carly said that Grace had only interviewed her once and knew way too much. Carly said that Jax had paid Grace off because there was no way that the Grace could have made an objective decision without visiting Carly's home at least once. Sonny had a brainstorm and told Jason to take Carly home. Sonny implored Carly to trust him. Sonny told Carly that he would make everything right.

Brenda caught up with Jax in his Metro Court suite. Jax told Brenda that the hearing was over and that the judge was in the process of making a ruling. Brenda said that she and Sonny were going to have a huge argument. Jax said that Sonny would try to blame Jax for manipulating Brenda. Jax assumed that Brenda would be terrified of Sonny, but Brenda said no. Brenda said that she had told the truth, and she could handle Sonny. Jax told Brenda that he was grateful for her testimony, and as a result of Brenda's testimony, Jax expected to get full custody of Josslyn.

Brenda told Jax that Carly was unstable and not the greatest mother, but that she was still Josslyn's mother. Brenda reminded Jax that Brenda had grown up without a mother, and it had caused, and still caused, Brenda emotional anguish. Jax said his goal was not to take Josslyn from Carly, but to get Josslyn out of danger. Jax said he wished he could take Brenda and her son, Alec, out of danger, too.

At Sonny's place, Carly worried that whatever Sonny was planning would make her situation worse. Then Carly said to Jason that the situation could not get worse. Carly fretted that Jax would push Carly out of Josslyn's life. Jason said that it would not happen. Carly said that it was already happening because Jax had outplayed her. Jason told Carly that if she grabbed Josslyn and ran away, she would be proving Jax's point. Jason told Carly to trust Sonny. Jason said that Sonny had said he would help and that Sonny would not fail.

Outside Grace's office, Sonny thanked Bernie for getting information for him so quickly. Sonny disconnected from Bernie and stopped Grace when she walked by. Grace said that she was on her way to a meeting. Sonny wanted to know if she was busy separating a child from its mother or busy cashing Jax's check. Grace tried to bluff her way out by threatening to call the police, but Sonny called her bluff when he said that Grace was good at doctoring her court reports but not good at hiding her money.

Sonny said that he knew that Grace had taken 300,000 dollars from Jax. Sonny was menacing as he moved closer and spoke softly. Sonny said that if he reported Grace, she could lose her license and her career, and might even go to prison. Grace quickly realized that she had been caught, and capitulated. Grace asked Sonny what he wanted her to do. Sonny answered enigmatically, "I want you to do exactly what I want you to do."

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

In Jacksonville, Lulu was looking at some papers, and a picture of her father, when someone knocked on her door. She tucked everything away and then answered the door. It was Javier. Javier instructed Lulu to grab her things, so that he could take her to breakfast before she started her shift. Lulu wasn't interested, but Javier refused to take no for an answer. He pushed his way into her room and then gave her a choice: Lulu could have the best Huevos Rancheros that she'd ever had or Javier could warn Luke that someone was looking for him.

Lulu made it clear that she wasn't interested in dating Javier, but she reluctantly agreed to leave with him. Lulu followed Javier out of the room, while Dante hid around a corner in the hallway. Later, Dante entered the bordello. Lupe welcomed Dante back, but she warned him that Javier hadn't been happy with him. Dante seemed unconcerned.

Moments later, Javier called Lupe over to help him with an unruly customer. Dante seized the opportunity to talk to Lulu, who had been working at the bar. Dante revealed that he had seen her leave with Javier, but he didn't have a chance to question her about it because the obnoxious customer decided that he wanted to take Lulu to one of the rooms. Things quickly escalated when Lulu slapped the customer after he grabbed her arm. Dante quickly stepped in to throw the customer onto a table. Dante pulled out his gun and then aimed at the man's head.

Javier, who had been knocked to the ground by the customer, watched as Dante tossed the unruly customer out of the bordello. After Dante tucked his gun back into his waistband, Javier commented that Dante handled himself like a professional. Dante quickly explained that he had been a bouncer. Javier easily believed the lie, so he offered Dante a job. Dante followed Javier to the bar to discuss the terms of employment while Lupe checked on Lulu.

Lulu asked Lupe to convince Javier not to hire Dante. Lupe was curious why, so Lulu explained that Dante would be too distracting to have around while she was searching for Luke. Lupe reminded Lulu that Luke might return soon and then revealed that they actually needed a bouncer. Meanwhile, at the bar, Javier reminded Dante that Dante had to keep his hands off of Lulu. Dante agreed, so Javier went to check on Lulu. Lupe was startled when she saw Dante take off his jacket and then quickly tuck his police badge out of sight.

Liz spotted Lucky near the nurses' station, so she stopped to say hello. Lucky was curious what she was doing at the hospital, so she explained that she had dropped Cameron off at the daycare center to join the other kids on a trip to the zoo. Lucky and Liz reminisced about a time that they had taken Jake to the zoo to see the tigers. Liz admitted that Cam had asked her if Jake could see the tigers from heaven. Lucky and Liz shared a bittersweet smile as Siobhan rolled up in a wheelchair.

Siobhan greeted Liz, but the tension was thick. Liz quickly explained that she had dropped Cam off at the daycare center. Liz admitted that she was glad to see that Siobhan was feeling better and then quickly excused herself. Lucky confessed that he was relieved that things had gone well between Siobhan and Liz. Siobhan conceded that it could have been much worse. Lucky assured Siobhan that he had accidentally bumped into Liz.

Siobhan pointed out that the daycare center was on the fifth floor, so she was curious why Liz had been on the tenth floor. "Never mind," Siobhan added before he could reply. Moments later, they left to go home. At the apartment, Lucky insisted that Siobhan get some rest, but she admitted that she would like to take a few days off to go to the beach. Lucky assured her that they could go away once she was fully recovered. Siobhan teased that she didn't follow just any man halfway around the world -- or marry them -- but she had made an exception for him.

Lucky was curious if it bothered her that he had nearly killed her. Siobhan regretted that she hadn't realized sooner that Lucky wouldn't take his own life. Lucky was surprised that she had blamed herself for running into the house when he had been the one to set the fire. Siobhan insisted that they had both been out of their minds on that fateful night. She suggested that Lucky had set the fire because he had been trying to make a break from the past and because Luke had hated the house.

Lucky confessed that Luke had indulged in a bit of "revisionist history" because there had been plenty of happy times with Luke in the house. According to Lucky, Luke had tried to forget those times because they were painful reminders of everything that Luke had lost. Lucky suspected that it had been easier for Luke to believe the lies rather than face the truth. Siobhan argued that guilt and grief were terrible burdens for Luke and Lucky. Lucky promised her that he was fine, but Siobhan didn't believe him. Lucky argued that there wasn't a rulebook for mourning a child.

Siobhan assured Lucky that everyone had a breaking point, so it was okay for Lucky to admit that he had reached his. Siobhan recalled that Lucky had turned to his father for support after learning about Jake's death, so she could appreciate how difficult it had been for Lucky to discover that Luke had been responsible for the tragedy. Siobhan wondered if Lucky had considered going to grief counseling. Lucky chuckled, but Siobhan suggested that it might help him. Lucky doubted that anyone could understand what he was going through.

Siobhan kept pushing Lucky to consider talking to a therapist until Lucky shouted at her to drop it. Siobhan was taken aback. Lucky took several moments to calm down and then apologized to her for the outburst. Siobhan argued that he had proven her point; she feared that he would continue to lash out or worse. Lucky appreciated that she wanted to help him, but he refused to discuss it further. Siobhan agreed to let it drop, but Lucky sensed that she was holding back.

Siobhan admitted that she was concerned about his sobriety, so Lucky assured her that he continued to work the program. Siobhan promised him that she wouldn't complain as long as he took care of himself. She then returned to the topic of their vacation. Lucky told her that he would take her to the beach as soon as he received a note from her doctor. Siobhan vowed that he would have it, even if she had to forge the note herself. Lucky chuckled and then confided that he knew that there was a reason that he liked her.

At ELQ, Michael occupied his time by shooting rubber bands across his office until Abby entered with stock reports for him to review. Michael kissed her and then suggested that they take a break. Abby smiled as she reminded him that they had just arrived for work, so she encouraged him to read the reports to make Edward happy. Michael confessed that she was beautiful, even when she couldn't make up her mind. Abby had no idea what he was talking about, so Michael pointed out that she had accused Edward of being the devil the night before. Abby admitted that she believed that Edward was trying to control him, but she also realized that Edward was an old man who missed having a family around.

Moments later, Edward entered the office. Edward greeted Michael just as Asher arrived to remind Edward of an important conference call that Edward had scheduled. Asher was annoyed when Edward invited Michael to sit in on the call. A short time later, Michael returned to his office. Abby was delighted when Michael confessed that the meeting had been more interesting than Michael had anticipated.

Edward and Asher entered the office moments later. Edward wanted to go over some stock reports with Michael, but Asher urged Edward to close the deal before one of their competitors stepped in. Asher feared that the stockholders would lose faith in Edward if Edward let the opportunity pass by. Edward grumbled that the asking price was too high, so he turned to get Michael's take on the situation. Asher tactfully reminded Edward that Michael was new, so Michael might be a bit out of his element.

Edward argued that Michael was a Quartermaine, so business was in Michael's blood. Michael admitted that he had a sense that the Asguard people were too anxious to get the deal done, so it seemed as if they were holding something back. Michael admitted that he wouldn't pay the asking price. Edward agreed and then left with Asher. Michael worried that he might have given Edward bad advice, so he was relieved when Edward and Asher returned to report that Edward had managed to snatch up the Asguard shares at half the asking price.

Asher tensed when Edward promised to give Michael a bonus and then insisted on having Michael's input on all pending deals. Edward whisked Abby away to meet ELQ's legal counsel, while Asher remained behind in the office with Michael. Asher warned Michael that ELQ was in a "weird place." Asher advised Michael to be careful because one mistake could do considerable damage.

On the piers, Tracy stopped to catch her breath during her power walk. Anthony spotted her, so he approached her to greet a "fellow fitness enthusiast." Tracy assured Anthony that she hadn't forgotten that he had stood by, and done nothing, while Luke had suffered a heart attack. Anthony offered to make it up to Tracy by investing his money in ELQ. Tracy insisted that ELQ was a legitimate business, so she refused to consider it.

Anthony suggested that they could still become better acquainted, but Tracy wasn't interested. Anthony admitted that he was usually drawn to younger women, but he found Tracy quite engaging. "Get out of my way now," Tracy ordered Anthony. He quickly stepped aside and then watched with admiration as Tracy marched off.

Maxie went to the penthouse to talk to Jason. Jason explained that he didn't have time for Maxie, but she insisted that she'd had "a flash of brilliance" on how to help Spinelli. Jason wasn't interested in hearing her plan, but Maxie explained that it was imperative that they help Spinelli because Anthony had accosted him. Jason was curious how bad it had been, so Maxie revealed that Jackal had started it, but, luckily, Anthony had backed down. Maxie believed that they could get Spinelli back if Jason and Sam became engaged. Maxie explained that Spinelli had been eager for Jason and Sam to get married for ages, so the joy of learning that they were engaged might snap Spinelli out of his Jackal, P.I., mode.

At McCall and Jackal Private Investigations, Sam was on the phone with a client when Jackal walked in. He snatched the phone out of her hand, told the client that they had bigger fish to fry, and then slammed the phone down on the receiver. Sam was stunned. She reminded Jackal that they needed the client, but Jackal was unconcerned. He demanded to know what they had on Anthony Zacchara. According to Jackal, Anthony was a cockroach, and Jackal was the "pest control."

Sam wondered why Jackal was after Anthony, so Jackal told her that he and Anthony had traded words. Jackal claimed that he'd had Anthony "by the throat" when Anthony had tried to stick him with a blade, so it was time for Jackal to send Anthony a thank you note with a "lead chaser." Sam warned Jackal that Anthony was a dangerous psychotic mobster. Jackal foraged for a box of bullets as he explained that he refused to take sides in the mob war, but he wouldn't be "mowed down" either. Jackal found the box of bullets, so he headed to the door. Sam was curious where Jackal was going, so he revealed that he intended to have a talk with Jason, and then get his gun back.

After Jackal left, Sam called her client back to smooth things over. Moments later, Maxie entered the office, grabbed the phone out of Sam's hand, and then slammed it down on the receiver. Sam grew frustrated as she demanded to know what was going on. Maxie explained that she had a cure for Spinelli; Sam and Jason had to get married. Sam groaned and then explained that she and Jason were happy with things as they were. Sam refused to marry Jason, even for Spinelli's sake.

At the penthouse, Jackal demanded his gun back. Jason refused; he reminded Jackal that Jackal knew nothing about guns. Jackal argued that Spinelli had been the one to shoot himself in the foot, not him. Jason warned Jackal to stay away from Anthony, but Jackal threatened to find another gun on the streets. Jason shifted gears by asking for Jackal's help. Jason explained that he wanted to propose to Sam.

Jason was surprised by Jackal's less than enthusiastic reaction. Jackal didn't think that marriage was for men of action like him and Jason. According to Jackal, he also didn't want Sam to be tied down at home to a husband and children. Later, Jackal returned to his office to review his file on Anthony. He turned when Maxie barged through the door looking for Sam.

Maxie informed Jackal that Jason needed to talk to him, but Jackal explained that he already knew about Jason's plans to propose to Sam. Maxie looked at Jackal expectantly as she wondered how he felt about Jason and Sam getting married. Jackal explained that he needed Sam to focus on her job because the coffee wouldn't get made by itself. Maxie accused Jackal of making a sexist remark, but Jackal explained that he didn't have time for "soft talk" because danger called. Maxie was taken off-guard when Jackal suddenly swept her into his arms and then kissed her. Maxie pulled away and then demanded to know if he had a gun in his pocket.

At the penthouse, Sam was agitated because she resented Maxie continually forcing the issue of marriage on her. Sam confessed that she was tempted to turn the tables on Maxie by calling Matt to suggest that Maxie secretly wanted to get married. Jason wanted to discuss marriage, but Sam argued that they had already done that. Jason disagreed; he explained that they had talked around the issue. Jason accused Sam of having a habit of pretending that she didn't want something when it was important to her because she was afraid that it would be taken away. Sam reminded him that everything had fallen apart the last time that they had been engaged.

Jason appreciated that she didn't want to risk that happening again, but he insisted that she was brave, so she shouldn't be afraid to take the next step in their relationship. Jason wanted her to trust him by telling him what she wanted, so Sam admitted that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. Jason assured her that he loved her, but it wasn't enough for him to just say the words. Jason seemed on the verge of proposing marriage when Maxie suddenly banged on the door. Maxie warned Jason that Spinelli had gone after Anthony, armed with a gun.

At the piers, Anthony was on the phone when Jackal quietly approached him from behind. Jackal aimed his gun at Anthony and then informed the elder Zacchara that they needed to talk. Jackal clarified that talking meant that Jackal would talk while Anthony listened.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

At the brothel, Javier checked Lulu's injured arm, while Lupe made her way to the bar to talk to Dante. Lupe asked Dante about working as a bouncer in the past. Dante stuck to his cover story as he answered her questions. Lupe reminded him that he had told her that he was in Jacksonville to look for a friend of a friend, so she was curious if there might be another reason he was in town. Dante glanced at Lulu as he admitted that it might be worth his while to hang around. Lupe warned Dante that the "company policy" prohibited him from touching any of the girls.

At the table, Javier was curious if Lulu had a problem with Dante working at the brothel. Lulu quickly assured Javier that Dante wouldn't be a distraction. Javier worried that she might have an issue with the new bouncer because she had turned a trick with Dante. Lulu reminded Javier that she was only working there until Luke showed up. Satisfied, Javier told her to take Dante's drink order. At the bar, Dante warned Lulu that she was in over her head, so he refused to let her out of his sight.

Later, Javier reviewed the rules with Dante, including his dislike for cops. Javier was pleased when Dante admitted that he felt the same way about the law. Javier offered to send more work Dante's way if everything worked out. Dante assured Javier that he was agreeable to making more money, so Javier suggested that Dante could move some "product" from Colombia. Meanwhile, Lupe warned Lulu that she had seen Dante's police badge. Lulu advised Lupe not to say anything to Javier because he might turn violent with them.

Lupe seemed uneasy, so Lulu promised to take care of it. Lupe wondered what Lulu could do, so Lulu suggested that a police officer might not want anyone to know that he had slept with a prostitute while on the job. Lulu explained that she intended to use the information to force Dante to leave town. Later, Lulu and Dante returned to Lulu's hotel room. Lulu warned Dante that Lupe had seen his badge. Lulu and Dante were unaware that Javier lurked in the hallway, eavesdropping on their conversation.

At Kelly's, Kristina assured Ethan that he could stop worrying. Ethan had no idea what Kristina was talking about, so she revealed that she had followed Michael and Abby back to their apartment. Kristina knew that Michael and Abby were still together, so she realized that Ethan's farce had been a desperate attempt to push her away because he didn't want to admit he had feelings for her. Ethan insisted that Abby was only with Michael for the money. According to Ethan, he and Abby had been carrying on an affair for quite some time.

Kristina refused to believe that Ethan and Abby had been having "booty calls" behind Michael's back. Ethan claimed that he and Abby understood each other and that they had a history dating back to her days as a stripper at Vaughn's. Kristina warned Ethan that the more he tried to sell his story, the more it sounded like a lie. Ethan accused Kristina of not accepting reality, but Kristina's certainty didn't waver. Kristina argued that she knew that Ethan cared about her, and that he was fighting it, but she was confident that he would eventually give in.

At the penthouse, Maxie pounded on Jason's door until he opened it. Jason explained that he had been in the middle of something with Sam, but Maxie didn't care. Maxie was upset because Spinelli had gone after Anthony Zacchara, so she wanted Jason to do something before Spinelli ended up dead. Jason asked Maxie to start from the beginning, so Maxie admitted that she had found Spinelli reviewing a file on Anthony when she had returned to Spinelli and Sam's office. Maxie then told Jason and Sam about the kiss, which she admitted had been different from Spinelli's usual kisses because Jackal had been much more forceful.

"What about the gun?" Jason demanded. Maxie admitted that she had felt a bulge in Spinelli's pants during the kiss, so she had realized that he'd been armed with a gun. Jason instructed Maxie to stay with Sam and then left.

On the piers, Jackal aimed a gun at Anthony. Anthony wondered if Spinelli were on something because Spinelli spoke like an old- fashioned gumshoe. Jackal assured Anthony that he was "as sober as a judge" and then demanded that Anthony hand over the cell phone. Anthony started to comply, but at the last second, Anthony wrested the gun away from Spinelli and then shoved him against the rails. Anthony aimed the gun at Spinelli and then suggested that Spinelli should have spent a little less time watching "Sam Spade flicks," and a little more time on the football field. Anthony confessed that he was tempted to "whack" Spinelli for what he had done, but Anthony found Spinelli to be "mildly amusing."

Anthony then wondered if Spinelli were "suicidal or just plain stupid." Jackal glared at Anthony. Anthony admitted that he had thought that his crazy act was good, but Spinelli appeared to be completely out of touch with reality. Jackal warned Anthony that he had until the count of ten to return the gun. Anthony burst out laughing as Jackal began to count down. Anthony urged Jackal to hurry up to one, so that Anthony could shoot him.

Jason arrived seconds later, with his gun drawn. Anthony admitted that the timing had been perfect because Spinelli had been about to walk with a limp for the rest of his life. Anthony handed the gun to Jason and then advised him to keep a closer eye on his employees because Spinelli had obviously fried his brain watching too many "gumshoe flicks." Anthony started to leave, but Jackal warned Anthony that it wasn't over. "Frankly, Spinelli, I don't give a damn," Anthony replied. Anthony warned Jason to make certain that Spinelli didn't go near him again because the next time Anthony wouldn't be so generous.

After Anthony left, Jackal demanded his gun back. Jason grabbed Jackal by the collar and then dragged him away. Later, Jason and Jackal arrived at McCall and Jackal Private Investigations. Jackal resented Jason pushing him around, but Jason told Jackal to shut up. Jackal complained that Jason had interfered with his attempt to teach Anthony a lesson about respect, so Jason informed Jackal that the only reason that Jackal was alive was because Jason had kept everyone from killing him. Jackal accused Jason of being jealous because Jackal didn't have to answer to anyone like Jason did.

Jason decided to switch tactics by hiring Jackal for a job. Jackal was immediately intrigued. Jason explained that he needed someone to keep tabs on a bakery that Jason believed was a mob front for the Trujillo organization. Jackal eagerly accepted the assignment, but Jason cautioned Jackal to keep his distance from anyone entering or exiting the bakery. Jason clarified that the job was strictly surveillance.

At the penthouse, Maxie was relieved when Sam ended a call with Jason and then reported that Spinelli was safe and sound at the office. Maxie admitted that perhaps Spinelli needed a psychiatric exam. Sam agreed that there had to be a way to draw out Spinelli's real personality. Maxie suddenly recalled her plan, and Jason's remark about Maxie interrupting Jason and Sam, so she asked Sam about it. Sam admitted that she and Jason had discussed marriage, but it had been complicated. Maxie didn't understand why it was complicated when Sam and Jason were already practically married.

Sam confessed that she was reluctant to ruin a good thing by getting engaged. Maxie admitted that she had felt the same way with Spinelli. Maxie confided that there had been times when she had wondered if she and Spinelli might have stayed together if they had gone through with the wedding. Later, Jason arrived home. He was curious where Maxie was, so Sam revealed that Maxie had gone to see Spinelli. Sam grew concerned when Jason told her about Spinelli's encounter with Anthony on the piers. Sam insisted that they needed to find a way to help Spinelli, so Jason told her about his plan to keep Spinelli busy.

At the office, Jackal called the bakery to place an order for cupcakes. Moments later, Maxie entered. She immediately grew concerned when he told her about his new case. After Maxie left, Sam arrived. Jackal noticed that Sam seemed quiet, so he assumed that it had to do with Jason's proposal of marriage. Sam doubted that she would be getting married any time soon because Jason appeared to have had a change of heart.

At the penthouse, Maxie demanded to know details about Spinelli's new assignment. Jason assured her that Spinelli wouldn't be in any danger because he had made up the entire assignment. Maxie was relieved. Maxie then informed Jason that, despite Sam's claims to the contrary, Sam wanted to get married. Jason revealed that he intended to propose to Sam, but he didn't know when because he wanted to be certain that he did it the right way.

At ELQ, Michael and Asher talked about the Asguard Securities deal. Michael explained that the Asguard representative had been overly excited, so Michael had realized that the man had been nervous. Asher admitted that Michael's instincts had been on target, but they might not be the next time. Asher wondered if Michael were prepared for the pressure of everyone thinking that Michael was a business genius. Abby appeared in the doorway. She immediately defended Michael by insisting that there wasn't anything wrong with Edward seeking Michael's advice.

Asher assured Abby that he was on Michael's side; however, Asher thought that Michael should know that things would get intense if Michael became Edward's new rising star. Asher bumped into Tracy in the hallway after he left the office. Tracy was delighted when Asher revealed that they had closed the Asguard deal. Tracy's joy was short-lived when Asher told her that Edward had given Michael all of the credit. Tracy immediately entered Michael's office, but stopped short when she found Abby and Michael in a heated kiss. Abby and Michael jumped apart and then righted their clothes.

Tracy accused Michael of playing "footsie" with is stripper girlfriend. Michael reminded Tracy that it was his office, but Tracy argued that it didn't mean that it was okay to have a "nooner." Abby tried to apologize, but Tracy wasn't interested in her excuses for their unprofessional behavior. Edward entered the office moments later. Tracy promptly told her father what she had walked in on. Tracy was disgusted when Edward insisted that he didn't see anything wrong with a couple displaying affection.

Tracy's irritation grew when Edward began to brag about Michael's role in the Asguard deal. "Did you just call this nineteen-year-old delinquent a genius?" Tracy demanded. Tracy claimed that Michael's only ambition, until recently, had been to become a mobster. Tracy insisted that she had given Edward a rising star by hiring Asher. Edward argued that Asher wasn't a Quartermaine. Tracy reminded Edward that Michael knew nothing about ELQ, so giving Michael a position of power made Edward look like a doddering old fool, and ELQ a joke.

Edward accused Tracy of being jealous. Abby insisted Michael would be the first person to admit that he had a lot to learn, so Tracy ordered Abby to go sharpen a pencil. Michael resented Tracy talking to Abby like that. Abby left the office as Edward made it clear that he expected Tracy to apologize. Tracy assured Edward that Abby was a big girl. "What is she? Thirty-five?" Tracy snidely wondered.

Tracy was certain that Abby had heard worse at her previous job. Edward had heard enough; he ordered Tracy to make things right because he refused to let her drive away his last, but best, Quartermaine heir. Later, Michael was getting ready to leave when Tracy knocked on his office door and then entered. Tracy applauded Michael for figuring out that he had her "poor lonely father" wrapped around his finger. She warned Michael that Edward was a master manipulator, who was desperate to find a replacement.

Tracy accused Michael of having no real interest in ELQ, so she urged him to quit before he did any real damage to the company that her father had spent a lifetime building, and before Edward convinced himself that Michael would really stay. Michael closed his briefcase and then left. Moments later, Edward entered the office, looking for Michael. Tracy informed her father that his golden boy had left for the day. Edward insisted that Tracy's behavior had been a disgrace, but Tracy didn't care.

Tracy shifted gears by revealing that Anthony Zacchara had approached her with an offer to invest in ELQ. Edward was furious, so Tracy assured him that she had turned Anthony down. Edward couldn't understand why Anthony would think that they would want his money. Tracy pointed out that hiring Michael had sent everyone a message. Edward argued that Michael was a Quartermaine, but Tracy reminded him that Sonny had raised Michael. According to Tracy, they might as well have put up a big neon sign that read, "Thugs, Inc."

Later, Tracy was going through some papers on Michael's desk when Monica entered. Monica realized that Tracy was up to no good, but Tracy denied it. Monica didn't believe Tracy, so Tracy demanded to know what Monica was doing at ELQ. Monica admitted that she had dropped by to see how Michael liked working for the family. Tracy insisted that Michael wanted nothing to do with Monica, so Monica turned the tables on Tracy by asking if Tracy had talked to Ned or Dillon lately. Tracy advised Monica to stop begging for crumbs from Jason and Michael, but Monica argued that Michael was her only grandson.

"The only one left," Tracy remarked. Monica wondered what that meant. Tracy immediately tried to change the subject, but Monica refused to let her. Tracy reluctantly admitted that Jake hadn't been Lucky's son. Monica was stunned when Tracy clarified that Jake had been Jason's son. Monica demanded to know how long Tracy had known the truth.

Tracy confessed that Luke had told her right after Jake's tragic death. "So Luke was the driver who killed my grandson," Monica said in a quiet voice. Tracy's eyes filled with tears as she whispered, "I'm so sorry." Monica was devastated as she wondered why she hadn't seen the truth every time she had looked at Jake. Tracy explained that Liz, Jason, and Lucky had decided to keep quiet about Jake's paternity to ensure Jake's safety. Monica was deeply hurt when she realized that Lucky had shared the truth about Jake with his family.

Tracy admitted that she had no idea why Jason hadn't told Monica about Jake. Monica confided that she had suspected the truth during Jason's trial, when she had learned that Liz and Jason had slept together. However, Monica recalled that the paternity tests had revealed that Jake had been Lucky's son. Tracy suggested that sometimes mothers were compelled to lie about their child's paternity. Monica admitted that she had no room to judge because she had once lied to Alan about AJ's paternity. Tracy clarified that she hadn't been referring to that.

Monica assured Tracy that she was grateful that Tracy had told her about Jake. They talked briefly about the accident that had claimed Jake's life, and Tracy's concern for Luke, but Tracy realized that Monica didn't care about Luke. Monica confessed that she didn't care about much at that moment. Monica started to leave, but stopped in the doorway. Monica recalled seeing Liz with the boys over the winter.

Monica explained that Liz had been putting the boys in the car after work. Monica had noticed that Jake didn't have a hat on because it had fallen off. She had spotted it on the ground, but she had decided to point it out to Liz as she drove by because it had been bitterly cold out, so Monica had wanted to get to her car. However, Liz had seen it before Monica drove by. Monica realized that if she had picked up the hat and then had taken it to Liz, she might have been able to put it on her grandson's head. Tracy's eyes filled with fresh tears when she saw the shattered expression on Monica's face as she turned to leave.

On the piers, Asher met with Anthony Zacchara. Asher revealed that the deal that he and Anthony had worked on hadn't panned out because Edward had followed Michael's advice. Anthony was furious that his plan to destabilize ELQ had failed. However, Anthony admitted that Michael's involvement added an interesting twist. Asher was curious why, so Anthony explained that it offered him another opportunity to get Michael under his thumb. Asher argued that Michael wasn't that bright, and that Anthony had Asher in place at ELQ.

Anthony reminded Asher that he had been paid to sabotage ELQ, so that Anthony could use it as a mob front. However, Anthony considered Michael to be the ultimate bargaining chip.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

In Jacksonville, Dante tried to persuade Lulu to return to Port Charles with him, but Lulu refused to leave without her father. Dante argued that it wasn't a good idea to stick around, since Lupe knew that he was a police officer. Lulu was confident that Lupe trusted her to take care of Dante. Dante warned Lulu that people like Lupe and Javier didn't trust anyone, but Lulu argued that she had no reason to believe that Lupe would turn against her. Dante was curious what Lulu expected to happen when Luke showed up.

"He'll understand how much I want him to come home," Lulu answered. Dante suggested that seeing Lulu in the brothel might remind Luke of when Bobbie had turned tricks for a living. Dante questioned why Lulu thought that she would succeed where Lucky had failed. Lulu explained that the intervention hadn't been her idea, so Luke would be more receptive to her. Dante had his doubts, but Lulu insisted that Luke was the only father that she had, so she refused to leave Jacksonville without him.

At the brothel, Javier angrily demanded to know where Lulu was. Lupe nervously assured him that she would arrive shortly. Javier grabbed Lupe's face and then asked her why she hadn't told him that Dante was a cop. Lupe explained that she had wanted to, but Lulu had talked her out of it. Lupe revealed that she had been afraid that they would end up in jail if Javier killed a police officer. Lupe then confessed that Lulu had promised to get rid of Dante, but Javier reminded Lupe that Lulu had been lying from the beginning.

Lupe promised Javier that she had been looking out for him, but Javier informed her that he could take care of himself. Later, Lulu arrived for her shift. Javier appeared seconds later to reveal that the brothel was closed because one of his best girls had died. Javier pulled out a switchblade and then played with it menacingly as he started to tell Lulu about the tragedy. Javier quickly tucked the knife away when Dante walked in.

Dante apologized for being late and then asked where everyone was. Javier admitted that he was glad that Dante had showed up for work because they had unfinished business. Javier then revealed that Lupe had died. According to Javier, Lupe had been acting like a woman with a secret because she had been drinking heavily. Javier told them that Lupe had staggered to her room where she had slipped in the shower and then broken her neck. Lulu quickly recovered from her shock to ask about the funeral arrangements.

Javier barked that everything had been taken care of and then ordered Lulu to take the rest of the day off; however, he wanted Dante to remain, so that Dante could turn away visitors, and help clean up. After Javier left the room, Lulu confessed that she didn't believe Javier's story. She confided that Javier had been waving around a knife before Dante's arrival, so she was certain that Javier had been responsible for Lupe's demise. Dante told Lulu to wait for him in her room and then walked her to the door. Javier lurked nearby, watching them.

Later, Lulu returned to her room and found Javier waiting for her. Javier advised Lulu not to leave her passport lying around when she was using a false identity. Lulu started to explain, but Javier cut her off. He was curious why Lulu hadn't told him that she was Luke's daughter.

At the lake house, Molly eavesdropped while Carly begged for Alexis' help. Carly explained that she would lose custody of Josslyn if Alexis didn't choose a side. Alexis assured Carly that it was rare for a judge to strip a parent of visitation rights, but Carly warned Alexis that things hadn't gone well during the hearing. Alexis was stunned when Carly revealed that Brenda had testified about a shooting the night before, which had confirmed that Sonny was dangerous. Alexis suggested that Carly agree to keep Josslyn away from Sonny, but Carly argued that it was too late for that because she had conceded that Sonny's lifestyle wasn't safe. Carly was certain that the judge would rule in Jax's favor.

Alexis wondered how she could help Carly, so Carly asked Alexis to make one last attempt to persuade Jax to compromise. Alexis assured Carly that she would, but she advised Carly to figure out how to make things work if Jax were to be awarded primary custody. Alexis also suggested that Carly stay cool, and show compliance, when the judge handed down his ruling. Carly feared that Jax might leave town with Josslyn, so Alexis assured Carly that Carly would have the ammunition that she would need to file an appeal. Carly realized that she had to cut ties with Sonny and Jason. She was curious if Alexis would be able to walk away from Sonny and Sam if Ric were to decide to sue for custody of Molly because of Sonny and Sam's lifestyles.

Brenda went to Metro Court to see Jax. Jax thanked her for telling the truth during the custody hearing and then wondered how Sonny had reacted. Brenda confessed that Sonny hadn't gone home after the hearing. She admitted that she had been trying to reach Sonny, to no avail. Jax suggested that Sonny might need some time to cool off, but Brenda admitted that she wished that Jax hadn't involved her in the custody battle. Jax assured Brenda that she had helped to protect Josslyn, and she had spared others from having to testify.

Brenda feared that Sonny was deeply hurt, but Jax argued that Sonny tended to get upset when he was confronted with the truth. Jax insisted that Sonny's line of work was dangerous. Jax admitted that he had done everything in his power to keep Josslyn safe, so he hoped that Brenda found the courage to do the same for Alec. Shortly after Brenda left, Alexis arrived. Alexis admitted that Carly had asked Alexis to make one last appeal to Jax. Jax warned Alexis that he wouldn't change his mind, but he agreed to hear Alexis out.

Alexis told Jax about Carly's hypothetical question regarding Ric. Jax insisted that it wasn't the same thing, but Alexis disagreed. Alexis confessed that she would fight Ric for custody of Molly, just as Carly had fought Jax. She wondered where Jax's compassion was and then urged him to work things out with Cary. Jax admitted that he wouldn't have done anything differently if he and Alexis had shared a child. Alexis seemed sad as Jax argued that he had done the right thing, so he refused to back down.

At Pozzulo's, Sonny ushered Olivia into his office. He asked her about Steve, but Olivia knew that he had something else on his mind, so she invited him to get to the point. Sonny explained that he needed a favor from her. He wanted her to help him ensure that Carly didn't lose custody of Josslyn. Olivia felt terrible for Carly, but she refused to get in the middle of Jax and Carly's custody battle. Sonny insisted that Olivia was a kind and empathetic person, so he thought that she would be able to understand Carly's situation. Olivia admitted that she knew that Sonny had something up his sleeve, but she made it clear that she didn't want to know what he was planning.

Sonny respected Olivia's decision. As Olivia turned to leave, Grace arrived to meet with Sonny. The two women glanced at each other as Sonny invited Grace into his office. After Olivia left, Sonny reminded Grace of their agreement. Grace complained that she had to cooperate because Sonny hadn't given her a choice. Sonny reminded her that she could help him and then walk away, or she could go to jail.

Later, Olivia and Jax were discussing business when Olivia wondered when Jax intended to take the bids for the parking garage and new furnace. Jax explained that it was up to Olivia because he intended to take Josslyn to Australia to visit Lady Jane after the judge had granted him custody. Olivia seemed startled by Jax's plans, but she assured him that she would handle everything. Jax was pleased that she hadn't fought him about it. Olivia decided to leave, so Jax opened the door for her. Olivia stopped short when she saw Grace about to knock, but neither woman gave a hint that they had recognized each other.

At Kelly's, Kristina happily greeted Ethan as he walked in. She asked him if he intended to go to ELQ to pretend that he was still interested in Abby. Ethan admitted that it would be in poor taste to flaunt his affair with Abby in front of Michael. However, he confessed that he was hoping that Abby would stop by Kelly's for a while. Kristina was certain that Abby was busy trying to impress Edward, so she quickly changed the subject by asking if Ethan rode horses.

Ethan revealed that he had worked on a cattle station in Australia for part of a summer. Ethan explained that it had been hard work, so he had ended up picking pockets on a beach in Sydney by the end of that summer. Kristina admitted that riding in Port Charles was recreational. According to Kristina, a friend had offered her the use of her horse while her friend was out of town, so Kristina wanted Ethan to go riding with her. Ethan didn't have an opportunity to reply because Molly entered the diner, looking for Morgan.

Kristina sensed that her sister was troubled, but Molly insisted that she just needed to find Morgan. Kristina offered to drive Molly to Morgan's house, but Molly decided to take the bus. After Molly left, Kristina confessed that it seemed odd that Molly hadn't gushed about romance when she had seen Kristina spending time with Ethan. Ethan shrugged and then started talking about his experience as a cattle hand. Kristina laughed as Ethan painted a dismal picture of his time on a horse. She assured him that riding with her would be different because the trails were nice, and they would be able to stop for a picnic lunch.

Ethan realized where she was headed with her plans, so he suggested that if she were determined to spend time with him then it should be on his turf, doing what he wanted to do. Kristina was surprised when Ethan invited her to join him on a three-night trip to Las Vegas. Kristina readily agreed to go, but Ethan made it clear that they would spend their time gambling with high-rollers and that she would be expected to play hostess. Kristina admitted that she would love to go, but she was still grounded. She promised to think about it and then get back to him. Ethan smiled smugly as Kristina gathered her things and then left.

At Carly's house, Molly told Morgan about the conversation that she had overheard between their mothers. Molly warned Morgan that Jax intended to take Josslyn away. Morgan felt betrayed by Jax because Jax had promised him that they would always be a family. Morgan vowed that he would not let Jax take Josslyn. Molly suggested that they scare Jax, so that Jax would appreciate the value of compromising. Morgan agreed, but he didn't know what to do.

Molly asked for Morgan's laptop. Morgan handed it to her. Molly then wondered how much money he could get his hand on.

In Sonny's office, Carly paced the floor as she warned Sonny that the judge would hand down his decision soon. Sonny reminded Carly that it could take time, but Carly disagreed. She warned him that whatever he was planning had to happen before the judge made a decision. Sonny assured Carly that he was handling everything, so Carly wanted to know what Sonny intended to do. Sonny asked her to trust him, but he refused to share any details because he didn't want her to get involved.

Carly was frustrated because she felt that everything seemed to be going Jax's way. She feared that whatever Sonny intended to do would be too little too late because Jax had momentum on his side. Moments later, Brenda walked in. Brenda stopped in the doorway when she saw Carly. Carly reminded Brenda that she had helped find Alec because Carly believed that children belonged with their mothers. Carly wondered why Brenda hadn't told the judge about that.

Brenda argued that the judge hadn't asked her about that. Carly was disgusted; she hoped that Brenda never had to deal with losing her child because of Sonny. After Carly left, Brenda looked at Sonny. "You're mad at me?" she asked when she noticed Sonny's closed expression. Sonny confessed that he wished that she had kept quiet about the shooting, but Brenda argued that she had feared that the judge had known about the incident. Sonny assured Brenda that he blamed Jax for everything, so Brenda asked why Sonny hadn't gone home the previous night.

Sonny revealed that he had been working late, so he had decided to stay in his downtown apartment. Brenda was stunned because she hadn't realized that he had an apartment. Her eyes filled with tears as she asked him why he hadn't returned her calls. Brenda sensed that something was going on with Sonny, so she begged him to talk to her. Sonny evaded the question by changing the subject. He suggested that they would be playing into Jax's hands if they continued to fight.

Brenda wondered why Carly had been in his office. Sonny explained that Carly was worried about the outcome of the custody hearing. According to Sonny, Carly was a devastated mother, but she was not his wife. Sonny pulled Brenda close and then looked deep into her eyes as he apologized for not going home. Brenda softened as Sonny kissed her.

Carly arrived home, but quickly grew concerned when she realized that Morgan and Josslyn were not there. Carly raced through the house and then outside, calling Morgan's name, but Morgan didn't respond.

In Jax's room, Jax thanked Grace for her recommendation to the judge. Grace admitted that she had done what she had thought was right. Jax suggested that they have some coffee, so Grace quickly offered to pour it. Grace seized the opportunity to slip some powder into Jax's coffee before she handed it to Jax. Jax drank the coffee, but he soon realized that she had put something it.

Jax stumbled to the coffee table to pick up his cell phone. He demanded to know why she had drugged him, so Grace explained that he was about to find out. Grace began to rip her clothes and then screamed for help. Jax was stunned. He yelled at her to tell him what she had drugged him with, but Grace ran to the bathroom and then locked herself inside. Jax realized that he had been set up, so he pounded on the bathroom door warning her that he would not allow her to use the incident to take Josslyn away from him.

Grace called the police and then made certain that they heard Jax threatening her as he continued to bang on the bathroom door.

Friday, July 15, 2011

At Javier's Florida bordello, Dante questioned one of the sex workers who told him that the place was temporarily closed. Dante wanted to get details about Lupe's demise. The hooker was worried about Javier and told Dante that no one who crossed Javier lived to tell about it. Dante told the woman to take a long vacation as she left the bordello, dragging her suitcase behind.

Meanwhile, Javier confronted Lulu in her motel room. Javier had found Lulu's passport and realized that Lulu was Luke's daughter. Lulu begged for Javier's help to locate Luke. Javier said that he knew that Lulu had been lying from the start. He said that he had watched and waited. Javier said that the watching had been enjoyable. He wondered out loud how a wreck of a man like Luke Spencer could have a daughter like Lulu. Javier told Lulu that Luke was unreliable. He told Lulu that he would help her locate Luke if Lulu compensated Javier.

When Javier said that he would tell Lulu where Luke could be found if Lulu slept with Javier, Lulu said that she was not that desperate. Javier laughed and told Lulu that if she did not show up in his office by 5:00 p.m., he would call Luke and warn him that Lulu was looking for him.

After Javier left Lulu, Dante went to Lulu's motel to tell her that Javier had killed Lupe. Lulu was undaunted. Lulu said that Javier had broken into her room and found her passport. Lulu said that Javier knew that she was Luke's daughter and had promised to help her if she slept with him. Dante was against that idea. Lulu said that she would not actually sleep with Javier. Lulu was convinced that she could get Luke's whereabouts out of Javier before she was forced to have sex with him.

Dante wanted to leave town immediately, but Lulu said she was staying. Lulu convinced Dante that he could arrive at the bordello early and hide in Javier's closet. Lulu told Dante that he could listen from the closet and help out if Javier became too much for Lulu to handle. Lulu promised Dante that she would give up on trying to find Luke if her plan did not work. Dante reluctantly agreed and told Lulu to be careful.

When Dante arrived back at the bordello, Javier and two thugs were waiting for him. They got the drop on Dante. Javier called Dante by name and let Dante know that Javier had found out that Dante was a cop. Javier said that he was going to kill Dante and leave his body in a nearby swamp, where it would never be found. Javier said that he would let Dante live long enough to let Dante hear Javier screw Lulu. Dante struggled against his two burly captors. Dante said he would kill Javier if Javier laid a finger on Lulu.

After Javier left, Dante told the thugs that they would get in big trouble if they killed a cop. When Dante started yelling for Lulu, one of the thugs hit Dante in the mouth. Upstairs, Javier followed Lulu into his office. Lulu tried to get Luke's location from Javier, but he refused to give it to her. Instead he told her to relax.

Javier told Lulu that she would find her time with him very pleasurable. Lulu asked how she could know that Javier would keep his end of the bargain. Javier told Lulu that first she should please him and then he would tell Lulu everything she wanted to know. Javier moved closer to Lulu, took her by the arms and kissed her.

Carly asked the nanny, Mercedes, if she knew where Morgan had taken Josslyn. Both agreed that Morgan was responsible and was probably just trying to be a good brother; he had taken Josslyn somewhere special. Nonetheless, Carly searched the neighborhood for her missing children.

Brenda and Sonny chatted amiably in his restaurant office. Sonny told Brenda that he was not mad at her for telling the truth at the custody hearing. Sonny said that he was mad at Jax because Jax had put Brenda in the position of having to testify. Jason arrived and wanted to talk business. Jason was not happy with Brenda and her testimony. Sonny defended Brenda, who wanted to hear the business Jason was there for, but Sonny sent Brenda away.

Jason wondered why Sonny was not angry about what Jax had done. Sonny said that there was no need to get mad when you could get even. Sonny told Jason that Carly had been right, that Jax had paid off the mediator. Sonny told Jason that after that day, Jax would not be able to get custody of a gerbil. Jason pointed out that making Jax look bad was going to cause Sonny trouble with Brenda. Sonny said he would handle it. Sonny said that Jax had been playing Brenda. Jason got a call from Carly, who said that she needed immediate help.

Morgan and Molly took Josslyn to an abandoned food stand with an enclosed courtyard that Molly had located through the Internet. Morgan and Molly had enough supplies to last for two weeks. Molly said that they had to stay hidden long enough to make Jax see reason and not take Josslyn away from Carly. Morgan said it was weird, but he believed that Carly and Jax still loved each other. Morgan said that he hated what Jax was doing, but loved Jax. Morgan said he wished that Carly and Jax would get back together so that they could be a family again. Molly said it was time to act and then dashed off an email.

Jason met Carly at her house. He told her that Sonny had made his move, and Carly would get custody of Josslyn. Carly said maybe not, because both Morgan and Josslyn were missing. As Carly got increasingly agitated, Jason told her not to freak out and went looking for Morgan and Josslyn. Meanwhile, Carly discovered that several of Josslyn's toys were missing, as well as her clothing. Carly relayed that information to Jason when he returned from searching. Carly received an email from an "A. Zacchara," which read, "Have baby. No ransom needed. Arrive with the father." Both Jason and Carly realized that Morgan and Molly were behind the email.

Morgan fretted that Josslyn might get sick, despite the fact that he had stockpiled two weeks of medication for her. Molly said that they would take Josslyn home if she showed the slightest symptom. Molly said that they would keep Josslyn safe. Molly said that they would tell Josslyn that they were on a camping trip. Molly said that if they caved in too soon, Jax would say that Carly was a bad mother. Morgan read Josslyn a story. After it was over, Josslyn started fretting and crying.

Sonny was on the phone, gloating with Bernie about the success of his plot to destroy Jax, when Kristina walked in. Kristina said that she was not there to complain. She said that she wanted to plan a father-daughter trip to New York with Sonny. Kristina said that she wanted to stay in a hotel, eat in nice restaurants, and see some shows, even the ballet if Sonny was interested. Sonny was flattered and said that he had a business trip in late July, but could make plans for August. Kristina said she looked forward to it. When she asked Sonny for cash to buy some clothes for the trip, he gave her 300 dollars.

Ethan caught up with Johnny on the pier. Johnny wanted to know why Ethan had not been around looking for jobs. Ethan said that having Anthony around made working for Johnny much less desirable. Ethan said that he did not like the way that Anthony had threatened Kristina. Johnny said that his father was not interested in hurting Kristina but in hurting Sonny. Johnny wanted to know how Ethan was faring with Kristina's crush.

Ethan said that he had come on very strong when he invited Kristina to Las Vegas with him. Ethan was convinced that his ploy had scared Kristina away. Johnny told Ethan not to be so sure. Johnny said that Kristina was stubborn and smart. Johnny said that Kristina was manipulative and knew how to get what she wanted, and added that Kristina wanted Ethan. Ethan said that Kristina was too young for him, but he did not want to hurt her because she was more fragile that she appeared. Johnny told Ethan to make sure that he was looking out for the "fragile waif," and not looking to return Kristina's feelings.

Kristina was waiting for Ethan at Kelly's with a slice of pie that she said was an apology because she had bolted before giving Ethan an answer to his Las Vegas invitation. Ethan was stunned when Kristina said that she wanted to go to Vegas with him. Kristina said that Sonny would be gone at the end of the month and that she would create a brilliant cover story. Ethan's mouth was hanging open when Kristina said that she could hardly wait to party in Vegas and wondered if Ethan could get her a fake I.D.

Jax found himself handcuffed to a table in the Port Charles Police Department interrogation room. Jax declared his innocence to Ronnie, who did not believe him. Ronnie told Jax that he was under arrest. Jax did not remember anything. He insisted that Sonny had drugged him and set him up. Ronnie said that Sonny had been nowhere near Jax's suite. Ronnie said that there were several witnesses who had heard the mediator, Grace Yang, calling for help. Ronnie said that Grace had called 9-1-1, and that drugs had been found in the suite.

When Ronnie noticed Grace standing outside the interrogation room, wearing torn clothing, he told Jax that he had to talk to the victim. Jax said he was the victim. Jax begged Grace to tell the truth. Jax declared his innocence and pleaded with Ronnie, who was not sympathetic. Jax had tears in his eyes when Ronnie shut the door and left to interview Grace.

Grace told Ronnie that she had gone to see Jax to get some last-minute details worked out. She said that Jax was acting strangely and that when she tried to leave, he attacked her. Grace was very convincing as she told her story and signed a complaint against Jax.

After Grace was gone, Brenda arrived in answer to Jax's phone call. Brenda asked Ronnie to take the handcuffs off Jax but Ronnie refused. Ronnie said that the PCPD had a sworn statement that Jax had attacked the mediator, Grace. Brenda said that Jax needed a lawyer. Ronnie said that Jax had been violent and incoherent when the police had arrived at Jax's suite. Ronnie said that they had found both cocaine and ecstasy in Jax's suite. Jax insisted that Sonny had set him up. Jax said there was no way that he would go on a drug binge in the middle of a custody battle.

Ronnie said that he had no love for Sonny. Ronnie said more power to Jax's lawyer if the lawyer could prove in court that Jax had been set up. After Ronnie was gone, Brenda was convinced that Sonny had set Jax up. Brenda acknowledged that Sonny had done it for Carly. Brenda told Jax not to worry. Brenda said that she would make sure that Sonny made things right. Jax thanked her.

Brenda went to Sonny and demanded to know if he had set Jax up. Sonny wanted to know how Brenda had learned of Jax's plight. Brenda said she had spoken to Jax at the police station. Brenda said that if Sonny had implicated Jax, Sonny needed to make it right. Sonny was calm when he told Brenda that if Jax was in trouble, it was because Jax deserved it.

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