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General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 28, 2011 on GH
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Monday, November 28, 2011

At Maxie's apartment, Maxie and Matt amorously discussed what they had to be thankful for. Matt was thankful that Emma had made him a turkey headdress, because otherwise he never would have known that feathers turned Maxie on. He put on the headdress and playfully grabbed Maxie, and she commented that they should play dress-up more often, because it was like being with a different person every night. He looked nonplussed.

Maxie clarified that Matt wasn't the only one who had to dress up, and she mentioned that she had a cute police officer costume, complete with handcuffs. He thought that she wouldn't want to be shackled to him, because they'd barely spent any time together lately, but she said they should get back to having fun. They passionately kissed.

Matt fretted about Mac asking for Matt's clothes from the night of the boat trip, but Maxie pointed out that Mac might just be trying to clear their names. Matt asserted that he'd had no motive to kill Lisa, but Maxie had, because Lisa had attacked Maxie and Spinelli. An incensed Maxie argued that Lisa had also gone after Patrick and Robin, and Lisa had thrown his "precious Liz" overboard. Maxie snapped that Liz had deserved it, and when Matt's attitude soured, Maxie admitted that her comment had crossed the line. Maxie inquired whether Matt would still be with her if she'd done something horrible.

Matt pressed for details, but Maxie quickly covered by saying that she'd constantly done horrible things. He sincerely asked her to look at him and tell him what she'd done. She pleaded with him not to be mad at her, and he inquired whether Mac would be concerned by her actions. She whimpered that Mac probably would disapprove, and Matt took her hand and promised that they'd get through it together. She confessed that she had told the Crimson reporter that she and Matt were engaged, and she flew into a frenzied explanation why. He smirked in amusement.

At the Drake home, Patrick reported to Robin that he had tucked Emma in. Robin apologized for bailing early on Thanksgiving dinner, and he presented her with a slice of pie. She worried that everyone had thought she had been rude, but he assured her otherwise. She complained of a headache, but he knew there was more going on with her. Robin lamented that she hadn't been able to put together the perfect Thanksgiving, and she worried that Emma had been disappointed.

Patrick asked Robin to tell the truth, because he'd seen the look on her face when Maxie had mentioned Lisa. Robin admitted that even the slightest memory trigger caused her to flash back to the night on the boat. He contended that Lisa was gone, but Robin maintained that she couldn't forget, and she suspected that he couldn't, either. Patrick explained that Lisa's plan to infect him with HIV hadn't made sense, but Robin thought that she couldn't live with herself if she were ever responsible for Patrick or Emma getting hurt. Patrick urged Robin not to let Lisa win, but Robin felt like Lisa already had.

Patrick refused to let Lisa hold them hostage, and he wanted to move forward, for their sakes as well as for Emma's. Robin said she was trying, but it was hard, and he implored her to let him in. She wondered why she was suddenly so frightened of transmitting the HIV virus. He said that the fear Lisa had instilled wouldn't be there forever, because they wouldn't be married with a daughter if they had lived in fear. He swore that things would soon be back to normal, and he suggested that they speed up their progress. He gently kissed her, but she pulled away and excused herself to take a shower.

Later, Patrick reported that Emma had finally fallen asleep. Robin reminded him that the police wanted their clothing from the night of the boat trip, but Patrick said that Mac hadn't wanted to ruin the holiday by asking for the garments that evening. She remembered being excited to wear that particular dress, and she declared her desire to burn it. He apologized for being insensitive earlier, but she claimed that she was just really tired.

Robin and Patrick lay in bed and marveled about everything they had to be thankful for. He requested that they keep Christmas simple, and he suggested that she accept his birthday offer and accompany him to Paris to celebrate the New Year. She preferred to stay home, and he griped that she was giving Lisa power. Robin explained that she didn't want to disrupt things while they were getting their lives back. He agreed and put his arm around her, but she complained that she was uncomfortable. He wanted to look at her arm wound, but she told him to go to sleep. He rolled away from her, clearly disappointed.

Sam and Jason returned home from the Quartermaine mansion, and she asked if he was okay, because he had blown up in front of everyone. He was concerned about how his outburst had affected Michael, and Sam said that both she and Michael were worried about Jason. Sam apologized for pushing to spend Thanksgiving with the Quartermaines. She prayed that eventually they'd be able to live their lives without picturing Franco. Jason wished he'd killed Franco, because one bullet could have prevented the look he saw in both Michael and Sam's eyes. Jason felt responsible that Franco had taken something from Sam, and he vowed to make Franco pay.

Sam urged Jason to live their lives, and he expressed disbelief that she could just let it go. She suddenly realized that he'd never gone in for his follow-up visit at the hospital. Sam theorized that Jason's anger could be a side effect from his head injury, but Jason swore that it had nothing to do with the surgery. He apologized, because she had to deal with much more, but she sobbed that she had no memory, while he did. He asked if it would help her to remember, and she explained that without memories of Franco's face or touch, she could only imagine the worst. Jason slowly reached out to hold her, but he drew back.

Lulu helped Dante into their apartment, and she scolded him for overexerting himself to the point that he'd passed out in an alley. He countered that she shouldn't have been looking for him. She pointed out that the last time she'd sat there waiting for him, he'd almost died. Lulu started to call a doctor, and Dante jokingly threatened to stop her. He reminded her that the doctors had released him, and he didn't want to sit around doing nothing. Lulu begged him to go to the hospital, but she realized that Dante was afraid that Mac would take him off the case.

Dante argued that the department needed help, and Lulu started to ask what was most important to him. He proclaimed that being a cop was his life, and she remarked that she was afraid of his devotion to his job. Lulu professed that she loved Dante and that she wanted him to be around a long time, and she begged him to take it easy. He revealed that he'd chased a possible burglar, but the suspect had gotten away. He complained that he was out of shape and that bed rest didn't make him stronger, but she disagreed. She worried that he wouldn't be able to cheat death the next time around.

Lulu served Dante dinner, and he admitted that he shouldn't have taken off after the thief, but he had felt empathy for the store owner. Lulu implored Dante to think of himself, but he said that was why he had her. She suggested that he take disability leave, but he refused. She asked him to meet her halfway by at least leaving back alley chases to other cops.

Dante complained that he had no appetite, and Lulu blamed it on passing out in the alley. He understood that she had been scared when he'd been shot, and she wished he'd scared himself enough to take it easy. He compromised by agreeing to go on desk duty for a while, and she sighed in relief and covered him in kisses. He winced when she hugged him, and she apologized. She ordered him to bed, and he suggested that she join him. She pointed out that she couldn't even hug him, but he declared that the pain was worth it. She offered to play nurse in the bathtub instead.

During a montage, Lulu and Dante snuggled in bed. She kissed his cheek and eyed a glass of wine across the room. She got up, picked up Dante's badge from the table, and sipped the wine. Matt checked his cell phone and murmured to a sleeping Maxie that there was no reason she had to "know about this." Robin crawled out from under Patrick's arm and crossed the room to get dressed. She gazed guiltily at Patrick while he slept. Jason said he would give anything to take the pain away from Sam, and she wished he could. He said that he was sorry for not being there to protect her, and she placed her hand in his.

In New York, Sonny and Kate returned to his hotel room. Kate angrily called Sonny a coward for not entering his childhood home, and she tried to provoke him into showing any kind of emotional response. He attempted to blow her off, and they argued over his intentions when he'd invited her to go away with him. He reminded her that they'd been naked in hotel rooms before, and he recalled a time they'd had sex in the back of a deli. She smiled and joked that she'd smelled like pastrami for a week. She remarked that it had happened a lifetime ago, just like his life with his stepfather.

Kate asked why Sonny hadn't gone into the brownstone, and he barked that he had done so when he'd bought the building. She questioned what had been different that day. Sonny wished they'd never returned to Bensonhurst and wanted to forget his past. He was adamant that going back to the brownstone wouldn't change anything, so Kate threw him his keys and demanded to know what they were doing there. They discussed how they'd hurt one another, and she said she'd left because she'd wanted to run to someplace better.

Sonny pondered what would have happened if he and Kate had stayed together. She recalled that he'd never invited her to his childhood home, and he claimed that he hadn't wanted her there, then or ever. She asked if he was afraid of her reaction or his own. Sonny reasoned that old houses weren't safe, but Kate mused that it was like part of him was stuck inside the house. He said he liked to go there alone, because it was like running through hell, and he didn't want to drag her there.

Kate thought Sonny could use her support, but he claimed that his anger got him through everything. She asked about his anger over losing Brenda, and he explained that the anger kept him from feeling anything else. Kate asked what he wanted from her, and he laughed, because she sounded like Connie. She stated that Connie was still there, and he just had to ask her to go with him. She purported that they had no chance at all, unless his damaged inner child found peace.

Sonny decided to wear a tie for Kate, and she affectionately helped him with it as they reflected back upon fond memories. He suggested that they go to the old neighborhood for dinner, but she surprised him with reservations someplace new. She asked him to promise to go back to the brownstone, with or without her. He asked her to promise that they'd give their relationship another shot.

Kate commented that Sonny knew what he wanted, and he acknowledged that it was probably more than what he deserved. He held her face in his hands and moved in for a kiss, but she pulled away and insisted on changing her dress to match his tie. They agreed to let one another know what they were willing to give as they went along, and Kate retreated to her room. Sonny thoughtfully picked up his keys to the brownstone, and he left.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

At the loft, Lulu woke up on the sofa, and then slowly wandered over to check on Dante, who was asleep in bed. Lulu became concerned when she heard Dante's raspy breathing, so she fetched her coat and car keys. Lulu stared at the keys for several heartbeats, and then left the loft.

At the hospital, Olivia surprised Steve with a home-cooked Thanksgiving meal. Steve felt terrible for canceling at the last minute, because he had to work, but Olivia assured Steve that she wasn't upset. Moments later, Maggie arrived for work. Maggie spotted Steve at the nurses' station, but she didn't realize that Olivia was there, too, because Steve's body blocked Maggie's view of Olivia. Maggie smiled, tucked her purse under the counter at the nurses' station, and then informed Steve that a nearby restaurant was open for Thanksgiving, so Maggie and Steve wouldn't have to spend the holiday eating cafeteria food.

Maggie's smile slipped when she saw Olivia, and then noticed the bags of food on the counter. Maggie was surprised by all of the food that Olivia had cooked, so Olivia explained that Dante and Lulu had cancelled on her, so Olivia had plenty of leftovers. Maggie confessed to being a terrible cook, and then chuckled as she reminisced about a time that she had baked Steve some cornbread. Maggie confided that Steve loved cornbread. Olivia smiled politely as Maggie suddenly presented Steve with a dish of cornbread, which Maggie had special-ordered for Steve. Moments later, Maggie was called away.

Epiphany was not pleased when she saw the bags of food at the nurses' station. Epiphany grumbled that it was a hospital, not a restaurant, so Steve and Olivia wondered what had happened to Epiphany's holiday spirit. Epiphany revealed that she had lost it when her son, Stanford, had been killed. Steve and Olivia immediately apologized for dredging up the heartbreaking memory, and then offered to take the food to the break room. Olivia invited Epiphany to help herself to the food, because Olivia had packed enough food for several people.

Epiphany explained that she didn't have time to take a break, because she had to make copies of all of Lisa Niles's files for the police. Steve was curious why the police needed Lisa's files, so Epiphany suggested that perhaps the police hoped to find a suspect. Moments later, Lulu rushed up to the nurses' station, and then begged Steve to help Dante. Lulu revealed that Dante's breathing had been labored.

A short time later, Olivia barged into the loft, and then raced to Dante's bedside. Olivia shook Dante awake, while Steve and Lulu trailed behind Olivia. Dante sat up, and then groggily wondered what everyone was doing there. Olivia explained that Lulu had been concerned about Dante's breathing, so Lulu had gone to the hospital to ask Steve to take a look at Dante. Dante assured everyone that he was fine, and then reminded Lulu that he hadn't wanted anyone to know that he had collapsed, because Dante feared that it might get him pulled off of the job. Steve wanted to know about the incident, so Dante reluctantly explained that the fainting episode had occurred after Dante had overexerted himself by running.

Olivia couldn't believe that Dante would risk his life, and the life that he was trying to build with Lulu, by taking risks with his health. Steve examined Dante, and then determined that Dante's chest was slightly congested. Steve decided to give Dante a prescription of antibiotics, but warned Dante to take it easy, and to rest. Steve explained that Dante might be susceptible to infection for up to a month, because of the recent surgery. Dante pointed out that he had been resting when they had arrived. Lulu insisted that she had been worried about Dante, because his breathing has sounded bad.

Dante relaxed as Steve dragged Olivia out of the apartment. Lulu apologized for overreacting, and then hugged Dante. Dante suggested that Lulu wake him up the next time that she was worried about his breathing, instead of rushing to the hospital. Dante then questioned why Lulu had opted to take a cab to the hospital, rather than drive her car. Lulu explained that she had been too upset to drive. Dante accepted the excuse, and then went back to bed. After Dante fell asleep, Lulu picked up the bottle of wine that she had left on the counter earlier that evening, and then emptied the contents down the drain.

At the hospital, Liz was pleasantly surprised when Lucky carried Aiden to her room for a visit. Lucky revealed that he had arrived in town earlier that evening. Lucky offered to leave so that Liz could rest, but Liz admitted that she was afraid that it would all turn out to be a dream, so she preferred that Lucky and Aiden stayed. Liz was curious how Lucky had known that Aiden had been sick, but Lucky would only reply, "It's a long story." Liz let the matter drop as she confessed that she was relieved that Lucky was home, where he belonged.

Lucky smiled awkwardly, but didn't respond. Liz didn't seem to notice, as she told Lucky that Cam would be delighted to learn that Lucky was home. Lucky explained that he was exhausted, so he intended to go home to get some rest before he checked on Cam in the morning. Liz gently reminded Lucky that the boys needed their father around all of the time, not just occasionally when they ended up in the hospital. Lucky promised Liz that he would be around for Cam and Aiden as often as he could be, but he reminded her that he couldn't be there for every little thing, because he and Liz weren't together.

Liz suggested that they could start a new chapter as a family. "It's all about miracles, Lucky," Liz insisted.

Later, Lucky returned to Liz's hospital room with Cam and Aiden in tow. Cam jumped into bed with his mother, and then showed her the card that he had made. Liz was stunned when Lucky confessed that he had thought about her during his trip to Ireland, and that he had put aside all of his hurt and anger, because he wanted them to be a family again. Lucky reached out for Liz's hand, and then squeezed it. Liz's eyes snapped open when Epiphany complained about the grip that Liz had on Epiphany's hand.

Epiphany suggested that Liz had had quite a vivid dream, but Liz insisted that it hadn't been a dream. According to Liz, it had been a glimpse into her future.

At the nurses' station, Lucky thanked Maggie for saving Aiden's life. Maggie was relieved that Lucky wasn't angry with her for enlisting Luke's help. Lucky had no idea what Maggie was talking about, so Maggie told Lucky about Luke's attempt to fake an angina attack. Lucky smiled, and then admitted that he didn't care what they had done to save Aiden's life, Lucky was just grateful that they had succeeded. Maggie was curious how Lucky had known that Aiden was sick. Lucky confided that he had received a sign from his late wife, while he had been in Ireland.

Moments later, Steve and Olivia returned to the hospital. Olivia refused to apologize for nagging Dante about taking care of himself. Steve chuckled as he assured Olivia that she was a great mom. At the nurses' station, Maggie was happy to see that Steve had returned. Steve thanked Maggie for covering for him. Lucky seemed startled that Dr. Wurth's first name was Maggie. Maggie explained that she had been named after a saint.

Later, Steve's shift ended. He thanked Olivia for waiting for him, and then led her to the break room, so that they could enjoy the meal that she had cooked. They were shocked when they entered the room to see empty containers strewn about, and Epiphany cleaning up. Epiphany explained that everyone had appreciated the home-cooked Thanksgiving meal, especially the cornbread. After Epiphany left, Steve noticed that Olivia seemed a bit annoyed at the mention of Maggie's cornbread.

Steve confessed that Olivia was cute when she was jealous, but he promised her that even if there had been unfinished business between him and Maggie, he'd never leave Olivia with what she was facing. Olivia seemed baffled by the remark.

At Carly's house, Carly heard a noise in the foyer, so she quietly picked up the fireplace poker, and then crept into the foyer. Carly was about the bash the intruder over the head, when Shawn suddenly called out her name, and then grabbed the fireplace poker. Carly relaxed when she realized that it had been Shawn who had been crawling around on her floor. Shawn explained that he had been trying to stay out of sight, while he had been checking to make certain that the windows and doors had been locked. Carly immediately became concerned that something had happened to prompt the safety check, but Shawn assured her that it had just been a precaution.

Carly had her doubts about Shawn's claims, because Shawn and Jason had kept her in the dark about what Franco had done in Hawaii. Shawn insisted that they had been trying to protect Carly, so that she wouldn't needlessly worry. Carly argued that Josslyn was her daughter, so she had a right to know if her daughter were in danger. Shawn wondered what Carly wanted from him, so Carly admitted that she was tired of Shawn's mixed signals. Carly had no idea where she stood with Shawn, but she decided to check on her daughter, to make certain that Josslyn was safe, before continuing her discussion with Shawn about their relationship.

After Carly returned to the living room, Shawn explained that he needed to maintain some distance from Carly, because her life was in his hands. Shawn feared that he might not be able to properly do his job if he got too close to Carly. Carly was curious if he thought that something might happen. Shawn admitted that he didn't know, but he was determined to do everything possible to make certain that it didn't. Later, Shawn apologized for scaring Carly as she walked him to the front door. Carly tried to engage in some flirtatious banter, but Shawn insisted that it wasn't the time.

Shawn started to leave, but stopped when he noticed a package on the stoop. Shawn picked it up, and then read the label, which had been addressed to Josslyn. Carly feared that Franco had sent it.

At the hospital, in the Stone Cates AIDS wing, Robin stared at a picture of her and Stone. Later, Robin returned home, and then slipped into bed. Patrick was curious where Robin had been. Robin claimed that she had been jotting down some notes, while things had been fresh in her mind. Patrick reminded Robin that she didn't have to lie to him; he knew that she had left the house. Robin tried to change the subject by talking about Lisa.

Patrick agreed, so Robin revealed that every time she closed her eyes, she saw Lisa's face. Robin admitted that she sometimes dreamed about real events, but at other times she dreamed of Lisa pleading her case to everyone, while Robin's repeated warnings went unheeded. Patrick conceded that Lisa had been a convincing liar. Robin wondered if it were true that comatose people could hear what was said around them. Patrick reminded Robin that there was convincing evidence that it was possible.

Robin imagined that it was awful to be trapped in one's body, but not being able to respond when loved ones spoke to them. Patrick reminded his wife that Lisa was dead, and no longer able to hurt them. Robin feared that Lisa would always haunt them, but Patrick insisted that Lisa had been a product of Lisa's own making, not theirs, so they shouldn't feel responsible for what had happened to Lisa. Robin argued that Lisa could have been a product of Lisa's environment, how Lisa had been raised, and Lisa's imperfections. Patrick tried to lighten the mood by suggesting that Robin didn't have any imperfections.

Robin disagreed; she was HIV-positive. Robin insisted that Lisa had known Robin's deepest fear, that Robin might infect Patrick and Emma with HIV. Patrick argued that Lisa had wanted to mess with their heads, so they shouldn't give Lisa the satisfaction of letting Lisa succeed. Robin reminded her husband that people got sick, and sometimes those people died. Patrick held Robin, and then quietly confessed that he knew that it was the anniversary of Stone's death. Robin felt bad for making Patrick feel as if Stone had been the love of her life.

Patrick assured her that he knew that she'd had a life before she had met him, but Robin insisted that her life was with Patrick and Emma, so she shouldn't have made Patrick feel as if he hadn't been important to her. Patrick promised Robin that he didn't hold anything against her, and that he carried a lot of guilt about everything that had happened with Lisa. Robin decided that she didn't want to discuss Lisa anymore, so Patrick respected his wife's wishes. She was startled when he revealed that he knew that she had gone to the AIDS wing. Robin confessed that she had wanted to go somewhere else, but she had been too tired to go. Patrick wondered if he could help, but Robin explained that it was something that she had to do on her own.

Patrick realized that it was in regard to Stone. "Yes," Robin confirmed. Robin pointed out that Stone had died at the age of nineteen, so he hadn't had the opportunity to live, but she had. Patrick wanted to understand what Robin was feeling, but Robin insisted that she never wanted Patrick to feel what she felt, or to go through what she had gone through. Robin got out of bed, and then began to pace the room, so Patrick urged Robin to go where she needed to go, before Emma woke up.

Later, Patrick carried Emma to the living room. Emma had heard her mother leave, so Patrick suggested that he and his daughter cuddle on the sofa together. Emma nodded, so Patrick moved the evidence bags, containing the clothing that he and Robin had worn on the night of Lisa's murder, to the coffee table, and then snuggled up with Emma. After Emma fell asleep, Patrick carried his daughter to bed, and then returned to the living room to stare at the bags of evidence.

Robin stood on the bridge, where Stone had once gone bungee jumping, and where Robin had scattered his ashes. Robin confessed that she needed Stone, because she was desperate for his advice. Robin admitted that she had always been a terrible liar, so she hated lying to Patrick. However, she insisted that she couldn't tell him her secret. "It's just better that he thinks I was at the AIDS wing to feel close to you," Robin added.

Robin noted that it had been nice to see Stone's name on a plaque at the wing, and knowing that people were being helped because of Stone, but it still hadn't done justice to Stone. Robin insisted that Stone had been the warmest and most beautiful person that she had known. Robin's eyes filled with tears as she recalled that Stone had wanted to make every second of his life count. Robin acknowledged that they had made advances in medicine, but people had become complacent about HIV. According to Robin, people thought that they could just take a pill, to make the deadly virus go away, if they contracted HIV.

Robin wished that Stone could tell people that it wasn't that easy, and to urge doctors to fight for a cure. Robin thought that had been her purpose in life. "But it's just not going to happen," Robin sadly admitted. Robin tearfully realized that there would be so much that she wouldn't get to see.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Jason returned home after a motorcycle ride to try to clear his head. He joined Sam on the balcony, as she gazed up at the stars. Sam explained that she had been hoping that the stars would work their magic on her, but her life was a mess. Jason assured Sam that he was there for her. "Yeah, I know," Sam replied.

Jason was disappointed when Sam decided to take a walk alone, to watch the sunrise. Jason wanted to send some bodyguards along, but Sam declined. "What worse could happen to me?" Sam wondered, and then left. Moments later, Jason received a frantic call from Carly.

At Carly's house, Carly was certain that Franco had sent the package that had been left on her doorstep. Shawn pointed out that Christmas was around the corner, so Jax could have sent it. Carly shook her head, and then revealed the details about her first encounter with Franco, on a Christmas tree lot. She feared that the package might be Franco's twisted way of celebrating the season. Shawn urged Carly not to jump to conclusions, and then carried the package into the living room.

Shawn opened the package, which contained two small gifts. The first gift was the tiny doll that Franco had played with in Hawaii. The second gift was a DVD for Josslyn, which Carly put into the computer. On the DVD, Franco greeted Josslyn, and then confessed that he hoped that Carly would let Josslyn watch the video. Franco regretted that he couldn't be there to tuck Josslyn in every night, so Franco decided to offer Josslyn some "words of comfort."

"I'm so sorry that your daddy up and left without you. Left you with one less set of eyes to watch over you, one less set of hands to reach for," Franco ominously said. Carly quickly turned off the DVD. She pointed out that she had been right to be worried that Franco was after Josslyn. Shawn assured Carly that Franco wouldn't touch Josslyn, but Carly refused to take any chances, so she called Jason.

A short time later, Jason arrived to view the DVD that Franco had sent. Franco talked about various people abandoning Josslyn, but vowed to always be there for her. Jason's temper flared when Carly showed Jason the small wind-up baby doll that Franco had put in the package. Carly insisted that Franco's remarks about Josslyn not having a father, and the toy, were proof that Franco intended to snatch Josslyn. Images of Franco carrying Sam out of the shower, and then to the bed in the Hawaiian bungalow, flashed through Jason's mind. Without warning, Jason's temper exploded as he threw one of Josslyn's toys across the room.

Jason quickly apologized, but Carly wanted to know what was going on. Jason assured Carly that it was nothing, but Carly didn't believe him. She warned Jason not to let Franco see that Franco had gotten to Jason, because Franco enjoyed watching Jason suffer. Jason insisted that Franco couldn't do any worse than Franco had already done, but Carly disagreed. She pointed out that Franco could take Josslyn. Jason promised that he wouldn't let that happen, so Carly urged Jason to stop Franco before Franco made a move against Josslyn.

At Jake's, Abby spotted Johnny near the jukebox with Ranelle and another girl from Vaughn's. Abby approached the trio, and then revealed that she had seen the closed sign at Vaughn's. Johnny explained that the strip club would remain closed until the person responsible for attacking the women who worked at Vaughn's was caught. Moments later, a drunken customer accosted Abby and Ranelle's friend. Johnny was furious, so he shoved the guy up against the jukebox, and then warned the man to stay away from the women. After the drunken patron walked away, Ranelle revealed that Johnny had decided to continue to pay the dancers while Vaughn's was closed.

Johnny was curious why Abby had sought him out. Abby explained that she had been hoping that Johnny could find the person responsible for the attacks on the dancers, before someone else was hurt. Neither Johnny nor Abby were aware that a stranger, whose face was obscured by a hooded jacket, sat at a nearby table, eavesdropping on Abby and Johnny's conversation. A few minutes later, Abby was on her way out when she bumped into Sam, who had just entered the bar. Abby was surprised to see Sam, so Sam revealed that Michael had asked Sam to look into the attacks on the women who worked at Vaughn's.

Sam spotted Johnny, so Sam considered going undercover at Vaughn's. Abby reminded Sam that Sam was a newlywed, so Abby didn't think that it was a good idea. Sam and Abby became distracted when the drunken patron, who had bothered Abby's friend earlier, staggered out of the bar. Sam decided to follow the man, so she left. A short time later, Sam found herself standing in an alley on the waterfront. Sam became uneasy when she spotted a familiar graffiti tag that was still wet. She was unaware that a man stood nearby, watching her.

In the hospital's break room, Steve assured Olivia that she didn't have to hide anything from him, because he knew that she was pregnant. He admitted that he had seen the pregnancy test kit in her apartment. Olivia was shocked, but she recovered quickly to clarify that she wasn't pregnant. Olivia promised Steve that she would never keep that kind of secret from him. Steve gently reminded Olivia that she had once lied about being pregnant with Dante.

Olivia volunteered to have a pregnancy test in the hospital's lab to reassure Steve that she wasn't expecting a baby. Steve continued to have doubts about Olivia's denials, so Olivia explained that things were different from when she had been fifteen and pregnant with Sonny's child. She promised Steve that she wasn't a scared teenager, and then reminded him that he was a decent guy, so she wouldn't have any reason to hide her pregnancy, if she were pregnant. Steve began to relax as he realized that Olivia wasn't pregnant. However, Olivia was curious what Steve would have done if she had been pregnant.

Steve became evasive as he explained that, as a doctor, he didn't deal in what ifs. Olivia smiled knowingly as she realized that the thought of becoming a father had freaked out Steve. Steve reminded her that a baby changed everything. Olivia agreed, but she pointed out that sometimes it was for the good, as had been the case with Patrick. Steve suggested that not everyone was meant to be a parent.

In the waiting area, Maggie was curious how Lucky had known that Aiden had been sick. Lucky seemed reluctant to share the details, but he confided that he felt his deceased wife's presence all of the time. Maggie suggested that love was a powerful thing that connected people in ways that couldn't always be broken. Maggie was surprised when Lucky revealed that she had been part of a sign that he had received from Siobhan. Lucky told Maggie about the letter that had been sent him to St. Margaret's in Ireland to wait for a message from a loved one who had passed away.

Lucky confessed that he had rushed home after he had received the message, and then had learned that "St. Maggie" had saved Aiden's life. Lucky was certain that it had been more than a coincidence. Maggie assured Lucky that she had seen many miracles, so a person didn't have to be religious to believe in them. Lucky suspected that Maggie had something to do with those miracles, but Maggie argued that her job was very difficult at times. However, the miracles made it worth it.

Maggie confided that working with children had taught her to never give up. "Not on hope, and not on people," Maggie added.

Later, Ethan was surprised to see Lucky in the waiting area. After the brothers greeted each other, Ethan asked how Aiden and Liz were doing. Lucky assured Ethan that Aiden was a "rock star," and recovering quickly. However, Lucky was concerned about Liz. Ethan worried that Liz had suffered a setback, so Lucky clarified that Liz was still clinging to the hope that she and Lucky could be a family. Lucky had no idea how to let Liz down, while she was still weak from her ordeal.

Ethan insisted that Liz wanted someone to save her from drowning, like the faceless stranger whom Liz believed had fished her out of the water. Lucky was curious what Ethan knew of the incident, so Ethan revealed that he had found footprints in Wyndemere, which had led Ethan to believe that someone was skulking around Spoon Island. Ethan quickly changed the subject by offering to take Lucky home, so that Lucky could get some rest. Lucky admitted that he couldn't sleep, because his thoughts ran wild every time he closed his eyes. Ethan knew what that was like, so Lucky wondered how to make it stop, without resorting to copious amounts of alcohol. Ethan assured Lucky that alcohol didn't help, because the thoughts would still be there after the warm fuzzy feeling of the alcohol faded.

Ethan then wondered if Lucky had received a message from Siobhan. "I sort of did," Lucky admitted; however, Lucky claimed that he was still trying to figure it out. Ethan was curious what was next for Lucky. Lucky revealed that he intended to focus on the things in life that he could control. Ethan reminded his brother that it wasn't a bad thing to want more out of life. "Even if I don't know what that is?" Lucky asked. Ethan chuckled, and then explained that the mystery was part of the fun.

At the hospital, Patrick was surprised when he didn't see any doctors or nurses at the nurses' station. He decided to set Emma on a chair in the waiting room, so that he could find someone to help them. Moments later, Maggie walked up. Maggie introduced herself to Patrick, and then immediately struck up a conversation with Emma. After an examination, Maggie assured Patrick that Emma's stomachache, which had passed, might have been an attempt to get Patrick's attention.

Later, Emma sat in a wheelchair, while Maggie pushed Emma around the waiting area as if Emma were in a racecar. Patrick smiled, but suggested that the hospital wasn't the right place for games like that. Maggie argued that they should be allowed to have some fun, and then began to complain about the chief of staff, whom Maggie called "an old battleaxe." Patrick picked up Emma, and then insisted that Robin was good at her job. "You know her," Maggie realized. Patrick revealed that Robin was his wife, and then left.

On the bridge, Robin admitted that she could hear Stone, so she knew that he wouldn't want her to be "this way, especially now." However, she just didn't know if she was as strong as he had been, or if she could face what was headed her way. Robin sat down on the bridge, and then talked about her Thanksgiving. According to Robin, Maxie had arrived with a huge bouquet of flowers. Robin admitted that she had needed the flowers, and her family around her.

Robin then changed the subject by revealing that the old bridge had been torn down years before, because it had been unsafe. However, an anonymous donor had paid to have it rebuilt, on the same spot, the year before. She suspected that the donor had been either Jason or Sonny. Robin explained that if Sonny had paid for the new bridge, then Sonny had done it for Stone, but if Jason had paid for it, then Jason had done it for Robin. Robin picked up a bag, which had been filled with the petals of the white roses that Maxie had given to Robin.

Robin recalled standing on the bridge, and scattering Stone's ashes after he had died, so she wanted to commemorate the anniversary of Stone's death by sprinkling the rose petals in the water. Robin confessed that she imagined that the petals would make their way to Stone, which she was certain would make him smile. Robin then talked about Brenda and Sonny's wedding, and their divorce a few months later. "Sometimes, love isn't enough," Robin admitted. Mac walked up as Robin stared forlornly at the water. Mac revealed that he knew the significance of the date, so he had gone to Robin's house to check on her.

According to Mac, Patrick had told him where to find Robin. Mac sensed that Robin wanted to be alone, so he offered to wait for her by the car. Robin asked him to stay to help her honor the special people who had lost their lives too soon. Mac assured her that he would walk through fire for her, but he was concerned, because it seemed like the anniversary of Stone's death had hit Robin harder than usual. Robin explained that she had been overwhelmed with her job, and what had happened with Lisa. Robin insisted that Lisa had been like a black cloud, in comparison to Stone, who had been a bright light.

Robin had no idea why things had ended up as they had. Mac admitted that he had learned long before that life wasn't fair. Robin wondered if he were referring to Stone giving her HIV. Mac assured Robin that he had made peace with that a long time in the past. Robin seemed relieved, and then confessed that she regretted that she had let Lisa win by destroying Robin's life and marriage. Mac seemed confused, because Robin and Patrick were still together. Robin began to cry as she explained, "Uncle Mac, you have no idea."

Mac feared that Robin might say something incriminating, so he suggested that perhaps he shouldn't know everything. He explained that it was difficult to put his badge aside when Robin and Maxie were suspects in a murder investigation. Robin insisted that it had been self-defense. Mac was startled by Robin's remark, so he warned her to be careful about what she said to him. Robin reminded her uncle that Lisa had terrorized everyone on the boat, so if someone had killed Lisa, then it had been self-defense. Mac explained that self-defense didn't work like that.

Mac agreed that Lisa had been a bad person, but at the end of the day, someone had to pay for murdering her. Mac admitted that he didn't want anyone on the boat to have been responsible for Lisa's murder, so Robin suggested that Mac look elsewhere for a suspect. Mac thought that they should change the subject, so Robin urged her uncle to focus on something else besides his work. Mac realized that he needed to get a life. "It would be nice to see that before I die," Robin quietly admitted.

"Robin?" Mac asked with concern. Robin's eyes filled with tears as she sadly shook her head to his unspoken question. Mac hugged Robin as he vowed that he would not let her get sick. "I won't allow it," he insisted. Robin pulled out of his embrace, and then sprinkled the rose petals in the water. Afterwards, Mac decided to give Robin a few minutes alone, so he went to wait by the car. Robin pulled on her glove, and then heard Stone's voice tell her, "I see you, Robin. I see." Robin smiled as one of the rose petals drifted into the water.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

In New York City, Sonny was wrapping up a business call when Kate entered his suite. Kate was curious what the phone call had been about, but Sonny ignored the question by insisting that he wanted to see the city through Kate's eyes. Kate was curious what Sonny had in mind, so Sonny invited Kate to plan their day. Kate chuckled as she threatened to take him on a fashion tour of the city. Sonny wasn't thrilled at the prospect, but he was determined to let Kate make the plans. Kate tossed Sonny's coat to him as she confessed that she was eager to show him something.

Later, Sonny and Kate returned to their hotel suite. Kate thought that their outing had been magnificent, but Sonny admitted that museums were not his thing. He confessed that the only part that he had liked had been Kate's expression when she had seen various paintings that she had liked. Kate revealed that during her early days in the fashion industry she had visited the art gallery often. Kate confided that the painting that she had shown him had been a particular favorite of hers, because she could get lost in it. Sonny was touched that Kate had shared the experience with him.

Sonny and Kate's conversation then drifted to their lunch. Sonny complained about the overpriced menu, but Kate reminded him that the point of going to the restaurant had been to be seen. Sonny wondered if she had minded being seen with him. Kate smiled as she reminded Sonny that she had intended to marry him at one time, so clearly she hadn't been concerned about what people thought. Sonny argued that she had changed her name when she had left Bensonhurst. Kate sobered, as she talked about her reasons for wanting to leave Connie Falconeri behind; however, she admitted that she had learned that, in order to move forward, she had to face her past.

Sonny felt uncomfortable with the direction of their conversation, so he suggested that they take a walk in the park, and then perhaps go ice-skating. He even offered to arrange for the concierge to get them tickets to a musical. Kate appreciated that Sonny was willing to do all of the things that she liked to do, but she insisted that they return to Sonny's childhood home. Sonny warned her that he didn't want to go to Bensonhurst, but Kate thought that it was important, because Sonny would continue to be haunted by what had happened in the brownstone if he didn't face his demons.

At the nurses' station, Patrick instructed a nurse to take care of something for him, but he wanted to make certain that Robin was kept out of the loop. Nearby, Robin glanced at the front page of the newspaper. Below the caption, which read, "Bad Medicine," were pictures of each of the hospital staff members who had been on the chartered boat during Lisa's final reign of terror. Robin called Monica to leave a message that she would be out of town for a few days, so Robin wouldn't be able to attend the next board meeting. After Robin ended the call, Maxie walked up to the nurses' station. Maxie was frantic, because Matt had gone missing, and hadn't returned her calls.

Robin was certain that Matt was fine. Patrick overheard the exchange between the cousins, so he revealed that Matt had cancelled all of his appointments at 3:00 a.m. Maxie's concern grew, so Robin checked the computer to see when Matt had logged into the system last. According to Robin, Matt had logged onto the hospital computer at 3:02 a.m. Maxie insisted that it didn't make any sense, so she feared that something was wrong. After Maxie left, Patrick admitted that it sounded as if Matt was up to something that he didn't want anyone, including Maxie, to know about.

Moments later, Monica walked up. Monica was concerned about the bad press that the hospital had been getting as a result of Lisa's murder. Patrick admitted that he hated it too. "Okay, then could you please explain this?" Monica asked as she handed a file to Patrick. Monica questioned why Patrick had consulted with Jim Sabian, a patient who had sustained a serious head injury during a motorcycle accident, but had passed the surgery off to another doctor. Robin was surprised by the news, so Patrick reminded Robin that he had just been following Robin's mission statement to pass the glory around.

Patrick added that he might not be available to operate for when Jim's surgery was scheduled. Robin wondered why, but Patrick's pager went off, so Patrick seized the opportunity to flee without answering her question.

At the Metro Court Restaurant, Shawn was annoyed when he spotted Carly working behind the bar. Carly assured Shawn that she was fine, but she refused to be forced into hiding because of Franco. Spinelli's arrival interrupted the argument. Carly explained that they were closed, but Spinelli assured her that he wouldn't bother anyone. Spinelli explained that he was expecting "FOS." Carly had no idea what that was, so Spinelli clarified, "Friends of Spinelli."

Carly shrugged, and then turned her attention back to Shawn, who continued to seethe about Carly's reckless behavior. Shawn reminded Carly that they didn't know what Franco's intentions were toward Josslyn, so they had to be vigilant. Carly promised Shawn that she had taken the threat seriously, but she couldn't afford to let the "vultures circle" around her, in an attempt to take Metro Court away from her. Carly explained that there were quite a few people who didn't think that Carly could run the hotel without Jax. Shawn offered to help Carly, but Carly reminded him that he was there to protect her.

Moments later, Max and Milo strolled into the restaurant. Carly realized that the brothers were there to take over for Shawn. Carly snidely wondered if Shawn had a date with Ranelle. Shawn chuckled as he pointed out that most of Carly's assumptions about him had been wrong. Shawn revealed that he was meeting Jason about the latest message that Franco had sent. Shawn hoped to get a step ahead of Franco, instead of playing catch-up.

Meanwhile, Max and Milo approached Spinelli's table to find out what the latest point spreads were. They glanced at Spinelli's phone, and then realized that Spinelli had been sharing the information with people online. After Shawn left, Carly approached the table to find out what Max, Milo, and Spinelli were talking about. Max and Milo claimed that they had been admiring Spinelli's new cell phone, and the "amazing" new applications that Spinelli had downloaded. Carly realized that Max and Milo had been the friends that Spinelli had been expecting, so she let it drop.

After Carly left, Max snatched the phone out of Spinelli's hand. Max and Milo were upset, because Spinelli had been sharing betting tips with other people. Spinelli clarified that he traded information, but Max wasn't satisfied. Max reminded Spinelli that Sonny wanted the missing millions, so Max and Milo had been instructed to lean on Spinelli if necessary to get the funds back. Max expected to be taken care of, or Spinelli would be sorry. Moments later, Maxie entered the restaurant, demanding Spinelli's help.

Max and Milo stepped away to give Maxie and Spinelli some privacy. Maxie explained that she needed Spinelli to find Matt, who had disappeared after canceling all of his appointments. Spinelli used his phone to ask a friend to access Matt's phone records. Within seconds, Spinelli revealed that Matt's last call had been at 3:08 a.m. Maxie was surprised when Spinelli provided Maxie with the phone number that Matt had called.

Later, Maxie returned to the hospital to find out if Patrick had heard from Matt. Patrick revealed that he hadn't talked to his brother, but Patrick was certain that Matt would contact Maxie soon. After Patrick walked away, Maxie dialed the last number that Matt had called. It had been to the hospital's forensics department.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Robin looked at the results of lab work that she had done on herself. Moments later, Robin spotted Monica, so Robin asked if Monica had received the message about the board meeting. Monica admitted that she had just left a board meeting. Robin wondered why she hadn't been told about it. "Because it was about you," Monica revealed.

In the waterfront alley, Sam showed Jason the graffiti tag, NO2CCAH5, which proved that Franco was in Port Charles. Sam was certain that the letters and numbers meant something, but Jason didn't want Sam to get further involved. Sam insisted that it was personal, so she refused to sit back while Jason hunted Franco down. However, she was concerned about Jason, because of his explosive temper, and how he had blamed himself for what had happened in Hawaii. Jason argued that it was his fault, but Sam quickly clarified that Franco had been responsible.

Jason explained that he didn't like Sam wandering around town alone with Franco on the loose. Sam explained that she had been investigating the attacks on the women at Vaughn's, but Jason thought that Sam should leave it to the police to handle. Sam scoffed; she doubted that the police cared. She was adamant that she had to help the women. Jason backed down when he realized that Sam's need to find the person who had attacked the dancers at Vaughn's stemmed from what had happened to Sam in Hawaii.

Sam revealed that she had followed a man from Jake's, who had made some "sleazy comments" to some of the dancers. Sam suspected that the man might have been the attacker, but she had lost him in the alley. Jason remained upset about Sam putting herself in a dangerous situation. He feared that Franco might be watching them. He didn't want Franco to see the effect that he'd had on Jason and Sam's marriage. Sam was surprised when Shawn suddenly entered the alley.

Shawn explained that Jason had asked Shawn to follow up on Franco's latest present. Shawn studied the graffiti tag, while Jason quickly filled Sam in on what Franco had left on Carly's doorstep. Sam was curious if Shawn knew what the tag meant. Shawn revealed that it appeared to be the elements from the Periodic Table. According to Shawn, the symbols represented oxygen, carbon, calcium, and nitrogen. Sam was curious about the last symbol, so Shawn admitted that he had no idea what it meant.

However, Shawn explained that the symbols in the tag were the most prevalent elements in the human body. Shawn then revealed that, by mass, the human body was 80% water, "hence the two." Sam realized that the symbols were part of a puzzle. Shawn showed Sam the small pink box that Franco had sent, so she stepped away to look inside. Sam seemed uneasy as she saw the small windup baby inside the box. After Shawn left, Jason urged Sam to leave, but Sam refused.

Moments later, Spinelli arrived in the alley. Jason explained that he needed Spinelli's help to decipher the meaning of Franco's graffiti tag. Spinelli used his phone to contact one of his friends, whom Spinelli believed might be able to help. Within moments, Spinelli revealed that the symbols were ancient in origin, and that they related to "the bond to the creator." Sam pointed out that Franco was a creator of art.

Spinelli suggested that perhaps the message was in reference to something that was already in existence, like something that Franco had created in Hawaii during Jason and Sam's honeymoon. Sam looked uneasy at the realization that the clues pointed to the possibility that Franco might have tried to get Sam pregnant.

Shawn was livid when he returned to the Metro Court Restaurant to see Max and Milo sitting at the bar, while Carly was nowhere in sight. Seconds later, Carly strolled in. She advised Shawn to calm down, because she had only been gone for a few minutes. Shawn reminded Carly that a minute was all that it took for Franco to make his move. Carly was curious what Shawn suggested that she do to minimize the danger to herself. Shawn proposed temporarily moving into the hotel, so that Shawn could guard Carly around the clock.

Carly refused to endanger the hotel guests, so she suggested that Shawn move into her home.

Delores entered Johnny's garage, but didn't see Johnny. She turned down the music, which had been blaring, and then called for Johnny. Moments later, Johnny walked out of the back room. Johnny turned on the charm as he wondered if it had been difficult for Delores to stay away. Delores ignored the question as she explained that she was there on police business. She revealed that a witness had placed Johnny in the harbor on the night of Lisa's murder, so Delores needed the clothes that Johnny had worn that night. Johnny smiled as he confessed that he had sent his sweater to the dry cleaner; however, he was wearing it, so he gladly pulled it off to hand it to Delores.

Johnny offered to give Delores his pants too, but she wasn't amused. She demanded to know what he had been doing on the water on that fateful night, but Johnny evaded the question by speculating that Delores' coworkers didn't appreciate her. Delores refused to be distracted, so she ordered Johnny to answer the question. Johnny explained that he had felt like taking a midnight ride on the boat. Johnny quickly changed the subject by wondering if Delores had a boyfriend. Delores refused to answer, so he decided that it meant that she didn't.

Delores continued to question Johnny about the night of Lisa's murder, but Johnny was determined to flirt, and find out more about Delores' personal life. Moments later, Anthony entered the garage. Anthony smiled as he commented that it was nice to see Johnny making new friends. Johnny introduced Delores to Anthony, but Delores decided that she'd had enough of the Zaccharas. Delores warned Johnny that they weren't through, and then left. Anthony realized that Johnny had been made, so Johnny admitted that someone had seen Johnny in the harbor on the night of Lisa's murder.

Anthony was curious if it had been while Johnny had been "picking it up or dropping it off." Johnny didn't think it mattered. Anthony conceded that what mattered was what had happened in between. Johnny warned Anthony that Anthony might have been made, too, but Anthony doubted it, because Anthony was more experienced. Johnny advised his father to stay out of trouble, just to be safe.

Anthony pointed out that Sonny was out of town, and that Jason was occupied with Franco, so the time was ripe for Johnny to wrest control of Port Charles from Sonny.

On the chartered boat, Mac and Ronnie reviewed the evidence that they had collected, while Dante eavesdropped from the hallway. Ronnie admitted that each of the passengers was a suspect. Dante quickly entered the salon to announce that he had new evidence. Dante handed Mac a file, which contained a statement from a witness who had placed Johnny in the harbor around the time of Lisa's murder. Ronnie didn't think that it was a big deal, but Dante argued that it meant that there was another suspect to consider, besides the passengers on the boat. Ronnie suggested that Dante wanted to use Johnny as a scapegoat, so that it would take the heat off of Olivia.

Dante appealed to Mac to allow Dante to investigate the murder, because Delores was inexperienced. Initially Mac refused to consider it, but Dante pushed until Mac relented. Mac agreed to allow Dante to investigate Lisa's murder, under the condition that Dante work with a partner. Dante assured Mac that it wasn't necessary, but Mac disagreed, because of Dante's recent shooting. After Mac left, Ronnie accused Dante of wanting to be a part of the investigation, so that no one would look too closely at Olivia. Dante resented Ronnie's implication that Olivia could have killed Lisa, because Ronnie had been friends with the Falconeris for years.

Ronnie was unapologetic as he suggested that Dante's father, Sonny, was more than capable of covering up a murder for Olivia. Dante insisted that his mother was not responsible for Lisa's death, but Ronnie warned Dante that everyone would watch Dante closely. According to Ronnie, many of their fellow officers suspected Dante of covering up Sonny's crimes, so Dante's integrity was in question. Moments later, Delores entered the salon. She was not pleased when Ronnie introduced her to her new partner, Dante.

At the lake house, Alexis and Molly arrived home from a visit with Kristina. Alexis was eager to see the pictures that Molly had taken, so Molly and Alexis sat down to scroll through the snapshots. Alexis was curious why Molly had taken a picture of the professor who had been visiting from Lisbon. Molly explained that the man had been checking Alexis out. Alexis conceded that the professor had been handsome, but she hadn't been interested. Alexis then warned Molly not to mention Mac, because Alexis insisted that she didn't need a man.

Alexis quickly changed the subject by confessing that it felt odd not to have Kristina around. Molly confided that Kristina thought it had been odd that there had been an opening at Yale for Kristina so late in the term. Alexis began to squirm when Molly admitted that Kristina suspected that Sonny had been responsible for Kristina's sudden acceptance to Yale. Alexis was spared from having to respond when Mac stopped by to ask for a private word with Alexis. Molly announced that she had plans to go to the movies with one of her friends.

Alexis wasn't pleased that Molly hadn't asked for permission to go before accepting the invitation. Molly explained that her friend had been dying to read Stefan's book of poetry, so Molly had promised to loan it to her friend when they went to the movies. Alexis was surprised that Molly had the book. Molly revealed that Kristina had given it to Molly "to nurture my romantic soul." "Great," Alexis groaned.

Molly asked when she could see the rest of Stefan's books. Alexis promised that they could go through Stefan's library that weekend, so Molly thanked her mother, and then left. Alexis then turned to Mac to find out why he had wanted to talk to her. Mac explained that Maxie and Robin might need a good defense attorney, because of what had happened to Lisa. Alexis feared that she might not be the best person for the job, given Alexis' history, but Mac assured Alexis that he trusted her. Alexis promised to think about it, so Mac changed the subject by admitting that he had missed her at Thanksgiving.

Alexis decided that she had to tell Mac something. Mac nervously wondered if she intended to tell him that she had met someone else. "No," Alexis assured him, and then scolded Mac for being worse than Molly. Alexis explained that Sonny had requested that she be on retainer, so Mac might want to reconsider his request. Mac assured her that it didn't make a difference to him. Moments later, Ethan stopped by.

After Mac left, Ethan explained that he had wanted to give Alexis an update about the mystery guest at Wyndemere. Ethan warned her that a man was hiding out at Wyndemere. Ethan insisted that they just had to figure out who it was, and why they were skulking about the castle. Alexis thought perhaps it was one of Helena's guards, but Ethan dismissed the possibility. Alexis tried figure out who else might be interested in Wyndemere, when something suddenly occurred to her. She quickly checked her cell phone, prompting Ethan to question what she was doing.

Alexis explained that she had a GPS tracking device on Molly's phone. Seconds later, Alexis had confirmation that Molly was on Spoon Island.

At Wyndemere, the mystery man was asleep in a chair facing Laura's portrait. The book that he had been reading had dropped to the floor as he had drifted off to sleep. The lady in white quietly entered the room, picked up the book, and then set it on the table. She quickly fled when the man began to stir. The man stood up, looked around, and then noticed that the book was on the table. He opened the book to the page that he had been reading. The page had a sketch, which bore a striking resemblance to the portrait of Laura.

Later, Molly entered the parlor. She was startled when she heard a noise, so she called out to see if anyone were there.

Friday, December 2, 2011

At Wyndemere, Molly received an angry call from Alexis, who demanded that Molly meet her at the dock. Alexis didn't tell her daughter about the footprints Ethan had seen. The secret passage to the tunnels opened, but Molly didn't notice.

Later, Alexis and Ethan arrived. Molly asked why Alexis was so freaked out. Ethan answered that someone might be living in the tunnels and that the situation could be dangerous. Alexis demanded that Molly not go to Wyndemere anymore and strongly suggested that Ethan not as well.

As Ethan had checked the house and found no one, Alexis allowed Molly to look through some books for her Russian literature class. Alexis told Ethan that she should hire a caretaker, since Nikolas wasn't interested in maintaining the place.

Molly filled Ethan in on Kristina's new life at Yale. As Molly waxed on about romance, Ethan saw someone through the bookcase but didn't let Alexis and Molly know. Ethan decided to stay after Alexis and Molly left.

Dante argued with Delores as Lulu walked into the room. An annoyed Lulu asked Dante why he hadn't told her he was no longer jockeying a desk. Lulu reminded Dante that he'd promised not to lie to her again. Delores left. Lulu couldn't shake her fear that Dante might be killed in the line of duty. Dante responded that they should throw an engagement party, but Lulu said no.

Monica told Robin that there had been an emergency board meeting at which Robin was relieved of duty as chief of staff. Patrick balked. Robin wasn't surprised, but Steve was bothered by the decision. Patrick berated Monica, stating it was ironic that Monica would pass judgment on someone else's ethics.

Monica cited Robin's decision to allow Maggie to treat Aiden before she had become a staff member as one of the board's reasons to suspend Robin's duties. Patrick was angry to find out that Monica would assume the chief of staff role in the interim.

Robin looked at the situation as an opportunity to take a much-needed break and offered Monica her support. Robin left. Patrick and Steve continued to hammer away at Monica, who spat, "At the moment, I am the only one of the three of us that hasn't had sex with Lisa Niles!"

Lucky and Aiden visited Liz in her hospital bed. Maggie let them know that Aiden was on the mend. Lucky was reticent to give Liz the details of how Aiden had made his way to the hospital in the first place. After Lucky and Aiden had left, Maggie returned to check up on Liz. Maggie let her know it had been Luke who had taken Aiden to the hospital that night.

Maggie ran into Luke as she left Liz's hospital room. Maggie asked Luke why he was avoiding taking credit for getting Aiden to the hospital, but he didn't respond. As Luke waited for the elevator, Monica approached him. "I hear you are a hero for saving your grandson," she said as she smacked him across the face. "That's for killing mine!" she added. As she walked away, Luke saw that Lucky had witnessed the interaction.

Michael talked on the phone to Sam about Lindsay's attack. He asked whether Sam was concerned that Abby might be in danger. As he hung up, Tracy walked in and asked Michael for help appeasing a client, who had made it clear he'd only speak with Michael. Michael reminded Tracy that he no longer worked for ELQ, but Tracy threatened to fire Abby if he didn't cooperate.

Michael agreed to help, but only if Tracy would arrange an out-of-town business trip for Abby. Tracy resisted, but Michael played hardball. He refused to even look at the paperwork until Abby's trip was finalized.

Later, Abby returned to let Michael know that she had to fly to Chicago for ELQ business. She thought it was suspicious that Tracy had specifically requested Abby for the assignment and asked Michael if he'd had anything to do with it. Michael lied and said no.

Kate arrived at the house Sonny grew up in as Sonny was about to enter. She offered to support Sonny emotionally, but Sonny wanted to deal with his feelings by himself. Kate recalled a childhood incident and wished things had turned out differently.

Kate asked why Sonny had bought the place. He replied that he'd been manic and had made an impulse purchase. She asked about the pain he felt over everything Deke had done to him in the house. Kate told Sonny he needed to take his armor off. He replied that maybe he didn't want to.

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