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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 2, 2011 on GH
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Monday, May 2, 2011

While Kristina slept, Lisa crept around Robin and Patrick's home to plant bugs so she could listen in on them. When she finished, she woke Kristina up and told her that she had to leave. Kristina was surprised that she had needed a nap, but Lisa said that Kristina was sleepy because she was stressed and worried about getting into Yale. As Lisa closed the front door, she had a huge smile on her face.

As Johnny denied to Jason that he had framed Abby, Anthony appeared. When Jason asked, Johnny said he had not helped Anthony get out of prison. Anthony started talking about plants, and he pretended to be crazy. Jason accused Anthony of pulling the strings from prison to get Abby framed. Jason told Johnny to keep a leash on his father, and then stormed out.

After Jason was gone, Johnny realized that Anthony was behind Brandon's killing. Anthony told Johnny that he had a lot to learn. He told him to memorize a poem: "We've got everything we need to make Corinthos bleed." When Johnny accused his father of engineering the frame against Abby, Anthony denied it and started talking about his plants. Johnny told Anthony that going head-to-head with Sonny was asking for retaliation. Anthony's response was to say that he had to go out for plant food. Johnny left with him.

Both Sonny and Dante cautioned Michael about continuing to see Abby. Sonny said it was common sense to steer clear. Michael retorted that common sense was to help Abby. Sonny said he was not going to let Michael go back to prison. He said that lots of people had put themselves on the line for Michael and would be hurt if his parole were revoked.

Sonny told Michael that many people, including Abby needed him. He asked why Michael was willing to risk Pentonville. Sonny's phone rang. When he answered it, Robin was on the other end with word that Lucian had disappeared. Sonny told Michael that their conversation was not finished before he left with Dante.

At Kelly's, Brenda was hysterical as she and Robin searched for Lucian. She called Suzanne in hopes that Lucian had merely wandered away and gone to Suzanne. Patrick found Robin and, after hearing Brenda's story, joined the search. When Sonny and Dante arrived, Brenda's hysteria had reached fever pitch. She was sure that one of Sonny's competitors was responsible for Lucian's disappearance.

Dante asked Sonny if Brenda could be right. Sonny said Johnny had been too busy framing Abby. He said that a more likely candidate was Suzanne and gave Dante the details. Sonny tried to comfort Brenda, but she was racked by guilt and blamed herself for briefly looking away. When Suzanne arrived, she blamed Sonny's lifestyle and demanded to know what was being done to find Lucian. Brenda told Robin and Patrick to go home and spend time with Emma. Sonny tried to comfort Brenda's hysteria, without success.

Abby bought smoothies and went to see Sam at Jason's. She said she was really hoping to run into Michael. Abby said that on the one hand, she agreed with Dante that it was best if she and Michael stayed away from each other, but on the other hand, she really needed Michael. Abby said that she knew the witness and thought that he would not lie, so he must truly believe that she had killed Brandon. Abby thought that Jason was right, that someone was trying to use her to get to Michael.

Jason got home shortly after Abby left. He told Sam that he had just seen Johnny. He said that Anthony was out of prison and was probably behind the plot to frame Abby. He did not think that Johnny was in on it because, unlike Anthony, Johnny had a conscience. He said that Anthony wanted to destroy Sonny and take everything over.

Sam said that she would go out and start looking for a pro that might pass for Abby. Jason asked about the upcoming fertility procedure. Sam hemmed and hawed and said that she was not sure. She said that the only thing she was sure of was that she loved Jason. Sam said that she was afraid to get her hopes up and be disappointed. Jason said that he would support any decision that Sam made, but ultimately it had to be her choice.

Sam said she was afraid that Jason would get on his bike and never return. Jason said that nothing was ever solved by running away. Jason told Sam that he loved her, and he was not going anywhere. Sam said that she loved Jason and then told him to go do his work while she took a nap before her surgery. Jason left and went to Johnny's apartment. He picked the door lock after he saw Johnny leave with Anthony.

Michael used his key to let himself in at Abby's. She worried about his being there, but he said that nobody would be checking on him because Brenda's son was missing. Michael wanted to go out to dinner, but Abby worried about Michael if they were seen together. He wanted to know if she was breaking up with him. Abby said that she believed that the witness against her truly believed that she had killed Brandon.

Abby said that someone had gone to a lot of trouble to set her up. She feared she was being used to hurt Michael. Michael said that he did not care about the consequences because he loved her too much to stay away. He said that being with her was worth the risk. She said that she felt the same way.

They kissed several times and then Abby left to take a shower. Michael waited a few moments, and then joined her in the shower where they made love. Out of the shower and dressed, Michael told Abby that she was beautiful. They kissed passionately, and Abby told Michael that she had been attracted to him when they first met and that he had saved her. He said that she had saved him, too. Michael continued to kiss her passionately, but Abby stopped him and shooed him out. She watched Michael drive away, and then left the apartment.

Once back at the mansion Brenda became increasingly hysterical and irrational. She blamed Sonny for Lucian's disappearance. She wanted to make an announcement and offer a huge reward. Sonny kept telling her to calm down and let the authorities do their job. She asked if he suddenly had faith in the cops. He said that he had faith in his son.

Brenda started screaming and telling Sonny that she would handle everything herself. When Sonny made calls and found no trace of Lucian, Brenda wanted him to do more. He told her that he would do anything she wanted. He asked her what she wanted him to do next. Brenda started crying when she realized that she did not know what to do either. Sonny hugged her and promised to find Lucian.

Dante looked for Suzanne at Kelly's but found Lulu instead. She told him about the failed intervention with Luke and worried that Luke was somewhere drowning in a bottle. Dante said he wished he could fix everything for Lulu. They hugged.

Robin and Patrick told Kristina about Lucian's disappearance and asked her to babysit for Emma again. They said they were glad to have someone they could trust. Alone, Patrick and Robin ate nachos and discussed the state of their marriage and their love for each other as Lisa listened in as the bugs she had hidden in their home broadcast their conversation.

Dante called Suzanne down to the police station to find out where she had been when Lucian was kidnapped. She said that she had been on a conference call with ASEC. Dante told her that she had been unusually calm when she had been told at Kelly's that Lucian had disappeared. Dante said that it was almost like Suzanne knew that Lucian was okay. Dante said that Susanne might even know Lucian's whereabouts.

As Jason searched Johnny's apartment, he was on the phone with Spinelli, telling him to hack into the accounts of Anthony's lawyer, Angela Dwyer, and follow the money trail for expenditures around the time of Brandon's murder. Jason pulled his gun and pointed it at the door as he heard it unlock. Standing with her face in the shadow of the doorway was a woman who looked just like Abby, except that her hair was down, not pulled back in a ponytail like Abby's was when she had left her apartment earlier.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

At the Drake residence, Robin debated calling Brenda for an update on Lucian, but Patrick assured her that Brenda would call when there was news. Robin tried to relax, but found it impossible as time ticked by without a word from Brenda. Robin confessed that she was mad at herself for not keeping an eye on Lucian, even though she knew that three-year olds were always on the move. Patrick reminded her that she had been visiting with a friend, so she shouldn't second-guess herself. Meanwhile, Lisa sat in her office, listening intently to Patrick and Robin's conversation via a bug that she had planted in the Drakes' home.

Lisa didn't realize that Johnny had entered her office until he asked, "Shouldn't you be saving somebody's life?" Lisa casually closed the laptop as she wondered if Johnny had ever heard of knocking. Johnny was curious what had kept Lisa so riveted to her computer, so Lisa claimed that she had decided to research the Zaccharas after meeting Anthony. Johnny apologized for not telling her that his father had moved into the penthouse after being released from jail. However, he warned her to be careful because Anthony could turn on her like a rabid dog.

Lisa admitted that some people said the same thing about her. She then tried to steer the conversation to Johnny's childhood, but Johnny was reluctant to discuss it. Instead, Johnny reminded Lisa that she was a bright and successful doctor who didn't have to go back to being crazy if she didn't want to. Lisa smiled and then kissed Johnny. Later, the laptop sat silently on Lisa's desk as she finished up some paperwork.

Lisa tried to ignore the temptation to eavesdrop on Patrick and Robin, but her eyes kept drifting to the laptop. Lisa decided to leave, but she only made it as far as the door before she glanced back at her desk. Within moments, Lisa had the headphones on and the laptop fired up. Meanwhile, Patrick and Robin cuddled on the sofa. Robin imagined that their life must seem mundane to Patrick in comparison to his college days. Patrick assured his wife that he had never been happier and then kissed her.

At the Zacchara penthouse, Abby was surprised to find Jason lurking in the shadows. Jason lowered his weapon and then demanded to know why Abby was at Johnny's penthouse. Abby didn't answer, so he took her to his penthouse to continue their discussion. Abby assumed that Jason had gone to Johnny's penthouse to kill Johnny, so she pleaded with Jason to reconsider. Abby feared that Michael would feel betrayed if Jason killed Johnny to protect Michael. Jason assured Abby that he didn't have any intention of killing Johnny, but Jason wanted an answer to his question.

Abby explained that she had hoped to find out if Johnny knew why someone would want to frame her for Brandon's murder. Jason appreciated that Abby was Sam's friend, but he needed to know if Abby were tied to the Zaccharas or working Michael on their orders. Abby feared that Jason would kill her if she were in cahoots with the enemy, but Jason denied that he'd ever hurt Abby because Michael cared about her. Jason explained that he'd help her if the Zaccharas were holding something over her head. Abby quickly assured Jason that she was not working for the Zaccharas. Jason offered to pay off Johnny's loan, but Abby didn't want to be indebted to Jason.

Jason promised that he didn't want anything from Abby; he simply hoped to give her freedom from the people who might. Abby confessed that she was afraid for Michael because Michael was determined to save her regardless of the risks. Abby insisted that she needed to clear her name before Michael did something that could land him back in Pentonville. She suspected that Jason had been at Johnny's place for the same reason. Jason was curious if Abby had any dealings with Anthony. Abby was surprised by the question because she believed that Anthony was still in jail.

Jason explained that Anthony had been released from Pentonville, and had settled into Johnny's penthouse. Jason then revealed that Anthony might have framed Abby for Brandon's murder to gain leverage over Michael. Abby realized that she might be "screwed" if Anthony were involved, so she considered taking a plea bargain. Jason feared that Michael wouldn't be able to handle her going to jail, so he advised her against it. As if on cue, Michael entered the penthouse.

Abby and Jason explained that they had been discussing Abby's situation. Abby decided to leave when Jason asked to have a private word with Michael. Michael assumed that Jason intended to warn him away from Abby, so Michael insisted that he refused to consider it. Jason assured Michael that it was Michael's choice, but he reminded Michael that Abby was in serious trouble. Jason made it clear that Michael needed to stop thinking about what Michael wanted if Michael hoped to help Abby. Jason then revealed that Anthony had been released from prison, and had likely framed Abby.

Michael offered to talk to Johnny about it, but Jason warned Michael not to interfere because Michael would just play into Anthony's hand. Jason explained that there would be similar situations in the future if Michael didn't walk away from the mob. Michael started to speak, but Jason cut him off by asking if Michael truly wanted to live that kind of life. Michael justified his choices by claiming that he was simply trying to protect the people he loved. Jason feared that Michael might be headed down a road that Michael couldn't get off of, but Michael didn't believe that.

Michael pointed out that he wasn't yelling or breaking things, so he had made progress. Jason realized that it was pointless to continue the discussion, so he decided to shelve it until Michael was ready to listen to what Jason had to say. Jason then changed the subject by inquiring where Michael intended to spend the night. Michael planned to stay at the loft, so Jason revealed that Sam had scheduled a medical procedure for the following day. Jason wanted Michael to stay out of trouble while Jason was at the hospital.

Michael was curious if Sam were okay, so Jason revealed that the procedure might make it possible for Sam to have children. Michael realized that Jason hoped for Michael to choose a life outside of the mob, so that it would be okay for Jason to have children. "Yeah, maybe," Jason conceded. Michael suggested that they were completely different situations, but he was confident that Jason would make a great father.

Anthony was all smiles as he shoved bundles of money into a large manila envelope and then handed it to a tall woman wearing a blonde wig. Anthony admitted that the woman looked a lot like Abby with the wig, but he instructed her to get rid of the incriminating fake locks. Anthony appreciated the efforts that she had made to frame Abby, so he had included a bonus to help the woman relocate. Moments later, Johnny entered the penthouse. Anthony quickly tucked the discarded wig out of sight while Johnny asked who the brunette was. The assassin played along when Anthony pretended that she was an escort. After the woman left, Anthony continued to brag that she had been a "garden of earthly delights."

Johnny wasn't interested in hearing about his father's sexual exploits, so Anthony changed the subject by wondering if Johnny had canceled the order for the rose bushes. Johnny promised to get Anthony a plot of land at the public gardens, provided that Anthony didn't get involved in Johnny's business. Anthony reminded Johnny that the organization was a family business, but Johnny argued that Anthony complicated everything. Anthony confessed that he was proud of Johnny's accomplishments; however, he insisted that Johnny needed Anthony's wisdom. Johnny assured his father that he was doing just fine, but Anthony accused Johnny of being too moral, and not having the stomach to do what was needed. Anthony was certain that Johnny would soon need him.

At the hospital, Carly confessed that she appreciated Shawn guarding Josslyn because it alleviated Jason of the responsibility. Shawn smiled as he sang Josslyn's praises and then complimented Carly on being a wonderful mother. Carly admitted that it had been frightening that they had been so close to losing Josslyn, but she was thankful that Josslyn was recovering. Moments later, Jax approached Carly. Shawn stepped away as Jax and Carly discussed Josslyn's homecoming.

Jax expected Josslyn to go home with him, but Carly argued that she had rights as Josslyn's mother. "Not for long," Jax threatened Carly. Shawn quietly suggested that Carly check on Josslyn, so Jax promised to return in the morning to finalize things. Carly insisted that there was nothing to discuss because Josslyn would be going home with her. Jax refused to let Josslyn stay in a home where Carly had treated a mercenary's gunshot wound.

Carly reminded Jax that Josslyn hadn't been at home at the time, but Jax didn't think that it mattered because Carly refused to get rid of the gangsters who paraded through the house. Carly had no idea what Jax was talking about because Josslyn had never been exposed to violence, except for the night that Claudia had tried to kidnap Josslyn. Jax reminded her that Franco had targeted Josslyn because of Jason. Carly credited Jason for saving Josslyn's life, but Jax argued that Jason was a career criminal. Jax warned her that he wouldn't hesitate to use that in court. Carly vowed that she wouldn't let Jax keep her from Josslyn, but Jax assured her that Carly could spend as much time with Josslyn as Carly wanted, provided that it was at Metro Court.

Carly insisted that it wasn't Jax's call to make. Jax agreed; it was the judge's decision. Jax realized that she might have forgotten what it was like to see Michael in a coma for a year, but Jax hadn't. Carly accused Jax of being cruel, but Jax insisted that he would do whatever was necessary to protect Josslyn. Jax reminded Carly that she had been in and out of mental institutions, which would prove that she was an unfit mother. Shawn immediately informed Jax that it was time for Jax to leave.

Jax warned Shawn that it was a private conversation, but Shawn claimed that his job was to protect Josslyn and Carly from danger, including a "self-entitled son of bitch" who threatened to take a child from its mother. Jax refused to wait around, hoping for the best, while Carly exposed their daughter to the violence of Sonny and Jason's world. Carly didn't want to argue because it made her not want to compromise. Jax assured Carly that there wouldn't be any compromising in regards to Josslyn's safety. After Jax left, Shawn apologized for losing his temper because he feared that he had made things worse.

Shawn urged Carly to contact an attorney because it appeared that Jax intended to go after her with both barrels. Carly noted that Shawn's concern seemed more personal than professional. Shawn admitted that he disliked Jax, and had a great respect for Carly as a mother. Carly sensed that there was more to Shawn's support, so he admitted that Carly reminded him of his own mother. Shawn then talked briefly about his single mother, who had passed away, and his two sisters in Seattle who were teachers.

Carly revealed that Diane Miller had assured her that Jax couldn't use her past mistakes against her because he had known about them when he had decided to have a baby with Carly. Shawn relaxed as he realized that Jax might not have a strong case against Carly. Carly quickly clarified that Jax looked better on paper than she did, so it wouldn't be easy for her to secure custody of Josslyn. Carly also admitted that Jax was just trying to be a good father, but Shawn had his doubts because a decent father didn't rip into the mother of his children. Carly didn't care what Jax or his attorney said; she just didn't want Josslyn to be caught in the middle. Shawn suggested that Carly and Jax might be able to resolve things before it went to court.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny promised to do everything in his power to find Lucian. He urged Brenda not to give in to her fear. Brenda suggested that Sonny couldn't appreciate how she felt, but Sonny admitted that Michael, Morgan, and Kristina had been kidnapped when they were small children, so he knew what it was like. Brenda was not comforted by the knowledge that three of his children had been kidnapped because it just underscored her fear that one of Sonny's enemies had taken Lucian. Brenda regretted not listening to everyone's warning about the dangers of Sonny's life, but Sonny insisted that his enemies weren't responsible for Lucian's disappearance because none of them had known about Lucian.

At the police station, Dante speculated that Suzanne had changed her mind about Brenda raising Lucian because Suzanne wanted her grandson to herself. Suzanne accused Dante of trying to pin Lucian's disappearance on her because she was an easy target. Suzanne admitted that she regretted giving Lucian to Brenda because Lucian had been abducted after just a few days in Brenda's custody. Suzanne urged Dante to continue to search for Lucian instead of trying to shift the blame on her. Dante decided to verify Suzanne's alibi, which quickly checked out. Suzanne smiled with satisfaction.

Dante confessed that something about Suzanne had never added up. Dante questioned why a woman who had lost her son would befriend the person she believed was responsible for her son's death. Dante suspected that Suzanne had returned Lucian to Brenda because she wanted Brenda to experience what it felt like to lose a child. "Oh, how Machiavellian of me," Suzanne replied. Dante insisted that it made sense, but Suzanne accused Dante of being Sonny's puppet.

Sonny arrived at the police station a short time later. Sonny admitted that Brenda suspected that a mob rival had kidnapped Lucian. Dante explained that he had called Sonny because Suzanne had been questioned. Dante shared the details of his interview with Suzanne and then admitted that he suspected that Suzanne was behind the kidnapping. Dante pointed out that if Suzanne had taken Lucian then at least they knew that Lucian was safe. Sonny worried that his marriage would be over if it a rival mobster had snatched Lucian.

At Greystone Manor, Brenda admitted that she was going out of her mind, worrying about Lucian, and that she would do anything to protect her child. Jax was certain that Lucian knew that. Brenda wanted to post a reward, but Jax feared that it might be counterproductive because greedy people might invent false leads, which would send the police in the wrong direction. Jax suggested they wait twenty-four hours before going down that route. Brenda confessed that she felt responsible because she had been distracted while she had been talking to Robin, and insisted that the guard wait in the car. Jax reminded Brenda that she couldn't have known what would happen. Brenda disagreed because she was married to Sonny.

Brenda realized that she had been wrong to get mad at Jax when he had warned her about the dangers of Sonny's life. Jax insisted that it was human nature to try to see the best in loved ones, so it wasn't Brenda's fault for believing that Sonny could keep Lucian safe. Sonny entered the parlor moments later. Brenda told Sonny about her idea to post a reward, but Sonny urged her to wait because it might draw out the wrong kind of people. Jax explained that he had told Brenda the same thing. Sonny revealed that Lucian's abduction didn't appear to be mob related, but Brenda refused to believe him.

Jax reminded Brenda that they had to consider every possibility, so she should keep an open mind. Brenda insisted that Lucian was the most important thing in the world to her, and all that mattered.

At an airport, Suzanne handed Lucian a bag of treats as she praised him for being a good boy. Suzanne realized that Lucian was confused, but she explained that he had made it possible for her to be with her grandson without anyone taking him away from her.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Luke tried to enter the Haunted Star, but Tracy informed him that the locks had been changed earlier that morning. She reminded Luke that he wouldn't have access to the casino until he sought treatment for his alcoholism. Luke appreciated Tracy's determination to help Lucky, but he insisted that she wasn't accomplishing anything by locking Luke out of the Haunted Star. Tracy insisted that Luke had done it to himself, but Luke argued that trying to fix him wouldn't help Lucky because Lucky had wrongly projected his own addiction onto Luke.

Tracy accused Luke of being an alcoholic, and then informed him that she refused to enable him any longer. Luke reasoned that alcohol wasn't the problem because he would continue to be the same person that he was, even if he weren't drinking. Luke then switched tactics by turning on the charm to suggest that he and Tracy go on their long overdue honeymoon. "Nice try," Tracy replied. Luke assured Tracy that he loved her, and was committed to her, but Tracy argued that he'd go to rehab if that were true.

Dante entered Kelly's to find Lulu working on Kate's expense report. Dante was curious why she was doing her work at Kelly's, so Lulu reminded him that the coffee was free to family members. Dante realized that rooms were also free, so he suspected that Luke had taken a room above Kelly's after Tracy had tossed Luke out. Dante wondered if Lulu hoped to run into her father. Lulu realized that she wasn't supposed to have contact with Luke until he went to rehab, but she couldn't forget his expression of betrayal during the intervention.

Dante suggested that Jake's death should have been enough to open Luke's eyes. Lulu confided that she hoped to see Luke descend the stairs with his bags packed, and ready to forgive her for her role in the intervention. Lulu understood the concept of tough love, but she insisted that Luke wasn't the type to follow the rules, so she had her doubts that he would respond to their efforts to help. Lulu was frustrated because she couldn't fix things, but Dante argued that it wasn't her responsibility; the ball was in Luke's court. Dante advised Lulu to focus on something else for a while.

Lulu was curious what he had in mind, so Dante suggested a Yankees game, which he was confident would distract her from her problems for a short time. Dante offered to take her to a game the following week. Lulu didn't have an opportunity to respond because Luke suddenly appeared. Luke assured Lulu that he didn't hold the "idiotic" intervention against her. Luke then began to complain about Tracy locking him out of the Haunted Star, but he bragged that he had an "inside man."

Luke was certain that Ethan would "come around" just as Lulu had. Lulu assured Luke that she loved him, but she refused to allow Luke to be a part of her life until he went to rehab. Luke was stunned as Lulu and Dante left. A short time later, Alexis arrived at Luke's request. Alexis wondered which laws Luke had broken to require legal representation. Luke was curious what had happened to the assumption that a man was innocent until proven guilty.

Luke wondered if it had ever occurred to Alexis that he might have been the wronged party. "No," Alexis answered without hesitation. Luke told her that there was a first time for everything and then revealed that his life had been stolen from him. Luke wanted to reclaim what was his, starting with the Haunted Star. Luke intended to sue Tracy for ownership of the casino, and "palimony, alimony, or whatever the hell you call it." Finally, Luke expected a judge to grant weekly visitation with Ethan and Lulu.

Alexis was curious what had caused the rift between the Spencers. Luke explained that his family had tried, convicted, and then sentenced Luke to lose his entire life because Luke had been responsible for Jake's death. Luke assured her that he didn't have a problem being the dumping ground for Lucky's grief, but Luke resented the rest of the family jumping on the intervention bandwagon. Alexis reminded Luke that everyone was concerned. Luke insisted that the accident had messed with the natural order of things because every parent had the right to expect their children to outlive them. Luke suggested that Lucky wanted to blame the tragedy on alcohol, so that Lucky could fix Luke, which would give Lucky resolution to the fact that Luke had killed Jake.

Alexis wondered if Luke had been drinking on that fateful night. Luke admitted that he'd had a drink, but he was adamant that he hadn't been drunk. Luke was prepared to take what Lucky dished out, but Luke refused to be "twelve-stepped to death" for a problem that Luke didn't have. Alexis was curious how the family had managed to get Luke to stay for the intervention, so Luke revealed that he had been drugged, kidnapped, and then strapped to a chair. "Makes sense," Alexis remarked. Luke smiled when Tracy entered moments later because it gave him the opportunity to inform Tracy of the lawsuit.

At Lucky's apartment, Lucky and Nikolas discussed the aftermath of Luke's intervention. Lucky wasn't surprised that Luke had refused to accept help, so Lucky was resolved to focus on his own life, which meant finding a solution for Siobhan's immigration problems. Nikolas offered to take care of it by making some phone calls. Lucky warned Nikolas that Siobhan's application for an extension on her visa had been denied. Nikolas admitted that he liked Siobhan, but Nikolas feared that it might be a mistake for Lucky to jump into marriage with her. Moments later, Siobhan arrived.

Siobhan immediately sensed that she had walked in on something, so Lucky explained that she might not have to marry him because Nikolas intended to help. Siobhan smiled politely, but she didn't hold out much hope that Nikolas would be successful in securing a visa for her. After Nikolas left, Siobhan announced that she had a surprise for Lucky. A short time later, Siobhan guided a blindfolded Lucky into a quaint little cabin that was reminiscent of the place where she and Lucky had stayed in Ireland. Lucky appreciated her effort to try to distract him from his troubles.

Lucky and Siobhan grabbed a blanket and then settled on the floor. Siobhan confessed that she wished that they could stay there forever, but Lucky was certain that Siobhan's green card would be waiting for them when they returned to town. Siobhan was surprised by Lucky's confidence in Nikolas, so Lucky explained that money talked in Washington. Lucky assured her that, one way or another, everything would work out. Siobhan hoped so because she hated the idea of leaving Lucky.

Lucky offered to cook dinner after he and Siobhan returned to his apartment. Seconds later, Nikolas knocked on the door. Nikolas revealed that his efforts to secure a visa for Siobhan had failed. Siobhan decided to go home to pack. Lucky reminded her that they could get married, so he didn't understand why she acted as if it were over. "It is," Siobhan told him.

Spinelli burst through the door of McCall and Jackal Private Investigations to find Diane searching his office. He immediately relaxed when he recognized her. Diane explained that she had been looking for something to write with, so that she could leave him a note. Spinelli flipped on the light and then walked over to his desk, where a cup filled with pencils was prominently displayed. Diane feigned embarrassment and then explained that she had hoped to get an update on the investigation into Brandon's murder. Spinelli didn't believe her; he was certain that she had been searching for his secret files.

Diane shifted gears by announcing that their book had sold remarkably well, so the publisher wanted a sequel. Diane explained that she was busy working on Abby's defense, so she needed the files to help outline the next book. Spinelli argued that the files were sealed for a reason, but Diane couldn't understand what could be so shocking in the files that he'd deny their fans. Spinelli insisted that he needed to work, so Diane decided to leave. However, she stopped in the doorway to indulge in a gumshoe fantasy of finding the elusive files that Spinelli had hidden. In the daydream, Diane's character was certain that her writing partner was not as he had seemed.

Later, Diane went to the police station to talk to Dante. Diane spotted a small box on Dante's desk, so she was curious if he intended to propose to Lulu. Dante clarified that the box didn't contain a ring, so Diane wondered, "Earrings? Tennis bracelet? Keys to a Porsche?" Dante revealed that he intended to surprise Lulu with tickets to a baseball game. "Isn't Lulu a lucky girl?" Diane responded.

Dante assumed that Diane was there to get an update for Sonny on Lucian's kidnapping, so he revealed that the FBI had taken over the case. Diane admitted that she was there on an unrelated matter and then told him about the success of her novel. Diane explained that Spinelli had acted strangely when she had asked to see his case files for the new book, so she needed Dante to help her uncover what "deep, dark secret" Spinelli was hiding.

At the nurses' station, Steve welcomed Liz back when she reported for duty. Liz assured her brother that she was ready to work, so Steve explained that she would be handling administrative duties for a few weeks to ease her back in. Liz admitted that work was exactly what she needed, but then froze when she saw Jake playing with his toy motorcycle near the elevators. Steve glanced over his shoulder to see what Liz was staring at. Liz's vision cleared as a mother led her little boy onto the elevator. Steve realized that Liz had mistaken the boy for Jake.

Liz didn't deny it. She confessed that many things reminded her of Jake. Liz explained that Jake had been so full of life that she wouldn't be honoring her son if she curled up into a ball, and then tried to block out her memories of him. Besides, she added, Cameron and Aiden needed her to be the best mother that she could be. Steve urged his sister to speak up if she felt overwhelmed by work. He promised that everyone would understand.

Liz appreciated Steve's support, but she confessed that it was sometimes too much. She urged Steve to take some time to focus on himself because she needed to do some things on her own. Steve decided to take his sister's advice, so he went to see Olivia. Steve knocked on Olivia's door, but the sound was drowned out by the music blaring from Olivia's apartment. Steve discovered that the door was unlocked, so he let himself in. Steve stopped to appreciate the view as Olivia swung her hips to the rhythm of the music while she painted a stool.

Olivia jumped and shrieked when Steve gently tapped her on the shoulder to let her know that he was there. Steve ended up with paint all over his shirt. Olivia scolded him for startling her, but then ordered him to take off his shirt, so that she could clean it up. Olivia practically swallowed her tongue when Steve shrugged out of his shirt to reveal a muscular torso. As she took his shirt from him, Olivia remarked that he obviously worked out. She returned a short time later with another shirt, but Steve refused to wear any of Johnny's castoffs.

Olivia assured Steve that it was Dante's shirt, but she invited Steve to skip the shirt if he preferred. Steve didn't want to make Olivia uncomfortable, but she promised him that she wasn't. Steve smiled and then slowly drew closer to Olivia to kiss her. Things quickly heated up as they gave in to their passions. After they made love, Olivia confessed that Steve knew how to "mess" with a woman's head. Steve assured her that he wasn't playing games with her.

Olivia admitted that she had feared that she might have done something wrong because Steve had taken things so slowly with her. Steve explained that he wasn't interested in being a rebound guy, so he had hoped to give her time to get over Johnny. Olivia sensed that it was a lesson that Steve had learned the hard way. Steve acknowledged that he had made his fair share of mistakes. Olivia admitted that she had, too, but she hoped that she was smarter and stronger for it. Steve and Olivia kissed and then made love again.

Nikolas spotted Liz at the nurses' station, so he decided to check on her. Liz explained that Steve wanted her to ease back into the swing of things, so she had been relegated to desk duty for a few weeks. Nikolas reminded her that Steve didn't want her to push herself too hard, but Liz was frustrated. She insisted that no one, except for Maxie, understood that she would never stop dealing with Jake's death. Liz needed to keep moving, so she believed that the first step was to work. Nikolas wished that he could help Liz, but she assured him that he had done enough by helping out with the children.

Nikolas knew that she had a lot to handle, so he didn't mind. Liz reminded him what had happened the last time that she had felt overloaded, but Nikolas refused to let her blame herself for Jake's death. Liz quickly assured Nikolas that she was fine, so she asked him to pass along the message to Steve when Nikolas reported back to her brother. Nikolas explained that he had stopped by the hospital to tell Steve that he couldn't make a board meeting because of a scheduled conference call with the Justice Department. Nikolas revealed that he was trying to help Siobhan secure a visa, so that Lucky wouldn't have to marry Siobhan.

Later, Lulu was startled to see Liz working near the nurses' station. Liz wondered if Nikolas or Lucky had sent Lulu to check up on her. Lulu assured Liz that she hadn't realized that Liz had been working; however, Lulu was curious how Liz was doing. Liz revealed that it was her first day back at work. Lulu explained that she had stopped by the hospital because Alfred had told her that Nikolas had been scheduled to attend a board meeting. Liz wondered if everything were okay.

"No," Lulu admitted, but she doubted that Liz wanted to hear about it. Liz assured Lulu that she knew about the intervention. Lulu confided that Luke was pretending that he was okay when it was clear that Luke was in trouble. Liz realized that they had all been sitting in a weird holding pattern since Jake's death; they knew that they needed to move forward, but they didn't want to because they were afraid that they'd forget Jake. Liz understood Luke's desire for everything to return to normal.

Liz admitted that it was difficult for her to be back at work because she kept expecting her three boys to be waiting for her in the daycare center. However, then it hit her that Jake was gone. Lulu wished that she could help, but she feared that Liz wouldn't want it. Liz was curious why Lulu thought that. Lulu reminded Liz that Luke had killed Jake, but Liz insisted that it had been an accident. Lulu couldn't understand how Liz could be so forgiving.

Liz reminded Lulu that Luke hadn't been the only person to make a mistake that night. Lulu argued that Liz was a wonderful mother, so she wasn't to blame for the tragedy. Liz confessed that she missed Jake's crooked smile and the way that he would bury his head in her neck when they hugged. Liz realized that her grief would eventually become her new normal, so she needed to focus on putting one foot in front of the other. Liz suddenly stopped mid-sentence when she spotted Jake playing with his toy motorcycle by the elevator. "Oh, God," Liz whispered as Lulu glanced at the elevator and then asked, "What's wrong?"

Thursday, May 5, 2011

At the penthouse, Jason surprised Sam with tea and flowers. He explained that the instructions for her surgery had indicated that it was okay for her to drink something, but not eat. Jason then revealed that Maxie had dropped off a bag for Sam. Sam discovered that Maxie had packed a new nightgown, magazines, and other goodies to make Sam's recovery more comfortable. Jason poured Sam a cup of tea and then handed it to her. He was alarmed when he noticed that her hand was shaking.

Sam explained that she was nervous about the surgery. She confessed that Maxie had suggested that Sam examine her reasons for having the fertility reconstruction. Sam admitted that she had decided to have the surgery because she wanted to give herself the possibility to have a baby, but not necessarily get pregnant right away. Jason assured Sam that he supported her decision. Sam smiled with relief just as someone knocked on the door. Molly burst into the penthouse seconds later to congratulate Sam and Jason on starting a family.

Sam explained that she had told Alexis about the medical procedure, so Sam assumed that Alexis had told Molly. Molly confirmed Sam's suspicions and then hugged her sister. Molly confessed that she had researched the procedure, which had a high rate of success with minimal recovery time. Molly then presented Sam with a gift: Molly's special good luck bear, which she wanted Sam to give to the baby. Sam was touched by the treasured gift.

Molly was certain that Sam and Jason would be awesome parents, and then began to talk about the baby. Jason gently reminded Molly that he and Sam were just focused on getting through the procedure. Molly immediately apologized; she realized that she had a tendency to be obnoxious. Sam assured her sister that Molly was a loving person. After Molly left, Jason wondered if Sam had any second thoughts. "No, I'm ready to go," Sam answered.

Later, Sam and Jason entered her hospital room. Sam was tired of spending so much time in the hospital, but Jason reminded her that she was there for a good reason. Sam offered Jason the opportunity to speak up if he had any reservations about the procedure, but Jason assured her that he fully supported her. Moments later, Jason decided to fetch Sam some ice chips while she waited to be taken in for the surgery.

At the nurses' station, Liz had a vision of Jake playing with his motorcycle by the elevators. Liz quickly looked away and then apologized to Lulu. Liz explained that she kept seeing Jake everywhere, but she knew that the visions weren't real. Lulu led Liz to some a nearby chair, so that Liz could sit down. Lulu wondered how long Liz had been having visions of Jake. Liz acknowledged that it hadn't been an isolated incident.

Lulu couldn't imagine how Liz dealt with the pain of losing a child. Liz confessed that it was overwhelming at times, but Cameron and Aiden helped her through the most difficult periods because they gave her purpose. Lulu suggested that perhaps Liz was seeing Jake because Liz wasn't ready to let her son go. Liz pulled herself together and then explained that she needed to get back to work. Lulu realized that they'd had their issues, but she wanted Liz to know that she had always considered Liz family. Lulu promised to be available if Liz needed someone to talk to.

Later, Kelly Lee approached Liz at the nurses' station to see how Liz was doing. Liz confessed that it helped to be back at work, and then thanked Kelly for attending Jake's service, sending flowers, and inviting Liz to lunch. Kelly insisted that she wanted to help. Liz admitted that everyone had been incredible to her; she had no idea what she would have done without Steve. Kelly agreed that Liz had lucked out in the brother department. Liz agreed, but she realized that she couldn't keep leaning on Steve indefinitely.

Liz's eyes strayed to the elevator, but then she caught herself. She quickly focused on Kelly again by asking if Kelly needed anything. Kelly was looking for her schedule, so Liz went to the computer to print it up. Liz was surprised when she saw that Sam was scheduled for a fertility reconstruction procedure. Later, Liz bumped into Jason in the hallway. After they greeted each other, Jason and Liz talked about her returning to work.

Liz explained that returning to work had been more difficult than she had anticipated. She was curious how it had been for Jason, but Jason quickly reminded her that their careers were nothing alike, and that he didn't have two children at home. Jason was certain that Liz was doing the usual by trying to take care of everyone but herself. Liz shifted gears by admitting that she hoped that Sam was taking care of Jason. "She is," Jason assured Liz and then explained that Sam was in the hospital. Liz confessed that she knew about Sam's surgery.

Liz revealed that everyone told her not to blame herself for what had happened to Jake, and that she knew that it was impossible for anyone to watch their child one hundred percent of the time. However, she wondered about the hours prior to the accident because she couldn't remember if she had yelled at Jake earlier that day, if she had hugged him, or if she had told their son that she loved him. Jason assured Liz that Jake knew that she loved him. Liz smiled and then apologized for getting sidetracked, which had become a common occurrence. She wanted Jason to know that she was happy that he and Sam were planning to have a baby because Jason would be an amazing father.

Liz confessed that she would always regret that she had taken away his chance to be a father to Jake. Jason reminded her that they had all been in agreement that it would have been better for Jake to grow up with Lucky. Liz argued that it hadn't been true because the mob hadn't killed Jake. Jason assured Liz that she had given Jake a good life, so Jason didn't want Liz to look for excuses to blame herself for the tragedy. Liz was curious if, knowing how everything had turned out, it would have been better if she had never told Jason about Jake or if Jason would have preferred to have known from the beginning. "The beginning," Jason answered without hesitation.

Liz suspected that things would have turned out differently if she had told Jason from the onset that he was Jake's father. Jason urged Liz not to second-guess herself because she would just drive herself crazy. Liz smiled sadly, but didn't respond. Jason decided to get back to Sam, so Liz wished Sam luck with the procedure and then watched Jason walk away. A short time later, Liz called the police station to talk to Lucky. She was stunned to learn that Lucky was getting married, so she dashed to the elevator with the paternity results in hand.

Jason returned to Sam's hospital room, and told her that he had bumped into Liz. Jason admitted that Liz was in "pretty rough" shape, but she had wished Sam luck with the surgery. Sam assured Jason that he was free to talk to Liz if he thought that they could help each other through their grief over losing Jake. Jason confessed that he had no idea how Liz continued to live in the house where Jake had been raised, walked by Jake's bedroom every day, and looked out the window to see where their son had died. Jason confided that he wouldn't have been able to handle it; it would have driven him crazy.

Sam realized that the hospital might be a difficult reminder of Jake's tragic death, so she assured Jason that he was free to leave. Jason explained that Sam had always taken care of him, and it was his turn to do the same for her. Sam smiled, but she was restless as she waited to be taken to surgery. Jason decided to distract her with kisses and a promise that nothing would change how he felt about her.

At Lucky's apartment, Siobhan confessed that she didn't think that she and Lucky should get married because Lucky wasn't in the right frame of mind to make such a life-altering decision while he was grieving for Jake and worried about Luke. Lucky assured her that he knew what he was doing and then turned to Nikolas for support. Nikolas admitted that he agreed with Siobhan. Lucky was adamant that he would marry Siobhan, but Siobhan resented Lucky speaking for her. She suspected that Lucky's determination to marry her stemmed from him feeling powerless about everything in his life.

Siobhan argued that marriage wasn't the answer. Lucky explained that he wasn't ready for Siobhan to leave, so he wanted her to trust him. Nikolas suggested that Lucky and Siobhan could travel around the world, which would allow them to be together and solve Siobhan's visa issue. Nikolas offered to cover all of the expenses, but Lucky declined. Lucky feared that running away from his problems would just put him one step closer to being like Luke. Lucky was also reluctant to leave Cameron behind so soon after Jake's death.

Lucky wondered if Siobhan were ready to return to Ireland. "No," Siobhan admitted. Lucky smiled as he asked her to stay with him. Lucky promised that marriage to him wouldn't be so bad. Siobhan confessed that she feared that it would be really good. Siobhan conceded that they had a relationship, but she reminded Lucky that they wouldn't be marrying for the traditional reasons.

Siobhan was worried that Lucky might regret marrying her, but Lucky insisted that she stop trying to protect him from himself. Seconds later, Lucky received a text message from work offering him a shift. Lucky left it up to Siobhan; he could go to work or turn it down to get married. Siobhan thought about it for a moment and then agreed to marry Lucky. A short time later, Siobhan emerged from the bedroom, wearing a beautiful white dress. She was disappointed to learn that Nikolas had left because it meant that Lucky wouldn't have his brother at his side for the wedding.

Lucky apologized for the unconventional wedding, but Siobhan insisted that it suited them. Lucky wished her a happy wedding day, kissed her, and then held the door open for her. Later, Siobhan and Lucky arrived at the justice of the peace. They were surprised when Nikolas suddenly appeared. Nikolas admitted that he still had reservations about their marriage, but he was determined to be there for his brother. Lucky was surprised when Nikolas produced a set of wedding rings, which Lucky and Siobhan had forgotten to pick up.

At Kelly's, Tracy laughed at the idea of Luke suing her. Luke insisted that being locked out of the Haunted Star had caused him great emotional distress, but Tracy accused Luke of being insane. Tracy reminded Luke that she owned the casino, but Alexis argued that a case could be made that Luke had been under duress when he had signed over ownership of the Haunted Star to Tracy. Tracy told Alexis about the intervention, but Luke insisted that he had been kidnapped, so he deserved compensation for that too. Tracy suggested that Alexis should allow Luke to suffer the consequences of his addiction.

Luke insisted that he had been a victim of slander and that his family had tried him in a "kangaroo court" because they wanted to convict the booze rather than accept that he had killed Jake. Tracy pleaded with Alexis not to believe Luke because he desperately needed help, or he would die. Alexis promised to consider everything before she made a decision about representing Luke; however, Alexis warned Tracy that it might be futile to get Luke to live the way that they wanted him to. After Alexis left, Luke praised Alexis for being a wise woman. Luke insisted that it had been a waste of time to try to turn him into a "dry, buttoned-down square." Tracy refused to give up on Luke because she loved him.

Tracy started to leave, but Luke accused her of cutting and running. Tracy explained that it had been pointless to engage him. However, she warned him to be prepared, if Alexis were stupid enough to take on his case, for a parade of people to testify that Luke was an alcoholic. Luke suggested that Tracy could nip it in the bud by giving him back what was rightfully his and stopping her attempts to turn him into a recovering addict. Tracy insisted that she was trying to save his life.

Luke reminded Tracy that she had known who he was when she had married him. Tracy argued that all she saw when she looked at him was how badly he wanted a drink. Luke denied it and then announced that it was time that she learned what a lost cause really was. Tracy couldn't understand why he would threaten to put an even bigger blowtorch to his life. "To alienate all the do-gooders," Luke replied. He confessed that he was sick of everyone taking everything from him, in an effort to make him admit to something that he wasn't.

Luke vowed to make Tracy sorry that she had ever met him. He was confident that he would be able to force her to give him what he wanted, but Tracy argued that Luke wasn't strong enough to launch a "full-scale self-destruct." Tracy hated that Luke thought that it was a reasonable option to force her to stop loving him. According to Tracy, it was proof of how sick Luke was. Tracy warned him that he was just a shell of a man and that "the monster" was in charge, so she urged him to get help before it swallowed him whole.

Lulu went to the Haunted Star to find Ethan getting ready to open the casino for the evening. Ethan confessed that he wondered if they had done the right thing by turning their backs on Luke. Lulu insisted that Luke had a problem, and was in denial, but Ethan wondered if they should find another way to help Luke. Lulu admitted that she might have had a different answer if he had asked her earlier that morning. However, she'd had an encounter with Luke at Kelly's that had changed her mind. Lulu revealed that Luke had shown up at Kelly's, drunk and ranting.

According to Lulu, it had been embarrassing and sad to see their father like that. Lulu explained that alcoholics needed to hit rock bottom before they were ready to accept help, but Ethan disagreed. Ethan admitted that it was wrong of him to be sanctimonious when he had been matching Luke drink-for-drink. Ethan confessed that he didn't want to admit that Luke needed help because Ethan had settled for living his life exactly like Luke. Ethan acknowledged that Luke's hedonistic lifestyle had appealed to him.

Lulu assured Ethan that she understood his reluctance to turn his back on Luke. Ethan promised that he wanted to help Luke, but he didn't want to do it by cutting their father off. Moments later, Alexis entered the casino. Alexis told Lulu and Ethan about Luke's lawsuit. Alexis explained that she was trying to assess the situation before she made a decision on whether or not to represent Luke. Lulu suggested that Luke was trying to shift the focus off of himself with the lawsuit, so that he could continue to drink. Alexis was curious if Lulu and Ethan thought that Luke was an alcoholic.

Lulu insisted that she knew that Luke was an alcoholic, but she suggested that Alexis talk with Ethan if Alexis wanted to go through with the bogus lawsuit. Later, Ethan was taking the chairs off of the tables when Luke strolled in. Luke greeted Ethan and then headed straight to the bar as he assured Ethan that he didn't hold the intervention against Ethan. Luke realized that Lucky had needed the intervention to give everyone the opportunity to rail against Luke without calling Luke a "kid killer." Luke set two glasses on the bar and then grabbed a bottle of scotch. In a defiant tone Luke asked, "So, drink?"

Friday, May 6, 2011

Dante and Sonny discussed Brandon's murder and reaffirmed the need for Michael to stay away from Abby until the investigation was complete. Sonny shared his exasperation over Lucian's kidnapping and worried that Brenda might be pushed over the edge unless the boy was found soon. Lucky lamented that Brenda had bonded with her son. Dante suggested that Suzanne was his top suspect. Sonny questioned why Suzanne would have given custody to Brenda so easily. He also wondered if it was a coincidence that Lucian had disappeared just before they'd been able to do a DNA test.

After Dante left, Brenda walked into the room and announced that Jax would match any amount Sonny would put up for a reward. Sonny maintained that he couldn't give the police a list of his business associates. Brenda emotionlessly accepted that reality. Sonny suggested that Suzanne could have been involved in the kidnapping. Brenda accused Sonny of not caring about Lucian because he wasn't Sonny's child.

Later, Sonny left a voice message for Jax, stating that offering a reward would be a big mistake. Dante walked in and reported that a woman matching Suzanne's description had been seen boarding a plane to Phoenix the night Lucian had disappeared. With her was a little boy.

Luke defiantly shared a drink with Ethan, who challenged Luke to prove the claim that Luke could stop drinking whenever he wanted. Ethan expressed his concern, particularly since Luke had doused the casino, as well as himself, with gasoline. Luke posited that Lucky needed to convince himself that Luke was an alcoholic to explain that Jake's death was not Luke's fault, but that the alcohol was to blame.

Luke referred to his own father by stating that he knew a drunk when he saw one. He revealed that his abusive father regularly beat Luke and Bobbie's mother until, one day, she was found dead. Luke had never seen his father again. Luke admitted that he'd been lashing out because he couldn't deal with the fact that he'd killed a child.

As Luke poured another drink, Lulu walked in and demanded that he go to rehab. She accused Ethan of enabling Luke's addiction and said that, should anything happen to Luke, Ethan would blame himself.

As Jason sat in Sam's hospital room, he dreamed of showing his motorcycle to Jake and making plans for the future with him. Jason awoke as Liz walked in. Jason shared the dream he'd had with Liz, who reminded him that it was Jake's birthday. She suggested that Jason take a ride on his motorcycle to honor his son.

Jason sat by Sam's bedside as she woke up. She reported that she wasn't in any pain and asked how the procedure had gone. Jason explained that Dr. Lee had said there had been no complications. Jason hesitated when Sam asked if she'd be able to carry a child.

Later, at home, Liz opened a package that Lucky had sent to Jake before the boy's death. It was a motorized mini-motorcycle. As Liz stared at the toy, she imagined Jake running into the room and riding it.

Lucky and Siobhan returned with Nikolas to the justice of the peace. Outside the office, Liz considered whether or not to interrupt with the paternity results. As the ceremony proceeded, Liz reminisced about the day she and Lucky had first gotten married. The justice completed the wedding, and Liz walked away.

Upon returning to Lucky's flat, Lucky, Siobhan, and Nik found a fancily decorated table. Nikolas admitted that he'd asked Alfred to set it up but that he only reluctantly supported Lucky and Siobhan's decision to marry. As they celebrated a toast, Siobhan expressed relief at not having to worry about being deported.

After Nikolas left, Siobhan put the cake away. Lucky perused the marriage certificate and noticed the date. The realization that it was Jake's birthday jolted his senses. He discussed his experiences with, and hopes for, Jake. Siobhan told Lucky to hold onto those good memories to honor the boy he'd raised as his son.

Liz arrived with the gift that Lucky had sent Jake. Lucky apologized for having forgotten he'd ordered the toy. Liz said that she couldn't keep it, because Cameron would want it, but that it was Jake's. She began to cry, and Lucky comforted her with an embrace, just as Siobhan walked out of the bedroom wearing a sexy negligee.

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