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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 22, 2011 on GH
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Monday, August 22, 2011

As Maxie and Lucky neared the bakery, they saw a baker pummeling Spinelli. Lucky stopped the man who stated that Spinelli had ripped open all the sacks of flour and sugar inside the bakery. Maxie said that it was obvious that Spinelli was not himself. Lucky was not convinced and said that he had real business to attend to. After he walked away, Lucky took out the bottle of pills that Liz had given him earlier. He was looking at the bottle when Liz called to say that Siobhan was awake and wanted to see him. Lucky was still holding the bottle when he headed for General Hospital.

Maxie sat down next to Spinelli as he peered around a dumpster. Maxie said that she had done all she could to help and did not know what else to do. Spinelli, in his Jackal P.I. personality, insisted nothing was wrong. He said that he was sitting by the dumpster because he needed to focus. Maxie said that she had one thing she could try to get the old Spinelli back.

Spinelli said he was not the geek she wanted. Maxie said that Spinelli was not a geek; he was just different. She begged him to go with her to another place and temporarily abandon his stakeout of the bakery. Spinelli agreed. Maxie took him to Georgie's grave. Spinelli said that he did not recognize the place, but his eyelids began fluttering.

Anthony taunted Siobhan as he disconnected her life support and closed the blinds. He told her that it was her last dance. Anthony said that she had a conflict of interest with him. Anthony said that Siobhan had overheard something that he did not want anyone to know. Anthony told Siobhan that she had bad timing and that it was obvious because of the situation she was in. Siobhan tried to reach the call button, but Anthony stopped her. As Anthony put on gloves and pulled out a drug vial, he talked about orchids, their fragile beauty, and their will to survive. He asked Siobhan if she had the will to survive.

Anthony told Siobhan that using the bakery for a simple turnaround had been prompted by Spinelli's laughable behavior. He said that he got the good drugs from a doctor who Anthony could call at any time for anything he wanted with no questions asked. When Anthony asked if Siobhan had told anyone else what she had overheard, Siobhan answered truthfully and said that she had not. Anthony was cordial when he told Siobhan that telling the truth might have saved her life at another time, but not this time because she had big nosy ears and was an impediment on the path to true love.

As Anthony held a cloth soaked in the drug over Siobhan's nose and mouth, he told her that she was in the way of Lucky and Liz. Anthony told Siobhan to let go and be at peace. Anthony said that Siobhan had caught him on a good day because he did not intend to be so nice to Lucky. Anthony said that Lucky would die slowly, one pill at a time. Liz knocked on the door.

Anthony hid as Liz peeked in. Liz thought that Siobhan was sleeping and left. Anthony thought Siobhan was dead. He took the vial and left. He threw his plastic gloves and the vial in the biohazard trash as he left. Inside, Siobhan struggled to use a marker pen to leave a message on a pillow for Lucky.

At the nurses' station, Robin was updating Liz about Jax when Sonny approached and asked about Jason. Robin was curt with Sonny and told him that Jason was in surgery. Sonny asked about Robin's arm. Robin told Sonny that her arm was the least of the damage that he had done the night before. Sonny said that everything was okay. Robin said that things were not okay.

Sonny said that he just wanted to see Jason. Carly arrived and told Sonny that he would see Jason over her dead body. Carly wanted to know why Sonny had not checked on Jason the previous evening. Sonny said that he had been out of his head. Carly said that Sonny was too busy playing vigilante to check on the only person who took care of him when he became crazed.

Robin said that she agreed with everything Carly was saying to Sonny. Carly said Sonny only thought of himself. Sonny said that he had disabled Jax's plane to help Carly. He said he had not intended to hurt Jax, just keep him from taking off. Carly asked what would have happened if Josslyn had been on board.

Carly told Sonny to take responsibility and show a shred of remorse. Carly said that Sonny had not gotten involved to save Josslyn but to take revenge because Brenda had left Sonny. Carly said that Sonny had succeeded in getting Jax out of the picture. Carly asked if Sonny felt like a big winner or a little boy. Sonny told Carly to calm down.

Carly said that she would not calm down. Sonny said they would get past the problem. Carly said that they would not. Sonny said that he had done everything for her. Carly said that she would never get past what Sonny had done and that he had not taken action because of her but for his own selfish reasons.

Carly said that she would not lose another person because of Sonny. Sonny said that he and Carly had a connection. Carly said that the connection was broken. Carly told Sonny that he was unbelievably self-centered. Carly said that the number of dead did not matter as long as Sonny got what he wanted. Carly told Sonny that she saw him clearly. She said that Sonny was no better than a street thug.

Carly called Sonny a monster. Carly said that she and Sonny were done the moment he was willing to kill Jax without a thought to her little girl. Carly said that she despised Sonny. Sonny insisted that they had a connection. He told Carly to call him anything she wanted to call him. Carly started shouting "Murderer." Shawn arrived on the elevator and escorted Carly away from Sonny.

Skye found Jax on the docks. He told her about his conflict with Sonny and how he had rewired the plane controls after Sonny had trashed them. Jax said the plane had stalled when he got it into the air. Jax said he had parachuted out before the plane crashed. Skye said that Jax could have died. Jax said that he was not the only one and said he was thankful that he had given Josslyn back to Carly before trying to leave Port Charles.

Skye wanted to know how she could help. Jax said that he needed to get out of town and lay low. He said he needed clothes and cash. When Jax asked Skye about the Alcazar fortune he had recovered for her, she ruefully admitted that she had not been able to hang on to it.

Jax said she should have called for help. Skye said that she had not wanted to bother him and besides, she was resourceful. She said she would get the money for him. Jax asked that Skye not tell anyone that he was alive, including Carly, because he feared that she would take Sonny's side. Skye said that Jax should not underestimate Carly's love.

Skye told Jax to hide when she heard Anthony calling for her. Anthony wanted to know how Skye had been occupying her time while waiting for him. Skye said that something urgent had arisen, and she did not have time to do their deal. Skye said that she had to do a favor for a friend. Anthony said that he would tag along. Skye told him that he was not welcome to interfere with her personal business.

Shawn bought Carly a brownie, and they talked on the pier near Kelly's. Shawn told Carly that she had ripped Sonny pretty good. Carly said that she was worried about Jax. Shawn asked what Carly's gut told her. She said that she believed that Jax was alive. Carly said that Jax was a good man and a good father.

Carly said that she still wanted Jax to be part of Josslyn's life. Carly said that Shawn had met Jax at his worst and added that Jax was the most fun she had ever had. Carly said that Jax was smarter than Sonny and did not go down with the plane. Shawn said that Carly should trust her instincts. Shawn said that Carly had good instincts and poor impulse control. Carly laughed and said that she knew there was a reason that she liked Shawn.

Robin found Sonny in Jason's room. Sonny tried to reestablish his relationship to Robin, but she blasted him. Robin said that Sonny had entered her house with a gun and waved it around in front of her child. Robin said that Sonny wanted to kill Jax and did not care who got in the way. Robins said that Sonny wanted to hurt everyone around him. Robin said that enough was enough and she'd had enough of Sonny. Sonny asked Robin not to turn her back on him. Robin said that Sonny had done it to himself. Robin told Sonny to get back on his meds and find a shred of humanity before he lost every person he loved.

Lucky met Liz in the hospital. He asked about Siobhan, and Liz said that Siobhan was recovering. She noticed that Lucky was on edge, but he did not admit that anything was wrong. When Lucky got to Siobhan's room, he thought she was sleeping. Lucky apologized for not being there when she woke up. Lucky said that Siobhan should not be hooked up to machines.

When Lucky laid his hand on Siobhan's forehead and told her that he needed her to wake up because he was not doing so well, Lucky realized something was wrong. Liz was just outside the door when Lucky started calling for a doctor. The pillow that Siobhan had been writing on lay facedown on the floor beside her bed.

Jax made a phone call and told the person he had called to meet him at the border. Jax hid when he heard a noise. When he peeked out, Jax saw a tearful Carly staring at the water.

Sonny knelt and lit a candle in the GH chapel. Instead of a rosary, Sonny had a key in his hand.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Maxie took Spinelli, still acting out as Jackal P.I., to Georgie's grave. She hoped that it would shake Spinelli out of his delusion. Instead, Jackal P.I. accused Maxie of using her dead sister to get close to him. Maxie said that she was not that clever, that Georgie had been the smart one. Maxie told Spinelli that Georgie had been Maxie's anchor and without her, Maxie was afraid that she would drift away. Maxie told Spinelli that she was there for him to hold onto, and so was Georgie. Maxie said that it should have been her, instead of Georgie, who was dead. Spinelli said that if Maxie had fought half as hard for Georgie as she had for Spinelli, then Maxie had done all she could.

Maxie shot back that she had not done anything at all. Her frustration with Spinelli grew as Spinelli talked about Georgie as if he had not known her. Maxie got very upset and said that she could handle the fact that Jackal P.I. did not remember Maxie, but she could not handle knowing that Georgie had meant something to Spinelli and he did not remember her. Spinelli told Maxie to calm down and reminded her that she had a problem with her "ticker." Maxie was momentarily speechless because that was information that Jackal P.I. did not know.

Liz stood in the doorway as Lucky screamed for a doctor to examine Siobhan, who was not breathing. Steve responded immediately and sent Lucky out of the room. He told Liz to call for a crash cart as he gave CPR, but she just stood in the doorway with a stunned look on her face. Steve interrupted his efforts and called for the cart. Instead of helping Steve, Liz walked woodenly into the hall. Lucky wanted to know what had happened. Liz did not know. Lucky said it was all his fault, but Liz said it was hers. Lucky replied that he was the one who had set all the events in motion.

Lucky walked back into Siobhan's room just in time to see her flatline. Steve ushered Liz into the hall and questioned her about what had happened. He insinuated that Liz was responsible for Siobhan's death. Liz was insulted and walked away. Steve caught up to her and apologized for instantly accusing her. Liz worried that other staffers would feel the same way. Steve said that his concern was that the hospital had lost a patient that it should not have lost. Steve said that he was ordering an autopsy and once the results were in, Liz would not owe an explanation to anyone.

Lucky stayed by Siobhan's side. He told her he was sorry. He apologized for not letting her go when she asked him to because he had been too selfish. Lucky commented that he wanted to see what they could have had together. Lucky said that he knew that Siobhan was special when they first met; she was different and had a fire in her soul. Lucky told Siobhan that he truly believed that he had been protecting her from harm and had not realized that he was the danger.

Lucky said that all he could offer to Siobhan was a hollow apology. Lucky recited a traditional Irish farewell to Siobhan and kissed her hand. He took out the bottle of pills that Liz had given him and downed one. Lucky asked Siobhan not to hate him any more than she already did. He held her hand and cried.

Later Lucky listened to Siobhan's last phone message, which said that she believed in him, admired him, and wanted him to be safe. Lucky cried that those should not have been Siobhan's last words. Lucky did not notice the pillow beside the bed with Siobhan's last message written on it.

Skye went to ELQ, where she removed money from the safe in Edward's office. As she was leaving, Michael and Abby arrived. Skye quickly filled them in on what had happened to Jason and Carly. Michael and Abby left for General Hospital to get an update on Jason. Skye apologized to Edward's photograph and said she was taking the money for a good cause and would pay it back.

Jax was hiding when Carly stepped up to a guardrail in the warehouse district. She had a flashback of the day that she and Jax had christened The Silent Lady. Jax overheard Carly petition God for Jax's safety and say that she would give anything to know that Jax was okay. Jax was touched and almost emerged from hiding, but Shawn showed up. Carly pointed out The Silent Lady and shared loving memories of her time with Jax. Jax heard how much Carly cared about him. When Shawn asked if she had meant what she had said to Sonny earlier, Carly said that she did. Carly admitted that Jax had been right and that she should have stopped Sonny long before.

Carly cried when she said that Josslyn needed Jax, and she did not know how she was going to tell her daughter that Jax was dead. Shawn said that Jax was a survivor, and Carly should not give up hope that Jax was still alive. Carly said that Shawn was right; Jax would not give up on her, and Carly would not give up on him. Carly asked Shawn to help her get home so that she could hold Josslyn. Jax watched them leave.

Skye arrived with the clothes and money that Jax had requested. Jax told Skye that he would repay the loan with interest. Jax asked about Skye's relationship with Anthony Zacchara. Skye called Anthony a "minor complication." Jax warned her to be careful. She brushed his warning aside and said that she was doing it for her daughter. They hugged and said goodbye. Jax said that he preferred to remain "missing" for the time being. Skye agreed to keep his secret. When she asked about Josslyn, Jax said that he knew that Josslyn would be safe and well cared for.

Carly and Shawn watched Josslyn sleep. Shawn said there was every reason to believe that Jax had survived. After Shawn was gone, Carly told Josslyn that she would keep her safe and not let Jax down. Jax looked out over the lake and remembered proposing to Carly. Carly and Jax were sitting at a table that had been laid out on the docks. When Carly asked why Jax was proposing there, he said that they could have gone to a fancy restaurant anywhere in the world, but Port Charles was home to Carly, and Carly was home to him. With a sigh, Jax took one last look around and departed the area.

In the GH chapel, Sonny talked to God. Sonny admitted that it had been a long time since he had communed. Sonny quickly said that he was not there for himself, but to pray for Jason and all the people that Sonny had hurt. Sonny acknowledged that he had let anger get the best of him. He said that he had not been thinking of anyone else.

Sonny confessed that he was not asking for forgiveness because he knew who he was and would not change. Sonny said that in the distant past he had given himself permission to do what he did and that his only regret was how he had hurt his children. Sonny told God that he had promised himself that he would never hurt his kids, but he had lied to himself, and the truth was that children were always the ones who suffer.

As Sonny left the chapel, he ran into Abby and Michael, who was overjoyed to see him. Sonny filled Michael in on Jason's condition and added that Sonny was not welcome with the family. When Michael offered to fix things, Sonny herded Michael and Abby into the chapel and told them that there was a lot they did not know. Sonny told them that Jax's plane had crashed and that Carly blamed Sonny. Sonny asked to speak with Michael privately. Abby left, but eavesdropped on their conversation.

Sonny began by saying that Michael would hear that the crash was Sonny's fault. Sonny said that Jax had grabbed Josslyn and that Sonny had disabled the plane to keep Jax from taking off. Sonny had no idea of how Jax had managed to get the plane off the ground. Sonny told Michael that Dante had reported to Carly that the accident had been 100 percent Sonny's fault. Michael immediately took Sonny's side and said that Jax was out of control and had to be stopped. Michael told Sonny that Sonny had had no choice but to take action. Michael noticed Abby listening. When he called out to her, she walked away.

Michael followed and asked what was wrong. Abby said she was feeling sick to her stomach. She wondered how Michael could be okay with what Sonny had said. She pointed out that Sonny had practically admitted to killing Jax. Michael said that Abby was jumping to conclusions and tarring his dad with the same brush as everyone else.

Abby said Michael was in denial if he believed that Sonny was not capable of killing Jax or having someone else do it. Michael accused Abby of hating his dad. She said, "No." Michael shot back that it was not right to assume Sonny was guilty because everything was not always black or white. Abby called Michael's attitude, "irresponsible." Michael stormed away after saying that Abby had been using that word frequently of late.

Abby was crying quietly when Sonny walked up. She rebuffed his attempts to comfort her. Abby told Sonny that Michael would do anything to earn Sonny's respect. Sonny said that Michael already had his respect. Abby replied that it was time for Sonny to earn Michael's respect. Abby told Sonny to stop what he was doing, or he would destroy Michael. Michael was pacing nearby and overheard their conversation.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

At the cemetery, Maxie was curious how Jackal had known about her heart transplant. Jackal explained that he remembered all of the important things about the people in his life, including Maxie's childhood health crisis that had resulted in her receiving her cousin's heart. Maxie was hopeful that she could use those memories to draw out Spinelli's true personality. Jackal made it clear that he wasn't interested in being interrogated by her because she was reaching for something that she couldn't have. He warned her that nothing could change that. Jackal tried to leave, but Maxie stopped him by asking what he recalled about her sister, Georgie.

Jackal confessed that he remembered having failed Georgie. Maxie was startled by the admission; she wondered why he felt that way. Jackal regretted that he had missed all of the signs that might have helped him to save Georgie from Diego Alcazar. Maxie reminded Jackal that a police task force had been established to capture the Text Message Killer, so Jackal shouldn't feel guilty. Jackal insisted that the police had just been a group "flatfoots," not experienced detectives like him. Maxie shifted gears by talking about Georgie and Spinelli's love for computers.

Maxie recalled that Jackal had received his first computer, a toy, from his grandmother when he had been a child. Maxie bragged that Spinelli had been brilliant with computers, and that he had once confided to her that working with a computer had helped him feel as if he were in control. Jackal suggested that computers kept people from living in the real world. He claimed that people hid behind computers because they could "say it and save it," which was why he hadn't known that Georgie had been in love with him until after she had died. "Where's the magic in that?" Jackal demanded.

Maxie admitted that Spinelli hadn't been able to save Georgie, but she insisted that he had saved her. Jackal became teary-eyed as Maxie admitted that she would have died if Spinelli hadn't leapt into the path of the bullet when Lisa had taken aim at Maxie. Maxie realized that Spinelli had regretted not saving Georgie, but in that one instant, during the crisis at the hospital, Spinelli had put his life on the line for Maxie, so Jackal only existed because Spinelli had been shot. Maxie explained that Spinelli was special, so people cared about him, and that she missed Spinelli. Jackal didn't want to hear it, but Maxie refused to give up. She handed him pictures of their "non-wedding," but Jackal was not impressed.

Jackal pointedly wondered how things had turned out for the couple in the pictures. Maxie assured him that they would always have a bond, but Jackal saw no reason to become "that sap" again. Maxie argued that Spinelli was real, not Jackal, but Jackal disagreed. Maxie explained that Spinelli had been the first person to believe in her, but Jackal cruelly wondered what that had gotten him. He was curious if she intended to take him back if he became Spinelli again. Maxie didn't answer, so Jackal insisted that it didn't pay to care too much for anyone because he always lost people, and they never returned.

Jackal refused to let that happen again, so he decided that it would be best for Maxie to stay away from him, but Maxie explained that she just wanted to help. Jackal claimed that he didn't want what she was offering, so he started to leave. She pleaded with him to be careful if he intended to continue to watch Luzetta's Bakery. Jackal assured her that he would be fine, so he advised her to focus on her relationship with Matt. Later, Jackal returned to Georgie's grave to place a cupcake on the headstone.

On the waterfront, Dante demanded that the divers continue to search the water for evidence, but the lead diver explained that they had to suspend the operation until the morning. Olivia immediately sensed her son's frustration as she walked up. She was curious if Dante were looking for evidence that Jax were alive or if Dante's focus were to gather proof of Sonny's guilt. The diver walked away as Dante accused Sonny of murdering Jax. Olivia admitted that she wasn't ready to write Jax off because she believed that Jax was alive.

Dante vowed that if Jax were dead then Sonny would pay for the crime. Dante's temper flared when Olivia referred to Sonny as Dante's father. Olivia blamed herself for Dante's attitude because she had excluded Sonny from Dante's life. Dante reminded her that she'd had good reason for that, and then added that Sonny's other children had deserved better than someone like Sonny for a father. Dante refused to keep letting Sonny off the hook because Dante realized that it only encouraged Sonny to keep hurting people. Dante regretted that he had let Sonny get away with shooting him, so he refused to repeat the mistake.

Olivia clarified that she would never ask Dante to compromise himself for Sonny, but she was certain that deep down inside, Dante knew Sonny better than Dante was willing to admit. Dante agreed, which was a problem for him. Olivia reminded Dante that he had once confided that he had liked Sonny, in spite of the fact that Sonny was a criminal. Dante claimed that Sonny could be a different person when Sonny thought that someone was useful to him. Olivia suggested that Dante was trying to rewrite history, so she pointed out that Dante and Sonny had gotten along during their search for Alec. Dante argued that it had been because Dante had served a purpose.

Olivia insisted that Dante had felt a connection to Sonny, but Dante argued that it didn't mean that he had to turn a blind eye to Sonny's wrongdoings. Dante's anger fizzled out when Olivia conceded that Dante had always tried to see the best in people, so she didn't want her son to beat himself up over the situation with Sonny. Moments later, the diver returned to notify Dante that they had found something.

At the hospital, Michael eavesdropped as Abby begged Sonny not to involve Michael in the fiasco with Jax. Sonny reminded Abby that Michael was capable of making his own decisions, but Abby argued that Sonny sent mixed signals to Michael. Abby explained that Michael desperately wanted Sonny's respect, but Sonny argued that Abby might not trust Michael to be man enough to make his own choices. "Is that true?" Sonny pressed. Michael stepped forward, and then admitted that he would like an answer to that question as well.

Abby reminded Michael that he had promised her that he would not blindly follow Sonny, even though Michael had had a glimpse of Sonny's life during their vacation. Michael wondered why Abby had gone to Sonny with her concerns. Abby suggested that Sonny was twisting the facts about what had happened with Jax to make Michael more sympathetic to Sonny's situation. Michael assured Abby that Sonny always told him the truth, but Abby was frustrated because Michael hadn't questioned anything that Sonny had said. Michael resented that she had talked to Sonny, not him, about her concerns.

Abby accused Michael of showing blind loyalty. She couldn't understand how Sonny could deny wanting Michael to be a part of the mob, when Sonny's actions clearly suggested otherwise. Michael didn't appreciate Abby's attitude toward Sonny, but Abby insisted that Sonny had double standards. Sonny finally spoke up by advising Abby to trust Michael to think for himself. Abby argued that Sonny had alienated everyone, so he had turned to Michael as an ally. Michael had clearly sided with Sonny, so Abby stormed off.

Sonny invited Michael to go after Abby, but Michael knew that he wouldn't be able to change Abby's mind. Sonny admitted that, "when push comes to shove, we've got to know who we can count on." Michael explained that things had happened on the island, which had upset Abby, so he didn't want Sonny to be mad at her. Sonny confessed that he had heard about the gossip that Abby had been hired by Sonny, so he was proud of how Michael had handled the situation because in "our business" a person couldn't afford to show weakness. Michael complained that Abby didn't understand that, but Sonny suspected that Abby understood quite a bit. Michael admitted that Abby was important to him, but Sonny confessed that it seemed like Abby treated Michael like a kid at times.

Sonny realized that there was an age difference between Michael and Abby, so he assured his son that he wasn't trying to knock Abby. Michael explained that Abby had strong opinions, but Sonny resented how she had disrespected their family. The conversation then drifted to Jason's hospitalization, and how it would affect Sonny's business. Michael wanted to help, but Sonny made it clear that he would only let Michael do a limited number of things. Moments later, Carly turned a corner, and then stopped short when she noticed her son and Sonny.

Carly explained that she was there to pick up some cold medicine for Josslyn, but she was curious what Michael and Sonny had been talking about. Sonny made a snide remark about Jax being responsible for Josslyn's illness, which infuriated Carly. Carly accused Sonny of trying to bait her, but her anger quickly turned to shock when Michael agreed with his father. Carly suspected that Sonny had put Michael up to it, but Michael argued that Sonny had merely been trying to keep Carly and Josslyn safe from Jax, just like Michael had when Michael had killed Claudia. Carly insisted that the situations were nothing alike. Michael assured his mother that he wanted Jax to be found alive, but Carly was curious how Michael would feel if Jax had been killed because of what Sonny had done.

Carly was stunned when Michael responded that Jax "had it coming." According to Michael, Jax knew that Sonny would try to protect Carly and Josslyn. "Jax was a threat, and dad took care of him, like he always does," Michael said. Carly sputtered with outrage as Dante stepped forward to suggest that Michael's statement had sounded like a confession. Dante revealed that plane debris had been recovered, that indicated that the jet's instruments had been hotwired. Michael quickly concluded that Jax had been responsible for the crash into the harbor. "Case dismissed," Sonny added, and then walked away.

At ELQ, Tracy was reading a file on her laptop about Gino Soleito's death, and ELQ's financial success a short time later. Tracy casually closed the windows of the laptop when Skye suddenly strolled into the office and then questioned if Tracy had tried to cover her tracks. Skye warned Tracy that it was too late. Tracy ignored the remarks as she demanded to know why Skye was still in town. Skye admitted that she was concerned about Edward because of Jason's health crisis. Tracy snorted, but Skye suspected that Tracy might view Skye as a threat because Skye had been more of a family member to Edward and Alan than Tracy had ever been.

"We're worlds apart," Tracy assured Skye. Skye was curious why Tracy wasn't concerned about Jason, so Tracy explained that Jason hadn't been her nephew since AJ's car had crashed into the tree. Tracy and Skye continued to trade heated words until Asher entered the office. After Skye sauntered out, Tracy cryptically explained that she needed Asher to find something, and then make it disappear. Asher reminded her that they had someone else to do that kind of thing, but Tracy made it clear that she expected Asher to handle it.

Later, Asher reported to Anthony that Tracy had ordered Asher to look into a big ELQ stock spike over a decade before. Anthony chuckled as he confessed that Tracy was "as predictable as a hungry rat." Asher was curious about what was going on, but Anthony insisted that it was a "need to know" situation. Asher complained that he didn't like surprises and then abruptly ended the call. Seconds later, he turned and saw Tracy standing in the doorway.

Tracy was curious what Asher had found, so he replied, "Not much." Asher tried to fish for more information, but Tracy remained as tight-lipped as Anthony had been. Asher wondered if there might be a bonus in store for him at the end of the week, so Tracy promised him a huge payoff if he followed her orders. Later, Tracy deleted the file with incriminating information about Gino.

On the sidewalk, Anthony was annoyed when he caught Johnny tailing him. Anthony wondered why Johnny wasn't making preparations to take advantage of Sonny's growing unpopularity. "Like you are," Johnny accused. Johnny noticed the bakery box in Anthony's hand, so he demanded to know what was inside of it. Anthony chuckled as he freely handed over the box and then walked away. Johnny was certain that Anthony was up to something, so he called one of his minions to follow Anthony.

Johnny was about to walk away when Abby ran into him. Johnny could tell that Abby was upset, so he invited her to have a seat and then offered her a cupcake. Abby initially declined, but then changed her mind. Johnny recalled that the last time that he had seen her so upset had been after the audition at the strip club. He confessed that he had known then that she hadn't been cut out for stripping. Abby was surprised; she wondered why he had hired her. Johnny explained that he knew that she had been trying to put herself through school, and that it had been clear that she had a passion for dancing, which he had been able to appreciate.

On the waterfront, Anthony was delighted when he noticed that Skye was wearing the bracelet that he had given to her. Skye was curious if he had deposited her money. Anthony assured her that it was in her off-shore account, so he wondered if she had the flash drive with her. Skye produced it, but refused to hand it over because she wanted Anthony's assurance that Edward would be left alone. "You have my word," Anthony promised Skye. Skye warned him not to double-cross her because he had no idea whom he was dealing with.

Anthony reminded Skye that it went both ways. Skye explained that during her search for damaging information on Tracy, she had discovered something even worse about Anthony. Neither Anthony nor Skye were aware that Johnny had stopped on the top of the staircase after spotting them together.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

At the hospital, Robin discovered a clue as to what might be causing Jason's seizures when she checked a slide under a microscope.

Elsewhere, Patrick checked on Sam to see how she was holding up. Sam glanced into Jason's hospital room as she admitted that she was eager for some answers. Patrick promised Sam that he and Robin were working on it.

In Jason's hospital room, Jason gave Max instructions on how to run things while Jason was in the hospital. Jason wanted Max to make certain that Spinelli stayed out of trouble. Moments later, Patrick and Sam entered the room. Sam realized that Jason and Max had been discussing business, so she dragged Max into the hallway to speak to him privately. Sam demanded to know what had happened to Max handling things, so that Jason could focus on getting better. Max explained that Jason had been making arrangements.

"For what?" Sam asked. Max reluctantly admitted that Jason wanted everyone to be taken care of in the event that the worst happened, and Jason didn't make it. Sam was livid, so she marched back into Jason's room and then asked to speak to Jason alone. After Patrick left, Sam wondered if Jason recalled staying up all night to help Michael with a math project. Jason acknowledged that he did, so Sam pointed out that the reason that Jason had been able to remember the complicated math facts had been because Jason had refused to give up. Jason realized where Sam was going with her story, so he was curious if she thought that he had given up on his health.

Sam admitted that she knew about Jason's plans, so Jason explained that he couldn't pretend that his death wasn't a possibility. Sam disagreed; she insisted that the power of positive thinking could work wonders. Jason argued that he had to make certain that Sam would be okay if he died, but Sam revealed that she would never be okay if she lost him. Jason decided to change the subject, so he talked about their wedding plans. Sam realized that he was trying to distract her, so she asked him to compromise by not conducting business while he was in the hospital. Sam was confident that they would be able to figure out what was wrong with Jason, and that he would soon recover.

Later, Robin and Patrick entered the hospital room. They explained that they had news about the cause of Jason's seizures, but they had to wait for Monica because they had questions about Jason's original car accident. Patrick revealed that Monica's input would give them a better picture of what they were dealing with. As if on cue, Monica entered the room. Robin recalled that AJ's car had been completely totaled after AJ had crashed into the tree. Monica confirmed that it was true and then added that even the car's dashboard had been damaged.

Robin remembered that the airbag hadn't deployed because Jason had not been wearing his seatbelt. Monica once again confirmed that it was true, so Robin revealed that the "non-organic matter" that she had found appeared to be a piece of the dashboard of AJ's car. Monica insisted that it was impossible because Jason had suffered a closed head injury. Patrick suggested that a particle of the dashboard could have entered through Jason's nose, traveled into the sinus cavity, and then migrated into the frontal lobe. Robin suspected that the recent accident had caused the particle to shift, which had resulted in Jason's seizures. Jason was relieved that they had identified the problem because it meant that they could remove the particle, but Patrick explained that it wouldn't be that easy.

Later, Sam and Jason discussed his options. Sam insisted that it was Jason's decision to make. However, she was curious what Jason wanted, in his heart of hearts. Jason admitted that he wanted to be her husband for as long as he could. Sam smiled and then asked if he intended to have the surgery or not.

Jackal skulked in the alley behind Luzetta's Bakery as he spoke into his tape recorder. Eventually, Jackal decided to dive into one of the dumpsters, in an attempt to find evidence that the bakery was a front for smuggling contraband. A short time later, Max entered the alley. Max was annoyed when he saw trash scattered all about. Max made it clear that he would not clean it up and then called out for Spinelli. Jackal's head popped up from one of the dumpsters to instruct Max to keep his voice down. Max pulled Jackal out of the dumpster and then explained that Jason had sent Max as backup.

Jackal immediately dove into another dumpster, determined to find evidence, as he complained that Jason should have sent Sam because she was fast on her feet. Max took exception to the implication that he was overweight. Max admitted that he enjoyed his beer, but he insisted that he was not out of shape. Jackal climbed out of the dumpster seconds before they heard a noise at the back door of the bakery. Max and Jackal immediately took cover behind a dumpster as a worker walked out and then threw trash into one of the dumpsters.

Max and Jackal continued to monitor the back door until Diane walked up. They quickly shushed her and then ordered her to crouch down, so that she wouldn't be seen. Max and Jackal demanded to know what she was doing there, so she explained that she had decided to use the scenario as a teaser for her upcoming book tour. Max was disappointed to learn that Diane would be leaving town, so Diane reminded him that she didn't need his permission. However, she assured him that it would only be for a short while. Jackal suggested that Max and Diane take their discussion elsewhere, but they ignored him.

Diane promised that she appreciated Max, but Jackal warned Max that it was code for Diane wanting to end things. Max looked to Diane for confirmation, so she explained that they needed to be practical. "It means that she's just not that into you," Jackal translated. Max offered to go on the book tour with Diane, but Diane insisted that it wasn't the right time because Jason was in the hospital, and Sonny was hanging on by a string. Max didn't want to break up, but Diane argued that it made sense to end things, at least for a while. Max realized that Diane's mind was made up, so he agreed to respect her wishes.

As Max started to leave, Diane called out to remind Max to stick to light beer because anything else made him bloat. Max nodded and then left. Diane asked Jackal to distract her from the breakup. Jackal admitted that he didn't have much, except that there weren't any doorbells in town. Baffled, Diane wondered why that was significant. Jackal explained that people always seemed to miss the little things. According to Jackal, people looked down to pray, so they never noticed the things that mattered when they looked up.

Diane was startled when Jackal suddenly pulled out his tape recorder. She confessed that she hadn't known that they still made them. Jackal ignored the remark as he spoke into the recorder that there was something about the name of the bakery that bothered him, so he reminded himself to look it up. Jackal was surprised when Diane revealed that Luzetta's Bakery had been established in 1895 by two Italian immigrants named Luigi Russo and Guiseppe Bruzetta. According to Diane, Luzetta's was a hybrid of their names. "Single z, doubt t's," Jackal repeated as he contemplated the spelling of the bakery's name.

Diane's cell phone rang, so she stood up and then stepped away to take the call. Jackal was certain that he was missing something. He suddenly realized that it wasn't what was missing, but rather what had been added. Jackal picked up two empty bags of all-purpose flour with Luzetta's name emblazoned on them. He studied them closely until he noticed that there was a subtle difference between the bags. "This ain't the original recipe," Jackal said to himself. One of the bags had an apostrophe in the bakery's name, but the other bag had a star where the apostrophe should have been.

At the police station, Alexis was shocked when she saw the headline about Jax's plane crash. Mac entered the squad room in time to see Alexis sway on her feet. He quickly ushered her into a nearby interrogation room and then held her as she cried. Eventually, Alexis wiped away the tears and then tried to get back to work, so that people wouldn't talk about her and Mac spending time alone in the interrogation room. Mac reminded Alexis that they were friends, and that she needed someone to talk to.

Alexis apologized for losing it because she realized that it had been premature to assume that Jax had perished in the crash. Alexis admitted that she spoke to Jax several times a day, so she was certain that she would have known if Jax had died. Alexis demanded to know what Mac had learned about the crash, so Mac told her that it appeared that the engine had been tampered with. Alexis was stunned that someone had tried to kill Jax, but Mac quickly clarified that it could have easily been an attempt to keep the jet from taking off. Mac appreciated that Alexis might not want to consider it, but he suggested that the crash had Sonny written all over it.

Alexis couldn't believe how one careless moment could have affected her for the rest of her life. Mac appeared confused, so Alexis explained that she had been referring to her brief fling with Sonny. Alexis quickly added that she didn't regret having Kristina, but there had been a price that Alexis, Kristina, and the rest of Sonny's children had paid. Alexis was heartbroken because she knew that Jax had just been trying to protect Josslyn. She regretted that she hadn't stood by Jax's side during the custody battle. Mac insisted that they could only do their best by their children, and hope that their children turned out to be decent human beings in spite of their parents.

Alexis chuckled because, according to Alexis, Mac had raised two exceptional daughters. "It should be three," Mac sadly replied. Alexis insisted that Mac had not been responsible for what had happened to Georgie. Mac confessed that he relived his life-changing choices every day. Alexis conceded that Georgie's life had been cut painfully short, but she reminded Mac that he had showed Georgie nothing but love. Mac was confident that Alexis' daughters would say the same thing about her.

Mac then changed the subject by reminding her that he had invited her for a cup of coffee while they had been at Jake's, so he offered to fetch her some. Alexis agreed, so Mac left. Moments later, he returned with a thermos, and two mugs. Alexis was surprised that he had brewed his own coffee at home, so Mac explained that it had been the only way to keep Maxie and Robin off his back after he had been shot. Alexis seized the opportunity to thank Mac for saving her daughter's life. Alexis took a sip of the coffee and then admitted that she was impressed. Mac returned her smile as he confided that he was full of surprises.

Moments later, a police officer knocked on the door. Dave handed Alexis copies of paperwork that she had requested, and then passed along a message to Mac from the mayor. After Dave left, Alexis thanked Mac for lending her a shoulder to cry on, and for giving her a tissue to wipe her tears. Mac flirtatiously confided that he had it all. Alexis admitted that Mac was a true hero.

At the nurses' station, Matt bragged that he'd just completed another successful operation. Epiphany was disgusted that Matt and Patrick appeared to have some kind of competition going on over who was the better surgeon. Matt refused to let Epiphany rain on his parade because he was proud that he saved patients, sometimes even twice. Matt suggested that Epiphany ask Siobhan if she didn't believe him. Liz finally spoke up to gently explain that they had tried to page Matt, but he had already entered the operating room. Matt immediately sensed that something was wrong, so Liz revealed that Siobhan had passed away.

Matt was shocked because Siobhan had been on the road to recovery the last time that he had seen her. He recalled that she had been well enough to ask for Liz, so he couldn't understand what had gone wrong. Liz explained that she had talked to Siobhan, and then she had fetched Lucky per Siobhan's request. Liz revealed that they had returned and discovered that Siobhan had died. Liz assured Matt that Steve had worked hard to resuscitate Siobhan, but it had been too late. Matt was relieved when he learned that Steve had ordered an autopsy because Matt wanted his name cleared of any wrongdoing.

Epiphany resented Matt's implication that Siobhan might have died because someone on the nursing staff had done something wrong. Matt assured Epiphany that he hadn't meant that, but Epiphany argued that blame had a habit of rolling downhill, and into the nurses' laps. Moments later, Steve walked up to reveal that he needed all of the nursing logs for the last few weeks because some drugs had disappeared. Steve wanted to know who had access to the medications. Matt and Liz exchanged a look of concern, but didn't say anything.

Steve assured Epiphany and Liz that he wasn't accusing anyone of anything, but Robin had asked him to help out while she focused on diagnosing Jason's seizures. Steve explained that he had talked to Epiphany and Liz about it because Epiphany was the head of the nursing staff, and Liz had the most access to the medicines, so he had hoped that they might have some insight into the missing drugs. According Steve, the medications that were missing were: hydrocodone, naloxone, ipecac, and atropine. Matt suggested that perhaps the missing medications were part of the confusion created by Robin's new system, but Epiphany insisted that her nurses had been able to adapt to the changes without any problems. Steve was confident that they would clear things up by cross-referencing the logs with the patients' charts, so Epiphany decided to get started.

After Epiphany left, Matt and Liz discussed the bottle of pills that Liz had asked him to test, which explained the missing hydrocodone. However, Matt knew that the other drugs were used to treat an overdose, so he demanded to know who had been "doping." Liz was evasive, so Matt admitted that he had helped Lucky out on the docks recently. Liz relaxed, so she told Matt about Lucky being injected with narcotics. Matt admitted that he was concerned about Lucky being around drugs, but he promised to keep quiet unless he sensed that Lucky was in trouble.

Later, Epiphany returned to the nurses' station. Epiphany revealed that "the funny business" had started three days earlier when three nurses, including Liz, had been on duty. Epiphany assured Liz that she wasn't pointing fingers, but she thought that Liz should know. After Epiphany walked away, Liz turned to Matt for help. She reminded him that she couldn't afford to have another incident on her record. Matt promised Liz that it wouldn't get that far.

At the apartment, Lucky listened to the message that he had left for Siobhan just before J.T. had injected Lucky full of drugs. Lucky's eyes filled with tears as he heard himself promise to spend time with Siobhan. Lucky threw the answering machine across the room. During the angry outburst, the bottle of hydrocodone fell out of Lucky's pocket. He bent down to pick up the bottle, and gathered the scattered pills just as Ethan knocked on the door. Lucky was unaware that a few pills remained on the floor.

Lucky tried to send Ethan away, but Ethan didn't think that it was a good idea for Lucky to be left alone. Ethan started to pick up the mess that Lucky had made, but Lucky stopped his brother by ordering Ethan to leave things alone. Ethan was determined to help his brother, so he offered to make funeral arrangements, and notify Siobhan's family. Lucky confided that Siobhan's sister had despised Lucky, so she had warned Siobhan to stay away from Lucky. Lucky admitted that he wished that Siobhan had heeded her sister's advice because he felt responsible for what had happened to Siobhan. Ethan insisted that he wasn't to blame, but Lucky argued that Siobhan would have been alive if she had returned to Ireland.

Lucky confessed that he hadn't been able to give Siobhan what she had wanted or deserved. Ethan believed that Lucky had good intentions when he had asked Siobhan to stay, but Ethan insisted that Siobhan had not been the type of person to do something that she hadn't wanted to do. Ethan believed that Lucky shouldn't feel guilty for wanting to take his life in a new direction with Siobhan, but Lucky disagreed. The conversation then turned to Lucky's investigation. Ethan confessed that he was concerned that Lucky would get himself into trouble, but Lucky claimed that he was determined to make the streets safe for his children. Moments later, Matt called.

A short time later, Lucky and Ethan met Matt in Siobhan's hospital room. Matt explained that the cleaning crew had found a message to Lucky from Siobhan. Matt handed Lucky a pillow with, "LU" written on it. Lucky, Ethan, and Matt tried to figure out what it meant, to no avail. However, Lucky felt that he owed it to Siobhan to find out.

Later, Steve entered Siobhan's hospital room to check on Lucky, and to request that Lucky authorize an autopsy to determine the cause of Siobhan's death. Liz passed the room just as Lucky explained that Siobhan had been his wife, so no one wanted answers more than Lucky did.

Friday, August 26, 2011

In the General Hospital waiting area, Carly and Michael argued about Sonny. Michael said that Carly was looking for reasons to turn against Sonny. Carly replied that Sonny was using Michael. Carly cited Sonny's illness. Michael reminded Carly that she often got mad at Sonny and stayed mad until she was not mad at him anymore.

Michael told Carly to stop blaming Sonny because Jax had kidnapped Josslyn. Michael said that Sonny had been trying to save Josslyn. Carly responded that Sonny had twisted the truth. Michael shot back that he believed in his father and then added sarcastically, "Isn't that what family is supposed to do?"

Jason and Sam discussed whether or not Jason should have surgery. Jason suggested that if they put it off for a month, they could get married and Sam could get pregnant. Jason said that a lot could happen in a month. Sam worried that Jason would have a seizure and die. Jason responded that he might die on the operating table. Jason told Sam that he wanted them to make the decision together. He said it was easy for him because if Jason died on the operating table, he would not be the one left behind. Jason asked if Sam was a gambler and if she was willing to risk the time they had together in the moment to buy a lifetime together later.

Matt and Liz chatted in the hallway. Matt was glad that an autopsy was being performed on Siobhan to determine cause of death. Liz insisted it was her fault and that Lucky would blame her. Matt told Liz to stop blaming herself and forgive herself instead.

At the nurses' station, Robin and Patrick discussed the surgical team for Jason's procedure. Both agreed that Patrick should be the lead surgeon. Patrick felt that Robin was too emotionally involved to assist, and she agreed. Patrick said that he did not want Matt in the OR because Matt was a hot dog whose ego would get in the way. Matt overheard and called Patrick a one-man vanity project who had killed Jason's son. Robin told Matt that he had gone too far. Liz sided with Patrick and said that Matt's combative nature could be hurtful in the OR. Carly, Michael, Edward, and Monica gathered at the nurses' station with Patrick, Robin, Matt, and Liz to hear Sam and Jason's decision regarding surgery.

Sam said that she and Jason wanted to proceed immediately. Patrick said the sooner the better. Matt made a very disparaging remark about Patrick. Sam spoke very sharply to him. Sam told Matt that she resented him for making Jason's surgery a pissing contest with his brother. Her critical comments were met with silence from Matt and tacit approval from the others assembled.

Matt humbly apologized and walked away. Sam cautioned Patrick not to try to prove something in the operating room. Patrick calmly told her that he did not take his emotions into the OR. Liz followed Matt and said that she did not want him to think that she was siding against him. He said they were good, and he was not upset with her.

Carly went to Jason's bedside. She tried to appear approving of Jason and Sam, but Jason saw that she was being nice because she was scared. Carly started telling Jason about her troubles with Sonny and Michael. She implied that Sonny had asked Michael to take Jason's place as Sonny's right hand henchman. Jason was about to bound out of bed when Sam entered the room and intervened. She told Jason that he had to be selfish and do what was right for him. Sam said that Jason could not take care of everyone and that Carly would have to fend for herself until the surgery was over. Carly agreed and left quietly.

Sam snuggled up to Jason and said that Carly would take him back in a heartbeat. Jason smiled at Sam and hugged her. He told Sam that she was the one he wanted. While Jason held Sam, an orderly knocked and told them that it was time for the surgery. Sam followed Jason's gurney to the waiting area where Monica, Edward, and Carly waited with Robin and Patrick.

When Patrick left to prep for surgery, Robin told those gathered that she would keep them updated. Sam told Jason that she would be waiting when he woke up. Monica put a hand on Sam's shoulder as Jason was wheeled away.

Monica took Edward aside and asked when he had realized that Jason the brain surgeon was lost to them because of the car accident that Jason had been in with A.J. Edward said it had been when Jason had gotten angry and thrown an expensive vase against a wall. Monica asked if it would be awful of her to want Jason to change back. Edward cautioned her to be careful of what she wished for.

As Robin settled in at the viewing window to watch Patrick operate on Jason, she questioned her decision to let Patrick operate alone. Patrick told his team that they were small in number, but they were skilled and efficient. Patrick said he was asking them for their best work because they were cutting in a dangerous part of the brain and could not afford to make any mistakes.

Sam went to Jason's room. She lay on his bed and smelled his pillow. Sam had tears in her eyes as she looked at photos of Jason and started fantasizing about their possible life together. Sam imagined that in six months, they would be blissful and living in Hawaii. Jason would be retired from the mob, and they would be deliriously happy. Sam dreamed that she and Jason would find a treasure map that would eventually lead them to a u-boat full of gold. Sam's fantasy was disrupted first by a flash of Sonny sneaking around their Hawaiian paradise and by her psychic self in surgery, where she heard Patrick say that having a foreign object embedded so deeply in the brain made the procedure dicey at best.

Liz also fantasized about Jason. In her dreams, she and Jason shared a cozy art studio. Liz was a world-renowned artist, and Jason was an architect. They were childless and free to travel. Liz had just returned from a show in Germany, and Jason was on his way to Tokyo for a job. They were childless by choice. Jason said that he was glad that they had so much freedom; that their lives permitted them to drop everything and go anywhere in the world at a moment's notice.

In Liz's fantasy, Jason told Liz that he wanted to be her muse. Jason confided that he was glad that they had not become a clichéd couple. Jason opened a drawer and found an unused pack of birth control. Liz looked uncomfortable when Jason asked if she was trying to get pregnant. In the operating room, Patrick found a bleeder.

Carly, too imagined herself with Jason. In Carly's fantasy, they played pool and flirted at Jake's. Jason had taken over the mob after Sonny's nervous breakdown had forced Sonny to leave town. Carly had taken a leave of absence from the hotel so that she could help Jason run the mob. Jason said that Sonny had burned all his bridges. Carly added that Sonny had left Jason to clean up his mess.

In Carly's fantasy, Jason demurred that he could not have done it without Carly. She responded that she had dreamed of being with Jason again. Carly said that Jason meant too much to her to have no-name sex. Jason asked where that left them. Carly said that they were partners in every sense of the word. As they quietly held hands, Michael burst in and angrily asked what Carly was doing with a piece of garbage gangster. In the OR, the bleeding continued.

Monica looked at a family picture of Alan, A.J., Jason, and herself. She considered what would have happened if Jason had not been in the car with A.J. when it had crashed. Monica imagined that Alan would be alive, and Jason would be a brilliant surgeon who would be appointed chief of staff at GH. She imagined Edward entering to make a toast and Tracy's bitter invective ably parried by Jason's witty comments. Monica fantasized offering Jason a ride to GH that he declined in favor of driving the family Lamborghini.

When Monica left the room, Jason took a small plastic bag of white powder out of his pocket. His hand shook slightly. He laid out some of the power, chopped it with a credit card and formed it into a line. As he was about to snort it up his nose with a straw, Monica walked back in and caught him. In the OR, things got rough as Patrick urged his team to get the bleeding in Jason's brain under control.

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