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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 16, 2011 on GH
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Monday, May 16, 2011

A shot rang out as Carly waited in Sonny's limo with Brenda's son, Alec. Carly distracted him by pretending that it was a firecracker and discussing the dangers. In the park nearby, Dante had fired a warning shot at Suzanne, who held a knife to Sonny's throat. When Sonny and Dante started bickering about whether or not Sonny trusted Jason to take the shot more than he did Dante Suzanne was distracted and Sonny was able to subdue her and take the knife.

Dante arrested Suzanne, who pleaded with him not to let Alec see her in handcuffs. Dante was unsympathetic to Suzanne because she had stolen Brenda's unborn child. Sonny said that he did not want Suzanne on the plane with him or Alec. Dante told Sonny to take Alec back to Brenda. He said that he would take Suzanne back to Port Charles. Suzanne begged Dante to keep Alec away from the mob.

Back in Port Charles, Brenda was hysterical as she complained to Spinelli that she, not Carly should have been the one to go get her son. Spinelli was kind when he tried to say that Brenda might have been too emotionally involved to handle the situation. An overwrought Brenda denied that she was hysterical as she continued to lash out at Sonny for involving Carly. When Brenda said that she should be there because she knew Suzanne better than anyone, Spinelli gently pointed out that Suzanne had fooled Brenda for years.

Spinelli defended both Carly and Sonny and told Brenda that while Sonny might have old- fashioned ideas, he always acted out of love and was a good father to his children. Brenda told Spinelli that Jax had told her that her child would never be safe with Sonny. Spinelli said that safety was a relative term and that Sonny would do his best to make sure that her son had a happy and healthy life.

Alexis took gifts and went to visit Sam at the penthouse. Sam said that the doctor was guardedly optimistic. Sam said that she was still not sure what she wanted. Alexis said that having a baby was a life-changing decision. She said that she had missed a lot of time with Sam and giving her up had devastated her. She told Sam that despite the past she would support her and be available for her.

Sam thanked Alexis. She said that she felt strange. She said that she really wanted a family with Jason, but when she moved from her dream world to reality she feared that she would not be a good mother. Alexis assured Sam that she would be a very good mother and asked Sam what she wanted. Sam said that she did not know. She said it felt right to have a child with Jason, but their situation was complicated. Alexis told Sam that instead of worrying about what Jason wanted or needed, Sam should figure out what she wanted and needed.

At General Hospital, Jason refused to let Jax take Josslyn out of the hospital without Carly's consent. Jax was adamant that Josslyn was not safe with Carly because of her friendship with people like Sonny and Jason. Jax pointed out that Jason had given up his own son to protect him from mob violence. Jason told Jax not to use Jake's death to justify his actions. Jason said he knew better that anyone that decisions could not be based on hypothetical reasons.

Jax tried to use Michael as an example of what harm could befall children close to Jason and Sonny. Jason said not to use Michael as an excuse because Josslyn was not the same as Michael. Jason told Jax that neither he nor Carly would let Jax take Josslyn away from Carly. Jax said that he was not trying to take Josslyn away. He said that Carly's blind spot was Sonny and Jason. Jason asked him where his moral outrage was when he married Carly, knowing about her friendships with Sonny and Jason. Jax said he loved Carly too much to let Sonny be a deal breaker.

Jason said that Jax could not possibly think that Carly was a danger to Josslyn. Jax said Jason was the danger because he was wearing a gun in Josslyn's hospital room. Jason said that Jax' psycho brother Jerry also posed a threat to Josslyn, but Jax ignored Jason and said he was taking Josslyn to the hotel. Jason said he was not and begged Jax to find a way to communicate with Carly. Jax threatened to call security.

Alexis appeared and intervened. She told Jason that he had no legal right to prevent Jax from taking Josslyn and demanded that he stand aside. Jason had no choice but to watch as Jax and Alexis left the hospital with Josslyn.

On the plane, Sonny looked on as Carly engaged Alec in a drawing activity. Sonny told her that she was good with the boy. Carly said that Alec was very sweet and it was easy to like him. Sonny said that he and Dante could not have gotten Alec out of the dangerous situation they were in without her.

Later, while Carly put Alec down for a nap, Sonny called Brenda to tell her that he had her son and would be home soon. Brenda kept interrupting and demanding to speak to Lucian, but eventually Sonny was able to calm her down enough to tell her that Alec, not Lucian, was her son. When Carly rejoined him she wanted to know how Brenda had taken the news. Sonny said that it was a lot to process. Carly said that Brenda needed to grow up and be an adult. She said Brenda needed to think of her son and not herself.

Sonny said that everything would be fine and that Brenda would fall in love with Alec just as she had with Lucian. Carly said she hoped Sonny was prepared for an insanely jealous wife. Sonny asked playfully if she meant herself or Brenda. When Carly denied that she was the jealous type Sonny scoffed. Carly told Sonny that Brenda would be mad at him. She cautioned Sonny not to tell the truth, that she was more competent than Brenda in every way. Sonny worried about Jax and his reaction. He thanked Carly for helping him and said he owed her. When Sonny said he owed her two, Carly said okay.

Lulu went to the loft and was surprised to find Michael studying math instead of out helping track down clues to get Abby off the hook for Brandon's murder. She assured Michael that Dante would start looking into Abby's situation as soon as he returned from helping Sonny rescue Brenda's son. Michael compared himself to Lulu and said that just like her, he tried to fix everyone's problems. She said that she was probably overcompensating with Michael because the Spencers were imploding. Michael said that it was impossible to fix everyone's problems and sometimes you had to let people figure it out themselves. Lulu wondered if Dante had coached Michael, but he said no.

Lulu told Michael about the intervention and said that Luke's drinking was out of control. She said that Luke hated himself because he had killed Jake. Michael said one could support a person, but that each person had to make his or her own decisions. Lulu asked Michael if he could stand aside and watch his mom or dad spiral out of control. Michael said probably not.

Spinelli met up with Sam at the penthouse and wanted to know what she thought of his book. She said that she did not recall all the events portrayed, but Spinelli said that some of the events had been exaggerated to spice up the plot. Sam said that she enjoyed the book and would have bought it if Spinelli had not given her a copy. Spinelli also had a gift for Jason and Sam that turned out to be mood-enhancing candles. Spinelli gushed on about a child for Jason and Sam, but Sam told him that she was still not sure that she should have a child. Spinelli told Sam that she would be a wonderful mother and apologized for being overzealous. Spinelli got a call from Jason who told him about his conflict with Jax and asked Spinelli to dig up some dirt on Jax that Carly could use in a custody battle.

Lulu caught up with Dante at the Port Charles Police Department after he had finished booking Suzanne. When she asked him about his trip with Sonny, Dante said it was scary because he stopped thinking of Sonny as a criminal and started thinking about him as his father. Dante said that he knew that Sonny was still dangerous, but sharing a trip with a common goal reminded him of what he liked about Sonny.

Jax and Alexis talked in his hotel room while Josslyn napped. Jax was happy and said that all was right in his world after a horrific scare with Josslyn's health. Alexis asked him if he had any reason to believe that Carly loved Josslyn any less that he did. She gently asked him to try to find a compromise with Carly.

Carly went to the hospital. She was irate when she found that Jax had taken Josslyn to the hotel. Jason tried to stop her and said that he had called Diane. Carly said that she did not care about legal strategy. She said that Josslyn needed her and she was going to get her.

Sonny tool Alec home to Brenda. Brenda was smiling and calm as Sonny introduced her to her child and they greeted each other. Later, after Brenda put Alec to bed, Sonny said that he would give her all the details. Sonny told Brenda that he had managed to keep Alec away from the violence. Brenda told Sonny that she wished that he had taken her with him. She said that she did not know how to forgive him for taking Carly along instead of her.

Jason met Spinelli at the penthouse. Spinelli said that he had not been able to unearth any dirt on Jax. Jason said to dig deeper and try to establish a link to Jerry. Spinelli went back to his office and left Jason alone with Sam. Jason told her about events with Jax and said that Carly was on a rampage when she left GH.

At the Metro Court, Carly opened the door to Jax' suite. She calmly asked Jax for permission to see Josslyn.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Outside of Kelly's, Siobhan warned Lucky that the Immigration Department wanted to question them about their marriage. Lucky wasn't surprised, so he and Siobhan sat down to quiz each other about things that they thought the Immigration Department would ask. Lucky laughingly accused Siobhan of snoring, so she warned him not to mention it, or they would have their first marital tiff. Lucky chuckled and then asked if she knew what his favorite sandwich was. Siobhan guessed wrong, so Lucky revealed that it was bologna on rye bread. According to Lucky, Luke had introduced Lucky to it.

Lucky smiled wistfully as he confessed that he had a lot of fond memories of his father, so he regretted that he had been forced to cut Luke out of his life. Siobhan reminded Lucky that things would change when Luke went to rehab. "If," Lucky reminded her, and then revealed that the only bright spot in his life was their marriage. Seconds later, Lucky's phone rang. Lucky noticed that it was Liz's number, so he answered the call. Cameron begged his father to get to the house because, "Mom is sick."

At the Webber house, Liz told Cam to brush his teeth before bed as she carried a load of laundry upstairs. Cam groaned and then jumped out from the sofa to look out the window. Seconds later, Cam ran to the door, unlocked it, and then dashed outside. Liz returned to the living room to find the front door wide open. She screamed Cam's name and then raced outside.

Later, Lucky knocked on Liz's front door several times before Liz answered it. Liz seemed surprised to see Lucky. Lucky told Liz about Cam's phone call. Liz revealed that she had panicked when she had found the front door open, but she had found Cam standing in the side yard. Liz had dragged Cam inside, yelled at him, sent Cam to his room, and then gone to her room to cry. Liz had no idea that Cam had heard her crying, so she hadn't realized that he had called Lucky.

Lucky imagined that it had been a terrifying moment for Liz, so he understood her reaction to the situation. Liz asked Lucky to make certain that Cam was okay and to reassure their son that Cam's mother hadn't completely lost her mind. Lucky didn't want Liz to be so hard on herself because she hadn't failed anyone. Lucky explained that unexpected reminders of Jake's tragedy were inevitable, so all they could do was try to keep going. Liz smiled in gratitude and then joined Lucky when he went to talk to Cam.

Afterwards, Liz thanked Lucky for being such a great father to Cam. She confided that Cam missed Jake a lot, so Lucky promised to spend some extra time with Cam. Liz was determined to do her best to hold it together because she didn't want Cam to worry about her. Lucky urged Liz to call him if she needed someone to talk to. Liz appreciated the offer, but she reminded him that he had just gotten married. Lucky assured Liz that Siobhan would understand, but Liz didn't think that it would be fair to his new wife.

Lucky didn't think that it was fair that their son was gone, and that they were expected to go on without Jake. Liz admitted that she had no idea how to do that. Lucky confessed that he didn't, either, so he suggested that they take it one day at a time and then hugged her.

At Greystone Manor, Brenda was curious why Sonny had enlisted Carly's help with Alec. Sonny explained that he had needed someone who was objective. Brenda wondered if Sonny's true motivation had been to punish Brenda for turning to Jax, but Sonny insisted that he had simply needed someone who could calm Alec. Brenda couldn't understand why Sonny hadn't thought of Brenda, Alec's mother. Sonny defended his decision, but Brenda wasn't satisfied. She questioned if Sonny would have taken Brenda along for the rescue if Carly's children had been kidnapped.

Sonny's lack of response confirmed Brenda's suspicions that he was angry at her for turning to Jax for help. Brenda resented that Alec knew Carly better than his own mother because of Sonny's decision to enlist Carly's help. Sonny suggested that Brenda focus on having her son back. Brenda assured Sonny that she was grateful for Alec's rescue, but she was curious if Sonny had slept with Carly afterwards. Sonny was surprised by the question, so Brenda admitted that Jax had warned her that Carly and Sonny had a habit of sleeping with each other during an emotional crisis. Sonny didn't dispute his history with Carly, but he assured his wife that he had not had sex with Carly.

Sonny reminded Brenda that they trusted each other, but Brenda argued that Sonny would have included her in on the rescue mission if that were true. Sonny refused to apologize for his decision because he believed that he had done the right thing; Alec's rescue was proof of that. Brenda explained that she felt disrespected. It hurt Brenda when Sonny didn't respond, but she decided to change the subject by asking for details about Alec's rescue. Sonny explained that Alec had a caretaker, but Suzanne had been the only constant in Alec's life.

Brenda disputed that because Suzanne had spent most of her time with Brenda, not Alec, over the years. Sonny began to sing Carly's praises as he told Brenda about the moments after they had found Suzanne, but Brenda wasn't interested in hearing about what a great "surrogate mother" Carly was. Brenda wanted to focus on what had happened with Suzanne. She was stunned to learn that Suzanne had been taken to the Port Charles police station. Brenda decided to pay her old friend a visit, so Sonny offered to go with her. Brenda declined because she wanted Sonny to be there when Alec woke up.

At the police station, Brenda warned Dante that she wanted to talk to him about his decision to exclude her from Alec's rescue, but first she insisted on talking to Suzanne. Dante went to see what he could do for Brenda, so Lulu decided to seize the opportunity to suggest that Brenda could show some gratitude instead of sulking because she hadn't been included in the rescue mission. Lulu reminded Brenda that Dante had risked his badge to save Brenda's son. Brenda explained that she felt that she should have been there for her son. Lulu reminded Brenda that at least Alec was alive, so Brenda should be happy that she wasn't in Liz's shoes.

Moments later, Dante returned to escort Brenda to the interrogation room, where Suzanne was handcuffed to the table. Dante assured Brenda that the guards were outside the door and then left Brenda alone with Suzanne. Brenda immediately blasted Suzanne for lying about everything, but Suzanne showed no remorse for trying to protect Alec. Suzanne suggested that Brenda would do the same if Brenda were any kind of a mother. Brenda wasn't interested in hearing Suzanne's excuses because she had heard them all before.

Brenda was certain that Suzanne's true motivation to keep Alec from Brenda had been revenge for Brenda's role in Aleksander's death. Brenda accepted that Suzanne hated her. Suzanne claimed that what she hated was the life that Alec would live with Sonny. Suzanne reminded Brenda of all of the times that Sonny's children had suffered because of Sonny's lifestyle. Suzanne warned Brenda that Alec would be exposed to the same environment and danger unless Brenda did something. Suzanne urged Brenda to pack up Alec and then get him as far away from Sonny as she could.

In the squad room, Dante was curious what Lulu and Brenda had talked about. Lulu explained that she had scolded Brenda for not being more appreciative for everyone's help instead of complaining because she hadn't been included in Alec's rescue. Dante loved when Lulu became all fired up, so he suggested that they put it to good use. Lulu smiled as Dante kissed her.

At Metro Court, in Jax's suite, Jax handed Josslyn to Carly, so that Carly could hold her daughter. Carly apologized to Josslyn for not being there when Josslyn had left the hospital. Carly explained to Josslyn that she had been helping to find another mother's son. Jax told Carly that Josslyn had an appointment the following week for a checkup. "Good, now we get to go home," Carly replied as she looked at Josslyn and then started to leave. Jax warned Carly that Josslyn would be staying with him.

Later, Carly and Jax returned to the living room after putting Josslyn down in the nursery. Carly noted how beautiful the redecorated nursery was. However, she realized that Jax had been planning to have custody of Josslyn because the new furniture had taken weeks to order. Jax didn't deny it. Carly reminded Jax that he had known what she was like, and whom she associated with, when he had married her, but Jax was tired of rehashing the same argument. Jax assured her that she could spend as much time as she liked with Josslyn, provided that Carly did so at Metro Court.

Carly bristled at being told what to do. Jax insisted that Carly couldn't provide a safe environment for Josslyn, so he intended to request primary custody of Josslyn and to demand that Carly sign an agreement that Sonny and Jason would not be allowed near Josslyn. Carly warned Jax that it wouldn't be that easy to take Josslyn from her. She reminded Jax that Jason had saved Josslyn's life and that Sonny was the father of her sons, so Jason and Sonny would always be a part of her life. Carly then switched tactics by reminding Jax that Jerry had been partly responsible for Michael being shot in the head, so she had never been happy with Jerry being a part of their lives. Jax argued that Josslyn was safe with Jerry, but Carly disagreed.

Carly recalled arriving home to find Jerry holding Josslyn just minutes before Jerry had threatened to shoot Carly. Jax insisted that the situations had been different and that Jerry didn't live in Port Charles. Carly didn't care; she accused Jax of wanting everything his way instead of trying to compromise. She vowed to give Jax the fight of his life if he didn't back down and then stormed out. Afterwards, Jax called Alexis to arrange a meeting to discuss the custody battle ahead. As he ended the call, Brenda knocked on the door.

Jax warmly greeted Brenda and then congratulated her on her son's rescue. Brenda was agitated because she wasn't even certain that Alec was her son. Jax was stunned when Brenda told him about Suzanne's switch with Lucian, who had been reunited with his real parents. Brenda was annoyed because everyone expected her to be grateful for what they had done, even though she had been left out of her son's rescue. Brenda was also frustrated because Suzanne had no regrets over trying to keep Alec from Brenda. Brenda confided that Suzanne insisted that Brenda wouldn't be a good mother unless Brenda packed up Alec and then left Sonny.

Jax confessed that he couldn't be objective, so he asked how Alec was doing. Brenda admitted that she had instantly connected with Lucian, but she couldn't do the same with Alec. Brenda found it difficult to look at Alec because he was a constant reminder that she'd had a child with a man that she had despised. Brenda had no idea what to do, so Jax suggested that Alec was young enough for her to change his name. Brenda refused to consider that because Alec's entire life had been ravaged. Jax smiled as he pointed out that Brenda already sounded like Alec's mother.

Brenda confessed that she felt bad for Alec, but she didn't have the instant feelings of love that she had felt for Lucian. Jax admitted that he'd been through something similar with Morgan, but that he and Morgan had eventually bonded. Jax explained that part of the reason that the divorce was painful was because he didn't have any legal claim to Morgan. Jax urged Brenda to give herself some time to get to know Alec because he was confident that Brenda would be a wonderful mother. Brenda smiled as Jax hugged her.

At Greystone Manor, Carly was chatting with Alec about the big tree in Sonny's backyard, while Sonny watched them. Carly promised to stop by with her sons, so that Alec could meet them, and then revealed that the neighbor had horses. Carly decided to take Alec to see the horses, so she led him to the kitchen to fetch apples. Sonny smiled as he watched them walk away hand-in-hand. Later, Carly returned to the parlor after Alec had been put to bed for a nap. Sonny was surprised at how easily Alec had fallen asleep, but Carly explained that Alec had been exhausted after everything that had transpired.

Carly revealed that Alec had asked to see her again. Sonny doubted that Brenda would appreciate that, but Carly suggested that Brenda would just have to deal with it until Alec got to know Brenda. Carly explained that, like it or not, Carly was a familiar face to Alec. "Sorry," Carly added and then chuckled. Sonny thanked Carly for her help. Carly assured him that it hadn't been a problem, but she wished that it hadn't complicated things with Josslyn. Sonny was stunned when Carly told him that Jax intended to seek primary custody of Josslyn.

Sonny accused Jax of taking advantage of the situation and then suggested that Jax was using Josslyn to control Carly. Sonny promised that he would do everything in his power to help Carly secure custody of Josslyn.

At Kelly's, Patrick and Robin shared a piece of pie and sipped on coffee as they discussed their first impressions of each other. Robin confessed that she had initially thought that Patrick was very handsome, totally out of her league, and wouldn't look her way, so she had decided that he was an egocentric jerk. Patrick resented the jerk part, but Robin reminded him that she had walked in on him during an intimate moment with a nurse. Patrick smiled as he admitted that Robin had been the most aggravating woman that he had ever met, but he had been immediately drawn to her. Robin suspected that it was because she had been a challenge. She acknowledged that she had initially hated Patrick until she had realized that he had been both interesting and funny.

Patrick confessed that old habits died hard, so loving Robin hadn't been part of the plan. Patrick explained that falling in love had been outside of his comfort zone, so he had tried to retreat. Robin smiled as she reminded him that she was usually the one who put up walls. Patrick chuckled as he observed that their self-awareness was growing by leaps and bounds. Robin and Patrick then began to talk about making amends for the things that they had done. Robin thought that they had done the most important thing by showing Emma what a real family was like.

Lisa knocked on the front door of the Drake residence. Seconds later, Kristina opened the door. Kristina wondered what Lisa was doing there, so Lisa explained that she had been passing by when she had spotted Kristina's car in the driveway. Kristina revealed that she was babysitting Emma, but she was reluctant to say more because Kristina didn't think that Patrick and Robin would appreciate Lisa knowing their plans. Lisa assured Kristina that she wasn't interested in what Patrick and Robin were doing because she had moved on. Lisa then brushed past Kristina as she offered to get Kristina refills of the herbal supplements.

Kristina closed the door as she thanked Lisa. Lisa again switched gears to find out if Kristina had heard from Yale. Kristina explained that she would be attending Port Charles University. They chatted for a few minutes until Lisa asked to use the bathroom before she headed out. Seconds later, Lisa entered the basement, pulled on some latex gloves, checked the breaker box, and then walked over to the water heater to take pictures with her cell phone.

A short time later, Kristina called out to see if Lisa had left because it was so quiet. Lisa suddenly appeared from around the corner. Kristina was curious what had taken Lisa so long, so Lisa explained that she had stopped off in the kitchen to get something to drink. Moments later, they heard Patrick and Robin arrive home, so Lisa quickly ducked out the back door seconds before Patrick and Robin entered the house. Kristina quickly closed the back door as she explained that she had opened it to get some fresh air. Patrick paid Kristina, and then expressed his gratitude that she was someone that they could trust.

Robin broached the subject of college with Kristina. Kristina was surprised to learn that Robin had gone to Yale for a year. Robin admitted that she had taken a leave of absence after a year, but never returned. Kristina was curious if Robin had regretted her decision. Robin explained that the college wasn't as important as the studies, so she advised Kristina to focus on that. Robin admitted that everything had worked out in the end, so she had made the right choice.

Kristina thanked Robin, gathered her things, and then left. Patrick wondered if everything were okay with Kristina. Robin smiled as she attributed Kristina's odd behavior to hormones. She warned Patrick that Emma would be the same way when she reached Kristina's age. Patrick was happy that he would have Robin there to help him through it. Meanwhile, in Lisa's office, Lisa was online studying the schematics of Patrick and Robin's hot water heater and how to test for gas leaksRecap --->

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Michael stopped by Jason's penthouse to find out if Jason had any leads on the hit woman who had killed Brandon. Jason promised that he was working on it, but Michael wasn't satisfied. Michael explained that Diane wanted Abby to go with the battered woman's defense, but Michael feared that it wouldn't work. Jason realized that Michael didn't trust the legal system, but he assured Michael that Diane would be able to buy them some time until Jason could clear Abby's name. Jason warned Michael that it wouldn't happen overnight because it had been a professional hit.

Michael argued that Jason would do whatever was necessary to help Sam if Sam were in Abby's position. Jason didn't dispute it, but he insisted that Michael needed to be smart. Michael was certain that Anthony had the answers that they needed. Jason agreed, but he pointed out that Anthony wouldn't share that information with Michael. Michael suggested that Anthony might say something if Anthony thought that he could work Michael. Jason made it clear that he didn't want Michael near Anthony.

Jason explained that something serious had happened, so he needed Michael's help. Jason revealed that Carly and Jax were gearing up for a custody battle over Josslyn, so Carly would need more support than Jason could give her. Michael was outraged that Jax would take Josslyn from the hospital while Carly had been doing something good for Brenda. Jason revealed that Jax intended to claim that Sonny and Jason were dangerous, so it was crucial for Michael to stay out of trouble. Michael didn't see how what he did mattered.

Jason warned Michael that Jax would use Michael's involvement with the Zaccharas as proof that Carly was an unfit parent. Michael imagined that Morgan had to be upset about the whole situation, so Jason urged Michael to spend time with Morgan. Michael assured Jason that he could help Morgan and Abby without having to choose between the two. Michael then suggested that the worst place for Josslyn was a hotel because it was full of germs. Jason agreed, and suggested that Michael mention it to the judge when Michael was called to testify. Michael seemed surprised, but Jason explained that Michael would likely have to testify because Michael was Carly's oldest child.

Michael realized that Jax intended to use Michael's criminal history against Carly. Jason insisted that was why it was so important for Michael to stay out of trouble. Jason pleaded with Michael to focus on helping Carly, while Jason searched for proof of Abby's innocence. Later, Michael met Abby on the street corner. Abby was certain that she had a good chance of being exonerated if she pleaded self-defense. Michael told Abby about Carly and Jax's custody battle, but insisted that Carly had plenty of people lined up to help her, while Abby did not.

Michael was determined to stand by Abby's side until her name was cleared. Abby reminded Michael that Jason was trying to find the hit woman, but Michael argued that he had access to Anthony, while Jason didn't. Abby insisted that Anthony was playing Michael, but Michael was confident that he could outsmart Anthony. Abby didn't want Michael to risk it, but Michael couldn't live with himself if Abby went to jail when he could have prevented it. Abby realized that they might not have much time left, so she didn't want to waste it arguing with Michael.

At Kelly's, Luke poured a cup of coffee, and then pulled out a flask from his jacket pocket. Luke glanced at the cup of coffee, but then decided to drink straight from the flask. Carly entered the diner in time to see Luke take a swig of alcohol. "Wow, starting a little early aren't you?" she wondered as she took a seat at the bar. Luke cracked a joke, but Carly wasn't amused. She ordered a cup of coffee, "without the whiskey." Luke was curious if she were on her way to the hospital, so she revealed that Josslyn had been released the previous day.

Luke confessed that Josslyn's recovery had been the only bright spot in Jake's tragedy. Carly wanted to focus on Josslyn's good fortune, but she admitted that it was difficult because Jax was seeking full custody of Josslyn. Luke was curious if Carly needed his help, but she explained that she had to figure things out first. Luke decided to use Carly's situation with Jax to illustrate how it had felt to be cut off from his loved ones when he refused to live the way that they had wanted him to. Carly explained that Luke had a disease. Luke suggested that if he were an addict, then so was Carly; she was addicted to gangsters.

Carly ignored the remark as she told Luke how Jax had taken Josslyn from the hospital. Luke couldn't believe that Carly had left Josslyn to go off on an adventure with her drug of choice, Sonny. He suggested that it sounded as if Carly needed her uncle's help. Carly knew that they would make a great team, but she refused to accept Luke's offer unless he got help for his addiction.

Johnny arrived home to find Anthony waiting for him. Anthony demanded to know where Johnny had been, but Johnny refused to tell Anthony. Anthony confessed that he missed Claudia. "Your sister was a treacherous bitch, but at least she had a spine," Anthony explained. Johnny warned Anthony not to say another word about Claudia. Anthony smiled at the spark of life that he saw in his son; however, Anthony insisted that Johnny wouldn't have anything without him.

Johnny made it clear that he would run the organization as he saw fit, so Anthony should focus on his gardening. Anthony warned Johnny that Johnny would have to get more aggressive in order to lure Michael to their side. Seconds later, Lucky dropped by to make certain that Anthony understood the terms of parole. Anthony immediately feigned confusion, but Lucky didn't buy the "crazy old man routine." Anthony acknowledged that he might be old and crazy, but he never got drunk, climbed behind the wheel of a car, and then killed his son's child. Lucky grabbed Anthony's shirtfront and then threatened to drag Anthony back to jail personally if Anthony uttered another word about Jake.

Anthony pretended to whimper in fright, but Lucky wasn't moved. Johnny finally stepped between them, but Anthony continued to goad Lucky by suggesting that Luke had received special treatment by the police. Eventually, Lucky reached his breaking point, so he punched Anthony in the face. Anthony went flying backwards. Johnny immediately apologized for his father's comments, but suggested that Lucky contact their attorney the next time that Lucky wanted to talk to them. After Lucky stormed out, Johnny blasted Anthony for tormenting Lucky about Jake's death.

Anthony showed no remorse for his cruel remarks as he burst out laughing. Anthony explained that they had leverage over Lucky because Anthony had known what buttons to push. Meanwhile, Lucky ended up on the piers, where Luke spotted his son. "Cowboy," Luke called out as he approached Lucky. Lucky reminded Luke that they shouldn't be talking, but then ended up telling his father about the incident with Anthony. Luke was proud that Lucky had punched Anthony, but Lucky was upset that he had allowed Anthony to provoke him.

Luke was curious if Anthony had been hurt or if anyone had witnessed the altercation. Lucky was certain that Anthony was fine, but he acknowledged that Johnny had seen the punch. Luke suspected that Johnny would ultimately side with Anthony. "Unlike me, right?" Lucky wondered. Luke denied it, but Lucky assured Luke that they hadn't ganged up on Luke during the intervention. Luke suggested that the intervention had been Lucky's way of getting through the grief; however, Lucky refused to accept that.

Lucky warned Luke that, sooner or later, the alcohol would win. Lucky admitted that a part of him respected Luke for sticking to his guns, which was why Lucky couldn't be around Luke. Luke disagreed, but Lucky explained that he couldn't have contact with Luke because Lucky couldn't afford to think like that when he was trying to stay sober. Later, Luke was sitting on a bench, out of sight, when Jason and Carly met on the pier to discuss Josslyn's custody. Carly was deeply disappointed that her life with Jax hadn't turned out as she had envisioned. Jason promised that they would be able to figure something out to keep Jax from taking custody of Josslyn.

Carly vowed that she would do whatever was necessary, even if she had to drug Jax and then stick him in a laundry basket as she had done with AJ. "Stop," Jason warned her. Carly argued that Jax would try to make her look like an unfit parent, so she had to make Jax seem worse. Jason urged Carly to keep her cool because Jax wanted her to overreact. Jason reminded her that they could use Jerry against Jax, so Jason promised that she would not lose custody of Josslyn. Seconds later, Luke stepped forward.

Carly immediately sensed that Luke was looking for trouble, so she warned Luke that it wasn't the time. Luke ignored Carly as he taunted Jason about loving kids and then accused him of dumping Jake on Lucky to raise. "We all know how that turned out," Luke snidely observed as Jason glared at Luke.

In Lisa's office, Lisa ordered another expensive bouquet of flowers. She smiled with satisfaction as she typed out a romantic message for a card that was to be sent with the roses.

At the nurses' station, Patrick kissed Robin as he confided that he had enjoyed their morning together. Robin smiled and then talked about their breakfast with Emma. Seconds later, Patrick received a text message notifying him that his credit card company had flagged a recent charge. Robin was curious how much the charge was for, but Patrick didn't know because the alert hadn't been that detailed. Patrick couldn't figure out what would have prompted the alert because he always paid his bills on time, and he had never gone over the limit. Robin sheepishly confessed that the credit card company had offered double frequent-flyer miles on purchases during the month of May, so she had bought a hot tub.

Robin explained that the therapist had recommended that she be more spontaneous. Patrick was pleasantly surprised with the purchase. Moments later, Steve walked up to announce that the staff meeting had been rescheduled to the following day and that the new operating room rotation had been posted. Steve made it clear that he would be gone for the rest of the day, so he didn't want any calls, pages, or text messages unless it was a life-or-death situation. Patrick and Robin were impressed that Steve had finally taken some time off. Steve explained that Jake's death had taught him that every day was a gift; Steve had wasted too many of them.

Later, Robin offered to cancel the order for the hot tub, but Patrick refused to consider it. He explained that the extra frequent-flyer miles meant that they could go on a second honeymoon. Patrick and Robin's smiles disappeared when Lisa approached the nurses' station with a patient's file. Patrick reminded Lisa that Steve wanted them to treat the patient together, but Lisa insisted that she was trying to avoid working with Patrick because it always ended badly for her. Patrick and Robin looked at Lisa with disbelief as she walked away.

A short time later, Patrick and Robin discussed where to put the hot tub when Patrick received another text message alerting him that his credit card company had frozen his account. Robin was surprised. Patrick had no idea what was going on, but he was determined to get to the bottom of it.

Olivia stopped by Dante's loft to drop off his laundry. She noticed that he looked tired, so Dante explained that it had been a long day. Olivia had heard about Alec's rescue. She couldn't understand what kind of family would loan out their child to someone like Suzanne. Dante explained that Suzanne had convinced the family that it was the only way to keep Alec safe. Dante confessed that it infuriated him that no one had thought about how the lies and all of the maneuvering would affect a child.

Olivia wondered if Dante referred to her decision to lie about his paternity. Dante quickly clarified that he had been talking about himself and his decision to claim Brenda's child as his own. He wondered what would have happened if Alec had sought him out one day. Olivia was certain that Dante would have handled things beautifully. Dante insisted that Olivia had been the one who had handled things beautifully. He realized that he hadn't told her often enough how thankful he was for the life that she had given him.

Olivia arrived home a short time later, but stopped when she heard Steve singing from inside her apartment. Olivia entered the apartment as Steve strummed his guitar, and worked on the lyrics of the song. Steve jumped when he heard Olivia, and then assured her that he hadn't broken in. Olivia suspected that he had charmed the building's superintendent into letting him in. Steve smiled, but didn't deny it. Olivia was disappointed that Steve was early because she hadn't had a chance to change into something nicer.

Steve promised Olivia that she looked wonderful. Olivia smiled and then asked about the song he had been singing when she had walked in. Steve admitted that he had written the song for Olivia, so Olivia sat down next to Steve on the sofa as he serenaded her with the touching love song. Afterwards, they snuggled close together while Steve entertained her with a story about a night that his band had played in a country bar in Texas.

Olivia confessed that she had sneaked into clubs with her friends when she was underage. Olivia admitted that she had always been drawn to the guitar players, so Steve confided that he had picked up the guitar because it was popular with the girls. Olivia turned serious as she asked Steve if he was a "one-night-stand guitar player." Steve assured her that he wouldn't be there if he were.

Ethan entered Kelly's to find Kristina sitting at a table. He was curious if she had seen Luke. Ethan was relieved when Kristina admitted that she hadn't. He thought that perhaps it was for the best because Ethan was concerned that he might be helping his father drink himself to death. Kristina realized that Luke hadn't sought treatment for his alcoholism. Ethan admitted that he had regretted that he had been part of the intervention.

Kristina was surprised because she had been under the impression that Ethan thought that Luke drank too much. Ethan didn't think that it was his place to judge Luke, especially since Jake's death had been the result of a tragic accident, not Luke's drinking. Kristina was curious if Ethan was expected to ignore Luke until Luke had hit rock bottom. Ethan confirmed that it was the plan, but he was afraid that they would lose Luke in the process. Kristina noticed how stressed Ethan seemed, so she offered him some of her herbal supplements. He was stunned when he saw the pills.

Ethan explained that the pills were hydrocodone, and that they were highly addictive. Kristina didn't believe Ethan, so she explained that Lisa Niles had given her the pills. Ethan was curious how long Kristina had been taking the pills. "A couple of weeks," Kristina admitted. Ethan wondered if Lisa had been behaving strangely around Kristina or showing up in unexpected places. Kristina confessed that Lisa had been at Patrick and Robin's home while Kristina had been babysitting, but she assured Ethan that Lisa hadn't done anything wrong.

Ethan continued to question Kristina about Lisa's movements until Kristina told him about each encounter with Lisa in Patrick and Robin's home. Ethan confiscated the pills, and then instructed Kristina not to let Lisa in Patrick and Robin's home again. He also urged Kristina to call him if she felt the need for more pills. Kristina thought that Ethan was overreacting to the situation, but Ethan insisted that Lisa had known that the pills were addictive when Lisa had given them to Kristina. After Ethan left, Kristina called to ask Lisa to meet her at Kelly's. Afterwards, Lucky entered the diner.

Lucky spotted a pill on the ground, so he picked it up, studied it, and then asked if Kristina knew anything about how it had ended up on the floor. Kristina denied any knowledge of the pill, but she was alarmed when Lucky confirmed that it was hydrocodone. Lucky walked over to a trash can, but hesitated dropping it in. After several moments of fighting temptation, Lucky dropped the pill in the garbage, and then poured hot coffee over it to dissolve the pill. Kristina wondered if Lucky were okay. "Yeah, no, I'm good -- just for today," Lucky replied.

Ethan went to Johnny's penthouse to accuse Lisa of trying to get Kristina addicted to hydrocodone. Johnny didn't believe it until Ethan showed Johnny the evidence and then relayed what Kristina had told him about Lisa's recent activities. Johnny conceded that he had seen Lisa and Kristina together a few times. Ethan warned Johnny to take care of Lisa, or Ethan would.

At Kelly's, Lisa was all smiles when she joined Kristina. Lisa asked about Yale, but Kristina demanded to know why Lisa had lied about the pills being herbal supplements when they were actually hydrocodoneRecap --->

Thursday, May 19, 2011

On the piers, Luke accused Jason of looking at him as if Luke had just crawled out of the sewer. Jason just stared at Luke as Luke continued to goad Jason by suggesting that Jason hid behind various masks, including one of a grieving father. However, Luke insisted that Jason hadn't lost anything when Jake had died because Lucky had raised Jake. Jason advanced menacingly on Luke, but Carly stepped forward to defuse the situation. Luke ruthlessly continued his verbal assault by claiming that he was the only person willing to call Jason out on Jason's "jaw-dropping hypocrisy."

Luke was curious if Jason knew what Jake's favorite color had been, favorite bedtime story, or if Jake had preferred cereal or pancakes for breakfast. Luke suggested that Jason had been nothing more than a "glorified sperm donor." "Knock it off, Luke," Carly warned her uncle, but Luke was relentless. He blindsided Jason with a punch to the face when Jason refused to respond to the bait. Carly immediately stepped in to defend Jason, but Luke accused Jason of being a "paper tiger."

Jason finally found his voice as he acknowledged that he had failed Jake. Carly suggested that Luke find another way to go down in flames instead of trying to provoke Jason to fulfill Luke's "suicide mission." Luke accused Jason of turning his back on Jake, and then having the audacity to act as if Jake's death had been some kind of catastrophic loss. "Who the hell are you to stand there and judge?" Carly angrily asked Luke. Carly reminded Luke that Luke had disappeared for months at a time, while Luke's children had grown up, so Luke hadn't raised his children. Luke demanded to know if Jason wanted to feel something real.

Luke suggested that Jason feel gratitude, relief, and joy that the kid that Jason had never cared about had been able to give Carly's "imperfect daughter a spare part." Carly and Jason were speechless. Carly accused Luke of being a "pathetic son of a bitch." She told Luke to return to Kelly's to drown himself in a bottle. Jason made it clear that he refused to give Luke what Luke wanted. "What would that be?" Luke snidely asked.

Jason knew that Luke wanted Jason to punish Luke and to end Luke's misery. Jason hated that everyone was running around in circles, trying to blame Jake's death on Luke's alcoholism, but Jason insisted that he and Luke knew the truth. Jason wanted Luke to live with Jake's death every day for the rest of Luke's life. Jason hoped that Luke lived forever because Jason wanted Luke to suffer. Luke seemed rattled as Jason and Carly walked away.

Later, Jason and Carly arrived at Jason's penthouse. Carly realized that Jason was still shaken by what Luke had said, so she assured Jason that Luke had been wrong. She had seen how deeply it had hurt Jason to give up Jake. Jason admitted that he had a recurring dream about Jake, in which Jason showed an inquisitive Jake his motorcycle. Jason became choked up as he revealed that the dream ended with Jason lifting Jake up onto the motorcycle with him. Carly hugged Jason as his eyes filled with tears.

Afterwards, Carly received a text message from Diane notifying her that Carly could pick up Josslyn. Jason offered to go with Carly, but Carly insisted that she had Shawn to accompany her. As if on cue, Shawn knocked on the door. Jason invited Shawn in and then started to give Shawn some instructions, but Carly informed both men that Shawn answered to her, not Jason.

At Jax's office, Alexis gave Jax an update about her meeting with the family court judge. Alexis explained that they had hammered out a temporary custody agreement for Jax and Carly to share equal custody of Josslyn. Jax argued that Carly's home wasn't safe because Carly associated with criminals, so he refused to let his daughter leave the hotel. Alexis reminded Jax that he didn't have any proof that Carly was a danger to Josslyn. Jax wanted to know what his options were. Alexis confessed that she had agreed to represent Jax because she had been under the impression that he would try to compromise with Carly.

Jax assured Alexis that he didn't have any objections to Carly spending time with Josslyn, as long as it was at Metro Court instead of Carly's home. Alexis insisted that shared custody was for the best if Jax didn't want to be accused of parental alienation. Later, Carly arrived to pick up Josslyn, but Jax refused to hand over his daughter to Carly. Carly reminded Jax that the judge had granted her access to Josslyn, so Jax threatened to file an emergency court order for full custody, citing that Carly was a danger to Josslyn's safety. Carly dared Jax to do his worst and then reminded him that Sonny had never been convicted of a crime.

Jax laughed, so Carly switched tactics by pointing out that she had taken steps to keep Josslyn safe by hiring Shawn. Jax argued that she had hired Shawn on the word of a mob enforcer without properly screening Shawn, which reflected poorly on Carly's judgment. Jax handed Carly a file on Shawn and then invited her to read it. He was confident that she would be surprised by what Jax had uncovered.

Alexis went to Jason's penthouse to drop off a care package for Sam. Jason explained that Sam was asleep, but he promised to give it to Sam. Alexis decided to take the opportunity to express how deeply sorry she was about Jake's death. Alexis admitted that she respected the sacrifice that Jason had made. Jason started to clarify that Lucky and Liz had made the decision to donate Jake's organs, but Alexis revealed that she was referring to Jason's decision to give up Jake to keep Jake safe. Alexis confessed that she worried constantly about the dangers that Kristina faced as a result of Sonny's lifestyle.

However, Alexis admired that Jason had chosen not to expose Jake to the same violence. Jason admitted that he had given Jake up to protect him from the mob, but Jake had been hit by a car, so all Jason had done was miss out on his son's life. Alexis realized that it seemed that way in hindsight, but Jason had put Jake first. Jason was curious what Alexis was trying to get at. Alexis confessed that it had occurred to her that Sam and Jason might become parents if Sam's surgery were a success. Alexis suggested that if Jason's life had been too dangerous for Jake, then the same might be true for any other child that he had.

At Johnny's penthouse, Ethan and Johnny discussed Kristina's claim that Lisa had given her hydrocodone under the guise that they had been herbal supplements. Johnny tried to give Lisa the benefit of the doubt by reminding Ethan that Kristina was a troubled young lady who had lied before. Ethan was adamant that Kristina wouldn't lie to him about the pills. Johnny acknowledged that he and Ethan had a soft spot for Kristina, but there wasn't any proof to back up Kristina's claims.

At Kelly's, Lisa was curious where Kristina's anger stemmed from when all Lisa had done was provide Kristina with what Kristina had requested. Kristina stared at Lisa in disbelief as Lisa explained that Kristina had clearly been under tremendous stress and anxiety, so Lisa had thought that the hydrocodone would help. Lisa had no idea that Kristina would abuse the drug. Kristina argued that she had no idea what she had been taking, but Lisa disagreed. Lisa explained that she hadn't been able to write out a prescription for the drug without the consent of Kristina's mother, whom Kristina hadn't wanted to involve, so Lisa had simply told a "little white lie" by referring to the pills as herbal supplements.

"And then you just pretended and went along and believed me," Lisa concluded. Kristina was incredulous; she vehemently denied that she had pretended anything. Kristina insisted that she had trusted Lisa because Lisa was a doctor. Lisa calmly argued that Kristina knew that the herbal supplements were narcotics. Kristina recalled that she had questioned why the herbal supplements from Lisa had looked different from the ones that Kristina had found online, but Lisa had been ready with a plausible explanation. Lisa admitted that it had been a lie, which Lisa insisted Kristina had gone along with it because Kristina had wanted the pills.

Kristina argued that she had made it clear that she hadn't been interested in taking drugs. Lisa smiled sweetly as she assured Kristina that she didn't mind leaving Kristina to deal with her stress on her own. Kristina was stunned as Lisa got up and then left. A short time later, Ethan returned to the diner. He thanked Kristina for agreeing to wait for him, but Kristina assured him that she had been happy to. Kristina was grateful that Ethan had told her the truth about the pills.

Ethan confessed that he needed Kristina to be honest with him about where Kristina had gotten the pills. Kristina promised Ethan that she hadn't lied to him, but she realized that he had a right to doubt her after she had falsely accused him of hurting her when Kiefer had beaten her. Kristina assured Ethan that she would always regret what she had done to Ethan, but she promised him that she had not lied about Lisa, no matter what Lisa might claim. Ethan realized that Kristina had talked to Lisa. Kristina explained that she had called to confront Lisa about the pills, but Lisa had twisted things around, and accused Kristina of talking in "a drug code." Ethan believed Kristina, so he warned her to stay away from Lisa because Lisa was "lethal."

Luke entered as Kristina reached for Ethan's hand to thank him for believing in her. "Looking for trouble, Dodger?" Luke wondered as he greeted his son. Ethan chuckled and then made light of the comment. Luke wandered behind the counter to pour a cup of coffee as Ethan warned Kristina of the symptoms of withdrawal and then asked her to call him if she needed anything. After Kristina left, Luke suggested that Kristina was "floating on the wings of love." Ethan ignored the remark as he accused his father of looking like "hell."

Luke warned Ethan that Kristina was a "dangerously smitten piece of jailbait," but Ethan argued that Kristina was eighteen. Luke feared that Ethan's "undeniable death wish" was from Luke's end of the gene pool, so he urged Ethan to weigh his options with that in mind. Ethan explained that Kristina had been a good friend to him and that she was someone that he could talk to. Luke pulled out a flask as she suggested that it was Ethan's choice. Ethan accused Luke of being a stranger in Luke's own life because Luke had ostracized himself from his loved ones, and seemed to be waiting for something that Ethan couldn't fathom.

"Restitution. Resolution. Absolution. It doesn't matter 'cause there's none of that in the cards," Luke replied. Luke suggested that it was time for him to take action, but Ethan had no idea what that meant. Luke didn't want Ethan to worry about it, but he promised that he knew what he was doing.

At Johnny's penthouse, Lisa was delighted to discover that she and Johnny were alone. She confessed that she had been intrigued when Johnny had called. They chatted about Anthony for a few minutes and then Johnny carefully broached the subject of Patrick. Lisa assured Johnny that she was over Patrick, but Johnny admitted that he was skeptical. Lisa kissed Johnny to prove her point, but Johnny continued to have doubts that Lisa was over her obsession with Patrick. Lisa insisted that Patrick accusing her of killing Jake had been the final straw.

Lisa went off on a tangent about how Patrick had treated her like dirt because of his "judgmental prissy bitch of a wife." Lisa explained that it made her physically ill when she looked back on what she had put up with from Patrick, so Johnny had no reason to be concerned about Patrick. According to Lisa, she hated the sight of Patrick.

At the hospital, Patrick was upset that his credit card had been frozen even though he had paid his bills on time, and had recently paid off the balance. Robin suggested that Patrick could straighten everything out with a phone call, but Patrick admitted that he didn't trust random and unexpected things. He confided that he suspected that Lisa was somehow responsible for the credit card problem. Robin confessed that she had learned not to underestimate Lisa, but she was certain Patrick's credit card issue was the result of a missed payment or stolen card. Patrick didn't want to have to deal with the credit card company, so he was curious if Robin would straighten things out for him, but Robin refused.

Later, Robin wondered if Patrick had gotten to the bottom of his credit card problem. Patrick assured her that he would get to it, but Robin warned him that the hot tub wouldn't be delivered until it was resolved. Patrick started to talk about his plans for the hot tub, which made Robin smile. She was glad that he was so enthusiastic about it, but she was curious why Patrick hadn't purchased a hot tub sooner if he had wanted one. Patrick admitted that Robin taking the initiative, to surprise him with the hot tub, had made him feel like she had made their relationship a priority. Robin smiled, and then offered to call to arrange for the hot tub's installation; however, she realized that she had left her cell phone at home on the charger.

Patrick was surprised when Johnny called out to him a short time later. Johnny explained that he wanted to talk to Patrick about Lisa. Johnny confessed that he had never really liked Patrick because Patrick had seen Lisa as an easy target to have a one-night stand with and then had later ducked out of taking responsibility for the damage. Patrick clarified that things hadn't happened that way, but he wasn't interested in debating it with Johnny, so he invited Johnny to get to the point. Johnny confessed that Patrick had been right about Lisa being mentally and emotional unbalanced. Patrick was curious if anything in particular had happened, but Johnny insisted that he had simply wanted to pass along the warning.

Later, Johnny bumped into Olivia on a street corner. Olivia immediately sensed that Johnny's thoughts were on Claudia. Johnny wondered if it were ever okay to give up on someone. Olivia admitted that she'd never give up on Dante, but she couldn't really imagine Dante doing anything that would make her want to. However, she conceded that it was different when a loved one was doing something that could hurt themselves or others. Johnny assured Olivia that he wasn't in love with Lisa.

Olivia explained that she had been talking about Claudia. Olivia admitted that she hadn't been able to stand Claudia, but she had seen how fiercely Claudia had loved Johnny, which at times had seemed beyond rational. Olivia knew that it had broken Johnny's heart when he hadn't been able to save Claudia, so Olivia suspected that Johnny might have projected those feelings onto Lisa. Johnny suggested that some people didn't want to be saved.

At the Drake residence, Lisa knocked on the front door, but no one answered. Eventually, Lisa pulled out a key and then unlocked the door. Lisa called out for Patrick and Robin, but she was met with silence. Lisa closed the door and then made her way to the basement, where she proceeded to tamper with the water heater. Meanwhile, Robin arrived home. Robin was startled when she heard a noise in the basement, so she decided to investigate.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Alexis urged Jason to be honest with Sam about his ability to be a father. Alexis pointed out that nothing had changed in Jason's world. His job would still be a danger to any child of his. As Alexis fleshed out her concerns, Sam walked in and clarified Alexis' point. "You're fine with me having a baby, just not with Jason," Sam made clear.

Alexis apologized and said that she'd support whatever decision Sam and Jason would make. Alexis left. Jason offered to pamper Sam a bit, and she playfully balked. She did tell him that whether or not to have a baby would be a decision they'd both have to make together. If she were able to get pregnant, she'd be okay not having a child, if he thought that was best.

Later, after Jason had left the penthouse, Alexis returned to apologize again. Sam replied that Alexis had been right; Jason was afraid to bring another child into the world. Sam wondered if having a child would help Jason get over Jake's death. Alexis asked whether Sam truly wanted a child, and Sam said she wasn't sure. She'd never been able to bond with her child, because the baby had died before Sam had even held her. Alexis urged Sam to be very specific with her intentions.

Carly told Jax that Shawn was not a threat to Josslyn. Carly added that she wouldn't have hired Shawn had Jax been able to keep Josslyn safe from Franco. Jax said he intended to use Shawn's questionable past as grounds for full custody. Shawn stepped forward and announced that he quit. Carly explained that Jax was using the same dirty tactics he used in business. Shawn pointed out that the evidence Jax had obtained would be inadmissible in court, but that his priority was to protect Josslyn, which meant that his decision to quit was final. Jax and Carly continued to argue after Shawn left. Carly wondered how long it would be before Jax attempted to paint her as an unfit mother.

Carly later met Shawn on the waterfront. She tried to persuade him to continue protecting her daughter. He refused, reiterating that he wouldn't let Jax use him against Carly in a custody battle. He suggested that Jason take over, but Carly did not want to burden Jason after the death of his son. Shawn wondered if Carly was holding on to the idea of him working for her to prove a point to Jax. Carly admitted that was a part of her motivation but that Josslyn's safety -- particularly with Franco as a threat -- was her greatest concern. Shawn reluctantly agreed to continue, but warned her that things could get ugly if his past were to be aired.

Kristina ran into Michael at Kelly's. Michael asked her for help studying for his physics exam. Michael pointed out that Abby had encouraged him to graduate. Kristina replied that she wouldn't support Michael dating a stripper just because Abby wanted Michael to study. Michael advised Kristina to check her attitude, because she and Abby had more in common that Kristina would admit. Both had been beaten by their boyfriends, and both had covered up the abuse.

Kristina became irrational until Michael got her to admit she'd been under the influence of drugs. Kristina said that she had been but that Lisa had given them to her, without a prescription. Kristina assumed Lisa had been doing her a favor. Michael demanded that Kristina give him the pills, but she explained that she'd already given them to Ethan. Ethan had realized Kristina was not taking an herbal supplement. Michael made it clear that he didn't trust Ethan.

Kristina replied that Ethan had always done the right thing with regard to her and that they got each other in a way no one else did. Michael reminded her that Ethan was married and that he used people. Kristina shouted at Michael, just as Alexis walked in. Michael covered for his sister by telling Alexis that he wasn't planning to attend graduation and that Kristina had freaked out over his decision. Alexis talked Michael into graduating with his class after all.

After Alexis left, Kristina thanked Michael for keeping her drug use a secret. She worried that Alexis would smother her if it were known that Kristina had made another error in judgment. Both Michael and Kristina commiserated over the high expectations that the adults in their lives had of them.

As Robin made her way into the basement, Lisa ran upstairs. Robin was unimpressed with Lisa's latest tactic. "So, that's your big plan?" Robin mocked, and continued, "Lock me in the basement for a few hours?" "You'll be dead in an hour," Lisa replied. Lisa locked the door after letting Robin know that there was a gas leak. Through the door, Lisa explained that she'd left behind enough evidence to suggest that Patrick had arranged for Robin's death.

As Lisa wiped away her fingerprints from everywhere she'd touched, Robin lay on the floor of the basement, unconscious. Lisa descended the stairs. She hovered over Robin and whispered that Robin and Patrick should rot in hell. Robin sat up and grabbed Lisa. "We'll see you there," spat Robin.

Brenda entered Sonny's office and let Sonny know she'd hired a nanny, based on Jax's recommendation. Brenda was upset that Alec had asked for Carly the night before. Brenda was still angry that Sonny hadn't told her about his plan to rescue Lucian from Suzanne. Brenda was especially annoyed that Carly had been a part of that strategy. Brenda expressed her fears, because she and Sonny were falling into their old patterns, keeping things from each other. Sonny assured Brenda that Alec would warm up to her.

Later, Jason stopped by to update Sonny on Brandon's murder investigation. Jason reported that Jax was pressing for full custody of Josslyn. Sonny told Jason that Brenda was upset because Sonny had kept her out of the decisions he'd made with regard to rescuing Alec. Sonny reiterated that he didn't want a child. He asked Jason whether, if given the opportunity, Jason would do things differently with regard to Jake. Jason expressed his regrets and said he would never have forced his mob life on Liz. Sonny had made a similar decision when he'd left Brenda at the altar years before. He worried that he couldn't keep Alec safe and might have to divorce Brenda, for her and Alec's safety.

Brenda went to see Jax at his office. She said she wanted to be a good mother. It had been so easy with Lucian, she said, but she was feeling overly cautious with Alec. She mentioned that Alec had more of a bond with Carly than with her. Brenda and Jax both admitted that marriage was much more difficult than they'd ever thought.

Brenda declared that some things would have to change in her marriage to Sonny. She was feeling insecure, she admitted. Carly walked in and curtly asked Jax to have his lawyer call hers. Brenda thanked Carly for the role she'd played in rescuing Alec. Carly looked Jax in the eye as she stated that every child belonged with its mother.

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