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January 7 to 11, 2013
Patrick broke the news to Trey's loved ones that Trey had suffered a ruptured aneurysm and was brain-dead. Kristina was furious when Connie decided not to take Trey off of life support. Kristina insisted that Trey would want to die with dignity. Connie was arrested for her role in assaulting Starr, kidnapping Johnny, and striking a pedestrian with her car, but Sonny bailed Connie out. Connie considered consenting to removing Trey from life support, but ended up escaping to the Floating Rib instead. A.J. was embarrassed when Elizabeth revealed that Monica had asked Elizabeth to be a friend to A.J. Elizabeth assured A.J. that she didn't mind because she could always use a new friend. A.J. was stunned when Lucy agreed to vote with Tracy. Lucy explained that Tracy had offered Lucy a more lucrative deal. A.J. ended up at the Floating Rib, where Connie offered to buy A.J. a drink. Connie spotted Sonny in the doorway of the bar, so she kissed A.J. Britt claimed that Patrick had been mortified that Sabrina had almost kissed him on New Year's Eve and that he was concerned that Sabrina's crush might open him up to sexual harassment charges. Elizabeth warned Sabrina not to trust anything that Britt said, so Sabrina decided to talk to Patrick directly. Sabrina was horrified when she spotted Patrick and Britt having sex in the hospital's locker room shower. Maxie couldn't find the words to tell Lulu and Dante about the miscarriage. Spinelli learned that Ellie had been admitted to the hospital after a car accident. Ellie and Spinelli were stunned when Patrick revealed that Ellie had suffered a spinal cord injury that might result in permanent paralysis. Carly was heartbroken when Johnny decided to take Todd down with him by revealing that Todd had knowingly switched Téa's dead baby with Sam's live one. Luke called Anna from the Turkish prison. Anna told Luke that Robert was in a coma. The doctor revealed that they didn't know the extent of Robert's brain damage, so Robert might not wake up. Anna had difficulty being around Duke because he reminded her of what Faison had done. John told Sam that Faison had confessed to shooting Jason and then had tossed Jason's body into the water, so there was no doubt that Jason had died.
January 14 to 18, 2013
Michael appreciated that A.J. had taken care of Carly during her drunken rage, but he was angry that his mother had tried to get A.J. to drink. Todd pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity at his arraignment, so the judge remanded him to Ferncliff for a complete psychiatric evaluation. Lucy reacted strongly when she saw John McBain because she believed that he was a vampire named Caleb Morley. Lucy made a makeshift stake and attacked John. John survived the assault, but Lucy was arrested. Alexis called Kevin Collins to advise him that Lucy was in trouble. Tracy reached out to Ned for advice, while A.J. went to Ferncliff to talk to Lucy. Heather offered A.J. hope to seize control of ELQ. Kristina and Connie temporarily set aside their differences in order to remove Trey from life support and donate his organs. Olivia had a vision of Trey, who assured her that he was at peace. Patrick reminded Britt that he wanted to take things slowly. Anna and Duke returned from Switzerland, but Anna remained uncomfortable around Duke because of what Faison had done. Lulu and Dante were told that Luke had been shot during a prison riot. Maxie was stunned when Britt revealed that Maxie was pregnant again. Ellie and Spinelli were delighted when Ellie wiggled her toes.
January 21 to 25, 2013
Lucy was sent to Ferncliff for a psychiatric evaluation when she attacked John during her arraignment. Lucy inspired Todd, so he claimed that he suffered from posttraumatic stress disorder and pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. Diane made a convincing argument to the judge, so the judge remanded Todd to Ferncliff for evaluation. Todd was confident that he would only have to spend a short time at the institution for the criminally insane. A.J. confided to Michael that Skye had revealed some damaging information about Tracy that could tip the balance of power in A.J.'s favor, but they needed Johnny's help. Michael visited Johnny, who agreed to give Michael proof that Tracy had bailed ELQ out of financial trouble with mob money. Tracy tried to enlist Sonny's help to take A.J. down, but Sonny refused to risk losing Michael. Kristina wielded a bat when she confronted Connie about Trey's death. Luke returned to Port Charles and made it clear to Anna and Duke that he intended to win Anna back. Maxie realized that she was carrying Spinelli's baby but decided to keep the information to herself. Ellie was overjoyed when she wiggled her toes, but her happiness turned to feeling betrayed when Spinelli confessed that he had slept with Maxie on New Year's Eve. Ellie broke off her relationship with Spinelli. Elizabeth revealed to Patrick that Britt didn't treat the nurses well, especially Sabrina. Britt tried to win over Emma, but Emma made it clear that she didn't like Britt. Britt admitted that she didn't like Emma either. Patrick was horrified when Emma disappeared from Kelly's during Britt's watch.
January 28 to February 1, 2013
Kevin Collins explained that Lucy had been suffering from paranoid delusions for years and that she had created a fantasy world of vampires, seers, and even an angel named Rafe. Alison Barrington returned to Port Charles with her son, Rafe, when she read about Lucy's arrest. Alison was rattled when she saw John and Sam, because she believed that they were Caleb and Livvie. Lucy confided to Sam that Caleb was Rafe's biological father. Alison was found murdered in an alley. John arrested Rafe because Rafe had been leaning over Alison's body with the murder weapon in his hand. Tracy stepped down as ELQ's CEO when A.J. and Michael confronted her with documents that proved that she had used mob money to infuse ELQ with cash. Tracy decided to take down ELQ by turning the documents over to Connie to print in the Sun. Connie drove a wedge between Sonny and Michael by claiming that Sonny had been source for the damaging article about ELQ. Elizabeth was on hand to help A.J. through a panic attack. Britt told Emma that she didn't like Emma, so Emma ran away. Sabrina found Emma and told Patrick about what Britt had said to Emma. Patrick broke things off with Britt after he overheard Britt accuse Emma of being a "spoiled little brat." Kristina was arrested for assault when she used a baseball bat to destroy Connie's office then tried to strangle Connie. Ellie forgave Spinelli for sleeping with Maxie.
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February 4 to 8, 2013
Frisco returned. Maxie agreed to help Britt destroy Sabrina in exchange for keeping Maxie's secret. Starr made certain that Todd didn't fake dissociative identity disorder to avoid going to Pentonville. Heather, Todd, and Lucy escaped from Ferncliff and made their way to Wyndemere to hide out. Todd told Carly that he loved her and asked her to run away with him. Luke caught Todd and Carly together, so Luke blackmailed Carly to reveal what she knew about the missing Quartermaine heir. Carly told Luke that Franco had once mentioned a daughter named Lauren Frank, but conceded that it might have been one of Franco's mind games. Duke told A.J. and Michael that the solution to ELQ's problems might be Lila's Pickle-Lila Relish. Sonny overheard Tracy admit that she had leaked the damaging story about ELQ. Connie persuaded Sonny not to tell Michael about what Tracy had done. Sonny agreed to keep quiet about Tracy because he was grateful that Connie had tried to clear his name with Michael and that she had recanted her story to help Kristina. Kristina was sentenced to community service. Rafe was arrested for Alison's murder, but he accused John of the slaying. John realized that Caleb might be a real person. Caleb used his resemblance to John to get Rafe out of jail and then later murdered a police officer. Rafe escaped from Caleb's clutches.
February 11 to 15, 2013
Anna and Dante were stunned when they reviewed surveillance footage of what appeared to be John taking the murder weapon used to kill Alison Barrington from the evidence room and then leading Rafe and another police officer out of the police station. Rafe was horrified when he watched the man that he believed was John stab Officer Carlson. John was arrested for the murder of Officer Carlson and Alison Barrington. John realized that Caleb was a real person. Caleb murdered Professor Mosser, who could have provided John with an alibi for the time of Officer Carlson's murder. Rafe took off and made his way to the lake house. Molly insisted on hiding Rafe out in her bedroom. T.J. felt betrayed when he realized that Molly had lied to him to cover for Rafe. Heather abducted Danny. Caleb stopped Heather from taking off with Danny by tossing her into the harbor. Todd witnessed the incident between Caleb and Heather, but assumed that it had been John. Todd attempted to rescue Danny. Caleb disappeared as the police closed in on the pier, so Todd was arrested for kidnapping Danny. Sam had an encounter with Caleb on the pier and saw through his attempt to impersonate John. Britt enlisted Maxie's help to make it appear that Sabrina had administered the wrong medication to a patient who had died. Steve was forced to write Sabrina up for the fatality, even though Patrick insisted that the patient had been beyond saving. Frisco declared his intention to win Felicia back and repair his broken relationship with Maxie. Laura returned to town.
February 18 to 22, 2013
Elizabeth offered A.J. some advice when they spent Valentine's Day together. A.J. extended an olive branch to Tracy, but Tracy rejected A.J.'s offer to work together to save ELQ. Tracy was delighted when A.J. had a panic attack because it gave her leverage to oust A.J. from ELQ. Luke was stunned when Laura returned to Port Charles and announced that she was engaged to marry Scott Baldwin. Lulu received an unusual gift on Valentine's Day from a mystery person. Olivia had a disturbing vision about Steve bleeding to death from a stab wound. Kate emerged after Sonny and Connie made love. Kate couldn't believe that Sonny had slept with the woman who had stolen Kate's life. Sonny confessed to Michael that he had feelings for Connie, but he was in love with Kate. Kate was desperate to see Trey, so Sonny was forced to break the news that Trey was dead. Devastated, Kate asked Sonny and Olivia how Trey had died. Sam and Danny disappeared after an encounter with Caleb on the pier. Lucy persuaded Molly to help Rafe escape from jail. Lucy created a distraction, while Molly unlocked John and Rafe's jail cells. Lucy managed to slip out of the squad room during the commotion. John, Rafe, and Lucy made their way to the Port Charles University to search the professor's office for clues to Caleb. John found information that revealed the truth about who Caleb was and where he might be hiding out. Britt wrote a letter of complaint about Sabrina and gave it to Monica.
February 25 to March 1, 2013
Caleb was revealed to be a man named Stephen Clay who had suffered a psychotic breakdown after the death of his wife, Livvie, which had sent him on a killing spree. John caught up with Caleb in the tunnels of Wyndemere and plunged a silver-tipped arrow into Caleb's heart. Lucy was shocked when John removed two prosthetic fangs from Caleb's mouth. Sam was safely reunited with Danny. Alexis tensed when Anna asked who Sam's father was. Duke stole the last jar of Lila's pickle relish and gave it to A.J. Tracy turned the tables on Duke when Spinelli revealed that Duke worked for ELQ. Tracy hired Spinelli to steal the recipe once it was extracted from the pickle relish. Starr and Ellie worked together to analyze the last spoonful of relish. Heather inadvertently stabbed Steve when she tried to kill Olivia. Steve was rushed to the hospital and underwent emergency surgery. Steve's brush with death made Olivia realize that she didn't want to wait to get married. Steve and Olivia exchanged wedding vows and rings, but the Memphis police showed up to arrest Steve before Steve and Olivia were pronounced husband and wife. Elizabeth accepted A.J.'s invitation to go out on a date. Sabrina discovered that she would not be graduating from nursing school. Frisco made it clear that he wanted to rekindle things with Felicia.
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MARCH 2013
March 4 to 8, 2013
Olivia tried to persuade Steve to complete their wedding ceremony, but Steve was determined to take responsibility for saving one patient by killing another. Steve was transported to Memphis to serve out his prison sentence. Kate admitted that Sonny had been right to accuse her of running away when she had found out about Trey. Sonny and Kate forgave each other and made love. Kate was startled when she saw Connie's reflection in a mirror. Connie accused Kate of being the alter personality and managed to rattle Kate enough to regain control. Connie threatened to make Sonny pay for cheating on her with Kate. Anna decided not to pursue a relationship with Duke when it appeared that Duke had been up to his old tricks. Luke accused Scott Baldwin of sending the Ice Princess replica to Lulu. Tracy informed Spinelli that the Quartermaines owned the building that his business was in, so she threatened to toss Spinelli out if he didn't steal the relish recipe. A.J. and Ellie were surprised when they discovered that the relish recipe was missing. Heather testified on Todd's behalf by taking full responsibility for the baby switch. Johnny's goon also changed his story, so the charges against Todd were dismissed. Rafe was sent to a group home. Lucy implored Kevin to give her a second chance. Mac caught Felicia in a lie. Frisco promised Felicia that he would not give up on her.
March 11 to 15, 2013
Spinelli had an attack of conscience when Tracy demanded that he hand over the piece of paper that Ellie had written the relish recipe on. Spinelli quickly ate the piece of paper then returned to the lab to confess to Ellie what he had done. Ellie was disappointed but forgave Spinelli for the betrayal because he hadn't given the relish recipe to Tracy. However, Ellie couldn't recall what the molecular structure of the secret ingredient was, so Spinelli asked Kevin to put Ellie under hypnosis. Elizabeth was hurt when she arrived for her date with A.J. and saw him kissing Carly. Carly agreed to give A.J. the name of the missing Quartermaine heir if A.J. agreed to help her convince Todd that Carly had moved on with A.J. Todd arranged for someone to hide a camera in Carly's house and was pleased when he overheard A.J. and Carly discuss their ruse. Sonny realized that Connie had returned, so he went to the book launching party to talk to her. Connie demanded to know if Sonny had slept with her to get Kate back. Sonny confessed that he loved Connie and he loved Kate, so he implored Connie to get the help that she needed to be a whole woman. Molly was delighted when Connie confessed that Molly had written Love in Maine. Rafe turned to John for help when things didn't work out at the group home. Maxie saw her baby for the first time on a sonogram. Lucy revealed that an anonymous benefactor had written a check to cover the expenses of the Nurses Ball.
March 18 to 22, 2013
Frisco reminded Maxie that she would be giving her child to Dante and Lulu to raise, but Maxie argued that she wasn't ready for motherhood. Spinelli was stunned when Ellie revealed that she didn't want to have children. Olivia was unsettled when she had a disturbing vision about a gift that Lulu had received. Dante was horrified when he found Lulu unconscious on the living room floor. Someone knocked Dante out and abducted Lulu. Laura agreed to marry Scott at the courthouse, but Lulu's disappearance put the wedding on hold. Bobbie Spencer and Nikolas Cassadine returned to Port Charles. A.J. told Elizabeth the truth about his kiss with Carly. Elizabeth gave A.J. a second chance when he agreed to perform a skit with her at the Nurses Ball. Carly was tempted to take Todd back but feared that they would eventually destroy each other, so she told him to leave. Langston called Starr about an urgent matter and asked Starr to fly to Los Angeles. Todd offered to take Starr to California on his private jet, so Starr left town with her father. Sam and John agreed to go their separate ways because they feared that they would always feel guilt for having had feelings for each other when they hadn't been free to explore them. Anna told John that the FBI had called him to active duty and had sent a plane to fly him to Quantico. Britt's mother was revealed to be Dr. Obrecht.
March 25 to 29, 2013
Richard Simmons was introduced as the surprise celebrity choreographer for the Nurses Ball. Things hit a snag when Richard debuted a rap song that he had written about the citizens of Port Charles. Lucy warned Richard that the slanderous song could not be used, so Richard stormed out. Felix was hurt when Milo expressed an interest in Sabrina and Sabrina accepted Milo's invitation to go out. Elizabeth advised Patrick to declare his feelings for Sabrina before it was too late. A sniper shot Nikolas as he was about to divulge information about Lulu's kidnapping. Luke risked Nikolas' life by injecting Nikolas with adrenaline to force Nikolas awake, but Laura and Bobbie intervened before Nikolas was harmed. Frisco's contacts at the World Security Bureau located the Haunted Star, which Luke suspected Helena had used to spirit Lulu out of Port Charles. Luke and Laura raced to their daughter's rescue, but Helena managed to turn the tables on them. Helena was unaware that Dante had also slipped onto the ship to search for his wife. Elizabeth confided to A.J. about her affair with Nikolas. Felicia confessed that she loved Frisco and Mac, but Mac insisted that she had to make a choice.
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APRIL 2013
April 1 to 5, 2013
The hospital honored their first chief of staff, Dr. Steve Hardy, on what would have been Steve's 50th anniversary at the hospital. The 2013 Nurses Ball kicked off with red carpet appearances and amazing song and dance numbers by several familiar faces. Patrick was surprised when Noah dropped in for a visit to attend the Nurses Ball. Patrick was speechless when he saw Sabrina's stunning transformation compliments of a makeover by Felix. Sabrina was overjoyed when Patrick admitted that he had feelings for her and then kissed her. Jax and Brenda announced that they were engaged. Carly was certain that Brenda had only agreed to marry Jax to get a reaction out of Sonny. Carly's suspicions were confirmed when she eavesdropped on a revealing conversation between Brenda and Sonny. Jax broke off his engagement to Brenda when Carly told Jax about Brenda's clandestine visit with Sonny. Brenda and Carly traded heated words at the Nurses Ball that ended with a food fight and security escorting Brenda out of the ballroom. Monica and Tracy were shocked when the ghosts of Rick Webber, Alan, and Emily paid them a visit to implore the ladies to make peace. Elizabeth told A.J. about her affair with Nikolas. Luke, Laura, and Dante confronted Helena on the Haunted Star. Luke discovered that Helena had abducted Ethan and held him captive on the ship. Helena threatened to kill Lulu if Laura didn't shoot Luke. Helena was startled when Laura tossed the gun to Luke, who promptly killed Helena's guards. Helena's eyes rounded in disbelief when Luke shot her point-blank in the chest. Luke confirmed that Helena was dead. Helena's reinforcements arrived before Luke and Laura could escape from the ship. Frisco proposed marriage to Felicia.
April 8 to 12, 2013
Britt made a shocking announcement during Patrick's speech at the Nurses Ball. Britt claimed that she was pregnant with Patrick's child, but Patrick questioned the baby's paternity. Sabrina feared that Britt's news would affect Sabrina's newfound relationship with Patrick, but Patrick made it clear that he had no intention of getting back together with Britt, even if the baby was his. A.J. and Elizabeth shared their first kiss. Monica advised A.J. to be honest with Elizabeth about his feelings sooner rather than later because Elizabeth hadn't left Nikolas' side since Nikolas had been admitted to the hospital. A.J. insisted that he wasn't worried about Elizabeth's friendship with Nikolas, but Monica reminded her son that Nikolas and Elizabeth shared a lot of history. A.J. wasn't pleased when he witnessed a close moment between Nikolas and Elizabeth. Nikolas revealed that his father, Stavros, was alive and had become fixated on Lulu. Dante found Lulu in a cryogenic chamber, but Lulu was unresponsive. Laura was devastated when she realized that Lulu didn't have a pulse. In a fit of rage, Laura smashed the panel that controlled the temperature in the cryo chamber that Luke had locked Stavros in. Starr broke up with Michael over the phone and informed him that she would not be returning to Port Charles. Carly was furious when she found Michael naked in bed with Brenda. Carly accused Brenda of seducing Michael out of spite because Carly had given Jax a reason to break off his engagement to Brenda.
April 15 to 19, 2013
Bobbie bumped into Noah at the airport on her way back to Seattle and was surprised when Noah revealed that he had taken a job at Seattle General, where Bobbie worked. Patrick assured Sabrina that Britt's pregnancy hadn't changed his desire to pursue a relationship with Sabrina. Britt told Patrick that she had decided to have an abortion because she didn't want to raise a baby alone or have her child feel the pain of not being wanted by its father. Connie's integration was a success, so she decided to use the name that she had been given at birth. Sonny was devastated when Connie explained that she couldn't risk having a relationship with him because it might trigger her alter personalities to return. Michael confessed to Sonny that he had slept with Brenda. Carly demanded that Sonny kill Brenda, but Sonny pointed out that harming Brenda wouldn't help Michael. Carly warned Sonny that Brenda would continue to pursue Michael to get a reaction out of Sonny, so Sonny had to do something to stop Brenda. Michael was surprised when Brenda admitted that she had a confession to make. A.J. and Nikolas had a tense conversation about Elizabeth. Dante, Luke, and Laura were concerned when they realized that Stavros had manipulated Lulu's memories to erase her life and brainwash her into believing that she was Stavros' wife. Lulu's loved ones convinced her to return to Port Charles with them because it was too dangerous to remain on Cassadine Island. Sam was granted guardianship of Rafe.
April 22 to 26, 2013
Tracy was stunned when A.J. revealed that he planned to launch a new relish under the Pickle-Lila brand name. A.J. had enlisted Shawn's help to develop a relish recipe that could compete with Tracy's recipe. Elizabeth was furious when Nikolas told her that A.J. had warned Nikolas to stay away from her. Elizabeth washed her hands of A.J. when he reminded her that she had cheated on Lucky with Nikolas. Nikolas agreed to invest in TAQ when he realized that A.J. would be his business rival. Duke and Anna grew closer after a romantic dinner for two. Britt scheduled her abortion and asked Patrick to accompany her to the appointment. Britt smiled with satisfaction when Patrick was forced to cancel his date with Sabrina. Connie re-hired Maxie as her assistant at Crimson. Ellie remained determined to get her hands on Maxie's medical records. Spinelli unwittingly helped Ellie hack into the hospital's computer system and download Maxie's medical file. Lulu slipped out of the hospital when Dante pressured her to remember their life together. Milo invited Lulu to hide in his apartment until she could figure things out. Johnny called Connie to ask her to visit him at Pentonville. Michael was relieved when Brenda admitted that they had never had sex. Brenda decided to return to Rome.
April 29 to May 3, 2013
A.J. turned self-destructive because of his breakup with Elizabeth, so he ended up in bed with Carly. Nikolas confessed that he had never stopped loving Elizabeth. Nikolas and Elizabeth kissed, but Elizabeth ended the kiss because she had feelings for A.J. and she didn't want to hurt Lucky by rekindling a romance with Nikolas. Elizabeth apologized to A.J. and asked for a second chance. A.J. invited Elizabeth to join him on a short trip to New York City. Ellie accessed Maxie's medical records and discovered that Maxie had miscarried Dante and Lulu's baby. Maxie was forced to admit that she was pregnant with Spinelli's baby. Dante was furious when he learned that Lulu had been staying at Milo's apartment. Lulu kissed Milo. Milo reminded Lulu that she was a married woman, but Lulu argued that she didn't remember her past. Lulu had a flash of memory from the night that she had met Dante. Johnny told Connie that a Pentonville gambling organization had targeted rich kids at the private school that Morgan attended. Connie warned Sonny that Morgan had amassed a gambling debt. Sonny and Shawn left town to track down Morgan. Britt's plan to offer to have an abortion had the desired effect when Patrick promised to help her raise the baby. Felix shared his suspicions that Britt had manipulated Patrick by using the baby, so Sabrina confronted Britt.
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MAY 2013
May 6 to 10, 2013
Luke and Laura decided that it was time for them to go their separate ways. Scott was delighted when Laura offered to set a wedding date. Elizabeth agreed to go to New York City with A.J. for an overnight trip to promote Pickle-Lila on a national television show. Elizabeth was furious when she realized that Nikolas and Tracy intended to ambush A.J. on television. Elizabeth told Nikolas that if he loved her then he would leave A.J. alone. Tracy severed her partnership with Nikolas when he informed her that neither of them would appear on the cooking talk show with A.J. Tracy received divine intervention to escape from Nikolas' guards. Lulu had several flashbacks of her life before the abduction. Ellie told Spinelli about Maxie's miscarriage, but then claimed that Maxie had been impregnated again with one of Dante and Lulu's other frozen embryos. Luke tracked down Ava Jerome, the mother of Franco's daughter. Luke was unaware that Ava was hiding Morgan in her home while the teen figured out how to deal with his gambling debt. Ava persuaded Morgan to contact his family, so he called Michael. Morgan's situation turned dire when two thugs found him. Molly told T.J. to find another prom date when she learned that T.J. had given Rafe a black eye.
May 13 to 17, 2013
A mystery man tampered with Pickle-Lila, so that everyone who tried it during the taste test on television would get sick. Tracy overheard A.J. and Carly talk about their tryst, so Tracy threatened to tell Elizabeth about the sexual encounter if A.J. didn't take responsibility for the fiasco on television. A.J. initially agreed to Tracy's demands but then decided to be honest with Elizabeth. A.J. tried to tell Elizabeth about what had happened with Carly, but Elizabeth invited him to be her date to Scott and Laura's wedding. Lesley arrived in Port Charles with Spencer in time for Laura's wedding. Lulu had a flashback of being kidnapped, but only confided to Milo. Dante took Lulu to the Haunted Star in an attempt to spark her memory. Dante offered to take Lulu to Laura's wedding, so Lulu agreed. Scott announced that he and Laura might not get married after all. Kevin was tight-lipped when Lucy questioned him about his mystery patient in Seattle. Felicia was touched when Mac presented her with an engagement ring as he officially proposed on bended knee. Luke was furious when Mac refused to serve Luke alcohol. Tracy admitted that she was concerned about Luke because she cared about him. Luke kissed Tracy. Sonny and Shawn arrived in time to rescue Michael and Morgan from thugs sent by the online bookies that Morgan owed money to. Michael met Morgan's online girlfriend, Kiki Jerome. Sam was shocked when she encountered Stephen Clay's brother, Silas, at a New York City hospital. T.J. was hurt when Molly invited Rafe to go to the prom with her and Rafe accepted.
May 20 to 24, 2013
Duke revealed that tests had confirmed that both relishes had been tampered with prior to the taste-off on television. A.J. was delighted by the news because it meant that he didn't have to tell Elizabeth about his indiscretion with Carly. Ava Jerome paid Tracy a visit and offered Lauren's votes in exchange for one million dollars. Tracy turned to Nikolas for help, but Nikolas refused to risk losing Elizabeth. Tracy warned Nikolas that A.J. had already betrayed Elizabeth by sleeping with Carly, so Tracy offered to give Nikolas the proof for a price. Michael reluctantly agreed to let Morgan and Kiki move into his apartment. Silas Clay informed Sam that he had filed a petition for custody of Rafe. Rafe refused to live with Silas because Rafe considered Sam and Danny, not Silas, his family. Lulu had several unsettling flashbacks, so she agreed to talk to Kevin about them. Lesley officiated Scott and Laura's wedding when Mayor Lomax canceled at the last minute. Sabrina opened her home to Britt and offered to provide Britt with round-the-clock medical care. They mystery man rented the Haunted Star for one evening and then sent a text message with Jason's picture to a select group of people, inviting them to a private party.
May 27 to 31, 2013
The mystery man was revealed to be Franco. Franco claimed that he had used Jason's name to gather Jason's loved ones together so that Franco could apologize and give each person some peace of mind by clarifying a few things. Franco showed Sam the footage that proved that he had never raped her. Franco also played Michael the complete video of Franco's jailhouse visit with Carter to assure Michael that Franco had never hired Carter to rape Michael. A.J. was shocked when he realized that his son had been sent to prison for the death of Claudia Zacchara and had been brutally raped by Carter. A.J. blamed Sonny and Carly for Michael's prison sentence because Michael had paid the price for being associated with Sonny. A.J. figured out that Ava was Lauren's mother, so he told her that Franco was alive. Ava paid Franco a visit in jail. Lulu agreed to return to the loft with Dante, where she began to remember the events that had unfolded on the Haunted Star during her kidnapping. Lulu told Dante about her wedding to Stavros and her refusal to consummate the marriage, which had led to Stavros ordering a sniper to shoot Nikolas. Dante insisted that Lulu had done the right thing by refusing to sleep with Stavros. Dante was overjoyed when Lulu's memory returned. Luke was rushed to the hospital after he collapsed. Dr. Rashi revealed that preliminary tests indicated that Luke had liver damage. Tracy was certain that Luke's drinking caused Luke's health troubles. Ava told Kiki about Franco and his connection to the Quartermaines. Michael confided to Kiki about the rape. Morgan was lured back to online gambling.
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JUNE 2013
June 3 to 7, 2013
Sonny and Carly agreed that Franco needed to die, so they turned to Shawn for help. Sonny arranged for the district attorney to go along with Diane's request for bail, so Franco would be released from police custody, which would make Franco an easier target for Shawn. Sonny put the hit on hold until it was safe for Shawn to kill Franco, but Carly objected because she wanted Franco killed sooner rather than later. The acrimony between Michael and Kiki turned to passion, but their near-kiss was interrupted when Morgan returned home. Morgan was frustrated when his parents refused to cosign for another credit card. Kiki wanted to move out of Michael's apartment, so Morgan suggested that it was time for Kiki to reach out to her wealthy family. Luke's doctor wanted to discuss Luke's test results, but Luke opted to drink instead. Connie was delighted when the charges against her, stemming from her alter personality's car accident, were dismissed. Franco paid the Quartermaines a visit to remind them that he was entitled to a share of Edward's estate. Franco met Kiki, who turned up at the Quartermaine mansion to meet her father's family. Silas told Sam that Danny had cancer, so Sam turned to Patrick for help. Danny underwent a bone marrow biopsy when it was suspected that he might have leukemia. Felix's sister, Taylor, arrived in Port Charles. Molly was disappointed when she learned that T.J. was taking Taylor to the prom.
June 10 to 14, 2013
Patrick and Sabrina made love. Britt managed to stay a step ahead of Felix and Sabrina, who were determined to get a sample of Britt's blood to prove that Britt wasn't sick. Sonny postponed the hit on Franco because he didn't want to put innocent people at risk. Carly arranged for Shawn to shoot Franco on Metro Court Restaurant's terrace. Olivia had a vision of Sonny covered in blood, so she ran out to the terrace, thinking that Franco intended to kill Sonny. Shawn's sniper bullet struck Olivia as Olivia threw herself between Sonny and Franco. Sonny threatened to kill Carly if Olivia died. Alexis caught Shawn in a lie. Franco knew that Carly had arranged the hit on him, but he promised to keep quiet because he was determined to make amends for his past. A bone marrow biopsy confirmed that Danny had leukemia. Diane was shocked when Silas refused to postpone the custody hearing so that Sam could focus on Danny. Silas explained that he would be doing Sam a favor by taking Rafe off of her hands. Rafe was stunned when the judge ruled in Silas' favor. Taylor was disappointed when the prom was cancelled because of the shooting at Metro Court, but she persuaded T.J. to take her out on a date, so they could still enjoy their evening. Kiki was upset after a talk with Franco, so she went to the apartment to talk to Morgan but found Michael home alone. Morgan used Michael's credit card to gamble online. Luke called to make an appointment to get the results of his tests.
June 17 to 21, 2013
Alexis confronted Shawn about Olivia's shooting. Shawn admitted that he had been the gunman, but allowed Alexis to assume that Sonny had ordered the hit. Dante told Anna about the confrontation that Lulu had witnessed between Sonny and Carly because he suspected that Carly might have conspired with Sonny to kill Franco. Anna decided to rattle Carly's cage. Olivia woke up. Michael and Kiki were stunned to learn that they were cousins. Kiki made it clear to Michael that she wanted to forget their kiss. Michael discovered that Morgan had stolen his credit card and had used it to gamble online. Michael went to confront his brother about the stolen credit card, but walked in on Kiki while she was changing in the boathouse. Duke met Ava and questioned if she had any connection to the Jerome crime family. Ava denied that she knew Victor, Julian, and Olivia Jerome, but Duke appeared skeptical. Tracy accompanied Luke to the doctor to hear the results of his tests. Molly was delighted when Silas changed his mind about taking Rafe to New York City. Silas agreed to remain in town until Danny was better. Sam decided to follow Silas' chemotherapy protocol recommendation to reduce the side effects and increase Danny's chances of recovery. T.J. was hurt when he saw Molly kiss Rafe in the park, so T.J. took solace in Taylor's arms. Sabrina persuaded Patrick to take a secret paternity test to determine if Britt was pregnant with his child. Elizabeth heard the recording of A.J. confessing to sleeping with Carly.
June 24 to June 28, 2013
Shawn and Carly learned that another sniper had shot Olivia. Franco made a pact with Ava, unaware that she had been the one to fire the bullet intended for him. Michael and Kiki agreed that it would be wrong to act on their attraction because they were cousins and because Kiki was dating Morgan. Spinelli noticed that Maxie was growing attached to the baby that she was carrying. Maxie learned that she was pregnant with a baby girl. Britt got wind of the secret paternity test, so she raced to the hospital to stop it, but she was too late. The paternity test revealed that Britt was pregnant with Patrick's baby. Britt received a text message from her mother that she had taken care of everything for Britt. Helena was revealed to be behind Luke's health troubles. Luke was told that he had been poisoned with Polonium-210, a radioactive toxin that would eventually result in his death. However, Helena admitted that Luke could be saved if he was smart enough to figure out how to get the cure. Elizabeth confronted A.J. with the tape of him confessing to sleeping with Carly. A.J. explained that he had been in a bad place and that he had immediately regretted the illicit tryst. Silas warned Sam that Danny would need a bone marrow transplant to beat the cancer. Taylor told Molly that T.J. and Taylor had slept together.
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JULY 2013
July 1 to 5, 2013
Laura and Lulu suspected that there was more to Luke's trip than met the eye. Tracy decided to keep Luke's secret, even though he had left town without her. Connie was not pleased when Olivia revealed that Olivia would be recuperating at Sonny's place. Sonny kissed Olivia during the fireworks show. Milo accepted Lucy's job offer as fitness director for Deception. Alexis ended her relationship when Shawn decided that he didn't want to quit working for Sonny. Taylor persuaded T.J. to watch the fireworks with her. Molly felt betrayed and hurt that T.J. had slept with Taylor, so Rafe tried to cheer her up by taking her to the lake to swim and watch the fireworks. Morgan arranged for the boathouse to be transformed into an apartment for Kiki and him. Kiki had a fantasy about Michael. Michael was stunned when he found Kiki tied to a bed. Franco realized that Ava had been the second sniper and had shot Olivia during the attempt on his life. Nikolas was disappointed when Elizabeth told him that she had forgiven A.J. Mac and Felicia asked Emma to be the flower girl at their wedding. Emma had an outburst about the baby because she didn't want Britt to be a part of their lives. Sabrina managed to ease Emma's fears. Patrick told Sabrina that he loved her. Britt crashed Patrick's Fourth of July party in the park, but it turned into a disaster when Britt ended up throwing Emma's doll into the fire. Nikolas invited Britt to watch the fireworks with him and Spencer when he saw Britt crying in the park.
July 8 to 12, 2013
Sonny and Shawn paid Franco a visit at the boathouse to urge Franco to move out of the mansion. Franco refused, so Sonny ordered Shawn to rough up Franco. Alexis called a halt to the assault when she arrived to ask Franco to be tested as a possible bone marrow match for Danny. Dante was certain that Sonny had been responsible for the attack on Franco, but Franco refused to name his assailants. Ava was shocked to encounter her ex-lover, Silas, at the hospital. Silas made it clear that he wasn't interested in rekindling things with Ava. Brad caught Michael and Kiki kissing, so Brad offered to keep quiet if Michael agreed to spend the night with Brad. Michael managed to get Brad to back off when Michael overheard a revealing conversation between Brad and Britt. Georgie paid her sister, Maxie, a visit to offer Maxie advice about the baby. Spinelli was touched when Ellie agreed to give him a child when he was ready to become a father. Sonny and Olivia were about to make love when Connie showed up to announce that she wanted Sonny back. Olivia was crushed when she realized that Sonny was still in love with Connie, so Olivia decided to move out. Sam was heartbroken when Silas revealed that Danny's chemotherapy protocol was not working, so Danny would need a bone marrow transplant. Sam asked about her father in the event that they couldn't find a bone marrow donor for Danny.
July 15 to 19, 2013
Alexis talked to Sam about Sam's father. Sam was devastated when Brad revealed that no one had been a bone marrow match to Danny. However, Brad added that the results of Franco's DNA test were not in. Franco suffered a violent seizure. Afterwards, Franco claimed to be his twin brother, Jason. A brain scan showed that Franco had a tumor on his frontal lobe. Franco spirited Danny out of the hospital to keep Danny safe from harm. Sam confronted Franco with a gun and demanded to know where Danny was. A shot rang out when Franco and Sam struggled over the gun. Silas confronted Ava about his suspicions that Kiki was his daughter. Ava lied when she informed Silas that Kiki was too young to be Silas' daughter. Morgan overheard Ava's conversation with Silas, so he asked her if Silas was Kiki's father. Ava confirmed that Silas was Kiki's father, but cautioned Morgan not to tell Kiki because Morgan would lose Kiki to Michael. Kiki was stunned when Morgan proposed marriage to her. Michael decided to drown his sorrows at the Floating Rib, where he bumped into Felix. Felix offered Michael some advice and introduced Michael to two young ladies. Elizabeth became concerned when she saw Nikolas spending time with Britt. Britt accused Elizabeth of having a case of "buyer's remorse" for picking the wrong man. Monica caught Lesley trying to access Luke's medical records. Olivia stepped aside when Connie decided that she wanted Sonny back. Olivia accused Connie of only being interested in Sonny because Olivia wanted him.
July 22 to 26, 2013
Sam was delighted to learn that Franco was a perfect bone marrow match for Danny. However, Sam's joy was short-lived because Franco had been rushed into surgery to remove a brain tumor. Sam prayed for Jason to watch over Franco, so Franco could save Danny's life. T.J. told Taylor that he wanted to be friends and pleaded with Molly to give him another chance. Elizabeth warned Nikolas that Britt was trouble. Nikolas resented Elizabeth cautioning him about Britt when Elizabeth had ignored his warnings about A.J. Kiki accepted Morgan's marriage proposal. Kiki was hurt when she realized that Michael had spent the night with a woman he had picked up in a bar. Michael agreed to help Felix find out what Brad and Britt were hiding by romancing the secret out of Brad. Ava managed to secure Franco's signature on a proxy authorizing her to vote with his shares of ELQ. Ava struck a deal with Tracy, but the votes to oust A.J. didn't go as planned. Laura confronted Tracy about the results of Luke's recent medical tests. Tracy told Laura everything, including that Luke was searching for Jerry. Scott objected to Laura taking off to find Luke, but she insisted that she needed to give her children closure with their dying father. Dr. Obrecht returned to Port Charles.
July 29 to August 2, 2013
Rafe overheard Molly admit that she intended to give T.J. another chance, so Rafe told her that it was a mistake because Rafe was the right guy for Molly. Silas revealed that he had found incipient cells in Franco's tissue samples, so Franco couldn't donate bone marrow to Danny. Alexis turned to Kevin for help, so Kevin put her under hypnosis. Alexis recalled that Sam's father's name was Julian. Derek Wells arrived in Port Charles and threatened to shut down Crimson if Connie didn't provide him with a big story to increase circulation. Connie overheard Morgan confess to Sonny that Kiki was not a Quartermaine, so she decided to use the scandal to save her beloved fashion magazine. Duke was certain that Ava was related to the Jerome crime family, so he shared his suspicions with Anna. Anna and Duke paid Sonny a visit to find out if the Jerome crime family had become active again. Ava met with Derek, who was revealed to be Ava's notorious brother, Julian Jerome. Tracy's attempt to unseat A.J. failed when Alice and Kiki voted for A.J. Michael agreed to be Morgan's best man. Britt admitted that she felt guilty that the biological father of her child didn't know about her pregnancy. Luke enlisted Holly's help to track down Jerry. Silas ran a secret paternity test to determine if Kiki was his daughter.
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August 5 to 9, 2013
Connie ran the story about Kiki's paternity in the newspaper. Sonny was hurt by Connie's betrayal and questioned if he had made the right decision to let Olivia go. An angry A.J. confronted Connie about the story that had stripped him of ELQ. Sonny threatened to shoot A.J. when A.J. grabbed Connie by the throat and pinned her against the wall. A.J. backed down but later admitted that he would have killed Connie if he had been armed with a gun. Morgan continued to lie and manipulate Kiki to get her to marry him before she found out that she was not a Quartermaine. Kiki reluctantly agreed to a quickie wedding at the courthouse. Michael raced to the courthouse to stop the wedding. Mac and Felicia picked up their marriage license. Luke enlisted Holly's help to find out who had withdrawn Jerry Jacks's money from the Swiss bank. Luke was stunned to learn that Sean Donely had collected Jerry's money, so Luke tracked Sean down. Sean showed Luke a small vial of an unknown substance that Sean had purchased with Jerry's money. Julian agreed to be tested as a possible bone marrow donor because he felt bad that he had bumped Danny's story from the front page of the newspaper.
August 12 to 16, 2013
Luke learned that the Balkan had shot Sean with a bullet that had been laced with polonium-210. Luke vowed to find the cure for himself and for Sean, so Sean gave Luke information that led Luke and Holly to Corinth, PA, and an abandoned home of a woman who had murdered her entire family and numerous friends. Dr. Obrecht attempted to kill Anna, but Duke inadvertently ingested the propofol-tainted champagne. Duke recalled seeing the diabolical doctor before he had passed out, so he shared the information with Anna when he woke up from a brief coma. Spinelli discovered that Liesl Westbourne had changed her name to Liesl Obrecht, so Spinelli and Felix warned Anna that Britt might be harboring Britt's evil mother. Anna arrested Britt. Dr. Obrecht managed to escape but soon found herself looking down the barrel of Luke's gun. Mac and Felicia went ahead with their wedding, but an unwanted guest crashed the ceremony. Michael raced to the courthouse to stop Morgan and Kiki's wedding, but he was too late. Morgan denied that he had known that Kiki was not a Quartermaine prior to the wedding. Lulu became concerned when she noticed that Maxie had developed a maternal attachment to the baby. Maxie's water broke. Connie overheard Olivia admit to Sonny that Olivia and Sonny should have fought for each other.
August 19 to 23, 2013
Connie overheard Julian on the phone and quickly figured out that Derek Wells was really Julian Jerome. A.J. fell off the wagon and made his way to Crimson to confront Connie with a gun. Connie pleaded for her life, but A.J. accused Connie of destroying his life. Sonny went to Crimson to talk to Connie but was horrified when he found her bleeding on the floor from a single gunshot wound. Alexis and Sam learned that Derek was a bone marrow match for Danny. Alexis confided to Derek/Julian about Sam's father. Julian was shaken when he realized that he might be Sam's father. Ellie told Spinelli that he was the father of Maxie's baby girl. Spinelli felt betrayed by what Ellie had done. Maxie woke up from surgery and asked to see her daughter. Mac and Felicia tried to explain that the baby was Dante and Lulu's biological child, but Maxie insisted that she had given birth to her own daughter with Spinelli. Dr. Obrecht offered to wake Robert up from the coma if Holly allowed the evil doctor to escape. Britt reached out to Nikolas for help when she was arrested. Kiki told Franco that he was not her biological father. Morgan continued to lie to Kiki about when he had learned the truth about her paternity. Ava decided to keep Morgan's secret.
August 26 to 30, 2013
Connie was fatally shot but managed to leave behind a clue pointing to the identity of her killer by writing "AJ" in blood. Sonny was bent on revenge when he tracked down A.J. with a gun. Michael and Dante intervened before Sonny pulled the trigger. A.J. had flashbacks that led him to believe that he had indeed killed Connie. Scott asked Laura for a divorce because he realized that Laura could never love him as much as he loved her. Laura returned to Paris for a yearly wellness evaluation. Lulu figured out that Luke was dying, so he told her about Helena's twisted plot to kill him. Derek confided to Ava that he was Sam's father. Ava warned Derek that he couldn't afford to let Sam know the truth without everyone discovering that he was Julian Jerome. Britt took refuge at Wyndemere when Nikolas bailed her out of jail. Patrick decided to sue for custody of the baby because Britt's mother was a danger to the child, so Britt revealed that Patrick was not the baby's father. Carly reminded Franco that he had promised to atone for his wrongs, so he shouldn't look for the easy way out. Spinelli felt betrayed by Ellie's decision to keep quiet about his daughter, so he ended their relationship. Maxie woke up from surgery and called for her baby, but everyone attributed it to confusion from the complicated delivery. Lulu had an uneasy feeling about Maxie's claim and Spinelli's strange behavior. Spinelli confronted Maxie about her lies.
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September 2 to 6, 2013
Olivia feared the worst when she found an alarming note from Sonny. Michael and Morgan agreed to put their differences aside to search for Sonny. Connie appeared to Sonny when he was at his lowest point and persuaded him to marry her. Olivia arrived as Sonny was about to take his own life. Michael enlisted Elizabeth's help to keep A.J. from throwing his life away. A.J. pleaded not guilty to killing Connie. Diane asked a judge to dismiss Franco's case because his tumor had been responsible for his crime spree. Britt confessed to Patrick that he was not the father of her unborn son. Patrick demanded to know who the father of the baby was, so Britt claimed that it was Brad. Nikolas insisted that Brad step up to the plate to help Britt raise the baby, but Brad refused. Sabrina decided to confront Britt about the lies that Britt had told, but things took an unexpected turn when Britt went into labor. Spinelli opted to keep quiet about his daughter because he believed that she belonged with Dante and Lulu. Julian was given the green light to proceed with the bone marrow donation. Sam and Silas shared a kiss, but Sam insisted that she and Silas keep things platonic because she wanted to focus on Danny.
September 9 to 13, 2013
Spinelli told Ellie that he and Maxie had decided not to claim their baby so that Dante and Lulu could raise her. Ellie was encouraged when Spinelli admitted that he still loved her, but he needed time to deal with everything that had happened. Brad overheard Maxie and Spinelli talk about their little girl. Dante and Lulu decided to name their daughter Connie. Sonny continued a downward spiral because he secretly stopped taking his medication. The judge ruled in Franco's favor because she determined that his brain tumor had driven him to commit the crimes that he had been accused of. Franco tossed Ava out of Monica's home. Tracy was delighted when Monica returned the favor by evicting Franco. Monica was fired as the hospital's chief of staff because of A.J.'s arrest, so Tracy vowed to fight to get Monica's job back. Michael was outraged when A.J. revealed that Diane planned to establish reasonable doubt about A.J.'s guilt by suggesting that Sonny had killed Connie and then had framed A.J. Jason's loved ones remembered him on his birthday. Britt gave birth to a baby boy, but several people noticed that the baby looked nothing like Brad. Taylor returned to Port Charles after a visit with her parents, but she was disappointed to learn that Molly had given T.J. another chance. Anna and Duke bumped into Julian in the hospital.
September 16 to 20, 2013
Sonny's erratic behavior continued because he refused to take his medication to treat his bipolar disorder. Morgan and Kiki moved in with Sonny when they were evicted from the boathouse. Michael reluctantly agreed to go to Morgan and Kiki's wedding reception, so he decided to invite Penny as his date. Sonny's toast to the newlyweds turned into a shocking confession that exposed Morgan's lie. Alexis and Sam were delighted when tests confirmed that Danny's bone marrow transplant had been a success. Sam was stunned when she saw Silas and Ava kiss at the wedding reception. Nikolas realized that Britt and her newborn son, Ben, were homeless, so he invited Britt and the baby to stay at Wyndemere. Taylor and Rafe hatched a plan to break up T.J. and Molly. Shawn learned that Vince had been working for Julian Jerome. Julian killed Vince. An explosion rocked Port Charles when Julian made a move against Sonny. Sabrina's old flame, Carlos, arrived in Port Charles. Carlos was revealed to be working for Julian.
September 23 to 27, 2013
Ava overheard Silas confess to Sam that he wasn't interested in Ava because he wanted Sam. Kiki told Morgan that their marriage was over because he had pushed her to marry him, knowing that she was not related to Michael. Morgan felt betrayed by his father and accused Sonny of choosing Michael over Morgan. Morgan sought solace in Ava's arms because he believed that she was the only person that he could trust. Carly was horrified when she realized that Morgan had spent the night in Ava's bed. Kiki washed her hands of Ava after she learned about Ava and Morgan's tryst. Carly persuaded Sonny that he should set an example for his children and take his medication. Diane revealed that the state of New York had frozen Franco's assets because the families of Franco's victims had filed a civil suit against him. Franco decided to paint a few pieces to replenish his coffers. Lulu and Dante asked Maxie and Spinelli to be Connie's godparents. Brad made his way to the church when he heard about Connie's christening. Carlos questioned Patrick's commitment to Sabrina because Patrick still wore a wedding band. Luke turned up on Cassadine Island, where he had an encounter with Helena. Dr. Obrecht slipped into Wyndemere.
September 30 to October 4, 2013
Dr. Obrecht kidnapped Ben and spirited him to Cassadine Island. Jerry promised to return Robin to her family after she developed a cure for polonium poisoning. Jerry gave Robin a DVD of the 2013 Nurses Ball to provide her with incentive to work hard on the cure. Jerry decided to use Luke as a guinea pig when Robin developed a cure. Liesl Obrecht told Robin that "little Cesar" was Patrick's son. Robin managed to knock out Liesl. Patrick decided that it was time to put the past behind him, so he took off his wedding ring. Carlos continued to try to woo Sabrina by sending her flowers, but she insisted that they were over. Brad revealed to Dante and Lulu that Spinelli and Maxie were Connie's biological parents. Spinelli and Maxie each decided that they wanted to raise their daughter, while Dante and Lulu took steps to secure custody of Connie. Morgan helped Ava move into a new apartment and then persuaded her to let him move in, so they could continue their affair. Kiki agreed to live with Michael. Franco was stunned when his friend, Sebastian, showed an interest in Heather's painting rather than Franco's new works of art. Franco made plans to visit Heather. Robert emerged from the coma and told Anna that Robin was alive.
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October 7 to 11, 2013
Mac and Anna rushed to Robert's side when they received word that Robert had emerged from the coma. Robert confided to Anna that their daughter was alive. Jerry made it clear that Robin would not leave the island alive if she failed to formulate a cure. Robin found Jerry's cell phone. Tracy confronted Jerry with a gun. Liesl, disguised as Anna, paid Cesar Faison a visit in jail to tell him about his grandson and to help him to escape. Britt confessed to Nikolas that Faison was her father. Patrick confided to Elizabeth that he felt closer to Robin than ever, but Elizabeth suspected that it was because he knew that it was time to say goodbye to the past. Franco was not pleased when he learned that Carly and Derek had dinner plans, so he enlisted Diane's help to make Carly jealous. Alexis told Carly about her suspicions that Julian might be Sam's father, so Alexis needed Lucas to have a DNA test. Things heated up between Silas and Sam when they spent time together at the penthouse. Sonny tried to reach out to Morgan, but Morgan insisted that Sonny was dead to him. Sonny warned Ava to watch her back because she had made an enemy of him. Spinelli and Maxie turned to Diane for help when Dante and Lulu refused to relinquish Connie to them.
October 14 to 18, 2013
Faison confirmed to Anna that Robin was alive. Liesl Obrecht helped Faison to escape from Steinmauer Maximum Security Prison. Nikolas recognized the background in Liesl's video message to Britt, so he told Anna that Liesl might be hiding out on Cassadine Island. Robert insisted on accompanying Anna to rescue their daughter. Tracy turned the tables on Jerry and injected Luke with a full dose of the serum that Robin had developed to cure the polonium poisoning. Robin used Jerry's cell phone to call Patrick, but the connection was bad. Nikolas encountered Robin in the lab. Patrick decided to honor Robin by moving forward with his life, so he asked Sabrina to marry him. Morgan discovered that Derek Wells was Ava's silent partner. Silas revealed to Kiki that Ava had a brother who had financially backed Ava's first art gallery. Sonny's interest was piqued when he overheard Kiki mention to Michael that Ava had lied about being an only child. Sonny suspected that Derek Wells might be Julian Jerome. Lucas provided a DNA sample to help determine if Sam was Julian Jerome's daughter.
October 21 to 25, 2013
Sabrina accepted Patrick's proposal of marriage. Jerry sent Liesl Obrecht and Faison to Port Charles with Robin so Robin could get what she needed from Luke to formulate a cure for Jerry. However, Jerry warned Robin not to let anyone know that she was alive until Jerry had the life-saving serum. Jerry held Anna and Robert hostage and threatened to kill them if Robin failed to comply. Britt confessed to Faison that Ben was not her biological child. Faison told Nikolas about Britt's secret, but she claimed that she had lied to her father. A DNA test confirmed that Lucas Jones and Sam had the same father, Julian Jerome. Sam talked to Lucy about Victor and learned that Victor might have had a daughter with one of his mistresses. Morgan confronted Ava and Julian when he overheard the siblings discuss their relationship and plans for Sonny. Morgan threatened to tell Sonny and stormed out of the office, so Julian ordered Carlos to kill Morgan. Morgan felt betrayed when he learned that Sonny had hired Michael to run Pozzulo's, so Morgan offered to work for Julian. Diane realized that Franco's works of art were not his creations. Franco assured her that the real artist would not object to him selling the paintings as his own. Scott and Lucy had an encounter with Heather outside of Kelly's.
October 28 to November 1, 2013
The people of Port Charles celebrated Halloween by dressing up and attending a party at the hospital. Robin slipped into a cloak and mask so she could go to the hospital to be near her loved ones. Robin was rattled when Emma introduced Sabrina and explained that Sabrina would be her new mother. The custody battle heated up when Lulu decided to use Maxie's past transgressions to prove that Maxie was an unfit mother. Sonny gave Michael a job managing Pozzulo's. Morgan planted a listening device in Sonny's office to help Julian spy on Sonny. Sonny had a chat with "Derek," knowing that he was Julian Jerome. Ava's mother, Delia, revealed to Sam and Silas that Victor Jerome was Ava's father. Nikolas questioned if Britt was really Ben's biological mother when Felix pointed out that Ben didn't look like Britt or Brad. Elizabeth couldn't seem to take her eyes off of Nikolas as he spent time with Britt at the party. Duke feared that Faison had managed to turn the tables on Robert and Anna when Anna failed to check in, so Duke went to Wyndemere, looking for answers.
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November 4 to 8, 2013
Luke assured Tracy that he wanted the "whole enchilada," so Tracy warned Luke that she liked her enchiladas spicy. Duke wrestled a gun away from Faison and confronted Obrecht, who had unsuccessfully tried to pass herself off as Anna. Faison managed to regain the upper hand when Duke turned his back on Faison. Robin successfully avoided detection at the hospital. Elizabeth questioned the nature of Britt and Nikolas' relationship, so Britt reminded Elizabeth that Elizabeth had chosen A.J. Morgan gave Scott an incriminating recording of Sonny and Lazaro plotting together. Scott used the recording to blackmail Lazaro into stepping down as district attorney. Sonny realized that his son had betrayed him when he found the bug that Morgan had planted in the office. Sonny decided that it was time to eliminate Julian Jerome, so he ordered Shawn to take a sniper's position outside of the gallery. Heather attended Franco's art show and accused Franco of taking credit for her paintings. Scott threatened to arrest Franco, but Heather objected and revealed that Franco was her son with Scott. Scott was shocked when Heather produced a birth certificate and DNA test to confirm her claims.
November 11 to 15, 2013
Sonny confronted Morgan about planting a bug in Sonny's office. Sonny found comfort in Olivia's arms. Michael and Morgan had a violent altercation on the docks. Kiki was horrified when Michael fell into the harbor and disappeared under the water. Morgan left Michael to drown. Franco jumped into the water and fished Michael out. Carly decided to take a leap of faith with Franco. Sam was disillusioned with Julian when he explained that he wouldn't bank his bone marrow for Danny because it was the only thing that would keep Sonny from killing Julian. Julian kissed Alexis. Patrick and Sabrina made arrangements to get married the following week. Nikolas enlisted Britt's help to sneak Robin into the hospital's lab so Robin could use Luke's blood sample to isolate the cure for Jerry Jacks. Robin overheard a private conversation between Patrick and Sabrina. Carlos encountered Robin. Nikolas confessed to Britt that he had cared about her. Duke was held captive in the catacombs. Duke turned Liesl against Faison. Elizabeth was called to testify at the custody hearing. Maxie was deeply hurt when Alexis accused Maxie of murdering Robin. Diane countered by questioning Lulu about the death of Logan Hayes and Lulu's abortion. Diane caught Lulu in a lie, so Diane asked Dante if Lulu had perjured herself on the stand. Robert and Anna escaped from the lab on Cassadine Island.
November 18 to 22, 2013
Scott tried to introduce security footage from Metro Court that had been taken on the night of Connie's murder, but Diane pointed out that the footage wasn't complete. Ava threw a stack of DVDs marked as Metro Court security footage into a barrel and then set fire to them. Elizabeth confided to Patrick that her relationship with A.J. was over. Patrick asked Elizabeth to be his "best person," so she decided to take Patrick out for a bachelor party. Felix agreed to be Sabrina's "person of honor" at the wedding. Sabrina had a surprise visit from a mystery person. Carlos tried to tell Sabrina about his encounter with Robin, but Sabrina refused to believe him. Robert and Anna escaped from the laboratory on Cassadine Island. Robert, Anna, and Luke joined forces and headed to Wyndemere. Anna found Duke as Liesl was about to shoot him. Robert was overjoyed when he encountered Robin in a bedroom. The judge denied Lulu and Dante's petition for custody of Connie. Maxie was declared an unfit mother, so Spinelli was granted full custody of the baby. The judge made it clear that Maxie was not allowed to have any contact with the baby, so Spinelli and the baby moved in with Sam.
November 25 to 29, 2013
Juan Santiago surprised his cousin, Sabrina, with a quick visit to drop off her mother's wedding gown. Ava told Patrick that Carlos had seen Robin in the lab. Patrick decided to stop by the lab to investigate Carlos' claim before heading to the church to marry Sabrina. Britt suggested that Patrick wasn't truly over Robin and advised him to postpone the wedding. Robin reunited with Robert, Anna, and Duke. Robert and Anna discovered that Faison, Luke, and Nikolas had disappeared. Robert and Anna found Faison and his henchmen in the stables, where Luke and Nikolas had been held hostage. Anna and Robert set a trap and turned the tables on Faison. Anna decided that Faison had to die. Robin raced to the church to stop Patrick from marrying Sabrina. Spinelli and the baby settled in at Sam's penthouse. Maxie ignored the judge's order and turned up on Spinelli's doorstep, asking to see their daughter. Brad warned Britt that she couldn't keep lying about her son's paternity because Ben didn't look anything like Brad, who was Asian. Bobbie found Jerry handcuffed to the bed in Luke's suite when she stopped by to pick up her brother before the wedding. Jerry begged Bobbie to help him to get the cure. Jerry decided to force Luke to produce the cure by threatening Bobbie's life.
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December 2 to 6, 2013
Emma ran into her mother's loving arms when she spotted Robin at the church. Sabrina fled the church in tears when she saw Patrick kiss Robin. Carlos took Sabrina to his place, so she could drown her sorrows with a bottle of tequila. Patrick caught up with Sabrina outside of Carlos' apartment in time to witness a kiss between Carlos and Sabrina. After Sabrina left, Patrick warned Carlos to stay away from Sabrina. Sabrina was shocked when Robin turned up on her doorstep. Shawn confirmed that Carlos was not related to Lily Rivera, so Sonny decided to strike out at Julian through Carlos. Anna told Duke that Derek Wells was Julian Jerome. Sonny offered Duke a job. Jerry fell from Metro Court's roof, but the awning broke his fall. Jerry made a deal with Julian in exchange for Julian's help to escape. Carly warned her mother that Julian Jerome was alive. Sam made it clear that she did not want anything to do with Julian's world. Julian's interest was piqued when Sam mentioned Lucas. Maxie made her way to the cemetery to talk to her sister one last time. Georgie tried to help her sister, but Maxie was unaware of her sister's presence. Maxie was about to take an overdose of pills when Robin saw Maxie at Georgie's grave. Maxie was overjoyed to realize that Robin was alive. Ellie received a job offer in Portland, Oregon, so Spinelli offered to pack up the baby and move with Ellie. Heather returned to Port Charles.
December 9 to 13, 2013
Robin asked Sabrina to walk away from Patrick, but Sabrina insisted that it should be Patrick's decision, not theirs. Robert assured Anna that he had taken care of Faison, so no one would ever find Faison or know what Robert and Anna had done. Sam warned Carly that Julian might ask questions about Lucas because Sam had mentioned Lucas' name during an encounter with Julian. Sonny and Shawn took Carlos to the cemetery to dig his own grave, but Carlos claimed a family connection to Sonny's first wife, Lily. Sonny decided to hold off on killing Carlos until Sonny could confirm Carlos' story. Heather lured Franco out of his hotel suite so she could kill Carly. Heather was shocked when Franco stabbed her. Franco dumped Heather's body into a freshly dug grave at the cemetery. After Franco left, Heather's hand pushed through the dirt, indicating that she was alive. Kevin agreed to take Franco on as a patient to help Franco sort things out. Lucy and Scott had a one-night stand. Lucy was filled with regret and decided to work on her marriage, so Scott advised her not to tell Kevin about their tryst. Dante and Lulu decided to try again to have a baby but were shocked when Ellie revealed that the frozen embryos were missing. Spinelli went to Maxie's apartment so she could say goodbye to their daughter before he moved to Portland.
December 16 to 20, 2013
Maxie spent time with her daughter, Georgie, before Spinelli and Ellie left town. Julian's interest was piqued when he saw that Bobbie had received a phone call from Lucas, so he asked her who Lucas was. Luke managed to give Julian a reasonable explanation for the phone call without tipping Julian off to Bobbie's son. Shawn received confirmation that Carlos had lied about being Lily's brother, so Sonny decided that it was time for Carlos to die. Morgan manipulated Molly and T.J. into tracking down Carlos. T.J. freed Carlos, believing that it was the only way to keep Shawn safe from Sonny's enemies and the police. Carlos was unable to escape before Sonny and Shawn arrived, so Carlos took T.J. hostage. Julian and Morgan arrived at the warehouse with guns blazing. Sam helped Patrick realize that his heart already knew who he wanted, so he paid Sabrina a visit. Britt and her mother talked about their decision to implant Britt with Dante and Lulu's embryos. Britt feared that Nikolas would want nothing to do with her if he found out that Ben was his sister's son. Brad decided to cover for Britt by showing Dante and Lulu documentation suggesting that Ellie had mistakenly authorized the embryos to be destroyed. Silas received an unsettling phone call from a New York City detective.
December 23 to 27, 2013
Dante was certain that Sonny had confessed to accidentally shooting Max because Morgan had been the real shooter. Morgan suggested that Sonny had lost it, so he advised Dante to keep a close eye on their father. Morgan was relieved when Max began to slowly recover from the shooting. Ava took the opportunity to push A.J.'s buttons by accusing him of getting away with murder. A.J. succumbed to the temptation of alcohol after the encounter with Ava. Patrick broke things off with Sabrina because he realized that his heart had always belonged to Robin. Robin and Patrick spent Christmas together as a family with their daughter. Patrick confessed that he had never been happier. Carlos turned to Sabrina for help. Sabrina reluctantly agreed to hide Carlos in her apartment until he could figure things out. Felix questioned if Sabrina might be pregnant after she experienced a bout of nausea. Britt offered to help Dante and Lulu have another baby. Dante and Lulu unwittingly spent time with their son on Christmas when Nikolas stopped by for a visit with Britt and Ben in tow. Maxie decided to leave town for a few months, so she stopped by the loft to say goodbye to Lulu.
December 30 to January 3, 2014
Maxie paid Lulu a visit to apologize and to let Lulu know about Maxie's plan to leave town for a while. Lulu admitted that she and Maxie had both said some things that they could never take back, but she wished Maxie well. Maxie sublet her apartment to Detective Nathan West before leaving town. Anna agreed to accept the young detective's transfer request when Nathan explained his reasons for wanting to move to Port Charles. Silas and Sam made love on New Year's Eve, but Silas' good spirits quickly faded when Nathan caught up with Silas at the hospital. Dante and Lulu were shocked when Britt revealed that Lulu didn't have any viable eggs to harvest for fertilization. Lulu was devastated by the news and decided to move out of the loft because she had nothing left to give, and she continued to resent Dante for not having had her back when she had needed him most. Robin and Patrick rang in the New Year by renewing their vows. Emma was delighted when her parents asked her to officiate the impromptu recommitment ceremony. Felix suggested that Sabrina's bout of sickness was a result of pregnancy, so he pushed her to take a pregnancy test. Sabrina was stunned when the test confirmed that she was pregnant. Morgan decided that he wanted out of the Jerome organization, so he paid Julian a visit.
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