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January 2 to January 6, 2012
Sam realized that her period was late, so she purchased a home pregnancy test. Jax secretly returned to Port Charles. During Carly's New Year's Eve bash at Metro Court, Michael angrily confronted his mother about Jax surviving the plane crash. Alexis, Sonny, and Kate took turns ranting at Carly after Michael stormed off. In his fury, Michael stepped into the path of Jason's motorcycle. Jason managed to avoid a collision, but the accident triggered memories of Jake's tragic death. Sonny refused to give in to Michael's demands to join the Corinthos organization, so Michael turned to Johnny. Anthony made plans to marry Tracy, despite her refusal to accept his proposal. Ethan shared an unexpected New Year's Eve kiss with the lady in white. Later, Spinelli and Ethan were stunned when Ewen revealed that the lady in white was his patient. Maxie asked Matt to move in with her after Lulu officially moved out. Spinelli decided that three was a crowd, so he moved out of the penthouse. Robin made plans to secretly fly to Seattle to meet with a doctor, instead of heading to an AIDS conference in Africa. Robin confessed to Elizabeth that her viral loads were unstable, and that the new drug protocol might not be effective, so she wanted Elizabeth to take care of Patrick and Emma in her place. Jason collapsed at Patrick's feet shortly after arriving at the hospital to talk to Robin.
January 9 to January 13, 2012
A pregnancy test confirmed that Sam was indeed pregnant. Patrick warned Sam that Jason needed to stay calm until they could figure out why Jason was experiencing bouts of rage and fainting spells. Spinelli's friends quickly located Franco, so Spinelli shared the information with Jason. Jason went to Franco's gallery to confront Franco. Franco tried to play head games with Jason, but Jason shot Franco dead, and then set fire to the gallery. Jason went home, and told Sam that Franco was out of their lives for good, but Sam revealed that she was pregnant. Kate and Sonny made love, and then decided to take their relationship public. Michael continued to lash out at those around him, as he remained determined to join the mob. Carly agreed to sleep with Johnny in exchange for Johnny's promise not to let Michael join the Zacchara organization. Carly turned to Luke for help in obtaining information that she could use to gain the upper hand with Johnny. After the police released a man suspected of attacking the dancers from Vaughn's, Michael turned to Sonny for help. Sonny refused to murder a man based on a hunch, so Michael decided to buy a gun to do the deed himself. Someone waited for Sonny to be alone, and then opened fire. Robin left for Seattle to see a specialist, but told everyone that she was attending an AIDS conference in Africa. Elizabeth revealed to Patrick that Robin's viral loads were unstable. Ethan and Cassandra made love. Ewen warned Cassandra to stay away from Ethan.
January 16 to January 20, 2012
Dr. Lee told Sam that it was possible to find out the paternity of the baby, so Sam and Jason decided to have the test done, so that they would know what they were facing. An unknown assailant shot Sonny, but it was only a superficial wound. Sonny was certain that the shooter was Johnny, but Jason argued that it had been the work of an amateur. Kate had second thoughts about seeing Sonny when Sonny tried to keep her from finding out about the shooting. Kate arranged to meet a mystery person at the airport, but bumped into Jax instead. Michael bought a gun after Sonny and Johnny refused to kill the man who had been questioned in the attacks on the dancers without sufficient proof that the man was truly guilty of the brutal attacks. Michael was surprised when he encountered Jax on the waterfront. Jax offered Michael some fatherly advice. Shawn was shocked when the son of the man that Shawn had killed in Afghanistan turned up in Port Charles. T.J. Ashford was a troubled young man, who immediately got into a scrape with the law when he stole a car, and then went joyriding. Mac agreed to let T.J. go with a warning, because Shawn promised to keep an eye on T.J. Luke was given some unexpected news about Johnny that he quickly shared with Sonny. Carly was stunned when Johnny backed out of their deal to sleep together, in exchange for Johnny's promise to keep Michael out of the organization. Anthony arranged to marry Tracy on a yacht. Tracy was delighted when Luke showed up before Tracy and Anthony exchanged wedding vows. Maxie asked Spinelli to move in. Robin returned to Port Charles after her trip to Seattle.
January 23 to January 27, 2012
Sam and Jason learned that it would take a week for the results of the paternity test to be available. Alexis figured out that Sam was pregnant. Sam confirmed that she was expecting, but Sam asked Alexis not to tell anyone about the baby until Sam and Jason were certain that everything was fine with the pregnancy. Sam experienced abdominal cramping. Molly was hurt when T.J. teased her about her MyFace page. Ethan and Cassandra spent some time away from the castle. Tracy made it clear to Anthony that she had no intention of consummating their marriage. Maxie was stunned when she learned that the man with the fedora, who had been following her, had been hired by Anthony to keep Maxie safe. Matt was not pleased when he learned that Spinelli had moved in with Maxie. Johnny was shocked when Sonny revealed that Johnny's birth parents were Gino Soleito and Claudia Zacchara. Johnny confronted Anthony about Sonny's claims, so Anthony explained that Claudia had schemed to sleep with Gino to extort money from the mobster. Johnny retaliated against Sonny by blowing up a pier that Sonny had bought. Johnny vowed to break Sonny, or die trying. Dante found Michael crouched over Chuck Donofrio's body. Michael denied killing the man suspected of attacking the dancers from Vaughn's. Dante took steps to make certain that no one knew that Michael had discovered Donofrio's body. Olivia and Maxie were concerned about Lulu's drinking habits.
January 30 to February 3, 2012
Michael went to ELQ to pack up Abby's desk. Edward was delighted when Michael agreed to think about returning to work at ELQ. Robin told Jason that he had swelling on the brain. Sam wondered if Jason needed surgery, but Jason explained that Robin and Patrick planned to monitor his situation for a while. Dr. Lee called Sam to tell Sam that the results of the paternity test were in. Maxie and Spinelli set their plan in motion to make Matt jealous. Matt seemed oblivious to Maxie's games, because he was focused on Elizabeth's blossoming relationship with Ewen. Sonny confronted Kate when he realized that she had lied to him about a business trip. Sonny demanded to know why Kate was in Chicago, instead of Palm Springs. Kate admitted that she was in Chicago to see another man, and then admitted that the man was a therapist. Carly was startled when Shawn invited her out on a date. Carly suspected that Shawn wanted to go out with her, because he was concerned about her relationship with Johnny. Olivia was stunned when she caught Johnny and Carly in a heated kiss. Maggie warned Steve not to tell Olivia about their secret, because Olivia's son was a police officer. Lulu learned about a job opening at the police station. Delores was disappointed when her husband failed to show for an evening out with Dante and Lulu. The man responsible for the attacks on the dancers targeted Delores, but she managed to escape with minor injuries. Cassandra wasn't surprised to see Helena at Wyndemere.
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February 6 to February 10, 2012
Sonny confronted Kate about going to Chicago, instead of to Palm Springs on business, so she confessed that she was in Chicago to see a therapist. Kate was shaken when a man named Marc left her a message to call him. Sonny decided to host a dedication ball at Metro Court to announce his plans to donate a pulmonary wing at General Hospital. Carly was shocked when Kate revealed that Jax had sold Kate his shares of the hotel. Sonny felt betrayed by Kate's business deal with Jax. After a heated argument with Sonny, Kate returned home to look at the wedding dress, which was covered with her blood, that she had worn when she was shot on the altar. Spinelli agreed to help Maxie make Matt jealous, but their ruse failed. Maxie grew frustrated that Matt spent more time focusing on Elizabeth than on her, so she decided to push Ewen in Elizabeth's direction. Matt grew tired of Maxie's ongoing games, so he broke things off with her. Ewen offered Elizabeth some advice on how to deal with Cameron, who was acting out because Lucky was gone. Elizabeth was surprised when Ewen asked her to go to the ball at Metro Court. Jason and Sam were overjoyed when Kelly revealed that the paternity test confirmed that Jason was the father of Sam's baby. Jason and Sam spent some time celebrating the good news at the cabin where they had spent their first wedding night. Monica was delighted when Jason told her about the baby. Jason continued to experience problems as a result of the swelling on his brain. Jason collapsed after he found a gift from Franco on the balcony of the penthouse. Robin learned that the new drug protocol was working. Alexis was stunned when Diane confessed to sleeping with Mac. Cassandra was revealed to be in cahoots with Helena.
February 13 to February 17, 2012
Dante spotted a clue to the identity of the man who had assaulted the dancers, in the alley where Delores was attacked. Dante realized that the attacker had dragged his right foot. Delores was surprised that Johnny knew that her husband, Eddie, had injured his right leg in a construction site accident. Jason's painful neurological episodes continued to increase in intensity and frequency as the swelling on his brain progressed. Robin raced to find a cure for Jason, but two of the three protocols that she had narrowed it down to had failed. An accident in Robin's lab led to Patrick succumbing to toxic fumes. Jason and Sam were unsettled to realize that the DVD that Franco had left on their balcony was footage of Jason when Jason had been a newborn baby in the hospital. Jason asked Spinelli to find out how Franco had managed to obtain the video. Carly was delighted when Jason told her that Sam was pregnant, but it was bittersweet, because she was concerned about Jason's health. Maxie told Monica that Elizabeth had taken some drugs from the supply closet over the summer, so Monica suspended Elizabeth, pending an investigation. Matt accused Maxie of acting out of spite and jealously, so he ended their relationship. Ewen invited Elizabeth to the benefit gala at Metro Court, but never showed. T.J. decided to host a party at Molly's house while Alexis was at the benefit. Ethan caught Cassandra in a lie, but Cassandra managed to talk her way out of it. Anna Devane returned to Port Charles for a visit with her daughter.
February 20 to February 24, 2012
Tragedy struck when Robin found Patrick collapsed in the hospital's lab. Robin dragged Patrick to safety, and then returned to the lab to fetch the only vial of life-saving medication for Jason. The lab doors slid closed, and then locked, before Robin could escape, so she put the vial in a small transfer container, and then begged Patrick to go. Patrick vowed to return with help, but the lab exploded seconds after Patrick left. Robin was killed in the blast, and burned beyond recognition. Sam was stunned when Patrick informed her that he did not intend to give Jason the medication, because Patrick blamed Jason for Robin's death. Sam pleaded with Patrick to reconsider, but he was too grief-stricken to see past his pain. An unknown assassin targeted Dante, but Sonny took the bullet when he pushed Dante to the ground. A distraught Kate ended up on the waterfront, wearing her blood-strained wedding gown. Kate confessed to Ewen that she had lost large blocks of time in the past. Things heated up between Carly and Johnny. Molly called Michael for help when T.J. threw a party at the lake house. Michael found Molly passed out, drunk. Alexis was furious when she arrived home, but Molly took the blame. Eventually, T.J. admitted that the party had been his idea, so Alexis forbade Molly to see T.J. again. Starr Manning and Cole Thornhart arrived in Port Charles with their daughter, Hope. Cole suggested that he and Starr get married, but before she could give Cole an answer, Anthony's car careened into their car. Ethan was stunned when Helena revealed that Cassandra was really Irina Cassadine, Helena's daughter, and that Irina had been sent to Port Charles to seduce Ethan. Irina insisted that she loved Ethan, but Ethan sensed that there was more to the story. Helena admitted that she had captured Luke, and then had her bodyguards drag Luke into the parlor.
February 27 to March 2, 2012
In a shocking twist, Helena shot and killed her daughter, when Irina tried to turn the tables on her mother. Ethan swore to avenge Cassandra's murder. Helena intended for Luke to see his son die, but Holly Sutton arrived in time to save Ethan, by claiming that Ethan was really Robert Scorpio's son. Helena decided to do a DNA test, and then return to carry out her deadly plan if the tests proved that Holly had lied. Patrick agreed to operate on Jason. Sam implored Patrick not to tell Jason about Robin's tragic death, because he feared that it would kill Jason. Carly disagreed with Sam's decision to keep Robin's death from Jason. Patrick agreed to go along with Sam's request, because he knew it was what Robin would have wanted. Patrick and Elizabeth gently broke the news of Robin's death to Emma. Robert refused to believe that Robin had been killed, so he went to the morgue to see his daughter's charred remains. Robert took off, overcome with grief and guilt, so Anna turned to Luke for help. Carly and Johnny's affair heated up. Anthony turned to Johnny for sanctuary. Olivia became concerned when she saw Kate in the bloodstained wedding gown, but Kate managed to explain her odd behavior away. Kate vowed to stay away from Sonny, but Sonny broke down Kate's defenses, and then persuaded her to give him another chance. Dante found a gun in Kate's office. Blair arrived in Port Charles. Epiphany told Blair about the car accident, and that Hope and Cole had been killed.
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MARCH 2012
March 5 to March 9, 2012
Robert couldn't live with the guilt over not being able to save Robin, so he decided to end his life. Desperate to save his friend's life, Luke told Robert that Ethan was Robert's son, and that Helena had kidnapped Ethan after murdering her own daughter. Holly warned Luke that Robert would be furious when Robert learned the truth about Ethan's paternity, but Luke didn't regret lying to his friend, because it had kept Robert from leaping to his death. Ethan agreed to go along with the ruse, and left town. Holly decided to join Robert on the hunt for Ethan, because she feared that Ethan would use the wild goose chase as an excuse to track down Helena. Lulu and Dante were baffled when they discovered that someone had deliberately deleted the crime scene photos that Dante had taken in the alley where Delores had been attacked. Lulu suspected that Delores had been the culprit. Ewen suggested that Kate might be suffering from dissociative identity disorder (DID), because of her blackouts, memory lapses, and waking up in clothes that she didn't recognize. Johnny was stunned when "Connie" appeared on his doorstep, and proposed that they arrange for Sonny to walk in on them in a compromising position, so that Sonny would end things with Kate. Johnny was reluctant to accept the offer, because he didn't want to take advantage of Kate, who was clearly mentally unstable. Anthony pushed Johnny to go along with the plan, because it would send Sonny on a downward spiral, which would make Sonny vulnerable. Dante arrested Sonny for murder, after Dante found a gun in Kate's office, that matched the bullets retrieved from the tires of Anthony's car. Todd decided to make Sonny pay for Hope and Cole's deaths when Starr recalled Sonny being blamed for the crash that had claimed Hope and Cole's lives. Steve confessed to Olivia that he had killed someone.
March 12 to March 16, 2012
Todd confronted Sonny in the courtroom after Sonny was released on bail. Carly, Blair, Michael, and Starr pleaded with Todd not to shoot Sonny, but Todd was determined to avenge the deaths of Hope and Cole. John McBain arrived from Llanview in time to stop Todd from pulling the trigger, and then placed Todd under arrest for jumping bail. Starr vowed to return to Port Charles to testify against Sonny. Johnny decided to turn down Connie's offer to set Sonny up to find Johnny and Kate in a compromising position, because he realized that Kate was truly mentally ill. Steve confessed to Olivia that he had killed a patient who had been in a persistent vegetative state, to harvest the murdering convict's heart to save the life of a young girl with a promising life. Friends and loved ones gathered to bid a final farewell to Robin. Maxie continued to be plagued with guilt over her role in the lab explosion that had claimed Robin's life. Maxie stormed into Robin's funeral, and then confessed that she had killed Robin. Sam decided not to tell Jason about Robin's death, even though a doctor had assured Monica that Jason was on the road to recovery, and strong enough to handle the news. Carly managed to slip into Jason's room by impersonating a janitor. Carly told Jason that Sam had been lying to him for days about Robin, and then revealed that Robin was dead.
March 19 to March 23, 2012
John McBain returned to Port Charles to help convict Sonny. Dante resented John's interference, but John was undeterred. John bumped into Sam at the church after Robin's funeral. Sam found something strangely familiar about John, so John suggested that perhaps they had known each other in a past life. Sam confided to John about her problems with Jason. Jason went to the bridge at Blackstone Canyon to say goodbye to Robin. Elizabeth showed up at the bridge to commemorate the one-year anniversary of Jake's death. Elizabeth helped Jason to forgive Sam, and then talked to him about Jake. Spinelli realized that the DVD that Franco had left for Jason held a clue. Maxie confessed to murdering Lisa Niles, so Mac arranged for Alexis to represent Maxie. Matt, Spinelli, and Mac vowed to prove that Maxie was lying about killing Lisa Niles. Spinelli turned to Elizabeth for help. Noah Drake returned to Port Charles to comfort Patrick during Patrick's time of grief. Luke paid Coleman to change the name of Coleman's bar to The Floating Rib. Luke thought that some people would appreciate not having to see a big neon sign bearing Jake's name. Elizabeth was grateful when Luke started a memorial fund in Jake's name. Luke confided to Lulu that he had lied about Ethan's paternity to give Robert the will to live. Tracy was startled to see Luke spending time with Anna. Olivia agreed to keep quiet about Anthony's whereabouts in exchange for Johnny's promise to leave Steve alone. Anthony decided to go to the police station to talk to Dante. Starr promised Hope and Cole that she would do everything in her power to make certain that Sonny paid for their deaths.
March 26 to March 30, 2012
Patrick prepared to sprinkle Robin's ashes on the site where they had planned to build their dream home, unaware that Robin was alive in an undisclosed medical facility. A mystery person held Robin captive. Anna and Elizabeth bonded, as they talked about what it was like to lose a child. Tracy was stunned when Luke invited Anna to share Luke's hotel suite. Anna accepted Luke's offer. Anthony warned Maxie not to implicate him in the cover-up of Lisa Niles's murder. Maxie quickly changed her story, claiming that she had arranged for Officer Briggs's forged suicide note, and then had murdered the first mate to cover up Lisa's murder. Archie Boles, the man who had written the forged suicide note, confirmed that Maxie had hired him. Mac was forced to arrest Maxie for murder. Ewen managed to draw Connie out during a hypnosis session. Kate was frustrated that Ewen was unable to find out how Connie planned to drive Sonny out of Kate's life. Ewen insisted that Kate continue treatment, even though Kate was terrified that Sonny would discover that she had dissociative identity disorder. Starr returned to Port Charles to testify at Sonny's trial. Sonny warned Jason that John McBain would not rest until Sonny was convicted and then sent to prison, so John needed to be dealt with. Sam decided to visit the hospital where Jason had been born, to see if she could find anything out about the DVD that Franco had left for Jason. Sam discovered that a page from Susan Moore's medical records was missing. Sam learned that Heather Webber had been Susan's birth coach. Dante, Lulu, and Ronnie became suspicious of Delores when it appeared that she might have covered up her husband's possible involvement in the attacks on the strippers. Delores agreed to feed Johnny information about Sonny's case in exchange for Johnny using his resources to find her sister's killer.
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APRIL 2012
April 2 to April 6, 2012
The man who had been targeting the dancers attacked Ranelle. Dante began to suspect that Delores' husband, Eddie, might have been responsible for all of the attacks when Ranelle turned over a piece of evidence that she had ripped off of her assailant. It was a visitor's pass to the Port Charles History Museum, where Eddie was working the nightshift on a construction project. Lulu suggested going undercover as a dancer at Vaughn's to draw the attacker out, but Dante reminded Lulu that Lulu was not a police officer. Michael opened his home to Starr, but they were careful not to tell anyone. Sonny warned Michael to stay away from Starr, because Starr believed that Sonny had been responsible for the crash that had claimed the lives of her daughter and fiancé. Jason had an uneasy feeling about Kate after he questioned her about the gun that had been found in her office. Jason was unaware that Connie had managed to emerge when Kate retreated under pressure. Connie resented Jason asking questions, so she attempted to drive a wedge between Jason and Sonny by telling Sonny that Jason had been in a rage, and had frightened her. Alexis suggested that the gun could have belonged to Kate, but Sonny made it clear that he did not want Kate implicated in the shooting. Ewen went out on a date with Elizabeth. Elizabeth noticed that Ewen acted oddly when Jasper Jacks's name was mentioned, so she was curious if Ewen knew Jax. Ewen claimed that he knew what he had read about the corporate raider. Sam agonized over whether or not to tell Jason about what she had discovered in New York City, when Heather had revealed that Franco was Jason's fraternal twin brother. Sam realized that the paternity test hadn't eliminated Franco as the baby's father after all. Sam ended up confiding everything to John. John offered to contact the FBI to obtain a sample of Franco's DNA, so that Sam could have another DNA test. John revealed to Anna that he blamed Sonny for the death of John's sister. Spinelli and Matt joined forces to investigate Lisa Niles's murder.
April 9 to April 13, 2012
Ewen was relieved when Elizabeth assured him that she didn't blame him for Kate's antics during Ewen and Elizabeth's date. Ewen urged Kate to check into a sanitarium for inpatient treatment. Kate feared that it would ruin her career if people found out that she had dissociative identity disorder. Kate was unsettled when she discovered a note from Connie. Kate realized that her headaches were a warning sign that Connie was emerging, so she was confident that she could keep Connie at bay. Spinelli discovered that Ewen had papers drawn up to commit Kate to a mental institution against her will, so he shared the information with Jason. Kate took the witness stand at Sonny's trial, and introduced herself as Connie Falconeri. Olivia turned to Ewen for help with Heather. Olivia feared that Heather had fooled Steve and the doctors at Ferncliff. Olivia and Ewen persuaded Steve that it would be wise to get a second opinion regarding Heather's mental state. Luke didn't trust Heather's claims that she was sane. Heather took an instant disliking to Anna. Tracy was delighted when Luke remembered her birthday by presenting her with a special gift. Michael was not happy to learn about Carly and Johnny's relationship. Carly and Johnny testified against Sonny at the trial. John McBain obtained a sample of Franco's DNA from the FBI, and then gave it to Sam. Sam decided to have a second paternity test, in the hopes of assuring Jason that Jason was the father of her baby when she told him about Franco. Kelly agreed to put a rush on the paternity test, so that Sam would have the results within twenty-four hours. Heather discovered that Sam was having a paternity test. Heather suggested that Jason should know about the test, but Sam threatened to tell Steve that Heather had sold Susan's baby, if Heather talked to Jason.
April 16 to April 20, 2012
A jury acquitted Sonny of causing the accident that had killed Hope and Cole. Starr decided to leave town, but stopped off at Johnny's penthouse to get some answers. Johnny learned that Starr had been working on a recording deal in Los Angeles, but the financial backing had fallen through. Starr was stunned when Johnny bought the record contract, so that Starr could remain in Port Charles to witness Sonny's downfall. Dante got wind of Johnny's illegal organ-selling ring, so he informed Johnny that they were onto him, and that the investigation into who had shot out Anthony's tires had been reopened. Connie intended to give Sonny a birthday present that he wouldn't forget, so she turned to Johnny for help. Sam was heartbroken when the second paternity test revealed that Franco was the father of her baby. Sam told Jason that Franco was his twin brother, and the father of her baby. Jason was hurt that Sam had kept secrets from him again, but Sam insisted that she had done it to protect Jason from more pain. John was determined to use the investigative allowance that Anna had obtained from the FBI to make Sonny pay for killing John's sister. Anna urged John to talk to Natalie about his plans. Maggie made the mistake of accusing Heather of being crazy, so Heather threatened Maggie. Steve asked Ewen to talk to Heather to determine if Heather were mentally unstable. Ewen explained that he would need more than one session with Heather to properly diagnose her. Spinelli concluded that Patrick had killed Lisa Niles, but Matt refused to believe that his brother was capable of murder. Lulu began to suspect that Ronnie had assaulted the dancers, so she talked to her father about it.
April 23 to April 27, 2012
Connie blackmailed Johnny, by threatening to accuse him of rape, if he didn't go along with her plans for Sonny to find Johnny in bed with "Kate." Connie was delighted when Sonny reacted, as she had anticipated, by breaking off his relationship with Kate. Carly also walked in on Johnny and "Kate" in bed together, so Carly ended things with Johnny. After Sonny cooled off, he realized that something else might be going on with Kate, because of her recent odd behavior and Jason's hints that Kate might be ill. Kate accused Johnny of taking advantage of her mental illness when she realized what had transpired while Connie was in control. Ewen persuaded Kate to check into Shadybrook. However, Connie emerged again, knocked Ewen out, and then fled. Elizabeth found Ewen's unconscious body. Jason was furious when he realized that Sam had been confiding to John McBain. Jason felt betrayed, because Sam had shared the results of the paternity test with John. Sam insisted that she had been trying to spare Jason unnecessary pain, but Jason accused Sam of lying. The Memphis police arrested Steve, so Olivia turned to Dante for help. Heather eavesdropped on Olivia and Dante's conversation, as Olivia revealed that Johnny had been blackmailing Steve. Lulu told Luke that she suspected Ronnie of attacking the dancers. Dante became worried when he failed to reach Lulu. Luke shared Lulu's suspicions with Dante. Spinelli theorized that Matt had killed Lisa Niles, and then had blocked out the memory. Spinelli raced to the courthouse to share his conclusions with Maxie. Maxie admitted that she had seen Matt kill Lisa, but she urged Spinelli not to tell anyone. Mac was stunned when Felicia showed up for Maxie's sentencing. Tracy tried to enlist Luke's help to end her marriage to Anthony by whatever means necessary.
April 30 to May 4, 2012
Dante became concerned when he was unable to locate Lulu. Luke revealed that Lulu had expressed concerns about Ronnie being responsible for the attacks on the dancers. Dante confronted Ronnie about Lulu's suspicions and disappearance. Ronnie deftly turned the tables on Dante, by accusing Dante of attacking the dancers. Dante was arrested, so Ronnie returned to the motel room where Lulu had been held hostage. Sam demanded to know if Jason would be able to love her baby. Jason admitted to Sam that he didn't know if he could look at the baby without being reminded of what Franco had done to Sam. Sam decided that she and Jason needed some space to figure things out. Sam went to stay at a motel, and by coincidence, was given a room next to John McBain's. John and Dante closed in on Ronnie. John was stunned to realize that Ronnie had also kidnapped Sam because John found a special item that Sam had left behind in Ronnie's motel room. Ronnie managed to spirit Sam and Lulu to the Haunted Star. Johnny told Carly that Kate had dissociative identity disorder. Carly refused to forgive Johnny for sleeping with Kate, and then went to Jason's to tell Jason about Kate's DID. Meanwhile, Connie made plans to leave the country. Starr stole a gun from Johnny's penthouse, and then went to Greystone Manor to force Sonny to return to the scene of the accident where Hope and Cole had perished. Starr was determined that Sonny should die. Michael confronted Johnny about Johnny's affair with Kate. Johnny warned Michael that Starr had gone after Sonny. Maxie was sentenced to twenty years in Pentonville, without the possibility of parole. Maxie begged Spinelli not to add to Patrick's pain by revealing that Matt had killed Lisa Niles. Heather spiked Maggie's drink with a lethal dose of prescription medication. Heather intended to pin the murder of Steve's patient on Maggie by forging a suicide note.
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MAY 2012
May 7 to May 11, 2012
Ronnie kidnapped Sam and Lulu. John McBain killed Ronnie, after Sam pretended to faint while Ronnie held a gun to her. Jason warned John to stay away from Sam. Alexis learned that Sam had moved out of the penthouse and into the Rendezvous Motel. Jason and Elizabeth marked Jake's fifth birthday by visiting their son's grave. Spinelli found footage of Lisa's murder when he checked the security cameras at the Haunted Star. Spinelli was careful to turn over a grainy copy, which showed a dark-haired man killing Lisa. Mac and Felicia were eager to use the tape to get Maxie released from jail. Heather poisoned Maggie, and then sent the Memphis police a letter from Maggie confessing to the murder. Heather's plans nearly fell apart when Maggie was found clinging to life in Maggie's apartment; however, Maggie succumbed to the overdose at the hospital. Kate was arrested for attacking Ewen. Kate told Sonny about her dissociative identity disorder, but Sonny didn't believe her. Jason warned Sonny that Kate was seriously ill and needed help. Sonny asked Alexis to represent Kate. Todd overheard Kate confide to Alexis that Connie might have shot out Anthony's tires. Starr was charged with attempted murder when Michael gave the police a statement about Starr threatening to kill Sonny. Téa Delgado arrived in town to represent Starr legally. Johnny vowed to win Carly back because he was in love with her.
May 14 to May 18, 2012
Kate confided to Alexis that it was possible that Connie had shot out Anthony's tires, which had led to Cole and Hope's deaths. Todd overheard Kate's confession, so Todd offered to use his media empire to paint Kate in a sympathetic light in exchange for Sonny dropping the charges against Starr and Michael recanting. Sonny watched as Kate tearfully confronted Connie. Connie told Sonny that she had shot out Anthony's tires. Matt went to Pentonville to let Maxie know that Spinelli had uncovered proof that Maxie hadn't killed Lisa Niles. Maxie begged Matt to keep Spinelli from turning over the evidence to the police, because an investigation would lead to Matt as the killer. Matt was stunned when Maxie admitted that she had seen Matt kill Lisa. The judge refused to vacate Maxie's conviction and sentence based on the grainy photograph that Spinelli had offered as proof of Maxie's innocence. The district attorney explained that the photograph could have been doctored. Spinelli reluctantly revealed that Matt had killed Lisa. The district attorney agreed to set Maxie free, if Maxie agreed to testify against Matt. Maxie refused to consider betraying Matt. Epiphany confronted Patrick about neglecting Emma and hiding out at the house to avoid moving forward without Robin. Patrick decided to return to work and operate on Ewen. Tracy stepped up her plans to kill Anthony. Luke feared that Tracy would end up in jail, so he agreed to help Tracy. Anthony turned to Johnny for help, but Johnny refused. Anthony was stunned when Johnny confessed that he had been responsible for shooting out Anthony's tires.
May 21 to May 25, 2012
Sonny realized that Kate had dissociative identity disorder when he had a face-to-face encounter with Connie. Kate suffered a complete breakdown after learning that Connie had bragged about shooting out Anthony's tires. Sonny accepted Todd's offer for Sonny to drop the charges against Starr in exchange for Todd's silence about Kate's role in Cole and Hope's deaths. Starr's case was dismissed when Sonny requested that Michael change his story on the witness stand. Anthony was stunned when Johnny confessed that he had shot out the tires of Anthony's car. Johnny explained that Claudia had visited Johnny in a dream and had implored Johnny to kill Anthony for denying Claudia the opportunity to raise Johnny. Johnny admitted that he had persuaded Connie to take responsibility for the shooting, because Sonny would never be able to forgive a woman for killing a child. In a shocking twist, Johnny killed his grandfather in cold blood. Johnny planted Anthony's body in the Quartermaine boathouse, in an attempt to frame Tracy for the murder. Luke tried to help Tracy hide Anthony's body, but the body disappeared from under their noses. Carly contemplated giving Johnny a second chance. Molly questioned why Sam and Jason weren't together, so Sam told Molly about the rape and the baby's paternity. Molly accidentally spilled the beans to Alexis that Jason wasn't the father of Sam's baby. Jason told Monica that his biological mother, Susan, had given birth to twin boys: Jason and Franco. Sam warned Heather that it was only a matter of time before Steve learned that Heather had sold Franco on the black market. Maxie signed the paperwork, agreeing to testify against Matt. Mac was fired because of what had happened with Ronnie and the department's numerous unsolved cases. Kristina returned to Port Charles.
May 28 to June 1, 2012
Johnny decided to frame Tracy and Luke for Anthony's murder by stashing Anthony's body in the boathouse on the Quartermaine estate, and then calling in an anonymous tip to report hearing gunshots. Tracy and Luke panicked when the police showed up at the boathouse, so they dragged Anthony's body to the terrace, and then made it appear that Anthony had passed out. Heather realized that Anthony was dead, so she stole the corpse, and then took it to the woods to bury it. Jason was arrested by the Beechers Corners police department after someone called in an anonymous tip that Jason had killed Franco. Jason was certain that John McBain was behind the arrest. Jason and Sonny took steps to send John a message. Sam went into labor at the motel during a storm. John was on hand to help deliver her baby boy. John left to get help for Sam, but Jason's thugs intercepted him. Sam grew concerned when her son's breathing became shallow. Kristina returned to Port Charles and announced that she planned to star in a reality show called Mob Princess. Maxie's sentence was vacated, but she managed to avoid testifying against Matt by marrying him. The district attorney vowed to find a way to make Matt pay for killing Lisa Niles. Todd found Téa unconscious in the parking garage, so he rushed her to the hospital in a storm. Todd swerved off of the road when a cell tower fell across the highway. Téa went into labor, and then gave birth to a baby boy, who was eerily silent. Todd tried to find help for the baby, but ran into Heather.
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JUNE 2012
June 4 to June 8, 2012
Heather buried Anthony's body in the woods. Sam made her way to the cabin near the motel to get help for her baby, but passed out before Todd answered her knock. Téa assumed that the baby in Todd's arms was hers, so Heather persuaded Todd not to correct Téa. According to Heather, Sam had intended to abandon the infant. Sam insisted that the dead baby that Jason had handed to her was not her son. Sam was certain that there had a been a baby switch, which Jason attributed to denial. Todd decided to whisk Téa and the baby to Llanview, before anyone realized that Téa's son was really Sam's infant. Sam asked John why he had never returned for her and the baby. John refused to tell Sam, but Sam learned from a nurse that John had been assaulted. Heather looked at the original paternity results of Sam's baby, which had revealed that Jason, not Franco, was the father. Kristina had a change of heart about the Mob Princess reality show when the camera crew tried to exploit Sam's loss. Carly agreed to give Johnny a second chance on the condition that he never lie to or keep secrets from her again. Starr learned that Kate's alter personality, Connie, had caused the crash that had killed Cole and Hope. Starr paid Kate a visit at Shadybrook. Matt's memories of killing Lisa returned, so he decided to take responsibility for what he had done. Olivia enlisted Spinelli's help to find out what Heather was hiding. Mac convinced Anna to take the job as police commissioner. Mac and Felicia admitted that they still had romantic feelings for each other.
June 11 to June 15, 2012
Kate revealed to Ewen that Joe Scully Jr. had raped her when she was seventeen. Kate also confessed that she had been pregnant with Joe's child. Kate admitted that she had given birth to a baby boy at a boarding house, and then abandoned the infant in a dresser drawer. John turned to Sonny for answers about Theresa's murder. Sonny revealed that Joe Scully Jr. had shot Theresa in a fit of jealous rage. John's investigative warrant expired, so he decided to return to Llanview. Tracy admitted to Luke that she wanted him back. Luke and Tracy shared a heated kiss, but Luke warned Tracy that they had to be careful because of Anthony's disappearance. A close moment between Luke and Anna led to a passionate kiss. Lulu decided to sell fifty percent of the Haunted Star to Johnny, so that they could convert it into a nightclub. Dante was furious that Lulu had made the decision without talking to him first. Dante warned Johnny that Johnny was a suspect in Anthony's disappearance. Dante was stunned when Johnny accused Kate of shooting out Anthony's tires. Sam told Elizabeth that Elizabeth could have Jason, because Sam was through with him. Sam decided to move to the lake house to live with her mother. Kristina had second thoughts about doing the reality show, but Kristina's producer, Trey, persuaded her that it was the only way for her to declare her independence from Sonny and Alexis. Sonny warned Kristina that Trey did not have her best interests at heart. Trey called a mystery person to let the person know that he was in Port Charles.
June 18 to June 22, 2012
Kate told Sonny about the rape and pregnancy. Delores confessed that she was Johnny's mole in the police department. Anna decided to use Delores' connection to Johnny to her advantage. Dante confided to Lulu that Kate had shot out Anthony's tires. Lulu told Dante that Luke had found Anthony's body in the boathouse. Luke and Anna made love, and agreed to explore a relationship. Tracy realized that Anna's plans for a romantic evening included Luke. Heather blackmailed Todd into giving her a job at his newspaper. Heather knocked out and kidnapped Luke. Jason went to the cemetery to pay his respects to Sam's baby. Jason asked Sam to move back home, but Sam couldn't get past what he had done. Jason once again to Elizabeth for support. Sam learned that Spinelli was investigating Heather, so she decided to help him. Spinelli washed his hands of Maxie when she told him that she intended to stay married to Matt. Starr and Trey answered Maxie's ad for a roommate, but Maxie decided that she couldn't stay in the apartment, because it reminded her of the good times that she had shared with Spinelli. Starr and Trey agreed to rent Maxie's apartment. Michael took an instant disliking to Trey. Patrick invited Maxie to live with him and Emma. Felicia and Mac admitted that they had romantic feelings for each other.
June 25 to June 29, 2012
Maxie became concerned when she found a bottle of pills in the pocket of Patrick's robe, unaware that Patrick had been taking the pills frequently throughout the day. Ewen's date with Elizabeth didn't go as expected, because Jason had been visiting Elizabeth when Ewen arrived. Ewen asked Patrick about Elizabeth's connection to Jason. Patrick warned Ewen to be careful, because Jason had a way of drawing women in. Steve worried that Elizabeth was setting herself up to be hurt again by Jason. Jason and John ended up on the same flight to New Orleans. Elizabeth and Sam traded heated words at the Floating Rib. Sam joined forces with Spinelli to investigate Heather. Sam managed to get a job as Todd's assistant at the Port Charles Sun by telling Todd that she wanted a fresh start. Heather warned Todd that Sam was using the job to spy on Todd and Heather. Starr rented an apartment with Trey. Michael and Kristina were not pleased, because they suspected that Trey's determination to make Starr mad was Trey's way of flirting. Starr assured Michael that she did not like Trey and had no interest in being a part of Trey's reality show. Spinelli warned Olivia that Heather had figured out that Olivia had hired him to dig up dirt on Heather. Heather kidnapped Luke, and then stashed him at the cabin in the woods. Tracy told Anna that Luke had killed Anthony and that Luke's minions had gotten rid of the body. Kate decided to confess to the police that she had shot out Anthony's tires. Sonny objected, but Kate insisted that it was the right thing to do, because she didn't want anyone else to be falsely accused. The judge dismissed the charges against Kate after Starr spoke on Kate's behalf.
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JULY 2012
July 2 to June 6, 2012
Jason tracked down Joe Scully Jr., and then delivered him to Sonny. At the warehouse, Sonny demanded that Joe admit to what Joe had done to Kate. Joe denied that he had raped Kate and accused her of abandoning their child. John arrived at the warehouse before Sonny could carry out his threat to kill Joe. Sonny forced Joe to tell John the truth about Theresa's death. Joe claimed that he had killed Theresa after Joe had discovered that Theresa had been talking to a federal agent. Alexis was horrified when she walked in on T.J., in his underwear, in Molly's bedroom. Molly explained that T.J. had been changing into a swimsuit, but Alexis was furious that Molly had been sneaking around behind her back with T.J. Kristina continued to flirt with Trey, but Trey insisted that they keep their relationship professional. Todd was tempted to tell Sam the truth about her baby, but Heather arrived in time to stop him. Anna and Tracy talked about the possibility that Heather had taken Anthony's body to protect Luke. Heather was livid when she realized that the letter that she had ordered Luke to write to Anna had a coded message. Michael invited Starr to spend the Fourth of July with him at the Quartermaines'. Starr agreed to go, as Michael's friend, but that changed when they kissed during the fireworks display. Maxie and Lulu discovered the pills that Patrick had been taking were amphetamines. Maxie and Lulu decided to talk to Patrick about his pill use. John and Sam spent the Fourth of July on the docks, sharing a bottle of bourbon and talking about their problems, which led to a kiss.
July 9 to June 13, 2012
Maxie and Lulu talked to Patrick about his use of amphetamines. Patrick assured Maxie and Lulu that he didn't have a problem, but he agreed to stop taking the pills and schedule an appointment with Ewen. Patrick went back on his promise the next day. Epiphany suspected an orderly of stealing drugs from the hospital when she discovered that Dynexin samples were missing from the drug lockup. Patrick defended Ramon when Epiphany threatened to report the orderly to Human Resources. Ramon knew who the real culprit was, so he assured Patrick that Patrick's secret was safe. Anna hauled Heather to the police station for questioning after Anthony's body was discovered in a shallow grave. Todd confronted Heather with the results of Sam's baby's paternity test that he had found in Heather's purse. Todd was furious, because he realized that what he had done to Sam had been worse than he had imagined. Sam overheard Steve confront Jason about kissing Elizabeth. Sam demanded to know if what Steve had said was true, so Jason told Sam that she didn't have room to judge, because Jason had seen her and John kissing on the docks. Sam feared that her marriage was beyond saving. Elizabeth urged Jason to fight for Sam. Lulu and Dante were at odds over Lulu's friendship with Johnny. Lulu decided that it might be best if she quit her job at the police station. Alexis and Shawn agreed to let T.J. and Molly date, but Alexis set some boundaries for the teens. Trey found his father's medallion in Sonny's warehouse. Sonny told Kate that Jason had tracked down Joe and that Joe was in an Atlantic City jail, facing murder charges.
July 16 to June 20, 2012
The Haunted Star reopened, but Lulu was disappointed that Dante didn't show. Dante and Anna questioned Archibald Boles about his connection to Heather. Archibald revealed that he had forged several letters for Heather, including Maggie Wurth's confession, which had cleared Steve of murder charges. Dante realized that Heather had murdered Maggie and used the suicide letter to cover it up. Anna figured out where Heather had stashed Luke when Luke's coded letter was found. Luke accidentally set fire to the cabin. Heather revealed that she intended to drug Anna with LSD in an effort to make Anna go insane, so that Anna would be institutionalized. Steve broke off his relationship with Olivia, because Olivia refused to give Heather a chance. Olivia encountered Heather in Anna's hotel suite. Heather filled a syringe with LSD intended for Olivia. Todd was delighted when Blair showed up in Port Charles without Tomas. Todd assumed that Blair and Tomas were no longer together, so he proposed marriage. Blair confessed that she and Tomas were engaged. Patrick was stunned when he spotted Robin on the deck of the Haunted Star. Lulu realized that Patrick was high on drugs, so she confronted him about his continued amphetamine use. Kate paid Joe a visit in jail. Joe denied that he had raped her. Kate was rattled when Joe mentioned the baby that she had abandoned. Trey raced to Atlantic City when Joe reached out to his son. Joe cautioned Trey not to let anyone, especially Sonny, learn that Trey was actually Joseph Mitchell Scully III. Connie made an appearance.
July 23 to June 27, 2012
Anna tracked Luke down to the cabin in the woods. Luke was shot when Heather took aim at Anna. Tracy paid Luke a visit in the hospital, while he was recovered from his gunshot wound. Heather was arrested for a string of crimes, including the murder of Maggie Wurth and injecting Olivia with a concentrated dose of LSD. Heather revealed to Anna that Robin was in the critical care wing at Ferncliff. After Robin's failed attempt to escape, Ewen Keenan ordered Nurse Fletcher to give Robin an electroshock treatment. Robin slipped into a near catatonic state as a result of the treatment. Ewen decided to send Robin to a clinic in Switzerland when he realized that Anna was snooping around Ferncliff. Lulu reached out to Ewen to help Patrick with Patrick's substance abuse problem. Ewen admitted that he missed Elizabeth and was still interested in pursuing a relationship with her. Patrick encouraged Elizabeth to give Ewen a second chance. Blair announced that she was engaged to Tomas. Todd blamed John for driving Blair away from Todd, so Todd decided to send the picture of John and Sam's Fourth of July kiss to Natalie. Todd learned the truth about the accident that had killed Hope and Cole when Todd reviewed footage from the camera that Heather had hidden in Johnny's office. Todd threatened to tell Carly about Johnny's secret, so Johnny revealed that he knew about the baby switch.
July 30 to August 3, 2012
Patrick was admitted to the hospital for treatment for his substance abuse. Ewen and Elizabeth went on a lunch date. Jason admitted that he had kissed Elizabeth, so Sonny advised Jason to make a decision about his marriage. Jason explained that he couldn't file for divorce, but he wouldn't fight Sam if she decided that she wanted out of the marriage. Elizabeth admitted to Jason that she had some reservations about Ewen. Ewen's boss was revealed to be Jerry Jacks. Sam opened up to Alexis about Jason and John. Sam feared that she would never be able to forgive Jason, but she loved him too much to keep punishing him. Alexis suggested that sometimes it was an act of love to let a person go. Sonny paid Joe a visit in jail to get answers about Kate's baby. Joe claimed that the baby had died. Joe later spoke with Trey and insisted that the only way to take down Sonny and reclaim the Scully birthright was for Trey to marry Kristina. Trey was reluctant to go along with the plan, but Joe masterfully manipulated his son. Trey decided to scrap Mob Princess, so that he could pursue a relationship with Kristina. Kristina confided to Trey that her previous boyfriend had abused her. Lulu and Dante cleared the air after a heart-to-heart talk. Todd was stunned when Johnny revealed that he knew about the baby switch because two of his men had followed Heather on the night of the storm. Todd and Johnny reached an understanding. Shawn accused Alexis of being uptight, so Alexis challenged Shawn to a game of strip pool to prove him wrong. Sparks ignited between Alexis and Shawn. Mac urged Alexis to give Shawn a chance. Natalie took Liam to London after she received the picture of John and Sam kissing on the docks. John vowed that Todd would pay.
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August 6 to August 10, 2012
Joe reached out to Johnny, but Johnny made it clear that he wasn't interested in joining forces with Joe to take down Sonny. Trey confided to Starr that his father was in jail. Trey became nervous when Sonny revealed that he intended to run a background check on Trey. Joe pressured Trey to propose marriage to Kristina. John beat up Todd because of the picture that Todd had sent to Natalie. Starr persuaded Todd to drop the charges against John. John was outraged when he was served with a restraining order from Natalie. John vowed that Natalie would not keep Liam from him. Alexis agreed to represent John in the custody battle. Jason walked in on a close moment between Sam and John. Jason and Sam decided to get a divorce. Heather was infuriated when Todd refused to help her, so she hinted to Sam that she had information about Sam's baby. Heather agreed to tell Sam what she knew if Alexis agreed to represent Heather, but Alexis refused to deal with a sociopath. Jerry lured Alexis to Wyndemere and drugged her. Jerry warned Ewen that Elizabeth and Jason shared a connection. Elizabeth sensed that something was off with Ewen. Ewen slipped into Carly's house to kidnap Josslyn. Olivia had strange visions when she woke up from the LSD overdose. Maxie persuaded Lulu to take a pregnancy test when Lulu showed signs of being pregnant.
August 13 to August 17, 2012
Todd agreed to make Steve's legal troubles in Memphis go away, provided that Heather remained in Ferncliff and stropped threatening to tell Sam about the baby switch. Sam and Jason decided to end their marriage. Lulu's pregnancy test confirmed that she was pregnant. Lulu and Dante decided not to share the news with anyone until Lulu had a checkup with Dr. Lee. Jerry went to Atlantic City to get his associate, Joe Scully, out of jail. Joe had provided Jerry with the group of mercenaries who had worked for Jerry during the Metro Court hostage crisis, so Jerry wanted Joe to assemble more men to help carry out Jerry's latest plot against Port Charles. Jerry injected Alexis and Josslyn with an unknown toxin. Jason and John decided to look around Wyndemere when they learned that Alexis had been lured there prior to becoming sick. Jason and John became suspicious of Ewen when Ewen showed up at Wyndemere. Steve warned Sam and Carly that there wasn't any known treatment for what was ailing Alexis and Josslyn. Jerry confided to Joe that the injections that Alexis and Josslyn had been given were vaccinations against what Jerry intended to unleash in Port Charles. Trey claimed that his father would have to declare bankruptcy if Trey didn't produce ten episodes of Mob Princess and marry Kristina during the final episode, to ensure high ratings.
August 20 to August 24, 2012
Jax returned to Port Charles when he received word that Josslyn was sick. Jax was relieved that Josslyn and Alexis were recovering from their illnesses, but he suspected that they had been targeted because of him. Spinelli discovered that Ewen had left Australia to move to Alaska after medical school. Jason recalled that Jax had lived in Alaska for a while, so he was certain that Ewen's move to Alaska hadn't been a coincidence. Ewen tried to take his relationship with Elizabeth to the next level, but Elizabeth wasn't ready to be intimate. Kristina agreed to marry Trey, so they took a flight to Las Vegas. Michael and Starr figured out what Trey and Kristina were up to, so they headed to Las Vegas too. Joe checked into Metro Court, where he met Tracy. Joe turned on the charm and seduced Tracy. Jerry put his plan into motion by arranging for Joe and Joe's team of mercenaries to meet Jerry at the town's reservoir. Jerry contacted a mystery associate. Alexis agreed to go out on a date with Shawn. Lulu and Dante learned that Lulu was not pregnant, but they decided to start a family right away. John confessed to Sam that their kiss had meant something to him. Todd tried to drop hints to Kate that she hadn't been responsible for the crash that had killed Hope and Cole. Luke decided to head to Switzerland to track down Anna. Anna pretended to be a patient at a sanitarium in Lucerne, where she managed to sneak into a mystery patient's room. Everyone was stunned when Jerry made a public announcement on the local television station.
August 27 to August 31, 2012
Jerry warned the citizens of Port Charles that a deadly pathogen had been put in their tap water. The FBI appointed John McBain as their representative during the crisis in Port Charles. Mayor Lomax decided to put John in charge, since Anna was out of town. Jerry agreed to provide the antidote in exchange for $88,111,000.00. Jax and Sam realized that the amount of money was a clue. Todd paid Jerry a visit in jail. A man bearing an uncanny resemblance to Duke Lavery appeared at the clinic in Lucerne, Switzerland, where Anna had tracked Robin. Luke confessed that he had lied to Robert about Ethan's paternity. Anna insisted that Luke find Robert to tell Robert the truth. Ewen panicked when Elizabeth began to question him about a possible connection to Jerry. Ewen knocked out Patrick and then kidnapped Elizabeth. Ewen confessed that he had murdered John Jacks because John Jacks had stolen the Dead Man's Hand from Ewen's father. Joe secretly gave Tracy the antidote to the pathogen. Kate exchanged words with Joe. Joe hinted to Sonny that Kate's son was alive. Trey and Kristina eloped in Las Vegas. Michael and Starr were too late to stop the wedding. Carly and Todd were grateful that Michael and Starr hadn't been exposed to the deadly pathogen. Molly and T.J. each wrote a bucket list of things that they would like to experience before they died. Shawn kissed Alexis.
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September 3 to September 7, 2012
Jax was stunned when Jerry revealed that Ewen Keenan had murdered John Jacks because John had stolen the Dead Man's Hand from Ewen's father. Jerry managed to turn the tables on his brother, with Joe's help, when Jax tried to force Jerry at gunpoint to lead Jax to the counteragent. Todd met with the four wealthiest citizens of Port Charles to ask them to pay their fair share of Jerry's ransom demand for $88, 111,000.00 in exchange for the cure. Carly and Jax, Johnny, Sonny, Tracy, and Todd agreed to pay Jerry nearly eighteen million dollars each. Tracy realized that her good health meant that her blood might be the key to developing an antiserum for the pathogen. Patrick was reminded of his last moments with Robin when he returned to the hospital's newly rebuilt lab. Maxie stepped in to help Patrick decipher Robin's handwriting so that he could work on a cure for the pathogen. Jason tracked down Ewen and rescued Elizabeth. Ewen was shot during the altercation and later died, as he tried to tell Patrick about Robin. Sam admitted that she often thought about how things might have turned out if she had never met Heather and the baby had lived. Jason realized that there might be a possibility that Sam's baby hadn't died. Heather murdered a nurse and escaped from Ferncliff. Later, Heather turned up on Téa's doorstep in Llanview. Jerry kidnapped Alexis with the intention of taking her with him when he left town.
September 10 to September 14, 2012
The crisis in Port Charles reached an explosive end when Jerry's boat blew up, and Jerry was presumed killed. John managed to disarm the briefcase in time for Dante and Lulu to race the life-saving antiserum to the hospital. The counteragent was distributed throughout Port Charles, but not without a casualty. The Quartermaines' beloved Cook succumbed to the fever. Jax cautioned Carly not to trust Todd and Johnny, because they were lying to her. Sam confessed to Kristina that she felt more than friendship for John. However, Sam was ready to forgive Jason, so she went to the penthouse to talk to him. Elizabeth confessed to Jason that she had strong feelings for him. Sam was stunned when she witnessed Jason and Elizabeth kissing. Jason found several discrepancies with Sam's baby's medical records, so he asked Spinelli to check into the possibility that Sam's baby might have been switched with a baby that had died. Spinelli persuaded a lab technician to run some tests, which confirmed that Sam was not the mother of the child who had died. Heather introduced herself as Susan Moore, and then quickly ingratiated herself with Téa. Téa agreed to hire the woman she knew as Susan Moore to help care for Victor. Sonny and Kate decided to move up their wedding. Kate was shocked when she saw Trey wearing a pendant similar to the one that Joe had worn the night that Joe had raped her. Tracy was eager to explore a relationship with Joe, but first she wanted to know his last name.
September 17 to September 21, 2012
Sonny realized that Trey was Joe's son. Kate recognized the pendant that Trey was wearing, so Trey confirmed that Joe was his father. Connie emerged as Kate realized that Trey was her son. Trey was stunned when Connie revealed that he was her son and then cruelly informed him that she wished that he had died, because he had been the product of rape. Trey confronted his father about "Kate's" claims, so Joe denied raping Kate and accused her of being a "heartless bitch" who had abandoned her son because Trey hadn't fit into her ambitious plans. Trey and Kristina made love and decided not to annul their marriage. Jason and Spinelli realized that Heather had had the opportunity to switch Sam's baby with a dead one. Jason shared his suspicions about Heather with Steve, so Steve told him about the events surrounding the birth of Téa's son. Jason realized that Téa might have Sam's son, so he reached out to John for help. John arrived in Llanview as Heather prepared to leave town with the baby. Sam signed the divorce papers ending her marriage to Jason, because she believed that Jason had moved on with Elizabeth. Jason and Sam bumped into each other at the Chinese restaurant where they had exchanged wedding vows on the one-year anniversary of their wedding. Carly decided to sign the papers ending her marriage to Jax so that she could move forward with Johnny. Johnny's happiness with Carly was jeopardized when Connie resorted to blackmail to force him to help her stop Kate and Sonny's wedding. A new nurse named Sabrina was instantly smitten with Patrick. Patrick accepted a date with Britt Westbourne, a doctor on staff.
September 24 to September 28, 2012
Britt was not pleased when her date with Patrick was cut short because Sabrina had called to report that Emma had locked herself in a closet. Britt suspected that Sabrina had a crush on Patrick. Joe took advantage of Tracy's decision to drop off his pendant by reminding her of the strong connection that they shared. Tracy tried to deny that she was still attracted to Joe but ended up throwing herself into his arms. Todd made it clear that he would not help Johnny with Connie unless Johnny located Heather. Sonny and others remained oblivious to Connie's return, despite her outrageous wedding plans and demands for a wild bachelorette party. Desperate to impress Kate, Maxie enlisted Lulu's help to persuade Milo to strip at Kate's party. Connie was impressed with Milo's performance, so she followed him to a back room and cornered him for a kiss. Trey confessed to Starr that he'd had an encounter with his mother, but he refused to elaborate beyond that. Sonny confronted Trey with the pendant bearing the initials JMS. Trey confessed that he was Joe's son, but he refused to tell Sonny where Joe was. Jason was stunned when the DNA sample that John had obtained from Victor was not a match to Sam. Elizabeth appeared to have tampered with the results of the DNA test. Sam was hopeful that she and Jason might be able to work things out after a chance encounter at the Noodle Buddha on their one-year wedding anniversary. Sam overheard Elizabeth talking to Lulu about Jason, so Sam decided to drop off the signed divorce papers so that Jason could be free to pursue Elizabeth. Maxie was crushed when she heard Spinelli and Ellie finalize plans for a first date.
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October 1 to October 5, 2012
The wedding guests were shocked when Connie announced that she couldn't marry Sonny, because she had already married Johnny. Connie also revealed that she was Connie, not Kate. Sonny wanted to have Connie committed to Shadybrook for treatment, but Connie threatened to expose Johnny's secret if Johnny went along with Sonny's plans. Sonny appealed to Alexis to find a way to circumvent Johnny's refusal to commit Connie to Shadybrook. Carly ended things with Johnny for good, even though she suspected that Connie had blackmailed Johnny into marriage. Carly ended up crying on Todd's shoulder. Elizabeth confessed to Jason that she had lied to make Sam think that Jason and Elizabeth had a future together. Elizabeth admitted that she had also changed the results of the DNA test on Sam's baby. Afterwards, Elizabeth paid Sam a visit to tell Sam what she had done, but she kept quiet about the baby so that Jason could tell Sam that Sam's baby was alive. John went to Llanview to break the news to Téa that the baby wasn't hers, but he didn't get a chance, because Téa discovered that Heather had disappeared with Victor. Joe kidnapped Kristina with the intention of murdering her in Sonny's warehouse to make Sonny suffer and to allow Trey to inherit Kristina's estate. Trey intervened before Joe could carry out his deadly plan, but Joe was shot in the process. Joe turned to Tracy for help. Tracy initially agreed to hide Joe but changed her mind when Dante revealed the details of how Joe had been shot. Joe slipped out of the Quartermaine mansion before Dante could apprehend him.
October 8 to October 12, 2012
Maxie realized that she would have to divorce Matt if she had any hope of rekindling things with Spinelli. Spinelli kissed Ellie. Duke revealed himself to Anna. Duke explained that Julian Jerome had kidnapped him and then had held Duke captive in a Turkish prison while Jonathan Paget passed himself off as Duke. Luke was certain that Duke was an imposter, but Anna disagreed because Duke knew things about private conversations between Anna and Duke that only Duke could know. Duke arranged for Joe to receive treatment from Dr. Obrecht, the woman in charge of Robin's care. Jason told Sam that her son was alive but that Heather had kidnapped the baby. John confronted Todd about Todd's role in the baby switch. Todd denied that he'd had anything to do with the baby switch, but John revealed that they had DNA proof that the baby that Téa had taken home from the hospital was really Sam's son. Heather asked Todd for money so that she and her new "son" could disappear. Todd initially refused, but Heather threatened to expose his role in the baby switch. Téa turned up on Todd's doorstep, begging him to help her find her son. Todd took Téa to the motel where Heather was hiding out, but John and Anna were the ones who greeted them. John started to tell Téa that the baby was really Sam's son, but Anna received an update about Heather. Heather had gone to the hospital with the baby to get medicine to treat the baby's blood disorder. Olivia encountered Heather in the stairwell, so Heather pushed Olivia down a flight of stairs. Olivia regained consciousness in time to tell Jason and Sam that Heather had attacked her, so Jason and Sam raced to the hospital's rooftop where Heather had taken the baby. Jason and Sam pleaded with Heather to give the baby to them, but Heather refused. Heather realized that there was no way out when the police surrounded the hospital. Jason and Sam were horrified when Heather jumped off of the rooftop with the baby in her arms.
October 15 to October 19, 2012
Trey and Kristina's marriage was annulled. Lulu was frustrated because she had failed to get pregnant, so Dante decided to have his sperm count tested. Lulu also visited the doctor, who revealed that Lulu couldn't have a baby. Jason managed to pull the baby out of Heather's arms as she threw herself off of the hospital's rooftop. Miraculously, Heather survived the suicide attempt, but she slipped into a coma during surgery. Todd and John broke the news to Téa that the baby that she had been raising was not her son. Téa was devastated to learn that her son had died. Todd was arrested on suspicion that he had been Heather's accomplice. Todd confessed everything to Starr, but begged her to keep his secret. Sam was happily reunited with her son and decided to name him Daniel Edward. Alexis and Monica were overjoyed when they met their grandson. Jason promised Sam that he loved her and Danny and that he would never leave them. Jason admitted that he wanted Sam and Danny to go home with him so that they could be a family. Luke was certain that the man claiming to be Duke Lavery was an impostor, so he set out to prove it. Duke refused to consent to a DNA test, but Luke obtained a sample of Duke's DNA anyway. Bernie was revealed to be Duke's unwilling accomplice. Duke blackmailed Bernie to transfer Sonny's fortune into Kristina's name without Sonny's knowledge. However, Duke's plan to secure Sonny's money for himself failed when Joe didn't kill Kristina, so he sent Joe to kill Bernie. Jason arrived at the piers as Joe shot Bernie. Jason shot Joe, and then rushed to Bernie's side. Moments later, Duke Lavery shot Jason.
October 22 to October 26, 2012
Tragedy struck when Duke shot Jason and then kicked Jason's body into the harbor. Sonny, Spinelli, Sam, and the Coast Guard desperately searched for Jason's body, to no avail. Sam refused to accept that her husband was dead, so she enlisted Spinelli's help to conduct a thorough investigation to find Jason. Todd had an attack of conscience, so he gave the paternity test results -- revealing that Jason was Danny's father -- to Diane. Todd wanted Diane to deliver the results to Sam without revealing who had given them to Diane. Diane tried, but failed to give Sam the test results, so Todd decided on another course of action. Joe lied to Trey with his dying breath by falsely accusing Sonny of being the shooter. Trey refused to help Sonny, who wanted Trey to commit Kate to Shadybrook for treatment, because he blamed Sonny for Joe's death. Starr was outraged that Trey would let Connie continue to walk around free instead of getting his mother the help that she needed. Carly leaned on Todd after she learned about Jason. Connie realized that Todd wanted more than friendship from Carly. Lulu learned that she couldn't carry a baby past her second trimester because Lulu had been born with an irregularly shaped uterus. Luke remained convinced that Duke was an imposter despite a fingerprint match that suggested otherwise. Duke eavesdropped as Anna and Dante surmised that Joe had had an accomplice. Duke arranged to get a job on the Haunted Star. Lulu reminded Luke of the adage about keeping friends close and enemies closer. Monica reached out to a mystery person after she learned about the shooting and Jason's disappearance. Monica smiled with joy when A.J. slipped into the mansion.
October 29 to November 2, 2012
Monica happily reunited with A.J., but she warned him that he had to leave town before anyone discovered that he was alive. It was revealed that Steve had saved A.J.'s life after Asher Thomas tried to smother A.J. to death. Monica had persuaded Steve to help her fake A.J.'s death so that she didn't have to lose her son to the prison system. Monica had spirited A.J. out of town and funneled money to him but had never dared to visit him. A.J. was determined to find a way out of his legal troubles so that he could reclaim his life and establish a relationship with Michael. A.J. slipped into a Grim Reaper costume to crash the Halloween party at the Haunted Star, where A.J. unmasked himself to Michael. A.J. tried to tell Michael his side of things, but Michael accused his father of trying to fill his head with lies. Luke's concerns grew as Anna appeared to grow closer to Duke. Anna resented Luke spying on her during the Halloween party. Lulu and Dante discussed the possibility of adopting a child. Todd planted the paternity results among Heather's personal effects from work and gave them to Steve. Steve confirmed that the paternity test was correct, so he gave the results to Sam. Sam was overjoyed to learn that Jason was Danny's biological father. Sam had a heartwarming fantasy about giving Jason the good news. Connie managed to secure another hearing with a judge to contest Trey's attempt to have her committed to Shadybrook. Todd and Carly almost made love, but Carly decided to slow things down because she wasn't sure if she could trust Todd. Carly was stunned when she spotted A.J. on the pier.
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November 5 to November 9, 2012
A.J. begged for an opportunity to talk to Michael, so they went to the pier. A.J. told Michael about how Carly had drugged A.J. and how Sonny had hanged A.J. from a meat hook in an effort to force A.J. out of Michael's life. Michael accused A.J. of lying, but later confronted Carly. Carly admitted that she had done some terrible things to A.J., but she insisted that she had been driven to it out of fear of losing Michael. Alice confronted Monica with A.J.'s passport that had been issued in the name of Crane Tolliver after A.J.'s supposed death. Monica admitted that A.J. was alive, so Alice agreed to keep Monica's secret. Monica, A.J., and Tracy each received a visit from Alan during a time of need. Tracy was stunned when she saw A.J. standing in the parlor. Alice stepped in to tie Tracy up in the boathouse to keep Tracy from reporting A.J. to the police. Carly confronted Monica about the possibility that A.J. was alive. Monica denied it, but Carly later encountered A.J. and Michael in the mansion's parlor. Sam enlisted Spinelli's help when she theorized that Jerry Jacks might have Jason. Maxie decided to reclaim her apartment, so she tossed Starr and Trey out. Ellie offered to be Maxie's new roommate. Initially, Maxie objected to Ellie's proposal, but then had a change of heart when Spinelli expressed his own concerns about Ellie and Maxie living together. Robin managed to get her hands on Dr. Obrecht's cell phone to call home. Emma answered the phone, so Robin asked Emma to fetch Patrick. Dr. Obrecht managed to snatch the phone away from Robin before Patrick had made it to the phone. Patrick was unsettled by the call because there hadn't a dial tone when he had picked it up, which indicated that Emma had been talking to someone. Duke flew to Switzerland to deal with Robin, while Luke headed out of town to find another way to get through to Anna and expose Duke as a fraud. Robin was overjoyed to see Duke, but quickly realized that he was an impostor when she realized that he didn't remember important details about their past. The man posing as Duke revealed his true identity to Robin.
November 12 to November 16, 2012
Carly called Dante to arrest A.J. Sonny confronted A.J. in jail. Michael learned that A.J.'s claims about Sonny were true. Monica put the mansion up as collateral so that A.J. could be released on bail. Tracy schemed to send A.J. back to jail and reclaim the mansion by telling A.J. that Michael had been hurt. A.J. cut off the ankle monitor and raced to the penthouse, thinking that Michael was in trouble. Sonny and Carly feared that they might lose Michael to A.J. Sonny offered to give Dante and Lulu money from the coffee business so that Dante and Lulu could have a baby via surrogacy. Dante made it clear that the money would be a loan, not a gift. Cesar Faison was revealed to be the man behind the Duke Lavery mask. The real Duke Lavery was being held prisoner in the same clinic as Robin. Olivia had an unsettling encounter with Faison disguised as Duke. Luke sent Robert to Port Charles to keep an eye on Anna. Lulu told Robert about Olivia's vision, so Robert enlisted Elizabeth's help to sketch a picture of the man that Olivia had seen when she had bumped into Duke. Robert and Elizabeth were stunned to realize that the man was Cesar Faison. Britt invited Patrick to spend the night with her at Metro Court. Patrick agreed but had a change of heart about sleeping with Britt because he felt disloyal to Robin. Britt assured Patrick that she would wait until he was ready. Sabrina and Elizabeth continued to look for financial backing for the Nurses Ball. Maxie was heartbroken when she realized that Spinelli and Ellie had been intimate. Maxie declared her love for Spinelli and asked him to make a choice between her and Ellie.
November 19 to November 23, 2012
Spinelli explained to Maxie that he had moved on and was committed to Ellie. Maxie was heartbroken that Spinelli had chosen Ellie. Elizabeth drew a composite sketch of the man that Olivia had seen when Olivia had had an encounter with Duke. Robert and Elizabeth were stunned to realize that Olivia had seen Cesar Faison. Robert realized that Duke might be Faison. Faison tried to seduce Anna, but Anna explained that she wasn't ready to be intimate with him. Sonny offered to give Dante and Lulu the money that they needed to proceed with their plans to have a baby via surrogacy. Tracy tricked A.J. into breaking the terms of his bail by telling him that something bad had happened to Michael. A.J. cut off his ankle monitor and raced to Sam's penthouse to be with Michael. A.J. and Sam talked about Jason. A.J. was moved when he met his nephew, Danny. Michael appealed to Dante not to arrest A.J., but Dante took A.J. into custody. The judge decided to give A.J. a second chance, so he released A.J. on bail. The Quartermaines were devastated when Edward passed away. Ned, Skye, and Lila Rae returned to Port Charles to help their family honor Edward's memory by celebrating Edward's favorite holiday. Heather escaped from Ferncliff and slipped into the mansion to take a look at Edward's will. Later, Heather was captured and returned to the sanitarium. Edward and Lila watched over their family.
November 26 to November 30, 2012
Starr persuaded Molly to submit Love in Maine to Todd for consideration for publication. Carly and Skye were stunned when they saw a picture of Tomas Delgado in the society section, announcing his impending wedding to Blair. Carly and Skye went to talk to Todd to find out what he knew about Tomas. Todd was overjoyed when Carly and Skye revealed that they knew Tomas as Lorenzo Alcazar. Todd, Carly, and Skye flew to Llanview to warn Blair about Tomas. Dante and Lulu interviewed several surrogate candidates, but decided that Maxie was their best option. Ellie was hurt when she found a wedding picture of Maxie and Spinelli. Spinelli assured Ellie that he and Maxie had never been married, but he confessed that Maxie had declared her love for him and had given him an ultimatum. Ellie was surprised when Spinelli revealed that he had chosen Ellie. Ellie decided to move in with Spinelli at the office. Tracy was devastated when Edward only bequeathed a jar of Lila's Pickle-Lila relish to her. Edward divided up his shares of ELQ between his grandchildren and great-grandchildren. A.J. was determined to prove that he had changed and was worthy of being a Quartermaine. Skye suggested that A.J. oust Tracy as CEO of ELQ. Tracy feared that her days at ELQ were numbered. A.J. and Tracy each realized that Sam and Danny's shares of ELQ would decide who would run ELQ. Michael was horrified when he discovered that Sonny had kidnapped Connie and had imprisoned her in the warehouse for treatment. Alexis and Shawn made love. Helena returned to Port Charles.
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December 3 to December 7, 2012
Robert accused "Duke" of being Faison, but Anna refused to believe Robert. After Robert was arrested for breaking into "Duke's" apartment, Anna agreed to take a short ski trip with the man she believed was Duke. Anna became alarmed when she heard a noise in "Duke's" hotel room, so she burst through the door, but stopped short when she spotted Faison. A.J. revealed to Diane and Michael that he had seen Cesar Faison alive and well in a clinic in Switzerland well after Faison's supposed death. The district attorney agreed to drop all of the charges against A.J. in exchange for A.J.'s full cooperation in helping to capture Faison. Carly feared that Sonny had played into A.J.'s hand by kidnapping Connie. Sonny explained that he had been trying to help Kate, but Carly insisted that A.J. would use the information to discredit them to Michael. Molly was horrified when she realized that she had accidentally downloaded something that had overwritten the file that had contained her book. Molly suspected that Connie knew what had happened to the missing manuscript in Todd's office, so she volunteered to intern for Connie to covertly search for the only remaining copy of Love in Maine. Connie decided to pass Molly's book off as her own work. Spinelli and Felicia had reservations about Maxie's decision to be Lulu's surrogate. Maxie warned Ellie that Ellie and Spinelli wouldn't last because Maxie and Spinelli were soul mates. Agent Theodore King, from the CIA, informed Téa and Blair that Tomas had been called back to active duty. Téa, Blair, and Skye joined forces to track down Tomas and find out what his connection was to Lorenzo Alcazar. John asked Anna for a job with the police department, so that he could show the courts that he had steady work and could support his son. Anna explained that Delores Padilla had taken a job in New York City, so Anna hired John and assigned him to work with Dante.
December 10 to December 14, 2012
Faison set his plan into motion for Anna to see him with Duke. Anna believed the ruse, but John and Robert showed up in Lucerne to unmask Faison. Anna was stunned when she realized that Faison had fooled her, but she was certain that she had also seen the real Duke Lavery. Robert had doubts, but he went with Anna to the clinic to question Dr. Obrecht. The doctor refused to cooperate, so Anna decided to search each room individually. "Oh, my God," Anna whispered when she threw open the first door. Michael wanted Sonny arrested for pummeling A.J. in the boxing ring. Starr realized that A.J. had set up the incident to drive a wedge between Michael and Sonny. Elizabeth reluctantly treated A.J.'s injuries, but softened towards him by the end of the visit. Alexis took steps to make certain that her grandson's first Christmas would be special. Sam continued to have faith that Jason was alive, but she stopped resenting everyone for not believing the same. Molly was outraged when she realized that Connie had stolen the manuscript, Love in Maine, to submit to a publisher as her own work. Connie pointed out that Molly didn't have any proof that Molly had written the novel, so Molly enlisted Alexis' help to stop the book from being published under Connie's name. Lulu and Dante's plans for Maxie to be their surrogate moved forward, despite Olivia's odd visions. Britt was not pleased when she saw Patrick give Sabrina a friendly hug. Sabrina and Felix left for New York City to pay Lucy Coe a visit. Patrick arrived home and found Robin waiting for him by the fireplace.
December 17 to December 21, 2012
Anna was reunited with the real Duke Lavery. Dr. Obrecht managed to overpower Robert and inject him with a dangerous drug that nearly killed him. Dr. Obrecht took Robin to a remote cabin where they met up with Jerry Jacks. Robert slipped into a coma before he could tell Anna that Robin was alive. Patrick found a DVD that Robin had made the previous Christmas, urging him to move forward and find love again. Britt stole Elizabeth's DVD of Christina Comes Home for Christmas to impress Emma when Patrick invited Britt over. Sabrina and Felix appealed to Lucy to help underwrite the Nurses Ball, but Lucy revealed that authorities had frozen her assets because she was suspected of running a pyramid scheme. Maxie and Spinelli had a heart-to-heart talk that reaffirmed to Maxie that she was doing the right thing by helping Lulu and Dante to have a baby. Lulu and Dante's embryos were implanted in Maxie. Ellie continued to question Spinelli's feelings for Maxie after she overheard a revealing conversation between Spinelli and Maxie. Sonny accused A.J. of setting him up at the gym. Michael confronted A.J. about what had happened with Sonny, so A.J. told the truth. Michael agreed to give A.J. another chance, provided that A.J. left Sonny and Carly alone. Sam decided to split her shares between A.J. and Tracy, making Lucy Coe the swing vote for who would control ELQ. Todd and Connie joined forces to stop Johnny from confessing to causing the crash that had killed Hope and Cole. Todd pretended to have a heart attack to get Starr away from Johnny before Johnny could reveal anything to Starr. Connie decided to take matters into her own hands by bashing Johnny over the head.
December 24 to December 28, 2012
Michael told Starr about his rape in Pentonville, so Starr assured him that it didn't change how she felt about him. Michael and Starr spent the Christmas holiday in bed, making love. Michael assured Sonny that A.J. could never change how Michael felt about Sonny, but Michael remained determined to have a relationship with A.J. Connie stashed Johnny in an office at the Haunted Star, bound to a chair and gagged. Starr was shocked when she discovered what Connie had done to Johnny. Connie knocked Starr out and managed to move Johnny to the trunk of her car. Trey and Kristina ran into Connie in the parking garage, so Trey told Connie about his plans to move. Kristina was startled when she heard a thumping sound in the trunk of Connie's car. Todd and Carly spent Christmas together. Lulu and Dante were delighted when it was confirmed that Maxie was pregnant with their baby. Ellie was devastated when Spinelli stranded her at Sonny's house on Christmas Eve to help Maxie through a panic attack, so Ellie decided to end her relationship with Spinelli. Spinelli implored Ellie to give him a second chance, but Ellie suspected that Maxie would always be Spinelli's first priority. Spinelli proposed that he and Ellie meet on the hospital's rooftop at midnight on New Year's Eve if they were committed to salvaging their relationship. Ellie agreed, provided that Spinelli be honest with himself about who he really wanted to be with: Ellie or Maxie. Monica informed Tracy and A.J. that Lucy Coe had one percent of ELQ's shares, so Lucy could break the tie in the battle for control for ELQ. Lucy announced that ELQ would fund the Nurses Ball.
December 31, 2012 to January 4, 2013
Patrick and Sabrina nearly kissed on New Year's Eve, but Britt called to apologize to Patrick for not making it to the Haunted Star for their date. Britt was not pleased when she showed up on Patrick's doorstep and discovered that Sabrina was still there. Olivia continued to have visions about the puppy. Britt confirmed that Maxie had miscarried Lulu and Dante's baby, but Maxie decided not to tell anyone. Spinelli was heartbroken when Ellie failed to show for their New Year's Eve rendezvous on the hospital's rooftop, so he got drunk and went home with Maxie. Michael, Starr, Trey, and Kristina gave chase when they realized that Connie had kidnapped Johnny and had stashed him in the trunk of her car. The cars skidded off the road, leaving two people in critical condition. Connie's car struck Ellie after Ellie's own car had broken down. Trey collapsed shortly after the accident due to injuries that he had sustained when Michael swerved to avoid a collision with Connie's car. Connie clung to the edge of a cliff and begged for help, but Starr refused pull Connie to safety because Starr believed that Connie had been responsible for Hope and Cole's deaths. Starr was stunned when Johnny confessed that he had been the one who had shot out Anthony's tires. Later, Dante arrested Johnny for shooting out Anthony's tires, so Johnny decided to take Todd down with him. Todd and Carly rang in the new year by making love in his hotel suite. Olivia accepted Steve's proposal of marriage.
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