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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 14, 2011 on GH
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Monday, March 14, 2011

At the Metro Court Restaurant, Kristina told Carly about Michael's plans to sleep with Abby. Kristina insisted that Michael's first time should be with someone his own age, not a stripper. Carly explained that Michael wasn't like other kids his age, but Kristina disagreed. Kristina was certain that Michael could find someone more suitable if he got away from Abby. Carly realized that Kristina had a close bond with Michael, so Carly knew that it was difficult for Kristina to see Michael with Abby.

Carly admitted that she had felt the same way about the women in Jason's life. Kristina was curious how Carly had felt about Sam. Carly conceded that she had found a way to get along with Sam because Sam had accepted that Carly would always be a part of Jason's life, and Carly had realized that Jason needed Sam in his life. However, Carly admitted that before Sam, no one had ever been good enough for Jason. Their talk was cut short when Jason called to let Carly know that Brenda had been taken to the hospital and that Sonny could use Michael and Kristina's support.

Later, Jax spotted Carly at work when he entered the restaurant. Carly was curious how Josslyn was doing. Jax explained that Josslyn continued to run a fever, but the pediatrician didn't think that it was anything to be concerned about. Carly decided to check on their daughter after she had finished reviewing a proposal for an upcoming meeting. Jax wanted to postpone the meeting, but Carly thought that perhaps they should reschedule it until they knew how Brenda would fare. Carly quickly realized that Jax hadn't heard about Brenda's rescue, so she gently broke the news to him that Brenda had been rushed to the hospital after Theo had injected Brenda with a poison.

Jax suspected that Carly wanted to test him to see how quickly he would race to the hospital, but Carly assured him that it was the truth. She advised him to see Brenda in the event that Brenda succumbed to the deadly toxin. Jax's disbelief turned to anger when Carly revealed that Theo had managed to escape. Jax realized that Sonny and Jason would be out for blood, so no one would be safe. Carly suggested that Jax get off of his high horse because he wasn't any better. Carly resented Jax keeping Josslyn away from her when their daughter was sick.

Jax agreed that Josslyn should be at home with Carly; however, Jax refused to allow their daughter to be endangered because Carly continued to remain on the fringes of Sonny and Jason's lives. Carly started to explain why she had helped Shawn, but Jax argued that Carly always had an excuse for involving herself in mob business.

At the Haunted Star, Ethan was intrigued when Luke mentioned working on a project for Carly. Luke explained that he was going to pressure Jax to change his mind regarding some last-minute changes to the custody agreement that Jax had hammered out with Carly. Luke anticipated Carly being indebted to him. Ethan suggested that Luke might try threatening Jax with insider trading, but Luke revealed that he had something "sexier" in mind. Ethan was stunned when Luke pulled an impressive diamond out of a small bag.

Ethan instantly recognized the jewel as one of the "Fever Diamonds." Luke confirmed that he was in possession of all seven of the infamous diamonds, but they were too hot for Luke to move. Luke had decided to use the diamonds to tarnish Jax's image. "Are you in?" Luke wondered. Ethan smiled as he eagerly replied, "Yes." However, Ethan was curious how Luke intended to convince everyone that a respectable businessman like Jax would steal the diamonds. Luke smiled devilishly as he explained that Jax had been known to dabble on the wrong side of the law on several occasions, so it wouldn't be difficult.

Luke quickly added that it was important that Jax not be arrested for stealing the diamonds, so they would have to set the trap carefully. Moments later, Tracy and Maya entered the casino. Tracy smiled with satisfaction as she gloated that she had been right to suspect that Luke and Ethan had been together. Luke let Tracy and Maya know about his plans to frame Jax for the theft of some jewels. Tracy wanted details because she wasn't eager to be arrested again. Luke insisted that Tracy didn't have any reason to doubt him, but Tracy was quick to remind Luke of how many times he had lied to her.

Luke asked Ethan and Maya to excuse them, so that Luke could have a private word with Tracy. After Ethan and Maya left, Luke apologized to Tracy. He realized that he had put Tracy through a lot, mainly because Tracy had taken every opportunity to remind him of his failures throughout their years together. Tracy was skeptical when Luke insisted that she deserved to have a beautiful honeymoon to go with her dream wedding. Tracy was certain that Luke just wanted to fence some goods, but Luke promised that Tracy could pick the destination of her dreams. Tracy was curious how Luke intended to pay for their honeymoon, so Luke explained that he had put aside a "slush fund."

At Abby's apartment, things were getting heated between Michael and Abby when the oven timer buzzed. Abby explained that she had to get the garlic bread out of the oven, so she jumped up and then ran to the kitchen. Later, Michael and Abby sat down for dinner. Abby offered to get some water for Michael to drink, but he thought that wine would compliment their dinner more. Abby hesitated a moment, which made Michael half-jokingly wonder if she intended to card him. Abby stood up and then fetched the bottle of wine.

Abby admitted that, in many ways, Michael was older than she was. She insisted that Michael was perfectly capable of making his own choices, including whether or not to drink wine. Michael wished that others saw him the way that Abby did. Abby poured the wine, but she insisted that Michael take a cab home. She didn't want to risk him getting caught for drinking and driving.

Over dinner, Michael and Abby chatted about her stay at Metro Court. Abby confessed that she had loved the shower in her room because it had been big enough for two people. Abby and Michael smiled uncomfortably as sexual tension flared between them. Abby nervously offered to get the dessert, so she started to clear the table. Michael decided to help Abby carry the dishes to the kitchen.

Later, Michael and Abby returned to the sofa after they had cleaned up the kitchen. They agreed that they had each enjoyed their evening together. A kiss quickly led to passion as they started to tear each other's clothes off. However, they were forced to stop when Michael's cell phone rang. Kristina had called to let Michael know that their father needed them because Brenda had been rushed to the hospital.

Jason fired several shots at Theo's helicopter as it flew away. Dante forced Jason to stop shooting, which infuriated Jason. Jason argued that he had returned the gunfire, so Dante promised to note in his report that Jason had shot in self-defense. Jason was fed up with Dante's determination to do things by the book, so he decided to search for Theo on his own. Dante explained that the police needed to be notified, so he ordered Jason to stay put. Jason wasn't pleased, but he agreed to stay to give a statement.

Mac arrived on the scene of the shootout a short time later. Mac was furious that two of Theo's thugs were dead and that a "John Doe" had been rushed to the hospital with a knife in his back after collapsing in Sonny's arms at the Metro Court Restaurant. Dante promised to investigate the incident at the restaurant, but Mac told Dante not to bother. Mac revealed that he had assigned another detective to look into the matter. Mac pointedly glanced at Jason before focusing on Dante to clarify that the police department would no longer collaborate with members of the mob. Mac ordered Dante to inform Lucky that the days of looking away while Jason helped out were over.

Mac insisted that Jason and Sonny would resume being Port Charles's most wanted criminals. Mac was curious if Dante had a problem with that. "No," Dante responded. Mac promised to take Dante's badge if Dante couldn't abide by the new policy. After Mac stormed off, Jason complained because Dante had stopped Jason from shooting down the helicopter. Dante promised that the police would find Theo, but Jason had his doubts.

Later, Dante went to Lulu's apartment to update her on Brenda's rescue. Dante confessed that he would have been out of his mind if Lulu had been the one to have been poisoned. After a brief kiss, Dante and Lulu sat down on the sofa to discuss the situation with Theo. Dante insisted that a bullet would be too good for Theo; he deserved to rot in jail for hurting Sam and Brenda. Dante started to express his regret for bending the law in 2007 by covering up Aleksander's death, but Lulu assured him that she had forgiven Dante.

Lulu promised Dante that she would understand if he wanted to go to the hospital to check on Brenda. Dante was grateful that Lulu had been able to forgive him. He declared his love for her and then kissed her. Moments later, Dante received an update about Brenda. Dante shared the news with Lulu after he ended the call.

Dante realized that his integrity as a police officer would be tested because he was certain that Sonny and Jason would go after Theo. Dante shifted gears to apologize for keeping Lulu in the dark about many things; he realized that he shouldn't have. Lulu agreed, but then again they wouldn't have been able to have make-up sex. Dante smiled as Lulu moved closer to kiss him.

At the penthouse, Spinelli apologized to Sam for neglecting her and their business while Brenda had stayed with them. Sam and Spinelli looked up when Jason suddenly burst through the door and then began to bark orders for Spinelli to get online. Jason was desperate to find Theo. Sam didn't understand why it mattered, since Brenda had been found and taken to the hospital. Jason explained that he refused to rest until Theo had paid for nearly killing Sam.

At the hospital, Sonny talked to Brenda about their honeymoon plans in an effort to give Brenda a reason to keep fighting for her life. Patrick asked to speak with Sonny, so Sonny followed Patrick into the hallway. Patrick warned Sonny that they had no idea what Theo had injected Brenda with, so they would have to see if the antidote worked. Patrick explained Brenda would be put on a ventilator to help her breathe, but she might not make it. Robin joined Sonny and Patrick moments later. Sonny pleaded with Robin and Patrick to not give up on Brenda.

Sonny returned to sit at Brenda's beside as she lingered in an unconscious state, clinging to life. Edward arrived a short time later. Sonny explained that he had called Edward because Edward was special to Brenda. Sonny wanted Edward to help give Brenda the will to live. Edward made it clear that he held Sonny responsible for Brenda's situation. However, Edward loved Brenda, so he would do whatever he could to help her to recover. A few minutes later, Edward entered Brenda's room and then began to make plans with her to have tea after she was better.

Meanwhile, Patrick updated Sonny on Brenda's condition. Patrick revealed that the most recent tests had indicated that Brenda's condition had not improved. Elsewhere, Michael and Abby arrived at the hospital. Kristina watched unnoticed as Abby sent Michael to check on Brenda. After Michael left, Kristina approached Abby. Kristina suggested that if Abby truly cared for Michael then Abby would prove it by getting out of Michael's life.

Michael stopped short when he saw Sonny exit Brenda's room and then place a call to Bernie. Sonny ordered Bernie to hunt down Theo; Sonny vowed to kill Theo for hurting Brenda. Michael made his presence known after Sonny ended the call. Michael admitted that he had overheard his father on the phone, so he offered to help Sonny. Sonny ordered Michael to stay out of it.

Sonny wanted Michael to be a better man than Sonny. Sonny didn't want Michael to have to ever worry about a loved one being taken away from him the way that Sonny did. A short time later, Michael returned to update Abby on Brenda's condition. Michael expressed his frustration over Sonny's rejection of his offer to help. Michael complained that Sonny and Jason didn't want Michael involved in mob business even though it had been the world that Michael had been raised in. Michael revealed that he was determined to prove himself to his father.

Sonny returned to sit vigil at his wife's bedside. He talked to Brenda about how beautiful she had been on their wedding day. He also confessed that he didn't regret any of the mistakes that he had made during their long relationship. According to Sonny, those mistakes had made them stronger as a couple. Sonny insisted that Brenda had made his life better and that she had taught him how to love and be loved. Sonny confessed that he had been devastated when the limousine had exploded because his world meant nothing without Brenda.

Sonny smiled with joy when Brenda's eyes slowly opened as a tear slid down her face. Sonny called out to Robin and Patrick, who rushed into the room to examine Brenda. Robin was encouraged that Brenda was alert. A short time later, Patrick let Sonny know that Brenda would make a full recovery. Patrick left to answer a page while Robin remained with Sonny. Robin was certain that Sonny's love had pulled Brenda through the crisis.

Robin wanted Brenda's recovery to be enough. She pleaded with Sonny not to seek revenge against Theo. Sonny refused to make any promises, so he returned to Brenda's hospital room. As Sonny sat down, he suggested that Brenda get some rest. He promised her that he would be there to protect her, so that no one would ever hurt her again. Brenda smiled lovingly at her husband.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

At the Metro Court Restaurant, Jax asked Alexis to represent him during his divorce from Carly. Jax suspected that the custody hearing wouldn't be amicable because he wanted primary custody of Josslyn and Morgan. Alexis warned Jax that he would need a marine battalion, not an attorney, if he intended to take the children away from Carly. Jax realized that Carly wouldn't give up custody of the kids without a fight, but he was determined to keep Josslyn and Morgan safe. Alexis explained that Jax didn't have any legal standing with Morgan because the adoption had never been finalized. Alexis wondered if Jax had ever considered that his marriage to Carly might end.

"No," Jax confessed; he had believed that their marriage would last forever. Alexis agreed to represent Jax, but she warned him that he would never get custody of Morgan. Jax had hoped that everyone would act in the best interests of the children by allowing him to have primary custody of Josslyn and Morgan. He complained that Carly continued to expose the children to danger. Alexis empathized with Jax's dilemma, but the court had ruled against her when she had used a similar argument against Sonny during her custody battle for Kristina. Jax was eager to resolve things quickly, so Alexis explained that he would have to prove that Carly was an unfit mother. Jax didn't want to do that to Carly, but Alexis warned him that he didn't have a choice if he hoped to secure primary custody of Josslyn.

On the Haunted Star, Ethan and Luke reviewed their plan to blackmail Jax into cooperating with Carly. Ethan offered to hold onto the "Fever Diamonds," but Luke feared that Ethan would be too tempted to fence the precious gems. Carly strolled into the casino moments later. Carly was pleased that Ethan and Luke were ready to put their plan into motion. She was confident that Jax would readily comply to her demands once he was faced with the possibility of being arrested for stealing the famous diamonds. Luke sent Ethan ahead to find out what Jax's schedule for the day was.

After Ethan left, Carly warned Luke not to go "rogue" on her by alerting the authorities that Jax had the diamonds. She insisted that Jax was not a monster; he was only doing what he thought was best. Luke was curious if Carly wanted to blackmail Jax or to get him back into her bed. Carly confessed that she loved Jax, but she realized that they simply didn't work. Luke reminded Carly that she would be turning her back on Jax's deep pockets, but Carly wasn't concerned because Jax couldn't accept Sonny and Jason being a part of her life.

Luke hoped that Carly hadn't decided to indulge in the Spencer tradition of cutting off one's nose to spite their face. Carly decided to shift the focus to Luke's marriage. She was curious where he had been spending his nights recently. Luke assured Carly that he and Tracy had patched things up and were planning a second honeymoon. Moments later, Alexis entered the Haunted Star. Alexis sensed that the meeting between Carly and Luke spelled trouble.

Later, Ethan and Luke gained access to Jax's suite. Luke immediately went to the cabinet that held the safe. Ethan's eyes lit up when he saw stacks of cash in Jax's safe, but his attention was quickly diverted when Luke produced the stolen diamonds to plant in the safe. Ethan suggested that they plant only one of the diamonds, so that they could keep the rest for themselves. Luke explained the gems needed to stay together, in order for the threat to be convincing. Luke had just closed the safe when they heard Jax approach, so Ethan and Luke ducked out of sight.

Jax entered his suite and then sat down on the sofa, with his back to Luke, as he wrapped up a business call. Luke noticed that the cabinet door to the safe had been left slightly ajar just as Carly arrived to talk to Jax. Jax invited Carly into the room, despite having been warned by Alexis not to discuss the custody issue with Carly. Carly was disappointed that Jax had already talked to Alexis about custody of the children. Jax explained that he was determined to safeguard the children, so he showed her the new agreement that Alexis had drawn up. Jax became suspicious when Carly barely reacted.

Carly claimed that she was sad that they had gotten to the point where they were battling for custody of the children. She warned Jax that he had one last chance to be reasonable. Jax demanded to know what she meant by that. Carly casually wandered over to the cabinet and then pointedly kicked it closed as she explained that she refused to allow Jax to take the children from her. She informed Jax that only his fingerprints would be found on the safe, which contained diamonds that had been stolen during his trip to London. Carly revealed that she expected Agent Bates from Interpol to arrive shortly, so Jax had a choice: he could go back to the original custody agreement or he could be busted for a jewel heist.

Meanwhile, in the hallway, Ethan and Luke emerged from the suite next door to Jax's rooms. Ethan confessed that he wished that he could have seen the expression on Carly's face when Luke had signaled to let her know that the cabinet to the safe had been left open. Luke cringed because Luke had injured his back when they had climbed from Jax's balcony to the one next door, in order to slip out of Jax's room undiscovered. Alexis spotted the father and son duo moments later. She thought that it was quite a coincidence to find Luke lurking outside of Jax's suite when she had seen him with Carly earlier in the day.

At the penthouse, Jason was frustrated when Spinelli failed to get a lead on Theo. Sam offered to check with her sources, but Jason immediately objected because of what had happened the previous night. Spinelli was curious what Jason and Sam were talking about, so Sam revealed that she had suffered a migraine. Sam quickly explained that Patrick had warned to her to expect the painful headaches until she had fully recovered. Jason insisted that Sam needed to rest, not get involved in the search for Theo. Sam argued that Jason hadn't slowed down when he had suffered from blackouts years before.

Jason insisted that he had been "stupid." Spinelli was stunned by the admission, so he asked Jason to repeat it. Jason reached for Spinelli's shirtfront just as Spinelli's laptop beeped. Spinelli immediately checked his computer to discover that Theo had a local connection to someone "most unsettling." Jason reviewed the information and then decided to have a chat with the head of the Trujillo organization. Sam warned Jason not to jump to conclusions because Spinelli had only uncovered a few phone calls and wire transfers to connect Theo to the Trujillos.

Sam offered to accompany Jason, but he declined. Spinelli advised Jason not to endanger the tentative truce that they had with the Trujillo family, but Jason insisted that Theo had tried to kill Sam, so anyone who had helped Theo was fair game. A short time later, Jason was seated behind a desk, with a gun firmly in his grasp, as the head of the Trujillo family entered the office. Trujillo was offended by Jason's complete lack of respect. Jason explained that Theo had waged war against Sonny and had almost killed "my girlfriend," so Jason demanded justice. Trujillo assured Jason that Jason had his full cooperation.

Trujillo explained that Theo had reached out to him for help, so Trujillo had put Theo in contact with Johnny Zacchara. Jason questioned why Trujillo had given Johnny up so quickly. Trujillo claimed that, like Sonny, he lived by a code that didn't include targeting women and children.

Abby entered Kelly's to find Michael studying for a chemistry test. She was impressed that Michael had managed to keep up with his studies by making A's and B's in school. Abby then switched gears to inquire about Brenda. Michael revealed that Brenda was doing well enough that she might be discharged from the hospital later that afternoon. Abby was relieved that the ordeal with the Balkan was over, but Michael explained that it wouldn't end until Sonny had tracked down Theo. According to Michael, Sonny needed to send a message to everyone to not mess with Sonny's family.

Abby groaned when she glanced up in time to see Johnny enter the diner. Abby reminded Michael that she owed Johnny money, so she suspected that Johnny expected a payment. Michael immediately jumped up to ask if there were something that he could help Johnny with. Johnny smiled at Michael's attempt to act threateningly towards him. Abby immediately apologized for not having the money that she owed Johnny. She promised to repay him as soon as she found a job.

Johnny assured her that she could take her time, but he reminded her that her old job was still available if she changed her mind. Johnny then turned to Michael to ask if Michael had plans to go to college. Michael explained that he would likely attend a local college if he decided to further his education. Johnny commented that he would probably see Michael around a lot and then offered pay for Michael and Abby's tab. Michael declined, so Johnny pocketed the money and then left. Abby suspected that Johnny had cut her some slack about the money because he respected Michael. Michael agreed, but he didn't understand why Johnny didn't resent him for killing Claudia when Johnny wasn't the type to forgive and forget.

Later, Michael went to the penthouse to talk to Jason. Spinelli explained that Jason was out on an "errand." Michael sensed that there was more to the story, so he questioned Spinelli until Spinelli revealed that Jason had a lead on Theo. Michael tried to probe for more information, but Bernie called to ask Spinelli to relay a message to Jason. Michael perked up when Spinelli assured Bernie that he would let Jason know that an important shipment was expected at Pier 52 later that evening.

After Spinelli ended the call, he worried that Jason might not be available to oversee the shipment. Michael assured Spinelli that Sonny's men were well trained, so they could handle things without Jason. Spinelli relaxed as he conceded that Michael had a point. Michael suggested that Bernie had a tendency to exaggerate, so he advised Spinelli not to bother Jason about the shipment because Jason had more important things to worry about. A short time later, Michael returned to Kelly's, where he bumped into Abby. Abby invited Michael to dinner at her place, but Michael asked for a rain check because he had to cover for Jason.

At the nurses' station, Lisa observed that Robin looked tired. Lisa suspected that it was because Robin had spent the evening breaking into Johnny's penthouse. Robin was confident that she and Patrick would have found the syringe if they'd had another ten minutes to search. Lisa accused Robin of being at her "whiney victim" best to convince Patrick to go along with the break-in. Robin assured Lisa that Patrick had willingly agreed to help her. Lisa accused Robin of hammering Patrick with guilt because Patrick had turned to Lisa for what he clearly hadn't gotten at home from Robin.

Patrick walked up as Lisa taunted Robin with the possibility that Johnny might press charges against Robin for the break-in. "Bring it on," Robin replied. Robin was tired of Lisa trying to destroy Robin's life and family. The argument escalated when Lisa expressed concern for Emma, which Robin perceived as a veiled threat. Lisa insisted that Robin was out of control and then accused Robin of twisting things around to manipulate Patrick. Patrick suggested that Lisa worry about her own life because he vowed that her career would be nonexistent by the time he was finished with her.

Terrell quickly stepped in to defuse the ugly confrontation. Patrick accused Lisa of being a psychopath who needed to be stopped. Patrick then proceeded to tell Terrell about the times that Lisa had broken into Patrick and Robin's home, taken Emma without permission, drugged Robin, and then threatened to kill Robin. Lisa argued that if there had been any proof of the allegations then Lisa wouldn't have been working at the hospital. Lisa tried to pass the incidents off as figments of Robin's imagination, but Patrick insisted that he had seen Lisa waving the gun around with his own eyes. Lisa reminded him that she had only tried to kill herself, not others, with the gun.

Steve was livid when he walked up during the heated argument. Robin was embarrassed when she realized that she hadn't heard her name being paged over the intercom. Steve suggested that it was because Robin had been too busy rehashing the same old garbage with Lisa. Steve warned Robin and Lisa that they would be suspended the next time that he caught them arguing while on duty. After Lisa, Robin, and Patrick walked away, Terrell tried to find out if Patrick had been exaggerating about Lisa's antics. Steve explained that the only thing he could confirm was that Patrick and Lisa had slept together.

Lisa went to Johnny's penthouse to vent about her confrontation with Robin. Lisa was upset because Patrick had looked at her with pure contempt in his eyes. She blamed Robin for turning Patrick against her, but Johnny suggested that Patrick had moved on. Lisa realized that she might be playing a fool's game by continuing to pursue Patrick. She conceded that Patrick might never love her as much as she loved him. Johnny was encouraged by Lisa's new insight.

Johnny thought that Lisa deserved better than to throw her life way on Patrick. He insisted that Lisa was brilliant and beautiful, but Lisa questioned why, if that were true, Patrick didn't see it. Johnny decided to try another tactic by reminding Lisa that there hadn't been any proof of Lisa's transgressions, so she had a clean slate. Johnny offered to help Lisa move forward, which made her chuckle. She reminded him that he had once told her that she would be in sorry shape if he were her savior. Moments later, Steve called Lisa to order her to return to the hospital because she was needed to consult on a case with Patrick.

Lisa assured Steve she would be at the hospital shortly and then ended the call. Lisa smiled brightly as she explained that she intended to remind Patrick of all of the reasons that he would want to be with her. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Patrick informed Steve that it wasn't a good time to work with Lisa. Steve suggested that Patrick get over himself because the patients were their priority. Nearby, Terrell asked Robin how she was holding up. Robin realized that Terrell probably thought that they were all crazy.

Seconds later, Robin received a text message from Johnny, informing her that he had left something for her at Kelly's. At the same time, Lisa received a similar message that sent her to the Metro Court Restaurant. Robin and Lisa were baffled when each were handed an envelope with a message that asked them to meet Johnny at his penthouse at 5:00 p.m.

Nikolas and Brook returned to Wyndemere after attending an art exhibit. They briefly chatted about their evening and then started to make love. Moments later, Liz entered the library to find Nikolas and Brook tearing off each other's clothes. Liz demanded to know if Nikolas had lost his mind. Nikolas pulled away from Brook as Liz berated him for behaving inappropriately while Aiden was around. Nikolas explained that Aiden was in the nursery, but that only infuriated Liz more.

Liz couldn't believe that Nikolas had pawned Aiden off on the nanny instead of spending some quality time with his son. Brook insisted that Nikolas was a wonderful father who deserved to have a life and enjoy great sex. Liz informed Nikolas that Aiden would not be allowed to return to Wyndemere as long as Brook lived there. Brook suggested that Liz only wanted Nikolas for his money. Liz quickly clarified that she was able to support her children.

Liz pointed out that Brook had been the one who had been cut off financially. Nikolas quickly interceded when Brook tried to turn the war of words into a physical altercation. Brook gloated when Nikolas appeared to side with her, but Liz made it clear that Aiden would not return to Wyndemere until Brook was gone. Liz insisted that her terms were not negotiable.

Later, Steve stopped off at the nurses' station to find out why Aiden was in the hospital's daycare center instead of with Nikolas. Liz explained that she had decided to keep Aiden away from Wyndemere until Brook had moved out. Steve urged Liz to work things out with Nikolas, but Liz refused to consider it. Steve feared that the decision might affect her financially, so he offered to help her out. Liz assured him that she made enough money to make ends meet. After Steve left, Liz called the lab about Aiden's paternity test. She learned that the results would be available on Thursday.

Johnny arrived home to find Jason waiting for him. Jason immediately confronted Johnny about helping Theo. Johnny explained that Trujillo had referred Theo to him for extra muscle. Johnny said he'd had no idea that Sam and Brenda had been Theo's targets. According to Johnny, he had been asked to take out the man who had been stalking Sam. Jason realized that Johnny had been the shooter on the rooftop not too long before. Johnny confirmed Jason's suspicions and then pointed out that he'd had the perfect opportunity to kill Jason, but he hadn't taken it.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

In Jax's suite, Carly explained that the diamonds had been planted in Jax's safe because she had hoped to force Jax to honor their original custody agreement. Jax informed Carly that her blackmail stunt had made him more determined to seek full custody of Josslyn and Morgan. Carly had hoped to reach an understanding, so that they could focus on their sick daughter. Jax resented Carly using Josslyn's illness to manipulate him when he just wanted his daughter to be safe. Carly's scheme had only reinforced his certainty that he had been right to be concerned. Carly confessed that she had merely tried to get his attention.

In the hallway, Alexis demanded to know why Luke and Ethan had been lurking outside of Jax's suite. Luke explained that he had a room at the hotel, but Alexis was certain that Luke and his son were up to something. Ethan realized that her Cassadine blood made Alexis naturally suspicious. Luke decided to ignore Alexis' probing questions by leaving, but he stopped short when Agent Bates suddenly appeared. Agent Bates was following up on a lead on stolen jewels, so he wasn't surprised to encounter Luke.

Luke immediately denied any knowledge about stolen jewels and then introduced his attorney, Alexis, to the Interpol agent. Alexis smiled knowingly as she followed Luke's lead. Agent Bates asked Alexis to keep her clients in the hallway while he paid Jax a visit. Moments later, Jax invited the agent into the room. Luke, Ethan, and Alexis followed Agent Bates. Agent Bates explained that he had received a call alerting him to the possibility that some stolen gems had been found in Jax's room.

Carly quickly explained that she had placed the call, but clarified that she had reported Theo as the possible thief, not Jax. Agent Bates didn't believe Carly because he didn't trust Luke, an international jewel thief who had been in London at the time of the heist, and Jax, a corporate raider with questionable business ethics whose brother was one of the most dangerous criminals in the world. Agent Bates decided to seize the contents of the safe that had been left ajar. Alexis immediately stepped forward to inform the agent that she also represented Jax. Agent Bates wondered if Alexis were the only attorney in Port Charles.

Alexis ignored the question to propose a compromise. Alexis denied that the stolen jewels were in the safe, but she suggested that the agent go to the lobby to wait for a plain envelope to be delivered to the front desk that would contain the stolen gems. Agent Bates appeared to waver until Jax vowed to end the man's career with just a phone call if the agent didn't cooperate. Agent Bates resented being threatened, so he decided to reject Alexis' offer. Agent Bates thought that it would be better for his career to drag Luke or Jax in, rather than recover stolen jewels that couldn't be traced to anyone.

Carly insisted that she could provide Jax and Luke with an alibi during the time that the jewels had been stolen. Alexis wondered if Agent Bates had a glimpse of the "lay of the land." Alexis conceded that her clients were "whack jobs" who would make things more difficult for the agent if they were dragged before a judge. Agent Bates realized that Alexis had a point, so he agreed to go to the lobby to call his boss. Agent Bates expected the envelope to be at the front desk by the time the call ended.

At the hospital, Liz was frustrated when she was told that the results of Aiden's paternity test wouldn't be available until Thursday. Lucky approached the nurses' station as Liz ended the call. He was curious whom she had been ordering tests for. Liz explained that it was for a critically ill patient, but Lucky cut her off because he realized that he hadn't had any right to ask. Lucky changed the subject by apologizing for having dropped the news about his wedding to Siobhan like a bomb. He admitted that she had every right to be concerned about how his marriage to Siobhan might affect the children.

Liz assured Lucky that she knew that he would never purposefully hurt Cameron and Jake. Liz assumed that was the end of the matter, so she asked if Lucky needed anything else. Lucky revealed that he had to cancel his "daddy night" with the boys. Liz was disappointed because Cam and Jake had been looking forward to spending time with Lucky. Lucky revealed that he had an appointment with the justice of the peace to marry Siobhan. Liz explained that she couldn't leave work and didn't have anyone to watch the boys.

Lucky suggested that perhaps Audrey might be available to watch the boys, but Liz insisted that her grandmother had plans for the evening. Liz's lack of cooperation frustrated Lucky, so he offered to take the boys with him to the wedding. Liz made it clear that wasn't an option. Liz's mood didn't improve when Siobhan arrived to pick up Lucky. Liz begged Lucky to reconsider marrying Siobhan. Liz reminded Lucky that the boys had been through enough upheaval, so she didn't want to subject them to a "sham of a marriage" between a stranger and their father.

Liz insisted that the children needed stability, not a stepmother popping into their lives. Lucky argued that the boys were resilient and that they had never had a stable family from the beginning. He also insisted that Cam and Jake liked Siobhan. Liz was disheartened because Lucky didn't seem to realize that he was "drop-kicking" his family. Lulu overheard the conversation as she passed by, so she demanded to know what gave Liz the right to accuse Lucky of anything. Lulu was curious if Liz had thought of Cam and Jake when she had been "screwing" Lucky's brother every chance she had.

Lucky and Siobhan arrived at the Haunted Star a short time later. Lucky apologized for putting Siobhan in an uncomfortable situation. Lucky conceded that he had known that Liz would be upset, so he shouldn't have asked Siobhan to meet him at the hospital. Siobhan confessed that she had been surprised by Lulu's reaction; Lulu appeared to call things as she saw them. However, Siobhan assured Lucky that Lulu's rescue had been unnecessary because Siobhan was perfectly capable of holding her own against a "woman scorned." Lucky acknowledged that Liz had a right to be concerned about how their marriage would impact the boys.

Siobhan reminded Lucky that they didn't have to go through with the wedding, but Lucky disagreed. Lucky assured Siobhan that Cam and Jake liked her, so he was certain that the boys wouldn't have a problem adjusting to her. Lucky explained that Liz disapproved because Liz was alone for the first time in her life and was frightened, so he was willing to cut Liz some slack. Siobhan feared that Lucky might still have feelings for Liz, but Lucky believed that living in the past was the surest way to waste one's life. Lucky promised that he didn't have any second thoughts about their marriage. However, in a perfect world, they would have taken things slower.

Lucky and Siobhan kissed just as Luke entered the casino and then headed straight to the bar to pour a drink. Lucky sensed that something was troubling his father. "Women are ruining my life," Luke complained. Lucky suspected that Luke and Tracy were squabbling again, but Luke revealed that Tracy would be a picnic compared to dealing with Carly and Alexis. Lucky announced that he had a way to refocus Luke's energies. Luke was stunned when Lucky asked his father to witness Lucky and Siobhan's wedding later that evening.

Dante was surprised to bump into Lulu at the hospital. He explained that he was there on police business, but he also intended to do something that Lulu might not like. Lulu relaxed when Dante admitted that he wanted to visit with Brenda. Lulu assured Dante that full disclosure wasn't required every time he spoke to a woman. Dante regretted that he had kept secrets from Lulu, so he was determined not to repeat his mistakes.

In Brenda's hospital room, Sonny was eager to spoil Brenda rotten and to make up for the time that had been stolen from them. Brenda was curious if Sonny had plans to seek revenge against Theo. Sonny grew silent, which frustrated Brenda. Brenda felt responsible for Suzanne being in their lives, so she insisted on discussing it with Sonny. Sonny reluctantly agreed. Brenda admitted that Theo had claimed to have made Sonny believe that she had died like Lily.

Sonny acknowledged that Theo had done his homework because Sonny had been terrified that he had lost Brenda. However, Sonny knew that he would find his wife when he realized that Brenda had been kidnapped, not killed. Brenda admitted that she had been confident that Sonny would find her. Sonny confessed that he had been frightened when he had found Brenda after Theo had injected her with the poison. Brenda confided that it had been hard on her to see Sonny in so much pain.

Brenda feared that Theo had stolen too much from them. Sonny wondered if Brenda expected him to let things slide. "Maybe," Brenda replied. She wanted to focus on them instead of worrying about Theo. A short time later, Sonny stepped into the hallway, where he ran into Dante. Dante was relieved that Brenda's condition had improved. However, he warned Sonny that the days of looking the other way and working with the mob were over.

Dante reminded Sonny that the police were looking for Theo. Dante realized that Sonny was conducting his own search, but Dante made it clear that he would take Sonny in if Sonny were caught breaking the law. Sonny assured Dante that he understood and then invited Dante to spend some time with Brenda. Sonny was certain that Brenda would enjoy the visit. Dante entered Brenda's room while Sonny watched them from the window.

Shortly after Dante left, Patrick gave Brenda a clean bill of health and then cleared her to go home. Brenda and Sonny were delighted, so Sonny began to pack Brenda's things. Brenda was curious where Sonny intended to take her. Sonny revealed that he wanted to take her to a secluded place where they could enjoy their honeymoon and shut out the rest of the world. Meanwhile, Dante bumped into Ronnie near the bank of elevators.

Ronnie was curious if Dante had been able to question Theo's henchman, who had been stabbed at the Metro Court Restaurant. Dante revealed that the man had not regained consciousness and that the doctors weren't certain if the man would recover. Ronnie switched gears to let Dante know that they had received a tip that Sonny was expecting a shipment on Pier 52 later that evening. Ronnie commented that it appeared that Brenda's crisis hadn't stopped Sonny from "doing business as usual."

Elsewhere at the hospital, Patrick explained that Sam's migraines were a side effect of her concussion and that they would abate. He wrote her a prescription for the pain and then instructed her to notify him if any other symptoms appeared. After Sam left, Steve approached Patrick to check the status of the trauma patient that Lisa and Patrick had treated. Steve was furious when he learned that Lisa had left the hospital shortly after receiving a text message. Steve stormed to his office with Patrick trailing behind him.

Steve was tired of the drama between Lisa and Robin. Patrick defended his wife, but Steve argued that he was trying to run a hospital not a school yard, so he expected the doctors on staff to behave in a professional manner. Steve insisted that the rampant hostility had to end. Patrick couldn't believe that Steve expected him to ignore the fact that Lisa had tried to kidnap Emma. Steve advised Patrick to talk to Robin because Steve intended to take action if things didn't improve.

At Johnny's penthouse, Jason took aim at Johnny as he demanded answers about Theo. Johnny insisted that he had no idea what Theo had been planning, but he might recall something if he weren't staring down the "business end" of a gun. Jason refused to lower the gun, so Johnny explained that he had never met Theo in person. Johnny revealed that all communications had occurred over the phone, but he recalled that Theo had once mentioned going to Paris. Jason was curious if Johnny had handled Theo's transportation. "No," Johnny confessed; he had just supplied the occasional muscle. "You made a big mistake, Johnny," Jason warned as he cocked his gun.

Later, Robin entered Johnny's apartment when he failed to answer her knock. Robin called out for Johnny just as Lisa arrived. Lisa immediately accused Robin of breaking in, but Robin informed Lisa that Johnny had invited her. Lisa noticed the envelope in Robin's hand, so she quickly surmised that Robin had received the same invitation that Lisa had. Robin smiled as she suggested that Johnny had invited them both to his penthouse because he intended to turn over the syringe to Robin. Lisa denied the possibility, but it was clear to Robin that Lisa was nervous.

Robin was confident that Johnny had finally realized that Lisa was a psychopath. Lisa suggested that Robin was bitter and jealous because Patrick had slept with Lisa. Johnny entered the penthouse moments later. Lisa demanded to know what was going on, while Robin expressed her relief that Johnny had finally seen the light. Johnny was tired of hearing Robin and Lisa continually argue, so he announced that Robin and Lisa would get an equal "shot at the brass ring" by embarking on a treasure hunt, of sorts, for the syringe.

Robin complained that it wasn't a fair competition because she was certain that Johnny had given Lisa the advantage. Johnny argued that it wouldn't be fun, so he had arranged for them to take different paths to the prize. Johnny handed each lady their first clue. Lisa and Robin immediately set out for the hospital to find their second clue. A short time later, Patrick found Robin frantically sifting through a file as he approached the nurses' station. Robin quickly filled Patrick in on Johnny's plan, but Patrick was concerned because it involved Lisa.

Robin smiled victoriously when she located her clue. Her joy was short-lived when she realized that the next clue was in the one place that she didn't want to go. Robin quickly headed to Carly's house. It appeared that no one was home, so Robin slipped in and then proceeded to search the living room. Seconds later, Carly appeared in the living room. Robin tried to explain what was going on, but Carly didn't care; she ordered Robin to leave.

Patrick went to see Johnny to persuade Johnny to hand over the syringe. Patrick warned Johnny that Johnny had no idea what Lisa was capable of. Patrick wanted to give Steve the syringe, so that Steve could fire Lisa, which would get her out of everyone's hair. Johnny admitted that he liked Lisa, so he hoped that the hunt for the syringe would allow Lisa to move forward. Meanwhile, Lisa searched Steve's office for her second clue until Steve suddenly entered. Steve was furious to find Lisa in his office, so he fired her on the spot.

At Kelly's, Michael apologized for backing out on his date with Abby. Abby assured him that she understood that he had to cover for Jason; however, she had been under the impression that Sonny and Jason didn't want Michael involved in their business. Michael claimed that Sonny and Jason were busy dealing with Theo, so they needed him to pick up the slack on some "everyday aspects of the business." Michael promised Abby that he wouldn't do anything dangerous, like shoot someone, so he would be fine. He suggested that he could stop by her place after he was finished. Abby quickly agreed, but she appeared worried as she watched Michael leave.

Sam returned to Jason's penthouse to pick up some files. Spinelli was curious how her doctor's appointment had gone. Sam assured him that the headaches were normal and that she was fine. Spinelli became concerned when he realized that Sam intended to work instead of rest. Sam explained that she had to check with some sources to see if Theo had someone watching Brenda. She dashed out the door seconds later, but stopped in the hallway to catch her breath and rub her forehead.

Spinelli was relieved when Jason arrived home a short time later. Spinelli quickly updated Jason about Sam's checkup and her plans to track a few leads on Theo. Jason explained that there was nothing that he could do to stop Sam, so he instructed Spinelli to check if there might be any connection between Theo and Paris. Moments later, Abby arrived. Abby told Jason about Michael's plans to oversee the shipment on Pier 52. Spinelli confessed that Michael had learned the details of the shipment from him when Michael had overheard Spinelli and Bernie on the phone.

At Pier 52, Michael lurked near some crates as Sonny's men unloaded a shipment. Seconds later, Michael heard the approach of police sirens, so he stepped forward to order Sonny's men to run. Dante and Ronnie rounded the corner just as Michael and the men fled in different directions. Dante followed Michael, not realizing who it was. Dante eventually cornered Michael in an alley and then ordered him to turn around. Dante was shocked to see Michael.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

At Johnny's penthouse, Patrick tried to persuade Johnny to hand over the syringe. Patrick warned Johnny that Lisa was crazy, so Johnny was gambling with people's lives. Patrick was certain that someone would die if Lisa weren't stopped. Johnny had learned from Claudia and Sonny's disastrous relationship that playing "fast and loose" with people's lives never ended well. It dawned on Patrick that Johnny might see a lot of Claudia's qualities in Lisa. Johnny didn't appear to appreciate the observation because he immediately went on the offensive.

Johnny suspected that it had been easy for Patrick to blame the affair on Lisa, even though Patrick had likely enjoyed Lisa's attention until Robin had returned from Africa. Johnny believed that Patrick had accused Lisa of being a lunatic without ever considering that Lisa might have genuine feelings for Patrick. Patrick had no idea what kind of games Johnny and Lisa were playing, but he warned Johnny to keep Patrick and Robin out of it.

At Carly's house, Robin told Carly about Lisa's obsession with Patrick and the missing syringe. Robin explained that Johnny had hidden a clue in Carly's house that would lead Robin to proof of Lisa's wrongdoing. Carly wasn't interested in Robin's problems or her excuse for breaking in, but Robin insisted that Lisa had to be stopped because she might hurt Emma. Robin appealed to Carly as a mother, so Carly relented. Robin immediately resumed her search for the hidden clue. Carly was stunned moments later when Robin found it in the foyer.

In Steve's office, Lisa was stunned that Steve had fired her. Steve reminded her that she had left the hospital without permission while she had been on duty. Lisa claimed that she had intended to leave him a note to explain that she had been overwhelmed by Robin's cattiness and accusations. Steve didn't believe Lisa. He questioned her judgment as a doctor and his decision to keep her on staff.

Lisa scrambled to talk her way back into Steve's good graces, but Steve demanded to know what she had been looking for when he had entered the office. "A pen," Lisa replied. Steve immediately saw through the lie, which made him suspect that she might have lied about everything else. Lisa suggested that Steve had decided to side with Robin to get back at Lisa for breaking off their relationship. Steve argued that he had bent over backwards for Lisa, but he finally realized that she had been playing him for a fool.

Steve wondered if she had slept with him for leverage or if the time that they had spent together had been the last sane moment that Lisa had before diving head-first into her obsession with Patrick. Lisa continued to play the victim by complaining that Patrick had escaped the affair unscathed while she had been painted the villain because Patrick had been unhappy at home. Steve was fed up with Lisa's excuses, so he warned her that she would be fired if the syringe surfaced.

Robin returned to the hospital with her clue. Patrick told her about his attempt to get Johnny to turn over the syringe. Robin wasn't surprised when Patrick admitted that he suspected that Johnny saw shades of Claudia in Lisa. Robin speculated that her clue might be a reference to Claudia. Patrick wondered if perhaps the syringe had been hidden by Claudia's grave. Moments later, Steve assigned Patrick to oversee the treatment of a new trauma patient.

Patrick explained that he had something personal to take care of, so he asked Steve to call another doctor. Steve explained that no one else was available and that Patrick was the neurologist on duty. Steve reminded Patrick that the patients were their priority, so Steve expected Patrick to put his personal life on the backburner while Patrick was on call. Robin assured Patrick that she could handle things and then left. Meanwhile, Lisa arrived at Johnny's apartment in a rage. Lisa was furious that his "treasure hunt" had nearly gotten her fired.

Lisa demanded that Johnny hand over the syringe because she was certain that Robin had a head start on her. Johnny didn't think that it would be fair to Robin to give in to Lisa's demands. Lisa warned Johnny that Steve had threatened to fire her if the syringe surfaced. Lisa didn't think that Johnny was eager to see her leave town, so she begged him to help her. Johnny insisted that he was helping her because the point of the competition was for Lisa to help herself. Johnny wanted Lisa to live for herself instead of for Patrick.

In an alley near Pier 52, Dante was stunned to realize that Michael had been involved with the unloading of Sonny's illegal shipment. Dante ordered Michael to stay put and then left the alley to direct a police officer away from Michael. At the same moment, Jason pulled up to the alley and then instructed Michael to get into the SUV. Michael immediately complied. Dante returned to the alley in time to see Jason's car speed away.

Jason was furious that Michael had been at the pier during the bust. Michael tried to justify his presence at Sonny's warehouse, but Jason wasn't satisfied. They returned to the penthouse where Jason made it clear that Michael had no business being part of Sonny's world. Michael stubbornly argued that Jason should admit that he needed Michael's help. Michael insisted that he knew how the business worked and that Jason should be able to focus on tracking down Theo because Sonny needed to send a strong message to everyone. Jason acknowledged that Michael had never had a normal childhood because Michael had been exposed to things that he shouldn't have.

However, Jason was adamant that he wanted Michael to have a normal life. Michael continued to plead his case by insisting that Jason needed someone that Jason could trust. "It will never be you," Jason vowed. Michael conceded that Jason had always taken care of him, but Michael claimed that he had learned to stand on his own during his time in Pentonville. Michael asserted that he wasn't cut out for the corporate world, so he refused to live a life that others tried to plan for him. Jason clarified that he had never asked Michael to do that; he just didn't want Michael to end up back in jail. Michael argued that it was his risk to take.

At Kelly's, Dante told Lulu about what had transpired on Pier 52. Dante admitted that he hadn't told Ronnie about Michael's presence during the bust. Lulu was curious what Dante intended to do. Dante feared that Michael would get in deeper with the mob if Dante didn't take action; however, Michael would end up back in Pentonville for the parole violation. Dante confessed that he didn't know which fate was worse. Later, Dante decided to go to Jason's penthouse.

Dante was furious that Jason had allowed Michael to get involved in mob business, so he threatened to arrest Jason. Michael started to defend Jason, but Dante wasn't interested in hearing from his brother. Dante demanded to know if the evening had been Jason's idea of mentoring. Michael insisted that it hadn't been like that, but Jason warned Michael to stop talking. Dante vowed to find something that would stick, so that Jason would go to jail.

At Kelly's, Sam arrived at Abby's request. Abby was worried about Michael, so she had hoped that Sam would have some news. Sam hadn't heard anything, but she assured Abby that Jason would watch over Michael. Abby feared that Michael would jeopardize his parole by getting involved in Sonny's business. Sam promised Abby that Jason would flee town with Michael before Jason would ever let Michael go back to jail. Abby relaxed as she apologized for bothering Sam.

Sam admitted that it was a welcome distraction from trying to track down leads on Theo that had gone nowhere. Abby didn't know if it would help, but she told Sam that a girl at the strip club had been dating a guy from eastern Europe who had been flashing around a lot of money. According to Abby, the boyfriend had suddenly turned into a hermit around the time of the limousine explosion. Sam grimaced as she rubbed her forehead, prompting Abby to wonder if Sam were okay. Sam assured Abby that she was fine and then asked Abby for the man's address.

At Greystone Manor, Diane relaxed on the sofa while Max and Milo prepared for Sonny and Brenda's arrival. Diane complained that she had no idea why she was there, just as Sonny and Brenda entered the parlor. Sonny reminded Brenda who everyone was and then explained that Diane, Max, and Milo's jobs were to make certain that Brenda was safe and happy. "What the hell is that?" Sonny suddenly asked with disgust when he spotted some pink decorations on a nearby table. Milo explained that Spinelli had provided the pink items to make Brenda feel more comfortable in Sonny's home. Brenda explained that she and Sonny didn't intend to live in Greystone Manor because they had a house in the woods.

Diane announced that the house in the woods had been sold. Brenda was upset that Sonny had let the house go. Sonny dismissed everyone, so that he could speak to Brenda privately. Sonny apologized for not telling Brenda about the house sooner, but he had been distracted by everything that had transpired after the wedding. Brenda insisted on being the first to know, not the last, the next time that he made an important decision about their lives. Brenda was sad that the house was gone, but she assured Sonny that her home was any place where Sonny was.

Sonny offered to give Brenda a tour of Greystone Manor. A short time later, Sonny and Brenda snuggled together in bed after making love. Sonny confided that he had bought Greystone Manor to give the children a nice home near the water. However, he admitted that it had become lonely when the boys had moved in with Carly, and Kristina stopped visiting. Sonny was eager for Brenda to make it a home again.

On the Haunted Star, Luke admitted that he liked Siobhan, but he feared that Lucky was making a mistake by getting married. Lucky invited Luke to elaborate about his objections to the wedding. Luke explained that everything seemed sudden and that he feared that Lucky was on the rebound. Lucky reminded Luke that he was marrying Siobhan to keep her in the country. Siobhan conceded that she had her own reservations about the wedding, but she wanted to remain in Port Charles, so couldn't turn down Lucky's generous offer. Lucky let Luke know that they would be at the office of the justice of the peace if Luke changed his mind about attending the wedding.

After Lucky and Siobhan left, Carly stopped by to have a chat with Luke about their failed attempt to force Jax to honor the original custody agreement. Carly was frustrated because she and Jax were at a bigger impasse regarding custody. Luke suggested that Carly let Jax raise the kids, so that she wouldn't have to figure out when to support the decisions that her children made or tell them that they were completely off the rail. Carly admitted that it sounded as if Luke were having a "parental crisis of conscience."

At the courthouse, Siobhan admitted that she had second thoughts about getting married because she feared that Lucky had unresolved feelings for Liz. Lucky assured Siobhan that he and Liz only shared the children, nothing more. Lucky reminded her that it had been his choice to marry her, but Siobhan argued that the government had forced his hand. Lucky insisted that what anyone thought shouldn't matter. Siobhan disagreed because she didn't think that he would try so hard to convince her otherwise.

Lucky promised that he didn't have any regrets or doubts about marrying Siobhan. Siobhan warned him that he couldn't change his mind once they were married. Lucky urged Siobhan not to overthink things because she needed to remain in the country, so that they could see where their relationship would lead them. Siobhan laughed at the idea of getting married in order to date. Lucky smiled as he admitted that it made perfect sense to him. Siobhan thought it was like putting the cart before the horse. Moments later, a woman emerged from an office to announce, "Next."

At the hospital, Liz picked her children up from the daycare center after her shift was over. She was on her cell phone with the lab as Cameron repeatedly demanded pizza for dinner. Liz let Cam know that they would discuss it after her phone call. Cam pouted as his mother resumed her conversation with the lab. Liz was surprised to learn that the results of the paternity test had been delivered to her home. Moments later, Steve bumped into his sister and nephews.

Jake raced into his uncle's waiting arms for a hug while Steve asked Cam what was wrong. "Nothing," Cam barked and then resumed his pouting. Liz explained that Cam was protesting her parenting methods. Steve asked for a private word with Liz, so Liz put Cam in charge of his siblings. The boys remained in sight of Steve and Liz as Steve questioned why Cam and Jake weren't with Lucky. Steve was surprised when Liz revealed that Lucky was getting married.

"Isn't that a little quick?" Steve wondered. Liz explained that it was a green card marriage. Steve was curious how Liz was holding up, because he knew that she had hopes of reconciling with Lucky one day. Liz reminded Steve that it was a green card marriage, so she was confident that it wouldn't last.

Luke was in his car, racing to the courthouse, as he periodically glanced at his watch. Meanwhile, Robin was on the road with Lisa close behind her, honking the horn. In another car, Brenda thanked Sonny for fulfilling all of her dreams. Elsewhere on the road, Carly called Jax to check on Josslyn. Carly asked Jax to give Josslyn a kiss and then promised to meet him at the doctor's office as soon as possible. Finally, Sam was driving when an intense migraine hit and forced her to take her eyes off of the road.

At Liz's house, Jake was playing with a truck at the bottom of the stairs as Liz entered the living room. Liz warned Jake to be careful and then called out to Cam to invite Cam to help her to make macaroni and cheese for dinner. Liz then walked over to the table, where the envelope from the lab sat unopened. She decided to read the results and then tucked them back into the envelope as she looked around for Jake. Liz called out Jake's name and then noticed that someone had opened the front door. Liz immediately raced to the door. A second later, she stared in horror as she screamed, "Jake!"

Friday, March 18, 2011

At home, Jake played with his toys while Liz began to read the results of the Aiden's paternity test, until she noticed the front door was open. Liz was terrified to see Jake's lifeless body lying in the street.

Lucky assured Siobhan that he was committed to marrying her so she could stay in the country. Siobhan gave him every chance to back out. Lucky kept prodding her until she reluctantly agreed. Luke burst into the justice of the peace's office. He apologized for not being supportive earlier but said that he'd had a change of heart and wanted to witness their nuptials.

The couple agreed, and the justice began the ceremony. Before they had a chance to make their vows, Lucky got a phone call from Liz who told him that Jake had been rushed to the emergency room after he'd been hit by a car .

On the road, Robin attempted to outrun a tailgating Lisa. Robin got to the hospital, and let Patrick know she'd procured the syringe Johnny had hidden. As they started toward Steve's office, Lisa arrived. Robin showed her the evidence, but Lisa calmly told Robin and Patrick that it would prove nothing. Steve would only think Robin was unstable, should Robin present him with the story that she and Lisa had fought over the syringe.

Lisa accused the couple of harassing her. As all three continued to snipe at each other, Steve approached and admonished them to cease hostilities. Robin told Steve that they had the syringe and needed to have it tested at the lab. Before Steve had a chance to respond, a nurse delivered the news that his nephew had been hit by a car.

Dante confronted Jason and accused him of preparing Michael for a life of crime. Jason and Michael tried to tell Dante otherwise, but Dante wouldn't listen. Dante threatened to find something that would send Jason to prison. Dante vowed to Michael that there was no way he'd let Michael destroy his life.

Dante continued to berate Michael for having put himself in danger. "I could have shot you," Dante declared angrily. Jason agreed that Michael needed to stop taking such risks. Just then, Jason's phone rang. It was Lucky, who let Jason know that Jake had been hit by a car. Jason and Michael rushed to the hospital.

Lucky, Siobhan, and Luke were the first to arrive at the hospital to meet with Liz, who apologized for having let Jake out of her sight. Jason and Michael showed up moments later and approached Robin. She broke the news that Jake was in critical condition.

Steve let Jason know he was aware that Jason was Jake's father. Steve asked Jason, for Liz's sake, that Jason make himself scarce. Jason tried to keep his composure as he left Sam a voicemail. Afterward, he sat, alone, fidgeting with his phone, visibly upset.

While Lucky comforted Liz, Luke asked Siobhan to be there to support Lucky. Liz berated herself for having been so careless, but Lucky assured her that it wasn't her fault. Steve let them know that Patrick would perform the surgery and that Robin would assist. Steve led Liz away to get her tea.

Siobhan sat down next to Lucky, and he explained that it had been his night to take the boys. Siobhan urged him not to beat himself up. She promised to stay by his side throughout the ordeal. Steve and Liz returned and, with Lucky, approached Patrick as he headed to the operating room. Liz pleaded to see Jake before surgery, but Patrick said there wasn't enough time.

Luke went back to the Haunted Star and was met by Tracy, who was ready for their second honeymoon. Luke shared the bad news with her and disclosed that Jake was actually Jason's son. Tracy was stunned to realize that Jake was a Quartermaine.

On the road, a happy Sonny and Brenda proceeded toward the airport, Brenda begged Sonny to let her know where they were headed, but he only coyly gave her hints. Once in Sonny's jet, Brenda continued to wear Sonny down. Sonny continued to drop clues until Brenda guessed that they were on their way to Positano.

Brenda wondered if Sonny was just trying to hide her from Theo. She made it clear that she didn't want their honeymoon spent managing the search for Theo. Sonny told Brenda to put Theo out of her mind. He promised that no one would harm her again.

In their limo, Theo and Suzanne discussed Suzanne's deception, having hidden their grandson from him. They arrived at a farmhouse, and Suzanne tried to escape, but Theo prevented her from exiting the car. He stated that he didn't believe their grandchild was even there. Theo wondered whether the boy had ever lived at the house or whether Suzanne had tipped the family off.

Carly met Jax at the hospital to check in on Josslyn. Jax explained that their baby's fever had spiked and she couldn't get comfortable, but Jax wondered if she simply needed to be with her mother. Carly remarked that Jax was taking good care of Josslyn. Jax worried that he hadn't realized how sick their little girl had become. Carly and Jax agreed to work together to reach a custody agreement that was fair to both of them and good for Josslyn.

Dr. Jackson returned and explained that Josslyn's test results indicated that she might have kidney cancer. The doctor explained that Josslyn's chances were good if she only had a tumor on one kidney. The worst-case scenario would be that, if she had tumors on both kidney, she'd likely need chemotherapy, as radiation was rarely used on a child so young. Kidney transplants, he explained would be a long shot.

Carly called Michael to let him know and asked him to go to the hospital. Michael arrived quickly after, having already been in the emergency room. He didn't burden them with the news about Jake. Michael got very upset at the thought his little sister might have cancer.

A woozy Sam pulled off to the side of the road to call Spinelli. She asked him to do some sleuthing and told him that she would turn off her phone for a bit to rest. Later, she returned to the penthouse and retrieved the message Jason had left her.

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