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General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 26, 2010 on GH
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Monday, April 26, 2010

Jax was at home with Morgan. They were talking about going sailing together when Carly got home. She and Jax immediately started arguing. Morgan was upset and told them that they needed to settle their differences just as Carly had made him and Michael settle their differences when they argued.

After Morgan left the room, Carly and Jax talked and agreed to put their differences aside, at least for the evening, so that their children could enjoy a family night of fun together.

Michael was gone when Lulu and Dante arrived at her apartment. Dante wondered if he had done the right thing by keeping Michael and his confession from Claire. Lulu told him that she would support his decision, no matter what he ultimately decided to do.

Lucky stopped by the apartment after Dante called him. Dante told Lucky that forensic evidence confirmed that Michael, not Sonny, had killed Claudia. He told Lucky about his conversation with Sonny and how Sonny had begged him to keep Michael safe.

Lulu suggested that even though Sonny had not killed Claudia, he had committed other crimes and deserved to go to prison. She thought that keeping silent might be the best thing to do for Michael and the rest of Sonny's family.

Dante was not sure what to do. He asked Lucky to help him find Michael. Lucky agreed, but Dante decided that it was something he had to do himself. Lucky told Dante that he was in danger of losing his badge if he hid the truth that Michael had killed Claudia. Before leaving Lulu and Dante alone, Lucky told Dante to think long and hard before making a decision.

Sam was with Spinelli at the penthouse. They were searching Port Charles security cameras as they looked for Michael. Maxie arrived downstairs and heard them talking but ignored their concern for Michael. Sam left to look for him while Spinelli continued searching.

Maxie got a call from Kate telling her to get on the next plane to Milan. Maxie was ecstatic to get out of town so that she did not have to feel guilty about knowing where Michael was and not telling. Spinelli sensed that something was wrong when she wanted to bypass her apartment and go directly to the plane.

Maxie tried to distract Spinelli by kissing him, but when Jason arrived home and interrupted them, Maxie blurted out Michael's whereabouts, then left to catch her plane and avoid the complications that would arise from giving away Michael's whereabouts.

Michael called Kristina to pick him up. She met him on the docks near Kelly's. He told her that Dante knew the truth. She begged him not to confess to killing Claudia because she did not want to lose him also.

Kristina continued to blame herself for Kiefer's death. Michael said that Kiefer's death was no big deal, but Kristina said that she loved Kiefer and that he had loved her. When Michael asked how things with Kiefer had gotten so far out of hand, Kristina told him that it had started with Kiefer yelling at her and had escalated from there. Next he pushed her around, and then slapped her before he finally hit her hard enough to put her in the hospital.

Kristina said that Kiefer always apologized and felt bad for what he did. She told Michael that she did not tell anyone because she feared that Sonny would hurt Kiefer. Michael did not understand Kristina's reasons, but he respected her wishes.

Kristina wanted to know what Michael would do. He said that he would lay low until the trial was over. If his dad were acquitted, he would say nothing. Michael said that he would turn himself in and tell the truth if Sonny was convicted. He told Kristina that he would hide out at the Quartermaine boathouse.

After he walked away, Sam spotted Kristina and wanted to know what she was doing out and about. Kristina said that she needed some air. When Sam offered to drive Kristina home, she accepted the offer.

At Sonny's place, Jason told Sonny that he did not trust Dante to keep Michael safe. Sonny was convinced that Dante would not turn Michael in, but Jason was not so sure and vowed to find Michael and get him out of the country again.

Sonny told Jason to leave things alone because Dante would work in Michael's best interest. Jason was not convinced. They were at odds when Jason walked out after telling Sonny that he would do what he had to do to protect Michael.

On the Haunted Star, Luke flirted with Skye while he searched the Internet looking for Alcazar's hidden illegal assets. Tracy burst in and made several derogatory comments about Skye as she coolly and correctly assessed Skye's situation and the reason that she was coming on to Luke.

After telling Luke that he was heading for divorce court if he got involved with Skye, Tracy flounced out. Luke was not pleased with the situation, but vowed that he would help Skye find Alcazar's money.

Liz worked the oncology ward and asked Steve to take a look at Shirley's numbers. She was convinced that Shirley was better off than her numbers made it appear. Liz also appealed to Maya for help.

Steve talked to Shirley and told her that she did not have to keep up appearances for the nurses. Shirley told him that she was staying strong because Liz needed her and she needed Liz.

Later when Liz tried to get encouragement for Shirley's condition from Steve, he was paged away before he could give her the hard truth. She also tried to get Maya to say that Shirley was improving, but Maya pointed out that Shirley was at stage four and the prognosis was not good. Liz was still convinced that a positive attitude would save Shirley.

In the jury room, the majority of the members were convinced that Sonny should go to prison regardless of whether or not he was guilty of Claudia's murder. Lisa was the lone holdout. She was convinced that Sonny had acted in self-defense and that he was innocent of killing Claudia in cold blood. Alice and another juror wanted to convict Sonny because he was a known criminal, who they believed should be in prison, even if the facts of the case did not warrant it.

Alexis went to Sonny to give him an update on Kristina, who was still blaming herself for everything that had happened. She told Sonny about the vendetta that Kiefer's father was waging against her. Alexis was worried that she would go to jail along with Sonny, because she had killed Kiefer and run from the scene.

When Sonny suggested that they kill Warren, Alexis went ballistic and told him that Molly had already asked Jason to kill Warren. Alexis was adamant that she did not want any harm to befall Kiefer's father. She just wanted to be sure that she would be there to support Kristina.

Sam took Kristina home to the lake house. She told Kristina that Dante had flown Michael back to Port Charles. Kristina pretended that she had not seen Michael and acted surprised when Sam told her that Michael was back. She agreed to let Sam know if Michael contacted her.

Sam apologized for not realizing sooner that Kiefer was hurting Kristina. Kristina defended Kiefer and said that they related to each other because she felt pressured to be perfect and Kiefer felt pressured to get into Harvard.

Kristina said that Michael had not liked Kiefer from the beginning. Kristina said that she wished that she had listened to him and had never gotten involved with Kiefer at all.

Jax, Carly, Josslyn, and Morgan were having a great time playing a pirate board game when Carly got a call from Sonny. At first she told him that she was busy, but when he said that he needed to talk to her about Michael, she left immediately.

After Carly left, Jax told Josslyn that he loved her. He promised her that they would be a family again after Sonny went to prison.

Sonny told Carly that Dante had found Michael. When she wanted to know where he was, Sonny told her that Michael was with Dante. Carly said that she did not care about Dante. She said that all she cared about was getting Michael home.

Michael was making himself comfortable in the Quartermaine boathouse when Maya burst in and demanded to know who he was. He told her that he was Michael Corinthos, Junior, and then demanded to know who she was.

Dante was pacing, talking to Lulu, and trying to decide what to do when there was a knock on the door. It was Jason. He demanded to see Michael.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

At the lake house, Alexis talked to Kristina about Kiefer. Alexis was curious if Kiefer had pressured Kristina to have sex. Kristina admitted that she had wanted to have sex with Kiefer, but she confessed that it had been Kiefer's idea. Alexis wondered if the abuse had started before or after Kristina and Kiefer had sex. Kristina quietly revealed that Kiefer had slapped her once before they had slept together, but she tried to downplay it. Alexis reminded Kristina that a slap was abuse, so there was no excuse for it.

Alexis wanted to know the details about the first time that Kiefer had hit Kristina. Kristina explained that Kiefer had tried to push her to have sex, but Kristina hadn't been ready. According to Kristina, Kiefer had lost his temper and then slapped her out of frustration. It was clear that Kristina blamed herself for Kiefer's violent temper. Alexis insisted that Kiefer was responsible for his own actions, but Kristina didn't believe her.

Alexis cried out that she couldn't understand how Kristina could have stayed with someone who had hit her. Kristina flinched at her mother's emotional outburst. Alexis immediately began to apologize as Kristina wept. Alexis wrapped her arms around her daughter and then continued to apologize until Kristina calmed down. After a few minutes Kristina pulled away then acknowledged that Dr. Winters had asked a similar question. Kristina explained that Dr. Winters believed that the key to better self-esteem was figuring out why Kristina had stayed with Kiefer.

Alexis didn't want to interfere with Kristina's therapy, but she was desperate to understand what Kristina had endured. Kristina confessed that it was difficult to talk about the abuse because she had spent so long keeping it a secret. However, Kristina made an effort to offer insight into what had drawn her to Kiefer. Kristina conceded that being Kiefer's girlfriend had made her feel special.

Alexis wished that Kristina could see what an incredible person Alexis saw when she looked at her daughter. Alexis regretted that Kristina hadn't felt comfortable to talk to her mother about what was going on with Kiefer. Kristina clarified that she didn't blame her mother because it had been Kristina's choice to stay with Kiefer. However, Kristina was determined to find out why. Alexis was proud of Kristina and loved her very much.

At Greystone Manor, Carly wanted to find Michael, so that they could spirit him out of the country. Sonny trusted Dante not to turn Michael over to the police because Dante wanted Sonny to go to jail. Carly pointed out that if Sonny went to jail then Michael would make every effort to confess. Sonny didn't think that anyone would believe Michael, but Carly was undeterred.

Sonny warned Carly that if she confronted Dante then she would force Dante's hand. Carly didn't care; she refused to leave Michael out in the world alone with the burden of keeping his secret. Carly didn't want to leave Michael's fate up to Dante. She reminded Sonny that the cover-up hadn't been Michael's idea, so she wouldn't let her son pay for the consequences of things going wrong.

Shortly after Carly left, Kristina arrived. Kristina admitted that she often thought of Kiefer and what had gone wrong. Sonny referred to Kiefer as an abusive pig and then began to talk about the abuse that Deke had inflicted on Sonny and Adella. Sonny revealed that small things like the vacuum cleaner breaking could set off Deke's rages. Deke would turn the abuse on Sonny whenever Sonny tried to protect his mother.

Kristina wondered if Deke had ever explained why he had abused Sonny and Adella. Sonny admitted that Deke had always blamed Sonny and his mother for the beatings. Kristina softly cried as she confessed that Kiefer had done the same thing. Sonny pulled Kristina into his arms to gently rock her while she cried. He promised his daughter that everything would be okay.

After Kristina pulled herself together, she confided that Alexis had a theory that Kristina had used Kiefer as a substitute because she had felt rejected by Sonny. Sonny conceded that it was true. He apologized, but Kristina made it clear that it wasn't Sonny's fault. Kristina blamed Sonny for many things, but Kiefer was Kristina's mistake. Sonny had always wanted the best for his daughter, so it killed him that she had dated a guy who had abused her. Sonny wished that he had known what was going on, so that he could have helped Kristina. Kristina reminded him that she had kept the abuse a secret from everyone; however, she was seeing a therapist to figure out why.

Maya found Michael hiding in the boathouse. To justify his presence on Quartermaine property, Michael explained that his biological father was AJ Quartermaine. Maya wondered why she should keep quiet about Michael using the boathouse. Michael admitted that he couldn't think of a single good reason. Maya appreciated Michael's candor, so she introduced herself to her cousin. She was curious why Michael didn't want anyone to know he was in the boathouse.

Michael revealed that his adoptive father was on trial, so the prosecutor wanted to use Michael as a pawn. Maya was sympathetic to Michael's plight, so she agreed to keep quiet about Michael's whereabouts. He was curious why he should trust her. Maya smiled as she gave Michael the same answer that he had given to her earlier.

In the Quartermaine mansion, Ethan tried to assure Tracy that nothing was going on between Luke and Skye. Tracy didn't believe Ethan any more than she had believed Luke. Ethan pointed out that Luke had handpicked the flowers he sent to Tracy. Tracy wasn't impressed. Meanwhile, Monica was livid that Ethan was in her home after he had pilfered various valuables. Maya entered just as Edward threatened to call the police.

"No, you can't," Maya insisted. Maya immediately covered her tracks by suggesting that they had known exactly what Ethan was capable of when they had given him full access to their home. According to Maya, they had only themselves to blame for Ethan's theft. To Tracy's astonishment, Edward immediately switched sides by demanding to know why Tracy was trying to punish Ethan for Luke's failures.

Maya managed to quietly slip out of the house while Tracy, Monica, and Edward continued to argue. Ethan followed Maya to the veranda. He wondered where she was headed to. Maya claimed that she had to go to work. Ethan glanced down at the paper bag in Maya's hand. Maya explained that it was her lunch, but Ethan suggested that the bag was rather large for one person's lunch.

In Lulu's apartment, Jason pleaded with Dante and Lulu to tell him where Michael was, but neither would reveal anything. Jason begged them to help him protect Michael, but Dante and Lulu remained silent. Jason tried another tactic; he demanded to know what Dante's plan was. Dante hoped that Sonny would be convicted and then sent to jail for a lifetime of crimes. Jason was curious what Dante would do if Sonny were acquitted.

Dante saw Michael as a victim, just like Claudia, so he didn't want Michael to get hurt. Jason argued that Michael would only be safe if Michael left the country. Jason turned to Lulu for help, but Lulu insisted that she honestly didn't know where Michael was. Frustrated, Jason left. Afterwards, Dante wondered if Lulu was okay. Lulu reminded him that she had told Jason the truth.

Lulu confessed that she was conflicted because Jason had protected Michael since birth. She had been tempted to tell Jason that Michael was in Port Charles. Dante insisted that they couldn't tell Jason anything because Jason would mobilize the entire organization to find Michael. Dante regretted that he had put Lulu in such a difficult situation. Lulu assured Dante that he didn't have anything to be sorry for because they were a team. Dante kissed Lulu and then left to search for Michael.

Carly showed up at Jason's penthouse shortly after he had arrived home. She was stunned when Jason told her that Lulu had helped Dante hide Michael. Carly's shock quickly turned to fury when she realized that Lulu hadn't called to let Carly know where Michael was. Jason tried to calm Carly down, but Carly was determined to talk to Lulu. Jason warned her that Lulu might dig in her heels if Carly stormed over to the apartment and demanded answers. Carly assured Jason that she knew how to handle Lulu; however, she didn't want Jason to tell Sonny about the new development because it was imperative to get Michael out of the country.

Carly's temper hadn't waned by the time she showed up at Lulu's apartment. Carly immediately demanded to know where Michael was hiding. Lulu explained that she couldn't tell Carly, which added fuel to Carly's rage. Carly couldn't believe that Lulu would put Dante ahead of family. Lulu claimed that she wasn't doing that, but Carly didn't believe her. Carly accused Lulu of ruining Michael's life.

Lulu claimed that she was trying to protect Michael and that she loved Carly. Carly suggested that if Lulu loved her then she would reveal where Michael was, but Lulu remained tight-lipped. Carly insisted that Michael had acted in defense of Carly and Josslyn when he had struck Claudia. She urged Lulu not to put Michael's life in Dante's hands.

Lulu argued that it wasn't Dante's fault that Carly, Sonny, and Jason had covered up Claudia's death. Lulu defended Dante by reminding Carly that he was doing his job. Dante entered moments later. He suggested that Carly's problem was with him, not Lulu. Carly explained that Dante was merely someone who was related, but Lulu was family. "She owes me and Michael a hell of a lot better than this," Carly declared before she stormed out of the apartment.

Lulu's eyes filled with tears as she admitted that she would feel as betrayed as Carly if their situations had been reversed. However, Lulu believed that Michael's fate was Dante's call to make. Lulu was curious if Dante was any closer to deciding what he would do. Dante remained conflicted, but he was adamant that he wanted to protect Michael.

Carly returned to the penthouse to let Jason know that she had failed to persuade Lulu to tell her where Michael was stashed. Moments later, Michael called his mother. Carly tried to convince Michael to tell her where he was hiding, but Michael would only tell her that he planned to confess if Sonny were convicted of murdering Claudia.

In the deliberation room, Alice reminded the jury of their civic duty. One of the jurors insisted that Sonny was guilty, but Lisa disagreed. Lisa believed that Sonny had killed Claudia to protect Carly and Josslyn. Alice suggested that they vote, so everyone sat down to cast their ballots. After Alice counted the votes, it was clear that Lisa remained the lone holdout against convicting Sonny. The juror who had complained earlier suggested that Lisa change her vote, so that they could return home and to their lives.

Lisa refused to convict someone of a crime that he did not commit. Alice defended Lisa's right to her own opinion. However, Alice suggested that they adjourn for the evening and then resume deliberations in the morning.

Patrick and Emma bumped into Nikolas and Spencer in the park. After the kids settled down to play in the sandbox, Nikolas and Patrick sat down on a park bench to watch the children. Nikolas confessed that he was impressed with Patrick's parenting skills; he wondered what Patrick's secret was. Patrick confessed that if there were a secret then he didn't know it. Patrick had read some books on parenting before Emma's birth, but they hadn't been much help.

Nikolas was curious when things had started to turn around for Patrick. Patrick revealed that the learning process began when he had first held Emma. Nikolas confided that he would like to blame his inability to parent on Jax for stealing Spencer at birth, but it would be a poor excuse for the lack of time that Nikolas had spent with Spencer since reuniting with his son. Nikolas was determined to be there for the new baby, even if Liz didn't want anything to do with him. Nikolas confided that if Liz had her way, she would raise the baby without Nikolas.

Nikolas realized that he was a reminder of everything that Liz had lost. Patrick considered Liz a good friend, whom he respected. However, Liz needed someone to blame for her failed relationship with Lucky, so she had put it on Nikolas. Patrick was curious if Nikolas' desire to be a good father was merely an attempt to impress Liz. Nikolas clarified that he was doing it for his children. Patrick believed that Liz understood the importance of a father's role in a child's life, so he was confident that Liz wouldn't shut Nikolas out of the baby's life.

At the hospital, Liz and her sons paid Shirley a visit. Shirley was delighted to meet Liz's children. Steve watched from the doorway as the boys settled down to draw a picture for Shirley. A few minutes later, Steve asked to speak to Liz alone. In the hallway, Steve advised Liz to keep the visit short because it could be too taxing on Shirley. Liz argued that Shirley obviously enjoyed spending time with the children.

Steve and Liz looked in on Shirley and the boys just as Cam asked if Shirley was dying. Liz rushed in to divert Cam's attention, but Shirley decided to answer the question. Shirley admitted that no one knew how long they would live; they just knew that it wouldn't be forever, unless they were a vampire. Cam, Liz, and Steven chuckled. After Liz packed up the boys and left, Steve decided to discuss Shirley's test results.

Shirley understood that she was terminal, so it hadn't been necessary for Steve to give Liz "meaningful poor Shirley" looks. Steve was embarrassed that Shirley had noticed. He immediately apologized for his nephews wearing her out. "Who says?" Shirley asked. She clarified that she loved children. Shirley pointed out that they were all dying, so she suggested that Steve try to enjoy himself because it was later than he realized.

At the nurses' station, Steve tried to caution Liz against getting too attached to Shirley because it would be harder to let go when Shirley died. Steve thought it was important for Liz to accept that some people could not be saved. A short time later, Liz returned to check on Shirley. Shirley thanked Liz for introducing her to the children. Shirley had enjoyed the visit.

Shirley admitted that she had been especially taken with Cam. Liz smiled as she confessed that Cam was just like his father. Liz explained that Lucky wasn't Cam's biological father, but he had raised Cam since Cam had been a baby, so they were exactly alike. Liz believed that Lucky was a wonderful father; she wished that the new baby could benefit from Lucky's parenting.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

At Wyndemere, Helena told Spencer about his Cassadine ancestors. Spencer was surprised to learn that he was related to Santa Claus. "Stanislaus," Helena corrected him. Helena revealed that Stanislaus was the most powerful and ruthless of all of the Cassadines because he had a reputation for beheading his enemies. "What the hell are you doing?" Nikolas demanded when he entered the parlor in time to hear Helena's grisly story. Helena was offended by Nikolas' language, but Nikolas was only concerned about his son.

Nikolas reminded Spencer that Helena's tales were nothing, but stories. Helena played innocent as she explained that she merely wanted Spencer to know about his heritage. She hoped that Spencer and the baby would embrace their history. Nikolas decided to take Spencer to the park, instead of subjecting him to any more of Helena's violent stories. Helena's manservant, Thor, appeared in the doorway to hand Helena a small wooden box. Helena sent Thor on another errand and then she presented Spencer with the box.

"Cool," Spencer exclaimed as he lifted the lid to find a dagger resting in the velvet lined box. Nikolas immediately snatched the box out of Spencer's hand then promptly locked it up. After Nikolas sent Spencer out of the room, he set some ground rules for Helena. Nikolas made it clear that Helena would not be allowed to give Spencer or the baby any weapons, tell them violent tales of their family history, or engage in inappropriate behavior with Thor. Nikolas also clarified that Liz would have a say in how the baby would be raised.

When Spencer returned to the parlor, he invited his "Granny Hella" to go to the park with them. Nikolas seemed to take pleasure in suggesting that Granny Hella could play in the sandbox with Spencer and eat corndogs. Not surprisingly, Helena declined the invitation. Thor returned to the parlor as Nikolas and Spencer left for the park. Helena was curious if Thor had completed the task that she had assigned to him. Thor confirmed that the lab technician who had changed the paternity results for Helena had met with an "unfortunate accident." Helena was delighted because it meant that no one would ever know the truth about Liz's baby.

Steve was surprised when he bumped into Liz and his nephews at the nurses' station. Liz explained that she was there to pick up Shirley because they intended to go to the park together. Liz questioned Steve's sudden look of concern. Steve assured Liz that nothing happened to Shirley, but he reminded her that Shirley was terminally ill. Steve worried that an outing to the park would be too taxing on Shirley.

Later, Shirley, Liz, and the boys arrived at park. Shirley and Liz settled on a bench while Cam and Jake played on the swings. Shirley confessed that she enjoyed the park and being outdoors. Shirley recalled that her first husband, Leonard, had been allergic to everything; the only reason their marriage had lasted five years was because he had been good in bed. Liz chuckled and then confessed that her baby had the wrong father. Shirley pointed out that there were some women who would be happy just to have a baby.

Liz and Shirley looked up when they heard approaching footsteps. Spencer ran up to ask Liz how the baby was doing. "Great," Liz answered before she turned to introduce Spencer to Shirley. Liz confessed that she couldn't remember all of Spencer's middle names. Nikolas joined them in time to formally introduce his son as "Spencer Stefan Nikolossovich Cassadine," but clarified that his son preferred to be called Spencer. After Spencer dashed off to join his cousins, Shirley admitted that they had been talking about Nikolas.

Maya was unaware that Ethan had followed her to the boathouse. He lurked outside, eavesdropping, while Maya offered Michael the bag of food that she had sneaked out of the house. Maya was curious what Michael planned to do. Michael appreciated Maya's help, but he decided it would be best for him to leave the boathouse before someone else discovered his presence. Maya wished Michael well and then left the boathouse shortly after Michael. Maya was startled when Ethan jumped out from behind some bushes.

Ethan confessed that he was pleased to see that she was into the bad boy type; however, he suggested that Michael was too young for her. Maya ignored the comment as she accused Ethan of following her. Ethan assured her that it wasn't his style to call the cops, so she could relax about Michael. However, he warned her that Michael was involved in a dangerous situation that Maya might want to stay far away from.

Robin and Patrick were enjoying the afternoon in the park with Emma. Robin admitted that she was happy to hear that Nikolas had talked to Patrick about fatherhood. She was impressed that Nikolas was determined to be a good father to his children. Patrick confessed that Emma made fatherhood look easy. Patrick couldn't believe that there had been a time that he didn't want children. He credited Robin for making him realize what was important.

Robin smiled as she suggested that Patrick should listen to her more often. Robin and Patrick were surprised when they suddenly spotted Michael in the park. Patrick decided to call the police, but Robin objected. She didn't see the point of turning in Michael when the jury was already deliberating Sonny's case. Patrick was certain that Robin was trying to protect Sonny, not spare Michael from having to testify.

Robin was tired of having to defend herself about Sonny. Patrick argued that Sonny was a constant source of violence who hid behind his loved ones. Patrick realized that Sonny would always be a menace when Sonny had shot Dante, a cop. Robin was hurt by Patrick's lack of understanding. She didn't think that her life with Stone had meant anything to Patrick, even though it had shaped who Robin was.

Alexis and Kristina returned home after a therapy session. Kristina revealed that she had talked to Sonny about Kiefer. Kristina had been somewhat surprised that Sonny hadn't been angry when she had asked if he thought that she had been with Kiefer because of Sonny. Alexis conceded that Sonny was a complicated man, whom she didn't understand. However, Alexis was certain that Sonny loved Kristina. Alexis was glad that Kristina felt comfortable enough to talk to Sonny.

Later, Kristina confessed that a part of her hoped that Sonny didn't go to jail. Kristina worried that it made her a hypocrite, but Alexis had a different view. She believed that Kristina was as confused about Sonny as everyone else. Alexis then changed the subject to announce that she had to leave. Shortly after Alexis left, Michael knocked on the front door. Kristina was thrilled to see her brother. After Kristina hugged him, Michael explained that he needed to discuss their father's trial with her.

At the Metro Court Restaurant, Claire met with Johnny. Claire explained that there was one person on the jury who refused to convict Sonny. Johnny was curious what Claire expected him to do about it. Claire insisted that jury tampering was a crime, but then she suggested that he should avoid a certain blonde juror by the name of Lisa Niles in case she was the lone holdout.

A short time later, Johnny entered Jax's office to see Olivia. Olivia was happy that Johnny was no longer angry with her for refusing to move in with him. Johnny promised that he would continue to try to change Olivia's mind. Moments later Olivia received a page that there was a problem with Nelson in the accounting department. Olivia didn't recognize the name, so she left to investigate. Johnny went to the computer to look up Lisa Niles' room number as soon as Olivia walked out of the office.

Lisa and Alice returned to Lisa's room after they had worked out together in the gym. Alice assured Lisa that she fully supported Lisa's right to have a different opinion that the rest of the jury about Sonny's role in Claudia's death. Lisa realized that Alice loved jury duty. Alice confessed that it was a refreshing change of pace; however, she was a strong believer in the judicial system. Alice didn't care how long it took for them to render a verdict.

Later, Johnny skulked in the hallway near Lisa's room. He ducked out of sight when Alice dropped by to let Lisa know that some of the jury members were headed to the courthouse to review some testimony. Lisa assured Alice that she would join them. After Alice left, Johnny let himself into Lisa's room. Lisa was stunned by Johnny's sudden appearance. Johnny promised that he didn't mean her any harm. He claimed that he just wanted an opportunity to make sure that Lisa understood what kind of person Claudia was.

Lisa was curious why Johnny had singled her out. Johnny shrugged his shoulders as he explained that Lisa had seemed to be the most approachable jury member and that he had recalled seeing her at Jake's. Lisa warned Johnny that it was a bad idea to discuss the case with her. Johnny argued that he didn't want to discuss the case; he only wanted to give Lisa insight into what Claudia had been like.

Lisa agreed to listen. Johnny insisted that Claudia's tough exterior had been an act. According to Johnny, Claudia had been desperate to be accepted. He explained that Claudia had been hurting on the inside, but she had always loved and protected Johnny. Claudia had also loved Sonny, but Sonny had used Claudia for sex. Johnny believed that Sonny had pushed Claudia to the breaking point when he had grown tired of her.

Johnny claimed that everything that Claudia had done had been out of a sense of self-preservation. Johnny didn't think that Claudia had deserved to die, but she deserved justice. Johnny suggested that Lisa had the power to make certain that Claudia had that.

Mayor Floyd stopped at Claire's table to discuss Sonny's trial. Mayor Floyd warned Claire that it didn't bode well that the jury was taking such a long time to decide Sonny's fate. Claire was well aware that there was an increased likelihood for a mistrial if the jury didn't reach a decision soon. Mayor Floyd reminded Claire that he had advised Claire not to build her case around Michael, but she had ignored him. The mayor intended to hold Claire responsible if Sonny ended up back on the streets.

After the mayor walked away, Claire received an email. It was a picture of an infant. Claire's smile vanished when Carly stopped at Claire's table to throw the prosecutor out of the restaurant. Carly made it clear that she didn't appreciate how Claire had treated Michael and Morgan. Claire wondered what kind of mother supported the bastard that had gotten her son shot in the head. Carly accused Claire of being a self-serving bitch who was only interested in advancing her own career.

Claire suggested that Carly put Sonny's welfare ahead of her own children. Carly glanced down at the laptop to see the picture of the infant. "What a cute kid," Carly commented. "Obviously not one of yours," Claire shot back. Carly was curious if Claire was having a mid-life crisis. She advised Claire not to become a mother because Claire didn't have what it took.

Claire snapped the laptop closed and then suggested that if she ever became a mother, she would never be one like Carly. Claire believed that she had done more to protect Carly's children than Carly ever had. After Claire stormed off, Carly went to talk to Olivia. Carly wanted Olivia to find out from Dante where Michael was hiding. Olivia refused to trick her son into giving her information. Carly reminded Olivia that when the truth about Dante had been revealed, Carly had never judged or condemned Olivia because Carly had understood Olivia's need to protect her child.

Carly pointed out that Dante didn't have anything at stake, unlike Michael. Olivia remained steadfast in her decision, so Carly resorted to begging her friend for help. Carly promised that she would owe Olivia forever if Olivia helped her.

Lulu grew alarmed when she found Dante's loft in shambles and Dante gone. She immediately relaxed when Dante stepped off of the elevator moments later. Lulu confessed that she had almost called the police. Dante chuckled as he conceded that his loft looked like a crime scene. However, he assured her that he was merely a slob. Lulu admitted that she had been worried that Jason had grabbed him in an effort to learn where Michael was.

Dante explained that he had suffered from a bout of insomnia, so he had gotten up in the middle of the night. Dante had taken his frustration out on a chair after he had stubbed his toe, which had resulted in the chair being upended. Lulu was relieved, but the discussion quickly turned serious when she asked if Dante had made a decision about Michael. Dante assured her that he had meant what he had said to Jason about wanting Sonny to go to jail and protecting Michael.

Lulu wondered if Dante hoped that the jury would convict Sonny before Dante had to make a decision. Lulu and Dante sat down to eat breakfast, but were interrupted when Claire arrived moments later. Claire demanded to know where Michael was. When Dante confessed that he had no idea, Claire ordered Lulu to leave. Lulu reminded Claire that it was Dante's apartment; however, Lulu decided to give them some privacy.

After Lulu left, Claire grilled Dante about Michael's whereabouts. Dante revealed that he had lost Michael. Claire was certain that it had been a deliberate move on Dante's part, in order to protect Sonny. She promised to push for obstruction charges against Dante if Sonny was acquitted.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

At Pozzulo's, Diane let Sonny and Jason know that the jury had not reached a verdict yet. She prepared them for the possibility that the jury might vote to convict Sonny. As they entered the office, Diane reminded Sonny and Jason that the jury needed to have a unanimous vote to convict someone of a capital crime. If the jury couldn't reach a decision, then Sonny would get a second trial. Diane relished the thought of going up against Claire again.

Diane suspected that there might be a juror or two who wasn't ready to convict Sonny, hence the delay in reaching a verdict. She promised to call them as soon as the jury reached a decision. After Diane left, Sonny admitted that he hoped a verdict would return soon, so that they could get on with their lives. Jason told Sonny about Michael's phone call and Michael's decision to confess if Sonny was convicted. Sonny realized that it would be best for everyone if the jury acquitted him.

Jason couldn't understand why, if Dante were only interested in Sonny's conviction, Dante refused to tell them where Michael was. Jason worried that Dante might not let things go if Sonny were acquitted. Sonny insisted that Dante wouldn't hurt Michael. Jason was amazed at the faith that Sonny had in Dante when in reality Sonny had no idea what Dante would do. Sonny reminded Jason that Dante had lied before when Sonny had shot Dante point-blank in the chest.

Jason pointed out that Dante had also used Morgan to get to Michael, so Dante had chosen duty over family. Jason argued that it wasn't just Sonny's future on the line; Michael was also affected. Sonny couldn't deny that he wanted a relationship with Dante, but he made it clear that Dante wasn't more important than Michael, Morgan, or Kristina. The conversation was cut short when Diane called to let them know that the jury had reached a verdict.

At the lake house, Michael and Kristina talked about their brother, Dante. Kristina was certain that Dante would protect Michael. She admitted that she had grown closer to Dante after things had turned ugly with Kiefer. Michael was happy that Kristina had someone that she could talk to during her ordeal. However, Michael didn't know if Dante was a brother first or a cop. Michael and Kristina were startled when Alexis suddenly appeared in the doorway.

"Michael, what are you doing here?" Alexis demanded. Kristina tried to calm Alexis down, but Alexis was determined to call the police. Kristina didn't think it was necessary since the trial was almost over. Alexis refused to continue lying and covering up things, so she picked up the phone and then called Mac. Michael managed to slip out of the house unnoticed by the time Alexis informed Mac that Michael was in her living room.

Molly arrived home a short time later. Kristina let her sister know that Michael had returned to Port Charles. Molly was eager to see Michael, so Kristina decided to take her sister to the boathouse to visit him. At the boathouse, Michael replayed the moment that he had killed Claudia in his head. Morgan walked up moments later. Morgan was thrilled to see his brother. Michael admitted that Dante had found him, but he hadn't turned Michael over to the police.

Morgan thought that it was a sign that Dante was being a big brother instead of a cop. Kristina and Molly arrived shortly afterwards. Molly wondered if Michael intended to tell the truth about how Claudia had died. Michael admitted that he would confess if Sonny were convicted of the crime. Michael hoped for an acquittal because he was certain that Dante wouldn't turn him in.

At the loft, Dante made it clear that he wasn't afraid of losing his badge. Claire insisted that Dante was obstructing justice by not turning Michael over to the authorities. Dante didn't "give a damn" about her threats because he had put everyone he cared about through hell already. Claire urged Dante to think like a cop, but Dante pointed out that it hadn't gotten him anywhere. Dante believed that Claire was only interested in making a name for herself with a high-profile conviction.

Claire wasn't insulted at being called ambitious because she had worked hard to get where she was. Dante wasn't impressed; he accused her of being the only one who was allowed to bend the law.

Later, Ronnie entered the loft. Dante assumed that Ronnie was there to confiscate Dante's badge. Ronnie didn't think it was a good idea for Dante to mess with Claire. He advised Dante to turn Michael in. Dante warned that Ronnie might not like what Michael had to say. Ronnie was stunned when Dante revealed that Michael had confessed to killing Claudia. Initially, Ronnie didn't believe Dante, but Dante made it clear that it was the truth.

Dante admitted that he was conflicted about what to do. Ronnie thought that it was a gift that Sonny had taken the rap for Michael. If Sonny were convicted then they would all win. Ronnie didn't think justice would be served if Michael confessed to killing Claudia. Lulu arrived shortly after Ronnie left. Lulu revealed that Maxie had fled to Milan to avoid her. Lulu believed that Maxie felt guilty for breaking the girlfriend code by ratting out Lulu to Jason.

Lulu noticed that Dante seemed troubled. He admitted that he remained undecided about the situation with Michael. Dante shared a story about his youth when he had played baseball. Dante had made a spectacular play on the field, but the umpire had ruled against Dante. Dante had been furious, so he had yelled at the umpire. In the end, Dante had been sent to the dugout.

Dante was certain that the coach would yell at Dante, but he hadn't. The coach agreed that Dante had made a great play and that the umpire had made a bad call. However, the coach was disappointed because Dante had robbed himself of an opportunity by losing his temper. Dante revealed that the coach had been Lt. Poletti. As he concluded the story, Dante realized what he had to do.

In Jax's office, Carly implored Olivia to help her find Michael. Olivia refused to lie to Dante by tricking him into revealing where Michael was hiding. Carly insisted that Dante had nothing to lose because Dante would move on to the next case once Claudia's murder had been closed. However, Michael's entire life would be changed. Olivia appreciated Carly's position, but Olivia couldn't hurt her own child, even for Carly.

Carly argued that they would be helping Dante because it was clear that Dante wasn't eager to turn Michael over to the police. Carly explained that if she could get Michael out of the country then Dante wouldn't have struggle with what to do. Olivia didn't relent. Carly insisted that Olivia owed her because Olivia had kept silent after learning that Claudia had been responsible for Michael's shooting.

Carly claimed that she would have kept Michael away from Claudia if she had known the truth about Claudia's role in the shooting. Olivia apologized, but she couldn't help Carly. Jax entered the office in time to hear Olivia's comment. Carly quickly filled Jax in on why she had been pleading with Olivia to help find Michael. Jax sided with Carly.

Olivia explained that it wasn't her call to make; she trusted that her son knew what he was doing. Olivia hoped that Carly and Jax could understand that she couldn't betray Dante. After Olivia left, Carly took a moment to compose herself. She confessed that she had loved spending time recently with Jax, Morgan, and Josslyn as a family. Jax agreed.

Carly realized that it had felt right because they were great as a family, but she couldn't forget that Jax was the reason for the emotional turmoil her kids had experienced in the previous few months. Carly confessed that she probably wouldn't be able to forgive Jax if Michael ended up suffering because of Jax's vendetta against Sonny.

After Carly left, Claire dropped by to let Jax know that Michael had been spotted in Port Charles. Claire revealed that Alexis had called Mac when Michael had shown up at the lake house. Claire was hopeful that she would be able to put Michael on the witness stand soon, but she conceded that his testimony might not be needed since there was a strong likelihood that the jury would vote to convict Sonny. Claire was surprised that Jax wasn't in a better mood since things appeared to be going his way.

In Lisa's hotel room, Johnny insisted that Claudia hadn't deserved to die, so she deserved justice for what Sonny had done to her. Lisa understood that Johnny was grieving for his sister, but she didn't think that it was appropriate for her to talk to him. Johnny argued that Sonny believed that he was untouchable. If the jury acquitted him then they would prove that Sonny was right. Lisa explained that her job was to judge based on the evidence that had been presented at court.

Lisa refused to settle a personal vendetta. She admitted that she was tempted to tell the judge about Johnny's visit, so Johnny decided to leave. A short time later, Lisa arrived at court. The judge questioned her about her tardiness. Lisa apologized, but she didn't tell Judge Carroll about Johnny's visit. Lisa entered the deliberation room moments later. Lisa once again apologized for being late. The juror who had been hostile toward Lisa from the beginning suggested that she could make it up to them by voting guilty, so that they could all get home.

Alice defended Lisa's right to her opinion. Lisa appreciated the support, but Lisa didn't think it was necessary to continue to drag out the deliberations. Lisa surprised everyone by announcing that she was ready to vote. However, Lisa first took the opportunity to clarify that she hadn't been defending Sonny as a person. Her doubts were based solely on the evidence at hand and what had been in Sonny's mind when he had swung the axe.

Johnny was in a foul mood when he arrived at his penthouse. Moments later, Olivia stopped by. She was shaken after her encounter with Carly in Jax's office. Johnny decided that Olivia had a right to know why Carly and Jax had been so eager to find Michael. Olivia was shocked when Johnny revealed that Michael had killed Claudia. Olivia realized that Johnny had known the truth for quite some time. She was curious why Johnny hadn't told her.

Johnny didn't think that Michael had any choice but to kill Claudia. He admitted that he would have done the same thing in Michael's shoes. However, Johnny believed that Sonny had pushed Claudia to that point, so Sonny had been ultimately responsible for what had transpired at the cabin. Olivia imagined that it must have been difficult when Jason had told Johnny about Claudia's death. Johnny revealed that he had never blamed Michael.

Carly went to the courthouse to see if the jury had reached a decision. Claire spotted Carly in the hallway, so she took an opportunity to let Carly know that Michael had been seen. Claire warned Carly that it was just a matter of time before Michael was forced to testify. Claire gloated that there was nothing that Carly could do to stop it.

Dante arrived at the courthouse to see if the jury was close to a verdict. One of the court officers confided that he had overheard the jury talking; it appeared that they were prepared to convict Sonny. The officer congratulated Dante.

Jax arrived to hear the verdict. Sonny sat down next to Jax in the back of the courtroom. Sonny wondered if all the money, pulled strings, and grief had been worth it. Jax smiled as he confessed that he wouldn't have missed the verdict for the world. Diane tried to get Sonny to join her at the defense table, but Johnny entered the courtroom. Sonny walked up to Johnny to tell him that no matter what happened next, Claudia had been a "psychotic bitch" who had gotten what she had deserved.

Johnny didn't respond as Mayor Floyd entered the courtroom and then ordered Sonny to take a seat. The mayor made it clear that he anticipated that Sonny would be convicted.

In the hallway, Carly told Jason that Alexis had called the police after she had spotted Michael at the lake house. Jason was relieved that at least Dante didn't have Michael. Carly and Jason then entered the courtroom to hear the verdict.

Diane instructed Sonny not to show a reaction when the jury read the verdict. Moments later, the jury filed in. As Alice prepared to read the verdict to the courtroom, Dante entered. Dante insisted that he had new evidence that needed to be heard. The judge was outraged, but Dante ignored him. Dante insisted that the truth needed to be told. Everyone was stunned when Dante announced that Sonny hadn't killed Claudia, Michael had.

Friday, April 30, 2010

At the police station, Lucky talked to Cameron on the phone and made plans to go to a father-son picnic with him. Mac entered and asked Lucky where he thought Michael Corinthos might be.

Lucky told Mac that he didn't want to get involved since Michael was his cousin. Mac insisted that Michael still had to be brought in and told Lucky that he preferred to make the situation easy on Michael. Lucky agreed to find Michael.

At the Quartermaines' boathouse, Morgan passed out candy bars to Michael, Molly, Kristina. Morgan remained confident that Dante would protect Michael, just as Dante had protected Morgan in the past.

Michael wished he had confessed to the murder upfront. Molly agreed that everyone should have come forward with the truth. Kristina snapped that Alexis coming forward with the truth regarding Kiefer had turned out disastrous. Morgan hoped that everything would work out since the family, including Dante, was back together again. Kristina warned Morgan not to count on Dante, but Morgan insisted Dante and Sonny would work out their issues. Michael instructed Morgan on how to lead Molly out of the Quartermaines' estate. Alone with Kristina, Michael asked if there was anything he could do for her. Kristina insisted it would be enough just to have him back. Michael assured Kristina that everything would work out.

Lucky found Michael at the boathouse. Lucky told Michael that he had to take him in, but he asked Michael to do something for him first. Lucky asked Michael to tell him what really happened that night Claudia died.

Michael told Lucky how Jax brought him home, then Jax and Sonny got into a fight. Michael regretted not coming forward once he learned that Claudia was the one responsible for shooting him. Michael told Lucky that he decided to take off, got into his a car and headed for the Canadian border.

Michael then told Lucky how he found the car Claudia took off in with Carly. He explained his fear for his mother's high-risk pregnancy. Michael then described that his main motive for hitting Claudia was to prevent Claudia from taking his baby sister. Michael insisted that he didn't mean to kill Claudia.

Michael proceeded to tell Lucky how he just followed Jason's instructions for the cover up. Lucky realized that Jason initiated the cover up out of that fear. Michael revealed that Sonny was proud of Michael for killing Claudia.

Lucky was sorry that Michael was going through such a struggle. Michael maintained that his parents and Jason only wanted to protect him, but that he had to own up to Claudia's murder. Lucky knew he had to turn Michael in but told Michael that it was up to Michael if he chose to confess. Michael appreciated Lucky for giving him the choice, but he decided that it was time to come forward with the truth.

At the courthouse, Dante told the judge that Michael was the one who killed Claudia.

Both Diana and Claire objected to Dante's story. Jason discreetly left the courtroom. Dante insisted that he had proof to back up his claim. The judge directed the jury to leave the room. Claire insisted that Dante had no proof and wasn't able to produce Michael as a witness.

Diane announced that Michael was only confessing to Claudia's murder as a way to save Sonny. Dante reminded everyone that he had proof. The judge warned Dante to follow the rules of his courtroom and then called Dante to the stand.

Dante insisted that he wanted to see Sonny put away but only for a crime Sonny actually committed. The judge asked Dante what led him to believe that Michael killed Claudia.

Dante relayed how he found Michael and served him a subpoena for Sonny's trial. Dante then revealed how Michael insisted that he killed Claudia and showed Dante the shirt he wore the night of the murder. Dante told the judge that the blood on Michael's shirt was Claudia's. The judge asked Dante if Michael confessed to hitting Claudia with intent to kill.

Dante reminded the judge that Michael's impulse control had been affected as a result of being shot in the head. Dante also brought up how everyone was upset the night Sonny publicly denounced Claudia and then Claudia kidnapped Carly, who was going into labor.

Dante relayed how Michael came to find Claudia's car, then found Carly and Claudia in the cabin. Dante said Michael knew that Claudia was trying to take off with his baby sister so Michael hit Claudia. Dante then told the courtroom how Michael dropped to his knees, then got Claudia's blood on his shirt.

Dante said that he believed that Michael didn't mean to kill Claudia. Dante knew that Michael wanted to come forward but wasn't able to because Sonny, Carly and Jason engineered a cover up. Claire objected that Sonny's sons were just coming up with a story to save Sonny. The judge issued a warrant for Michael's arrest.

The judge dismissed Dante from the stand and ordered Carly back on the stand. The judge reminded Carly the consequences of perjury and how it'd affect Michael. Carly announced that she wanted to change her story.

Carly told the judge that Michael had been there the night Claudia died. She described how Michael had come with Sonny and knelt down to Claudia's body after Sonny hit Claudia. Carly claimed that they only wanted to shield an already traumatized Michael from the case after everything Michael had been through.

The judge dismissed Carly from the stand and ordered a review of Michael's medical records. Jax approached an upset Carly. Sonny told Diane that Jason left to find Michael.

Johnny confronted Dante on selling out his own brother and possibly getting Sonny free. The Mayor warned Dante that he would become the subject of an Internal Affairs investigation. Sonny tried to assure Carly that everything would work out. Claire suspected that Jax knew the truth about Michael and wondered why Jax put her on this case. Jax insisted that he wanted to protect his family. Lulu insisted on standing by Dante against Carly and Sonny.

Jax told Claire that he decided to take a risk to put Sonny away in order to protect his family. Claire said that Michael might get convicted because of Jax's actions. Carly accused Lulu of betraying her by siding with Dante. Sonny confronted Dante and asked Dante if Dante hated Sonny enough to go after Michael.

At the lake house, Kristina blamed herself for Michael coming back to town. Molly reminded Kristina that Michael wouldn't want Kristina blaming herself. Jason entered and informed them that Dante announced Michael was Claudia's killer. Jason demanded to know where Michael was.

Jason reminded Molly and Kristina that Dante was a cop and would do anything to put Sonny behind bars. Kristina finally admitted that Michael was at the boathouse and Jason left. Molly was stunned at what Dante had done. Kristina warned Molly that they could never trust Dante again.

Jason found Lucky and Michael at the boathouse. Jason asked Lucky to step aside so he could take Michael. Lucky pulled out a gun on Jason. Lucky insisted that Michael been given the choice to confess. Jason told them that Dante had already told everyone that Michael killed Claudia.

At home, Morgan opened the door to Ronnie, who had a search warrant. Ronnie revealed that Dante had told everyone Michael killed Claudia. Morgan refused to believe that Dante would do that to Michael.

At Olivia's apartment, Johnny told Olivia that Dante threw Michael under the bus to protect Sonny.

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