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January 4 to 8, 2010
Chance was framed for drug trafficking and was suspended from the police force. Jack was furious with Billy for publicly announcing Jack and Emily's engagement. Emily and Jack feared that Patty would learn of their romance; meanwhile, Patty saw a newspaper that mentioned the engagement, but she pretended to know nothing. Victoria helped Billy get home when he was very drunk, and he was grateful. Billy told Mac that he supported her decision to be a surrogate for Lily and Cane. Victoria left to work in Dubai on Newman business. Billy offered Malcolm a job at Restless Style. Malcolm accepted the offer, and Lily was pleased, but Cane and Neil did not want Malcolm to stay in Genoa City. Katherine found her supposed biological daughter, Jo-Jo, who turned out to be an alcoholic mess. Katherine invited Jo-Jo to stay with her so they could get to know each other. Jo-Jo wanted to stay indefinitely when she realized that Katherine was wealthy. Katherine wanted to have a DNA test to make sure Jo-Jo was truly her daughter. Deacon reluctantly informed Amber that Little D was with Tawny. An unidentified person set fire to Sharon's home while Noah and Eden were inside.
January 11 to 15, 2010
Adam saved Noah and Eden from a fire in Sharon's home. Daisy admitted to Ryder that she had started the fire because Eden annoyed her. Dr. Taylor returned to Genoa City to tell Ashley that Faith was Sharon's baby. Adam begged Dr. Taylor not to tell the truth about the baby swap, and they got into a fight. As they fought, Dr. Taylor ran into the street and was fatally struck by a car. Phyllis witnessed the altercation and was certain that Adam was hiding something. Billy decided to write a tell-all article on Adam. Billy discovered that Adam had had an affair with Rafe while dating Heather. Phyllis told Billy about the argument she had witnessed between Adam and Dr. Taylor before the fatal accident. Victor returned to Genoa City and walked in on a fistfight between Nick and Adam. A DNA test proved that Jo-Jo and Kay were not related. It turned out that Tucker and Jo-Jo were in cahoots. Tucker secretly orchestrated a takeover of Chancellor Industries and announced that he was Kay's son. Cane and Lily were informed that they were having twins.
January 18 to 22, 2010
Katherine demanded a DNA test from Tucker, and they ran a test. Katherine went to Tucker's home to give him the results and found Tucker and Jill in bed together. Katherine said that Jill was no longer her daughter and that Tucker would never be her son. Despite Tucker's hostile takeover of Chancellor, J.T. continued to work for Tucker. Victor and Jack decided to put their differences aside and join forces in order to get revenge on Tucker. Victor informed Ashley that he wanted the ranch back, but she refused to move out. Victor summoned his family to a dinner in the hope that it would help reunite them. Phyllis was still upset with Victor over his part in Summer's accident. Phyllis wished to move away from the ranch, but Nick was hesitant. Billy and Heather slept together. Neil and Ashley kissed. Cane and Lily announced to their family that Mac was pregnant with twins. Neil and Malcolm vowed to work out their issues. When Eden left for Paris to visit a long-lost aunt, Noah was saddened, but Daisy was delighted.
January 25 to 29, 2010
Jack, Victor, Neil, and Katherine had a meeting to discuss how they could get Chancellor Industries back in Katherine's hands. The group decided that they would play dirty if they had to. Cane kept his job with Tucker so he could spy for Katherine. Tucker called a meeting with the top executives of Chancellor. He announced that he planned to sell all low-performing companies, and the first would be Jabot. The Abbott family jumped at the chance to buy the company, but Tucker declined their offer. Tucker stated that he would sell Jabot at an auction to the highest bidder. Adam quit his job at Newman after Victor scolded him for competing with Nick. Adam took a job with Tucker, angering Victor. As retaliation, Victor let Billy interview him for Restless Style, and Victor bashed Adam's character and called him a sociopath. Daisy manipulated Lauren into letting her stay in Eden's room while Eden was in Paris. Daisy planted evidence against Eden to make it look like Eden had been gaslighting Lauren. Lily was devastated to learn that her chemotherapy buddy had passed away.
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February 1 to 5, 2010
Victor and Adam got into a fistfight in front of everyone at the Athletic Club after Adam confronted Victor about the slanderous interview Victor gave to Billy in Restless Style. Victor declared that Adam was a sociopath and disowned him. No one could understand why Victor had viciously turned on his son; however, it was all part of Victor's plan to outwit Tucker. Victor, Adam, and Nick had staged the family feud so that Adam could gain Tucker's trust. The plan worked. Tucker held a silent auction for Jabot. Jack and Gloria teamed up so they could place a hefty bid. Adam sneaked into Tucker's office and looked at the bids for Jabot, and he relayed the information to Victor. Tucker dumped Jill because he was tired of her using their personal relationship to leverage business deals. Ashley remembered the night that she thought she had hit Nikki with her car. Ashley recalled Adam trying to convince her that she had hit Sabrina. Ashley was certain that Adam wanted to make her go crazy, but she did not know why. Neil and Phyllis decided to work together to prove that Adam had maliciously manipulated Ashley. Someone broke into the Chancellor mansion. Chance feared that the break-in had had something to do with the anonymous threats he had been receiving. Patty saw a wedding announcement for Jack and Emily in the paper. Patty had a mental breakdown and swore to get revenge on Emily. Jana saw Daisy and Ryder in the middle of an intense conversation, and she was convinced that they were in cahoots.
February 8 to 12, 2010
Paul called Emily because Patty's doctor was out of town, and he was concerned for his sister. Emily visited Patty at the mental hospital. Patty drugged Emily and dyed Emily's hair blonde with peroxide. Patty escaped from the hospital by pretending to be Emily. Paul found Emily unconscious with a suicide note in her hand and assumed that she was his sister. Emily was taken to the hospital, but she slipped into a coma due to the drugs Patty had given her. Meanwhile, Patty dressed up in Emily's wedding gown and went to the church to marry Jack. Jack was certain that Victor had rigged the auction for Jabot, and he vowed to prove it. Victor fired Jack and Ashley and made Victoria the CEO of Jabot. Victor also made Gloria an ambassadress for Jabot, infuriating Jack. Victoria and J.T. decided that their marriage was over. Phyllis went to Harvard to do some digging on Adam and Dr. Taylor. Adam found out about Phyllis' trip and became worried. Adam took Sharon on a belated honeymoon.
February 15 to 19, 2010
Phyllis researched Adam's past at Harvard and discovered that he had known that Dr. Taylor had molested his patients. Ashley was certain that Adam had tried to gaslight her, so she kicked him out of the ranch. Ashley decided that she no longer wanted to live on the ranch. Ashley and Abby planned to move into Brad's former home, since Abby had inherited it. Victoria resigned from Jabot after Victor informed her that he had acquired the company thanks to Adam's corporate espionage. After Katherine fired her, Jill petitioned Billy for a job at Restless Style, and he said yes. Jill and Billy planned to write a disparaging article on Tucker. Jack unknowingly married Patty. Meanwhile, Emily slowly recovered from a drug overdose in the hospital. As Emily lay unconscious in her bed, she realized that Patty had switched places with her. Jana discovered that Ryder and Daisy were twins; however, her discovery put her in danger. Ryder and Daisy's unidentified mother set a trap for Jana and kidnapped her.
February 22 to 26, 2010
Katherine discovered that Tucker had committed international corporate bribery when he had started out in the music business. Katherine planned to ruin Tucker with the information; however, when she confronted Tucker, she felt guilty for abandoning him as a baby and promised to keep his secret. Tucker was shocked by Katherine's compassion and stopped the sale of Chancellor Industries. Just as Tucker and Victor signed the contracts for the sale of Jabot, Jack found a judge who would listen to his claims that Victor had illegally obtained the company. Adam was supposed to be a witness at the hearing, but he did not show up. No one, not even Sharon, knew where Adam was. Phyllis searched through Dr. Taylor's belongings and found Skye's journal, which proved that Adam had known the doctor was a pervert. The surprise that the real Emily had planned for Jack arrived. Patty, who was acting as Emily, was horrified to see Kyle, Jack's son, and Diane, Patty's former nemesis, arrive at the mansion. Paul was excited to hear that "Patty" was emerging from her coma. Paul called the woman he thought was Dr. Peterson to request that she visit "Patty." Patty was furious with Emily for inviting Diane back to town. Patty took a pillow and placed it over Emily's face. The Department of Homeland Security learned that Cane was in the country under false pretenses, so they arrested him and threatened to deport him. Jana was locked in an outdoor, makeshift prison. Ryder visited Jana and stated that she would never escape. Kevin was certain that something bad had happened to Jana, and he launched a search for her.
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MARCH 2010
March 1 to 5, 2010
Nick presented Sharon with a copy of Skye's diary. The diary proved that Adam had known that Dr. Taylor had molested Skye. Sharon was shocked to learn that Adam had lied to her. Adam returned to Genoa City after he had been missing for a while. Adam claimed that he had gone to Kansas to visit his mother's grave. Sharon confronted Adam about the diary, and he could not deny it. Sharon left Adam. Ashley invited Sharon to live with her, and they could work together to figure out why Adam had manipulated Ashley. Tucker and Katherine grew closer. Tucker offered to give Katherine enough shares to make her his equal partner at Chancellor Industries. Jill, who still felt jilted over her failed relationship with Tucker, found out that a young Tucker had bribed an international official to get ahead in the music industry. Jill told Billy to feature Tucker's indiscretions as the cover story for the next issue of Restless Style, even though Katherine had begged her not to. A judge ordered that Cane be deported back to Australia. Daisy secretly spiked Lauren's water with liquid ecstasy. In an altered state, Lauren kissed Paul. Daisy made Jana write a letter to Kevin that stated Jana did not want to be married anymore. Chance received a death threat and feared that there was a corrupt cop on the police force. Emily awoke from her coma and tried to convince Paul that she was not Patty. Meanwhile, the real Patty ordered that Emily be heavily sedated and locked away in a very restricted psychiatric ward.
March 8 to 12, 2010
Victor, Nikki, Victoria, Nick, Sharon, Ashley, Billy, Jack, Heather, and Rafe banded together to get the truth out of Adam. They lured Adam to the Abbott cabin and pressured him to tell the truth about Nick and Sharon's baby. Adam denied all wrongdoing and claimed that he knew nothing about the baby. Meanwhile, Phyllis met with Dr. Taylor's lawyer. Before Dr. Taylor had died, he had dictated a letter, which stated that Ashley had suffered a miscarriage and had never given birth to a baby. Phyllis took the letter to everyone at the cabin. Nick and Sharon were hopeful that Faith was their baby, not Ashley's. Everyone went home, except for Victor, Jack, and Adam. As Victor and Jack were leading Adam out of the cabin, Adam escaped. Jill ran a damaging story on Tucker in Restless Style. Tucker assumed that Katherine had been in cahoots with Jill, and he decided to dismantle Chancellor Industries instead of returning the company to Katherine. Daisy continued to put liquid ecstasy in Lauren's drinks. Lauren, in a state of euphoria, saw Paul at a bar, and they almost made love. Daisy took pictures of Lauren and Paul kissing and put them in Michael's briefcase. Lily found out that her chemotherapy had not worked and that she still had cancer.
March 15 to 19, 2010
Daisy sneaked into Michael's briefcase and planted pictures of Lauren and Paul kissing. Kevin found the pictures instead of Michael, and he confronted Lauren. Lauren said that she would tell Michael the truth, but she was concerned that someone was out to ruin her marriage. Lily feared that Cane would escape if he knew that the chemotherapy had failed, so she lied and said that she was cancer-free. Daniel convinced Lily to tell Cane the truth. Just as Cane was about to be deported, he escaped. Sharon filed to annul her marriage to Adam. Adam was appointed a court-ordered psychiatrist -- Patty. Ashley was fearful that Faith would be taken away from her, so she fled. Ashley saw Tucker at the airport, and he convinced her not to run from her problems. Ashley contacted Sharon and Nick and agreed to a DNA test. Phyllis got into a car accident.
March 22 to 26, 2010
Phyllis broke her leg in a car accident. Ashley agreed to get a DNA test, and the results revealed that Nick and Sharon were Faith's parents. Jill interviewed Adam, and he told her about the night that the Abbotts and the Newmans had illegally confronted him about the baby swap; however, Adam did not implicate Billy. Against Billy's wishes, Jill printed the article. Everyone was upset because they assumed that Billy had written the article, since his name was not in it. Adam realized that "Emily" was really Patty. Chance surprised Chloe with a romantic trip to Manhattan. Chloe assumed that he had set up the trip so they could make love for the first time, but Chance had another surprise up his sleeve -- he proposed to Chloe. Cane escaped from Immigration when he learned that Lily was still sick. After Cane was caught, Michael petitioned the court to let Cane stay in the country until Lily recovered. Jana escaped from her makeshift prison, but Daisy and Ryder quickly found her. Daisy and Ryder's mother forced Ryder to place Jana in a small crate. Daisy again planted pictures of Lauren and Paul kissing in Michael's briefcase, and this time, he found them. Lauren convinced Michael that someone was drugging her, causing her strange behavior. Michael had Lauren's office tested and found that there was a toxic chemical in the wallpaper.
March 29 to April 2, 2010
Katherine and Victor hosted a masquerade ball to raise money for the police of Genoa City. Daisy and Ryder fell into the trap that Lauren, Michael, Paul, and Chance had set. It was apparent that Daisy and Ryder were working together to harass Lauren and Michael. Chance arrested Daisy and Ryder, but their mother bailed them out of prison. Daisy, Ryder, and their mother went to the ball in eerie masks. Nikki warned Sharon not to use the baby as a way to get Nick back. Adam blackmailed Patty into helping him escape from the hospital. After Adam escaped, he went to the ball to see Sharon and Faith. Chloe rejected Chance's marriage proposal, but they continued to date. Billy and Victoria slept together. Victor noticed Billy and Victoria flirting at the ball, and he warned Billy to stay away from his daughter. The D.A. opened an official investigation of the night that the Abbotts and Newmans had lured Adam into a kangaroo court at the Abbott cabin.
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APRIL 2010
April 5 to 9, 2010
Adam was in the basement of the Athletic Club during the masquerade ball. Heather, Rafe, Jack, Patty, Ashley, Nikki, Victor, and Nick went to the basement to look for Adam, and they discovered that there was a gas leak. There was an explosion, and Adam's burned corpse was found. The police determined that Adam had died before the explosion, so they opened a homicide investigation. Phyllis found blood on Nick's coat and feared it was Adam's. Phyllis told Sharon about the blood, and Sharon put the coat in a Dumpster before the police could find it. The police found Jack's handkerchief in Adam's mouth. The police also found Victor's watch, which was broken and covered in blood. Daisy and Ryder kidnapped Lauren and stashed her close to Jana in a makeshift prison. Daisy revealed to Lauren that she and Ryder were twins and that Sheila was their mother. Daisy blamed Lauren for Sheila being a bad mother, and she wanted revenge. A woman approached Lauren, and Lauren was shocked to see that the woman had the same face as Lauren. Chance and Chloe made love. Patty overheard Jack telling Phyllis that Emily was acting weird and that he regretted rushing into marriage with Emily. In an attempt to keep Jack, Patty lied and claimed that she was pregnant.
April 12 to 16, 2010
Sarah Smythe revealed herself to Lauren, and Lauren was horrified to see that Sarah looked exactly like Lauren. Sarah explained that she was Sheila's sister and that she wanted revenge on Lauren. Sarah then went to Lauren's home and pretended to be Lauren. Michael assumed he was with his wife, and he forced "Lauren" to see a psychiatrist because of her odd behavior. Sarah went to see Dr. Peterson, but Sarah immediately knew it was Patty, not Dr. Peterson. A homeless man found the coat that Sharon had thrown in a Dumpster behind Jimmy's. Mac noticed the coat on the homeless man, realized the police were looking for it, and told Chance of its whereabouts. Victoria did not show up at the custody hearing because Chance was interrogating her about Adam's murder, so the judge awarded J.T. sole custody of Reed. Chance determined that a pen Victoria had bought in Dubai was the murder weapon. Victoria refused to talk about the pen, so Chance arrested her for the murder. Victor refused to have a burial for Adam, and he dumped his son's body out of an airplane. Olivia visited Lily to help her beat the cancer. Malcolm admitted that he had returned to Genoa City for personal reasons and that he had not known Lily was sick until he'd returned home. Malcolm would not divulge what the personal reasons were.
April 19 to 23, 2010
Patty claimed that she was pregnant and then pretended to have a miscarriage. Jack did not believe Patty's lies and wondered why she was acting strangely. Jack questioned his love for his wife and invited her brother, Jamie, to town as a last-ditch effort to save their marriage. Jack seemed alarmed when he met Jamie because Jamie appeared to be a freeloader. Patty and Sarah agreed to team up to make sure their true identities remained concealed. Sarah suggested that they kill Michael and Phyllis, their two biggest obstacles. Victoria was arrested for Adam's murder because she had purchased the pen that had killed him. Nick admitted to the police that Victoria had given him the pen as a present. Nick was then arrested for the murder. Victor, in an attempt to save Nick, confessed to Adam's murder. Phyllis blamed Sharon for all of Nick's troubles. Jana and Lauren were locked in their makeshift prison at the abandoned zoo. They found trash and started a fire, hoping that someone would see the smoke and call the fire department. Tucker blackmailed Kay with security footage of Adam tampering with the Jabot bids. Kay agreed to Tucker's terms and gave him ownership of Jabot. Ashley and Neil took their relationship to the next level and made love.
April 26 to 30, 2010
Emily's brother was shocked to see that his "sister" was no longer noble and by-the-book. Jack asked Emily for a separation. Meanwhile, Michael wanted a separation from Lauren, as well. Patty and Sarah concocted a plan to kill Michael and Phyllis. Ryder caught wind of the evil plan and told Lauren and Jana about Phyllis and Michael's impending deaths. Lauren convinced Ryder to release them, but Daisy stole his keys so he couldn't. Daisy drugged Daniel. Amber walked in on an unconscious Daniel in bed with Daisy. Little D, who asked to be called Eric, arrived in Genoa City to find Amber. The D.A. kept Victor and Nick locked up for Adam's murder while the police looked into other suspects. Chance was certain that Emily was not telling him something about the murder, so he made her a prime suspect in the case. Phyllis, Sharon, Nikki, Victoria, and Billy wanted to show the D.A. that they would not be pushed around, so they filed a lawsuit against the D.A. Tucker asked Ashley to be the CEO of Jabot. Lily and Cane found out that their twins were a boy and a girl. Lily was hesitant to resume her chemotherapy.
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MAY 2010
May 3 to 7, 2010
Sarah tried to kill Phyllis, but she failed. Ryder helped Lauren and Jana escape from Daisy. Kevin, Katherine, and Murphy found Lauren and Jana. Kevin let Ryder get away, but he warned Ryder to never return. Daisy and Ryder fled Genoa City, and Daisy vowed to be back. Lauren shot Sarah and killed her. Lauren and Michael were reunited. Jana had surgery because of her severe headaches, and she lost her memory. Chance recovered Adam's cell phone, which had a message from Adam that had framed Nick for Adam's murder. Nick was charged with the murder. Phyllis and Sharon decided to put aside their differences and work together to find Adam's real killer. Jack realized that he had married Patty, not Emily. Jack confronted Patty, and she devised a scheme. Patty drugged Emily and put her in the morgue, and she took Emily's place in the psych ward. When Jack went to rescue Emily, he was really with Patty.
May 10 to 14, 2010
Jack saved Emily right before a doctor had been about to cut her open in the morgue. Patty was arrested and arraigned for her crimes. The judge ordered that Patty be put in a high-security prison for the criminally insane until she was competent to stand trial. Phyllis and Sharon realized that Patty had been in cahoots with Adam on the night of the ball. Phyllis and Sharon begged Lauren to pretend to be Sarah in order to get information out of Patty. Lauren tried and failed, so Paul agreed to help. Patty admitted that she had facilitated Adam's escape from the hospital, but she denied killing him. Jana was detached and emotionless after her brain surgery, and Kevin was worried. Victoria appealed the court to regain custody of Reed. Victor tried to help Victoria by intentionally preventing J.T. from getting to the courthouse. Tucker contacted the judge and explained Victor's scheme, so the judge awarded J.T. full custody. Billy wanted to cheer up Victoria, so he took her on a spontaneous trip to Jamaica. They drank heavily and got married on the beach. Mac and J.T. kissed. Olivia got Lily a spot in a clinical trial. Lily would receive stem cells from her twins. Lily did not want to have the procedure because there was a small risk that the babies could die. Malcolm and Neil had a huge altercation over whether or not Lily should have the procedure. Malcolm secretly met Tucker and stated that he could no longer work as Tucker's spy.
May 17 to 21, 2010
Jana still felt no emotion and no connection to Kevin. Ryder returned to Genoa City to turn himself in and to apologize to Kevin. Kevin blamed Ryder, Daisy, and Sarah for Jana's condition. Frank Ellis, the man who Adam had hired to forge Victor's diary, tried to stab Nick in prison. Michael got Nick released on bail due to the attempt on Nick's life. Phyllis and Sharon continued to work together to track down leads on Adam's murder. They discovered that Adam had spent time in Minneapolis before his death. Ashley accepted Tucker's offer to be the CEO of Jabot, as long as she was the only Abbott who worked there. Abby wanted to produce her own reality show with her inheritance from Brad. Ashley and Victor did not like the idea of a reality show, so they refused to give Abby her inheritance. Abby was determined to get the money and become famous. Tucker told J.T. that Tucker had been the reason J.T. had gotten custody of Reed. Tucker asked J.T. to return the favor by spying on Victoria. Mac told Cane that she did not want to use the twins' stem cells for Lily's treatment. Lily found a clinical trial in France that used adult stem cells to ward off cancer. Lily went to France to get the treatment, but Cane feared it would not be as effective as the babies' stem cells. Cane consulted a lawyer to see if he could sue Mac for the stem cells.
May 24 to 28, 2010
Ryder returned to Genoa City and was arrested. Jana visited him in jail and realized that she had feelings for him. Kevin was jealous, as he had gone on a date with Jana that had not gone well. Daniel spoke with Amber, and they realized that their marriage was definitely over. Jack accompanied Emily to a board hearing to determine if her license to practice medicine should be revoked. The board decided to allow Emily to keep her license. DEA agents arrested Emily for selling controlled substances. Billy and Victoria refused to invest in Abby's reality show, and Abby got revenge by revealing the video of the couple's Jamaican wedding. Lily left for France to undergo a clinical stem cell trial to try to beat her cancer. If the trial didn't work, Cane planned to sue Mac for her amniotic fluid in order to try another type of therapy. Tucker had J.T. investigate a shady business deal that Newman Enterprises had been involved in years earlier. Jill tried to get information on what Tucker was up to so she could use it for a Restless Style article. The Newmans continued to investigate Adam's murder. They learned that shortly before his murder, Adam had donated bone marrow to leukemia victim Richard Hightower. Nick realized that the body found in the Athletic Club basement had probably been Hightower, but it had been identified as Adam because Adam's DNA had been in Hightower's bone marrow. On a secluded beach, Adam read about the goings-on in Genoa City.
May 31 to June 4, 2010
The Newmans and the Abbotts suspected that Adam had killed Hightower to fake his own death. The families wanted to exhume Adam's body to run another DNA test, but Pomerantz would not let them. Victor and Jack secretly dug up Adam's grave to get dental impressions. They learned that Hightower's body was in the grave, not Adam's. Pomerantz refused to drop the charges against Nick, and he contended that Nick had mistakenly killed Hightower instead of Adam. Jana visited Ryder in jail numerous times. Jana told Kevin that she did not want Ryder to stay in jail, but Kevin felt that Ryder needed to be punished. Jana paid for Ryder's bond and had him released from jail. Kevin realized that his relationship with Jana was not the same, and he told her that their marriage was over. Emily had to go before the American Psychological Association to explain why she was romantically involved with Jack, her patient's ex-husband. The APA decided that Emily could still practice medicine. Emily thought her professional problems were over until the DEA arrested her for writing fake prescriptions. Emily knew that the fake prescriptions were Patty's fault, but she could not prove it. Victor was furious that Billy and Victoria had gotten married. Michael discovered that Billy and Victoria's marriage was invalid. Cane found Lily's will, which gave joint custody of the twins to Cane and Mac. Jill bugged Tucker's conversation with Ashley to get information on his business deals. Chloe proposed to Chance. Heather got in her car and found a bomb inside.
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JUNE 2010
June 7 to 11, 2010
Emily found out her brother had written the fake prescriptions that had gotten her into trouble with the DEA. Jana told Kevin that she was moving out of their apartment. Jana moved into the Athletic Club, where Ryder was staying. Jana and Ryder made love. Chance said yes to Chloe's marriage proposal. Heather discovered a bomb in her car. Chance saved Heather from the bomb. The D.A. thought Heather needed constant protection, so he assigned Chance as her detail. Victor went to Ottawa to track down Adam. Victor discovered that Adam was with Skye, who was allegedly dead, as well. Victor also learned that a man named Shaw had given Adam a ride on his boat. Shaw locked Victor in his boat and shot a hole in it, so it would sink. Skye and Adam were in Brazil. Adam learned that Victor was in Canada, and he feared that Victor would follow their trail to Brazil. Nikki and Nick retrieved Skye's cell phone number, called the number, and uncovered Skye and Adam's location. Nick wanted to leave the country to find Adam, but Jack offered to go instead. Phyllis convinced Sharon to move off the ranch. Lily's treatment in France was not working, so Cane followed through with his lawsuit against Mac to harvest the unborn babies' stem cells.
June 14 to 18, 2010
Jill was excited because her adoptive mother, Liz, was visiting Genoa City. Unfortunately, Liz was seriously ill, so Liz's sons, Snapper and Greg, showed up in town as well. Liz confessed to Snapper who Jill's biological parents were. Liz passed away with her family surrounding her. Sharon called Adam, and he professed his love to her. Nick feared that Sharon still had feelings for Adam. Nick's trial began. Victor and Jack tracked Adam and Skye to Brazil. Jack returned to Genoa City to support Nick. Victor stayed in Brazil to lure Adam and Skye out of hiding with a high-stakes poker game. Sharon joined Victor in Brazil to help him. Victoria went to Japan to solidify the Newmans' business holdings in Tokyo. Billy followed Victoria so they could continue their fling in Japan. Ashley and Tucker also followed Victoria in an attempt to steal business from the Newmans in Tokyo. Ashley and Tucker got closer as they spied on Victoria. Ashley and Tucker made love. Amber sent Daniel divorce papers. Abby and Daniel hooked up in Victor's pool. Abby secretly taped them and leaked the footage onto the Internet.
June 21 to 25, 2010
Adam learned that Sharon was in Brazil, and he visited her hotel room. Sharon promised to stand by him if he returned to Genoa City to confess his crimes. Adam swore that he had not killed Hightower or started the explosion. Adam refused to return, and he ran away from Sharon. Victor played Skye in poker and proposed that the winner would "take Adam." Skye lost, so she led Victor and Sharon to Adam. The D.A. had a judge revoke Nick's bail, and Nick returned to prison. The D.A. wanted more protection for Heather, so he assigned Chance a partner. Lily returned from France in the middle of Mac and Cane's hearing. Lily told the judge that she did not want Mac to have the amniocentesis. Cane heard Lily's plea and dropped the lawsuit. Mac went into early labor. Mac gave birth to the premature twins, Matilda and Charlie. Snapper told Jill that she was Lauren's half-sister because the women shared a father. Lauren's father supposedly had gotten a poor girl pregnant, but his family would not let him keep the child. Lauren did not believe that her father had given up a child. Lauren agreed to a DNA test.
June 28 to July 2, 2010
The doctor was able to harvest stem cells from Lily's twins after they were born. Neil broke up with Ashley because he wanted to focus on his family; Ashley understood. Neil sold Indigo to Jeffrey and Gloria. Chance's new partner, Ronan, was secretly colluding with Sergeant Meeks. Chance and Heather moved into a studio in Kevin's apartment building. Chloe moved into Kevin's apartment so she could keep an eye on Chance and Heather. Heather's crush on Chance grew stronger. Nina returned to Genoa City and openly stated her disgust over Chance and Chloe's engagement. A DNA test proved that Jill and Lauren were half-sisters. Lauren did not want to accept Jill as a sister. Jill contacted a lawyer to determine her rights to the Fenmore estate. Victor delivered Adam to Nick's trial. Adam took the stand and pretended to be insane. Adam was placed into the same mental hospital as Patty. Adam secretly tortured Patty by telling her that the devil was going to make her pay for committing murder. Emily and Jack made love.
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JULY 2010
July 5 to 9, 2010
Adam sneaked into Patty's room in the psych ward and prompted her to confess to Hightower's murder. Patty confessed to the D.A. Paul told the judge that Patty had been coerced. The judge ordered Patty to remain in the hospital until she was sane enough to stand trial. The charges against Nick were dropped. Phyllis left Nick. Adam was charged with conspiracy to commit murder. Adam fired his public defendant and decided to represent himself. Skye returned to Genoa City to help Adam. Abby won a bet with Billy, and he had to put her on the cover of Restless Style. Billy turned Abby's cover story into a story on Nick and Adam fighting over Sharon. Abby was devastated at first, but then she realized that the cover gave her great publicity. Victor was furious with Billy over the cover. Victor was about to beat Billy up, but Victoria stopped her father and professed her love for Billy. Mac was upset after giving birth to the twins because she missed the babies. Jill announced that she had changed her last name to Fenmore, angering Lauren.
July 12 to 16, 2010
Chance and Heather suspected Ronan of being a dirty cop after they found a bug in their apartment. Chance and Heather made love, and Chance felt very guilty for cheating on Chloe. The police were after Ryder for stealing from the Athletic Club. Ryder asked Jana to run away with him. Christine returned to Genoa City and was surprised to learn that Paul and Nina were romantically involved. Christine did not reveal to anyone the real reason for her return. Sharon decided to leave town for a while because she wanted to get away from Nick and Adam. Phyllis was resolute in her decision to leave Nick because she would always be second best to Sharon. Jack comforted Phyllis, and they kissed. Skye bailed Adam out of jail with the condition that he marry her. Skye was determined to salvage Adam's name for her own financial benefit. Adam and Skye created a hedge fund called the Newman Fund. Victoria and Billy admitted that they loved each other. Mac's depression over giving up the twins grew worse. Meggie, the woman that had saved Victor's life in Canada, showed up unexpectedly at the ranch. Meggie claimed that she was in danger, but Victor hired Paul to make sure she was not a con artist. Victor proposed to Nikki.
July 19 to 23, 2010
Someone planted drugs in Chance's car, and, as a result, he was suspended from the police force. Everyone assumed that Ronan was a dirty cop and had planted the drugs. Christine explained to everyone that Ronan was working with her at the Justice Department; he had arrived in town to make sure Heather was safe. Christine and Ronan shared another secret that they did not reveal -- Ronan was Nina's long-lost son. Chance admitted to Chloe that he had cheated on her with Heather. Kevin discovered that Jana and Ryder had fled town together. Jill sued Lauren for half of the Fenmore estate, which infuriated Lauren. Just as Victor and Nikki announced their engagement to Nick and Victoria at the Athletic Club, Abby rode in naked on her horse. Victor was sick of Abby's "tantrums" and allowed her to be taken to prison. Jack made a deal with Tucker: if Jack could get Beauty of Nature from Victor, Jack would become co-CEO of Jabot with Ashley. Tucker welcomed a trusted business associate, Sofia, to town. Sofia was also Malcolm's fiancée. Adam feared that Patty would recant her confession, so he planned to break into the mental hospital to make sure she would not.
July 26 to 30, 2010
Jack offered to help Abby with her finances if he could call in a favor in the future. Jack looked at Abby's trusts and discovered that she was extremely wealthy. Victor and Ashley offered to give Abby a small portion of her trust, but she turned them down because she wanted the full amount. Victor and Ashley told Jack to stop helping Abby, but he secretly continued to assist her. Abby kicked Ashley out of her home. Ashley and Tucker questioned Billy about his time with Victoria in Japan, but Billy would not talk. Billy told Victoria that he knew she had bribed a Japanese official with an expensive gun, but he swore to keep her secret. Lauren decided to reach out to Jill. Jill thought Lauren's heartfelt attempt to get to know her as a sister was a ploy, and she refused to give up the lawsuit. Chance admitted to Chloe that he had cheated on her with Heather. Chloe was devastated, and she tried to make Chance jealous by kissing Ronan in front of him. Heather ditched her bodyguard, and someone tried to kill her. Chance saved Heather. Chance and Ronan got into a fistfight. Adam helped Patty escape from the mental hospital, gave her a nun's habit, and told her to go to Canada to do the Lord's work. Patty listened because she thought she needed to do penance for her sins. Sharon went to the Abbott cabin to get away from Genoa City. Nick visited Sharon and gave her a gun, just in case. Adam tried to get into the cabin, and Sharon accidentally shot him. Phyllis kissed Deacon in front of Nick to upset him. Lily was discharged from the hospital. Lily and Cane were able to hold their twins because the babies were getting stronger. Mac could not shake her postpartum depression.
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August 2 to 6, 2010
Phyllis regretted her marriage to Nick and decided to leave town for a little while to regroup. Jack tried to rekindle his romance with Emily, but it did not work. Emily left Jack and Genoa City. Paul got a phone call from Patty, who said that she was fine and never returning home. Patty was in South America, hitting on a man that she asked to call "Jack." Chance went before the Internal Affairs Committee and shocked everyone by pleading guilty to drug charges. Ronan and Christine knew that Chance had pleaded guilty so he could go to jail and continue to investigate the drug trafficking within the prison system. Jill took a reporter to Neil Fenmore's grave. Lauren was disgusted and went to the cemetery. Jill and Lauren got into a huge argument, and Lauren pushed Jill into an open grave. Tucker and Jill made a deal -- Jill would find information on Victor's stronghold in Japan, and Tucker would set Jill up with his private investigator. Jill hacked into Billy's computer and found information on the antique gun that Victoria had used to bribe a Japanese official. Tucker and Ashley told Victor that they knew about the gun. Victor and Victoria assumed that Billy had leaked the information. Victoria wanted nothing to do with Billy. Billy fired Jill from Restless Style. Kevin learned that Jana had mortgaged Crimson Lights to pay for Ryder's bail. Because Ryder had skipped bail, Kevin was going to lose the coffeehouse. Mac offered to pay off Kevin's debt and become his partner. Gloria and Jeffrey opened their nightclub, Gloworm. Jana showed up to try to get Kevin back, but he refused. Abby got drunk and performed a striptease. Adam kissed Sharon, and she kissed him back.
August 9 to 13, 2010
Nina admitted to Paul and Christine that she had seen them kiss. Paul and Christine explained that the kiss had been a mistake and had meant nothing. Nina was depressed because it was the birthday of the son she'd lost; Ronan still refused to let Nina know that he was her long-lost son. Chance pretended to be a drug addict and got drugs from another prisoner. Chance did not know that Meeks and Owen were setting him up; Meeks and Owen ordered an inmate to kill Chance. Chance was released from prison before he could be harmed. Adam's hearing to determine whether or not he should go on trial for Hightower's murder began. Adam promised Sharon that his lawyer would not cross-examine her, and he kept his word. Adam's lawyer ripped all of the other witnesses, including Ashley, to shreds. The judge decided that there was not enough evidence to send Adam to trial, and he dropped the charges against Adam. Victor told the Abbotts and the Newmans to stay away from Adam, and he promised that Adam would pay for his sins. Shaw attacked Meggie, and Nikki saved her. Nikki changed her mind about Meggie and asked Meggie to be her personal assistant. Lily and Cane took their twins home from the hospital. Jill revealed to Victoria that she, not Billy, had told Tucker that Victoria had bribed a Japanese official with an expensive gun. Victoria apologized to Billy for not trusting him, but he was still upset.
August 16 to 20, 2010
Adam filed a civil lawsuit against everyone who had held him hostage at the Abbott cabin, except for Sharon. Skye was not happy about the lawsuit because she thought that Adam was pushing his luck. Victor made Victoria choose between him and Billy. Victoria chose Billy and resigned from Newman. Christine kissed Paul again and then regretted it. Christine decided it was time for her to return to Washington, DC. Christine urged Ronan to tell Nina that he was her son after his undercover investigation was over. Ronan was nervous because Paul was close to discovering Ronan's true identity; meanwhile, Chloe figured out that Ronan was Nina's long-lost son. Nick and Christine separately went to Jimmy's because they were feeling lonely, and they found comfort in each other and kissed, just as Phyllis entered the bar and saw them. Phyllis went to Gloworm and saw that Deacon was the new bartender. Although Deacon and Phyllis claimed to hate each other, they flirted and kissed. Jana grew very jealous of Kevin and Chloe's friendship. Lily asked Mac to be the twins' godmother, but Mac declined because she needed space to find herself. Mac agreed to move in with J.T. Lily asked Traci to be the twins' godmother as a tribute to Colleen, and Traci gladly accepted the offer. Lauren and Jill went to court. Lauren's mother testified on Jill's behalf, and Jill was awarded half of the Fenmore estate.
August 23 to 27, 2010
Lauren signed the papers that allowed Jill to own half of the Fenmore estate. Victoria and Billy got tattoos. Billy ordered a tattoo that was supposed to say "Victoria," but the tattoo artist fainted before he was done. Billy was appalled to see a heart tattoo that read, "Victor." Victoria was annoyed to hear that Mac had moved in with J.T. Victoria told J.T. that she wanted to go back to court to appeal their custody agreement of Reed. Billy and Victoria bought a house together. The ICE ruled that Cane would not be deported and could remain in the United States. Phillip warned Cane that he should not return to Australia because it was too dangerous. Matilda and Charlie were christened in front of family and friends, with Traci and Devon serving as the godparents. Heather was fired after Ronan spoke badly of her to Pomerantz. Heather and Chance made love again. Chloe returned Chance's engagement ring. Tucker signed a contract that made Jack co-CEO of Jabot with Ashley for three years. Jack revealed that he planned to take Beauty of Nature from Victor by using Abby's trust. Ashley and Tucker committed to being in a relationship with each other. Meggie secretly put alcohol into Nikki's drink. Katherine and Murphy offered to host Nikki and Victor's wedding. Skye strong-armed Adam into dropping his lawsuit against the Newmans but not the Abbotts. Victor and Jack agreed to work together to take Adam down. Jack invested in Adam and Skye's hedge fund with Victor's money.
August 30 to September 2, 2010
Soon after Billy and Victoria moved in together, she took a pregnancy test. Billy was scared, so he got drunk. John's ghost convinced Billy that he should settle down. Billy proposed to Victoria, and she said yes. Billy and Victoria were elated to learn she was pregnant. Jack advised Abby to hire Vance as her attorney, and she agreed. Vance served Victor with a lawsuit, claiming that Victor had mismanaged Abby's trust. Chloe and Ronan made love, but he was very cold to her afterward. Chloe told Chance that Ronan was his long-lost brother. Owen revealed himself to Ronan as the leader of the dirty cop ring. Owen and Meeks ordered Ronan to kill Chance. Heather admitted to Paul that she was in love with Chance. Skye promised Jack that she would get Adam to drop his lawsuit against the Abbotts if Jack promoted the Newman Fund to his wealthy friends. Ashley vowed to get revenge on Adam. J.T. accepted a job offer from Ashley and Tucker to investigate how Victor had kept his monopoly on the Japanese market. Phyllis started a blog about the home wreckers of Genoa City. Kevin served Jana with divorce papers. Meggie secretly spiked Nikki's drink with vodka again, and Nikki began to crave alcohol.
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September 6 to 10, 2010
Ashley confronted Jack and asked him if he'd helped Abby with her lawsuit. Jack feigned innocence. Victor threatened to dismantle Abby's trust to teach her a lesson. Victor was furious to hear that Victoria was pregnant and that she planned to marry Billy. Victor asked Nikki to help him stop the wedding, but Nikki helped Victoria plan a quickie wedding instead. Nick reluctantly walked Victoria down the aisle, but Victor refused to attend the event. Phyllis took Deacon to the wedding, upsetting Nick. Just as Victoria and Billy finished their vows, two police officers arrested Victoria for breaking international laws in Japan; Victor had turned Victoria in to the authorities as a way to try to stop the wedding. Meeks and Owen ordered Ronan to lure Chance into a trap at a warehouse and to kill Chance. Ronan followed the orders and shot Chance. Meanwhile, Chloe told Nina that Ronan was Nina's son. Nina, Paul, Chloe, and Heather found Chance lying dead in the warehouse.
September 13 to 17, 2010
Owen told Ronan that he was going down for Chance's murder. Ronan was arrested, and Nina wanted him to rot in jail. Victor's attempt to stop Billy and Victoria's wedding failed when the judge declared the couple husband and wife. Victor tried to prove to Victoria that Billy was no good. After Jill confronted Victor, he called the Department of Justice and had the charges against Victoria dropped. Victoria refused to forgive her father. After witnessing how Victor had gone after Victoria, Abby dropped the lawsuit against her father. Tucker offered Victoria a job at Jabot. Christine and Ronan showed up at the end of Chance's funeral to arrest Owen and his cohorts. Nina blamed Christine for Chance's death, but she agreed to speak with Christine in private. At a remote location, Christine and Ronan revealed that Chance was alive. Chance told Phillip and Nina that he had to go into a witness protection program and might never return. Katherine passed out and was hospitalized. After the stress of Katherine's hospitalization, Nikki fell off the wagon.
September 20 to 24, 2010
Ronan explained to Nina and Phillip that he'd only pretended to kill Chance, so the corrupt cops would stop hunting Chance. Meanwhile, Chance had worn a wire on the night that he had been "killed" to get evidence that Meeks and Owen had been running the drug ring. Nina was sad to learn that Chance had to leave town indefinitely to go into witness protection. Heather was named the interim D.A. Victor and Nick strongly urged Heather to reopen Adam's case. Skye convinced Billy to put her on the cover of Restless Style, but Adam thought it was a terrible idea. Skye and Jack started an affair and flaunted it to Adam. Victor offered Abby a sizeable portion of her trust fund if she worked for Newman. Abby refused the offer and reconsidered suing Victor for the entire fund. After Victor and Victoria had a fight, Victoria grabbed her stomach in pain. When Cane left for Australia on a business trip, Lily received a mysterious and anonymous gift. Neil and Sofia decided to work as a team for Tucker instead of constantly fighting. Murphy did not want Tucker around Katherine because he felt that Tucker was bad for her, but Katherine disagreed. Katherine said that she and Tucker needed to start trusting each other. Nikki fell off the wagon and began to drink heavily. Noah returned from Paris.
September 27 to October 1, 2010
Deacon saw Nikki at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and realized she was struggling with her addiction. Meggie secretly relished Nikki's relapse. Billy took Victoria to see the doctor, and they learned that she had suffered a miscarriage. Victoria was furious with Victor and joined Abby in her lawsuit against him. Vance encouraged the Newman sisters to sue for three billion dollars, with the hope that Victor would settle. Victor refused to settle and told his daughters to prepare to play hardball. Nick sided with Victor over his sisters. Faith celebrated her first birthday. Nick asked Sharon out on a date, and she accepted. Billy hired Phyllis as his editor-in-chief at Restless Style. In the cover story about Skye, Phyllis revealed that Skye was having an affair with Jack. Skye was furious because she feared the slanderous article might hurt the credibility of her hedge fund with Adam. Jack and Phyllis celebrated the Restless Style story by making love. Kevin found out that Jeffrey was laundering money through Gloworm. Kevin promised not to tell Gloria if Jeffrey cut Kevin in on the action. Jana's obsession with Chloe grew stronger when she intentionally wore the same outfit as Chloe. Mac and J.T. discovered she was pregnant. Cane worried that the gangsters in Australia had found his family in Genoa City.
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October 4 to 8, 2010
Meggie ran into Murphy at the Harvest Festival and freaked out because he knew her true identity. Murphy tried to call Victor to warn him about Meggie, but chest pains impeded him. Meggie stole Murphy's medicine to make sure he went into cardiac arrest. Murphy was rushed to the hospital, but he did not regain consciousness. Meggie went to the hospital and secretly poisoned Murphy when no one was around. J.T. and Ronan found Murphy's situation suspicious and opened an investigation. Daniel had an art show. Abby invited a famous art consultant to the show, and the consultant loved Daniel's work. Noah sang and played guitar at the show; Devon was impressed and asked if Noah would like to record his music. Noah and Jana started to hang out and become friends. Jack and Phyllis got back together. Diane returned to Genoa City. Victor offered to settle with Victoria and Abby, but they refused his offer because they did not want Victor to control their lives anymore. Nikki was upset over the family feud and told Victor that she wanted to elope instead of hosting a big wedding. It was the one-year anniversary of Colleen's death, and the Abbott family mourned their loss. Cane admitted to Lily that the Australian gangsters were after their family.
October 11 to 15, 2010
Jack sneaked into Adam and Skye's room so he could install a device on their computer, allowing him to view all of the trades they made for the Newman Fund. Skye and Adam caught Jack in their room, but they did not know what he was up to. Adam was very suspicious of Jack. Diane took Kyle back to Genoa City so he could spend more time with his father, Jack. Phyllis was very worried that Diane would cause trouble for her and Jack. After Diane and Tucker met, he offered her a job, and they slept together. Nikki and Deacon went on a bender together. Murphy awoke from his coma, but he could not move or speak; he could only blink. An Australian mobster found Cane. The mobster told Cane that Cane needed to pay the crime boss five million dollars, or they would reveal to Lily that Cane had once been part of the mob. A tornado hit Genoa City. J.T. got into a car accident and was electrocuted when he tried to leave the crash site. Sharon was driving Adam home, but they had to pull over and find shelter in a barn because the storm was bad. Adam dove on top of Faith as the roof of the barn collapsed.
October 18 to 22, 2010
Lily, Cane, and the twins were returning to town in the storm when they found J.T., who was unconscious and trapped in his car after being electrocuted by downed power lines. Cane rescued J.T. from his car, performed CPR, and saved his life. Later, at the hospital, Mac accepted J.T.'s marriage proposal and begged him to live. Inside a barn, Sharon found Faith and Adam under the debris and was relieved that they all had survived the tornado. Tucker and Diane rode out the tornado in Tucker's bed after having sex with breaking glass raining down on them. Murphy awoke from his coma but could only communicate by blinking his eyes. When he saw Meggie in his room, he started blinking frantically. Meggie got him alone and warned him that if he communicated what she had done to him, she would harm Katherine. Mac broke the news to Katherine that she was pregnant by J.T. and that J.T. might not live. Nikki and Victor made plans to elope within days, so Meggie warned Deacon that they had to stop them quickly. Meggie laced Nikki's club soda with a drug and arranged for Victor to walk in and find a passed-out Nikki with Deacon in Deacon's bed. Cane made plans to take a job pretending to be the deceased James Collier to get money to pay off his blackmailers. Phyllis wrote a tell-all story on Diane and published it on the Restless Style website, which caused Tucker to rescind his job offer to Diane.
October 25 to 29, 2010
Diane threatened to tell Ashley about her affair with Tucker unless he hired Diane, but Tucker refused to be blackmailed. Meggie schemed with Deacon to keep Nikki dependent on alcohol in rehab, while Meggie lived the good life at the Newman ranch. Victoria pushed to resolve her lawsuit with Victor in exchange for Beauty of Nature, but Abby was hesitant. Tucker and Victoria discussed the possibility of merging Jabot and Beauty of Nature. Victor offered Victoria and Abby a generous settlement, but they turned it down. Victor defied the judge's order for forensic accountants to examine his books. Victor banned Victoria from visiting Nikki in rehab. Devon decided to produce Noah's music. Adam took money from the hedge fund and planned to leave town, but Sharon convinced him to stay. Chloe mistakenly concluded that Kevin was gay after spotting his seemingly intimate meetings with Hogan. Lauren refused to forgive Jana. Daniel told Abby he wanted to date exclusively. Disguised as a nun, Daisy crashed the Halloween party at Jimmy's, and later revealed her pregnancy to Daniel, claiming he was the father.
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November 1 to 5, 2010
Victor confessed that he wasn't sure he wanted to marry Nikki. J.T. learned that he had heart damage and was unable to handle the rigors of police work. J.T. and Mac decided to move to Washington, DC, when Mac was offered a job at a non-profit agency. Victoria was devastated that J.T. was moving Reed out of Genoa City. Billy discovered that Heather had accepted Victor's campaign donations in exchange for doing Victor's bidding. When Billy published his allegations, Heather was forced to withdraw from the election. Nikki fumed when she learned that Victor had kept her from seeing Victoria. Nikki and Victor had a terrible fight when Nikki defended Deacon. Meggie plotted to drug Victor to get him to marry her and then kill him. Lauren was traumatized by Daisy's return. Jana used Daisy's return to make Kevin believe that she was in danger. Ronan recognized that Murphy's finger tapping was Morse code. Katherine moved Murphy to a recovery facility. Daisy was arrested, and she refused to have a paternity test while behind bars. Katherine arranged J.T. and Mac's wedding. Meggie became Mrs. Victor Newman, but Victor turned on her before she could finish him off. Nikki was crushed when she saw the photo of Meggie and Victor's wedding. When Deacon kissed Nikki, she responded.
November 8 to 12, 2010
Victor sprung the trap he'd set for Meggie, and she was arrested for attempted murder. Victor ended his engagement to Nikki when he found her in bed with Deacon. Kyle lashed out at Phyllis. Jack told Phyllis he needed a break. Victor flew Diane to New York on his jet. Victoria criticized Nick for keeping secrets from her. Adam took a job as a bartender at Gloworm. Kevin and Chloe were arrested on suspicion of bookmaking. When questioned by the authorities, Kevin kept quiet about Hogan. Billy wondered if Delia might be better off with him than with Chloe. After Nick and Sharon made love, Nick proposed. Skye backed down when Adam dared her to tell the D.A. about Adam's past. Abby broke up with Daniel because of Daisy. Daisy was moved to the hospital for a paternity test. Daisy offered to help Jana win Kevin back in exchange for Jana not testifying against Daisy in court. Lauren told Michael that she needed Daisy to be convicted in order to feel safe. Blake pretended to be Cane's fake biofuel consultant, James Collier, to fool Tucker. The new D.A. fired Heather. Jack rejected Diane's attempt to seduce him, and he learned that she was broke. Phyllis overheard Adam threaten Skye. Murphy's condition improved.
November 15 to 19, 2010
The court ruled that Victor had to release his financial records for inspection. Victoria convinced Victor to wish Abby a happy birthday. Victor turned his back on Abby when he saw that Tucker had returned Pericles, the horse she'd sold to raise money for her reality show, to Abby as a gift. Blake convinced Sofia and Tucker he was a legitimate biofuel expert. Neil advised Tucker to do a background check on Blake. Murphy revealed that Meggie had pulled the plug on his son. Sharon said yes to Nick's proposal, but Adam made her doubt her decision. Tests proved that Daniel was the father of Daisy's baby. Phyllis didn't want her grandchild to be born in prison. Daniel wanted to give up the baby for adoption. Kevin explored petitioning for guardianship of Daisy's baby. Lauren feared Daisy would use the pregnancy to get out of jail. Daniel fumed when Phyllis hired Vance Abrams to help Daisy. Jana rejected Daisy's evil deal. Victor got Michael to hire Heather. Nick uncovered Victor's secret alliance with Jack. Heather suspected Ronan was ill. Jack and Phyllis reunited. Sharon decided to go away alone for Thanksgiving. Jack paid Diane's hotel bill and invited her and Kyle to Thanksgiving dinner.
November 22 to 26, 2010
At the Chancellors' Thanksgiving, Chloe lashed out at Heather and Ronan. Katherine told Kevin that he was in love with Chloe. Cane was upset when Blake showed up for the Winterses' Thanksgiving. Adam walked out on Skye and the Newman Fund. Sharon spoiled Nick's family plans by going out of town alone. Victor caused the collapse of the Newman Fund and double-crossed Jack by withdrawing his money in the hedge fund, causing Jack to lose a fortune. Jack discovered Skye and Adam's room wrecked. Blood found in Skye's room was hers. Ronan declared Skye's disappearance a homicide, with Adam being the prime suspect. Nick and Michael went to New Orleans to find Sharon, fearing Adam might be after her. Adam watched Sharon's hotel. Victor offered Abby the mediation settlement again, but when Abby learned what Victor had done to Jack, Abby recommitted to the lawsuit. Billy arranged for Victoria to see Reed via computer for Thanksgiving. Ronan's health deteriorated, but he wouldn't tell Nina that he was sick. Kevin told Daisy he wanted to be her baby's guardian. Phyllis was determined to write a story about what had happened with Adam and Skye. Daniel and Lauren agreed that Daisy should remain in jail and then give up the baby for adoption.
November 29 to December 3, 2010
In New Orleans, Michael and Nick searched for Sharon. Phyllis followed them to write a Restless Style story about Adam. Victor refused to forgive Nikki for betraying him with Deacon and asked her to move out of the ranch. When Katherine discovered that Nikki had reconnected with Deacon, Nikki asked Katherine not to judge her. Sharon and Adam made love at Oak Alley, but later, Sharon broke it off with him to return to Nick. Nick found Sharon in Adam's arms and ended their engagement. Adam was arrested for killing Skye. Adam insisted that Skye had faked her death and set him up. Jack blamed Adam for Skye's death. On the Newman jet, Victor told Skye that he had arranged a new identity for her. In exchange, Skye could never return to Genoa City. Victor had framed Adam for Skye's murder and was determined to make Adam pay for his crimes. Diane sucked up to Jack. To raise money for Daisy's baby, Kevin took Hogan's job offer. The court awarded Phyllis custody of Daisy until the baby was born because the pregnancy was deemed high-risk. Ronan collapsed in front of Heather. Diane approached Nick at Jimmy's. Sharon told Adam that she believed he was innocent.
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December 6 to 10, 2010
Feeling guilty because Summer could not be home for Christmas, Daniel moved Daisy from Phyllis' condo to his apartment. Daniel wanted to reunite with Abby. Sharon hired Leslie as Adam's attorney, and he was released from jail. Adam suspected that Jack and Skye had framed him. Jack turned on Sharon when she chose to be loyal to Adam. Adam learned that Victor had profited from the hedge fund collapse. Noah was disgusted with Sharon. Nick kept Faith from Sharon. After his collapse, Ronan learned that he'd die without a liver transplant. Phyllis used her Restless Style story to eviscerate Sharon. Jana convinced Daisy to allow Jana to raise Daisy's baby if Jana didn't testify against Daisy. Jana figured that she would win Kevin back, and Daisy would avoid prison. Victoria learned that she was not pregnant. Colin Atkinson arrived from Australia and befriended Jill to learn more about Cane. When Jill introduced Cane to Colin, Cane feared for Lily and the kids. Colin reminded Cane that Colin was family, too. Kevin and Daniel got into a fistfight over Daisy's baby. Sharon confronted Phyllis over the Restless Style story. At Katherine's fundraiser, Phyllis and Sharon got into a fight in a chocolate fountain.
December 13 to 17, 2010
Nick blasted Victoria for allowing Billy's publication to hurt the Newman family. Chloe rejected Kevin's attempts to be more than just friends. Adam and Sharon asked Phyllis to use the photo evidence to clear his name. Jack warned Phyllis not to trust Adam. Sharon told Adam that she missed Faith. Chloe was disgusted to see Heather and Ronan kissing. Nick and Diane had fun together with their kids. Victoria and Billy were worried that she might not be able to have another baby. Heather and Ronan became lovers. On the rebound from Chloe, Kevin had sex with Jana. Cane wanted nothing to do with his father, and Colin threatened to expose Cane's past. Jana was determined to get custody of Daisy's baby so Kevin would return to her. Colin seduced Jill. Chloe moved out of Kevin's after finding him naked with Jana. Nikki asked Deacon to give her space. Unaware that Victor was jetting home, Nick and Diane made love at the ranch. Phyllis and Jack found evidence to prove that Adam had killed Skye. Adam and Sharon declared their love for each other. Gloria warned Jana to leave Kevin alone. Abby was skeptical about Tucker's love for Ashley.
December 20 to 24, 2010
Victor nearly caught Nick and Diane making love. Nikki moved into the Chancellor mansion. Victor was upset that Adam was claiming that Victor had framed Adam for Skye's murder. Ronan used Jack and Phyllis' new evidence to hold Adam in jail. Abby tried to get Tucker to cheat on Ashley. Diane accepted Victor's job offer, but she turned down his invitation for her and Kyle to move into the ranch. Sharon discovered that a box of Skye's rare perfume had been shipped to Hawaii. Colin warned Cane that Colin would destroy Cane's life in Genoa City. On Christmas, with Traci and Jack watching, Tucker and Ashley become engaged. Victor rejected his family's efforts to reach out to him. Heather and Ronan had a romantic Christmas together. Daisy fumed when Daniel stood her up on Christmas. Daniel begged Abby to not give up on their love. Jana continued her scheme to win Kevin back by getting Daisy to turn over the baby to Jana. Victoria was overjoyed when Reed finally arrived for a Christmas visit. Sharon recommitted to Adam. Victor woke up a new man after a dream in which he was forced to examine his life, like Scrooge had in A Christmas Carol.
December 27 to 31, 2010
Victor tried to convince Diane to move to the ranch with Kyle. Diane declined, in part because she was more interested in continuing her affair with Nick. Based on the information about the perfume shipment, Sharon flew to Hawaii to search for Skye. Daniel told Daisy he'd made arrangements for the baby to be given to an adoption agency right after she delivered. Daisy was determined not to return to jail. Victor followed Sharon to Hawaii. Phyllis told Kevin she wanted to adopt Daisy's baby. When Kevin learned that Jana had changed her testimony against Daisy, Kevin realized Daisy was manipulating Jana. Kevin told Daniel that he supported Daniel's decision to give the baby up for adoption. Sharon confronted Skye while on a volcano hike, but Skye refused to cooperate. Sharon took Skye's photo, but in the ensuing scuffle, Skye fell to her death. The Hawaiian authorities didn't believe Sharon's story. Victor destroyed all the evidence that Skye had been on the island. On New Year's Eve, Jana rushed Daisy out of the apartment when Daisy went into labor, but Jana was devastated when she saw Kevin and Chloe kissing. Jana let Daisy take off with the car.
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