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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 29, 2010 on GH
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Monday, March 29, 2010

Luke confronted Kristina at the lake house and told her that she had to tell the truth or she would be responsible for Ethan's death at Sonny's hands. When Kristina said that she had dropped the charges so that the episode would go away, Luke told her that Sonny would still believe Ethan was guilty and kill him.

Luke begged Kristina to tell the truth about who really beat her. He presented a very compelling argument, even sharing his abusive childhood. Kristina was just about to tell the truth when Sam rushed in and told Luke to leave. Sam defended Kristina, who broke down in tears. Before leaving Luke again begged Kristina to tell the truth.

When Kristina tried to take the blame for her lies, Sam misunderstood and comforted her by telling her that nothing was her fault. Sam was still comforting Kristina when Alexis got home.

Sam told Alexis that Luke had been there. Alexis was angry at Luke and took off to confront him. Sam stayed behind with Kristina, who worried that Sonny would kill Ethan. Sam tried to assure her that everything would be okay, but Kristina did not believe that Sonny would let Ethan live.

At the Port Charles Police Station, Johnny told Olivia and Dante that they were protecting Sonny by not telling the truth about Dante's shooting. Johnny was upset because Claire was not going to let him testify. Dante told Johnny that his volatility and anger against Sonny would make the jury sympathetic to Sonny. Dante told Johnny to let the system work.

Sonny freaked out when he heard that the charges against Ethan had been dropped. He started screaming that Ethan had to die as he smashed all the glassware and paraphernalia in his office at the restaurant. Jason eventually calmed him down, but not before the prosecutor, Claire, who was lingering outside his office, got an earful. When Sonny noticed her, she gave him a smug smile, and then made a "gotcha" motion with her finger.

Georgie's ghost had a joyful reunion with Maxie's spirit as the corporeal Maxie lay near death in her hospital bed at GH. When Maxie remarked on how bad she looked, Georgie responded that Maxie was one of the lucky ones because she was being given a choice. Maxie was surprised to learn that she controlled her own fate.

Maxie's first impulse was to leave and go to heaven with Georgie, but when Johnny came in and told her how much he cared for her because of who she was and then added how much he knew that Spinelli loved her, she rethought her decision.

When Spinelli wheeled in, Johnny comforted him and made him see that Maxie loved him. When Johnny left, after receiving a phone call, Spinelli told Maxie how much he loved her and how empty his life would be without her. Spinelli told Maxie that he loved her so much that he wanted her to have her heart's desire, even if that meant that he had to let her go.

Maxie immediately made up her mind that she wanted to go back because she finally understood that no "bad boy" could ever love her as much as Spinelli did. Georgie told her that she could go back but that she would not remember anything about what she was seeing and hearing.

That gave Maxie pause, but she still opted for life. Georgie was proud of her. The sisters hugged, and Georgie told Maxie to look for her as she was falling asleep because Georgie would always be keeping watch over Maxie.

As Spinelli wept, Maxie slipped back into her body and her medical monitors began to beep with increased strength.

Claire met with Jax outside the courtroom. She reported on Sonny's behavior at his office and wanted to know how to provoke that reaction again. Jax told her to find someone who could poke a hole in Sonny's belief that he was a protector of women. Claire made a phone call.

Sonny interrupted Claire and Jax and wanted to know how much money she was getting to prosecute him and made insinuations about her relationship to Jax. Clare retorted that she did not need money to prosecute scum like him. Diane arrived and quickly ushered Sonny into the courtroom and away from Claire.

Conan was making remarks about broken glassware when Luke stopped by the restaurant to see Jason. Luke started off by saying that Ethan was innocent and that Jason must think so, as well, because Ethan was still alive.

Jason admitted that he had some doubts about Kristina's story. He told Luke that he had shared his suspicions with Lucky and that Lucky was investigating. Luke wanted to know how they would get Sonny to believe the truth if they found proof but Kristina did not confess.

Jason told Luke to get Dante involved because Sonny seemed to believe everything he said. Luke picked up on Jason's antagonism. When Luke questioned him, Jason said that Dante was a traitor who had betrayed them.

In a surprise move, Claire called Johnny to the stand. Johnny described Sonny's treatment of Claudia. Sonny remained calm until Claire's questions and Johnny's answers made it appear that Sonny had been physically abusive of Claudia.

Sonny erupted and got in a name-calling contest with Johnny. Sonny got so angry that he yelled out that Claudia was a lying tramp who got what she deserved. Unbeknownst to Sonny, Kristina was in the courtroom.

Morgan went to the PCPD to leave a Yankees souvenir coffee mug for Dante. Ronnie saw him and engaged him in conversation about the Yankees and about Michael. Ronnie tried to find out where Michael was, but Morgan did not tell him. As Ronnie became more insistent in his questioning, Dante arrived. He grabbed Ronnie, pushed him against a wall and told him to stop questioning Dante's brother.

Sam was still very upset and emotional when she arrived at the office to see Jason. He suggested that the go for a walk to work out the tension. She agreed. By the time they reach Kelly's, Sam was in a better mood and they were both hungry.

Inside, Ethan was joking with the waitress. When Ethan got up to leave, Sam loudly called him a "sick freak."

Alexis went to Luke's office on the Haunted Star. She said that although they had been friends for a long time, he could not expect to question her daughter without having her go "all Cassadine" on him.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

At Kelly's, Sam glared at Ethan while he flirted with a waitress. Sam blocked Ethan's exit when he started to leave. She accused Ethan of being a pig, sick freak, and a selfish, abusive piece of trash. Ethan insisted that he had never harmed Kristina, but Sam refused to believe him. Ethan appealed to Jason for help, but Jason remained silent. Sam demanded that Jason inform Ethan that no one believed Ethan's lies.

Ethan had enough of Sam's rant, so he left. It hadn't escaped Sam's notice that Jason had not defended Kristina. Later, Sam and Jason arrived at the office in Pozzulos. Sam was furious because Jason had sided with Ethan. She argued that not believing Kristina was tantamount to siding with Ethan.

Jason knew that Sam loved Kristina, so he understood why Sam would believe Kristina. Sam corrected him; she believed Kristina because Kristina had told the truth. Jason explained that it went beyond trusting Kristina's word for what had happened because Sonny had ordered him to kill Ethan. Jason pointed out that no one, including Sam, could know for certain what had happened until there was proof.

Jason reminded Sam of the discrepancy in the timeline. Sam didn't want to discuss it; she claimed that Kristina had merely been confused because of the trauma that Kristina had suffered. Jason wanted Sam to reserve judgment until Lucky had an opportunity to investigate the assault. Sam didn't need it; she insisted that the truth was whatever Kristina said that it was.

At the nurses' station, Nikolas and Tracy continued an argument that had started during a hospital board meeting. Epiphany suggested that Nikolas and Tracy take their bickering somewhere else. After Epiphany walked away, Nikolas let Tracy know that he was aware of Kristina's attack. Tracy insisted that Ethan was not responsible for what had happened to Kristina. She suggested that Nikolas question Kristina about it, but he refused to consider it.

Nearby, Ethan exited the elevator. Epiphany warned Ethan not to show his face around the hospital again. Ethan ignored Epiphany. As he approached Tracy and Nikolas, Nikolas vowed never to forget what Ethan had done to Kristina. As Nikolas walked away, Ethan confessed that it was difficult to deal with the public scorn. He was frustrated because a single lie had destroyed everything that he held dear, including his family. He confided that it was time for him to leave town.

Steve went to Shadybrook to visit his sister. He found Liz packing her things. She explained that she intended to go home to be with her children. Steve worried that it was too soon. Liz assured him that she would continue with her therapy, but she was ready to get back to her life. Steve didn't think that Liz was qualified to make that decision. He suggested that she consult the baby's father, since it would affect the baby's life as well as her own.

Later, Nikolas entered Liz's room. He admitted that he was glad that she had called him. Nikolas' joy turned to confusion when he noticed that her luggage was scattered about. Liz explained that she planned to leave Shadybrook in the morning. Nikolas confessed that he didn't think that Liz was ready.

Liz made it clear that she had checked herself in to the sanitarium, so she could check herself out. Nikolas reminded her that she had been standing on the ledge of the hospital's rooftop just a short month before . Nikolas suspected that Liz was still grieving over the loss of her relationship with Lucky. Liz argued that she was ready to move forward with her life. She believed in herself, even if no one else did.

On the Haunted Star, Alexis accused Luke of making things more difficult for Kristina by trying to push Kristina to retract her statement. Luke didn't think that Kristina could begin healing until she told the truth. Alexis argued that Kristina had told the truth, but Luke insisted that they needed further proof. Alexis reminded him that DNA evidence had pointed to Ethan. Luke countered that the scratch had been accidental, not a result of Kristina trying to fend off her attacker.

Luke implored Alexis to allow Lucky to re-open the case. Alexis agreed, but she insisted that Luke stay away from Kristina. Shortly after Alexis left, Tracy arrived at the casino. Tracy warned Luke that Ethan had decided to leave town. Luke made it clear that he would stop Ethan. Tracy suggested that, since Ethan was a lot like Luke, it was likely that Ethan was already "in the ether."

Luke threatened to drag Ethan out of the ether or die trying. Tracy admitted that she thought it was for the best that Ethan leave town because everyone believed Kristina, not Ethan.

Later, Ethan dropped by to talk to Luke. Luke tried to convince Ethan to remain in Port Charles to clear his name, but Ethan argued that he liked breathing too much. According to Ethan, everyone was ready to "spit roast" him. Luke realized that he couldn't ask his son to stay where Ethan was despised by everyone. Luke wanted a few days to get a fake passport for Ethan and to find a place where Ethan could hide out without fear of Sonny tracking him down.

Ethan realized that he would never be able to return to Port Charles. Luke disagreed; he was certain that Lucky would be able to uncover the truth and then clear Ethan's name. Ethan was curious what Luke would do if Ethan left before all the plans were in place. Luke vowed to hunt Ethan down to "kick [his] ass." Luke insisted that he loved Ethan down to Ethan's lanky bones, so he would never give up on Ethan.

Dante shoved Ronnie up against a wall in the squad room after Dante found Ronnie questioning Morgan. Ronnie threatened to file a report if Dante didn't take his hands off of him. Dante invited Ronnie to do his worst, but he did release Ronnie. Dante turned to Morgan to caution him not to trust Ronnie. Dante revealed that Ronnie was out to get Morgan's family. Morgan admitted that he had thought that Dante and Ronnie were friends.

Dante decided to pull Ronnie into another room to finish their argument. Ronnie resented Dante badmouthing him to Morgan. Ronnie denied ever taking advantage of children. However, Ronnie promised to have Dante's badge if Dante continued to protect those around Sonny. Dante reminded Ronnie of Franco.

Ronnie insisted that he had protected Franco because he had a personal relationship with Franco, not because Ronnie was a bad cop. Ronnie warned Dante that it was the "kiss of death" for a cop. Ronnie invited Dante to be a good brother to Morgan and even a good son to Sonny; however, Dante couldn't be a good cop at the same time.

Dante returned to Morgan in the squad room. Dante advised Morgan not to trust him, either, because Dante's job was to arrest people who broke the law. Carly entered the police station moments later. Dante explained that he had called her to pick up Morgan, but Dante needed a private word with her first. Carly gave Morgan some money and then sent him to the vending machines. As soon as Morgan walked away, Dante revealed that he had walked in on Ronnie trying to pump Morgan for information about Michael.

Carly wondered what Morgan had been doing at the police station in the first place. Dante revealed that Morgan had dropped off a mug for Dante. He advised Carly to be careful. Dante warned her that if Morgan knew anything, then Carly should keep Morgan away from all cops. Carly was curious if it was a ploy for Dante to gain her trust. Dante assured Carly that he loved Lulu, so he would never hurt her family like that again. Carly hoped that Dante meant it because Morgan had been devastated when he had learned that Dante had been working undercover.

Carly admitted that it had broken her heart when Morgan had questioned everything about his relationship with Dante. Dante regretted that he had hurt Morgan, but he promised that his friendship with Morgan had been real. Carly hoped that it was true, but she promised that if Dante had lied to her then no gun or badge would be able to protect Dante from her wrath.

Carly went to Pozzulos to talk to Jason about Morgan's visit to the police station. Jason was concerned that Morgan might have said too much, but Carly assured him that Dante had intervened before Ronnie had gleaned any information. Jason didn't trust Dante; he was certain that Dante was trying to "work" everyone. Carly was confident that Dante was looking out for his brothers. Diane entered the office seconds later. Diane announced that the trial was as good as over and that Sonny's conviction was all but guaranteed.

Kristina quietly entered the courtroom just before Johnny prepared to testify. Claire questioned Johnny about the state of Sonny and Claudia's marriage. Johnny painted a bleak picture of Claudia's life. According to Johnny, Sonny had been hateful towards Claudia. Johnny claimed that Sonny had accused Claudia of sleeping with Ric when he found out that she was pregnant. Sonny had demanded a paternity test, which had confirmed that Sonny was the baby's father. Claudia had been on her way home with the test results when she was involved in a car wreck.

Johnny revealed that the accident had caused Claudia to miscarry. Johnny insisted that Sonny had been relieved that the baby had died. Claire wondered if Johnny had seen any bruises on Claudia. Johnny promptly took the opportunity to accuse Sonny of physically abusing Claudia. Sonny was incensed; he stood up to deny the false accusations. A heated screaming match between Sonny and Johnny ensued. At one point, Sonny shouted, "Your sister was a conniving witch who got exactly what she deserved."

Judge Carroll eventually managed to regain control of his courtroom. The judge threatened to have Sonny taken into custody and then restrained if Sonny continued to have outbursts. After the judge admonished Claire and then Johnny, he noticed Kristina softly weeping in the back of the courtroom. The judge wondered who she was and if she were all right. Kristina told the judge her name and then assured him that she would be fine. As Kristina fled the courtroom, Sonny started to follow her. The judge threatened to cite Sonny with contempt if Sonny left the courtroom.

Diane objected to Johnny continuing his testimony. Judge Carroll decided to have a word with the attorneys, so he called a brief recess. However, the judge instructed everyone to remain in the courthouse. After everyone left the courtroom, the judge suggested that Diane control her client or he would slap them both with a contempt citation. The judge then turned to Claire. He accused her of manipulating Johnny's testimony to provoke a response from Sonny. Judge Carroll considered it "bad law" and warned Claire that it would not be tolerated.

In the hallway, Sonny was curious if Johnny felt good about making up lies and upsetting Kristina. Johnny confessed that he hadn't known that Kristina had been in the courtroom, but it wouldn't have made a difference. Johnny thought that Kristina should know who her father really was.

The trial resumed a short time later. Judge Carroll decided that Johnny could continue to testify, but with limitations. The judge then sequestered the jury for the remainder of the trial. Coleman made an attempt to get out of jury duty, but the judge refused to grant Coleman's request. After announcing that the jury would stay at a hotel, Judge Carroll ordered everyone to return the following day.

Johnny was in a celebratory mood when he arrived at Jake's. Lulu assumed that Johnny had heard that Maxie's health had improved. Johnny was delighted to hear it. Lulu realized that wasn't the reason that Johnny was in a good mood. Johnny confessed that he had finally "pulled one over on Sonny." He was certain that Claudia was smiling wherever she was. Lulu enjoyed hearing about Sonny's reaction to Johnny's testimony. Dante entered the bar as Lulu and Johnny toasted to Johnny's victory with shots of Tequila.

Lulu explained that Sonny had lost his temper in court. Johnny wished that Dante could have seen it. Johnny was certain that it would have been the perfect antidote for Dante's denial. Dante said nothing as Lulu and Johnny continued drinking.

Kristina was crying in her bedroom when Alexis arrived home. Alexis wondered why Kristina was upset. Kristina confessed that she had gone to Sonny's trial. Kristina told Alexis about Johnny's testimony and Sonny's reaction to being accused of abusing Claudia. Kristina wondered if Sonny had ever hit Alexis. Alexis assured Kristina that Sonny had never raised his hand to her. Alexis confided that during their short romantic relationship, Sonny had always been gentle and considerate.

Kristina knew that Sam had been beaten up by some guys before she had met Jason. Kristina was curious if Sonny had been one of those men. Alexis insisted that, to her knowledge, Sonny had never been abusive to any woman, including Sam. Kristina reminded Alexis of the ugly scene between Sonny and Claudia during Claudia's birthday party. Alexis realized that it had been bad, but she insisted that Claudia had been unbalanced and violent. According to Alexis, Claudia had "brought out the worst" in Sonny.

Kristina accused Sonny of treating Claudia badly. Alexis suggested that Kristina take what Johnny had said with a grain of salt. Kristina clarified that she was more disturbed by what Sonny had said, not Johnny. Later, Alexis took Molly to the dentist. Sonny arrived at the lake house shortly afterwards. Kristina invited Sonny in, but it was clear that Kristina wasn't happy to see him. Sonny immediately apologized for the scene that Kristina had witnessed in the courtroom.

Sonny blamed Johnny for baiting him into an angry response. Kristina wasn't impressed with Sonny's explanation. Sonny insisted that he had never abused Claudia. He admitted that they had argued, but he had never hit Claudia or any other woman in his life. Kristina didn't believe him; she believed Johnny. Sonny was shocked.

Sonny was adamant that he had vowed to never hurt a woman because of the abuse that he had witnessed growing up. Kristina wasn't swayed. She claimed that she knew how Claudia had felt all of those nights when Sonny had screamed at Claudia and then grabbed her. Kristina understood exactly what it was like to be blamed for the abuse. Kristina cried, "If that's what you did to Claudia, it makes me sick."

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dante invited Olivia for breakfast at Kelly's. He confessed that he had a question that only Olivia could answer. Dante reminded her of the times that she had commented on how much Sonny and Dante were alike. He wondered if Olivia thought that Dante could abuse a woman. Olivia was shocked by the question. She insisted that she had been referring to Sonny's good qualities when she had compared Dante to Sonny.

Dante pointed out that he had a short fuse like Sonny. Olivia argued that Dante could control his temper. She reminded Dante that Sonny had suffered from bipolar disorder most of Sonny's life and that much of that time it had been undiagnosed. Olivia was curious what had prompted Dante's concerns. Dante told Olivia about Johnny's testimony and Sonny's reaction. Olivia was certain that Sonny would never abuse a woman.

According to Olivia, if Sonny had ever hit a woman then it would have been her. Olivia told her son about an incident when Sonny and Olivia had been dating. Olivia had "cracked" Sonny in the jaw with all of her might during a heated argument. However, instead of striking her back, Sonny had walked away. Olivia insisted that Dante didn't have to worry that he had inherited an "abuse gene."

On the Haunted Star, Luke was surprised when Tracy suggested that Ethan should get out of town for a while. He was curious if Tracy was talking about the same Ethan whom she believed had smacked around an "innocent teenager." Tracy admitted that she didn't have any desire to see Ethan ostracized. She thought that a trip to the tropics would be fun for all of them. Luke was stunned that she had included herself in the plans.

Tracy grudgingly admitted that she was eager to get out of town because Edward had invited Maya Ward and Maya's sister, Zo?, to move to the Quartermaine mansion. Tracy explained that Maya was the daughter of Justus' sister, Faith. Tracy was certain that Maya would end up running ELQ, so Tracy didn't want to be around to see it happen.

Luke confessed that he liked the idea of a vacation, as long as Tracy would foot the bill. Tracy assured him that she would pay for everything. She decided to go home to meet Maya and then pack. Shortly after Tracy left, Luke received a phone call. The mystery caller made arrangements to rendezvous with Luke.

Later, Dante dropped by the casino at Luke's request. Luke explained that Ethan was living under a dark cloud because of Kristina's accusations. Lucky had agreed to re-open the case, so Luke wanted Dante to help Lucky investigate the assault. Luke didn't think that Sonny would believe that Ethan was innocent unless Dante could vouch for Ethan. Dante thought that Luke overestimated Dante's influence; however, he agreed to help Lucky.

Ethan pulled over to the side of the road after a near collision with another car. The driver of the other car was a beautiful young woman, who immediately accused Ethan of not paying attention to the road. Ethan pointed out that the young woman had swerved into his lane, not the other way around. The woman acknowledged that she had glanced at a map for a second, but she insisted that Ethan had been at fault because her car had ended up in a ditch. Ethan decided to agree to disagree rather than continue the argument. He offered to give her a lift into town, but she declined.

Ethan decided not to push the issue since the last time that he had tried to help someone, he had been charged with assault. The woman wondered if Ethan was threatening her. "No," he quickly clarified. The woman warned him that she wasn't into "that caveman stuff," so she didn't have any qualms about defending herself with a tire iron.

Later, Ethan went to the Quartermaine mansion to pick up a box of cigars. Edward was disappointed when he found Ethan standing on the doorstep. Edward had been expecting Maya Ward. Monica entered the foyer moments later. She admitted that she was running late for an appointment at the hospital, so she was anxious for Maya to arrive. Meanwhile, Ethan fetched the cigars and then prepared to leave. As Ethan opened the door, he found the young woman from the roadside standing on the doorstep. It was Maya.

"Did you follow me?" Maya demanded. Ethan reminded her that he had been there before she had arrived, so he couldn't possibly have followed her. Edward invited Maya into the mansion and then advised her to ignore Ethan. Edward explained that Ethan was the son of Edward's freeloading son in-law. Ethan ignored the insult. After Ethan left, Monica and Edward welcomed Maya.

Monica and Edward were in the process of warning Maya about Tracy when Tracy made an appearance. Tracy didn't waste any time with pleasantries; she demanded to know how much money Maya wanted. Tracy offered to open the bid at fifty thousand dollars. Edward and Monica were outraged. Edward threatened to disinherit Tracy if Tracy didn't leave Maya alone.

Later, Edward and Maya sat down to talk about Mary Mae. Edward confessed that Maya reminded him of Mary Mae. Maya admitted that she only had a few memories of her great-grandmother. Edward regretted that he hadn't known Bradley, his son with Mary Mae. Edward also revealed that he had botched things with Justus, so he hoped to get things right with Maya. Maya appreciated Edward's help, but she wasn't happy that Edward had made it contingent on her living at the mansion. Edward refused to apologize.

Edward invited Maya to drive around town to check things out. Maya admitted that her car was out of commission, so Edward offered her the use of the Bentley. Later, May a turned up at the Spencer house, which had once been owned by the Ward family. Maya knocked on the door, but no one answered. As Maya peered into one of the windows, Lucky walked up. "No one lives here any more," Lucky revealed.

Ethan went to the Haunted Star after he left the Quartermaine mansion. Ethan handed the cigars to his father and then mentioned that a long-lost Quartermaine relative had turned up. "That would be Maya Ward," Luke told Ethan. Luke revealed that he had known Maya's uncle and great-grandmother. Luke admitted that they had been "good people." Ethan informed his father that Maya was crazy, so he intended to keep his distance from her.

Luke announced that he needed Ethan's help with Tracy. Luke explained that Tracy had made plans for the three of them to go on a vacation of Ethan's choice, but Luke had to back out. However, he wanted Ethan to get Tracy out of town and keep her busy. Ethan demanded to know why. Luke cryptically explained, "Something very sweet is headed my way." Ethan smiled knowingly and then agreed to help his father.

Tracy returned to casino a short time later. She was eager to leave until she learned that Luke would not be joining them. Luke claimed that he was concerned about Lucky, so he didn't want to leave town. Tracy demanded to know why Luke was eager to get rid of her. "I think I might have something to do with that," Skye announced as she strolled into the casino. Tracy's jaw dropped. Meanwhile, Luke smiled warmly as he greeted "Blaze."

Patrick went to Shadybrook to pick up Liz. Liz was curious where Steve was. Patrick explained that Steve had been in surgery all night, so Patrick had agreed to fetch Liz while Steve picked up the boys. Liz was eager to get home, so she quickly gathered her things and then followed Patrick out of the door. Later, Steve and the boys were waiting when Liz arrived home. Cam and Jake ran into their mother's arms the instant that they saw her.

Liz hugged her children and then reassured them that she was feeling much better. Patrick and Steve shared a look, but didn't say anything. After Patrick left, Liz urged Steve to go home to get some much-needed rest. Steve was concerned that Liz might be overdoing it. He wanted her to ask for help if she needed it. Liz appreciated his concern, but she insisted that it was time that she did things for herself.

After Steve left, Liz prepared to open an envelope with the results from the second paternity test. A knock at the door stopped her. It was Helena. Helena had dropped by to invite Liz and the children to move to Wyndemere. Liz couldn't believe that Helena was serious. Helena pointed out that Liz was carrying the Cassadine heir.

Liz revealed that there was a chance that Lucky was the baby's father. She held up the envelope as she revealed that Nikolas had arranged for a second paternity test. Helena appeared shocked when Liz offered to open the envelope to read the results.

Kristina went to Metro Court to talk to Carly about Sonny. Kristina wanted to know if Sonny had ever been abusive with Carly. Carly admitted that her relationship with Sonny had been volatile and that Sonny had been emotionally and verbally abusive at times. However, Carly was quick to admit that she had been equally abusive with Sonny. Carly confessed that for a long time she had thought that negative attention was better than nothing, so she would provoke Sonny to get a reaction from him. Carly was clear that no matter how heated their arguments were, Sonny had never raised a hand to her. Carly insisted that what Kristina had seen in court had been a confrontation instigated by the prosecutor.

Kristina reminded Carly about Sonny's last argument with Claudia. Kristina accused Sonny of being awful towards Claudia. Carly pointed out that Sonny had just discovered that Claudia had been responsible for the shooting that had put Michael in a coma for a year. She wondered if Kristina had ever seen Sonny hit Claudia. "No," Kristina admitted. Carly realized that Sonny wasn't perfect, but she assured Kristina that it wasn't in Sonny to batter a woman.

Later, Olivia arrived at the hotel. She was baffled when she found a message from Robin asking to meet. Carly was certain that Robin wanted to persuade Olivia to cut Sonny some slack when Olivia testified. Olivia was surprised that Robin had that much nerve. Carly claimed that Robin was the "most inappropriate person on the planet." Olivia confirmed that she would meet with Robin, but Olivia didn't think that it would go the way that Robin hoped.

"What does that mean?" Carly wondered. Olivia admitted that she didn't want to lie to protect Sonny. Olivia intended to tell the truth to the best of her ability. Carly was curious if that might complicate things between Dante and Olivia. Olivia reminded Carly that Dante was a cop who wanted Sonny off of the streets. "What do you want?" Carly asked. Olivia insisted that it didn't matter because she was all about her son at the moment.

Olivia approached the nurses' station to talk to Robin. Robin pulled Olivia aside to discuss Olivia's testimony. Olivia realized that Carly had been correct. Robin ignored the comment to remind Olivia that Olivia had once loved Sonny. Robin wanted Olivia to remember that when Olivia testified. Patrick stood nearby. He was furious when he overheard his wife.

Patrick couldn't believe that Robin was trying to manipulate a witness to testify in favor of Sonny. Patrick regretted that he had ever encouraged Olivia to tell Sonny the truth about Dante. He believed that Sonny was a criminal who didn't deserve to be around any children, including his own. Robin explained to Olivia that Patrick had issues with Sonny. Patrick didn't deny it; Patrick's entire view of Sonny had changed when Sonny had shot Dante in the chest.

Olivia appreciated what Robin was trying to do, but she insisted that Sonny had to take his "lumps" like everyone else. Olivia intended to tell the truth when she testified. After Olivia walked away, Robin blasted Patrick for undermining her in front of Olivia. Patrick argued that he had a right to protect his family; he wanted Robin to stay out of Sonny's mess.

Dante arranged to meet Kristina at Kelly's. Kristina was curious if Dante had called her as a cop or as a brother. Dante admitted that as a brother, he was disgusted by the brutality of her attack. As a cop, Dante wanted to put the person responsible behind bars. Kristina assured Dante that she was satisfied with how things had worked out. Dante explained that he had experience with domestic abuse. He warned her that without intervention, the violence would continue to escalate.

Kristina believed that Ethan was truly remorseful for the attack. She was confident that he wouldn't do it again. Moments later, Kiefer entered the diner. Kiefer demanded to know why Kristina was talking to a cop. Kristina reminded Kiefer that Dante was her brother. Kiefer wanted to know if they had been talking about the beating. Dante was curious what Kiefer knew about the assault. Kristina appeared nervous as she glanced at her brother.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Patrick approached Robin at the nurses' station to discuss Sonny's outburst in court. Robin wasn't in the mood to have another argument with Patrick about Sonny. The issue became moot when a process server approached Robin with a summons for Robin to testify at Sonny's trial.

At Metro Court, Kate sneaked to Coleman's hotel room. They were kissing in the doorway when Judge Carroll happened along. The judge immediately recognized Coleman as one of the sequestered jurors. Kate quietly slipped away while the judge advised Coleman to "keep [his] horse in the barn" for the duration of the trial.

Johnny and Olivia sat in Metro Court's lobby while they reviewed a brochure. Olivia had won an all-expense-paid two-night stay at a luxury hotel. Olivia wanted to leave after Johnny's testimony, but Johnny preferred to wait until after the trial. Olivia was disappointed. Johnny was curious if it bothered her that his testimony might hurt Sonny. Olivia just wanted Johnny to be able to walk away with a clear conscience.

Kate exited the elevator in time to see Johnny and Olivia kiss goodbye. Kate approached her cousin as Johnny walked way. Kate was curious which side Olivia was on: Johnny or Sonny's. Olivia insisted that there wasn't a choice to make because Sonny's fate was up to the judicial system. Kate wondered how Olivia would feel if Johnny's testimony resulted in Sonny's conviction.

Olivia didn't think that there was anything that she could do if Sonny were convicted. However, Olivia acknowledged that she couldn't forget that Sonny would have killed Dante if Olivia hadn't told him that Dante was his son. Olivia was finished making excuses for Sonny. Moments later, Carly approached the cousins. Carly was curious if Kate had known that Dante was Sonny's son.

Kate wondered if it was humanly possible for Carly to mind her own business. Kate's response confirmed Carly's suspicion that Kate had known the truth all along. Carly informed Kate that Sonny would never have forgiven Kate for keeping the secret from him. After Carly walked away, Kate accused Carly of being a hypocrite. According to Kate, Carly would rather have Sonny miserable and married to a psychotic person like Claudia than happily married to Kate.

Olivia admitted that she was relieved that Kate hadn't married Sonny. Kate warned her cousin that Sonny would try to pull out all the stops to charm Olivia, in the hopes of using Olivia as a bridge to Dante. Olivia's look of embarrassment told Kate that Sonny had already tried. Olivia clarified that she refused to get involved, so Sonny would have to find another way to work things out with Dante.

In the office at Pozzulos, Diane informed Sonny and Jason that she wasn't a magician. Diane couldn't undo the damage that Sonny's outburst had created. Sonny had allowed the jury to see his hatred for Claudia. Sonny was unapologetic. Diane insisted that Sonny had to find a way to remain calm and quiet in court from that point forward.

Sonny's only regret was that Kristina had seen him lose his temper. Diane assured Sonny that Kristina would recover; his concern should be the jury. Jason wondered if Diane could win over the jury. Diane was grateful that Coleman had not been dismissed; however, she didn't think it would be easy for the rest of the jury to forget that they had seen Sonny's "hot-tempered, abusive" side.

In the courtroom, Claire approached the defense table with the intention of pushing Sonny's buttons. Diane quickly reminded Sonny that the jury was watching him. Moments later, the judge entered the courtroom. Judge Carroll made it clear that he wouldn't tolerate any more antics from either side. As the trial resumed, Claire called Johnny to the stand. Sonny glared silently at Johnny.

Claire questioned Johnny about the events at Claudia's birthday party. Johnny explained that he had gone to the party because he had been concerned about Claudia's welfare. Johnny revealed that Sonny had learned about Claudia's role in Michael's shooting, so Johnny had been worried that Sonny intended to kill Claudia. Diane objected; she suggested that it was pure conjecture on Johnny's part. To Diane's surprise, Claire decided that she was through questioning Johnny.

After the judge called a brief recess, Johnny confronted Claire in the hallway. Johnny demanded to know why Claire had excused him. Claire assured Johnny that she had what she needed from him. She promised to get justice for Claudia. In the courtroom, Diane and Sonny discussed Claire's unexpected move. Sonny was certain that Claire had something up her sleeve. Their suspicions were confirmed a short time later when Robin was called to testify.

Patrick took a seat in the back of the courtroom while Robin was sworn in. Initially, Robin's testimony was helpful to the defense. Robin told the jury about Sonny's relationship with Stone and the millions of dollars that Sonny had donated to the hospital for AIDS research. Things changed when Claire pointed out that Robin had been blessed with a near-perfect photographic memory. Claire wanted to know exactly what Sonny had said during his birthday toast to Claudia.

Robin squirmed with obvious discomfort as she tried to give vague answers. Claire made it clear that she wasn't looking for a summary of what Sonny had said; Claire wanted specifics. Robin reluctantly revealed that Sonny had admitted that Claudia had changed his life and left a permanent mark on his family. Claire pushed for more details. Robin was forced to testify that Claudia had begged to speak to Sonny alone when Sonny had accused her of shooting Michael.

Robin explained that Claudia had accused Jason of trying to discredit Claudia to Sonny. Claire wondered if Sonny had called Claudia a name. Robin quietly admitted that Sonny had accused Claudia of being a "faithless bitch." Claire relentlessly pushed for more details until Robin confessed that Sonny had promised the party guests that Claudia had lied for the last time.

Carly went to see Jason at the office. She was shocked when Jason revealed that Robin had been called to testify at Sonny's trial. Carly recalled when Robin had testified at Tony's trial after Tony had kidnapped Michael. Carly insisted that Robin was a "sanctimonious witch." Jason reminded Carly that Robin loved Sonny, but Carly didn't care. She believed that they should have the jet ready in case Sonny needed it.

Jason didn't think it mattered. According to Jason, Sonny's fate was in Carly's hands. Jason believed that it was up to Carly to turn the jury around.

At the Webber residence, Liz revealed to Helena that Nikolas had arranged for a second paternity test. Helena hid her thoughts behind a serene smile as she invited Liz to read the results of the second test. Nikolas entered the house seconds later. He immediately ordered Helena to get out. Helena refused to leave until she heard the test results, so Liz opened the envelope.

Nikolas noticed Liz's crestfallen expression and correctly guessed that the results indicated that he was the father. Helena was supremely satisfied that the results proved that the baby was a Cassadine, so she left. Liz wondered why Nikolas allowed Helena to remain in Port Charles. Nikolas explained that Helena was more dangerous when she was out of sight.

Liz wanted Nikolas to promise that Helena would not get near the baby. Nikolas assured Liz that he would keep her and the baby safe. He understood that Liz was disappointed that Lucky wasn't the baby's father. Liz admitted that she had a strong feeling that Lucky would have turned out to be the father. She had thought that it was her last chance at being with Lucky and that it could make up for everything that she had done.

Nikolas wondered what he could do to make things easier for Liz. "Be a good father. Be present, available, and invested," Liz answered. Nikolas vowed to do his best to honor her request. Nikolas knew that they couldn't be together as a couple, but he wanted them to be a family.

At the hospital, Helena paid her lab technician a bonus for discovering that Nikolas had arranged for a second paternity test. Helena appreciated that the tech had changed the results to show that Nikolas was the baby's father, not Lucky.

Lucky introduced himself to Maya. He was surprised to learn that Maya was Mary Mae Ward's great-granddaughter. Lucky confessed that he had known Mary Mae. Maya wondered why no one lived in the house that had once belonged to her great-grandmother. Lucky explained that his mother had moved to Europe and his father wasn't the "white picket fence" type. However, Lucky admitted that he had been the last occupant of the house. Maya was curious why Lucky had moved out. Lucky claimed that there had been too many ghosts.

Maya confided that she felt her great-grandmother's spirit around the house. Lucky revealed that Laura had often said the same thing. Maya changed the subject. She wanted to know what Lucky's impression was of her great-grandfather, Edward. Lucky confessed that the more Edward loved a person, the less Edward could be trusted. Maya wasn't surprised by the information. Lucky's phone rang moments later. It was Dante. Dante believed that he had a lead on Kristina's attacker.

On the Haunted Star, Skye wasn't surprised to learn that Ethan was Luke's son. Ethan smiled as he admitted that he had heard all about Skye. Luke quickly tired of the pleasantries; he tried to shoo Tracy and Ethan away, so that he could talk to Skye privately. Tracy refused to budge until Skye revealed what she was up to. Tracy's frustration mounted when Edward and Maya entered the casino. Edward demanded that Tracy apologize to Maya.

Edward was delighted when he spotted his granddaughter, Skye. Edward warmly greeted Skye and then introduced her to Maya. Luke took the opportunity to let Maya know that he had been honored to know Mary Mae. Edward was curious why Skye was in town, but Skye wasn't forthcoming with any details. Tracy was disgusted by the lack of answers, so she left. Luke decided to enlist Ethan's help to get rid of Edward and Maya.

Ethan took pity on his father. Ethan announced that he wanted to take a look at the damage to Maya's car, so that he could make arrangements for repairs. Edward was outraged that Ethan had caused an accident, so Edward demanded that Maya take him to the car. After Edward, May a, and Ethan left, Luke tried to get some answers from Skye.

At Metro Court, Jax left a message for Claire to return his call. As soon as Jax ended the call, Tracy approached him. Tracy suggested that she had the perfect way for Jax to get Carly's attention. A short time later, Tracy returned to the Haunted Star with Jax in tow. Jax was stunned when he saw Skye.

At Kelly's, Kiefer wondered what Kristina and Dante had been talking about. Dante took the opportunity to ask Kiefer a few questions about the night of Kristina's attack. Kiefer claimed that he had been at a party. Kiefer was careful not to give anything away, but Dante wasn't quite convinced that Kiefer was innocent. After Kiefer left, Dante reminded Kristina of the time that Kristina had talked to him about boys who used girls for sex. Dante realized that she had been referring to Kiefer.

Later, Lucky met Dante to discuss the possibility that Kiefer might have attacked Kristina. Dante believed that Kiefer had a huge chip on his shoulder. Lucky agreed. They realized that most abusers tended to be a product of abuse. Dante noted that the Bauers had a squeaky clean reputation. Lucky recalled that the Bauers had seemed unusually guarded during his interview with them following Kristina's attack.

Dante was curious about Ethan's background. Lucky revealed that Ethan had talked highly of his adoptive parents, so Lucky didn't think that there had been any abuse. Lucky decided to question Kiefer's friends who had been at the party on the night of Kristina's attack. Dante offered to canvas Kristina's neighborhood to see if anyone recalled seeing anything out of the ordinary around the time of Kristina's assault.

Later, Dante and Lucky met outside of Kelly's to compare notes. Lucky revealed that Kiefer's friend, Jordy, had confirmed that Kiefer had been furious when Kristina hadn't shown up for the party. According to Jordy, Kiefer had left the party early and never returned. Dante had talked to a neighbor who had seen a light-colored SUV speeding out of the Davis driveway at 9:30 p.m. on the night of the attack. Lucky insisted that Ethan had been on the Haunted Star at that time.

Dante was curious what kind of car Kiefer drove. "A silver SUV," Lucky answered. Dante realized that their evidence wouldn't hold up in court, so he decided to call Kiefer. Kiefer arrived at Kelly's a short time later. Lucky and Dante immediately proceeded to question Kiefer about the night of Kristina's attack. Kiefer became defensive as he admitted that he had left the party to "blow off some steam."

Kiefer insisted that he hadn't done anything wrong; Kristina had been the one who had "screwed up big time." Kiefer argued that it was on her, not him. Lucky wondered if Kiefer was suggesting that Kristina had deserved to be beaten.

Friday, April 2, 2010

In the courtroom, Claire questioned Robin about the statements that Sonny had made at Claudia's birthday party in regards to Claudia's miscarriage. Robin was forced to admit that Sonny had told everyone, "Thank God that baby wasn't born into our lives," and "Thank God [Claudia] will never bear my child." Claire was curious what had happened just before Claudia had pulled out a gun and then taken Carly hostage. Robin admitted that Sonny had ordered his bodyguards to escort Claudia to Greystone Manor. Claire asked Robin for a physical description of Sonny's bodyguards. Robin admitted that they were six feet and over two hundred pounds.

Claire wondered how tall Claudia was. "Smaller," Robin answered. Claire clarified that Claudia's autopsy report had listed Claudia as "five feet, four inches tall and one hundred and ten pounds." Claire wanted to know if Claudia had been trapped in the restaurant. "Yes," Robin quietly confessed. Claire announced that she was through questioning Robin, but Robin felt compelled to add that Claudia had caused Carly to go into labor when Claudia had shoved a gun into the side of Carly's stomach.

Robin relaxed when it was Diane's turn to ask the questions. Diane gave Robin an opportunity to tell the court that Sonny was a wonderful and loving father. Diane wondered if Robin had ever known Sonny to be abusive to women. Before Robin could respond, Diane corrected herself; she was curious if Robin had ever "seen" Sonny be abusive to a woman. Claire immediately accused Diane of steering Robin away from the original question, so the judge ordered Robin to answer the question the way that it had been originally posed.

Robin admitted that Sonny had said some harsh things in the heat of anger, but she made it clear that she had never known Sonny to hit or threaten a woman. After the judge excused Robin from the witness stand, Robin raced out of the courtroom. Patrick was close behind his wife. In the hallway, Robin was devastated that she had hurt Sonny's case. Patrick understood that it had been a painful experience for Robin. He admired Robin for telling the truth.

In the courtroom, Claire announced that her next witness would be Maxie Jones. Diane immediately objected; she explained that Maxie was too ill to testify. The judge decided to consider the matter during a short recess. He excused everyone, but instructed them to remain in the courthouse. The moment that Sonny entered the hallway, Robin threw herself into his arms and then apologized.

Sonny assured Robin that she didn't have any reason to be sorry because he had never expected her to lie for him. Sonny promised that he would be fine. He confessed that it meant the world to him that Robin believed in him. A short time later, the judge announced his decision about Maxie's testimony. Judge Carroll intended to take the court to Maxie, since she was unable to leave the hospital.

At the office in Pozzulos, Carly worried that she might not be able to win over the jury for Sonny. Carly suspected that Sonny's best option would be to flee, but she was concerned where he would go. Jason assured Carly that the arrangements had been made. Sonny would fly to South America in the middle of the night. Carly realized that if Sonny left the country then the police might question Michael. She was certain that Michael would end up confessing to killing Claudia. Jason agreed.

Jason suggested that the best option would be to send Michael with Sonny to South America. Carly strenuously objected. She was frustrated because she had a feeling that Robin's testimony would do more harm than good, since Robin would tell the truth and only the truth. Jason argued that Robin's testimony might help, but Carly rejected the idea. She was certain that Robin would make it appear that "Father of the Year, Sonny" had protected Michael by hiding him out, so that Michael wouldn't have to testify.

A short time later, Sonny entered the office. Carly immediately wanted to know what had happened at court. Sonny admitted that things looked bleak because Johnny had told the jurors that Sonny had intended to kill Claudia. Afterwards, Claire had grilled Robin about the events at Claudia's birthday party. Carly was furious. She insisted that if Robin had been a true friend then Robin would have lied. Sonny made it clear that he had never expected Robin to lie for him.

Jason wondered who would be called to testify next. "Maxie," Sonny informed them. Sonny revealed that the judge, camera crew, Diane, and Claire were on their way to the hospital to record Maxie's testimony. Sonny worried that Maxie was too much of a flake to keep quiet about Michael. Carly agreed; she claimed that Maxie had a tendency to ramble. Jason assured them that Maxie could be single-minded when she needed to be.

At the hospital, Maxie threw herself back into work while Lulu and Spinelli hovered nearby. Maxie was grateful that she had Lulu and Spinelli in her life. Maxie's good mood fled when a process server entered the room and then informed Maxie that she had been summoned to testify at Sonny's trial. After the process server left, Maxie asked Spinelli to fetch an oxygen mask from Epiphany; Maxie intended to make it appear that she was gravely ill.

Lulu wondered why Maxie was desperate to avoid testifying against Sonny. Maxie claimed that she had given her statement to the police, so she didn't see any reason to testify in court. Lulu demanded to know if it was okay with Maxie that Sonny had killed Claudia. Maxie pointed out that whatever happened to Sonny, affected Jason, which in turn impacted Spinelli. Lulu was curious if that meant that Maxie would lie to protect Sonny like everyone else did.

Maxie warned Lulu that Lulu's hatred for Sonny would eventually spill onto Dante if Lulu weren't careful. Lulu didn't seem concerned about it because Dante hated Sonny as much as she did. Maxie doubted that it was true. She reminded Lulu of how much Lulu had resented everyone accusing Luke of not being a good father, even though Lulu had been mad at Luke at the time. Lulu argued that it was a completely different situation.

Maxie rolled her eyes and then advised Lulu to stop going around "dissing your man's daddy." After Lulu left, Spinelli returned to Maxie's hospital room with Epiphany in tow. Epiphany refused to get an oxygen mask for Maxie because Maxie didn't need it. Epiphany glared at Spinelli and then warned him that she would hold him responsible if any of the machines went off or indicated that Maxie was about to meet her maker during the testimony.

After Epiphany stepped out the room, Maxie confessed to Spinelli that she was worried that she might slip up about Michael. Spinelli assured Maxie that she would do fine. Epiphany returned with a wheelchair for Maxie. A short time later, Maxie was sworn in as a witness. Maxie made a final attempt to appear too sick to testify, but the judge threatened to have a doctor examine her.

Claire wanted to know what Maxie had seen when Sonny had arrived home on the night of Claudia's murder. Maxie kept it simple; she admitted that she had seen Sonny pull up in a car, open the gates, and then return to the car. Maxie had noticed that Sonny's shirt had been covered in blood when he had stood in the glare of the headlights of the car. Claire was surprised that Sonny had been driving. Claire asked Maxie to describe the car.

Maxie admitted that it had been a silver car. Claire realized that Michael had a silver car, so she demanded to know if Michael had been in the car with Sonny.

On the island, Michael was anxious for an update on Sonny's trial. Max claimed that, according to Diane, the jury viewed Sonny as a hero for saving Carly. Later, Michael managed to call Kristina. Kristina told her brother that the trial was a disaster. Kristina insisted that Sonny had treated Claudia horribly and that Sonny deserved to be convicted, even if Sonny hadn't been the one to swing the axe handle. After the call, Michael pulled his backpack out of the closet. As Michael sifted through the articles of clothing inside the bag, he had a flashback of the moment that he had killed Claudia.

At the Haunted Star Skye and Jax shared a warm reunion. Jax was surprised that Skye had returned to Port Charles. Skye admitted that she had missed her friends, family, and ex-husband. As they talked, Jax revealed that he and Carly were separated, but that they shared custody of their daughter. Skye immediately demanded to see pictures of Josslyn.

After Skye and Jax left the casino, Tracy accused Luke of sulking because Tracy had outmaneuvered him. Luke pointed out that he had never been interested in Skye enough to trick her into marriage. Tracy argued that it was because Skye's bank account hadn't been "big enough." Luke chuckled and then started talking about his children. He admitted that if he were going to be the responsible type, then he was glad that he had Tracy at his side. Tracy smiled and then leaned forward to kiss her husband.

Jax and Skye went to Metro Court Restaurant to catch up on each other's lives. Warren Bauer approached the table when he spotted Jax. Jax quickly introduced Warren to Skye. After Warren walked away, Skye noted that Warren had seemed tense. Jax suspected that something was up if Warren had been called out of his meeting. Warren was forgotten when Jax told Skye about Kristina's attack and his marital woes. He revealed that Carly resented Jax's role in trying to send Sonny in prison.

At the lake house, Alexis was curious if Kristina was interested in taking some self-defense classes. Kristina confided that Dante had told her that most abusers continued to abuse until they were forced to stop. Alexis admitted that statistics on domestic violence supported Dante's claim. Alexis felt compelled to let Kristina know that Kristina's assault case had been re-opened. Kristina was furious; she couldn't believe that no one had consulted her.

Alexis was frustrated because Dante had talked to Kristina before Alexis had an opportunity to break the news to Kristina. Kristina demanded to know what would happen to Ethan if Lucky and Dante proved that Ethan was guilty. Alexis suspected that Ethan would most likely leave town. Kristina was curious if Sonny had agreed to those terms. "Yes," Alexis answered. Alexis admitted that she hoped that Kristina could begin healing once Lucky and Dante verified that Kristina had told the truth.

At Kelly's, Lucky and Dante questioned Kiefer about the night of Kristina's attack. Lucky assumed the role of "bad cop" by accusing Kiefer of beating Kristina in a fit of rage because she had embarrassed him in front of all of Kiefer's friends. Dante pretended to be more understanding about the situation by suggesting that Kristina had pushed Kiefer too far. Kiefer played it cool; he insisted that he had stayed at the party until after 11:00 p.m.

Lucky was curious where Kiefer went after the party. Kiefer claimed that he had gone to the lake house to talk to Kristina, but Molly had answered the door and then told him about Kristina's attack. Lucky didn't believe Kiefer; he accused Kiefer of arriving at the lake house much earlier, attacking Kristina, and then fleeing. Kiefer figured out what Lucky and Dante were up to. Dante dropped all pretense of friendliness; he warned Kiefer to stay away from Kristina until everything had been resolved. "Go to hell," Kiefer shot back before he stormed out of the diner.

Lucky and Dante agreed that Kiefer had most likely attacked Kristina. They suspected that Kristina had lied to protect Kiefer from Sonny's wrath. Lucky realized that they were short on evidence, but they had certainly rattled Kiefer. Lucky was certain that Kiefer would scramble to cover his tracks. Dante vowed that he would not allow Kiefer to get away with what he had done to Kristina.

Later, Lucky and Dante went to the Haunted Star to talk to Ethan. Ethan wasn't there, so they told Luke that they were close to solving the case. Dante was determined to make things right for Ethan and everyone else.

After Lucky and Dante left, Luke called Alexis. Alexis arrived at the casino a short time later. Luke warned Alexis that she would have to apologize to Ethan soon. Alexis didn't think that Kristina had any reason to lie to her about the assault, so Alexis didn't anticipate having to apologize to Ethan for anything. She appreciated that Luke had updated her about Lucky and Dante's investigation, but she didn't think that it would change anything. Alexis hoped that, for the sake of their long-standing friendship, she and Luke would be able to find a way to make peace.

Kiefer went to Metro Court Restaurant to meet his father. Kiefer explained that Kristina's brother, the cop, had been asking questions about the attack. Kiefer realized that the police were targeting him because Kristina had dropped the charges against Ethan. Warren was annoyed that Kiefer had become involved with someone like Kristina. Warren suggested that Kiefer persuade Kristina to reinstate the charges against Ethan.

Later, Melinda and Warren Bauer were dinning in the restaurant when Lucky and Dante approached their table. The Bauers didn't appreciate the detectives interrupting their dinner. Lucky explained that they were trying to put together a timeline of the events leading to Kristina's attack. Warren objected to the police harassing his son because of a "few misleading statements" made by an "unstable girl."

Kiefer went to the lake house to talk to Kristina. He pushed his way passed Kristina when she revealed that she was home alone. Kiefer wanted Kristina's help. He demanded that she reinstate the charges against Ethan and then follow through with a trial. Kiefer felt that Kristina owed it to him. Kristina refused to lie to protect Kiefer; she insisted that it had been wrong of her to falsely accuse Ethan. Kiefer flew into a rage. He viciously beat Kristina. Afterwards, Kiefer stood over Kristina's body as he shouted, "This is all your fault. You made me do this!"

Kiefer ran past Alexis as she stepped onto the porch. She raced into the house where she found her daughter on the floor. Kristina had been savagely beaten and was unresponsive.

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