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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 4, 2010 on GH
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Monday, January 4, 2010

As Michael stood in the living room, holding Josslyn, Carly appeared at the top of the staircase. Michael was unaware of his mother's presence as he vowed to his sister not to screw up Josslyn's life. Michael was determined that Josslyn would do things differently. Michael insisted that he loved Josslyn, but Morgan was the brother that she should look up to, not Michael. As Michael gently returned Josslyn to her bassinet, Carly cleared her throat.

Carly admitted that she had overheard Michael's talk with Josslyn. Carly claimed that Josslyn couldn't ask for a better big brother than Michael. Michael reminded Carly that he had killed Claudia and that he had recently been caught driving drunk. Carly argued that Michael had not acted out of malice when he had killed Claudia; he had been protecting Josslyn. Carly credited Michael with saving Josslyn because Carly had not been able to physically prevent Claudia from walking away with the baby.

Carly was certain that if Michael had not stopped Claudia then they might never have seen Josslyn again. Carly hugged Michael, but he seemed stiff and unresponsive. A short time later, Jax arrived home. He was surprised that Carly wasn't at work. Carly explained that she had walked in on Michael promising to keep his distance from Josslyn, so that he wouldn't tarnish her. Carly realized that she couldn't stop Michael from moving out because he was eighteen.

However, Carly didn't want to miss a moment of Josslyn's life, so she had decided not to return to work. Jax supported Carly's decision. He offered to spend the day with Carly, but first he had to take care of some things at the office. After Jax left, Carly called Marty to let him know that he had been promoted. Carly assured Marty that she was confident that he could handle his new responsibilities.

After Carly ended the call with Marty, the baby monitor seemed to act up. Carly decided to check on Josslyn when the static from the monitor blocked out all of the sounds in the nursery. Carly was stunned to discover Franco leaning over Josslyn's crib. "CO77X" was spray painted around the room.

When Jax arrived home, he called out to Carly, but she didn't respond. However, Josslyn's crying could be heard over the baby monitor. Jax raced to the nursery where he found his infant daughter in the crib. Jax grew concerned when he spotted the graffiti tags all over the nursery.

At Sonny's warehouse office, Dominic explained that Franco viewed Jason as an artist. Sonny insisted that they couldn't let Franco call the shots. Sonny confessed that he had had is doubts about Dominic in the beginning, but Dominic had proven his loyalty to Sonny. Sonny wanted Dominic to find Claudia's body before the police did. Sonny worried that the police forensics team would be able to determine who had killed Claudia.

Dominic theorized that Franco might try to move Claudia's body to a cold location, like a freezer. Sonny agreed. Michael interrupted the discussion when he barged through the door. Sonny reminded Michael to knock before entering. Michael was unapologetic, as he demanded to know what Sonny and Dominic had been discussing. Sonny made it clear that it didn't concern Michael.

After Dominic left, Michael admitted that he resented that Sonny trusted Dominic more than he trusted Michael. Michael felt that he had proven himself to Sonny by "getting rid" of Claudia. Sonny clarified that it wasn't a matter of trust; Sonny didn't want Michael involved in the mob. Moments later, Sonny's phone rang. Sonny was annoyed to learn that Jason had been arrested for Claudia's murder. Michael was equally upset; he didn't want Jason to pay for a crime that Jason had not committed.

Sonny assured Michael that Jason could handle the situation. Sonny made it clear that he didn't want Michael to confess to killing Claudia. Sonny suggested that Michael could prove that he wasn't a kid, by "manning up" and allowing things to play out. Sonny assured Michael that he would take care of everything.

Johnny woke up from a nightmare about Claudia. Olivia was at his side in an instant. Johnny revealed that, in his dream, Claudia had been begging Johnny to find her body. Olivia assured Johnny that it hadn't been Claudia calling out to him from beyond the grave. Johnny wasn't comforted by Olivia's words. He hated that Franco was using Claudia as a pawn in his sick game. Johnny resented that Claudia could not be left in peace, even in death.

Johnny was determined to find his sister's body, so that he could give her a proper burial. Olivia wondered how Johnny intended to track down Claudia's body. Johnny explained that he would follow the "calling cards" that Franco had left all over town for Jason.

Lulu went to the hospital to visit Ronnie. Ronnie thanked Lulu for saving his life. Lulu was curious how the accident had happened. Ronnie claimed that he had simply forgotten to look both ways before crossing the street. Lulu pointed out that the car that had struck Ronnie had never slowed down. Ronnie pretended to have no idea what Lulu was talking about. Lulu realized that the "subtle approach" had not worked, so she demanded to know why Franco had tried to kill him.

A short time later, Lulu bumped into Dante in the hallway. She explained that she had tried to question Ronnie about why Franco would want him dead, but Ronnie continued to claim that it had been an accident. Dante agreed that it appeared that Franco had deliberately targeted Ronnie. Dante was certain that Ronnie had intervened on Franco's behalf when Dante had arrested Franco for tagging in New York City.

Dante went to Ronnie's room to confront his friend about Franco's arrest in New York City. Dante realized that Ronnie had been covering for Franco; he demanded to know why.

At an undisclosed location, Sam woke up to find herself imprisoned in a small room surrounded by soundproof glass. Franco stood on the outside of Sam's prison, snapping pictures of her. When Sam noticed the chalk outline on the floor of her prison, she demanded to know why it was there. Franco ominously explained, "For you."

Sam tried to remain calm as Franco informed her that she was bait for Jason. However, when Franco revealed that she would be one of several people, Sam objected. She assured Franco that she was all that Franco would need in order to lure Jason. Franco didn't believe Sam. He took a few more pictures of her, turned off the sound to her room, and then flipped off the lights before leaving the warehouse. Sam stood calling out for help in her darkened cell, but her cries didn't penetrate beyond her own four walls.

Sam was unaware that a timer, wired to her prison, was slowly ticking down; Sam appeared to have only two hours and forty-nine minutes left before her time ran out.

Lucky met Jason at McCall and Jackal Private Investigation. Lucky was surprised when Jason revealed that he wanted Lucky to arrest him. Lucky was curious what Jason hoped to gain by the ruse. Jason revealed that he suspected that Franco had Sam. Jason briefly explained that Franco was obsessed with Jason. He also told Lucky about the threat that Franco had made against Carly and Josslyn.

Jason needed the element of surprise, so he wanted Lucky to arrest him for Claudia's murder. Jason hoped that the cover of an arrest would allow Jason to sneak out of the police station, so that he could catch an unsuspecting Franco. Lucky confessed that he had his own suspicions about Franco, so he agreed to go along with Jason's plan. Lucky suggested that perhaps the arrest would make Mayor Floyd's day.

Mayor Floyd arranged for a press conference at the police station. While Lucky and Mac watched, May or Floyd announced that Jason had been arrested for Claudia's murder. After the mayor answered a few questions, Lucky ushered Jason into a nearby interrogation room. As Lucky removed the handcuffs from Jason's wrists, Lucky chuckled that the mayor had "jumped the gun" by announcing the arrest. Lucky hadn't had an opportunity to formally arrest Jason.

Jason was relieved that Lucky wouldn't have to lie about the arrest. He thanked Lucky for his help and then slipped out of the police station. A short time later, Mac talked to Lucky about Jason's arrest. Lucky explained that he had released Jason because there was a lack of evidence. Mac wanted to know what was going on, but Lucky refused to elaborate beyond revealing that it had been a favor.

Mac observed that it must have been Lucky's day for favors. He handed Lucky a police file on Franco from New York City. Mac warned Lucky that he didn't want any "nasty surprises" and then walked away.

Sonny arrived at the police station a short time later. A police officer invited Sonny to wait at Lucky's desk. As Sonny sat down, he noticed Franco's file. Lucky entered the squad room just as Sonny managed to slide the file close enough so that Sonny could covertly read it.

Carly was strapped to a chair while Franco ranted about Jason's arrest. Franco suggested that all Carly had to do to help Jason was to tell the police that Michael had killed Claudia. Carly refused to consider it, which further fueled Franco's rage. Franco made it clear that he expected Carly to follow his orders. Franco's mercurial mood shifted as he happily announced that it was a good thing that Jason's fate wasn't up to her.

Carly was concerned about what Franco had planned for Michael. Franco made it clear that Michael was merely a means to an end. Carly desperately promised to help Franco in any way that she could if he promised to leave Michael alone. Carly's plea failed to have any impact on Franco, so she switched tactics. She warned Franco that Jason would find her. Franco admitted that he was counting on it.

Jason arrived at a warehouse. Armed with a gun, Jason kicked in a door. Carly managed to call out a warning that it was a trap, before Jason squeezed off a shot. Instead of hitting Franco, Jason had shot at Franco's reflection in a mirror.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

At the Port Charles police station, Lucky caught Sonny snooping through a file on Lucky's desk. Lucky reminded Sonny that it was a restricted file. Sonny smiled innocently as he claimed that the file had been open. Lucky let the lie slide, so that he could focus on the reason for Sonny's visit. Lucky assumed that Sonny wanted to see Jason. Sonny admitted that he was curious why Jason had not called anyone after the arrest; he demanded to know what was going on.

At the hospital, Dante tried to question Ronnie about Franco, but Ronnie was determined to stonewall all of Dante's questions.

Dominic arrived at the warehouse office to find Sonny waiting for him. Sonny revealed that he had seen something interesting on Lucky's desk while he had been at the police station. Sonny demanded to know why a police officer had Dominic's cell phone number. Dominic claimed that it was because Dominic was involved with Lulu, but Sonny didn't appear to believe him. Sonny was curious why Dominic had been seen at the police station on several occasions in recent weeks.

Dominic realized that Sonny's informants at the police station had told Sonny about Dominic's meetings with Lucky. Dominic explained that Lucky had questioned him a few times about Claudia's disappearance. Sonny demanded to know why Dominic had not told him about the interrogations. Dominic insisted that he hadn't told Lucky anything, so it hadn't been worth mentioning. Sonny admitted that he found it difficult to trust a man who withheld important information. Dominic managed to ease Sonny's suspicions by confiding that it had been an awkward situation because of Dominic's relationship with Lulu.

Sonny seemed to relax; he wondered if Dominic and Lulu were serious about each other. Dominic admitted that he cared for Lulu. Sonny explained that Lulu had a difficult childhood. After Laura's illness, Lulu had been sent to live with her grandmother, so her relationship with Luke had been rocky. Sonny warned Dominic that Lulu acted tough, but she was fragile. He advised Dominic to treat Lulu with care.

Jax called the police when he realized that Carly was nowhere to be found. Lucky arrived at the Jacks residence a short time later. Jax explained that the front door had been open when he had arrived home. He raced to the nursery when he heard Josslyn crying. Jax admitted that Carly tended to be forgetful at times by not closing the front door, but he was certain that something was amiss.

At Franco's studio, Jason shot off the lock and then kicked in the door. Mirrors placed strategically around the room temporarily distracted Jason enough to provide Franco with an opportunity to slip out of the studio. After Jason untied Carly, he tried to catch up with Franco. Unfortunately for Jason, Franco was long gone. Jason returned to the studio to check on Carly.

Carly was anxious to call Jax because she had been forced to leave Josslyn unattended at home. Carly was relieved when Jax assured her that Josslyn was safe and sound. Carly briefly explained that Franco had threatened to harm Josslyn if Carly didn't leave with him. She revealed that Jason had found her; she promised to explain the rest when she arrived home. After Carly ended the call with Jax, Jason questioned Carly about the abduction.

Carly revealed that Franco had intended to take her to another location, but he had changed his mind after he had heard a radio announcement about Jason's arrest. According to Carly, Franco had been furious by the turn of events, so he had decided to take Carly to the studio. Carly also revealed that Franco had pictures of Michael leaning over Claudia's body just after her death.

At the Jacks residence, Lucky decided to cancel the APB on Carly. Meanwhile Morgan and Michael arrived home. Jax immediately told them about Carly's kidnapping, but assured them that Jason had rescued Carly before she had been harmed. Michael wanted to call Sonny, but Jax objected.

A short time later, Carly and Jason entered the house. After a brief reunion, Jason explained to Lucky and Jax that Franco had targeted Carly because of her connection to Jason. Jax was livid. When Carly tried to send the boys to their rooms, Jax insisted that they stay. Jax wanted Morgan and Michael to hear how Jason had once again endangered everyone around him. Carly warned Jax that it wasn't the time to point fingers.

While Jason went to check the nursery for clues, Jax demanded that Lucky launch a full-scale manhunt for Franco. Carly reminded Jax that he had no idea how dangerous Franco was; she strongly advised Lucky and Jax against provoking Franco.

Jason appeared rattled by the sight of the "CO77X" graffiti tags spray-painted on the nursery's walls and crib. Lucky joined Jason moments later. Lucky wanted to know what had happened. Jason wondered where Lucky wanted him to begin. Lucky suggested that Jason start with what had happened after Lucky had put his badge on the line for Jason. Jason realized that he had asked a lot of Lucky.

Lucky assured Jason that he didn't mind taking risks as long as they caught a serial killer. Jason pointed out that many considered Jason a serial killer. Lucky suggested that perhaps it wasn't the time for Jason to have an attack of conscience; Lucky wanted to focus on the case. Jason suspected that Sam had been taken because Jason was expected to make a choice.

Jason explained that Franco had left a message for Jason with Ronnie. It read, "You choose." Jason realized that Franco wanted to see how Jason would react if he were forced to choose between two loved ones. Lucky observed that Franco had a perfect opportunity to hurt Josslyn, but he had not taken advantage of it. Lucky was confident that Franco wanted Jason to understand that he expected Jason to "play nice and follow the rules."

Lucky wondered whom Franco would try to abduct next. Jason admitted that Franco knew everything about Jason, including that he had been on trial for Alcazar's murder. Lucky realized that it meant that Franco was aware of Jason's relationship with Liz. Jason quickly assured Lucky that Franco would target someone more "present" in Jason's life. Lucky worried that Michael, Morgan, or possibly Jake could be in jeopardy. Jason was certain that Franco didn't know that Jake was Jason's biological son.

Frustrated, Lucky admitted that he wished that he could tie Jason to the fountain at Rice Plaza with a note taped to Jason's chest that read, "Here, take him. Return Sam and all will be forgiven. Love, the PCPD." Jason confessed that he would eagerly do it if he thought that it would work. Jason decided that their best chance of rescuing Sam was if Jason did everything Franco's way. Lucky was worried about the consequences if they were wrong. Jason responded, "Then Sam dies, but it will be because of me."

Lucky confessed that he had tried to persuade Sam not to become involved with Jason again. Lucky explained that he cared about Sam; he didn't want to see her hurt. Sam assured Lucky that she knew what she was doing; she had accepted the risk. Lucky was determined to honor her wishes by allowing Jason the opportunity to find Sam on his own. Meanwhile, Lucky decided to check on Liz in the event that Jason was wrong about what Franco knew.

Carly and Jax decided to pack up the kids and then fly to Australia until Franco was no longer a threat. Lucky and Jason agreed that it was for the best. After Lucky left, Carly hugged Jason and then told him to "kick that psycho's ass."

Later, Jax appeared almost giddy to be leaving. Carly told him that they had a problem. She explained that Franco had pictures of Michael leaning over Claudia's body. Jax's mood immediately soured. He couldn't believe that Jason hadn't realized that someone had been snapping pictures at the cabin. Carly reminded Jax that it had been an intense situation, so it was understandable why Jason hadn't realized that someone had been following him.

Jax griped that Jason could never do anything wrong in Carly's eyes. Carly didn't apologize for having faith in Jason; she insisted that Jason had saved her. Jax argued that Jason was the reason that Franco had kidnapped Carly. Carly couldn't believe that Jax blamed Jason for what Franco had done. According to Jax, Carly's defense of Jason merely proved Jax's point.

Jax and Carly shelved their argument when Morgan and Michael returned to the living room. They were talking about their trip to Australia when Sonny arrived. Sonny understood Carly and Jax's decision to leave town, but he refused to allow them to take Morgan and Michael. Carly turned to look at Michael; she realized that he had called Sonny.

Ronnie woke up to discover Jason standing over his bed with a gun aimed directly at Ronnie. Jason demanded to know what Ronnie knew of Franco, why Franco had struck Ronnie with a car, and what Franco had done with Sam.

At the hospital, Epiphany complained when she suspected that some hospital volunteers were responsible for a stack of missing folders. Liz quietly confessed that she had arrived early for work, so that she could organize the folders. Epiphany smiled brightly as she expressed her delight that the "old" Liz was back. Steve overheard the exchange. As Epiphany walked away, he congratulated his sister for earning a compliment from Epiphany.

Liz revealed that she was finally clear about what she wanted. Steve wondered if Nikolas was aware of Liz's decision. Liz noticed that Steve was glancing over her shoulder. She turned to see Nikolas approaching. Nikolas asked to speak to Steve, so Steve stepped away from the nurses' station.

Nikolas was furious because of some changes that Steve had made, which had affected the hospital's budget. Steve suspected that Nikolas' issue wasn't with how Steve ran the hospital, but with Steve knowing about Nikolas' relationship with Liz. Nikolas insisted that the relationship was none of Steve's business, but Steve disagreed. Liz was Steve's sister; he knew that Nikolas had been the reason why Liz had been miserable recently.

Nikolas insisted that his only reason for confronting Steve was hospital business. Steve didn't argue, but he refused to alter his plans to revamp the emergency room. Nikolas warned Steve that he wouldn't make any exceptions for Steve just because Steve was Liz's brother. After Steve walked away, Liz demanded to have a word with Nikolas.

Liz led Nikolas to a waiting room. Liz resented Nikolas taking his frustrations out on Steve when she was the one that Nikolas was upset with. She insisted that their affair had to end. Nikolas argued that they couldn't return to being friends. Nikolas claimed that he loved Liz and that would not change simply because she willed it. Neither Liz nor Nikolas was aware that Lucky stood on the other side of the door. Lucky was stunned by Nikolas' declaration of love.

Maxie arrived at Crimson to find Lulu hard at work. Lulu demanded to know where Maxie had been. Maxie filled Lulu in on Sam's abduction, Franco's role in Sam's disappearance, and Jason's arrest. Lulu was shocked. Her shock turned to guilt when she realized that they were partly responsible for Franco's appearance in town. Maxie revealed that Franco had been watching Jason long before Crimson had contacted Franco.

Maxie explained that Franco viewed Jason as an artist. Lulu was confident that Jason and Lucky would work together to rescue Sam. Maxie laughed at the idea of Jason relying on the police to help. Lulu explained that Lucky and Jason shared a special bond that went beyond their careers. However, Lulu decided to call Lucky to get an update on Jason's arrest. When Lulu reached Lucky's voicemail, Maxie called Mac.

Lulu and Maxie were relieved to learn that Jason had been released. Before Maxie ended the call, she wondered how long it would take for the police to obtain a search warrant; Maxie explained that the information was for an article. Mac told her that it would take a few hours at most. Maxie thanked Mac, promised to join him for Sunday dinner, and then ended the call. She dashed out the door before Lulu could question where Maxie was headed.

Maxie went to Franco's studio. She relaxed when she realized that she was there alone. Maxie began rifling through some drawers when someone entered. It was Dominic. Dominic demanded to know what Maxie was doing in Franco's studio.

Lulu was working alone at Crimson when Franco boldly walked through the lobby. He didn't mince words as he asked where Maxie was. Lulu nervously pointed out that Maxie was gone. Franco appeared momentarily annoyed, but then informed her that she "would have to do." Lulu offered to call Kate; however, Franco wasn't in the mood for any games. He snatched the phone out of Lulu's hand the moment that she reached for it. Franco physically restrained Lulu as he observed, "You're not going to be any fun, are you?"

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

At the hospital, Lucky lurked outside of the waiting room, eavesdropping as Nikolas professed his love to Liz. Nikolas insisted that his feelings would not change simply because Liz decided it had to stop. Liz suspected that she was merely a substitute for Emily. Nikolas argued that she was wrong, but Liz didn't believe him. She felt that it had been a self-destructive mistake for them to have sex, so she wanted Nikolas to understand that it was over.

Lucky was gone by the time Liz explained that she wanted to share her life with Lucky and the boys. Nikolas argued that it wouldn't change how he felt about her. He was tired of hiding his love for Liz. Liz reminded Nikolas that she stood to lose everything if he decided to follow through with his plans. Liz and Nikolas left the waiting room. As they approached the nurses' station, Lucky called out to them. Lucky didn't give any indication that he had overheard them moments before.

Liz and Nikolas appeared startled to see Lucky. Lucky studied them closely as he asked them if anything was wrong. Nikolas claimed that he and Liz had a heated argument about the changes that Steve had made. Lucky observed that Liz appeared pretty upset. Nikolas took full responsibility and apologized for involving Liz in the issue.

After Nikolas walked away, Lucky explained that Franco was targeting those close to Jason. Liz didn't quite understand what it had to do with her, since she was no longer a part of Jason's life. Lucky revealed that Franco had studied Jason's background, including his trial for Alcazar's murder. Lucky advised her to keep her eye out for anything out of the ordinary.

Later, Lucky stopped by Liz's house to see how she was doing. Liz assured Lucky that she had checked all of the windows and doors to make certain that they were locked. She had also noticed that a police cruiser had passed the house several times. Lucky admitted that there was another reason for his visit. He confessed that he had overheard Nikolas and Liz's argument.

Liz appeared shell-shocked as Lucky announced that he finally understood why Liz had been "upset."

Patrick and Robin were debating different methods of treating a patient when Lisa approached the nurses' station. Lisa agreed that the patient's best hope would be Patrick. Robin explained to Lisa that they had just been "picking each other's brains." Lisa apologized when she realized that she had interrupted a private conversation. Patrick and Robin assured Lisa that they understood that she had meant well.

Jason stood in Ronnie's room with a gun aimed at Ronnie's heart. Jason demanded to know everything that Ronnie knew about Franco. Ronnie claimed that he didn't know anything. However, Ronnie changed his mind when Jason cocked the gun. Ronnie revealed that he had known Franco during their days in New York City. Ronnie claimed that he had robbed a liquor store, but Franco had taken the fall. Ronnie had repaid Franco for the favor by bailing Franco out of jail when Franco had been arrested for tagging near a murder scene.

Jason didn't understand why Franco would want to run down Ronnie in a car. Ronnie clarified that he had never seen the driver, so Ronnie couldn't confirm that Franco had been behind the wheel of the car. Jason was frustrated by Ronnie's lack of information. He shoved the barrel of the gun up against Ronnie's chest and then warned Ronnie to stop wasting time.

Lisa entered Ronnie's hospital room, but stopped short when she took in the scene. Jason ordered Lisa to get out. Lisa responded by demanding that Jason step away from Ronnie. Jason warned Lisa that if she didn't leave, she would witness a shooting. Lisa threatened to call security as she fled. Jason realized that his time was limited, so he informed Ronnie that Franco had kidnapped someone.

Ronnie's entire demeanor changed. He readily volunteered that Franco used to store his art supplies in a shed near the "El in Brooklyn." According to Ronnie, Franco was drawn to trains because he loved the sounds and chaos they created when they sped by.

Lisa approached the nurses' station demanding that someone call security because there was a man with a gun in Mr. Dimestico's room. Robin calmly described Jason to Lisa. When Lisa confirmed that it sounded like the gunman, Robin promised to take care of it. As Robin walked away, Patrick explained that the gunman was actually Robin's ex-boyfriend.

Patrick revealed that Robin had been involved with Stone, who had died of AIDS long before there had been proper treatment for people suffering from the disease. Lisa realized that Robin must have contracted HIV from Stone. Patrick revealed that Jason had helped Robin after Stone's passing. Patrick admitted that he didn't know the details about Robin's relationship with Jason; however, Robin and Jason were close and respected each other.

Robin managed to persuade Jason to leave Ronnie's room. As they walked out, Jason explained that Franco was after the people who were close to Jason. Jason wanted Robin to be careful. After Jason left, Robin returned to the nurses' station to let Patrick and Lisa know that the crisis in Ronnie's room had been averted. Lisa was surprised; she turned to Patrick to comment that he must be "seriously impressed" with his wife.

A short time later, Robin went to thank Ronnie for not pressing charges against Jason. Ronnie appreciated Robin's intervention. He claimed that Jason had been out of control. Robin assured Ronnie that Jason was the most levelheaded person that she knew; however, he was in a very difficult situation. Patrick approached Robin as she exited Ronnie's room. Robin worried that Patrick might not appreciate her efforts on Jason's behalf. Patrick assured her that he had learned long ago not to interfere when it came to Jason.

Robin and Lisa went to Jake's after work. As they sipped beer, Lisa asked Robin about Jason. Robin claimed that Jason had saved her life in many ways. Patrick arrived moments later. He immediately noticed Robin's tears. Robin revealed that they had been talking about Jason.

Lisa offered to fetch Patrick a beer, so that Robin and Patrick could speak privately. As Lisa walked away, Robin admitted that she was in a sentimental mood. She insisted that if it weren't for Jason, Robin would not have become a doctor or have met Patrick. Patrick was a bit surprised by how much credit Robin gave Jason. Lisa returned the table with the beer and then suggested that they change the subject.

At Franco's studio, Dominic was stunned that Maxie was willing to risk her life in order to get her hands on the pictures that Franco had taken of her. Maxie was certain that if the pictures were ever leaked to the media, her career would be ruined. Dominic seemed to sense Maxie's desperation, because he agreed to help her look for the pictures. He was alarmed when he discovered schematics for a bomb instead. Maxie tried to downplay the significance of the find.

Maxie reminded Dominic that Franco was an artist. She believed that Franco did everything for show, not to cause actual harm. Dominic agreed that the theory had merit, but he also worried that Franco might be losing his grip on reality. According to Dominic, that made Franco very dangerous.

Jason arrived at the penthouse to find Spinelli busy working. Dominic showed up moments later to announce that Franco had built a bomb. Jason quickly recovered from the shock and then ordered Spinelli to search for recent purchases of items that Franco needed to build the bomb in the schematics that Dominic had found.

Meanwhile, Jason questioned Dominic about what had happened at Franco's studio. Spinelli became concerned when Dominic mentioned that Maxie had been at the studio when Dominic had arrived. Spinelli's first instinct was to check on Maxie, but Jason needed Spinelli to focus on finding Sam. Spinelli was grateful when Jason decided to send Dominic to check on Maxie. Shortly after Dominic left, Spinelli discovered that someone had rented a "workspace" near a train yard under the name of "J. Depp."

Jason raced to the rental space. He was disappointed when he discovered that neither Franco nor Sam was anywhere in sight.

At the Jacks residence, Sonny made it clear that he did not want Carly and Jax to take Michael and Morgan out of the country. Sonny assured Carly that he was perfectly capable of protecting his sons from harm. Carly told Sonny about her abduction. Jax added that he had found Josslyn alone in the house when he had arrived home. Sonny was relieved that Jason had found Carly in time, but he suggested that Franco would not have been able to get close to Carly if she had not dismissed Sonny's bodyguards.

Sonny turned to Michael to ask him to help Morgan to pack. Michael objected to Morgan remaining in Port Charles while Franco was on the loose. However, Michael wanted to stay in order to help Sonny and Jason. Sonny insisted that Michael and Morgan pack while Sonny and Carly worked things out.

As Michael and Morgan went to their rooms, Jax griped that he didn't appreciate Sonny ordering Michael and Morgan around under Jax's roof. Sonny suggested that Jax stop showing how much he hated Sonny in front of the boys. According to Sonny, it was causing problems for Michael. Carly reminded both men that they had more important matters to discuss. Carly explained that it was important for her to get Michael out of the country, because Franco had pictures of Michael leaning over Claudia's body. Sonny wondered if Carly had actually seen the pictures.

Carly admitted that she had not seen the incriminating photos. However, she didn't want to take the chance that they existed. Jax agreed with Carly that it was imperative that Michael leave the country before Michael was arrested for Claudia's murder. Sonny didn't agree; he felt that it wasn't a good time for Michael to leave familiar surroundings. Sonny assured Carly that he could keep Michael and Morgan safe.

Jax vehemently objected. Sonny resented Jax's attitude; he asked Carly if she thought it was good for the kids to constantly hear Jax trashing their father. Sonny reminded her that he had grown up with a stepfather who had always berated him. Sonny understood the damage that could do to a child. Jax accused Sonny of being narcissistic. Jax insisted that he had accused Sonny of being "no good," not the boys.

Sonny realized that he couldn't stop Carly from taking the boys, but he wanted her to respect his instincts. Sonny promised that he could keep the boys safe. After Sonny left, Jax informed Carly that he refused to put Michael and Morgan in danger in order to feed Sonny's ego. Jax accused Sonny of ignoring the danger that Franco presented and not recognizing how vulnerable Michael was.

Carly explained that she owed it to Sonny to consider his request because Sonny was Michael and Morgan's father. Carly reminded Jax that Michael and Morgan loved Sonny. When she and Jax insulted Sonny in front of the boys, it affected them. Jax suggested that they shelve that discussion until after the danger had passed. Jax believed that they needed to focus on protecting their family.

Jax switched tactics by suggesting that with Michael, Morgan, Josslyn, and Carly in hiding, Franco would have four less people to use against Jason. Carly realized that Jax was trying to manipulate her; however, she agreed that her children would be safer out of Franco's reach. Jax breathed a sigh of relief when Carly assured Jax that she would go along with his plans.

At Pozzulo's, Max was eating a clam and pasta dish while Milo watched in disgust. The brothers' attention was drawn outside when they discovered Franco spray-painting graffiti on the restaurant's window. Max and Milo sprang into action. Several minutes later, they dragged Franco into Sonny's office. Sonny pulled a gun out of his desk and then approached Franco. Franco appeared amused rather than intimidated.

Sonny made it clear that he didn't appreciate Franco threatening Michael. Franco didn't respond, prompting Max to accuse the artist of being crazy. Sonny wondered if Franco was truly crazy and if that was what made him such a great artist. It was clear by his tone that Sonny didn't think that Franco was great or an artist. Franco shrugged indifferently as he admitted that he had a "gift." Sonny was curious if Franco's "gift" was worth dying for.

Maxie entered Crimson to find Olivia on the phone trying to calm down Kate. After Olivia ended the call, she revealed that Lulu had disappeared without a word. All the phone calls had gone to voicemail, prompting Kate to call Olivia to find out what was going on. Maxie was annoyed that Lulu had bailed on her without a word. Olivia wondered where Maxie had been.

Maxie explained that she had gone to Franco's studio to persuade him to do the photo shoot for Crimson. Olivia couldn't believe that Maxie would put her life on the line for a photo shoot. Olivia warned Maxie to stay away from Franco, because Franco was a complete "whack job." Shortly after Olivia left, Dominic entered Crimson. Maxie was on the phone as Dominic approached her. When he made his presence known, Maxie tried to shoo him away; she claimed that she was busy working.

Dominic grew concerned when Maxie complained that Lulu had dropped out of sight and was not answering her cell phone. Dominic was curious if Maxie thought that it was strange for Lulu to behave like that. Maxie realized that Dominic had a point.

In an undisclosed location, Lulu was strapped to a chair that had a bomb attached underneath it.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Liz was devastated when Lucky revealed that he had overheard her argument with Nikolas at the hospital. Liz tearfully tried to explain herself, but Lucky cut her off. He couldn't believe that his own brother had betrayed him. Lucky admitted that he had been so sickened by Nikolas' declaration of love that he had walked away after he had heard it. Liz realized that Lucky didn't know about the affair.

Lucky was curious how long Nikolas had been in love with Liz. Liz admitted that it had been a while. Lucky wondered why she hadn't told him. It dawned on Lucky that she might return Nikolas' feelings. Liz assured Lucky that she wasn't in love with Nikolas. According to Liz, she remained silent because she didn't want to cause a rift between the brothers.

Liz insisted that what Nikolas felt for her wasn't real. She believed that Nikolas was still grieving for Emily, and Liz was merely a convenient substitute. Lucky didn't buy the excuse. He reminded Liz that Emily had been dead for two years. Liz empathized with Nikolas' situation, because she had turned to Jason after she was told that Lucky had perished in a fire.

Lucky didn't see the similarities; Jason wasn't Lucky's brother. Lucky realized that Luke must have picked up on Nikolas' feelings for Liz, which had prompted Luke to urge Lucky to reconsider marriage to her. Lucky also assumed that Nikolas was the reason that Liz had been an emotional wreck for weeks. Liz insisted that she wanted to spend her life with Lucky. She begged Lucky not to confront Nikolas.

Lucky couldn't make any promises; he needed to time to wrap his mind around the idea that Nikolas was in love with her. However, he realized that it could be worse. Lucky was grateful that Liz wasn't in love with Nikolas. Liz appeared stricken, but Lucky didn't notice her reaction because his phone rang. It was Dante demanding to see Lucky about Lulu.

Liz went to Wyndemere to talk to Nikolas. Nikolas wasn't in the mood; he claimed that he still had tire tracks on his back from their last conversation. Liz ignored the comment as she revealed that Lucky had overheard their argument at the hospital. Nikolas was relieved. Liz was stunned by his reaction.

Nikolas thought it was for the best, because it meant an end to their charade. Liz quickly clarified that Lucky had only heard Nikolas claiming to be "infatuated" with her. Nikolas resented how Liz continued to downplay his feelings for her. He reminded her that he loved her and that she loved him. Liz made it clear that she intended to stay with Lucky even if it meant lying for the rest of her life. Nikolas invited Liz to continue to deny how they felt for each other, but he warned her it wouldn't change anything.

At Jake's, Lisa, Robin, and Patrick played a game of pool and drank beer. As they took turns shooting billiards, Lisa talked about Patrick's days racing cars. She wondered if Robin enjoyed watching Patrick drive. Robin admitted that Patrick's fast driving frightened her. Lisa was stunned when Patrick confessed that he had traded in his fast cars for a mini van.

While Patrick went to fetch another round of beer, Robin thanked Lisa for cleverly steering the conversation away from Jason to racing. Lisa confided that she understood that talking about exes could be tricky. As soon as Patrick returned, Robin received a page from the hospital. Robin apologized for cutting their evening short and then left. While Lisa and Patrick resumed sipping their beers, Lisa admitted that Port Charles had held many surprises.

Lisa couldn't believe that Jason, the "hot blond mob enforcer" had turned out to be the wild man in Robin's life instead of Patrick. Lisa confessed that, compared to the mobster, Patrick seemed tame. She laughingly admitted that she was happy that she and Patrick had ended their relationship when they had. Patrick was a bit surprised by the confession. Lisa clarified that "all those wonderful memories of wild man Drake" would never be spoiled for her.

Sonny ordered Max and Milo to clear out the building and to ignore any noises that they might hear emanating from Sonny's office. Sonny let Franco think that he had made the request so that there wouldn't be any witnesses when Sonny killed Franco. Franco wasn't intimidated; instead, he wondered if he could try his hand at mob speak. Sonny shrugged his shoulders as he responded, "Be my guest." Franco assumed a threatening tone and then demanded that Sonny pass along a message to Jason. Franco wanted Jason to meet at a place of Franco's choosing, unarmed, no cell phone, and without any backup.

Sonny was curious if Franco intended to turn over the pictures of Michael to the police if Jason didn't cooperate. Franco made it clear that Michael was merely a means to get Sonny's attention. Sonny demanded to know about Sam, but Franco refused to tell him where she was. Sonny didn't appreciate Franco's attempt to provoke him. Sonny confessed that he was ready to kick Franco's "psychotic ass." Franco welcomed Sonny to try. Sonny didn't take the bait.

As Sonny set the gun on his desk, Franco took a seat near the door. Sonny admitted that everyone was wrong about Franco. According to Sonny, Franco was just a groupie who had a crush on a "rock star hit man." Sonny believed that Franco wanted to punish Jason for hurting Franco's feelings. Franco claimed that he didn't care, but Sonny didn't buy it. Sonny was certain that Franco was desperate to feel needed. Sonny's analysis appeared to rattle Franco.

Franco stood and then walked to the door. He reminded Sonny to give Jason the message if Franco made it out of Sonny's office alive. Franco stood in the doorway with his back to Sonny, and providing Sonny with ample opportunity to shoot him. After several tense moments, Franco appeared to relax and then walked away.

At Crimson, Dominic suspected that Franco had intended to snatch Maxie rather than Lulu. Dominic was certain that Franco wanted to force Jason to choose between Sam and Spinelli. Dominic theorized that Franco intended for Jason to feel torn between sparing Spinelli the pain of losing Maxie and saving Sam. Maxie feared what Franco had in store for Lulu.

After Dominic left, Spinelli arrived at Crimson to check on Maxie. Maxie was filled with remorse because Lulu had been taken instead of her. Spinelli didn't want Maxie to blame herself. He insisted that Franco had made his plans long before Franco arrived in Port Charles. Maxie feared that she might lose Lulu the way that she had lost her sister, Georgie.

Dominic met Jason at Franco's workshop to discuss the possibility that Franco might have abducted Lulu. Jason wasn't happy with the turn of events. Jason's mood didn't improve when Sonny called to let him know that Sonny had met with Jason's "creepy friend."

Later, Lucky arrived at Franco's workshop to talk to Dante. Dante quickly updated Lucky about Lulu's disappearance and Franco's plans. As they talked, Dante showed Lucky all of Franco's "goodies" in the workshop. Dante insisted that they needed to keep Franco in town and interested in Jason if they had any hope of rescuing Sam and Lulu.

At an undisclosed location, Lulu tried to free herself from the chair that she was strapped to. When Franco entered, she immediately ceased her struggles. She demanded to know what Franco wanted from her. Franco thought that his desires were pretty clear; he expected Jason to choose. Franco assured Lulu that she had a 50/50 chance of being rescued. Her survival depended on Jason making the wrong choice. Lulu assured Franco that Jason would never choose incorrectly, so it was up to her to rescue herself.

Lulu suddenly lifted her arm to show Franco that she had freed herself. She quickly leaned down to pick up a wire that was attached to the bomb under her chair. Lulu told Franco, "See you in hell," but before she could follow through on the threat, Franco leaned down to grab her hand. He responded, "Have a nice trip" and then jerked her hand above her head.

Sonny was waiting when Jason entered the office. Sonny was stunned when Jason revealed that Franco had taken Lulu. Sonny relayed Franco's message to Jason; however, he didn't want Jason to follow Franco's instructions. Sonny decided that Jason should meet Franco heavily armed and with backup. Jason argued that it would be a huge mistake to ignore Franco's demands. As Jason and Sonny argued, a loud explosion boomed nearby.

Later, Max and Milo informed Jason and Sonny that the explosion had occurred in an empty warehouse. Sonny was certain that Franco was behind the stunt. Sonny was tired of dealing with Franco. He argued that every time Jason played Franco's games, it was another victory for Franco. Sonny wanted Jason to take Max and Milo to check out the bombed warehouse. Jason insisted that it had been a diversion; he was certain that Franco wouldn't be there.

At the Jacks residence, Carly was furious when Michael complained that it was Jason's fault that they were forced to leave town. Carly accused Michael of being ungrateful. She told him that Franco had been following Jason on the night that Claudia had died. Franco had taken pictures of Michael standing over Claudia's body. Carly reminded Michael that Franco was the same person who had sneaked into Josslyn's nursery and then kidnapped Carly. Carly insisted that Jason was doing his best to protect Michael.

Michael seemed unmoved. He reminded his mother that he was 18 years old; Michael assured her that no one was obligated to take care of him anymore. Carly made it clear that they protected Michael out of love, not obligation. When Carly mentioned Michael's coma, Michael told her that he had woken up from the coma as a killer. Carly argued that he was wrong, but Michael pointed to Claudia as proof.

Carly was shocked by how Michael had rewritten what had happened to Claudia as some kind of rite of passage into Sonny's life. Carly wasn't blind to Michael's struggle with what had happened to Claudia. She implored him not to carry the burden alone. Carly was scared for Michael, but Michael didn't want to dump his demons on his mother. Carly reminded Michael that she often turned to Jason when she was trouble; it didn't mean that she was weak.

Michael confessed that he couldn't sleep. When he closed his eyes, he had nightmares about seeing the axe handle and Claudia's face as she dropped to the floor, dead. The worst part for him was the blood. As Michael's eyes welled up with tears, he explained that he had just tried to stop Claudia from taking Josslyn. He hadn't meant to kill Claudia. Carly held Michael tightly as he wept.

Later, Sonny arrived at the Jacks residence. Carly told Sonny that she had good news; Michael had a breakthrough. At the same moment, Michael sat in Sonny's office. Michael stared at Lucky's phone number, took a deep breath, and then picked up the cell phone.

In the car, Jason was on the phone with Diane. He wanted Diane to meet him at the warehouse that had been bombed earlier that evening. He told her that the warehouse was located at "First and Met." A poor connection forced Jason to repeat the address several times. As he did, Jason appeared to realize it was actually a clue. He quickly ended the call and then turned the car around.

A short time later, Jason entered Franco's studio. Two cameramen were waiting. As they filmed Jason, Franco congratulated Jason on figuring out the clue: where we first met. Jason demanded to know why the cameramen were in the studio. Franco explained that they were there to "film art." Jason warned Franco that their presence wouldn't stop him from killing Franco.

Franco believed him; however, he was confident that Jason wouldn't make a move against him until Franco revealed where Sam and Lulu were. Franco was curious if Jason had followed his instructions. Jason assured Franco that he had, but Franco didn't believe Jason. Franco insisted on searching Jason with a metal detector wand.

Friday, January 8, 2010

At Franco's workshop, Lucky and Dante discussed how they should proceed with the search for Lulu. Lucky realized that they needed to be objective. Dante agreed that they had to think like cops. They couldn't allow their personal feelings to guide them. With a fresh perspective, they looked around the workshop. Dante found a piece of chalk, which initially seemed out of place amongst all the material that Franco had used to build the bombs. Dante suspected that Franco might recreate the crime scenes instead of just the "death poses."

Lucky realized that Dante was onto something. They decided to head to the police station to review the file of the man who had been murdered near the scene of Franco's arrest for tagging. Lucky warned Dante that it could compromise Dante's undercover assignment. Dante didn't care; his priority was to find Lulu. Lucky admitted that it was the answer that he had hoped for.

At the police station, Lucky and Dante sequestered themselves in a computer room, so that they could review the file of the murder in Tribeca. As they studied the file and pictures, Lucky and Dante settled on two possible locations where Franco might have stashed Lulu. Lucky sent a cruiser to a warehouse near a bridge while he checked out a building in another part of town. Dante remained behind searching for other possible clues. A short time later, Jason called with an address.

Sonny entered his office to find Michael sitting behind the desk. Sonny announced that he had decided that it would be wise for Michael to leave town until Franco had been dealt with. Sonny sensed that Michael wasn't really listening. He was curious why Michael was at the office. Michael revealed that he had been tempted to call Lucky, so that he could confess to killing Claudia. Sonny was stunned; it seemed to reinforce his determination to send Michael out of town.

Sonny promised Michael that they would work through what Michael was struggling with, but he implored Michael to respect his wishes about leaving town. Sonny explained that if Michael confessed then it would be out of Sonny's hands. Michael was curious if Sonny believed that Claudia had deserved to die. Sonny led Michael to a chair, so that they could sit down to discuss what had happened.

Sonny insisted that Michael had acted heroically when he had saved Josslyn from being kidnapped. Michael confided that he felt sick to his stomach every time he thought about what had happened in the cabin. Michael explained that he had never intended to kill Claudia. Michael couldn't stop wondering if Claudia had died instantly or if she had known that he had killed her. Michael was haunted by the memory of touching her body afterwards; she had been warm.

Michael wondered if things might have turned out differently if he had hesitated a few seconds. Sonny pointed out that Michael couldn't have known that Jason was just moments away. Sonny claimed that if anyone was to blame, it was Sonny. Sonny had invited Claudia into their lives and then set all of the events into motion when he had publicly confronted Claudia.

Michael pointed out that if Sonny were responsible then so was Michael. Sonny strongly disagreed. Michael once again suggested going to the police, but Sonny argued that Michael would never be treated fairly because of who Sonny was. Sonny refused to allow Claudia to continue ruining Michael's life. According to Sonny, Michael shouldn't have to carry around the stigma of having killed someone.

Later, Alexis arrived at Sonny's office. Sonny explained that he had asked to see her, so that he could let her know that Sam was missing. Alexis had no idea what Sonny was talking about. Sonny explained that Franco had kidnapped Sam and Lulu. Alexis realized that Sonny was serious when he told her that the situation was "bad." Sonny wanted to know where Kristina was. Moments later, his question was answered when Kristina entered the office.

Kristina had hoped to spend some time with her father. Her spirits plummeted when Sonny and Alexis explained that Sam had been kidnapped. Kristina angrily demanded to know whom Sonny had "pissed off." Alexis tried to remind Kristina that she didn't have all of the facts, so it was unfair to blame Sonny. Kristina ignored her mother. Kristina bitterly accused Sonny of being responsible for Sam's predicament. According to Kristina, Sam wouldn't have been abducted if Jason hadn't worked for Sonny.

Sonny suggested that Kristina had to be strong for her mother. He promised Kristina and Alexis that he would do his best to find Sam. However, they were dealing with a "madman" who would only talk to Jason. Sonny assured Kristina that Sam wasn't in the same situation as Kristina, Michael, and Morgan had been in when Faith Roscoe had kidnapped them. Sonny was certain that Sam would find a way to escape.

Alexis decided to check on Molly. As Alexis and Kristina left, Sonny promised to call Alexis with an update.

At the hospital, Robin explained to Steve that she'd had a few beers with Patrick and Lisa at Jake's. Steve explained that he had called her because he had heard a rumor about Lisa fleeing a patient's room and demanding for someone to call security. According to the rumor mill, Patrick and Robin had intervened. Steve had been told that Robin had gone to the patient's room instead of calling security. Shortly afterwards, Robin had been seen exiting a room with a man who fit Jason's description.

Robin confirmed Steve's suspicions. He explained that he couldn't have a gunman running around the hospital, causing problems, even if that man was Edward Quartermaine's grandson. Robin was confident that there wouldn't be a repeat of the incident. Steve smiled; he hoped Robin was correct. Steve decided to take the opportunity to talk to Robin about Patrick.

Steve recognized that Patrick was a brilliant surgeon, but he wanted to understand why Patrick seemed so volatile. Robin promised that Patrick wasn't always "a jerk with authority issues." She was certain that Patrick didn't mean to be rude to a patient's brother a few weeks earlier. Robin realized that Patrick's bedside manner wasn't his strong suit.

Steve acknowledged that Patrick could write his own ticket to any hospital, but he was curious why Patrick had chosen General Hospital. Robin revealed that she had asked Patrick to consult on Jason Morgan's case. Steve recalled reading about Patrick's groundbreaking surgery in several medical journals.

Robin explained that after Jason's operation, Patrick had stayed because his father, Dr. Noah Drake, was a surgeon at the hospital. Patrick and Noah had a rocky relationship; as a result, Patrick felt as if he had to prove something to the world. Patrick had also been driven to redeem his family's name. As Robin continued talking about Patrick and her life with him, she realized that she had shared a bit too much personal information with Steve.

Steve assured Robin that he could see how much she loved Patrick. Robin wanted Steve to understand that she and Patrick had a lot of adjustments to make in their lives. According to Robin, "Even when it seems like a fairytale, it's not." Steve appreciated Robin's insight. Robin noted how laid-back Steve seemed; she suspected it was one of the things that threw Patrick for a loop. As Steve walked her out, Robin wondered if Steve had found a place to live. Steve revealed that he was living at a place on Bristol that rented month to month.

At the studio, Jason demanded to know where Sam was. Franco showed Jason a picture that Franco has snapped of Sam in her prison. Jason studied the photo, but couldn't find a clue that might indicate where she was. Jason pointed out that the picture could get Franco arrested. Franco didn't seem concerned; he suggested that Jason hold it up, so that the cameramen could get a good shot of it. Jason asked if Franco might be worried that his video would land in police hands. Franco insisted that it merely depicted "performance art."

Jason's patience wore thin; he reminded the cameramen that they could be charged as accessories if anything happened to Sam and Lulu. Franco added, "If he didn't kill you first." Neither cameraman seemed too concerned about any possible criminal charges. They continued recording as Franco warned Jason that Sam was running out of time. Franco showed Jason the timer in the photo and then pointed out that it had been taken several hours before.

Jason was livid. When one of the cameramen moved in for a closeup of Jason, Jason grabbed the camera and then threw it across the room. Franco quietly dismissed the men. After they cleared out of the studio, Franco turned to Jason and said, "Alone at last." Jason demanded to know what Franco wanted from him. Franco explained that he was eager to know what went through Jason's mind when Sonny gave Jason an order to kill.

Jason started talking about the hits where his enemy had made the first move. Franco wasn't interested in hearing about self-defense. Franco was more curious about those times when the person didn't know death was imminent. Jason was reluctant to discuss it until Franco reminded him that both women's lives depended on it. Resigned, Jason confessed that killing was the first thing that he had ever been good at.

Jason revealed that he had suffered brain damage following a car accident. Sonny had been the first person to accept Jason for whom he was, not who he used to be. When Sonny's wife had died, Sonny had been determined to take out the world, so he had placed a gun in Jason's hand. For the first time, Jason had felt needed. With a gun, Jason never felt broken. Jason confessed that he never thought when he killed. To Jason it was a job; he simply reacted. Jason insisted that he and Franco were nothing alike.

Franco agreed; it disgusted Franco that Jason didn't honor his "gift." Franco scoffed that it would have been better if Jason had died in the crash. Franco accused Jason of being unworthy of what Franco had planned for him. Franco had wanted someone who would have understood and known what it felt like to have a "gift" like theirs. Franco believed that he and Jason were like gods, who could take and spare lives at a whim. However, unlike Jason, Franco had no desire to be human.

Jason accused Franco of being an animal. Franco decided that Jason was undeserving of a choice. Franco opted to leave Jason with a "mirror." Jason reached the end of his tether; he attacked Franco. Jason reminded Franco that he could snap Franco's neck if he chose. When Jason let go, Franco laughed victoriously. Jason had proven to Franco that they were alike.

Franco revealed that Lulu and Sam were on opposite ends, exactly two miles from the studio. Sam was in a warehouse at "2nd and Powell," while Lulu was in a warehouse at "234 Bristol." Franco warned Jason that both bombs were set to go off in eight minutes, so Jason could only save one of them. As Jason turned to leave, Franco acknowledged that Jason would hunt him down once it was over.

Franco recorded a message. He admitted that he had always known that he was different. Franco had never felt anything. He couldn't understand why people laughed or cried, but he had learned to mimic them. At the age of 18, Franco had gone to jail for a crime that he didn't commit. In jail, he had met men who had talked of death. It had made Franco curious, so Franco had decided to kill someone after he had been released from prison.

Franco had killed his first victim in Tribeca. Franco confessed that he hadn't felt a "damn thing" as he watched the man die. That was when Franco had decided to turn murder into art. He hadn't stopped creating art since.

As soon as Jason climbed into his car, he reached for his cell phone. As he started the engine, Jason called Dominic. He told Dominic where Lulu was and then ordered him to hurry because Dominic only had six minutes left.

Lulu sat strapped to a chair, screaming for someone to help her. As her pleas went unanswered, Lulu became distraught. She realized that she had mere seconds left to live.

Sam desperately tried to find a way out of her prison, but was unsuccessful. As she paced around the glass enclosure, she noticed the timer to the bomb. Sam renewed her efforts to escape. As the clock ticked down, Jason arrived. There were eleven seconds left.

This episode featured the song, "Mad World," by Adam Lambert

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