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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 1, 2010 on GH
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Monday, March 1, 2010

Across the street from the courthouse, Jason and Sam took their places as they prepared to put their plan into action, in the event that Sonny's arraignment didn't go Sonny's way.

Lucky was driving in his car while talking to someone at the police station. Lucky advised the person on the phone that a possible crime was in progress. A short time later, Lucky pulled up behind Jason's SUV. Jason sat in the SUV as Lucky approached the driver's side window. Lucky asked for Jason's driver's license and registration. After Jason reluctantly handed the requested items to Lucky, Lucky conversationally remarked that Sonny's bail might be revoked. Lucky wondered if Jason intended to "break Sonny out."

Jason refused to comment. Jason stepped out of the vehicle while Lucky made himself comfortable leaning on the back bumper of Jason's SUV. Lucky admitted that he had been relieved when he had realized that Jason might be planning on helping Sonny to escape. Lucky explained that it had given Lucky an excuse not to see Liz at Shadybrook. Lucky confessed that he was trying to wrap his mind around the fact that Liz was pregnant.

Lucky was certain that Nikolas was the father of the baby. Jason wished that he could offer some words of advice, but Jason suspected that it was best for him to stay out of it. Lucky assured Jason that regardless who the father of Liz's baby was, Jake and Cameron would always be Lucky's sons. Jason appeared distracted as he kept looking at the courthouse. Lucky continued talking about Jake and Cameron.

Lucky wanted to give Jake and Cam consistency. Lucky talked about what a wonderful child Jake was. Lucky insisted that Jake had been a joy since birth. Jason wondered what was next for Lucky. Lucky didn't know, but he promised that he would do whatever was right for the boys and Liz. Jason advised Lucky to be truthful. Sam approached Jason moments later.

Sam spotted Lucky, so she pretended that her meeting with Jason had been planned. Lucky didn't believe Sam, but she stubbornly stuck to her story and then revealed that the judge had rendered a verdict about Sonny's bail.

In the courtroom, Judge Carroll was about to announce his decision when Carly suddenly burst into the courtroom. Carly loudly objected and then declared that the case against Sonny wasn't about justice; it was about Jax trying to seek revenge against Carly's ex-husband. Carly insisted that she had "vital information" to the case. Alexis objected to Carly's interruption. Judge Carroll decided that he wanted to hear what Carly had to say.

Carly explained that Jax was a wealthy and powerful man. Carly insisted that many people were eager to impress Jax, including the new federal prosecutor. Judge Carroll was curious if Carly was suggesting that Jax had falsified evidence. Carly quickly assured the judge that Jax had not. Claire objected to Carly's unconventional testimony. Judge Carroll agreed that Carly's statement didn't have any bearing on the proceedings.

Judge Carroll ordered Carly to take a seat and then he offered Sonny an opportunity to speak. Sonny insisted that he wasn't a flight risk because his life wasn't about "money and buying things." Sonny claimed that his children meant everything to him. Sonny's children made Sonny's life worth living. Sonny insisted that he would never leave his children behind.

Sonny talked about Kristina. Sonny admitted that they had some problems that Sonny hoped to work on. Sonny also wanted an opportunity to get to know Dante. Sonny was desperate to clear his name, so that he could spend time with all of his children.

After Sonny sat down, Judge Carroll made it clear that he would not put up with Carly's "courtroom theatrics" or Alexis and Diane's personal issues. Judge Carroll warned Alexis and Diane that if they didn't work things out before the trial, one of them would be removed as Sonny's counsel. Judge Carroll commended Claire for making a valiant argument to revoke bail, but he insisted that Sonny had not given them any indication that he would leave the country, so Judge Carroll decided not to revoke Sonny's bail.

As the judge left the courtroom, Carly approached Sonny. She promised him that everything would be okay. Claire walked up to Alexis and Diane to inform them that their antics had been quite enlightening. After Claire left the courtroom, Alexis and Diane agreed that they had their work cut out for them; neither of them intended to underestimate Claire.

Jax made it clear that he wasn't happy with Carly. He didn't believe for a moment that Carly's behavior had anything to do with concern about ethical conduct.

Nearby, Lulu wondered how Dante felt about Judge Carroll's decision. Dante was confident that Sonny would be convicted soon enough. As Lulu stepped away to take a call from Kate, Sonny approached Dante to thank him. Sonny assured Dante that he had meant every word of what he had told the judge. Dante advised Sonny to give up on his dream of getting to know Dante; Sonny would be going to jail. Sonny hoped that Dante was wrong.

In the hallway, Carly wondered how Sonny's chat with Dante had gone. Sonny didn't think that he would make any progress with Dante until after the trial. Claire approached Sonny moments later. Claire advised Sonny to enjoy his freedom while he could. Sonny shot back, "You want me? Come get me." Claire smiled as she answered, "Just remember, you asked for it." Claire then turned her attention to Carly to let Carly know that she looked forward to questioning Carly on the witness stand.

Carly insisted that Sonny was "innocent." Claire informed Carly that Sonny hadn't been innocent since the day that Sonny had gone to work for Joe Scully. Carly tried to follow Claire after Claire had walked away, but Sonny held Carly back. Diane walked up to find out what Claire had said. Sonny suggested that Claire believed that busting him would make Claire's career. Diane warned Sonny that Claire could be right, so Diane suggested that they strategize.

Claire insisted on having a moment of Dante's time. Lulu explained that Dante was recovering for a gunshot wound. Dante assured Lulu that he was fine. Lulu seemed annoyed with Claire, but she respected Dante's wishes. After Lulu walked away, Claire invited Dante into the courtroom. Claire wanted to put Dante on the stand to determine whether or not she could trust Dante.

Dante agreed to play along with Claire. She immediately began asking Dante questions about the shooting. Dante stuck to his story that the shooting had been self-inflicted and accidental. Claire then began questioning Dante about his relationship with Sonny. Dante didn't think that it had any bearing on the case. Claire explained that she needed to know how far Dante would go to save "daddy."

Lulu bumped into Jax as she left the courthouse. Lulu expressed her disappointment over Judge Carroll's decision. Jax insisted that Sonny was a threat to Jax's family. Jax didn't think that anyone would be safe until Sonny was locked up behind bars.

Sonny, Carly, and Diane arrived at Greystone Manor. Carly was upbeat; she believed that things had gone well in court, in part because they had a fair judge. Diane informed Carly that the court proceedings had been a complete disaster. Carly's stunt had annoyed the judge and cost Carly her credibility. Carly had shown herself to be biased toward Sonny. Diane believed that Sonny's freedom hinged on one thing.

After Diane left, Carly and Sonny discussed the day's events. Carly seemed proud of her conduct in court. She understood that Sonny's fate rested in her ability to tell a compelling lie. Carly promised that she would do whatever was necessary to help Sonny. Jax stormed in moments later. Jax suggested that if Sonny truly cared about Michael and Morgan then Sonny would never ask their mother to commit perjury. Carly glared at Jax with annoyance.

On the piers, Ethan and Johnny huddled behind some crates as Sonny's men fired shots at them. Johnny wanted Ethan to create a diversion, so that Johnny could carry out his plan. Ethan refused to put himself in the line of fire, so Johnny decided to shoot at one of the crates. As glass rained down upon them, Johnny and Ethan managed to escape.

Later, Jason stood on the pier where the shootout had taken place. Jason was on the phone with Bernie. Jason suggested that the men who had tried to steal the shipment were either lousy shots or they had never intended to hit any of the Corinthos men. Jason assured Bernie that everything had been accounted for except one thing.

Lucky went to the Haunted Star at Luke's request. Luke explained that he needed Lucky's help. Luke's cigar connection, Carlos, had been arrested. Luke explained that Carlos' cigars were special because they had been "rolled on the tender thighs of mountain virgins." Luke was desperate to help Carlos; he wondered if Lucky could "fix it," so that the charges against Carlos disappeared. Lucky was stunned by the request. "Are you serious?" Lucky asked. "Yes," Luke answered.

Lucky refused to make the charges go away, but he did offer to check to see if there was a loophole or another way around the charges. Luke appreciated any help that Lucky could provide. Lucky then changed the subject; he revealed that he intended to tell Liz the truth. Luke supported Lucky's decision.

Later, Luke was standing behind the bar when Ethan and Johnny entered the casino. Luke realized that Ethan hadn't been up to any good. Ethan handed a box of cigars to Luke. Luke confessed that they weren't his brand, but he had heard good things about the cigars. Luke decided to retire to his office. After Luke left, Johnny made another attempt to enlist Ethan's help. Ethan wondered what exactly Johnny hoped to achieve. Johnny refused to settle for anything less than the total destruction of Sonny.

Johnny had learned through one of his sources that Sonny was expecting another shipment. Johnny hoped to intercept it while Ethan provided a distraction. Ethan didn't relish the idea of being a walking target for Sonny's men. Johnny was surprised; he thought Ethan was a "risktaker." Ethan was curious what his share would be. Johnny refused to say until Ethan agreed to help Johnny.

Jason entered the Haunted Star a few minutes later. Jason explained that there had been another attempt to steal a shipment from Sonny; however, the only thing that had been taken had been a box of cigars.

At Jake's, Patrick clarified that he wasn't miserable with Robin. Lisa reluctantly conceded that Patrick and Robin were obviously a happy couple. Patrick agreed, but he admitted that there was a barrier between Robin's life with him and Robin's past. Lisa suggested that they all had a past. She then took the opportunity to remind Patrick about a time that Patrick had accidentally locked himself out of their hotel room while he'd been naked. Patrick and Lisa laughed as they reminisced about the incident.

Lisa ordered a pitcher of beer and then invited Patrick and Coleman to play darts with her. As they threw darts, Lisa continued to focus on her past history with Patrick. Later, Coleman declared Patrick the winner of the dart game. Lisa jokingly claimed that she had lost because the light had been in her eyes, she had been overworked, and her bra had been too tight. Patrick laughed as Lisa demanded a rematch. Lisa tempted Patrick by suggesting that the loser had to do an "up and over."

Coleman was curious what an "up and over" was. Lisa promised that Coleman would see once she beat Patrick. As Patrick joined her for another game of darts, Lisa noted that they were well matched because of their competitive streak. Patrick suggested that they had been perfect for each other in college because neither of them had been interested in falling in love. The remark appeared to bother Lisa, but she quickly covered it.

Later, Robin entered Jake's in time to see Lisa slowly bend over backwards on the bar while the crowd chanted "up and over." Patrick stood by Lisa's head as he emptied a shot glass filled with alcohol into Lisa's open mouth.

At Shadybrook, Nikolas surprised Liz with a visit from her sons. Liz happily greeted Jake and Cam. After she hugged her boys, Liz told them about the baby. Cam wondered if that was the reason why Liz was in the hospital. Liz assured Cam that she wasn't sick; she explained that she was tired and needed to rest. Liz promised her boys that they could visit her often and that she would talk to them every day on the phone.

Later, Nikolas announced that it was time to leave. Liz appreciated Nikolas taking the time to drive the boys to Shadybrook for a visit. She asked Nikolas to return once he dropped them off. Nikolas readily agreed.

After Nikolas returned, Liz once again thanked Nikolas for his consideration. She admitted that she felt like a terrible mother, but Nikolas assured her that she wasn't. He admitted that he had been trying to help out by spending time with Jake and Cam. Nikolas revealed that he had taken the boys to Wyndemere, so that they could play with their cousin, Spencer. However, he sheepishly confessed that he had left the boys alone with the nanny for a while.

Liz hoped that Nikolas wasn't trying to lay the groundwork for them to become a family. Liz warned Nikolas that it would be a waste of time. Liz insisted that they weren't going to be a family even if Nikolas were the father of her baby. Nikolas confessed that he hoped to change her mind. He didn't want to pressure her, but he needed her to know that he didn't have any intention to bowing out of the baby's life. Liz made it clear that she hadn't asked him to.

Liz lit up when Lucky entered the room moments later. Lucky asked to speak privately to Liz, so Nikolas left. Once the door closed behind Nikolas, Lucky confessed that he needed to be honest with her. Lucky insisted that he would always be there for her and the boys, but he wanted her to understand that they didn't have a future together as a couple.

Lucky revealed that he had been concerned after he had found her in the church suffering from hypothermia and then later on the hospital's rooftop after she had been told that she was pregnant. Lucky admitted that he had told Liz what he thought she had needed to hear. Liz wondered if that meant that he hadn't forgiven her. Lucky apologized, but made it clear that he hadn't forgiven her for the affair.

Lucky explained that they had gotten themselves into a bad place. The damage was beyond repair, so they had to let go. Liz appreciated Lucky's honesty. As much as it hurt her, she realized that it was time that they all faced reality. Liz revealed that she had decided to take the paternity test the following day.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Claire questioned Dante on the witness stand. She wanted to determine what she could expect from him during Sonny's trial. Dante resented Claire's attitude. He suggested that Claire could always remove him from the witness list. Claire refused to allow Dante to throw away all of his undercover work just to impress Sonny. However, she considered treating Dante as a hostile witness. Lulu entered the courtroom in time to hear Claire's comment.

Lulu advised Claire that it would be a mistake to alienate Dante. Lulu suggested that Claire needed Dante's help if Claire hoped to convict Sonny. Claire questioned Lulu's agenda. Lulu wanted justice, for the truth to prevail, and for the jury to reach a verdict. Claire didn't seem impressed; she warned Dante not to disappoint her and then left.

Lulu had a few questions of her own. Dante readily revealed that he was indifferent about Judge Carroll's decision not to revoke Sonny's bail. Dante also understood that it was his job to testify against Sonny. However, Dante was reluctant to share his thoughts about the prospect of Sonny going to jail. Lulu changed the subject; she was curious if Dante had ever been in love. "Once," Dante admitted. As he talked about his first love, Lulu realized that it was her. Her frown quickly transformed into a smile.

Later, Lulu and Dante went to Dante's room above Kelly's. Dante realized that the last time that he had stood in the room, he had been preparing for Josslyn's christening. Dante admitted that nearly everything had changed since that fateful day. The only thing that had remained the same was his love for Lulu, although it was stronger than it had been. Lulu was touched. Dante and Lulu kissed, but she pulled away when Dante tried to take things further. Lulu was concerned about Dante's injury. Dante promised to take things "slow and easy."

Lulu smiled and then offered to undress for him. Dante slid between the sheets while Lulu slowly stripped. Lulu admitted that she was nervous because it was more than just sex for her. Lulu saw it as an opportunity for them to express how much they loved each other. After Lulu dropped her dress, she turned to face Dante. Dante was sound asleep. Lulu smiled, pulled the dress back on, and then sat down on the bed to watch Dante.

At Greystone Manor, Carly justified her intention to lie for Sonny. She claimed that she was cleaning up Jax's mess. Carly refused to allow the father of her sons to go to jail. Jax was trying to protect his family, so he wanted Carly to allow things to play out. Sonny was livid; he accused Jax of being a coward. According to Sonny, Jax had been willing to risk Dante and Michael's lives, in an effort to get back at Sonny.

Jax argued that it had been Sonny's idea to cover up what had happened to Claudia. Jax believed that the secret was ruining Michael's life. Sonny revealed that the only reason that Jax was alive was because Jax was married to Carly. Sonny demanded to know when Carly would leave Jax, so that Sonny could deal with Jax once and for all. Carly was stunned.

Jax warned Sonny not to threaten him, but Sonny wasn't intimidated. Sonny didn't appreciate Jax barging into Sonny's home and then trashing him. Sonny warned Carly that Jax would use anyone, including Carly, to get to Sonny. Jax denied the accusation, but then made the mistake of needling Sonny about Dante. Sonny ordered Jax to leave. Jax begged Carly not to perjure herself on the stand. Jax insisted that Sonny needed to be stopped.

Michael entered the parlor shortly after Jax and Carly left. Sonny told Michael about the arraignment. Sonny was relieved that Dante had stuck to the cover story about the shooting. Michael remarked that Sonny must be proud of his son. Sonny heard the resentment in Michael's voice.

Sonny confessed that he had once sworn never to have any children because Sonny didn't believe that he had the right to be a father. That changed when Michael had entered Sonny's life. Sonny claimed that everything that he knew about being a father, he had learned from raising Michael. None of Sonny's other children could say that. Sonny regretted that Michael had to pay the price for Sonny's failures. Sonny wanted to make amends by taking responsibility for Claudia's death. Sonny believed that, as a father, he owed it to Michael.

Jax and Claire met at the Metro Court Restaurant to compare notes. Jax was disappointed that Judge Carroll hadn't revoked Sonny's bail. Claire confessed that she loved a challenge, so the judge's decision had given her a "rush." However, Claire was worried that Carly wouldn't be a reliable witness for the prosecution. Jax looked up in time to see Carly striding towards him.

Claire tried to talk to Carly about the events surrounding Josslyn's birth. Carly demanded to have a private word with Jax. After Claire walked away, Carly instructed one of the employees to clear everyone out of the restaurant. Once Carly and Jax were alone, Carly pulled Jax close for a passionate kiss. Jax and Carly ripped off each other's clothes and then made love.

Sometime later, as Carly and Jax straightened their clothing, Jax confessed that the unexpected interlude had been wonderful. Jax loved Carly. He hoped that she would eventually realize that Jax had been trying to do what he believed was best for their family. Carly explained that their tryst had been to remind Jax what they had together. Carly expected Jax to decide if it was worth throwing away.

On the Haunted Star, Jason made it clear that he knew that Johnny and Ethan had been responsible for the recent attack on Sonny's shipment. Jason realized that Johnny was fully aware of the consequences, but Jason doubted that Ethan was. Jason couldn't predict what Sonny would do if things escalated, but he was certain that it wouldn't end well. Johnny suggested that if Jason didn't want to kill Johnny, then Jason shouldn't.

Jason accused Johnny of not thinking clearly. Johnny argued that they all knew that Sonny wouldn't be convicted, so Johnny was determined to make Sonny pay for what had happened to Claudia. Jason warned Johnny to back off. After Jason left, Johnny admitted that it might be a good time for Ethan to "bail." Ethan pointed out that he had never agreed to work with Johnny, so the advice was unnecessary.

Ethan explained that a partnership was based on trust and a profit-sharing agreement. Johnny wondered if he could trust Ethan to push back if Jason made a move against them. Ethan assured Johnny that he could if the price was right. Johnny offered Ethan a 50/50 split. Ethan didn't trust Johnny's generous offer. Johnny clarified that he wasn't interested in the money, so he could afford to make it worth Ethan's while. Ethan confessed that his interest was piqued, but he was reluctant to commit. Johnny decided to give Ethan some time to ponder the offer.

After Johnny left, Luke strolled out from his office. Luke observed, "If it sounds too good to be true," "then it probably is," Ethan finished.

Later, Jason found Luke sitting in the casino. Jason talked to Luke about Johnny's vendetta. Jason warned Luke that Johnny was dragging Ethan into a dangerous situation. Jason pointed out that no one was bulletproof, so Jason couldn't guarantee Ethan's safety. Jason advised Luke to get Ethan out of the way before things turned ugly.

At Jake's, Robin watched as the crowd chanted "up and over" while Lisa leaned backwards over the bar, so that Patrick could empty a shot glass filled with alcohol into Lisa's mouth. Lisa sat up, gave Coleman a quick kiss, and then turned around to climb down from the bar. Lisa laughed as she drunkenly tumbled into Patrick's arms. Patrick looked up to see Robin standing in the doorway. Patrick quickly set Lisa on her feet and then rushed over to Robin.

Patrick kissed Robin and then invited her to join him. Robin didn't want Patrick to feel as if she had been checking up on him. Patrick assured Robin that it hadn't crossed his mind. Robin relaxed and then followed Patrick to a table. Robin confessed that she didn't mean to make excuses for Sonny; however, there was a connection between them that went beyond Stone or Robin's HIV status. Robin didn't think that she would ever be able to repay Sonny for all of the things that he had done for her.

Patrick loved that Robin was loyal, but he observed that Sonny had become more ruthless in recent years. Robin agreed, which was why she tried to keep her relationship with Sonny separate from her life with Patrick. Robin explained that she wanted their marriage to be about more than her HIV. Patrick believed that all of Robin's experiences, including her friendship with Sonny, had made Robin the person who she was. Patrick wouldn't have Robin any other way. Robin smiled as Patrick kissed her.

Lisa sat at the bar and ordered another beer. Coleman commented that Lisa looked a little "green around the gills," but Lisa was adamant that she was fine. Lisa turned to glance at Patrick and Robin as she explained that her "level of nausea had nothing to do with drinking." "What's up?" Coleman asked when he caught Lisa staring intently at Patrick and Robin. Lisa quickly looked away from the couple. She wondered if Coleman had ever noticed how Patrick seemed to turn into "Mr. Dull and Domesticated" whenever Robin joined the party.

At the Davis residence, Kristina was furious when she caught Molly with the cell phone that Kiefer had given to Kristina. Kristina demanded that her sister return it. Molly held the phone firmly in her grasp as she questioned why Kristina was ignoring Kiefer. Molly revealed that Kiefer had sent numerous text messages. Kristina chased Molly around the living room until she managed to rescue her phone from Molly's clutches.

Molly didn't understand why Kristina was breaking Kiefer's heart when it was clear that Kiefer loved Kristina. "You wouldn't understand," Kristina explained as she set the phone on the table. Molly suggested that Kristina try to work things out with Kiefer. Molly snatched the phone back to read some of Kiefer's messages:

"Where are you Kristina? I thought I mattered to you."

"You need me, don't try to deny it."

"I can't stop thinking about you."

Molly described Kiefer as passionate; she confessed that she hoped to find someone who would love her as much as Kiefer loved Kristina. Kristina managed to hide her discomfort. Moments later, someone knocked on the door. It was Kiefer. Molly was immediately concerned when she noticed how "desolate" Kiefer sounded. Kiefer wondered if Kristina was home. Kristina was forced to face Kiefer when Molly called out to her.

Molly loudly ordered Kristina to be nice to Kiefer. Kiefer immediately apologized to Kristina. Kristina tried to cut the visit short, but Molly continued to conspire against Kristina. Eventually, Kristina agreed to join Kiefer on the porch. Kiefer seized the opportunity to plead his case. He didn't understand why Kristina was pulling away from him; he thought that they had loved each other.

Kristina explained that she occasionally needed some time alone to think. Kiefer wondered if Kristina was seeing someone else. She quickly assured Kiefer that she wasn't. Kiefer relaxed as he confessed that he desperately wanted to work things out. He confided that he was having difficultly concentrating because he was afraid that he might lose her. Kristina admitted that she had stayed away because it had seemed that they were always hurting each other.

Kiefer admitted that he was the one who had hurt her. He promised that he would never raise his hand to her again. Kiefer claimed that he would kill himself first. He acknowledged that he had difficultly controlling his temper at times, but he vowed that it would never happen again. Kiefer blamed his bouts of anger on the uncertainty of Kristina's commitment to him. Kiefer implored Kristina to take him back. He promised that he would prove to her that she could trust him. Kristina softened and then agreed to give their relationship another try.

At Shadybrook, Lucky invited Nikolas into Liz's room. Liz let Nikolas know that she intended to take the paternity test the following day. Lucky wasn't comfortable with Liz's decision; he was concerned about her emotional state. Nikolas agreed with Lucky. Liz pointed out that Lucky didn't want a future with her. She thought that it would be best for all of them to find out the baby's paternity, so that they could be free to move forward.

Later, Liz returned from a counseling session. Lucky and Nikolas were waiting in Liz's room. Liz was glad to see them. She had discussed her decision about the paternity test with Lainey Winters. Liz admitted that it was more stressful not knowing who the father was than taking the test. Liz had scheduled an appointment at the hospital with Kelly, so she needed Lucky and Nikolas to provide DNA samples. Both men agreed.

As Lucky and Nikolas left the room, Nikolas asked for a moment of his brother's time. Lucky confessed that he couldn't stand the sight of Nikolas, so he was eager to leave. Nikolas understood Lucky's anger, but Nikolas thought that it was important for them to find a way to be civil towards each other. Lucky promised to find a way to coexist for the sake of Laura and the children.

After Lucky and Nikolas walked away, Helena entered Liz's room. Liz was asleep. Helena adjusted Liz's blanket and then walked to the window. "Sleep tight my little dear," Helena whispered to Liz, "Tomorrow we confirm that you are carrying a Cassadine heir."

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dante woke up to discover that his bed was empty. Lulu slept nearby, in a chair. Lulu opened her eyes when she heard Dante stirring. Dante was disappointed to learn that he had fallen asleep before he and Lulu could make love. Dante pulled Lulu close for a heated kiss. He noted that he was well rested. Lulu laughed, but before they could make love, someone knocked on the door. It was Olivia.

Dante tried to ignore his mother's incessant knocking, but Olivia refused to go away. Dante informed his mother that he wasn't dressed. Olivia responded, "Oh, for God's sakes, Dante, I changed your poopy diapers. Now put your pants on." Olivia threatened to fetch a key if Dante didn't open the door. Dante groaned with annoyance, but did as Olivia requested. Holding a casserole dish, Olivia breezed into the room. She stopped short when she saw Lulu.

Olivia quickly figured out what Dante and Lulu had been doing before she had arrived. Olivia tried to delicately broach the subject, but Lulu opted to be blunt. Lulu informed Dante that Olivia was concerned that it was too soon for Dante to have sex. Lulu agreed with Olivia. Dante's frustration mounted when Lulu gathered her things. He followed Lulu to the hallway and then offered to send Olivia away. Lulu insisted that Dante needed to talk to his mother.

Dante returned to his room after Lulu left. Olivia immediately began lecturing Dante about pushing himself too hard before he was fully recovered. Dante didn't feel comfortable discussing it with Olivia because he didn't trust her. Olivia was crushed. Dante didn't want to hurt her, but he thought that it was important that she knew where they stood.

Johnny entered the Haunted Star to find Ethan working alone. Johnny revealed that he had a job for Ethan. Ethan pointed out that he had never agreed to work for Johnny. Johnny ignored Ethan's comment; he informed him that Bernie was out of town, so Bernie's assistant, Jennifer Biles, would be in charge. Ethan wondered who Bernie was. Johnny was stunned; he suggested that Ethan become familiar with all of the players in town.

Johnny explained that Bernie was the keeper of all of Sonny's important documents. Johnny wanted to take advantage of Bernie's absence by burning down the office. Johnny hoped that Ethan could lure Jennifer Biles away. Johnny intended to clean out Bernie's safe, which contained one hundred thousand dollars in small unmarked bills, and then set fire to the building. Johnny offered to split the money with Ethan.

Later, Olivia met Johnny outside of Kelly's. Johnny explained that he couldn't stay because he had something to do. Olivia realized that Johnny was referring to mob business. She loved Johnny, but she remained opposed to his vendetta against Sonny. Olivia pulled Johnny close for a long passionate kiss. She wanted to remind Johnny what he stood to lose if things didn't "break" his way. Johnny warned Olivia not to underestimate him; he intended to have it all.

Robin went to Greystone Manor to visit Sonny. They talked about the impending trial and Dante's shooting. Sonny confessed that he had to learn to live with what he had done to Dante. Robin wondered if he could. Sonny sensed that Robin wanted to say more, so he invited to her to speak her mind. Robin admitted that she had a difficult time accepting that Sonny had shot an unarmed man, who was also a cop. Sonny assured Robin that he wasn't proud of what he had done.

Robin knew Sonny well enough to understand that the guilt of shooting his own son had been eating Sonny alive. Robin knew what Sonny was like beneath the mobster façade; she hoped that Dante would get to know that man one day. Sonny explained that he had been faced with a situation that had threatened everything important to Sonny. He insisted that Dante had known the consequences.

Robin tried to pretend that the violent side of Sonny didn't exist. According to Robin, Patrick accused her of having selective blindness. Sonny realized that his friendship with Robin could pose some problems for her marriage. Sonny assured her that he would understand if Robin decided to sever ties with him. He didn't want to cause trouble for Robin. However, he confessed that he would miss her.

Kiefer entered Kelly's to find Kristina waiting for him. Kristina noticed that Kiefer was in a good mood. Kiefer credited his new outlook on their reconciliation. He noticed that she was reading the text messages that he had sent to her. Kristina commented that he had sent her quite a few messages. Kiefer admitted that it was because he thought about her every minute.

Kiefer invited Kristina to meet him at the gym after his practice. He wanted to take Kristina clubbing. Kristina was reluctant to agree, but Kiefer pushed until Kristina relented. Kiefer suggested that Kristina "wear something hot for a change." Kristina was taken aback by the comment. She informed him that she dressed to please herself, not others. Kiefer suspected that Kristina was still mad at him.

Kristina assured Kiefer that everything was fine. She looked up in time to see Sonny enter. Kiefer offered to leave, but Kristina insisted that Kiefer remain seated. Sonny walked up, glared at Kiefer, and then barked, "Leave." Kiefer jumped, but remained seated when Kristina informed Sonny that Sonny was the one who should leave. Sonny did not appreciate Kristina's attitude; he informed her that he would not allow her to show him disrespect.

Kristina apologized and then invited Sonny to join them. Sonny bristled at the idea of Kiefer remaining at the table, but he sat down. Kristina asked about the trial and how Sonny felt about Alexis' decision to join the defense team. Sonny spoke highly of Alexis and confessed that Alexis wanted Sonny to be a good father. Sonny pointedly looked at Kiefer as he added, "It looks like you need it." Kristina suggested that Sonny shouldn't have waited 16 years to barge into her life to play father.

Sonny realized that his visit with Kristina would not go well. He decided to leave, but he reminded Kristina that he would always be her father. As Kristina watched Sonny walk away, she admitted that there were times that she hated him. Kristina was surprised when Ethan entered the diner with a beautiful blonde woman. Kiefer chuckled as he observed that it looked like "your boy found himself a hot mama." After Kiefer left, Kristina glared at Ethan and his date.

Ethan flirted and charmed Jennifer Biles. Kristina applied some lipstick, shed her jacket, and then approached Ethan's table. Kristina wondered when Ethan could give her another lesson in playing poker. Ethan excused himself and then pulled Kristina aside. Kristina's smile disappeared when Ethan harshly reminded Kristina that she was too young for him and that he was on a date. Kristina blamed Sam for Ethan's sudden change of heart. Ethan ignored Kristina's outburst as he returned to his table.

Sonny arrived home to find Patrick waiting for him. Patrick wanted Sonny to know that Patrick had known the truth about Dante for about a year. Patrick confessed that he had overheard Kate and Olivia talking, but he had kept quiet because it hadn't been Patrick's secret to tell. Sonny was livid; he blamed Patrick, and everyone else who had kept quiet about Dante's paternity, for the shooting. Patrick pointed out that Dante wouldn't have been shot if Sonny hadn't pulled the trigger.

Sonny's temper flared. Sonny suggested that Patrick hadn't told Sonny about Dante because Patrick didn't like Sonny. Patrick insisted that he had always given Sonny the benefit of the doubt until Sonny had shot an unarmed cop. Sonny accused Patrick of being judgmental and standing on a pedestal. Patrick argued that Sonny's decision to shoot Dante had been wrong. Sonny didn't think that Patrick could understand the choices that Sonny had made because Patrick considered himself perfect.

Lucky went to Shadybrook at Liz's request. Liz explained that she intended to have the paternity test later that day, but she didn't want Lucky to be there. Lucky was surprised; he had hoped to offer her some support. Liz insisted that it was time that she learned to stand on her own. Lucky agreed to respect Liz's wishes. A short time later, Nikolas entered Liz's room. Liz repeated her request; she didn't want Nikolas to be present when she had the paternity test.

Nikolas confessed that he had hoped to talk to Liz before the test. Liz cut him off. She didn't think that she was ready for any big discussions. Liz wanted to figure things out first. Nikolas agreed not to pressure her. After Nikolas left, Robin arrived to offer Liz a ride to the hospital. Liz readily accepted; she hadn't looked forward to arriving at the hospital in one of Shadybrook's vans.

Liz confided that she was nervous about the paternity test. Liz also confessed that it was the first time since she had been a teenager that she didn't have a man in her life; it was one of several unhealthy patterns that Liz hoped to break. Robin advised Liz to take one step at a time. Robin assured Liz that facing the truth about the baby was a great start. Liz remained unsure; she realized that she wasn't as strong as she had thought.

Robin wondered what Liz desired most in the world. Liz confessed that she wanted to give her children a mother and father who lived under one roof and functioned as a loving family. Liz had that with Lucky, but Liz had destroyed it by sleeping with Nikolas. Robin was surprised when Liz revealed that Nikolas wanted to marry Liz. Liz couldn't accept the proposal, which made Liz feel as if it was another way that she had hurt Nikolas.

Robin suggested that one of the reasons that Liz had a breakdown was because Liz was always trying to make everyone happy. Robin insisted that it was time for Liz to focus on making herself happy, not others. Liz accepted that she had to be alone, but she had depended on Lucky for so long that she didn't know how to stop.

Alexis arrived at Wyndemere with a notary public. She introduced Mr. Fleming to Nikolas and then explained that Mr. Fleming would witness the signature on the document that Nikolas had requested. Alexis made an attempt to caution Nikolas about setting up a trust for Liz's baby before the paternity test results were in, but Nikolas insisted on forging ahead. Nikolas was concerned about Helena, so he wanted to take steps to protect Spencer and the baby.

At the hospital, Helena bribed a lab technician. Helena promised that there would be more money if the lab tech followed her instructions to the letter. Later, the lab tech picked up Nikolas' DNA sample, while Helena lurked nearby.

At the nurses' station, Kelly informed Lisa and Epiphany that she had sent Lucky's DNA to the lab. Kelly explained that Liz was eager to know the results of the paternity test. Robin and Liz approached the nurses' station moments later. Kelly led Liz to an examination room, while Robin remained behind with Lisa and Epiphany.

Lisa admitted that Nikolas had impressed her when Lisa had taken his DNA sample. Nikolas had confessed that he was in love with Liz and he hoped to marry her. Lisa suggested that if the paternity tests confirmed that Nikolas was the father, things might work out for Nikolas and Liz. Epiphany didn't think it would be as simple as that.

Lucky went to the Haunted Star to let Luke know that he had given his DNA sample for the paternity test. Lucky seemed certain that Nikolas was the father. Lucky insisted that nothing would change for Jake and Cam, but Nikolas and Liz would have to work things out for the new baby. "What if the kid is yours?" Luke wondered.

Lucky didn't think that the odds were in his favor. Luke wasn't satisfied with Lucky's answer. Lucky was curious if Luke was worried that Lucky might be tempted to ask Liz to marry him if the baby turned out to be his. Lucky quickly assured Luke that it wouldn't happen. Lucky had made certain that Liz understood that they would never be a couple again.

Dante entered the casino a short time later. Luke quickly excused himself; he wasn't eager to "bond with the boys in blue." Lucky advised Dante to ignore Luke. Lucky suspected that Luke secretly approved of Dante. Dante was curious how Lucky felt about working with Sonny Corinthos' son. Lucky made it clear that he judged people on their own merit. Lucky believed that Dante had integrity.

Lucky confessed that he had some experience with a father who operated on the wrong side of the law. Dante was curious how Lucky handled it. Lucky revealed that he stepped down from a case when there was a conflict of interest. Lucky wondered if Dante planned to do the same. Dante made it clear that he was determined to remove Sonny and Sonny's organization from the "playing field."

Moments later, Lucky received a call about a possible break-in. Lucky assured dispatch that he didn't need backup. Dante advised Lucky to be careful. Dante reminded Lucky what had happened when Dante had declined backup.

Someone wearing a Bill Clinton mask attempted to disarm a building's alarm system by cutting some wires. Lucky appeared in the alley as the masked man worked. The masked man fled when Lucky ordered him to freeze. Lucky gave chase and eventually cornered the masked man on a rooftop. As Lucky burst through the door leading to the rooftop, the masked man raised his gun and then fired a shot at Lucky.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

At Metro Court, Carly was curious if Joey Retana, a hotel staff member, had seen Jax. Joey admitted that he had not seen Carly's husband. Carly perked up when Jax strolled into the lobby seconds later. She quickly approached Jax on the pretense of inquiring how he had slept. Jax seemed oblivious to Carly's expectant expression as he assured her that he had slept well. Jax made a special request while on the topic of sleeping. He wanted Carly to pack a particular outfit for Josslyn the next time that Josslyn spent the night with Jax. Jax wanted to take a picture for Lady Jane.

Carly's smile faltered when Jax asked, "I'm sorry, was there something else you wanted to ask me?" Carly shook her head and then walked away. Later, Jax found Carly working behind the front desk. He suggested that they replace all of the hotel linens with satin sheets and leave Belgian chocolates on the pillows for the guests. Jax popped one of the chocolates in his mouth and then offered the last piece to Carly. Carly leaned forward and then bit into the decadent treat while Jax held it between his fingers. Jax showed no reaction to the seductive move.

Frustrated, Carly announced that she had to go to a meeting. After Carly walked away, Jax questioned Joey about Carly. Jax wanted to know if Carly had asked about Jax earlier. Joey confirmed that Carly had inquired about Jax the moment that she had arrived for work. Jax smiled with satisfaction. A short time later, Carly approached Joey to see if a package had been delivered. Joey handed a small box to Carly. Jax wondered what was in the package.

Carly smiled as she revealed the proofs of Josslyn's christening had arrived. Jax and Carly flipped through some of the pictures. They noticed how happy they had been. Jax admitted that he wished that they could be a family again. Carly wondered if Jax was trying to tell her that he wanted to move back home. Jax confessed that, after Sonny's trial, he hoped to recapture what they had lost. Carly was hurt that Jax didn't seem to have any remorse for trying to get Sonny convicted for Claudia's murder despite knowing that Michael was in a fragile state.

Jax insisted that he was doing it for Carly and the children. Carly was sick of Jax thinking that his hatred for Sonny was for the greater good. Jax accused Carly of being blind where Sonny was concerned. Carly argued that Sonny was the father of her children. Jax reminded Carly of how she had refused to allow Sonny near the children after Michael had been shot. He was disappointed that over time she had allowed Sonny back into their lives. Jax didn't want Josslyn to be caught in the crossfire, as Michael had been.

As Jax stormed off, Carly dropped the pictures. She bent down to pick them up and then froze when she spotted something disturbing among the proofs.

Jason arrived home to find Claire Walsh sitting in his living room. Jason had no idea who she was. Claire was curious how his trip to Puerto Rico had gone. Before Jason could respond, Sam entered the living room with a cup of coffee, which Sam handed to Claire. Sam revealed that Claire was the federal prosecutor for Sonny's case. Claire assured Jason that Sam had not told her about the trip; according to Claire, the FBI kept close tabs on Jason.

Jason demanded to know what Claire wanted from him. Claire confessed that she was glad that Jason was home; she wouldn't have to get a judge to issue a warrant for Jason's arrest. Jason made it clear that he had nothing to say to Claire without his attorney. Sam was curious what the charges against Jason were. Claire answered, "Failure to appear." Claire informed them that she intended to call Jason to testify.

Claire explained that a witness couldn't hide behind an attorney. Claire looked forward to questioning Jason because he tended to answer in simple "yes" and "no" responses; Claire just had to ask the right questions. Claire warned Jason not to try to cover for Sonny because it would only make Sonny look worse.

Lucky spotted a man wearing a Bill Clinton mask attempting to break into a building. The masked man fled when he saw Lucky. Lucky chased the masked man to a rooftop. The masked man opened fire on Lucky and then leaped to freedom. Later, Lucky arrived at the police station, where he quickly updated Dante on what had transpired. Lucky confided that he suspected Johnny had been behind the attempted break-in.

Lucky explained that the target had been Bernie's office. Lucky revealed that the man had been wearing a mask of an ex-president, which he had dropped after escaping. Dante guessed, "George Bush or Bill Clinton?" Lucky was surprised; he was curious how Dante had known. Dante explained that Max preferred to wear a Bill Clinton mask while Milo always wore a George Bush mask. Lucky and Dante agreed that it was further proof that Johnny was the masked man.

Dante believed that Johnny's determination to target Sonny leveled the playing field. Lucky worried that things would quickly escalate even though Johnny hadn't done any serious harm. Dante disagreed; he pointed out that Johnny had shot at Lucky. Lucky insisted that Johnny had missed on purpose. Lucky admitted that he had recently held a gun to Johnny's head, but Johnny had given Lucky a free pass. Lucky was tempted to return the favor.

Lucky couldn't imagine going after Luke the way that they were expected to go after Sonny; he confessed that he wouldn't be able to do it. Dante didn't have any qualms about taking down Sonny. Dante believed that Sonny had to be stopped. Lucky and Dante were surprised when Ronnie emerged from a nearby interrogation room. Ronnie informed Dante and Lucky that the FBI had put together a task force. Lucky, Dante, and Ronnie had to work together to shut down the mob in Port Charles.

After Lucky left, Ronnie admitted that he had his doubts about Dante. Dante reminded Ronnie of Franco. Ronnie argued that Franco was gone. Ronnie was concerned because Dante had given Sonny a free pass on shooting a cop. Dante insisted that it had been a self-inflicted accident. Ronnie wondered how Dante would feel if Sonny managed to walk away from a guilty verdict for Claudia's murder.

Dante refused to allow Ronnie to guilt him into manufacturing evidence, in order to secure a conviction against Sonny. Dante reminded Ronnie that their job was to uphold the law. Dante was determined that Sonny's downfall would be by the book. Later, Claire entered the police station. She was surprised to see Dante at work.

Dante clarified that he wasn't officially on duty. Claire suggested that Dante reconsider working for the Port Charles Police Department because she didn't think that Dante would like what would happen next. Dante informed her that he was a "glutton for punishment," so he didn't have any intention of walking away. "Okay, don't say I didn't warn you," Claire responded.

Lucky stopped by Jason's penthouse to discuss the attempted break-in at Bernie's office. Lucky revealed that the suspect had been wearing a Bill Clinton mask. Jason assured Lucky that the culprit hadn't been Max. Lucky was confident that Jason knew exactly who it was. Jason was surprised that Johnny had shot at Lucky. Lucky quickly clarified that it had been warning shots. Jason believed that Johnny was out of control, but Lucky warned Jason to stay out of it. It was Lucky's job to go after Johnny.

Carly arrived shortly after Lucky left. She was distraught because she had found a picture of Franco among the proofs of Josslyn's christening. Carly warned Jason that Franco was still a threat.

Coleman was surprised to see Maxie at Jake's in the middle of the day. Maxie asked Coleman not to tell Kate. In exchange for the favor, Maxie offered to lose the card on the next bouquet of flowers that was sent to Kate at Crimson, so that Coleman could take credit for the delivery. Coleman happily agreed. Maxie wondered if the jukebox had any country music. She planned to slow dance with Spinelli and then whisk him to a room above Jake's for some "honky-tonk lovin'."

Coleman suggested E5 on the jukebox. Maxie noticed Johnny as he limped slowly to the bar. Maxie asked if Johnny was hurt. Johnny smiled as he confessed that he never felt better. A short time later, Spinelli arrived. Spinelli immediately tried to talk to Johnny about Johnny's vendetta against Sonny. Johnny refused to discuss it. As Johnny resumed drinking at the bar, Spinelli and Maxie sat at a nearby table.

Maxie admitted that she could empathize with Johnny's desire to seek revenge against the person who had killed Claudia. Maxie knew what it was like to lose a sister. Spinelli argued that vengeance just bred more vengeance. Maxie confided that she admired Johnny. Sonny had Jason and an organization to support him, while Johnny didn't have anyone. Johnny's level of devotion to his cause was "inspiring."

Spinelli noticed Maxie watching Johnny. He sensed a pattern; she was drawn to dark and dangerous men like a moth to a flame. Maxie disagreed, but Spinelli accused her of protesting too much. Maxie claimed that dark and reckless were "so last year." She wondered what could be more "badass" than a jackal, a beast known for its cunning. Spinelli relaxed as Maxie leaned close to kiss him.

Coleman let Johnny know that Jake's was neutral territory; Coleman didn't want any shootouts in or around the bar. Johnny agreed to respect Coleman's wishes. Coleman chuckled as he suggested that Johnny pay his tab before Johnny left Jake's. Johnny laughed. Moments later, Ethan approached Johnny. Ethan was eager for his share of the money from Bernie's safe. Johnny revealed that things hadn't gone according to plan thanks to Lucky's untimely arrival.

"So it was a bust?" Ethan asked. "No, I got exactly what I wanted," Johnny responded. Johnny was confident that Sonny would scramble to move a major part of his business because of the attempted break-in. Johnny pointed out that it would take time and considerable resources to accomplish. Ethan admitted that it hadn't been a total waste of time. Ethan could think of worse ways to spend an afternoon than with a "bombshell" like Jennifer. Ethan decided to seek out Bernie's secretary for another date.

After Ethan left, Johnny glanced at the end of the bar. Lucky was perched on a stool wearing the Bill Clinton mask.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas signed the necessary documents to set up a trust fund for Spencer and Liz's baby. Alexis warned Nikolas that the road to hell was paved with good intentions; she suggested that Nikolas burn the papers. Alexis was concerned that Nikolas was making the children a target. Nikolas reminded Alexis that Helena was already "drooling" over the possibility of a Cassadine heir. He didn't think that anything he did would matter to Helena. Nikolas pointed out that the documents would be sealed, so it was unlikely that Helena would know about them.

Alexis suggested that Helena was like the "Watcher in the Water," a monster from Middle Earth, featured in The Lord of the Rings. According to Alexis, the creature saw everything. Nikolas argued that providing the children with financial independence meant that Helena would not be able to control them. Alexis disagreed; Helena would find a way to use it against the children.

Alexis suspected that the real motive for the trust was to endear himself to Liz. Nikolas insisted that Liz and Lucky were over and that Liz was trying to figure things out. He admitted that he was hopeful for a future with Liz, but he was determined to give Liz the space that she needed. Alexis confessed that her own experience was that when things started out bad, they tended to end the same way. Nikolas regretted the lies and deception, but his love for Liz was real.

Alexis wondered how Nikolas would feel if Lucky turned out to be the father of Liz's baby. Nikolas insisted that it wouldn't change how Nikolas felt about Liz. Nikolas hoped that the baby was his, so that Liz and Nikolas would be in each other's lives. Nikolas believed that with time Liz might see that they could be good together.

At the hospital, Kelly took the necessary samples for the paternity test. After the procedure, Liz confessed that it had been easier than she had expected. Kelly assured Liz that they would have the results within a few days. Later, Liz and Kelly approached the nurses' station where Robin was waiting for Liz. Robin revealed that everyone at the hospital was pulling for Liz and that they were passing around a huge card, which everyone was signing. Epiphany confided that she had written a special message for Liz. Liz was touched by everyone's support, but she confessed that all she could think about was finding out who the baby's father was.

Robin and Liz returned to Shadybrook a short time later. Liz was grateful for everything that Robin had done for her. Liz was also relieved that Lucky and Nikolas had not been at the hospital because they would have hovered over her. Liz told Robin about Cam and Jake's visit. Robin surprised Liz with a drawing that the boys had given to Robin for Liz. Liz was thrilled with the picture.

Later, Liz was hanging Cam and Jake's picture when Alexis entered her room. Liz was happy to see Alexis. Alexis offered Liz some words of encouragement and then revealed that Nikolas had set aside "substantial assets" to provide for the baby. Liz was stunned; she pointed out that they didn't know yet if Nikolas was the father. Alexis explained that the trust was in place, regardless who the father of the baby was. Alexis assured Liz that there weren't any strings attached to the trust.

Nikolas arrived at the hospital for a board meeting. He approached the nurses' station to inquire if Liz was at the hospital. Epiphany informed him that Liz had returned to Shadybrook. Nikolas was concerned about Liz's emotional state, so Epiphany suggested that he talk to Robin. Robin stood nearby.

Robin assured Nikolas that Liz was well. Nikolas thanked Robin for taking care of Liz. Robin took the opportunity to apologize to Nikolas. She regretted how she had reacted when Nikolas had confided to Robin about his feelings for Liz. Robin wished that she had encouraged Nikolas to be honest. Nikolas clarified that it had been his responsibility, not hers. Nikolas assured Robin that she had acted as a good friend.

Robin confessed that Liz felt guilty for hurting Lucky and Nikolas. Nikolas insisted that Liz had not lost him. Robin explained that Liz was completely focused on finding out her child's paternity. According to Robin, Liz drew her strength from her children. Liz was looking at the children as an incentive to get well.

Nikolas didn't want to pressure Liz, but he was wanted things to work out for them. Robin smiled in understanding. Nikolas announced that he had to get to a meeting, but he appreciated Robin's insight. As Nikolas approached a door, Lisa called out to him. Lisa pulled him away for a private word, but before she could talk to him, Steve approached them. Steve wondered how Liz was faring. Nikolas quickly updated Steve. Steve decided to go to Shadybrook to check on his sister.

After Steve walked away, Lisa revealed that she had sent a second paternity test to an independent laboratory, as Nikolas had requested. Lisa was curious why Nikolas was taking the unusual step of a second paternity test. Nikolas explained that it was necessary because of certain members in his family.

In a nearby room, Helena reminded the lab technician that she wanted to be the first person to review the paternity results. Helena would decide what Nikolas and Lucky should know. Helena panicked when Nikolas approached the door. Luckily for Helena, Lisa stopped Nikolas before he could enter. The lab tech helped Helena to slip out of the room before Nikolas spotted her.

Friday, March 5, 2010

At Jason's penthouse, Carly was frantic because a photo of Franco had been included with the prints from Josslyn's christening. She worried that the baby was at risk, but Jason said Franco was after him. Jason told Carly that the note on the back of the photo that said that if Jason did not kill soon, Franco would, was a clear challenge, which was meant for Jason.

At Jake's Lucky confronted Johnny with the President Clinton mask. He accused Johnny of trying to break into Bernie's office, but Johnny denied it. When Lucky kicked him in the shins, Johnny cried, "Ouch."

Lucky wanted to know if Johnny had hurt himself jumping off Bernie's building to escape capture, but Johnny retorted that he had fallen out of bed. Lucky told Johnny that the police were not his enemy.

Ethan joined them and made a joke about the Clinton mask. Lucky told Johnny that he could not stop Lucky from pursuing Johnny's attacks against Sonny, but Lucky would stop Johnny from involving Ethan in his vendetta.

At another table, Spinelli and Maxie shared a beer. Maxie worried about both Johnny and Lucky because of their dark natures. Spinelli was jealous. When a very large man accidentally bumped Maxie, Spinelli was ready to fight.

Maxie mediated and Spinelli backed down. She assured him of his value as a techno geek. When Jason phoned for Spinelli to give him assistance, Maxie told him that it proved how valuable he was and that Jason would be lost without him.

When Spinelli arrived at Jason's penthouse, Jason told him to start looking for clues to Franco's whereabouts. Spinelli immediately wanted to confront Franco himself, but Jason said it was too dangerous. Spinelli fretted that Maxie did not view him as "manly" and he needed to get Franco to prove his manhood to her.

Jason told Spinelli that Maxie loved him for who he was and that there were many other ways to prove himself to her. As Spinelli began his computer search for Franco, he muttered to himself about an idea to impress Maxie.

Sonny arrived at the Port Charles Police Station, where he sought out Dante because he believed that Dante had called him down. When Dante said that he had not called, Claire Walsh arrived and started questioning Sonny, who immediately referred her to his lawyer. She continued to batter both Sonny and Dante, before leaving them alone.

Once she was gone, Sonny told Dante that he loved him and it did not matter what he said in court. Sonny said that Dante was his son and would always be under his protection. Dante scoffed and said that there was nothing that Sonny could do that would ever make Dante want to acknowledge a relationship to him. Sonny told Dante that his stubbornness and unforgiving nature were further proof of just how much alike they were.

Claire returned after Sonny was gone and had a further conversation with Dante, who steadfastly stuck to his story about his gunshot wound and his resolve to see Sonny in prison. When Claire learned that Michael had confessed to Claudia's murder, she was gleeful as she planned how to break him down on the stand.

Dante defended Michael and his situation, but Claire continued with her plan to capitalize on Michael as the weak link. She told Dante that his job was to help her and, if he was unable to do that, he should go back to working for his daddy.

Alexis moved into her new office with Diane but was horrified to find that they would have to share a room until renovations on their space were complete. Diane pointed out all the advantages, but Alexis remained dissatisfied.

Diane excused herself when Nikolas arrived for a conversation with Alexis. She told him that Liz was not receptive to his offer of support. Nikolas was firm in his desire to make sure that his children were cared for and that their educational needs were met.

Alexis wondered why he was so insistent about Liz's child, when he had been such an indifferent parent to Spencer. Nikolas said that he wanted to change and be a better parent to both Spencer and Liz's child if it turned out to be his.

After Nikolas left, Diane presented Alexis with billing forms. Alexis said that she was not going to bill her cousin for a conversation. Diane said that the Cassadines had plenty of money, and that Alexis would be singing a different tune if Sonny were convicted and their fat retainers and triple bonuses went away.

Lucky went to Jason and told him all that he knew about Johnny's attempt to break into Bernie's office. When Lucky said that he did not have enough evidence to arrest Johnny, Jason said that he would have to take action because Johnny's attacks were making Sonny look weak, and that could lead to a mob war.

Lucky begged Jason to stall. He told Jason that he had to find a way because it was Lucky's family that was in jeopardy. Spinelli was lurking on the stairs and overheard the conversation. After Lucky left, Spinelli told Jason that he had an idea.

Sonny caught up with Luke on the Haunted Star. They discussed the irony of having sons that were cops. They both agreed that Lulu and Dante made a good match and they both approved of the relationship. Luke told Sonny that, previously, they had protected each other's children, but that things had changed with the Joey Limbo meet that he had brokered for Sonny, where Joey had been killed. When Luke asked what he could expect for his children in the future, Sonny assured him that Lucky, Lulu, and Ethan were under Sonny's protection and would not be harmed under any circumstances.

Carly went to see Michael at Sonny's. Michael was chafing at being under guard at all times, but Carly told him it was for his protection until after the trial. Michael wanted to confess to Claudia's killing, but Carly told him that he could not. She said that they had made a serious mistake at the time of the shooting and should have told the truth then. She said that since they had not, they could not do it after the fact without making things worse.

Michael did not want to see Sonny in jail for a crime Michael committed. Carly assured him that Sonny was protecting him and that he would not end up in jail. Michael accepted what she said, but was not happy that he was so helpless to help his father.

Steve went to Shadybrook to visit Liz. He delivered brownies to her, and she reminisced about the times that she had shared brownies with Emily, Lucky, and Nikolas. Then she told Steve that it was time for her to move on. She told him that she had decided to raise her children on her own.

Steve questioned her decision and told her that Gram was already spending a lot more time with the boys than she should at her age. Steve told Liz that she should consider that the boys were already upset because of the transitions in their lives and that they might need the love and support of their father.

Lucky caught up with Ethan on the Haunted Star and asked about his green card. When Ethan could produce neither a green card nor a work visa, Lucky told him he would be safer in Australia. Lucky was in the process of reading Ethan his rights when Luke interrupted and told Lucky that he could not arrest Ethan.

Maxie arrived at the penthouse in response to Spinelli's call. She wanted to know if he would be out all night checking up on a cheating chef. Spinelli told Maxie that the case was more than it appeared because all the women who had been seen in the chef's company had disappeared and were never heard from again.

Spinelli asked for Maxie's help to solve the crime. When she agreed, he said it would be just like working on the case they had solved when they fell in love.

Dante went to see Michael at Sonny's. When Dante said he was concerned and wanted to help, Michael said Dante could help best by not sending Sonny to prison. Dante said that Sonny was not innocent. Michael told Dante that Dante did not know anything about Sonny because he was too busy lying and deceiving to understand what kind of man Sonny was.

Dante asked Michael to explain. Just as Michael was about to tell all, Sonny walked in and told Dante to get out of his house. Dante, said "Thanks, Dad," very sarcastically, then asked it Sonny was being so rude because he was afraid that the truth would finally come out.

When Nikolas went to Shadybrook to see Liz, she told him that she did not need his help and that she would raise her children on her own. Nikolas wanted to know why she accepted money and a house from Jason, but would not take anything from him. Nikolas asked why Jason got to take care of his child and Nikolas did not.

Johnny's garage was dark when he walked in. He did not see Jason, who pulled a gun and fired it point-blank. A paint ball exploded on Johnny's jacket and Jason said, "Bull's-eye."

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