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General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 12, 2010 on GH
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Monday, April 12, 2010

At the Port Charles Police Station, Alexis told Mac that she was responsible for the hit-and-run that had resulted in Kiefer's death. Initially, Mac did not want to hear her confession and suggested that she tell her story to a lawyer first.

Alexis told Mac that she wanted to tell the truth and take the consequences. In the interrogation room, Alexis told Mac about finding Kristina after Kiefer beat her up. She told him about hitting Kiefer but barely registering it as she rushed Kristina to the hospital.

Mac was very understanding. He told Alexis that he would arrest her then release her on her own recognizance so that she could be with Kristina. Mac told Alexis that she was a good mother and that her daughter needed her.

Ethan went to General Hospital to get treatment for the beating he had suffered in jail. The first person he saw was Kristina, who accused him of running over Kiefer. Ethan lost his temper and started yelling at Kristina because she had falsely accused him for the second time. Maya and Lucky came to her defense.

Maya and Lucky told Ethan to leave Kristina alone because she had already suffered enough. Ethan was frustrated. Before he got on the elevator, Ethan told Lucky that he had been accused of two crimes he had not committed and had been beaten up in jail. Ethan said that he had expected some support from his brother.

Dante burst into the courtroom where Sonny was being tried and demanded that Morgan leave with him. Dante made an impassioned appeal on Morgan's behalf, but the judge found him in contempt. Carly, Jax, and Jason arrived in time to hear Dante's speech.

When Dante was taken away to jail, Carly told the judge that Morgan had been taken out of school and put on the stand without either of his parent's permission and she was taking her son home. Once the judge learned that Morgan was there without parental knowledge, he let Carly take the boy home. He called a recess and told Diane and Claire to see him in chambers.

Tracy and Luke were on the Haunted Star. Luke was still angry about the beating Ethan had received in jail and blamed Dante for it. Tracy defended Dante and suggested that Luke might be angry with Dante because he did not want to blame Lucky.

Luke wanted to know why Tracy was defending Dante when she had expressed opposition to his romance with Lulu. Tracy said that she still objected to their relationship, but that there were subtler ways to handle the situation.

While they were talking, Ethan stormed in. He was very upset with his treatment at the hospital, especially by Lucky, who showed up on the Haunted Star a few minutes after Ethan. He told Ethan that Kristina was fragile and did not need any further hassle.

Ethan was concerned about himself and wondered when the police would stop arresting him every time a crime was committed in Port Charles. Luke pointed out to Ethan that when everyone had been against him, Lucky had been determined to give him the benefit of the doubt and get to the truth.

Lucky told Ethan that he had been under orders on the occasions when he had arrested Ethan. But, he told Ethan, he had continued to investigate until Ethan's name had been cleared. He also pointed out that his quick call to Dante had prevented Sonny from carrying out his plans to eliminate Ethan.

While on board Haunted Star, Lucky received a call from Mac saying that Alexis had confessed to the hit-and-run that had killed Kiefer. Ethan was relived, but still upset because both Alexis and Kristina had let him be arrested for crimes he did not commit.

When Ethan started railing against Kristina, Lucky said that she had suffered horribly and that Ethan should apologize for yelling at her in the hospital. Ethan calmed down immediately and told Lucky that he did owe Kristina an apology. Then he left.

After Ethan exited, an irate Luke said that before Ethan apologized to anyone, Kristina, Alexis, Sonny, and the PCPD owed an apology to Ethan.

Ronnie threw Dante into a jail cell, but not before castigating him for his actions in court. Dante was equally upset because Ronnie had used unethical tactics to badger Morgan. He wondered what made them any different from the criminals they tried to convict.

Alexis went to see Kristina in her room at GH. She told Kristina that she had hit Kiefer. Kristina believed Alexis when she said that it was an accident and forgave her. They were talking about leaving Port Charles with Molly for a period of time to recover from the horrific events that had just occurred when Kiefer's mother walked in.

She had seen Mac earlier at the PCPD and learned that Alexis was responsible for Kiefer's accident. She told Alexis and Kristina that she held them both responsible for Kiefer's death: Kristina, because she had broken Kiefer's heart, and Alexis, because she had murdered him.

The judge saw both Claire and Diane in his chambers. He had harsh words for the legal eagles. He threatened to declare a mistrial if there were any more courtroom histrionics. The judge fined Claire $1000 for putting Morgan on the stand without notifying his parents.

Sonny went to the police station to see Dante. Ronnie confronted Sonny and wanted to know if he was proud that he had corrupted Dante. Sonny told Ronnie that Dante was protecting his brother and that he was proud of him for his loyalty to his brother.

Carly and Jason took Morgan home to the Jacks's house. Morgan told them that Ronnie had told him that he had to protect Dante and to do that he should agree with everything that the lawyers said. Neither Jason nor Carly liked hearing that. Morgan also said that he would never tell anyone that Michael had confessed to killing Claudia.

When Lulu interrupted to show some fashion samples to Carly, Morgan told her that Dante had gone to jail to protect him. Lulu was proud of Dante and rushed off to the police station.

Dante was not especially pleased to see Sonny, but Sonny was very proud of Dante and said that Dante should give up being a cop, because the law mattered less to Dante than the people he loved.

Sonny told Dante that what had happened in court and the extreme measures that Claire and Ronnie were willing to take in order to convict him showed what hypocrites they were. They proved themselves willing to break the law to get what they wanted. Sonny said that at least he did not pretend or hide behind the law.

Jax confronted Claire and told her not to put Morgan on the stand. Claire said that she would do whatever it took to convict Sonny and what Jax wanted did not figure in.

Jax threatened to use his contacts to get Claire removed from the case just as he had used them to get her assigned to the case. Claire told him that she would not give up easily and that she still intended to put his stepsons on the stand to assure that Sonny was convicted.

Lulu ran into Ronnie at the police station. He told her to talk some sense into Dante, but she defended Dante.

When Lulu saw Dante, she supported his decision to help his brother, Morgan. She asked about his visit with Sonny. Dante told her that he hated to agree with Sonny on anything, but in this instance he did.

Dante said that as a cop he was supposed to be one of the good guys, and what had just happened to Morgan showed that the cops had not been the good guys. Both Claire and Ronnie had been willing to break the law to get the result they wanted.

Carly was still steaming when she saw Jax in his office. He told her that he had chided Claire for putting Morgan on the stand. Carly was not appeased. He asked her if she thought he was capable of using Morgan that way. She said that she was not sure what he was capable of, but that she did not want either of her children being used against their father.

At Sonny's restaurant, Jason was listing the reasons that Sonny's inclination to put out a hit on Claire was a bad idea when she waltzed in and interrupted them. Sonny wanted to know if she was there for a meal. Claire told him that she had come to offer a deal.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

At Pozzulos, Claire offered Sonny a deal. She agreed to reduce the charges to involuntary manslaughter if Sonny pleaded guilty to five counts of Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization charges. Claire pointed out that Sonny would be facing a ten-year sentence that would allow him to be out of jail in five years. More importantly, Sonny's children wouldn't be called to testify against their father. Claire added that if Sonny accepted the deal, he would be able to attend Morgan's graduation.

Sonny warned Claire not to mention Morgan's name after the stunt that she had pulled in court. Claire assured Sonny that she hadn't relished dragging Sonny's children into the trial. Sonny didn't think that Claire could appreciate the damage that she had done to Morgan because she didn't have children of her own. Sonny suggested that Claire didn't care who she hurt as long as she won the case.

Claire warned Sonny that the offer would only be available until the trial resumed the following day. Claire admitted that she didn't want to use the kids, but she was prepared to call Kristina to the stand. Sonny refused to give Claire an answer until he had an opportunity to talk to Diane. Claire insisted that Sonny didn't need Diane's input; the deal was between Sonny and Claire. Sonny suspected that Claire was afraid that she might lose to Diane.

Claire repeated that she didn't want to use Sonny's kids to secure a conviction, but she considered it a necessary evil to stop Sonny. After Claire left, Jason wondered if Sonny was considering Claire's offer. Sonny decided that he needed to talk to Morgan before he made a decision. A short time later, Sonny arrived at Carly's house to see Morgan. Morgan expressed a desire to visit Dante, but Sonny didn't think that Dante would want Morgan to see Dante behind bars.

Morgan felt responsible for Dante's arrest. He admitted to Sonny that Ronnie had revealed that Dante was in trouble. Sonny insisted that Ronnie had lied. Morgan assured his father that he wouldn't have given anything away about Michael.

Morgan wondered if Sonny, Michael, Dante, and Morgan would ever have an opportunity to go to a Yankees game together. Sonny confessed that he hoped so. Morgan remained troubled; he wondered if he would be called to testify again. Sonny promised that he was trying to fix things, so that Morgan wouldn't have to take the stand for a second time.

At Jax's office, Jax insisted that he had never intended for Morgan to get involved in Sonny's trial. Carly accused Jax of being a hypocrite and then suggested that he was turning into the same kind of man that Sonny was. She pointed out that if Sonny went to jail then Morgan would blame himself. Jax offered to have Claire removed from the case, but Carly insisted that it was too late.

Jax explained that he had merely tried to protect his family. Carly reminded Jax that Michael was in hiding, Morgan was traumatized, and Josslyn was growing up without both of her parents under the same roof, so the family didn't need any more of Jax's efforts to save them from Sonny. Carly acknowledged that Jax might succeed in his quest to send Sonny to jail, but everyone that Jax loved would be hurt.

Jax confessed that Josslyn's birth had made him understand what it was to love a child. Carly pointed out that it shouldn't have taken Josslyn's birth for Jax to feel that kind of love; he should already have known it with Morgan and Michael. Jax tried to assure her that he did, but it was too late. She suspected that he loved Morgan to a lesser degree than Josslyn, but Michael was just an afterthought. Carly admitted that every time Jax hurt her children, she loved him less.

A short time later, Carly arrived at Pozzulos to talk to Jason. She was keyed up because of her argument with Jax. Jason tried to calm Carly down, but she couldn't relax. She was worried sick that she would fail Sonny on the witness stand. Jason reminded her that she had always pulled through for them in the past, so he didn't see any reason why she wouldn't this time.

Carly was upset because Jax's hatred for Sonny was costing Carly and Jax their marriage. Jason believed that Carly was stronger than she gave herself credit for. He pointed out that Carly had been brave when she had forced Claudia to crash the car and then trekked through the woods until she found a cabin where she could give birth to Josslyn. Jason pointed out that Carly's testimony would be truthful; only the names would be changed. Jason's words of encouragement appeared to ease Carly's mind.

After Carly left, Sonny returned to Pozzulos. Sonny announced that he had decided to accept Claire's deal. Sonny explained that it was time to allow Morgan to be a kid and for Michael to return home. Jason questioned why Claire had not taken the deal to Diane; it made him wonder if the offer were even legal. Jason suspected that there might be grounds for a mistrial because of Claire's unethical behavior.

Sonny was confident that he could run the organization from jail, so he wasn't interested in trying to get a mistrial. Sonny just wanted everything settled, so that they could all get on with their lives. Jason offered to take Claire's deal in Sonny's place. Jason explained that, unlike Sonny, he wouldn't be leaving any children behind since Jake didn't even know that Jason was his father.

Sonny didn't think that Carly would agree; he suspected that Carly would rather see Sonny go to prison rather than Jason. Jason argued that Carly was stressed out and uncertain about how effective her testimony would be, so she might realize that Jason's idea was the best solution for everyone.

Lulu was livid that the judge was able to force a little kid to testify against his father and then throw Dante into jail for trying to stop it. Lulu wondered if Dante felt betrayed because Sonny was walking around a free man, while Dante was locked up in jail. Dante admitted that he just wanted to help Morgan because he knew what it was like to grow up without a father. Lulu was amazed by Dante's compassion. Dante smiled and then told Lulu about Sonny's visit.

Lulu quickly guessed that Sonny wanted Dante to quit the police force and then return to Sonny's organization. Dante was impressed with Lulu's insight. Lulu shrugged; she thought that Sonny was pretty easy to figure out. Dante wondered if Lulu would still love him if he took Sonny up on the offer. Lulu suggested that it was a trick question because Dante would never go to work for Sonny. However, she assured Dante that if he quit being a police officer to become a plumber, or something along those lines, she would love him just as much.

Dante joked that she would probably love him more, since plumbers made more money than cops. Dante turned serious as he confessed that he would never be able to join the mob because he could never expose children to that lifestyle. Later, Dante wondered why Lulu had grown quiet when he had mentioned children. Lulu assured him that nothing was wrong, so Dante talked about having children one day. Lulu appeared relieved when Olivia arrived.

Olivia had picked up some food and a clean pair of underwear for Dante. Dante was embarrassed that his co-workers had seen what his mother had for him. Olivia was unapologetic; however, she was proud that Dante had stuck up for his brother. Dante and Olivia began chatting about how Olivia had raised Dante. Lulu admitted that she respected Olivia for taking on motherhood at such a young age. Olivia insisted that it had been the best decision that she had ever made.

Lulu quickly excused herself and then left. Dante seemed troubled by Lulu's sudden exit, but he didn't say anything. Later, Lulu stopped by Carly's house to talk to her cousin. Carly confessed that she hated that Dante had lied to them in the beginning, but she was grateful that he had tried to help Morgan at court. Lulu conceded that Dante was great with kids. Carly sensed that there was more behind the statement; she wondered if Dante knew about Lulu's abortion.

Lulu confessed that it had never occurred to her that it would be a big deal to Dante. Carly assured Lulu that Dante won't care, but Lulu disagreed. Lulu explained that Dante was "very Catholic" and that Olivia thought that having Dante had been the right decision. Carly pointed out that Dante might not necessarily share his mother's views. Lulu was certain that Dante wouldn't see Lulu in the same way if he found out about the abortion.

Claire paid Dante a visit in jail. She was curious if it had been worth it to play hero to Morgan. Dante suggested that Claire had blown it; he was confident that everyone, including the jury, saw Claire as vindictive, hard-assed, and a little bit of a bully for what she had put Morgan through. Claire insisted that she had needed identification on the car. Dante saw it as an empty excuse.

Claire confessed that she also put Morgan on the stand to get to Sonny. According to Claire, it had worked. Dante was stunned when Claire revealed that she had offered Sonny a deal. Dante argued that Sonny deserved to be put away for life, not a few years. Claire explained that she had used Morgan for leverage to get Sonny to take the deal. Claire believed that the plea agreement would be good for everyone.

In Kristina's hospital room, Melinda Bauer confronted Alexis and Kristina after Melinda had overheard them planning a trip to Paris. Melinda was outraged that they intended to go on a vacation after falsely accusing Kiefer of abusing Kristina and then Alexis running Kiefer down. Kristina wept while she insisted that she had loved Kiefer. Kristina explained that she had kept quiet about the abuse because Kiefer had felt terrible for hitting Kristina. Melinda refused to believe that her son had hurt Kristina.

Melinda demanded to know why Alexis hadn't stopped after Alexis had struck him with the car. Alexis explained that it had been an accident, but Melinda pointed out that it hadn't been an accident not to call 9-1-1. Melinda's anger mounted, prompting Alexis to call out to Maya for help. Melinda accused Alexis of killing Kiefer before Maya escorted Melinda away.

Later, May a returned to Kristina's room with some chicken salad. Kristina confessed that she couldn't stop thinking that Kiefer had died under the same roof. Maya offered to call someone to sit with Kristina, but Kristina declined. Kristina admitted that it helped to be alone sometimes. Kristina and Maya were startled when Ethan suddenly appeared in the doorway.

Kristina ordered Ethan to go away, but Ethan refused to leave until he had an opportunity to apologize to Kristina. Ethan realized that he had behaved badly towards Kristina, who was just a child. Ethan was sorry for making things worse for Kristina. Later, at the nurses' station, Ethan asked Maya how Kristina was doing. Maya believed that the apology had helped.

Alexis went to Jax's office to update him about Kristina and to ask for help with the Bauers. Alexis understood that the Bauers were angry at her, but she didn't want them near Kristina. Alexis explained that Kristina had enough to deal with without the Bauers upsetting her. Jax understood that the Bauers were grieving, but he was baffled why they were taking their grief out on Alexis and Kristina. Alexis revealed that she had been the one who had killed Kiefer.

Jax was stunned by Alexis' confession. Alexis realized that the Bauers wanted justice for their son's death, but she wanted them to leave Kristina alone. Jax hugged Alexis as he promised to talk to the Bauers.

Kristina was reading the last few text messages that Kiefer had sent to her, before he had attacked her at the lake house, when Warren Bauer entered the room. Warren quietly closed the door as he began to tell Kristina about the plans that he had made with Kiefer. Warren concluded that he was left making arrangements for his son's funeral instead of a trip abroad. Kristina's eyes filled with tears as Warren confessed that he had known that Kristina had been trouble from the moment that Kiefer had met her.

Warren admitted that he had warned Kiefer to stay away from Kristina, but Kiefer had ignored the advice because Kiefer had loved Kristina. Warren was furious that Kiefer had paid for that love with his life. Warren blamed his son's death on Kristina's lies. "It was an accident," Kristina insisted. Warren proceeded to tell Kristina, in vivid detail, about the injuries that Kiefer had suffered.

According to Warren, Alexis had left Kiefer to die alone on the roadside with a shattered left leg, broken hips, and internal bleeding from a ruptured spleen. Warren insisted that Kiefer could have survived if Alexis had called for an ambulance. Warren explained that they would have been able to get Kiefer into surgery in time to repair the spleen. Kristina wept inconsolably as Warren blamed Kiefer's death on Kristina.

Kristina explained that she had loved Kiefer, which was why she had initially accused Ethan of the attack. Kristina insisted that she couldn't continue to lie because Ethan had been innocent. Warren was curious if Kristina had told anyone about the abuse before. Kristina admitted that she hadn't. Warren suggested that she had remained silent because Kiefer had been innocent.

Jax and Alexis rushed into the room moments later. Alexis went to comfort her daughter while Jax tried to usher Warren into the hallway. Before Warren left, he vowed that Alexis' life was over as she knew it. In the hallway, Jax tried to reason with Warren. Jax offered his condolences, but pointed out that Kristina was not responsible for what had happened. "Who is?" Warren demanded before he turned and then walked away.

In Kristina's hospital room, Alexis rocked Kristina in her arms while Kristina wept. Kristina was terrified that Alexis might go to jail. Alexis promised Kristina that everything would be all right.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

In Metro Court's lobby, Helena was on the phone with the lab technician that she had paid to tamper with Liz's paternity test. Helena reminded the tech that she had paid him handsomely for his services, so she wanted to make certain that no one knew that Lucky was the father of Liz's baby. "You will never get away with it," Tracy warned as she approached Helena. Helena quickly disconnected the call and then focused her full attention on Tracy. Helena relaxed when Tracy warned her not to drag Luke into another Spencer/Cassadine feud.

Helena suggested that Tracy should be happy that Helena had made it impossible for Liz to pass Nikolas' baby off as Lucky's. Tracy refused to be distracted; she knew exactly what Helena was capable of. Helena smiled confidently as she bragged that she could make Luke forget about Tracy with just one look. Tracy ordered Helena to keep her "mitts" off of Luke. Helena bragged that she had made Luke stray from Laura, so his affection for Tracy wasn't an obstacle.

Steve was delighted to see that Liz had arrived "bright-eyed and bushy-tailed" for work. He advised her that she would need to be on her toes for her new assignment. Liz grumbled that she would rather return to her regular duties, but Steve insisted that she trust him. Steve handed Liz a file as he informed her that her patient was waiting. Moments later, Liz entered Shirley Smith's hospital room.

Shirley was busy making jewelry, which she proudly showed to Liz. Liz was impressed with the unique pieces. Shirley gifted Liz with a necklace, which Liz modeled for Shirley. Shirley hoped that Liz didn't mind. Liz assured Shirley that she was used to it because she had children. Shirley was curious if Liz had daughters. Liz said that she had sons, which prompted Shirley to suggest that the next baby could be a girl. Liz smiled as she absently rubbed her stomach.

Shirley was curious if Liz had any hobbies. Liz confided that she loved to paint and had, at one time, considered a career as an artist. Shirley was happy to know that Liz was a kindred spirit. As Shirley talked about plans to open a boutique, Liz glanced down at Shirley's chart. Liz was startled to read that Shirley had been diagnosed with stage four breast cancer, which had spread to Shirley's lungs, lymph nodes, and brain. Shirley's prognosis was bleak; she had eight to twelve weeks left to live.

Shirley announced that she intended to go to Naples after her last chemotherapy treatment. Liz confessed that she loved Italy and had hoped to go there for her honeymoon one day, but it hadn't worked out. Shirley admitted that dying made a person plan things differently. Shirley sensed that Liz was uncomfortable with the way that Shirley talked about death; she suggested that Liz not believe everything that she read. Shirley had a lot more than three months of living to do.

At the nurses' station, Steve was curious if Patrick or Robin knew where Dr. Croft was because Steve had a trauma patient who needed to be seen by an orthopedic surgeon. Patrick complained that Dr. Croft moved too slowly. Robin pointed out that Dr. Croft was a good doctor who had done a fine job before Lisa had arrived. Patrick argued that patients shouldn't have to settle for good when they could have great. Steve agreed that Lisa was the better doctor, but she was on jury duty.

Epiphany approached Steve moments later with a message. Steve was surprised to discover that it was from Lisa. Lisa had arranged, through Coleman, to treat Patrick, Robin, and Steve to a night out at Jake's. Lisa had one request: that they do an "up and over" for her. Steve wondered what that was. Patrick chuckled as he explained to Steve that it was something that had to be seen. Steve thought the night out sounded like fun. Robin, on the other hand, was less than enthusiastic.

Steve spotted Liz as she approached the nurses' station. He was curious how things had gone with Mrs. Smith. Liz conceded that Steve had been right; Shirley was exactly what Liz had needed.

Nikolas stopped by Lucky's new apartment to discuss Kristina's assault and Alexis' hit-and-run charges. Lucky warned Nikolas that the Bauers were out to get Alexis while rewriting history in the process. Lucky explained that the Bauers refused to believe that Kiefer had attacked Kristina. Nikolas appreciated his brother's insight. Lucky admitted that he was concerned that Kristina would be vulnerable, especially while Alexis dealt with the legal ramifications of the hit-and-run.

Later, Lucky was walking along a street when he spotted a discarded standing lamp that had been put on the curb. Maxie sprinted across the street as she ordered Lucky not to touch the lamp, but Lucky refused to relinquish the lamp to Maxie. Maxie and Lucky argued about who would get the lamp, but neither was willing to relent. Eventually, Maxie suggested that the lamp represented a new start for Lucky because of his recent breakup with Liz.

Maxie confessed that she felt partly responsible for Lucky and Liz's failed relationship. According to Maxie, if Lucky hadn't had an affair with Maxie then Lucky and Liz would never have split up in the first place. Lucky pointed out that perhaps he and Liz simply weren't meant to be together. Lucky swiftly changed the subject to offer a compromise. He suggested that they return to his apartment, so that Lucky could show Maxie where he intended to put the lamp. If Maxie didn't agree that it was the perfect spot, then she could have the lamp.

Lucky and Maxie arrived at the apartment a short time later. Maxie was surprised to realize that it was Patrick's old apartment. Lucky showed Maxie where he wanted to put the lamp, but Maxie objected. She decided that she should be put in charge of the lamp's placement, since it was clear that Lucky didn't have any intention of giving it to her. Lucky obliged Maxie, but found himself growing frustrated a short time later when Maxie kept changing her mind about where it belonged. As they debated the best spot for the lamp, someone knocked on the door. It was Liz.

Alexis packed Kristina's belongings as she prepared to take her daughter home. Alexis revealed that she had stopped by the video store to pick up some French movies to help them prepare for their trip to Paris. Kristina thought that it might be too soon for her to go home, but Alexis insisted that the doctors had released Kristina. Alexis realized that Kristina was upset because of the Bauers. Alexis understood that the Bauers were grieving, but felt they didn't have the right to take it out on Kristina.

Alexis was proud of her daughter and promised to remain by Kristina's side. Kristina couldn't believe how wonderful and supportive Alexis had been. Kristina felt completely undeserving of it. A short time later, Alexis bumped into Nikolas in the hallway. Alexis confided that Kristina had suffered a setback because of a couple of ugly confrontations with the Bauers. Nikolas decided to talk to Kristina, so he went to her room. Kristina was surprised when Nikolas confessed that he needed her help.

Later, Nikolas and Kristina arrived at Wyndemere. Kristina wasn't sure what Nikolas expected her to do. Nikolas explained that he needed a young and cool family member to improve his image with Spencer. Nikolas hoped that Kristina could help him connect with Spencer. Kristina was curious why Nikolas was being so nice to her despite how badly she had messed up.

Nikolas reminded Kristina that he'd had his own troubles recently, so he knew what it was like to make mistakes. He decided that it was time to move forward. Kristina promised to do what she could to help him. Just then, Spencer entered the parlor; he immediately demanded to know, "What is she doing here?" when he spotted Kristina.

Alexis arrived at Wyndemere to find Kristina, Spencer, and Nikolas huddled together as they talked about Spencer's horse, Nipit. Kristina gave Spencer some riding tips and then followed Spencer to the stables to see Nipit. Alexis chucked as she wondered if Nikolas gave Spencer riding lessons or if Spencer had an instructor. Nikolas confessed that he had barely managed to play in the sandbox, so he wasn't ready to give Spencer riding lessons. Alexis joked that parents had to get their hands dirty. She wondered what was next on Nikolas' list for Spencer.

Nikolas confided that Spencer had an artistic streak, so Nikolas planned to introduce his son to finger-painting. Alexis chucked and then thanked Nikolas for helping Kristina to find her smile again. She didn't care what anyone said; Nikolas was good with children.

Later, Alexis was relaxing in the parlor when Helena strolled in. "What fresh hell is this?" Alexis groaned. "Still going through menopause? I'm sorry, I'll tread lightly." Helena shot back with an insincere smile. Alexis warned Helena that Kristina was at Wyndemere; she didn't want Helena causing any trouble. Helena insisted that she wouldn't dream of it. Helena didn't want Alexis to feel tempted to run her over with a car like "some woodland creature, left beside the road for the vultures to peck at."

Alexis suggested that even vultures had standards; they'd let Helena rot. Alexis explained that the hit-and-run had been an accident. Helena believed Alexis because Alexis didn't have the fortitude to murder someone. Helena admitted that if someone had beaten her child, Helena would have driven back-and-forth over the body until he was nothing but a bag of bones. Helena advised Alexis that next time she should leave matters of vengeance to Helena and Sonny.

Alexis suspected that Helena was in town to wreak havoc on someone's life; she wondered who it was. "Whom," Helena corrected Alexis. It soon became clear that Nikolas' situation had snagged Helena's interest. Alexis didn't think that any child on the planet should be subjected to Helena. Nikolas entered the room moments later. He quickly assured Alexis that he knew exactly what Helena was up to.

Jason went to Sam's apartment to tell her about his decision to take the deal that Claire had offered to Sonny. Sam was furious that Jason was willing to go to jail for Sonny. She was curious if Jason had considered their relationship. Sam reminded him that they had just found their way back to each other. She was hurt that he was willing to throw that away. Jason told Sam about Morgan being pulled out of school and then made to testify against Sonny.

"What about Jake?" Sam wondered. She reminded him that Liz was a mess, so she was curious who would look after Jake. "Lucky," Jason replied. He explained that Jake didn't need him. "I do," Sam admitted. Jason explained that he was accepting the offer for the sake of Michael and Morgan. "How convenient for Sonny," Sam observed.

Sam pointed out that Jason wasn't just giving up five years of his life; he was asking her to do the same. Sam needed Jason because her family was in crisis. Jason insisted that he had to follow through with his plans. Sam realized that she couldn't change his mind, so she asked him to leave. Sam made it clear that she wasn't okay with his decision. Jason's eyes filled with tears as he walked out.

Spinelli arrived at Carly's house on his scooter. He was curious if Carly had heard from Jason. Spinelli explained that it appeared that Jason had been putting his affairs in order. Carly thought that Spinelli was over-reacting, but Spinelli told her about Jason's lengthy phone call with Bernie, which Spinelli had eavesdropped on. Carly realized that Jason was about to do something "stupid" when Spinelli revealed some of the snippets of conversation that he had overheard.

Carly was waiting when Jason entered Pozzulos. She followed him to the office where Jason explained what he planned to do. Carly was livid; she couldn't believe that Jason was willing to sacrifice his freedom for Sonny. Jason remained steadfast in his decision to accept Claire's deal. Carly worried that Michael would feel compelled to confess to killing Claudia if Jason went to jail. Jason was depending on Carly to stop Michael.

Carly couldn't imagine Jason going away for five years. Jason promised to find a way out. Carly cried that he would just make matters worse because if they caught him then he would face a much longer prison sentence. Carly wondered how Sam felt about Jason's decision. He assured her that Sam would be fine. "I won't," Carly admitted. Carly would never be able to forgive Jax if Jason went to jail because of Jax's attempt to take down Sonny.

Diane entered the office moments later. Jason quickly filled Diane in on his plans; he wanted Diane to accept the plea deal on his behalf. Jason and Diane went to the police station to talk to Claire. Diane was furious that Claire had tried to work out a plea deal without Diane's counsel. Diane threatened to discuss it with the judge, but Claire didn't seem worried. She informed Diane that the offer was only good for a short time.

Diane was curious if Claire would offer the same deal to the real killer. Claire argued that Sonny was the one who had murdered Claudia. However, Claire led Diane and Jason to an interrogation room for privacy. Jason made it clear that he wanted Claire to extend him the same deal that she had offered to Sonny.

Spinelli arrived at Pozzulos to talk to Carly. Carly told Spinelli about Jason's plans to go to jail for Sonny. Spinelli feared that all was lost. Carly wasn't ready to give up; she was certain that Sonny could stop Jason from accepting Claire's plea deal.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

At Wyndemere, Helena reminded Nikolas that Alexis had a sordid history of one murder conviction, two hit-and-runs, and a stint at Shadybrook. She suggested that Alexis would have to do better than that if she wanted to go toe-to-toe with Helena. Helena insisted that she was in Port Charles to help Nikolas take care of the baby, but Nikolas didn't believe her. He suspected Helena wanted to make certain that he didn't do something foolish like marry Liz.

Nikolas believed that, if Helena were left to her own devices, she would make Liz miserable. Nikolas was determined to keep a close eye on Helena. Helena realized that there were similarities between Alexis and Liz; both women were terribly unstable and they had three "bastard" children by three different men. "Then you better be careful old witch, you may not know when I'll snap again," Alexis suggested. Nikolas warned Helena to back off or he would ask Helena to leave.

Later, Nikolas found Helena arranging some fresh cut flowers. He confessed that he had always assumed that flowers withered and then died around Helena. Helena ignored the remark. She admitted that she had enjoyed sparing with Alexis; however, she was outraged that Mikkos' granddaughter had been beaten. Helena wanted better for Nikolas' heirs.

Nikolas pointed committed to be a "hands on" father, even if he and Liz were not together. He fully intended to do right by his children by raising them with all the rights and privileges that they were entitled to. Helena was overjoyed to hear it; she admitted that her prayers would be answered if Nikolas kept that promise.

Liz was surprised when Maxie opened the door to Lucky's new apartment. She hadn't realized that Maxie was there. Maxie snidely suggested that next time Liz should try calling. Liz acknowledged that Maxie was right; however, she had a permission slip that she needed Lucky to sign. Liz casually commented about the apartment while Lucky glanced at the permission slip. He let Liz know that there was a small bedroom for Cam and Jake, so it met all of his need.

Maxie piped up to announce that she had been helping Lucky to decorate. Liz was curious if Lucky had asked for Maxie's help. Maxie wondered how it was any of Liz's business. Lucky remained silent, so Liz decided to leave. Lucky quickly revealed that Maxie had only stopped by to help him find a place for the lamp, but the tension remained thick between Maxie and Liz. Maxie bristled when Liz wondered if Spinelli knew that Maxie was helping Lucky.

Maxie decided to clear the air by admitting that she had taken full responsibility for her affair with Lucky. Maxie was curious what Liz's excuse for "nailing" Lucky's brother had been. "That's enough," Lucky warned Maxie, but Liz decided to leave. Lucky appreciated that Maxie had defended him, but he insisted that he didn't need her help.

Maxie believed that Lucky needed her to force him to face reality; Liz wouldn't give up on Lucky. Lucky preferred to deal with it on his own. Maxie warned Lucky that Liz would use the children and her pregnancy to manipulate and take advantage of him. Lucky didn't think that Maxie should worry because he knew exactly what Liz was doing. As Maxie prepared to leave, she offered to be available if Lucky needed more help with Liz. Lucky explained that Liz was looking for redemption; he wasn't interested in punishing her any more. Maxie reminded him that Liz wouldn't give up.

Shirley was delighted when Liz entered the hospital room. She was curious where Liz had been. Liz told Shirley about her visit to Lucky's apartment and the encounter that Liz had with a "blonde slut." Liz realized that she didn't have any room to talk because she was pregnant with her ex-husband's brother's baby. Shirley told Liz that there was a difference between a slut and someone who had made a mistake of the heart. Liz appreciated Shirley's kindness.

Liz admitted that she was frustrated because the blonde felt the need to always rub Liz's face in every mistake that Liz had ever made while the blonde was hitting on Liz's ex-husband. Shirley pointed out that things could be worse; Liz could be dying. Liz quickly apologized for complaining about her problems, but added that Shirley might not be dying. Liz pointed out that Shirley had beat breast cancer before.

Shirley was more interested in hearing about Liz. She wondered how long Liz had been married. Liz explained that she had married Lucky twice because it had always felt like she and Lucky had belonged together. Shirley offered Liz advice, "Feel what you feel and own it. Whatever you do, don't give up the fight." Liz felt bad for dumping her problems on Shirley, but Shirley didn't mind. She was determined to have as much fun as she could, even if a miracle were to occur.

At Jake's, Patrick asked Steve how Liz was handling working in the oncology department. Patrick imagined that it must be difficult. Steve revealed that the patients knew how to live, so he hoped that it would help Liz to do the same. Patrick and Steve raised their bottles of beer in a toast to Liz and then to Lisa for paying for their night at Jake's. Patrick and Steve began talking about different ways of living.

Patrick admitted that he enjoyed being married and fatherhood, but he missed the simplicity of his bachelor days. As a beautiful woman walked by, Steve admitted that he had remained single because there was too much temptation walking around. Both men realized that the atmosphere was lacking the "full moon factor" without Lisa around. Olivia entered the bar moments later. She planned to meet Johnny, so that they could "howl at the moon."

Patrick and Steve chuckled when Olivia challenged them to a game of darts while she waited for Johnny to arrive. Later, after Steve's dart nearly struck a patron, so Steve decided to fetch another round of beer. Patrick took the opportunity to ask how Olivia hoped Sonny's trial would end. Olivia believed that Claudia had gotten exactly what she had deserved. Patrick wondered how Olivia felt about what Sonny had done to Dante. Olivia was happy that her son was alive, but how he chose to deal with Sonny was up to him.

As Steve returned to the table, Robin and Johnny entered the bar. Patrick and Olivia joked that they each wanted a rematch of the dart game. Before Olivia walked away with Johnny, she reminded Patrick to see her if he needed any help with his car engine. Robin hadn't realized that Patrick and Olivia had been so "chummy." Patrick explained that Olivia's brother owned a garage, so Olivia was knowledgeable about cars and NASCAR. Steve offered to fetch Robin a shot of tequila or a beer, but she declined both.

Patrick sensed that Robin had a bad day. Robin bristled when she noticed Patrick looking at a beautiful woman in the bar. She offered to leave, so that Patrick could check out the beautiful ladies. Patrick suggested that Robin stay; he suggested that she might enjoy herself. Steve quickly excused himself when he realized that Robin and Patrick needed some privacy. Patrick wondered what Robin's gig was. He suspected that she was fretting about whether or not Sonny would get what he deserved.

Kristina secretly called Michael from Wyndemere. Michael was eager to return home to help his sister, but Kristina assured Michael that she was fine. She insisted that he remain where he was. As Kristina ended the call, Jax stepped out on the patio. Jax overheard the tail end of Michael's conversation, so he concluded that he had arrived at the right time to help Michael.

Michael believed that the best way to help was to arrange for Michael to return to Port Charles. Jax promised that he had been keeping an eye on everyone and that Kristina was okay. Michael pointed out that Kristina had been assaulted by Kiefer twice and that Alexis ended up killing Kiefer in a hit-and-run, so it didn't sound as if Jax had done a good job.

Jax reminded Michael that Kiefer had been abusing Kristina for months, even before Michael had left for the island. Jax revealed that Kristina had lied to everyone because she had feared Sonny's reaction, which had nearly cost Ethan's life. Michael was unmoved. Jax insisted that all he wanted was for Michael to be happy and to have a chance at a life. Jax would do anything to keep Michael safe, even if Michael hated him for it. Michael realized that Jax wanted Michael to assure him that it was okay to send Sonny to prison.

At the police station, Jason demanded to know if Claire would accept his guilty plea in exchange for the offer that she had extended to Sonny. Claire insisted that it wasn't a game of musical mobsters. Claire was certain that Sonny, not Jason, had murdered Claudia. Dante entered the interrogation room moments later. Dante agreed that the evidence pointed to Sonny as the killer.

Diane shrewdly pointed out that Jason's conviction would be a huge win for Claire. Claire agreed to think about, but she insisted that Jason remain in custody as a prisoner. After Claire and Diane left, Dante wondered why Jason wanted to take the fall for Sonny. Jason believed that it would be best for Morgan and Michael. Jason was curious why Dante seemed more interested in convicting Sonny than in helping the kids.

Dante thought that everyone would be better off without Sonny's influence. Morgan had Jax to help guide him, while Kristina had Alexis. Dante didn't want them to be raised as Michael had been. Michael had learned that the person with the biggest gun won. Jason refused to defend what had happened to Michael; he conceded that mistakes had been made. Jason was determined that the trial not wreck Michael's life.

Jason insisted that Morgan shouldn't have been subjected to what Claire had done. Dante pointed out that he had spent a night in jail because he had tried to protect Morgan. Dante loved his siblings and wanted what was best for them. Jason promised that Morgan, Michael, and Kristina would end up hating Dante if Sonny went to jail.

Sonny wasn't thrilled when he entered Pozzulo's to find Carly and Spinelli waiting for him. Carly and Spinelli followed Sonny to the office as they discussed Jason's decision to take Claire's plea deal. Sonny insisted that he hadn't agreed to Jason's plans. Spinelli suggested that perhaps Sonny's silence had been the consent that Jason had needed. Sonny snapped at Spinelli, but Carly ordered Sonny not to be a bully. Sonny reluctantly agreed to listen to what Spinelli had to say.

Spinelli pointed out that Jason knew that Sonny had difficulty with confided spaces. However, what Jason failed to appreciate was that Sonny had been fully aware of the risks when he had chosen to run a criminal empire. Spinelli didn't think that it was noble to let a best friend bear the consequences of that choice. Spinelli warned Sonny that too many of Jason's loved ones would be hurt if Jason were taken from them.

Sonny was curious what Spinelli thought that Sonny should do. "Take the deal," Spinelli urged Sonny. Sonny ordered Spinelli to leave. Carly made it clear that she agreed with Spinelli. Sonny couldn't believe Carly's sudden turnaround. He wondered what happened to her fear of Sonny's enemies killing him in jail, the trauma to the kids, the months of cover-ups and the legal wrangling. Carly argued that it was unfair for Jason to always sacrifice himself for Sonny.

Sonny was annoyed that it appeared that he and Carly were about to go down the road where Jason was always right and Sonny was always wrong. Sonny suggested that the real reason Carly couldn't lose Jason was because Jason was the only person who didn't call her on her garbage, who didn't tell her when she was wrong, and who allowed her to do whatever she pleased. According to Sonny, Jason would always clean up Carly's mess.

Carly pointed out that Jason was cleaning up Sonny's mess by offering to go to jail in Sonny's place. Sonny insisted that he wanted to go through with the trial. Carly reminded Sonny that her testimony would save his "sorry ass." Sonny questioned if she intended to sabotage him. "Maybe I should," Carly threatened. Sonny refused to continue the argument. He realized that Carly was scared.

Sonny explained that they had to work together. He didn't want Jason to go to jail. Carly cried as she asked Sonny what they were going to do. Sonny hated the idea of Morgan testifying, but it would be necessary. Claire suddenly appeared in the doorway. Claire told Sonny about Jason's willingness to give up his freedom to protect the children. Claire was curious why Sonny wasn't willing to take the deal, if he were truly such a wonderful father.

Carly questioned if it were legal for Claire to talk to Sonny without Diane's presence. Claire didn't appear concerned when Carly threatened to call Judge Carroll to find out. Claire explained that her bosses wanted Sonny, so Jason's offer had been rejected. Claire warned Sonny that they were willing to commit more money to finding Michael; she assured him that things would get ugly. Sonny clarified that he didn't want or need Claire's deal.

Sonny insisted that a madwoman had threatened Carly and the baby. He hated to disappoint Claire, but he promised that his kids understood that he loved them.

Claire returned to the police station to let Jason know that the deal was off. Claire then ordered Ronnie to return Morgan to the courthouse. Jason wondered why the law had failed Morgan if it were designed to protect the weak and innocent. After Jason walked out, Dante confessed that he agreed with Jason.

Later, Ronnie informed Mac that Morgan had been taken to the courthouse. Mac wasn't happy about Morgan's involvement in the trial, but he suspected that Carly knew where Michael was, which meant that Jax did as well. Ronnie was surprised when Mac revealed that Jax's jet had landed on Sonny's private island a few hours earlier.

Carly was overjoyed when Jason entered Pozzulo's. She confessed that she was relieved that Claire had not accepted Jason's offer. Carly hated that Morgan had to testify, but she was happy that Jason didn't have to go to jail. Jason reminded Carly that it was up to her to win over the jury and to save Sonny.

At the courthouse, Dante and Sonny traded heated words. Sonny refused to go to prison to make Dante happy. Dante was more certain than ever that Sonny had murdered Claudia. He accused Sonny of being an egomaniac. Moments later, Morgan arrived at the courthouse. Dante stepped away from Sonny to talk to Morgan.

Dante explained that Ronnie had lied to Morgan. Dante made it clear that he wasn't in trouble, so Morgan didn't have to agree to everything that Claire said. Sonny stood nearby, listening to the conversation.

Friday, April 16, 2010

At the courthouse, Sonny, Diane, and Claire hovered nearby while Dante advised Morgan to answer Claire's questions truthfully, but not to let Claire force him to say something that made Morgan uncomfortable. Claire stepped forward to order Dante to back off or she would have Dante charged with witness tampering. As the social worker hustled Morgan away, Sonny made another attempt to get Claire to change her mind about calling Morgan as a witness. Claire suggested that Sonny take the deal if he didn't want Morgan to testify. After Sonny and Diane entered the courtroom, Dante made it clear that he would not allow Claire to run roughshod over Morgan.

A short time later, the trial resumed. The judge warned everyone that he would not tolerate anyone upsetting Morgan. Claire wondered if Michael had ever talked to Morgan about their stepmother's death. Morgan confessed that Michael had mentioned that it was sad. Claire tried to push for more details, but Morgan was unsure what Claire wanted him to say because Michael had talked about it extensively. The judge suggested that Claire be more specific. Claire was curious if Sonny or Diane had coached Morgan on what to say.

Diane was outraged by the accusation of unethical behavior. Claire argued that Morgan seemed more poised and less forthcoming. The judge instructed the jury to disregard Claire's inappropriate comments and then he ordered Claire to proceed with caution. Claire decided that there wasn't any point in questioning Morgan, since it was clear that he wouldn't provide any helpful information. Diane revealed that she had just one question. Diane wanted to know if Michael had ever confessed to witnessing Sonny kill Claudia. "No," Morgan quietly responded.

After the judge excused Morgan, Claire decided to rest the prosecution's case. However, she requested permission to call her key witness, Michael, when he was located. The judge agreed and then called a brief recess. Diane admitted to Sonny that Claire had done a good job of making it appear that Morgan had held back crucial information. Sonny stopped Claire before she left the courtroom.

Sonny wanted to know if Claire was proud of herself. Claire reminded Sonny that Morgan's testimony could have been prevented if Sonny had accepted the deal. Claire promised him that she wouldn't be any easier on Carly. Claire confided that she had done her homework on Carly, so she was confident that she could tear Carly apart on the stand. Claire urged Sonny to accept the deal before it was off the table for good.

In the office at Pozzulo's, Carly was plagued with doubts. She didn't think that her testimony would be effective. Jason was confident that Carly could do anything that she set her mind to. Carly didn't think that her version of events would be believable. She thought it was preposterous to suggest that she had trekked through the woods in full-blown labor after forcing Claudia to wreck the car. Jason reminded Carly that it had happened.

Carly didn't think that it made sense that Sam would have stumbled upon Carly at the cabin in time to help deliver Josslyn and then, while Sam was fetching the car, a "crazy, gun-wielding" Claudia had shown up, kidnapped Josslyn, and then tried to escape. Carly was certain that the jury would never believe that Sonny, whom Sam had called earlier, had shown up in time to stop Claudia by killing her with one fatal blow.

Jason insisted that Carly was the best liar that he knew. He was confident that she could win over the jury. Jason reminded Carly that she had a story to tell; she just needed to believe in it. Later, Carly was at home when the social worker dropped off Morgan. Morgan was upset and crying, so Carly took her son to the living room to talk to him.

Morgan felt as if he had failed his father because Claire had made it sound as if Morgan's testimony had been guided. Carly promised that Claire was about to meet her match. Morgan smiled when he recognized the look in Carly's eye. Carly confirmed that she was on the warpath. Carly was confident that when she was through, Sonny would be free and Claire would be out of a job. .

Later, Diane called her first witness: "Caroline Lee Jacks." Carly entered the courtroom carrying Josslyn. Claire appeared annoyed as Carly smiled triumphantly at the prosecutor.

Lulu was talking on her cell phone while juggling several shopping bags as she walked home. Dante approached Lulu when he spotted her. After Lulu ended the call, Dante told her about Morgan's testimony. Dante realized that the good guys were almost as bad as the people that they were going after. Lulu was stunned when Dante told her about the plea bargain that Claire had extended to Sonny. She wasn't surprised to learn that Jason had offered to go to jail for Sonny.

Dante hated the role that he had played in what Michael and Morgan were going through. Dante questioned if he was any better than the prosecution. Lulu insisted that Dante hadn't done anything wrong. She believed that Morgan would be better off without Sonny. Lulu reminded Dante that Morgan would have him. Lulu believed that Dante was a better role model than Sonny.

Jason went to Sam's apartment to let her know that Claire had rejected his offer to take the plea deal. Sam was delighted that Jason wouldn't be going to jail for ten years. She threw her arms around Jason and then kissed him. Jason and Sam settled on the sofa a few minutes later. Jason apologized for not consulting with Sam about his decision to take Claire's deal. Sam believed that she owed Jason an apology, too, but Jason disagreed. He assured her that she had every right to be mad at him.

After Jason and Sam kissed, Jason noticed a map on the living room table. He quickly realized that Sam had been working on a way to break him out of jail. Sam smiled as she admitted that she never had any intention of waiting ten years for Jason to serve out his sentence.

At the police station, Mac sent Ronnie to Sonny's private island to serve Michael with a subpoena to appear in court. Ronnie didn't think it would be a good idea for Dante to know about the trip because Dante had a close connection to the kids. Ronnie promised that Dante was an upstanding police officer, but Dante was in over his head with Sonny. As Ronnie left, Alexis entered the squad room.

Mac and Alexis went to an interrogation room where Alexis confessed that she was concerned about Kristina. Alexis understood that the Bauers were grieving, but she didn't want them taking their frustration and anger out on Kristina. Alexis revealed that Kristina blamed herself for what had happened to Kiefer. Alexis insisted that she needed more time to help her daughter get through everything that had happened.

Alexis was worried because the Bauers were screaming for her head. Mac promised to help Alexis. He was confident that she wouldn't have to serve any jail time. Mac assured her that he would deal with the Bauers. Shortly after Alexis left, Dante entered the squad room. Dante grew suspicious when Mac assigned him to drug surveillance. Dante realized it was a move to keep him away from the trial.

Mac reminded Dante who was in charge. Dante was curious where Ronnie was, but Mac would only reveal that Ronnie was working on something else. After Mac walked away, Dante made a call requesting information. Later, Dante showed up at Pozzulo's to talk to Jason. Dante wanted to know where Michael was because Ronnie had been sent to the island with a subpoena for Michael.

On the island, Michael refused to endorse Jax's tactics to rid himself of Sonny. He reminded Jax that Sonny was on trial for a crime that Sonny had not committed. Jax clarified that he wasn't looking for Michael's approval, but Jax viewed Sonny as a constant threat to Jax's family. Jax just wanted everyone to be safe. Michael was grateful that Jax was in Morgan and Josslyn's lives. However, Michael would always look up to Sonny, so Michael's loyalty would always be to Sonny.

Michael wanted to be a part of Sonny's life. Jax didn't think that Sonny would allow it to happen. "We'll see about that," Michael confidently suggested. Jax switched gears to assure Michael that they were all helping Kristina. It wasn't enough for Michael; he wanted Kristina to know that he loved her. Jax promised to pass along the message.

Michael realized that he had to stay put on the island because a lot of people had jumped through hoops to help Michael. Jax didn't think that Michael would have to remain in hiding for much longer. After Jax left, Michael pulled out a bloodstained shirt from a backpack. Moments later, someone knocked on the door. Michael heard one of the island employees question the person on the other side of the door. It was Ronnie. Michael realized that Ronnie was there to take Michael into custody.

At the lake house, Kristina was on the laptop reviewing a web page that had been dedicated in memory to Kiefer. Kristina quickly closed the laptop when someone knocked on the door. It was Warren Bauer. Warren apologized for the way that he had treated Kristina. He promised that the person who had yelled at her was not who he really was. Warren explained that he and his wife had found Kiefer's journals among his belongings.

According to Warren, the journal had been filled with thoughts about Kristina and how much Kiefer had loved her. Kristina was surprised when Warren confessed that he and his wife wanted Kristina to have the journal. Warren then confided that Kristina had broken Kiefer's heart when she had taken up with Ethan. He also suggested that Alexis had pressured Kristina to falsely accuse Kiefer of the attack.

Kristina insisted that it hadn't been like that. Warren ignored Kristina as he continued to weave his story, which painted Kiefer as an innocent victim of Alexis' rage. Kristina argued that Ethan had never struck her; it was Kiefer. Warren was curious why Kristina had stayed with Kiefer if he had been hurting her. Warren once again suggested that Alexis had pushed Kristina to lie.

He pretended to have sympathy for Kristina and then extended an invitation for her to attend Kiefer's memorial service. Kristina confessed that she hadn't thought that she would have been welcomed. Alexis was livid when she returned home to find Warren standing in her living room. Alexis immediately reminded Warren that he was not permitted to go near Kristina.

Alexis sent Kristina out of the room and then confronted Warren. Warren accused Kristina of being a pathological liar and Alexis of being a child killer. According to Warren, Kristina and Alexis were a matched set. He refused to allow Alexis to walk away from the hit-and-run without suffering any consequences.

Kristina returned to the living room after Warren left. Kristina told Alexis about Warren's belief that Kiefer was innocent. Alexis realized that the Bauers were trying to deal with their son's death; however, they would eventually have to accept that their son was disturbed. Kristina confessed that she had conflicted feelings about Kiefer.

Alexis was curious why Kristina had gone back to Kiefer after he had hit her. Kristina explained that it hadn't always been bad; she had loved Kiefer and they had fun together. Alexis assured Kristina that it was okay for Kristina to miss Kiefer, but Kristina should never make excuses for what Kiefer had done. Kristina didn't know what she would do without Alexis; she didn't want her mother to go to jail. Alexis confided that Mac had agreed to help, so Alexis didn't think that she would have to go to jail.

Later, Kristina clicked on Kiefer's web page again. There was a taped message from Warren Bauer, which Kristina played. According to Warren, on April 5, 2010, Ethan had beaten Kristina. Kristina had called Kiefer for help, so Kiefer had raced to her house. On the way, Kiefer had lost control of his car. The car had been too damaged to drive, so Kiefer had set out to Kristina's house on foot. Warren claimed that Alexis had killed his son as she sped to the hospital with Kristina.

Warren approached Mac at the police station. He demanded to know why Mac was protecting Kiefer's killer.

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