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General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 8, 2010 on GH
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Monday, November 8, 2010

In Robin's hospital room, Patrick assured Robin that everyone was well aware of her HIV status, so they would do everything in their power to help her get well. Robin thanked God that she had escaped with only minor injuries and that Emma was alive. She pointed out that Lisa could have killed them. Patrick urged Robin to focus on her recovery. He promised her that the police would handle the investigation.

Robin was frustrated that Lisa was out to get her. Robin was certain that Lisa wanted to hurt her. Patrick gently reminded her that it was up to the police to prove it. It annoyed Robin that Patrick had doubts. Patrick assured Robin that he believed her, but he insisted that the police needed to prove it.

Patrick was curious what had happened before the fire. Robin recalled Mac leaving and then she remembered putting Emma to bed. She claimed that she had smelled smoke, but she had tripped on the stairs as she went to the living room to investigate. Robin didn't remember anything else until she had woken up to find Lisa standing over her. Patrick wondered if Robin had seen Lisa start the fire or had a sense that someone might have been watching her. "No," Robin admitted, but there was no doubt in Robin's mind that Lisa had started the fire.

Later, Mac stopped by to visit Robin. Mac assured Robin that Emma was fine. Robin was curious how badly the house had been burned. Mac hesitated to reveal the extent of the damage, but Robin refused to drop it. Robin was heartbroken when Mac admitted that the house had been destroyed.

Mac assured Robin that the only thing that mattered was that Robin and Emma had escaped the fire with their lives. Robin remembered what it had been like to grow up in the house that her Uncle Mac had raised her in. Mac smiled fondly as he recalled how complete he had felt when Felicia, Maxie, and Georgie had moved in. He loved the holidays because Felicia had gone all out with decorations, especially at Christmastime. Robin's favorite memory had been the pancake breakfasts that Mac had made. She couldn't believe that Lisa had destroyed all of that in one "psychotic moment."

Mac insisted that Lisa hadn't succeeded because they had all of their memories. Robin warned Mac that Lisa was crazy and getting worse. She was determined to find a way to stop Lisa. Mac revealed that Lisa had been taken to the police station for questioning. He promised that Lisa would go to jail if they were able to prove that Lisa had set the fire.

Alexis bumped into Mac after he left Robin's hospital room. She let him know how sorry she was about the loss of his house and then offered to buy him a coffee or a drink. Alexis was eager to help Mac in whatever way that she could. Mac smiled as he confessed that her presence helped. Mac and Alexis sat down as Mac opened up to Alexis about what Robin, Maxie, and Georgie meant to him. He realized that nothing lasted forever because Felicia had left, Georgie had died, Maxie and Robin had moved out, and then the house had burned down.

At the nurses' station, Steve and Matt asked Liz for an update about Robin and Emma. Liz assured them that Emma was fine and that Robin had escaped with a minor burn. Liz revealed that Robin had accused Lisa of setting the fire, so Lisa had been taken to the police station. Matt was upset because Shadybrook had released Lisa. Steve was stunned when Liz admitted that Lisa had saved Robin and Emma's lives.

Matt suggested that Lisa had played the hero because she had suffered second thoughts about killing an innocent woman and child. Steve warned Liz and Matt to keep their opinions to themselves because they didn't need anyone rushing to judgment. According to Steve, Lisa was innocent until proven guilty. Later, Matt spotted Maxie near the nurses' station. She admitted that she was upset over the loss of her home.

Maxie was happy that Robin and Emma were safe, but she hurt because so many memories were gone. It felt to Maxie as if she had lost her sister, Georgie, all over again. Maxie confessed that they had never changed Georgie's room after Georgie had died. Maxie had often gone to her sister's room when she had been upset because she had felt Georgie's presence in the room, especially when she held Georgie's most treasured possession, their mother's locket. A short time later, Maxie paid Robin a visit.

Robin was feeling down because she feared that she would end up with a scar on her leg. Maxie assured Robin that no one would be able to see it, but Robin disagreed. Robin worried that if she and Patrick reconciled then he might be disgusted by the ugly scar. Maxie reminded Robin of the wonders of plastic surgery. Maxie also didn't think that the scar would bother Patrick because he loved Robin.

After Maxie left Robin's room, Matt surprised Maxie with a small stuffed toy. Maxie was touched by the sweet gesture, but she confessed that she couldn't stop thinking about the fire. However, she conceded that there might be a silver lining if Robin and Patrick worked things out. Matt hoped that Robin and Patrick reconciled because he didn't want Patrick to follow in their father's footsteps.

At the nurses' station, Patrick was on the phone, discussing treatment for Robin's infection. Patrick wanted to know what they planned to do to make certain that Robin pulled through the crisis. Patrick looked troubled after the call. A few minutes later, Patrick went to Robin's hospital room. Robin immediately sensed that Patrick had something on his mind. Patrick revealed that Robin had an infection that was serious because her HIV status had compromised her immune system.

At the police station, Lisa made an impassioned plea for Nikolas to help her. Lisa insisted that she was not an arsonist and that she couldn't even start a campfire. Lisa claimed that there hadn't been any proof that she had set the fire at the Scorpio house. Nikolas wondered if anyone had been hurt. Lisa revealed that Robin had sustained minor injuries, but Lisa had risked her life to save Robin and Emma.

Nikolas was curious what Lisa expected him to do. Lisa hoped that Nikolas might use his position as chief trustee to get her released. Nikolas suggested that it might be a job for a lawyer, not him. He warned her that he had to remain impartial; however, he conceded that if he had to pick a side, he'd believe Robin. Lisa slumped in defeat as she tearfully accused Robin of systematically dismantling her life.

Lisa acknowledged that she'd had an affair with Patrick and that she had gone so far off the rails that she had tried to kill herself, but she insisted that she just wanted to pick up the pieces. Lisa thought that Nikolas would understand what it was like because of his own recent scandal. The reminder didn't help her cause, so she switched tactics by pointing out that she had nothing to gain by setting fire to the Scorpio house because Patrick had made it clear that he didn't want anything to do with her. Nikolas understood how mortifying it was to have one's mistakes made public, but he reminded Lisa that he didn't know her. However, he had known Robin for years.

Lisa urged Nikolas to look into Robin's accusations because she was certain that he would find that they had been baseless. Nikolas admitted that he tended to give Robin the benefit of the doubt because he respected her, but he promised to be the first in line to apologize if an arson investigation exonerated Lisa.

In the interrogation room, Sonny was curious what would happen to Claire if the evidence against him were thrown out. Claire explained that Ronnie had obtained the damaging recording illegally by not following procedure, so she wasn't doing anything wrong. Sonny realized that she had "jammed up" the wheels of justice because she cared about him. He couldn't understand why she hadn't turned a blind eye to allow the law to take its course. Claire admitted that relying on the fruit of a poisoned tree offended her sense of justice.

Sonny chuckled because he thought it was a "beautiful thing" that she was reluctant to send him to jail. Sonny would never forget that she had put her career on the line for him. He was curious why Claire found it so difficult to admit that she cared about him. Claire insisted that she had merely done what she had to, in order to see that justice had been served. She advised Sonny not to read any more into it.

Sonny was curious why it was so important for Claire to appear strong to him. Claire confessed that it was safer. Sonny softened as he admitted that he had never meant to hurt her. Moments later, Diane walked in. Diane hoped that Sonny had learned a valuable lesson; he should never talk to Claire without an attorney present.

Sonny smugly informed Diane that Claire had found a way to have the evidence against him tossed out. Diane was stunned by the news. Claire decided to check on the paperwork, so that Sonny could go home. After Claire left, Diane warned Sonny that Claire had tanked her career for him. She was curious if Sonny intended to step it up to make it worth Claire's while.

Diane assured Sonny that the police had had Sonny dead to rights. She was certain that Claire's superiors would be livid when they realized that they couldn't use the recording against Sonny. Sonny wondered why Diane cared about his relationship with Claire. Diane admitted that it was because Claire had gone very far to protect Sonny. Sonny and Diane watched Claire through the window as Claire received a phone call.

Diane suspected that it was Claire's superiors, based on the strained expression on Claire's face. Diane was certain that an investigation would be launched by the Justice Department to see if Claire had done anything inappropriate. Sonny asked Diane to fetch Claire for him. Moments later, Claire returned to the interrogation room. Sonny wondered if she had just received bad news. Claire assured him that it was nothing that she couldn't handle, but Sonny confessed that he knew that she was under investigation because of him.

Lucky was on the phone with the Balkan's henchman, Marko. Lucky vowed to kill Marko if Siobhan was hurt. Marko glanced down at Siobhan, who remained tied to a chair that had been tipped over. Marko warned Lucky that Siobhan would die a slow and painful death if Brenda were not taken to the warehouse. Lucky demanded to talk to Siobhan, but Marko refused. Lucky's temper flared until Jason advised Lucky to calm down.

Lucky took a deep breath and then explained that he refused to walk into an ambush, so he insisted on meeting Marko and Siobhan at the bluffs on Adams Road. Marko agreed and then disconnected the call. Jason understood that Lucky was upset about Siobhan, but he advised Lucky to get himself under control before someone ended up dead.

In the penthouse, Brenda confessed to Dante that things were getting tricky. She was certain that the Balkan's men knew why the Balkan wanted her. Dante didn't agree, but he assured her that they would deal with it if that were the case. Brenda relaxed as she admitted that he was exactly the same as he had been when she first met him: calm and collected. However, she made it clear that she didn't want Dante to get hurt because of her.

Dante reminded Brenda that it was his choice to make. He wanted her to believe him when he promised her that everything would be okay. Brenda was smiling when Jason and Lucky walked in. Lucky asked if Brenda still wanted to help rescue Siobhan. Brenda assured Lucky that she was ready, so they went over the plans.

Dante quietly confided to Jason that he was concerned because Lucky seemed more interested in saving Siobhan than in keeping everyone, including Brenda, safe. Jason appeared to agree. A short time later, Jason, Dante, and Lucky put their plan into motion with Brenda's help. Jason and Dante took sniper positions in the brush as Lucky and Brenda stood in a clearing waiting for Marko and Siobhan to arrive. Brenda pretended to struggle against Lucky's strong grip as Marko, flanked by two goons, appeared with Siobhan.

Jason warned Dante to hold his fire until Jason gave the word. Meanwhile, Marko wondered how long Brenda had thought that she could run. Brenda screamed in outrage seconds before Dante fired a shot.

In Metro Court's lobby, Lulu spotted Spinelli as he looked for Carly. Lulu assumed that Spinelli was there to take care of a glitch with Crimson's email system. Spinelli pounced on the excuse. Moments later, Carly joined them. Spinelli revealed that he was there to fix Crimson's computer problem and then dashed off.

Carly noted the time; she imagined that Lulu's long hours had put a crimp in Lulu and Dante's relationship. Lulu explained that Dante was on "Brenda duty." Carly confessed that Lulu was a better person that Cary because Carly's head would have exploded if Jax were to spend day and night with "that man-eater." Carly thought it was a good thing that Brenda and Dante didn't have a history.

Later, Carly congratulated Spinelli for thinking fast on his feet. Spinelli appreciated the praise. He confessed that he had been able to fix Crimson's email issues, so it had worked out well. Carly didn't care; she was more interested in knowing if Spinelli had found proof that Dante had guarded Brenda in 2007. Spinelli reminded Carly that Jason had clearly warned him not to share secrets and for Carly to drop her vendetta against Dante.

Carly argued that they needed to watch Jason's back, so she had to know everything that Spinelli knew about Brenda and Dante. Spinelli didn't have an opportunity to respond because Jax walked up. Jax was curious what Carly and Spinelli had been talking about so intensely. Spinelli quickly excused himself while Carly explained that she had been questioning Spinelli because he lived with Jason and Brenda. Carly complained that Jason didn't tell her anything, so she had to go through Spinelli.

Jax confessed that Jason probably didn't confide to Carly because Jason didn't trust Carly not to lead the bad guys to Jason's door to get Brenda out of the way. Carly admitted that it was tempting; however, she was pleased that Jax hadn't ridden to Brenda's rescue. Jax was happy that Carly had noticed, but he wanted Carly to leave Brenda alone. Carly decided to get back to work rather than make empty promises to Jax. Later, Lulu spotted Jax working in the lobby. Lulu confessed that she was happy that Jax had demanded police protection for Brenda because she trusted Dante to do a good job.

At the penthouse, Carly badgered Spinelli to tell her what he knew about Brenda and Dante. Spinelli insisted that he had promised Jason to keep quiet. Carly was relentless as she explained that they owed it to Jason. Spinelli pointed out that Carly seemed more interested in exposing Brenda than in helping Jason. Carly didn't deny it; she argued that Brenda and Dante were snakes who didn't deserve Jason's loyalty.

Eventually, Spinelli confirmed that Dante had guarded Brenda in 2007. Carly wasn't satisfied. She demanded to know who else had guarded Brenda because she was determined to question them about what they knew of Brenda and Dante's relationship. Spinelli found the name of one of the police officers who had been assigned to guard Brenda. Moments later, Lulu stopped by to thank Spinelli for helping her with the computer glitch at Crimson.

Carly decided to question Lulu about Dante and Brenda's past. Lulu was stunned to learn that Dante had guarded Brenda in 2007. Carly appeared to take pleasure in feigning shock that Dante hadn't mentioned it to Lulu.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

In Robin's hospital room, Robin acknowledged that she was aware that her HIV status made her more susceptible to infections. Patrick promised to be there for her every step of the way as she battled the infection. He had rearranged his schedule, so that he could be available for Robin. Robin insisted that it wasn't necessary, but Patrick disagreed; Robin and Emma meant everything to him. Robin argued that she couldn't lean on Patrick, especially when she wasn't sure if he was motivated by love or guilt.

Robin explained that his infidelity had turned her world upside down, so she wasn't certain about anything. Patrick wanted Robin to picture him in her life and to forgive him. He realized that he had to earn back her trust, but it had to start with her letting him in. Robin could see how worried Patrick was, but she only had strength to battle one thing at a time. She needed to focus on getting well, so their marital woes would have to wait.

Patrick hoped that Robin would consider going to couples therapy, but Robin didn't have the energy to discuss it. She tearfully suggested that if he truly loved her then he would leave her alone. Patrick's eyes filled with tears as he assured her, "I love you," and then left. In the hallway, Patrick remembered happier times with Robin. Meanwhile, Robin was assailed with similar memories of her life with Patrick.

Later, Maxie approached Patrick and Matt at the nurses' station to see how Robin was doing. Patrick explained that Robin was battling a serious infection because her immune system had been compromised by the HIV. Maxie demanded to know what they were doing to help Robin. Patrick assured Maxie that Robin was receiving antibiotics and that she was determined to get well. Maxie was surprised when Patrick announced that he planned to pick up Emma and then take his daughter back to his hotel room.

Maxie thought that Patrick should stay with Robin, but Patrick confessed that Robin didn't want him around. Maxie didn't think that Patrick should give up on Robin. After Maxie walked away, Matt urged Patrick to follow Maxie's advice, but Patrick argued that he had to respect Robin's wishes. In Robin's hospital room, Robin admitted that she couldn't find it in herself to forgive Patrick for cheating. Maxie cautioned Robin to think carefully before she pushed Patrick away for good.

At the Quartermaine mansion, May a snatched Luke's flask out of his hand before he could take a sip of scotch. Maya explained that Tracy would smell the alcohol on his breath if he drank it. Maya was determined to keep Tracy from finding out about her role in Luke's charade. Moments later, Tracy entered the parlor. Luke immediately began to sway on his feet.

Tracy rushed to help Luke as she scolded him for overdoing it. Tracy had no idea why Luke refused to take it easy. Luke claimed that he wanted to prove to Tracy that he was strong enough to marry her. Tracy rolled her eyes, but she didn't have an opportunity to reply because Ethan entered and then announced that Tracy deserved to know the truth. Ethan informed Tracy that Luke's heart attack had been a ruse to win Tracy back.

Tracy pulled her hand out of Luke's grasp as Ethan suggested that Luke suck it up and simply admit that he loved Tracy. Ethan then advised Tracy to stop being such a "hard-ass" about taking Luke back. Luke was curious what had gotten into his son. Ethan confessed that he was tired of lying to Tracy because of what had happened to Kristina. Luke didn't see the correlation.

Ethan explained that the police had evidence to prove that Sonny had planted the bomb in Johnny's car. Ethan realized that the truth always found a way out, so he knew that it was just a matter of time before Tracy discovered that Luke had lied about the heart attack. Maya was furious as she accused Ethan of being selfish. Maya had put everything on the line to help Luke. Tracy wasn't happy, either, because Ethan was an idiot who had ruined all of her fun.

Luke, Ethan, and Maya were shocked when Tracy admitted that she had known that Luke had faked the heart attack. She had played along with it to see how long Luke could go without taking a drink. Luke was curious what had given him away. Tracy revealed that he had proposed marriage much too soon. Maya quickly reminded Tracy that Luke had gone to great lengths because he loved Tracy.

Tracy once again surprised everyone when she conceded that she would marry Luke. However, Tracy insisted that Luke sign a prenuptial agreement before they exchanged wedding vows. Luke didn't think that it was necessary because he wanted to marry Tracy for love, not her considerable fortune. Luke urged Tracy to take a leap of faith by flying to Las Vegas to elope; he suggested that Ethan and Maya could be their chaperons. Maya strongly objected to jetting off to Las Vegas.

Ethan begged Maya to change her mind because he didn't think that he could handle Luke and Tracy on his own. Tracy resorted to blackmail to persuade Maya. Tracy threatened to talk to the chief of staff at the hospital about Maya's role in Luke's ruse if Maya didn't agree to join them on the trip. Maya realized that she didn't have a choice, so she agreed to go. Luke was overjoyed until Tracy clarified that she intended to fly to Las Vegas, but she refused to make any promises about marrying Luke.

At the police station, Claire acknowledged that she was being investigated by Internal Affairs. However, she insisted that she welcomed the opportunity to clear her name, so it didn't bother her. Sonny wondered how her involvement with a "gangster" would affect the investigation. Claire assured Sonny that she hadn't done anything wrong, so she had nothing to hide. Sonny wasn't satisfied; he was worried that she would be sanctioned because of her relationship with him.

Claire tried to make light of the situation, but Sonny warned her that he was serious. Claire sobered as she assured him that she wouldn't be disbarred. Sonny didn't want her to have to pay for getting the evidence against him tossed out of court. He resented that she might have gotten a raw deal because of him. Claire reminded Sonny that Ronnie had obtained the evidence illegally, so it was on Ronnie. She believed that eventually the evidence would have been thrown out, so she had saved everyone time and money.

Claire decided to check on Sonny's paperwork, since she was certain that he was eager to leave the station to celebrate his good fortune. A short time later, Diane entered the interrogation room to let Sonny know that Claire's superiors were determined to keep Sonny in custody overnight. Sonny confided that he was concerned about Claire. Diane suspected that Claire was putting on a brave front, but Diane insisted that they focus on Sonny's situation. Diane explained that Sonny's troubles weren't behind him just because the incriminating recording had been thrown out.

Sonny thought that Diane should find out why the National Security Agency had obtained a wiretap. Diane couldn't believe he had to ask why the NSA would be listening in on his phone calls. Sonny was certain that his rights had been violated, but Diane disagreed. She suggested that Sonny start heeding her advice by refraining from engaging in reckless acts. Diane advised him to stay away from Claire, for his sake as well as Claire's.

Diane warned Sonny that no matter how Claire tried to spin it, helping Sonny had been a slap in the face to Claire's superiors. Diane suggested that Claire would be fortunate if she only lost her job.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Claire approached Alexis at the bar. Claire ordered a glass of wine and then sat down next to Alexis. Alexis was surprised when Claire revealed that the charges against Sonny had been dropped. Alexis assumed that Diane had been responsible for helping Sonny until Claire explained what had happened. Alexis was curious if Claire had stumbled onto the loophole that saved Sonny or if she had gone looking for it.

Claire didn't think that it mattered, but Alexis disagreed. Alexis advised Claire to get back to Washington before it was too late. Alexis feared that Claire could end up losing everything, including her career, if Claire continued to see Sonny.

At Jason's penthouse, Lulu refused to believe that Dante had known Brenda in the past. Carly assured Lulu that Spinelli had found proof that Dante had guarded Brenda in 2007. Lulu insisted on seeing what Spinelli had found. Spinelli turned the laptop around for Lulu to see all of the damaging evidence. Lulu refused to accept the truth; she was certain that there was some kind of reasonable explanation for why it appeared that Dante might have known Brenda. However, Lulu was forced to accept that Dante had lied to her when Spinelli showed her the picture of Dante and Brenda from 2007.

On the bluffs, Marko, flanked by several thugs, held onto Siobhan tightly as he warned Brenda that the Balkan knew what she had done. Brenda screamed in outrage as she charged Marko. Jason, hidden in the bushes, radioed to Dante to hold his fire, but Dante took aim and then shot Marko. Lucky immediately grabbed Siobhan as gunfire erupted all around them. Once the smoke had cleared, all of the Balkan's men were dead.

Lucky quickly confirmed that Siobhan and Brenda were unharmed as Jason and Dante made their way to the clearing. Jason was curious why Dante had taken the shot early. Dante claimed that things had gone south, so he had to shoot Marko or Marko would have taken off with Brenda. Jason accepted the explanation. Lucky and Dante realized that the police would have to be notified, but they didn't want Siobhan and Brenda to be present when the police arrived. Jason agreed to take Siobhan and Brenda to his penthouse while Lucky and Dante dealt with the police.

After Jason, Siobhan, and Brenda left, Lucky confessed that something didn't add up. Lucky found Marko's comments to Brenda and Brenda's reaction odd. Lucky couldn't understand why Brenda had charged Marko rather than flee. Dante attributed it to fear. A short time later, Mac arrived.

Lucky and Dante explained that the dead men had worked for the Balkan and that the shootout had been a part of Lucky's undercover assignment. Mac warned Lucky and Dante to get things taken care of soon because he didn't want the Balkan to continue causing problems in Port Charles.

Jason arrived home with Siobhan and Brenda in tow. He questioned Siobhan about her time spent as the Balkan's prisoner. Siobhan revealed that the men had been instructed to capture Brenda alive. Siobhan also recalled hearing the name Aleksander mentioned several times. Jason turned to Brenda to see if she knew who Aleksander was. Brenda insisted that she couldn't discuss it.

Siobhan decided to leave, so Jason insisted on sending a few guards with her. Brenda started to head to her bedroom, but Jason ordered Brenda to wait for him until he had returned. Jason walked Siobhan out of the penthouse, so that he could assign some men to watch over her. Alone, Brenda became lost in memories of the past. Brenda recalled taking a walk with Dante.

Brenda and Dante had ended up in an alley where they a man named Aleksander approached them. Brenda tensed up as she reminded Aleksander that she didn't want to see him. Dante tried to force Aleksander to leave, but Aleksander reacted violently. As Dante and Aleksander struggled, Brenda spotted a gun on the ground. Dante yelled at Brenda to run, but she refused to budge.

Eventually, Aleksander gained the upper hand in the fight. Brenda panicked when Aleksander started to choke the life out of Dante. She picked up the gun and then shot Aleksander. Aleksander was stunned as he slowly turned to look at Brenda with accusation in his eyes. "Bitch," Aleksander growled as he stumbled towards Brenda. "I loved you," Aleksander confessed before he crumbled to the ground. Dante quickly confirmed that Aleksander was dead.

Brenda was distraught as Dante wrapped his arms around her and then promised to take care of everything. Brenda shook off the daydream just as Jason walked through the door. Jason joined Brenda in the living room and then demanded that she tell him the truth about Aleksander. Jason warned her that lying wasn't an option. Brenda confessed that she would be breaking a promise if she told him what she knew.

Jason assured her that she could trust him. Brenda's lips trembled as she slowly told Jason about Aleksander's shooting. Brenda explained that Dante had hidden the body because they had feared the Balkan's wrath. She insisted that Jason had to keep quiet about what had happened because it could ruin Dante's career. Jason wondered why the Balkan would be so upset about Aleksander's death.

Brenda revealed that she had briefly dated Aleksander until she had realized that he was involved in criminal activity. According to Brenda, Aleksander had begun to stalk her after she broke off their relationship, so she had turned to the police for help. Brenda had been told that Aleksander was on the short list of international criminals who were being watched by Interpol, so Interpol had arranged for her to be protected by bodyguards. Jason was stunned when Brenda revealed that Aleksander had been the Balkan's son.

Lucky arrived home to find Siobhan waiting for him. She poured herself a drink and then offered one to him. Lucky declined; he explained that he had only indulged in alcohol to maintain his cover as Ronan O'Reilly. After Siobhan emptied her glass, Lucky promised to do everything in his power to make certain that she would never have to endure another ordeal again. Siobhan thought that it was a generous offer, but she wasn't sure that she could accept.

Siobhan admitted that Lucky was a "lovely" man, but she didn't need his guilt or pity. Lucky confessed that Siobhan had been a wonderful adventure that he wouldn't have missed for the world. Siobhan smiled as she suggested that Lucky kiss her. Lucky happily complied.

Lulu was waiting for Dante at the loft when he arrived home. Dante didn't seem to notice her frosty greeting as he confessed that it had been a disastrous day. Lulu was curious about what had happened. Dante gave her the highlights of the events on the bluff, but Lulu stiffened when he mentioned Brenda's name. Dante seemed oblivious as he changed the subject to find out how Lulu's day had gone.

Lulu revealed that Spinelli had shown her a picture of Dante and Brenda together in New York City when Dante had been guarding Brenda. Dante immediately explained that he hadn't told her about Brenda because Brenda hadn't recognized him. Dante didn't think that it had been important. Lulu assured Dante that he wasn't obligated to tell her about every woman that he had guarded, but Brenda had been a special case. Dante quickly assured Lulu that he didn't have anything to hide about Brenda and that he loved Lulu and only Lulu.

The episode featured Hold on Tight by Rie Sinclair

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Luke, Tracy, Ethan, and Maya woke up in a Las Vegas hotel room after a night of heavy drinking. Tracy and Ethan slowly staggered into the living room area, while Luke crawled around on the floor in an apparent attempt to search for something. Maya complained about her headache as Ethan tried to recover from the horror of waking up in bed with Tracy. "On the bed," Tracy quickly clarified before she demanded to know if Luke had drugged them to get Tracy to marry him. Luke popped his head up to deny Tracy's accusation and then resumed crawling on the floor.

Ethan was curious what Luke was looking for, but Luke ignored his son's question. Meanwhile, May a recalled Luke and Tracy racing out of the limousine when they had spotted a bar. Ethan remembered that Luke and Tracy had been on a mission to drink themselves into oblivion. Tracy conceded that she had a vague memory of Luke daring her to keep up with him. Tracy was furious that Maya hadn't been a better chaperone.

Luke smiled victoriously as he held up a piece of paper and then triumphantly handed the marriage license to Tracy. Tracy slowly read, "Groom: Ethan Lovett. Bride: Maya Ward." Luke's smile disappeared as Ethan and Maya adopted matching expressions of shock. Luke couldn't believe that the wrong couple had been married. Ethan and Maya didn't recall getting married, so Luke decided to make a phone call to get to the bottom of things.

Tracy was delighted by the turn of events. Later, Luke and Tracy relaxed in the newly cleaned hotel room after they had showered and changed clothes. Ethan and Maya joined Luke and Tracy after they had freshened up in an adjoining room. Maya couldn't understand why Ethan was in such a chipper mood. Ethan explained that his marriage to Maya meant that he didn't have to worry about obtaining a green card.

Tracy cheered Maya up by revealing that Maya would receive a substantial tax break as a married woman. Luke remained disgruntled because he had failed to get Tracy to marry him. Tracy assured Luke that they would get married as soon as he signed a prenuptial agreement. Moments later, someone knocked on the door. Reverend Grace, the man who had married Jason and Brenda, stepped into the room.

Luke and Tracy immediately questioned Reverend Grace about the events that had unfolded in the room the previous night. Maya was more interested in seeing Reverend Grace's credentials. Reverend Grace assured Maya that he had been ordained and could legally marry couples. Luke demanded to know which couple Reverend Grace had married: Luke and Tracy or Ethan and Maya.

Reverend Grace made it clear that the information would cost them. Tracy handed Reverend Grace some money, which he quickly pocketed. Reverend Grace then revealed that they had been an entertaining group. Reverend Grace had been impressed with Maya's moonwalk and Tracy's touching rendition of, "Climb Every Mountain." Maya and Tracy were shocked, but Luke remained determined to get his answer. Reverend Grace cheerfully announced that he had married Ethan and Maya.

In Lucky's apartment, Lucky was surprised to find Siobhan packing her things. Siobhan explained that she intended to take the next flight home to Ireland. Lucky insisted that she would remain in danger until the Balkan had been dealt with, so she should remain in Port Charles under his protection. Lucky confessed that he would worry about Siobhan and miss her if she left. Siobhan softened as she admitted that she would miss him too; however, she didn't want to be a burden.

Lucky wasn't ready for her to walk out of his life because he felt like he could be himself around her. Siobhan reminded Lucky that her home was across the ocean, so they would eventually have to part ways. Lucky realized that she was right, but he didn't think that it was wise for her to leave while the Balkan remained a threat. Siobhan agreed to remain in Port Charles, but under her own terms. She insisted on finding a job and a place of her own.

A few minutes later, Nikolas stopped by to talk to Lucky. Nikolas was relieved to see that Siobhan was safe and sound. Siobhan appreciated Nikolas' concern. She asked Nikolas to tell Lucky that she refused to be dependent on Lucky and then left. Nikolas noticed that Lucky hadn't wasted any time with Siobhan.

Lucky claimed that he was just trying to protect Siobhan. "So it's just business?" Nikolas wondered. Lucky sarcastically answered, "Oh yeah," and then insisted that he was completely objective, so the fact that Siobhan was beautiful, smart, and fascinating didn't factor in. However, Lucky was certain that Nikolas hadn't stopped by to discuss Siobhan. Nikolas admitted that he had called their mother to tell her that the Scorpio house had burned.

Lucky realized that Laura would be upset about the loss of her childhood home. Nikolas assured Lucky that Laura had handled the news quite well, which he attributed to the excellent care that she had received at the institute in Paris. However, Laura had asked for some pictures of the house, so Nikolas had talked to Lulu, who had revealed that Lucky had the old family photo albums. Lucky knew exactly which album Laura wanted. He promised to retrieve it from the house on Royal Street and then send it to their mother.

Nikolas started to leave, but Lucky stopped him. Lucky was curious what Nikolas thought of his relationship with Siobhan. Nikolas was hesitant to speak his mind, but Lucky pushed for an answer. Nikolas admitted that Lucky and Siobhan seemed to compliment each other. Lucky sensed that Nikolas was holding back, so Nikolas suggested that Lucky and Siobhan were having something similar to a "wartime romance." Lucky didn't seem to appreciate the observation, but he invited Nikolas continue to speak his mind.

"Fine," Nikolas warned Lucky. Nikolas confessed that he suspected that Lucky had latched onto Siobhan because she was new and didn't have a connection to the way that Nikolas and Liz had hurt Lucky. Nikolas feared that their betrayal might have forced Lucky in a direction that Lucky wasn't ready to go in. Nikolas quickly clarified that he wasn't asking for forgiveness. "Then drop it," Lucky advised Nikolas.

Nikolas insisted that Lucky was dealing with a huge loss because Lucky's entire future with Liz had vanished. Lucky took offense by the suggestion that he was in a rebound relationship with Siobhan. Nikolas knew what it was like because his affairs with Nadine, Rebecca, and possibly Liz, had been rebound relationships. Lucky insisted that Siobhan was a wonderful woman. Nikolas agreed, but he wanted Lucky to go into things with his eyes open.

Siobhan entered Jake's looking for a job. Coleman was curious if Siobhan had any experience working in a bar. Coleman was impressed when she claimed to have bartended in several countries. Coleman liked her accent, so he decided to hire her because he thought that Siobhan would add "class" to Jake's. Siobhan smiled as she introduced herself as "Siobhan McKenna" and then informed Coleman that she would work for minimum wage, but keep her tips. Siobhan also clarified that she would not sleep with the boss.

Coleman assured her that sexual harassment was not his thing. Siobhan began to work immediately. A short time later, Maxie strolled in. Maxie ordered a beer, but changed her mind when she received a text message from Matt canceling their date. Maxie changed her order to an iced tea and then struck up a conversation with Siobhan.

Siobhan was surprised when Maxie correctly guessed the region of Ireland that Siobhan was from. Maxie explained that Kate Howard's favorite photographer was from Dublin and that he enjoyed mimicking various accents from around Ireland. Maxie was stunned when Siobhan confided that she was in town because of her boyfriend, Lucky Spencer. Maxie immediately went to see Lucky. She informed Lucky that an "Irish bimbo" working at Jake's had claimed that Lucky was her boyfriend.

Lucky was pleased that Siobhan had referred to him as her boyfriend, but he couldn't understand why Siobhan would talk to a stranger about him. Maxie couldn't believe that Lucky had been flirting with her while he had a girlfriend. Lucky seemed baffled by Maxie's suggestion that they had been flirting. Maxie quickly reminded him of their kiss. She didn't understand how Lucky could have moved on so quickly when she wasn't an easy person to get over.

After Maxie left, Lucky decided to go to Jake's to see Siobhan. He ordered a club soda and then complained that his girlfriend had packed up her things and then moved out before he could fix her breakfast. Siobhan smiled as she confidently assured Lucky that he would see his girlfriend again soon.

At the Metro Court Restaurant, Jax asked Olivia to find out from Dante how Brenda was doing. Olivia was curious why Jax didn't call Brenda to find out. Jax reminded Olivia of his jealous wife. Olivia wanted to stay out of Jax and Carly's affairs, but Jax explained that he just wanted to make certain that Brenda was okay. Olivia argued that he was trying to go behind Carly's back. Jax suggested that Olivia save them a lot of drama by simply talking to Dante.

Olivia thought that Carly had a serious double-standard going. According to Olivia, Carly couldn't change her underwear without checking with Jason and Sonny first. Jax conceded that Carly had a habit of overreacting to situations, but he confessed that Carly's fears about Brenda were justified. Olivia was surprised by the admission. Jax explained that he was in love with Carly and eager to spend the rest of his life with her, but having Brenda around stirred up old memories. Olivia understood what it was like to use distance to fight temptation. Jax assured her that he just wanted to be certain that Brenda was being taken care of.

Carly went to Johnny's penthouse to persuade him to set up a meeting with one of his employees, who was a former New York City police officer. Carly explained that she had some questions for Brad Norman about the time that he had guarded Brenda in 2007. Carly revealed that Dante and Brenda had known each other in the past, so she was determined to find out why they had tried to keep it a secret. Johnny suggested that Dante and Brenda might not have anything to hide, but Carly strongly disagreed. "Why lie?" she wondered.

Johnny confessed that his interest had been piqued, so he agreed to help her. After Carly left, Johnny made a phone call to find out more about Brad Norman and to set up a meeting with his employee. Olivia arrived as Johnny ended the call. Olivia had bags filled with groceries to prepare a dinner. Johnny explained that he had to leave for an hour. Olivia decided to run a few errands while Johnny was gone, so she agreed to meet him later that evening.

Carly went to the Metro Court Restaurant after she left Johnny's place. She was eager to tell Jax about Brenda and Dante's association, but Jax made it clear that he didn't want to know. He didn't doubt that Carly could dig up some dirt about Brenda, but he was determined to stay out of Brenda's business. He reminded Carly that he had asked her to do the same. Later, Johnny stopped by to let Carly know that he could arrange for Carly to meet Brad Norman.

Carly was delighted, but she insisted on going alone. Johnny made it clear that he would be present for the meeting or there would be no meeting. Carly didn't think that Brad would be forthcoming about Dante and Brenda with Johnny in the room, but Johnny argued that Brad might be an ex-cop with an ax to grind. Olivia stopped short when she spotted Carly and Johnny conspiring at the bar. Jax walked up moments later to find out what Olivia was staring at. Olivia indicated Carly and Johnny as she suggested that Jax might want to know what was going on.

Dante went to Jason's penthouse to check on Brenda. Jason refused to let Dante see Brenda until Jason and Dante had a talk. Jason revealed that Brenda had told him about Aleksander's death and Dante's decision to dump the body. Jason was curious why Dante would risk his badge for Brenda. Dante explained that he had just been trying to help Brenda, but Jason didn't buy it. Jason wondered why Dante would cover for Brenda, but turn in Michael.

Dante argued that he had been trying to save Michael because Dante knew what it was like to cover up a crime that would one day return to "bite him in the ass" just as it had Brenda. Dante stormed out and then went to his loft. Seconds later, Sam stopped by to talk to Dante about Brenda. Sam admitted that something didn't add up about Brenda's actions on the bluffs. Dante suggested that she talk to Jason, but Sam ignored the advice. She was curious why Brenda had moved when she shouldn't have and why Dante had fired his gun before Jason had given the order.

Sam was frustrated because they had four dead men, but weren't any closer to finding out who the Balkan was. She also found Brenda's comments to Dante, following the shooting in the alley, odd. Dante claimed that it had been the ramblings of a distraught woman, but Sam was certain that there had been more to it. Sam didn't want Jason risking his life to protect Brenda without knowing exactly what kind of trouble Brenda was really in. Sam wanted Dante to take a more active role in protecting Brenda, but Dante didn't see anything wrong with Jason's plan.

After Sam left, Dante recalled a time that he had arrived for a shift change to guard Brenda. His fellow officer, Brad, had accused Dante of sleeping with Brenda, which Dante didn't deny. Brad chuckled as he asked Dante what it was like to "nail a supermodel."

Suzanne arrived at Jason's penthouse shortly after Jason left a message for her. Jason told her about the shootout and then admitted that Brenda had opened up to him about the Balkan. Suzanne was relieved to hear that he had gotten somewhere with Brenda. Jason suspected that Suzanne knew more than she realized, so he began to question her about how she had met Brenda. Suzanne revealed that she had met Brenda in 2007 at a charity event.

According to Suzanne, Brenda had been "immediately and passionately" interested in ASEC, so Suzanne had invited Brenda to join the next relief trip to Africa. Suzanne confessed that Brenda's trip had nearly been cut short when Brenda had fallen ill for a week. However, after the illness had passed, Brenda had been more committed to the cause than ever. Jason was curious if there had been any threats or signs that Brenda had been running from someone since 2007. Suzanne didn't think so, but she realized that she hadn't known Brenda as well as she had thought.

Sam arrived shortly after Suzanne left. Sam admitted that she suspected that Dante was hiding something. She was upset because their lives had been turned upside down and there wasn't an end in sight. Sam insisted that she just wanted Jason to be safe. Jason confided that he had uncovered more about the Balkan's connection to Brenda. Sam's hopes were dashed when Jason confessed that it wasn't enough to track down the Balkan.

Sam demanded to know when enough would be enough. She couldn't understand why Jason couldn't let someone else take care of Brenda. Jason realized that it was tough on Sam, but he assured her that he was making progress. Jason revealed that he knew why the Balkan was after Brenda. "Why?" Sam wondered. She was hurt when Jason reluctantly confessed that he couldn't tell her.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Michael arrived at the loft after school had let out early. Dante was curious if Michael had seen Lulu that morning. "Yes, briefly," Michael admitted. Dante wondered how Lulu had seemed. Michael explained that it had been hard to tell because Lulu had been in a hurry. Dante confided that he had lied to Lulu about Brenda, so Michael offered to listen if Dante needed someone to talk to.

Michael reminded Dante that they were brothers, which meant that they were there to help and support each other. Dante revealed that he had guarded Brenda for two weeks in 2007, but he hadn't mentioned it to Lulu. Michael sensed that there was more to the story, so he understood why Dante might have been reluctant to tell Lulu about a fling with a supermodel. Dante clarified that he had merely helped Brenda. Michael was curious why Dante had lied if that had been the case. Dante insisted that he couldn't get into it.

After Dante left, Lulu stopped by the loft. She was surprised to see that Michael was packing. Michael explained that he was spending the weekend at his mother's house. Lulu assured Michael that it wasn't necessary for him to leave, but Michael confessed that he had promised to spend time with Morgan. Lulu decided to inquire if Dante had told Michael about Brenda.

Michael admitted that earlier that day Dante had revealed that he had once guarded Brenda. Lulu hated sounding like a paranoid girlfriend, but she wondered what was going on. She recalled that she had once hit off with a man at a photo shoot, but a few months later the man hadn't recognized her when they had bumped into each other at a party. Lulu hoped that it had been like for Dante and Brenda.

Ronnie entered the interrogation room at the police station to express his displeasure over the charges against Sonny being dropped. Sonny wasn't in the mood to hear Ronnie's complaints, so he ordered Ronnie to get out of his face. Claire overheard the exchange as she stood in the doorway. She warned Ronnie not to give Sonny cause to file a harassment suit. Ronnie made a snide remark about Claire helping Sonny and then left.

Claire assured Sonny that he would be released shortly and then turned to leave because she had to go to a meeting. Sonny wanted her to skip it, but she insisted that she couldn't. Sonny wondered if the meeting had to do with him. Claire explained that the evidence used against him had been obtained through an illegal search and seizure, so she was obligated to discuss it with a judge. After Claire walked out of the interrogation room, Ronnie returned.

Ronnie nodded toward Claire as he commented, "Dead woman walking." According to Ronnie, Internal Affairs had put a rush on investigating Claire. Ronnie was certain that Claire would lose her job. "Nice work," Ronnie sarcastically remarked and then left. A short time later, Dante arrived. Ronnie announced that it appeared that Christmas had arrived early and then handed Sonny's "walking papers" to Dante. Ronnie decided to let Dante do the honors.

Dante suggested that Ronnie should have gotten a warrant to screen the wiretap before presenting it as evidence. Ronnie argued that it didn't change what had been on the recording, which meant that justice hadn't been served. Dante explained that the only way to get any charges to stick against Sonny was to go by the book. Ronnie scoffed at the idea because he didn't think that Sonny would ever be charged with a crime while Claire and Dante continued to bend over backwards to help Sonny. Dante ignored Ronnie as he turned to go to the interrogation room with the paperwork.

Dante handed the papers to Sonny as he explained that Sonny would be free to go once Sonny signed the necessary documents. Sonny asked Dante for a favor; he wanted Dante to put in a good word for Claire. Dante was curious what made Sonny think that his word carried any weight. Sonny insisted that Dante had more integrity than any other person on the police force. Dante argued that he had been compromised because he was Sonny's son.

Sonny was curious what Claire was facing. Dante was certain that they would make an example of her and that her career would be over. Sonny felt terrible. Dante explained that Claire had broken a cardinal rule of law enforcement; she hadn't remained detached. Later, Claire was surprised to see Sonny in the interrogation room.

Sonny admitted that he had been waiting to see her because he wanted to know about her meeting. Claire insisted that she couldn't discuss it, but Sonny thought that he had a right to know how much trouble she was in because of him. Claire realized that someone had told Sonny about the investigation; she suspected that it had been Ronnie. She assured Sonny that she was a grown woman who had made her own bed, so she would deal with the consequences herself. Sonny didn't want to cause more problems for Claire, so he vowed to stay away from her.

At Jason's penthouse, Sam admitted that she hated that their lives had been put on hold until Brenda was safe. Jason realized that it was difficult on Sam. Brenda entered the living room in time to hear part of Jason and Sam's conversation. Brenda made it clear that she didn't want Jason and Sam to put their lives on hold for her. Sam wasn't satisfied; she complained that she and Jason couldn't even have a conversation without it being about Brenda and the Balkan.

Brenda suggested that Jason wasn't much of a talker to begin with, but Sam didn't find any humor in the observation. Sam wanted to know what secret Jason was keeping for Brenda. Brenda explained that it wasn't any of Sam's business, but Sam insisted that Brenda be honest. Brenda argued that there was a difference between lying and personal boundaries. Jason stepped in to assure Sam that he would do everything in his power to try to get everything resolved as quickly as possible.

Sam admitted that she would feel better if she knew what was going on; she assured Brenda that she just wanted to help. Brenda reiterated that she couldn't tell her about the secret. Sam's temper flared because they weren't just talking about Brenda's life; Jason was in danger too. Brenda realized that. Brenda wondered if Sam had ever made a choice that had haunted her. Sam admitted that she had.

Brenda guessed that Sam wouldn't want Brenda to know all of the details about Sam's secrets. Sam claimed that she would shout the details for everyone to hear if it meant that it would help someone. Jason smiled, but Brenda was unmoved. Sam accused Brenda of not having any perspective. According to Sam, Brenda couldn't tell the difference between getting her feelings hurt and getting someone shot.

After Sam stormed out, Brenda urged Jason to go after his girlfriend to reassure Sam. Jason didn't want to lie to Sam, but Brenda clarified that she had never suggested that he lie. It was clear to Brenda that Sam was upset about Jason's decision to keep a secret from Sam, so Jason needed to remind Sam how much Sam meant to him. Jason refused to discuss his relationship with Sam, so he decided to question Brenda about Aleksander. However, Brenda continued to try to get Jason to focus on Sam.

Brenda advised Jason to romance Sam by buying a bottle of wine, taking Sam out to a nice dinner, or writing Sam a poem. Jason immediately rejected each suggestion. Brenda and Jason were arguing about it when Spinelli arrived home. Brenda tried to enlist Spinelli's help to get Jason to patch things up with Sam, but Jason insisted that everything was fine. Spinelli confessed that he had thought the same thing about Maxie until she had cheated on him.

Brenda was surprised by Spinelli's revelation; she had thought that Spinelli had ended things with Maxie. Spinelli admitted that he had been too "nerdy" for Maxie, which prompted Brenda to switch gears. She decided that she and Jason needed to help Spinelli. Spinelli confided the details of Maxie's one-night stand with Franco and then her attempt to make Spinelli jealous by flirting with Matt. Spinelli admitted that he had finally moved on when he had met Brenda.

Brenda was touched, but she made it clear that Spinelli could not waste his devotion on her. Brenda insisted that Spinelli needed a real love. She was curious if Spinelli wanted to work things out with Maxie. "More than anything," Spinelli confessed. Brenda advised Spinelli to fight for Maxie and then asked Jason to back her up.

Jason didn't want to get involved, so he decided that Spinelli should focus on work. Brenda insisted that Spinelli shouldn't let a chance at reconciliation pass him by because he might not get another opportunity. Jason realized that Brenda wouldn't give up, so he advised Spinelli to get back with Maxie if Spinelli wanted to. Spinelli decided that he had a lot to ponder, so he went to his room. Afterwards, Brenda announced that she would pay Dante a visit to let him know that she had told Jason about their secret.

Jason assured Brenda that he had already told Dante. Brenda was surprised, but she remained determined to talk to Dante to make certain that he was okay with everything.

On the piers, Dante remembered saying goodbye to Brenda in 2007. Dante had walked Brenda to the car and then explained that the driver would take her to the airport. Brenda thanked Dante for saving her life; she had no idea why he had done it. Dante assured her that he had just been doing his job. Brenda appreciated what Dante had done for her. After she climbed into the backseat, Brenda looked out the window at Dante as the limousine pulled away.

Dante was surprised when Jason approached him on the piers. Jason thought that Dante should give Brenda a call because she had gone looking for him. Meanwhile, at the loft, Lulu ended a business call and then flipped through a fashion magazine. She stopped when she spotted a picture of Brenda. Moments later, Brenda knocked on the door.

Lulu explained that Dante was out, but she expected him to return shortly. Brenda accepted Lulu's offer to wait for Dante inside. Brenda was impressed with the loft as she looked around. She was curious if Lulu and Dante lived together. Lulu admitted that she only stayed there occasionally and then changed the subject. Lulu wondered if Brenda realized that Dante had once guarded her in 2007. Brenda smiled, but didn't answer the question.

In Las Vegas, Tracy, Luke, Ethan, and Maya tried to find out how Reverend Grace had ended up marrying Ethan and Maya instead of Luke and Tracy. As Reverend Grace recounted the events of the previous night, Luke, Tracy, Ethan, and Maya began to remember snippets of the wedding ceremony. Ethan had been forced to hold up Luke while Maya held up Tracy because Luke and Tracy had been too drunk to stand on their own. As Reverend Grace started the ceremony, he asked for the bride and groom's names. Ethan and Maya misunderstood Reverend Grace, so they gave him their names. Ethan and Maya then spoke for Luke and Tracy as the vows were exchanged.

Reverend Grace made it clear that Ethan and Maya's marriage was legal, so Ethan wondered if Reverend Grace could perform an annulment. Reverend Grace admitted that he couldn't do that, but he gave them the name of someone who could. After Reverend Grace left, Luke called the man who could annul the marriage and then invited everyone to join him in the casino for drinks while they waited for the man to show up. Tracy followed Luke out of the door, but Maya wasn't interested in drinking because alcohol had gotten her into the mess that she was in. Ethan suggested that he and Maya make the most out of their situation, but Maya refused to consummate their marriage, so she headed to the casino.

Jax stopped by Johnny's penthouse to let Johnny know that he had seen Johnny meet Carly for drinks. Jax explained that Carly was looking for attention because of her jealousy over Brenda. Jax was certain that Carly had only flirted with Johnny to get back at Jax. Johnny suggested that Jax take it up with Carly. Jax assured him that he would, but he wanted Johnny to stay away from Carly.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Carly and Olivia were going over some work related things when Olivia admitted that she couldn't ignore the fact that she had seen Carly having drinks with Johnny. Olivia wanted to know what was going on, but Carly insisted that she didn't have to explain herself to Olivia. The restaurant belonged to Carly, so Carly could have drinks with whomever she liked. Olivia suspected that Carly had her "panties in a twist" because of Brenda, so Carly was using Johnny to make Jax jealous. Olivia wanted Carly to pick someone else to play her games with.

Carly argued that what she did with Johnny was her own business, not Olivia's. "Now get back to work," Carly ordered Olivia and then stomped off. Later, Johnny met Carly at the restaurant to let her know that he had arranged the meeting with Brad Norman. Johnny and Carly traded notes about their encounters with Jax and Olivia, but neither seemed concerned about Jax and Olivia's fears. Johnny was more interested in learning about the connection between Dante and Brenda. Olivia spotted Johnny and Carly together, so she approached them. Olivia warned Johnny that he had to be an idiot not to realize that Carly was using him.

Maxie approached Lisa when she spotted Lisa near the nurses' station. Maxie was curious if Lisa was required to disclose that she was a "nut job" to potential patients. Lisa ignored the dig to suggest that a thank you might be in order. Maxie wondered why Lisa thought that she deserved gratitude for nearly killing an innocent woman and her child. Lisa reminded Maxie that she had saved Robin and Emma, but Maxie didn't buy it.

Maxie was certain that Lisa had intentionally set the fire in a desperate attempt to look like a hero to Patrick. Maxie insisted that Patrick new what a psycho Lisa was, so Lisa could stop trying to redeem herself because Patrick wasn't interested. Maxie was confident that forensics would prove that Lisa had set the fire, so it was only a matter of time before Lisa was shipped off to the "loony bin." Lisa appeared rattled as Maxie walked away.

In Robin's hospital room, Patrick gave Robin an update about Emma's night and then surprised Robin with a picture that Emma had drawn for Robin over breakfast. He apologized for the syrup, but Robin didn't mind. Mac entered the room moments later with the arson report. Robin hoped that there was enough proof to arrest Lisa for starting the fire. Robin was stunned when Mac revealed that the results had been inconclusive and that they were leaning towards ruling it an accident because they had found a candle under one of the curtains.

Maxie was stunned when she entered the room to hear the results of the report. Maxie realized that she might have started the fire because she had lit several candles for Jake and Cameron to blow out as the party ended. Maxie admitted that she couldn't remember if the candles had been out when she had fetched Jake and Cam's gift bags because she had been focused on Jake. Robin insisted that lighting candles wasn't the same as tossing one under a curtain. Robin remained convinced that Lisa had somehow started the fire.

Mac suggested that Cam might have accidentally knocked over the candle, but Robin didn't think so. Robin was certain that she would have noticed. Mac disagreed because Robin had been busy with Emma. Mac was curious if Robin could honestly say that she had checked all of the candles. "No," Robin quietly admitted. Patrick realized that Lisa might have told the truth.

A short time later, Lisa entered Robin's hospital room. Mac explained that the fire had been an accident and that Lisa's alibi had checked out. Hospital staff members had recalled Lisa talking about going to a new restaurant and the restaurant had confirmed that Lisa had reservations, but had failed to show up. Lisa explained that she had been busy saving Robin and Emma's lives. Patrick assured Lisa that they were grateful for that.

Lisa played the victim as she suggested that the next time Robin refrain from pointing fingers without proof. Robin made it clear that saving Emma didn't undo the horrible things that Lisa had done. Lisa accused Robin of being paranoid; she wondered when everyone would step in to get Robin the help that Robin desperately needed. After everyone left, Robin feel asleep. She had a nightmare of being carted off to Shadybrook in a straightjacket while Lisa looked on. Robin woke up screaming from the nightmare only to find Lisa looming over her with a syringe.

Friday, November 12, 2010

In Robin's hospital room, she screamed at Lisa to get away from her. Patrick and Steven arrived, and Robin hysterically accused Lisa of trying to kill her. Lisa explained that Robin had cried out as Lisa had passed Robin's room. When Lisa went to waken her, Robin had flown into a rage. Robin told them Lisa was lying and demanded protection.

Steven took the syringe Lisa was holding to have its contents analyzed. After he left, Lisa tried to reason that she only wanted to rebuild her life and did not want to cause more problems for Patrick or Robin. Steven returned and announced that the syringe had been filled with Lisa's patient's arthritis medication, just as Lisa had claimed.

After Lisa and Steven left, Robin vented to Patrick that Lisa had always managed to appear innocent, while Robin was made out to look like a mad woman. Patrick urged Robin to focus her energy on her recovery. "If it's a fight that Lisa wants," Robin vowed, "then, that's what she'll get."

Later, Lisa approached Steven and stated that she would no longer be persecuted. She made an ultimatum: either Robin would be let go, or Lisa would quit. After Lisa walked away, Steven shared the news with Patrick. Steven worried that Lisa might have success with the hospital board. He explained that she had carefully documented Robin's every transgression.

Patrick went to tell Robin. She angrily replied that, if the board -- most of whom had known her all her life -- took Lisa's side, than Robin would allow herself to be fired. Patrick vowed to fight Lisa every step of the way.

Nikolas arrived at the hospital with Spencer, who'd taken a spill off of his pony. Nikolas went to see someone about getting Spencer checked out. Brenda happened by and chatted with the young Cassadine. She shared a story about having fallen off her horse when she was child. She'd vowed she'd never ride again.

In time, Brenda went on, she'd returned to the saddle and was glad that she did. Nikolas returned, and Brenda was surprised to learn that Spencer was his son. Brenda and Nikolas chatted for a bit, before Spencer announced that he would ride again.

Brenda went to visit Robin, who explained that Lisa was obsessed with discrediting Robin. Brenda advised Robin not to fixate on Lisa.

Claire incredulously asked Sonny if he was actually cutting off all ties with her, and in the interrogation room, no less. Sonny replied that he wanted Claire to salvage what was left of her career. Claire made it very clear that she'd known the risks connected to a life with Sonny but that she'd weighed the options and chose to be with him. Sonny said that, though he cared very much for Claire, he didn't want to be the one to ruin her life.

Sonny returned home, and Jason arrived. Sonny breathed a sigh of relief that he had been cleared of all charges involving the bomb that had been planted in Johnny's car. Regardless, he lamented that he'd caused so much harm to Claire's career. He said he would sincerely miss her. Jason updated Sonny on Brenda and the search for the Balkan. Sonny wanted to know the details, but Jason refused to share them.

Claire sat at the Metro Court bar as Jax approached her. He offered to use his connections to influence the decision makers in her imminent Internal Affairs investigation. She tipsily explained that Sonny had dumped her. Jax agreed with her that Sonny saw her as "inconvenient baggage." He said that Sonny claimed to break up with Claire to spare her career but, in reality, it was an expedient way to clear the path toward rekindling his romance with Brenda.

Jason and Dante discussed the Balkan's possible next steps. They assumed that the Balkan knew that Brenda had killed Aleksander, the man's son. Jason asked Dante if there was anything else about Brenda's past with Dante that was relevant to the situation. Jason filled Dante in on Brenda's family's mental health history. He explained that Brenda's mother had suffered from mental illness and that Brenda had experienced a nervous breakdown after Sonny had left her at the altar.

That was why Jason and Brenda had gotten married, he elucidated. Jason worried what might happen to Brenda's mind should Dante's life be ruined because of something she'd done three years before. Jason urged Dante to discuss with Brenda what had happened in 2007 and to make sure their stories matched.

As Brenda and Lulu sat in Dante's flat and discussed Dante's role as Brenda's bodyguard, Lulu expressed that she'd have felt better about the situation had Dante not omitted the fact that he'd guarded Brenda in the past. Brenda wondered how Lulu had discovered Dante and Brenda's connection. Lulu said that she'd seen an old magazine photo that clearly showed Dante escorting Brenda away from the paparazzi. Lulu and Brenda established that Lulu was not intimidated by Brenda's past with Dante.

Brenda admitted that most of the pain she'd gone through with Sonny had been self-inflicted. Lulu reminded Brenda of a time in Lulu's childhood when Sonny's enemies had shot up the Spencer household. Lulu asked how that had been Brenda's fault. Brenda replied that she had chosen to be with Sonny, knowing what the dangers were.

After Brenda left, Dante arrived home. Lulu expressed embarrassment at have gotten possessive of him, especially over Dante's father's ex-girlfriend. She packed up the things she kept at Dante's and told him she needed to worry less about his life and concentrate on her own. Dante mockingly stated that he was a "chick magnet" and that he understood Lulu's concerns. He said that supermodels were constantly calling him, begging for dates. Lulu got the humor and told him she understood his point. She kissed him.

Dante went to see Brenda at Jason's penthouse. Dante let her know that Carly was aware that he'd guarded Brenda three years prior. Brenda worried that Carly would make it her mission to uncover the truth. Dante assured Brenda that Carly only knew of the professional connection in his and Brenda's past. Jason was the only one who knew there was more to the story, Dante confirmed.

However, Dante warned, the Balkan would stop at nothing to know for sure whether Brenda had been responsible for Aleksander's death. Dante said that he would not rest until the Balkan was no longer a threat, because Dante and Brenda were connected by more than Aleksander's death. Brenda became emotional and told Dante she didn't want to talk about the baby.

Olivia confronted Johnny and Carly at the Metro Court bar. She accused Carly of using Johnny to make Jax jealous. Johnny denied having anything to do with one of Carly's plots. As Olivia left, she warned Johnny not to become Carly's sucker.

Later, Olivia approached Jax and told him that Johnny and Carly had left together on a secret mission. Jax and Olivia both agreed that there was nothing romantic going on between Johnny and Carly, but that meant they were plotting something together. Jax did not look forward to Carly and Brenda's eventual collision but said it was inevitable. Olivia was worried that Johnny was being sucked into a feud he had nothing to do with.

Carly and Johnny went to a hotel room to wait for one of Johnny's men. Carly relished the knowledge that Brenda had something going on with Dante. Carly told Johnny that she'd understand if he wanted to back out of their agreement. He said that he was curious as to what she was up to, so he was in.

The man they were waiting for showed up. He was a cop who had served with Dante in 2007. Carly asked him for any information on Dante and Brenda during that period. He explained that someone connected to organized crime had been stalking Brenda. Interpol had been involved, so the chief had authorized protection. The man reported that Dante had taken double shifts and that he'd been staying in her suite, not in the hall, and that Dante had admitted he'd been sleeping with Brenda.

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