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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 12, 2010 on GH
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Monday, July 12, 2010

A playful Robin convinced Patrick to meet her in a General Hospital supply closet. Robin wanted to make love, but Patrick made excuses. When she asked him what she had to do to get in his pants, he told her that he wanted to make leisurely love at home, not have a hurried coupling in a hospital closet where anyone could walk in at any time.

Robin understood and agreed to meet him at home shortly. Lisa was lurking in the hallway, where she saw Robin exit the closet followed quickly by Patrick.

In the park, Franco made a fuss over Josslyn. Jax asked him to leave, but Franco said that he was there to entertain Josslyn. Franco took a small brass monkey out of his pocket, wound it, and set it before Josslyn. Josslyn was delighted when the monkey began to clap.

Franco did not make any overt threats, but his knowledge of the Jacks family's movements and his knowledge of their whereabouts was menacing. When Jax called the police, Franco walked away, but not before telling Josslyn that he looked forward to their next meeting.

Claire found Michael and Sonny together in Sonny's office. She immediately pointed out that Michael was in violation of his parole and threatened to report him, which meant that he would be sent back to prison. Both Sonny and Michael said that it was a one-time thing and would not happen again. Michael said he had stopped by after receiving his community service assignment, which had him working on a road crew.

Michael told Claire that he would be doing hard work for long hours and would not have time to see his dad. Sonny said that Michael should not have been sent to prison in the first place, and he knew that Claire did not want to be responsible for sending Michael back.

Claire admitted that she did not want to send Michael back to prison. She told Michael that she would give him a break, but would not go easy if she caught him associating with Sonny again. Michael was very thankful and left after promising to stay away from Sonny. Sonny thanked Claire again and told her that he was not trying to flaunt the law but trying to show Michael that what he did mattered.

Sam knocked on the penthouse door and wanted to speak to Jason, who was following up leads on Franco with Dante and Spinelli. Sam wanted to speak to Jason alone. Dante wanted the details, so Sam told them it was about the bomb that had been planted in Johnny's car.

Dante and Spinelli continued the computer search while Sam and Jason talked on the terrace. She told him that even though Sonny had said that he was not responsible for bombing Johnny's car, she was not completely convinced. She shared her worries about Kristina as Jason held her close and hugged her.

Inside, Dante got an urgent phone call and left the apartment.

At the Port Charles Police Department, Lucky questioned Johnny about the car bomb. After Johnny told his story, Lucky agreed with him that Sonny, not the Lopez brothers, was the better suspect in the car bombing.

Dante and Ronnie met Jax in the park and questioned him about his encounter with Franco. A shaken Jax admitted that Franco had not made any direct threats. Ronnie left to coordinate a search effort while Dante and Jax discussed their loved ones who were being targeted by Franco.

Jason went to Sonny's office to find out the truth about the car bomb. Instead of confronting Sonny, Jason congratulated him for using a method that would not be traced to him. Sonny was relieved to be able to share his fears with Jason.

Jason supported Sonny and his decision. Sonny was shaken by how close Kristina had been to death. Sonny said that he had made the right decision as a businessman, but not as a father. Sonny said that he could not think like a businessman and a father at the same time.

Sonny worried that he was a threat to his family and that he would not be able to protect them. Jason told Sonny that he was a great father and that Sonny was the person who had changed his life.

Jason said Sonny had taught him how to make decisions and live with the consequences. Jason said that Sonny had been like a father to him after the accident that had left Jason suffering brain damage.

Jason said that Sonny had done everything possible to protect his kids. Sonny wanted to know if that included Dante. Jason acknowledged that had he accidentally hurt Michael as Sonny had hurt Dante, he would not give up on trying to make it right. Jason told Sonny that although Dante was a cop and would probably never see Sonny's side, Jason understood why Sonny kept trying with Dante.

Jason warned Sonny about seeing too much of Claire. Sonny said that he knew she was playing him, but he was playing her right back. Sonny said if he could get Claire to sleep with him, she would be compromised and that would be good for business.

Before Jason left, he confessed that he respected Sonny more than anyone else he knew and that would never change. Sonny playfully told Jason to get rid of Franco, and Jason said he was working on it.

Mac, Ronnie, and Dante had a meeting about Franco at the police station. Mac was upset because Franco was still not apprehended after confronting several Port Charles residents, including Maxie. Half seriously, Mac suggested binding Jason to a lamppost and letting Franco find him. When Jax arrived, Mac and Jax went to Mac's office to file a formal complaint.

Alone with Ronnie, Dante suggested that Franco's next target would be Ronnie, because of his previous history with Franco. Ronnie got huffy and suggested that Dante pay attention and not let Jason escape, then Ronnie stormed out of the interview room.

At the nurses' station, Lisa noted to Steve that Robin had signed out early. As both watched, Patrick signed out and departed the hospital. Steve cautioned Lisa about interfering in Robin and Patrick's marriage.

Lucky called Ethan down to the station and questioned him. Lucky wanted to know why Ethan had not been with Johnny at the time of the car bombing, as he had originally planned. Ethan told Lucky that he was keeping a commitment to Luke to pay off Luke's cigar dealer. Lucky told Ethan that it was likely that Sonny had given Luke a heads-up about the bomb, so that Luke could figure out a way to protect Ethan.

Franco went back to the mansion on Road 66. He wound a large, felt monkey, which started clapping. He then spray-painted his tagger sign, "CO77X" on the mansion's doors, walls, and windows.

Back at the penthouse, Spinelli found a mansion on Road 66 that had been rented in the name of Franco's mother. Jason took a gun from the closet and tucked it in his pants. Before he could leave, Dante arrived and shared his information about Franco's meeting with Jax and Josslyn. Jason told Dante about Spinelli's clue. Together they left to pursue Franco.

After they were gone, Spinelli gleefully told Sam that his plans for Dante's doom were almost completed and noted that karma could be "a bitch."

Sonny invited Claire to the restaurant to retrieve a bracelet that she had left on an earlier visit. When she arrived, she found a lovely table set with candles. Sonny told her it was to show his appreciation for helping Michael.

Claire said that no thanks were necessary, but Sonny insisted that she sample the wine from a new vintner he was trying out. She agreed. They were tasting the wine and engaging in flirtatious banter when Johnny interrupted. He accused Claire of protecting Sonny and compromising her integrity.

Johnny drank some of the wine, told Sonny it was good, insinuated that Sonny was responsible for the car bomb, and then asked Sonny what else he had in his playbook, then he strode out of the restaurant. After Johnny left, Claire also left after telling Sonny that Johnny was right; she was compromising her integrity by having dinner with him.

Patrick arrived home with pink roses to find Robin waiting for him in a pink negligee. Patrick told Robin how much he loved her and how much he had changed because of his love for her and hers for him. He told Robin that he did not want to lose her. Robin assured him that he never would.

Robin and Patrick made love. Afterward, Robin seemed content and happy. Patrick appeared more thoughtful and concerned.

Lisa called Patrick and left a message for him about a surgery consult. Steve overheard and offered to step in, unless Lisa specifically wanted Patrick. Before sauntering away, Lisa said that any doctor would do.

Lucky gave Mac a file on an explosives expert who worked on contract. Lucky said that the expert had flown to Port Charles from Buenos Aires on the day of the car bombing and flown back there on the same day. Lucky wanted to fly to South America, confront the expert, and try to find out who had put the hit on Johnny.

Spinelli's plan for revenge on Dante was successful. He was excited and babbling about it when he opened the door, expecting to find Carly. Instead he faced Lulu, who wanted to know who the object of Spinelli's revenge was.

Dante and Jason arrived at Franco's. Dante was conflicted when Jason drew his gun but backed down when Jason asked if Dante was willing to confront Franco holding a pencil.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

At the hospital, Maxie struck up a conversation with Maya while she waited for Matt. Maxie explained that she was there to pick up Matt, but she denied any romantic interested in the young doctor. Maya didn't understand why Maxie was reluctant to admit that she had feelings for Matt when it was obvious to everyone that there was something between Matt and Maxie.

Bobbie was surprised to see Ethan approach the nurses' station. She was curious if he had heard from Luke. Ethan shook his head and then showed his aunt his injured hand. Bobbie agreed that Ethan needed stitches, but she had to dash off to a meeting, so she asked Maya to take care of Ethan's hand. Ethan explained how a series of events had led to him dangling from his building's rooftop, which had led to the injury. Maya was not amused. She told him, "I can't do this," and then walked away.

Shirley was delighted when Nikolas entered her hospital room with a bouquet of beautiful flowers for her. She jokingly wondered where he had been thirty years ago. Nikolas was happy to see that Shirley was recovering nicely from her surgery. Shirley assured Nikolas that she didn't have any intention of dying any time soon before she changed the subject. She was curious why Nikolas seemed to be in such a good mood.

Nikolas confessed that he had some news. Liz had agreed to allow him to be a part of the baby's delivery. Nikolas was excited that Liz had invited him to attend birthing classes with her. Shirley was thrilled for Nikolas and promised to stick around for the baby's birth. Liz was smiling when she entered the room; she admitted that she had overheard part of Nikolas and Shirley's conversation.

Shirley didn't think they would have long to wait for the baby's birth, if the size of Liz's belly were anything to go by. Liz chuckled as she revealed that she was approximately a month away from her due date. Shirley was curious if the baby was a boy or a girl, but Nikolas explained that they wanted to be surprised, so they had decided not to find out. Shirley applauded their decision and then took the opportunity to thank Nikolas and Liz for everything that they had done for her. Shirley decided to repay them by making a special piece of rose quartz jewelry for the baby.

Later, Helena bumped into Liz in the hallway. Helena wanted to discuss the arrangements for the baby after its birth, but Liz made it clear that Helena would not be involved in the baby's life. Helena reminded Liz that she was the baby's great-grandmother. Liz was curious how Nikolas would feel about Helena's determination to be around the baby, but then Liz remembered that Nikolas had tossed Helena out. Helena warned Liz that Nikolas would never turn his back on family.

Liz disagreed. Liz was confident that Nikolas would do anything to make Liz and the baby happy. Liz was certain that if she were to agree to move to Wyndemere with the children, on the condition that Nikolas run Helena out of town, Helena would be gone without a second thought. Helena cautioned Liz not to be overconfident, but Liz wasn't intimidated. "If you think I'm a bitch now, try messing with my child," Liz warned Helena and then walked away.

When Liz spotted Nikolas, she told him about her encounter with Helena. Nikolas was annoyed that his grandmother had been harassing Liz. He promised Liz that he would take care of it. He assured Liz that she and the baby were his priority.

At the lake house, Alexis told Sam about the restrictions that Alexis and Sonny had put on Kristina. Sam agreed that setting limits was a good idea, but she reminded her mother that it was more important for Kristina to feel empowered. Sam explained that Kristina acted out because she was hurt. Sam insisted that it would take time for Kristina to heal from Kiefer's abuse.

Kristina arrived home a few minutes later. Kristina wondered if Alexis would give her gas money for Mrs. Sparks, who had been chauffeuring Kristina around town. Alexis didn't mind, but she wanted Kristina to understand that it wouldn't change her decision to take the car away from Kristina. Kristina hated all of the new rules, but she was determined to follow them. According to Kristina, it was the least that she could do to make up for all of the mistakes that she had made.

Kristina acknowledged that she had screwed up, so she was prepared to face the consequences. However, Kristina was not thrilled with the idea of having dinner with Sonny every Tuesday. Alexis advised Kristina to work that out with Sonny. Sam admitted that she was proud of Kristina. Sam and Kristina shared an affectionate hug and then Sam announced that she had to leave because she had plans with Jason.

After Sam left, Kristina wondered if Alexis had called Sam for reinforcement. Alexis confessed that Sam had a calming effect on Kristina, so she had hoped that Sam's influence would help. Kristina assured her mother that she was back on track. Alexis was pleased. Alexis changed the subject when she remembered that the school had called with the name of Kristina's new study partner. Alexis handed Kristina a slip of paper with the study partner's name on it.

Kristina glanced at the paper and then admitted that she was afraid Taylor, her study partner, would object to being paired with her. A knock at the door announced the arrival of Kristina's study partner. Kristina and Alexis were surprised to discover that Taylor was a guy, not a girl. Taylor chuckled as he admitted that it got that a lot. He blamed Taylor Swift's popularity. Kristina smiled.

Alexis pulled Kristina aside to offer to call the school if Kristina didn't feel comfortable studying with a guy. Kristina thought that Taylor was nice, so she declined Alexis' offer. Moments later, Kristina and Taylor went to the library to study. Taylor took the opportunity to find out what their school was like. Kristina assured him that it was probably like his last high school. When they resumed studying, Taylor reached for a book. As he turned back to the table with the book, Kristina cried out in fear because she had a sudden flashback of Kiefer hitting her.

At the penthouse, Lulu wondered if everything were okay. Spinelli covertly closed his laptop as he nervously wondered why she would ask him such a question. Lulu reminded Spinelli that he had been ranting about getting even with someone when she had arrived. Spinelli covered his slip by admitting that he intended to go after Matt for kissing Maxie. Lulu relaxed as she explained that Maxie had been using Matt to make Spinelli jealous. Lulu assured Spinelli that Maxie didn't have any feelings for Matt.

Spinelli argued that Matt had taken advantage of Maxie, so he deserved everything that Spinelli planned to do. Lulu insisted that revenge would not give Spinelli any satisfaction, so she urged him to focus on more important things like catching Franco. Carly entered the penthouse in time to hear Lulu's advice. Carly was curious what they had been talking about. Spinelli quickly explained that he intended to exact revenge against Matt for kissing Maxie.

Lulu assured Spinelli that Maxie loved him, so it wasn't necessary. Lulu begged Spinelli to try to work things out with Maxie instead of going after Matt. Carly agreed with Lulu. Lulu thanked Carly for her help and then left. Once they were alone, Carly congratulated Spinelli on being quite the liar. Spinelli smiled with pride as he suggested that perhaps Carly's skill had rubbed off. Spinelli suggested that Carly was the queen of lying, which Carly took as a compliment.

Carly was curious if Spinelli had made any progress with their project. Spinelli revealed that it wouldn't be long before he was able to siphon the money from the Cortez Cartel into Dante's accounts. Spinelli was confident that, once the police were tipped off, Dante would be charged with corruption and drug trafficking. Carly was pleased when Spinelli assured her that nothing would be traced back to them. Sam entered the penthouse moments later and immediately became suspicious when she noticed the expressions on Spinelli and Carly's faces.

Sam warned Carly and Spinelli to stop plotting. Carly appreciated that Sam was Jason's girlfriend, but she made it clear that the relationship didn't give Sam the right to tell Carly what to do. Sam immediately apologized for overstepping; she attributed it to stress because she hadn't seen much of Jason since he had been released from jail. Sam explained that she just wanted to spend some time alone with Jason. Carly agreed to leave for Jason's sake because she realized that spending time alone with Sam would make Jason happy.

Sam looked expectantly at Spinelli, but he didn't seem to understand her unspoken request. Sam realized that Spinelli lived in the penthouse, but she wondered if he could spend the night at Maxie's place, so that Sam and Jason could have the penthouse to themselves. Spinelli decided to head to their office instead, since things weren't going well between him and Maxie. After Spinelli left, Sam set out a bottle of tequila, two shot glasses, and then ordered some dinner.

Tracy bumped into Brook at the Metro Court Restaurant. Tracy was curious why she hadn't heard from her granddaughter since Brook's arrival in Port Charles. Brook confessed that she hadn't wanted to burden Tracy with the task of having to pretend to love her. Brooke assured Tracy that she could relax because Brook had a job, so she didn't need Tracy's money. Tracy was certain that Brook had an ulterior motive for being in Port Charles.

Brook denied that she was up to anything, but it quickly became clear that Tracy had kept tabs on Brook. Tracy knew that the Cerullos had tossed Brook out and that Ned and Lois had stopped giving their daughter money. Brook insisted that it wasn't a big deal, but Tracy didn't believe her. Tracy pointed out that Brook had a genetic proclivity for larceny, so Tracy intended to keep a very close eye on her granddaughter.

Jax entered the restaurant looking for Carly. He wanted her to know about his encounter with Franco in the park. He realized how easily Carly and Josslyn could have been hurt, so he was doubly grateful that they were both safe. Jax wondered why people only saw what mattered to them when they were about to loose it. Carly didn't have an answer for him; she admitted that she was the worst offender. Jax was curious what Carly would want if she could have anything that she desired. Carly stared deep into Jax's eyes, but before she could answer the question Skye walked up.

Jason kicked in the door to the mansion on Country Road 66 and then entered. Dante was right behind Jason. With guns drawn, Jason and Dante searched the mansion, but they didn't find any sign of Franco. While Dante called the police, Jason discovered a discarded flyer advertising a performance by Kalup Ishmael at Jake's. Later, as the crime scene team descended on the mansion, Jason showed Dante the flyer. Jason and Dante decided to head to Jake's to see if Franco had left behind another clue.

At Jake's, Franco ordered a glass of Absinthe. Coleman explained that the police didn't allow him to stock "The Green Fairy." However, Coleman offered to fetch Franco a bottle of fine scotch. Franco was satisfied to drink whatever the locals drank, so Coleman poured Franco some whiskey. Franco surprised Coleman by dropping a stack of money on the bar. Franco offered to pay Coleman ten thousand dollars to book a performance artist for one night. Coleman stared at the money for a minute and then responded, "Done."

Maya entered Jake's and then ordered a beer from Coleman. Coleman wondered why she was in a foul mood. Maya was curious if Coleman were the reckless type who liked to take risks. Coleman suggested that those types of men died young, so he tended to be the guy who consoled the hot widows. Maya smiled and then sipped her drink. A few minutes later, Brook approached the bar. Brook expressed an interest in performing, but Coleman handed her a flyer as he explained that the bar had been booked.

Matt and Maxie entered Jake's and then sat down at one of the tables. As they chatted, Matt admitted that it was nice to have a normal conversation with Maxie, but he sensed that she was troubled. Maxie confessed that she had been unsure about things lately. She wasn't certain if she knew how to be happy. Matt understood what it was like to second-guess oneself. Maxie smiled because he had perfectly described what she was feeling.

Maxie admitted that she had an amazing love, but it might not be enough. Lulu approached their table to let them know that they owed her because she had caught Spinelli plotting revenge for the kiss that he had witnessed between Matt and Maxie. Maxie perked up when she realized that Spinelli had been jealous.

"There's a pair you don't see every day," Coleman remarked as he dropped off some drinks at Matt and Maxie's table. Lulu, Maxie, and Matt turned to see Dante and Jason standing near the bar. Lulu excused herself and then joined Dante. Moments later, Coleman introduced Kalup Ishmael.

At the penthouse, Sam grabbed some money when she went to answer a knock at the door. She was stunned when she found Franco standing on the doorstep. "I hope you ordered Moo shu pork," Franco told her as he held up a bag of food.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

At the Metro Court Restaurant, Carly revealed that Skye had cancelled Jax's dinner reservations. Skye explained that she had hoped to surprise Jax by ordering room service for them instead. Carly bit back her jealousy as she questioned if that were what Jax really wanted. Jax asked Skye for a moment alone with Carly, but Skye refused to budge. Skye explained that she had something important to tell him about the project that they had been working on.

Carly stood her ground, which made Jax wonder if Carly would answer his question if he stayed. Carly warned Jax that she would not jump through hoops to keep Jax from spending time with Skye. The issue became moot when Carly spotted Michael enter the restaurant. Michael greeted them and then asked if Jax would join him and Carly for dinner. Carly informed Michael that Jax had plans with Skye and then dragged Michael away.

Jax looked worried as he watched Carly and Michael sit down for dinner. Skye assured Jax that he would thank her later. According to Skye, Carly only valued what she had to fight for, so Skye urged Jax not to make it easy for Carly. Jax admitted that he regretted the role that he had played in Michael's prison sentence, but Skye insisted that it hadn't been his fault.

At a nearby table, Michael was curious what was going on between Jax and Carly. Carly admitted that she had been so angry with Jax, because of what had happened to Michael, that it was difficult to let it go. Michael clarified that he didn't blame Jax, so he didn't think that Carly should either. Carly recalled how Michael had always hoped that Sonny and Carly would work things out, so she was curious what had changed his mind. Michael confessed that Carly was different with Jax because Jax didn't make Carly crazy the way that Sonny did.

Michael advised his mother to work things out with Jax because Jax was good for everyone, including Carly. Carly smiled and then walked over to Jax's table. Jax was pleasantly surprised when Carly announced that she had decided to join Jax and the kids when they went sailing the following day. After Carly and Michael walked away, Skye smiled; a family outing was progress. Jax returned the smile as he acknowledged that he owed it all to Skye.

Sonny was annoyed when he was hauled into the police station. His attitude quickly changed when he discovered that Claire was waiting for him in one of the interrogation rooms. Sonny smiled as he suggested that Claire didn't have to go through so much trouble to see him. Claire returned the smile, but it didn't reach her eyes. She revealed that Lucky had flown to Argentina to follow up on a lead in the car bombing.

Claire warned Sonny that if he were flirting with her in the hopes of distracting her from the investigation then she would land on him like a pile of bricks. Sonny insisted that he wanted the person who had planted the bomb found, but Claire didn't believe him. She refused to be compromised. Sonny understood Claire's ambition because, like her, he would do whatever it took to get what he wanted. He stared deeply into her eyes to let her know what he wanted and then confidently walked out of the room. Claire smiled with satisfaction.

At Pozzulo's, Sonny was all business as he entered his office with Max trailing behind him. Sonny explained that Lucky had flown to Argentina to track down a potential lead. Max assured Sonny that their demolition man was an expert in disappearing, so Lucky wouldn't find him. Sonny reminded Max that Lucky had extensive experience in vanishing thanks to Luke. Max was confident that they didn't have anything to worry about. Later, Claire stormed into Sonny's office to set some ground rules.

Claire warned Sonny not to show up at the police station anymore. Sonny pointed out that she had sent for him. Claire ignored the remark to let Sonny know that she didn't appreciate him flirting with her either. Sonny let Claire continue ranting as he casually walked up to her and then planted a heated kiss on her lips. Claire responded at first. However, after a few moments she forcefully shoved Sonny away and then demanded, "What the hell was that?"

Sonny smiled knowingly as Claire insisted that she was determined to send Sonny to jail. She also denied that she wanted him to kiss her. "Yeah, yeah, whatever," Sonny replied. He offered to pick up where they left off if she changed her mind. Claire was adamant that she wouldn't and then marched out.

At the lake house, Taylor tried to apologize for upsetting Kristina at the library. Kristina assured him that it hadn't been his fault and then insisted on making it up to him by asking the teacher to assign him a new study partner. Taylor argued that it wasn't necessary, but Kristina thought that it would be for the best. Taylor felt terrible for making Kristina uncomfortable, but he respected her decision. After Taylor left, Alexis tried to talk to Kristina about what had happened.

Kristina was reluctant to talk about it, but she revealed that Taylor was a great guy who had just moved to Port Charles. Kristina had enjoyed his company because he didn't know anything about her or who her father was. Alexis continued to gently nudge Kristina until Kristina opened up about the incident in the library. Alexis was saddened to hear that Kristina had a flashback of Kiefer's abuse. Kristina had been humiliated because she had overreacted to the situation.

Alexis offered Kristina some words of encouragement. Kristina relaxed and then admitted that her new restrictions had helped her get back into a routine. Alexis volunteered to call the teacher to get a new study partner for Kristina, but Kristina had a better idea. Kristina fetched her cell phone and then called Taylor to arrange another study date. Alexis smiled with pride

At the hospital, Helena tried to engage Nikolas in a conversation, but he made it clear that he didn't want anything to do with his grandmother. Helena wondered if Nikolas were mad at her because of what had happened in Greece with Luke and Tracy. Nikolas reminded Helena that Tracy had almost died because of what Helena had done. Helena didn't appear to have an ounce of remorse for what she had done. Liz approached Nikolas moments later to let him know that the boys were ready to be picked up from daycare.

Helena was curious if Liz and Nikolas had plans to go to dinner together. Liz let Helena know that it was none of Helena's business. Nikolas smiled and then walked away with Liz. Later, Liz and Nikolas arrived at Liz's house with Cameron and Jake in tow. Liz thanked Nikolas for dinner.

Nikolas took the opportunity to let her know that he had been impressed with how she had handled Helena. Liz confessed that it had been fun. Nikolas chuckled and then changed the subject. He didn't want Liz to feel pressured, but he wondered if they could get together the following day, so that Spencer, Cameron, and Jake could play. Liz readily agreed. After Nikolas left, Liz started to go into the house, but stopped short when a wave of dizziness washed over her. Liz sent the boys to their room and then sat down on porch step until it passed.

At Jake's, Kalup Ishmael entertained the crowd with his rendition of Route 66. Jason and Dante realized that the song was a clue from Franco, but they couldn't figure out what it signified. After the song ended, Kalup gathered his things and then prepared to leave. Jason and Dante tried to question Kalup about Franco, but Kalup couldn't provide them with any useful information. Next, Jason and Dante questioned Coleman about how Kalup had ended up singing in the bar.

Coleman confessed that a stranger had entered the bar, ordered an Absinthe, and then paid Coleman to book Kalup for a one-night performance. Coleman admitted that he had no idea that Kalup would only perform one song. Jason suspected that Kalup had been some kind of diversion, but he didn't know why.

Lulu and Dante returned to the loft a short time later. Dante worried that Jason had tracked down Franco, killed him, and then grabbed Sam to skip town. Dante was certain that he was on the fast-track to prison. Lulu advised Dante to relax instead of getting worked up over something that might not happen. Lulu was certain that everything would work out.

At Jake's, Matt wondered what Maxie wanted. Maxie admitted that she would love to work things out with Spinelli, but she didn't want to hurt him. Matt was curious why that was a concern if she loved Spinelli. Maxie revealed that she needed more than Spinelli could give her. It hurt her knowing that Spinelli realized it and was willing to let her go. Matt confessed that it was a good thing he was so cocky and thick-skinned because a girl like her could really get to him.

Brook was sitting at a table with Maya until Johnny entered the bar. Brook jumped up to approach Johnny. They talked about their love for music until Brook noticed Coleman start to pack up the equipment on the stage. She wondered if Coleman would mind if she sang a song. Coleman happily handed her the microphone. Moments later, Brook entertained the crowd with the song, Before He Cheats. Johnny couldn't seem to take his eyes off Brook as she sashayed and flirted with the guys in the bar during the performance.

Ethan joined Maya at her table for a drink. It took some prodding, but Ethan managed to get Maya to talk about her tragic romantic past. Maya revealed that she had once been involved with someone who had loved to take risks like Ethan did. One night, her boyfriend had paid the ultimate price for his thrill seeking. Maya had been working in the emergency room when a gunshot victim had been rushed in.

Maya confessed that she hadn't even recognized her boyfriend at first because of his extensive injuries. After an attending physician had taken over, May a had stayed with her boyfriend until he died. It tormented her not knowing if he had heard her talking to him before he succumbed to his injuries. She was also heartbroken that so much potential had been wasted.

At Jason's penthouse, Sam pulled out a gun, which she aimed at Franco. Franco didn't seem concerned as he sat down on the sofa and then pulled out the containers of Chinese food from the bag that he had carried in. Franco explained that Chinese food wasn't good if it was served cold. Sam promised that Jason would kill Franco with his bare hands if he found Franco in the penthouse. Franco wondered why everyone seemed eager to kill him with their bare hands: first Carly, then Jax, and, according to Sam, Jason. Franco appreciated that Sam at least showed him some respect by threatening to kill him with a gun.

Franco didn't blame Sam for being mad at him, but he pointed out that nothing had happened to her. Sam reminded Franco that he had locked her in a soundproof room with a bomb. Franco shrugged and then changed the subject to complain that he had once prepared cheese, crackers, and wine for Jason, but Jason hadn't thanked him for the effort. Sam continued to threaten Franco with the gun, but Franco wasn't concerned.

Franco pointed out that if she killed him then Jason would be sent back to prison. Franco didn't think that Sam would risk losing Jason. Sam ordered Franco to get out. Franco smiled as he stood up. He asked her to pass along a message to Jason. "I'll make it easy," Franco cryptically told her before he slipped out the door.

Jason arrived home a short time later to find Sam sitting on the sofa holding the gun. Sam was rattled because she had let a serial killer go to buy herself some more time with Jason. Jason explained that Franco had just been trying to play head games with her, but Sam refused to allow Jason to brush it off. Sam insisted that it would be on her if Franco hurt someone. Jason held Sam until she calmed down. He then revealed that whatever Franco planned had to do with the number sixty-six.

Sam wondered if Jason should be out looking for Franco. Jason explained that the next move was Franco's, so he had to wait. Besides, Jason added, he'd rather spend some time with Sam. Sam passed along Franco's message. Jason suspected that Franco had something big planned, but he had no idea what it was.

Franco met up with Kalup in an alley. Franco thanked Kalup for his help, but he admitted that he needed one more favor. Kalup was happy to help; however, Kalup wanted select the next song himself. Franco agreed, but he explained that it would have to be a sad and haunting song. Franco intended to raise the dead.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

At Wyndemere, Liz and Nikolas watched their children play together. Spencer wondered if it would be okay to take Jake and Cameron to meet his pony. Cameron squealed with the delight at the prospect of riding the pony. Liz gave her permission for Cameron to ride, provided that an adult present. The boys jumped up and then raced to the stables. Nikolas called out to the boys to wait for him and then turned expectantly to Liz. Liz confessed that she would rather rest instead of walking all the way to the stables.

After Nikolas left, Liz's smile disappeared as she winced in pain. She rubbed her abdomen, in an effort to ease the discomfort, and then leaned back against the sofa. Later, Cameron ran into the room to tell his mother that he had ridden Spencer's horse, Nipit. Cameron grew concerned when he noticed his mother grimace. Nikolas immediately realized that something was wrong. Nikolas' fears were confirmed when Liz asked him to take her to the hospital because she was in labor.

Liz was having painful contractions by the time she arrived at the hospital. Nikolas demanded that someone page Dr. Lee while Steve instructed a nurse to take Liz to a room. Liz reminded Steve and Nikolas that she had given birth before, so they could relax. After Liz was settled in a bed, she and Nikolas admitted that they were excited about meeting their new child. Steve entered the room moments later to see how his sister was doing. Liz sent Nikolas to check on Cameron and Jake in the daycare center, so that she could have a moment alone with her brother.

Once Nikolas left, Steve admitted that the real purpose of his visit was to see if Liz wanted him to call Lucky. Liz thought about it for a minute and then confessed that Lucky didn't really have a place there. Liz explained that Nikolas was the father of the baby, so he was the one that she needed by her side. Steve smiled in approval. Nikolas returned moments later with news that Cameron and Jake were eager to know when the baby would be born. Steve left to look for Kelly, so Nikolas offered to get Liz something to eat or drink.

Liz wasn't hungry, but she appreciated that Nikolas and Steve were so eager to help her. Nikolas advised Liz to get used to it because it would continue long after the baby was born. Robin entered the room with some paperwork for Liz to sign. Robin confided that Steve was a nervous wreck about the baby, so he had put everyone on alert. Liz reviewed the paperwork while Robin slid a patient identification bracelet on Liz's wrist. The ID ended with the number sixty-six.

At the loft, Dante was wide awake while Lulu slept peacefully next to him. Dante quickly raised his gun when he heard a noise and then shouted, "Freeze!" Michael immediately spoke up to let Dante know that it was him and that he had been on his way to get a drink. Dante relaxed and then lowered the gun. Later, Michael was straightening up the sofa when Dante and Lulu entered the living room.

Michael apologized for startling Dante earlier. Dante didn't mind Michael staying there, but he wanted his brother to remember that two other people lived in the loft. Lulu felt as if she were the one who had invaded their space, but Dante assured her that she was always welcome. Michael revealed that he had plans to go sailing with Jax, Carly, and the kids, so Dante and Lulu would have some privacy for awhile.

After Michael left, Dante confessed that it had been a bit unnerving how Michael had barely reacted to having a gun pointed at him. Lulu attributed it to Michael's upbringing and then suggested that Dante might have overreacted a bit to the situation. Dante disagreed; he refused to take any chances with Lulu's safety. Lulu appreciated Dante's concern. However, she balked when Dante asked her to stay by his side until Franco was captured. Lulu refused to allow fear to guide her, so she insisted on going to work. Dante decided to go with her.

At the police station, Claire spotted Sonny sitting in one of the interrogation rooms. She assumed that he was there to see her, so she took the opportunity to warn him that he couldn't go around kissing women without their consent. Claire then added that she hadn't given Sonny permission to kiss her. Lucky walked up as Claire continued to rant at Sonny about the kiss. Lucky apologized for bursting Claire's romantic bubble, but, Sonny was there at Lucky's behest.

Sonny smiled smugly as he added to Claire's embarrassment by teasing her about outburst. After Claire fled the interrogation room, Lucky accused Sonny of trying to distract Claire from the investigation. Lucky made it clear that Sonny wouldn't have the same success with him. Sonny recalled the years of friendship that he and Lucky had shared; he was curious when Lucky had turned against him. Lucky explained that he couldn't look away when mobsters tried to blow each other up, even for Sonny.

Lucky suggested that all of the signs pointed to Sonny as the culprit behind the bombing. Sonny hoped that the investigation didn't cause a conflict between them. Lucky admitted that he respected Sonny; however, Lucky pointed out that he was a cop, while Sonny was the crime boss of Port Charles, so that automatically put them at odds. After Sonny left, Claire realized that Lucky's trip to Argentina hadn't been successful, since Sonny hadn't been arrested. Lucky was concerned about what was going on between Claire and Sonny.

Claire assured Lucky that she wasn't falling for Sonny, but Lucky reminded her of the kiss that she and Sonny had shared. Claire insisted that it was part of her plan to seduce Sonny to gain enough information to press charges against him. She couldn't wait to see Sonny's expression when he realized that she had played him. Claire explained that Sonny's weakness was women, so she intended to use that to her advantage.

Lucky suggested that they put a wager on her determination to send Sonny to jail. If she successfully prosecuted Sonny then he would take her to dinner at a restaurant of her choice. Claire readily agreed. However, she suggested that Lucky work on his own personal issues before he dispensed romantic advice to others.

At Jason's penthouse, Sam confessed that her night with Jason had been wonderful. Jason agreed. After they shared a tender kiss, Sam admitted that she hated the thought of Jason having to return to prison after Franco was captured. Jason pointed out that it hadn't happened yet, so he didn't want Sam to dwell on it. Sam and Jason went to the living room to have some breakfast, but Sam couldn't stop thinking about their future. Sam was curious what Jason planned to do after Franco's arrest.

Jason revealed that he intended to return to Pentonville. Sam was disappointed; she reminded him that they had other options. Jason explained that Port Charles was Sam's home, so he didn't want her to have to leave it. Jason also wanted them to be free to live openly instead of in hiding. Sam agreed to respect his wishes, but she made it clear that she was ready to go on the run with him if he changed his mind.

Sam decided to head to her office, since Jason didn't want her to help track down Franco. Jason explained that it would too dangerous, so he preferred that she not be involved. However, he insisted that she remain armed with a gun until Franco was found. After Sam left, Jason called Spinelli, but the call went to Spinelli's voicemail. He told Spinelli about Sam's encounter with Franco and then demanded that Spinelli return to the penthouse.

As Jason disconnected the call, someone knocked on the door. It was Maxie. Maxie was eager for Jason's advice on how to mend her relationship with Spinelli. Jason didn't want to be involved, but Maxie insisted that she was desperate. Maxie feared that she might make the wrong choice, which might lead to heartbreak for Spinelli or her. Jason reminded Maxie that it was a bad time. Maxie realized that Jason was trying to hunt down Franco, but she didn't think a few minutes would make a difference.

Maxie was relieved when Jason finally agreed to hear her out. She began to ramble about how she became distracted by different men. She confessed that she didn't feel as if she were good enough for Spinelli. Jason suggested that it was up to Spinelli to make that decision. Maxie argued that Spinelli always saw the best in her because he was a good guy. Maxie didn't think she would ever find anyone as wonderful as Spinelli.

Maxie was surprised when Spinelli walked through the door. Spinelli took one look at Maxie and then offered to leave. Maxie rushed to explain that she wanted to ask him something. Maxie revealed that Matt had invited her to the opening of a Broadway show. She was curious how Spinelli would feel if she accepted. Spinelli insisted that it wasn't his decision to make. Maxie was stunned when Spinelli explained that his opinion was private.

"Why would you say that?" Maxie asked in a hurt tone. She reminded Spinelli that they had always shared everything. Spinelli clarified that they had shared everything when they had been on the same path; however, that had changed. Maxie warned Spinelli that if he didn't object to her going with Matt to the opening then he was essentially admitting that she was a free woman. Spinelli suggested that Maxie had already made that decision.

Maxie was sad as she and Spinelli officially broke up. After she left, Jason asked if Spinelli were okay. Spinelli focused on the laptop as he explained that they didn't have time for Spinelli's broken heart because they had a killer to catch. Jason respected Spinelli's wishes, so they started to review the clues that they had gathered. A few minutes later Carly knocked on the door.

Carly apologized for interrupting them, but she needed a moment of Jason's time. Carly revealed that she had an opportunity to put her family back together, but she didn't know if she could forgive Jax for his role in sending Michael to jail. Spinelli thought that perhaps he was in a unique position to help Carly, since he had just lost the love of his life. Carly was saddened to hear that Spinelli and Maxie had broken up. Spinelli appreciated Carly's sympathy, but he didn't want to focus on his problems.

Spinelli suggested that Jax would wait if Jax loved Carly. However, Spinelli urged Carly not to let Jax wait if she truly loved Jax. Carly smiled as she thanked Spinelli for the sage advice. Carly's good mood evaporated when Dante showed up. Spinelli noticed Carly's reaction before she left.

At Metro Court, Jax surprised Skye with a token of his appreciation. It was a beautiful bracelet, which Skye quickly put on. Jax confessed that he was grateful for Skye's help in wooing back Carly. He was certain that he would have lost Carly for good if it weren't for Skye. Maya stepped off of the elevator and immediately noticed her cousin's stunning bracelet.

Maya approached Skye and Jax to take a closer look at the bracelet. Skye revealed that it had been a gift from a generous friend. Jax smiled at the compliment as he confessed that Skye was very special to him. Maya admitted that they were the friendliest divorced couple she had ever met. They chatted for a few more minutes before Jax excused himself. After Jax walked away, May a accused Skye of being in love with Jax. Skye denied it, but she did concede that helping Jax win back Carly had reminded her of all the reasons that she had fallen in love with him.

Jax was furious when he spotted Sonny in Metro Court's lobby. Sonny claimed that he was there to meet Diane, but Jax didn't believe him. Jax suspected that Sonny was there because he knew about Jax's plans with Carly and the children. Things quickly turned ugly when Sonny accused Jax of stealing Michael and Morgan away from him. Sonny then suggested that Jax would always be second to Jason in Carly's heart.

Jax ordered Sonny to leave. Sonny sneered as he told Jax to have fun with "my kids" and then walked away. Later, Skye spotted Jax, Josslyn, Morgan, and Michael in the lobby. She greeted them and then asked to hold Josslyn. Jax handed his daughter to Skye as Morgan told Skye about their plans to go sailing. Skye cooed to Josslyn and then confessed that Lila Rae would love to meet Jax's daughter. Morgan wondered if Skye had ever gone sailing.

Skye acknowledged that she had been on yacht a time or two. Morgan bragged about Jax's boat, the Silent Lady and then invited Skye to go sailing with them sometime. Before Skye could respond, Carly arrived and then promptly lifted her daughter out of Skye's arms. Jax confessed that he hadn't thought that Carly would make it. Carly assured him that she wouldn't have missed sailing with her family for the world. Skye quietly admitted that she didn't blame Carly.

Sonny stepped off of the elevator in time to see Carly, Jax, and the children leave to go sailing. Claire noticed the sad expression on Sonny's face as she entered the lobby. She realized what Sonny had been looking at, so when she approached him she admitted that she couldn't imagine what it was like for him not to call out to his children.

At Crimson, Maxie was swamped with work when Lulu arrived with Dante in tow. Maxie demanded to know why Dante was there. Dante explained that he wanted to keep an eye on Lulu because Franco was on the loose. Maxie argued that they were too busy to have Dante hovering over them. Maxie also confessed that seeing Lulu and Dante together was a painful reminder that she and Spinelli were over.

Lulu realized that Maxie needed someone to talk to, so she implored Dante to leave. Lulu reminded Dante that the hotel was crawling with police officers, so it would be difficult for Franco to get to her. Dante reluctantly agreed to leave. Once they were alone, Lulu questioned why Maxie had kissed Matt. Maxie reminded Lulu how Spinelli had gone into a deep depression after Jason had been sent to Pentonville.

Maxie admitted that she had hoped to snap Spinelli out of his funk by making him jealous; however, Maxie had been the one to get the surprise. Lulu was less than understanding, but Maxie forged ahead. As Maxie explained how confused she had been, she mentioned that she had kissed Lucky.

Lulu warned Maxie to stay away from Lucky because he was still fragile from learning about Liz and Nikolas' affair. Lulu accused Maxie of being an, "emotional bulldozer," so Lucky was a bad choice for a rebound relationship. Maxie grabbed her purse and then announced that she was headed to the hospital to talk to Robin because Robin would offer Maxie support without judging her. Lulu reminded Maxie that they had a mountain of work to do, but Maxie argued that she couldn't work with a broken heart that Lulu was determined to shove into a paper shredder.

After Maxie stormed out, Lulu went back to work. A short time later, Dante called to check on Lulu. Lulu assured Dante that she was fine. She agreed to call him when she was done with work and then ended the call.

At the hospital, Maxie requested that Robin be paged. Maxie's cell phone rang while she waited for her cousin. It was Lucky. Lucky asked Maxie to drop by the police station because he needed to talk to her. Maxie promised that she would try and then ended the call when she spotted her cousin approach.

Maxie started to explain why she had stopped by to see Robin, but Robin cut her off. Robin explained that she would love to help Maxie, but Liz had been admitted to the hospital. Maxie was surprised to learn that Liz was in labor.

At the penthouse, Dante tucked his phone away as he explained that he had been concerned about Lulu. Dante couldn't forget that Franco had almost killed Lulu the last time that Franco had been in town. Jason reminded Dante that Maxie, not Lulu, had been Franco's intended target. Dante wasn't reassured, so he focused on trying to figure out the clues that they had gathered. Jason suspected that the crucial clue to help tie everything together wouldn't be revealed until Franco was ready.

Dante was undeterred as he continued to review what they had uncovered. Jason and Dante tried to determine how the people, who had received the crime scene pictures, were connected to the number sixty-six. Dante suggested that perhaps it wasn't important who had received the pictures, but rather where the pictures had been taken. Dante pointed out that Franco had rented a mansion on County Road 66 and that Kalup had performed the song, Route 66, which was about a man who had stopped in various towns along Route 66 during his road trip.

Lulu was working alone when Franco suddenly stepped out of the shadows and then approached her desk. Her eyes widened with terror when she saw the serial killer smiling down at her.

Friday, July 16, 2010

After Jax, Carly, Michael, Morgan, and Josslyn left the Metro Court, Claire approached Sonny and told him that she admired him for behaving himself in light of the fact that Jax was taking the role as father that Sonny should have been playing. They chatted, and Claire suggested that Sonny retire in order to remove threats to himself and his family. Sonny sarcastically responded that he'd never considered that option.

He asked her how many retired mob bosses she knew of. She exclaimed that he could find a way out of the mob if he really wanted to. As she left, Alexis showed up and asked Sonny if he'd like to accompany her to the country club where she would meet Kristina and Molly. He agreed, and they left.

When Maxie arrived at the police station at Lucky's behest, he asked her if she wanted to go to a concert in the park. Before answering the question, she told him that Liz had gone into labor. Maxie reassured Lucky that Liz was fine and asked if he planned to go to the hospital. He replied that he had no need to and repeated his question. Maxie agreed to go out with him.

After the concert, Maxie and Lucky returned to Crimson. She told him that she thought he should have been on stage. Lucky modestly replied that he wasn't talented enough. He shared with Maxie that he admired her for having found the world that was right for her and excelling in it. Lucky began to say his goodbyes, and Maxie assumed that he was on his way to check on Liz. He denied that he was and told her that Liz had everything she needed without him.

In Liz's hospital room, she joked with Robin and Nikolas about how to put on a patient I.D. bracelet. As Robin left, Dr. Lee arrived and told Liz and Nikolas that it was always better to delay labor until the baby reached full term, but that if the baby came that night, it would be all right, because there were no complications.

Dr. Lee left, and Nikolas told Liz that the thought of holding their baby in his arms that night was appealing. Liz admitted that she'd misjudged him. Nikolas apologized for his behavior as well. Liz's contractions resumed. Dr. Lee returned and confidently announced that it was time.

Dante, Jason, and Spinelli were at Jason's penthouse. They discussed the number 66 that had become a common theme with regard to Franco. Dante theorized that the clue had to do with the song "Route 66." In the song, a traveler started in Chicago and headed west. They knew from the first crime scene photo that Franco had sent that the victim had been murdered in Chicago.

Spinelli hypothesized that, since the second crime photo was of a victim in St. Louis, the next photo should be of a crime scene in Joplin, MO. But the third photo was from Flagstaff, AZ, a city mentioned after other cities in the song. Dante worried that they might be embarking on a wild goose chase, but Jason said that they had to pursue the clues Franco was leaving them.

Dante called the police in each of the cities mentioned in the song and asked them to keep him in the loop with regard to any unsolved murders. Dante worried that Franco was setting up another situation in which Jason would be forced to make a hard choice. They all agreed that Franco was leading them to Los Angeles, where the traveler in the song terminated his journey. After Dante left, Jason directed Spinelli to search for a link between Franco and L.A., but Ronnie arrived and arrested Jason because he'd served his purpose--Franco had shown his hand.

At Crimson, Franco showed himself to Lulu. He told her that he was disappointed in Dante and Jason, given that they hadn't seemed to provide much security for her. He pondered aloud, "Who do I have to kill to get some attention around here?" As he explained that he had been dropping in on all the people he'd met the last time he'd been in town, Lulu tried to send a text message.

However, Franco caught on. He told her to get Dante on the phone so that he could hear her die. Lulu responded that she wanted to live. Franco promised to kill her as painlessly as possible but, if she insisted on staying alive, she needed to do him a favor. He gave her an envelope to give to Dante with the message that it was from Barstow. Franco left, and Lulu attempted to follow him.

Later, Lulu made her way to Baker Street, where she called Dante and told him to meet her right away. Soon thereafter, Dante met her there, and she explained to him what had happened: that Franco had threatened her. Claire arrived, and Dante explained the situation to her. He shared the theory that Franco had been committing murders in all the towns mentioned in the song "Route 66." That prompted Lulu to give to Dante the envelope Franco had given her.

Dante and Lulu returned to the penthouse and looked for Jason. Spinelli angrily accused Dante of working with Ronnie to have Jason taken back to Pentonville.

At the nurses' station, Lisa lamented to Patrick that, since they'd had sex, he was avoiding working with her. He told her to keep her voice down. She told him that, if she were a different kind of woman, he'd have a big mess to clean up. Just then, Robin walked up. Lisa complained that Patrick wouldn't consult on one of her cases. Robin urged Patrick to provide Lisa with what she needed. After Robin walked away, Patrick demanded to know what Lisa was up to, but Lisa played dumb and left.

Later, Robin met up with Patrick and told him how much she loved him. They began to kiss as Lisa returned and interrupted them with the file on the patient for whom she needed Patrick's consult.

Kristina and Molly sat at an outdoor table at the country club. Kristina lamented the fact that she used to like the club but that people treated her poorly because they believed she was the reason Kiefer was dead. Molly suggested they leave, but Kristina was recalcitrant, declaring that they had every right to be there. As Kristina wondered if she had stayed with Kiefer and suffered his abuse to work out some abandonment issues with her own father, Alexis and Sonny arrived.

They all moved to a larger table and enjoyed a friendly conversation. Kristina mentioned an incident of posttraumatic stress she'd recently suffered, and Sonny was able to relate. He assured her that it would get better with time. Mr. Bauer arrived and informed Alexis that her court date had been moved up. He hostilely told Alexis and Kristina that they would pay for what they did to his son.

Jason was returned to his cell at Pentonville, where he found a photo of a mechanical toy monkey.

Franco made arrangements on the phone to have a glass case transported somewhere. He told the party on the other end of the call that he thought Jason, in particular, would "get a kick out of it."

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