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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 2, 2010 on GH
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Monday, August 2, 2010

Jason, Dante, and Lucky discussed Franco at Jason's penthouse. Jason was convinced that Franco had abducted Aiden because he thought that having a baby to bond with from birth would make him like Jason. Jason told Lucky and Dante that he had figured that out after replaying the conversation he had with Franco in the stairwell when he talked with Franco at the Los Angeles art exhibition. Jason said that taking the baby had been Franco's real goal and that everything else had been misdirection and a diversion.

Jason thought that taking the baby was Franco's attempt to form a relationship with another human like the one that Jason had with Michael. Lucky suggested that they try to find Franco's mother, but Jason thought it was a waste of time. Lucky said that Franco's mother was the only lead they had, and he did not want to be the one who had to tell Liz that her baby was not returning.

Even though he thought it might be a waste of time, Lucky left to check for clues in the home and town where Franco's mother had been living. Spinelli appeared and started searching the Internet for Franco's videos. He was able to locate the raw footage that had been taken at Franco's L.A. exhibition. Jason noted that Franco had killed the cameraman, but told Spinelli to go frame by frame on what they had, to see if anything had been overlooked the first time they watched it.

As the threesome reviewed the footage, they reached a section where Franco angrily put his hand over the camera and told the crew to stop filming. Jason noticed that Franco was working on some papers. Jason said that those papers were probably what Franco was trying to hide and told Spinelli to try to get a closer look.

At home, when Carly asked Jax if he had slept with Skye, he wanted to know if she had slept with Sonny. Jax said that he had not slept with Skye. Carly told Jax that she wished she could say the same, but unfortunately she could not. Carly told Jax that she had slept with Sonny on the night that Michael had been sent to Pentonville.

Carly said that she had been angry about everything that had happened, and sleeping with Sonny was a way for her to hurt herself. Jax seemed to understand and said that the homecoming party had reminded him of how happy they could be together and that was what he wanted. Carly told Jax that he was a great father. She said that she still wanted him to adopt Morgan but she told him that it would not solve the problems between them. Reluctantly, Jax left Carly alone.

At the Metro Court, Claire and Sonny looked at the photos that Johnny had provided that showed Sonny apparently landing an illegal shipment. Johnny wanted Claire to arrest Sonny, but she said she had to review the photos to see if they were usable first.

Sonny looked at Johnny and told him to go at him directly. Olivia went to the table and told them both to stop arguing. Johnny asked Sonny why he was sitting in the open where anyone could get at him. Claire told Johnny that it sounded like he was threatening Sonny, and he had better watch out or he would be the one arrested.

Olivia took Johnny aside and asked him again to give up his vendetta, but Johnny was steamed and, before he walked out, accused her of protecting Sonny.

Back at the table, Claire wanted to know if the photos were true. Sonny said that Johnny had lied before and caused her case to go bust, so what made her think that Johnny was telling the truth about the photos. Olivia returned to Sonny and told him to leave Johnny alone because someone innocent always got hurt when Sonny got involved.

After Olivia went back to the bar, Sonny flirted with Claire and tried to get her to go home with him. She told him the only thing she wanted from him was a baby, and if he did not want to contribute his DNA, she had no use for him.

Claire told Sonny that as she saw it, two things could happen. In one case, Johnny could hand out the photos, and Sonny's allies would think he had sold out and would be out to get Johnny. In the other, Sonny would kill Johnny, and Claire could prosecute him.

Claire said that if Sonny got her pregnant, that would qualify as a conflict of interest, which would mean that Claire would have to step down and hand Sonny's prosecution to a less skilled, and perhaps more malleable prosecutor. Sonny asked if that meant that he would be doing her a favor. Claire said yes, and then scooped up her papers, closed her briefcase, and walked away.

Patrick went to Jake's for a drink. Coleman immediately got Patrick to spill his guts about his problems with Lisa. Coleman told Patrick not to tell Robin about his affair and to just keep denying that anything happened, no matter what Lisa said to Robin.

Lisa showed up and Patrick took her aside for a chat. Lisa apologized for trying to get Patrick in bed at the hospital. She said that she was totally out of line and wanted to know what she could do to make it up.

Lisa started to reminisce about old times but Patrick stopped her and told her that he was happy with Robin and had made a mistake with Lisa. She said she wanted to keep their friendship. Patrick said that he was asking her as a friend to stop flirting and to let what had happened between them go. Lisa agreed, and left.

Coleman told Patrick that he was glad to see that there were no broken bottles or black eyes. Patrick said that Lisa got where he was coming from and that the old Lisa had just left. Coleman said that was good as long, as the old Lisa was not a chick who held a grudge.

Brook went to Jake's, looking for Johnny, who arrived shortly after she did. He told her that he was in a bad mood and since Sonny was out to get him, he was not a safe person to be around.

Carly walked into Jake's and saw Brook with Johnny. After Johnny left the bar, Carly got Brook alone and told her to stay away from Johnny and concentrate on Dante.

Robin talked to Steve in the locker room and told him that she thought that Lisa was trying to sabotage her marriage. She asked Steve to suggest that Lisa transfer to another hospital. Steve said that he would love to help, but he had dated and slept with Lisa while Robin had been in Africa, and any attempt to get Lisa to leave might appear as sexual harassment on his part.

Robin understood and told Steve that she and Patrick would figure out how to deal with Lisa in their personal lives.

Later, Robin was at the nurses' station when Lisa got off the elevator. A contrite Lisa apologized to Robin and told her that old habits were hard to break. She said that Robin was lucky to have Patrick, but Robin said it was love, not luck, that held them together.

Robin accepted Lisa's apology, but said that they should keep their relationship on a strictly professional basis. Lisa agreed. Robin went to the locker room to change. When she opened her locker, all the pictures of her and Patrick together had knife cuts through her face.

Franco took baby Aiden to his mom. He told her he wanted her to have a child who would not disappoint her. Franco's mom was charmed and said she would keep the baby. She said that she was thinking of naming the baby Pablo. Franco wanted to know if it was in honor of Picasso. His mom said that they could not have too many artists in the family.

When Franco told his mom that he had to leave, she wanted to know if he was in trouble. Franco denied any problems and said that he had to take care of some business. After he left, she told baby Aiden that they would be very happy in their new home on the Oregon coast.

Franco went to a private jet. As the plane prepared for takeoff, he made a phone call. He told the person on the other end that he wanted to book a very special model. In his lap was a magazine that was opened to a full-page picture of Brenda.

Steve found Patrick at Jake's and told him that he was trying to navigate the consequences of Patrick's affair with Lisa. He told Patrick that Robin had talked to him about having Lisa transferred.

Patrick wanted to know if Steve had told Robin about his affair with Lisa, but Steve said that it was not his secret to tell. Patrick said that he had talked to Lisa, and she understood and agreed that sleeping together had been a mistake. Patrick left when Steve suggested that instead of drinking at Jake's, Patrick should be at home with his wife.

After Patrick left, Olivia joined Steve. They talked about the problems at the hospital then Olivia asked Steve if he had to go back to work.

Brook went to Sonny and told him that a lot of people would have questions for him if anything happened to Johnny. Sonny told Brook to stay away from Johnny because he was out for blood. Brook stood up for her independence, but Sonny was adamant that Brook cease contact with Johnny immediately.

Johnny answered his door and found Carly there. She said that she was there to check on the blender she had given him as a housewarming gift. Johnny let her in and offered her a glass of wine. He wanted to know what was on her mind. Carly said that they had a lot in common. She told Johnny that he would be surprised by how similar their goals were.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

At the penthouse, Jason, Dante, and Spinelli watched video footage of Franco looking over some documents. In the video, Franco became angry when he noticed that the cameraman was filming him. Jason and Dante realized that Franco was trying to hide something. Dante wanted Spinelli to find out what the paperwork had been about, but Spinelli insisted that he couldn't work with Dante breathing down his neck. Dante warned Spinelli that Jason would have to go back to Pentonville if they didn't get a lead by 5:00 p.m. on the following day.

Spinelli renewed his efforts. A short time later, Jason, Dante, and Spinelli were able to ascertain that the paperwork had been legal documents. Spinelli tried to find out why Franco had needed an attorney, but Dante's impatience proved to be too distracting. Dante decided to give Spinelli some space. After Dante left, Spinelli pleaded with Jason to reconsider going on the run. Jason insisted that he would find Franco and then go back to Pentonville.

Lulu paid Ethan a visit in the hospital. Ethan's eyes lit up when he spotted the bag in her hand. He complained about the soft diet that he had been forced to eat, so he hoped that she had a cheeseburger in the bag. Lulu apologized as she handed him the bag. Ethan's disappointment was short-lived when he discovered that she had a CD by one of his favorite bands. He was impressed that she had been able to get her hands on it, since it hadn't been released in the United States. Lulu chuckled as she admitted that it was one of the perks of working in the fashion industry.

Lulu grew serious as she apologized that no one else from the family had stopped by to visit Ethan. Ethan brushed her concerns aside; he assured her that he didn't hold it against anyone. Lulu wondered if there was anything that she could do for him. Ethan smiled as he suggested shorter hemlines, whiskey, and professional escorts. He then asked her to enjoy life and to have a drink on him.

After Lulu left, Tracy dropped by to visit Ethan. After she fluffed his pillows, she handed him a gift bag. Ethan suspected that the silk pajamas and smoking jacket had once belonged to Luke, but Tracy denied it. Tracy let Ethan know that she wanted him to recuperate at the Quartermaine mansion. She also let him know that she had tried to contact Luke, but Luke appeared to be off the grid. Tracy then grumbled about the ten million dollars that Luke had stolen from her, but Ethan argued that it had been Luke's way of trying to get her attention.

Ethan wanted Tracy to leave Luke a message explaining that Ethan was on his deathbed and had a secret that he would only share with Luke. Tracy wondered why she should do that. Ethan thought that it would provide Luke and Tracy the opportunity to work things out. Tracy wasn't interested in reconciling with Luke. She insisted that Luke's penchant for games had led to the breakdown of their marriage.

Lulu went to Jake's to have a drink. As Coleman handed her a beer, she told him about her visit with Ethan. Coleman was curious where Dante was. Lulu explained that Dante and Jason were working together to find Franco. Lulu confessed that she was concerned because she didn't think that Jason would return to Pentonville after Franco was found. She didn't understand why Dante didn't just cut his losses and send Jason back to jail. Lulu was unaware that Sam had entered the bar in time to overhear Lulu's complaint.

Sam reminded Lulu that Jason had once saved Lulu's life. Lulu quickly apologized and then explained that she didn't want to seem insensitive, but she was worried about Dante. Sam realized that Lulu was scared, but she pointed out that Lulu had made some questionable choices in the name of love. Sam suggested that loving Dante didn't mean that Lulu should lose sight of who she was. A short time later, Lulu went to the loft to wait for Dante.

When Dante arrived home, Lulu told him about her talk with Sam. She admitted that she was trying to find a balance between loving Dante and keeping her own identity. Dante assured Lulu that he loved her, but he didn't want her to put any distance in their relationship. Lulu assured him that she didn't want that either. Dante relaxed and then kissed her. They pulled apart when Michael walked in. Michael quickly offered to leave, but Lulu insisted that Michael stay. Dante hid his frustration behind a tight smile while Lulu and Michael began to play a video game.

Sam arrived at the penthouse to find Spinelli and Jason hard at work. She advised them to get some rest, but Spinelli refused to stop working until Aiden was found. Jason agreed with Sam. Jason hoped that fresh eyes would help them to see things a bit clearer. After Spinelli left, Jason pulled Sam into an embrace and then kissed her.

At the hospital, Robin showed Patrick the defaced pictures that she had found in her locker. Robin believed that they had been placed there while she had been in the shower. She suspected that Lisa had been responsible for the mutilated photographs. Patrick spotted Lisa at the nurses' station, so he and Robin confronted her. Lisa denied cutting Robin's face out of the pictures and then placing them in Robin's locker.

Robin and Patrick didn't believe Lisa's claims of innocence. Lisa suggested that perhaps Robin had planted the pictures in a desperate attempt to get Patrick's attention. Robin was stunned by the accusation. Lisa advised Robin to seek counseling and then walked away. Later, Patrick caught up with Robin after she had checked on Mac. Robin assured Patrick that Mac was recovering nicely. Patrick revealed that he had notified hospital security about the pictures and that they had promised him to look into it.

Robin assured Patrick that she had nothing to do with the disturbing photographs. Patrick believed her, but he also admitted that Lisa had seemed sincere when she had denied any involvement. Robin wondered who else could have done such an awful thing. Patrick admitted that he had been quite hard on everyone while she had been in Africa. He confessed that he had even driven one of the nurses to tears, so anyone could have pulled the prank to teach him a lesson.

Robin acknowledged that it was possible someone other than Lisa could have put the pictures in her locker, but she thought that Patrick had let Lisa off the hook too easily. However, Robin decided to let the matter drop because she wanted to go home to their daughter. Moments later, Patrick and Robin walked hand-in-hand to the elevator. Lisa watched Patrick and Robin from the second floor landing as they got on the elevator and then hugged each other.

At Jake's, Steve and Olivia drank margaritas as Steve revealed that Lisa and Patrick had a brief fling while Robin had been in Africa. Olivia was stunned. Steve knew what it was like to be in Robin's shoes, so he was tempted to tell Robin the truth. Olivia warned Steve to keep quiet about Patrick's affair with Lisa. She suggested that if two people loved each other then they would find a way to work through their problems.

Olivia thought that Lisa was a fool to chase after Patrick when she had a guy like Steve interested in her. She then began to talk about her relationship with Johnny. Olivia knew that she should cut Johnny out of her life to spare herself any further grief. However, against her better judgment, she had decided to give Johnny one last chance to see the error of his ways. Olivia wanted to pay for the drinks before she left, but Steve refused to consider it. He insisted on paying and then added the tab to Ethan's hospital bill.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny tried to warn Brook away from Johnny. He suggested that Johnny liked to play the victim and accuse Sonny of abusing Claudia, but according to Sonny, Claudia had been psychotic. Sonny told Brook about Claudia's attempt to kill him, which had resulted in Michael being shot in the head. Sonny was furious because Johnny had known about Claudia's role in Michael's shooting, but he had chosen not to tell anyone. Sonny then revealed that Johnny had used Kristina to get to him. He was certain that Johnny would do the same thing with Brook.

Brook reminded Sonny that she wasn't particularly close to him, so it wouldn't benefit Johnny to use her. Sonny argued that he cared about Brook and her family, so he wanted Brook to stay away from Johnny. Brook refused to make any promises, but she confessed that it was nice to know that Sonny cared. Claire entered the parlor in time to see Sonny hug Brook.

Claire wondered why she always seemed to find different women in his arms. Sonny smiled as he introduced Brook to Claire. Claire assured Sonny that she wasn't put out because he had found another woman. Brook had no idea what was going on, but she quickly clarified that she was a family friend and that Sonny was like an uncle to her. After Brook left, Sonny accused Claire of being jealous, but she insisted that she just wanted a baby from him, nothing else.

Sonny reminded her that he wasn't interested in having more children, so Claire suggested that they discuss the evidence against him. Claire pulled out a report, which she then shared with Sonny. Sonny didn't appear to be concerned about the possibility that the police would find something in his warehouse because he was a coffee importer. He believed that the real reason Claire had sought him out was because she had missed him.

Claire tucked the report away as she informed him that he wasn't the only person that she was keeping an eye on. Claire admitted that she had people watching Johnny. According to Claire, Johnny was keeping interesting company. Sonny was shocked when Claire revealed that Carly had been spotted at Johnny's place.

At Johnny's penthouse, Johnny was curious what Carly hoped to gain by associating with him. Carly admitted that she thought that there could be benefits if they worked together. Johnny explained that he had one goal: to drive Sonny into the ground. He was curious if she wanted the same thing. Carly assured Johnny that what he did to Sonny was his business, not hers.

Johnny didn't believe Carly. Carly admitted that she was angry because Sonny had broken his promises to her and Michael had paid the price. She couldn't forgive Sonny for putting Dante ahead of Michael. According to Carly, that hurt Michael more than any bullet could. Johnny knew what it was like to grow up with a maniacal father, so he understood the position that Michael was in. Johnny added that Claudia had been in the same situation.

Carly couldn't muster up any sympathy for the woman who had shot Michael and then tried to kidnap Josslyn. Johnny couldn't blame Carly, but he assured her that the guilt over what had happened to Michael had driven Claudia over the edge. Carly conceded that if Claudia hadn't tried to kill Sonny, someone else would have. She had no doubt that Sonny loved Michael, but Sonny always wanted what he couldn't have. Johnny was curious how Jax factored into everything

Carly admitted that she had screwed things up with Jax, so she wanted to focus entirely on her children. If someone hurt her kids then they would have to answer to her for it. Carly wanted to make everyone who hurt Michael pay for what they had done. She resented Sonny for trying to protect the man who had sworn to take Sonny down. She realized that men like Sonny and Johnny weren't long for the world. Johnny admitted that he was disillusioned with people who couldn't accept him for who he was despite their claims to the contrary. Carly assured Johnny that she wasn't trying to save him.

Moments later, someone knocked at the door. It was Olivia. Olivia started to explain why she was there, but stopped when she noticed Carly sitting on the sofa. Olivia immediately demanded to know why Carly was in Johnny's penthouse. Carly informed Olivia that they were busy, so she suggested that Olivia return another time. "The hell I will," Olivia told Carly.

Carly accused Olivia of doing nothing when she had gone to Olivia for help with Michael. According to Carly, Olivia had quietly stood by while Dante had put Michael in jail. Olivia reminded Carly that Dante had gotten Michael out of jail a month later. Carly wondered what "Saint Dante" thought of his mother sleeping with Johnny. Olivia snidely shot back that Carly always trashed her marriage; she suggested that Carly find Sonny to sleep with him "for the nine millionth time."

Johnny tried to intervene, but Carly and Olivia ignored him as they continued to trade vicious barbs. Finally, Olivia grew tired of the back-and-forth arguing, so she stormed out. Johnny closed the door behind Olivia and then demanded to know why Carly had made it appear as if she had been hooking up with him. Carly insisted that Olivia had deserved it. Moments later, Carly's phone rang. It was Sonny. Sonny wanted to know if she were at Johnny's penthouse. Carly informed Sonny that it was none of his business and then ended the call.

After Carly left, Johnny went to Jake's for a drink. He was nursing his beer when Brook approached the jukebox. She selected a sultry song and then slowly approached Johnny's booth. Johnny watched her intently as she sat down across from him.

At Greystone, Sonny stared at the phone after Carly disconnected the call. Claire warned Sonny that he would be the prime suspect if anything happened to Johnny. Sonny let her know that he didn't get where he was by making stupid mistakes. He suggested that Johnny had a death wish, so he intended to leave Johnny's fate in Johnny's hands. A short time later, Carly marched into the parlor, demanding to know when it became Sonny's business to decide whom she could and couldn't see.

Sonny reminded Carly that Johnny was his enemy. Carly pointed out that if she were to avoid all of Sonny's enemies then she wouldn't have a social life. Carly glared at Claire as she observed that Sonny didn't appear to have a problem hanging out with the enemy. Claire recognized her cue to leave, so she excused herself and then left. Carly made it clear that her life was her own, so Sonny didn't get to have a say in what she did. She warned him not to expect her to perjure herself again if he ended up arrested.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

At Dante's apartment, Lulu comforted Dante, who was frustrated by his inability to find Aiden. Lulu expressed that she felt guilty for not having paid more attention to Liz during the pregnancy. Dante consoled her as Claire barged into the room. She announced that she was being pressured to send Jason back to Pentonville and explained that, unless something tangible that pinpointed Franco was made available within an hour, Jason would be led back to prison. Dante implored Claire to delay the arrest. She said she'd do what she could and left.

Liz woke up in her hospital bed from a restless sleep to find Helena hovering over her. Helena berated Liz for making foolish choices that resulted in Aiden's kidnapping. Liz demanded that Helena leave. Helena continued to badger Liz, but Nikolas arrived and threw Helena out. Nikolas began to apologize, but Liz wondered if it was her fault that their baby had been kidnapped.

At her new house, Franco's mother answered a call from "Bobbie" while she rocked a sleeping Aiden, whom she called Pablo. Franco reassured her that the adoption was legal. After the call, she talked to the baby about plans for the future and told him how thankful she was to her son for giving her another child.

Jason emerged from his bedroom to find Sam on the couch. She lamented that he would go back to prison unless they found evidence that would lead them to Franco and Aiden. Spinelli entered and reported that he'd had no luck finding any clues. Diane arrived and informed them that she'd found no legal loopholes that would allow Jason to stay out of prison.

Spinelli explained that he was only able to decipher standard legal verbiage on the document Franco was holding in the video footage that Spinelli had been analyzing. Diane looked at the verbiage and told them that they were boilerplate verbiage--for adoption papers. Sam headed to the hospital to get information, such as blood type, DNA, etc., that would help identify Aiden. Diane was doubtful that the new revelation would be enough to keep Jason from returning to Pentonville.

Diane complained that Sonny's obsession with Johnny was making him more erratic and that her and Max's nerves were frayed. Dante showed up, prompting Diane to leave. Dante delivered the news that Jason's return to prison might be imminent just as Spinelli discovered Franco's location: Astoria, Oregon. As Jason and Dante headed out the door to go to the airport, Ronnie arrived and arrested Jason.

Steven approached Maya at the nurses' station to tell her that she had made a mistake on a patient's chart. She profusely apologized, but Steven told her that he understood, given that she'd just seen Ethan get shot. Maya chastised herself for having frozen while the shooting victims needed her attention. Steven told her that she simply needed to find a middle ground between indifference and caring so much that it would paralyze her.

Ethan observed their interaction from afar. After Steven walked away, Ethan lightened Maya's mood by flirting with her. Maya returned Ethan to his room and told him that she knew he was only being nice to her because he'd overheard the exchange between her and Steven. He told her that she shouldn't be so hard on herself. Maya replied that it hadn't been the first time she'd frozen in an emergency: she'd done nothing as her boyfriend died in front of her. She blurted that she might have to get out of medicine.

Later, May a checked on Ethan and thanked him for encouraging her earlier. Ethan told her he could think of a way she could repay him and turned on the charm. He suggested that he could use a sponge bath and massage. Maya agreed and left to get Epiphany. Ethan vociferously objected. Epiphany arrived and seemed to relish the knowledge that her threat to shave Ethan before giving him a sponge bath was making him squirm.

Johnny showed up in the nick of time for Ethan to use a meeting with him as an excuse to avoid further attention from Epiphany. She promised she'd be back. Johnny informed Ethan that Carly had been coming on to him. Ethan warned Johnny against flirting with disaster, but Johnny surmised that getting together with Carly, if she were serious, could be the best revenge against Sonny.

Brook met Carly at the Metro Court Restaurant. Carly wanted an update on Brook's attempts to sleep with Dante. Brook told Carly that it wasn't as easy to seduce him as Carly would have liked to think. Carly held the $50,000 that she was bribing Brook with over Brook's head. Carly told her to stop mooning over Johnny.

Olivia walked into the room and told Carly that she wouldn't apologize for criticizing Carly's attempts to manipulate Johnny, which could get him killed. Olivia made it clear that Carly needed to leave Johnny alone. Carly insinuated that she'd fire Olivia if Olivia didn't mind her tongue. Olivia asked Carly, for the sake of their friendship, to drop her plan to use Johnny. Carly was recalcitrant. Brook overheard the exchange.

After Olivia and Carly left the room, Johnny arrived and looked for Carly. Brook approached Johnny and told him that she'd had a great time with him at Jake's the night before. He responded that he had too. Carly returned to the room and sent Brook away.

Johnny gave Carly back an earring that she'd left behind at his house. He told her that he'd enjoyed their time together because she knew where he was coming from. Carly flirtatiously told him that they should see each other again.

Later, Carly resumed her badgering of Brook. Brook retorted with a dig about Carly's attempts to seduce Johnny. Carly told Brook to mind her own business and threatened to take away all the perks she'd offered. Brook implied that she'd tell Jax what Carly was up to if Carly were to follow through on her threat.

Olivia and Johnny met on the street. He explained that Carly had just shown up at his door, uninvited. Olivia told him that it was his business and accused him of using every woman in Sonny's life. He told her that she was just trying to protect Sonny. She made it clear that it was Johnny's vendetta and not her connection to Sonny that was breaking them up.

Johnny reiterated that he loved Olivia and no one else but that she was the one who'd ended their romance. She explained that she couldn't be with him because was likely to be killed if he pressed forward with his plans for revenge.

Maxie visited Mac in his hospital room and told him not to worry about anything, as she and Robin were taking care of his household needs. Mac thanked her and promised to cook her and Robin a big meal as soon as he was released. Matt walked into the room to check up on Mac. Maxie gave Matt a passionate kiss as she left.

Mac, protective of his daughter, demanded to know if Matt was taking advantage of Maxie. Matt explained that Maxie had kissed him. Mac didn't care and told Matt he just wanted whatever was going on between Matt and Maxie to end.

Maxie returned and argued with Mac, who replied that he'd prefer that Maxie be with Spinelli, a social misfit, rather than Matt, an egocentric. Matt told Maxie that he didn't want to be with her if it was just to make Mac mad or Spinelli jealous.

Lulu arrived at the nurses' station as Nikolas wrapped up a phone conversation. She checked in with him and asked how things were going. Nikolas explained that Helena had verbally attacked Liz, who was so vulnerable that she believed that Aiden's kidnapping was her fault. Lulu apologized for having been judgmental when she should have been supportive during the pregnancy.

After Lulu went to get them coffee, Nikolas reminisced about Aiden's birth. Lulu returned and assured him that Dante and Lucky would find his son. Lulu asked about Helena's accusations, and Nikolas made it clear that he did not fault Liz at all.

Liz told Steven that she'd decided to check out. He apologized for the lapse in security that allowed for Aiden to be kidnapped. She began to talk about things she should have done differently, but Steven stated that the kidnapping was in no way her fault.

Nikolas picked Liz up as she was released from the hospital. He assured her and reminded her that they needed to keep the faith. They arrived home to find the remnants of a surprise party. Liz broke down, and Nikolas comforted her.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

At Jason's penthouse, Ronnie insisted on taking Jason back to Pentonville. Spinelli strongly objected while Dante explained that they had a promising lead on Franco. Ronnie argued that the longer Jason remained out of jail, the more opportunity Jason had to escape. Jason clarified that he didn't have any intention of going on the run, but Ronnie didn't believe him. Dante reminded Ronnie that a baby's life was on the line.

Ronnie was adamant that Sonny's enforcer had to be returned to prison. Dante was exasperated; he insisted that it wasn't about Sonny. Ronnie argued that it was always about Sonny, so it worried Ronnie that Dante didn't see that. Dante couldn't believe that Ronnie would let an innocent baby die just to thwart Sonny. Ronnie suggested that Dante turn over all of the evidence to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, so that they could track down the missing infant.

Sam walked in while Ronnie handcuffed Jason. She demanded to know what was going on as Ronnie carted Jason away. Sam was stunned when Dante and Spinelli explained that Ronnie was returning Jason to Pentonville. Sam and Dante left shortly afterwards while Spinelli put a call in to Diane. When Diane arrived at the penthouse, Spinelli quickly filled her in on what had happened to Jason.

Spinelli reminded Diane that Jason paid her a considerable retainer, so Spinelli expected Diane to earn it by arranging for Jason's release. Diane assured Spinelli that she earned every cent that Jason paid her; however, she could only delay Jason's return to Pentonville. She explained to Spinelli that Jason had willingly agreed to a plea bargain, so she couldn't stop Jason's incarceration. Diane realized that Spinelli was frustrated, but she reminded him that Jason had made the choice to go to jail in exchange for the opportunity to protect Michael in prison.

Spinelli realized that Diane was right. He was disappointed that more couldn't be done for Jason, so he was willing to settle for a delay. Spinelli didn't want Ronnie to have the satisfaction of sending Jason to jail.

At the police station, Ronnie led Jason to an interrogation room. Ronnie hoped that Jason rotted in Pentonville. Ronnie vowed that he would do everything in his power to make sure that Sonny eventually joined Jason in jail. Ronnie reminded Jason that Carter's murder remained unsolved, so he advised Jason to make friends in jail. Jason ignored Ronnie's attempts to rattle him. He suggested that Ronnie put his time to better use by searching for the baby.

Ronnie assured Jason that they would find the baby and then informed Jason that the paperwork was ready, so Jason's transfer was imminent. Ronnie strolled over to his desk to fetch the transfer papers, but didn't find them. Ronnie asked another police officer where the paperwork was. Dietrich assured Ronnie that he had left it on Ronnie's desk. Dante approached Ronnie to ask if he could help. Ronnie realized that Dante had hidden the transfer papers.

As Dante walked away, Ronnie followed him, demanding to know what Dante had done with the paperwork. Dante pretended that he had no idea what Ronnie was talking about. Ronnie was furious as he ordered Dietrich to get Jason ready for the transfer. Meanwhile, Dante received a call instructing him to take care of another police matter. Dante passed Sam as he headed to the door. Dante explained that he had to leave, so Sam assured Dante that they were working on getting Jason released.

Sam started to enter the interrogation room, but Ronnie stopped her. He explained that Jason wasn't allowed to have any visitors except for an attorney. Ronnie was confident that Sam wasn't Jason's legal aid. Sam argued that sending Jason to jail was a dumb move on Ronnie's part. She insisted that it might cost a baby's life.

Jason was about to be transferred to Pentonville when Diane arrived at the police station with a writ ordering Jason's release. Ronnie scanned the paperwork that Diane handed to him. Ronnie was livid as he confirmed that Jason's return to Pentonville had been delayed.

In Astoria, on the front porch, Karen cooed to "Pablo" as she promised him that she would take good care of him.

After Lucky landed in Oregon, he made his way to Astoria. Dante called Lucky to let him know that Jason was on his way back to Pentonville because Ronnie had decided it was more important to take a hard line against Sonny than to save a baby. Dante advised Lucky to call Spinelli for help. Lucky didn't think that Spinelli would cooperate with Jason in jail. Dante suggested that Lucky remind Spinelli that a baby's life was at stake.

Spinelli was hard at work on his laptop when Lucky called. Spinelli was upset because Lucky hadn't been around to stop Ronnie from taking Jason back to jail. Lucky promised that he wasn't the enemy, Franco was. He warned Spinelli that if something happened to Aiden then Spinelli wouldn't be able to live with himself. Spinelli acknowledged that Lucky had a point. Spinelli revealed that he had discovered that Franco had transferred some money to buy a house at 227 Larchmont Lane in Astoria. Spinelli explained that the title had been put in Karen Robertson's name.

Lucky realized that Franco's mother's name was Karen and that Franco's first name was Robert. Spinelli and Lucky agreed that Karen Robertson was likely Franco's mother, Karen Anderson. Lucky was indebted to Spinelli. Spinelli agreed that Lucky owed him one, so he wanted Lucky to find Aiden and then return the baby to his parents. A short time later, Lucky was at Karen's house, but Karen and the baby weren't there.

As Lucky looked around the outside of the house, a young woman called out to him. She identified herself as Karen's neighbor and then asked if she could help Lucky. Lucky explained that he was the ex-boyfriend of Karen's daughter and the father of the baby. The neighbor smiled as she admitted that "Pablo" was cute. Lucky carefully hid his relief at her confirmation that Karen had Aiden. Later, Lucky was hiding in the bushes when Karen returned home with Aiden.

On the docks, Helena admitted to Thor that she suspected that the baby would never be recovered. She didn't want to let Nikolas continue grieving for a "brat" that wasn't his, so she had decided it was time to let Nikolas and Liz know that Lucky was the baby's real father.

Liz and Nikolas stared at the welcome home banner above Liz's fireplace. Liz promised that things would be different if Aiden were returned to them. Nikolas was surprised when Liz agreed to move to Wyndemere with the children. Nikolas didn't want Liz to make a decision based on fear. He suggested that they focus on getting Aiden home.

Liz regretted that it had taken her so long to accept that he was Aiden's father. She realized that her relationship with Lucky was over because Lucky had understood that they were too toxic for each other. Liz conceded that she should have let Lucky go instead of trying to blame Nikolas for everything. She prayed that their son was returned to them and vowed that she would raise Aiden with Nikolas. Nikolas wrapped his arms around Liz and then held her.

Later, Liz let Nikolas know that she was ready to call Audrey, so that he could pick up the boys. Nikolas thought it would help Liz to be around Cam and Jake. He offered to leave once the boys were home, but Liz wanted Nikolas to stay. She hoped that he could help her break the news to Cam and Jake that their brother had been taken. Liz jumped when someone rang the doorbell. She raced to the door, hoping that Aiden had been found.

Liz was disappointed when she discovered Helena standing on her doorstep. Nikolas warned Helena that they didn't have time to deal with her because they were focused on finding their son. Helena revealed that she had critical information about the baby.

In Ethan's hospital room, Johnny suggested that Sonny was possessive of Carly because she was the mother of his children. Johnny was certain that Sonny's head would explode if Johnny slept with Carly. Ethan warned Johnny not to underestimate Sonny because Sonny was a smart man who would take steps to retaliate without getting his hands dirty. Johnny didn't take Ethan's warning seriously. Johnny decided that he needed to find a few more of Sonny's buttons to push.

Ethan panicked when he realized that Johnny intended to leave because it meant that Epiphany would arrive to give Ethan a sponge bath. Johnny laughed at Ethan's predicament, but he didn't stay. After Johnny left, Ethan headed to the closet to get his clothes. Epiphany entered the hospital room moments later. Ethan insisted that he was well enough to go home and that Dr. Webber had agreed. Epiphany knew that Ethan was lying because Steve had been in surgery for hours.

Epiphany dragged Ethan back to bed and then insisted on shaving his beard. Tracy entered the room moments later to ask if Ethan were ready to go home. Ethan nodded vigorously, but Epiphany pointed out that Tracy didn't have the final say about Ethan's release. Tracy warned Epiphany that Ethan was not in the military, so Epiphany didn't get to "barber" him against his will. She ordered Epiphany to get the paperwork ready and then informed Ethan that he would be recuperating at the Quartermaine mansion.

At Pozzulo's, Sonny and Bernie were discussing the situation with Johnny when Max entered the restaurant. "It's done," Max told Sonny. Max admitted that it had been easier to kill Tommy Lopez than he had expected. According to Max, he had found Tommy watching kiddie porn in the basement. Bernie was concerned that Tommy's brother, Santos, would want to retaliate for Tommy's death.

Sonny pointed out that he didn't have any reason to whack Tommy, so Santos would assume that Johnny had done the deed as payback for the bomb that had been planted under Johnny's car. Sonny was confident that his hands would remain clean while Santos went gunning for Johnny. Max and Bernie followed Sonny to his office, where Bernie expressed his concern about Anthony's reaction to Johnny's murder. Sonny explained that Anthony would go after Santos. If Anthony were to die in jail, then it would be a win-win situation for Sonny.

"I wouldn't bet on it," Claire informed Sonny from the doorway. Sonny smiled as he admitted that he didn't mind Claire wandering in and out of his office, but only if it were for personal reasons. Claire returned the smile as she suggested that she could make the visit personal. Sonny dismissed Bernie and Max. After Bernie and Max left, Sonny suggested that he and Claire have dinner. Claire didn't think it was a good idea to dine in a restaurant that was a thinly disguised mob front. Sonny suggested that they go to the Metro Court Restaurant instead.

At the Metro Court Restaurant, Carly admitted that Brook had guts threatening to tell Jax that Carly had slept with Johnny. However, Carly decided to call Brook's bluff. Brook was surprised when Carly called Jax over and then revealed that Brook wanted him to know that Carly had been at Johnny's penthouse. Carly invited Brook to elaborate, but Brook insisted that it wasn't her place. Carly heartily agreed.

Jax asked to speak to Carly alone, so Brook went to a nearby table. Once they were alone, Jax demanded to know why Carly had been at Johnny's. Carly explained that she and Johnny shared some common ground, but she clarified that she had not slept with Johnny. Jax insisted that he didn't want Johnny around the children. Carly assured him that she would never allow another mobster near her children.

After Jax walked away, he stopped off at Brook's table. Brook explained that she had wanted to tell him about Carly's association with Johnny because she was concerned about Jax. Jax warned Brook that there was a long list of people who had regretted having messed with Carly. Brook was confident that she could stand her own ground. "Famous last words," Jax told her. He wished her luck and then walked away.

Carly sauntered up to Brook's table with a smug smile. Carly expected Brook to seduce Dante or else Carly would send Brook back to Bensonhurst. "Fine," Brook agreed. Carly made it clear that Johnny was off-limits, so she expected Brook to stay away from him. After Brook left, Johnny showed up. Carly wondered if he were looking for Olivia. She was pleased when he admitted that he had been looking for her.

Johnny and Carly boldly flirted with each other as they made their way to the bar. Carly's smile disappeared when she spotted Sonny and Claire entering the restaurant. Johnny was curious if Sonny followed Carly everywhere. Carly wondered if that were a problem. Johnny smiled as she assured her that it wasn't.

As Sonny and Claire sat down at a table, Claire noted that Carly and Johnny seemed cozy. Sonny claimed that he hadn't noticed, but Claire didn't believe him. She reminded him that he had been upset the previous evening because Carly had been at Johnny's, so she found it odd that he wasn't angry. Sonny explained that Carly tended to be combative when she was told what to do, so he had decided to leave her alone. Sonny was confident that Carly would eventually realize that Johnny was just a child.

At the bar, Carly was curious if Johnny's sudden interest in her was a way for him to get to Sonny. Johnny wondered if she thought that she wasn't worthy of his interest. Carly laughed as she assured him that she knew she was. Carly's smiled fled when she saw Dante enter the restaurant. Dante informed Johnny that he was wanted for questioning in the murder of Tomas Lopez.

Friday, August 6, 2010

While Sonny and Claire looked on from their table at the Metro Court Restaurant, Dante arrested Johnny as a suspect in the murder of Tomas Lopez. Carly defended Johnny, who claimed that it was Sonny who'd killed the man. Johnny explained that it had been Sonny who was responsible for the car bomb that almost killed Johnny and Kristina and that Sonny had made it appear to be the work of Lopez. Sonny then, according to Johnny, had Lopez killed to frame Johnny.

Johnny and Sonny both knew that Tomas' brother Santos would avenge the death, so Johnny would cease to be a problem for Sonny, whether or not Johnny went to prison. Dante told Johnny that it wasn't his job to sort out the details; he was just there to arrest Johnny. Dante cuffed Johnny and led him away, as Johnny and Carly made plans to meet again soon.

At their table, Sonny told Claire that Johnny was singing the same old tune about Sonny causing all of Johnny's troubles. Sonny asked Claire if she thought Sonny would be stupid enough to kill Lopez in an attempt to frame Johnny. She replied that Sonny was not stupid--but cunning and capable enough to pull it off.

Sonny stated unequivocally that he had not put a hit on Lopez. Claire told Sonny that she hoped he was innocent of that crime and left the restaurant. Carly stopped by Sonny's table and told him that he was due for a fall. She sneered and walked away, leaving Sonny to smile smugly.

Lucky observed Karen take "Pablo" into her house. On the phone, Lucky talked to Spinelli, who sent him a photo of Franco's mother, which allowed Lucky to positively identify the woman. Lucky posed as a census taker to speak with the woman. At first, she resisted. But Lucky's Spencer charm won her over, and she invited him in.

Once inside, Karen explained to Lucky that Pablo was adopted and named after Pablo Picasso. She admitted that she also had an adult son named Bobby, a successful artist, but that she didn't know where he was. Lucky pretended to have an interest in art and asked what her other son's name was. She declined to share that information because, she explained, one never knew who one's true friends were, when one was a celebrity.

Lucky asked about the adoption, which made her suspicious. Karen threw him out. Lucky went away, briefly, but returned and admitted that he was a cop looking for a kidnapped baby. He laid it all on the line and told her the truth: that Pablo's name was really Aiden and that he'd been kidnapped from General Hospital in Port Charles. He claimed to know this because, he told her, he was Aiden's father.

Nikolas and Liz confronted Helena in the living room of Liz's house. Helena continued to berate Liz for what she referred to as selfishness. Nikolas demanded information on the kidnapping from his aunt. The doorbell rang, and Nikolas answered the door. Alexis entered, dismayed to see Helena.

Alexis threatened to throw Helena out of the house, but Helena condescendingly told Alexis to stay out of her and Nikolas' business. Alexis responded that there was nothing between Helena and her grandson. "Nikolas hates you. We all do," she snapped.

Nikolas told Helena to leave unless she could provide information that would lead him and Liz to their son. She left the house but not before uttering a cryptic warning for him to remember that day. After Helena's exit, Alexis made it clear that Liz could expect nothing but support from Alexis, whatever Liz needed.

Nikolas caught up to Helena on the waterfront and demanded to know what she was up to and why she continued to torment Liz. Helena asked him how diligent he thought Lucky was being in the search for Aiden, given that the child was the product of an affair between Lucky's fiancée and brother. Nikolas uttered that he should have banished Helena long before. He accused her of aiding Franco in the kidnapping. Helena swore on Stavros' name that she was not keeping Nikolas' son from him.

At the hospital, Patrick told Robin that Mac was doing well and that the flowers Alexis had sent Mac were prominently displayed in his room. Robin was distracted by an email she received on her phone. She explained to Patrick that it was from an old friend she'd coincidentally run into on her recent trip to Africa. Patrick asked if he'd met her, and Robin replied that she was an old friend from before Patrick arrived in Port Charles, Brenda Barrett.

Spinelli answered the door at Jason's apartment and was less than pleased to find Lulu. She arrived bearing gifts: barbecue chips and orange soda. She also delivered an envelope from Maxie. In it were the plans to redecorate the "regrettably pink room." Spinelli pointed out that Jason hadn't wanted the room changed, as it was a silent homage to Brenda. He tossed the envelope into the trash.

Lulu expressed her hope that Spinelli and Maxie would reconcile. Spinelli replied that he had more important things to do, chiefly to find Lulu's kidnapped nephew. Spinelli conveyed his anger at Dante and his frustration with Lulu for supporting the "duplicitous detective."

Lulu told Spinelli that she'd been wrong about Jason. She went on to say that she was working on becoming less intolerant and pointed to her and Spinelli's long friendship and the adventures they'd shared along the way. Spinelli remained resolute in his decision not to forgive Lulu.

Lulu left the room to get ice for the soda as Carly arrived, blurting out a question to Spinelli about bringing "that son of a bitch" down. Lulu returned to the living room and asked Carly to whom she'd referred. Carly covered seamlessly by saying that she was talking about to Franco, who had an obsession with Josslyn. Lulu agreed and apologized to Carly for Dante's inability to Keep Jason out of prison. Carly cringed as she told Lulu that everything was all right. Lulu left.

Spinelli was impressed with Carly's ability to so convincingly lie on the spot. Carly seethed at her recollection of Dante arresting Johnny. She shared with Spinelli that she was sure Sonny had set Johnny up. She exclaimed that Dante refused to see the truth because, if he did, he'd have to oppose his father.

Carly renewed her vow to make Dante pay for his role in Michael and Jason being sent to prison. She told Spinelli that, because it was going to take months for their scheme to land Dante in prison, she planned to step up her attempts to destroy Dante and Lulu's relationship, beginning that night.

At the police station, Ronnie was flustered by Diane's legal maneuver that allowed her to delay Jason's transfer to Pentonville, as a disheartened Sam sat speechless. A frustrated Ronnie retorted that it would only delay the process by hours. Diane worried aloud that without Jason's calming influence, Sonny would become more and more reckless.

Dante arrived at the police station with Johnny and, due to space limitations, had to place him into the same interrogation room as Jason. Dante and Ronnie argued about whether Jason should help find missing Aiden or be sent back to prison. Dante asked Diane to see if there were grounds to release Jason into Dante's custody, and she replied that she'd have to search through the records once again, thereby delaying the process further.

After going over each document with a fine-tooth comb, Diane announced to Ronnie that everything was in order. There was one catch. Because Jason had been released into Dante's custody, he would have to be returned in the same manner. Ronnie complained but did not object.

In the interrogation room, Johnny explained to Jason that the relationship Johnny had with the Lopez brothers was solid and that the profits resulting from the partnership diminished the likelihood that Santos would take Johnny out. Jason told Johnny that Johnny had made a mistake. Johnny replied that Jason could work for him, once Sonny was out of the picture.

After Johnny was taken to another room, Dante allowed Sam to spend some time alone in the interrogation room with Jason. Sam told Jason that he made her proud. He apologized for the choices he's made that had negatively impacted her, but she wouldn't allow him to regret any of the decisions he'd made. Dante returned to transport Jason back to Pentonville. Sam and Jason said "I love you" to each other. After the men left, Sam began to cry.

Later, Claire took Johnny's statement. Johnny accused her of having a conflict of interest because of her involvement with Sonny. She was offended by Johnny's assumption. Claire defended Sonny to Johnny and stated that Sonny was a good father who truly wanted to be free of the mob. She chastised Johnny for inciting a war every chance he got.

Johnny responded by tearing up the statement he'd made. He told Claire that she was already too far-gone. As Claire left the room, the look on her face implied that she had accomplished a step in her plan to take Sonny down.

Sonny returned to his office to find Max, who reported that the frameup was working perfectly. He confirmed that Santos was out for Johnny's blood. Sonny shared that the side benefit of Tomas' death was that there would be one less drug dealer pedaling to kids on the street. Max added that Tomas' widow wouldn't have to cover the bruises inflicted on her. Sonny told Max that Claire seemed to be leaning toward believing Sonny over Johnny.

Robin arrived, and Max left the office. She shared the news that she'd received an email from Brenda, which caused Sonny to smile. Robin explained that Brenda had been involved in a charity, the Alliance to Save Exploited Children. She offered Brenda's contact information to Sonny, but he declined, stating that it wouldn't be a good idea for him to be in touch with Brenda. Robin got a page and left, but not before placing the sticky note with Brenda's information on Sonny's bar.

Robin returned to the hospital to answer Patrick's page. She confessed that she'd gone to tell Sonny that Brenda had been in touch with her. Robin explained that Sonny and Brenda had a serious relationship and surmised that Sonny never really got over Brenda.

Patrick apologized for not having been more sensitive to Robin's connection to Stone and the ways she chose to honor his memory. Robin acknowledged that she'd been wallowing in her pain and had shut Patrick out of her decision-making process. They both agreed that they were on good terms.

Carly walked up to Brook at the Metro Court bar and told her that Carly would arrange for Lulu and Michael to be out of Dante's apartment that night and that Brook had better land Dante in bed. Brook reluctantly agreed.

On the waterfront, Sonny reminisced about the first time he'd met Brenda.

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