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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 17, 2010 on GH
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Monday, May 17, 2010

At Jason's penthouse, Sam told Spinelli that Jason was working a deal so he could get himself sent to prison so that he could protect Michael. Spinelli was against the plan because he feared that Jason's enemies would kill him if he went to jail. Sam said that although she feared for Jason, she agreed with his plan because it was the only way he could protect Michael.

Jason went to Carly's house to tell her what he had done. Claire called him to say that the deal he wanted was in place. Jason thanked Claire for her help, and then told Carly that he would get the same sentence as Michael and be able to share the same cell with him.

Carly hugged Jason and told him that although she did not want him to go to jail, she was grateful that he would be there to protect Michael. Carly told Jason that if he were there with Michael, she would be able to sleep at night. Jason told Carly not to do anything reckless while he was gone because he would not be there to protect her.

Carly said that she would not do anything crazy, but that she did intend to make Dante and Lulu pay. Jason tried to discourage her, but Carly said that she would have her revenge. Before leaving, Jason told Carly that he loved her, and she responded in kind. After Jason left, Carly sat down and cried.

In Pentonville, Michael read a letter from Kristina, who said that she missed him. An inmate stopped by Michael's cell and gave him advice about staying alive. The prisoner told Michael that while he had enemies inside, he also had friends. He told Michael that he would survive if he kept his head down and kept quiet. Michael was thoughtful when the inmate left his cell.

Dante interrupted a heated argument between Jax and Sonny. Sonny was angry because Jax intended to adopt Morgan. Each tried to enlist Dante to his side, but Dante said that he was there about Michael. He asked Sonny and Jax to put aside their differences and concentrate on freeing Michael.

When Jax and Sonny continued to argue and blame each other for Michael's predicament, Dante left in disgust. Sonny had a few more choice words for Jax and said that he would not lose another son. He left Jax's office after he vowed that he would fight an adoption proceeding.

Lulu and Luke talked in his office on the Haunted Star. Luke warned her that Dante was Sonny's son and that the apple did not fall far from the tree. Lulu defended Dante and said that he was nothing like Sonny. Luke pointed out that Dante was good at duplicity and that his undercover cop gig proved that. Lulu said that she would stand behind Dante just as Laura had stood behind Luke back in the day. Luke was not happy, but accepted Lulu's choice.

When Jason returned to the penthouse, Spinelli tried to convince him that prison was too dangerous. Jason reported that the deal was already in place. When Sam arrived downstairs, Jason told both of them that he would be surrendering himself at 3:00 p.m. on the following day.

Sam grabbed her helmet, told Jason she had a surprise for him, and took him away. They got on Jason's motorcycle and drove to a secluded cabin in the woods. Jason told Sam how much he appreciated that she was not fighting his decision to go to Pentonville to protect Michael.

Sam told Jason that he had made the only choice that he could and that she supported his decision to be with Michael. Jason apologized for missing Sam's birthday and told her that he had a gift for her so that she would remember him. When she opened the present, she found a beautiful necklace. Jason told her that it was a compass so that he could find his way back to her.

Sam had tears in her eyes when she told Jason that she also wanted to give him something to remember her by. When she started undressing, Jason held her close, hugged her, and then took her hand and led her upstairs to the bedroom.

Ronnie was all smiles when he took beer and pizza to Dante's loft. He told Dante that there was no reason for Dante to obsess about Michael because Jason had pleaded guilty to a Class D felony and would be joining Michael in prison.

Ronnie told Dante that it was a triple win because Michael would be safe, Jason would be gone, and they would get a new opportunity to nail Sonny because he would have to get his hands dirty in the business once Jason was out of the picture.

When Dante continued to express his concern for Michael, Ronnie accused him of being soft and using Michael as an excuse not to pursue Sonny. Ronnie said that Michael had both Jax and Edward Quartermaine on his side. Ronnie told Dante to concentrate on getting Sonny sent to prison instead of getting Michael out.

When Lulu arrived on the scene, Ronnie tried to enlist her support, but she stood firmly in Dante's corner. Ronnie left in disgust. Lulu told Dante that she understood that Michael came first. She told him to concentrate on getting Michael out of prison and away from Sonny by any means possible.

Sonny was extremely angry when he confronted Carly at home. He told her that he would never surrender Morgan to Jax. She accused him of being selfish. She said that his life would not change at all, but everyone around him would continue to be hurt. When he tried to blame Jax for Michael's situation, Carly told Sonny that he was to blame for his criminal lifestyle and that she rued the day that she had first allowed him to be part of her children's lives.

Morgan heard their very loud and angry fight and ran downstairs in tears. He begged them to stop fighting. He told them how much their anger hurt him. Both were immediately contrite. Sonny was very emotional when he told Morgan that he wanted only the best for him. Sonny told Morgan how much he loved him and how he did not want Morgan to get hurt as a result of their relationship.

Sonny wiped tears from his eyes as he told Morgan that Jax would make a better father for him and that he would agree to let Jax adopt Morgan. Sonny hugged Morgan and was crying as he left Carly and Morgan. Carly sat on the couch and hugged Morgan closely. Both were sobbing in emotional pain.

Lucky stopped by to see Luke, who asked for an opinion about Dante. Lucky said that he liked Dante and would bet that he was one of the good guys. Luke worried that Dante would hurt Lulu.

Lucky wanted to know if Luke was thinking about how Liz had hurt him. Luke denied it. Lucky said that his relationship with Liz was over. He told Luke that if he could have a relationship with Cam and Jake that did not include Liz, he would be happy. He told Luke that he had let Liz go.

Liz went to Spoon Island to see Nikolas. She told him that she did not like the way that they had left things. She said that she was very fearful of Helena and even though he could handle Helena, she could not. He accused Liz of using Helena as a smokescreen so that she could get closer to Lucky.

Liz blurted out that she did not want her child to be raised as a Cassadine. He asked if she was implying that he should give up his rights to the child. Liz then wondered why he was trying to be a parent when he had been such a poor father to Spencer so far.

Nikolas acknowledged that he had not had a good beginning as a parent, but said he intended to do better. He told Liz that he was going to be part of their child's life and she should be prepared to accept it. He told her that he would not be pushed out of his child's life because Liz had realized too late that she was still in love with Lucky and that it would be inconvenient for Nikolas to be around.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

At Wyndemere, Alexis dropped off some legal papers for Nikolas to sign. Nikolas invited Alexis to join him for lunch, but she couldn't stay. Nikolas wondered why he had to hear from Kristina that the Bauers had filed a wrongful death civil suit against Alexis. Alexis explained that she hadn't wanted to add to Nikolas' burdens. Nikolas and Alexis feared that Kristina would be forced to testify and relive the abuse that she had suffered.

Alexis didn't blame the Bauers for being angry, but she couldn't let them hurt Kristina. She hoped to stall the trial until Kristina had more therapy. Nikolas vowed to do better than that; he intended to make the lawsuit go away. Alexis reminded Nikolas that Warren's son had died. She conceded that a small part of her might have wanted Kiefer dead; if that were true, then she had no right to claim to be innocent.

Nikolas insisted that Alexis had never planned to run down Kiefer. He believed that she had received the appropriate punishment, so he was determined to make certain that the Bauers left her alone. Alexis didn't want Nikolas doing anything illegal or inappropriate because she understood that the Bauers were grieving for their son. Nikolas didn't appreciate that the Bauers were pushing so hard to punish Alexis and Kristina. He thought that it was time for the Cassadines to push back.

At the Metro Court Restaurant, Nikolas sat down at Warren's table and then introduced himself. Warren suggested that Nikolas call his office to make an appointment because Warren expected a client for a meeting. Nikolas revealed that Warren's meeting had been with one of Nikolas' attorneys. Nikolas wanted to deal with Warren directly. Nikolas offered his condolences to Warren, but he insisted that Kiefer had abused Kristina. He refused to allow Warren to take his grief out on Alexis and Kristina, so he vowed to stop Warren no matter what it took.

Sonny went to Pentonville to let his son know that Jason would soon join Michael behind bars. Sonny had never trusted Anthony to keep Michael safe. However, Sonny assured Michael that it was only temporary; he was confident that he would be able to secure Michael's release soon. Michael assured Sonny that he could handle doing time in jail. He was determined to make Sonny proud.

When Michael asked how Morgan was doing, Sonny told him about Carly's plans for Jax to adopt Morgan. Michael believed that Jax could give Morgan the life that Sonny had always wanted for them. Sonny vowed to provide Michael with a fresh start after prison; he was determined that Michael would have a future. The visit ended when the guard announced that their time was up.

After Michael left, Anthony entered the room. Sonny carried on about roses and how Anthony and Sonny were like the thorny flowers, but Sonny wasn't in the mood for Anthony's games. He demanded to know what Anthony wanted. Anthony reminded Sonny of the deal that Jason had made to ensure that Michael wasn't harmed in prison. Sonny revealed that Jason would be joining Michael in jail, so the deal meant nothing to Sonny. Anthony grew still as he demanded to know what that meant for Johnny.

Sonny told Anthony that Johnny had a bad attitude. Anthony understood the unspoken threat against his son. He warned Sonny that it wouldn't be in Michael's best interest to double-cross him. Sonny exploded with anger when Anthony suggested that Michael could be hurt in jail. Sonny warned Anthony that if anything happened to Michael then Anthony and Johnny would pay the price. Sonny kicked a chair across the room and then stormed out.

Olivia arrived at Johnny's penthouse just as one of Johnny's henchmen departed. Olivia wondered what she had walked in on. Johnny explained that Sonny would be vulnerable with Jason heading to Pentonville. He was confident that Sonny was about to fall, so Johnny intended to be the one to push Sonny. Olivia warned Johnny that someone would take Jason's place. She feared that Sonny would go after Johnny with Jason out of the way. "Let him," Johnny responded. Olivia refused to stick around while Johnny self-destructed, so she walked out.

Later, Ethan showed up at the penthouse looking to make some quick cash because of a gambling debt. Johnny warned Ethan that things were more complicated since the last time that they had talked. Ethan was surprised to hear that Jason had decided to sacrifice his freedom to protect Michael in jail. However, Ethan was curious how it affected him. Johnny explained that Sonny would likely retaliate the next time that Johnny made a move against him.

Ethan wondered what Johnny planned to do. Johnny announced that he intended to break Sonny. Ethan pointed out that it didn't sound like a plan; it sounded more like a goal or a delusion. Johnny reminded Ethan of all of the ways that Sonny had wronged the Zaccharas. Ethan understood that the hatred gave Johnny's life meaning, but Ethan was only interested in making a profit. Ethan decided to find another way to make money. He wished Johnny luck and then left.

Sonny dropped by a short time later to warn Johnny that things had changed with Jason heading to Pentonville. According to Sonny, Johnny had two strikes against him. Sonny made it clear that it would be over for Johnny if he made a move against Sonny. Sonny promised that if Johnny so much as breathed wrong, then he would make certain that Johnny was buried right next to Johnny's "rabid bitch of a sister." Johnny was curious how Sonny intended to carry out the threat if Jason wasn't around to take care of it.

Johnny assured Sonny that he wouldn't make an easy target, like Dante had, by standing in Sonny's living room while Sonny shot him. Olivia entered the penthouse in time to hear the last part of the exchange. As Sonny walked out, he urged her to talk to her boyfriend because Johnny was running out of time.

At the police station, Dante was confident that he had found something damaging in Judge Carroll's past. Dante revealed that a wealthy man's twenty-year-old daughter had gotten involved in a drug smuggling ring, which had later resulted in her arrest. Dante claimed that Judge Carroll had made the case disappear. Dante and Lucky filled Claire in on what they had uncovered. Claire agreed that it was entirely possible that the rich father had lined Peter Carroll's pockets to get his daughter out of legal trouble. She instructed Lucky and Dante to get some proof, so that she could confront Judge Carroll with the damaging information.

Later, Lucky was disappointed when he discovered that the boyfriend of the twenty-year-old had threatened to kill the girl's family and that a witnessed had corroborated the threat. Lucky explained that Judge Carroll had not acted inappropriately after all. Dante was frustrated because he believed that the judge had been wrong to send Michael to Pentonville. Lucky was mad because he had done everything by the book, but it hadn't helped Michael. Dante wondered if Lucky were suggesting that he manufacture evidence against the judge.

Lucky was curious how badly Dante wanted Michael to be released. Dante thought about it for a minute and then confessed that he refused to frame an innocent person for a crime, even if it helped Michael. Lucky had no idea what to do next. Dante decided to pay Michael a visit at Pentonville. As Michael sat down, Dante assured his brother that he was doing everything in his power to get Michael out of jail.

Michael revealed that Sonny was also working on it. Michael was confident that Sonny would find a way to secure his release soon. Dante warned Michael not to put too much faith in Sonny; it was how Michael had ended up in jail.

Patrick approached Robin at the nurses' station to share the news that he had been asked to do a study on the efficiency of the new health care plan. He was curious if Robin wanted to help him. Robin was happy for Patrick, but she declined. She explained that she had committed to consult with patients in the AIDS wing. Patrick was stunned. "Since when?" he asked.

Robin revealed that she recently had a patient who had been in denial about having AIDS. It had made her realize that people still needed to be educated about the disease, so Robin decided to do her part. As Robin walked away, Matt approached his brother to discuss a change that Patrick had made to Matt's schedule. Matt wondered what he had done to piss Patrick off. Hoping to get an answer, he followed Patrick to the elevator.

Patrick confided that Robin had taken a new position in the AIDS wing. Matt didn't understand why Patrick seemed upset. Patrick explained that he had arrived home the night before to find Robin sitting on the sofa. Patrick revealed that Robin had been upset and reading the diaries that she written when she had been with Stone. "Oh, so you're trying to compete with a dead man," Matt observed. "Of course not," Patrick insisted; he believed that would be meaningless.

Later, Patrick and Lisa were chatting and joking around as they approached the nurses' station. Patrick casually asked if Lisa and Steve intended to go out again. "Again?" Lisa asked and then chuckled as if it were a silly question. Patrick reminded her that she had made it clear that he had interrupted her and Steve when he had approached their table at Jake's. Lisa didn't comment on her relationship with Steve, but she gushed about what a nice and refreshing guy Steve was. She appreciated that Steve didn't always stare at her breasts when he talked to her.

"Is that an insult?" Patrick defensively asked. Lisa suggested that if he were all ego, flash, and as shallow as a mud puddle, then the shoe might fit. Patrick watched Lisa as she walked away. When Lisa returned to the nurses' station, Steve was signing in. Lisa flirtatiously apologized for keeping him out late. Steve returned her smile as he admitted that he had fun with her. After Steve went to locker room to change, Epiphany handed a patient file to Lisa.

Epiphany explained that Patrick had requested that Lisa review the file. Lisa asked Epiphany to send Patrick to the locker room when he was free. Epiphany agreed, but rolled her eyes as Lisa walked away. A short time later, Patrick arrived at the locker room to look for Lisa. He stopped short when he saw Lisa relaxing on a bench while flirting with Steve, who was in the process of getting dressed after a shower.

Matt was surprised when he saw Maxie step off the elevator. He immediately approached her and then began to flirt. Maxie made it clear that she wasn't interested in Matt and then walked up to the nurses' station to demand to see Robin. Epiphany explained that Robin was busy, but she offered to fetch another doctor for Maxie. Maxie insisted that it was urgent, but Epiphany pointed out that only medical emergencies counted. When she saw Robin, Maxie ran up to her. Maxie explained that Jason had decided to go to prison to protect Michael. Robin wasn't surprised by the news.

Maxie was worried about Spinelli. She decided that the best way to lift Spinelli's spirits would be to make him feel powerful and manly. Maxie needed Robin's help to figure out the perfect plan. Robin had no idea how to help her cousin, but she wished Maxie well. Maxie was struck by inspiration moments later; she announced that she needed to find a hot guy who would fawn over her. Maxie planned to make Spinelli jealous, so that he would fight for her.

Maxie was certain that Spinelli would feel better after he won her over from some hot guy. Maxie decided that Matt would be the perfect choice, since she wasn't interested in him. Robin tried to talk Maxie out of it, but Maxie ignored her. A short time later, Matt and Maxie strolled along the pier and ate ice cream. Matt flirted with Maxie, but she insisted that she was a happily "nonmarried" woman. She assured him that if she had been interested in him then she would have paid attention to him the first ten times that he had hit on her. Matt smiled because that meant that she had given him some thought.

Claire had an appointment with Kelly Lee. Afterwards, she went to the park, where she bumped into Lucky, who had taken the boys there. Claire's eyes were riveted on Jake and Cam as they played on the swings. Lucky noticed her staring at his sons. He wondered if she was okay. Claire cryptically admitted that she wouldn't be okay for the next few months or possibly a year. "They never know with these things," Claire added. Claire then changed the subject to ask if the boys were his children.

"Yes," Lucky proudly told her. Claire confessed that the boys were cute, especially Jake. "I want one," Claire admitted. Lucky seemed startled by the comment. Claire seemed oblivious as she rambled about how much she loved being a lawyer and how smart and competitive she was. However, she confessed that after work, she went home, had a glass of wine, and then thought about babies.

Claire revealed that she was desperate to have a child. She insisted that she was great with children and had been the best babysitter in the neighborhood. Claire confessed that her biological clock was ticking loudly. Lucky admitted that he could hear it. Claire noticed that very few men were in the park with their children. She believed that it was because most men viewed fatherhood as an obligation.

Lucky turned serious as he revealed that being a father was the only thing that truly mattered to him. Lucky believed that nothing was more important than what kind of father he was. Claire was awed. "Are there any more like you at home?" she wondered.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Patrick spied on Lisa as she chatted with Steve in the locker room. Steve offered to give Lisa some guitar lessons, which Lisa readily accepted. Patrick barged into the locker room when Lisa agreed to go to dinner with Steve before the lesson. Patrick grumbled that he had been waiting for Lisa; he offered to find another doctor to consult on the case if Lisa were too busy flirting with Steve. Steve suggested that Patrick to take it up with the board if he seriously thought that Lisa had neglected her patients.

Later, Steve confronted Patrick at the nurses' station about the incident in the locker room. Steve accused Patrick of behaving like a jealous boyfriend. Patrick argued that he was a married man; he claimed he had been annoyed because their patient had been waiting. Steve questioned why Patrick had been so proprietary about Lisa. Before Patrick could respond, Robin walked up.

Steve covered for Patrick when Robin questioned the tension between them. However, Steve made a point to suggest that Patrick think twice before he rushed to judgment. Later, Robin approached Steve to ask a favor. She wanted to spend more time working in the AIDS wing. Steve reminded her that it was up to the board, not him. Robin pointed out that the board would ask for Steve's recommendation.

Steve was curious why Robin suddenly wanted to work in the AIDS wing. Robin believed that it was time for her to give back to the community. She thought that it would be rewarding to counsel patients who were dealing with the disease. Steve reminded her that her plate was already full. Robin didn't disagree, but she felt that she owed it to Stone to be a part of the wing that had been built in his honor.

Patrick found Lisa in the locker room shortly after she had showered. Lisa had a towel wrapped around her as she brushed her hair. Patrick admitted that he had been jealous when he had seen her with Steve. He believed that it had been a natural response because of their past relationship. Lisa confessed that she had felt the same way when she had discovered that Patrick was married and had a baby. Patrick cut her off before she could continue. He insisted that he was happily married and therefore, he didn't have a right to tell Lisa whom she could date. After Patrick walked away, Lisa smiled.

In the park, Claire opened up to Lucky about her desire to be a mother. She confessed that she became teary-eyed every year when the saw the children dressed up for the Christmas pageant. Lucky confessed that Cam had been a shepherd in the last pageant and that he had taken countless pictures of his son. Claire was impressed by what a kind man and devoted father Lucky was. He was exactly the kind of man that women hoped to find.

Claire was embarrassed when she realized how that had sounded. She quickly assured him that it hadn't been a "come-on." Lucky chuckled as he agreed to take it as a compliment. The conversation took a serious turn when Claire asked Lucky about his wife. Lucky admitted that he was divorced. Claire sensed that there might still be something between Lucky and his ex-wife.

Lucky confided that he and Liz had a long history that had started in high school. He explained that they had split up and then gotten back together several times until he had finally broken the cycle. Claire was curious what had led to the divorce. Lucky revealed that Liz had an affair with his brother. Claire was stunned that Lucky didn't seem bitter.

Lucky admitted that he had been angry and self-destructive in the beginning, but eventually he had realized that he had too much to lose. Claire asked if Lucky and Liz shared custody of the kids. Lucky assured Claire that Liz was a very good mother; they had both made plenty of mistakes. It was his brother whom he couldn't forgive.

Lucky realized how much he had revealed about himself. He apologized for unloading his drama on her. Claire reminded him that she'd had her own meltdown, so she considered them more than even. She thanked Lucky for listening and then asked him to call her if he ever decided to have more children. Lucky's surprise turned to amusement when Claire nearly stumbled over a discarded toy as she dashed off.

At the Metro Court Restaurant, Nikolas threatened to use his unlimited resources to stop Warren if Warren didn't drop the lawsuit against Alexis. Warren assured Nikolas that nothing, not even threats or bribes, would keep him from seeking justice for Kiefer. "I guess we're about to find out," Nikolas suggested. Warren was determined to clear his son's name, so he intended to exploit the fact that Sonny Corinthos was Kristina's father. Nikolas promised that they would be able to produce numerous witnesses who would testify that Kiefer had abused Kristina.

Warren was enraged; he loudly accused Alexis of murdering Kiefer. Carly approached the table to advise Warren to keep his voice down. Warren thought that Carly, of all people, should have been able to understand how impossible that was. Warren was curious if Carly had wanted to punish the people who had been responsible for Michael's shooting. "Yes," Carly admitted, but she argued that her restaurant wasn't the place.

Nikolas once again urged Warren to drop the lawsuit against Alexis because it would only add to Warren's misery. Warren refused. After Warren stormed out, Carly questioned Nikolas about the argument. Nikolas told Carly about Warren's wrongful death suit. Carly realized that Kristina would have to testify. Nikolas explained that they were hoping to spare Kristina the pain of reliving the abuse and having to admit that she had lied about who had attacked her. Carly realized that all of Sonny's children were hurting and that Nikolas, Jason, and Jax were stepping up to the plate for them instead of Sonny.

As he approached his brother on a street corner, Lucky wondered why Nikolas had called. Nikolas explained that he needed Lucky's help, but Lucky didn't know why he should do anything for Nikolas. "Oh I don't know Lucky, maybe to stop round 357 of the Spencer/Cassadine war from flaring up," Nikolas suggested. Nikolas explained that Helena had vanished without a trace. "Good riddance," Lucky responded.

Nikolas didn't think it was a good sign when Helena disappeared without a trace, especially when Luke was involved. Lucky didn't know why Nikolas was worried, since Nikolas was one of the few people that Helena had a genuine fondness for. Nikolas reminded Lucky of Spencer and the new baby; Nikolas didn't want to take any chances with their lives. Nikolas was certain that Helena was plotting something, but he didn't know what. Lucky agreed to mention it to Luke the next time that he saw his father. "Never mind," Nikolas growled; he had decided to handle things himself.

At the Haunted Star, Luke was putting the final touches on a special anniversary dinner that he had arranged for Tracy. Ethan arrived with some expensive Russian caviar that he had picked up at his father's request. Ethan wondered if Tracy would show up. Luke was confident that Tracy wouldn't miss the anniversary celebration, so he intended to make the most of it by groveling at her feet until she forgave him. Luke decided to send Ethan to the Quartermaine mansion to gauge Tracy's mood.

Later, Luke was on the phone with Ethan, trying to track down Tracy, when he heard someone enter the casino. After Luke ended the call, Skye walked in. Luke hid his disappointment behind flirtatious banter. He invited Skye to join him for a glass of champagne. He wondered what they should toast to. "How about your anniversary?" Skye suggested. Luke was surprised that Skye had known that it was his wedding anniversary. Skye admitted that she would never forget the date.

Luke and Skye briefly talked about their failed romance. Skye had been hurt when Luke had married Tracy, but it had ultimately led to her having Lila Rae, so it had been for the best. Luke suggested that they explore where things might have gone if he hadn't married Tracy, but Skye turned him down. She knew that Luke was in love with Tracy, so she told him to enjoy his anniversary and then left.

Ethan returned to the casino a short time later. Luke revealed that it had been Skye, not Tracy, who had arrived earlier. Ethan revealed that Tracy had not been at the mansion. Luke surmised that she must have flown to someplace like the Bahamas to spite him. Ethan disagreed because he had checked the airport and discovered that the jet was still in the hangar. Luke began to suspect that Tracy might be in trouble.

Tracy was furious that Helena had imprisoned her in a dungeon. Helena revealed that Tracy was merely a means to an end. "What end?" Tracy demanded to know. Helena was confident that Luke would search for his missing wife; she intended for Luke to eventually join Tracy in the dungeon. Later, Tracy tried to pick the lock on her cell door, but Helena advised her that the lock was impervious to everything. Tracy warned Helena that Luke would realize that something was wrong when she didn't show up for their anniversary. Helena smiled as she admitted that she relished the idea of Luke falling into her trap.

Sam and Jason returned to their cabin after a long hike up a mountain. Sam had enjoyed the hike, so she proposed that they head to the waterfalls next. Jason didn't think that they would have time for another long trek. Sam couldn't hide the flash of sadness at the reminder that Jason would soon go to prison. However, she brushed it off to focus on the time that she had left with Jason. She decided to fix him some lunch. Jason was surprised when she prepared a BLT sandwich with slices of pineapple and mango on the side.

Sam insisted that it was a special occasion, so she had cooked. They bit into the sandwiches and then froze. After a moment, Sam admitted that the bacon was burned and the bread was soggy. Jason didn't mind. Sam wished that she hadn't burned the lunch. "It's okay," Jason assured her. He pointed out that the prison food wouldn't be such a big shock to his system. Sam smiled as she reminded him that he didn't love her for her cooking skills.

Jason sobered immediately. He confessed that he loved her for who she was and for standing by him through everything. Sam was touched. She stood up and then walked over to Jason to sit on his lap. Jason asked Sam to keep an eye on Spinelli. She promised him that she would. A short time later, Sam welled up as they prepared to leave the cabin. Jason regretted that he would be leaving her alone. Sam insisted that she would spend her time thinking of him, writing to him, and visiting him in jail often. Jason vowed to return to the cabin with her after he was released from prison.

At Pentonville, Dante advised Michael to pull away from Sonny's influence. Dante blamed Sonny for Michael getting shot and thrown into jail. Michael argued that Dante had been responsible for his imprisonment, not Sonny. Michael resented how Dante had used Morgan to find him. Dante conceded that Michael would have been at home if it hadn't been for him. Dante knew that he had made mistakes, but he was trying to get Michael out of jail.

Michael accused Dante of trying to do damage control, in order to convince Sonny that he hadn't intended for Michael to go to jail. Dante acknowledged that Michael had reason to doubt his motives, but Dante refused to rest until Michael was free. After Dante left Pentonville, he headed to the park. In the park, Dante spotted a pregnant teenager trying to pick a blanket up off of the ground. Dante immediately sprang into action to help her.

Lulu approached Dante as the young mother thanked Dante for his help and then left. Lulu confessed that she had seen everything; she had been impressed with his gallantry. Dante wondered how old the teenager had been. Lulu suspected that the girl had been fifteen or sixteen. Dante was blown away that someone that young had the courage to handle motherhood. Dante appeared oblivious to Lulu's sudden discomfort.

Dante told her about his visit with Michael. Lulu was curious why Dante was opposed to Sonny helping Michael. Dante feared that it would send the wrong message about Sonny's world. They then talked about Jason's plan to protect Michael in jail. Dante admitted that Jason had done more for Michael than Dante had. Dante was frustrated because he seemed to make matters worse every time he tried to help.

Lulu entered the Metro Court Restaurant to pick up Kate's lunch. She approached Carly when she spotted her cousin working. Lulu immediately noticed that Carly seemed distracted. Carly admitted that she was trying not to think about Jason going to jail at 3:00 p.m. Lulu assured Carly that Jason could handle himself in prison. Carly confessed that she was more worried about herself than Jason. Carly didn't know what she would do without her best friend.

Carly revealed that the only thing that had gotten her though it was the knowledge that Michael would be safe once Jason was with him. Lulu offered to stay with Carly for a while. As they sat down at a table, Lulu revealed that Dante felt guilty about Michael's sentencing, so he was doing everything in his power to get Michael released. Carly sensed that something else was troubling Lulu. Lulu told Carly about the incident in the park with the pregnant teenager. Carly realized that Lulu hadn't told Dante about the abortion. Lulu feared that it would completely change how Dante felt about her if he knew.

At the police station, Dante and Claire waited for Jason to turn himself in. Claire worried that Jason would back out of their agreement, but Dante was confident that Jason would show. Claire found it ironic that a cop and federal agent were counting on a criminal. Moments later, Jason and Sam arrived. Dante immediately took Jason into custody and then prepared to send him to Pentonville.

Michael was reading a letter in his jail cell when Frank, the prison guard, walked in. Frank gave Michael a hard time about Sonny's visit. Michael made it clear that he didn't want any trouble, but Frank suggested that Michael should have thought about that before. Frank was determined to prove to Michael that the great Sonny Corinthos' name didn't mean anything in jail.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

At the Metro Court Restaurant, Lulu and Carly discussed Dante's possible reaction to learning that Lulu had an abortion when she was a teen. Carly insisted that Dante loved Lulu, but Lulu didn't think that Dante would look at her the same way if he knew that she had decided to terminate her pregnancy. Lulu explained that Dante seemed to have a knee-jerk reaction whenever he was around children; he bragged about how his teenage mother had made the difficult choice by raising her baby instead of taking the easy way out. Lulu argued that the Falconeris were staunch Catholics who had rigid beliefs about abortion. Carly suggested that perhaps Dante wasn't the kind of person who imposed his personal beliefs on others, so she urged Lulu not to underestimate Dante.

A short time later, Carly showed up at Jason's penthouse under the guise of checking on Spinelli. Spinelli's hair and clothes were disheveled. As Carly glanced around, she noticed that the penthouse was a mess. Carly assured Spinelli that she understood how upset he was about Jason's decision to go to jail. Spinelli perked up when she proposed that they do something useful. He assumed that she intended to break Jason and Michael out of jail, but Carly quickly clarified that she wanted to destroy Dante because of his role in Michael's arrest.

Carly insisted that they could get justice for Michael and protect everyone that they cared about. "Mostly Lulu," Carly added. Carly cleverly manipulated Spinelli by exploiting his affection for Lulu. She suggested that Lulu would end up with a broken heart because Dante used women the same way that Sonny did. Spinelli immediately went to work digging into Dante's background. He sifted through online newspaper articles about Dante until Carly spotted a picture of Dante at a festival in Little Italy standing next to a familiar-looking woman. Carly quickly realized that the woman in the picture was Brook Lynn Ashton.

At Crimson, Maxie admitted that she was worried about Spinelli because he had barricaded himself in the penthouse like Howard Hughes. Lulu had no idea who Howard Hughes was, so Maxie reminded her about the movie. Maxie thought it was unhealthy for Spinelli to be staring at his computer all day long. "Isn't that normal for him?" Lulu wondered. "Not when he calls me Princess Everelda," Maxie replied.

Maxie insisted that everything could have been avoided if Lulu had just told Jason the truth about where Michael had been hiding instead of going along with Dante's plans. Lulu complained that none of that mattered because she might lose Dante over something that happened before they had met. Lulu explained that Olivia had been fifteen when she had given birth to Dante. Maxie realized that was why Olivia looked more like Dante's sister rather than his mother. Lulu ignored the comment as she explained that Dante was a strict Catholic who probably wouldn't see that Lulu's abortion had been the right decision for her at that time.

Maxie was curious if Lulu regretted terminating the pregnancy. Lulu assured her that she didn't, but she feared that it would change things between her and Dante if he knew. Maxie advised Lulu not to tell Dante.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny was on the phone with Bernie. Sonny ordered Bernie to remind a certain congressman that Sonny's money had bought the man the election. Sonny expected a return on the money, so he wanted the congressman to arrange for Michael's release. He warned Bernie that if the congressman didn't comply then there would be consequences. Robin entered as Sonny disconnected the call.

Robin could see that Sonny was tense. She hugged him and then inquired about Michael. Sonny explained that he was frustrated because no one seemed willing to help Michael because he was Sonny's son. Sonny was worried about Michael because Michael was only eighteen. Robin commented that it was the same age that Stone had been when Stone had been diagnosed with AIDS.

Robin confessed that she had been thinking about Stone quite a bit in recent days. She wondered if Sonny were interested in donating money to a new project that she was working on for the AIDS wing. Sonny was eager to help. Robin appreciated Sonny's generosity. She was curious if he remembered what Sonny used to tell him. He asked if she were referring to Stone's advice for Sonny to allow himself to be happy. Robin smiled.

Later, Sonny confirmed that arrangements had been made for a sizeable donation. Robin thanked Sonny and then asked how things were between Sonny and Dante. Sonny confessed that there was a bigger wall than ever between him and Dante. Robin reminded Sonny that he was Dante's father and that nothing could change that. She advised Sonny to reach out to Olivia. According to Robin, Olivia knew who Sonny was and that he was a kind person. She suggested that Olivia might surprise Sonny.

Olivia went to Johnny's penthouse. Johnny hadn't expected to see her after their last encounter. Olivia clarified that she hadn't walked out on him; she had merely warned him that she wouldn't stick around to watch Johnny and Sonny kill each other. Johnny assured her that Sonny wasn't in the penthouse, so it was safe for her to enter. After Johnny closed the door, he confessed that he was a marked man, so he'd like to spend the time that he had left with Olivia.

Olivia made an attempt to persuade him to drop his vendetta against Sonny, but Johnny stubbornly refused. He loved Olivia, but he wasn't trying to change her, so she shouldn't try to change him. Olivia was curious where that left them. Johnny suggested that they meet in the middle. He kissed her to drive his point home. After Olivia and Johnny made love, Olivia once again attempted to talk Johnny into backing off from his plans to destroy Sonny. Olivia insisted that Sonny had paid the price.

Johnny argued that everyone around Sonny had paid the price, not Sonny. Olivia loved Johnny; however, the hatred that Johnny was carrying around was changing him, but not for the better. After Olivia left the penthouse, she went to the Metro Court Restaurant. She was startled when she noticed Sonny sitting at one of the tables. Sonny confessed that he had been hoping to bump into her. Olivia made it clear that she wasn't in the mood for Sonny's games.

Sonny promised that he didn't want to argue with her. Sonny insisted that they had an amazing son, so he wanted to start over with Olivia. Olivia refused to be Sonny's bridge to Dante. Sonny understood, but he wanted a relationship with his son. Sonny hated that he and Olivia seemed to always be mad at each other, so he hoped to put all of the animosity behind them. Sonny explained that he wanted more nights like the one that he shared with Olivia and Dante two nights before Christmas. Olivia worried that it was too late in the game to recapture that feeling.

At the police station, Claire approached Sam to make certain that Sam wanted to stay until Jason was transferred to Pentonville. Claire warned Sam that Jason would be in shackles and a jumpsuit the next time that she saw him. Sam refused to budge. Moments later, a police officer led Jason into the squad room. Claire explained that she had to get some paperwork in order before the transfer. Sam grumbled about the delay, but Claire quickly reminded Sam that it had been Jason's idea to turn himself in, not Claire's. Claire invited Sam and Jason to wait in the interrogation room.

In the interrogation room, Sam complained that they could have remained at the cabin if they had known it would take so long. She wondered what part about their getaway Jason had enjoyed the most. "Lunch," Jason quickly answered. "Nice save," Sam responded as she cracked a smile. A few minutes later, Kristina entered the room. Kristina wanted to take the opportunity to thank Jason for going to jail to protect Michael. Kristina assured him that Molly and Morgan also appreciated his help.

Kristina offered for all of them to write to Jason while he was in jail. Jason admitted that he would like it. He asked for a favor in return. Jason wanted Kristina to make sure that Sam stayed busy and had lots of fun while he was gone. Kristina thought that Michael was lucky to have Jason after the way that Sonny had wrecked Michael's life. When Kristina left, Jason asked Sam to talk to her about Sonny.

Jason wanted Kristina to understand that Sonny loved his children. Sam would do anything for Jason, but she confessed that she found it hard to defend Sonny. Sam believed that Kristina had good reason to blame Sonny for the mess that Michael and Jason were in. According to Sam, Jason had made sacrifices for Michael, not Sonny. Jason didn't argue with her, so Sam changed the subject. She tried to think of ways to keep Spinelli occupied while Jason was away.

Sam thought the best way to accomplish her goal was to give Spinelli some private investigation work. Jason was curious if Sam recalled the time, before they had gotten back together, when she had dropped by the penthouse in one of her undercover outfits. "Yes," Sam answered. Jason wondered if she had worn the outfit on purpose. "What do you think?" she asked with a knowing smile. Jason confessed that he thought that she had looked good.

Sam was disappointed; she had been going for an "I can't live without her" reaction. Jason smiled when she confirmed his suspicions. Sam denied that it had been a setup, but she conceded that she had hoped to remind him what he was missing and to see if he were still interested. Jason made it clear that he had been very interested. As they kissed, Claire entered the room to announce that it was time to go. However, May or Floyd stepped into the room seconds later to inform everyone that Jason wasn't going anywhere.

At the Haunted Star, Ethan reminded Luke that Luke and Tracy had a history of taking off on each other. Luke insisted that they had always had a "cease fire" agreement on their anniversary. Luke was certain that something was wrong. Maya entered Luke's office minutes later. Edward had asked her to inform Luke that Tracy had called to tell her father that she was in Fiji. Luke didn't think that the trip to Fiji made any sense. However, he realized that it gave Ethan time to replace the money that Ethan had taken from the till.

Ethan immediately blamed Maya for the missing money. Ethan claimed that he had gotten into a high-stakes poker game with Maya and that she had cleaned him out. "Really?" Wow," Luke responded as he studied Maya. Luke had no idea that Maya was a card shark in her spare time. Ethan ran with the story until Maya made it clear that Ethan was lying. She accused Ethan of being a con artist. "That's why we call him Dodger," Luke clarified. After Maya left, Ethan assured Luke that he had the money. Luke demanded to know how Ethan had gotten his hands on such a large sum.

Ethan confessed that he had borrowed it from Johnny Zacchara. Luke warned Ethan not to get involved in Johnny and Sonny's mess. Ethan admitted that he was tired of working behind the bar; he craved action. Luke urged Ethan to reconsider because Sonny was out for blood.

Kristina was surprised when she spotted Ethan sitting on a park bench. She immediately sensed that something was wrong, so she offered to leave. Ethan assured her that she was welcome to stay. Kristina wondered if Ethan were in trouble. Ethan confirmed that he was. "Because of me?" Kristina worried. Ethan rushed to assure her that this time he was in mess of his own making. Kristina offered to help him because she felt that she owed it to him.

Ethan promised Kristina that she didn't owe him anything. At Kristina's urging, Ethan opened up about what was going on. He told her that he had stolen some things from the Quartermaines to raise money to leave town. Later, he had tried to buy the stolen items back, but at retail price. Ethan had taken some money from the casino's till, bought back the items, and then used the rest of the money to invest in a forgery scam. Unfortunately for Ethan, the buyer had backed out at the last minute, which had left Ethan holding the bag.

Kristina offered to get some money from Nikolas, but Ethan refused to take it. He was confident that he would be able to figure something out. "What's life without a little risk?" he joked. Kristina chuckled. She liked that Ethan never seemed to over think things. Ethan admitted that it had worked out for him so far.

Ethan appreciated Kristina listening while he talked about his problem. He thought that she was insightful for a seventeen-year-old. Ethan confessed that she was also one of three people who actually got him. He promised to let Kristina know how things had worked out. "Good luck," Kristina said as he walked away.

Ethan turned up at Johnny's penthouse a short time later to let Johnny know that he had changed his mind about working for him. Ethan explained that he needed the money. Johnny reminded Ethan what the stakes were; Jason was not around to protect Johnny and Ethan from Sonny's wrath. Ethan didn't change his mind, so Johnny decided to open a bottle of wine to celebrate their partnership. Johnny explained that he intended to take advantage of the turmoil in Sonny's life.

Johnny was curious why Ethan had changed his mind. Ethan claimed that bartending hadn't done much for him except made him vulnerable to false accusations. Ethan believed that it had been a sign to get back into "the game." However, Ethan made it clear that he was the brains, not the brawn, so he probably wouldn't be useful in a shootout. Johnny didn't seem concerned about Ethan's lack of skill with a firearm as he revealed to Ethan that they would drive a stake through an artery of the Corinthos organization that very night.

In Pentonville, Frank, the prison guard, entered Michael's jail cell. In a menacing tone, Frank warned Michael that the Corinthos name was spit in prison. Frank intended to prove that to Michael. As Frank lifted his baton, Carter rushed into the cell to inform Frank that a fight had broken out on another cellblock. After Frank rushed off to take care of it, Carter suggested that Michael figure a way out of the situation because Frank would be back.

Later, Carter returned to Michael's jail cell. Carter reminded Michael that he had saved him from Frank earlier. Michael thanked Carter, but Carter quietly explained that it was not done that way in jail. Michael appeared alarmed as Carter revealed that it was time for Michael to pay up.

Friday, May 21, 2010

At the police station, as Dante entered, Sam and Jason tried to understand why Mayor Floyd wanted to delay Jason's transfer to Pentonville. Mayor Floyd announced that Jason would go to prison but only on a conviction that would make sure that Jason never would get out.

Mayor Floyd declared that the Port Charles District Attorney's office was reviewing the Federal Prosecutor's plea bargain deal because they wanted to add charges to it. Dante and Jason argued that Jason should go to Pentonville as soon as possible, but the mayor wanted Jason to remain at the police station until everything was resolved. Jason worried that he wouldn't get to Michael in time.

Alone with Mayor Floyd, Dante threatened to make public the mayor's many exploits with prostitutes unless Mayor Floyd allowed Jason's transfer to Pentonville. Dante returned to tell Jason and Sam that Jason was indeed going to jail. Dante promised that once Jason got out on this sentence, Dante would send both Jason and Sonny back to jail for good.

Jason realized that he'd been so focused on Michael that he'd been taking Sam for granted. Sam promised she'd remain strong until Jason returned to her. Sam and Jason shared an emotional goodbye before Jason was taken away.

Later, Sam returned to the penthouse. She remembered Jason giving her a necklace with a compass on it. Jason had told her that the compass meant that he would make his way back to her. Sam broke down. Spinelli comforted her.

At the Metro Court Restaurant, Sonny invited Olivia to join him for dinner. Olivia didn't think it was a good idea, since she suspected they'd start fighting about Dante. Sonny reminded Olivia that Dante was his son as well. Olivia wondered if Sonny really wanted to have the same fight again.

Olivia agreed to have dinner with Sonny. Sonny and Olivia commiserated about how they fell in love when they were younger. As they shared a warm moment, Sonny said, "This isn't so bad, right? Having dinner with me for old times' sake."

Dante found Olivia and Sonny having dinner at the Metro Court. Dante wondered what slop the prison was feeding Michael while Sonny and Olivia were enjoying their quality meal. Dante accused Olivia letting Sonny manipulate her. Dante announced that Sonny had no chance of ever getting close to him and left. Sonny commented that the more he tried with Dante, the worse everything became.

Sonny urged Olivia not to let Dante upset her. Olivia said that she'd never seen Dante hate anyone as much Dante hated Sonny. Sonny believed that he and Dante needed to face their issues with each other so they all could move on. Olivia realized that Sonny just kept pushing for what he wanted, no matter how everyone else felt. She got up and left.

Back at Greystone Manor, Sonny found Johnny waiting for him. As Sonny reached for his gun, the phone rang. Johnny revealed that the call was from Bernie, who had bad news for Sonny.

At Pentonville, Michael was grateful that Carter helped him with the prison guard, but Michael didn't believe he owed Carter anything. Carter then grabbed Michael by the neck and shoved him against the wall. Michael punched Carter. Carter promised that he'd collect the debt Michael owed him.

A guard called that it was time for lockdown as Michael made his way back to his cell. Carter reappeared. Michael warned Carter to stay away. Carter thought that it was only a matter of time before he got to Michael.

Later, Michael saw that Carter somehow had managed to get out of his cell. Michael's cell opened and Carted entered. Jason was being led into the prison just as Carter advanced menacingly toward Michael.

At Crimson, Maxie advised Lulu not to tell Dante about the abortion. Lulu remained determined to tell Dante the truth, especially since Dante could possibly learn the truth from someone else.

Maxie advised Lulu to tell Dante the truth in public so Dante wouldn't make a scene. Lulu thought that Dante had a right to react however he wanted. Lulu stated that she believed that when two people were in love, then they should be real with each other. Matt entered. Lulu shooed Matt into Kate's office so she could talk to Maxie alone. Lulu learned that Maxie hoped to get Spinelli to snap out of his depression over Jason by making Spinelli jealous. Maxie revealed that Matt was taking Maxie out on a date. Lulu thought Maxie's plan would blow up in Maxie's face.

Maxie told Matt that she didn't want a date, but she needed an escort for a cocktail reception at the Natural History Museum, where Crimson was doing a future shoot. Matt tried to charm Maxie into letting him take her out for a night on the town in New York City.

Matt wanted to know why Maxie was suddenly paying attention to him. Maxie avoided answering by asking what had happened to Matt's bandaged hand. Matt revealed that he got into a fight while saving a dog from an abusive owner. Maxie agreed to have Matt escort her to the Crimson reception. Matt wondered what Spinelli might think of Matt and Maxie going out on a date. Maxie insisted that she and Spinelli trusted each other. Matt got Maxie to agree to have a drink with him at Jake's.

At Jason's penthouse, while researching Dante's past with Spinelli on a computer, Carly recognized Brook Lynn Ashton in a picture with Dante. Carly deduced that Brook Lynn and Dante had grown up knowing each other in Bensonhurst. Carly wondered if Brook Lynn wanted to get reacquainted with Dante.

Carly wanted Spinelli to find as much information about Brook Lynn as possible. Spinelli didn't see how Brook Lynn would play into Carly's revenge plan against Dante. Carly believed that the past had a way of catching up with people.

Spinelli unveiled that Brook Lynn was living in Bensonhurst and had experienced numerous run-ins with the law, for a variety of things including credit card fraud. Spinelli and Carly learned that Brook Lynn wasn't able to obtain money from the Quartermaine trust fund until she reached thirty. Spinelli wondered what Carly had in mind in terms of revenge. Carly promised she would let Spinelli know.

Lulu, concerned with how Spinelli was dealing with Jason being gone, visited Spinelli. Spinelli admitted how sad he felt without Jason being around. Spinelli knew that Lulu had gone through a tough time in choosing her loyalty to Dante over telling Jason about Michael's whereabouts. Lulu told Spinelli that she was living with the consequences, but Spinelli believed that Michael was the one suffering most of all.

Lulu revealed that Dante was working on getting Michael out prison. Spinelli was glad that Jason would protect Michael in prison but was worried that Jason might not ever be let out of jail. Spinelli wondered why Lulu chose to stand by Dante, the one person that had deceived everyone. Lulu pointed out that Dante had never deceived her. Spinelli responded, "Not yet."

Later, Dante found Lulu at Crimson. He revealed what a horrible day he'd had with Mayor Floyd trying to delay Jason's prison transfer and then having found Olivia with Sonny. Lulu wondered why Olivia was with Sonny. Dante believed Sonny was using Olivia to get to Dante.

Dante was angry that Olivia got sentimental over Sonny, especially since Olivia raised Dante on her own. He complimented Olivia's courage in choosing to have a baby as a teenager instead of having an abortion. When Dante leaned in to kiss Lulu, she leaned away. Dante asked Lulu what was wrong.

In a park, Carly found Brook Lynn trying to manipulate a pretzel vendor into giving Brook Lynn free food. Carly announced her presence by saying, "Seems like there's a thief on every corner these days."

Brook Lynn wondered why Carly was in her neighborhood. Carly revealed that she was looking for Brook Lynn. Brook Lynn demanded to know what Carly wanted from her. Carly offered Brook Lynn money and the chance to have the credit card fraud charges disappear if Brook Lynn helped Carly with a project.

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