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General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 1, 2010 on GH
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Monday, November 1, 2010

At Kelly's, someone whisked Emma's stroller away while Robin had turned her back on her daughter to fetch a cup of coffee. Robin was horrified when she realized that Emma was missing. Johnny, Ethan, and Michael jumped up to help Robin find her daughter. Moments later, Abby walked up to Kelly's with Emma safe and sound in the stroller. Robin demanded to know what Abby had been doing with Emma.

Abby explained that she had seen someone, dressed in a witch costume like Robin's, leave the stroller at a nearby building and then walk toward Kelly's. Robin made it clear that it wasn't her, but Johnny admitted that he had seen Robin in Kelly's without Emma. Robin assured Johnny that Emma had been within eyesight the whole time. Johnny wondered how Emma could have disappeared if that had been true. Robin conceded that she had turned her back on Emma for just a second; however, Robin insisted that the door to Kelly's had been open.

Robin continued to question Abby. Once Abby told her everything that she had seen, Robin realized what had happened. Robin thanked Abby for returning Emma to her and then left. Everyone else entered Kelly's. Abby joined Michael at a table, where Michael apologized to Abby for Robin's hostility.

Abby assured him that it wasn't necessary because she understood Robin's concern. Abby reminded Michael that she had been a stranger to Robin, so Robin had no idea if Abby had taken Emma. "But you didn't," Michael argued with confidence. Abby wondered how he could be so sure about her when he barely knew her. She warned him that she could have been someone who would find it amusing to pull a prank like that.

Michael didn't think that Abby would ever use a child to scare a parent. Abby smiled sadly as she reminded him that she was a stripper, and he was just a sweet kid. Michael made it clear that he wasn't sweet. He didn't think a sweet kid would kill his stepmother and then end up in prison. Michael also warned her that he suffered attacks of rage.

Abby refused to see Michael as a horrible person. She enjoyed spending time with him because he was thoughtful and perceptive, and he had a low-key humility about him. Abby was certain that all of the girls at his school were crazy about him. According to Abby, Michael was handsome, gentle, and kind, and had an edge of danger to him that made him irresistible. Michael smiled with embarrassment as he suggested that she didn't mean those things.

Abby wanted to stay to convince him otherwise, but she had to leave. Michael wondered if they could meet again soon. Instead of making plans, Abby assured him that she would be around.

At the diner's counter, Ethan and Johnny discussed what they would say to Claire about the car bombing. Ethan wanted Johnny to lead the investigation away from Sonny. Johnny was curious why he should help Sonny. Ethan argued that it wasn't for Sonny's benefit; they owed it to Kristina. Johnny agreed, but he was curious why Kristina was so important to Ethan.

Ethan admitted that he felt terrible for the role that he had played in Kristina's problems with Kiefer. Johnny assured Ethan that Ethan wasn't to blame for what had happened. Ethan realized that, but he didn't want to add to Kristina's pain. Ethan explained that, for Kristina's sake, they had to suck up their dislike for Sonny, and lie.

At the hospital, Epiphany told Patrick to stop moping around; he had made the choice not to go trick-or-treating with Emma. Patrick explained that he had wanted to give Robin some space. Moments later, Liz and Nikolas arrived with the boys: Spencer wore a vampire costume, Cameron was dressed as a dwarf, and Jake was garbed as a dinosaur. Liz explained that they had been at a Halloween party in the hospital's daycare center. They had stopped off to see Epiphany because the children adored her. Patrick handed each of the boys a piece of candy before they spotted Epiphany.

Liz and the boys walked over to Epiphany while Nikolas lagged behind with Aiden, who slept in the baby carriage. Nikolas was curious why Patrick wasn't out trick-or-treating with Emma. Patrick admitted that quite a bit had changed since he and Nikolas had talked in the park. Nearby, Lisa rounded the corner just as she finished pulling on her white lab coat. Later, after Liz and Nikolas left with the boys, Epiphany suggested that Patrick go home because it had been a quiet night in the emergency room.

Patrick confessed that he would rather continue working, so Epiphany gave him some things to do. After Epiphany walked away, Robin arrived to talk to Patrick. Robin was upset as she told Patrick about the incident at Kelly's. She was certain that Lisa had been behind the disturbing prank. Robin was outraged when Patrick questioned if she had any proof of Lisa's guilt. He quickly assured Robin that he was just trying to get to the bottom of things, but Robin didn't believe him.

Robin suggested that Patrick did not care that Lisa had once again targeted Emma. Patrick resented Robin's implication that he didn't care about his daughter as much as she did. Robin didn't apologize; she didn't think that Patrick would continue to work with "that psychopath" if Emma were important to him. Robin was furious that Patrick didn't believe her. She angrily accused Patrick of not doing anything to protect his daughter from the person who had tried to hurt her before.

Robin stormed off, but Patrick followed her to the elevator. He demanded to know what she expected him to do. Robin ignored the question as she made it clear that she would not stand by while Lisa continued to target Emma. Later, Lisa showed up at Kelly's to order a cup of coffee. Liz and Nikolas were in the diner with the boys. As Lisa waited for her coffee, Johnny and Ethan told Lisa and Liz about Robin's scare with Emma.

Lisa returned to the hospital a short time later. Patrick tracked her down in the locker room to confront her about what had happened with Emma. Lisa had no idea what Patrick was talking about. She claimed that the only thing that she had been guilty of was having an affair with Patrick. Patrick accused Lisa of dressing like Robin and then snatching Emma, in the hopes of pushing Robin over the edge.

Lisa suggested that Robin's claims were absurd. Lisa admitted that she had suffered a nervous breakdown after falling in love with Patrick again, but she assured him that she was on the road to recovery. Lisa insisted that she was just trying to get back to her life, so she wanted Patrick and Robin to leave her out of their problems. She was tired of defending herself. Patrick admitted that perhaps he was overreacting to the situation. After Lisa walked away, Patrick spotted a witch's hat on the floor next to the trash can.

At the Jacks residence, Carly and Jax arrived home with Josslyn after trick-or-treating. Morgan had stayed home to hand out candy. Morgan was disappointed that they hadn't had many trick-or-treaters stop by. However, Morgan cheered up at the prospect of going to his friend's house for a Halloween party. Carly and Jax put Josslyn to bed and then joined Morgan in the living room, where Morgan was dividing up the candy into several piles.

Carly chuckled when she noticed that Morgan was being more generous with his pile than Josslyn's. Morgan explained that Josslyn was a baby, so she couldn't eat as much candy. Jax, Carly, and Morgan reminisced about past Halloweens until Carly noticed that there weren't any peanut clusters in the piles of candy. Morgan assured his mother that there were some in the kitchen, but she wanted fresh peanut clusters. Carly asked Jax to run to the store to get her a new bag of her favorite candy.

Later, Carly let Morgan know that he could spend the night at Tad's after the party. Morgan was happy to hear the news, but he suggested that Carly could have just told him that she wanted to spend the night alone with Jax. Moments later, Morgan's ride arrived. After Morgan left, Carly slipped into a sexy nightgown and then called Jax. She left him a voicemail message to get home soon. Afterwards, Carly posed provocatively on the sofa, which had been covered with candy, and then sprinkled some more candy on herself.

At the warehouse, Jason, Sam, and Lucky prepared for the upcoming meeting with the Balkan. Meanwhile, at Jason's penthouse, Dante woke up to find that Brenda was gone. In the lobby, Brenda bumped into a couple of painters as she ran out of the building. Spinelli arrived that the penthouse a short time later to find the front door wide open and everyone gone. He immediately called Jason.

Jason had Spinelli check the surveillance footage, which showed Brenda racing out of the lobby, followed by Dante two minutes later. Jason was confident that Brenda would be fine, since she didn't have any idea where the meeting with the Balkan had been scheduled to take place. Jason realized something was wrong when Spinelli remained silent. Jason demanded to know what Spinelli was hiding, so Spinelli confessed that he had told Brenda where Jason and Lucky had planned to ambush the Balkan. After Jason ended the call, he let Sam and Lucky know that their plans had hit a snag.

Jason decided that it would be best to pack things up, but Lucky argued that their plan could still work. Jason disagreed. In the alleyway, Brenda raced to the warehouse, but before she could enter the building, one of the Balkan's goons caught her. Brenda struggled violently with the man until Dante arrived. Dante managed to free Brenda from the thug's grip, but Brenda didn't run to safety. She watched as Dante tried to overpower the burly man, until she spotted a gun on the ground.

Brenda picked up the gun as she began to have flashbacks of another violent fight in an alleyway between an unknown person and Dante. Distraught, Brenda took aim and then fired at the goon, who had gained the upper hand on Dante. The thug stumbled away from Dante and then collapsed to the ground. Brenda became hysterical as she realized that she had killed the man. Jason, Sam, and Lucky arrived seconds later.

Jason gently talked Brenda into lowering the gun and then giving it to him. Brenda threw herself into Jason's arms as she sobbed. Sam watched Jason and Brenda as Dante insisted on calling the police. Lucky didn't want to involve the police because he feared that it would blow his cover as Ronan O'Reilly. Jason argued that Brenda was too upset to deal with the police, so he wanted to take her home. Dante insisted that Brenda hadn't done anything wrong, so there wasn't any reason to cover up what had happened.

Dante suggested that Lucky and Sam leave. Dante thought that Brenda could claim that she had been at the warehouse with Jason and then had gone into the alley when she had heard a noise. Sam didn't look pleased when she walked away. After Lucky and Sam left, Brenda looked at Dante with confusion as she reminded him that he had promised her that no one would know. Dante stared at Brenda with concern, but didn't respond to the comment.

At the penthouse, Spinelli worked furiously to find out where Brenda had gone. Lulu arrived a short time later to check on Dante. Spinelli filled her in on what had happened and then made it clear that he was displeased with Dante, whom he referred to as the "bad betrayer." Lulu resented Spinelli calling Dante names; she asked Spinelli to show her respect by referring to Dante by his name when she was around. Spinelli admitted that he was worried about Brenda and Jason, not Dante.

Lulu finally understood Maxie's concern over Spinelli's obsession with Brenda. Lulu couldn't wait until Brenda left town. Spinelli hoped that that day would never arrive and then grumbled about Dante's inability to properly protect Brenda. Lulu had heard enough of Spinelli's insults, so she told him to let Dante know that she would be waiting for Dante at the loft, and then she left. A short time later, Sam arrived at the penthouse.

Sam was livid because Brenda had ruined the plans to capture the Balkan by killing one of the Balkan's thugs. Sam accused Brenda of compromising Lucky's cover, involving the Port Charles Police Department, and destroying any future chance of catching the Balkan. A short time later, Jax dropped by to see Brenda. Sam's mood hadn't improved. She updated Jax on what had happened in the alley and then suggested that Jason and Brenda shared a bond that Jason and Brenda didn't even realize was there.

On Spoon Island, Siobhan was abducted by one of the Balkan's men and then spirited to an abandoned warehouse. Siobhan warned the goon that he had kidnapped the wrong woman and that her boss, Nikolas Cassadine, would call the police the moment that he realized that Siobhan was gone. The thug assured Siobhan that no one had noticed that she was missing yet and that she wasn't going anywhere because she was the bait.

Nikolas and Spencer arrived at Wyndemere after trick-or-treating. Nikolas let Spencer have one more piece of candy before bed. The housekeeper popped her head in to see if Nikolas needed anything. Nikolas asked the housekeeper to check to see if Siobhan was still awake and interested in joining him for a late-night dinner. The housekeeper let Nikolas know that Siobhan was not at Wyndemere.

Lucky arrived a short time later. Lucky wanted to let Siobhan know that she couldn't return to Ireland yet because their plans for the Balkan had gone awry. Nikolas revealed that Siobhan was not there. Lucky immediately suspected that something was wrong, so he questioned the housekeeper. The housekeeper didn't have any information about Siobhan's whereabouts, so Lucky decided to talk to the rest of the staff.

Nikolas was curious why Lucky suspected the worst instead of assuming that Siobhan had simply gone in to town. Lucky explained that Siobhan knew the dangers of leaving the island.

At the police station, Dante ushered Brenda and Jason to the interrogation room and then turned to fetch someone to take Brenda's statement. Brenda didn't want to give a statement because she feared that she would be sent to jail. Dante assured her that she hadn't done anything wrong by saving his life. Brenda was traumatized and remained in the grips of the past as she admitted that she didn't understand why Dante was telling the police when he had promised her that they would never talk about "it." Jason demanded to know what was going on.

Dante was spared from having to answer Jason because Agent Bates entered the squad room to demand to speak to Dante. Jason closed the door to the interrogation room while Dante approached the Interpol agent. Agent Bates warned Dante that Dante had a "significant situation" on his hands. Agent Bates wanted to know why the Balkan was focused on Brenda.

In the interrogation room, Jason called Diane to ask her to meet him at the station, so that she could get Brenda released. After he ended the call, Jason promised Brenda to get her through the crisis, but he insisted that she had to tell him what had happened. "This time or the time before?" Brenda asked.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

At Greystone Manor, Sonny poured a nightcap for himself and Claire. He was pleased that Claire had opened up about herself over dinner. Claire couldn't believe how much she had shared about herself. She insisted that she was usually sensible and in control except when she was around Sonny. Claire didn't understand why. Sonny suspected that it was because she knew that they were walking a tightrope between the law and breaking it.

Claire agreed that it was tantalizing to know that they could fall at any moment. Claire warned Sonny that he probably shouldn't trust her, since she was investigating him. Sonny didn't understand why it was an issue when she couldn't prosecute him. Moments later, the phone rang. Claire was surprised to learn that Brenda had killed a man earlier that evening. She assured the caller that she was on her way to the police station to take Brenda's statement.

At the police station, Agent Bates demanded to know why the Balkan was interested in Brenda. Dante claimed that he didn't know why, so Agent Bates questioned how Brenda had ended up killing the Balkan's henchman, Banovic. Dante would only reveal the barest essentials: he had been assigned to guard Brenda, and she had saved his life when Banovic had tried to kill him. Agent Bates was curious what Brenda had been doing in the alley in the first place. Dante suggested that she had been looking for her ex-husband, Jason Morgan. Agent Bates knew that Dante had a history with Brenda, so he didn't believe Dante's story.

In the interrogation room, Jason questioned Brenda about what she had meant when she had told him that something had happened in the past. Brenda refused to tell Jason. Jason didn't have an opportunity to probe further because Diane had arrived. Diane tried to get to the bottom of what had happened, so that she could figure out how to help Brenda. Brenda made it clear that she refused to give a statement about the shooting.

Brenda turned to Jason for help, so Jason instructed Diane to find a way for Brenda to go home as soon as possible. Diane left the room, but returned a short time later. Jason urged Brenda to tell Diane what had happened. Brenda admitted that she had known about the ambush, so she had raced to the warehouse to stop Jason from meeting with the Balkan. Brenda then told Diane about the attack and subsequent shooting.

Diane agreed that it was best for Brenda not to give a statement, since it was clear that she had known far too much about what had been planned at the warehouse. Moments later, Agent Bates entered the room to interrogate Brenda about the Balkan. Diane quickly interceded by informing Agent Bates that she was Brenda's legal counsel. Agent Bates acknowledged that Diane had a right to be present, but he insisted that Jason had to leave. Jason assured Brenda that he would be close by.

After Jason stepped out of the room, Diane warned Agent Bates that he didn't have any jurisdiction to question Brenda about a crime that had taken place in the United States. Diane argued that Brenda had acted in defense of Dante, so Brenda hadn't violated any laws. Agent Bates and Diane stepped out of the room when Claire arrived. Diane warned Claire that Brenda would not give a statement. As Diane and Claire argued, Sonny slipped into the interrogation room to check on Brenda.

Jason approached Dante to let him know that Brenda seemed to have the shooting mixed up with something that had happened in the past. Jason was curious if Dante knew what Brenda had been trying to tell Dante in the alley. Meanwhile, in the interrogation room, Sonny found Brenda with her head resting on her arms. She looked up when she heard Sonny. Brenda immediately ran into Sonny's arms.

Sonny assured Brenda that everything would be okay because his attorney was working on getting her released. Brenda lamented that everything was her fault. Sonny asked Brenda to trust him to take care of everything. In the squad room, Agent Bates angrily demanded to know who was in the interrogation room with Brenda. Claire was annoyed as she watched Sonny comfort Brenda. Dante explained that Sonny was his father and then entered the interrogation room to ask Sonny to leave.

Diane insisted that Brenda be allowed to go home. Agent Bates finally relented, but he warned Diane that he intended to question Brenda the following day. Jason thanked Diane for her help, but Diane cautioned Jason that it wasn't over. She pulled him aside to explain that Sonny had been "canoodling" with Claire, while publicly comforting Brenda. Diane didn't think that Claire would take that kind of slap in the face lying down.

Jason thought that it was Sonny's problem to deal with. Jason and Diane returned to the interrogation room to let Brenda know that she was free to leave. Diane was confident that she could delay Brenda from having to make a statement for weeks. As Jason, Brenda, and Diane walked through the squad room, Agent Bates stopped them. Agent Bates warned Brenda that sooner or later, she would have to tell him why the Balkan had targeted her.

Diane insisted that Brenda didn't have any personal knowledge of the Balkan, so Diane threatened to file a complaint if Agent Bates continued to harass her client. After Jason, Brenda, and Diane left, Agent Bates turned his attention to Dante. Agent Bates wanted to know what had happened in the alley with Banovic. Dante stuck to his story.

In the squad room, Ronnie approached Claire to find out if she had reviewed the admissibility of the evidence against Sonny that had been provided by Homeland Security. He was curious if it was sufficient to charge Sonny with attempted murder. Claire explained that she couldn't be the one to determine if the evidence could be used against Sonny. Ronnie was annoyed because he suspected that Claire intended to bury the tape. Claire called her superiors in Washington to notify them that evidence had surfaced tying Sonny to the Zacchara car bombing.

Sonny appeared to be deep in thought as he sat before a roaring fire in his parlor. Claire walked in moments later. Sonny began to explain why he had comforted Brenda, but Claire didn't want to hear it. She just wanted them to have the night to themselves. Sonny didn't object when Claire passionately kissed him.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas assured Lucky that the entire staff was searching every inch of Spoon Island for Siobhan. Lucky appreciated Nikolas' help. Nikolas trusted Lucky's instincts. Lucky explained that he had taken steps to make it appear that he had followed the Balkan's orders to kill Siobhan, but Lucky acknowledged that it was virtually impossible to make someone disappear. Nikolas realized that Lucky felt responsible for Siobhan. Lucky claimed that he had dragged Siobhan into the mess that they were in, so he had to save her.

Moments later, Lucky received a call from Agent Bates ordering Lucky to go to the police station because they had news on the Balkan. Lucky arrived at the police station a short time later. Agent Bates revealed that the Balkan had almost captured Brenda Barrett. Dante left as Lucky pointed out that the attempted kidnapping had failed, so he didn't understand why Agent Bates was upset. Agent Bates explained that Interpol was not happy with Lucky's performance.

Lucky explained that the Balkan had taken the woman that had been helping Lucky. Lucky expected Interpol to back him while he searched for Siobhan. Agent Bates made it clear that Lucky was no longer of any use to them, so they were cutting Lucky loose. Agent Bates added that the missing woman was Lucky's problem. After Agent Bates left, Dante returned with grim news.

Dante had received an email addressed to Lucky. It was a picture of Siobhan tied to a chair. Lucky's fears were confirmed when he realized that the Balkan had Siobhan and was aware of Lucky's true identity.

At Jason's penthouse, Sam asked Spinelli to hack into the police station's mainframe to find out what was going on with Brenda. Spinelli was a bit surprised that Sam was concerned about Brenda, but Sam quickly clarified that she was worried about Jason. Sam complained that Brenda was unstable and couldn't be saved because Brenda didn't want it. Spinelli suggested that perhaps Sam could muster up a bit of sympathy for Brenda's situation. Sam realized that Brenda was in grave danger, but she was certain that there was more to the story than Brenda had told them.

Spinelli was curious why Sam thought that Brenda was hiding something. Sam admitted that after the shooting, Brenda had said some strange things to Dante including, "You told me not to tell." Sam confessed that it had sounded like Brenda had been talking about something other than the shooting in the alley. Later, Spinelli let Sam know that Jason and Brenda were still at the police station. He could tell that Sam was exhausted, so he suggested that she get some sleep.

Sam acknowledged that she was tired, but she was tempted to stay awake until Jason arrived home. Sam confided that she had felt a weird vibe between Jason and Brenda in the alley. Spinelli apologized if he had said anything that had made Sam doubt Jason's love for her. Sam assured Spinelli that she knew that Jason loved her. Spinelli agreed that Jason loved Sam deeply and sincerely. Sam relaxed as she admitted that she felt bad for Brenda; she imagined that Brenda was probably terrified to have someone like the Balkan hunting her down.

Jason and Brenda arrived at the penthouse to find that everything was dark and no one appeared to be there. Jason suspected that Sam was in bed, sleeping. Brenda took the opportunity to thank Jason for his help. Jason suggested that Brenda get some rest, so she went to her bedroom. Jason went to his own bedroom, where Sam was sound asleep in his bed. Jason glanced out the window for a moment and then curled up in bed with Sam.

Brenda threw the pillows off of her bed and then flopped down. In the other bedroom, Jason and Sam were sound asleep when they woke up to the sound of Brenda screaming. Jason raced to Brenda's bedroom to find her sitting up in bed after a terrifying nightmare. Brenda threw herself into Jason's arms just as Sam arrived. Sam watched Jason comfort Brenda for a moment and then quietly turn away with a troubled expression.

At the Jacks residence, Jax was pleasantly surprised to find Carly lounging on the sofa and covered in candy when he arrived home. Carly grumbled about how long Jax had been gone. Jax admitted that he had stopped off at Jason's penthouse to check on Brenda. However, he held up a bag to show Carly that he had picked up her peanut clusters. Carly appeared annoyed when Jax revealed that Brenda had killed a man and that Jason had taken Brenda to the police station.

Carly wondered why Jax wasn't with Brenda. Jax wondered if she really wanted to waste time arguing about Brenda. "No," Carly admitted, but she hated how everyone jumped at the opportunity to rescue Brenda. Jax pointed out that he was with Carly, not at the police station. Carly smiled as Jax joined her on the sofa and then kissed her. Jax assured his wife that he was madly and passionately in love with her.

Later, Carly called Spinelli to ask him to stop by her house. Spinelli showed up a short time later. Carly asked Spinelli to keep his voice down because Jax and the baby were asleep. She explained that she had called him because she wanted to know how Brenda's situation would affect Jax, Jason, and Sonny. Spinelli was reluctant to share what he knew about the shooting, but Carly reminded him that she was Jason's true friend.

Carly insisted that she and Spinelli owed it to Jason to help him. Eventually, Spinelli capitulated. He told Carly about the odd conversation that Sam had overheard between Brenda and Dante. Carly was immediately intrigued. She wondered if perhaps Brenda had known Dante before Dante had arrived in Port Charles.

In the hospital's locker room, Patrick angrily confronted Lisa about the witch hat that he had found on the floor next to the trash can. Patrick warned Lisa that he would not stand by while she continued to endanger Emma. He warned Lisa that her actions were criminal and sick. Lisa denied that the hat was hers; she insisted that she hadn't done anything wrong. Patrick was surprised when a nurse entered the locker room and then revealed that she had been looking for the hat.

Lisa smiled with satisfaction when the nurse explained that the hat had been part of her costume for the party in the daycare center. After the nurse left, Patrick conceded that he had overreacted. Lisa seized the opportunity to plant seeds of doubt about Robin's sanity, but Patrick refused to allow Lisa to twist things around. Patrick acknowledged that Robin might be upset and under stress, but Robin was only reacting to the mess that Patrick and Lisa had created. After Patrick walked away, Lisa went to her locker.

Lisa opened her locker, where a witch costume had been hidden. Lisa carefully covered up the costume with one of her lab coats, closed the locker, and then walked away. Later, Matt was curious why Patrick was working when he should have been trick-or-treating with Emma. Patrick admitted that he had made an "ass" out of himself in the locker room. Patrick quickly filled Matt in about the confrontation with Lisa.

Patrick insisted that Lisa was not innocent because she had been going after Robin for some time. As a result, Robin had become her own worst enemy. Matt thought that they should focus on what they knew, which was that Robin was Patrick's wife and Patrick loved Robin. The discussion then shifted to the state of Patrick's marriage. Patrick explained that he wanted to give Robin some space because of a conversation that he had overheard between Robin and Liz. Matt urged Patrick to show up for Emma's birthday party, so that he could continue to reassure Robin.

Later, Steve questioned why Patrick wasn't with Robin and Emma. Patrick admitted that he wished that he had gone trick-or-treating because of what had happened with Emma. Steve was stunned when Patrick told him about the scare at Kelly's when Emma had disappeared for a short time. Patrick explained that Robin had accused Lisa of pulling the prank, so he had confronted Lisa about it. Steve was curious why Patrick had believed Robin's version of events without any proof.

Patrick insisted that Robin was his wife, and Lisa wasn't as innocent as she would have everyone believe. Patrick felt responsible for driving Lisa crazy and for hurting Robin. Steve was concerned about how Patrick's personal life would impact Patrick's work. Patrick wondered if they would be having the conversation if Patrick's famous father hadn't crashed and burned. Steve clarified that Noah Drake was not on staff, so Noah was not Steve's problem; however, Patrick was another matter.

Steve insisted that Patrick was a brilliant surgeon, but the garbage in his personal life would eventually catch up to him. Steve didn't think that it was any different if Patrick drank himself blind every night and then showed up for work the next day to cut someone's head open. Patrick wondered if Steve were suggesting that Patrick take a leave of absence or beg Robin to forgive him. Steve was curious if Patrick realized what wasn't being said; Patrick was furious with Robin.

Patrick denied it, but Steve didn't believe him. Steve pointed out that Robin wasn't fighting for her marriage or trying to forgive Patrick. According to Steve, Robin was doing nothing to help herself or Patrick. Steve didn't think that Robin was making any effort to preserve her family, which Steve found a bit troubling. Steve realized that it wasn't easy to forgive infidelity, but Robin seemed more invested in being the wounded party.

Patrick defended Robin by revealing that Robin had suffered tremendous loss in her life. Patrick wasn't ready to give up on Robin, because Robin and Emma meant everything to him.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

At the hospital, Luke sipped an alcohol-laced smoothie, compliments of Ethan. Tracy was furious when she spotted the drink because Luke wasn't allowed to have any dairy products. Ethan hid a smile as Tracy snatched the smoothie out of Luke's hand. Maya entered the room moments later. Luke was eager to go home, so he demanded to know when he would be released. Maya explained that Luke could leave as soon as they were assured that he had proper in-home care.

Luke admitted that he didn't have anywhere to go, so he wondered if Tracy would let him stay in a room on the Haunted Star. Tracy refused to consider it because the rooms were too drafty. Luke proposed staying on Lucky's sofa, but Maya insisted that Luke needed to properly recover from the heart attack. Maya offered to get Luke a room in a convalescence facility, but Luke was horrified by the thought. Tracy finally insisted that Luke recuperate at the Quartermaine mansion because there were plenty of rooms, and Monica and Maya were on hand in case Luke had any setbacks. Luke didn't want Tracy to think that he was using her, so he turned down her offer.

Maya tried to change Luke's mind, but Ethan decided to drag Maya out of the room, so that Tracy and Luke could work things out alone. Maya was surprised that Ethan had interfered when she had only been trying to help Luke. Ethan explained that Luke was a master at his craft, so he advised Maya to let Luke do his thing. Ethan claimed that Tracy lived to argue, so Luke was using that to his advantage.

"Okay, so let me get this straight. If you were to ever to try and convince me that I shouldn't get naked with you, then I should simply call it a night and leave?" Maya wondered. "Exactly," Ethan answered before he realized what he had said. Maya smiled with satisfaction as she walked away. In the hospital room, Luke made it clear that he didn't want to be treated like a charity case; however, Tracy refused to take no for an answer. Luke finally agreed to stay at the mansion if Tracy promised to make an honest man out of him. Tracy refused to give him an answer, but she offered to discuss it after he had moved in.

Michael was delighted when he saw Abby enter Kelly's. He quickly invited her to join him at his table and then confessed that he had been hoping to bump into her. He assured her that it was nice spending time with her. Abby noticed the math books on the table. Michael revealed that they were for her; he had hoped to tutor her. Abby was touched by Michael's thoughtfulness. She grumbled because she thought the math classes were a waste of time and money.

Michael imagined it was difficult for Abby to juggle a job and college. Abby assured him that her manager made certain to schedule her shifts around her classes, so it wasn't bad. Abby noticed how uncomfortable it made Michael to talk about her work. Michael denied it, but he thought that it was hard for Abby to take her clothes off for a bunch of drunken guys. "Sometimes," Abby admitted. Michael knew what it was like trying not to feel when a person had to do something that they hated every day. Abby was curious if it had been like that for Michael in jail. "Yes," Michael told her.

Abby felt bad for Michael, but he didn't want her pity. Abby made it clear that she didn't want his pity either. Abby warned him that if he was spending time with her because he felt sorry for her because she had to take her clothes off for a living then she'd rather not see him again. Michael quickly apologized if he had made her mad. Abby assured Michael that she didn't want him to feel worse, so they agreed to stop feeling sorry for each other.

However, Abby wanted Michael to know that she hated that he had been sent to prison. Michael assured her that he was determined to deal with it and then move on. According to Michael, his uncle had told him that Michael might find something special if he moved forward. Abby smiled as she lifted her cup and then toasted to Michael finding something good.

At Greystone Manor, Claire wore Sonny's robe as she joined him for a cup of coffee in the parlor. Sonny kissed Claire, but she pulled away. He sensed that Claire was on edge because of what had happened at the police station. Claire didn't want to get into it, but Sonny explained that he had gone to Brenda because Brenda had been a mess. Sonny insisted that Brenda would have completely unraveled if he hadn't calmed her down.

Claire pointed out that Brenda had plenty of people to lean on. Sonny claimed that he had merely helped an old friend who had been falling apart. He thought that Claire understood how he felt about Brenda and was okay with it. Claire started to tell Sonny that she didn't want to have any regrets, but Diane chose that moment to walk in. Diane took one look at the cozy couple and then warned Sonny that things were about to change; Claire intended to slap a pair of handcuffs on Sonny.

Sonny wasn't in the mood for Diane's "paranoia." Diane explained that she had received a call from Claire's bosses instructing Diane to make sure that Sonny appeared at the police station for questioning later that morning. Diane informed Sonny that new evidence had surfaced in the Zacchara car bombing and that Claire had been the one to turn it over to the prosecutor. Claire insisted that she had followed procedure and that her superiors had made the decision to follow up on it. Claire excused herself to change into her clothes. After Claire left the room, Diane warned Sonny that comforting Brenda would cost him.

At the police station, Sonny and Diane were shown to the interrogation room. Sonny suggested that Ronnie make himself useful by fetching Sonny a cup of coffee. Ronnie smiled as he happily agreed. Diane warned Sonny that Ronnie's good mood didn't bode well for them. Moments later, Claire entered. Claire was all business as she immediately began to question Sonny about the night of the car bombing.

Claire wondered if Sonny had any knowledge that Johnny's car would be bombed. "No," Sonny answered. Claire cautioned him to think twice before responding because she had evidence that he was "perjuring" himself. Ronnie stood at the window, watching the interrogation.

At the loft, Lulu prepared to leave for work when Dante walked in. Dante told her that everything had gone horribly wrong the night before and that the Balkan had gotten his hands on Siobhan. Lulu was shocked as Dante shared the details of what had happened in the alley with Brenda. Lulu's concern grew when she learned that the Balkan knew that Lucky was a police officer. She couldn't understand what the Balkan wanted with Siobhan.

Dante suspected that the Balkan intended to trade Siobhan for Brenda. Lulu fetched an ice pack for Dante to help reduce the swelling where Brenda had bashed him on the head. Lulu thought that Dante should go to the hospital, but he assured her that he had a hard head. Dante decided to share a story from his youth about a time when a kid had hit Dante on the head with a bat. According to Dante, Olivia had confronted the boy's mother, who had suggested that Dante might have done something to deserve it. Olivia had responded by punching the woman in the jaw.

Dante revealed that Olivia had threatened to tell everyone in the neighborhood what the woman had done with the coach when they were in high school. Lulu realized that the story had been an attempt to get Lulu's mind off of Lucky. Lulu and Dante kissed, but pulled apart when someone knocked on the door. It was Carly. Carly claimed that she was there to talk to Dante about Michael's schedule, but she feigned concern when she noticed that Dante was holding an ice pack to his head.

Lulu explained that Brenda had bashed Dante on the head. Carly snidely wondered if it had been another desperate attempt for Brenda to get Jason's attention. Dante suggested that Carly back off because Brenda had saved his life. Carly was curious when Dante and Brenda had gotten so close. After Carly left, Lulu admitted that she was a bit surprised that no one on Spoon Island had seen Siobhan's abduction.

Dante assured Lulu that they were following every lead. Lulu was confident that Lucky would find Siobhan. She confessed that Lucky had been in his element in Ireland and that he had reminded her of the Lucky that she had known while growing up. Lulu suspected that Lucky had fallen in love with life on the edge because he had been playing it safe for so long. Dante explained that a person didn't become a police officer to play it safe.

Dante arrived at the police station a short time later to find his father sitting in the interrogation room. Sonny explained that Claire and Diane were hashing out whether Sonny should be arrested immediately or after an indictment had been handed down. Dante was shocked to learn that Ronnie had discovered evidence that implicated Sonny in Johnny's car bombing. Dante immediately questioned the validity of the evidence, so he went to find Ronnie. Moments later, Dante confronted Ronnie about framing Sonny.

Ronnie argued that Dante's reaction was proof that Dante had been compromised. Dante argued that Ronnie had tried to frame Sonny for shooting Johnny, so Ronnie played the recording of Sonny discussing the car bomb. In the interrogation room, Claire informed Sonny that the judge was reviewing the evidence, so they would have a decision at any moment. Sonny was disappointed because he thought that he could trust Claire. Claire insisted that she had never lied to him; she had warned him that she wouldn't bury evidence against him if it landed on her desk.

Sonny was curious if she had decided to turn over the evidence before or after she had seen him with Brenda. Claire claimed that she wasn't a woman scorned, but she couldn't suppress evidence. Sonny claimed that he had just wanted honesty from Claire. He was certain that she had known what would happen when she arrived at his home the previous night.

At the penthouse, Sam asked Jason how Brenda was doing. Jason explained that Brenda had finally calmed down and then fallen asleep around four in the morning. He admitted that he hadn't felt right to leave her afterwards. Sam sipped her coffee to hide her displeasure. Sam then changed the subject by revealing that she had tried to stay awake until he had arrived home from the police station, but she had been too exhausted.

Jason told Sam about what had unfolded at the police station and Diane's fear that Claire would "rain hell down on Sonny," because of Brenda. Jason then confided that he believed that something else was going on with Brenda. Sam relaxed as she joined Jason on the sofa. She admitted that she also had a feeling that something was off with Brenda. Moments later, Spinelli arrived home.

Jason decided to confront Spinelli about revealing the location of the meeting with the Balkan to Brenda. Jason thought that it would be best for Spinelli to stay in a hotel until Brenda left town. Sam spoke up for Spinelli, so Jason relented. However, Jason made it clear that he expected Spinelli to keep his mouth shut, especially around Brenda. Later, Jason and Sam went to the alley where Brenda had shot the Balkan's thug.

As Jason and Sam reviewed the events of the previous night, they realized that Brenda's comments to Dante hadn't made sense unless Brenda had known Dante in the past. Sam didn't understand why Dante had resorted to hand-to-hand combat rather than shooting the Balkan's goon. Sam could understand Dante's reluctance to shoot if Lulu had been in the alley, but Brenda was merely a client. According to Sam, it was harder to keep things professional when someone you loved was involved. Jason agreed that Sam had a point.

Carly arrived at the penthouse to find Spinelli was at home alone. She immediately tried to enlist his help to find out if Brenda and Dante had known each other in the past, but Spinelli insisted that he couldn't help her because he had promised Jason not to share information with anyone but Jason. Carly assured Spinelli that she just wanted to uncover the truth for Jason's sake; she insisted that they owed it to Jason. Carly confessed that the Valkyrie's strength was nothing without the Jackal's wisdom.

Spinelli quickly gave in. A short time later, he discovered a picture on the Internet of Brenda and Dante that dated back to April 2007. Carly smiled victoriously just as Jason arrived home. Jason wondered what was going on. Carly was curious what Jason would say if she told him that Dante and Brenda had known each other in the past.

At the hospital, Lisa impressed Epiphany by turning in some paperwork early. Lisa grinned at Patrick, but he ignored her. Steve was surprised to see that Patrick was working on Emma's birthday. Patrick explained that he couldn't make it to the party, but Steve warned Patrick that it was a bad idea. Patrick argued that it was for the best. Nearby, Lisa paid close attention to their conversation.

Moments later, Patrick had a similar discussion with Matt when Patrick asked Matt to go to Emma's party in his place. Matt insisted that it was a mistake for Patrick not to go to Emma's party, but Patrick claimed that it was the best thing that he could do for his daughter. Patrick didn't want to turn the party into an emotional battleground. As the day continued, Epiphany made an attempt to persuade Patrick to change his mind about celebrating Emma's second birthday. Patrick explained that he was trying to be sensitive to Robin's feelings.

Steve overheard Patrick and Epiphany talking. After Epiphany walked away, Steve urged Patrick to reconsider. Patrick assured Steve that he would pick up a present for Emma and then drop by the house to wish his daughter a happy birthday. Lisa lurked nearby, eavesdropping. After Patrick walked away, Lisa left the nurses' station with a determined stride.

Later, Patrick prepared to leave for the day. He showed everyone the wrapped gift that he had bought for his daughter. However, Patrick's plans changed when Epiphany informed Steve and Patrick that a patient had been admitted to the Emergency Room with severe head trauma that required immediate surgery. Steve and Patrick raced to the operating room to scrub up for the surgery. Emma's present was left behind at the nurses' station.

At the Scorpio residence, Maxie and Robin decorated for Emma's party as Robin told her cousin about the incident at Kelly's when Emma had disappeared for a few minutes. Maxie realized that Lisa was stepping up her game. She wondered if Robin had told Patrick. Robin assured Maxie that she had, but Patrick had his doubts about Lisa's guilt. Robin admitted that it didn't help that she was still so angry and hurt over the betrayal. Robin didn't know how to forgive Patrick without making it appear that she condoned what he had done to her.

Maxie thought that Robin needed more time. Robin agreed, but she was determined to be okay with Patrick attending the party. Later, Maxie warned Mac to behave around Patrick for Emma's sake. Mac promised to do his best as the doorbell rang. It was Liz, Cameron, and Jake. A short time later, Matt arrived for the party.

Matt explained that Patrick wouldn't be able to make it to the party because he had been pulled into surgery. As everyone celebrated Emma's birthday, Maxie decided to light some candles for the kids to blow out. After the guests left, Mac revealed that he had to go to work, so he couldn't help Robin clean up. Robin assured Mac that it was fine. After Mac left, Emma asked, "Where's Daddy?"

Robin decided to distract her daughter by showing Emma all of the gifts that Emma had received. Afterwards, Robin carried Emma upstairs, unaware that one of the candles that Maxie had lit earlier had tipped over onto the discarded wrapping paper.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

At the police station, Ronnie played the recording of Sonny talking about Johnny's car bomb. Dante realized that the evidence against Sonny was damaging. Dante couldn't believe that Sonny's downfall had been Sonny's attempt to protect Kristina, not the years of criminal activity. Ronnie handed Dante a cup of coffee as he apologized for giving Dante a hard time. Ronnie confessed that he had always considered Dante to be a good cop, which was why Ronnie had hated seeing Dante compromise himself for Sonny.

In the interrogation room, Sonny admitted that he had underestimated Claire. He realized that she had outplayed him. Claire reminded Sonny that she had merely turned over evidence that had been handed to her; she hadn't manufactured it. Sonny accused Claire of choosing her career over him. Claire confessed that she had been hoping that Sonny wouldn't have been caught.

Sonny was disappointed that Claire hadn't even bothered to warn him. He had noticed that she had been on edge the night before and that their lovemaking had been different, but he hadn't realized that she had been saying goodbye to him. Claire insisted that she cared for Sonny, but she had never agreed to bury evidence for him. She hoped that Diane found a way out for Sonny because Claire wanted to continue seeing him.

After Claire left, Dante entered the interrogation room to talk to his father. Dante was certain that Diane would find a loophole for Sonny. Sonny hoped that Dante was right, but he asked Dante to do a favor for him. Dante warned Sonny that he was talking to a cop, so Sonny should be careful about what he said. Sonny insisted that he needed Kristina's brother, not the cop. Sonny hoped that Dante would let Kristina know that Sonny loved her and had just wanted to keep her safe.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Edward was not pleased that Luke would be moving in. He hated how Luke always helped himself to Edward's smoking jackets. Monica reminded Edward that it had been "hell" living with Tracy without Luke. Edward grumbled and then decided to hide his Cuban cigars from Luke. Alice went to talk to Cook about preparing heart-healthy meals for Luke. Meanwhile, Monica headed to her bedroom.

Moments later, the doorbell rang. Edward was delighted to see Brenda standing on the doorstep. Edward took Brenda to the parlor to talk. Brenda apologized for not stopping by sooner, but her life had been crazy. Edward knew about Brenda's troubles, so he completely understood. However, Edward promised Brenda that he could keep her safe if she moved in with him. Brenda appreciated the offer, but turned Edward down.

Brenda assured Edward that she trusted Jason to keep her safe. Brenda also confided that Jason loved the Quartermaines, but he didn't know how to show it. Edward appreciated the words of comfort because he knew that Brenda understood Jason in a way that Edward didn't. The conversation then turned to Lila. Brenda regretted that she hadn't returned for Lila's funeral. Edward invited Brenda to Lila's sitting room because he wanted to give her something special that had once belonged to Lila.

Later, Luke arrived home with Tracy, Ethan, and Maya in tow. Edward's attitude hadn't improved. Maya warned Edward to leave Luke alone, while Tracy reminded Edward that Luke was recovering from a heart attack. Ethan dropped Luke's bag on the table in the foyer as Alice wheeled Luke's chair into the parlor. Edward decided to talk to Ethan about a new career in corporate finance, but Ethan just chuckled.

After everyone entered the parlor, May a closed the door and then turned to look for Monica. Monica entered the foyer moments later. Maya hoped that Monica was still on board with the plan. In the parlor, Luke tried to persuade Alice to serve him canapés and a cocktail, but Tracy made it clear that Alice had been given strict orders to make certain that Luke maintained a healthy diet. Tracy suggested that perhaps Luke should get some rest.

Luke admitted that spending time in bed with Tracy sounded wonderful. Tracy smiled as she informed Luke that cuddling was also off-limits. Monica entered the parlor a short time later and then ordered everyone to leave, so that she could assess Luke. Tracy reluctantly followed everyone out of the room. Monica closed the door behind Tracy and then made it clear that she expected Luke to get Tracy to marry him within a month, or Monica would expose Luke for the shameless liar that he was.

Later, Alice tried to feed Luke some fruit, but he groused that he hated fruit. Eventually, Alice managed to get Luke to try one bite of the fresh fruit. Luke distracted Alice from her quest to force him to eat the rest of the fruit by complaining that he was cold. He wondered if Alice would mind fetching him one of Edward's smoking jackets. Alice happily dashed off to run the errand.

The moment that Luke was alone, he leapt up to pour himself a drink, which he quickly guzzled down. He panicked when he heard the door open, but then relaxed when he realized that it was Maya and Ethan. Luke tried to pour himself another drink, but Maya stopped him. She warned Luke that he had to speed things up because Monica was not happy. Luke admitted that Monica had already talked to him.

At Jason's penthouse, Carly was thrilled to discover that Brenda had been in Manhattan during April 2007. She was smiling with satisfaction when Jason arrived home. Jason immediately suspected that Carly and Spinelli were up to something. Carly admitted that Spinelli was about to prove that Brenda and Dante had a past connection. To Carly's surprise, Jason was annoyed.

Carly couldn't believe that Jason didn't want to know that Brenda and Dante had been lying to everyone. Jason argued that it didn't matter because he had bigger problems to worry about than Carly's revenge plot against Dante. Jason also pointed out that everyone knew how much Carly disliked Brenda. Jason insisted that Brenda had been through a lot and that she wasn't as strong as Carly, so he felt obligated to help Brenda. Carly hated it.

Carly was curious whom Jason would save if she and Brenda were dangling over a pit of alligators. Jason thought that it was a stupid question because Carly wouldn't be anywhere near alligators. Carly clarified that it was a hypothetical situation, but Jason refused to answer the question. Carly smiled brightly because she assumed that his silence meant that he would save her. Satisfied, Carly left.

Spinelli admitted that he hated questions like that because there was never a right answer. Jason wondered if Carly might have been right about Dante having guarded Brenda in the past. Spinelli went to work on his laptop. A short time later, Spinelli confirmed that Dante had once been assigned to protect Brenda. Jason asked Spinelli to find out if Dante and Brenda's association had gone further; however, Jason made it clear that he didn't want Brenda to know.

As if on cue, Brenda walked in. She promptly sensed that Jason and Spinelli had been talking about something that they didn't want her to know about. Jason didn't deny it, but he made certain that Brenda understood that he had ordered Spinelli not to reveal anything confidential to her. Brenda apologized for tricking Spinelli into telling her where the meeting with the Balkan had been planned; she insisted that she was to blame, not Spinelli. Jason was curious where Brenda had been.

Brenda revealed that she had paid Edward a visit, which she thought Jason should do too. "Why?" Jason wondered. Brenda explained that Edward missed Lila. Jason groaned because it was clear that Brenda intended to lecture him. He refused to get into another argument with her, so he changed the subject by asking her about the "other guy" that she had shot.

Brenda grew quiet. Jason promised her that he would wait until she was ready to talk, but he knew that something had happened. Brenda was spared from having to respond when someone knocked on the door. It was Dante. Dante told them about Sonny's arrest. Brenda was immediately concerned, so she decided to go to the police station to check on Sonny.

After Brenda left, Jason and Dante discussed the situation with the Balkan. Dante confirmed that the Balkan had taken Siobhan. Jason warned Dante that the stakes were high, so he wanted Dante to be honest about how involved Dante had been with Brenda in 2007. Jason was curious about what had happened in the past that had caused her to mix it up with the shooting in the alley. Dante downplayed his association with Brenda by claiming that he had just been one of four police officers who had opened doors for Brenda. Jason didn't get an opportunity to question Dante further because Dante received a text message informing him that the Balkan wanted to trade Siobhan for Brenda.

Carly went to the police station to talk to Dante, but was told that Dante was out in the field. Carly was surprised when she spotted Sonny sitting in the interrogation room, so she went to find out what was going on. Sonny quickly filled her in. Carly wondered if Dante had been the one to turn Sonny in, but he revealed that it had been Claire. Carly apologized for trying to push Sonny and Claire together, but Sonny assured her that he didn't blame her. Sonny confessed that he was disappointed that Claire had never given a heads-up about what would happen. Sonny realized that not all women were as loyal as Carly.

Sonny asked Carly to let Michael and Morgan know about the arrest, but he wanted her to keep the details to herself. Carly promised Sonny that she would handle it. She offered to help him if he needed it and then left. In the squad room, Carly bumped into Brenda. Carly warned Brenda that Sonny was in a bad place, so she advised Brenda to think twice before entering the interrogation room.

Brenda thanked Carly and then went to see Sonny. Brenda let Sonny know that she had appreciated his help the night before, so she offered to return the favor if he needed it. Sonny explained that he had made the mistake, so he would handle the consequences. He assured Brenda that her being there with him was enough.

At the nurses' station, Patrick gave Epiphany some post-op instructions for a patient and then turned to call Robin before heading into surgery. However, Patrick was forced to drop the phone when Epiphany informed him that Steve needed Patrick in the operating room immediately. Moments later, Steve and Patrick scrubbed up before surgery. Patrick confessed that he hadn't given up on the idea of kissing his daughter goodnight on her birthday.

In the operating room, Steve admitted that he was impressed with Patrick's skill as a surgeon. As the operation progressed, Steve talked about his decision to become a doctor. According to Steve, he had been expected to follow in his father and grandfather's footsteps. Steve had rebelled for a short time; however, he had reached a turning point in his life when he happened upon an accident scene. Steve had realized that he could either call for help or become the doctor that he was meant to be. The conversation then drifted to Patrick's hopes for Emma. Patrick made it clear that he wanted Emma to pursue whatever made her happy.

At the nurses' station, Liz arrived for work. Epiphany asked how Emma's party had gone. Liz assured Epiphany that it had been a huge success and that the kids had enjoyed themselves. Lisa walked up moments later to ask to review a chart. As Lisa looked over the chart, she conversationally asked Liz about Emma's party. Liz let Lisa know that Patrick hadn't gone to the party.

Lisa wondered what Liz was implying. Liz suspected that Lisa thought that Patrick's decision not to attend the party was because he was trying to distance himself from his family. However, Liz quickly clarified that Lisa couldn't be more wrong. Liz assured Lisa that Patrick loved Robin more than ever. According to Liz, Patrick didn't go the party because he had wanted Robin to enjoy the celebration without the strain that Robin felt when he was around.

Lisa smiled sweetly as she confessed that Robin was a lucky lady. Liz decided to make her position clear, so that there wasn't any misunderstanding between herself and Lisa. Liz acknowledged that she wasn't a saint, so she wouldn't judge Lisa for having an affair with a married man; however, Liz insisted that she was "irrevocably" Robin's friend. Liz knew exactly what Lisa was doing to Robin. Lisa admitted that the accusations were getting tiresome.

Liz suggested that Lisa was very efficiently undermining Robin. According to Liz, Lisa was parading her professionalism around the hospital and playing the victim even though she knew that her very presence pushed Robin's buttons. Lisa found it laughable that she was responsible for Robin's inability to control her temper. Liz argued that it was despicable what Lisa was doing to Robin. The only consolation for Liz was that karma was a "bitch" and that it would eventually catch up with Lisa. After Liz walked away, Lisa headed to the elevators.

Epiphany tried to talk to Lisa about some paperwork that needed to be completed for her reinstatement, but Lisa insisted that she didn't have time.

At the Scorpio residence, Robin tucked Emma in for the night. Robin decided to tell Emma a story about a princess whose beloved prince had died. In the story, the princess had been so devastated by the loss that her heart had frozen. However, she had met a handsome prince who had eventually thawed her heart. Robin told Emma that the princess began to love again, so she married the new prince and had a beautiful little girl. Unfortunately for the princess and her family, a wicked witch had put a spell on the prince.

Robin confessed that she didn't know how the story ended, but the prince had given the princess a wonderful gift: Emma. Meanwhile, in the living room a candle had tipped over onto some discarded wrapping paper. The living room quickly filled with smoke before the wrapping paper burst into flames. Moments later, the smoke alarms sounded. Robin stepped out of Emma's room. As she approached the stairs, Robin tripped and then fell.

Lisa walked up to Scorpio house and immediately heard the smoke alarms, so she entered the house and then called out for Robin and Mac. Lisa found Robin crumpled at the bottom of the steps, but before she could help Robin, Emma cried out. A short time later, Lisa rushed out of the house with Emma in her arms. Lisa handed the little girl to a neighbor who had called 9-1-1. Lisa realized that help wouldn't arrive in time to save Robin, so she ran back into the house to help Robin. Robin coughed as she slowly woke up; she was stunned to find Lisa looming over her.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Brook took Halloween goodies to Wyndemere for Spencer. Nikolas directed her to their travel calendar. Brook jokingly complained about having to spend so much time jet-setting, drinking champagne, and having fancy dinners. Brook thanked Nikolas for helping her build self-confidence.

She let him know that she'd had a meeting with a record producer and that it had gone very well. Alexis was in hysterics when she arrived, which prompted Brook to leave. Alexis explained that Sonny had been arrested for having tried to blow up their daughter. Nikolas suggested that Alexis put her anger aside and work with Sonny to help Kristina through the difficult realization.

In the interrogation room, Brenda and Sonny discussed the impact his work had made on his life. Sonny expressed grief that his cockiness had almost cost his daughter's life. He said that he'd thought he wouldn't be suspected because the police wouldn't expect him to commit a murder using the same tactic that had resulted in Lily's death.

Bound to a chair in a room somewhere, Siobhan argued with the man guarding her. She denied knowing anyone named Ronan O'Reilly. The man told Siobhan that she would be killed if she didn't provide what the Balkan wanted. Siobhan worked her hands out of the ropes and attempted to flee, but her guard grabbed her.

Lucky arrived at Jason's penthouse and updated Jason and Dante on the search for Siobhan and the Balkan. Dante informed Lucky that the Balkan had demanded a trade: Brenda for Siobhan. Jason said that they'd make no such deal. Lucky was incredulous and worried that the Balkan would kill Siobhan. Jason replied that the Balkan would kill Brenda if given the chance.

Lucky suggested that they take Brenda to meet with the Balkan's men and then stage an ambush. The men would expect that, Dante reasoned. Jason suggested they stall. Lucky was adamant that they not let Siobhan die. Dante and Jason explained that Brenda was too fragile, emotionally, to be involved. Lucky vowed that he'd do anything to ensure Siobhan's safety then left.

Brenda returned to the penthouse, and Jason told her that the Balkan wanted her in exchange for Siobhan. Jason asked Brenda to tell him why the Balkan wanted Brenda so badly. She replied that she wanted to tell Jason everything but that she couldn't. Jason let her know that he was aware of her past with Dante and wanted to know what that had to do with the Balkan.

Brenda begged Jason to leave it alone, use her as a target, and stage an ambush. Jason could not guarantee that she'd be safe. Brenda said she was willing to take that chance. She would not allow an innocent woman to die to save her.

Dante invited Lucky to his loft. He offered to make a pot of decaf, because Lucky was on edge. Lucky asked if Dante would be sitting around had Lulu been kidnapped. Dante told Lucky that regardless of whose safety was at stake, they all needed to remain calm and think carefully. Lucky needed to act like a cop, Dante asserted.

Lucky regretted that he'd let his emotions dictate his actions. He'd convinced himself that Siobhan would be safer in Port Charles, but the reality was that he'd wanted her close by because he was falling for her. They received a text message with instructions to meet the Balkan's men for the trade.

Lucky and Dante went back to the penthouse. Brenda informed them that she was going to meet the Balkan's men with them. Jason rejected the idea of going to the warehouse that the Balkan had designated as the meeting point and suggested a bluff where they could place a sniper. Jason and Lucky left. Alone, Dante and Brenda discussed the situation and reiterated how important it was that the truth not be revealed.

Lucky made a call to the man holding Siobhan. Lucky told him that they would meet at another location. The man put Siobhan on the phone and inflicted pain to make her scream.

Lisa tried to get Robin to leave Mac's house with her, as it was burning down. Robin fought her and claimed that Lisa had set the fire. The paramedics arrived and helped the women out of the house. Robin was relieved to find Emma safe outside but sneered when the nanny pointed out that Lisa had saved Robin's and Emma's lives. They were rushed to the hospital, and Robin was treated for smoke inhalation and for a burn on her leg.

As Patrick and Steven operated on a patient, Patrick lamented not being with his daughter on her birthday. He was comforted, however, by the knowledge that his patient's parents would be able to celebrate many more of his birthdays. Liz walked in and announced that the paramedics had been called to Mac's house.

Matt took over for Patrick in the operating room so that Patrick could be with his family. As Lisa checked out Emma, Epiphany told Patrick that Lisa had saved both Emma's and Robin's lives. A policeman informed them that Robin had accused Lisa of setting the fire and that the police would question Lisa.

Patrick went to see Robin. He explained that Emma was fine and had gone with Maxie back to her apartment. Robin maintained that Lisa had set the fire so that she could portray the hero and get Patrick to like her again. Patrick explained that the injuries to Robin's leg were third-degree burns and that there was a chance of infection. Due to Robin's HIV, that was a concern.

Lisa was led into the police station where she ran into Nikolas. She threatened to sue the hospital if he didn't intervene and get Robin to drop the charges.

At Johnny's penthouse, Ethan and Johnny argued over the rules of American football. They were surprised to learn from a news bulletin that Sonny had been arrested in connection to Johnny's car bombing. Johnny said he'd never expected justice to be served with regard to Sonny's actions. He felt that Claudia's death had been avenged.

Ethan worried that Kristina would be devastated when she learned that her own father had been responsible for the bomb that had nearly killed her and Johnny. Ethan left to offer support to Kristina. Soon after, Olivia arrived. She said that she felt sorry for Sonny and his family but that her concern was for Johnny. Olivia expressed surprise that Johnny wasn't celebrating. Johnny replied, "If this is what victory feels like, it's pretty damned empty."

He said he finally understood what Olivia had been trying to get across for months: that revenge was hollow. Olivia hoped that Johnny would get out of the business, but he told her that it was the only way he knew how to live. The silver lining was that Jason would be running Sonny's empire, Johnny posited, and the two men got along well.

Kristina went to Dante's loft to see Michael, who reluctantly told her that their father had been arrested. Kristina was saddened by the news but was not surprised. She said that she'd known the night the bomb went off that Sonny had likely been behind it, but she'd hoped it someone else had been responsible.

Kristina asked Michael if he had known of their father's involvement, and Michael confessed he'd known since the night of the incident. Kristina became angry when Michael tried to justify Sonny's actions, and she left to see their father. Michael followed.

Kristina and Michael walked into the police station and were met by Claire, who told Michael that, because he was on parole, he wouldn't be allowed to see Sonny. Against Claire's advice, Kristina went to speak to Sonny. Kristina told her father that she forgave him and that his actions had been her fault.

Everyone had tried to warn her that pretending to date Johnny was a bad idea, she stated. She apologized for having deceived Sonny, but Sonny stopped her. He told her that he loved her more than anything and that he'd failed her as a father. As they hugged each other, Alexis burst in, surprised to see them forgiving each other.

After Kristina and Alexis left, Claire walked into the interrogation room and told Sonny that there might be a way out for him. Sonny's recorded confession would be inadmissible in court because Ronnie hadn't gotten a warrant to screen the National Security Agency's recordings.

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