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Monday, May 3, 2010

Jason found Michael at the boathouse with Lucky. Jason tried to take Michael away with him, but Lucky refused to let him and held him off at gunpoint. Lucky said that he could not let Michael go because Michael had confessed. Lucky said that he was obligated to take Michael in. Jason said that Dante had already told the court that Michael was Claudia's killer and that he had to get Michael out of the country.

Despite Jason's pleas for Lucky to look away and let him leave with Michael, Lucky did not relent. He agreed to keep silent about Michael's confession, but took Michael away to the Port Charles Police Station after Jason told Michael to keep silent until he saw a lawyer.

As soon as Lucky and Michael were gone, Jason called Diane and told her to get down to the police station and advise Michael to keep silent.

In the courtroom, Claire read Jax the riot act when she found out that he had known all along that Sonny was innocent of Claudia's murder. Jax tried to justify his behavior, but Claire told him that what he did was illegal and that if her career tanked as a result of the trial, she would make sure that Jax went down with her.

Jax justified his lies by telling Claire that he had warned her not to call Michael. Claire told Jax that he could have told her the truth at any time instead of making her complicit in a felony. Jax retorted that the truth was that Sonny was a criminal and deserved to go to prison. Before stalking away, Jax told Claire to find a way to turn the trial around or a lot of innocent people would get hurt, along with the precious career she was so fond of.

Outside the courtroom, Carly castigated Lulu because she had supported Dante's decision to tell the truth about Michael, instead of calling Carly to let her know that Michael was back. Carly told Lulu that it was not okay to put her boyfriend before her family.

Lulu defended her actions by saying that Michael was hurting and wanted to confess. Carly's fury was not abated. She blamed Lulu for not understanding Michael's condition and hurting him instead of protecting him. She accused Lulu of disloyalty to the family.

Carly told Lulu that she was angriest because Carly had been there for Lulu every time she had needed to talk about her boyfriends, her mother, or any other problem. Carly said she was really disappointed that the one time she had needed Lulu, Lulu had turned her back on Carly.

Carly told Lulu that when Michael had needed her she had thrown him under a bus. Carly called Lulu a "selfish bitch" and then walked away.

In another area outside the courtroom, Sonny berated Dante for hurting Michael. Dante retorted that he was not trying to hurt Michael. He told Sonny that he was trying to help Michael so that he did not grow up to be like Sonny.

Johnny went to Olivia's apartment to tell her what Dante had done in the courtroom. He was upset that Dante's statement about Michael would let Sonny off the hook. Olivia defended Dante's actions when she said that he was a cop doing his job.

Johnny said that Dante had bigger worries. He told Olivia that Jason was very protective of Michael and would kill Dante if Michael had to go to prison. Olivia said that Dante would protect Michael. Johnny told Olivia to warn Dante to watch his back.

Kristina and Molly visited Morgan at home and told him that Dante had outed Michael. At first Morgan did not believe them, but when they persisted, he asked them to drive him to the courtroom so he could confront Dante.

Diane was waiting when Lucky arrived at the station with Michael. Mac would not let her speak to Michael when he found out that Lucky had neither arrested nor read Michael his Miranda rights. Mac insisted on arresting, booking, and processing Michael before allowing Diane access to him.

Jason paced outside the booking area. Sam showed up to support him. Jason blamed Dante for his betrayal and worried that Carly would be charged with perjury because she had lied twice on the witness stand.

The judge called Lucky to his office and questioned him closely. He wanted to know why he had not read Michael his Miranda rights. Lucky said that he had been asked to locate Michael because he knew Michael and he knew the areas where the boy might hide. Lucky said that he did not know that an arrest warrant had been issued for Michael.

The judge asked about Lucky's relationship to Michael, and Lucky replied that Michael was his cousin. Lucky was respectful and truthful with the judge. When the judge asked if Lucky loved Michael, Lucky said that they were not close but that he loved him. Judge Carroll also asked Lucky if he thought Michael was capable of deliberate violence. Lucky said that Michael had already suffered more than most people did in a lifetime. Lucky told the judge that if anyone deserved mercy it was Michael.

Olivia confronted Sonny. She wanted to know if he was going to kill Dante. Sonny said that Dante was safe, even though he had betrayed Michael to hurt Sonny. Olivia shot back that Dante believed in justice and was doing the right thing.

Sonny said that sending a brain-damaged kid to prison was not noble; it was unforgivable. Olivia wanted to know if it was more unforgivable than a man trying to murder his son. She asked if Sonny was planning to finish the job he had started when he shot Dante. Sonny told her that he would not hurt Dante, but he did not understand Dante's behavior or his betrayal of his brother.

Carly was in tears when she talked to Jax, who apologized for what was happening to Michael. He said that he had never meant for the trial to get out of hand or for Michael's guilt to be discovered. Carly could not help saying, "I told you so," and Jax said he was sorry he did not listen to her.

Jax told Carly he would find a way to fix the situation. Carly wiped her eyes and said that, in her heart, she knew that a cover-up would not work and she should have gone to Diane and worked out a deal for Michael. Jax said that he would always be grateful to Michael because he had saved the lives of both Carly and Josslyn. Carly told Jax that Michael had always wanted to be just like Sonny - and he was.

Carly told Jax that because of him and his good parenting, Morgan already had a better life than Michael ever would. She told Jax that he was a constant in Morgan's life and, although there was no hope for their marriage, she hoped he would continue to have a relationship with Morgan. Before Jax could respond, they were called to court.

Dante told a shaken Lulu how much he appreciated her support. She said that she knew that he was doing what he thought was right for Michael and even though she did not trust the system, she trusted him.

Molly, Morgan, and Kristina arrived and demanded to know why Dante had given up their brother. Dante said that he was trying to help Michael and that it was best to tell the truth and let the system work. He assured Morgan that Michael would not go to prison and neither would Sonny. He told them that Michael would probably get counseling, which he needed, and a suspended sentence.

Morgan was appeased, but Molly was not. Neither was Carly, who had a few harsh words for Dante after she sent Morgan, Molly, and Kristina home.

Inside the courtroom, Claire and Diane took their seats. Both acknowledged that they were stunned by the turn of events at the trial.

Outside the courtroom, Sonny spoke to Lulu. He told her that Michael was her family and that he thought family meant something to her. Sonny told Lulu that he was saddened to find out that it did not.

Olivia told Dante to watch his back. She told him that she did not want him to get killed because he was doing the right thing. Jason and Sam arrived and both glared at Dante.

When Sonny took his seat at the defense table, Diane told him to stay silent and respectful and to be aware that she was helpless to affect the outcome. She told him that control had been out of her hands since Dante had thrown his little brother into the fire.

Jason continued to glare at Dante as he, Sam, and Carly took their seats in the gallery behind the defense. Dante, Lulu, Olivia, and Jax took seats on the prosecution side. After the bailiff called the court to order, Judge Carroll told everyone present to keep quiet or suffer the consequences. He told both lawyers that he would be doing the questioning and he expected no coaching or influencing of testimony by anyone in the courtroom.

Michael was handcuffed when he was led in to testify. After the cuffs were removed, he was sworn in. The first question that the judge asked was if Michael had killed his stepmother.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

In the courtroom, Michael sat on the witness stand while Judge Carroll questioned him about the night of Claudia's death. Michael admitted that he had killed Claudia on November 4, 2009. The judge instructed Michael to explain, in detail, the events that had led to Claudia's demise. Michael told the judge about the moments following Sonny's confrontation with Claudia and how Carly had gone into labor after Claudia had abducted her. Michael believed that everyone would have been better off without him, so he decided to run away.

Michael had spotted Claudia's abandoned car on the side of the road, while he had been on his way out of town. Michael revealed that he had followed a path through the woods until he had stumbled upon the cabin. Michael claimed that had heard Carly cry out as he reached the cabin. Michael had feared the worst, so he had grabbed the axe handle and then entered the cabin. In the cabin, Claudia had been about to kidnap Josslyn. Michael explained that he had swung the axe to stop Claudia from taking his baby sister.

Judge Carroll was curious what Michael had been thinking at the moment that he had struck Claudia. Michael admitted that his only thought had been to stop Claudia from kidnapping the baby. Michael also revealed that Jason and Sam, not Sonny, had arrived at the cabin shortly after Claudia's death. Judge Carroll wondered if anyone, at any time, had ever suggested calling the police. "No," Michael quietly answered.

Judge Carroll thanked Michael for his cooperation, but he wanted to know if Michael had intended to kill Claudia. Michael revealed that his only thought had been to make certain that Carly and Josslyn were okay. The judge believed Michael and commended Dante for standing up for the truth. Judge Carroll charged Michael with manslaughter and then ordered that Michael be taken to jail. The judge decided that Michael was too much of a flight risk, so bail had been denied. Judge Carroll announced that Michael would remain in custody until sentencing on May 7, 2010.

The judge approved Dante's request to be the one to arrest his brother. Dante read Michael his Miranda Rights as everyone looked on. After Michael was led away in handcuffs, Judge Carroll officially dropped the murder charges against Sonny. However, the judge was furious with Carly, Diane, and Claire. Judge Carroll suggested that Carly might face legal ramifications for perjury and then he blasted Diane and Claire for suborning false testimony. The judge warned Claire that her career would be over if there were any indication that she had prosecuted Sonny while knowing that he had not killed Claudia.

Judge Carroll tossed everyone in the gallery out of the courtroom and then ordered that the jury, including Coleman, who had been kept in lockup, return. Alice was stunned when the judge informed them that the case against Sonny had been dismissed because Michael had confessed. Alice was deeply disappointed that she would have to wait a year before she could serve on another jury.

Olivia stopped Jason as he prepared to leave the courthouse. She warned him to stay away from Dante, but Jason ignored her. As Jason walked away, Lulu approached Olivia. Olivia admitted that she was proud that Dante had followed his conscience. Olivia was also glad that Dante had Lulu in his life.

In the courtroom, Jax questioned Claire about Michaels' worst-case scenario. Claire explained that they were in more trouble than Michael was. Claire pointed out that Michael had been a minor at the time of Claudia's death and that Michael had a documented history of brain damage. Claire was certain that the worst that Michael would face was a suspended sentence. However, Carly would not be as fortunate because Carly had lied under oath numerous times.

After everyone left the courtroom, Sonny turned to assure Carly that everything would be okay for Michael. Carly was incredulous; she reminded Sonny that Michael was in jail because of Sonny's "bastard son." Sonny was stunned that Carly was mad at him after he had stood to save Michael. Sonny insisted that Dante had never planned for Michael to end up in jail. Carly vehemently disagreed.

After Carly stormed out of the courtroom, she encountered Lulu in the hallway. Carly hoped that Lulu pictured Michael behind bars when Lulu celebrated Dante's victory by "getting horizontal." Lulu admitted that she was deeply sorry that Michael had been arrested. Lulu's regret seemed to fuel Carly's anger. Tracy walked up while Carly blasted Lulu for betraying the family for Dante.

Tracy accused Carly of creating the whole mess by stealing Michael from the Quartermaines and then allowing Sonny to raise him. Tracy suggested that Carly only had herself to blame. Lulu warned Tracy that she didn't need Tracy to fight her battles, but Tracy refused to back down. Tracy wondered what Carly thought would happen if Michael were raised by a criminal. "He'd grow up to be a choirboy?" Tracy sarcastically asked.

Carly claimed that she had expected Lulu to choose her family over Dante. Tracy confessed that she wasn't a fan of Dante's because she suspected that Dante would turn out to be just like Sonny; however, Tracy continued to defend Lulu's decision. Carly was curious if Tracy would be so quick to support Lulu if Dante had arrested Luke.

Olivia stopped Sonny outside of the courthouse. She wanted Sonny's reassurance that Dante would be safe. Olivia explained that Dante had acted out of honor and justice. Sonny suggested that Dante had spit in his face, in an effort to prove that Sonny wasn't a good father. Olivia insisted that Sonny, not Dante, was to blame for what had happened to Michael.

Olivia accused Sonny of being toxic to his own children. Sonny realized that he had made mistakes, but he insisted that he had done the best that he could for his kids. However, Sonny conceded that he couldn't keep his children safe from everything. Olivia disagreed; she believed that Sonny had a chance to protect all of his children by calling off Jason.

The moment that Jason arrived home, he began to bark orders to Spinelli. Jason wanted Spinelli to hack into the police department's computer system to make certain that Michael was protected in jail. Spinelli managed to tweak the schedule, so that one of the officers on Sonny's payroll was on guard duty. Sam arrived moments later. Jason decided to send Spinelli to the island to help Bernie shift some funds around.

Spinelli quickly deduced that Jason wanted Spinelli out of town to provide Spinelli with "plausible deniability" when Jason killed Dante. Spinelli pleaded with Sam to talk Jason out of it. Spinelli pointed out that killing Dante would have serious consequences. Spinelli reminded Jason that Dante was Sonny's firstborn and that Dante's siblings cared about their brother. Spinelli also suggested that Dante's death would pile more guilt on Michael. Spinelli begged Jason to reconsider before it was too late.

At Johnny's penthouse, Olivia and Johnny discussed the situation with Michael. Johnny warned Olivia that things would not return to normal because he intended to continue going after Sonny. Olivia didn't think that Claudia would have wanted Johnny to endanger himself, but Johnny disagreed. Johnny explained that Claudia would have wanted vengeance. Johnny insisted that Sonny was vulnerable and distracted, so it was the perfect time to destroy him.

Dante and Michael arrived at the police station shortly after leaving the courthouse. Dante prepared Michael for what to expect during and after the booking process. Michael was curious why Dante had turned him in. Dante claimed that the short version was that the truth needed to be exposed. Dante could see that the guilt had been eating away at Michael. Michael wondered what would happen if the judge didn't believe that Michael had acted in defense of Carly and Josslyn.

Dante was confident that Michael wouldn't face any jail time because Michael had been a minor at the time of the killing and because Michael had suffered brain damage. Dante was certain that Michael would get a suspended sentence and be ordered to undergo therapy. Later, Carly was in an interrogation room waiting for Michael when Dante entered. Carly defiantly explained that she was there to see Michael. Dante realized that he wasn't Carly's favorite person, but he tried to explain his decision.

Carly didn't think Dante could understand her position because he wasn't a parent. According to Carly, Dante was a vindictive liar. Dante insisted that he had told the truth in an effort to help Michael, but Carly didn't see it. Dante started to explain that Michael was desperate to follow in Sonny's footsteps, but Carly cut in that Sonny would never have allowed it. Dante argued that Sonny wouldn't have been able to stop it.

Dante believed that Michael was better off with the truth out because Michael would no longer be burdened with the guilt of keeping the secret. Carly grew tired of arguing, so she reiterated that she wanted to see her son. Michael entered the interrogation room moments later. As soon as Carly was alone with Michael, she promised her son that everything would work out. She was relieved when he revealed that he had his own prison cell.

Michael apologized to Carly for all of the trouble that he had caused; he realized that he had not thought beyond the confession. Carly assured Michael that the judge had believed his story, so she was certain that he would be lenient on Michael. Michael confided that Dante had said something similar. Carly warned Michael not to trust Dante. Moments later, a police officer let Carly and Michael know that their time was up.

Michael asked Carly to let Morgan, Kristina, and Molly know that he was fine. After Carly and Michael shared a brief hug, Michael returned to his jail cell. Carly broke down in tears when she was alone. Later, Carly arrived home to break the news about Michael's arrest to Morgan. Morgan was upset to learn that Michael was in jail. Carly assured Morgan that Michael would be back home on Friday. Carly comforted Morgan as he sobbed in her arms.

Lulu was waiting when Dante entered the loft. Dante told Lulu about Michael's booking process and then confided that Michael had been scared. Lulu felt bad for Michael, but she fully supported Dante's decision. Dante appreciated Lulu's faith in him. He apologized for leaving her at the courthouse with Carly. Lulu admitted that she understood that Carly was mad; however, she was hurt that Carly had insulted her.

Lulu couldn't believe that Carly refused to listen to anything that Lulu had to say. She was taken aback by how intolerant Carly had been, even though they had been as close as sisters. Lulu explained that she and Carly had shared a lot, but Carly felt that she couldn't trust Lulu. Dante clarified that it was he that Carly felt couldn't be trusted. Lulu took comfort in knowing that the judge would go easy on Michael. Dante agreed; he was confident that Michael would be out of jail by Friday.

Sonny went to visit Michael. Michael choked back tears as he apologized to his father. Sonny was also emotional as he assured his son that he understood why Michael had confessed. Sonny admitted that he had never imagined that Dante would have turned in Michael. Sonny made it clear that he had never intended for Michael to pay for what had happened to Claudia. Michael argued that he had never wanted Sonny to pay for Claudia's death either.

Michael admitted that he felt like a coward, but Sonny refused to allow Michael to put himself down. Sonny insisted that he respected Michael. Michael took comfort from his father's words. He promised Sonny that he would make Sonny proud. Neither Sonny nor Michael realized that Jason stood nearby, listening to their conversation.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

At Johnny's penthouse, Johnny admitted to Olivia that he had been thinking about Claudia. Johnny realized that his sister had been damaged, but he blamed Sonny for pushing Claudia past the breaking point. Olivia listened quietly while Johnny recounted an incident when he had been a child. Johnny had fallen into some rose bushes, which had made one of the guards laugh at Johnny's predicament even though Johnny had been injured. At one point, the guard had glanced up to see that Anthony had watched the scene unfold from his office window. Anthony had encouraged the guard to continue ridiculing Johnny.

According to Johnny, Claudia had been an eleven-year-old firecracker, who had a garden stake in her hand as she had approached the guard. Claudia had used the garden tool to break the guard's nose in several places. Johnny vowed to do the same for Claudia, except Johnny intended to do more than merely break Sonny's nose. Later, Johnny confessed that he hadn't chosen his life; he had been born into it. Olivia admitted that she didn't want to stick around to watch Johnny be killed.

Johnny didn't expect Olivia to agree with his choices, but he had hoped that she could love him without trying to change him. Olivia promised that she would try. Johnny smiled as he asked if she had changed her mind about moving in with him. Olivia avoided the question, which prompted Johnny to wonder if Olivia would have a change of heart if he left the mob. Olivia refused to answer, so Johnny decided to drop the matter for the time being.

At the Metro Court Restaurant, Skye noticed Jax drinking alone at the bar. As she sat down to join him, Jax revealed that Michael had been arrested and then sent to jail for killing Claudia. Jax was filled with remorse for his role in Michael's arrest. Jax recalled that the most amazing moment of his life had been the first time that he had seen his daughter, Josslyn. Afterwards, Carly had told him about Claudia's death and the cover-up.

Jax realized then that he had to get Sonny out of the children's lives, so he had seized the opportunity to send Sonny to jail when Sonny had taken responsibility for Claudia's death. Skye was curious what had changed. Jax explained that Michael had refused to allow Sonny to take the fall for killing Claudia. Jax revealed that Claire's ambition had been their undoing because she had been determined to get Michael on the witness stand at any cost.

Skye couldn't understand why Dante had turned in his own brother. Jax admitted that he was also baffled by Dante's decision. Skye trusted Jax, so she was certain that Jax had acted in the best interest of his family. Jax didn't agree; he confessed that he hadn't protected Michael any better than Sonny had. Jax then began talking about Carly. Skye suggested that Carly had every right to be furious with Jax.

Skye was curious what Jax wanted most at that moment. Jax wished that he could keep the children safe and let them know how much he loved them. Skye advised Jax to stop wasting his time by going after Sonny. Jax didn't think it mattered anymore because Michael already hated Jax. Skye argued that Jax had just been trying to help Michael.

GH Recap Photo 100505

In jail, Jason stood in front of Michael's cell as Michael quietly sobbed in despair. Jason was desperate to know how he could help Michael. Michael admitted that he hadn't given much thought about what would happen after he had confessed to killing Claudia. However, he revealed that Dante had prepared him for what to expect during and after the booking process.

Michael couldn't imagine how Sonny would have coped in such a small cell with his claustrophobia. Michael then changed the subject as he wondered what to do when the lights went out. Jason advised Michael to close his eyes and then picture the beach where he and Michael had seen the whales. Jason urged Michael to focus on the serenity of the beach, not what was going on in the jail.

Michael assured Jason that everything would be fine, but Jason wasn't comforted. Jason had never intended for Michael to go to jail. Michael insisted that it wasn't Jason's fault; Michael had killed Claudia, so it was up to Michael to deal with the consequences. After Jason left, Michael tried to follow Jason's advice about picturing the beach, but it was difficult for Michael to keep his eyes closed.

Jax arrived at the jail a short time later. Jax apologized for his role in Michael's arrest. Michael made it clear that Jax didn't have any reason to be sorry. Michael understood that Jax had tried to protect them. Jax regretted that he hadn't put Michael's well-being ahead of Jax's dislike for Sonny. Michael didn't harbor any resentment towards Jax. Michael realized that it was too late for him, but he hoped that Jax would take steps to keep Morgan safe.

At the Scorpio-Drake residence, Robin confessed to Emma that Robin and Patrick desperately needed some alone time together. Moments later, someone knocked on the front door. It was Jason. Robin invited Jason into her home. After he filled her in about Michael's arrest, Robin assured Jason that Michael would get through the ordeal because of everything that Jason had done for Michael through the years.

Jason walked out to the back patio and then confessed that he owed Robin an apology. Jason realized that Robin had been right to tell AJ the truth about Michael. Robin had never intended to impose her own values on Jason, but she felt that she AJ had a right to know about his son. However, she conceded that the Quartermaines were crazy, so there hadn't been any guarantees that Michael would have turned out better with them. Jason pointed out that Michael had killed someone, so it couldn't have been worse. Jason hated that Claudia's death would always follow Michael.

After Patrick arrived home, Robin pulled out of a photo album filled with baby pictures of Michael. Patrick confided that Lisa had told him about Michael's arrest. Robin revealed that Jason had dropped by earlier to talk to her about Michael. Patrick appeared troubled as Robin opened up about how much Jason had meant to her. Robin claimed that if it weren't for Jason, she probably wouldn't have had Emma or have been open to falling in love with Patrick.

Patrick admitted that he had never been in love before he had met Robin. He imagined that it must have been difficult for her to get past Stone's death, so he would always be grateful to Jason for helping Robin. Patrick suspected that Jason would always be Robin's connection to Stone.

Jason arrived at the penthouse as Sam unpacked dinner. She had picked up Chinese food, including Jason's favorites. Sam realized that something was troubling Jason when he declined to eat. Jason admitted that he had visited Michael and that Michael was scared. Jason confessed that he was also worried because Michael was "just a baby." Jason felt powerless to help him.

Sam insisted that Jason had done his best, but Jason didn't think that it had been enough. Sam was certain that Michael would be seen as a hero for protecting his mother and Josslyn from Claudia. She pointed out that Michael wouldn't have to live with the guilt of keeping a secret, since the truth had been revealed. Sam was confident that Michael would be okay because he had Jason. Jason remembered holding Michael for the first time; he hadn't known what to do then any more than he knew what to do in the new baffling situation.

GH Recap Photo 100505 At the loft, Dante and Lulu cuddled on the sofa as they talked about the merits of tough love. Dante hoped that the arrest had scared Michael straight. Lulu suggested that they buy Michael a cheeseburger from Kelly's after Michael was released from jail. At the reminder of food, Dante confessed that he hadn't eaten all day. Lulu was also hungry, so she offered to order a pizza. Dante insisted cooking dinner instead.

Lulu made it clear that she didn't have any idea how to cook, so Dante promised to teach her. After he showed her how to dice tomatoes, Dante returned to the kitchen to prepare some pasta sauce. Lulu laughed when she spotted Dante grabbing a jar of sauce. As they continued cooking the meal, Dante mentioned Jason's name in passing, which rattled Lulu. Lulu nicked her finger when her knife slipped. Dante quickly bandaged the injured digit as he assured Lulu that no one would try to get to him because they would have to go through Lulu first.

After Lulu's finger was taken care of, Dante handed her a glass of wine. Dante proposed a toast to Lulu for standing by him. Lulu took the opportunity to assure Dante that he had done the right thing. Afterwards, Dante resumed cooking alone. Later, Lulu confessed that she had enjoyed the dinner. Dante sensed that Lulu was still unsettled. Lulu admitted that she was upset about her confrontation with Carly.

Lulu revealed that a part of her didn't want to defend herself against Carly's accusations because, right or wrong, Lulu had helped to put Michael in jail. However, Lulu wouldn't have done anything different because she couldn't think of a better place to be than beside Dante. After Lulu helped Dante clean up the dishes, she decided to head home. Dante asked Lulu to stay because he loved her. Lulu confessed that she had been hoping that Dante would invite her to spend the night. Dante and Lulu kissed and then made love.

The episode featured the song, "Make You Feel My Love," by Adele

Thursday, May 6, 2010

At Crimson, Kate grumbled because nothing had gone smoothly while Maxie had been in Milan. Kate had to make last-minute changes to the July issue, so she needed Maxie to work late. Maxie knew Kate well enough to sense that something else was bothering Kate. Kate vehemently denied it and then threatened to fire Maxie and Lulu if Lulu didn't show up for work within thirty minutes.

At the loft, Dante and Lulu woke up in bed together. They were blissfully happy after a night of making love. Dante fetched some cold pasta for them to nibble on in bed, while Lulu admitted that it almost felt wrong for them to be so happy. She worried that they were somehow tempting fate. Dante assured Lulu that they were destined to be together and then kissed her.

Eventually, Dante and Lulu made it to the living room. As they cuddled on the sofa, Lulu's cell phone rang. She turned it off when she saw that Maxie was trying to reach her. Dante decided to follow Lulu's lead by turning off his cell phone. He then asked Lulu what she would like to do. Lulu confessed that she had a fantasy of them taking a shower together. Dante smiled as he swept Lulu into his arms and then carried her to the bathroom.

After the shower, Dante confided that he had never felt as deeply about another woman as he did Lulu. Lulu admitted that she had never believed in love until she had met Dante. "Now I'm a goner," Lulu confessed. Their romantic interlude ended abruptly when they heard the elevator approach. Moments later, Lucky entered the loft.

Lucky revealed that Maxie had called in a "potential suicide" because she was desperate to find Lulu. Lulu was livid. After she stormed off to get dressed, Lucky warned Dante to treat Lulu well. Lucky didn't want to see his sister hurt. Dante promised that he would take good care of Lulu.

Maxie was relieved when Lulu finally arrived for work. However, Lulu was more interested in discussing their problem. Maxie pointed out that she had never promised Lulu that she wouldn't tell Jason and Spinelli that Michael had been hiding out in the apartment. Lulu reminded Maxie that Dante was a police officer. As Lulu talked about Dante, Maxie realized that Lulu and Dante had made love. Maxie was curious how Dante was in bed.

Lulu seemed surprised by the question, but then smiled as she admitted that Dante was wonderful. However, Lulu insisted that she was still mad at Maxie. Maxie conceded that she was loyal to Spinelli and Jason, so there would be times that Lulu and Maxie might clash. Maxie admitted that she had fled to Milan to avoid an uncomfortable conversation that could have led to the end of their friendship. Maxie advised Lulu to enjoy the time with Dante while she could because there were quite a few people who where unhappy with Michael's situation.

Carly and Morgan paid Michael a visit at the police station. Morgan thought that the handcuffs and prison uniform made Michael look "cool" and "dangerous." Carly warned Morgan not to be inappropriate. Morgan wasn't sure what she meant, but he didn't think it mattered because Michael would go home in a few hours. Morgan surprised Carly by admitting that Dante's plan had been brilliant.

Morgan believed that Dante had told the judge that Michael had killed Claudia because Michael wouldn't face any legal ramifications for what had happened and it would free set Sonny free. Carly made it clear that she didn't approve of Dante's decision; she viewed it as a betrayal. Michael admitted that he had his doubts about Dante; however, it had been Michael's decision to confess, not Dante's. Michael was more concerned about what would happen to Carly for lying on the stand. Carly assured Michael that she would be fine.

Shortly after Carly and Morgan left, Dante arrived to talk to Michael. confident that he would be set free, they discussed Michael's future. Michael was curious why Dante was interested in what would happen next since Dante's job was done. Dante agreed that his responsibility as a police officer was done; however, his job as a brother was, "just gearing up."

At Pozzulo's, Mike met Conan. Conan warned Mike that Sonny was not in a good mood. Mike decided to take his chances, so he entered Sonny's office. Mike flipped on the light when he found Sonny was resting on the sofa in the dark. Sonny confessed that he hadn't been able to sleep well because he felt responsible for Michael's arrest. Mike revealed that he had been impressed by how well Sonny had handled everything that had transpired over the past several months.

Sonny warned Mike that they weren't out of the woods yet. Sonny hated the idea that Michael would forever be haunted by Claudia's death and the knowledge that Dante had turned Michael over to the police. It hurt Sonny to know that Dante thought that Michael was better off in jail rather than with Sonny. Mike urged Sonny to prove Dante wrong by being a good father to Michael. Mike suggested that he might win over Dante in the process.

Kate entered Sonny's office a short time later. Sonny had wondered how long it would take her to seek him out. Kate admitted that she had been waiting until the trial ended to have their long overdue talk about Dante. Sonny was curious how long Kate had known that Dante was his son. She revealed that she had known the truth since they were teenagers. Sonny couldn't understand how she could justify keeping it a secret from him after they had planned a life together on two separate occasions.

Sonny felt that Kate keeping the truth from him had been worse than what Olivia had done. According to Sonny, Olivia had kept quiet because she thought she had been protecting Dante. Kate explained that it wasn't her secret to tell, but Sonny suggested that was just a convenient excuse. Kate realized that, after everything she had learned about Sonny, things would not have worked out for them.

However, Kate saw a lot of good in Sonny. She advised him to show that side to Dante. Kate hoped that it would pave the way for Sonny and Dante to have a real relationship one day. After Kate left, Sonny decided to head to Dante's loft. Dante was stunned when he arrived home to find Sonny waiting for him.

Sonny suggested that Dante find a more secure place, unless he was under the impression that he was still under Sonny's protection. Dante defended his decision to reveal the truth about Michael because it had set Michael free from Sonny's "twisted code of ethics." Dante believed that Michael finally had a real chance at a future. Sonny reminded Dante that Michael would always carry the stigma of having killed someone because of Dante. Dante pointed out that Michael had killed someone, so it wasn't Dante's fault. Moments later, Sonny received word that the judge was ready to sentence Michael.

At the Metro Court Restaurant, Morgan suggested that they throw Michael a welcome home party after he was released from jail. Carly didn't think it was a good idea because Michael had been under a tremendous amount of stress over the previous few months. She advised Morgan to give Michael some time to adjust. Morgan sensed that Carly was worried. Carly didn't deny it; she explained that it was a mother's job to be concerned.

At the hospital, Helena ordered Liz to take a leave of absence from the hospital until after the baby's birth. Liz told Helena leave her alone. Before Helena could respond, Lucky suddenly approached them. He warned Helena to back off. Helena informed Lucky that she had been having a private conversation with the mother of her grandchild, so it was none of Lucky's business. Liz made it clear that she didn't have anything to discuss with Helena, so if Helena continued to harass her then Liz would press charges against Helena for stalking.

After Liz walked away, Lucky confessed that he relished the idea of arresting Helena for stalking. Unlike Luke, Lucky didn't find Helena amusing, so he would enjoy tossing her in jail. Helena confided that she felt invigorated by the idea of Lucky stirring up another Spencer/Cassadine feud. "Bring it on," she goaded before she walked away.

Liz was working at the nurses' station when she noticed that Shirley had been admitted. Epiphany explained that a neighbor had found Shirley collapsed on the ground. They determined that Shirley had a fever after she was rushed to the hospital. Liz asked to take her break early, so that she could visit Shirley. Epiphany agreed, but she reminded Liz that Shirley's system was beginning to shut down because of the breast cancer.

Liz entered Shirley's hospital room. Shirley was delighted to see her friend, but she tried to downplay her illness. Shirley claimed that the neighbor's kitten had startled her, which had caused Shirley to faint. Liz checked the chart and then pointed out that Shirley had a high fever. Shirley attributed it to a hot flash, but Liz refused to allow Shirley to brush it off. Liz explained that Shirley had a liver infection.

Shirley didn't want to discuss her health, so she asked what was new with Liz's love life. Liz didn't want to tire Shirley out, but Shirley wanted Liz to humor a "sick old lady." Liz chuckled as she pointed out that Shirley only referred to herself in those terms when it suited her. However, Liz capitulated by telling Shirley about her encounter with Helena. Shirley was fascinated to learn that Nikolas was a prince.

Liz explained that Helena was a hateful woman who was obsessed with preserving the Cassadine legacy. Shirley was surprised when Liz revealed that Lucky had intervened on Liz's behalf. Liz confessed that she loved that Lucky's first instinct had been to protect her.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas promised Spencer that they would be spending more time together and that they would help Liz to raise the new baby. Spencer was curious if they would be like a real family. Nikolas vowed to do his best. Helena entered the parlor a short time later. Nikolas quickly sent Spencer to the kitchen to ask Alfred to heat up some leftover pizza. Nikolas assured Spencer that he would join the boy as soon as possible.

After Spencer left, Helena warned Nikolas that Lucky was "reverting to type." According to Helena, Lucky had swooped in, in full-blown protection mode, to defend Liz when Helena tried to have an innocent chat with her. Helena predicted that Nikolas would be cut out of the baby's life if he didn't intercede immediately. Nikolas warned Helena to stay away from Liz because she didn't need the stress of trying to deal with Helena. Helena suggested that Lucky was hovering around Liz, so it was only a matter of time before Lucky and Liz reconciled.

Later, Lucky arrived at Wyndemere to demand that Nikolas send Helena packing. Nikolas resented Lucky barging into his home and barking orders. Nikolas insisted that it was a family matter. He reminded Lucky that it had been Lucky's decision that they were no longer family. Nikolas realized that he wasn't obligated to explain anything to Lucky; however, he revealed that the reason Helena remained in Port Charles was because Nikolas could keep a closer eye on her.

Lucky was worried that Liz was too fragile to handle Helena. Nikolas was curious why Lucky was so interested in Liz's affairs. Lucky insisted that it was over between him and Liz, but he refused to allow Helena to harass her. Lucky suggested that if Nikolas truly cared about Liz then he would feel the same way.

At the Metro Court Restaurant, May a was curious why Skye had invited her out for the day. Maya suspected that Skye was using her as an alibi while Luke perpetrated a crime. Skye reluctantly admitted that Edward had been behind the invitation; he wanted Maya to have some fun. Maya didn't want to have any part of Edward's plans, so she decided to leave. Skye understood the "whole pride thing," but she suggested that Maya take advantage of some of the perks of being a Quartermaine.

"Oh look, it's a grifter convention," Tracy snidely commented as she approached Maya and Skye's table. Tracy plopped down in a seat and then demanded to know how much it would cost her to make Skye and Maya disappear. Skye explained to Maya that Tracy was extremely insecure, so she viewed everyone as a threat to the family fortune. Tracy shot back that Skye was a slut.

Maya clarified that she wasn't interested in the Quartermaine fortune; she was in Port Charles to explore her Ward roots. Maya advised Tracy to get used to seeing her face because Maya didn't have any intention of leaving town. Maya also made it clear that she couldn't be bought.

Nearby, Helena met with her manservant, Thor. As they sat at the bar, Thor revealed that the police didn't suspect any foul play in the lab technician's death. Helena was relieved that there wouldn't be an investigation. She was confident that no one would ever learn that the child that Liz was carrying was a Spencer. Tracy happened to overhear Helena mention the Spencer name, and questioned her about it.

Helena claimed that she had been telling Thor that Liz's baby had almost turned out to be a "peasant." Tracy pointed out that Nikolas already had a Cassadine heir, so she wondered why Helena was so interested in Liz's baby.

Friday, May 7, 2010

At the Metro Court Restaurant, Claire promised that if she went down, she would drag Jax down with her. Jax wondered what Michael's chances were. Claire thought that Michael would probably get a suspended sentence, but she pointed out how Michael would have a felony conviction over his head for the rest of his life. Claire got a call and learned that the judge was ready to sentence Michael.

At Crimson, Maxie regretted not telling Jason about Michael's whereabouts sooner. Lulu insisted that once people understood that Dante was trying to save Michael, they would be grateful to Dante.

Maxie warned Lulu not to be too optimistic about Michael's sentencing. Lulu believed that Michael would not go to prison since his actions were clearly self-defense. Lulu recalled the guilt she felt after killing Logan, and she believed that she and Dante were saving Michael from that type of suffering. Lulu got a call from Olivia, who told her that Michael was about to be sentenced. Lulu and Olivia agreed to head to the courthouse to support Dante.

Lucky arrived to see Lulu. Maxie informed Lucky that Lulu had bolted to the courthouse to be with Dante. Lucky believed that the judge would be lenient on Michael, but Maxie thought there was a good chance that the judge would give Michael a harsher sentence. As Maxie babbled on about Lulu and Dante, Maxie mentioned how Lulu, in the first stages of love, would never think of hooking up with anyone else.

Maxie quickly mentioned that she wasn't referring to Lucky and Liz. Lucky told Maxie that he and Liz were over. Maxie believed that Liz had trampled over Lucky's heart. Lucky said it was liberating to finally let go of the dream of him and Liz together. Maxie empathized, saying that those who'd had their hearts trampled on lived to fight another day. Lucky liked that sentiment.

At Kelly's, Kristina informed Morgan and Molly that the judge was about to sentence Michael. Mike rushed out and asked Kristina to look after Molly and Morgan. Morgan, certain that Michael was going to be freed, insisted that they go to the courtroom and surprise Michael. Johnny and Olivia entered. Olivia suggested that they plan a trip away together. Johnny got a phone call and announced that the judge was going to allow Johnny to speak on Claudia's behalf before Michael was sentenced.

At the courthouse, Carly told Jason that Morgan believed that Michael would be going home because of Dante. Jason remarked how Dante should have never promised anything to Morgan. Sonny and Dante entered. Dante told Carly, "I need you to hear me out about Michael."

Dante insisted Michael needed to tell the truth, but Carly believed that Dante only told the truth when it made Dante look good. Dante believed that judge would see that Michael needed a chance to rebuild his life. Dante declared, "I swear to you -- this is the best thing to happen to this kid." Sonny cut in, "You need to stop talking now, Dante."

Carly asked Jason if he thought Michael would go to prison. Kristina, Morgan, and Molly arrived but tried to stay out of sight. Sonny told Dante that Dante had no right to lecture Carly when Dante didn't even know Michael. Dante believed that Sonny messed up Michael's life. Sonny told Dante, "Maybe I don't deserve a better son than you, but Michael deserves a better brother." Morgan wondered what Sonny said to Dante. Kristina predicted that it was something awful. Morgan believed that everyone would stop hating Dante after Michael was freed. Lulu surprised Dante with her arrival and told him that she would stick by him. Sonny told Carly and Jason that Michael knew that they were all there to support him.

Sonny asked Diane how Michael was doing. Diane said that Michael wanted to make them proud. Olivia and Johnny entered. Diane informed Sonny that Johnny was there to speak on Claudia's behalf. Outside the courtroom, Morgan remained positive that Michael would be heading home. Carly was upset when she saw Jax enter with Claire. Judge Carroll arrived, and Michael entered. Judge Carroll asked if anyone wanted to speak on the victim's behalf. Johnny announced that he would.

Johnny told everyone about his complicated relationship with his sister. Johnny believed that Sonny had driven Claudia over the edge, but he mentioned that Michael was only protecting Carly and Josslyn. Johnny declared, "Michael is not responsible for the death of Claudia Zacchara. Sonny Corinthos is."

Johnny declared that Claudia wouldn't have wanted Michael to suffer and hoped the judge would be lenient on Michael. Judge Carroll stated that Michael would be sentence to five years in prison with a chance of parole in two years. The courtroom exploded with protests. Dante shouted, "Your honor, you can't do this!"

Judge Carroll ordered everyone to sit down. Dante begged Judge Carroll to reconsider Michael's sentence. Dante pleaded, "Give my brother a chance to build a better life, to build a better future for himself."

Judge Carroll ordered Dante to sit down. Judge Carroll explained that Michael was of legal age and that Michael had had a lot of time to come forward with the truth. While Judge Carroll sympathized with the ordeals Michael had endured, the judge believed that Michael's time in prison might prevent him from breaking the law in the future.

Sonny explained to Judge Carroll that it was he, not Michael, that was responsible for Claudia's death. Sonny begged Judge Carroll to punish him, not Michael.

Judge Carroll agreed that Sonny was indirectly responsible for Michael killing Claudia, but Judge Carroll upheld Michael's sentence. Judge Carroll decided that while everyone broke several laws, their punishment was the knowledge that their actions had led Michael to prison. Carly, Sonny, and Jason hugged Michael. As Michael was led out, Molly, Morgan and Kristina learned that Michael was going to prison. Morgan insisted that Dante had promised Michael wouldn't go to prison. Michael responded, "Dante was wrong." Back in the courtroom, Jason hugged a devastated Carly.

At the hospital, Liz visited Shirley. Shirley noticed Liz's happy mood. Liz admitted that she was happy that Lucky defended her against Helena because it proved Lucky still cared about her. Shirley worried that Liz was having unrealistic expectations regarding Lucky, but Liz really believed there was still hope for her and Lucky.

Shirley recalled that Liz had once said there was no hope for Lucky and her to reunite. Liz insisted that she felt a connection with Lucky after what happened with Helena. Shirley wondered where the baby's father, Nikolas, fit into the picture.

At the Metro Court, Helena mentioned to Tracy that Spencer wasn't really Cassadine material as the son of a stripper and nephew of a criminal. Tracy reminded Helena that she once kidnapped Spencer, but Helena insisted that she would be happy to raise both of her grandson's children as proper Cassadines.

Helena declared that she was simply looking out for her own family, much like Tracy needed to look out for Luke. Helena boasted about her dark bond with Luke. Tracy warned Helena to stay away from Luke, and she exited. Helena announced that she couldn't afford to have Tracy discover that Liz was really pregnant with Lucky's child, not Nikolas'.

Tracy demanded that Epiphany give her the name of the lab technician that performed Liz's paternity test. Epiphany informed Tracy that the lab tech, Larry Bailey, had drowned.

Epiphany admitted to Tracy that people had witnessed Larry talking to Helena. Tracy believed that Helena might have paid Larry to switch the results and then killed Larry to keep him from blurting out the truth. Tracy then wondered why Helena would go to the trouble to have a Spencer child grow up to be a Cassadine.

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