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General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 13, 2010 on GH
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Monday, December 13, 2010

Lisa told Johnny that she would lose her hospital privileges if she did not find an illegal Hispanic woman to support her story that she had stolen antibiotics to help her housekeeper's cousin. Johnny did not appear sympathetic to her. She told him that she was convinced that Patrick still loved her and that the way to his heart was through the OR. She said that she would turn Johnny in rather than lose her status at General Hospital. After she stormed out of his apartment, Johnny called Ethan. At Kelly's, Carly pounced on Abby and gave her the third degree. Michael took her aside and told her that she was embarrassing him in front of Abby. Carly went back to the table with him, made an excuse to Abby that Morgan needed Michael's help with homework, and then dragged Michael away. Dante went to Jason's penthouse and confessed his feelings for Brenda and his regret that he had never told Brenda how he felt. Jason asked Dante how he would feel if he betrayed someone who trusted him. He told Dante about his affair with Liz and said that he knew from personal experience that betrayal was a regret that one carried for life. Dante said that he had made his decision three years before, but he did not know how to live with it. Steve dropped by to let Dante know that Aleksander's body would be released from the east loading dock later that evening After Steve left, Jason got out his gun. When Dante protested, Jason said that Jerry was unpredictable and ruthless and that if he shot Jerry, it would be in self-defense. Dante still objected to Jason carrying a gun, but Jason said that no one, including Mac, would be sorry if Jerry ended up dead. At the loading dock, Jason and Dante hid out and watched. Dante reminded Jason that the object was to follow whoever showed up to collect the body, not shoot them. A few minutes later, Jerry appeared. Dante noted that Jerry had appeared at GH in person. He speculated that Jerry was the Balkan. Brenda was excited about the cozy getaway home that Sonny had arranged for them. They confessed their love for each other, and then made slow leisurely love. In the afterglow, Brenda said that everything felt perfect to her. Sonny said that he had accepted that Brenda was gone from his life, but had never let completely go. Brenda said that she would have found her way back to Sonny, even if she had not known that she was doing it. Sonny said that he would never lose her again. Sonny started talking about their future, but Brenda said that she did not want to plan ahead. She worried that something would interfere with their love. She said that she wanted to live in the present and savor every moment they had together. Sonny laughed and said that their roles had changed because he was the optimist and she was the pessimist. Sonny said that their being together proved that anything was possible. On the Haunted Star, Luke asked Ethan to help him in a card game with some high rollers so he could pay for his wedding to Tracy. When Lucky and Siobhan got there, Luke asked Lucky to help. Tracy arrived shortly after and wanted to know what they were up to and why the Haunted Star was not open for business. When Luke mentioned the wedding expenses, Tracy told him that if he loved her as much as he said he did, he would suck it up and prove it to her. Brook Lynn and Nikolas boarded the Haunted Star. Brook wanted to know if she and Nikolas were invited to the wedding. Tracy said yes. Siobhan took Nikolas aside and asked him to help her get Lucky to quit the Balkan case because she feared for his safety. Lucky and Luke talked privately. Lucky wanted to know if Luke was trying to raise cash so that he could flee the wedding. Luke said he was worried about paying for Tracy's big wedding. Lucky said that he would put Luke in the lockup if he tried to escape the wedding. Tracy shared with Brook Lynn her fear that Luke would get cold feet. At GH, Robin saw Patrick and Sam talking. She asked Sam about Brenda. Sam said that the situation was tense, but they hoped for a break soon. Matt and Maxie joined Robin and Patrick, and Sam excused herself. Maxie insisted that Robin and Patrick join her and Matt for dinner. Robin took Maxie aside and told her that she was as subtle as a sledgehammer. Maxie urged Robin to forgive Patrick. She told Robin that Patrick would not be waiting for her forever. Patrick asked Matt to persuade Maxie to stop trying to help. He said that Robin was stubborn, and pressuring her would only make matters worse. Matt dragged Maxie away, but Robin had nothing else to say to Patrick. Sam caught up with Abby at Kelly's. They talked about Michael. Abby said that she really liked him and that she was happy that they were going out on a date. Abby left to catch up on schoolwork. Michael returned to Kelly's and met up with Sam. He told Sam that Abby was a person he could talk to, and he wanted to have a relationship with her. He said that he could have a fresh start with Abby. Sam approved and said that sometimes, family was too close to be objective. When Lisa got to the hospital, Robin asked about her housekeeper's cousin. Lisa said that the cousin was too frightened to make an appearance. Steve told Lisa that stealing medication was a serious matter. Before he could say more, a Hispanic woman with a bad cough entered the hospital and asked for Lisa. When Lisa greeted her, the woman told Lisa how grateful she was for Lisa's help. At Johnny's place, Ethan asked why Johnny had told Ethan to pick up a sick woman and deliver her to GH. Johnny said that he was helping Lisa. When Ethan wanted details, Johnny said that blackmail was sweet, but gratitude was sweeter. Abby went to the docks in response to a call from Carly, who said she had snooped in Michael's cell phone to get Abby's number. Abby listened quietly as Carly warned her to stay away from Michael.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

At the hospital, a woman named Inez apologized to Lisa for not stepping forward sooner. Inez claimed that she had been afraid that she would be deported. Robin stared in disbelief as Lisa thanked Inez for confirming that Lisa had been treating her. Steve and Patrick had little to say, so Robin decided to question Inez. Lisa objected. According to Lisa, it was inappropriate for Robin to interrogate Inez because of Robin's history of false accusations against Lisa.

Robin reminded Lisa of the hospital's policy, so there hadn't been any reason for Inez to fear deportation for seeking medical treatment at the hospital. Lisa claimed that she had no idea where she stood with the staff from day to day, so she had opted to treat Inez privately. Steve decided to admit Inez to the hospital as "Jane Doe." Inez was grateful for Steve's kindness. After Steve, Lisa, and Inez left, Robin let Patrick know that she didn't believe Inez or Lisa. Robin was determined to get to the bottom of things.

Later, Steve confirmed that Inez had bronchitis, which would have developed into pneumonia without treatment. Robin was stunned. Steve turned to Lisa to let Lisa know that stealing the medication had been wrong, but he was certain that Lisa had been trying to help Inez. However, he warned Lisa if there were any further problems then she would be fired. Lisa nodded her understanding and then thanked Robin. Lisa credited Robin for making it possible for Inez to receive proper treatment in the hospital.

After Steve and Lisa walked away, Robin let Patrick know that she intended to get the truth about the stolen drugs. Patrick seemed exasperated by Robin's certainty that Lisa had done something wrong. He reminded Robin that it wasn't as if Lisa had stolen painkillers. Robin resented Patrick's lack of support. Patrick acknowledged that he didn't trust Lisa, but he didn't think that Lisa was always wrong, just as Robin wasn't always right.

At the penthouse, Ethan wanted to know what was going on between Lisa and Johnny. Ethan thought that he had a right to know, since he was doing Johnny's legwork. Johnny explained that an "international player" had hired Johnny to trail a guy who had been stalking Sam McCall. Johnny revealed that the man had tried to nab Sam, but Jason had managed to save the day. The man had been about to reveal important information to Jason, so Johnny had shot the man dead. Jason had returned fire as Johnny had fled the scene.

Johnny revealed that Lisa had owed him a favor because Johnny had caught Lisa running out of Robin's hospital room moments after Lisa had been caught trying to inject Robin's I.V. with an unknown substance. Lisa had passed the syringe off to Johnny seconds before Steve and Patrick had caught up to her. Johnny had decided to seek out Lisa's help after the shooting and then ordered Lisa to steal antibiotics when an infection had set in. Johnny explained that he had arranged for Inez to pose as Lisa's housekeeper's cousin because Lisa had been caught taking the medication. Ethan agreed that it was a brilliant plan except for the fact that Lisa was "barking mad."

Lisa stopped by a short time later. Ethan quickly let Lisa know that Johnny had told him about the syringe and the stolen medication. Lisa glared at Johnny, but Johnny simply smiled. Lisa was not pleased that Ethan knew about her secrets. Ethan imagined that Lisa was embarrassed that all of her obsessions had "come to light."

Lisa claimed that most good surgeons had to be a bit obsessive to get through medical school. Ethan warned Lisa that nothing better happen to Johnny, or Ethan would make certain that everyone knew what Lisa had been up to. After Ethan left, Lisa grumbled that she resented being blackmailed by Johnny and Ethan. Lisa tried to turn things around by suggesting that she and Johnny were even, so she insisted that the syringe be returned to her. "No chance in hell," Johnny informed her.

Johnny revealed that his attorney had all of the information about Lisa and the syringe, in the event that anything happened to him. Johnny then let Lisa know that he expected her to spend the night. Lisa refused, but Johnny suggested that he could call Patrick or she could use Johnny to make Patrick jealous. Lisa decided to stay, but she warned Johnny that she could smother him in his sleep. Johnny reminded her that there would be consequences if she did.

On the Haunted Star, Siobhan tried to persuade Nikolas to convince Lucky to stop pursuing the Balkan. Nikolas made it clear that Lucky was his own man. According to Nikolas, Lucky believed that Siobhan was in dire danger, so it was unlikely that Lucky would walk away from the hunt for the Balkan. Nearby, Lucky assured his father that he would not tell Luke what to do about the wedding. However, Lucky suggested that Luke consider whether Luke could afford to lose Tracy.

Meanwhile, Brook was curious why Tracy seemed so certain that the wedding would be a fiasco. "Years of experience with the groom," Tracy answered. Brook didn't understand why Tracy didn't just call off the wedding. Tracy didn't have an answer, but she explained that Luke was afraid of commitment. Tracy insisted that Luke would get cold feet. Luke joined his bride-to-be and Brook moments later.

Tracy let Luke know that she was expecting the worst, but Luke assured her, in his typical sarcastic manner, that he would do everything in his power to make certain that she had the wedding of her dreams. Brook walked away to join Nikolas at a table to play poker. Nikolas readily accepted Brook's invitation to be her date for the wedding. As they played a hand of poker, Brook told Nikolas about Tracy's fears. Nikolas admitted that he and Tracy had a mutual dislike for each other, but he wished her the best. A short time later, Brook decided to check on her grandmother.

Siobhan sat in a corner booth as she tried to reach Lucky by cell phone, but his voicemail picked up. Siobhan scolded Lucky for ditching her at the casino, so she ordered him to return her call to let her know that he was still alive. Nikolas approached Siobhan as she ended the call. Nikolas wondered if everything were okay. Siobhan admitted that she was upset because Lucky had left without a word.

Nikolas realized that Siobhan cared more deeply for Lucky than she might be willing to admit. Siobhan didn't think that it mattered. Nikolas warned Siobhan that she couldn't stop Lucky from taking risks; Lucky would do whatever he believed he had to. Nearby, Brook approached Tracy to see how Tracy was holding up. Tracy decided that Brook should just forget everything that Tracy had said earlier. However, Tracy wanted to discuss Brook's arrangement with Nikolas.

Brook hinted that the conversation might not go the way that Tracy hoped, so Tracy decided to shelve the discussion until after the wedding. As Brook walked away, Tracy turned to talk to Luke. She was curious if Luke had made enough money to pay for the wedding. Luke suggested that Tracy relax because he intended to find a way to get the money. Tracy smiled as she promised him that it would be a simple wedding.

Luke tried to talk Tracy into eloping, but Tracy refused to consider it. She wanted Luke to sign the pre-nuptial agreement, be at the mansion on December 21st, and to be sober when they exchanged vows. Luke promised that he would meet all of Tracy's demands. After the casino closed, Ethan stopped by to see his father. Luke admitted that he was contemplating "jumping ship." Ethan was certain that Tracy would never forgive Luke.

Luke agreed and then admitted that he didn't think he could live without Tracy. Luke and Ethan were unaware that Tracy hovered nearby and had overheard their conversation. She beamed with joy when she heard Luke's confession.

At Kelly's, Michael sought Sam's advice about his first date with Abby. He wanted to take Abby to an Italian restaurant and then go ice-skating, but he didn't know if Abby would enjoy that. Sam admitted that she didn't know Abby well enough to be familiar with her likes and dislikes. However, Sam didn't think that it was wise for Michael to go out with Abby. Michael seemed surprised by Sam's comment. Sam feared that Michael might have another run-in with one of Abby's customers.

Michael assured Sam that he would be able to control himself, but Sam had her doubts. She was worried that Michael would jeopardize his parole, so she urged him to simply avoid the situation by not going out with Abby. Michael explained that Abby accepted him. He revealed that when he was with Abby, he forgot how messed up he really was.

On the piers, Abby insisted that she and Michael were merely friends, so she didn't understand why Carly was trying to interfere. Carly explained that she hadn't known about Abby and that Michael couldn't see that a friendship with Abby was a mistake, which Michael couldn't afford to make. Abby claimed that she respected Carly as Michael's mother, but there wasn't anything wrong with Abby and Michael's friendship. Carly disagreed; Abby was much older than Michael. Abby reminded Carly that Michael was eighteen and legally an adult.

Carly argued that Michael was a teenager. Abby insisted that Michael could fight in a war and vote, so he could choose his own friends. Carly was curious why Abby wanted to hang out with a high school kid like Michael when it seemed clear that Abby could easily get a date. Abby claimed that Michael was kind, intelligent, and perceptive. Carly thought that Abby would realize how inappropriate Abby's relationship with Michael was if Abby truly appreciated Michael the way that Abby claimed.

Abby explained that she and Michael enjoyed spending time together and they respected each other, so she didn't see any reason to stop seeing Michael. Carly insisted that Michael was vulnerable. Abby became offended when Carly suggested that Abby might be interested in Michael because of his money. Abby assured Carly that she liked Michael for whom he was and that he was starting to open up to her. Carly insisted that Michael needed to be with kids his own age.

Abby explained that Michael didn't see things that way, but Carly thought that it was important for Michael to go to parties, take a girl to a dance, and spend time with his peers. Carly revealed that she had dated a much older man when she had been Michael's age, so she wanted better for Michael. Carly thought that Abby should let Michael down easy and not see him again if Abby truly cared about him.

Later, Carly thanked Sam for meeting her at Kelly's. As they sat down at a table, Carly explained that she had met Abby, so she wanted to know more about the woman that Sam had introduced to Michael. Sam would only reveal that she had met Abby Haver while working on a case. However, Sam assured Carly that Michael and Abby had hit it off and that Abby was a good person. Carly insisted that she wanted Michael with kids closer to his own age, so she asked Sam to have a talk with Abby. Sam refused to get involved because it wasn't any of her business.

Sam then suggested that Carly stay out of it too. Carly made it clear that she didn't need Sam to tell her how to deal with her child. Sam argued that Michael was not a child and hadn't been one for quite some time. Sam also revealed that other kids were afraid of Michael. Sam believed that Carly should accept that Michael would not have the life that Carly had planned, or she would end up losing Michael.

On the piers, Abby was surprised when Michael arrived early for their date. Michael told her about his plans for the evening, but he assured her that they could change them if she wasn't interested in dinner at an Italian restaurant and ice-skating. Abby smiled sadly as she confessed that it sounded like it would have been a wonderful date, but she thought that it would be best if they didn't see each other. Michael feared that she had changed her mind because of the man that he had attacked, but Abby assured him that she want to date while she was in school. Michael reminded Abby that she was on Christmas break, but Abby refused to change her mind.

Abby told Michael that he was a wonderful young man, but he needed to find someone his own age to date. Abby kissed Michael on the cheek and then walked away. Michael appeared crushed by Abby's rejection.

At the loading dock, Jason and Dante hid out of sight while Jerry Jacks claimed Aleksander Janacek's body. Jerry quickly sensed that he was being watched, so Jerry drew a gun and then took the morgue attendant hostage. Jerry ordered Jason to show himself. Jason reluctantly complied, while Dante circled around to get a clear shot at Jerry. Jason demanded to know why Jerry was after Brenda. Jerry couldn't believe how so many men made fools of themselves over Brenda.

According to Jerry, Brenda was lethal and far more dangerous than anyone realized. Jerry claimed that no man had ever walked away unscathed from Brenda, so Jerry had decided that it was his job to stop her. Jason was curious what Brenda had ever done to Jerry. Jerry refused to give Jason a direct answer. Things took a sudden violent turn when Jerry decided that it was time to leave.

Jerry inched close to the driver's side door of the van, shot the morgue attendant in the back, and then jumped into the van. Jerry managed to escape while Dante and Jason scrambled to call for help and then coordinate roadblocks with Lucky, in an effort to catch Jerry. Within moments, Steve was at the loading dock to check on the condition of the morgue attendant. The morgue attendant was rushed into surgery while Dante and Jason jumped into Jason's car to follow Jerry's van.

Robin found Patrick a short time later. She immediately sensed that he was upset. Patrick revealed that Jerry Jacks had returned. Patrick confessed that he had just removed a bullet from a morgue attendant who had been shot by Jerry. It had reminded him of everything that he and Robin had gone through during the Metro Court hostage crisis. Robin reached out to squeeze Patrick's hand to let him know that she understood.

In the van, Jerry was on the phone with someone. Jerry was livid that Brenda had not only gotten Aleksander killed, but she had used her "legion of protectors" to use Aleksander's body as bait. Jerry promised to be at the pier soon, so he wanted the boat to be ready. Jerry explained that they didn't have any margin for error and that it was their last chance to take Aleksander home where he belonged.

Meanwhile, Jason and Dante called Lucky to warn him that Jerry was fast approaching Lucky's position. Jason explained that they were on Jerry's tail. Lucky advised Jason and Dante to be careful because a roadblock had been set up. In the van, Jerry saw the roadblock. Jerry apologized to Aleksander and then swerved off of the road.

A short time later, Jason, Dante, and Lucky looked down at the mutilated wreckage of the van. Dante warned Jason and Lucky that it would take some time to pull the van out of the ravine, but Dante was certain that Jerry couldn't have survived the crash. Dante was certain that Brenda and Siobhan were out of danger. Jason revealed that Jerry had survived worse, while Lucky reminded Dante that they hadn't been certain that Jerry had been the Balkan.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

At the hospital, Patrick and Steve were working at the nurses' station when Lisa approached to tell them about a young patient that she had treated for a broken femur. Lisa felt bad that the boy would spend Christmas on crutches. Robin stood nearby as Theo rolled up in a wheelchair to talk to Robin. Theo hoped that Robin had more tests scheduled to find out what was ailing him. Robin gently explained to Theo that they had run every test that they could.

Patrick insisted that it was time for Theo to be discharged because there wasn't anything wrong with Theo. Theo hoped that Robin wouldn't listen to Patrick and the other doctors. Robin assured Theo that she had reviewed the test results herself. Theo was disappointed that Robin had given in to peer pressure. Theo groused about the doctors on staff at the hospital and then questioned their competency.

"Stop it," Robin begged Theo. Robin confessed that she had admitted Theo to the hospital because she had sensed that he was lonely, not because he had been ill. Theo made it clear that he hated pity, but he refused to blame Robin for any wrongdoing. Theo shocked everyone when he suggested that Patrick might have falsified the test results. Steve had heard enough; he defended Patrick and then made it clear that Theo would be discharged immediately.

Theo was not pleased, but he agreed to abide by Steve's wishes. However, Theo warned Steve, Lisa, and Patrick that he wasn't through with them. A short time later, Steve found Robin reviewing Inez's medical records. Steve explained that the antibiotics had worked, so Inez had been released from the hospital earlier that day. Lisa waited until Steve left and then smugly commented to Robin, "Guess you missed your chance."

"I guess I did," Robin responded. Robin started to leave, but Lisa quickly caught up to her. Lisa tried to push Robin's buttons, but Robin refused to play Lisa's game. Robin let Lisa know that she didn't believe Lisa's story about Inez, so she remained determined to prove that Lisa was psychotic and had an agenda. "Or die trying?" Lisa wondered.

Robin demanded to know if Lisa had just threatened her. Lisa played innocent by suggesting that Robin had misheard her. Patrick quickly stepped in to find out what was going on. Lisa explained that Robin was upset because Robin hadn't been able to interrogate Inez. Patrick reminded Lisa that Lisa had been caught in several questionable situations, so Robin had good reason to have doubts about Lisa.

"That's enough," Steve warned the trio. Moments later, Theo approached the nurses' station. Theo was dressed in a tailored suit and held a folded document in his hand as he announced that he had decided to sue the hospital, Steve, Patrick, and Lisa for malpractice. Robin was shocked. Robin reminded Theo that she had been his primary doctor, so she should be sued for malpractice, not the others. Theo insisted that Robin had been the only person who had tried to help him, so he didn't have any complaints about the care that she had given him.

Sonny bumped into Luke on the piers. He noticed the unlit cigar in Luke's hand, so he wondered if Luke had decided to quit smoking Cuban cigars. "No," Luke answered, but he admitted that he had been contemplating going to Havana on December 21st. Luke clarified that it was the day that he was scheduled to marry Tracy. Luke became philosophical as he began to talk about marriage.

Luke was concerned because his only legal marriage had ended in endless heartache for his ex-wife. Luke didn't want Tracy to suffer the same fate. Sonny suggested that Luke view his fake marriage to Tracy as a rehearsal marriage that Luke and Tracy had survived. Sonny also thought that Luke should be more concerned about what Tracy would do to Luke rather than the other way around. Luke chuckled as he admitted that Tracy had demanded a prenuptial agreement.

Sonny confessed that, as a businessman, he couldn't blame Tracy. "It's still ugly," Luke grumbled, but then suggested that perhaps Sonny should have had one with Carly. Sonny disagreed; he believed that he had cost Carly far more than she had ever cost him. Sonny then confided that Carly was concerned that Sonny and Brenda would hurt each other. Sonny was worried that Carly might be right. Luke didn't have any answers for Sonny.

The conversation then drifted back to Luke and Tracy. Luke confessed that he'd had the perfect scam going with Tracy until he had fallen in love with her. Luke realized that he had to marry Tracy because she would never forgive him if he ditched the wedding. Sonny suggested that Luke view the prenuptial agreement as a challenge. Luke smiled as he admitted that he had been trying to find a way around the prenuptial agreement. Luke seemed to make up his mind about the wedding, so he invited Sonny, and a guest, to attend and then left.

Sonny called Max to make certain that everything had been arranged for Brenda per Sonny's instructions. After Sonny ended the call, he spotted Claire. Claire admitted that she would rather not see Sonny, but Sonny refused to leave until he knew what was troubling Claire. Claire explained that she had been transferred to Alaska. Sonny felt terrible that Claire had paid such a steep price for helping him, so he offered to assist her in any way that he could. Claire admitted that she had been considering other options, but she didn't want to discuss them with Sonny; however, she appreciated that Sonny had offered to help.

Brenda woke up in the house in the woods when she heard a sound. She called out, thinking that it had been Sonny. Seconds later, Dante entered the bedroom. Dante explained that Sonny had left and that Jason had sent Dante to fetch Brenda. Brenda joked that she felt like an unwanted Christmas fruitcake being passed around. Brenda's smile faded when Dante told her about Jerry Jacks.

Brenda felt terrible for Jax. Dante was curious if Brenda had ever met Jerry. "Once," Brenda admitted. She confessed that she hadn't been impressed because Jerry hadn't appeared to have an honest bone in his body. Dante hoped that Jerry was the Balkan and that he was dead, so that Brenda could go back to her life in Italy. Brenda admitted that she might not return to Italy because of her new relationship with Sonny.

Later, Brenda and Dante arrived at Metro Court. Brenda quickly realized that Jax hadn't been told about Jerry, so she and Dante broke the news to him. Jax wondered if they had recovered Jerry's body. Brenda tried to give Jax some hope by suggesting that someone else might have been driving the van. Jax assured Brenda that he could accept his brother's death if it meant that Brenda would be safe. However, he couldn't understand why Jerry would try to hurt the people that Jax loved, especially Brenda.

Dante reminded Brenda that they had to leave, so he sent her to the penthouse with the other bodyguards. Dante remained behind to fill Jax in about Jerry's crash and what had led to it. Jax was shocked to learn that Jerry had picked up the body of a man named Aleksander Janacek. Dante explained that if Jerry had been the Balkan then Aleksander had been Jerry's son. Dante then revealed the details about Jerry's escape from the loading dock.

Jax wanted to know if the morgue attendant had survived the shooting. Dante assured Jax that the man had. Jax made it clear that he intended to cover the man's medical expenses. Dante and Jax agreed that it would be best for Brenda to remain under Jason's protection until they could make certain that she was out of danger.

At the house in the woods, Sonny led Brenda to the living room to show her the huge Christmas tree that he had arranged for them. Sonny revealed that he wanted to spend Christmas with Brenda at the house. Brenda loved the idea.

Carly arrived at Jason's penthouse in a good mood. She believed that Jason had called her because he had changed his mind about exposing Dante and Brenda's secret. Jason explained that the reason he had asked her to stop by was because Jerry might have been killed in a crash. Carly reminded Jason that Jerry had survived worse. She feared that it might be a cover, so that Jerry could figure out his next move. Jason reminded her that nothing was certain until Jerry's body had been recovered.

Carly decided that she had to tell Jax about Jerry, but she confessed that she was relieved. Carly realized that if Jerry was dead then all of their troubles were behind them, and Brenda could return to Europe. Jason disagreed; Brenda would not be out of danger until they could confirm that Jerry had been the Balkan.

Kristina entered Kelly's to find Michael waiting for Abby. Kristina warned Michael that Abby was too old for him. Michael conceded that Abby had said the same thing, but he was determined to talk to Abby anyway. Kristina advised Michael to let it go. She suggested that Michael could date someone like Ali instead. Michael argued that he didn't have anything in common with Ali.

Kristina insisted that Michael didn't have anything in common with Abby, either, but Michael disagreed. According to Michael, Abby understood him, and they were able to say anything to each other. Kristina reminded Michael that she had said the same things about Kiefer. Michael was offended by the comparison. He called Kiefer a pig and then stormed out of the diner.

A short time later, Michael showed up at Jason's penthouse. Michael was relieved that they were alone because he wanted to talk to Jason about Abby. Jason was concerned that Michael might have had another run-in with one of Abby's customers, but Michael clarified that he had asked Abby out on a date. Michael was certain that Abby had decided not to go out with him because she was afraid of Michael's temper. Jason wondered if Abby had told him that.

Michael admitted that Abby had claimed that she was too old for him, but Michael didn't believe her. Jason was curious if Abby would lie to Michael. "No," Michael conceded, but he believed that Abby feared that Michael would lose it and then take it out on her. Jason warned Michael not to jump to conclusions; he suggested that Abby might have had personal reasons, which had nothing to do with Michael, for not wanting to get involved. Jason insisted that it was Abby's call to make, so Michael should respect her decision.

At Kelly's, Bryce sat at the counter while Kristina waited for her order. Bryce was curious why Kristina hadn't gone to Duncan's party. Kristina explained that she and Taylor had been busy. Bryce wondered how to repair his friendship with Kristina if she wouldn't even talk to him. Kristina suggested that it should tell him something.

Bryce explained that Kiefer had been his friend; however, he regretted that he had believed the Bauers' version of things. Michael walked in moments later and then pulled his sister aside. Michael apologized to Kristina for getting upset with her earlier. Bryce started to leave, but stopped to invite Kristina to another party. Kristina claimed that she had plans with Michael.

Bryce tried his best to persuade Kristina to change her mind. Michael became annoyed, so he reminded Bryce that Kristina had declined the invitation. Things turned ugly when Bryce made it clear that he hadn't been talking to Michael, since ex-cons weren't invited. Michael let the remark slide, which seemed to fuel Bryce's anger. Bryce was curious whose "bitch" Michael had been while Michael had been in jail.

Kristina pleaded with Bryce not to make such offensive statements, but Bryce ignored her. Kristina's temper flared; she informed Bryce that his attempt to show her that he wanted to be friends was pathetic. Michael invited Bryce to step outside, but Bryce was more interested in goading Michael with insults. Bryce ridiculed Michael for not getting a date. Abby entered the diner in time to hear Bryce's comment, so she walked up to Michael, kissed him on the cheek, and then apologized for being late. Bryce seemed taken aback to see Abby draped on Michael's arm.

Dante went to Jason's penthouse to let Jason know that Jerry's body hadn't been recovered. Jason explained that Spinelli was keeping tabs on the investigation. Dante was annoyed by the reminder of Spinelli's involvement and who Jason was. Dante felt that the lines between Jason's world and Dante's world were blurred more than ever. Jason had no idea what Dante was talking about. Jason made it clear that he wouldn't reveal anything about Dante's involvement in Aleksander's death because he didn't want to endanger Michael's parole.

Dante acknowledged that they were at a stalemate, at least until Michael's parole ended. Dante decided to change the subject; he wondered if Brenda had returned. Jason explained that Brenda was with Sonny. Dante's annoyance returned. Dante couldn't understand why Sonny would buy Brenda a house when he already had Greystone Manor.

Jason explained that it was what Sonny did and then revealed that Sonny had once bought a cow pasture for Brenda, so that they could go on a picnic. Dante couldn't believe that Sonny would have the arrogance to show up on a farmer's doorstep to demand that the man sell his land to Sonny, so that Sonny could impress Brenda. Jason didn't understand why Dante was so angry about it; according to Jason, Sonny had overpaid for the land. Dante explained that the farmer hadn't been given any choice in the matter. Dante insisted that Sonny was just a notch above Jerry.

Jason clarified that Sonny didn't kill innocent people. Dante didn't care; he insisted that Sonny was a disaster for anyone close to him, including Brenda. Dante wanted Jason to persuade Brenda to end things with Sonny and then return to Italy once the danger had passed. Jason refused to do it. Jason made it clear that his job was to keep Brenda alive, nothing more.

Carly arrived home to find Jerry playing with Josslyn on the sofa. Carly threatened to kill Jerry if he didn't hand over her daughter. Jerry smiled as he released Josslyn. He assured Carly that the nanny was safe and sound upstairs. Jerry explained that Mercedes hadn't questioned Jerry's visit because there were pictures of him, during happier times, scattered around the house. Carly was curious what Jerry wanted. "To visit," Jerry answered.

Carly was surprised that Jerry didn't even have a scratch on him. Jerry smiled as he confided that it had taken careful planning to walk away unscathed from the crash. Carly wondered if Jerry cared about how Jax would be affected by everything. Jerry insisted that he hadn't involved Jax, but Carly argued that Jax believed that Jerry could be saved. Jerry expected Carly to be more grateful, since he had stayed away from Jax and intended to get rid of Carly's rival.

Later, Carly returned to the living room to find Jerry standing by the Christmas tree. Carly was curious why Jerry was still in the house. Jerry explained that they weren't finished talking. He assured Carly that Josslyn had always been safe with him because he would never harm his niece. Carly didn't appear comforted by the knowledge.

Jerry confessed that Carly kept life interesting for Jax, unlike Brenda who was deceitful and ordinary. Jerry regretted that he hadn't arranged for Brenda to have an accident a long time before. Carly wondered why Jerry hated Brenda so much. "Damage," Jerry explained. "There isn't a man who has loved Brenda who hasn't been made weaker for it, and it has to stop," Jerry added. He vowed that he would be the man to do it.

Carly was curious what Jerry thought Jax would feel about Jerry's plans. Jerry wondered why Carly wasn't happy that he intended to get rid of "that little bitch" once and for all. Jerry was unaware that Jax had entered the living room in time to hear Jerry's threat.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

At Jason's penthouse, Jason was certain that Jerry would eventually seek him out, so he suggested that they wait for Jerry to make a move. Dante wasn't keen on using Brenda as bait, but Jason insisted that he knew Jerry better than Dante did. Jason was confident that Jerry would try to go after him because it would leave Brenda vulnerable. Dante seemed a bit offended by the suggestion that he and Lucky weren't a threat. Jason explained that Dante and Lucky wouldn't break the law, but Jason would, so Jason was Jerry's biggest obstacle.

Dante was curious why Jerry would target Brenda if it might hurt Jax. According to Jason, Brenda wasn't part of Jax's family, so she was fair game. Moments later, a man knocked on the door. The man quickly determined who Dante was and then served him with papers. A short time later, Diane arrived to review the papers.

Diane explained that Dante and Brenda were being sued for the wrongful death of Anton Banovic, the man who had tried to abduct Brenda in an alleyway. Jason wanted Diane to make the lawsuit go away, but she explained that it wasn't that simple. Dante argued that the shooting had been self-defense. Diane reminded Dante that they only had Dante's word for that because Brenda had never made a formal statement. Diane warned them that Brenda would have to be deposed.

"No way," Jason warned Diane. Jason made it clear that he expected Diane to honor their attorney-client privilege. Diane assured him that she understood, so Jason and Dante told her about Aleksander Janacek's death. Jason explained that the Balkan was after Brenda to find out how his son had died. Jason insisted that Brenda couldn't testify because she'd end up incriminating herself.

At the house in the woods, Brenda was delighted by the Christmas tree that Sonny had arranged. Brenda was eager to start decorating it, so Sonny handed her a small box. Brenda smiled when she found a crystal heart ornament inside it. She placed the special ornament on the tree, while an unknown person lurked outside the house, watching Sonny and Brenda. Later, Brenda was busy decorating the tree as Sonny watched her.

Brenda admitted that she hadn't had a big tree since she had been a young girl. Sonny revealed that he and the children had a tradition of trying to find a tree that was bigger than the one that they'd had the year before. He also told her about the handmade ornaments that his children had made for him every year. According to Sonny, he had enough ornaments to decorate three huge trees. Brenda smiled. She realized how easy it was to forget how much time had passed since she and Sonny had been together.

Sonny suggested that they savor the moment. Outside, the stranger continued to watch Brenda and Sonny. As Brenda finished up the tree, she asked Sonny what he thought about the placement of the last ornament. Sonny assured her that it was fine. Brenda laughed because she was struck by the reversal of their roles. She recalled that in the past, Sonny had been extremely meticulous while she had been the laid-back one.

Sonny chuckled as he remembered that her clothes had always been scattered around his place. Brenda claimed that it was because there hadn't been enough closet space. Moments later, Jason walked in. Jason explained that Jerry was still alive, so Brenda had to return to the penthouse. Sonny objected; he had plenty of guards around the house to keep Brenda safe. Jason didn't think that the guards would be able to stop Jerry.

Sonny reluctantly agreed. Brenda was disappointed, but Sonny promised her that he would try to make certain that they spent Christmas morning together. Later, Brenda and Jason arrived at the penthouse. Brenda was frustrated because she was tired of having to hide from the Balkan. Jason revealed that she had another problem: the lawsuit. Brenda panicked at the prospect of having to testify because she feared that she might say something that could hurt Dante.

At the Jacks residence, Jerry bragged about his deadly plans for Brenda when he realized that Jax was standing behind him. Jerry turned to find his brother scowling at him. Jerry smiled, as if he hadn't a care in the world, as he asked if Jax enjoyed fatherhood. Jax wondered what made Jerry think that it was okay for Jerry to visit. Jerry wondered why Jax was being so hostile.

Jax confessed that he had spent years making excuses for Jerry; he was curious if Jerry had always been twisted or if something had happened to him. Jerry suggested that Jax was an idealist, while Jerry had always been a realist. Jerry had learned early on that love and affection were a luxury that he could only extend to their parents, Jax, and now Josslyn. Jax demanded to know why Jerry was after Brenda. Jerry explained that Brenda was the "eternally wrong woman," so she had to be stopped.

Jax refused to let Jerry hurt Brenda. Jerry decided that it was time to leave, but Jax objected. Jerry chuckled, pulled out a gun, and then aimed it at Carly. Jerry was reluctant to shoot Carly, but he vowed to do so if Jax didn't cooperate. Jax relented, but he vowed to call the police as soon as Jerry was gone. Jerry assured his brother that he didn't expect anything less; Jerry just needed a head start.

After Jerry left, Jax pulled Carly close to comfort her. Jax couldn't believe that Jerry would try to hurt the people that Jax cared about. A short time later, Carly stormed into Jason's penthouse. Carly told Jason and Brenda about Jerry's visit, how she had found him with Josslyn, and that Jerry had made it clear that Carly and Brenda were expendable. Meanwhile, Sonny stopped by Jax and Carly's place to persuade Jax to tell him where Jerry was.

At Lucky's apartment, Siobhan was alone in the living room when she received a text message from an unknown person. The message read: Pier 52 -- 4pm. Balkan wants details of NY meeting. Siobhan jumped when Lucky walked up behind her and then wrapped his arms around her waist. Siobhan quickly dropped the phone into her purse, but Lucky could tell that he had startled her. Siobhan assured him that she was okay as she began rambling about her meddling sister, Fiona.

Siobhan claimed that she was happy that she had put some distance between Fiona and herself. Lucky reminded Siobhan that he wanted her in his life, but he was curious what Siobhan had told Fiona. Siobhan flirtatiously suggested that she hadn't seen enough of Port Charles to know what it had to offer, so she asked Lucky take her on an outing to show her his favorite places. Lucky wished that he could, but he had to work because Jerry was still alive. Siobhan was furious that Lucky would continue to risk his life to chase the Balkan.

Lucky made it clear that it wasn't in his nature to walk away. He also explained that he had known Brenda for a long time. Siobhan argued that Brenda had plenty of guards to protect her, so she didn't need a martyr. Lucky refused to quit; he wanted Siobhan to let him know if she couldn't deal with that. Siobhan continued to try to persuade Lucky to change his mind about helping Brenda, but Lucky warned her that it wouldn't happen.

Siobhan reminded Lucky that she had recently stopped grieving for a man that she had cared about, so she wasn't interested in doing it again. Lucky promised that he could handle himself. Siobhan argued that he was not bulletproof. The argument was cut short when Dante arrived with files on Jerry and the Balkan. Siobhan decided to make herself scarce, so that Lucky and Dante could work. However, she lurked nearby, eavesdropping on their conversation.

Lucky was curious where Jason was. Dante explained that Jason and Brenda were at the penthouse because Jason hoped to lure Jerry there. Dante thought that it would have been a better idea to use Aleksander's body to draw Jerry out of hiding, but Lucky didn't think it would work a second time. Lucky was certain that Jerry would just send a lackey to pick up Aleksander's body. Dante remained reluctant to use Brenda because he didn't think it was right to put her in further danger.

Dante wondered where Jerry would go. Lucky didn't think that Jerry would want to involve Jax, so he doubted that Jerry would take refuge in Jax's home. Dante wondered if the contents of Ronan's safety deposit box could provide them with any clues. Lucky didn't think so, but he pulled the pictures out and then explained that he and Siobhan had gone over them several times. Dante questioned Lucky's decision to involve Siobhan; he feared that it might put Siobhan in more danger.

Lucky explained that he hadn't willingly involved Siobhan; she had been in his hotel room when he had arrived in New York City. However, Lucky was quick to credit Siobhan with helping him to secure the contents of the safety deposit box and eluding the Balkan's men. Lucky suggested that they question Brenda because he was certain that she knew more than she had told them. Lucky thought that Jason was too soft in regards to Brenda, so they might have more success. Dante wanted Lucky to leave Brenda alone. Lucky was curious when Dante had become so protective of Brenda.

At the hospital, Patrick was outraged by Theo's decision to file a malpractice suit against them. Patrick reminded Theo that Theo had walked in with a self-diagnosed brain tumor and that they had run every test possible. Patrick insisted that there hadn't been a brain tumor or any pathology to support Theo's claim that he was ill. Lisa explained that their job was to help those who were legitimately sick and that any symptoms that Theo had experienced had been in his head. Theo agreed.

Steve argued that there wasn't any evidence to support Theo's lawsuit. Theo pointed out that he suffered from a psychological disorder, in which Theo experienced severe distress, which was directly tied to his fear of illness. According to Theo, if the doctors had been doing their jobs then they would have referred Theo to a psychiatrist, who could have properly diagnosed and treated Theo. Theo intended to seek monetary damages, so that others wouldn't be dismissed as easily in the future. Robin insisted that she was the one to blame, not the others.

Robin defended the hospital and the doctors who had treated Theo. Robin warned Theo that he would ruin their careers if he pursued the lawsuit. Theo was unmoved by Steve, Patrick, and Lisa's plight because they had deemed him beneath their notice, yet they had still managed to bill his insurance. Theo was furious that Steve, Patrick, and Lisa had ignored his hypochondria. Steve warned Theo that judges hated to have their time wasted on frivolous lawsuits. Theo informed everyone that he had vast experience with the legal system because he had been a trial lawyer for forty years.

Theo claimed that he had sufficient evidence to prove malpractice. Theo also found the conditions of the hospital to be unsanitary, so he threatened to call the Health Department. Theo smiled smugly as he let Steve know that he would be waiting to hear from their attorneys and then left. Robin apologized profusely to Steve for the lawsuit. Steve assured her that he didn't hold it against her because Robin had not had any idea of what Theo would do. Steve was confident that the lawsuit would never go to trial because the attorneys would settle it out of court.

Alexis was delighted when Nikolas entered her office. After an affectionate hug, she asked her nephew what Spencer wanted for Christmas. Nikolas confessed that he hadn't gone Christmas shopping yet. Alexis was eager to get started on the list, but Nikolas wanted to wait until Brook arrived because he didn't want to have to go over the list twice. Alexis was curious how Nikolas' arrangement with Brook was going.

Nikolas admitted that things were great. Brook entered the office moments later. Brook and Nikolas had a brief conversation about Brook's day and then turned their attention to Alexis. Alexis was curious why Nikolas had asked for the meeting. Nikolas explained that he wanted Alexis to set up an account and terms of employment for Brook. "I'm sorry. Did you just say you want to make Brook Lynn your legal mistress?" Alexis wondered.

Nikolas reminded Alexis that it wasn't any of her business. Alexis disagreed because Nikolas was her nephew. Alexis was curious if Brook had dreamed of a career as "arm candy." Brook confessed that she liked Nikolas and that she needed the money; she was sorry that Alexis didn't approve, but Brook insisted that the arrangement made sense to her and Nikolas. After Alexis stepped out of the office to draw up the paperwork, Nikolas thanked Brook for not letting Alexis run her off. Brook appreciated that Nikolas wanted her to stick around.

Later, Diane marched into the office and then showed Alexis the lawsuit that had been filed against Dante and Brenda. Diane thought that it was ludicrous for the family to sue Dante and Brenda for wrongful death when Anton had been in the country to kidnap Brenda. However, Diane conceded that there wasn't any proof of Anton's intentions. Alexis wondered if Diane knew any judges who owed Diane a favor. Diane knew of one, so she quickly placed a call to the judge while Alexis continued to review the lawsuit.

The judge refused to help Diane. Alexis warned Diane that the lawsuit appeared to have merit. Diane was open to any suggestions that Alexis might have. Diane worried that Brenda would end up saying too much on the stand. "Good," Theo declared as he suddenly appeared in the doorway.

Outside of Kelly's, Abby apologized for sending Michael mixed signals. Michael realized that Abby's performance had been for Bryce's benefit. Abby confessed that she had been furious when she had heard the cruel things that Bryce had said. She insisted that Michael could have girls lined up around the block if he wanted. Michael assured Abby that she didn't have to pretend for his sake; he knew that Abby was afraid that he'd physically hurt her.

Abby was stunned; she assured him that she could never be afraid of Michael because he was one of the sweetest guys that she knew. Abby explained that she had called off the date because she had been afraid that she'd break his heart. Abby insisted that he was just a kid and that someone her age had no business dating him because it was inappropriate. Michael argued that he had stopped being a kid when he had gone to Pentonville. Abby conceded that he had lived through a lot, but she insisted that they were in completely different places.

Michael didn't agree; he argued that she understood him better than anyone else and that he could be himself when he was with her. Michael wanted Abby to just give him a chance. Abby admitted that she liked him too much to start something that wouldn't work. She urged him to try dating girls his own age, but Michael insisted that he wasn't interested in any of the girls at school. Abby was curious if he had dated any of them.

Michael explained that he didn't want to date anyone because he liked Abby. Abby finally relented. Michael wanted to go out with her that evening, but Abby had to work. She asked him to give her a call, so that they could arrange a day and time for a real date. Michael was all smiles as Abby walked away.

On Pier 52, Siobhan waited for her contact to arrive. Jerry stepped out of the shadows. He told her that it was a pleasure to finally meet her in person. Siobhan warned Jerry that it had been foolish for him to arrange a meeting. Jerry acknowledged that it had raised the stakes, but it had also put pressure on Siobhan to keep up appearances.

Siobhan demanded to know what Jerry wanted. Jerry informed her that Lucky had become a nuisance, so Lucky would have to go.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Sonny went to Jax's home to make him a proposal. Sonny would deal with Jerry so that Jax could avoid having to make a choice between Brenda's safety and Jerry's life. Jax responded that Jerry was his brother, therefore his responsibility. Sonny warned that, if anything happened to Brenda, it would be on Jax's head.

At the waterfront, Jerry ordered Siobhan to kill Lucky. She told him that would be a foolish mistake. Jerry was not dissuaded. He accused her of having fallen in love with Lucky, which was a fatal mistake, he warned. Jerry informed her that he'd give her further instructions soon thereafter.

At Lucky's apartment, Lucky confronted Dante and told him that they needed someone objective to question Brenda. They had to determine whether she was withholding information pertinent to the Balkan, who they both believed was Jerry. Based on how Dante acted, Lucky suggested that Dante was not impartial with regard to Brenda. Dante admitted that he and Brenda were being sued for the wrongful death of the man who'd tried to abduct her. He feared that she'd crack under pressure and admit to having killed Alexander.

A hysterical Carly stormed into Jason's penthouse and demanded to know what Brenda had done to Jerry. Carly explained to Jason that she had walked into her home to find Jerry holding Josslyn and that he'd pulled a gun on Carly. He'd said he was there because of Brenda. Brenda said that she'd done nothing intentionally to anger Jerry. That wasn't good enough for Carly, who insisted that Brenda tell her the truth.

Brenda admitted that she'd accidentally killed the Balkan's son and that Dante had covered it up. Carly berated Jason for not having told her, but he explained that the more people who knew, the more danger everyone would be in. "You promised to protect her," Carly said, referring to Brenda. "I never did." With that, she left.

Brenda told Jason that she was worried for his safety. He changed the subject, and they soon began a heated argument over the color pink. As Brenda removed the regrettably pink pillows, Jax arrived and asked to speak to Brenda alone. Jason agreed, as long as Jax promised they would not leave the building. Jax said yes, and Jason left. Jax vowed, cryptically, to stop Jerry. Brenda worried that Jax would be destroyed if he took his own brother's life.

Theo paid Diane and Alexis a visit at their office. He announced that he'd been sent by their New York partner to assist in their caseload. Diane welcomed the man, while Alexis chided Diane for not having kept her in the loop. Theo prepared to take on Brenda's case. As Theo got up to speed on the suit, Alexis abruptly announced that she would take it over.

Diane made it clear that Alexis could not take on the case because, years before, Alexis had defended Brenda, who'd been accused of killing Luis Alcazar when, indeed, Alexis had killed the man. "It was self-defense" Alexis argued. "He ran into my knife." Theodore mockingly expressed admiration for Alexis' tactics.

While Nikolas and Brook dined at the Metro Court restaurant, he shared that he was impressed by the way she'd stood up to Alexis. She confirmed that she was well aware of her business contract with Cassadine Industries to attend functions with Nikolas and that it was nothing more than professional. He let her know that he was happy to be able to help her get a start in the music industry.

Steven and Liz were seated not far from Nikolas and Brook's table. Nikolas got a call and excused himself to take it. Despite Steven's advice, Liz went to tell Brook to get out of Nikolas' life. Brook made a crack about Liz's three children by three different fathers. Liz disabused Brook of any notion that there was anything more between Nikolas and Brook that mere convenience.

Nikolas returned, and Liz covered by confirming that Nikolas would pick up Aiden the following Monday. Nikolas saw right through her but didn't let on that he did. After Liz returned to her table, he and Brook left to check on Tracy at the Haunted Star.

Dante returned home to find Lulu, who was brimming with good news. Kate, she announced, was away for two days, so she and Dante were free to enjoy themselves. Dante put a damper on the mood by announcing that Jerry was not dead after all.

Siobhan took groceries to Lucky's home and promised him a home-cooked meal. Jerry called her and instructed her to meet him at the pier, with Lucky. Siobhan excused herself, telling Lucky that she needed to get more ingredients for dinner. Soon thereafter, Lulu arrived with a gift for Siobhan, something she'd gotten at work. Lucky shared with Lulu his jaded hope that her and Dante's relationship would buck the odds and make it for the long haul.

After Lulu left, Siobhan's sister Fiona called. Within moments of conversation, Lucky ascertained that the sisters hadn't spoken in at least a month. Whom, Lucky wondered, had Siobhan been talking to. Luke stopped by, and Lucky confided that Siobhan had been lying for weeks.

Carly returned home as Jax loaded a handgun. Carly stated that Jerry knew Jax would never hurt him. That was what made Jerry vulnerable, Jax replied. Carly tearfully asked Jax to put the gun away because he was not the kind of man who could kill anyone in cold blood.

Dante visited Sonny at Sonny's office to let him know that Lucky wanted more information on Brenda's past. That was a bad idea, Sonny said. Luke showed up and questioned whether Sonny should be having a conversation about the Balkan with Dante, the cop. Sonny assured Luke that it was okay to speak freely. Dante let Luke know that Jerry Jacks might actually be the Balkan.

Jason caught up with Carly and made it clear that she could, under no circumstances, let anyone know that Brenda and Dante had been involved in the cover-up of Alexander's death. Sonny walked in and asked why Jason wasn't guarding Brenda. Jason let Sonny know that she was with Jax, which gave no comfort to Sonny.

Lulu met Maxi at the Metro Court, and they shared a toast to Kate being on the other side of the planet. Lulu asked Maxi for her thoughts as to whether Dante felt something more for Brenda than a desire to protect her. Lulu expressed her doubts that Dante was hiding something from her. Dante walked in as Lulu and Maxi chatted and stopped short when he heard them talking about him.

At the waterfront, Jerry met Siobhan, disappointed that she hadn't gotten Lucky there. Jerry threatened to dispose of her until his phone rang. On the other end was Theo, whose British accent had been replaced by a New York one. He made it clear that he knew Jerry was meeting with Siobhan and threatening her.

Jerry angrily responded that the man had it easy as the Balkan, hidden away where no one was gunning for him. Siobhan was shocked to discover that Jerry was not the Balkan after all. Jerry let her know that he'd never seen the man's face. "Maybe I should remedy that," the Balkan said. "Maybe it's time for you to better understand who I am...and what I want."

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