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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 16, 2010 on GH
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Monday, August 16, 2010

Outside the loft, Ronnie confronted Dante about Michael. Ronnie said that he had talked to a witness who put Michael at the scene where Johnny had barely escaped being gunned down in a drive-by shooting. Ronnie demanded to speak to Michael.

Dante allowed Ronnie into the loft. Michael was on the couch, watching a baseball game. He talked about the game to Dante and Ronnie. Ronnie tried to question Michael, but Lucky appeared and said that he had spoken to the alleged witness who was a woman in her eighties. Lucky said that she could only describe the man with Johnny as tall and blonde. Lucky told Ronnie that her description was not detailed enough to allow Ronnie to take Michael to the police station for violation of his parole.

When Ronnie wanted to put Michael in a lineup, Lucky said that the witness did not want to get involved and would not appear to look at a lineup. Ronnie was frustrated and left after accusing Lucky and Dante of being part of a cover-up.

Lucky told both Dante and Michael that he wanted to know the truth. Michael then told Lucky that he had been talking to Johnny about making peace with Sonny when he noticed the speeding car and pushed Johnny to the ground. He told Lucky that the shooter was not one of Sonny's men.

Both Dante and Lucky acknowledged the irony of the cover-up they were carrying out on Michael's behalf. Dante said that it was a cover-up that got Michael sent to Pentonville in the first place. Michael said that he did not care what he had to do as long as he did not have to go back to prison.

At Pentonville, Sonny gave Jason good news when he announced Jason's unconditional release from prison. Jason was astounded when Diane appeared with a release order making Jason's conviction null and void immediately.

Brenda and Murphy talked in her hotel room. He proposed and wanted to get married, but Brenda pointed out all the reasons that he should stay single, the primary one being his career. She told him that marriage had never been in her plans, and she thought that he felt the same.

Murphy said that he had felt the same way until he realized that he wanted to spend all his time with Brenda. She said that they were both celebrities and that they would have schedule conflicts. Murphy offered to drop out of his movie project to be with her. Murphy said that the only time he was not lonely was when he was with Brenda.

Brenda told Murphy that he was adorable and convincing, but she did not love as deeply as he did. She said it was not because of him, but because of what had happened to her when she had loved deeply.

Brenda told Murphy that she had been left at the altar three times and that had put her off marriage. When Murphy asked for details, she said that Jax had done it twice and Sonny once. She said that Jax had left her the first time when Sonny showed up with the ex-wife that Jax thought was dead.

The second time Jax refused to marry her was because he had found out that she had kissed Sonny the night before the wedding. She said that she went back to Sonny, but it did not last and Sonny had sent his best friend to deliver the news that the wedding was off and their relationship was over.

Murphy asked if she still loved Sonny. When Brenda did not answer immediately, he said that her past was none of his business and all that mattered was what was between them. Murphy told Brenda that he liked the person he was when he was with her. She told him that he was making it hard to say no. They shared a long, slow kiss. Brenda playfully told Murphy that he was a horrible person.

Just before saying goodnight and exiting Brenda's hotel suite, Murphy said that he was not above playing dirty.

In the limo on the ride home, Jason wanted to know more about the loophole in his plea agreement. He said that it was not like Claire to make such a big mistake. Sonny said that she had left the loophole on purpose because of guilt over Michael's conviction.

Sonny said that Claire was trying to play him and that releasing Jason was a show of her good faith. He told Jason that he was going to let Claire work him a little longer. Jason cautioned Sonny about getting burned.

When Sonny said that he was going to eliminate Johnny, Jason said that he understood the necessity and told Sonny that he would take care of Johnny. Sonny said no, that he would handle Johnny alone so that when Johnny was dead, Jason would not be involved and could not be prosecuted.

At the hospital, Lisa and Matt discussed a case. Lisa suggested that Matt approach Patrick for a consult. Both Patrick and Maxie approached the nurses' station. Matt tried to consult Patrick, who said the case could wait as he dragged Lisa away.

While Matt and Maxie chatted, Patrick confronted Lisa about the defaced wedding photo he had found after Lisa left his home. He accused her of stalking him. Lisa denied the destruction and accused Robin of damaging the photo in order to get attention from Patrick, who was open-mouthed and speechless when she walked away.

In the penthouse, Carly and Spinelli discussed the details of the plot against Lulu and Dante. Spinelli was concerned about hurting Lulu, but Carly convinced him that breaking up Lulu's relationship to Dante would help Lulu in the long run.

When Diane called with the news that Jason was out of Pentonville for good, both Carly and Spinelli were overjoyed. Carly immediately wanted to plan a welcome home party for Jason and rushed off, leaving Spinelli to decorate.

Johnny and Ethan met at Johnny's place. Ethan wanted to avoid more shootings and get back to the business of making money. Johnny said that he had the perfect plan. He said that he was going to walk up to Sonny, shoot him, and then claim self-defense.

Carly met Brook at Jake's and demanded that she speed up the plan to seduce Dante. Carly told Brook that if she did not get Dante into bed that evening and provide pictures then Brook would get a one-way ticket back to Bensonhurst. Carly told Brook that if she succeeded with Dante she would get a $10,000 bonus in addition to the $50,00 that they had already agreed on.

Dante and Michael were sitting on the couch, watching a baseball game, when Carly called Michael to tell him that Jason had been released and that she was throwing a welcome home party at the penthouse. Michael agreed to meet her immediately. Dante and Michael talked about Jason's release. Dante was astonished that Claire had let it happen.

When his phone rang, Dante thought it was Claire with an explanation, but it was Brook. She asked him to pick her up at Jake's. She told him that she had problems and really needed a friend. Carly overheard the conversation. Before leaving the table, she told Brook that she and Dante better end up a whole lot more than friends.

Jason arrived at the penthouse and was greeted by a very happy Spinelli. Jason immediately wanted to know why Spinelli and Carly were spending so much time together. He asked Spinelli what they were plotting against Dante and Lulu and if there was still time to stop it.

Spinelli was saved from answering when Carly and Michael showed up. Both were happy to see Jason. Jason sent Spinelli and Michael out for party snacks. He and Carly hugged and she told him how glad she was that he was out of prison. He said he would do the same thing again to protect Michael.

Jason told Carly that both he and Michael were home and safe. He told her that the ordeal was over and that there was no need to go after Lulu. He begged Carly to stop the vendetta she was planning against Lulu and Dante.

Lulu went to the police station to see Lucky. She told him she needed some advice about Dante from a guy's perspective. Lucky wanted to know if something was wrong, but Lulu said no. She said that she was very happy with the way things were and so was Dante. She said that the fly in the ointment was Olivia, who had scolded Dante about not making a marriage proposal. Lulu said that she was not ready to get married and neither was Dante. She told Lucky that since Olivia's interference, she was afraid that Dante would propose too soon.

Dante met Brook at Jake's. She was tearful and told him that she was having panic attacks and did not know what to do about them. He told her that she was an amazing singer and had nothing to worry about, but Brook said that she did not have any direction and wondered if she should take Edward's offer to move in with the Quartermaines and return to school.

Brook said that nothing made her happy because, unlike Dante, she did not know what she wanted out of life. Dante told her to calm down and breathe. While Dante took a phone call that gave him the particulars of Jason's release, Brook got beers.

While Dante was not looking Brook spiked the bottle. Unaware that the beer was drugged, Dante started drinking it as he and Brook continued their conversation.

Claire was waiting at Sonny's place when he got there. He told her that he was flattered that she had done him a favor so quickly. Claire said that because of the unfairness to Michael, she had no regrets, other than putting a killer on the streets. She said that her superiors were livid, but she could live with that.

Sonny asked if she was worried about her career. Claire said that she would advance her career because she deserved it and that she would not compromise herself. She and Sonny kissed. Claire pulled away and said that she did not trust herself with Sonny. She said that she needed to know more about him, not just what was in the files.

She asked Sonny if he had ever loved anyone so much that he could not do without that person. He wanted to know what that had to do with them. Claire said she had asked that question before and Sonny had not answered. When he hesitated, she said that she wanted to know the answer and left Sonny alone.

Brenda walked out on her terrace and flashed back to the time when Jason had told her that Sonny had chosen to terminate their relationship and would not be marrying her. She remembered standing in the rain. A flashback showed Sonny watching her.

In Port Charles, Sonny stood at his terrace window and remembered the same scene.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

At the penthouse, Jason reminded Carly that he and Michael were out of jail, so there was no reason for her to go after Lulu and Dante anymore. Carly argued that Pentonville had changed Michael. She insisted that Michael was forever scarred because of what Dante and Lulu had done. Jason feared that Carly's plan would end up hurting Michael, but Carly refused to allow Dante and Lulu to get away with their betrayal.

Carly was outraged when Jason warned her that Dante was untouchable while Michael was on parole. She insisted that she would get payback. Jason observed that her vengeance wasn't for Michael, but for herself. Carly loved Jason, but she refused to let Dante "screw" Michael over again.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny was surprised when Morgan entered the parlor. Morgan admitted that he had been worried about his father. Sonny confessed that he was more concerned about Carly's reaction when she realized where Morgan had gone. Morgan missed his father, but he knew that Carly would have forbidden him to see Sonny. Sonny acknowledged that he missed Morgan too, so he decided to take advantage of the unexpected visit

Morgan was impressed that Sonny had arranged for Jason's release from Pentonville. Morgan couldn't imagine what it had been like for Michael and Jason in jail. Sonny didn't want Morgan dwelling on that because he was determined that Morgan would never see the inside of a jail. Instead, Sonny wanted to hear about Morgan's summer. Morgan didn't want Sonny to pretend that everything was okay, because it wasn't.

Morgan realized that the adoption would be final soon and that Kristina made every effort to avoid Sonny. Morgan confessed that even though he couldn't see Sonny, he still loved his father very much. Sonny was touched by his son's admission. He explained to Morgan that Carly wanted Jax to adopt Morgan because she was scared. However, Sonny was hopeful that Carly would have a change of heart once she learned of Jason's release from jail.

Sonny and Morgan turned when they heard Carly enter the parlor. Carly immediately reminded Morgan that he wasn't allowed to visit Sonny. Morgan apologized for defying her orders; he had hoped to make it home before she had found out. Carly was hurt that Morgan had opted to sneak around behind her back; however, she wanted to have a private word with Sonny.

Morgan was reluctant to leave because he knew that Carly would take her anger out on Sonny. Morgan insisted that it had been his idea, not Sonny's, to visit Greystone Manor. Sonny called out to one of his bodyguards to ask Paul to drive Morgan home. After Morgan left, Carly demanded to know why Sonny hadn't sent Morgan home the moment that Morgan had arrived. Carly insisted that it wasn't fair to Morgan because seeing Sonny just made everything harder for their son. Sonny reminded Carly that Jason and Michael were out of jail and that Michael was fine. Carly disagreed; she insisted that Michael was haunted by what he had endured in Pentonville and that he would never be "normal" again.

At the police station, Lulu and Lucky talked about marriage. Lulu suggested that saying, "I do" seemed to be the fastest way to kill a relationship. Lucky was bothered by his sister's cynicism. Lulu shrugged as she explained that what she had with Dante worked, so she didn't want to ruin it with talk of marriage. Lulu realized that happily ever after didn't exist, which made her wonder why people got married. Lucky conceded that vows and a piece of paper didn't make a difference; it was human nature that messed up relationships because people had unrealistic expectations.

According to Lucky, too many made assumptions about their loved ones, which eventually led to great disappointments. Lucky advised Lulu to run if a guy ever told her that she completed him. He explained that if a guy wasn't whole, then he wouldn't be good for anyone else. Lulu was a bit taken aback by her brother's attitude. Lucky advised Lulu not to make assumptions about what was troubling Dante. Lucky insisted that Lulu and Dante had to be honest with each other if they hoped to make their relationship work.

Shortly after Lulu left, Michael arrived. Michael explained that he had been sent to pick up snacks and drinks for Jason's welcome home party, but he had decided to stop by the station to let Lucky know that Sonny's men hadn't been responsible for the drive-by shooting. Michael explained that he had gotten a good look at the men in the car and that none of them had worked for Sonny. Lucky reminded Michael that Sonny had put everything into motion, so it didn't matter if Sonny's men hadn't been in the car. Lucky warned Michael to stay out of it because someone would end up killed.

Later, Jason stopped by the police station at Lucky's request. Lucky let Jason know about Michael's visit. Jason was surprised that Michael hadn't told him that he had been present when Santos' men had gone after Johnny. Lucky suggested that perhaps Michael had been reluctant to worry Jason. Jason was relieved when Lucky assured him that Michael's name had been left off of the report, so Michael wouldn't face any parole violations. However, Lucky wanted Jason to talk to Sonny because Lucky feared that it would soon turn into a bloodbath.

Jason returned home to find Sam waiting for him. She threw herself into his arms and then showered him with kisses. Jason thanked Sam for standing by him. Sam laughed as she admitted that it had been as natural as breathing to her because she loved him. Sam assured him that she would have gone to Pentonville every day for the rest of her life if she had to. Jason believed her, which was why he loved her. After a heated kiss, Sam let Jason know that they were alone.

Jason wanted to take advantage of their solitude, but Sam insisted that he wait for her in the living room because she had a surprise for him. Jason sat on the sofa while Sam raced up the stairs. She returned to the living room a short time later wearing a sexy black and pink teddy, black stockings, and matching heels. Jason made it clear that he didn't want her wearing the outfit for anyone else, but him, and then picked her up to take her to the bedroom

At Jake's, Brook confessed to Dante that it was kind of him to race to her rescue when she had called. Dante wondered if Brook felt better. Brook admitted that she hadn't had a panic attack in quite some time, but it had subsided. Dante saluted her as he assured her that he had been happy to be of assistance. He accidentally knocked her purse over as he lowered his arm. Dante leaned down to gather the contents that had spilled out of her purse.

Dante held up a bottle of pills as he straightened. He was curious what they were for. Brook explained that they were for her allergies and then tucked them back into her purse. Dante warned her to be careful not to mix them with alcohol. After Dante took a long sip of his beer, he commented that the alcohol had seemed particularly potent that evening. Brook smiled, but didn't say anything. Coleman delivered two more bottles of beer and then conversationally asked Dante how things were going.

Dante began to gush about his love for Lulu, so Coleman pulled up a chair and then sat down. Coleman was curious what Brook and Dante could tell him about Kate's life in Bensonhurst. Brook admitted that it had been a little before her time, but she had heard stories about the Falconeri cousins. Dante playfully insisted that his mother had been a saint. Brook didn't disagree, but she explained that Kate hadn't married, so she had been considered a black sheep like Brook.

After Coleman left, Dante seemed genuinely surprised that Brook felt like an outcast. Brook could tell that Dante was feeling the effects of the drugs that she had slipped in his drink, so she began to talk about her crush on him. Brook couldn't believe that he hadn't known how she felt about him. Dante admitted that Brook had changed from the young tomboy that he had remembered to the warm and vulnerable woman that she had grown into. He requested that she wear more clothes whenever she was around him because he was only human.

Dante then asked for reassurance that they were still friends. Brook promised him that they were, so she offered to take him home and then tuck him into bed. Shortly after they left, Lulu showed up at the bar looking for Dante. Coleman explained that she had just missed her boyfriend. However, before Lulu could leave, Coleman asked her for a favor. Coleman wanted to know Kate's itinerary, so that he could surprise her.

Lulu didn't think that Kate would approve of her sharing the information with anyone, including Coleman, but Coleman refused to give up. He eventually wore Lulu down by suggesting that he might be able to keep Kate out of town for a few extra days, which would give Lulu some extra freedom. Lulu quickly pulled out her cell phone.

At the loft, Brook helped Dante to the sofa. Dante was staggering and slurring his words, but Brook decided to fetch two more beers. Brook reminded him of her crush on him and then questioned if he had ever wondered about them. Dante seemed confused about what she was asking, so Brook leaned forward to kiss Dante. Things quickly heated up between them. When Lulu arrived at the loft a short time later, she found Brook, half-dressed, sitting on Dante's lap. Dante's hands roamed all over Brook's body while they passionately kissed.

At the Webber residence, Nikolas watched Cameron and Jake play on the floor. Cam wondered if he would be allowed to ride Spencer's pony when they moved to Wyndemere. Nikolas suggested that Cam ask his mother. Liz entered the room in time to hear Nikolas' comment, so she wondered what they had been talking about. Nikolas explained that Cam wanted to ride Nipit. Liz didn't have a problem with Cam riding the pony, but she made it clear to the boys that their move was only temporary.

Liz sent Cam and Jake to their room to pack some of their things while she fussed over Aiden. Nikolas wondered if Liz had second thoughts. She smiled at Nikolas as she assured him that she didn't feel pressured to move to Wyndemere. She confessed that she was actually excited about what it could mean for them and their family.

At the hospital, Matt spotted Maxie spying on Lisa. Matt acknowledged that Lisa's infatuation with Patrick was inappropriate, but he suggested that she wasn't the only woman who had a crush on Patrick. Maxie argued that Lisa's attraction to Patrick was over-the-top and needed to be stopped.

At the nurses' station, Lisa tried to convince Patrick to continue their affair, but Patrick insisted that it was over. Lisa suggested that they could see each other in secret. Her pleas were short when Patrick suddenly stepped away to greet Robin. Lisa watched as Patrick kissed his wife and then asked her how her trip had been. Robin confessed that she had loved spending time with Anna. Patrick's smile slipped when Robin wondered if anything interesting had happened while she had been gone.

Later, Nikolas bumped into Patrick at the nurses' station. Nikolas mentioned that Robin was visiting Liz. Patrick was surprised when Nikolas revealed that Liz had decided to move to Wyndemere. However, Nikolas assured Patrick that he intended to respect Liz's boundaries. Patrick agreed that boundaries were good; he wished that he had realized it sooner. Lisa lurked nearby, eavesdropping.

Matt tracked down Maxie, who continued to keep a close eye on Lisa. Matt revealed that Lisa had been asking Patrick to consult on most of her cases, which was unusual. Maxie was certain that Lisa was using the consults as an excuse to be around Patrick. Later, Maxie arranged to meet Lucky at Jake's to ask him to dig into Lisa's background. Maxie explained that Lisa appeared to be as "hung up" on Patrick as Maxie had been on Lucky during their affair.

At the Webber residence, Robin confessed that she was surprised that Liz was moving in with Nikolas. Liz realized that she had been hard on Nikolas in the past, but she wanted to give everyone a chance to be a family and bond with Aiden. Robin was curious if Liz and Nikolas were a couple. Liz had no idea what the future held; she didn't even know if she should ever consider getting involved in another relationship, but things were better with Nikolas because she was no longer angry with him. Robin was happy for Liz; however, she advised Liz not to be too hard on herself because she had made a mistake.

Liz appreciated Robin's kindness, but Liz wondered if Robin would have felt the same way if Robin had cheated on Patrick or if Patrick had cheated on Robin. "Probably not," Robin confessed. Liz smiled; she was grateful that she had a beautiful baby boy with Nikolas, so she decided it was time to make the right decision for her children. Robin understood, but she urged Liz to squeeze in a few right decisions for herself. Robin acknowledged that it took courage to give yourself to someone, but Robin was living proof that it was worth it.

Later, Cam raced out to the limousine where Jake was waiting. Nikolas let Liz know that she could change her mind, but she insisted that she wanted to see where things would go with them. Nikolas picked up Aiden's carrier and then took his son to the limousine. Liz took one last look at her living room, turned off the light, and then closed the door behind her.

Lisa let herself into the Drake residence and then called out to see if Robin were home. When no one responded, Lisa closed the door and then walked through the house with purpose. Later, Patrick arrived home to find Robin's clothes strewn about. Robin entered the living room when she heard Patrick call out to her. She was upset because her cocktail of drugs to treat her HIV were missing.

At the hospital, Lisa dropped Robin's bottles of medicine into a trash bin and then walked away with a satisfied smile on her face.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

At the penthouse, Michael went to see Jason about the escalating war between Sonny and Johnny. Michael was embarrassed when Sam suddenly appeared at the top of the stairs, wearing nothing but a robe. Sam made her way to Jason's side as she explained that she hadn't heard anyone at the door. Michael offered to leave, but Sam assured him that he was welcome. She decided to make some calls to give Jason and Michael some time and privacy.

Michael felt like an idiot because he always seemed to interrupt people while they were having sex. "Forget about it," Jason suggested and then changed the subject. Jason wondered how Michael's probation was going. Michael admitted that it was better than being in Pentonville. Jason acknowledged that no one could understand what it had been like, unless they had spent time in jail. Michael confessed that it was always in the back of his mind.

Michael recalled how Sonny and Jason had always fixed his problems; however, they couldn't fix what had happened to him in Pentonville. Jason suggested that Michael needed some time to heal. Michael revealed that he had read about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, so he was certain that he had PTSD. Jason promised that one day Michael would move past what had happened in Pentonville.

Michael suggested that it was easier for Jason to move on because Jason had Sam. Jason agreed, but he assured Michael that Michael wasn't alone. Michael appreciated Jason's support, so he promised to call if he needed to talk. After Michael left, Sam asked if Michael were okay. "No," Jason answered.

At the loft, Lulu shouted, "Get off of him you disgusting bitch," as she shoved Brook off of Dante's lap. Lulu ordered Brook to leave, but Brook suggested that it was Dante's call to make. Brook advised Dante to call her when he was done with "this bitch." Lulu viciously slapped Brook, but Brook was quick to return the slap with equal force. Brook then dared Lulu to try to take a piece of her. Lulu shoved Brook to the door.

After Lulu slammed the door closed on Brook, she turned to Dante. Dante seemed oblivious to the drama that had unfolded before him. "You swore that you loved me," Lulu cried. "I did?" Dante asked. Dante staggered to the kitchen to splash his face with cold water, but it didn't help. Dante remained dazed and confused about who Lulu was. Lulu began to suspect that Dante had been drugged, so she helped him to bed and then put a cold compress on his forehead.

As Dante rambled about how beautiful Lulu was, Lulu decided to take advantage of Dante's drugged state by asking him a few questions. She was curious if Dante had ever been tempted to do something that he shouldn't, like cheat on his girlfriend. "Nope," Dante answered. However, Lulu sensed that he was hiding something, so she asked if he were keeping anything from her. Dante explained that he couldn't talk about it because they had both given their word not to say anything. Lulu tried to find out who he was talking about, but Dante had passed out.

Lulu admitted to herself that she was a cynic who was afraid to trust. Michael entered the loft moments later. He immediately realized that something was wrong. Lulu revealed what she had walked in on Dante and Brook. Michael wondered if he could help, so Lulu asked him to keep an eye on Dante to make certain that he kept breathing. Lulu called Brook a slut and then informed Michael that she intended to "make that bitch pay." After Lulu stormed out, Michael glanced at his brother, who remained sound asleep. Michael admitted that he didn't want to be in Dante's shoes in the morning.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny reminded Carly that he loved their children as much as she did. "Actions speak louder than words," Carly suggested. Sonny assured Carly that he was taking steps to broker a peace treaty with his enemies. Carly didn't doubt Sonny's sincerity, but she feared that the cycle of violence would just continue because someone would eventually take a shot at someone else. Sonny pointed out that he had arranged for Jason's release from jail. Carly was glad about that, but she pointed out that Jason wouldn't have been in jail if Michael hadn't been sent to Pentonville.

Sonny didn't know what Carly wanted from him. Carly confessed that she hoped that Sonny made peace with his enemies because it would be better for everyone, especially Sonny. Shortly after Carly left, Brook arrived to talk to Sonny. Sonny could tell that Brook was upset. Initially, Brook was reluctant to tell him why she was distraught, but then she realized that he would hear about it sooner or later. Brook insisted that she wasn't sorry for what had happened because that would indicate that she had done something wrong.

Sonny had no idea what Brook was talking about, so she clarified that she had drinks with Dante at Jake's and then gone back to his loft with him. Brook explained that Lulu had walked in on them. According to Brook, Dante wasn't engaged to Lulu, so Lulu had no right to react the way that she had. Sonny pointed out that one could never tell what went on in other people's relationships, but it was up to Dante whom he wanted to be with.

After Brook left, Jason stopped by to let Sonny know that Michael had been with Johnny during the shootout. Sonny feared that Michael would face some consequences when the parole officer found out, but Jason assured Sonny that it wouldn't be a problem. Sonny wasn't thrilled to learn that Johnny had helped Dante cover for Michael. However, Sonny realized that it was time to make peace for the sake of his children. Sonny thought that it would be best if a third party brokered the truce, so that Johnny would be more receptive.

Johnny met Maya at Jake's at Maya's request. Maya wanted to know what Ethan's chances of survival were, while working for Johnny. Johnny suggested that they would improve greatly in a week. Maya was curious what that meant, but Johnny didn't elaborate. However, Johnny explained that there were risks with every job. Maya clarified that she was referring to the cost of doing business, not accidents. She told him about her boyfriend, who had been shot. Johnny let her know that he was sorry about her loss, just as Ethan approached their table.

Ethan teased Johnny about moving in on his girl, but Maya quickly reminded Ethan that she wasn't Ethan's girl. Johnny revealed that Maya had called him to talk about Ethan. Ethan smiled as he admitted that they had been discussing his favorite subject. Maya was annoyed that Johnny had blabbed, but Johnny pointed out that he hadn't shared any details of their discussion with Ethan. Ethan gave Johnny a hint to leave, which Johnny took.

Ethan admitted that he was flattered that Maya had been concerned about him. Maya suggested that Ethan shut up and dance with her. Ethan held out his hand and then led Maya onto the dance floor. They danced and then kissed. A short time later, May a left.

Johnny was surprised that Ethan hadn't left with her. Ethan tried to pretend that it had been his idea, but Johnny saw through the lie. Johnny suggested that things should be better after Friday because Johnny intended to kill Sonny in self-defense. Johnny was willing to pay Ethan extra to be a witness.

Carly arrived home in time to see Jax enter the living room after visiting with Morgan. Jax revealed that Morgan had confessed to seeing Sonny. Carly admitted that she knew about it. She explained that Morgan had been worried about Sonny because of the adoption and the way that Kristina had been treating her father. Jax confessed that he wouldn't put it past Sonny to manipulate Morgan.

Carly assured Jax that Sonny couldn't stop the adoption because he didn't have a legal leg to stand on. However, she revealed that Sonny had decided to broker a peace treaty with his enemies. Jax was curious if she believed that Sonny would succeed. Carly admitted that she had seen it before, so she knew it was part of a continuing cycle that always ended with violence. Jax suggested that Carly take the kids out of town for a while, so that she could keep Morgan away from Sonny.

Carly liked the idea of spending some time on Martha's Vineyard with the kids, but she wanted Jax to join them. Jax claimed that he had neglected his business for too long, so he had to work. Jax could tell that Carly was disappointed, so he offered to meet them if he could get things wrapped up quickly. After Jax left, Brook paid Carly a visit to let her know that their plan had worked. Carly was thrilled when Brook shared the details of Lulu's reaction when Lulu had walked in on Brook and Dante.

Carly explained that she was headed out of town for a few days, but she expected Brook to keep her updated on the progress with Dante. Carly handed over some cash as she instructed Brook to continue pursuing Dante until Lulu broke off their relationship.

Nikolas, Liz, and the boys arrived at Wyndemere. Cameron and Jake were thrilled when they spotted an assortment of huge colorful cupcakes set out on the sideboard. Liz allowed her sons to have one cupcake, but she reminded them that they were expected to clean up after themselves and to thank the cook for the treats. After Cam, Jake, and Spencer dashed off to play, Nikolas admitted that he was happy that Liz was giving living at Wyndemere a try.

Later, Nikolas and Liz discussed the boys' sleeping arrangements. Liz chuckled as she warned Nikolas that the boys would probably slip into each other's rooms during the night. Nikolas was curious if she liked her room. Liz assured him that it was fine. Her eyes lit up when she spotted tea and s'mores on the sideboard. She realized that Nikolas knew that the treats were her guilty pleasure. Nikolas grinned.

Nikolas wanted Liz to let him know if she felt smothered. He assured her that the staff would do as much, or as little, as she wanted. Liz confessed that she had been so focused on proving that she could do everything that she had failed to realize that she was only proving it to herself. She appreciated everything that Nikolas had done for her. Later, Nikolas held Aiden while Liz took a bath.

Nikolas assured Aiden that Liz was a great mother, and he vowed to be a better father to his newborn son. Liz entered the room in time hear Nikolas' heartfelt words. As they gazed at the baby, Liz and Nikolas admitted that they had a beautiful son.

At Jake's, Lucky was curious what made Maxie think that Lisa had crossed the line with Patrick. Maxie confessed that she saw shades of herself, while she had been obsessed with Lucky, in Lisa. Maxie acknowledged that Lisa might not be scoring pills for Patrick, but she suspected something was going on. Lucky clarified that Maxie wasn't solely to blame for their affair. Maxie argued that she had known that Lucky was married, but she appreciated that Lucky wanted to take part of the blame.

Lucky reminded Maxie that he had known what he had been doing when he had cheated on Liz. Maxie was touched that Lucky didn't blame her. Lucky believed that things had worked out as they should; Liz and the boys had moved to Wyndemere. Maxie wondered if Lucky were okay with that. "Why wouldn't I be?" Lucky asked.

Later, Lucky returned to their table with some drinks. Maxie was happy to note that he was drinking club soda. Lucky credited Maxie for keeping him from drinking, but Maxie insisted that Lucky had stopped himself. Maxie and Lucky returned to the topic of Lisa. Maxie told Lucky about Patrick's past with Lisa, which made Lucky wonder if Patrick were simply engaging in some harmless flirtation with an old flame. Maxie insisted that Patrick looked more like a man who was being stalked. She told him about her encounter with Lisa while Robin had been out of town.

Lucky suggested that there could have been an innocent explanation for Lisa's visit with Patrick, but Maxie argued that she recognized the signs that Lisa had been up to something. Lucky wished that Maxie would stop carrying the guilt of their affair. Maxie confessed that she regretted the things that she had done to be with Lucky, but she didn't regret being with him because she had enjoyed his company. Maxie realized that she had made their discussion about her instead of seeking advice on how to deal with Lisa.

Maxie started to leave, but Lucky admitted that he had hoped to invite her to play a game of pool. Maxie didn't want his pity. Lucky assured that it wasn't pity; he had intended to invite her earlier.

At the Drake residence, Patrick was curious if Robin could have left her medicine in New York. Robin explained that she had packed only what she had needed; the rest of the medication she had left at home. Robin wondered if Patrick could have accidentally thrown out her HIV medications. Patrick shook his head, so Robin decided to get everything refilled. Patrick offered to pick up the medications. Robin appreciated his help. She apologized for being "snarky," but her medications were her lifeline, so she wouldn't have been careless with them.

At the nurses' station, Steve complimented Lisa on how she had handled a reconstruction case. Lisa smiled and then offered to let him buy her a beer after she rebuilt a shoulder. It didn't escape Lisa's notice that Steve didn't take her up on the invitation. However, she was more annoyed that Patrick hadn't returned her call about a case that he had consulted on. Steve explained that Patrick had the evening off because Robin had returned home.

Lisa wondered if the special treatment had been given to Patrick or to Robin. Steve clarified that he would have done the same for any doctor on his staff. Lisa continued to gripe about Robin and Patrick, so Steve suggested that she stop working with Patrick if it bothered her so much. Lisa warned Steve that his comment sounded "uncomfortably personal." Steve suggested that she notify human resources if she had a problem with him.

Lisa seemed taken aback by Steve's reaction, so she suggested that he lighten up unless he wanted her to take it up with the board. Steve called her bluff; he thought that it might help shed some light on what had been going on lately. Lisa immediately backed down. She assured him that she could work with Patrick and then asked him to drop it.

Later, Steve spotted Patrick. Patrick explained that he had stopped by to pick up Robin's prescriptions. Steve thought that perhaps Patrick had received Lisa's messages. Patrick took the opportunity to let Steve know that he no longer wished to consult on any of Lisa's cases because he didn't think that he could work with her. Steve assured Patrick that he had already taken care of it. Steve clarified that it had been his decision because he thought that it was in the best interest of the hospital.

Patrick spotted Lisa as she approached the nurses' station, so he excused himself to talk to her. Lisa smiled with satisfaction until Patrick angrily accused her of breaking into house and stealing Robin's medications. Lisa denied it; she advised him to change the locks if he was worried about her breaking in. Lisa then smugly reminded Patrick that he would have to explain to Robin why he had decided to change the locks. Patrick informed Lisa that the locks would be taken care of.

Lisa asked Patrick to calm down. She suggested that Robin might have simply lost the medications. According to Lisa, it would be crazy if Lisa had actually stolen the medications. Patrick looked distinctly uncomfortable as Lisa calmly walked away.

Later, Patrick arrived home with Robin's medications. Robin was relieved since she hadn't missed a dose of lifesaving medications. Patrick explained that he had lost his keys, so he thought that they should have their locks changed. Robin agreed. Robin's smile faded when she realized that their wedding picture was missing. Patrick explained that he had knocked the picture over with his gym bag and that the picture had been damaged. Patrick assured her that he was having a copy of the picture made to replace it.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dante awoke in his bed to find Michael standing over him. Michael explained that Dante had been pretty wasted and had been going at it pretty heavily with Brook the night before. Michael also informed Dante that Lulu had witnessed the spectacle. Dante wondered if he'd been drugged. The last thing he remembered was having a few beers at Jake's with Brook. Michael added that Brook seemed to have been a willing participant. Dante went to find Lulu to try to repair the damage.

Maxie arrived at Crimson and sensed that Lulu was upset. Lulu told her that Dante had been stoned the prior night and that he and Brooke were half-naked and all over each other. Maxie replied that being wasted was the oldest excuse in the book, but Lulu defended Dante and said that she'd never seen him in that state before. Lulu and Maxie both agreed that Brook would be capable of drugging someone.

Dante showed up at Crimson with flowers and cupcakes and begged Lulu to forgive him. He declared his undying and abiding love for her and swore that he had not done anything with Brook, intentionally. He explained to Lulu that Brook had called him, upset, and asked him to meet her at Jake's. He went on to say that the two had a couple of beers and that was the last he remembered.

Lulu assured Dante that she wouldn't hold the incident against him but that she was furious at Brook. Dante told Lulu how much he loved her, and they kissed. Lulu shared with Dante that, while he had been out of it, he talked about something from his past that he regretted. Lulu was intrigued, but Dante hadn't gone into any detail. Maxie returned and shared that she'd run into Brook in front of Kelly's and that Brook had lied about having drugged Dante. "That girl is guilty as sin," Maxie spit.

Dante left and, later, Olivia arrived. Lulu had called her to talk about what had happened. Lulu explained that she believed Brook was trying to sabotage Lulu and Dante's relationship. She further explained that she was pretty sure Brook had drugged Dante. Olivia was flabbergasted.

Brenda returned to her mansion and was greeted by Suzanne. Brenda revealed that Murphy had asked her to marry him the night before but that she hadn't given him an answer yet, because she feared that he was using her as a safety blanket. Suzanne asked Brenda why she didn't want to marry Murphy, and Brenda responded that her heart was somewhere else. Brenda said that it wouldn't be fair to Murphy because her heart would be divided between him and a man who wasn't even a realistic option.

Later, Suzanne and Brenda discussed Brenda's travel plans. Brenda wanted a vacation but Suzanne made it very clear that Brenda needed to appear at an upcoming gala in Rome and that they needed Cortullo's money. To get it, Brenda had to satisfy commitments that had been made. Suzanne suggested that Brenda call the man from her past to gain closure on that relationship.

As Brenda sat by herself later, she stared at her phone and the note that Robin had written Sonny's number on. Brenda wistfully debated calling him.

At Jason's penthouse, he and Sam shared breakfast together. They fantasized about a fabulous vacation in a tropical paradise, when the police knocked on the door. Jason answered to find Ronnie, who informed Jason that he was the prime suspect in a suspicious fire at one of Johnny's warehouses the previous night. Ronnie arrested Jason and took him to jail.

In the interrogation room at the police station, Jason refused to answer any of Ronnie's questions without his lawyer present. Ronnie rhetorically asked what magic Sonny had. He referred to the fact that Claire had left a loophole in the plea agreement so that Jason could be released and that she'd used the loophole as a favor to Sonny.

Another cop led Michael into the room, and Ronnie explained that he thought Michael knew more than he'd admitted about the drive-by shooting that was almost responsible for killing Johnny. Ronnie told Michael about the witness who had described having seen "a big blond kid" at the scene of the shooting--before Michael had said he was there. Ronnie questioned Michael but, on Jason's advice, Michael said nothing. Diane arrived and scolded Ronnie for illegally questioning, not one, but two of her clients.

Outside of the interrogation room, Diane spewed a litany of reasons as to why Ronnie's actions were not only negligent but criminal. As she read him the riot act, Sam slipped into the interrogation room. Michael told Jason that he didn't need to be protected by Jason every single minute. Diane returned and announced that Michael was free to leave but that Jason might be held for up to 48 hours.

Michael and Sam left the room, and Diane updated Jason on the tensions between Sonny and Johnny that had been escalating while Jason was in prison. Diane demanded to know if Sonny had ordered Johnny's warehouse torched. Jason replied that he believed Sonny when Sonny had stated that he wanted to deescalate hostilities after Michael nearly got shot. At that moment, Jason noticed that Sam had left and asked Diane where she had gone.

Robin visited Sonny at his home and asked him if he'd gotten in touch with Brenda. Sonny beat around the bush, hemming and hawing about having been too busy. Robin told him that Brenda wanted to hear from him. She implied that, since Brenda and Sonny had matured since they were last together, they should explore the possibility of reconnecting. Robin mentioned that, when Sonny and Brenda were together, he'd been the happiest Robin had ever seen. As Robin parted, she encouraged Sonny to call Brenda.

After Robin left, as Sonny mulled over Brenda's contact information, Sam arrived with the news that Jason had been arrested. She reported that she'd called Diane who was on her way down to the police station, but Sam wanted to know if Sonny had been the one to have the warehouse destroyed. Sonny vehemently denied having had anything to do with the incident and insisted it must have been Santos Lopez.

Sam departed and, soon thereafter, Spinelli arrived at the mansion, on Sonny's orders. Sonny told Spinelli that he wanted to dig up everything he could on Brenda Barrett. Spinelli booted up his laptop and, in moments, several photos of and articles about Brenda popped up on the screen. Sonny pointed to a photo of Brenda and Murphy, and Spinelli discovered that Murphy and Brenda were in a romantic relationship.

Later, as Sonny sat in his parlor alone, he contemplated calling Brenda.

Olivia sat at the lunch counter at Kelly's, chatting with Mike. He encouraged Olivia to try to influence Sonny and Dante to put their differences aside. She replied that she didn't believe she held much sway with either of them.

Johnny arrived and ordered a cup of coffee, but Mike told him that he was not welcome. Johnny replied that it was the Spencers who owned Kelly's--not Mike--and that Ethan had given Johnny permission to patronize the establishment. Mike still refused to serve Johnny, who left with Olivia.

They went out to the sidewalk and Johnny told Olivia that he was still in love with her and that, if she were honest with herself, she'd admit that she still loved him too. Olivia handed him her cup of coffee and walked away.

Maxie found Brook sitting at a sidewalk table in front of Kelly's. Maxie confronted Brook and berated her for showing her "trashy face" at a restaurant owned by Lulu's family. Maxie accused Brook of drugging Dante and seducing him. Brook denied having done anything wrong and stated that Dante had been pursuing her from the time she returned to Port Charles.

Maxie told Brook that it was a ridiculous notion that Brook could break up Lulu and Dante. Brook threw the "Diego incident" in Maxie's face and told her "if I wanted Dante, I wouldn't even have to try." Maxie threatened to expose Brook's dirty deeds and played out the scene from the night before as she imagined it: that Brook had called Dante with a sob story before she drugged and seduced him.

Brook replied that she and Maxie had a history together and that it was Maxie who would resort to such tactics. Brook went on to claim that she and Dante had only had one beer and that he had been the one to seduce her.

Maxie threatened to pull all of Brook's hair out of her head. Brook was about to escalate the conflict when Johnny happened by. Maxie took her leave but not before warning Johnny. "Proceed with caution," Maxie urged. "Brook Lynn's been drugging guys to get with her these days." Maxie suggested Johnny ask Dante for details. Brook was mortified.

After Maxie was gone, Brook admitted that she'd been with Dante the night before but she spun the tale to make her appear saintly. Johnny told her that Maxie was known for hyperbole and that she was fiercely protective of Lulu. Ethan showed up, which prompted Johnny to reassure Brook that she didn't need to worry about Maxie. The two men entered the diner together.

Not long after, Dante arrived, having asked Brook to meet him there. He asked her to tell him what had happened the night before. Brook played it off as if she'd believed that Dante had been distraught and that she was just being a friend. Dante asked her point-blank if she had drugged him.

Mike emerged from the Kelly's kitchen, dismayed to see that Johnny had returned with reinforcements. Mike reiterated that Johnny was not welcome, but Ethan stated that Kelly's was neutral territory and that all paying customers were welcome. Ethan also pointed out that Luke would tell Mike as much if he were in town. Johnny smugly reordered the cup of coffee he'd asked for earlier.

Ethan and Johnny took a seat at a table and discussed Johnny's plan to kill Sonny. Johnny pointed out that the police knew Sonny had accosted Johnny several times and that Sonny was always armed. The beauty of the plan, Johnny smirked, was that the cops would believe Sonny's death was an act of self-defense by Johnny.

At Jason's penthouse, Sam strapped a knife to her ankle and stashed a gun in her waistband as Spinelli walked in. She asked Spinelli to check the schematics of the Lopez Brothers' warehouse because she had to prove that Jason had not torched Johnny's warehouse.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Sam sneaked into a warehouse and overheard Santos tell another man that Johnny would pay for Tomas' death. They heard a noise and surmised that someone was in the building with them. They both drew their weapons.

Santos directed the other man to leave, as Santos had some of his own business to tend to. The man left, and Santos called someone on the phone and told the person that the enemies of the Lopez Brothers would not be left alone. He scouted around the warehouse and looked for the intruder. Sam hid, crouched between boxes on a shelf.

Later, as Santos told another man to run Johnny down if he were to see him, Sam took photos with her phone. Santos drove away in a panel van, while Sam hid in the back of another one.

In the interrogation room at the Port Charles police station, Jason worried that Sam might do something dangerous to prove that he had nothing to do with the fire at Johnny's warehouse. Diane made it clear that Jason would not be able to go to Sam's aid until Ronnie released him. Diane left to check in with Spinelli and returned with information that Sam had requested the floor plan of a warehouse that belonged to the Lopez Brothers.

Jason demanded that Diane spring him from jail, as Ronnie entered the room. Ronnie hinted that he might have to falsify evidence to keep Jason locked up but that Jason wouldn't be released for some time. Diane called a judge and worked a personal connection to get a hearing. Claire walked in and told Diane not to bother because Claire had been called in to oppose. After Diane explained the situation, Claire asked Ronnie to speak with her in private.

Outside of the interrogation room, Claire blasted Ronnie for his actions. Ronnie justified his actions and told Claire that she had become a liability to law enforcement. She replied that she'd have his badge if he were to pull another stunt like that. Ronnie was recalcitrant. Claire returned to the interrogation room and told Diane that she would not drop the charges. Letting Jason out of Pentonville, Claire explained, had been her last favor to him or Sonny.

Later, Dante returned to the police station, surprised to see that Jason was detained. Dante asked Ronnie why Jason had been arrested. Ronnie replied that Jason was a suspect in the fire that had destroyed Johnny's warehouse. Dante knew that it didn't make any sense for Jason to have done that. Ronnie and Dante argued about which side of the law Dante was on and whether Ronnie was waging a vendetta that was compromising his decisions.

Ronnie left and Dante went to talk to Jason. Dante told Jason that Santos believed Johnny had killed Tomas but that Dante and Jason knew it was Sonny who had been behind the hit. Dante told Jason that a lot of people they cared for could be hurt if things continued to escalate.

Jason railed against Ronnie and informed Dante that Ronnie had taken Michael off of a road crew as an attempt to harass Jason. Dante said he'd make sure that wouldn't happen again but worried more about the brewing war between Johnny and Sonny. Jason relayed that Sonny was willing to negotiate with Johnny.

After Dante left, Claire walked in and released Jason. The judge had agreed with Diane's contention that the police lacked sufficient evidence to hold him. She returned Jason's personal belongings to him and he left, just in time to receive a call from Sam.

Calling from the back of the Lopez van as it was being driven by one of Santos' men, she whispered that she'd gotten good evidence to prove that it was Santos who had torched Johnny's warehouse, The bad news, she reported, was that she was trapped.

As Sonny sat alone in his study, Brenda sat by herself in her villa. Both dialed each other's numbers and each got a message stating that the circuits were busy.

Suzanne returned to the villa with the information that the man who had attacked Brenda was not telling the police anything. Suzanne worried that he might have been warned not to talk. Her guess was that he was involved with the Russian Syndicate. Suzanne hypothesized that the mob didn't want Brenda publicizing the plight of exploited children, because that's how the organization made its money.

Brenda told Suzanne about the man from her past she'd been referring to. Suzanne figured, correctly, that he had been a mobster. Brenda reminisced about the time Sonny, with Luke's help, rescued her in Puerto Rico. Brenda said that she used to feel alive but had begun to feel dead inside.

Suzanne figured that all of the drama in Brenda and Sonny's lives had heightened their feelings toward each other. Brenda maintained that it had been more than that but that it hadn't ended well. Suzanne countered that at least Brenda had survived. Suzanne took back her earlier advice to contact Sonny so that they could have closure on their relationship. She advised Brenda to stay as far away from him as possible.

Suzanne told Brenda that she had an appointment with a curator named Wilhelm von Schlegel about Brenda posing for an avant-garde artist. Later, after Suzanne had gone, Mr. von Schlegel arrived at the villa, and Brenda let him in and explained that she didn't sit for paintings and that all of her print work was under contract with Cortullo. Mr. von Schlegel informed her that the artist he represented wanted to do a whole collection based on Brenda. "I'm sure you've heard of him," he stated. "Franco."

Sonny continued to muse about calling Brenda until Kristina surprised him with a visit. Sonny invited her to stay for dinner. Kristina agreed and asked to use his computer to email her study partner. She saw the photos of Brenda on the screen and asked Sonny why he was interested in such a big star.

Kristina realized that Sonny and Brenda had dated in the past. She told Sonny that the project she and her study partner were working on was to write about a public figure they admired. "Brenda Barrett would be perfect" Kristina beamed.

Kristina asked if Sonny would call Brenda, but Sonny replied that it would be best if Kristina spoke to Robin, who had just run into Brenda in Africa. Sonny talked about the intensity of his and Brenda's love and explained that he'd left Brenda at the altar.

At Crimson, Lulu explained to Olivia that Brooke and Dante had been intimate the night before. Lulu confided that, in the past, Lulu had been drugged and had thrown herself at Dante but that Dante hadn't taken advantage of the situation. However, she pointed out, Brooke hadn't been as gallant.

Olivia was shocked to think that Brook would have seduced Dante, knowing he was not in is right mind, but she admitted that it was a possibility. She didn't believe, though, that Brook had been the one to slip Dante a roofie. Olivia said it was likely one of Dante's enemies.

Dante and Brook sat at a sidewalk table outside of Kelly's. Brook asked Dante how he could think she would have drugged him. As she spoke, her voice crackled until she broke down in tears. She claimed that she'd really believed that Dante wanted to be with her. Dante chalked the incident up to someone having tried to drug Brook at Jake's but that maybe he'd drunk the tainted beer by accident.

He questioned, however, why Brook hadn't noticed that something had been off that night. Brook told him that she had been drunk, so she hadn't been acting herself either. Dante apologized to Brook for having doubted her.

Later, Olivia arrived as Brook was heading to rehearsal. Brook told Olivia to make it quick and Olivia replied that Brook needed to lose the attitude. Olivia asked Brook what she had done to Dante and asked if Brook had drugged him.

Brook threatened to leave, but Olivia grabbed her by the arm and said that Brook knew full well that Dante had been messed up that night but that she had taken advantage anyway. Brook admitted that she had a crush on Dante but said that she knew that it wasn't mutual.

Patrick and Robin sat on a sofa near the nurses' desk at General Hospital, while Robin opened a present from Patrick. It was a framed photo of them at their wedding. He gave it to her to replace the one he claimed to have broken.

Lisa happened by and made small talk before asking Patrick to assist her on a head trauma case. He referred her to Matt and said it was probably best that he and Lisa didn't work together. Lisa stormed off. Maxie arrived at the nurses' desk as Lisa stomped by. Maxie told Matt to go "be charming" with Lisa to try to get her to admit something with regard to her and Patrick.

As soon as Matt left, Robin walked up to chat with Maxie. Robin sensed that Maxie was keeping something from her and asked Maxie to come clean. Maxie admitted she'd witnessed Lisa at Robin and Patrick's house while Robin was in New York.

Robin went to Patrick and asked him why he hadn't said anything about Lisa having been at their house. He said that he'd been working up to that. Patrick explained that he'd returned to their home to find Lisa sitting on the couch. Robin asked how Lisa had gotten in, and Patrick reported that Lisa had said she "had her ways." He assured Robin that he'd called a locksmith to change the locks.

Robin asked him if he thought that Lisa had been the one who stole Robin's HIV medicine. He didn't want to believe that Lisa had taken Robin's meds, but Robin said that too many coincidences were beginning to take place.

Not far from the nurses' station, Matt expressed to Lisa his surprise that she had chosen him, not Patrick, to consult on a case. Lisa told Matt that Patrick didn't want to work with her anymore because he was afraid to spend time alone with her. "He had too much fun while Robin was away," she said, hinting that something had happened between Lisa and Patrick.

Later, Maxie and Matt discussed the situation between Lisa, Patrick, and Robin. They wondered whether Patrick had been hitting on Lisa whenever Robin wasn't around. Maxie admitted that she used to think that but, after witnessing the awkwardness between Patrick and Lisa when Maxie walked in on them at Robin's house, she was beginning to doubt that.

Matt told Maxie that Lisa and Steven were on the outs and that Lisa didn't really have any friends. Patrick, Matt told Maxie, was Lisa's main focus.

Robin and Patrick arrived home after a long day. Robin asked if Emma was asleep, as the nanny met them in the living room. The nanny replied that Emma wasn't back yet, prompting Robin and Patrick to ask, with concern, where their baby was. The nanny replied that Lisa had taken Emma out for ice cream.

At Kelly's Johnny and Ethan discussed Johnny's plan to kill Sonny in "self-defense." Ethan told Johnny that it was a bad idea because Claire had gone soft on Sonny. Ethan asked Johnny if it was worth a life-sentence to take Sonny out. Ethan also pointed out that Jason would kill Johnny out of revenge.

Johnny replied that he would take care of Jason, as well, if that were what was needed. Ethan made it clear that Johnny would be on his own in the venture. "I'm loyal, but I'm not suicidal," Ethan added. Johnny explained that killing Sonny was the only way he could avenge Claudia's death. "If I die in the process, so be it; as long as I take him with me," Johnny coolly stated, referring to Sonny.

Sonny left a phone message for Robin as he walked down the sidewalk in front of the Harborview Towers. He let Robin know that, for a school project, Kristina would be in touch to ask about Brenda. As soon as he ended the call, Johnny appeared and held a gun on Sonny.

Sonny told Johnny that he was willing to make peace, but Johnny wouldn't have it. Johnny accused Sonny of having broken Claudia down until she lost her mind and that Michael, an innocent kid, had to take her out. To make matters worse, Sonny had buried her like an animal.

Johnny was momentarily distracted when someone walked by, and Sonny acted; he pulled out his gun and shot Johnny. As Johnny lay on the sidewalk, bleeding, Sonny walked away. Ronnie walked by and found Johnny, struggling to breathe. Ronnie told Johnny that he'd call an ambulance and asked who had shot him. Johnny uttered that it had been Sonny.

Ronnie used a handkerchief to pick up the gun Johnny still clutched in his hand and placed it in his own back pocket. Ronnie then called in an APB for Sonny Corinthos, who he said was armed and dangerous. "He just shot an unarmed man on the street," Ronnie lied.

Sonny returned to his home and left a message for Diane. He stated that it was an urgent situation. Sonny was surprised to find in his study Dante, who told Sonny to continue his conversation, because he'd love to hear all about it.

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