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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 8, 2010 on GH
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Monday, March 8, 2010

On the Haunted Star, Lucky informed Luke that Ethan's visa had expired, so Lucky intended to turn Ethan over to the Immigration and Naturalization Service. Ethan smugly predicted that Luke would object. Luke quickly replied, "You're wrong." Luke volunteered to drop off Ethan's toothbrush at the INS office. Ethan was shocked; he suspected that Luke was mad because Ethan had stolen a box of cigars from Sonny.

Luke clarified that he didn't care that Ethan had stolen the cigars; he was concerned because Ethan had gone on a "suicide mission" to obtain them. Ethan was disappointed that Luke refused to stop the deportation. Luke pointed out that Ethan would be returned to Australia, where it was warm and sunny. Luke suggested that after a few months in Australia, Ethan could obtain a new visa and then return to Port Charles. Luke was confident that by then, everything would have settled down between Johnny and Sonny.

Ethan argued that the deportation was a "radical solution." Lucky insisted that it was a last resort to save Ethan from Johnny's recklessness. Ethan denied any involvement in Johnny's vendetta. Luke revealed that Sonny had assured Luke that Ethan was under Sonny's protection. Lucky wasn't comforted; he pointed out that Michael had also been under Sonny's protection when a sniper's bullet had struck Michael in the head. Ethan was flattered by the "onslaught of attention," but he promised that he had very little to do with Johnny's plans.

Lucky was curious what Ethan's definition of "very little" was. Ethan insisted that all he had done was stolen the box of cigars and romanced Bernie's secretary. Lucky didn't buy it, but he decided to wash his hands of the matter. Lucky advised Ethan to get a green card and then left. A short time later, Tracy entered the casino and then promptly demanded to know how much it would cost her. Luke pretended to be wounded by Tracy's assumption that they had called her for money. Tracy reminded Luke that he had married her for her money.

Luke promised that it was ancient history; he had fallen "deeply" and "intensely" in love with Tracy. "Oh please," Tracy groused. She looked to Ethan to ask, "What's up?" Ethan confessed that his visa had expired. Tracy realized that marriage to a United States citizen would be the best solution to Ethan's problem. Luke joked that Tracy would have been the perfect bride if she hadn't already been married. Tracy suggested that her marital status could be quickly remedied.

Luke didn't like where the conversation was headed, especially when Tracy called to prepare the jet for a trip to Las Vegas. Tracy decided that if she was going to be saddled with a deadbeat husband, he might as well be a trophy husband. Ethan admitted that the idea of marrying Tracy made him uncomfortable. Luke thought that it should bother Ethan, since Tracy was Ethan's mother. Ethan and Tracy burst out laughing.

Luke didn't find anything amusing about incest. Ethan confided that the idea of marrying Tracy grew more appealing by the moment. Tracy was confident that they could fly to Las Vegas, obtain a quickie divorce, so that Tracy could marry Ethan, and then return to Port Charles by dinnertime. "Over my cold, dead body," Luke warned them. Tracy assured Luke that he wouldn't lose his meal ticket. Luke asked to speak to Tracy privately.

After Ethan left, Luke decided that Tracy should marry Ethan. However, Luke wondered what he would get out of the deal. Tracy was curious what Luke wanted. Luke demanded forty thousand dollars a month, the Lamborghini, and the five-room suite in the east wing of the mansion. Tracy considered it for a moment and then agreed to Luke's terms. Luke was annoyed.

"Fine, you win," Luke conceded. Luke acknowledged that they should have killed each other years before, but he admitted that their relationship worked for him better than any other relationship had. Luke refused to give up Tracy for anyone, including his own son. Tracy smiled victoriously as she admitted that Luke had made the right decision. Luke leaned forward and then kissed Tracy.

At Johnny's garage, Johnny was annoyed that his jacket had been ruined. Jason warned Johnny that the next time he wouldn't shoot Johnny with a paintball gun. Jason appreciated that Johnny had protected Michael; however, it wasn't a free pass for Johnny to go after Sonny. Jason pointed out that he could have killed Johnny, but hadn't. As Jason started to leave, Johnny leapt for a nearby gun. Johnny cocked it and then aimed it at Jason.

Johnny informed Jason that the gun had real bullets in it, not paint. Johnny claimed that he was going after Sonny because of what Sonny had done to Claudia. Jason wondered what it would take for Johnny to "let it go." "Let it go?" Johnny asked incredulously. Johnny was curious if Jason would be able to "let it go" if it had been Carly or Emily instead of Claudia. Jason calmly explained that Sonny was tied to everyone that Jason cared about. Jason promised to push back if Johnny continued to make a move against Sonny.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny was furious. "Come after me any way you want, any direction you choose, but don't you dare use Michael to do it," Sonny warned Dante. Dante was surprised that Sonny objected to two brothers having a conversation. Sonny asked Michael to leave. Dante promised to be available if Michael needed someone to confide to. Sonny's temper flared. "Go!" Sonny ordered Michael. After Michael left, Sonny accused Dante of damaging Michael by dredging up what had happened to Claudia.

"Right, because it's always the other people who cause harm. Right, Sonny? It's never you. You're just this poor misunderstood guy trying to be a good dad. That's your story and you're sticking to it?" Sonny flinched, but remained silent as Dante suggested that Sonny was surrounded by people who perpetuated the lie. Dante believed that Michael was old enough to see the truth, so Dante was determined to help the process along. Sonny argued that it didn't concern Dante.

Sonny made it clear that he didn't want Michael involved in the trial. Dante reminded Sonny that Michael was a potential witness. Sonny insisted that Michael hadn't been present when Claudia had died. Sonny took full responsibility for killing Claudia. Sonny claimed that he hadn't realized his own strength until he had killed Claudia with a single swing. According to Sonny, it had been an accident; however, saving Carly and Josslyn had been justified. "So help me God," Sonny promised.

Later, Jason stopped by to see Sonny. Sonny told Jason about Dante's encounter with Michael. Sonny was concerned that the trial would put a strain on Michael and that Michael would eventually feel compelled to confess. Sonny wanted Jason and Sam to take Michael to the island until after the trial. Jason worried about Carly's reaction. Sonny assured Jason that he would talk to Carly during dinner that evening.

A short time later, Jason ordered Michael to pack. Michael resented being shipped off to the island. It was further proof to Michael that Sonny didn't see Michael as an equal the way that Sonny did Dante. Jason informed Michael that confessing wouldn't be the way to change Sonny's mind. Michael disagreed; it would prove that Michael took responsibility for his actions. Jason assured Michael that there wasn't a competition between Michael and Dante. Jason explained that they needed to get Michael out of the country before everything blew up in their faces.

Dante went to Johnny's garage to question him about the aftermath of Claudia's death. Dante was curious if Johnny knew anything that might help them link Sonny to the cabin. Johnny admitted that he didn't have any evidence that would tie Sonny to the cabin on that fateful night. Dante wondered if Michael might be a possible witness. Johnny warned Dante to leave Michael alone. Dante pointed out that Johnny's reaction had been revealing. Dante was more certain than ever that Michael had seen something.

Johnny suggested that Dante stop zeroing in on Michael as a suspect. Johnny believed that Michael needed for Dante to be a big brother instead of a cop. Dante insisted that he was trying to help Michael by getting Michael away from Sonny's influence. Dante suddenly realized that Sonny might try to get Michael out of the country before Michael could be called to testify as a witness.

At the penthouse, Jason and Sam packed their bags and then prepared to leave with Michael. Michael wondered what would happen if Jason and Sam weren't available to testify. Jason assured Michael that Jason and Sam would return once Michael had settled in on the island. Michael grumbled at the thought of being surrounded by "jailors." Moments later, Dante knocked on the door. Dante called out that he wanted to talk to Jason about Michael.

At the Metro Court Restaurant, Carly went over the menu for a special dinner that Carly had planned. Olivia assumed that the dinner was for Carly and Jax. As Carly checked behind the bar, Olivia predicted that Sonny's trial would be difficult on everyone, especially Carly and Jax. Olivia thought that it was a good idea for Carly to take precautions to protect her marriage. Carly wondered where the silver tequila was; she confessed that it was Sonny's favorite. Olivia was stunned. "This is all for Sonny?" Olivia demanded to know.

Carly confirmed Olivia's suspicions and then explained that she had a lot to discuss with Sonny. Olivia sourly suggested that Carly stick Sonny in the conference room with some cheese and crackers. Carly was curious about Olivia's attitude. Olivia explained that her mother had a low tolerance for stupidity; it was a trait that she had passed on to Olivia.

Olivia was lighting candles in preparation for Carly and Sonny's dinner when Jax approached the table. Jax recognized Carly's favorite flowers and brand of champagne, so he assumed that Carly intended to surprise him with a romantic dinner. Olivia tried to explain, but Jax cut her off as he confessed that Carly had taken a step in the right direction. Carly walked up moments later. Jax showered Carly with compliments when he noticed her stunning black dress. "Thanks," Carly said before she glanced at Olivia to inquire, "Do you think that Sonny will like it?"

Jax's smile faltered as he accused Carly of reverting to her old patterns. Carly was all innocence as she pretended to have no idea what Jax was talking about. Jax warned Carly that she had been mistaken if she thought had that he would be jealous. Carly assured Jax that she hadn't given him a second thought. Jax advised Carly to proceed with caution. Carly promised Jax that she knew what she was doing.

Jax tested Carly by daring her to object to him having dinner with another woman. Carly feigned indifference, but she demanded to know whom Jax would invite. Jax looked towards Olivia. "Oh, hell no," Olivia objected. Olivia didn't want any part of Jax and Carly's games; she had enough problems of her own.

Sonny arrived at the restaurant a short time later. He noticed Jax and Olivia sitting at the bar. Sonny noticed that Jax was glaring at him. Carly instructed Sonny to ignore Jax. As Sonny sat down at the table, he announced that he had sent Michael to the island. Carly was livid that Sonny hadn't consulted her before sending Michael away. Sonny insisted that it had been the only solution, but Carly disagreed. Nearby, Jax smiled when he noticed Carly's reaction.

Hoping to spot Chef Robaire, Spinelli and Maxie sat in Metro Court's lobby. Spinelli claimed that he was concerned about Maxie's safety. Maxie was confident that she was up to the task of helping Spinelli with the surveillance. Spinelli pointed out that the case had taken a "decidedly gruesome" turn because three women, whom Chef Robaire had "carnal knowledge" of, had disappeared.

Maxie received a call from Kate moments later. Spinelli smiled when Maxie explained that she couldn't make it to work because she was busy with something else. After Maxie ended the call, Spinelli showed Maxie a picture of Chef Robaire. Maxie was surprised that Chef Robaire was such an ordinary-looking man. Spinelli was quick to paint Chef Robaire as a treacherous criminal mastermind who needed to be closely monitored. Spinelli's phone rang as Chef Robaire exited the elevator. Maxie tried to snag Spinelli's attention, but he was too focused on his phone call to notice.

Maxie decided to follow Chef Robaire. She eventually caught up to him in a hallway. Chef Robaire mistook Maxie for a groupie who was eager to sleep with him. He offered to show her his "pastry pantry," but Maxie declined. Chef Robaire accused her of playing hard to get, so he grabbed her hand. Maxie panicked. She snatched a butter knife from a nearby cart, accused him of being a serial killer, and then ordered him to release her.

At Shadybrook, Liz demanded to know why Nikolas had dragged Jason's name into their conversation. Liz pointed out that they didn't even know if the baby was Nikolas'. Nikolas suggested that the odds were in his favor; however, even if the baby weren't his child, it would be his niece or nephew. Liz made it clear that she didn't need Nikolas providing for her or her children. Nikolas wanted to know why not. Liz was frustrated because Nikolas never listened to what she told him.

Nikolas disagreed; he insisted that he heard her loud and clear. Nikolas believed that Liz was afraid that if she took his money then she would never get Lucky back. Liz closed the door to give them privacy. She carefully explained that her life had ceased to exist as she knew it the moment that Lucky had learned of their affair. Liz realized that she had broken Lucky's trust and ruined any chance at a future with the best man that she had ever known.

Liz took full responsibility for compromising Lucky's sobriety. However, she was grateful that Lucky still cared enough about her to be concerned about what happened to her. Liz didn't have any illusions about a reconciliation, but it wasn't a matter of if she couldn't have Lucky then she could have Nikolas. Liz needed to be alone. She admitted that when she looked at Nikolas, all she saw was "sadness, guilt, and loss." It was a rocky foundation to build a future on. Liz insisted that she and Nikolas were done; nothing would change that.

Liz clarified that she didn't want the trust fund. According to Liz, as long as a Cassadine had touched it, the money was cursed. She didn't want any part of the money or Nikolas. Nikolas was hurt, but he left without further argument.

Later, Lainey entered the room to inquire if Liz was ready. After Liz nodded her head, Lainey invited Nikolas and Lucky into the room. Lainey started the session by inviting Liz to explain why Liz seemed agitated. Liz confessed that she thought that she had hit the bottom when Lucky had found out about the affair, but there was further for her to fall. Liz realized that she would likely lose two very important people in her life. Liz understood that it was what she deserved.

Lainey wondered what had led to Liz's affair with Nikolas. Liz admitted that it had started out as a prank to make Lucky and Rebecca jealous. Nikolas had shown up at the hospital with flowers and then kissed Liz while Lucky and Rebecca had been watching. However, the second kiss had been different. Liz acknowledged that it had been a real kiss. Lucky's eyes filled with tears.

Liz knew that an affair with Nikolas had been dangerous and stupid, but she felt as if she had been on the outside looking in on her life. Lainey suggested that if Liz's feelings for Lucky had been all good and Liz's feelings for Nikolas had been all bad, then there wouldn't have been an affair. Lainey was curious if there was something that Liz needed that she could only get from Nikolas.

Lucky spoke up before Liz could respond. Lucky acknowledged that he had kept Liz frozen in time because he had never stopped seeing her as the young girl whom he had rescued in the park. Lucky believed that Nikolas was some sort of escape for Liz. Liz had known, on a subconscious level, that being with Nikolas would free her forever from Lucky.

A short time later, Nikolas and Lucky left Liz's room. Nikolas reminded Lucky that he had been very clear about what he wanted: Nikolas hoped that the baby was his and that Liz would agree to marry him. However, Nikolas was curious what Lucky wanted. Lucky suspected that it wasn't what Nikolas expected. Lucky confessed that he wanted the same exact thing that Nikolas wanted; Lucky wanted Nikolas to be the father.

In Liz's room, Liz talked to Lainey. Liz insisted that she desperately wanted Lucky back.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

At the penthouse, Dante demanded to talk to Jason. Michael ducked out of sight while Sam made certain that her clothing was askew before she answered the door. Sam made it clear that Dante had interrupted an intimate moment between her and Jason. Dante ignored Sam's annoyance to warn Jason that it appeared that Michael had been a witness to what had happened at the cabin. Dante wanted to question Michael. Jason claimed that he had no idea where Michael was. Dante didn't believe Jason, so he asked to look around.

Sam suggested that Dante return the following day. She explained that she and Jason hadn't had any time together in ages, so she had been looking forward to their evening. Dante reiterated that it was imperative that he talk to Michael, so that Michael wouldn't be forced to testify. Sam continued to complain about Dante's intrusion on her plans with Jason. Dante warned Sam and Jason that if they didn't cooperate then Michael would be subpoenaed.

After Dante left, Jason thanked Sam for her help. Michael returned to the living room; he was furious that Dante was suddenly behaving like a concerned brother. Jason warned Michael that Dante was a cop who would tell any lie, in order to gather evidence against Sonny.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Jax urged Carly to hear Sonny out. Jax thought it would be best for Michael to be far away from Port Charles during the trial, so that Michael wouldn't self-destruct by confessing to killing Claudia. Carly wondered where Jax's concern had been for Michael when Michael had needed it. Jax accused Carly of having a short-term memory; he wasn't the one who had put Michael in constant danger.

Sonny argued, "No one believes you were protecting the kids anymore, Jax." Sonny suspected that Jax's only concern was to make sure that Michael couldn't help Sonny. Jax was outraged. "Wow, you're making the noble sacrifice to shield Michael from the disaster that you created," Jax bitterly observed. Jax was adamant that the well-being of the boys had been at the heart of everything that Jax had done.

Carly was confident that she could persuade Michael to keep quiet. Sonny warned Carly that she would have to act swiftly because Jason and Sam were preparing to leave town that very night. Carly dashed out of the restaurant. Jax left moments later. Sonny glanced over to Olivia who had been watching them from the bar. Sonny waved her over to his table.

Olivia reminded Sonny that she wasn't a waitress. Sonny invited Olivia to join him for dinner, but she declined. Sonny was disappointed; he had hoped that Olivia could tell him about Dante's childhood. Olivia sat down at the table next to Sonny's and then invited him to ask some questions. Sonny wanted to know what kind of student Dante had been in school. Olivia confessed that Dante had enjoyed Social Studies, Science, and History, but he hadn't done well in Math.

Sonny wondered who had been Dante's heroes. Olivia revealed that Dante had loved Spiderman. She recalled that Dante had told everyone that his father wasn't around because he was off somewhere fighting crime. "Got to love the irony in that," Olivia commented. It dawned on Olivia that the real reason that Dante had chosen a career in law enforcement was because of his fantasy about his father, not because of Vince Poletti.

Olivia was certain that Sonny knew exactly how Vince Poletti had been murdered, so she didn't bother sharing any details. Sonny resented that Olivia had never considered that Sonny would have been a good father. Olivia didn't apologize. She insisted that her brothers had provided Dante with plenty of positive male role models. Sonny claimed that he was happy that Dante had the Falconeri brothers to guide him, but it was clear that Sonny didn't mean it.

Sonny dropped some cash on his table to pay the tab and then started to walk away. Olivia was furious. She accused him of throwing his "blood money" around to make himself look like "somebody." Sonny sensed that Olivia had more to say. Olivia angrily informed Sonny that she thanked God that Sonny's "freaking filthy life" had never touched her kid. Olivia didn't have any sympathy for Sonny.

According to Olivia, there had been plenty of people around, including the Cerullos, who would have helped Sonny, but Sonny had chosen to follow Joe Scully. Olivia picked up the money from Sonny's table and then shoved it into his jacket pocket. She informed him that she didn't want his money and then ordered Sonny to get his "sorry ass" out of the restaurant. Sonny calmly pulled the money out of his pocket and then dropped it back on the table.

Sonny suggested that Olivia thought that she knew everything. Olivia admitted that she knew that every man that Sonny had shot had been someone's son. Olivia also knew that the last person that Sonny had shot had been Sonny's own son. Sonny warned Olivia to keep her voice down. Olivia ignored Sonny; she told him that he'd made his bed, and he had to lie in it. Sonny assured her that he would.

Carly arrived at the penthouse as Jason, Sam, and Michael prepared to leave. Carly didn't want Jason to take Michael to the island, but Jason insisted that it was for the best. Jason asked Carly to trust him.

In the jet, Jason shared memories of the first time that he had taken Michael to the island. Michael realized that Jason would always see Michael as a child. Michael appreciated that he had someone like Jason in his life, but he asked that Jason allow him to grow up.

Dante went to Lulu's apartment. As soon as Lulu opened the door, Dante pulled her into his arms and then kissed her. Dante's amorous greeting surprised Lulu. Dante explained that it seemed as if everyone in the world acted on their passions, so he thought it was only fair that they should. Dante confessed that while he had been at Jason's penthouse, all he could think about was Lulu.

Lulu was concerned about Dante's wound, but he assured her that it was fine. Lulu and Dante started to make love on the sofa when Maxie suddenly entered the apartment. Maxie quickly apologized for the interruption; she promised to leave as soon as she changed clothes. A short time later, Maxie emerged from her bedroom and was dressed for a night of surveillance. Dante wondered if he should be concerned, but Maxie promised that Spinelli had everything well in hand.

After Maxie left, Lulu suggested that she and Dante go to the bedroom before someone else barged in on them. Moments later, Ronnie knocked on the front door and demanded to see Dante. Dante promised that he'd get rid of Ronnie quickly. Ronnie apologized when he realized what he had walked in on. Ronnie explained that he and Dante had to track down Sonny.

After Dante left, Carly dropped by to see Lulu. Carly and Lulu apologized to each other for the recent distance between them. They vowed not to let any man pull them apart. Carly wanted Lulu's help with Dante. Carly didn't expect Dante to lie on the witness stand, but she hoped that Dante would show some compassion for Sonny. Carly believed that it would have a huge impact on the jury.

Carly confided that the police suspected that Michael knew something about Claudia's death. Carly feared that Michael would be called to testify against Sonny. Carly didn't think that Michael could handle the pressure, so Carly was making the request for Michael's sake. Lulu refused to help Carly because Lulu believed that Sonny belonged in prison. Carly was disappointed, but she understood that Lulu was in a difficult position.

Carly advised Lulu to not let Dante see how much Lulu hated Sonny. Carly warned Lulu that Sonny would eventually wear Dante down. Lulu hoped that Carly was wrong. Carly promised that there would be a day when Sonny and Dante would connect as father and son.

Ronnie and Dante were in Sonny's living room when Sonny arrived home. Sonny made it clear that Dante was welcome, but Ronnie wasn't. Ronnie explained that they were there to question Michael about the night that Claudia had died. Sonny couldn't believe that Dante would allow Ronnie to harass Michael. Ronnie quickly realized that Michael was already out of the country when Sonny refused to allow anyone to talk to Michael. Ronnie was furious; he vowed that they could and would use Sonny's son against Sonny.

At Metro Court, Maxie held Chef Robaire at bay with a butter knife as she threatened to call the police. Chef Robaire was stunned when Maxie accused him of being a serial killer. He insisted that there had been a misunderstanding. Chef Robaire claimed that he was a lover not a killer. Maxie quickly backtracked. She apologized for the case of mistaken identity. Maxie explained that she had seen a news report about an escaped felon who bore a striking resemblance to Chef Robaire. Chef Robaire had no idea what to make of Maxie, so he walked away.

Maxie returned to the lobby to find Spinelli on his cell phone. Spinelli abruptly ended the call when Maxie told him that she had an encounter with Chef Robaire. Maxie confessed that she couldn't understand how three women could have been drawn to someone as unattractive as the French chef. She also questioned Chef Robaire's intelligence. Spinelli suggested that perhaps it had been a ruse to throw Maxie off.

Maxie worried that she might have ruined Spinelli's investigation, but Spinelli assured Maxie that he had backup plans. However, he worried that they were all too dangerous for her. Maxie desperately wanted to help Spinelli. She refused to walk away because of the risk to her. Later, Maxie and Spinelli found themselves trapped in the same sewer drain that they had tracked Diego Alcazar to while on the hunt for the Text Message Killer.

As Spinelli limped over to an area where he could sit, he explained that that Maxie would have to go for help. Spinelli didn't think that he could get far because he suspected that he had torn his Achilles tendon. Maxie screamed when she spotted a rat. Spinelli opened his laptop to find a map to aid Maxie. Maxie jumped when alarms suddenly sounded and then a grate slammed down to trap them in the sewer drain.

Kristina smiled when she spotted Ethan sitting in Kelly's. Mike was delighted to see Kristina when she entered the diner. Kristina greeted her grandfather and then turned her attention to Ethan. Ethan set aside his newspaper as Kristina playfully suggested that Ethan had obviously memorized her schedule. Ethan politely revealed that he was expecting someone. Kristina was curious if Ethan was waiting for the woman that she had seen him with in Kelly's the other day.

Ethan didn't think it was appropriate for them to discuss his private life. Kristina was amused that Ethan would be concerned about propriety given his profession as a con man. She quickly clarified that she found that part of his life fascinating. Ethan was flattered, but he suggested that they each stick to people their own age. Moments later, Jennifer arrived.

Ethan warmly greeted Jennifer and then offered to take her somewhere else for their date. Jennifer wanted to stay at Kelly's, so Ethan and Jennifer sat down. Kristina joined Mike at the counter. Kristina was curious if Mike recognized the woman with Ethan. Mike revealed that Jennifer worked for Bernie.

As Kristina stared at Ethan and Jennifer, Kiefer entered the diner. Kiefer joined Kristina at the counter and then announced that there had been a change of plans for Friday. Kiefer revealed that they were going to meet some friends from Harvard. Kiefer wanted Kristina to wear something sexy; he was eager to make a good impression on everyone.

After Mike and Jennifer exchanged pleasantries, Ethan showered Jennifer with compliments and then invited her to continue their date somewhere else. Jennifer agreed. As Ethan helped Jennifer on with her jacket, Jennifer warned him that she wasn't a fool. Jennifer knew that Ethan had been a decoy, so that someone could break into Bernie's office. Ethan laughed as he tried to play it off as a game, but Jennifer saw through his attempt to deflect. However, she was charmed enough to leave with him.

At the hospital, Epiphany was in a great mood because she had a wonderful time at the Beyoncé concert. Epiphany couldn't thank Lisa enough for the tickets. Lisa was startled when Patrick walked up to the nurses' station. Lisa was certain that Patrick would have taken the day off to recuperate. Patrick insisted that he was fine. Lisa decided to test his claim by inviting him to Jake's after work.

Robin approached the nurses' station shortly afterwards. Robin wondered what was up. Lisa quickly extended an invitation to Robin. Robin bowed out; she confessed that she would rather spend the evening at home with Emma. Patrick agreed with Robin, so he declined to go to Jake's. Lisa was disappointed, but she didn't have time to argue. Epiphany announced that a helicopter had landed on the roof with a patient who needed Lisa's attention.

After Lisa walked away, Robin assured Patrick that she didn't mind him going to Jake's with Lisa. Patrick wasn't interested in going to Jake's without his wife. Later, Patrick questioned Robin about her sudden attitude regarding Jake's. Robin admitted that she didn't appreciate his ex-girlfriend including Robin in the plans at the last minute.

Robin liked Lisa, but some of Lisa's antics at the bar had become tiresome. Robin understood that Patrick enjoyed hanging out at Jake's with Lisa; she didn't want to begrudge him that. Patrick understood because he felt the same way about Sonny. Robin didn't think that the situations were remotely the same. Patrick disagreed, which led to an argument. Robin walked away.

Later, at the nurses' station, Epiphany advised Patrick and Robin to work things out. Robin explained that they weren't arguing, but she did pull Patrick aside. Robin assured Patrick that she loved him. She knew that Patrick didn't intend to go to Jake's to drink a few beers and then decide to leave her and Emma. Robin wanted Patrick to have fun. Patrick resented how Robin treated him as if he had been sulking. Robin confessed that she could sense it.

Patrick explained that what she sensed was him wondering why his wife was always looking for trouble. Before Robin could respond, Lisa and Steve walked up. Lisa's patient had displayed some alarming signs after surgery. Robin suggested that perhaps the patient's tremors were a reaction of the anesthesia or an indication that the patient was hypoglycemic. Lisa quickly dismissed Robin's advice.

Lisa was certain that it was a neurological problem, so she wanted Patrick to check the patient. Patrick agreed. Lisa smiled and then told him that she had to shower and change. Lisa wanted Patrick to find her after he had completed the examination.

Patrick called out to Lisa when he entered the locker room. Lisa asked Patrick to join her. She was completely blasé about discussing a patient with Patrick while dressed in a bra and panties. Patrick tried to ignore Lisa's state of undress as he reviewed the patient's file with her. Patrick was unaware that Robin had walked up. Robin left before Patrick or Lisa spotted her. Moments later, Patrick suggested that Lisa find him after she finished dressing.

At the nurses' station, Patrick was curious what time Robin planned to leave the hospital. Robin was surprised that Patrick wasn't headed to Jake's with Lisa. She didn't want Patrick to go home with her out of a sense of obligation. Patrick wished that Robin would trust him to know what he wanted. Robin assured Patrick that she did trust him.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

On Sonny's island, Michael found Jason and Sam kissing on the veranda. Michael wondered when Jason and Sam would return to Port Charles. Jason wanted to make certain that Michael was settled in before they headed home. Michael insisted that Jason didn't have anything to worry about; Michael wasn't going anywhere. Jason was curious why Michael kept pushing for Jason and Sam to leave.

Michael grumbled that he wanted an opportunity to have a normal life. Sam explained that they were trying to secure one for Michael. Michael was frustrated; he demanded to know if he was allowed to go swimming. After Jason nodded his consent, Michael left.

Jason and Sam wondered how they should spend the day. Jason mentioned tennis, but Sam pointed out that neither of them had ever played the game. Jason playfully suggested that they teach each other "a few things." Sam chuckled as Jason leaned down to kiss her. Michael lurked nearby. Michael seized the opportunity to steal a key from Jason's jacket, while Jason was distracted with Sam.

Later, Jason and Sam entered the bedroom. Sam wished that they could stay on the island. She loved that Jason had been relaxed and flirtatious with her. Jason confessed that he wanted to go swimming with Sam because it had reminded him of their time in Hawaii. Jason kissed Sam, but she pulled away from him. She was concerned because Michael had been gone for quite some time.

Jason returned to the bungalow a short time later with Michael in tow. Sam sensed that something had happened. Jason explained that he had caught Michael near the speedboat. Michael demanded to know why he couldn't use the speedboat. Jason accused Michael of trying to get to the mainland, so that Michael could return to Port Charles and then confess. Jason dared Michael to deny it.

Michael wanted to stand up for Sonny. Jason assured Michael that Diane would get Sonny acquitted. Michael was curious what would happen if Diane failed. Jason confided that there were arrangements in place to help Sonny flee the country. Jason promised that Sonny would be a free man. Michael reluctantly agreed to stop trying to escape from the island.

A short time later, Jason apologized to Sam for cutting their trip short. He explained that Diane worried that their absence would raise concerns with the prosecutor. Sam questioned if Michael intended to keep his word. Jason confessed that he had no idea what Michael would do. Sam asked Jason to promise that they would return to the island to play tennis after the trial. Jason laughed and then kissed her.

Michael entered the room moments later to give Jason a seashell from the beach and to bid Jason and Sam farewell. After Jason and Sam departed, Michael spotted the speedboat key; however, before he could reach it, Jason returned to the room to grab the key. Michael snatched up the phone as soon as Jason left. He reserved a boat with enough gas to get to the mainland. Michael opened the door, but stopped in his tracks when he found Max and Milo standing on the doorstep.

Diane was delighted when Alexis revealed that their new client was Careena Desoro, an opera singer with "the voice of an angel." Alexis explained that Careena had filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against a director. Diane and Alexis gave their new assistant, Iris, some instructions. As Iris left the office, she complained about Diane's perfume. Diane was livid. Alexis confessed that the fragrance was a bit overwhelming.

Alexis tried to steer the conversation back to their client, but Diane continued to rant about Iris. Alexis realized that Diane didn't like Iris; however, they had offered Iris the job because Iris had been out of work. Alexis reminded Diane that it had been about women helping out other women. Claire was glad to hear it. Diane and Alexis were surprised to see the federal prosecutor looming in the doorway.

Claire expressed a desire to have a cordial exchange of information with Sonny's defense team, starting with where Michael Corinthos was. Diane admitted that Sonny could be anywhere. "Michael Corinthos III," Claire clarified. Claire was certain that Sonny had whisked Michael out of town before the police could question the boy. Claire was confident that Michael had seen something on the night of Claudia's murder.

Claire promised that things would not go well for Sonny if Michael remained in hiding. After Claire left, Alexis insisted that they had to get Michael back in Port Charles. Diane argued that Michael was too volatile; he needed to stay away until after the trial. Diane suggested that she and Alexis figure out a way to do some damage control.

Diane was working alone in her office when Molly entered. Molly had a legal question. Molly knew that Michael had killed Claudia. Diane was stunned. Molly insisted that Alexis could never know the truth. Alexis walked in before Diane could respond. Alexis was curious why Molly was at the office. Molly claimed that she had wanted to see Alexis' new workplace. Diane added that she and Molly had been discussing Mac.

Alexis promised that Molly would be the first to know if Alexis and Mac became more than just friends. Diane advised Molly to respect Alexis' decision. Molly was disappointed because she liked Mac. Alexis reminded Molly that Molly had a book club meeting. Alexis wanted Molly to find something besides a romance novel to read. After Molly left, Alexis broke the news that they had lost Careena as a client.

Diane was furious when Alexis revealed that Iris had recommended another law firm to Careena. Alexis and Diane resorted to "rock, paper, scissors" to determine who would have the honor of firing Iris. Diane won.

Spinelli and Maxie remained trapped in the storm drain. Maxie couldn't believe that they had spent the night in "sewage" water. Spinelli corrected her; the water ran down from the street, not the sewer. Spinelli tried to hack into the city manager's control panel to open the grate that blocked their escape. Maxie shivered as she confessed that she was exhausted. She rested her head on Spinelli's shoulder and then asked him to wake her when he found a way out.

Spinelli assured Maxie that he was very close to success. Moments later his laptop beeped. The message warned Spinelli that the battery was low, but Spinelli decided to tell her that his access to the control panel had been denied. Spinelli grew concerned when he noticed that Maxie was running a fever. He begged her to stay awake, but Maxie was unresponsive.

Spinelli held Maxie in his arms as his imagination conjured up a fantasy. In the vision, Spinelli was a gumshoe who had saved Maxie. In reality, Spinelli was filled with regret. Spinelli confessed to Maxie that the case had been a ruse to impress Maxie, so that she would see Spinelli as a virile and commanding "manly man" worthy of her affection. Spinelli begged Maxie to stay with him; he couldn't live without her.

Spinelli was greatly relieved when Johnny suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Johnny was surprised to discover Spinelli and Maxie. Johnny quickly freed them and then carried Maxie to the car. Johnny promised to return to help Spinelli. Spinelli was frustrated because his injured foot prevented him from following Johnny and Maxie.

At the nurses' station, Patrick tuned out Epiphany when he spotted Lisa. Patrick recalled Lisa standing in the locker room wearing only her underwear. Epiphany was surprised when Patrick suddenly walked away. Patrick approached Lisa just as her pager went off. Lisa gave Patrick an apologetic look before she raced off. "Do we have a problem?" Epiphany wondered when Patrick returned to the nurses' station.

Later, Epiphany handed Patrick a copy of the new rules. She suggested that he read them. Patrick glanced at the paper and then quickly crumpled it. Robin noticed Patrick tossing the wad of paper into the wastebasket. "Let me guess, the new procedure codes?" she asked. Patrick mumbled that the old ones had been fine. Robin jokingly warned Patrick not to cheat off of her sheet when Steve decided to give them a pop quiz.

Robin's smile faded at Patrick's lack of reaction. She mentioned draping a blanket over him when she had found him asleep in the chair the previous night. Patrick insisted that everything was okay, but Robin didn't believe him. She was concerned because he had left for work before she woke up. Robin suspected that Patrick was upset because they hadn't gone to Jake's.

Patrick didn't think that there was anything wrong with them occasionally enjoying a night out at Jake's since they spent a lot of time at home. Robin accused Patrick of being bored with her. Patrick denied it, but Robin didn't believe him. However, Robin was determined to find a way to work through the rough patch in their marriage.

Later, Patrick pulled Lisa aside to discuss what had happened in the locker room. Patrick insisted that he was a dedicated husband, so he hadn't appreciated seeing her half-naked. Lisa seemed surprised. She claimed that it hadn't been a big deal. Patrick didn't want Lisa to get the wrong idea. "What kind of wrong idea?" Lisa wondered. Patrick reminded her that they had a history, so he wanted Lisa to be very clear that he wasn't interested in her. Lisa assured him that she hadn't given the incident a second thought.

Epiphany was testing Robin on the new procedures when Patrick joined them at the nurses' station. Patrick surprised Robin with a beautiful long-stemmed red rose. After Patrick left to check on a patient, Johnny approached the nurses' station. Johnny was carrying Maxie, who was unconscious. Robin sent Epiphany to Johnny's car with a wheelchair for Spinelli and then led the way to an examination bay, so that she could treat Maxie.

Later, Maxie sat up in bed while Johnny questioned her about how she and Spinelli had ended up stuck in a storm drain. Maxie told Johnny the story and then credited Spinelli with saving her life. Spinelli limped into the room to check on Maxie. Spinelli started to confess that the case had been a desperate attempt to impress her, but Johnny covered for Spinelli. Johnny claimed that Spinelli had sent him a text message to let Johnny know where they were. Johnny credited Spinelli with keeping Maxie warm until Johnny had arrived. Maxie beamed with pride as she thanked Spinelli.

In the hallway, Spinelli wondered why Johnny had lied. Johnny assured Spinelli that it hadn't been a hardship. Spinelli confessed that the entire investigation had been a lie. Spinelli was curious how Johnny had found them. Johnny admitted that it had been blind luck; Johnny had been searching for new ways to move product around Port Charles.

Robin warned Maxie that if pneumonia set in, it could be life-threatening because Maxie was a transplant recipient.

Lisa asked Patrick to consult on a spinal injury case. Lisa led the way to the elevator as she briefed Patrick. Lisa handed the patient's file to Patrick once they entered the elevator. As the doors closed, Patrick realized that another doctor on staff had been more qualified to deal with the injury. Lisa insisted that Patrick was the best.

Patrick appeared skeptical. Lisa warned Patrick to stop thinking that there was some kind of ulterior motive. Lisa argued that it was counter-productive for them and their patients. Seconds later, the elevator jolted to a stop. They were stuck.

Tracy went to Crimson to talk to Lulu about Dante. Tracy wanted Lulu to end things with Dante because Tracy feared that Dante would break Lulu's heart, if he didn't get her killed first. Lulu couldn't understand why Tracy didn't like Dante; she reminded Tracy that Dante was on the right side of the law. Tracy argued that Dante was Sonny's son, so it was inevitable that Sonny would influence Dante. Tracy didn't think that Dante could provide Lulu with stability and commitment.

Lulu was curious if Luke gave Tracy those things. "Absolutely not," Tracy admitted; however, Luke and Tracy had black hearts, so they deserved each other. Tracy believed that Lulu deserved better. Lulu insisted that there wasn't anyone better than Dante. Tracy realized that nothing she could say would change Lulu's mind.

On the Haunted Star, Luke wanted to discuss Ethan's immigration status. Ethan was busy brushing lint off of a suit; he explained that he had a date. Luke wondered if Ethan's date was with a lovely secretary who worked for Sonny's "consigliore." Ethan confirmed that he had plans with a "very blonde, very brainy," and "very busty" Jennifer. Luke quickly figured out that Ethan had met Jennifer on the same night as the attempted break-in at Bernie's office.

Ethan insisted that it was merely a coincidence. The discussion abruptly halted when Kristina entered the casino. It was clear that Kristina had made an effort to look older. She claimed that she had chosen to write about poker for a class assignment, so she needed Ethan's help. Ethan explained that he had plans for the evening. Ethan jotted down the name of a website, which he promised would teach her everything that she needed to know.

Kristina tried to hide her disappointment. She thanked Ethan and then left. Luke noted that Kristina had a crush on Ethan. Ethan admitted that Kristina was a sweet girl. "If she were a little more mature," Ethan confessed, "I'd be a lucky man." Kristina stood out of sight, eavesdropping. She smiled when she heard Ethan's comment.

After Kristina walked away, Ethan admitted that Kristina had a lot of growing up to do; he didn't think that he could help her. Luke was curious if Kristina was aware of that.

Later, the Haunted Star was open for business. Jennifer showed up looking for Ethan. Luke offered Jennifer a drink, but she declined. Jennifer claimed that alcohol clouded her thinking. She bragged that she had a gift for figures; to prove it, Jennifer offered to guess what Luke's nightly running costs were, what his "on the books" take was, and what he made under the table. Jennifer wrote down each amount on a piece of paper, which she showed to Luke. Luke was impressed.

Moments later, Ethan joined Jennifer and Luke. Ethan wondered what time he should pick up Jennifer for their date. Jennifer explained that she had to work late, so she asked him to email her. Jennifer explained that Bernie didn't like for anyone to call her at work, especially the man who had lured her away while his friend had tried to break into the office. After Jennifer left, Luke observed that Jennifer "could light a fire just by crossing her legs." Tracy overheard Luke's comment.

Kiefer met Kristina at a boutique, so that Kristina could try on various dresses for their Friday night date. Kristina wondered who would be at the party. Kiefer explained that it would be his friend and a bunch of college guys. Kiefer wanted Kristina to look "hot." Kristina tried on several dresses, but Kiefer wasn't impressed with any of them.

Eventually, Kristina found a form-fitting sleeveless dress that Kiefer thought made her look several years older. Kiefer worried that all of the guys would be hitting on her. Kristina decided to buy the dress.

Later, Kristina returned to the Haunted Star in time to hear Luke question Ethan about Jennifer. Luke wondered how serious Ethan was about Bernie's secretary. Ethan confessed that he was just trying to enjoy getting to know Jennifer.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

In Metro Court's lobby, Dante questioned Carly about Michael's sudden departure. Dante warned Carly that it looked bad for Sonny that Michael had vanished before the trial. Carly insisted that Michael didn't know anything about Claudia's death. She refused to reveal Michael's whereabouts. Dante understood Carly's desire to protect the father of her children, but he was adamant that lying for Michael only made things worse. Carly chuckled; Dante reminded her of Sonny.

According to Carly, Dante was single-minded, like Sonny. Dante ignored the comparison. He insisted that Carly was hurting Michael by keeping the truth hidden. Carly accused Dante of twisting her words to suit his agenda exactly like Sonny. Dante claimed that he was trying to protect Michael. Carly didn't think that putting Sonny in prison would help.

Dante was certain that Michael would eventually be found. Carly didn't seem concerned; she suggested that Dante seek out Jax, so that Dante and Jax could work together. Carly informed Dante that her marriage to Jax had crumbled because of Dante's secret. Carly coldly observed, "you're turning out to the quite the brother."

Dante was unapologetic; he believed that Sonny was a criminal who needed to go to jail. He warned Carly that the FBI would arrest Michael. Moments later, Claire entered the lobby. Claire demanded to know where Michael was. Carly resented Claire discussing it with Dante instead of Carly. Claire pointed out that Michael was 18 years old, so he was considered an adult in the eyes of the law.

Carly marched off, but didn't go far. She lurked nearby eavesdropping on Claire and Dante's conversation. Claire was annoyed because she sensed that Dante was trying to protect Michael. Dante insisted that he had put together a strong case against Sonny, so Michael's testimony wasn't necessary. Claire needed Michael's testimony to secure a conviction because Claire was certain that Carly would testify favorably for Sonny.

Dante warned Claire that Michael might never recover if Michael was forced to testify against Sonny. Dante's phone rang moments later. It was Lulu; she needed to see Dante immediately.

Lulu was surprised when Dante entered Crimson a few minutes later. Dante explained that he had been in the lobby. He appreciated that Lulu had rescued him from the "big, bad prosecutor." Lulu announced that she had a surprise for Dante, but she decided that it would be best to show it to him. A short time later, Lulu and Dante entered an empty loft.

Lulu revealed that the apartment was for rent, but Dante needed to decide quickly. Dante admitted that the loft was perfect, like Lulu. Lulu was delighted. Dante pulled Lulu close as he noted that the apartment lacked one thing. "A mattress," Lulu concluded. They checked the door to make certain that they wouldn't be disturbed and then kissed.

At Alexis and Diane's office, Alexis demanded to know why Sonny was determined to prevent Michael from testifying. Alexis suspected that Sonny was trying to hide something. Sonny claimed that he was concerned that a trial would be too much for Michael to handle. Alexis suggested that Sonny should just take out an ad that read, "Michael saw what happened."

Sonny remained stubbornly tight-lipped. Alexis confided that the only positive spin she could put on Sonny's criminal activity for Kristina was to assure their daughter that at least Sonny wasn't violent towards women. Alexis insisted that there wasn't any excuse for violence in a relationship, regardless what was at stake or how angry Sonny might have been. She believed that it was important for Kristina to know that Sonny had acted in defense of Carly and Josslyn. Sonny agreed.

Alexis confessed that she feared that Sonny had bludgeoned Claudia to death in a fit of anger. Alexis was concerned that Michael had witnessed the incident. Sonny was stunned; he wondered if Alexis truly believed that he would purposefully beat a woman, even Claudia, to death. Alexis quietly asked, "Did you?"

Later, Sonny entered Metro Court's lobby to find Carly anxiously waiting for him. Carly was excited because she suspected that Dante had a change of heart. She told Sonny about Dante's conversation with Claire. Carly was certain that Dante didn't want Michael to testify. Sonny relaxed. He confessed that he had a feeling that Dante wouldn't hurt Michael.

Sonny told Carly about Alexis' new theory regarding Claudia's final moments. Carly wasn't surprised that Alexis had latched on to the worst possible scenario. Sonny admitted that he was tempted to tell Dante the truth. Carly was shocked; she reminded Sonny that Dante was a cop. Carly didn't think that Sonny should risk it. Claire approached them before Sonny could respond. Claire handed Sonny and Carly a subpoena for Michael to appear in court.

On the island, Max and Milo tried to persuade a sullen Michael to join them for a game of shuffleboard. Michael refused to play an "old geezer" game. Michael complained that it wasn't fair to be trapped on the island. Michael felt like a prisoner. Later, Max and Milo invited Michael to go swimming, but Michael wasn't interested. Michael wanted to go home.

Max and Milo couldn't understand Michael's attitude; he had his father's island at his disposal. Michael didn't think that it was fair for Sonny to take responsibility for what Michael had done. Max assured Michael that Sonny had everything handled. Max advised Michael to enjoy the island. Michael decided to change the subject; he wondered if Max and Milo were hungry. "Always," they answered in unison.

Michael volunteered to order room service. Michael smiled devilishly as he picked up the phone and then confided to the person on the other end that he wanted to surprise his "father's men." Later, two scantily clad women arrived with drinks in hand. Michael gave the ladies some cash and then led them to Max and Milo. A short time later, everyone was doing the limbo. Max and Milo had clearly been drinking. Michael seized the opportunity to slip away.

In the hospital's waiting area, Spinelli berated himself for putting Maxie at risk. Johnny thought that Spinelli was being too hard on himself. Spinelli regretted resorting to "childish games" to impress Maxie. Johnny advised Spinelli to trust that Maxie was madly in love with Spinelli. Johnny also suggested that Spinelli should get out of his own way.

Maxie was eager to call Kate, but Robin insisted that Maxie needed to rest. Maxie understood that she had a higher risk for an infection because she was a heat transplant recipient; however, Maxie felt much improved. Mac entered the room seconds later. Maxie quickly assured Mac that everything was fine; she claimed that Robin was just running a few tests.

Mac's mood didn't improve when Spinelli and Johnny entered the room. Mac started to yell at Spinelli, but Maxie pleaded with Mac to leave Spinelli alone. Mac demanded to know what had happened. Maxie explained that she and Spinelli had been on a case. She quickly credited Spinelli for calling Johnny when they needed help. Mac wondered why Spinelli hadn't called fire and rescue or Mac.

Mac thanked Johnny for helping Maxie, but he insisted that Johnny had to leave. Maxie objected when Mac tried to order Spinelli out of the room. Mac didn't want to argue with Maxie; however, Mac was certain that if Spinelli had truly cared for Maxie then Spinelli wouldn't have dragged Maxie into the sewer. "Storm drain," Maxie corrected. Mac warned Maxie that Spinelli would get her killed one day.

After Mac left, Spinelli admitted that Mac had been correct. Spinelli confessed that the entire investigation into Chef Robaire's life had been a ruse to impress Maxie. Spinelli also revealed that Johnny's appearance had been a stroke of luck, nothing more. Spinelli realized that Maxie could have died because of Spinelli's desire to be her "hero."

Patrick grew suspicious when he realized that he was stuck in an elevator with Lisa. Lisa accused Patrick of being ridiculous; she insisted that she had nothing to do with the elevator getting breaking down. She claimed to believe that Patrick was happily married and that she was glad for him. She promised that she had just been changing her clothes in the locker room.

Patrick suspected that there was more to it. He made it clear that there would never be anything between them. Lisa responded, "Message received." She declared that she had moved on since their college days. "Are you sure about that?" Patrick wondered. Lisa bristled; she suggested that if Patrick was bored with Robin and his life then it was on him. Lisa preferred to be left out of it.

As time wore on, the elevator became stifling. Lisa decided to shuck the shirt that she wore under her scrubs. Patrick watched as Lisa wiggled out of the shirt without taking off her scrubs. He recalled a similar incident during spring break when Lisa had slipped out of a bikini without taking off her shirt and mini skirt. Patrick confessed that he had been impressed. Lisa believed him since the memory had stayed with him.

Patrick and Lisa sat down on the floor as they continued their conversation. Lisa admitted that she had always admired Patrick during their college years. Patrick revealed that he had been driven to do better than his father, Noah. Lisa realized that Noah was the reason why Patrick was determined to excel as a husband. Patrick didn't deny it.

Eventually, the elevator started to move. Robin and Epiphany were waiting when the door slid open. Robin and Epiphany seemed surprised that Patrick and Lisa had been stuck in the elevator. Patrick was shocked that they hadn't heard the alarm. He didn't understand why no one had noticed that the elevator hadn't moved. The maintenance man explained that the elevator had been scheduled for work, so a sign had been posted to warn everyone. Patrick grumbled that he hadn't seen the sign. Lisa appeared equally annoyed.

At the Davis residence, Kristina checked her reflection in the mirror. Kristina was dressed up for a night out on the town. Molly was amazed by how beautiful Kristina looked. She began to question Kristina about the party that Kiefer had invited Kristina to. Kristina announced that she was "way past a stupid frat party." Molly assumed that Kiefer and Kristina had other plans for the evening.

Kristina asked Molly for a favor. Kristina wanted Molly to send emails to Ethan and Jennifer, canceling their date. Kristina promised that Molly could have Kristina's favorite purple sweater if Molly agreed. Molly was curious why Kristina wanted to cancel Ethan and Jennifer's date. Kristina admitted that she wanted to go out with Ethan.

Later, Kristina called Kiefer to leave him a voicemail message that she had to cancel their date because of a family emergency. After Kristina disconnected the call, Molly returned to the living room to confirm that the emails had been sent. Molly was curious why Ethan hadn't asked Kristina out if he liked her. Kristina explained that they needed to be discrete until they could figure things out.

Kristina asked for another favor; she wanted Molly to tell Alexis that Kristina had gone out with Kiefer. Molly couldn't understand why Kristina wasn't interested in Kiefer. Molly reminded Kristina that Kiefer cared deeply for Kristina. Kristina explained that Kiefer intended to leave for college after Kiefer graduated. Kristina wanted to be with someone who would remain in town, like Ethan.

Molly worried that Ethan was too old for Kristina. Molly didn't think that Alexis would ever approve of the relationship. Kristina compared her relationship with Ethan to that of Romeo and Juliet's. Molly pointed out that the doomed young lovers were the same age. Kristina suggested, "Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester or Edward and Bella." Molly argued, "Vampires don't count." "Whatever," Kristina grumbled, "Ethan is perfect for me."

Alexis arrived home a short time later. Alexis was curious if Molly was still interested in seeing The Princess and the Frog for the third time. Molly didn't hesitate to respond, "Yes." According to Molly, it was a romantic story with socially relevant ideas and a happy ending. Molly loved happy endings; Alexis did too. They decided that after the movie they would go to the Pizza Palace.

Alexis recalled going to the pizza place with Kristina. At the mention of Kristina's name, Alexis questioned Molly about Kristina's date with Kiefer. Molly reluctantly lied; she assured Alexis that Kiefer had picked up Kristina. Alexis hoped that Kristina and Kiefer had a wonderful time.

On the Haunted Star, Luke was impressed with how Ethan looked in a suit. Tracy wondered why Ethan was dressed up. Ethan explained that he had a date with Jennifer. Tracy was not pleased. She wondered why all of Luke's children were drawn to people in the mob. A short time later, Ethan received an email from Jennifer canceling their date. Ethan was clearly disappointed.

Luke assured Ethan that Jennifer would be back around. Luke was pleased that Ethan would be working at the casino because Luke had to leave early that evening. Luke revealed that he was expected for an important meeting in Las Vegas the following morning. Tracy offered to join Luke on the trip, but Luke wanted Tracy to keep an eye on things while he was gone.

Later, a customer complained when he lost another hand to the house; he accused Ethan of being a "shark." Luke quickly intervened. Ethan stormed off to the bar to pour himself a drink. Kristina approached the bar moments later. "Why don't you pour me one of those," Kristina suggested. Ethan reminded Kristina that she was underage and then suggested that she leave.

Kristina ignored Ethan's advice. She insisted that Ethan would rather be with her than Jennifer. Ethan was curious how Kristina had known that Jennifer had cancelled her date with him. Kristina smiled knowingly, but didn't offer any explanation. Ethan immediately suspected that Kristina had something to do with Jennifer's decision.

Ethan was furious as he rounded the bar and then grabbed Kristina's arm to escort her out of the casino. All heads turned when Kristina cried out and then threw a drink at Ethan.

At the Davis residence, Kiefer was enraged. He banged on the front door while he demanded that Kristina open it. Kiefer's temper flared when no one responded. "Bitch," he shouted as he stomped around the front porch trying to peer through the windows.

Friday, March 12, 2010

In Dante's new loft, Lulu and Dante were kissing each other and reveling in their privacy when Lulu got an urgent phone call from Kate and had to return to Crimson.

At the Metro Court, Claire served Sonny and Carly with a subpoena for Michael. Carly insisted that neither she nor Sonny knew Michael's whereabouts, but Claire was equally tenacious. She told Sonny that she would find out where Michael was and make sure that he appeared in court.

Kiefer was furious as he pounded on Alexis' door but no one answered.

On the Haunted Star, Ethan was very angry with Kristina, who was wearing a very sophisticated dress to appear more mature. She was hopeful that Ethan would return her interest. When she told him that she had cancelled his date with Jennifer, he grabbed her arm and yelled at her. He told her that she was too young for him. He told her to get off the boat because she was a minor and had no business being there.

When other patrons began to notice the argument, Luke stepped in. After Kristina left, Luke took Ethan to his office and said that Ethan had not handled the situation in the best way. Ethan explained what Kristina had done to his date. He said that his only interest in Kristina had been to help her because she seemed so insecure. Luke was sympathetic, but told him he would have to be careful about damsels in distress.

Jason visited Maxie in the hospital. She told him what had happened with Spinelli in the storm drain. She urged him to go to Spinelli and tell him not to blame himself. She also told Jason to make sure that Spinelli understood how much she loved him. Jason agreed reluctantly.

Michael's plan to ply Max and Milo with booze, babes, and a limbo contest almost worked. Just as he was about to leave them behind, Bernie showed up as backup. He told Michael that he was on the island to make sure that Michael stayed there until Sonny's trial was over.

Jason found Spinelli in a wheelchair, as Spinelli nursed his burst Achilles tendon. He tried to assure Spinelli of Maxie's love, but Spinelli blamed himself for Maxie's condition and would not be assured.

Stung by Ethan's rejection, Kristina went to the Metro Court bar and tried to order a Cosmopolitan. Sam spotted her and immediately changed Kristina's order to a Shirley Temple. Sam noticed the bruises on Kristina's arm and was outraged when Kristina told her that Ethan had given her the marks.

At Crimson, Kate told Lulu that they would be working late. She said that Maxie's failure to appear the previous evening had upset the designer they were to meet and he had given his fashion exclusive to another magazine.

Kate insisted that both Lulu and Maxie had to work all night to get the magazine ready for publication. When Lulu contacted Maxie on her cell phone, Kate grabbed the phone. Unaware that Maxie was in the hospital Kate that Maxie had one hour to get to work or Maxie could consider herself fired. She hung up without giving Maxie a chance to explain.

Kate then turned her attention to Lulu. Kate said that even though Dante was her nephew, Lulu would not get any breaks. Kate told Lulu that if her love life interfered with her job, then she would need to find a new job.

Carly met Jason and told him what had happened with Claire. She told him that she was glad that he had overcome her objections and gotten Michael out of the country. Carly was determined to keep Michael away from Claire.

Sonny met with Luke and asked him to speak to Lulu. He told Luke that Olivia was treating him like a stranger off the streets and he wanted to get to know Dante better. He told Luke that he knew how angry Lulu was with him, but hoped that Luke could help him out. Luke said that he would try, but Luke told Sonny that Lulu got very upset with Luke if he meddled in her love life.

Claire tracked Dante down at the loft. She was convinced that Michael saw Sonny kill Claudia and wanted Dante to find Michael. Dante tried to convince Claire to keep Michael out of the trial, but Claire insisted that it was Dante's job to find Michael and make sure he appeared at the trial. She did her best to push Dante's buttons as she questioned his loyalties.

As Maxie dressed, Epiphany scolded her for checking out of General Hospital before the doctors released her. Maxie assured Epiphany that she was fine, just as Epiphany's test results had shown. Spinelli and his wheelchair rolled in. He tried to get Maxie to stay in the hospital, but Maxie was frantic that she would lose her job if she did not go into work. Spinelli tried to blame himself for her condition, but, before rushing off the Crimson, Maxie assured him it was not his fault.

Kiefer was lurking in the bushes when Sam arrived home with Kristina. He heard them talking about Kristina going after Ethan. Once inside, Kristina opened up about Ethan and told Sam the whole story. She told Sam that she had cancelled his date with Jennifer. She told Sam that she did it because she felt better about herself when she was with Ethan.

Sam told Kristina that nothing that had happened was her fault. Sam told Kristina that no man should lay a hand on a woman ever, for any reason. They also discussed the possibility that the reason that Kristina liked older men was because she did not have a good relationship with her father, Sonny.

Kristina felt better and urged Sam to go about her business. Shortly after Sam left, there was a knock on the door. When Kristina answered it, Kiefer was standing there. He called her a bitch and was furious with her for cancelling their date and going after Ethan while wearing a dress that Kiefer had bought for her.

Before Kristina could say anything, Kiefer hit her so hard that she fell to the floor. As Kristina tried to pull herself up, Kiefer stood glowering over her, with clenched fists.

When Sonny arrived home, Dante was waiting for him. He was reading an obituary of a felon named Jimmy who was known to both of them. Dante told Sonny that when he had arrested Jimmy a few years back, Jimmy had finally confessed to a crime that had been weighing on him for 30 years.

Dante said that he had recognized a haunted look in Jimmy's eyes and had urged him to confess. Jimmy said that confessing had made him feel much better. Sonny wanted to know if Dante detected that look in Sonny's eyes. Dante told him that he had seen the same look in Michael's eyes.

Sonny said that he loved Michael and was trying to protect him. Dante wanted to know how it helped Michael to have to hide the fact that he had seen Sonny bludgeon Claudia to death and how that was protecting Michael. When Sonny said that Dante really did not understand the situation, Dante implored Sonny to explain.

Sonny seemed on the point of telling Dante everything when Jason pointedly interrupted their conversation.

Kate was very hard on Maxie when she arrived at Crimson. Maxie had a coughing attack but assured Kate that she was all right. Kate told Maxie that she would have to decide whether she wanted a boyfriend or a career in fashion.

Maxie worked diligently, but her coughing increased in frequency and severity while Lulu and Kate worked in Kate's office and Maxie worked at her desk. When they checked on Maxie, she was bent over her desk and having trouble breathing.

Sam went immediately to the Haunted Star and confronted Ethan. She told him that if she had not been clear before, he was to stay away from 16-year old Kristina. She told him that if he ever laid hands on Kristina again, he would wish that he had not.

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