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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 22, 2012 on GH
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Monday, October 22, 2012

At General Hospital, Lulu told Dante that they could not have a baby because she had been diagnosed with a condition that would not allow her body to carry a baby to term. Dante asked what the fix was, but Lulu said there was no fix. Lulu blamed herself and expressed the fear that an abortion that she had had as a teenager had caused the condition.

Dr. V entered the room and asked if either Lulu or Dante had questions. When Dante expressed Lulu's fear, Dr. V was quick to explain to the couple that Lulu had a bicornuate uterus, a genetic condition that caused the uterus to be heart-shaped, which prevented any fetus from being carried to term. Dr. V told Lulu that even if she had not had an abortion, she would have miscarried the child.

Dr. V acknowledged the horrible disappointment that Dante and Lulu were feeling. She left them alone to talk while she went out to write a birth control prescription for Lulu to prevent a conception, which would be followed by an inevitable, painful miscarriage. After Dr. V left them, Dante and Lulu shared their fantasies about the children that they might have had. Lulu said that she did not know how much she had really wanted children until she was told that she could not have them.

Dante comforted Lulu. Lulu said that she felt like she had failed him. Dante drew her close and told Lulu that they would always have each other. Dante told Lulu that she was perfect for him, and nothing would change that. Dante received a call about shots fired on the docks. When Lulu said that she would be all right if he left to answer the call, Dante told Lulu that nothing was more important to him than she was and ignored his phone.

Dr. V returned with a prescription and a packet of information. Both Dante and Lulu were surprised when Dr. V said that if Dante and Lulu really wanted to have a child, there were still many alternatives available to them.

As Joe Scully Jr. was about to shoot Bernie, Jason arrived on the docks and shot Joe Jr. Jason kicked Joe Jr.'s gun away and Joe Jr. crawled after it. As Jason tried to tend to Bernie, Duke Lavery shot Jason in the back. Jason crawled to the edge of the dock and collapsed. Duke followed him and kicked Jason's body into the water, where it disappeared beneath the surface. Joe Jr. listened as Duke bid goodbye to "Mr. Morgan" and told the sinking Jason that he should not have interfered.

Duke turned his attention to Joe Jr. and said that Joe Jr. was a real disappointment because he could not even kill an accountant. Duke said that the reason that he had delegated the job to Joe Jr. was to keep his own hands clean. Duke said that since Joe Jr. had failed in his task and had thus forced Duke to dirty his hands, Duke had no further use for Joe Jr. As Duke was about to shoot Joe Jr., he noticed that Bernie was still alive and using his cell phone. When Duke put another shot into Bernie, Joe Jr. ran. Duke fired at Joe Jr., but when Duke heard police sirens nearing the pier, he left hurriedly without making sure that Bernie was dead.

Two uniformed police officers knocked at Trey's door. Trey admitted them, and Sonny followed close behind. While Trey answered questions put to him by the officers about his dad, Michael filled Sonny in on what had happened in the apartment earlier when Joe Jr. had held them at gunpoint.

As Sonny tried to take in what Joe Jr. had done, Sonny received a call from a very weak Bernie, who summoned him to pier 52 and whispered Jason's name. At the same time, the police got a call that Joe Jr. had been spotted and shots had been fired at pier 52. They rushed out. Sonny followed, but not before cautioning Michael to stay where he was.

Both Michael and Trey wanted to go to the docks, but Starr threw herself in front of the door and told them that she could not bear to lose another person that she cared about. Reluctantly, they both did as she asked. Starr thanked Michael for staying with her. Trey received a phone call and said that he would be right over. Trey told Starr that he had to leave but would not be going to the crime scene.

Trey said that Kristina had called and was worried that Joe Jr. would go after her again. He told Starr and Michael that he was going to comfort Kristina. After Trey left, Michael and Starr watched a news report on the shooting. Michael was suspicious and voiced his belief that Trey was not going to Kristina, but to Trey's dad, Joe Jr., whom Trey planned to help get away.

Bernie was still alive when Sonny and the police arrived on the scene. He managed to let Sonny know that Jason had been shot and had fallen into the water. Sonny immediately leaped into the harbor. Sonny continued diving until the police plucked him out and divers in wet suits took over. Sonny went back to Bernie, who confirmed that Joe Jr. had shot him. Bernie expired before he could warn Sonny about Duke Lavery. Sonny left the scene, muttering that Joe Jr. would pay. He did not hear police officers remark that Bernie had been shot by two different guns or that the divers were giving up their search for Jason.

In the suite that they shared at the Metro Court, Luke was momentarily nonplussed when Anna said that a DNA test on Duke's hair follicle would do no good because there was no DNA record on file for Duke. Anna told Luke that he needed to give up the idea that Duke was an imposter. Anna said that she was convinced that Duke was the real deal.

Luke realized that Duke's fingerprints were on a wine glass that Duke had used earlier and that Duke's prints were also on file with the Port Charles Police Department. Anna said that she was sure of Duke and did not need proof. Luke told Anna that he had real feelings for her, and he did not want her to suffer later heartbreak because she had taken Duke at face value when she could have had proof.

At that moment, Duke knocked on the door. He invited Anna to join him in his new home to finish celebrating their anniversary. Luke challenged Duke to let them run a fingerprint check. Duke said that he had better things to do. Luke said he would leave Duke and Anna alone if the fingerprints belonged to Duke. Anna told Duke that she was 100% sure of him, but since technology made it easy to check the prints from their suite, she was going to run the fingerprint check -- if for no other reason that to silence Luke's suspicions.

Both Luke and Duke appeared smug as they waited for the results. When Anna returned with the report, she announced that the fingerprints on the wine glass were an exact match to those on file at the PCPD and belonged to Duke Lavery. Luke was stunned. Duke was triumphant as he gloated that a deal was a deal and asked Luke to honor it by leaving Duke and Anna alone. Luke remained speechless.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy wondered why Monica was so chipper. Monica explained that after finding Sam's presumed dead baby alive, Sam and Jason had reunited, and Monica was a grandmother again. Monica was not let down when Tracy pointed out that the child was not Jason's. Monica said the child belonged to Jason's twin, Franco, and because Franco was Alan's son, the baby was a Quartermaine, no matter how Tracy sliced it.

Monica accused Tracy of being jealous because the new grandson might get some of the inheritance Tracy was expecting. Tracy grumbled half-heartedly about Sam and Jason naming the baby after Edward, but Monica changed the subject to her medical bag. Tracy admitted that she had used it to help Joe Jr. after he had appeared on her doorstep with a gunshot wound. Tracy told the story of what had happened and how she had believed Joe Jr.'s account of events until Dante had set her straight.

Tracy admitted that she had turned Joe Jr. in, but not before she had given him time to escape. Monica sensed Tracy's conflict and asked Tracy if she had really given up on Joe Jr. or if Tracy would be tempted to help him again. Tracy looked thoughtful after Monica left the room. When Tracy heard a knock on the terrace door, she opened it and found a seriously wounded Joe Jr. bleeding on the doorstep.

Joe stumbled in as Tracy dialed 911 for an ambulance to transport him to the hospital. Joe Jr. stopped her and said that it was too late for the hospital. Joe Jr. said that in the old days, when Sonny had terrified him, Joe Jr. had lived in fear of dying, but since Joe Jr. was actually dying, he was no longer afraid. Joe Jr. begged Tracy to call his son, Trey, as one last favor to him. When Tracy asked him why she should, Joe Jr. revealed how, when Jerry Jax had poisoned the water, Joe Jr. had selflessly given his single dose of antidote to Tracy.

Tracy had unanswered questions about Joe Jr.'s involvement with Jerry Jax, but she called Trey anyway. Trey left Michael and Starr in the apartment and rushed directly to the Quartermaine estate. Joe Jr. was very weak as he told Trey that he loved him and would always love him. When Trey asked who had hurt Joe Jr., Joe Jr. replied that it had been Sonny Corinthos.

Sam was as surprised to see John at Jason's penthouse door as John was to see Sam in Jason's apartment. Sam explained how she and Jason had gotten back together and recommitted to each other. John was genuinely pleased for Sam. Sam said that she and John needed to talk because they had some real feelings to deal with. Sam said that there was no doubt that she and John had had a connection, but that it could not go to the next level. John understood and agreed.

Sam said that she would always value John's friendship and the part he had played in reuniting her with her son, Danny. Sam said she hoped to have John in her life as a friend always. John said that he felt the same way about Sam. As John played with baby Danny, Sam asked how things were going in John's life and about John's attempts to see his son, Liam. John said that he would get his day in court, but in the meantime the restraining order remained in place, and he was not allowed to see his son. John said that he was determined to do whatever had to be done so that John could gain the right to be in his son's life.

Sam wanted to know why John had wanted to see Jason. John admitted that he wanted to report to Jason that Todd was denying that he knew anything about Heather switching Sam and Téa's babies. John said that there was no proof to contradict Todd's version. Sam said that Todd's behavior had been suspicious when she had worked for him. Sam admitted that even though she wanted justice, she was too happy at that particular moment to care about Todd. Sam asked after Téa and sympathized with all that Téa had lost.

As John headed out the door, Sam told him that she hoped he got his family back. John wished continued happiness for Sam, Jason, and Danny. John encouraged Sam to always cherish the happiness that she had at that moment. A few minutes after John left the penthouse, Sam answered another knock on the door. A grim-faced Sonny stood on the threshold. Sam asked Sonny what he was doing there.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

At the hospital, Lulu confessed that she felt silly for being upset about not being able to have a baby. Dante reminded her that there were other ways for them to start a family. He handed Lulu the pamphlets that the doctor had given them, but Lulu complained that it was too soon. Moments later, Dante received a call about the incident on the pier. He refused to leave his wife's side, but Lulu insisted that he go, and she promised to meet him at home later that evening.

Lulu waited until Dante was gone before she gave in to her tears. A short time later, Maxie bumped into Lulu. Maxie could tell that Lulu had been crying, so she led Lulu to a quiet corner, where Lulu confessed that she had a bicornuate uterus, which meant that Lulu would miscarry a baby by her second trimester. Maxie urged Lulu to get a second or even third opinion, but Lulu explained that it wasn't necessary, because Lulu's doctor had done an MRI to confirm the diagnosis.

Lulu revealed that a bicornuate uterus was a congenital defect that was inoperable, so it couldn't be corrected. Lulu's eyes filled with fresh tears as she confessed that she had desperately wanted to start a family. "Now, it's all gone," Lulu added despondently. Maxie spotted the pamphlets, so Lulu explained that the doctors had discussed different alternatives. Maxie started to talk about them, but Lulu just wanted to find a place to have a strong drink rather than think about adoption or surrogacy.

As Spinelli and Ellie entered the bar, he confessed that the Floating Rib was his favorite "watering hole." Ellie was surprised when she saw Shawn, Alexis, Felicia, and Max playing strip pool. However, only Shawn and Mac were shirtless. Mac quickly got dressed and went to the bar as Felicia trailed behind him. Felicia was not pleased to see Spinelli with Maxie's "replacement." Moments later, Spinelli introduced Ellie to Maxie's parents and then ordered two shots of whiskey.

After Spinelli and Ellie sat down, Felicia continued to grumble about Ellie, but Mac reminded Felicia that Maxie had missed her chance. Felicia decided to serve Spinelli and Ellie their drinks and take the opportunity to tell Spinelli how she and Mac had fought their way back to each other, so love was worth fighting for, even when it was against all the odds. Spinelli and Ellie smiled politely until Felicia walked away. They agreed that they had no idea what Felicia had been talking about.

Nearby, Alexis talked to Shawn about Trey. She confessed that she had been hoping that Trey would do Sonny a favor, but she feared that Trey wasn't inclined to help Sonny, because Trey and Kristina's marriage had been annulled. Alexis confided that despite the end of Trey and Kristina's marriage, Trey appeared to genuinely care about Kristina, while Kristina seemed willing to forgive Trey. Shawn pointed out that Trey had helped to set the trap for Kristina, but Alexis argued that Trey had been Kristina's knight in shining armor, because Trey had saved Kristina.

Moments later, Spinelli and Ellie approached Shawn and Alexis' table to find out what had prompted the game of strip pool. Alexis confessed that she had been in a celebratory mood because of Jason, Sam, and the baby. Spinelli had no idea what Alexis was talking about, so Alexis told Spinelli about Jason and Sam's reunion. Spinelli was thrilled for Jason and Sam, so he was eager to see them, but Alexis suggested that Spinelli give Jason and Sam some time alone with the baby. Spinelli agreed, so Spinelli credited Ellie with determining that the baby who had died hadn't been Sam's child.

Meanwhile, Lulu and Maxie arrived at the bar. Felicia warned Maxie that Spinelli was there with a date, but Maxie assured her mother that it was okay. Maxie ordered a couple of drinks and then focused on Lulu. Lulu recalled that Maxie had mentioned visiting Matt, so Maxie revealed that she and Matt had decided to end their marriage. Maxie wanted Spinelli to know, so she approached his table on the pretext of greeting Spinelli and Ellie. Spinelli beamed with joy because Jason and Sam's marriage would not be ending in divorce.

Maxie used Spinelli's announcement as a springboard to reveal that she and Matt had decided to end their marriage. Nearby, Lulu rolled her eyes and then glanced at the pamphlet on adoption.

Starr was surprised when Kristina showed up at the apartment, looking for Trey. Michael was furious because he realized that Trey had left to meet Joe, not Kristina. Kristina demanded to know what was going on, so Michael and Starr told her about Joe's attempt to kidnap Starr and the shooting a short time later at the pier. Michael explained that Sonny had gone to the pier to find out what was going on, but they hadn't heard from Sonny. Kristina was certain that Trey had gone to the pier, too, so Kristina decided to go to her husband. However, Tracy called Kristina to cryptically explain that Trey needed to see Kristina at the mansion.

After Kristina left, Michael resumed pacing, but quickly grew too frustrated to continue to wait for word from Sonny. Starr insisted that Michael wouldn't do anyone any good at the pier. Moments later, Sonny called.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Trey knelt at his father's side as Joe mustered up the strength to accuse Sonny of shooting him. "Killing me," Joe amended with his dying breath and then closed his eyes. Trey tearfully begged Tracy to help him get his father to the hospital, but Tracy quietly explained that it was too late, because Joe had died from the gunshot wound. Trey pleaded with his father to prove Tracy wrong by saying something, but Joe was gone. Tracy gently warned Trey that she had to call the police, but she offered to call someone for Trey first. Trey asked for Kristina, so Tracy left the room to make the call.

A short time later, Tracy returned to the parlor. Trey was curious why Joe had gone to Tracy for sanctuary, so Tracy explained that she and Joe had been friends for a time. Trey realized that the friendship had ended when Tracy had figured out who Joe really was. Tracy didn't deny it, but she assured Trey that Joe had loved Trey very much. Tracy produced Joe's pendant, which she gave to Trey. Trey looked at the special keepsake with sadness as he confessed that he'd had a matching pendant until someone had taken it away.

Tracy went to answer the doorbell as Trey tearfully looked down at his father's body and confessed that he'd had "so many" questions to ask Joe. Trey recalled that Joe had once said that the pendants had been reminders that they were family. "Where's my family now, Dad?" Trey cried in anguish. Trey had no idea what Joe expected him to do, because he didn't know where to begin to avenge Joe's death.

In the foyer, Kristina warned Tracy that one of Sonny's guards was standing outside, prepared to take action if Joe made a move against Kristina. Tracy assured Kristina that Joe no longer posed a threat to Kristina. Kristina discovered why when Tracy ushered Kristina into the parlor, where Trey was weeping over his father's body. "My father's dead," Trey needlessly explained. "How?" Kristina quietly asked. "Your father killed him," Trey coldly replied.

Trey told Kristina about Joe's accusation, and then turned to Tracy for confirmation. Kristina didn't defend her father, but she pointed out that it had to have been infuriating for any father to know that the man who had tried to kill his daughter had been walking around free. Trey and Kristina went outside for some privacy. Kristina admitted that she had no idea what to say to Trey. Trey sarcastically suggested that Joe's death had been fair, given everything that Joe had done. Kristina appreciated that Trey was hurting for his father.

Inside, Tracy looked at Joe with a mixture of sadness and disgust. She thought his death had been a waste and admitted that she wanted to mourn for him, but she didn't know how. Tracy confessed that she was troubled that Joe had had the life-saving serum before anyone else, which begged the question of where Joe had obtained it.

At the penthouse, Sam was curious why Sonny was there, since Jason had left to meet Bernie at the pier. "It's about Jason," Sonny quietly explained, as he followed Sam into the penthouse. Sam didn't seem to notice Sonny's somber expression as she introduced Sonny to her son, Danny, and then prattled on about how she and Jason were finally back on track and happy again. Sonny confessed that he had something important to tell her. "Jason's been shot," Sonny revealed.

Sam's smile disappeared as she quickly prepared to go to the hospital. Sonny was forced to explain that Jason had been shot on the pier and then had fallen into the water. Sam refused to believe it, so Sonny told her about Bernie's final words and Sonny's attempt to search for Jason. Sam insisted on going to the pier herself to check, so she asked Sonny to stay with Danny and then ran out of the penthouse before Sonny could stop her. Sonny picked up Danny and agreed that the baby looked like Jason. Sonny refused to talk about Jason in the past tense, because Jason had been shot before and had survived.

Afterwards, Sonny called Michael with an update and to ask Michael to watch Danny while Sonny went to check on Sam. A short time later, Michael and Starr arrived. Michael demanded to accompany his father to the pier, but Sonny refused, because he didn't want Michael to see Jason if the worst should happen. Michael immediately backed down. After Sonny left, Michael was struck by how good Starr was with Danny. Starr reminded him that she'd had experience with young children, so Michael opened up to her about his early years.

Starr was surprised when Michael revealed that Jason had raised him, as his own son, for a year after Michael's birth. Michael explained that his biological father, A.J., had threatened to take Michael away from Carly while she had still be pregnant with Michael, so Jason had agreed to pretend to be Michael's father. Michael then confided that Jason had named him after Jason's best friend. Starr realized that Jason's best friend had eventually adopted Michael. Jason explained that Jason had always been there for Michael, even when Michael had gone to jail, so he couldn't imagine Jason being gone. Starr urged Michael not to entertain the worst, because things might be okay.

On pier 52, a police officer gave Dante a quick overview of what they had been able to piece together about the shooting. The evidence suggested that Joe had shot Bernie, and that Jason had fired at Joe. The police officer suspected that Joe might have shot Jason, but Dante reserved judgment as he looked over the scene. The police officer warned Dante the divers were considering calling off the search and then walked away.

Later, Sam arrived on the scene. Dante explained that they had searched for Jason, to no avail, so the search team had decided to call off the search because of the strong current and frigid water temperatures. Sam refused to give up looking for her husband, so she demanded that they give her a scuba suit. She reminded Dante that she had been a salvage diver at one time, so she had dived in worse conditions. Moments later, Dante received the call about Joe.

Afterwards, Sam made it clear that she refused to let the matter drop, because nothing would keep her from searching for Jason. Dante insisted that there wasn't anything that Sam could do that the Coast Guard hadn't done already. Moments later, Sonny arrived, so Dante appealed to Sonny to reason with Sam. Sam demanded to know where Danny was, so Sonny assured her that Michael and Starr were watching the baby. Sam spotted a diver, so she decided to appeal to him to let her dive for her husband.

Dante recalled that Sonny had been the first person to dive for Jason and the last person to talk to Bernie. Sonny explained that Bernie had accused Joe of firing the gun, so Dante revealed that Joe was dead.

A short time later, Dante arrived at the Quartermaine mansion to question Tracy. Tracy filled Dante in on how Joe had ended up in her home, as Trey revealed that Joe had accused Sonny of pulling the trigger. Tracy confirmed that Joe had blamed Sonny for the shooting. Dante insisted that Joe had lied, but Trey bristled, because he suspected that Dante would try to cover up the truth about Joe's shooting. Dante reminded Trey that Sonny had been in the apartment with Trey, Michael, Starr, Dante, and two police officers when shots on the pier had been reported. Trey argued that Sonny had left within minutes, so Sonny could have easily shot Joe as Joe had been fleeing.

Dante revealed that Bernie had been shot and killed on the pier, and that Jason had also been gravely wounded and then had disappeared into the murky depths of the harbor. Trey realized that Dante didn't have all the facts yet, so it was entirely possible that Joe hadn't done what Dante had seemed to be suggesting. Dante promised to investigate the shootings thoroughly.

Moments later, Joe's body was transferred into a body bag. Trey wept as Dante told Trey that he was sorry for Trey's loss. Trey and Kristina followed the coroner as Joe's body was taken out. Dante wondered if Tracy had anything to add about the evening, but she assured him that she didn't.

Outside, Trey conceded that his father had been everything that everyone had accused Joe of being, including a criminal and murderer. Trey didn't expect Kristina to care, but he had loved his father. Trey couldn't imagine never seeing his father again. Kristina assured Trey that she understood what he was going through.

At pier 52, Sonny urged Sam to be careful as she prepared to dive. Sam insisted that she needed to find Jason and then slipped into the water. A short time later, Sam emerged from the water. Sonny wondered if she had found anything. Sam opened her palm. Nestled inside was the tiny figurine that she had given to Jason as he had left the penthouse earlier that evening.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

In Metro Court's lobby, Sonny approached Carly at the front desk. He explained that he needed to talk to her privately, but she wasn't in the mood to discuss the mess with Johnny and Connie. Sonny gently broke the news that something had happened to Jason. Carly immediately asked what was going on, so Sonny told her about Bernie's message, asking Jason to meet Bernie on the pier. Carly wanted him to get to the point, so Sonny told her about the shooting.

Sonny assured Carly that he had tried to search for Jason, but the current had dragged Jason's body away from the piers. Carly refused to believe that Jason was gone. "He always comes back," Carly tearfully argued. "Not this time," Sonny sadly replied. In a fit of rage, Carly ordered Sonny to leave, but Sonny insisted that Jason wouldn't want Carly to hide from the truth. Carly dissolved into tears as she threw herself into Sonny's arms.

"He can't be gone," Carly cried. Sonny promised to be there for Carly if she needed him, then mentioned going to Starr's apartment. Carly asked if Michael had been told. Sonny assured Carly that Michael had handled the news better than Sonny had expected. Carly was relieved until Sonny admitted that he wanted to talk to Trey about Kate. Carly blasted Sonny for being an uncaring friend because Sonny was more concerned about helping Kate than in grieving for Jason.

Carly angrily blamed Sonny for sending Jason to his death. Sonny became choked up as he reminded Carly that he had loved Jason like a brother. Carly immediately apologized for lashing out at Sonny, because she knew that the tragedy hadn't been Sonny's fault. Carly hugged him as Sonny quietly admitted, "Yeah, it was."

At the Quartermaine mansion, Monica grumbled in annoyance because of the bloodstained sofa, which she blamed on Tracy. Her spirits greatly improved when Michael entered the parlor. Michael greeted his grandmother as she wondered why he had stopped by. "It's Jason," Michael answered somberly. He was curious if she had heard about Joe Scully, so Monica revealed that Joe had died in the mansion. However, she had no idea what Joe had to do with Jason.

"He's gone," Michael explained. "Gone? Gone where?" Monica asked. Michael revealed that the cops suspected that Jason had walked in on an ambush, but they were still trying to put the pieces together. Monica grew quiet as Michael told her about Bernie's shooting and then confessed that Jason had also been shot. Monica's tea slipped from her fingers as she insisted that there had to be a mistake.

"Not my son," Monica wailed. Michael gently rubbed Monica's shoulders as she tried to accept what he had told her. Monica pulled herself together and asked how Sam was holding up. Michael told her about Sam's attempts to search the waters for Jason's body, to no avail. "Why did you have to take Jason too?" Monica seemed to ask God. Michael tried to give Monica hope by pointing out that they hadn't found Jason's body.

Monica appreciated the effort, but she knew that things looked grim because Jason had been shot and was subsequently more susceptible to hypothermia. Michael admitted that Jason had never given up on him, not even when Michael had gone to prison. He insisted that Jason had been like a father to him. "Jason was not your father," Monica argued. Michael immediately apologized, so Monica assured him that she understood that Jason had been important to Michael and to a lot of other people.

However, Jason's loss was staggering to Monica, because she had lost Lila, Alan, and Emily. "A.J.," Michael added. "And now Jason," Monica quietly replied. Monica knew that people believed that the Lord worked in mysterious ways, but she thought that it had been cruel to take away her son when Jason had finally found true happiness with Sam and the baby after enduring so much heartache over the past year. "How do you make sense of something like that?" Monica wondered. "You can't," Michael replied.

Monica was curious if Michael had seen Carly, because Monica knew that Carly had loved Jason dearly. Michael admitted that he hadn't, so Monica advised him to go to his mother. Michael promised Monica that she would always have him, so she would never be alone. After Michael left, Monica picked up a picture of Jason and wept. She then flipped through a photo album with pictures of Alan, Jason, and A.J. during happier times. Afterwards, Monica called someone to inform them, "It's me. We need to talk."

Connie paid Todd a visit at his hotel suite. She was impressed when he answered the door without a shirt on. Connie confessed that she would have blackmailed Todd into marrying her if she had known what he had been hiding under his shirts. Todd wasn't in the mood for Connie's games, so he tried to close the door in her face, but she managed to push her way into the suite. She suggested that he lose the attitude, so Todd warned her that every alter that he had known had an expiration date. He suspected that hers was soon.

Connie explained that she was there for a job. She wanted to be put in charge of Crimson. Todd pointed out that he had offered the job to Kate, not to Connie, but Connie argued that she was Kate. Todd pointed out that Connie only claimed to be Kate when it suited her purposes. Connie shrugged and then insisted that she was perfect for the job because she had more fashion sense in her little pinky than Kate did in Kate's entire walk-in closet. The woman wearing a leopard print blouse did not sway Todd. He was certain that people would question if he was on drugs if he put Connie in charge of Crimson.

Todd also pointed out that Starr would never forgive him for hiring the woman who had killed Hope and Cole. Connie reminded Todd that she hadn't been responsible for the crash, but Todd insisted that it didn't matter, because Starr didn't know that. Todd also didn't want to risk losing Carly. Connie smiled knowingly, as she realized that Todd was interested in Carly as more than a friend. Todd was curious why Connie needed a job when Johnny was rich. Connie explained that Johnny had a tight fist on the money, so she needed a steady income. Connie switched tactics by trying to seduce Todd into giving her a job, so she straddled his lap.

"What the hell is this?" Carly demanded from the doorway. Connie smiled smugly as Todd jumped out of the chair to get away from Connie. Carly wondered if Connie ever got enough. "Says the biggest tramp in town," Connie shot back. Carly wasn't in the mood to deal with Connie, so she started to leave, but Todd asked Carly to stay. He admitted that he had been worried about Carly because of what had happened.

Connie wanted to know what they were talking about, so Carly explained that Jason was missing and presumed dead. Connie made a callous remark about Stone Cold being stone cold, so Carly slapped Connie. Before Connie could retaliate, Todd picked Connie up and then tossed her into the hallway. Connie sputtered with outrage as Todd slammed the door in her face. Carly thanked Todd for dealing with Connie and for not printing anything in his newspaper about Jason. Todd explained that he had refrained from running the story because it was still developing and there was still hope.

Carly realized that the longer that Jason remained missing, the less hope there was that he would be found alive. She knew that Jason was a criminal, but she insisted that he had always been there for her. Carly began to cry as she told Todd about how Jason had stepped up to claim Michael as his own son when Michael's biological father, A.J., had threatened to take Michael away from Carly. Carly insisted that Jason had been a wonderful father to Michael, so Jason had deserved to have a family of his own. Later, Carly decided to freshen up, so Todd waited until she had disappeared into the bathroom. He then sprinted to the safe to fetch the paternity results that revealed that Jason was Danny's father.

In the hotel's lobby, Michael asked the manager at the front desk if Carly was available. "Nice ass," Connie remarked, as she walked up to Michael. Connie revealed that Carly was busy, so Connie crudely propositioned Michael. Michael made it clear that he wasn't interested, but Connie warned him that Starr would never give him any "action," so he might as well find some relief with Connie.

At the apartment, Starr was relieved when Trey arrived home, because she had been worried about him all night. Trey ignored her, as he stormed to his bedroom. After Trey showered and changed, Starr knocked on his bedroom door to urge him to talk to her. Trey marched out of his room and asked her what she wanted to talk about. He didn't give her a chance to speak, as he suggested that they discuss all the horrible things that his father had done to Trey's friends. Trey thought that the best part of what had happened was the call that he had received from Tracy, because she had invited him to the mansion in time to hold his dying father in his arms.

Trey revealed that he had been able to feel his father's very life physically slip from Joe's body. Starr's eyes filled with tears, as Trey regretted not having a chance to say goodbye to Joe, or to thank his father for everything that Joe had done, or to even tell his father, "I hate you." Trey admitted that Joe had been the only family that Trey had ever known. He wondered if Starr wanted to discuss anything else, or if that had been enough for her. Trey immediately regretted his harsh words, so he apologized for jumping down her throat. Starr promised him that she understood that he was hurting.

Trey assured Starr that Joe had been a wonderful father, but then everything that Trey had once believed about his father was gone. Trey conceded that his father had done horrible things, but he couldn't understand why Sonny had killed Joe. Starr reminded Trey that the police suspected that Jason had shot Joe, but Trey argued that Sonny had ordered Jason to kill Joe for hurting Kristina. Someone knocked on the door, so Starr cautioned Trey not to jump to conclusions until they had all of the facts. Trey tensed when Starr opened the door to reveal Sonny standing on their doorstep. Starr didn't think that it was a good time for Sonny to be there, but Trey assured Starr that it was okay.

Sonny offered Trey his condolences, but Trey didn't believe that Sonny was truly sorry. Sonny reminded Trey that they had each lost someone, so Sonny didn't want to argue. Trey's temper flared, so he ordered Sonny to leave. Sonny refused, because he needed to discuss Kate's situation with Trey.

On pier 52, Liz stared at Jason's blood on the edge of the pier. Moments later, Spinelli emerged from the water. Liz was shocked to see him in scuba gear, so he explained that he had been searching for Jason. Liz confessed that she didn't know how to live without Jason, because he had always been there for her, even when she hadn't deserved it. Spinelli assured Liz that she had been a source of great joy for Jason, but Liz disagreed, because she had kept Jason away from his family out of a misguided desire to have Jason for herself.

Liz regretted that she had cheated Jason of precious time with his child. Spinelli was startled when Liz showed him the DNA test that she had tampered with. He confessed that he was at a loss for words, which Liz suspected was code for saying that he hated her. Spinelli promised her that he could never hate her, nor could Jason. Liz was surprised that Jason hadn't told Spinelli about what she had done, so Spinelli reminded her that Jason would never have wanted to sully her name, which proved that Jason had cared deeply for her.

Spinelli insisted that Jason had always forgiven those he loved, and Liz was most assuredly among those people. Liz smiled as she pointed out that Spinelli was, too, because Jason had trusted and respected him. Spinelli confessed that he had loved Jason as well. After Spinelli left, Liz threw the crumpled DNA test that she had tampered with into the water and watched it float away.

At the penthouse, Sam showed Danny the dragon figurine, which represented his father, and the phoenix figurine, which represented her. She explained that together, the dragon and the phoenix represented ultimate bliss. Moments later, Alexis, Kristina, and Molly arrived. They expressed their condolences, but Sam insisted that there was nothing to be sorry about, because Jason was fine. Kristina and Molly were thrilled, but Alexis studied her eldest daughter carefully. Kristina and Molly were curious if Jason was in the hospital.

"Not that I know of," Sam answered, as she smiled and cooed at Danny. Alexis realized Sam was in complete denial, but Sam insisted that she knew that Jason was okay, because he would never leave her or Danny, especially when they had just found their way back to each other. Sam was certain that Jason would return. "That's the only way this story ends," Sam insisted. Alexis asked Kristina and Molly to take Danny so that Alexis could speak to Sam about what happened next, but Sam objected.

Sam explained that she wanted her husband to return home, so anyone who didn't believe that Jason would return home should leave. Sam reminded her family that she had known deep down in her soul that her son had been alive when everyone had told her that he was gone. According to Sam, she felt the same way about Jason, so she expected her family to support her. Sam decided to put Danny down for a nap, so Alexis waited until Sam was out of the room to explain to Kristina and Molly that they needed to give Sam time to process what had happened. Molly suggested that Sam might be right about Jason being alive, but Alexis explained that the Coast Guard had checked the waters and had canvassed the boats in and around the harbor, so they would have found Jason if he had been fished out of the water.

Sam returned in time to hear her mother admit that things didn't look good for Jason. Sam was furious, because she refused to believe that Jason was dead. Sam insisted that if her family couldn't believe that Jason was alive, then she didn't want them around her. Alexis and the girls explained that they were worried about Sam, but Sam didn't care. She ordered them to leave if they couldn't support her. Alexis decided to give Sam some space, so she hugged and kissed Sam, and then told her daughter that she loved her. After they left, Sam started to cry but then went to the dining room table study a map of the waters around Port Charles and chart the currents.

A short time later, Spinelli arrived. Sam was delighted, because she was certain that he could help her find Jason.

At Trey's apartment, Alexis arrived to help Sonny persuade Trey to have Kate committed. Sonny was curious how Sam was holding up. Alexis explained that her daughter was in denial, so Alexis had decided to give Sam some time to process what had happened. Meanwhile, Starr warned Trey that it was a bad idea for him to talk to Sonny, but Trey insisted that he was fine. Starr reluctantly left, so Alexis offered Trey her condolences.

Trey wasn't in the mood for niceties, so he decided to cut to the chase by asking why Alexis and Sonny believed that he had the best chance of having Kate committed. Alexis explained that Olivia was merely a cousin and had her own mental health problems. Sonny admitted that he wouldn't have asked for Trey's help if there had been another option. Trey made it clear that he refused to help Sonny, because Sonny had killed Joe.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

In Todd's hotel suite, Todd quickly tucked the paternity test results away as Carly returned from the bathroom. She was curious about the piece of paper in his hand, so Todd explained that it was just a bill. Carly confessed that she had no idea what she was going to do without Jason, because Jason had had never failed her. She insisted that Jason had been the perfect friend and father, so she was disappointed that Danny hadn't been Jason's son. Todd squirmed uncomfortably as he asked if it really would have mattered.

Carly explained that a baby would have been a precious tie to her beloved friend, Jason. Todd argued that children didn't always grow up to be like their parents, but Carly insisted that it wouldn't have mattered as long as they had a piece of Jason to hold onto. Carly was certain that Sam would agree, because it would have been comforting to look into Danny's eyes and see Jason.

Moments later, Diane arrived to discuss some legal matters with Todd. She immediately offered Carly her heartfelt condolences and admitted that she had greatly respected both Jason and Bernie. Diane had left Max a message when she had heard the news, but he hadn't returned her call, so she asked Carly to pass along her condolences to Max too. Todd was surprised that Diane had genuine fondness for Jason and Bernie, so Diane explained that she had worked closely with the men over the years, so she'd had the utmost respect for them.

Carly's eyes filled with tears of gratitude when Diane assured her that Jason had loved Carly and the children, so he had made certain that they had been taken care of. Diane confessed that she had always believed that Jason had been indestructible. "We all did," Carly tearfully admitted and then left. Todd sat down to write out a check for Diane's legal services, so she decided to question him about why he had replaced her with Heather as the newspaper's gossip columnist. Todd didn't have an answer, so Diane surmised that Heather had been blackmailing Todd with proof of Todd's involvement in the baby switch.

Todd remained silent, so Diane reminded him that their conversations were protected by attorney/client privilege. Todd was curious what kind of legal consequences he would face if he had known about the baby switch. Diane admitted that Todd could be charged with kidnapping if he had actively kept Sam from reuniting with her son. Diane advised Todd not to tell anyone about what he had done.

Todd confessed that he had told Starr, because he had promised to always be honest with Starr. Diane was surprised because Todd didn't appear to have any difficulty lying to others. Todd admitted that Diane was right; however, he said he had other things on his mind as he handed her the results of the paternity test, which confirmed that Jason was Danny's father. Diane was stunned as she read the results. Todd wanted Sam to know the truth, but he didn't want anyone to know that he'd had the test results. Diane insisted that she couldn't just hand Sam the test results, but Todd refused to take no for an answer.

Later, Todd was on the phone with his newspaper editor. He wanted the paper to run a story about Jason's disappearance, but with an emphasis on Jason's personal life rather than his criminal history.

At the penthouse, Sam was delighted when Spinelli arrived, because she was certain that Spinelli would be able to help her find Jason. "You want my help locating his remains?" Spinelli asked. Sam made it clear that she believed that Jason was alive. Spinelli explained that he had gone diving to search for Jason, so he knew from personal experience that the harbor waters were incredibly cold even with the proper equipment. Sam remained adamant that Jason was alive, so she had decided to chart the currents to find her husband.

Spinelli followed Sam to the dinning room to review the maps and charts. She reminded him that they were private investigators who made a living by following the clues, so she urged him to keep an open mind while he looked at the case with objective eyes. Sam was relieved when Spinelli agreed to help her. A short time later, Sam introduced Daniel Morgan to his "Uncle Spinelli." Spinelli was immediately struck by how much Danny resembled Jason, so Sam insisted that Jason had been Danny's father in every way that mattered. She firmly believed that Jason was trying to get home to them.

On pier 52, Duke lurked out of sight while Dante updated Anna on the coroner's reports on Bernie and Joe. According to Dante, two bullets had been pulled from Bernie, but they had been fired from two different guns, one of which had been recovered on the pier. Dante revealed that Joe's fingerprints had been on the gun and that gunpowder residue had been found on Joe's hand. Dante also explained that it was believed that Joe had been taking orders from someone. Anna realized that the person pulling Joe's strings might have been the second shooter.

Anna and Dante knew about the money that Bernie had secretly transferred into Kristina's name. Dante was certain that Bernie had been able to fly under the radar because Bernie had been part of Sonny's inner circle. Anna decided to review Joe's phone records to see who Joe had been in contact with over the past year. Dante suggested that they also check the visitors' log from the Atlantic City jail. Dante confided that the coroner had determined that Joe had received proper medical care after Tracy had removed the bullet from Joe's shoulder, which implied that Joe had found a safe haven to recuperate.

Anna and Dante were startled when they heard a loud noise in the nearby alley. They pulled out their guns and went to investigate, but Duke was long gone. However, Anna discovered a torn piece of an expensive article of clothing hanging from a crate.

At the Haunted Star, Lulu was looking at a pamphlet about adoption when her father entered the nightclub. He noticed a sign advertising an upcoming Halloween party, so Lulu explained that it had seemed appropriate, given the name of the ship. She invited her father to attend the party, but Luke had had enough with ghosts, goblins, and people rising from the grave. Lulu was surprised that Luke hadn't exposed Duke as an impostor yet, so Luke revealed that his attempts to use DNA to discredit Duke had backfired, because Duke had died before DNA profiling. Luke admitted that fingerprinting hadn't worked either, because the fingerprints on file had matched the man claiming to be Duke. However, Luke suspected that Duke had foreseen that they'd check his fingerprints and had arranged for them to be a match.

Luke decided to prove that Duke had a hidden agenda, since he couldn't prove that Duke was an impostor. Lulu suggested that Duke might be telling the truth, but Luke argued that it didn't matter, because Anna was taken. Lulu was curious if Anna agreed, so Luke conceded that Anna might see things differently. However, Luke insisted that they had something special, so he didn't want to lose it. He then changed the subject to ask Lulu about her plans to start a family.

Lulu told her father about her recent diagnosis. Luke felt terrible for his daughter, but she assured him that she had other options. They looked at the pamphlets as Luke acknowledged that there were a lot of children who needed a good loving home. Luke confessed that he would be incredibly proud if she and Dante took one of those children in. Lulu insisted that she needed to discuss everything with her husband before she made any decisions.

Lulu then turned the conversation back to Anna by advising Luke to consider proving to Anna that he was the right man for Anna rather than trying to prove that Duke was the wrong man. Moments later, Duke entered the nightclub, looking for a job. Duke feigned surprise when Lulu revealed that she was Luke's daughter, but Luke didn't buy Duke's act. Luke was stunned when Lulu admitted that she didn't need a manager, but she could use a bartender. She wanted to run it past her partner first and get the necessary paperwork together, so she asked Duke to return later. Duke thanked Lulu for the opportunity and left.

Luke demanded to know what Lulu had been thinking by giving Duke a job, so Lulu reminded her father of the adage about keeping friends close and enemies closer. Luke proudly wondered when she had learned to be so devious.

On the pier, Spinelli and Sam, pushing Danny in a stroller, walked up as Anna and Dante discussed the second shooter. Anna immediately extended her condolences when she saw Sam, but Sam ignored the words of sympathy as she announced that she and Spinelli were licensed investigators, so Sam wanted to know what Anna and Dante had been talking abut. Anna tactfully changed the subject by asking Sam if it would be possible to get a copy of the message that Bernie had left for Jason. Anna explained that it might help, so Sam happily volunteered to drop it off at the police station. After Spinelli and Sam left, Dante remarked that it was clear that Sam was in deep denial.

Anna explained that denial was actually a form of hope for grieving people. Nearby, Duke had returned to eavesdrop on Anna and Dante. Anna handed Dante the baggy with the strip of cloth that Anna had found in the alley, so she instructed Dante to have the fibers analyzed for possible trace DNA. After Dante left, Duke stepped forward. He feigned surprise that he was at the crime scene that he had read about in the newspapers. Anna was curious why Duke was there, so Duke revealed that he had gotten a job that he was eager to talk to her about.

In Metro Court's lobby, Starr was livid when she saw Connie make a pass at Michael. Starr accused Connie of being a "sick freak," so Michael tried to toss Connie out of the hotel. Connie was unrepentant as she pointed out that Michael used to "bang a hooker," so he'd be more interested in someone experienced like Connie rather than an innocent girl like Starr. Connie then taunted Starr by suggesting that it was clear that Starr had moved on from her last boyfriend and "dead kid." Outraged, Starr slapped Connie. Connie rubbed her chin as she wondered why people kept slapping her.

Starr resented Connie throwing Hope and Cole in Starr's face when Connie had been the reason that Starr had lost them. Starr accused Connie of murdering Hope and Cole, but Connie was tired of taking the rap for something that she hadn't done. Starr demanded to know what that meant, so Connie callously blamed Cole for losing control of the car. Starr couldn't believe that Connie had the gall to say something that outrageous to her. Carly suddenly appeared and ordered Connie to leave, but Connie refused to budge, because she was co-owner of the hotel.

Starr warned Connie that it was only a matter of time before Sonny had Connie committed to a sanitarium. Connie wasn't concerned because she knew that Johnny wouldn't institutionalize her. Starr revealed that Sonny was talking to Trey. Connie insisted that "that little bastard" hated Sonny more than her, so she was confident that Trey wouldn't cooperate with Sonny.

At the apartment, Sonny explained to Trey that Kate was sick and needed treatment, but Trey refused to help Sonny, because Sonny had killed Joe. Sonny insisted that there were other ways to get back at him, so Trey didn't need to use Kate, especially since she was Trey's mother. Trey scoffed because Kate had abandoned him at birth, so Joe had been Trey's only family. Trey continued to accuse Sonny of killing Joe, so Sonny decided to set the record straight.

Sonny explained that Jason had caught Joe in the act of shooting Bernie, but Trey argued that there wasn't any proof of that. Sonny disagreed; Bernie's dying words had named Joe as the killer. Sonny and Trey continued to trade heated words until Alexis tried to salvage things. She appreciated that Trey despised Sonny and was grieving the loss of his father, but she noticed that none of Trey's anger had been directed at Joe.

Alexis realized that it wasn't easy for Trey to hear about the awful things that Joe had done, but she insisted that Trey needed to try to understand what had gotten Kate to the awful place that she was in. Trey didn't know why he should care about Kate, so Alexis suggested that he needed answers to the questions that only his mother could give him. Alexis also thought that Trey shouldn't cheat himself of the opportunity to experience his mother's love. Trey wasn't interested in having a relationship with his mother, because Kate hadn't wanted him. Sonny explained that Kate had been a sweet and loving person who had been violently raped.

Trey warned Sonny and Alexis that they were wasting their time and then ordered them to leave, because he had to make arrangements to bury his father.

At Metro Court, Starr stormed out, so Michael checked to see how his mother was holding up. Carly admitted that it was difficult for her to believe that Jason was gone, but she wanted Michael to go after Starr. Michael explained that Starr had told him that she had something important to do, and then he turned the conversation back to Jason. They talked about Danny, then Carly mentioned Monica.

Michael admitted that he had paid his grandmother a visit and that Monica had been upset when he had suggested that Jason had been like a father to him. Carly was surprised when Michael added that Monica had reminded him that A.J. was Michael's father. Carly decided not to judge Monica because Monica needed to do whatever was necessary to get her through the difficulty of losing a child. However, Carly insisted that Jason had loved Michael very much.

Nearby, Sonny and Alexis had arrived. Sonny tried to reach Kate by telling Kate that Joe was dead and that Joe couldn't hurt her anymore. Connie appeared to waver until her cell phone rang. She quickly regained control, answered the phone, and walked away.

At the apartment, Starr implored Trey to sign the papers to have Kate committed to a sanitarium for treatment, because Starr couldn't stand to see Connie walking around free. Trey apologized, because he couldn't do it. Starr assured Trey that it was never too late to do the right thing. She knew what it was like to have a father who hurt people, so she urged Trey not to get caught up in Joe's drama.

Todd answered a knock at his door. "Spine-elli. What do you want?" Todd asked. "The truth about Sam's baby," Spinelli answered.

Meanwhile, Sam was surprised when she arrived home and saw Diane standing on the doorstep. Diane smiled at Sam as she carefully kept the paternity test results hidden from Sam's sight.

Friday, October 26, 2012

In the break room, Sabrina approached Ellie for a donation. Ellie was collecting money to send flowers to Dr. Quartermaine from the hospital staff. Ellie knew about Jason's disappearance because her boyfriend, Spinelli, had been Monica's son's best friend. Ellie admitted that Spinelli was beside himself with grief, as Ellie handed Sabrina a donation. Moments later, Patrick appeared in the doorway, demanding to know what Ellie was doing. Britt hovered in the background, watching avidly, as Patrick blasted Ellie for feeling sympathy for a murdering criminal.

Liz was stunned by Patrick's angry outburst, so she marched up to him to scold him for talking harshly to a well-meaning Sabrina. Patrick expected Liz to confirm that everyone would have been better off if Jason had died months earlier, but Liz refused. Britt asked to speak to Sabrina privately, so Sabrina scurried over to Britt. Britt snidely wondered what Sabrina had done to upset Patrick.

Meanwhile, Liz was shocked that Patrick would say such a heartless thing about Jason. She reminded Patrick that Robin would have sacrificed her life for any one of Robin's patients. Patrick complained that it had been a waste of effort to help Jason, because Jason hadn't appreciated the gift that he had been given. Liz disagreed, so Patrick pointed out that Jason hadn't been fishing on the pier. Liz defended Jason, reminding Patrick that Jason had tried to save Bernie, but Patrick argued that Bernie had been part of the organized crime syndicate that Jason had worked for. Liz warned Patrick that Robin wouldn't appreciate how Patrick was using Robin's death to beat up on Jason and then stormed off.

"Nice work," Britt told Sabrina, and then she approached Patrick. Britt assured Patrick that he'd had every right to be angry, but Patrick felt bad for yelling at Liz and Sabrina. Britt continued to defend Patrick, but he insisted that it had been insensitive of him not to consider how Liz would feel about Jason's death, because Liz and Jason had shared a child who had been killed in a hit-and-run accident. Britt conceded that it was tragic, but argued that Robin had risked her life for a man who'd had no regard for his own welfare. Patrick appreciated Britt's understanding and support.

Nearby, Sabrina apologized for the friction that she had inadvertently caused between Liz and Patrick. Liz wiped away a tear as she admitted that she had loved Jason. Liz explained that there had been a lot of history between Liz and Jason, but she regretted not treating him better and she also regretted lying to him. Sabrina was certain that Jason knew how much Liz cared about him. Liz took comfort in knowing that she had at least told Jason before it was too late. Moments later, Liz and Sabrina decided to get back to work but stopped short when they bumped into Patrick in the break room.

Patrick immediately apologized to Liz and Sabrina. "Thank you, Dr. Drake," Liz frostily replied and left. Sabrina regretted that she had been insensitive and had upset him about his wife the other day. She desperately wanted the opportunity to make it up to him, so Patrick asked her to babysit Emma, so that he and Britt could go out. Sabrina's smile wavered, but she agreed.

Maxie stopped by the Haunted Star to talk to Lulu about Spinelli, but Lulu thought that it was pointless, since Maxie had ignored Lulu's advice not to tell Spinelli about Maxie's divorce, while Spinelli had been on a date with Ellie. Maxie blamed Spinelli, because he had told Maxie about Jason and Sam's decision not to end their marriage. Maxie suddenly realized that Spinelli was probably upset about what had happened to Jason, so he might need to be with someone like Maxie rather than an outsider like Ellie, who couldn't appreciate how close Spinelli and Jason had been. Maxie confessed that she was also a bit troubled that Spinelli hadn't really reacted to her divorce news.

Lulu suggested that Maxie find a nice quiet moment to talk to Spinelli privately. Maxie decided that the Halloween party would be the perfect opportunity, because it was also her birthday. Lulu rolled her eyes and reminded Maxie that the nightclub would be crowded. Maxie didn't care, as she pulled out her phone to call Spinelli before Ellie had a chance to make plans with Spinelli for Halloween. "I only wish that Jason hadn't messed up the timing," Maxie grumbled under her breath.

Lulu implored Maxie to reconsider because Spinelli appeared to be serious about Ellie, but Maxie argued that Spinelli had vowed to love Maxie forever. Maxie was certain that Spinelli would know that she was committed to him when he realized that she truly intended to divorce Matt. Moments later, Ellie sailed in and smiled with delight when she spotted Maxie. Ellie was there to pick up a pair of tickets for the Halloween party, but she decided to invite Maxie to tag along with her and Spinelli. Ellie feared that Maxie was trying to hide from the pain of the divorce, so she wanted to cheer Maxie up.

Ellie also believed that Spinelli would appreciate having Maxie around, because he was grieving for Jason. Maxie seized the opportunity to make Ellie feel like an outsider by talking about how close Maxie had been to Jason. Ellie felt bad that Maxie was also grieving for Jason, so she redoubled her efforts to get Maxie to agree to attend the Halloween bash with her and Spinelli. Ellie was hopeful that Maxie could offer Ellie some tips for a costume. At Lulu's prodding, Maxie caved in. Ellie suggested that perhaps the man of Maxie's dreams might be at the party.

Sam was surprised to see Diane standing on her doorstep when she arrived home with Danny. Sam noticed the envelope in Diane's hand, so Sam asked about it. Diane explained that it was legal correspondence that was unrelated to Sam. Sam invited Diane in, so Diane entered and extended her condolences. Sam insisted that it wasn't necessary because Jason wasn't dead. Diane appreciated that Jason's body hadn't been located, but she offered her services if Sam needed anything.

Sam coldly informed Diane that neither she nor Jason would ever turn to Diane for help, even if Diane were the last attorney on earth, because Diane had represented Todd. Diane explained that the charges had been dropped because of a lack of evidence, as had happened countless other times with other clients. Sam resented Diane comparing Jason to Todd, so she ordered Diane to leave. Seconds later, John appeared on the doorstep. He wondered if there was a problem, so Sam explained that Diane was just leaving.

Diane smiled politely, but stopped at the door to remind Sam that Jason had been more than a client to Diane; he had been a good friend. John closed the door behind Diane, as Sam explained that she had been annoyed with Diane for representing Todd. Sam warned John that she didn't want to hear anyone tell her how sorry they were, because Sam refused to accept that Jason was dead. John agreed because Jason's body hadn't been found. Sam smiled with relief because John didn't think that she was crazy or in denial.

John assured her that he appreciated that Sam was a wife who simply wanted to know exactly what had happened to her husband. Sam vowed not to give up hope until she knew the entire story. Sam and John speculated about the various things that might have happened to Jason if Jason had survived the gunshot wound and frigid temperatures of the water. Sam confided that the police suspected that Joe had had an accomplice, so John revealed that someone had arranged for Joe to get out of jail in Atlantic City.

In Todd's suite, Spinelli demanded that Todd tell the truth about Sam's baby. Spinelli insisted that Todd owed it to Sam, who had just lost her husband. According to Spinelli it would give Sam peace of mind. Todd wanted to be left alone, but Spinelli continued to badger Todd for the truth. Todd reminded Spinelli that Sam had her baby back, but Spinelli was unmoved by the argument. Spinelli confessed that it had been telling that Todd had fired a popular columnist to give Heather a job, so Spinelli was certain that Todd was hiding something.

Todd suggested that Spinelli talk to Heather. Spinelli reminded Todd that Sam had suspected that Todd had been hiding something, too, when she had searched his safe. Todd was curious what Sam had found, so Spinelli admitted that it had been a note terminating Sam's employment. However, the note suggested that Todd had been onto Sam and therefore would have hidden the incriminating evidence. Todd explained that Sam had been fired because she had shown herself to be untrustworthy. Spinelli appealed to Todd to do the right thing.

Todd appeared to weaken until Diane suddenly arrived and advised Todd not to say another word. Spinelli was shocked that Diane represented Todd. Spinelli couldn't believe that Sam's pain had meant nothing to Diane, but Diane argued that everyone was entitled to legal representation, including Todd. Spinelli was thankful that Jason wasn't around to see what Diane had done. Diane was certain that Jason would understand. After Spinelli left, Diane admitted that it bothered her that Spinelli was mad at her.

Todd insisted that the only thing that mattered was that Sam finally knew that Jason was her son's father. Diane revealed that she hadn't been able to give Sam the paternity test results. Todd was furious, but Diane explained that if Sam had gotten wind that Todd had been sitting on the paternity results, Sam would make Todd pay at any cost. Diane warned Todd that Sam wouldn't hesitate to enlist Carly's help, and Carly would flatten Todd for hurting Jason.

Todd confessed that Spinelli and Carly were right; Sam deserved to know the truth about her son, so Todd and Diane needed to find a way to make sure that Sam saw the paternity test results. Diane warned Todd that it would cost him more money. Todd was confused why he had to keep giving Diane money when he had her on retainer. "Because I charge double for subterfuge," Diane explained. "You're a lawyer. Isn't that part of the job description? Isn't that kind of what you agree to do when you sell your soul?" Todd asked.

"The operative word, Lucifer, is 'sell.' Check, please," Diane replied as she held out her hand. Todd reluctantly paid Diane, so she advised Todd to use a messenger service or the U.S. Postal Service to get the paternity results to Sam. Todd revealed that he had a better plan. He intended to use a loon. Diane was confused, so Todd clarified, "Heather Webber."

Spinelli went to Sam's penthouse to tell her about his encounter with Todd. John wasn't surprised that Todd hadn't confessed to his role in the baby switch, but Spinelli admitted that Todd had seemed on the verge of opening up until Diane had arrived. Sam was grateful for all that Spinelli had done for her. John decided to follow up on his lead in Atlantic City, so he left. Spinelli was curious what John had been talking about, so Sam revealed that John was working on something that might lead her and Danny to Jason.

At pier 52, Anna admitted that the Quartermaines were friends and Robin had been close to Jason, so the case was personal. Anna confided to Duke that Joe had had an accomplice, so she suspected that Joe's boss had shot Jason. Duke carefully hid his reaction as he continued to pump Anna for information about the investigation. Anna told him about the two bullets that had been removed from Bernie's body, only one of which had matched the gun recovered with Joe's fingerprints. Duke looked around as he suggested that Joe's partner appeared to be more of an accomplice than a mastermind.

Anna made it clear that she intended to solve the crime because Jason had been Monica's only remaining living child. Anna knew that Monica was devastated, so she felt that they owed it to Monica to find out who had killed Jason. Anna apologized to Duke for going on about her work, but Duke assured her that it was fine. Anna wanted to hear about Duke's job, so he told her that he had taken a job as a bartender on the Haunted Star.

Anna questioned the wisdom of Duke working for Luke's daughter. Duke assured her that he was well aware that Lulu was using the job as an opportunity to keep tabs on Duke. However, Duke was determined to prove himself to Anna, even though the FBI had compensated Duke financially when they had finally tracked him down. Anna asked for Duke's cell phone number, but Duke invited Anna to stop by his new apartment. He admitted that it wouldn't feel like a home until she was in it.

Moments later, Anna's cell phone rang, so Duke jokingly noted that Anna always got her man. He then confessed that he always got his woman.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Monica was looking at a photograph of Jason and A.J. during happy times. Tracy entered the room and immediately told Monica how sorry she was for Monica's loss. Tracy admitted that she had never thought that it would happen, despite Jason's profession. Monica claimed that it was Tracy's fault, because Tracy's mobster boyfriend had killed Jason. Tracy argued that Joe was only a suspect, but Monica didn't care because Tracy had known that Joe had been a rapist and a murderer.

Monica believed that Jason would still be alive if Tracy had reported Joe to the police when Joe had shown up with a gunshot wound. Tracy suggested that Monica look in the mirror if Monica wanted someone to blame for Jason's death. Tracy accused Monica and Alan of coddling Jason and A.J., as well as excusing and ignoring their mistakes, selfishness, and crimes. Monica conceded that A.J. had made mistakes. "And Jason didn't?" Tracy asked, incredulous.

Monica insisted that Jason hadn't been responsible for the choices that he had made because of the brain injury that Jason had sustained in the car crash. Tracy pointed out that A.J.'s drinking and driving had caused the horrific accident. Monica argued that A.J. had paid for what he had done because the accident had ruined A.J.'s life more than it had Jason's. Tracy insisted that Jason and A.J.'s lives had already been ruined because Monica and Alan had been too busy philandering instead of parenting. Tracy wasn't surprised that both Quartermaine sons had met with a terrible end. "And you were so good at parenting?" Monica asked.

Tracy reminded Monica that Ned and Dillon were still alive, while Monica's sons were dead due to Monica and Alan's moral failings. Tracy dared Monica to deny it, but Monica couldn't. Monica conceded that she and Alan had made monumental mistakes with their sons, but that didn't get Tracy off the hook for helping Joe. Tracy explained that Joe had saved her life by giving Tracy the only dose of the life-saving serum to the deadly pathogen that Jerry had planted in the water. Monica was shocked because it implied that Joe had been linked to Jerry Jacks. Monica wondered if Tracy had mentioned it to the police, but Tracy didn't think that it would make a difference to the investigation.

However, Tracy realized that if Joe had been associated with Jerry, then it was possible that Joe had also been involved in the Metro Court hostage crisis, which meant that Joe had played a part in Alan's death. Monica was furious that Tracy had kept the information from the police, but Tracy thought that Monica was overreacting. Monica shouted that she didn't have Alan, Emily, Jason, or A.J., so her entire family was gone. "I'm all alone," Monica cried.

Tracy was immediately remorseful, so she invited Monica to lash out as much as Monica needed because even though Tracy didn't have a great relationship with Ned and Dillon, her sons weren't gone like Monica's sons were. Tracy once again extended her condolences to Monica, and then left. Monica picked up the photograph and hugged it as a tear slid down her face. Moments later, the patio doors opened.

"I thought she'd never leave," a deep male voice confessed. Monica looked up and smiled when she saw A.J. standing before her.

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