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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 5, 2012 on GH
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Monday, March 5, 2012

Luke found a distraught Robert standing on the ledge of the bridge where Robin had gone to think about Stone. Luke asked Robert what was going on. Luke said that Anna had gotten Robert's message. Luke then inquired if Robert intended to take the easy way out. Robert said that his message had not been a cry for help, but he had thought that he should say goodbye. Robert asked how Luke had found him.

Luke said that the bridge was a special spot for Robin and that Luke had been there many times with Robin and Stone to bungee jump, although, Luke added, it was Stone who did the bungee jumping while Luke and Robin watched. Robert said that the bridge was also the place where Robin had scattered Stone's ashes and that he could envision her there grieving alone. Robert questioned himself and why he had not been on hand when Robin had needed him.

Robert said that he had made putting his life on the line to swoop in for a last minute rescue an art form, but questioned what it had gotten him when all he had to show for it was seeing his child die before he did. Robert despaired because he had not been able to save Robin. Luke agreed that there was nothing worse than losing a child. Robert said that Lucky had not died, even though Luke had thought so at one time. Robert said that Lucky had returned, but Robin would not be back because he had seen her burnt body in the morgue, and he could not stop thinking about what she had suffered.

Robert asked if Luke could live with something like that. Luke said that he could if he knew that people were depending on him. Robert said that Robin had needed him, and he had not been around. Robert questioned the many times he had saved people who had not meant anything to him but had been unable to save Robin, even though Robin had saved Robert when she had nursed him through cancer. Robert said that he did not deserve Robin's love -- that he did not deserve anything. When it appeared that Robert was about to jump, Luke leaped over the guardrail. Robert told Luke not to try to pull him back. Luke said he would not pull Robert back, but would jump with him.

When Robert said that Luke was being insane, Luke quipped, "Says the man on the ledge." Robert continued to grieve and said that he should have been there for Robin. Luke asked Robert when he had developed psychic powers. Robert said he should have protected Robin. Luke pointed out that neither Patrick nor Robin would have appreciated it if Robert had hovered over them. Robert replied that Robin had not been a priority. Luke responded that Robert had never killed a four-year-old.

Luke told Robert about Jake's death and how Luke was responsible. Robert said it had been an accident, but Luke said something inside him had broken, and he could not get rid of the image of Jake bleeding in the street. Luke said that he, too, had wanted to end the pain in one fell swoop, but he soldiered on because people were depending on him. Luke said that he had gutted it out, and Robert could do the same. Robert said that Luke had other children and mentioned Lucky, Lulu, and Ethan. Robert said that he had had only one child. As Robert prepared to jump off the bridge, Luke blurted out that Ethan was Robert's child.

Dante found a gun in Kate's office. Maxie walked in on him and asked what he was doing. Dante wanted to know who had been in Kate's office. Maxie said that Kate practically lived there. After Dante left, Spinelli stopped by. He asked Maxie why she was working. He told her that it was okay to grieve and that she needed to take some time off to process what had happened. Maxie responded that Spinelli thought that she was in denial, but that she was not thinking about Georgie.

Spinelli said that Maxie had suffered several losses, including her parents, who though not dead, were no longer in her life, as well as her cousin Barbara Jean. Maxie said that she never thought about Barbara Jean, and she did not call her or text her several times a day like she did Robin. Spinelli reiterated that Maxie needed time to grieve. Maxie was very cold when she said that instead of worrying about her, Spinelli should go home and pack.

Maxie said that Spinelli was a good friend but that life moved on. Maxie said that Matt wanted to be with her, and Spinelli could not stay in the apartment. Spinelli said that Maxie had helped him when he needed it, and it was Spinelli's turn to help Maxie. Maxie was cold to Spinelli and continued with business as usual after Spinelli left the Crimson offices.

At the Port Charles Police Station, Mac signed documents for Delores, and she offered condolences. Mac snapped out that Delores should get back to work on the Starr Manning case before someone else's daughter died. Anna walked in as Delores left and asked if Mac had seen Robert. Mac said that Robert had been devastated at the morgue and had needed some time alone. Anna asked if it had been a mistake to send Luke after Robert. Mac said that if Luke helped, it was not a mistake.

Dante walked in and told Delores that he had found a nine-millimeter gun and asked Delores to get a ballistics report. He did not want to give her any details about where he had found the gun, but did tell her that he had also found shoeprints in the alley where she had been attacked. Delores was hopeful that they would be able to put two criminals behind bars that day. Much later, Delores returned with the ballistics report. Dante did not seem happy as he read the test results.

At General Hospital, Blair comforted Starr, who did not know that Cole and Hope had perished. Starr remembered the accident and insisted that Michael had promised to save Cole and Hope. Michael was standing outside her room and heard her. Blair tried tell Starr what had happened, but Starr got hysterical and insisted that Michael had promised to save her family. Blair soothed Starr and said that life was not fair. She acknowledged that Starr loved Cole and Hope and that they had loved her.

Blair said that Starr's loved ones would always be in Starr's heart. Starr said that she did not want them in her heart; she wanted them with her. Starr refused to believe that Cole and Hope were dead. She insisted that Cole had somehow managed to survive and save Hope. Blair told Starr that Michael had tried to rescue Cole and Hope, but the car had slipped over the railing and exploded on impact. Starr insisted that her life was over. An obviously emotional Michael left the area.

Starr was inconsolable. Blair kissed her and told Starr to get some rest. As Starr closed her eyes, Blair made a phone call and left voicemail saying that she needed to talk to the other person. When she looked up, Todd Manning walked into the room.

Elsewhere in GH, Sonny and Carly argued about Sonny's actions after he had been shot. Carly asked what Sonny had done after he had left the hospital. Carly also wanted to know why Kate was not at the hospital with Sonny. Sonny said that Kate was probably working. He wanted to know why Carly cared. Carly said that he had been shot the previous evening and had lost his best friend. Sonny wanted to know what Carly had been doing with Johnny.

Sonny insisted that Johnny was using Carly to get revenge on Sonny. Carly told Sonny that it was none of his business and that their only business together was as parents. Carly began insulting Kate. Sonny said that Kate was different. Carly said that Kate was not strong enough to handle Sonny's lifestyle. Sonny wanted to know why Carly thought that she was the only one who could accept Sonny's life. Carly replied that it happened over and over again. Carly said that Sonny got involved with a woman who bailed on him and then Carly had to pick up the pieces.

Sonny told Carly that Kate was different and that what he had with Kate was real, unlike the kiddy games that Carly was playing with Johnny. Michael interrupted them and asked what was wrong. Carly said that they were both upset and taking it out on each other. Carly could see that Michael was agitated. Michael told her that it was because he had not been able to save Starr's family. Carly said that Starr was lucky that Michael had been there to save her.

Carly asked if the police had learned who had shot out Anthony's tire. Sonny insisted that he had not done it and that he'd had nothing to do with the crash. Michael said that he was going to visit Jason. Carly asked him to report back to her with an update because Sam had banned Carly from Jason's room.

After Michael left, Carly asked if Kate was going to step up and give Sonny an alibi. Sonny asked if Carly remembered saying that they were nothing to each other except parents. When Carly said that she did, Sonny said he would like to put that agreement in motion and have Carly butt out of his business. Carly shot back that Sonny was accused of killing two people and asked him, "Whose business is that?"

Kate showed up at Johnny's place in a slutty outfit, talking in a Bensonhurst accent. When he called her "Kate" and asked what she was doing there, she said her name was "Connie." When Johnny again referred to her as Kate, she corrected him and said that her name was Connie Falconeri. Kate persisted in speaking as a Bensonhurst native. Johnny was confused and tried to figure out what was going on. He asked if Kate was trying to access the Bensonhurst persona as a way of helping Sonny.

Connie scoffed and said that the last thing that she wanted was to help Sonny, who was attracted to Kate, the hoity-toity wasp want-to-be. Connie said that Kate was the one with the problem and speculated on how many more bullets it would take before Kate wised up. Connie said that she had to do something to protect both Kate and herself. Johnny asked if Kate and Connie were the same person. When Connie denied it, Johnny offered to call Olivia. Connie said that Olivia was even more pathetic than Kate. She said that Olivia always fell for whatever line Sonny was using at the time.

Connie said that Kate had issues, and as a result, Connie had issues. Connie offered to explain why she needed Johnny's help. Connie said that Kate had told Sonny to choose between Kate and revenge on Anthony. She said that Sonny had chosen revenge. Kate had walked away from Sonny but had not stuck to her guns. Connie said that as soon as Sonny had asked for another chance, Kate had had sex with him on her desk, right next to the bloody wedding gown that Connie had donned as a reminder to Kate, but Kate had ignored the gesture.

Connie said that Sonny would not give up and that was why she had approached Johnny. Connie said that Johnny was strong and capable and he could see what was in it for him. Connie said that since Kate would not break up with Sonny, Sonny had to break up with Kate and that was where Johnny entered the picture.

Matt knocked on Patrick's door and was glad to see Liz there. Liz said that Patrick was being strong for Emma. She added that Emma seemed to understand that Robin was not returning. Matt said he was happy that Liz was there because he was afraid that he would not know what to say to Patrick. Liz assured him that he would be fine.

Liz asked if Matt had spoken to Maxie. Matt was amazed that Liz could think of Maxie after all Maxie had done to Liz. Liz said it did not matter and that Maxie and Robin had been very close; Maxie would need Matt more than ever. Liz urged Matt to seek out Maxie. Matt wanted to see Patrick first, but Liz said that Patrick needed to concentrate on Emma. Matt gave in and left to find Maxie.

Anna arrived home and asked about Patrick. Liz said that Patrick had not left Emma's side since telling her the sad news. Liz said that she had delivered some food and asked if there was anything that she could do for Anna. Anna said that Liz could help Anna plan Robin's funeral.

At Crimson, Maxie started remembering the last time she had seen Robin in the lab. She had a flash of her necklace catching on the gas jet. She got weak in the knees as Matt got off the elevator. He steadied her and asked if anything was wrong.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

On the bridge, Robert continued to gaze down at the churning waters, as Luke desperately tried to talk his friend out of jumping to his death. In a last-ditch effort, Luke revealed that Ethan was Robert's son, but Robert easily saw through the lie. Luke urged Robert to talk to Holly, to confirm the claim, so Robert argued that Holly was not to be trusted, because she always had an agenda. Luke insisted that Holly had produced a paternity test to prove that Robert was Ethan's father, but Robert wasn't swayed. Luke reminded Robert that Robert had been married to Holly during the time of Ethan's conception, so Robert shouldn't be so quick to dismiss the possibility that Ethan was indeed Robert's son.

Robert was curious why Ethan would even need to know the truth, when Ethan had Luke to lean on. "'Cause I can't save him; you can," Luke answered. Luke explained that Helena had used her own daughter, Cassandra, to seduce Ethan, who had quickly fallen in love with Helena's daughter. Robert was shocked when Luke revealed that Helena had then murdered Cassandra before Ethan's eyes. According to Luke, Helena had then snatched Ethan, and disappeared. Luke insisted the Robert was the only person who would be able to hunt down Helena.

Robert sensed that Luke was lying, but Luke forged ahead, by playing on Robert's guilt. Luke wondered if Robert were truly prepared to plunge to his death, knowing that Robert would be failing Ethan the same way that Robert had failed Robin. Luke then asked if Robert really wanted to lose two children in one week. Robert cried that it hurt being a in a world without Robin, knowing that he couldn't save her. Luke argued that Robert could still save Ethan. Robert finally relented, so he climbed over the railing to safer ground.

Luke followed his friend. Robert wasn't pleased with Luke, but Luke insisted that he knew Robert well enough to be certain that Robert would never have wanted to turn his back on Ethan and send Ethan to an early grave.

At Wyndemere, Holly tried to persuade Ethan to accompany her back to the mainland, but Ethan was determined to hunt down Helena to make Helena pay for murdering Cassandra. Holly warned Ethan that he would be walking into a trap, because Helena would soon learn that Holly had lied about Luke not being Ethan's father. Ethan was unmoved, so Holly resorted to appealing to Ethan's emotional side. She pleaded with Ethan to reconsider, because Luke would be devastated if anything were to happen to Ethan. Holly urged Ethan to think about how it would destroy Luke if Luke weren't able to save Ethan from Helena's diabolical clutches.

Holly insisted that Luke needed Ethan, so she begged Ethan not to give Luke a reason to give up. Ethan dropped his duffle bag, and then agreed to postpone his search for Helena until Ethan had a plan. Holly relaxed, but it was short-lived. Moments later, Luke entered the parlor, and then announced that Ethan needed to disappear fast.

At the Zacchara penthouse, Anthony lurked out of sight, while he eavesdropped on Johnny's conversation with Connie, Kate's alternate personality. Connie wanted Johnny to help her force Sonny to end things with Kate. Johnny was curious how Connie intended to make that happen, so Connie decided to give Johnny a hint. She kissed Johnny, but he quickly pulled away. Connie didn't seem to notice Johnny's lack of enthusiasm, as she assured him that her plan would work. However, Johnny had his doubts.

Connie suggested that it was Johnny's "golden ticket" for revenge against Sonny, and that it would make Sonny suffer. Connie then remarked that it wasn't as if Johnny were seeing anyone. Johnny wondered how Connie would feel if he were involved with someone. Connie assured Johnny that she wasn't looking for something long-term with him; she just needed Johnny to spend enough time with her for Sonny to walk in on them in a compromising position. Johnny explained that it was a lot to process, so he was curious how he could contact her. Connie offered to give Johnny the night to think things over, and then left.

Moments later, Anthony jumped from out of his hiding spot, and then whooped with joy. Anthony insisted that it was an opportunity of a lifetime that Johnny shouldn't pass up. Anthony urged Johnny to take Connie up on her offer, but Johnny was reluctant to take advantage of someone who was clearly deeply troubled. Anthony argued that Connie seemed to know what she wanted, so he didn't understand Johnny's hang-up. Johnny claimed that he had his reasons, prompting Anthony to realize that Johnny was "sweet" on Carly.

Johnny growled that it was none of Anthony's business. Anthony was undaunted, as he urged Johnny to consider Connie's offer, because Anthony was certain that nothing would infuriate Sonny more than to find Johnny in bed with Kate.

At Crimson, Maxie flashed back to when she had picked up her purse in the lab, and inadvertently pulled off the hose to the gas valve. Maxie's knees began to buckle, but Matt was there to grab her before she hit the floor. Maxie began to weep, as Matt held her tightly. Maxie revealed that she'd had a terrible argument with Robin shortly before Robin's death, and that Maxie had angrily accused Robin of being selfish, before Maxie had stormed out. Matt reminded Maxie that she couldn't have known what would happen.

Maxie wanted to know what had caused the explosion. Matt explained that it was still under investigation, but the preliminary reports indicated that the blast had been the result of a gas leak. Maxie had another image of her purse knocking the hose on the gas valve loose. "I'm so sorry," Maxie sobbed. "Robin's death is all my fault. It's all my fault," she cried. Matt insisted that Maxie stop blaming herself, and then suggested that he take her home, so that she could rest.

Maxie angrily shook off Matt's hands, and then announced that she intended to stay at work. Matt tried to persuade her to change her mind, but Maxie coldly ordered Matt to leave. Matt hesitated, and then quietly broached the subject of Spinelli. He thought that it might help Maxie if she had Spinelli to lean on at home. Maxie informed Matt that Spinelli had already moved out, so it was too late. "Some things can't be undone. Not ever," Maxie said with her back to Matt.

Matt walked to the elevator. Maxie waited until she heard it close before she crumpled to the ground and wept. A short time later, Kate entered the office. Maxie was taken aback by what Kate was wearing, and then recalled that Kate had been at a photo shoot for fashion hits and misses. Kate chuckled uncomfortably, nodded, and then noticed the wadded-up tissue. Kate recalled that Robin had been killed at the hospital, so she ordered Maxie to go home to deal with her grief.

After Maxie reluctantly left, Kate went into her office, and then looked in the mirror. Kate was clearly rattled when she realized what she was wearing.

At the hospital, Carly demanded to know if Sonny had gone after Anthony, following Sonny's encounter with Johnny at the benefit. Sonny refused to get into it with Carly, so Carly reminded him that a little girl, and the child's father, were dead. Carly advised Sonny to call Alexis, and then marched off. Moments later, Dante appeared. Dante announced that he wanted to ask Sonny a few questions at the police station.

Later, in the interrogation room, Dante questioned Sonny about what had transpired after Sonny left the Quartermaine mansion. Sonny explained that he had gone to the hospital to check on Jason, and then had paid Kate a visit at Crimson. "Is that a crime?" Sonny wondered. Dante revealed that it could be, and then showed Sonny the gun that had been found in Kate's office.

Dante explained that ballistics had matched the gun to the bullets that had been recovered from Anthony's tires. Sonny argued that he simply wasn't a good enough shot to take out two tires, while driving. Dante revealed that they still needed a witness statement from Anthony, who seemed to have disappeared. Sonny wasn't sorry to hear that Anthony was missing, and he doubted that Johnny would feel any concern either. Dante admitted that he wanted to believe Sonny, but the evidence was against Sonny.

At the hospital, Carly spotted Alexis. Carly assumed that Sonny had called Alexis, but Alexis explained that she had stopped by to see Sam and Jason. Carly assured Alexis that Jason was stable, but Carly couldn't say the same about Sam's marriage to Jason, because Sam had decided to keep Jason in the dark about Robin's death. Carly insisted that she had known Jason a lot longer than Sam, so Carly was certain that Jason would be furious when he realized that Sam had kept quiet about Robin's death. Alexis suggested that they trust Sam's judgment, and then shifted gears to broach the subject of Carly's affair with Johnny. Carly didn't see why it concerned Alexis, so Alexis explained that Carly was literally sleeping with the enemy, which might ignite a mob war.

Alexis wasn't eager to deal with that, if she could avoid it. Carly warned Alexis that Alexis had other things to be concerned about, and then proceeded to tell Alexis about the accident that had killed a little girl, and the girl's father. Alexis decided to talk to Sonny, but first she intended to check on Sam. Carly made a crack about Sam, but Alexis warned Carly to leave Sam alone. Carly was unapologetic, because she was certain that Jason would want to know about Robin. A short time later, Sonny called Alexis to ask her to meet him at the police station, because Dante had just arrested Sonny for murder.

At the nurses' station, Todd Manning asked his ex-wife, Blair, if their daughter, Starr were okay. Blair slapped Todd. "How dare you show your face after what you did?" Blair demanded. Todd took the outburst of anger in stride, and then asked again how Starr was doing. Blair insisted that Todd didn't have the right to know, after murdering his brother, Victor, and kidnapping Blair's boyfriend, Tomas. Blair was certain that Todd would have stuck to his lies and deceit, if John McBain hadn't figured things out and rescued Tomas.

Blair confessed that sleeping with Todd had been the biggest mistake of her life, but Todd argued that they would always love each other. Blair made it clear that she was with Tomas, and that she no longer loved Todd. Blair then revealed that she had been calling Tomas when Todd had arrived, so she ordered Todd to leave. Blair was confident that Todd would go to jail for killing Victor, but Todd argued that no one had liked his twin. Blair insisted that Téa had loved Victor, and that Téa would do everything in her power to help Nora Buchanan put Todd away for life.

Blair was disgusted that Todd had wasted his second chance at life by ruining everything within six months. Todd made it clear that he refused to leave until he knew that his daughter was okay. "Physically, she's fine," Blair told him, and then admitted that Starr's life would never be the same. Todd wondered what that meant, so Blair revealed that their granddaughter, Hope, and Hope's father, Cole, had died. Todd accused Blair of being cruel for saying something like that, but Blair tearfully assured him that she was serious.

Todd was shattered, as Blair told him about the tragedy, and how Starr had escaped the fiery inferno that had claimed Hope and Cole's lives. Blair broke down as she confessed that she'd had to tell their daughter about Hope and Cole. Todd reached out for Blair, and then held her, as he tried to absorb the shocking news. Blair refused to let Todd comfort her, so she quickly pulled away. She insisted that she and Starr would get through the tragedy without Todd, but Todd refused to abandon his daughter.

Blair threatened to call the police, because she was certain that the Llanview Police Department would love to know that Todd had fled their jurisdiction. Blair started to dial the police, but Todd ripped the phone out her hands before she could complete the call. Todd insisted that everything he had in his life, that was positive, and that he loved, was because of Blair, their children, and their grandchild. "I'm sorry for your loss, Mrs. Manning. I'm never going to stop trying to put us back together," Todd told her as he handed her the cell phone, and then left. Blair was left completely shaken by the encounter.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Near the nurses' station, Blair spoke on the phone to her boyfriend, Tomas Delgado. She told him about her run-in with Todd, and then vowed that she would not let Todd near Starr. According to Blair, she had enough ammunition on Todd to make certain that he stayed away from Starr. She asked Tomas to stay with her sons, Jack and Sam, until she returned home. Blair promised that it would be soon, and then ended the call.

Michael entered Starr's examination bay, as she stared despondently at a picture of Hope and Cole. Michael wasn't certain if she remembered him, but Starr immediately recognized Michael as the person who had tried to help her after the accident. She was upset that he hadn't told her about Hope and Cole when she had first woken up, so Michael explained that it hadn't been his place. Starr demanded to know everything that had transpired after she had passed out. Michael told her about his attempt to save Hope and Cole, but admitted that the car had been unstable, and that the guardrail had eventually given way. Michael assured Starr that Cole had tried to save Hope.

Starr tearfully wondered if Michael had seen Hope and Cole's faces, as the car had plunged down the embankment. Michael explained that it had happened too fast, and that the car had exploded on impact. Michael admitted that he was deeply sorry for failing to save her family. "So am I," Starr replied. Starr then showed him the picture of Hope and Cole, but Michael barely glanced at it. Starr noticed, and called Michael out on it, so Michael revealed that he had spent hours studying the picture, while she had been unconscious.

Michael decided to introduce himself. Starr confessed that his name sounded familiar, so Michael suggested that perhaps she had seen his name in the newspaper. Before Starr could reply, Blair entered. Blair was certain that Michael meant well, but she insisted that Starr needed to rest. Starr assured her mother that Michael's visit had helped. Michael started to leave, so Starr called out to thank him for trying to save Hope and Cole.

After Michael left, Starr reminded Blair that Cole's parents had no idea that their son had been killed, and that Todd was the only person who knew how to get in touch with Marty and Patrick Thornhart. Starr insisted that she didn't want anything to do with her father, so Blair decided to call John McBain. Blair was certain that John would be able to track down the Thornharts, who were living in hiding. Blair realized that Starr had a long road ahead of her, but she promised her daughter that she would be with Starr every step of the way.

At Metro Court, Todd approached Carly to ask if she worked at the hotel. Carly revealed that she owned the place, so Todd explained that he wanted to rent a room for an indefinite time. Carly was curious what Todd's story was, so Todd cryptically explained that someone he cared about was in the hospital. Carly empathized, because of her situation with Jason, so she offered to take Todd's credit card information. Todd insisted that he intended to pay cash, and that he preferred not to use his real name.

Carly was immediately intrigued, so she made the necessary arrangements, and then joined him in the waiting area until his room was ready. Carly struck up a conversation with Todd, who revealed enough information about the accident for her to piece together that he was the father of the girl whom Michael had rescued. Todd demanded to know what she knew about the accident, so Carly admitted that her son had taken Starr to the hospital, and that he had tried to save Hope and Cole. Todd wanted to thank Michael, and question him about the crash, but Carly was reluctant to put Todd in touch with Michael. Carly assured Todd that Michael had cooperated with the police, but Todd wasn't satisfied.

Todd explained that he didn't trust the police. "Sometimes you have to make your own justice," Todd insisted. Todd then revealed that he had been blocked from seeing Starr. Carly was outraged on his behalf, because Todd was Starr's father, and therefore, Todd had rights. Todd confessed that not everyone shared that view. Carly agreed, because she had been banned from seeing her best friend, who was in the hospital, out of spite and petty jealousy.

Todd wondered what they were going to do about it, so Carly admitted that she had an idea. A short time later, Todd and Carly, dressed in scrubs, lurked near Starr's examination bay. After Blair left Starr's side, Carly wished Todd good luck, and then headed to Jason's hospital room, while Todd went to see his daughter.

In the interrogation room, Sonny suggested that Dante cite a conflict of interest, but Dante refused to step down from the case, in the event that Sonny was telling the truth about not shooting out Anthony's tires. Dante wanted the opportunity to vindicate his father. Moments later, Alexis entered the interrogation room. She was concerned that Sonny's civil rights had been violated, but Sonny assured her that everything was okay. Alexis resented that Sonny was always the suspect by default every time a crime was committed, so Dante outlined the evidence against Sonny.

Alexis insisted that the police would need more than vague suspicions, and circumstantial evidence to charge Sonny with murder. Alexis pointed out that it was unlikely that Sonny would be so calm if Sonny had been responsible for the death of a child, but Dante argued that Sonny had been known to demonstrate an ability to cover his guilt when necessary. Alexis suggested that perhaps Anthony had hired someone to shoot out the tires, and to plant the gun in Kate's office. Dante revealed that a blood trail had been found at the scene of the accident, indicating that Anthony had been wounded, so perhaps three people had been killed on that fateful night.

After Dante stepped out of the interrogation room, Alexis asked if Sonny had caused the accident that had claimed the life of a child and the child's father. Sonny acknowledged that he and Alexis had been down a similar road in the past, and that Sonny hadn't been completely honest with her then, but he insisted that he'd had nothing to do with Anthony's crash. Alexis argued that Sonny tended to get irrational when his children were in danger, but Sonny insisted that he wasn't asking her to believe him, just to defend him.

Later, Michael arrived at the police station upon hearing about Sonny's arrest. Dante explained that they had found a nine-millimeter gun, with the serial number scratched off, in Kate's office, and that the bullets recovered from the tires of Anthony's car had been fired from a nine-millimeter gun. Alexis stepped out of the interrogation room to remind Dante that the evidence against Sonny was circumstantial, but Dante explained that the arrest was out of his hands. Dante advised Alexis to talk to Mac. Meanwhile, Sonny implored Michael not to get involved. Michael watched helplessly as Sonny was hauled away to be booked for murder.

At the Drake residence, Anna greeted Robert, and then wondered where he had been. Robert explained that he had gone to Blackstone Canyon, so Anna questioned him about the alarming text message that he had sent to her. Robert assured Anna that everything was fine, because he had seen a new light at the end of the tunnel. Mac, who quietly watched the exchange, pointed out that all that mattered was that Robert was there. Robert shocked Anna and Mac by announcing that it was only temporary.

Anna was stunned when Robert revealed that he was Ethan Lovett's father. Anna and Mac had doubts about the claim, but Robert assured them that it was true. Mac urged Robert to get a DNA test to confirm Holly's story, but Robert explained that there wasn't time, because Ethan needed to be rescued. Anna reminded Robert that they had their daughter's funeral to plan, but Robert argued that time was of the essence; he was determined to save his son, because he hadn't been able to save his daughter. Robert then pointed out that Mac had been a bigger part of Robin's life than Robert had been, so Mac's presence at the funeral was more important.

Anna insisted that they needed to band together as a family for Robin's funeral, but Robert insisted that Ethan might not have time. Robert decided to go to Emma's bedroom to say goodbye. Anna started to follow Robert, but Mac pulled her back. Mac suggested that it was for the best, because it was clear that Ethan had given Robert a purpose, and a reason to keep living. A short time later, Robert returned to the living room, and told Anna that Emma had lost the koala bear that he had given to his granddaughter.

Anna assured Robert that she would look for it, so Robert revealed that he had promised Emma that he would return for a visit. Anna warned Robert that she would hold him to it. Anna then reminded Robert of the Christmas that they had spent with Robin, shortly after Emma's birth. Anna recalled that Robin had told each of them how much they had meant to her, including Robert. Robert agreed that it had been a magical night for all of them. Anna wanted Robert to hold onto that memory.

After Robert and Mac left, Anna searched for the koala bear. She spotted it tucked into the corner of the living room. She picked it up, clutched it closely, and then sat down in a chair, as the tears began to fall.

At Wyndemere, Luke told Holly and Ethan about Robert's suicide attempt at Blackstone Canyon. Luke explained that he had been desperate to give Robert a reason to live, so Luke had told Robert that Ethan was Robert's son. Ethan was not pleased that his father had lied, but Luke insisted that it had been the only way to save Robert's life. Holly warned Luke that Robert and Helena would soon learn the truth about Ethan's paternity.

Holly was certain that Robert would hate Luke for lying, but Luke didn't care, as long as Robert was alive. Ethan was reluctant to go along with Luke's plan to send Robert on a hunt for Ethan, but Ethan realized that Robert meant a lot to Luke. Holly reminded Ethan that Ethan had promised to stay put, but Luke insisted that the adventure would keep Ethan's mind off of what had happened to Cassandra. Ethan agreed to go along with Luke's plan to disappear, so Luke gave Ethan some passports, cash, and a book with Luke's contacts, and offshore account numbers. Luke then promised to find his son, when the time was right.

Holly hugged Ethan, and then assured him that their paths would soon cross again. After Ethan left, Holly suggested that Luke had given Ethan a golden opportunity to go after Helena, but Luke didn't want to think about that. Moments later, Robert strolled into the parlor. "I hear we have a son who needs saving," Robert told Holly.

Lulu was startled when she saw Maxie standing in the hallway outside of Lulu's loft. Maxie was in tears, so Lulu dragged Maxie into the apartment. Maxie confessed that she had done something horrible, and then admitted that she had gone to see Robin in the lab, shortly before Robin had perished. Maxie insisted that she had been responsible for what had happened to Robin, so Lulu asked her friend to elaborate. Maxie explained that she'd interrupted Robin, who had been working on a cure for Jason, to demand that Robin accompany Maxie to the benefit.

Lulu assured Maxie that there hadn't been anything wrong with Maxie turning to Robin for advice, but Maxie remained distraught. Maxie regretted that she hadn't paid more attention to the things around the lab. Lulu was curious what Maxie was talking about, but Maxie couldn't find the words to explain, so she ran to the bathroom. A short time later, Lulu wrapped up a phone call, as Maxie emerged from the bathroom. Maxie tried to leave, but Lulu refused to let her friend walk out of the door.

Lulu tried to get to the bottom of what was troubling Maxie, beyond Robin's tragic death, but Maxie continued to talk in circles, as she expressed remorse for not being able to apologize to Robin. Moments later, Mac arrived. Mac thanked Lulu for calling him, as Maxie ran into his waiting arms. Maxie sobbed on Mac's shoulder, and repeatedly apologized, so Mac insisted that Maxie had nothing to be sorry for.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

At Wyndemere, Holly extended her condolences to Robert. Robert accepted Holly's hug, and then revealed that he knew about their son, Ethan. Holly looked uncomfortable, as Robert vowed to save Ethan from Helena's diabolical clutches. Robert explained that he hadn't been able to help Robin, so he refused to let anything happen to his son. It didn't escape Robert's notice when Holly and Luke exchanged a glance.

Luke claimed that Luke and Holly had been having a dispute, because Holly feared that Robert wasn't up to the task of rescuing Ethan. Robert quickly assured Holly that he was, so Luke excused himself on the pretense of searching the castle for possible clues to Helena's whereabouts. After Luke left, Robert wondered if Luke had told Holly about what had happened at Blackstone Canyon. Holly assured Robert that she knew how much he had loved Robin, and how much Robin had loved her father. Holly was certain that Robin wouldn't have wanted Robert to throw his life away.

Robert confessed that he had once thought that he understood what love was, until one fateful day when he had met his six-year old daughter. According to Robert, the first time that Robin had called him "Dad," he had realized that he was capable of loving someone with every fiber of his being. Robert refused to be absent from Ethan's life, the way that Robert had been absent from most of Robin's life. Holly confessed that she felt guilty, but Robert didn't realize that she was referring to the lie about Ethan's paternity, so he assured her that he wouldn't fail Ethan. Holly lost her nerve, so she hugged Robert in gratitude.

Moments later, Luke returned. Luke claimed that he hadn't found anything useful, except a picture of Ethan that had been among Cassandra's things. Robert looked at the picture of Ethan, and then admitted that Ethan took after Holly. Robert sensed that Luke loved Ethan, so Luke confirmed Robert's suspicions. Robert was concerned about his friend's reaction to the news that Ethan was Robert's son. Luke insisted that it would be good for Ethan and Robert to unite, and that Luke would soon track down Lucky.

Luke then reminded Robert that Lulu was nearby, so Luke was not alone. Satisfied, Robert promised to contact Holly with an update. Holly explained that it wouldn't be necessary, because she intended to join Robert on the hunt for Ethan. Robert wasn't thrilled, but Holly pointed out that Ethan was her son too. Robert nodded, and then turned to his friend to say goodbye.

Luke asked Robert to stay off of ledges, rooftops, and cliffs, so Robert agreed. Robert then requested that Luke take care of Anna, because Robert realized that it was unfair to leave her to grieve for Robin alone. After Robert left, Luke wondered if Holly were up to going on a wild goose chase with Robert. Holly explained that it would be the best way to slow Robert down, and to keep Robert from learning the truth about Ethan's paternity. However, she was concerned about Luke, because Luke would have to lie to everyone, including his children, about Ethan's paternity. Luke assured her that it was enough that he and Ethan knew the truth, but Holly hoped that the decision didn't end up haunting Luke.

At the police station, Dante was staring at a picture of Sonny and Kate, as Lulu entered the squad room. Dante was surprised to see his wife at work, so she explained that Maxie was at the loft, grieving for Robin, and that Mac had stopped by to comfort Maxie. Lulu had left, because she thought that Maxie and Mac needed some time alone. Dante switched gears to tell Lulu about the gun that he had found in Kate's office, which had been used to shoot out Anthony's tires. Dante wondered if it were foolish to want to believe that Sonny hadn't been responsible for the crash that had claimed the lives of a young father and child. Lulu assured Dante that it was a normal reaction, because Sonny had saved Dante's life.

Lulu was curious if Dante thought that Sonny might be guilty, so Dante admitted that it wasn't outside the realm of possibility. Lulu suggested that Dante could ask to be reassigned, so Dante explained that he wanted the opportunity to vindicate Sonny if Sonny were innocent of the crime. Lulu suspected that Dante was trying to prove something to himself, so Dante admitted that he felt conflicted about Sonny, because he realized that Sonny thought differently than most people. Moments later, Delores approached Dante's desk to inform Dante that she had received word that Kate was at Crimson. After Delores walked away, Dante asked Lulu for a favor.

Dante revealed that he had snapped pictures of some footprints that he had spotted in the alley where Delores had been attacked. Dante decided to upload the pictures onto the police department's computer, so he asked Lulu to print them up, and then give them to Delores. Lulu agreed, and then assured Dante that she supported whatever he decided to do about Sonny. Dante thanked Lulu, and then admitted that he just wanted to give the young woman, who had lost her child and boyfriend, some closure.

Ewen went to Crimson to check on Kate. Kate didn't recognize Ewen, so he reminded her that he had met her on the docks, after the benefit. Kate tensed when Ewen added that she had been wearing her bloodstained wedding gown. Kate tried to brush Ewen off, but he warned her that the blackouts that she had been experiencing would increase in frequency. Ewen assured Kate that he was good at what he did, so he wanted to help her. Kate relented, so she picked up a paper bag, and then set it on her desk.

Kate explained that the bag contained clothes that she didn't recall buying, or putting on. Kate explained that the clothes weren't her style. "It's Connie," Kate added. Ewen was curious who Connie was, so Kate revealed that her given name was Constanza Louise Falconeri, but she had changed it to Katherine Hardwicke Howard when she had earned a scholarship to Princeton. Ewen listened intently, as Kate talked about her early years; afterwards, he quietly suggested that perhaps Connie was an alternate personality. Kate immediately denied the possibility, but Ewen assured her that the blackouts and memory lapses were strong indicators.

Ewen explained that an alternate personality was a form of dissociation that was often triggered by a trauma. He revealed that the condition was known as dissociative identity disorder. Kate argued that her symptoms could be a result of all the stress that she was under, and then ordered Ewen to leave. Ewen warned her that she needed someone to help her deal with the DID, because it was not something that she could handle alone. Moments later, Dante entered the office. Dante sensed the tension in the air, so he asked if everything were okay.

Kate assured Dante that Dr. Keenan was leaving. Ewen urged her to call him, and then left. Afterwards, Dante questioned Kate about Sonny. Kate confirmed that Sonny had been in her office, so Dante was curious if she recognized the gun. Kate looked at the gun that Dante held up, and then assured him that she had never seen it. Dante revealed that it had been found in Kate's office, and then suggested that perhaps Sonny had planted it there after shooting out Anthony's tires. Kate refused to believe that Sonny would stash the gun in her office.

Dante was curious who else had been in her office, besides Maxie, who had been present when the gun had been discovered. Kate decided to talk to Sonny, but Dante revealed that Sonny had been arrested. Dante explained that Anthony's car had veered into oncoming traffic, after the tires had been shot out. Kate was horrified when Dante revealed that a young father and his daughter had been killed. Kate insisted that Sonny was innocent, but Dante warned her not to lie for Sonny, or she might wind up in a cell next to him.

At the police station, Delores was surprised to see Lulu approach Dante's desk to print some pictures. Lulu explained why she was working, but then stopped short when she realized that the pictures that Dante had uploaded were not on the computer. Delores suggested that Lulu upload them from the phone again, but Lulu quickly discovered that the pictures had been deleted. Lulu wondered if Delores had noticed anyone hovering near Dante's desk, but Delores assured her that she hadn't. A short time later, Dante entered the squad room. Lulu quickly filled him in on what had happened, so he checked his phone.

Dante noticed that the pictures that he had taken before photographing the crime scene, and the pictures that he had taken afterwards, were still on his phone, which meant that the pictures of the footprints had been intentionally deleted. They were unaware that Delores lurked nearby, eavesdropping on their conversation.

At the hospital, Todd and Carly were dressed in scrubs, as they prepared to carry out their plan. They wished each other luck, and then went their separate ways. Carly headed to Jason's room, but her phone rang before she reached it. Carly explained to Johnny that she couldn't talk, but then the phone was suddenly snatched out of her hand. Epiphany assumed that Carly was a staff member, so she scolded her for using the phone while on duty. Epiphany's fury mounted when Carly turned around to take the phone back from Epiphany.

Epiphany demanded to know why Carly was impersonating a hospital employee. Carly claimed that an orderly had spilled something on Carly's clothes, so he had given her a set of scrubs to change into. Epiphany realized that Carly was lying, so she demanded to know the name of the orderly. Carly was forced to admit the truth. According to Carly, Sam didn't have any right to ban Carly from seeing Jason, but Epiphany disagreed, because Sam was Jason's wife. Carly argued that she had been Jason's friend -- and a part of his life -- a lot longer than Sam.

Epiphany grew tired of Carly's lies and shenanigans, so she decided to call security if Carly didn't leave. Carly refused to budge, so Epiphany marched over to the nurses' station to have a security guard escort Carly out of the hospital. Carly quickly disconnected the call, and then made another attempt to persuade Epiphany to help Carly see Jason. Epiphany was livid, so she demanded that Carly hand over the scrubs, because they cost the hospital money. Epiphany was shocked when Carly suddenly stripped down to her underwear.

At the Zacchara penthouse, Anthony urged Johnny to forget Carly, and to focus on Sonny's "current flame." Anthony wanted Johnny to accept Connie's offer, because Anthony was confident that the plan, for Sonny to catch Kate and Johnny in a compromising position, would send Sonny into a downward spiral, which would make Sonny vulnerable. Johnny refused to take advantage of Kate's mental instability, because it would make him no better than Sonny. Johnny then mentioned the shooting in the parking garage. Anthony denied that he had taken aim at Dante, but Johnny didn't believe him. Anthony pointed out that Dante was a cop, so Dante likely had several enemies.

Anthony then shifted the focus of the conversation back to Connie's plan by assuring Johnny that only Sonny would get hurt. Johnny disagreed, because Kate obviously didn't know about her alternate personality. Anthony suspected that Johnny's feelings for Carly were the real reason that Johnny hesitated to accept Connie's offer. Johnny made it clear that he refused to discuss Carly, but Anthony argued that Johnny didn't owe Carly fidelity. Anthony insisted that they needed to hit Sonny where he lived, before Sonny could make a move against them. Johnny was reluctant to risk everything on something that hinged on a mentally unstable woman.

Anthony continued to push Johnny to change his mind, but the discussion was cut short when Carly knocked on the front door. Johnny ordered Anthony to hide, so Anthony warned Johnny not to let Carly make Johnny forget his priorities. After Anthony ducked out of sight, Johnny opened the door. Carly marched in, clearly upset. She told him about her failed attempt to see Jason at the hospital. Johnny suggested that perhaps Sam had finally grown tired of sharing her husband, but Carly ignored the remark. Carly was certain that Jason would want to know about Robin's death.

Johnny was surprised that Carly believed that she knew Jason better than Jason's own wife did. Carly argued that she and Jason had a bond, and that she had known Jason a lot longer than Sam had. Carly was convinced that Jason would resent being treated like an incompetent person. Johnny assured Carly that Jason would ask for Carly when he was ready to see people, but Carly cried that she didn't even know if Jason had woken up. She feared that Jason might die without knowing how much she loved Jason. Johnny promised Carly that Jason already knew that.

Carly relaxed, and then apologized for complaining to him. She admitted that she had just wanted to see him, so Johnny assured her that she didn't need to make excuses to stop by. He then lightened her mood by confessing that he would have loved to have seen her in scrubs. Carly smiled, and then told him about her encounter with Epiphany that ended with Carly stripping down to her underwear at the nurses' station. Johnny chuckled, and then kissed Carly. Carly thanked him for listening to her, and talking her down.

"Anytime," Johnny told Carly. Carly warned him that she intended to hold him to that, and then left. Johnny was disappointed, which Anthony quickly capitalized on when Anthony returned to the living room. Anthony realized that it wasn't easy to date a woman with a small child, so he suggested that Johnny could "blow off steam" another way. "Her name is Connie," Anthony added.

Todd slipped into Starr's examination bay, but Starr immediately ordered her father to leave when she saw him. Todd refused, because he didn't want to leave his daughter alone after she had lost Hope and Cole. Todd insisted that Starr needed her family more than ever. Starr angrily pointed out that family didn't mean much to Todd, since he had murdered his twin brother, Victor, a man that Starr had grown to love as a father. Starr felt betrayed by Todd, because she had believed in him, and she had defended him to everyone, yet Todd had lied to her. Todd explained that he had blocked out the shooting, but Starr argued that he had eventually recalled killing Victor.

Starr suspected that Todd was sorry for getting caught, not for murdering his own brother. Todd wished that he could change things, but most of all, Hope and Cole's deaths. Starr pointed out that it wasn't possible, so it didn't matter. Todd acknowledged that he had made a lot of mistakes, and that he would likely be held accountable for some of the things that he had done wrong when the trial began. However, until then, he planned to stay at Starr's side.

Todd admitted that he had been happy that Starr hadn't been near him when his crimes had caught up with him, because he had wanted her to give Hope a better life than Todd and Blair had given Starr. Starr's eyes filled with tears, as she quietly confessed that she regretted leaving California. Todd revealed that during the worst time, when everyone had turned against him, he had found comfort in imagining Starr, Hope, and Cole spending their days on the beach. Starr begged her father to stop talking, because it reminded her too much of what she had lost. Starr told him that she and Cole had gone to the beach with Hope, and that they had built sand castles.

Starr confided that she and Cole would laugh, because Hope had been so serious about building the sand castles. Starr cried out in despair and grief, as she confessed that she missed Hope and Cole. She couldn't believe that they were actually gone. Todd gently stroked his daughter's face, in an effort to comfort her. Once Starr calmed down, Todd asked her about the accident. He remained stone-faced, as she tearfully told him about the crash, and her attempt to call for help. Starr suddenly recalled that the elderly man who had crashed into their car had blamed the accident on a man named Sonny Corinthos.

Starr realized then that her rescuer, Michael, was related to Sonny, which was why the name had been familiar to her. Starr wanted to go to the police to share the details of what she had remembered, but Todd insisted that she rest. He promised his daughter that everything would be okay. Starr warned Todd that Blair was on the phone with John McBain, so Blair wouldn't be happy to see Todd. Todd explained that Blair already knew that he was in Port Charles, prompting Starr to remind Todd that it had been dangerous for Todd to leave Llanview while he was out on bail.

Todd assured Starr that everything would be okay, and that he loved her. He urged her to get some rest, and then left. After Todd closed the curtain to the examination bay, he muttered to himself, "Don't you worry, Sonny Corinthos isn't going to get away with hurting my family."

Friday, March 9, 2012

Blair visited a very depressed Starr in the hospital. Blair became enraged when Starr told her that Todd had visited her. Starr expressed that she believed his claim that he was sorry for all the hurt he'd caused. Blair worried that Todd would take advantage of Starr, who replied, "Well, at least he's not telling me to 'get over it' and 'get on with my life.'"

Starr immediately apologized, but Blair knew that it was okay for Starr to be frustrated with her. Starr mentioned that the man who'd hit the car Cole had been driving had told her Sonny Corinthos had caused the crash. Blair recognized the name and showed her daughter a copy of the Sun, which headlined "Baby Killer," with a photo of Sonny, on the front page.

Blair worried that Todd was baiting Sonny with the libelous headline. Starr declared that, if Sonny was responsible, she didn't care what happened to Sonny. Blair pointed out that Starr was not a vengeful person. Starr revealed that Cole had proposed to her right before the crash.

Starr read the article and realized that Michael and Sonny were related. After Blair left, Michael arrived. "Why didn't you tell me that your father was the one who killed my daughter?" she asked accusingly.

In the Metro Court bar, Todd and Carly continued to flirt. They shared a chuckle over their undercover escapade at the hospital. Todd promised that, since he'd learned who was responsible for the crash that had killed Cole and Hope, he could make things right.

"You're talking about Anthony Zacchara," Carly presumed. "Some bastard named Sonny Corinthos," Todd replied. Carly hid her copy of the Port Charles Press, because Sonny was on the front page. Todd asked Carly a favor: to point the police in Sonny's direction. She told Todd that Sonny was being arraigned and that she had been married to him. Todd became angry that Carly had omitted that fact.

Carly urged Todd to wait until Sonny's guilt was proven before taking any action. She told Todd that the police were using the death of Todd's granddaughter to finally convict Sonny. Todd stormed off. Blair arrived not long after, ordered a drink from Carly, and asked if Todd had checked in. Carly replied that he'd left. Blair warned her that Todd was dangerous and that he might be gunning for Sonny.

Michael went to the police station and was surprised when Lulu told him that Sonny was being arraigned. Lulu doubted Sonny's innocence, which angered Michael. Michael noticed the report on the dancers who had been attacked. Delores grabbed the file and said they had nothing to go on.

"That's not entirely true," interjected Lulu, who shared with Michael that the police had found footprints where Delores had been jumped but that the photos they'd taken had disappeared. She promised that Dante would not give up until he closed that case.

Michael had to leave, to go to Sonny's hearing. He said he wanted justice for Starr. He admitted he wanted the same for Abby. After Michael left, Delores chastised Lulu for having shared key information with Michael. Lulu pointed out that Delores had been the only one near Dante's computer at the time the photos had disappeared. Delores reacted angrily until Dante walked in.

Dante allowed Kate and Sonny to speak before court. Kate had a flashback to the night Connie had taken over. Sonny noted that he heard doubt in Kate's voice, and swore he'd had nothing to do with the crash. Dante made it clear that the evidence was incriminating and, despite his doubt that Sonny had shot out Anthony's tires, he'd have to present it without expressing his own opinions.

Alexis asked Sonny, point-blank, whether he was lying to her. However, she believed him when he stated that he would not have asked her to defend him had he caused the death of a little girl. In the courtroom, the Assistant District Attorney called Dante to the stand. Dante testified that the slugs they'd pulled from Anthony's tires matched the gun found in Kate's office.

The judge held Sonny over for prosecution. Alexis pointed out that the evidence was circumstantial; anyone could have planted the gun. The ADA asked for Sonny to be remanded without bail, because Sonny was a flight risk, but the judge release Sonny on 1.5 million dollars. Sonny thanked Dante for having given unbiased testimony.

After Alexis and Kate exited the courtroom, Kate made a call to Ewen. Inside, as Sonny finished a call with Bernie, Todd walked in and confronted Sonny.

Steve and Maggie argued over Steve's mistreatment of the head of security. Maggie reminded Steve that Robin's death had been an accident, and Steve replied, "Unlike what I did in Memphis?" As she comforted him, Olivia happened upon them and assumed Maggie was seducing Steve.

"Seeing you hurt? Honestly, I can't stand it," Olivia told Steve. "Almost as much as I can't stand you," she said to Maggie. Steve apologized for having asked Maggie to work at the hospital. He admitted that he and Maggie were not having an affair.

Maggie tried to continue the lie and begged Steve not to confess. Maggie was paged and had to leave, but predicted that Olivia would regret learning Steve's secret. After Maggie left, Steve confessed that he had killed someone.

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