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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 12, 2012 on GH
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Monday, March 12, 2012

At General Hospital, Starr blamed Sonny for the accident that claimed the lives of Hope and Cole. When Starr learned that Sonny was Michael's father, she accused Michael of being insincere when he offered his condolences. Michael remained calm and told Starr about the feud between Sonny and Anthony. At first Starr seemed to understand, then she accused Michael of being with Sonny when Anthony's tires were shot out. Michael told her that he had arrived on the scene with Dante and had had no idea what had actually happened until he had arrived at the hospital with her.

Starr made Michael swear on Josslyn's life that he was telling the truth. Michael did as Starr asked. He went on to say that Anthony had many enemies capable of going after him. Michael said that Sonny was his father, and he would like to believe that Sonny had told him the truth when Sonny said that he had not shot out Anthony's tires. Starr said that mobsters lied. Michael said that a lot of things were written about Sonny, not all of which were true. Michael said that he knew what drove Sonny, but he loved him anyway.

Starr said her father was not perfect either. She said that after the last disaster with her father she thought that she never wanted to see him again, but that after Cole and Hope had died, Todd had shown up and it had not mattered anymore. Starr said that all she wanted was for her dad to hold her and to make everything okay again. Michael said that he understood. Starr said that she hoped so, because her dad would make Michael's dad pay.

Michael said that the cops would get at the truth. When he told Starr that Sonny had been arrested and was being arraigned, Starr leaped out of bed and said that she had to get to court so that the judge could hear what Anthony had told her. Michael said that he did not think that Sonny had caused the accident, but he believed that Starr had a right to tell her story, and he offered to drive her to the courthouse.

Elsewhere in GH, Steve disclosed his big secret to Olivia. He told her that he had killed a brain-dead prison lifer with no redeeming qualities, in order to harvest his heart to save a young girl with a promising future ahead of her. Steve said that he was not proud of what he had done, but he had played the percentages, when it did not appear that the prisoner would ever wake up. Olivia was quiet for a moment, and then said that no matter how logical it seemed to sacrifice a bad kid for a good kid, something about it did not seem right to her.

Steve said that if he had it to do over, he would not have made the same choice. Olivia was relieved and said that she was glad to hear it and that they could leave the incident in the past. Olivia said that she would keep Steve's secret. Steve said it was not that easy because Johnny Zacchara knew the secret and had already pointed the new Memphis hospital administrator in Steve's direction.

At the Port Charles police station, Delores was livid when she thought that Lulu had accused her of destroying evidence and flounced off to take a file to the evidence room. Lulu told Dante that she was not accusing Delores, but that Delores had admitted being the only one near the computer during the time the photos had been erased. Dante said that Delores was all over the crime, and it made no sense that she would want to destroy the evidence.

Johnny arrived at the station and insinuated that Sonny had made bail because Dante had helped Sonny out of his predicament. Dante countered that if Johnny wanted to help, he could locate Anthony and turn Anthony in to the police. Johnny said that one way or another, Sonny would pay and then walked away.

Johnny waited for Delores near the evidence locker. He said that Delores wanted something from him. She agreed and said that she wanted the name of the man who had killed her sister. Johnny indicated that he wanted something also. Delores said that she was not going to manufacture evidence and that if Johnny wanted to get Sonny, he would have to find another way. As Delores walked away, Johnny flashed back to the conversation that he had had with Connie/Kate, when she had suggested that she sleep with Johnny to make Sonny so angry that he would break up with Kate.

Delores went back to her desk and told Dante and Lulu that she was not the file clerk. She asked if they had had any luck resurrecting the photos. When she got a negative response, Delores asked if there was anything else that Dante wanted to ask her. Delores walked away when Dante said he had no questions. Both Dante and Lulu agreed that Delores was touchy. Lulu asked what Dante would do if Delores were interfering with the investigation. Dante said they would have to find another way to identify the guy who was beating up the dancers.

At the Crimson offices, Kate called Ewen and left a message, but Ewen arrived before she finished. When he asked her what had happened, Kate told Ewen about the shooting, the gun found in her office, and Sonny's arrest. Ewen said that any decent attorney could get the evidence tossed out. Kate said that Sonny would not hurt innocent people.

When Ewen interjected that Kate feared that Sonny had done it, Kate said that she feared that Sonny had not. Kate said that she was worried about the blackouts she was having. When Ewen asked if the gun was hers, Kate said that it was not, but then worried that the gun belonged to her and she did not remember. Kate then said that she did not know anything about guns. Kate said that she did not believe that she could kill two innocent people and then return to her office and make love to Sonny.

Ewen said that Kate was the only one who could know what she was fully capable of. Kate agreed and affirmed that she was not the shooter. Ewen wanted to know where the gun was from. Kate said that Sonny had lots of enemies who were capable of planting the gun. Kate said that Johnny was angry with Anthony and that he could have shot out the tires, framed Sonny, and killed two birds with one stone.

Kate's tone changed. She thanked Ewen and dismissed him as Johnny got off the elevator. Johnny hid as he heard Kate offer to pay for her session with Ewen. Ewen left and did not see Johnny lurking. When Johnny entered her office, Connie/Kate looked up and said she had wondered when Johnny would show up.

At the Metro Court, Carly and Blair shared drinks and war stories. Blair said that Todd was dangerous and volatile. When Carly questioned how Blair knew, Blair said that she was Todd's ex and that she did not want to be involved in another Todd disaster. Carly told Blair that she was Sonny's ex and that Sonny was in jail. Blair was glad and mentioned that she was Starr's mother. Carly offered her sympathy and said that she was Michael's mother.

Blair said that Michael had seemed truly concerned. Blair and Carly found common ground as they compared notes about Todd and Sonny. The women found that the men had a lot in common, and so did Blair and Carly. Both were concerned about the power that the men held over their children. Blair said that Todd always managed to convince Starr that he loved her and had seen the error of his ways. Carly understood completely because Sonny did the same thing.

Blair said that she thought that Starr had finally wised up to Todd. When Carly asked what Todd had done to cause Blair to turn her back on him, Blair said that Todd had murdered his twin brother and framed Blair's boyfriend for the crime. Carly said that she had finally stopped protecting Sonny when he had rigged her husband's plane to crash. Even though Jax had walked away, Carly had not forgiven Sonny.

The women laughed when Carly admitted that she had married Sonny four times and Blair said that she had married Todd five times. They both wondered why they kept remarrying them. Blair and Carly admitted that both Todd and Sonny had looks and charisma and that both men could be extremely romantic. Blair and Carly had another drink and said that even though Todd and Sonny were the fathers of their children, they had learned their lesson and would never go back.

Carly and Blair had another drink. They toasted their kids. They toasted men with lousy childhoods and finally got around to formally introducing themselves. Blair's phone rang. The call was from the hospital. She learned that Starr had checked out and was on her way to the courthouse with Michael. Carly said that Sonny was being arraigned. Carly called for a cab, and the women took off.

At the courthouse, Todd introduced himself to Sonny as the father of the girl in the hospital and the grandfather of the girl that Sonny had killed. Sonny vehemently denied killing Hope. Sonny tried to leave, but Todd would not let him go. Sonny reiterated that he had had nothing to do with the accident that had killed Hope and Cole. Sonny told Todd to stay out of things that he did not understand. Todd said that he understood that Sonny was used to getting his way and not being held accountable for his actions.

Todd told Sonny that Sonny had no idea of what Todd's capabilities were and that Todd was going to make Sonny pay. Todd asked Sonny if Sonny would kill Todd if Todd continued to be a problem. Sonny said that it could be arranged. Todd pulled out a gun and said he would kill Sonny first. Sonny told Todd to think of the family he had left and to remember that Sonny had people outside and that there were police nearby. Sonny said that if Todd pulled the trigger, Todd would be dead before Sonny hit the floor.

Todd said that it would be worth it as long as the man who killed his granddaughter was also dead. Todd said that Port Charles was a nice town and that he liked it. Todd said that it had been very easy to buy a gun. He said that it was ironic that since Sonny controlled all the illegal activities in Port Charles, Sonny would make a profit on the gun that Todd had bought to blow Sonny away. Sonny said that he understood and could relate to Todd's anger.

Sonny told Todd that he had also wanted revenge when Sonny's son had been shot. Sonny said that Todd was making it easy for the real killer to get away. Tears filled Todd's eyes as he told Sonny that he could not fix the situation for his little girl -- that he could not fix the life that Sonny has so carelessly broken. Sonny asked what Todd would have if it turned out that he had killed the wrong man. Todd shot back, "Better safe than sorry."

Sonny told Todd that Todd was not doing his daughter any favors by shooting an innocent man. Todd replied that everyone always said that they were innocent. Blair and Carly arrived, and Blair shouted, "No." Michael and Starr also arrived. Sonny told Michael to stay back. Starr cried, "Don't." Todd said he was doing it for Starr and then a shot rang out.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

In Kate's office, Johnny was surprised when Kate admitted that she had been expecting him to show up. She warned Johnny that planting evidence in her office hadn't worked, and that she knew that Johnny had shot out Anthony's tires. Johnny assured her that he hadn't caused his father's car accident, and then clarified that he was there to talk to her about what had happened when she had shown up at his place, and had made a pass at him. "What?" Kate asked, shocked. Kate quickly threatened to call the cops, or Sonny, if Johnny didn't leave, but he was undeterred, as he told her about the proposition. Kate was clearly rattled, as she warned him that he had the wrong woman.

Johnny agreed, and then admitted that he should be talking to "Connie." Kate became increasingly upset, as Johnny tried to reach Connie. He pushed Kate against the wall, her hands held captive above her head, and then whispered in her ear that Connie wanted to be alive, instead of dead for Sonny Corinthos. "Damn straight," Connie replied, as her eyes snapped open. Connie pulled out of Johnny's grasp, and then shrugged out of her jacket. Next, Connie pulled the pins out of her hair, to let it down.

"Kate?" Johnny asked. Connie chuckled, and then asked if he saw Kate anywhere. Johnny revealed that he had decided to turn down her offer, but Connie didn't believe him, because he had sought her out. Johnny explained that he had just wanted to see if Connie were real. Connie smiled, because she realized that he had been thinking about her. She insisted that her plan would work, and that they could have fun together, but Johnny wondered if Connie were concerned about Kate's heart being broken. Connie's temper flared.

"Screw Kate," Connie growled. Connie reminded him that Kate had almost gotten Connie and Kate killed, and then picked up the cell phone to text Sonny. Seconds later, Connie informed Johnny that Sonny was on his way over, so it was time for Johnny to pay Sonny back. Connie unbuttoned her blouse, and then flung it across the room. "So, you in or you out?" Connie asked. Johnny seemed reluctant, so Connie assured him that she wouldn't get "clingy in the afterglow," because he was as dangerous as Sonny.

Connie clarified that she wasn't prying Kate out of Sonny's bed, only to get shot in Johnny's bed. Johnny relented, so Connie helped him out of his jacket, and then kissed him. Things quickly heated up between Johnny and Connie, as they started to have sex on her desk; however, Kate emerged, and then began to panic when she realized what was going on. Kate screamed for Johnny to get off of her, and then shoved him away. Kate was visibly shaken, as she ordered him to get out of her office. "Connie?" Johnny asked.

"I am Kate Howard," Kate screamed. Johnny quickly gathered his clothes, and then left her office. He stopped near the elevator when he heard Kate begin to sob, but then left. Afterwards, Kate quickly got dressed, and then fixed her hair. Her hands shook as she picked up her Fashion Editor of the Year award, and then looked at it.

At the hospital, Olivia was stunned that Johnny knew that Steve had been responsible for the intentional death of a patient. She was curious how Johnny had learned about Steve's secret, so Steve reminded her of Johnny's mob connections. Steve confessed that Johnny had used the information to blackmail Steve into treating Anthony, after Anthony had been injured. Olivia was disgusted that Johnny would try to use Steve as a personal mob doctor. Steve admitted that Johnny wanted something else, so Olivia was curious what it was. "What Johnny always wants, a way to crush Sonny," Steve replied.

Olivia decided to talk to Johnny, but Steve insisted that it wasn't her problem, so he asked her to stay out of it. Olivia insisted that she reserved the right to stand up for "the man I love." Steve was surprised by Olivia's admission. "What did you say?" he asked. Olivia tried to backpedal, but Steve refused to let her. He assured her that she didn't have to put herself in the middle of his problems, because she had done enough by revealing that she loved him. "Actions speak louder than words," Olivia said with a smile, and then left.

At the Zacchara penthouse, Anthony was watching television when Tracy banged on the front door. Anthony quickly turned off the television, but Tracy wasn't fooled, because she had heard the television blaring. She demanded that Anthony let her in, so he reluctantly went to the door. Tracy strolled in, and then confessed that she was disappointed to see that Anthony was alive, because she had been hoping that their sham of a marriage was over. Anthony tried to garner some sympathy by accusing Sonny of causing Anthony's car to swerve into the path of a car, which had resulted in the deaths of a young father and child. Tracy doubted that Anthony had any sympathy for the family, but Anthony insisted that he would have stayed to help the young mother, if Sonny hadn't been determined to finish the job by killing Anthony.

Tracy pointed out that Sonny had been after Anthony because Anthony had tried to shoot Dante in Metro Court's parking garage. Anthony insisted that he'd had nothing to do with the shooting, and then admitted that he had thought that Tracy had believed him. Tracy clarified that she had believed Anthony when she had thought that Anthony was leaving town. Tracy was disgusted, because Anthony and Sonny's war had caused the deaths of two innocent people, one of whom had been a toddler. Anthony reiterated that he hadn't fired the gun at Dante, but Tracy was only interested in knowing when Anthony planned to leave town. Anthony explained that he needed to fly under the radar in order to leave town, so Tracy decided to speed the process along by calling Sonny to let Sonny know where Anthony was hiding.

Anthony warned Tracy that she would be an accomplice to murder, but Tracy doubted that anyone would charge her with the crime. Anthony warned her that, if he died, then the Securities and Exchange Commission would be notified of her illegal activities at ELQ, so she would end up behind bars anyway. Tracy put the phone away, and then made it clear that she had no use for Sonny; however, Sonny had been protecting his family. Tracy was curious what Anthony's excuse had been. Anthony argued that he was innocent, so if he ended up "whacked," then he'd prefer it to be for something that he had actually done. Tracy decided to leave, but she stopped in the doorway to urge Anthony to leave the country.

Anthony explained that he intended to neutralize Sonny, with the help of his grandson, Johnny. Tracy sarcastically warned Anthony that she didn't intend to drive the getaway car, so Anthony thanked her for believing in him. Tracy was curious when he had heard her say that. Anthony smiled, and then claimed that his instincts had told him. They were unaware that Olivia lurked around the corner, eavesdropping on their conversation. After Tracy left, Anthony sensed something was wrong, so he stepped into the hallway to look around, but didn't see anyone.

A short time later, Johnny returned home. He quickly informed Anthony that Kate had lost her mind, so the plan to have Sonny catch Johnny and Kate in a compromising position was nixed. Anthony urged Johnny to reconsider, because Kate was ripe to take advantage of. Johnny was disgusted that Anthony would first pimp out Claudia, and then Johnny. Anthony argued that there wasn't a better legal way to destroy Sonny.

In the apartment building's hallway, Olivia's phone rang. It was Steve. Steve wanted Olivia to know how much he cared about her, and that he hoped for things to work out. "I'm starting to think they will," Olivia replied.

At the Drake residence, Matt was on the phone with a florist, making arrangements for Robin's funeral service. After he ended the call, he looked around, and then wondered where Patrick, Anna, and Emma were. Liz, who had been working on the laptop and sifting through pictures, explained that Patrick and Anna had taken Emma shopping for a dress for Emma to wear to Robin's funeral. Matt wandered over to the coffee table, where he spotted a picture of Maxie and Robin when they were children. Matt admitted that he had never seen Maxie as upset as she was over Robin's death. Liz urged Matt to check on Maxie, but Matt explained that Maxie had made it clear that she didn't want anything to do with him.

Liz suggested that everyone dealt with loss in his or her own way, and that it was hard to imagine a day when the loss would hurt less, because it meant letting go. Matt confided that Robin had been an inspiration to Maxie, so the accident had taken a piece of Maxie's soul. Liz admitted that none of their lives would be the same without Robin. Matt tried to lighten Liz's mood by reminding her that at least she had gotten her job back. Liz had no idea what Matt was talking about, so he explained that Maxie had recanted her story, and that Monica had told him that she intended to reinstate Liz. Liz recalled Monica leaving a message for Liz, but Liz had assumed that Monica had wanted to discuss the theft.

Matt explained that he had to get back to work, so he offered to give Liz a ride, so that she could talk to Monica. Liz agreed to go with Matt, but first she wondered if he would look over the slideshow that she had put together for Robin's funeral. Matt was hesitant to agree, because he feared that it would make him cry. "At least we'll be crying together," Liz told him.

At the hospital, Maxie bumped into Ewen. Ewen's patient files scattered to the floor, so Maxie apologized, and then helped him to pick them up. Maxie was surprised when she saw a file on Kate. She was curious what Ewen was doing with a file on Kate, but Ewen refused to tell Maxie. Maxie reminded him that she was Kate's assistant, so she had asked out of concern. Maxie then realized that the file read, "DID," so she wondered what Kate had done.

Ewen cited doctor/patient confidentiality, and then admitted that he would appreciate if Maxie didn't mention seeing the file. Maxie agreed and then asked Ewen for a favor. Ewen warned Maxie that he wasn't interested if it had to do with Liz. Maxie quickly assured him that it was about Robin, and then asked if he had heard anything new about what had caused the explosion in the lab. Ewen confessed that there had been a staff meeting, during which they were told that a lever on the gas valve had broken loose, causing the deadly blast. Maxie was distraught, as she recalled accidentally breaking the lever on the gas valve.

Maxie tearfully confessed that she had been hoping for a different answer, prompting Ewen to wonder if perhaps there was something that Maxie wasn't telling him. Maxie revealed that Robin had been like a mother, sister, and best friend to her, and that Robin had always forgiven Maxie, so Maxie would never do anything to hurt her beloved cousin. Ewen assured Maxie that Robin's death wasn't Maxie's fault, and that it was natural to feel guilty when a loved one died. Maxie argued that there was nothing natural about it, so Ewen suggested that perhaps Maxie might benefit from grief counseling. Maxie immediately rejected the idea, and then confessed that she had seen Robin prior to the explosion.

Ewen insisted that what Maxie was feeling was a normal reaction to what had happened, so he advised Maxie to let her feelings out. Maxie feared that she was beyond help, but Ewen assured her that no one was. "Tell that to Robin," Maxie shot back. Ewen explained that it wasn't a sign of weakness to accept a little help, and to admit that there were some things that people couldn't handle in life. Maxie insisted that she had to go to work, and then tried to leave, but Ewen told her that everyone needed a safe place. Maxie confessed that Robin had been her safe place, because Robin had always accepted Maxie, even when Robin had called Maxie out for being wrong.

Moments later, Matt and Liz exited the elevator. Liz quickly thanked Maxie for talking to Monica on Liz's behalf, and then offered Maxie her condolences. Liz reminded Maxie that Liz had been one of Robin's closest friends, so Liz knew that Robin had been like a sister to Maxie. Maxie admitted that she had loved Robin very much. Liz confided that Robin had tried to explain Maxie to Liz on more than one occasion, and that Robin had claimed that Maxie had always given really good advice, and managed to put things into perspective for Robin. According to Liz, Robin had claimed that Maxie was more insightful than Maxie realized, and that Robin had always counted on Maxie.

Maxie was overcome with grief, so she dashed off in tears. Matt followed Maxie. He caught up to Maxie in one of the hallways, and then pulled her into his arms. Matt promised Maxie that everything would be okay, but Maxie had no idea what to do without Robin. Matt encouraged Maxie to hold on to the good memories, and not to forget how much Robin had loved her.

At the courthouse, Sonny insisted that he had not been responsible for shooting out Anthony's tires, but Todd continued to aim a loaded gun at Sonny. Carly, Blair, Michael, and Starr barged into the courtroom, and then urged Todd to put the gun down. Todd explained that he was determined to make Sonny pay for killing Hope and Cole. However, before Todd could pull the trigger, a shot rang out. Lt. John McBain, from the Llanview Police Department, fired a warning shot into the air, as he appeared in the doorway. John aimed his gun at Todd, and then ordered Todd to drop the weapon.

Blair thanked John for responding to her request to get to Port Charles. Todd recalled that John had raised Cole as a son, so Todd was curious if a part of John would feel a pang of vindication when Todd killed Sonny. Starr begged her father not to pull the trigger, because she couldn't watch him die. Seconds later, police officers swarmed the courtroom, and then disarmed John. Todd quickly tucked his gun into the back waistband of his pants, while John identified himself as a police officer, and then explained that he was there to arrest Todd for jumping bail, after being charged with murder. Sonny demanded that Todd be arrested for attempted murder, and then revealed that Todd was armed.

The police officers turned their attention on Todd, and then disarmed him. John placed handcuffs on Todd, while Starr approached Sonny. "So, you're Sonny Corinthos. I'm Starr Manning. It was my boyfriend and daughter that you killed," Starr accused. Starr was curious if Sonny had seen the occupants of the car as he shot out Anthony's tires. Sonny assured her that he hadn't fired on Anthony's car, but Starr insisted that she could prove it.

Everyone was surprised by Starr's claim, until she revealed that the man who had plowed into her car had accused Sonny of shooting at him. Sonny explained that Anthony Zacchara had lied to her, but Starr didn't believe him. Starr insisted that the only reason that she was happy that her father hadn't killed Sonny was because Sonny wasn't worth dying over. Blair decided to hustle her daughter away from Sonny. Afterwards, Michael checked on his father, and then explained that Starr needed someone to blame for the deaths of her daughter and boyfriend. Carly warned Sonny that Todd was a dangerous man, and then suggested that Sonny put himself in Todd's shoes.

Carly was curious what Sonny would have done to the man who had killed Sonny's grandchild. Sonny assured her that he realized that he had an enemy, and then reminded her that it wouldn't be the first time. Meanwhile, Todd wanted to talk to Starr, but John refused to let Todd near Starr. John then approached Blair and Starr to offer Starr his condolences, and to let Starr know that he had notified Cole's parents, Marty and Patrick, about the tragedy. John revealed that he had simply told them that it had been an accident. Blair warned John that Sonny was a mobster, but John revealed that he knew exactly who Sonny was.

Nearby, Carly checked on Todd. She confessed that she had thought that Todd was smarter than "this." Carly assured Todd that, if Sonny were guilty, then Sonny would be tried and convicted. Todd insisted that he was the only one who could give Starr justice, but Carly pointed out that Todd wasn't in a position to do that.

Todd believed that Sonny deserved to die for killing Hope and Cole, prompting Carly to remark that Todd and Sonny were alike. However, she warned Todd that Sonny wasn't easy to kill. Todd realized that Carly had been talking to Blair, which meant that Carly should appreciate that Todd would make Sonny pay. Carly noticed John walk up to Sonny, so she was curious what John's story was.

Todd jokingly observed that John had "remarkably attractive hair," but no sense of humor. Carly wasn't amused, so she wondered if there were anything else that she should know. Todd admitted that John didn't go for the "whole do-it-yourself justice thing." Carly switched gears by suggesting that it wouldn't help his children to resort to violence, but Todd wasn't moved. However, he was curious, even though they had just met, if she thought that he had killed his brother, Victor. Carly admitted that she had no idea, and then asked if he had.

Todd cryptically revealed that, if he had, his brother had deserved it. Carly suggested that Todd pull back on the attitude, because he might talk himself into a murder conviction. Todd admitted that some people thought that he deserved it. Carly argued that not everyone got what they deserved, and then confided that she wasn't ready to count Todd out yet.

In the back of the courtroom, Michael thanked Starr for stopping Todd from shooting Sonny. Starr clarified that she had been trying to save her father, not Michael's. Moments later, Blair announced that John had made arrangements for Blair, Starr, Todd, and John to return to Llanview, but Starr didn't want to leave Port Charles until she had an opportunity to testify against Sonny. Blair assured her daughter that Starr could return when Sonny's trial started, but until then, Starr could begin dealing with the deaths of Hope and Cole, surrounded by family and loved ones in Llanview. Blair was curious if Starr had left anything behind at the hospital that Starr needed before they returned home. Starr recalled that she had left her beloved picture of herself, Hope, and Cole at the hospital, so Michael admitted that he had picked it up.

After Michael handed the picture to Starr, Starr's eyes filled with tears as she gazed at the photo, because Hope, Cole, and Starr looked so happy. Blair assured Starr that things would get better, but Starr angrily wondered what would happen if she didn't want that. Michael encouraged Starr to go with her mother, but Starr suspected that he just wanted to make things easier for Sonny, not for Starr. Blair decided to have a few last words with Todd, so she excused herself, and then approached her ex-husband. Michael promised Starr that he wanted Starr to know the truth about how her family had died, whatever that truth was. Starr confided that she was certain that Sonny was responsible for the tragedy, but a part of her wished, for Michael's sake, that Sonny hadn't done it.

Michael wished Starr luck, and then invited her to let him know if she needed anything. Starr asked Michael not to blame himself for Hope and Cole's deaths, because she knew that Michael had done everything that he could to save them. Michael wished that things had been different. Starr promised that she would see Michael again, when she returned to testify against Sonny.

Nearby, Sonny made arrangements to leave the courthouse. John walked up as Sonny ended the call. "Now, you didn't think I'd just let you walk out of here, did you?" John asked. "It's been a long time, McBain," Sonny replied. Sonny was curious what had inspired John to join the police force in Llanview. Sonny's cell phone chimed before John could reply. John wondered if Sonny intended to check the message, but Sonny didn't see the point, since John's friends probably had it bugged.

John smiled knowingly, as he admitted that he couldn't comment on an ongoing investigation. Sonny was curious why John had left the FBI, and then questioned if perhaps John had been let go because John had failed to catch Sonny. John ignored the question, and then admitted that he couldn't let Todd kill Sonny, even if Sonny had deserved it. "Self-righteous. I always knew that about you," Sonny replied.

John revealed that Cole had been like a son to John, so John vowed to return to make Sonny pay, if it turned out that Sonny had been responsible for Cole's death. Sonny thought that it sounded like old times, but John disagreed, because John had learned to be a lot more patient. John vowed to wait as long as it took to get Sonny.

Blair approached Todd to tell him that he would get what he deserved. She was confident that Todd would be locked up for life. Todd warned Blair that Tomas would never make her happy, and that Todd's imprisonment wouldn't stop her from missing Todd. "You murdered your brother," Blair accused Todd. Todd was unrepentant, as he suggested that she had always liked Todd better than Victor. Angry, Blair wondered why he couldn't just admit that he was sorry.

Todd turned serious, as he confessed that he was sorry for her loss, and that he would miss her. Blair wasn't moved. "Shut up, shut up," she demanded. "I love you too," Todd replied. Moments later, John announced that they were ready to go. Blair vowed to have a front row seat to Todd's trial.

Nearby, Carly was curious what the deal was with Sonny and John. "Nothing," Sonny told her. Carly warned him that it didn't appear that way to her. Sonny watched as John started to leave. John looked back at Sonny, who waved at John. John chuckled and then walked out.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy entered the parlor, as Edward stared at old photographs on the fireplace mantel. Edward sadly remarked that they were all gone: Alan, Lila, A.J., Emily, Justus, and even Robin. Tracy agreed that Robin's death had been a terrible loss. Edward pointed to a picture of Edward, Lila, and Justus during happy times. According to Edward, it was his favorite picture of his beloved wife, Lila, because she looked so happy. Tracy conceded that her mother had had a radiant smile.

Edward recalled when the mansion had been filled with life, and laughter, especially around the holidays. Edward reminisced about the last time that he had talked to Robin, just a few weeks earlier, when Robin had told him about the wonderful Christmas that she had spent with Emma and Patrick. It had made Edward miss Lila, because Lila had loved the holidays as much as Robin had. Tracy tried to cheer her father up by pointing out that the good news was that she wasn't going anywhere. As if on cue, Alice entered the parlor to announce that all of Tracy's belongings had been packed. "Why?" Tracy asked, stunned.

Monica followed Alice into the room, and then announced that she had decided to toss Tracy out of the mansion, because of Tracy's latest marriage to mobster Anthony Zacchara. Monica refused to endanger the family, but Tracy argued that Monica's son, Jason, was a mobster. Edward pointed out that Jason had turned his back on the family, but Monica and Tracy ignored him as they began to bicker about Monica's decision. Monica insisted that she just wanted to protect the family, so Tracy was curious if Monica had been interested in protecting the patients that Monica had operated on during Monica's drunken stupors. Monica accused Tracy of hitting below the belt, but Tracy refused to apologize.

The argument continued, until Edward suddenly collapsed. Tracy and Monica rushed to Edward's side, and then helped him to a chair. Monica sent Alice to fetch Monica's medical bag, and then questioned Edward about his symptoms. Monica quickly determined that Edward had neglected to take his heart medication, so she informed him that he had to stay home to rest. Edward wanted to go to Robin's funeral, but Monica made it clear that it wasn't an option. Monica warned Edward that if he didn't rest at home, then she would take him to the hospital, where she could monitor him between rounds.

Edward was surprised that Monica didn't plan to attend Robin's funeral, so Monica explained that Jason was alive because of Robin. Monica thought the best way to honor Robin's sacrifice was to pay it forward, by treating patients. Tracy volunteered to stay at home with Edward, so Monica agreed to give Tracy a short reprieve on the eviction. Later, Edward and Tracy lit candles, as Edward talked about Robin's indomitable spirit, and how Robin had handled her HIV with grace. Edward recalled that Robin had been a beautiful bride, and that she had smiled brightly at Edward as she had made her way down the aisle.

Tracy realized that Edward felt bad that he was still there, when so many of their loved ones had passed away, but she insisted that she needed her father. Edward assured Tracy that he was too ornery to die, so Tracy leaned her head on his shoulder.

In Jason's hospital room, Jason opened his eyes, and then saw Sam sleeping in a chair. He called out to her, so she immediately sat up. Jason wondered if the baby were okay, so Sam assured him that everything was fine. She then joined him on the bed. Jason was curious how long it had been since the operation. Sam revealed that it had been a few days, prompting Jason to wonder if the drug had worked.

Sam smiled, as she explained that Jason was expected to make a full recovery. Jason was eager to thank Robin, so Sam claimed that she didn't know where Robin was. Jason decided to check with the nurses, so he got up. Sam was desperate to keep Jason from leaving the room, so she told Jason that she had suddenly recalled that Robin had the day off. Sam continued to lie to Jason when he asked her for a cell phone, by making an excuse about why she couldn't give him one.

A short time later, Spinelli stopped by to visit Jason. Jason mentioned Robin, so Spinelli commented, "She was the most brilliant, dedicated, and talented doctor." "What do you mean, 'she was'?" Jason asked. Spinelli quickly realized that Jason was unaware of what had happened to Robin, so he covered his slip by explaining that he had misspoken. Jason insisted that he wanted to talk to Robin, to thank her for saving his life, but Sam wanted Jason to rest. Jason assured her that he felt fine, so Sam persuaded Jason to stay in bed, while she went to fetch Patrick.

Spinelli followed Sam to the hallway, where she explained that she hadn't told Jason about Robin's death, because she worried that Jason might suffer a setback. Sam wanted to wait until Patrick had assured her that Jason was okay, but Spinelli warned Sam that Jason would want to attend Robin's funeral. Sam argued that it was too soon for Jason to receive such devastating news. She feared that Jason would suffer a relapse if he pushed himself too hard. Spinelli gently reminded Sam that it was Jason's decision to make, not hers, but Sam refused to jeopardize Jason's recovery. Spinelli suggested that the longer she kept the truth from Jason, the more betrayed Jason would feel.

Sam explained that Jason would feel guilty, and partially responsible for Robin's death, so she intended to keep the news from Jason until she was certain that Jason was strong enough to handle it. Sam added that Jason hadn't been able to be a father to Jake, and that she didn't want her child to grow up without a father. She threatened to post guards at Jason's door to keep everyone, including Carly, away from Jason. Spinelli realized that Carly thought that Jason should know that Robin had died, but Sam made it clear that she didn't care what Carly thought. Sam insisted that Jason was her husband, so it was Sam's decision to make. Spinelli assured Sam that he would respect her decision.

Sam relaxed, and then asked how Maxie was holding up. Spinelli admitted that Maxie was trying to bury herself in her work, and had refused all attempts to console her. However, Spinelli was determined to break through Maxie's resistance, and provide her with the solace that she needed. Later, Jason tried to leave his hospital room, but Sam blocked Jason's exit. She explained that she was terrified that he would relapse, so Jason asked her to trust that he wanted a life with her and their baby.

Mac banged on Maxie's apartment door, but Maxie didn't respond. Mac was certain that Maxie was inside the apartment, so he threatened to kick down the door if she didn't open it. Moments later, Lulu arrived. Lulu assured Mac that it wasn't necessary to resort to breaking the door, because she had a key. After Lulu opened the door, Mac was relieved to see Maxie sitting on the sofa. Maxie apologized for not answering the door; she explained that she'd had other things on her mind.

Mac assured Maxie that he understood, because he had become distracted with thoughts of Robin earlier that morning, while making coffee. Mac and Lulu were startled when Maxie announced that she intended to go to work, instead of to Robin's funeral. Mac promised Maxie that he and Lulu would be at Maxie's side to help her through the funeral, but Maxie refused to change her mind. According to Maxie, she was needed at work. Mac warned Maxie that avoiding the funeral would not change anything; Robin would still be gone. Mac insisted that it was important for Maxie to have closure, but Maxie wasn't swayed.

Maxie claimed that she wasn't interested in sharing her memories of Robin with everyone, and that everything that had made Robin who she was had disappeared when Robin had died in the lab. Mac argued that Robin being in the lab showed what kind of selfless person Robin had been. Mac thought that they should celebrate Robin, but Maxie coldly pointed out that Emma would not be celebrating. Undeterred, Mac insisted that Robin would want them to help each other through the difficult days ahead. Maxie belligerently argued that Robin wouldn't want Maxie to lose her job. Lulu tried to reason with her friend, but Maxie remained determined to go to work, so she stomped off to her bedroom to change.

Mac feared that the loss of Robin had been too much for Maxie to bear, because Maxie had already lost so many important people in her life. Lulu explained to Mac that Maxie felt guilty, because Maxie had argued with Robin shortly before the explosion. Maxie overheard Mac insist that Robin's death had been a horrible accident, so Maxie had nothing to feel guilty about. Moments later, Maxie returned to the living room, dressed for work. Mac warned Maxie that she would always regret not going to Robin's funeral, but Maxie disagreed. According to Maxie, she barely remembered Georgie's funeral.

Maxie explained that Georgie's funeral had been one big painful blur, and that no one had made Maxie feel better, nor had the funeral provided Maxie with any closure. Maxie suggested that perhaps it was the way that Maxie was wired, so she didn't see the point in going to Robin's funeral. Mac promised to help Maxie through it, but Maxie refused to change her mind. "Sorry, Dad," Maxie told him. Maxie was certain that, if Robin and Maxie's roles had been reversed, Robin would have gone to Maxie's funeral, but Maxie was the selfish one. After Maxie left, Lulu started to follow her friend, but Mac stopped her.

Luke entered the church in time to watch Anna light a candle for her daughter. Anna spotted Luke standing in the aisle, so she approached him. Anna explained that Robin had believed in God, and that Robin's faith had helped Robin throughout Robin's life. Anna's eyes filled with tears, as she confessed that she would like to believe in an afterlife, and that she could use some of her daughter's faith. Luke smiled sadly at Anna, so she wondered if he believed in God. "No, I'm not big on mythology," Luke replied.

However, Luke admitted that he believed that love gave meaning to a person's life. Anna doubted that she could go through with the funeral, so she started to leave. Luke stopped Anna by gently grabbing her arm. He was certain that Anna would find the strength to get through the service. Luke then guided Anna to one of the back pews, where they sat down. Anna admitted that she didn't know whom she was more angry at: God, or whoever was responsible for taking Robin from them, or Robert for leaving town before Robin's funeral.

Luke assured Anna that Robert had loved Robin, but Anna reminded Luke that Robert had missed a large part of Robin's life. Anna then conceded that she had too. Anna wished that she could do it all over again, but Luke advised her not to go there. Anna confessed that she resented Robert for not being there, and for leaving her to say goodbye to Robin alone. Luke admitted that she should be mad at him, not Robert, because Luke had been responsible for Robert leaving town. Luke had a flashback of explaining to Ethan why Luke had lied to Robert about Ethan's paternity.

Anna was curious what had happened after Robert had left the morgue. Luke admitted that he'd had to give Robert a reason to go on, so he had told Robert that Ethan was Robert's son. Anna realized how difficult it had been for Luke to share that secret, because she knew that Luke had loved Ethan. Luke shrugged, and then explained that Robert had needed Ethan more. Luke was confident that Robert and Ethan would be good for each other.

Anna glanced at a picture of Robin. She confided that she was glad that she had been able to spend some time with her daughter before Robin's death. Luke was curious if Anna intended to stick around after the funeral, so Anna explained that she had to, because Patrick and Emma needed her. Anna wondered how long Luke planned to remain in Port Charles, so he admitted that he refused to make any promises, because he couldn't handle the disappointment when he failed to keep them. Anna argued that Luke had shown up far more in his children's lives than he gave himself credit for.

Anna assured Luke that Robert would step up to the plate with Robert's "brand new son." However, she had no idea how to get through the funeral. Luke suggested that she could lean on him. He then told her that she and Robert had done a fine job raising Robin. Anna bragged that Robin had embraced life, and always had her priorities straight. Luke insisted that Robin had been lucky to have Anna for a mother.

Anna smiled sadly, as she confessed that children profoundly changed one's life. Luke talked about Lucky and Lulu, prompting Anna to wonder if he had told Lulu about Ethan. Luke confessed that he hadn't. "Told me what?" Lulu asked from the doorway.

Patrick was sleeping in bed when Robin asked him to wake up. She wanted to go to the hospital to check on Jason, so Patrick assured her that the operation had been a success. Robin smiled as Patrick told her that they made a great team. "Don't you forget it," Robin replied. Robin started to kiss Patrick, but then he woke up. Patrick looked at Robin's side of the bed, and then cried when he realized that it was empty.

Later, Patrick was in the shower. He felt Robin caress him from behind, so he turned to look at her, but she wasn't there. Afterwards, Patrick sat on the bed as he tried to tie his necktie. Patrick thought of Robin, who suddenly appeared before him. He confessed that she looked beautiful, but Robin warned him that it was time to get going. Patrick admitted that he didn't want to go anywhere; he wanted to stay with Robin.

Robin smiled indulgently, and then reminded Patrick that Emma was waiting for him. Robin noticed that Patrick was having difficulty with his necktie, so she reached forward to tie it for him. Patrick began to cry as she adjusted his tie. Afterwards, Robin announced that she was done. "How's that?" she asked. "It's perfect," Patrick told her. Moments later, he opened his eyes, and then looked down to see that his necktie had been tied.

Liz arrived at the Drake residence to see how everything was going. Matt revealed that Emma hadn't slept much. Seconds later, Emma ran out to greet Liz. Liz hugged the little girl, as Matt announced that they'd had chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. Emma confided that it had been her mother's favorite. Liz admitted that Cam loved chocolate chip pancakes, too, and then changed the subject by confessing that she'd heard that Anna had bought Emma a beautiful dress.

Liz suggested that Emma put the dress on, but Emma admitted that she didn't want to say goodbye to Robin. Liz assured Emma that none of them wanted to, and then reminded Emma of the conversation that Patrick and Liz had had with Emma about Robin being in heaven. Liz explained that Robin had an important job to do in heaven, as a guardian angel that would watch over Emma. Emma wondered if Robin would see Emma at her dance recital, so Matt and Liz assured Emma that Robin would. Matt made Emma giggle by demonstrating a pirouette. Liz gently explained that they needed to say goodbye to Robin, and wish her luck, before Robin could start her new job.

Emma smiled, and then dashed off to change clothes. Liz praised Matt for making Emma smile, so Matt confessed that he wished that he could do the same for Patrick. Later, Liz returned to the living room to announce that Emma was almost ready, but she had decided to let Emma play for a few more minutes, because it would be a long day for the little girl. Liz was curious how Maxie was doing, so Matt admitted that he hadn't seen Maxie since the hospital. Liz assured Matt that she hadn't intended to upset Maxie, but Liz had thought that Maxie would appreciate knowing how much Robin had loved her. Matt explained that it hadn't been Liz's fault; Maxie was inconsolable.

Liz confessed that after Jake had died, everyone had tried to find the right words to offer her comfort, but there hadn't been any. "How long has it been?" Matt wondered. "A year. A whole year, tomorrow," Liz replied. Liz admitted that a lot had changed; Lucky had left town, and Jason was having a new baby. However, she missed Jake every day, and would miss Robin as well.

Matt suggested that they should focus on the good that Robin had done. He was curious how Jason was doing, so Liz revealed that Jason was expected to make a full recovery. She then confided that Sam had decided not to tell Jason about Robin's passing, until Jason was stronger. Matt thought that it was probably for the best that Jason would not be at the funeral, because it would be a difficult day for Patrick.

Later, Patrick entered the living room. Emma ran into her father's arms. Patrick hugged his daughter, and then Liz took Emma to the bedroom to put on some shoes. Matt sat down on the sofa next to his brother, and then put his arm across Patrick's shoulders. Matt promised that they would get through the day together, but Patrick had no idea how he would manage it, because he saw Robin everywhere. Patrick feared that he wouldn't be able to help Emma, because he could barely keep it together.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

At the nurses' station, Monica wondered why Epiphany wasn't at Robin's funeral. Epiphany explained that she had considered going, but then had realized that the best way to honor Robin was to take care of the patients. Monica confessed that she had felt the same way, and then admitted that she had also wanted to be close to Jason. Epiphany revealed that Jason was awake. Monica smiled, because she had already heard the good news. Epiphany then confided that Carly had been trying to sneak into Jason's room, so Epiphany was determined to honor Sam's wishes to keep Carly away from Jason.

Monica feared that Carly would just be more inclined to get to Jason; however, Monica agreed to do her part to keep Carly from succeeding. Epiphany and Monica were unaware that Carly lurked nearby, eavesdropping on their conversation. A short time later, Carly smiled wickedly, as she approached an orderly in the hallway. Carly turned on the charm, as she flirted with the orderly to get him to let her into the supply closet. Afterwards, the orderly felt guilty, so he decided to alert Epiphany. Epiphany was livid.

Meanwhile, Jason was determined to find Robin, so that he could thank her for saving his life. Sam blurted out that Jason couldn't see Robin, because Robin was gone. Jason was curious where Robin was, so Sam told him that she didn't know, but she was certain that Robin wasn't at home. Jason was frustrated, but Sam insisted that Jason wasn't strong enough to leave the hospital. Jason argued that he felt fine, but Sam refused to let him leave until a doctor had cleared him. Moments later, Alexis and Molly arrived to visit Jason and Sam.

Jason immediately asked to use Alexis' cell phone, so Alexis handed it to him. Jason called Robin, but reached her voicemail. He left a message, thanking Robin for everything that she had done, and then promised to get in touch with her as soon as possible. Jason handed the cell phone back to Alexis, and then announced that he intended to go home to fetch his phone. Sam turned to her mother for help, so Alexis advised Jason to wait until the doctors had a chance to examine him. Jason wanted to see Patrick, but Sam explained that Patrick was not on duty.

Jason was determined to find another doctor, so Sam offered to go to the nurses' station to see if one was available. Alexis followed Sam out of the room, leaving Molly behind to distract Jason with suggestions for baby names. Molly also promised to babysit Sam and Jason's baby. In the hallway, Sam worried that Molly might accidentally let it slip that Robin had died, but Alexis was confident that Molly appreciated that Sam was concerned about Jason's recovery. Sam was relieved that someone finally understood her reasons for not telling Jason about Robin's death. Sam confessed that she was tired of defending her decision.

Alexis assured Sam that it was clear that Sam had Jason's best interests at heart. Sam promised that she intended to tell Jason about Robin, as soon as Sam was certain that Jason was out of danger. A short time later, Alexis returned to fetch Molly. Before Alexis left, she asked Jason to stop trying to leave, because Sam had been under enough stress, worrying about him. Jason agreed to wait for a doctor to okay his release from the hospital. Alexis assured Jason that everything that Sam had done had been out of love for Jason.

Monica spotted Sam as Sam passed the nurses' station. Monica revealed that she had spoken to Dr. Morucci. According to Monica, Dr. Morucci had assured her that Jason was on the road to recovery, and strong enough to hear about Robin's death. Sam immediately argued that Dr. Morucci was not familiar with the case, but Monica explained that Dr. Morucci had reviewed all of the test results, and the case file. Sam wasn't satisfied, so she begged Monica to keep quiet about Robin until Patrick could examine Jason. Sam explained that she feared that Jason would try to leave the hospital to attend the funeral if he were told of Robin's passing.

Sam refused to risk compromising Jason's health, so she wanted Monica to respect her wishes. Monica accompanied Sam back to Jason's hospital room. Monica happily greeted her son, and then assured him that Dr. Morucci had been encouraged by the test results. Jason wondered if it were okay for him to leave the hospital, but Monica advised Jason against it, until Patrick cleared Jason. Monica left, with promises to track down Patrick, so Sam assured Jason that he would just have to wait one more day, and then they'd have the rest of their lives together.

Later, Sam and Jason were snuggled together in his hospital bed when Epiphany knocked on the door, and then poked her head inside to ask to have a private word with Sam. Sam followed Epiphany to the nurses' station, where Epiphany revealed that Carly had managed to access the supply closet. Sam was furious.

Meanwhile, Carly, dressed as a janitor, slipped into Jason's hospital room. Jason was stunned to see her, and wondered why she was dressed as a janitor. Carly was relieved that Jason was awake, and then confessed that it had been the only way that she had been able to get to him. Jason seemed confused, so Carly clarified, "This can't wait."

At the Drake residence, Liz helped Emma put on a coat. Emma then showed her father a picture that Emma had drawn for Robin. Emma explained that she intended to give the drawing to Robin to take to heaven. Patrick assured Emma that it was a wonderful idea. Liz and Matt headed to the church with Emma, so that Patrick could have a moment alone. After they left, Patrick looked around at his empty living room, until his eyes landed on his and Robin's wedding picture.

Patrick's eyes filled with tears as he gazed at the picture for a long moment. Afterwards, Patrick stood up, and shrugged on his jacket. Robin appeared before him as he turned towards the door. "You ready to go?" Patrick asked his beloved wife. Robin explained that he had to go without her. Patrick worried that he wouldn't be able to do it, because he was nothing without Robin.

Robin promised that she loved Patrick, and always would. She was confident that Patrick was strong enough to get through the day. After Robin's apparition disappeared, Patrick braced himself and then opened the door.

At the church, Lulu was concerned when she noticed the bruise on Luke's face. Luke assured his daughter that it was nothing to worry about, but Lulu didn't believe him. She wondered what was going on, because she had received a vague message from Ethan about leaving town. Luke suggested that they focus on Robin, but he promised to discuss Ethan's trip with Lulu later.

Nearby, Mac told Anna that Maxie had decided not to attend the funeral. Anna thought perhaps Robert and Maxie were onto something, and then suggested that they all run away. Mac insisted that Anna needed to say goodbye to Robin, but Anna feared that she'd start screaming and not be able to stop. Mac promised that they'd get through the funeral together, for Robin's sake. Anna thanked Mac for raising Robin, and all that he had done for her daughter. Mac expressed his own gratitude to Anna and Robert for allowing him to be a part of Robin's life.

Anna tearfully confessed that she had no idea where the time had gone, because it had seemed like Robin had been a little girl "just yesterday."

Liz, Matt, and Emma arrived at the church. After Liz and Emma went to see Anna, Spinelli approached Matt, looking for Maxie. Matt explained that he had spent the night at Patrick's house, so Matt had no idea where Maxie was. Spinelli realized that Matt should have been with his brother, but Spinelli thought that Maxie shouldn't have been left alone. Matt conceded that he shouldn't have forced Maxie to ask Spinelli to move out, because then Maxie would have had Spinelli on hand during her time of grief. Matt revealed that he had changed his mind about Maxie and Spinelli's living arrangements, but Maxie had told him that some things couldn't be undone.

Moments later, Lulu walked up, so Spinelli wondered if she knew where Maxie was. Lulu told Spinelli and Matt that Maxie had decided to skip the funeral. Spinelli and Matt were concerned when Lulu added that Maxie had donned a red dress, and then gone to work. Matt decided to go to Maxie, but Lulu pointed out that Patrick needed his brother, so Spinelli offered to go to Crimson to talk to Maxie. Lulu warned Spinelli that Maxie had made up her mind, but Spinelli reminded her that he had experience dealing with Maxie's stubbornness.

At Crimson, Maxie sat at her desk, but couldn't concentrate when a picture of her and Robin snagged her attention. Maxie picked up the picture, as tears flooded her eyes. Maxie's grief turned to anger, as she recalled storming out of the lab and breaking the gas valve. Maxie swept everything off of her desk in a burst of rage, which was quickly followed by an outburst of tears. A short time later, Spinelli entered the office.

Spinelli noticed the mess on the floor, so he wondered what had happened. Maxie's anger, and tears, confirmed that she was in a bad place. Maxie explained that she regretted a lot of things, but there had been one thing that she couldn't fix, so she'd rather be left alone. According to Maxie, she didn't deserve to be comforted, but Spinelli disagreed. Spinelli realized that something else was troubling Maxie, but Maxie refused to tell him why she was racked with guilt. Instead, Maxie insisted that she was determined to get on with her life, and then ordered Spinelli to leave.

Spinelli wouldn't budge, because he thought that Maxie's pain might be eased if she were with Robin's loved ones. Maxie argued that there was nothing comforting about going to the funeral of someone who had died too young, and that she couldn't celebrate Robin's death. Spinelli suggested that she celebrate the life that Robin had lived. Spinelli was certain that Robin would have wanted Maxie at the funeral, but Maxie vehemently disagreed, because Spinelli hadn't been in the lab when Maxie and Robin had argued. Spinelli insisted that it wasn't right for someone who had loved Robin as much as Maxie had to be absent from the funeral.

At the church, Emma approached her grandmother to show Anna the picture that Emma had drawn for Robin. Anna was moved to tears, so Mac gently took Emma by the hand, so that Emma could place the drawing by a photograph of Robin. Anna asked Liz where Patrick was. Liz explained that Patrick had needed a moment alone at the house, so Matt, Liz, and Emma had left. Anna wondered if Patrick intended to show up, so Liz assured Anna that Patrick would be there.

Later, Anna wondered if perhaps the casket might frighten Emma. Mac doubted that Emma understood anything that was going on. Anna realized that it was for the best that they weren't going to a gravesite, because it would be too much for the little girl. Mac revealed that Liz had arranged for a commemorative break at the hospital, so that everyone could attend a ceremony on the hospital's rooftop to honor Robin. Anna offered him a watery smile, and then wondered when the casket would be taken away for cremation. Mac quickly reminded Anna that only Robin's shell was in the casket; Robin's spirit was with them.

Luke checked on Anna, while Mac talked to Father Coates. Anna admitted that she was trying to stay strong for Emma. Luke warned Anna that the days and weeks ahead would be tough, and then wondered where Patrick was. Anna explained that Patrick had needed some time to pull himself together, so that he could find the strength to say goodbye to Robin. Anna and Luke then looked at the screen at the front of the church to watch the slideshow of the snapshots that Liz had complied of Robin's life. Moments later, Patrick arrived.

Emma ran into her father's arms, and then told him that she had given her mother the drawing. Liz stood behind Emma, and then explained that she had decided to take Emma outside to stretch their legs before the services started. Patrick agreed that it was a good idea.

Sonny was waiting when Kate arrived at the church. She greeted him and then wondered how he was holding up. Sonny confessed that it was wrong that Robin had died, so Kate promised to be there for Sonny. Sonny switched gears to ask where Kate had been the previous evening. He explained that he had received her text message, but she had been gone when he had arrived at her office. Kate seemed startled, but quickly covered by claiming that she'd been called into a meeting.

Sonny approached Patrick to offer his condolences to Robin's husband. Patrick angrily informed Sonny that Sonny didn't have a right to be there, any more than "that murdering bastard, Jason." Sonny reminded Patrick that Robin had been special to Sonny, but Patrick argued that Sonny had fired a gun in Robin's home, while Emma had been in the next room. Sonny assured Patrick that he would always regret the incident, but it was meaningless to Patrick. Patrick insisted that the only person who had less of a right to be at the funeral was Jason. Kate quickly defended Sonny by reminding Patrick that Robin had loved Sonny.

Patrick argued that Sonny had only invited misery into Robin's life, and that Robin would be alive if it hadn't been for Jason. Sonny explained that he was simply there to pay his respects to Robin. Matt quickly ushered his brother away, before the argument escalated. Kate assured Sonny that it had just been Patrick's grief talking, but Sonny conceded that Patrick had a right to be angry. Sonny then walked over to Anna to tell her how sorry he was for her loss.

Anna admitted that she had heard that Sonny had been very kind to Robin. Sonny confessed that Robin had been far kinder to him than he had deserved. Anna agreed. After Sonny walked away, Luke approached Sonny. Luke revealed that he had heard that Sonny was a suspect in the death of a child. Sonny suggested that they focus on Robin, so Luke let the subject drop.

Moments later, the service began. Father Coates talked about the impact that Robin had had on everyone's life. Patrick avoided looking at the casket, his eyes filled with profound grief, as Father Coates invited the mourners to pay tribute to Robin. Mac was the first to give a eulogy. Mac talked about how much he had loved his niece. Memories of promising to love and support Robin, when she had been a little girl, flashed across his mind's eye as he spoke.

Mac admitted that he and Robin had taken care of each other, and then he began to talk about Stone. Mac confided that he had seen Robin's tremendous capacity for love and hope while she had stood by Stone's side after Stone's diagnosis of AIDS. Mac recalled that Robin had matured and become an adult that year. Mac had been awed by Robin's courage when she had been diagnosed with HIV prior to Stone's death. According to Mac, Robin had faced her illness with strength and dignity. Mac then addressed Emma, reminding the little girl that they were family, and that there was nothing that they couldn't get through with each other at their side.

After Mac kissed Emma, Liz walked to the podium to give her eulogy. Liz commended Robin for being a great mother, but she acknowledged that her friend could be stubborn. Liz reminded everyone that Robin had fought hard for those she had loved. Liz then confided that Robin had once asked Liz to step in for Robin, if Robin should die, but Robin was irreplaceable.

Sonny gave the next eulogy. Sonny explained that Robin had always had an open door policy with her heart. Sonny revealed that Robin had made her own judgments about people, instead of relying on the opinion of others. He admitted that there had been something special about Robin; she'd had a light inside of her that had shone through. Sonny confessed that, like Mac, he had been a witness to the love that Robin had for Stone, and that he had watched her stand by Stone's side as Stone died of AIDS.

Sonny revealed that Robin hadn't liked him at first, because she had thought that Sonny had been a terrible influence on Stone. However, Sonny and Robin had forged a strong friendship, borne of love and respect, as they had watched Stone succumb to AIDS.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Sam worked with Epiphany to keep Carly out of Jason's room. Sam knew they couldn't turn their backs on Carly, so Sam went looking for her. In the locker room, as Ewen stepped out of the shower, Sam barged in, demanding that Carly show herself. Ewen, not knowing she was referring to Carly, complied -- he dropped his towel.

After Ewen covered up, Sam explained her actions. She tried not to stare as Ewen dressed. He asked why Jason had such a high tolerance for Carly's shenanigans, and Sam said that it didn't matter at that moment; Carly's actions could kill Jason. Sam admitted she'd kept Robin's death from Jason.

Carly, dressed as a janitor, sneaked into Jason's room. He asked her why she'd felt the need to go undercover. Carly explained that Sam had banned her, but Jason asked Carly to go easy on Sam. He also sensed that Carly was keeping something from him. They argued about Sam having banned Carly, but Carly said that she had to tell Jason something important. Sam had been lying to Jason for days, she announced. Carly began to cry as she told Jason that Robin had died.

Spinelli tried his best to persuade Maxie to attend Robin's funeral, but she'd have none of it. She refused to go and asked Spinelli to leave. After he exited, Maxie wept as she looked at a photo of her cousin.

Sonny eulogized Robin. He talked about how brave she'd been, how strong she was -- even as she faced her HIV diagnosis. He expressed his regret that he'd damaged the friendship he and Robin had shared.

Anna went next and shared some of her memories. She, too, expressed her regrets that she hadn't been there for so much of Robin's childhood. Anna also thanked everyone in Robin's life who had been supportive. Anna was especially happy that her daughter had found Patrick and that they'd had a beautiful daughter.

Anna began to apologize for Robert's absence, but the pastor announced that Robert had sent a letter, to be recited by Luke. Luke took to the pulpit and read Robert's words aloud. Robert had apologized for missing the service but explained that he'd been called away on an important mission by someone he trusted more than anyone else in the world. He'd been referring to Luke.

Robert said that Robin had been handicapped, because she'd had him for a father. She'd grown up to be such an incredible person, he asserted, because of Anna's influence. He'd written that he was thankful for Robin's great capacity to forgive.

Patrick spoke next. He acknowledged that he wouldn't be able to say anything others hadn't already conveyed or had known all along. He said Robin had changed his life and had shown him what was truly important. Patrick began to break down, so Matt helped his brother back to the pews.

As the pastor began the service, Maxie rushed in, still wearing the bright, red dress she'd worn to work. Lulu and Matt tried to keep Maxie from saying anything she'd later regret. Maxie announced that she hated herself for what she'd done to Robin -- and that everyone else would hate her, too, once she explained. Maxie blamed herself. She said she was a selfish person, whereas Robin was the most selfless person she knew. Maxie had accused Robin of not being supportive the night of the explosion.

Spinelli stood up and tried to convince Maxie that she was being too hard on herself. "Robin knew the best of you, Maxie," he said. "That's what she treasured about you," he added. "I killed Robin!" Maxie cried.

After Sonny and Kate left the memorial, Sonny talked about how Robin and Stone were a part of his past and that he needed to move on. Kate reminded Sonny that their pasts never went away. Sonny pressed Kate to explain the text she'd sent him the night before. She had a recollection of her conversation with Ewen, in which he'd suggested she was suffering from dissociative identity disorder.

Kate deflected Sonny's questions by suggesting they talk about his feelings over Robin's death. He expressed remorse for having gone to Robin's with a gun the year before. That was one act that allowed people to believe he could cause the crash that had killed two innocent people and then run from the scene. "I don't know where I would be, if you weren't with me," he told Kate.

Sonny noticed Ewen's business card and asked if Kate was seeing another man. Kate admitted she was seeing Ewen professionally, as a therapist.

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