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General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 23, 2012 on GH
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Monday, April 23, 2012

At the Port Charles Police Station, Lulu's suspicions about Ronnie caused her to check Ronnie's schedule on the nights when Vaughn's dancers were attacked. Before she could find out anything, Ronnie appeared, and she got a call from Luke and walked away to take it. Luke asked if she had told her suspicions to Dante. Lulu said that she had not. Luke encouraged her to do it as soon as possible, and Lulu said that she would.

When Lulu returned to the desk, Ronnie wanted to know why she was looking at the duty roster. Lulu told him that she wanted to see if Dante had the night off so that they could go home together. Ronnie said that Dante had already left for Sonny's party and that Dante had called Lulu about it. Lulu said that she had not checked her messages. Ronnie was very complimentary of Lulu's detective skills and praised her for her part in breaking the dancer assault case.

Lulu was reluctant to take credit, but Ronnie enthused that even though Lulu might feel bad, Padilla had been using her badge to protect her dirtbag husband. Lulu said that she was not a cop and did not understand all the evidence. Ronnie listed all the reasons to believe that Eddie Padilla was guilty and again credited Lulu for observing that Padilla had been positioned to erase the evidence from Dante's phone. When Ronnie was called away to handle another case, Lulu went back to check the duty roster and found that Ronnie was off-duty when every assault had taken place.

At Sonny's birthday party in the Metro Court, Alexis wondered where Kate was with the cake. Sonny said that Kate was probably planning another surprise for him. Sonny said he would go find Kate. Before Sonny got out the door, Olivia stopped him to thank him for helping Steve by tipping the cops to the organ-transplant ring. Olivia worried that Johnny would turn Steve in to the Memphis police, but Sonny said that Johnny would not. Olivia told Sonny that she owed him one.

Michael and Dante ate canapés and talked. Michael asked if the perpetrator of the dancer attacks had been caught. Dante said that the police had a suspect in custody but could not place him at the scene of the attacks. Michael said that he just wanted justice for Abby's friends. Dante said that evidence was always subject to interpretation, and just like in Sonny's case, it might not mean that the person arrested was actually guilty.

Michael noted that something had softened in Dante's attitude toward Sonny. Dante said that Sonny had saved his life, and even though that had softened his attitude toward his father, he would not turn a blind eye to Sonny's criminal activities. Dante asked Michael about his relationship to Starr. He wanted to know if Michael felt obligated to Starr because he had been unable to keep his promise to her that he would save Hope and Cole.

Michael that he understood what Starr was going through. Michael said that Starr's dad was also on trial and that, unlike Michael, who had believed Sonny to be innocent, Starr believed that her father was guilty. Michael said that it was important to find who had really caused the accident. Michael believed that it had to be Johnny, even though Johnny had always been decent to Michael. Michael told Dante that it was important to nail Johnny quickly, before Carly became more involved with Johnny and got hurt by him.

Elsewhere in the hotel, Carly knocked on Luke's door and presented him with a hefty bill. She was angry because Luke had invited Anna to stay in his suite. Luke told her to bill Anna separately. Carly accused Luke of starting a war between Johnny and Sonny when he sold Sonny information proving that Claudia had been Johnny's mother, not his sister. Carly blamed Luke because she was stuck in the middle of the two feuding mobsters.

Luke said that the war between Johnny and Sonny had been raging long before he got involved. Luke said that the apple did not fall far from the tree and he hoped that all Carly was experiencing was a girlish infatuation for Johnny. Carly responded that Johnny was nothing like Anthony. She said that Johnny was a good man, and when she looked at him, she saw a man who had too much honor to let Michael join the mob. Luke replied that Carly was fixated on Johnny because she could not have Jax, the man she really wanted.

Carly said that she did not want to talk about Jax. Luke said that if Carly were looking for a substitute for Jax, Carly would not find it in Johnny. Luke noted that she had not signed the divorce papers and wondered if it was because of the property and money that she had as a result of the marriage. Carly was adamant when she said that she had never wanted Jax for his money. Luke admitted that he knew that Carly had loved Jax. Luke told Carly that Johnny could never be Jax.

Carly said that she did not expect him to be. She also said that she might be falling in love with Johnny. Luke asked if Johnny reciprocated her feelings and if Johnny had ever said that he loved Carly. When Carly admitted that Johnny had not said that he loved her, Luke said that Carly was still a little girl looking for love in all the wrong places. Carly snapped back that she was not a little girl and that Johnny was good for her. Luke wondered if Carly would say the same thing if the relationship was ever tested.

Carly went to the door and told Luke that relationship advice did not equal free rent. Luke reminded Carly that they had agreed that his stay would be fully compensated. Carly told him that she was cutting off his room service and his spa treatments. Luke said that he did not care about the spa. Luke said that they were family, and whether or not Carly believed him, Luke cared about her and did not want to see her hurt.

As Carly closed the door, Carly remembered the conversation with Johnny where they had admitted their feelings for each other. Johnny had said that he could not ask her to believe quickly that he cared deeply for her, but Carly had told Johnny that she did believe him and that she cared for him as much as he cared for her.

Back at Sonny's party, a glum Sam asked an equally glum Jason if he wanted to go home. Sam said that there were so many things that they had not discussed, such as what Edward and Monica would say when they found out that Jason had a twin. Jason said he could not think about the consequences. He said that they had attended the party to get away from thinking. Jason said that what Sam had found out would affect the rest of their lives and that they would have to find a way to go on.

Alexis joined them and said that she had to warn them about Molly, who was enthusiastically making lists of very unusual baby names. Alexis said that making lists of baby names was a very happy time, but when she suggested that they name the baby Jason Junior and call him J.J., Jason walked away. Alexis was perplexed and asked if everything was okay with the baby. Sam said that the baby was fine, but that Jason did not want to talk about the baby any longer.

Alexis wondered if Jason was having second thoughts because of his job and Robin's death. Sam admitted that Jason was having second thoughts. Alexis comforted Sam and told her that everything would work itself out. Alexis said that she would respect Sam's wishes, but she knew that something was going on that Sam did not want to confide in her. Alexis assured Sam that when the time arose that Sam did want to talk, Alexis would be there for her.

Jason sat down with Michael and asked if he was okay with the verdict in Sonny's trial. Michael said that he had been convinced of Sonny's innocence all along and that Jason had helped when he told Michael that Sonny could not look Michael in the eyes and say that he was innocent if he had been responsible for the deaths of Hope and Cole. Michael told Jason that he would soon know about the father-son bond. When Jason seemed uncomfortable, Michael asked if Jason was okay. Jason said that talking about the baby was stressful. Michael told Jason that he would be an awesome dad and said that Jason had been great to Michael. Michael continued that it took a very special person to raise another man's kid.

Dante found Olivia with Sonny and told them that an anonymous tip had allowed the PCPD to bust an organ transplant ring. While they talked, Dante got a call from the station. When Dante said that one of the traffickers had implicated Steve, Olivia insisted on accompanying Dante to the station. Sonny took the opportunity to go looking for Kate.

Connie arrived at Johnny's apartment, ready to use him in her scheme to break up Kate and Sonny. Johnny said that he was not interested and asked her to leave. Connie noticed that Johnny had trashed his apartment and shrewdly deduced that Johnny had learned that Sonny had beaten him again. Connie turned the knife when she told Johnny how Sonny was gloating and bragging about the anonymous tip that had broken up Johnny's organ-donor scam.

Johnny insisted that he was not interested in having sex with Connie because he did not want to hurt Carly, but Connie said it was the only way Johnny could take Sonny down without firing a single shot. When Johnny remained reluctant, Connie took out her phone and called Sonny. Sonny was standing in front of a ruined chocolate cake and was remembering the threat that Johnny had made against him when Connie called. When Connie yelled, "Johnny, no," and then hung up, Sonny rushed out.

Connie turned to Johnny and asked what he thought. She wondered if Sonny thought that Kate was turned on or if she was begging Johnny not to hurt her. Johnny told Connie that she really was crazy. Connie said that Sonny would be at Johnny's place in 20 minutes, and Sonny could either find them in bed together or she could make Sonny believe that Johnny was attacking her. She told Johnny that if Sonny believed that Johnny had attacked Kate, Johnny would end up in Pentonville, even if Sonny had to frame him, and in the meantime she would find someone else to help her make Sonny jealous enough to break up with Kate.

Connie told Johnny that it was his choice, but she thought door number one was the best option to beat death or disfigurement. Johnny agreed, and they started kissing. Johnny picked Connie up and headed up the stairs to his bedroom. When Sonny arrived a few minutes later, he found the apartment unlocked. He heard Kate call out from upstairs and rushed to the bedroom. He kicked open the door and found Johnny and Kate in bed, embracing and naked.

Michael joined Alexis and Sam and told Sam how pretty she looked. Alexis confirmed that Sam was glowing. Michael asked if Sam was as tired of the baby talk as Jason was. Sam said that they had been through a lot. Michael told her that they could put all the bad stuff behind them and start a new chapter. Alexis walked over to Jason and told him that whatever was going on with the baby, he had to stop shutting Sam out, or Sam would continue to confide in strangers like John McBain. That got Jason's attention and he asked what Alexis meant about John McBain.

As soon as Dante arrived at the station with Olivia, Lulu wanted to talk to him, but Ronnie interrupted said that Dante needed to talk to the suspect that had implicated Steve. Ronnie also told Dante that he was off-duty and headed for home. Olivia got a frantic phone call from Heather. Lulu took Dante aside, but before she could tell him anything, Olivia was back saying that Memphis policemen were at the apartment arresting Steve. She demanded that Dante go with her to Steve's apartment, and he agreed. He told Lulu that he would meet her at home, and they would talk.

Olivia left with Dante. Lulu grabbed her purse and also left the PCPD. As soon as Lulu walked out the front door of the station, Ronnie also exited and followed close behind her.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

At the hospital, Ewen left a message for Kate. Ewen was concerned, because Kate had failed to show up at Shadybrook, as they had arranged. Ewen warned Kate that it was imperative that she seek inpatient treatment immediately, before Connie had an opportunity to do some real damage. He then asked Kate to call him, even if it were just to let him know that she was okay. At the nurses' station, Liz noticed that Ewen appeared worried. Ewen admitted that one of his patients had been scheduled for inpatient treatment at Shadybrook, but hadn't arrived for the appointment.

Liz suggested that perhaps the patient had had second thoughts, because a stay at Shadybrook implied that a person was crazy. She reminded Ewen of her own stay there, even though she hadn't been insane. "At least, I don't think I was," Liz added. Ewen assured Liz that she had just needed some time to get her bearings. Liz thought perhaps Ewen's patient needed to do the same, but Ewen explained that his patient's situation was vastly different, because his patient was a danger to herself, and others.

At the Metro Court Restaurant, Michael reminded Sam that Franco was dead, so Sam and Jason were free to start a new chapter in their lives with the baby. Sam smiled politely, as she glanced at a nearby table where Jason was talking to Alexis. Sam quietly admitted that she hoped that Michael was right.

Meanwhile, Alexis urged Jason not to shut Sam out, so that Sam wouldn't feel compelled to talk to strangers, like John McBain. Jason wondered what John had to do with anything. He assumed that Alexis had been referring to the time that Sam had met John in the church, following Robin's funeral. Alexis had no idea what Jason was talking about, so Jason asked her to clarify her remark. Alexis suggested that Jason go to the source, and ask his wife.

Michael spotted his mother as Carly entered the restaurant, so he walked up to greet her. Carly was curious where the birthday boy was, so Michael admitted that he hadn't seen Sonny for some time. However, Michael was surprised that Carly was there, because she had a thing going on with Johnny. Michael realized that Carly might feel as if she were caught in the middle between Sonny and Johnny. Carly reminded Michael that she would always feel connected to Sonny, because they shared children. However, she added that she also cared about Johnny.

Carly confessed that she hoped that Sonny and Johnny would be able to strike another truce, but Michael feared that Johnny might have pushed things too far. Carly insisted that Johnny had not been responsible for shooting out Anthony's tires and framing Sonny. She made it clear that she would not rest until she found a way to end Sonny and Johnny's feud. Michael appreciated Carly's desire to broker peace between Sonny and Johnny, but he advised her not to approach Sonny about it at the party. Carly was curious where Sonny was, so Michael admitted that Sonny might have left. Carly wasn't surprised that Sonny had ditched the party, but she was amazed that Kate had let Sonny get away.

Michael decided to look for his father. A short time later, he spotted the birthday cake that Connie had viciously destroyed, with the knife sticking out of the center. "Holy crap," Michael muttered, and then snapped a picture.

Meanwhile, Carly approached Sam at the bar to remark that it appeared that Sam and Jason had made up. Sam had no idea what Carly was talking about, so Carly reminded Sam about Sam's decision not to tell Jason about Robin's death. Carly insisted that it had been a big deal for Jason to forgive Sam for lying to him, because Jason resented people making decisions for him under the guise of protecting him. Sam defended her decision, and then informed Carly that she had no desire to talk to Carly. Carly suggested that Sam didn't seem to want to talk to anyone recently, including Jason, so Carly was curious whom Sam confided things to. Carly warned Sam that keeping secrets would only make things worse.

"You would know," Sam shot back. Carly observed that Sam seemed troubled, but Sam argued that the only thing that was bothering her was the headache that Carly was giving her. Carly saw through the lie, but let the matter drop when Jason walked up. Carly cheerfully greeted Jason, and then wondered why he hadn't returned any of her calls. Carly wondered if Jason was okay, but Jason assured her that he was fine. Carly didn't believe him, so she suggested that he talk to his wife, and then left.

Jason wondered what Carly had meant by that, but Sam dismissed it as Carly being Carly. According to Sam, Carly had the impression that Carly knew Jason better than Sam did. Jason conceded that Carly knew him well. Sam insisted that the only thing that Carly had been right about was that Jason was clearly not okay. She wondered if perhaps it had to do with the baby, and then offered to talk to him about it, but Jason explained that he was more concerned about John McBain. Jason recounted his conversation with Alexis regarding Sam confiding to John.

Sam initially tried to dismiss what Alexis had said, but then admitted that she had bumped into John at Alexis' house a few days earlier. Jason wondered why Sam hadn't mentioned it before, so Sam explained that there hadn't been anything to tell. Jason warned Sam that John would use anyone, including Sam, to get to Sonny, so he wanted to know exactly what Sam and John had discussed. Sam explained that John had been looking for Alexis to discuss a restraining order, but refrained from telling Jason the rest.

Elsewhere, Michael saw his mother watching Jason and Sam, so he walked up to her to tell Carly about the cake. Carly suggested that perhaps someone had dropped it, so Michael showed Carly a picture of the cake. Carly was startled to see the knife in the cake, but she dismissed it as Kate overreacting to something that hadn't measured up to Kate's ridiculous standards. Michael told his mother that Sonny and Kate were missing, but Carly wasn't concerned. She was certain that there was an innocent explanation. However, Carly decided that it was a good time to leave, because the party was clearly over.

Moments later, Michael and Alexis approached Sam and Jason to tell them that the party was over. Michael confessed that he was concerned, because someone had destroyed the birthday cake, and Sonny and Kate were missing. Alexis was stunned when Jason and Michael decided to look for Sonny. Alexis couldn't believe that Jason would abandon his pregnant wife at the party, but Sam assured her mother that it was fine. After Jason and Michael left, Alexis demanded to know what was going on between Sam and Jason. Sam explained that she and Jason were dealing with some things, and then admitted that it hadn't helped that Alexis had told Jason about John McBain.

Sam wanted to know what Alexis had said to Jason. Alexis explained that she had advised Jason to be more supportive of Sam, so that Sam wouldn't feel the need to turn to strangers to talk to. Sam was upset that her mother had said that Jason, but Alexis insisted that she had been concerned about her daughter. Sam appreciated Alexis looking out for her, but she was curious if it had occurred to Alexis that Jason might be upset about Sam talking to John. Alexis suggested that Sam start talking to her, so that Alexis would know what secrets to keep. Sam realized that her mother had been looking out for her, so she told Alexis that she had met John in the church, following Robin's funeral.

Alexis was certain that Sam and Jason would work through their problems because Sam and Jason loved each other and the baby. Alexis offered to take Sam to a place that served chocolate mousse cake, but Sam insisted on waiting for Jason to return.

At Greystone Manor, Max was not pleased to see John McBain standing on the doorstep. John explained that he had a birthday present for Sonny, but Max insisted that Sonny wasn't home. John decided to give the present to Max to pass along to Sonny. Max took the package, and then opened it to make certain that it wasn't something dangerous. "What the hell is this?" Max asked, as he looked at a framed newspaper article with Sonny's picture, and a headline that reported a young woman's death due to Atlantic City gang violence. John assured Max that Sonny would know the meaning of the gift, and then revealed that he had one more present for Sonny.

Max suggested that John return at Christmas to give it to Sonny, but John explained that it was an FBI search warrant, and then handed it to Max. Max had no choice but to let John pass. Max followed John to the parlor, and then started to call Alexis, but Ewen suddenly appeared in the doorway, looking for Kate. Max explained that Kate wasn't there, but Ewen insisted that it was urgent. Meanwhile, John continued his search without Max. Max reiterated that Kate and Sonny were out, so Ewen wanted to know where they were.

Max refused to let Ewen ruin Sonny's party, so he made it clear that he wouldn't tell Ewen. After Ewen left, John returned to the parlor. Max informed John that he intended to call Alexis, but John explained that it wasn't necessary, because John was done. Max warned John that a lot of people had tried, and failed, to send Sonny to jail, but John wasn't intimidated.

A short time later, Jason and Michael arrived. Max immediately informed Jason about John's visit, and the search warrant. Max revealed that the FBI was backing John, which triggered Jason's memory about Sam's confession that a contact at the FBI had obtained a sample of Franco's DNA, so that Sam could have the second paternity test. Jason snapped back to the present, and then demanded that Max tell him everything about John's visit. Max showed Jason the present that John had left for Sonny, and the search warrant. Jason was furious when Max admitted that John had wandered through the house alone.

Max explained that he hadn't been able to follow John, because Dr. Keenan had shown up looking for Kate. Michael revealed that something strange was going on, and then told Max about Sonny's birthday cake. Jason wondered if Kate had been acting oddly around Max, so Max admitted that she had been tense recently, but Max had attributed it to the stress of Sonny's trial. Jason was curious what Dr. Keenan had wanted with Kate, so Max explained that the doctor would only say that it was urgent and confidential. Jason decided to talk to Dr. Keenan, so he left.

Michael returned to the Metro Court Restaurant, and then asked Alexis if she had heard from Sonny or Kate. Alexis admitted that she hadn't, and then wondered where Jason was. Alexis was not pleased when Michael explained that Jason had decided to follow up on something. Alexis was curious if Michael knew anything about the tension between Sam and Jason. Michael confided that John McBain had been giving Jason some problems. Michael revealed that John had gone to Sonny's home with an FBI search warrant, so Alexis decided that she needed to take a closer look at it.

Michael admitted that Jason suspected that John and Sonny had history, so Alexis confirmed that Sonny had told her as much. According to Michael, Jason suspected that John was trying to push Sonny's buttons. Alexis realized why Jason was concerned about Sam talking to John, but she was confident that Sam would run, not walk, the next time that John approached Sam.

On the terrace, Sam gently rubbed her belly. "Hey, are you listening in there?" Sam asked her baby. She told her baby that one day the baby would see the stars in the sky. Sam confided that the stars had always been something that she had been able to count on to make her feel safe, until she had met Jason. She confessed to her baby that she had never felt safer with anyone than she did in Jason's arms. Sam recalled years earlier, when Jason had admitted that Sam made him feel happy, content, and at peace, so Sam had revealed that she had finally learned what it meant to be home when she was with him.

Sam returned to the present to assure her baby that it would know those same feelings. She promised her child that Jason was a good person, and that he would be a great father. "I just don't want to lose him," Sam whispered. She then looked up at the night sky to beg for a sign that everything would be okay. Moments later, Sam heard footsteps behind her, so she looked over her shoulder, expecting to see Jason. Instead, John stood in the doorway.

At the hospital, Jason spotted Liz when he exited the elevator. He wondered if she knew where Dr. Keenan was. Liz explained that Ewen had left to deal with a patient in crisis. Liz started to walk away, but Jason asked for a minute of her time. Jason showed her a picture of John on his cell phone, and then wondered if John had been the man that Liz had seen Sam talking to the other day.

"What's this about?" Liz asked, but Jason refused to explain. He just wanted to know if John had been the man that Liz had seen Sam with. "Yes, that's him," Liz admitted.

At the Zacchara penthouse, Sonny barged into Johnny's bedroom after Sonny heard Connie, who was pretending to be Kate, cry out. Sonny was stunned to see Johnny and Kate in bed together. Johnny smiled with satisfaction at Sonny's shocked expression. Sonny demanded to know what was going on. "What the hell does it look like?" Johnny asked with a snide grin. Sonny immediately accused Johnny of drugging Kate, and then taking advantage of her.

Sonny vowed that it would be the last time that Johnny took anything from Sonny. Sonny threatened to kill Johnny for what Johnny had done to Kate, and then tried to reach for Kate. Connie pulled away from Sonny's grip, and then told him that she was right where she wanted to be. Sonny was momentarily speechless when she clarified that Johnny hadn't forced her into bed. Sonny couldn't believe that Kate had picked that night to sleep with Johnny, so Connie turned on the tears, and then confessed that it hadn't been the first time. Sonny angrily demanded to know how long the affair had been going on, so Johnny smugly answered, "A few months."

Connie pretended to be sorry for hurting Sonny, and then claimed that she had told Ewen about the affair, and that Ewen had urged her to tell Sonny. "Some birthday, huh, Sonny?" Johnny asked. Johnny insisted that Sonny deserved to be betrayed by Kate, because Sonny had killed an innocent child, and then had shut down Johnny's lucrative operation at the hospital. Johnny then bragged that he was free to touch Sonny's girlfriend, and Sonny couldn't do anything about it. Sonny proved Johnny wrong by pulling out a gun and then aiming it at the lovers, as he threatened to kill them both.

Connie was shocked by the turn of events, so she quickly tried to talk Sonny down. Sonny accused Kate of being a "faithless whore," and then informed her that Johnny was using her to get to him, just like Johnny had used Carly. Johnny wondered if Sonny were prepared to let Sonny's children see Sonny go to jail. Connie quickly seized the opportunity to remind Sonny that he was a good father. Sonny told Kate to shut up, and then confessed, "The only question now is who do I shoot first?"

Carly knocked on Johnny's front door, but no one answered. After several knocks, she let herself in. Carly called out for Johnny, and then heard two gunshots ring out in Johnny's bedroom. Carly raced up the stairs, but stopped in the hallway when she saw Sonny. "What did you do?" Carly repeatedly demanded, but Sonny left without responding. Carly entered Johnny's bedroom, and then stopped short when she saw Johnny and Kate in bed.

Kate smiled wickedly, as Johnny tried to explain that things were not as they seemed. Carly admitted that it looked as if Johnny and Kate had had sex. Johnny admitted that it was true, but he assured Carly that it had meant nothing to him. Johnny insisted that Sonny had pushed him, until Johnny had decided to push back. Carly confessed that her heart had stopped when she had heard the gunshots. Connie pointed to the wall above the headboard where the bullets had lodged.

Carly demanded to know how Johnny had ended up in bed "with that." Johnny pulled on his pants, but Connie argued that Johnny wasn't required to explain their affair to Carly. Connie then gloated that Johnny was obviously hot for her. Johnny tried to get Connie to stop talking, but she kept pushing Carly's buttons. "I told you to shut up, Connie," Johnny finally shouted. "Connie?" Carly asked, clearly confused.

Sonny arrived home, threw off his jacket, and then went to the bar to pour himself a drink. Max checked in on his boss, but Sonny angrily ordered Max to leave. Max quietly left, and closed the parlor doors behind him. Sonny took a long drink from his tumbler, and then picked up a picture of him and Kate during happier times.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

At the penthouse, Carly demanded to know why Johnny had slept with Kate. Connie took delight in pushing Carly's buttons, until Johnny shouted, "I told you to shut up, Connie." "Connie? She's Kate. Why are you calling her Connie?" Carly asked. "Because it's her name," Johnny answered. Connie quickly explained that it was Johnny's pet name for her, and then clarified that Johnny liked "the real me." Carly's fury mounted, so Johnny assured Carly that he could explain everything.

Connie argued that it wasn't any of Carly's business, so Johnny didn't owe Carly anything. Carly angrily accused Kate of going after everything that Carly had, including Sonny, Jax, and the hotel. Carly admitted that the only consolation was that Sonny and Johnny finally saw what a "lying two-timing whore" Kate was. Carly turned to leave, so Johnny followed Carly. In the hallway, Johnny made another attempt to make Carly understand, but Carly refused to listen to anything that Johnny had to say. Carly was livid, because she had defended Johnny to everyone who had warned her to stay away from him.

Johnny begged Carly to hear him out, but she insisted that there was nothing that he could say to make what she had walked in on okay. Carly felt foolish, because she had believed his lies about Kate after finding Kate's lipstick on Johnny's shirt. Johnny was forced to admit that he had been sleeping with Kate for months, but he assured Carly that it had only been to get back at Sonny. Carly accused him of using her for the same reason, and then left. Connie stood in the doorway, smiling. She was delighted, because their plan to push Sonny out of Kate's life had worked.

Johnny returned to his bedroom, grumbling about losing Carly. Connie didn't think that it was a big deal, but Johnny gathered up Connie's clothes, tossed them to her, and then ordered her to get dressed and leave. Connie admitted that the sex had been great, so she didn't see any reason why they shouldn't continue to see each other. Johnny informed Connie that he had meant it when he had told Carly that the only reason that he had slept with Connie was to get back at Sonny. Kate suddenly emerged, as Johnny yelled at Connie. Kate noticed that she was in a bedroom, took in her state of undress, and then looked up at Johnny in horror.

Johnny immediately realized that Connie was gone, as Kate's eyes filled with tears. She demanded to know what had happened, so Johnny gently tried to calm her down. Kate was distraught, because she recalled that Connie had planned to drive Sonny out of Kate's life. She begged Johnny to tell her that Connie hadn't succeeded. "I can't tell you that," Johnny quietly confessed. Kate wept until she felt as if she were about to be sick.

Johnny tried to console Kate, but she pulled away from him. She demanded to know what kind of man Johnny was to take advantage of her like that. Johnny admitted that he'd had little choice, and then revealed that Connie would have found some other guy to sleep with, if Johnny hadn't agreed. Kate's nightmare continued when Johnny confessed that Sonny had walked in while Johnny had been in bed with Connie. Johnny then revealed that Carly had also found them in bed together, so Connie had managed to drive away the people that Johnny and Kate cared most about. Johnny assured her that he regretted what had happened, but Kate wasn't consoled. She decided to find Sonny, so that she could explain what had really happened.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny stared at a picture of him and Kate in happier times, while images of walking in on Johnny and Kate in bed replayed in his mind. Sonny violently threw the picture across the room, and then sat down to continue drinking. He recalled the special moments that had led to him falling in love with Kate. Eventually, Sonny went to his bedroom to gather the gifts that Kate had given to him. He returned to the parlor with the items, tossed them into the fireplace, doused them with lighter fluid, and then set fire to everything. Moments later, Carly appeared in the doorway, and then walked over to the bar to pour herself a drink.

Carly looked at the blaze in the fireplace, and then accused Kate of worming her way into Sonny's life, so that Kate could screw him over. Sonny reminded Carly that Kate hadn't been in that bed alone. Carly insisted that Kate had seduced Johnny. "He's a man," Carly added to minimize Johnny's betrayal. "He's a piece of garbage," Sonny shot back. Carly continued to place most of the blame on Kate by insisting that Kate had been the one who had been in control of what had transpired in Johnny's bed.

Sonny revealed that Johnny had once threatened to take Sonny down without any bullets, so he suspected that Johnny had planned to seduce Kate a long time before. Sonny wanted Carly to admit that Johnny wasn't the man that Carly had thought Johnny was, so Carly wanted Sonny to do the same about Kate. Carly then conceded that the bottom line was that Carly and Sonny had both been betrayed. "The question is, what are we going to do about it?" Carly asked. Sonny admitted that he could have killed Johnny and Kate when he had caught them in bed together, so he had no idea what to do. Carly suggested that they fight fire with fire, and then kissed Sonny.

Spinelli paced on the sidewalk outside of a movie theater, as he went over his new theory that Matt had killed Lisa Niles. Spinelli suspected that Matt had been so drunk on that fateful night that Matt had blocked out the memory of bludgeoning Lisa to death. Spinelli had no idea what to do, so he wondered what the Avengers would do as he looked at a movie poster of the comic book heroes. Spinelli was certain that Captain America would pursue justice, no matter where it led. He asked the comic book hero on the poster how to go about proving his theory, and then wondered what Dr. Hunter would do. "What will I do about what?" Matt asked.

Spinelli turned and saw Matt and Cam standing behind him. Spinelli was curious what Matt and Cam were doing there. Matt explained that Liz had to work, so Matt had offered to take Cam to a special advance screening of The Avengers. Spinelli revealed that he'd also gotten a ticket to the movie, and then asked which character Cam liked best. "The Hulk," Cam replied. Matt admitted that he was partial to Iron Man.

Spinelli wasn't surprised that Matt liked the shallowest of the super heroes. Spinelli suggested that sometimes it took intelligence to unmask a villain, especially when they were in disguise. "What's that supposed to mean?" Matt wondered. Matt asked Cam to put on Cam's headphones to rock out to some music, while Matt spoke to Spinelli. After Cam put on the headphones, Matt demanded to know if Spinelli was stuck on the notion that Patrick had killed Lisa. Matt insisted that Patrick wasn't capable of murder, so Spinelli was curious when Matt had last seen Patrick on that fateful night.

Matt revealed that he'd had an argument with Patrick in the salon, so Patrick had made a snide remark, and then had left. Spinelli wondered what Matt had done after that, so Matt explained that he had remained in the salon to talk to Liz. Spinelli recalled that Matt had mentioned going to look for Liz after she had left, so he was curious if Matt had seen anything during the search. Matt assured Spinelli that he had not seen Patrick kill Lisa.

Cam tugged on Matt's sleeve to let Matt know that it was time to go into the theater, so Matt took Cam's hand, and then urged Spinelli to find another suspect. After Matt and Cam entered the theater, Spinelli mumbled that he had found another suspect, but he was hesitant to accuse Matt, because it was clear that Matt truly didn't recall killing Lisa; however, Spinelli refused to let Maxie go to jail for a crime that she hadn't committed.

Later, Matt spotted Spinelli on the sidewalk. Matt was surprised that Spinelli had left the movie during the credits, so Spinelli explained that he intended to see the movie again. Spinelli likened watching a good movie to solving a mystery; sometimes, a mystery couldn't be solved unless there was a repeat viewing. Spinelli added that the movie had inspired him to right a great wrong.

At Steve's apartment, Heather was upset because the Memphis police had arrested Steve for murder. Dante turned to Olivia for answers, but Olivia remained silent. Heather insisted that Steve was a good man, who would never harm anyone, so she was certain that Steve had been framed. Olivia tried to calm Heather down, but Heather grew increasingly agitated. Eventually, Olivia slapped Heather, and then ordered Heather to pull herself together. Meanwhile, Dante promised to look into the matter to find out exactly what was going on.

Olivia suggested that Heather get some rest, but Heather argued that it was impossible to do while Steve was in trouble. Olivia promised to let Heather know as soon as they learned anything, so Heather reluctantly agreed to go to her room. Afterwards, Dante demanded answers from Olivia. He reminded her that the police didn't just arrest someone unless there was evidence. Dante wanted to know if Steve had killed someone in Memphis, so Olivia admitted, "No. And yes." Olivia and Dante were unaware that Heather lurked in the hallway, eavesdropping on their conversation.

Olivia assured Dante that Steve wasn't a murderer, and then revealed the details about what had transpired in Memphis when Steve had been faced with a brain-dead prisoner on life support, and Maggie's patient, who had been in need of a heart transplant. Dante wondered if Olivia were trying to tell him that Steve had killed a patient, but Olivia insisted that Steve had saved a life. Olivia assured Dante that no one had asked questions, because only Steve and Maggie had known what had really happened. However, Johnny Zacchara had somehow unearthed the secret, so Johnny had used the information to blackmail Steve. Dante realized that Johnny had arranged for Steve to be named in the black market organ-selling ring, after Sonny had anonymously tipped off the police to Johnny's illegal activity at the hospital.

Dante called the Memphis police to find out what was going on with Steve. After he ended the call, Dante confirmed that Steve was in custody, so Dante intended to go to Memphis to see if he could help. Olivia wanted to go with her son, but Dante urged her to call Alexis, and to keep an eye on Heather. Dante warned Olivia that if Heather were a loose cannon, as Olivia suspected, it wouldn't help Steve's case if Heather got involved. "We'll see about that," Heather muttered to herself.

Later, Dante called Lulu to leave her a message, explaining that he had to go to Memphis. Inside Steve's apartment, Heather entered the living room. Olivia thought that Heather had been resting, but Heather explained that she was worried about her son. Olivia assured Heather that things would work out. Heather admitted that she had a feeling that Olivia was right.

Liz followed Jason to the hospital's rooftop, because she was concerned about him. "She's been lying to me," Jason confessed. "Who?" Liz asked. "Sam. She's been lying to me about John McBain," Jason revealed. Jason rambled about Sam turning to John with her problems, and obtaining a DNA sample from the police officer. Liz was confused about why Sam would need a DNA sample.

Liz wondered if there were a problem with the baby, so Jason admitted that the baby wasn't his. Liz was stunned when Jason told her that he had been forced to watch as Franco drugged and raped Sam during Jason and Sam's honeymoon in Hawaii. Jason confided that Sam had refused to get medical treatment after the rape, so Liz admitted that she understood why Sam would be reluctant. Jason apologized, because he realized that he had dredged up memories of when Liz had been raped. Liz assured him that she was fine, and then confessed that she was glad that he had told her, because it gave her insight into what Jason and Sam had been dealing with. She pointed out that there wasn't any reason that Jason couldn't be a father to Sam's baby.

Jason conceded that he might be a better man than he had thought, so perhaps Liz was right. Liz insisted that she didn't have any doubts, and then reminded him of how he had loved Michael. However, she urged Jason to talk to Sam to work things out. Jason's temper flared, because the problem was that Sam had confided to John, not to Jason. Jason told Liz about Sam's encounters with John since meeting John at the Queen of Angels church, following Robin's funeral. Jason was hurt, because Sam had told John about Franco before she said anything to Jason.

Liz suggested that perhaps Sam had been trying to protect Jason, but Jason insisted that it was merely an excuse for lying. Liz argued that Jason didn't know that, so Jason reminded her that he didn't know anything, because Sam confided to John, not Jason. Liz advised Jason to talk to Sam about it, but Jason didn't want to hear any more lies. Liz insisted that Jason needed to tell Sam how he felt, so Jason agreed. After Jason left, Liz looked up at the night sky, and then asked Robin to watch over Jason. "He needs us," Liz told her friend.

On the terrace at Metro Court Restaurant, Sam wondered why John McBain had appeared when she had prayed for a sign that everything would be okay with her, Jason, and the baby. John apologized for disappointing her, and then suggested that "the man upstairs" had a wicked sense of humor. Sam smiled, and then admitted that she had been asking for the impossible, because the only way for things to be okay were if Franco hadn't fathered her child. Sam changed the subject to ask what John was doing there. John confided that he had heard about Sonny's birthday party, but it appeared that he had missed it.

John realized that Sam had told Jason about Franco, and the baby's paternity. Sam confessed that Jason hadn't taken the news well, and that Jason had been upset that she had dealt with it alone. She admitted that she hadn't been able to tell Jason that John had helped her through it. Sam appreciated that Jason had a lot to absorb, but she was disappointed that Jason hadn't been able to assure her that he could love her baby even though it was another man's child. John advised Sam to give it some time, but Sam argued that her child wasn't to blame for the circumstances of its conception. John insisted that the baby was the best part of Sam, and that he was certain that Jason would eventually realize that.

Sam confided that John was saying everything that she wanted and needed to hear from Jason. Sam didn't want to lie to Jason, but she admitted that he was unreasonable about John. John didn't blame Jason, because Jason knew that John was in town with the intention of taking Sonny down. Sam regretted that she couldn't tell Jason how much John had done for her. John reminded Sam that she had always intended to tell Jason about Franco and the baby's paternity. Sam thanked John for providing her with Franco's DNA sample, but John was sorry that it had caused problems for her and Jason.

Sam was curious why John always seemed to be on hand when she had bad news. She suspected that the universe was throwing them together. John confessed that it was unexpected. Sam thought that it was strange, because John felt familiar to her, as if she had known him. "Is it crazy, or do you feel the same way?" Sam wondered. "You're not crazy," John replied.

Sam suggested that she and John were clearly on some sort of collision course, and then wondered what he was doing in Port Charles. John revealed that he had another matter to attend to, but only a short time in which to do it. "Whatever this crazy connection between us is, it'll be broken when my business with Sonny is finished," John told her. Shortly after John left, Sam turned and saw Jason standing in the doorway.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

At the hotel, Luke opened the door and saw John standing on the doorstep. "Good evening, Lestat," Luke greeted John with an accent reminiscent of Dracula. John was confused about the name, so Luke explained that Lestat was a literary character in a book that John bore a curious resemblance to. John wondered if Anna was around, so Luke explained that she was in the next room, and then invited John in. Luke confessed that John reminded him of a vampire. Luke was curious if anyone had ever told John that, but John didn't reply.

Luke attributed it to John's brooding demeanor. "Cops and vampires, two creatures you never turn your back on," Luke commented. John asked to talk to Anna, so Luke agreed to fetch her, but insisted on draping her with garlic first. John warned Luke that it was an old wives' tale, so it didn't work; Luke chuckled. Moments later, Anna entered the living room. She was surprised to see John, so she wondered when he had returned to Port Charles.

Luke warned Anna to beware of bats, and then left. Anna was curious what Luke had meant by that, so John explained that Luke thought that John had vampire qualities. Anna conceded that John looked like an old soul who had lived many lives. John suspected that it was the reason that John and Sam felt as if they had known each other in the past. Anna was surprised at the mention of Sam's name, so she warned John that it was a bad idea to "chat up" Jason's wife. John explained that every time that he had seen Sam, Sam had been in crisis.

Anna urged John to walk away from Sam, but John revealed that Sam felt a connection to him, as if they had met before. Anna wondered if John and Sam had known each other in the past, but John assured Anna that he had met Sam for the first time at the Queen of Angels church when he had arrived in Port Charles. However, he admitted that something in Sam's eyes had seemed very familiar to him. Anna didn't like that sound of that, so she was certain that Jason wouldn't either. Anna pointed out that Jason was Sonny's right-hand man. She thought that it might help their case if they could get Jason to flip on Sonny, but she was against using Sam to do that.

John agreed, so Anna was curious why John continued to see Sam. John insisted that each meeting had been accidental, but Sam had been troubled, so he had wanted to help her. Anna was curious if Natalie knew. John assured Anna that nothing was going on between him and Sam, but Anna argued that John and Sam felt as if they had known each other. John remained adamant that he had only tried to help Sam out. Anna believed John, but she wasn't the mother of his son.

"Noted," John replied. He then revealed that Anna had been right when she had advised him to return to Llanview to explain to Natalie what was going on with Sonny. John claimed that Natalie had understood, but Anna was surprised that Natalie had agreed to be parted from John for two months. John insisted that Natalie appreciated why he had to go after Sonny, so Anna wanted to know what had happened to John's sister. John told Anna the story about his sister's tragic death. Afterwards, Anna wiped away her tears, and then asked if sending Sonny to jail would heal him.

John admitted that Natalie and Liam had healed him, but taking Sonny down would be justice for his sister. Anna was curious how John intended to achieve that, so John admitted that he planned to force Sonny to confess. Anna walked John to the door, and then advised him to avoid any future accidental encounters with Mrs. Jason Morgan. John rolled his eyes, and then left.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy presented Anthony with divorce papers, which she claimed were stock options. Tracy insisted that Anthony sign them, but Anthony wanted to read them first. However, he couldn't find his glasses. Tracy explained that the papers had to be turned in by the end of the week, so she pushed Anthony to sign them. She assured him that he would get a lot of money out of it. Anthony started to sign the papers, and then began to laugh. He knew exactly what the documents were.

"Nice try," Anthony told Tracy, and then reminded her that he still had evidence against her that could send her to jail, so divorce was not an option. After Anthony left, Tracy complained that she was stuck in the marriage, so she was ready to give up. Luke appeared at the terrace entrance. He admitted that it didn't sound like Tracy to give up so easily. Tracy wasn't in the mood for Luke's games. She resented that Luke hadn't lifted a finger to help her to get out of her marriage to Anthony, even though she had confided to Luke about the blackmail.

Tracy felt trapped in the marriage, and she feared that Anthony would live to be a ripe old age. Luke reminded Tracy that Anthony had many enemies, so he was confident that one of them would make another attempt on Anthony's life. Tracy wanted to speed things along, so Luke was curious if she were asking him to take care of it. Tracy insisted that she would never ask him to do something that drastic; however, she reminded him that he had certain resources at his disposal. Tracy then pointed out that Luke owed her for the fortune that he had embezzled from her, and the emotional turmoil that he had put her through. Tracy insisted that Luke had assassinated their marriage, so she wanted him to do the same to her marriage to Anthony.

"Always lovely to see you, darlin', " Luke told her, as he stood up to leave. Tracy was stunned, but Luke pointed out that she was a resourceful woman, so he was confident that she would think of solution to her problem. Tracy cried that she was out of options. Luke looked at her for a long moment, and then left. Afterwards, Tracy smiled.

At Johnny's penthouse, Johnny followed Kate to the living room. Kate was distraught, so Johnny reminded her that she had wanted him to have sex with her. Kate quickly clarified that Connie had wanted to have sex, so Johnny shouldn't pretend that he hadn't known the difference. Kate was determined to track down Sonny, so that she could tell Sonny that it hadn't been Kate in bed with Johnny. Johnny blocked Kate's exit, as he asked for an opportunity to talk to her. Kate argued that he'd had sex with her against her will, so Kate was certain that Sonny would retaliate when Sonny realized what Johnny had done.

Kate also hoped that Carly refused to forgive Johnny, and that he rotted in hell. She stopped short when opened the door and saw Ewen standing on the doorstep. Ewen explained that he had been looking for Kate, so Johnny invited him into the penthouse. Johnny warned Ewen that Kate was in serious trouble, and then left the room, so that Ewen and Kate could talk privately. Ewen urged Kate to let him take her to Shadybrook, so Kate told him what had happened.

Ewen explained to Kate that it wasn't a good idea for her to go to Sonny, because Connie was growing stronger. He warned Kate that Connie might emerge again, so he urged her to go to Shadybrook, before Connie did more damage. Kate wanted Sonny to understand that she hadn't slept with Johnny, so Ewen promised that they would explain everything to Sonny, once she was safely settled in at Shadybrook. Kate realized that it was for the best, so she agreed to leave with Ewen. After Ewen and Kate left, Johnny left several messages for Carly, asking her to call him back, so that he could explain things. Moments later, someone knocked on the door.

Johnny raced to the door, expecting to see Carly, but it was Anthony. Anthony followed his grandson into the penthouse, and confessed that he had heard that an anonymous tip had foiled Johnny's deal at the hospital. Johnny clarified that Sonny had been responsible for the police getting wind of the black market organ-selling ring. Anthony assumed that Johnny hadn't retaliated, but Johnny admitted that he had; Johnny had slept with Sonny's girlfriend, and Sonny had walked in on them. Anthony was delighted, because it meant that it was the perfect opportunity to strike, since Sonny was distracted. Anthony was thrilled that Kate had helped to drop Sonny's territory into Johnny's lap, but Johnny was disgusted.

"Kate's crazy, right? Just like Claudia was crazy?" Johnny asked Anthony. Anthony didn't know why Johnny had needed to mention Claudia, but Johnny explained that he saw a parallel between Kate and Claudia. Johnny explained that Kate hadn't been a willing participant; she was mentally ill, and Johnny had taken advantage of her. Anthony disagreed, because he had seen how Kate had thrown herself at Johnny. Johnny clarified that Connie and Kate were different personalities, so they weren't the same woman. Johnny insisted that he had destroyed lives, because he had been blinded by his hatred for Sonny.

Anthony warned Johnny not to second-guess himself, because Sonny had gotten exactly what Sonny had deserved. Johnny was determined to take responsibility for hurting Kate, and for losing Carly. Anthony's smile faded when Johnny revealed that Carly had also walked in on him and Kate in bed. "Hell hath no fury like Carly Jacks scorned," Anthony admitted. Johnny walked his grandfather to the door, so Anthony accused Johnny of always going soft whenever Johnny gained the upper hand with Sonny. Johnny regretted that his moment of revenge had cost him Carly, but Anthony assured Johnny that there were other women.

Johnny slammed the door in Anthony's face, and then called Carly. Carly's voicemail picked up, so Johnny apologized for hurting Carly, and then explained that the situation had been way more complicated than Carly knew.

At Greystone Manor, Carly and Sonny kissed, and then pulled apart. They agreed that they both wanted to hurt Kate and Johnny the same way that Kate and Johnny had hurt them. Carly urged Sonny to take her to his bed, so Sonny started to lead her to his bedroom. However, Sonny stopped, and then pointed out that neither of them really wanted to sleep with each other, and that sex wouldn't change anything that had happened. Carly was curious if Sonny had loved Kate. Sonny confessed that he had, but he had seen the real Kate in Johnny's bed. Carly conceded that it was clear that Johnny had played Carly.

Sonny hoped that Carly finally saw Johnny for who Johnny really was. Carly wondered what she and Sonny should do next, so Sonny suggested that they cut Kate and Johnny out of their lives for good. However, Sonny admitted that he couldn't understand why Kate would stand up for him during the trial, and throw him a birthday party, when she had been carrying on an affair with Johnny. Carly suspected that it was because Kate didn't want the world to see her for the weak and shallow person that Kate really was. Sonny had a feeling that he was missing something. He reminded Carly of the trashed birthday cake.

Sonny revealed that there had been several times, over the previous few months, when Kate had called to meet Sonny, but then had seemed confused when he had shown up. Sonny admitted that Jason had also expressed concern about Kate's odd behavior, and even had hinted that perhaps Kate was ill. Sonny was certain that Kate had loved him, but Carly remained skeptical. Sonny confessed that recently, Kate had been seen leaving the restaurant with another man. Carly suspected that it was Johnny, but Sonny revealed that it had been someone else. As if on cue, Ewen called Sonny.

Sonny glanced at the phone, and then told Carly that Kate had been seeing Ewen Keenan. Carly assumed that Kate had been sleeping with Ewen, too, but Sonny clarified that Kate had gone to the doctor for professional help to deal with fears that had stemmed from the shooting on Kate and Sonny's wedding day. Carly was unmoved; she suggested that Kate had needed therapy, because Kate had been sleeping with two men: Johnny and Sonny. The phone continued to ring, so Sonny sent it to voicemail, and then put it back in his pocket. Moments later, Carly's cell phone rang. It was Johnny.

Carly let the call go to voicemail, and then announced that Johnny could "go screw himself." Sonny wanted to understand why Kate had slept with Johnny, so Carly told him that perhaps Kate had had a good reason to lie to Sonny. She then wondered if Sonny felt better. "No," Sonny admitted. Carly didn't, either, because she hated that Johnny had made her feel stupid. Carly insisted that Sonny had been right to suggest that they cut Kate and Johnny out of their lives, and never look back. "Who needs them?" Carly asked. "Yeah, who needs them?" Sonny replied.

In Ewen's office, Kate remained upset, so Ewen assured her that she had Connie under control for the moment. However, he was curious how Connie had managed to emerge. Kate explained that she had gone to Sonny's house to tell him about her decision to go to Shadybrook, and that Connie had started to fight her way out. Kate didn't recall anything after seeing Connie in the mirror, until Kate had woken up in bed with Johnny. Kate feared that Sonny would never forgive her, but Ewen assured Kate that Sonny would understand that she had a mental illness.

Ewen suggested that Kate call to ask Sonny to meet them at Shadybrook, but Kate was certain that Sonny wouldn't take her call. Ewen agreed to call Sonny to explain everything. Kate was furious that she had let Connie win by keeping Connie's existence a secret. Ewen promised that Connie wouldn't win, and then reminded Kate that Connie only gained strength when Kate felt afraid. Ewen asked for Sonny's phone number, and then called Sonny. After several rings, Sonny's voicemail picked up.

Ewen started to leave a message, but collapsed to the ground when Connie suddenly emerged, and then bashed him over the head. Connie refused to be locked up in a "looney bin," so she put on some lipstick, picked up her patient file, stepped over Ewen's body, and then made it clear that she would not let Ewen integrate her. "See ya. Wouldn't want to be ya," Connie said, and then left the office.

On the terrace at Metro Court Restaurant, Sam was glad that Jason had returned. She was curious if he had found Sonny and Kate. Jason told her that he hadn't, so Sam wondered if Jason thought that something might be wrong. Jason admitted that there was something wrong; he and Sam were falling apart. Sam assumed that Jason was referring to Franco being the baby's father, so she quickly assured him that their marriage was strong, and that, together, they could get through it and raise the baby. Jason wondered how they could make things work when she continually kept Jason in the dark.

Sam tearfully assured Jason that she had only delayed telling him about Franco, and the baby's paternity until she had all of the answers because she had wanted to spare Jason any unnecessary pain. Jason confessed that he hated that she had gone through all of that alone, but then realized that she hadn't been alone. "Where you?" he demanded. Sam suggested that they go home to talk things out, but Jason wanted an answer. He asked if she had been alone when she had gone to get the paternity test. "Yes," Sam replied, but Jason reminded her that she had been seen with another man.

Sam's temper flared, because she knew that Liz had told Jason. Jason insisted that it wasn't about Liz, but rather the man that Sam had been talking to. "It was McBain, wasn't it?" Jason asked. Sam nodded, and then quietly replied, "Yes." Sam reluctantly confirmed that John had been her contact at the FBI, and that he had met her at the hospital to give her Franco's DNA sample. Jason was furious, because it meant that Sam had told John why she had needed it.

Sam explained that she had been reeling from the news that Franco was Jason's twin when she had run into John at Alexis' house, and that everything had spilled out before she had realized it. Jason wondered why she hadn't confided to Alexis, or to Jason. "Okay, you're right, I needed him," Sam defiantly admitted. Jason demanded to know if Sam had seen John after that. Sam was forced to tell Jason that she had bumped into John on the piers, after she had received the results of the second paternity test.

Jason begged her to tell him that she hadn't shared the results of the paternity test with John, but Sam tearfully confessed that she had. She explained that she had been tempted to throw them, unopened, into the water, so that Jason wouldn't lose the baby that he had loved. However, John had given her the courage to read the results, and to tell Jason the truth. Sam insisted that it had been the last time that she had seen John, but then amended her remark by admitting that John had been on the terrace earlier that evening. Jason wanted to know what they had talked about, so Sam revealed that she had confessed that she feared that Jason couldn't love the baby.

"Don't turn this around on me," Jason warned Sam. He insisted that his anger wasn't about the baby, but about her lying to him and shutting him out. Jason resented that Sam had confided to someone that Jason had specifically asked her not to talk to. Jason started to leave. "Jason," Sam cried out. Jason suggested that if she wanted to talk to someone, then she should find John. After Jason left, Sam appeared devastated as she stood on the terrace alone.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Ewen lay unconscious on his office floor in a puddle of blood that gushed from a gaping head wound. Liz knocked on the door and was about to enter when Spinelli stopped her. He wanted to talk to her about exonerating Maxie. Spinelli told Liz that he needed her help to find the person who had actually killed Lisa Niles. Liz was skeptical when Spinelli said that he had first thought that Ewen was the killer. She was less convinced when Spinelli said that his second choice had been Patrick, who might have blacked out and forgotten his actions.

Liz said that Patrick would never commit murder and let someone else take the blame. Spinelli said that he had been 100% certain of the real killer when Matt had told Spinelli that if anyone had blacked out and forgotten anything it would have been Matt because he had been drinking heavily. Spinelli insisted that Matt was the real killer and asked Liz to help him convince Ewen to hypnotize Matt so that Matt would recall the events of that evening. Liz said that Ewen was gone for the day. She told Spinelli that his idea about Matt was far-fetched and advised him to go see Maxie before her sentencing.

Matt went to see Patrick and told him that Maxie was being sentenced that day. Patrick was suffering the aftereffects of a night spent wallowing in drink and self-pity. He told Matt he was sick, and Matt believed him. Matt said that Maxie wanted to be punished because she believed that she was responsible for Robin's death, and nothing would change that. Matt also told Patrick that he had teamed up with Spinelli to find the real killer.

Matt explained that Spinelli had suspected that either Ewen or Patrick was the murderer. Patrick said Spinelli's suspicions were ridiculous. Patrick suggested that Matt should go to the courthouse to be with Maxie and offered to go with Matt. Matt told Patrick to stay home and take care of himself. Matt hugged Patrick and said that although he had not always supported Patrick in the past, they were family, and Matt would be there for Patrick in the future.

After Matt left for the courthouse, Patrick sank down on the floor and called Liz. Patrick asked her to pick Emma up from daycare and let Emma spend the night with Liz for the second day in a row. When Liz asked if everything was okay with Patrick, he replied that he was doing a consult at Mercy hospital and would be working, so he needed help with Emma. Liz was relieved and said she was glad that Patrick was getting his life back. After terminating the call, Patrick went to the couch and started watching the Christmas video that he had shot with Emma and Robin. When it was over, Patrick lay down on the couch and covered his face with a pillow.

Liz entered Ewen's office to leave a note for him. She found his unconscious body and attempted to revive him.

Anna said goodbye to Luke and left the Metro Court to be with Mac at Maxie's sentencing. Luke got a call from Tracy, who told him that she was preparing a special breakfast for Anthony. Tracy admonished Luke. She said that since he would not remove Anthony for her, she was taking matters into her own hands. When Luke heard Tracy call to Anthony and tell him that she had prepared a special breakfast for him, he hung up the phone and rushed out.

At the Port Charles Police Station, Dante tried to locate Lulu but had no luck getting her by phone. Ronnie showed little concern when Dante asked if Ronnie had seen Lulu. Dante said that Lulu had wanted to talk about Eddie's arrest for the dancer assaults and had another suspect in mind. Ronnie said that Lulu was not a cop and was probably swayed by Delores' belief in her husband. Ronnie said that Lulu had no proof against anyone else and added that the police had lots of evidence against Eddie. Ronnie said that Lulu was off-base.

When Dante expressed more worry, Ronnie said that Lulu was probably at the courthouse with Maxie and had turned off her phone. Dante was relieved by that suggestion and left in search of Lulu. Outside the station, Dante tried to phone Lulu again. Inside, Ronnie looked at a pink phone and an incoming call from Dante.

Outside the courtroom, Alexis and Mac talked. He wanted to know how things had worked out so poorly for his family. Mac was upset when a guard arrived with Maxie sporting handcuffs, which Mac quickly removed. Maxie told Mac that she knew that recent events had been hard on him, but she insisted that she was guilty. Maxie said that she hated to see Mac hurt, but added that being sent to prison was for the best. Mac said that when he looked at Maxie, all he saw was Maxie growing up and becoming a beautiful young woman. Mac asked how being behind bars could be the best for Maxie.

Maxie said that Mac had not failed her and that she deserved what she got. Maxie told Mac that he was the kindest, most patient, and most loving dad that any girl could ask for. She hugged him and then went inside the courtroom where Alexis was putting the finishing touches on her arguments. Anna arrived and asked if Maxie had been sentenced. Mac said that Maxie would soon receive her sentence and that there was nothing he could do about it.

Mac told Anna that he had lost Robin and Georgie, and he was going to lose Maxie also. Mac said that he did not know how he would cope. When Spinelli joined them, Mac sent him in to talk to Maxie. Dante arrived and was upset to find that Lulu was not there. Dante called Luke

At the Quartermaines', Anthony was pleased that Tracy had made breakfast for him. When he asked if he could begin eating, Tracy playfully told him to knock himself out. Before Anthony could put anything in his mouth, Luke rushed in and dumped the plate in Anthony's lap. Anthony wanted to know why, so Luke said that Tracy only cooked for Luke. Anthony said that he was tired of Luke's jealousy and told Luke to be gone by the time Anthony cleaned up, changed clothes, and returned.

Tracy laughed when Luke accused her of trying to poison Anthony. Luke said that everyone would be suspicious if anything happened to Anthony, since everyone knew she did not cook. Tracy said that she would not have had to worry if Luke had done the job for her. Luke said that despite his faults, Anthony was still a human being.

Anthony returned and told Luke to leave because three was a crowd, then added, "except in the bedroom." Luke said he was flattered, but Anthony said that he did not mean Luke, but Luke's new roommate, Anna, whom he termed "hot." Anthony turned to Tracy and asked if she would like a threesome with Anna. Behind Anthony's back, Tracy asked Luke if he still thought Anthony was a human being.

Anthony wanted to know what was going on with Tracy and Luke. He asked why they were talking in code and why Luke had burst in. Luke said he was homesick, but Anthony growled that Luke had walked away from Tracy and her bank account, and it was not Luke's home anymore. When Luke told Tracy that he was beginning to see the rhyme to her reason, Anthony wanted to know what they were cooking up. Anthony then went to the kitchen in search of breakfast. Before leaving the room, he told Tracy to take out the trash, indicating Luke.

Luke got a phone call from Dante, who was concerned about Lulu. Luke told Dante about his conversation with Lulu the previous day and asked Dante if Lulu had shared her suspicions. When Dante said that he and Lulu had not had time to talk about the case, Luke told him that Lulu had suspected that Ronnie was the real culprit. Luke asked if Lulu could be correct, if Ronnie was the one attacking the dancers. After Luke hung up, Tracy asked if Lulu was okay. Luke said that Lulu might have gotten into something that she could not get out of.

Alexis left Spinelli alone with Maxie. He shared his suspicions about Matt. Maxie insisted that Spinelli was crazy and begged him to leave her alone and forget about Matt. Spinelli persisted. Outside, Matt arrived and walked down the hall to discuss his testimony with Alexis. As he did, he had a sudden vivid recollection of being on the deck with Lisa. Back in the courtroom Spinelli insisted that Matt was to blame, and Maxie finally admitted that Spinelli was correct. Maxie admitted that she had seen Matt commit the murder.

Anna consoled Mac, and they talked. Anna told Mac that he had to stay strong because Maxie needed her family. They were both stunned when Felecia walked up to them and said that she could not agree more.

Dante went back to the police station and confronted Ronnie. Ronnie tried to make jokes about Lulu's disappearance, but Dante was seriously worried and did not take kindly to Ronnie's cavalier attitude. Ronnie tried to make nice. When Dante asked when Ronnie had last seen Lulu, Ronnie lied and said that it had been in the station house, just before Ronnie left for home the previous day. Dante looked Ronnie in the eyes and said that he had known Ronnie for a long time and could tell when Ronnie was lying. Dante accused Ronnie of lying about Lulu and demanded to know what had happened to her.

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