General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 15, 2012 on GH

Trey and Kristina's marriage was annulled. Jason managed to pull the baby out of Heather's arms as she threw herself off of the hospital's rooftop. Todd confessed everything to Starr, but begged her to keep his secret. Sam was happily reunited with her son and decided to name him Daniel Edward. Luke was certain that the man claiming to be Duke Lavery was an impostor, so he set out to prove it. Bernie was revealed to be Duke's unwilling accomplice. Duke Lavery shot Jason.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 15, 2012 on GH
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Monday, October 15, 2012

On the hospital's rooftop, Sam pleaded with Heather to hand over the baby, but Heather refused. Jason insisted that Heather didn't have any other choice, but Heather disagreed. Heather cried that if she couldn't have the baby then no one could. Sam watched in horror as Heather threw herself off of the hospital's rooftop. Jason immediately sprang into action as he desperately tried to reach for the baby.

On the ground, Dante told Liz that Heather was on the roof with the baby and that Jason and Sam were there as well. Nearby, Téa screamed in terror when she saw Heather plummet from the roof. Seconds later, Heather landed in a nearby patch of grass, so Anna, Dante, and Liz ran to Heather. Téa anxiously asked, "Does she have my son?"

On the rooftop, Jason pulled the baby to safety. Sam's eyes filled with tears as she asked if the baby was okay. Jason assured Sam that the baby was perfect, except for one thing. "He wants his mom," Jason softly said. Sam stood rooted to the spot as she confessed that she had thought about reuniting with her son countless times, but she didn't know what to do. Jason promised Sam that her fear would pass in a moment.

"Trust me," Jason added. Sam insisted that she trusted Jason with her life and her son's life. Jason smiled as he placed the baby in Sam's arms. Sam cried as she told the baby, "I'm your mom." She thanked Jason for saving her son's life and giving him back to her. Jason confessed that all he had ever wanted was to see her hold her baby.

In the hospital, Patrick and Britt approached the nurses' station. They high-fived each other on the successful operation, as Britt commented that they made a great team. Patrick noticed the police officers running around, so he asked what was going on. Sabrina explained that there was a "crazy" woman on the roof with a baby. Concerned, Patrick asked who it was. "My mother," Steve said as he walked up.

Steve revealed that Heather had slipped into the hospital to get medicine for a baby that she had kidnapped. Steve then explained that Heather had encountered Olivia in the stairwell, so a brief struggle had ensued, during which Olivia had taken a tumble down a flight of stairs. Steve assured everyone that Olivia was fine, but Heather had escaped to the roof with the baby, so Jason and Sam had followed her. Steve decided to go to the rooftop, but he bumped into Dante at the elevator.

Everyone was stunned when Dante revealed that Heather had jumped. Steve raced to his mother's side as Patrick barked orders to prepare for the trauma and then instructed Sabrina to follow him as he headed to the ground floor. Britt appeared annoyed that Patrick had asked Sabrina to join him, not her. Dante stayed behind because he didn't trust himself to be near Heather until the desire to kill her had faded or Heather died.

In the hospital's courtyard, Liz revealed that the baby was not with Heather. Téa sagged with relief. "My baby is okay," Téa told Todd as Liz worked on Heather. Meanwhile, John decided to go to the roof to check on Jason, Sam, and the baby. Téa wanted to go, too, but John instructed Todd to keep Téa off of the roof. Téa was furious, but Todd refused to let her follow John.

Miraculously, Heather had survived the fall from the rooftop. Anna whispered to Heather, "You and I have unfinished business," and then ordered Heather not to die. Anna stepped aside as Liz and others attended to Heather. Téa was outraged when Anna refused to allow Téa to go to the rooftop to check on the baby. "Who the hell are you to tell me that I can't see my son?" Téa demanded. Anna ignored Téa.

Todd reminded Téa that they needed to let John do his job, but Téa insisted that her son needed her, because her baby was with strangers. Todd stood firm, so she demanded to know why he wouldn't let her see her son.

Meanwhile, Heather was loaded onto a gurney, as Steve and Patrick arrived. Liz tried to hold her brother back, but Steve fought his way to his mother's side. Heather asked if the baby was okay and then begged Steve not to leave her. Anna wondered if Heather would survive and be fit for trial, but Patrick explained that it was too soon to tell.

Nearby, Todd tried to go over Téa's statement. Téa insisted that she couldn't think about that because all she wanted to do was see her son. Anna pulled Todd aside to tell him that she didn't know what his role had been in everything, but she didn't want him to leave town. After Anna walked away, Todd realized that Téa had gone into the hospital, so he ran after her.

On the rooftop, John stood in the doorway, as Sam happily reunited with her son. John asked how Jason, Sam, and the baby were doing, so Jason assured him that everyone was okay. Jason and Sam were curious how Heather was, so John explained that Heather had survived the fall and that medical personnel were working on her. "Why?" Sam asked. Sam pointed out that Heather had fully intended to jump with the baby in her arms. Jason reminded Sam that Heather couldn't hurt Sam or the baby anymore.

John agreed and then gently suggested that Jason and Sam take the baby inside to be checked out. A few minutes later, Jason and Sam approached the nurses' station, so Britt offered to examine the baby. No one corrected Britt when she assumed that Jason was the father. Nearby, Dante explained to John that they would need to get an official statement from Jason and Sam. John agreed, but he asked Dante to wait for things to calm down. Dante agreed that there wasn't a rush, since John had gotten a preliminary statement.

Moments later, Heather was rushed to an examination room. Liz pulled her brother away so that Patrick could work on Heather. Heather was unconscious, so Patrick ordered a battery of tests, x-rays, and scans. Moments later, Heather flatlined.

In the waiting area, Anna tried to question Steve. Anna suggested that Steve might know something that would reduce Heather's "culpability." Liz was outraged at the suggestion, so she pulled Anna aside for a private talk. Liz conceded that Heather was evil and insane, but those two things did not cancel each other out. Liz explained that Heather had sold Steven on the black market when he had been an infant and had made him pay for it every single day since then. Anna revealed that Heather might have had an accomplice.

Liz was adamant that Heather hadn't had one. "Not tonight," Liz amended. Liz reminded Anna that Heather had fully intended to kill a child when Heather had thrown herself off of the roof, so there shouldn't be any forgiveness for what Heather had done. Anna agreed, so she promised to be sensitive to Steve's situation; however, Anna needed to question Steve while everything was still fresh in his mind. Anna returned to question Steve about the night of the storm, when Téa and Sam had given birth, and Heather's association with Todd. Steve made it clear that it didn't know anything, but Anna wasn't satisfied.

Steve became agitated, so Anna assured Steve that she knew what he was going through. Steve doubted it. He explained that was worried that his mother might be paralyzed or die from her injuries. Moments later, Patrick approached Steve. Patrick explained that Heather was stable, but she had a spinal injury and would need surgery immediately. Sabrina informed Patrick that Heather had regained consciousness, so Steve went to see his mother.

Liz followed her brother while Patrick asked Sabrina to stay with Heather. In the examination room, Steve told his mother that she would be undergoing surgery. Heather insisted that she loved Steve and regretted betraying his trust by hurting Olivia. Steve assured his mother that Olivia was fine, and then promised Heather that she would be too. Heather feared that she might not survive, so she begged Steve not to blame himself. Liz gently urged Steve to let Heather rest, so Steve and Liz left.

Meanwhile, Dante updated Anna on what had transpired on the roof. He assured her that Jason's preliminary statement matched what they had seen on the surveillance cameras. Anna didn't want Jason harassed, because Jason had done what he had to, so she instructed Dante to get Jason's statement when it was convenient. Steve and Liz approached Dante and Anna to get an update on Sam's baby. Dante assured Steve that the baby was unharmed, but Steve wanted to be sure, so he asked his sister to check on the baby. Liz didn't want to leave Steve alone, so Dante volunteered to stay with Steve.

After Liz went to check on the baby, Anna slipped into Heather's exam room, unaware that Sabrina had also entered the room to check the monitors. Anna told Heather that it was time that they had a chat about Todd, but Heather wanted to talk about Robin. Anna's temper flared, as she warned Heather not to mention Robin's name, because Robin was dead. Heather realized that Anna had lost the trail, but she assured Anna that Robin was alive. Anna accused Heather of playing games and trying to manipulate her. Anna vowed to throw Heather into a "hellhole" worse than Ferncliff unless Heather confessed that Todd had been her accomplice.

In the waiting area, Dante assured Steve that he understood that Steve was worried about Heather because Heather was Steve's mother. Steve blamed himself for Heather's reign of terror, but Dante insisted that the doctors at Ferncliff were to blame, because they had assured Steve that Heather had been safe to leave. Steve warned Dante that it wasn't over, because being caught had never stopped Heather before. Steve confessed that it might be best for everyone if Heather never woke up from the surgery.

Meanwhile, Patrick noticed that Sabrina seemed troubled. He wondered if she was okay. "I think your wife is alive," Sabrina told him.

At the nurses' station, Téa fell to her knees with relief when she saw the baby that she believed was her son safely nestled in Sam's arms. "Oh, my son," Téa cried with tears of joy. John, Todd, Jason, and Sam shifted uncomfortably as Téa admitted that she had never been so happy to see her son in her life. Téa recognized Jason and Sam from her stay in the hospital, so she thanked them for saving her son's life. Téa reached out to take her baby, but Sam threw her arm out and ordered Téa to stay away.

John blocked Téa's path as Jason and Sam quickly followed Britt to an exam room. Téa demanded to know what was going on, so John suggested that they take a walk so that they could talk. Téa's confusion turned to anger as she insisted that she wanted to be with her son. John turned to Todd for help, but Todd seemed at a loss for words. John explained that Téa needed to hear what John had to say, but Téa reminded John that she had been sick with worry for three days, so she needed her son.

Later, in the exam room, Britt announced that the baby was fine. Liz played with the baby while Britt explained that she wanted the baby to stay overnight in the hospital for observation. Jason and Sam were relieved that the baby was fine. After Britt left, Liz handed the baby to Sam. Liz admitted that she was happy for Sam and promised to get the paperwork started to have a new birth certificate issued for the baby. Jason and Sam thanked Liz.

After Liz left, Sam admitted that she didn't know how to feel, because one moment she was happy, and the next she wanted to curl up into a ball. Sam confessed that it was hard to think of the pain that Téa would feel when she learned the truth about the baby. Jason assured Sam that it was okay to let herself be happy.

In the courtyard, Britt found Liz sitting near where Heather had fallen. Britt wondered if Liz was okay. Liz told Britt about Jake's tragic death and confided that she couldn't begin to explain what that loss had felt like. Liz admitted that her thoughts were on the mothers in the hospital, because while one mother reunited with her son, the other would have everything taken away, which seemed unfair. "But, I guess, the baby is back where he belongs, and everything is the way it's supposed to be," Liz concluded.

Meanwhile, John implored Todd to tell Téa the truth. Téa tried to go to the exam room, so Todd finally stepped forward and wrapped his arms around Téa to keep her from going to get the baby. "You're not getting that kid back," Todd quietly explained. Téa reminded Todd that the baby was hers. "He's not," Todd said in a pained tone. "The child's not yours," he added. Téa refused to believe Todd, so Todd was forced to clarify, "There is no Victor."

"I'm sorry," Todd gently told Téa. He regretted everything that he had ever done to hurt her and apologized for what he was about to tell her. Téa's eyes filled with tears of anguish as Todd explained that her baby had died and that the baby in the exam room was Sam's son.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

At the Zacchara penthouse, Connie was charging dinner to Johnny's credit card when Johnny entered the living room. Connie ended the call and then asked Johnny to add her name to his credit cards, but Johnny explained that he wasn't as rich as he had once been, because he had lost millions to Jerry Jacks. Connie wasn't concerned because she was confident that he had inherited a substantial fortune from Anthony. Moments later, Carly arrived. Johnny wondered why Carly was there, so Carly explained that she had stopped by to apologize and drop off a wedding present.

Johnny insisted that Carly had nothing to apologize for, but Carly insisted that she had been rude at the wedding. Carly handed Johnny a small black box, so he opened it. The Cinderella bracelet that Johnny had bought for Carly was nestled inside. Carly suggested that Johnny give it to Connie, but Connie didn't want the "piece of junk." Carly agreed that the gift was junk. Connie decided to fetch a trash bag filled with things that Carly had left at the penthouse.

After Connie left, Johnny admitted that he wished that Carly hadn't stopped by. Carly regretted that she had taken Johnny back instead of listening to Jason and Todd's warnings. Carly insisted that everything that Todd had told her about Johnny had been true. Johnny warned Carly to stay away from Todd, but Carly made it clear that Johnny didn't have a say in the matter. Carly revealed that Todd had told her about Johnny's tryst with Connie, which had been captured on the hidden camera in Johnny's office.

Connie returned as Johnny warned Carly that Todd was dangerous, so she had no idea what Todd was capable of. Carly demanded specifics, but Connie cautioned Johnny not to say anything. Johnny heeded Connie's advice, so Carly decided to leave. However, Carly had one more present for Johnny; she kissed him and then told him to cherish the memory of the kiss, because it would be the last kiss that he would ever get from her.

After Carly left, Connie picked up the bracelet that Carly had left behind, but Johnny snatched it out of her hand. "Don't," he growled at Connie.

Alexis greeted Sonny when he arrived at the lake house. He showed her the newspaper as he complained that the police hadn't found Joe. Sonny regretted that he hadn't killed Joe when he had the opportunity, because Joe had put everything into motion for Connie to "come out to play." Alexis revealed that Trey might be able to have Kate committed to Shadybrook for treatment. She explained that Trey was Kate's closest blood relative, so he could request guardianship to have his mother institutionalized. Sonny pointed out that they would have to track Trey down and then hope that Trey would want to help.

Meanwhile, Trey was waiting for Kristina on the porch when she arrived home. He asked her how she was doing, so she assured him that she was fine. Trey admitted that he couldn't understand how his father could have done the awful things that Joe had. He had a lot of questions, but a part of him was also concerned about his father, because he feared that Joe might possibly bleed to death somewhere. Kristina admitted that she didn't share Trey's worries about Joe, but she appreciated that Trey had stopped by to check on her. Kristina started to enter her house, but Trey asked her to wait.

Trey wanted to know where he stood with his wife. Kristina made it clear that she was no longer his wife because their marriage had been based on lies. Trey assured Kristina that he had been honest about his feelings for her, but Kristina didn't believe him. Trey explained that he had grown to care deeply for her during the time that they had spent together, because she had believed in him and had trusted him. Trey realized that they couldn't stay married, but he didn't want to lose Kristina. Kristina didn't know what to say, so Trey suggested that they continue their talk inside because it was chilly outside.

Inside, Alexis suspected that, despite everything that had happened, Trey had genuine feelings for Kristina, so Kristina might be able to persuade Trey to help Kate. She also suggested that Trey might want to have an opportunity to get to know his mother. Sonny admitted that he would do anything to get Kate back, but he had his doubts about Trey. Alexis insisted that they would have to ask Trey. "Ask Trey what?" Kristina wondered as she and Trey appeared in the doorway.

Sonny explained that he needed Trey's help. "With what?" Trey asked. "Your mother," Sonny replied.

In Duke's suite, Joe felt almost whole after Duke's doctor had tended to Joe's gunshot wound. Satisfied, Duke backhanded Joe across the face for botching Duke's plans for Sonny. Duke had had everything worked out carefully, starting with staging Robin's death. Joe was curious why it was so important for everyone to believe that Robin had died, but Duke would only reveal that Robin was a critical part of Duke's master plan. Joe wanted details, so Duke explained, "I want everything, including the only woman in the world I ever loved."

Duke confided that he had gone through a great deal of effort to have all of Sonny's assets transferred into Kristina's name, without Sonny catching on, so all Joe had needed to do was kill Kristina once Trey had married her. Joe assured Duke that he had tried, but Joe hadn't expected Trey to develop real feelings for Kristina and to jump in front of a gun to protect her. Duke believed that it was because Joe had never been in love, so Joe couldn't appreciate the lengths that a man would go to for the woman he loved. Joe admitted that he did care about a woman, but Duke wasn't interested in hearing about Joe's love life. Duke and Joe argued about the failed plan until Joe pointed out that they could still kill Kristina. Duke immediately dismissed the idea, because he doubted that the marriage would last.

Duke decided that they would have to find another way to get Sonny's money. Joe was pleased because Joe wanted to see Sonny's downfall. Duke promised Joe that Joe would be instrumental in executing the plan, so Joe wondered what Duke needed him to do. Duke explained that someone else would need to die.

Tracy was having dinner with Luke in his hotel suite, but she became annoyed when he kept checking his watch. She was curious if Luke was worried that Anna was with Duke. Luke decided to give Tracy a taste of her own medicine by asking if she was afraid that Anna was arresting Joe. Tracy confessed that she wouldn't mind, because then she could be assured that Joe was receiving proper medical care. Tracy thought that she and Luke were a sorry pair, because Luke couldn't stop thinking about Anna, while Tracy couldn't stop thinking about Joe. Luke was frustrated because Anna hadn't even questioned Duke's story or checked Duke's fingerprints or dental records to verify that it was indeed Duke.

Tracy suggested that perhaps Anna didn't need proof because Anna already knew that it was Duke. Tracy thought that Luke was looking for a conspiracy where there wasn't one, but Luke argued that Duke, if that was who he truly was, wouldn't have survived a Turkish prison by being a nice guy. According to Luke, Duke would have had to employ the same tactics that had made Duke the darling of "the brotherhood." Tracy listed the traits: criminal, dangerous, and a talent for survival. "She has a type," Tracy exclaimed as Luke glared at her.

Luke was certain that Duke was up to something, but Tracy suspected that Luke felt threatened by Anna's feelings for Duke. Luke insisted that Duke was running a scam, so Luke was determined to protect Anna, because Anna had already been through enough thanks to Heather's lies about Robin.

At the nurses' station, Patrick was curious what gave Sabrina the idea that Robin was alive. Sabrina confessed that she had overheard Heather talking to the police commissioner. Patrick dismissed it as the disturbed ramblings of a mentally ill woman, but Sabrina confessed that Anna hadn't seemed surprised by what Heather had said. Patrick spotted Anna, so he called out to her. Patrick confronted Anna about Heather's claims, so Sabrina took responsibility for telling Patrick. Anna asked to speak to Patrick privately, so Sabrina walked away.

Anna admitted that she had gone to Switzerland to investigate Heather's claims, but it had been wishful thinking to believe that Robin was alive. Patrick demanded to know why Anna hadn't told him, so Anna explained that she hadn't wanted to upset Patrick. Patrick quietly confided that at night he still heard Robin calling out to him asking for help. Anna admitted that she did too. "Especially today," Anna added. Patrick agreed, because it was Robin's birthday.

Patrick revealed that Emma had made Robin a card, and then had tied it to balloons so that they could send the card to Robin in Heaven. Anna smiled at her granddaughter's sweet gesture. Patrick confided that a year earlier, he had given Robin several plane tickets to various destinations around the world, but they had never had to chance to go on any of the trips. Anna smiled sadly and hugged Patrick.

Meanwhile, Britt noticed Patrick talking to Anna, so she asked Sabrina what was going on. Sabrina explained that Patrick had just been told that his wife was still alive. "She's not, is she?" Britt anxiously wondered. Britt's temper flared when Sabrina confessed that she had told Patrick about Heather's claims. Later, Britt approached Patrick to ask if he was okay. Patrick quickly filled Britt in on what had happened and then walked away.

Britt made a beeline to Sabrina to blast Sabrina for breaking Patrick's heart into a million pieces. Sabrina felt terrible and explained that she had never meant to upset him. Britt suggested that Sabrina show some sensitivity by thinking before she spoke. Moments later, Patrick passed them as he shrugged into his coat. Britt quickly offered to take Patrick home, so he accepted.

Elsewhere at the hospital, Todd explained to Téa that her son had died, but Téa refused to believe Todd. She slapped him across the face and then implored John to tell her the truth. John wrapped his arms around Téa as he reminded her that she had feared that something had been wrong with her son after his birth. Téa insisted that Todd had saved her son, so Todd told her that he had taken the baby for help but had ended up at a shed in the woods. John picked up the story by revealing that Sam had given birth around the same time and had ended up at the same shed with her own newborn. Téa argued that she hadn't seen Sam, so John explained that Sam had passed out in the shed.

Téa recalled finding Todd with the baby, so she had taken Victor out of Todd's arms. "You took a baby," Todd quietly corrected Téa. John added that the baby that Téa had taken had been Sam's son. John asked Téa to look at him as he explained to her that her son was gone. Téa tearfully demanded proof, so John revealed that he had a DNA test. He handed the test to Téa, but Téa wanted to know where her son was.

John told Téa that her son had been buried in a cemetery in Port Charles. Téa wanted the baby to be exhumed so that she could have an independent agency run another DNA test. John warned her that it would reveal that her son had died of respiratory failure and that he had been born with hemophilia. Téa's eyes filled with fresh tears, because hemophilia ran in her family. John added that beta thalassemia ran in Sam's family. John held Téa as she finally accepted that her son had died and that the baby that she had been taking care of was Sam's.

Todd huddled in a corner with a pained expression as he watched a grief-stricken Téa weep. A short time later, Todd sat down next to Téa to assure her that she had been a great mother to the little boy. Todd had no idea where the baby would end up, but he would always know that he'd had Téa for a mother. Todd confessed that he would have considered himself a lucky man if he'd had just a small fraction of the affection that Téa had bestowed on the baby from his own mother. Téa cried on Todd's shoulder as he wrapped his arms around her.

Nearby, John and Anna watched. John didn't want Todd to get away with what he had done, so Anna promised to help John.

A short time later, Anna arrived back at her suite. Luke and Tracy greeted her. Tracy was curious if Anna had found Joe, so Anna revealed that they had captured Heather. However, Anna wasn't in the mood to discuss it, so she suggested that Tracy catch the story on the evening news, but Tracy didn't have any interest in hearing about Heather before bed. Tracy decided to leave, so she thanked Luke for dinner, and then bid goodnight to Anna, but pointedly referred to her as "Mrs. Lavery." After Tracy left, Luke insisted that they needed to talk. Anna agreed, but she was too exhausted to think straight, so she went to her bedroom to sleep.

At the hospital, Sam and Jason were in an examination room with the baby. Sam rocked her son in her arms as Jason admitted that she looked beautiful. Jason realized that the baby didn't know it, but the baby was where he belonged. Sam suddenly realized that she didn't have a crib or anything else for her son, because she had given everything away after she had been told that he had died. Jason was confident that Alexis and Sam's sisters would be able to get Sam what she needed by the time Sam was able to take the baby home. Sam wasn't ready to talk to anyone about what had happened, because she was still trying to process everything.

Sam confessed that she was nervous because she didn't know anything about taking care of babies. Jason advised Sam to give it some time, because he was certain that she would be a great mother. Sam smiled, but then admitted that she felt almost guilty to be happy, because another mother was grieving. Jason insisted that Heather was to blame for what had happened, not Sam, so Sam had nothing to be sorry for. Moments later, a nurse entered with some papers for Sam to sign, so Sam put the baby in a crib. The baby fussed, so Jason picked him up.

Sam smiled as she watched Jason with her son. After the nurse left, Sam confessed that the baby fit perfectly in Jason's arms. Jason smiled and insisted that the baby was tough like Sam. Sam reminded Jason of her fantasy about what it would have been like if her baby had lived; she confided that the reality was exactly like her fantasy. "There's no 'what if' anymore. There's only 'what now'," Jason replied.

Jason warned Sam that her whole life would change, but it would be fun as she learned her son's likes and dislikes. Jason talked about taking Michael to the park when Michael had been a baby, because Michael had liked lying on a blanket and watching the leaves rustle in the trees. Jason handed the baby to Sam as Sam realized that she didn't even know what to call her son.

"Victor," Téa said from the doorway. Téa quickly assured Sam and Jason that she knew that the baby belonged to Sam, not her. Sam told Téa that she was sorry for the pain that Téa was going through. Téa asked for the opportunity to say goodbye to Victor. Jason was reluctant, but Sam handed the baby to Téa. Todd watched from the doorway as Téa tearfully admitted that it was the last time that she would get to call the baby Victor, but she would always remember him that way.

Téa told the baby to be good for Sam and to share his sweet smiles with his mother. Téa revealed that the baby slept through the night, mostly, and had started to eat solids. Téa explained that he liked carrots but not peas, and loved being read to before his naps, especially in Spanish. Téa handed the baby back to Sam and then gave Sam a small stuffed duck with a rattle inside that Téa's daughter, Dani, had given the baby. Téa explained that the baby couldn't sleep without it. Sam thanked Téa for taking such good care of the baby.

Téa gently stroked the top of the baby's head and then gave him a soft kiss. "Goodbye, Victor," Téa tearfully said, and then she left. Afterwards, Sam decided that she wanted to give her son the name that they had given him in her fantasy: Daniel Edward. Jason smiled as he wrapped his arm around Sam and Daniel.

Todd approached John to ask why John hadn't told Téa about his theory that Todd had conspired with Heather. John explained that Téa had been through enough for one day, but he was confident that Téa would soon learn the truth. A short time later, Téa ran past them. Todd started to follow Téa, but a police officer appeared out of nowhere to handcuff Todd and read him his rights. Todd pleaded with John to let him check on Téa to make certain that she was okay. Todd promised to turn himself in afterwards, but John refused.

John explained that Téa would not be okay, because her heart had been ripped out, which was on Todd.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

At the hospital, Jason left a message for Anna, informing Anna that he would be at the police station later that morning with his attorney. Sonny walked up, as Jason ended the call. Sonny wondered if the police were giving Jason a hard time about what had transpired on the roof with Heather. Jason explained that surveillance cameras had captured everything, so Jason only had to give a statement. Sonny noticed that Jason sounded like a father as Jason talked about the harrowing experience. Jason smiled and showed Sonny pictures of the baby as he revealed that Sam had named him Daniel Edward.

Sonny thought that choosing the name Edward was a sign that Sam wanted Jason to be a part of her life. Jason didn't think that he had a right to expect it, even though he wanted Sam and Danny to go home with him. However, Jason wondered what kind of life he would be asking Sam and Danny to share with him, because they would always be targets. Sonny pointed out that Sam had known that when she had married Jason. Jason feared that Sam might not want that kind of life for her son, because Jason didn't want it for Danny. Sonny was curious if Jason intended to quit the business.

"And do what?" Jason asked. Jason couldn't imagine moving, either, because he and Sam had family in town. Sonny reminded Jason that no one was guaranteed a perfect life, so it was pointless to expect it. Sonny insisted that all Jason could do was love Sam and Danny. Jason suggested that he should love them enough to let them go, but Sonny wondered if that was really what Jason wanted. Jason admitted that he yearned to have Sam and Danny in his life, so that Danny would know that Jason was his father and that Jason loved the little boy, no matter what.

Sonny insisted that Jason had to fight for that, the same way that Sonny fought for what he wanted. Jason realized that Sonny was thinking about Kate. Sonny nodded, and then revealed that Alexis had a plan to get Kate committed. Sonny explained that he was fighting for Kate, so Jason shouldn't give up on Sam, because Jason deserved to be happy. A few minutes later, Sonny left.

At the Zacchara penthouse, Connie was dusting furniture in a sexy teddy, stockings, and high heels when Johnny entered the living room. Johnny immediately saw through her ploy to seduce him. Undeterred, Connie invited him to have a seat because she had prepared breakfast for him. Johnny sat down, so Connie tried to spoon-feed him the yogurt, but Johnny objected. Connie's temper flared as she dumped the yogurt on Johnny and then called him out for surfing the Internet to find ways to have her committed to a sanitarium. She revealed that she had been buying some clothes online when she had discovered Johnny's browsing history.

Connie stormed off, but Johnny followed her. He grabbed her from behind and physically restrained her as he confessed that he had fantasized about her being carted away by men in white coats. "Get away, you freak," Connie growled as she pulled out of his tight grip. She threatened to reveal Johnny's secrets to the police if he tried to have her institutionalized, but Johnny wasn't intimidated because he had nothing left to lose. However, he would gain satisfaction in knowing that Connie would cease to exist if she were integrated. Connie immediately switched tactics and tried to seduce him again, but her efforts were in vain.

Moments later, Sonny knocked. "What the hell do you want?" Connie asked as Sonny entered. Sonny asked Johnny to give Sonny and Connie some privacy, but Connie immediately objected. Johnny shrugged and announced that he needed a shower. Connie decided to annoy Sonny by making a show of kissing Johnny before Johnny went upstairs. Sonny commented that Johnny hadn't looked happy, so Connie claimed that Sonny had interrupted them while they had been making love.

Sonny saw through the lie, so he decided to reach Kate. He looked deep into Connie's eyes as he reminded Kate that he would keep his promise not to give up on Kate. Connie appeared to weaken, but only for a brief moment. "Is that all you got?" she asked when she regained control. Satisfied, Sonny warned Connie that he had just gotten started. Connie told him not to bother because Kate was gone.

Sonny insisted that Kate needed treatment, but Connie bragged that only her husband, Johnny, could have her committed to a sanitarium. Sonny advised Connie not to bet on it, prompting Connie to demand what he meant by that. Moments later, Johnny returned, so Connie told him about Sonny's threat. Johnny invited Sonny to try to have Connie committed, so Sonny wondered if that was a challenge or a threat. "It means do your worst, 'cause you're just blowin' smoke," Connie replied with confidence. "We'll see," Sonny shot back.

Connie demanded that Johnny throw Sonny out, so Johnny told Sonny to leave. "See you later," Sonny said as he strolled to the door. "Not if I see you first," Connie snidely responded. Sonny clarified that he had been talking to Kate, then he left.

At the apartment, Trey was looking at his annulment papers when Starr entered the living room. She immediately sensed that something was troubling Trey, so Trey reminded her that his father was missing and probably bleeding to death somewhere. He also revealed that his marriage to Kristina had been annulled, and then added that Alexis had given him some legal documents to sign so that Kate could be admitted to Shadybrook for treatment. Starr was delighted, so she offered to fetch a pen. Trey confessed that he didn't know what he was going to do about Kate because he was reluctant to help the woman who had abandoned him in a drawer shortly after his birth. Starr argued that Trey was a decent person, so he couldn't let Connie walk around free.

Trey insisted that Kate had eviscerated him when she had realized that he was her son. Starr explained that it had been Connie, not Kate, who had said those cruel things to Trey. Trey didn't think that there was a difference between Kate and Connie, but Starr explained that Kate and Connie were two separate entities, which was why she had spoken on Kate's behalf at court. Starr was curious if Trey wanted the opportunity to get to know his mother, but Trey suggested that perhaps Kate had been the one who had abandoned him, not Connie. Starr argued that Kate had been traumatized after she had given birth to her rapist's child, which wasn't as bad as Trey conspiring with Joe to kill Kristina.

Trey assured Starr that he'd had no idea what his father had planned and wouldn't have condoned it if he had. Starr insisted that Trey would be giving the woman who had killed Starr's family a free pass if he didn't sign the papers, which would mean that he wasn't any better than Johnny. Trey was curious if Starr had talked to Johnny. Starr admitted that she hadn't, but she refused to let Johnny get away with helping Connie. Later, Starr announced that she was headed to Johnny's place, but she changed her mind when Trey told her about Todd's arrest.

In the interrogation room at the police station, Todd was told that he had a visitor. Todd made it clear that he didn't want to see anyone, except his attorney. "I'm a lawyer. Will I do?" Téa coldly asked as she entered. Todd admitted that it was good to see her because he had been worried about her. Téa wasn't interested in his sympathy, but she did want one question answered. "Did you know the baby wasn't mine?" Téa asked. Todd was evasive, so Téa demanded that he tell her everything that had happened on the night of her son's birth.

Todd reluctantly agreed. He admitted that he hadn't known who Heather was when he had encountered her at the shack in the woods. Heather had assured him that she was good with children and had medical experience, so he had agreed to wait outside while she worked on the baby, because Heather hadn't wanted any distractions. Téa questioned the wisdom of Todd leaving her son alone with Heather, but Todd reiterated that Heather had assured him that she knew what she was doing. According to Todd, Heather had emerged from the shack with a healthy baby.

Todd insisted that there hadn't been any reason to question that the baby wasn't Téa's, but Téa was skeptical. Todd reminded Téa that she hadn't questioned it, either, but Téa argued that she had never seen or held her son, so she had no idea what he had looked like. Téa recalled that Todd had entered the shack after Téa had taken the baby from him, so she was curious why he hadn't seen Sam. Todd insisted that he had only seen garden tools and a wheelbarrow, but Téa continued to have doubts. She conceded that the story was plausible, but it was just as likely that Todd had felt guilty for killing Victor, so he had switched the babies to spare Téa additional pain.

Todd clarified that he had never regretted killing his twin brother, but he was sorry that it had "inconvenienced" Téa. Téa told Todd that allowing her to love a baby for months, knowing that he could be taken away from her, had been a thousand times more painful than telling her the truth. "May God have mercy on your soul, if that's what happened," Téa told Todd, then she left. In the squad room, Téa bumped into Starr. Starr offered Téa her condolences and then hugged her. Starr wondered if Todd had had anything to do with the baby switch, so Téa admitted that she honestly didn't know.

In Duke's suite, Joe suggested that it wasn't too late to kill Kristina. Duke disagreed, because Duke's sources had told him that Trey and Kristina's marriage had been annulled. Joe was curious who Duke planned to kill. "You," Duke answered as he pointed a gun at Joe. Desperate, Joe insisted that Duke still needed him to do the dirty work if Duke hoped to get Anna back. Duke lowered the gun because he realized that Joe had a point.

Joe remarked that Anna had no idea what Duke was really like. Duke revealed that Anna had been drawn to his dark side, but Duke realized that he had to tread carefully. Joe wanted the opportunity to make amends, so he awaited Duke's instructions. Duke gave Joe the orders and then excused himself, because Duke had some important business to attend to. A short time later, Joe knocked on Trey's apartment door.

In Luke and Anna's suite, Anna was looking at a picture of herself in a white dress and Duke in a kilt on their wedding day. She put the picture down when Luke entered the room and revealed that it was the anniversary of when she had married Duke. Luke glanced at the picture. "Nice dress. You look good too," Luke quipped. Anna was not amused, but she confessed that Duke's return felt surreal. Luke grumbled about Duke, so Anna was curious what had happened between Luke and Duke after she had left.

Luke admitted that he had tossed Duke out, because Luke hadn't believed a word of Duke's story, nor did Luke intend to step aside for Duke. Anna was furious, because Duke had many enemies, so he was vulnerable. Luke was confident that Duke could handle himself on the "mean streets" of Port Charles if Duke had managed to escape a Turkish prison with his life. Luke insisted that he and Anna had to talk, because he was eager to get past "this Robert thing." Anna couldn't believe that Luke had the gall to accuse Duke of lying when Luke had lied to her for months. Luke insisted that it wasn't the same, but Anna disagreed.

Luke pleaded with Anna to be careful about Duke, because she hadn't questioned Duke's story. He suggested that it wasn't wise to accept everything at face value without any forensic evidence like DNA or fingerprints to confirm Duke's story. After Luke left, Anna studied her wedding picture again until someone knocked on the door. It was Duke. "Happy anniversary, darling," Duke said, as he handed her a bouquet of flowers.

At the lake house, Kristina put her annulment papers away as Molly entered the room, chatting excitedly about their impending visit with their new nephew. Moments later, Alexis joined them, smiling. Alexis confessed that she felt flustered because of the wonderful, but unexpected, news. Alexis' smile slipped when Kristina teased Alexis about being a grandmother.

In the hospital room, Sam held Danny in her arms as he suckled on a bottle. She realized that there had been a lot of changes for him, so she imagined that he missed Téa and that Téa missed him. Sam confessed that Danny seemed to have Jason's calm personality. Sam admitted that she could feel that Danny was her son when she held him, so her fear that someone would rip him away was unfounded.

Later, Jason introduced Monica to Daniel Edward. Monica smiled with joy, because she was certain that Edward would be honored when she told him the baby's name. However, Monica was curious if Danny's last name was McCall or Morgan. Alexis, Kristina, and Molly burst into the room before Sam and Jason could answer the question. Alexis quickly scooped her grandson up as the aunts fawned over the baby. Jason smiled and then led Monica into the hallway.

Monica once again pressed Jason for an answer about Danny's last name. Jason explained that he and Sam hadn't had time to discuss it, and then asked if Monica had heard anything about Heather. Monica revealed that Heather had survived the surgery but was in a coma. Monica hoped that Heather recovered, so that Heather could pay for what she had done to Sam and Téa. Monica then returned to the topic of Jason and Sam's marriage. She was curious if there was any chance that Jason and Sam might work things out.

Jason admitted that he didn't know. Monica was certain that Jason could love the baby, so she hoped that wasn't holding Jason back. Jason assured her that he loved Danny, but he couldn't change the mistakes that he had made, so Jason had decided that what happened next was up to Sam.

In Danny's hospital room, Sam took pictures of Alexis, Kristina, Molly, and Danny. Jason returned to the room as Molly wondered if Sam and Jason were getting back together. Alexis tactfully changed the subject by reminding Sam that Danny had been cleared to go home. Sam confessed that she didn't have a crib, baby clothes, bottles, or anything else for the baby. Alexis assured Sam that it was okay, because everything that Sam would need was being delivered, as they spoke. Alexis volunteered to take care of Danny while Sam and her sisters set everything up.

Kristina once again teased Alexis about being a grandmother, so Alexis made it clear that only Danny could call her grandma. After Alexis and the girls left, Jason told Sam that he had hoped that she and Danny would go home with him.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

At Metro Court Hotel, Carly greeted Michael in the lobby with a warm hug. Michael was surprised to see her there because he had assumed that she would be at the hospital with Jason. Carly frowned, so Michael explained that Jason had found Sam's baby. Carly was delighted. She admitted that she wasn't fond of Sam, but she appreciated that Jason loved Sam, so she hoped that the baby would pave the way towards forgiveness and reconciliation.

Carly was concerned about Todd because she knew that Todd cared about Téa. Michael didn't know, but he was equally worried about Starr, because Téa was like a mother to Starr.

Joe tucked a gun into his waistband and then knocked on Trey's door. Trey was relieved that Joe had survived the gunshot wound. "Now I can call the police," Trey added. Joe begged for a chance to explain things, but Trey argued that Joe had tried to murder Kristina. Joe insisted that his only chance for survival was on the outside with his friends. "What friends?" Trey wondered.

Joe insisted that he had a very powerful ally who had been behind the plot to kill Kristina. Trey demanded to know who the silent partner was, but Joe refused to tell Trey because the man was dangerous. Moments later, Michael knocked on the door. Joe implored Trey not to reveal Joe's presence, so Trey waited for Michael to go away. However, Michael continued to knock because he believed that Starr was home, so Trey opened the door a crack to explain that Starr wasn't there.

Michael wanted to know where she was, but Trey explained that he was in the middle of something, so he didn't have time for Michael. Michael assumed that Kristina was there, so he pushed his way into the apartment. Michael was stunned when he saw Joe hiding behind the door. Michael lunged for Joe, but Trey stopped Michael from attacking, so Michael whipped out his phone to call Dante. "I'd hang up if I were you," Joe growled as he aimed the gun at Michael.

At the loft, Lulu was disappointed that she hadn't gotten pregnant yet. She realized that she was impatient, but she felt like a failure every time the pregnancy test was negative. Dante insisted that it was fun to keep trying, but Lulu wondered if perhaps Dante was the reason that she couldn't get pregnant. Dante assured her that there wasn't anything wrong with his "swim team." Lulu feared that they might be doing something wrong, so she decided to see her doctor for some tips. Dante offered to go with her, but Lulu assured him that it wasn't necessary.

Dante promised Lulu that everything would be fine, so he kissed her and then started to leave. He opened the door as he assured her that the Olympic swim team had nothing on him. Luke stood in the doorway, smiling as he asked if Dante intended to go to Rio in 2016 to compete. Dante returned the smile and left. Luke joined Lulu on the sofa as Lulu explained that she and Dante had been having trouble conceiving, but they were determined to do everything possible to become parents.

Lulu noticed that her father was distracted, so she asked him what was troubling him. Luke revealed that he might be losing Anna to her ex-husband, Duke Lavery. Lulu was surprised to hear about Duke's return, but Luke admitted that he had doubts that the man was really Duke, in part because he couldn't figure out where Duke had been for the previous two decades and what had prompted Duke to surface. Lulu was curious if Luke had asked Duke, so Luke told her about Duke's intention to rekindle things with Anna and Duke's claim that Duke and Anna were still married.

Lulu doubted that Luke would give Anna up without a fight. Luke agreed, but he was frustrated because Anna hadn't questioned Duke's story. Lulu reminded Luke that Anna and Duke had history, so it was possible that they might have stayed together if Duke hadn't left. Luke told Lulu about Duke's claim that Duke had been kidnapped from the witness protection program and then had been thrown into a Turkish prison. Lulu admitted that the story had a lot of holes, but she wondered who the man could be if he wasn't Duke Lavery.

Luke admitted that he suspected that Jonathan Paget had been the real Duke Lavery, while the current Duke was an imposter. Lulu was curious how Luke intended to prove it. "With a DNA test," Luke explained. Lulu warned Luke that DNA tests weren't foolproof, but Luke thought that it was better than nothing. Luke hoped that a DNA test or fingerprints would be enough to expose the charade.

At the hotel suite, Duke handed Anna a bouquet a flowers and wished her a happy anniversary. Anna confessed that she had thought that Duke had left town. Duke assured her that he was there to stay, so he opened a bottle of champagne and jokingly offered to get his kilt out of storage. Anna smiled and accepted the glass of champagne that he handed to her. Memories of the past assailed her as she and Duke talked.

Anna warned Duke that she was a completely different woman than the woman who had married Duke, but Duke disagreed. He insisted that they had been given a chance to start over, but Anna argued that things weren't that simple. She revealed that Luke had been there for her when she had lost Robin, so Luke was important to her. Anna had no idea where she and Luke were headed, but they were more than friends. Duke was not pleased because he didn't think that Luke was good enough for Anna.

Duke wanted to regain Anna's trust, so he offered to leave to give Anna space, but Anna invited Duke to stay because she didn't want to see the food that Duke had arranged go to waste. Duke smiled and continued to charm Anna as they talked about the past. Duke surprised Anna with a sprig of heather, which he recalled had always reminded her of her childhood. Anna smiled but admitted that it no longer held the same connotations, which only illustrated how they had changed.

Duke suggested that he and Anna focus on the present, not the past, so he proposed a toast. "Do I have a choice?" Anna asked, as she recalled a similar exchange with Duke two decades earlier. Duke noticed, so he seized the opportunity to remind her that they were soul mates. Anna confessed that she had never been able to resist him, then she kissed him.

Dante approached Epiphany at the nurses' station to get an update on Olivia and Heather. Afterwards, he nervously broached the subject of his and Lulu's failed attempts to start a family. Epiphany realized that Dante wanted to have his sperm count tested, so she assured him that it was easy to do and confidential. She fetched him a cup, handed it to him, and then pointed him to the bathroom. "Go ahead, detective, and fill her up," Epiphany teased. Dante shot her a scathing look as he entered the bathroom.

Epiphany was waiting when Dante emerged. "That was quick," Epiphany remarked as Dante handed her the cup. Epiphany burst out laughing when Dante walked away without comment.

In the interrogation room, Todd assured Starr that everything would be straightened out as soon as his attorney arrived. Starr reminded Todd that two women had suffered because of the baby switch, so she demanded to know if Todd had known that Téa had taken home Sam's son. She warned him that she would never forgive him if he proclaimed his innocence only for it to be revealed that he had been complicit in the duplicity. Todd quietly admitted that he had known about the baby switch. Starr was outraged and started to leave, but Todd asked her to at least hear him out.

Starr reluctantly agreed, so she sat down. Todd told her that he had encountered Heather at the shack and that Heather had tried to save Téa's son, but it had been too late. Todd had been left alone with his dead nephew while Heather had disappeared into the woods to bury Anthony. Moments later, Sam had stumbled into the shack and collapsed. Todd had heard an infant crying, so he had gone to investigate. He revealed that Téa had assumed that the baby in his arms was her son, so she had snatched the newborn out of his arms and then had thanked him for saving her son's life.

Starr wondered why Todd hadn't told Téa the truth then, so Todd explained that Téa had told him that she wouldn't have been able to go on if her son had died. Todd conceded that he lied all the time, but he assured his daughter that he had never intended to lie to Téa about the baby. Starr couldn't understand how Todd could have let Sam grieve for a child that hadn't died. Todd insisted that Heather had lied to him by claiming that Sam had planned to abandon the baby. Starr couldn't understand why Todd could believe such a preposterous lie, but Todd argued that he couldn't fathom any other reason for Sam to have left her newborn in a planter box at a shack in the middle of the woods during a storm.

Todd reminded Starr that he had given Sam a job, but Starr insisted that it didn't atone for what he had done to Sam. Starr assumed that Todd would confess the whole truth, but Todd admitted that he couldn't do it. Starr was shocked when Todd asked her not to tell anyone about his confession. He defended his request by pointing out that he wasn't asking her to lie, but Starr argued that it would be a lie by omission. Todd explained that Sam had her baby back, and Téa had Dani. He insisted that the case against him was circumstantial, so a trial would be a waste of time.

Starr pointed out that Heather knew the truth, but Todd dismissed Heather as a comatose lunatic. Todd vowed to do better in the future, so he begged Starr not to turn her back on him. Moments later, Dante entered the room. Dante explained that Starr hadn't signed in, so she had to leave. Starr exchanged a long look with her father and then walked to the door.

At the hospital, Jason admitted that he had hoped that Sam and Danny would go home with him. Sam wasn't sure what Jason was asking her. Jason explained that he wanted to share his life with her and the baby, so he was asking her if they could be a family. Sam didn't want Jason to think of Danny as an obligation, so Jason assured her that he didn't. Jason promised Sam that they could have the life that she had dreamed of, because there was nothing standing in their way. "Yes, there is," Sam told him.

Jason feared that Sam was referring to John, but she assured him that John wasn't an issue. Sam reminded Jason that Jason had feared that the baby would always be a reminder of Franco. Sam knew that Jason would always protect Danny, but she insisted that Danny needed Jason's love. Jason assured Sam that he didn't see Franco in Danny, so Sam wondered if Jason had been telling the truth on the rooftop when he had insisted to Heather that he was Danny's father.

Jason conceded that Sam had a right to doubt Jason, because he had been blinded by his hatred for Franco. Sam's eyes filled with tears, as Jason admitted that loving a child had nothing to do with DNA. Jason promised her that he wanted to be Danny's father and vowed that he would love Sam and Danny forever and would never leave them. Sam didn't know what to say, so she decided to fetch Danny's bottle before he woke up. After Sam left, Jason picked Danny up. He apologized, but promised to be there for Danny and Sam, if it wasn't too late.

Moments later, Carly walked in. Carly smiled with joy when she saw Danny sleeping in Jason's arms. Jason offered to let her hold him, but Carly declined, because Danny looked peaceful. Carly hoped that Jason and Sam would work things out, but Jason admitted that it was up to Sam. Carly was annoyed, because she thought that Sam should be open to reconciling, since Jason had reunited Sam with Danny. Jason didn't want to argue with Carly, so Carly let it drop.

Carly was stunned when Jason confided that Todd might have been Heather's accomplice. He admitted that there wasn't any proof, but the police were questioning Todd. Carly was upset, because Todd and Jason were the only people who had never judged Carly, despite the horrible things that she had done. Carly confided that she had almost considered Todd a friend. Jason wondered what that meant, so Carly confessed that Jason was the only true friend that she had, because he had always been there for her and had caught her when she had fallen.

Jason assured Carly that she was a strong person. "That's because I have you to believe in me," Carly explained. Carly hugged Jason, as she told him that she loved him. Moments later, Sam walked in. Carly admitted that Sam had a beautiful baby, and then reminded Sam that Sam was a mother now, so Carly hoped that Sam did the right thing by allowing Jason to be a part of Danny's life.

After Carly left, Jason apologized for what Carly had said. Sam assured him that it was okay. Jason promised to give Sam all the time that she needed, but he was curious if she had made a decision. Sam picked up Danny, and then tearfully announced, "Danny and I are ready to go home with you." Jason smiled and hugged his family.

Meanwhile, Carly went to the police station to ask Todd if he'd had anything to do with taking Jason and Sam's baby from them.

Friday, October 19, 2012

At General Hospital, Lulu worried about her inability to get pregnant while Luke fretted about Duke Lavery and his hold on Anna. Luke said that he was not going to let Duke have Anna without a fight. He also told Lulu that he loved Lulu and would do anything for her. Lulu was appreciative, but said that there was no reason for Luke to stay at GH while Lulu saw a doctor. As Luke boarded the elevator, Lulu was called to Doctor V's office.

Doctor V asked Lulu the routine questions during the checkup and told Lulu that getting pregnant was an intricate process that could take a long time. She encouraged Lulu to be patient and keep practicing. Lulu laughed and said that Dante had made a similar remark. Dr. V said that the results of Dante's sperm count would be available soon. Lulu was surprised and pleased to find out that Dante had acted so quickly after Lulu had suggested the test.

Dr. V urged Lulu to look at other causes of infertility while they waited for the sperm count. Dr. V cautioned that the cause of infertility was generally on the female side. Lulu was surprised to learn that statistic. She submitted to Dr. V's examination. Later, when Dr. V returned with the results, it was obvious to Lulu by Dr. V's countenance that the doctor had found a serious problem.

In the hotel suite that Anna shared with Luke, Anna and Duke kissed passionately. Duke murmured that he had waited a long time to hold Anna and kiss her, but when Duke said that he wanted to make love to her, Anna pulled away. Duke was insistent about his love for Anna. His words caused Anna to remember their honeymoon and the happiness that Anna had shared with Duke; she recalled their youthful love through a series of flashbacks.

As Duke was about to reignite Anna's passion, Luke interrupted and told Duke to unhand Anna. Luke told Anna that she could thank him later. Luke and Duke sparred over Anna, who told both men that she disapproved of their behavior. Duke assured Anna that he would do anything to prove his feelings for her. Luke remained skeptical. He told Duke that Duke had a lot more to prove, like who he really was. Luke demanded that Duke take a DNA test so that Anna did not have to take Duke at "face value."

Duke refused to humor Luke and said that Anna's opinion was the only one that counted. Anna stood by Duke. Luke was incredulous that Anna did not need proof. Duke gloated and said that Luke could not run a DNA test without Duke's consent. Luke quickly plucked a hair from Duke's scalp and said, "Watch me."

Duke demanded that Anna arrest Luke for assault, but she refused. She insisted that Luke apologize, but he refused. Duke told Anna that he had enjoyed the morning with her but needed to leave and make some arrangements so that he could remain in Port Charles permanently. After Duke left, Luke tried to plead his case, but Anna did not want to listen. She told Luke that she could have him arrested. Luke told Anna to save her handcuffs for her boyfriend.

Todd was surprised when Carly visited him in jail. She told him that in the past, when she had visited Jason, she had made life miserable for everyone until Jason had been let go. Carly said that the lawyers had done all the work, she had just made sure that the jail personnel were glad to be free of her and Jason. Todd asked if Carly would do the same for him. She said it depended on whether or not Todd had switched Sam's baby for Téa's baby.

Carly told Todd that she needed to know what had happened. Todd agreed that she deserved to know the truth. As Todd began his tale, John McBain entered the room, sat down, and said that he also wanted to hear Todd's story. Carly let John know that she did not think much of him or his attempts to seduce Sam away from Jason. John did not respond, but merely encouraged Todd to continue with his story.

Todd did not admit knowing about the baby switch. He claimed that he had been searching for help and had encountered Heather outside the shack. Todd said that he was desperate and had believed Heather when she had said she could revive the baby. Todd said that he had not followed Heather into the shack and that he was as surprised as anyone else that Heather had switched the babies. Both John and Carly were skeptical. Carly asked Todd to swear on Starr's life that he was telling the truth.

Todd hesitated, and before he could say anything, Diane Miller walked in and announced that she was Todd's lawyer. Diane immediately quipped that she was John's worst nightmare and took Todd to task for replacing her gossip column with one written by a lunatic. Diane pulled a legal document from her briefcase, told John that there was no evidence linking Todd to the crime, then turned to Todd and said that he was free to go.

Todd leaped up and left the interrogation room. John told Carly that she had been snowed. Outside the room, Diane presented Todd with a bill and gloated when she added that it would be the first of many. After Diane left, Carly told Todd that he had not answered her question. Todd looked Carly in the eyes and swore on Starr's life that he had not known about the baby switch. Carly was relieved. She hugged Todd and said that she was glad that there was only one liar in her life. Todd looked uncomfortable.

Michael pushed his way into Trey's apartment and called Dante as soon as he discovered that Joe Jr. was inside. Joe Jr. pulled a gun and told Michael to hang up. Starr barged in, and Joe Jr. grabbed her. He threatened her life, so Michael hung up the phone, but not before Dante answered and heard Starr scream. Trey and Michael begged Joe Jr. to let Starr go. Trey finally told his dad that if he loved Trey, he would leave without using Starr as a hostage.

Dante worried about Michael and hurried to Trey's apartment. When he got there, Joe Jr. had left without Starr. Trey, Michael, and Starr told Dante what they knew about Joe Jr. Trey added the tale that Joe had told him about a rich and powerful ally who was more terrifying to Joe Jr. than Sonny was.

Dante put out an APB. He warned Trey to call if Trey heard from Joe Jr. Trey said he doubted that he would hear from Joe Jr., since Trey had sided with his friends instead his dad. Dante left the apartment after Lulu called urging him to meet her at the hospital. Lulu was glad to see Dante when he arrived at GH. Lulu took Dante aside and told him that they could not have a baby.

Bernie, Sonny's accountant, phoned Jason from the docks. He left a message on Jason's home phone, telling Jason that it was urgent that Jason meet with him on the docks immediately. Bernie said that he had tried Jason's cell phone, but it was turned off. Bernie told Jason that it was a matter of life and death. Once off the phone, Bernie muttered to himself that he should have acted sooner and that Jason would understand once Jason saw what Bernie had to show him.

Bernie was conflicted as he flashed back to the day he had been shot, in Sonny's office, by a bullet that everyone had assumed had been meant for Jason. Bernie's flashbacks revealed that while he had lain in the hospital awaiting surgery, Duke Lavery, dressed as a doctor, had approached Bernie and told him that the bullet had been intended for Bernie.

Duke had told Bernie that if he did not secretly transfer all of Sonny's assets into Kristina's name, Duke would kill Bernie and his entire family. Bernie rued his decision as he realized that after Bernie did what Duke had asked of him, Duke had intended to kill Bernie anyway. Bernie regretted his poor judgment, but believed he could make it right once Jason arrived and learned the truth.

Sam, Jason, and baby Danny arrived home at Jason's penthouse. Sam and Jason were ecstatic about their newfound happiness. When Sam wondered where Danny would sleep, Jason said that he had a port-a-crib in the closet that he had kept in the hope that they would find their way back to each other. Sam was overjoyed that all her dreams were coming true. Jason told her that they would stop looking back and start looking forward to the wonderful life ahead of them.

As they headed up the stairs, Sam paused and said that the day was kind of huge because it marked the first night home with the family. Jason agreed and put an arm around Sam as they went upstairs to put Danny to bed. After Danny was asleep, Jason and Sam went into the bedroom that they had shared and exchanged a kiss. Sam said that she had missed the room, and Jason replied that he had missed Sam being there.

Sam placed her phoenix figurine on top of the bureau next to Jason's dragon. She commented that things were the way they were supposed to be. Jason admitted that he had been sleeping on the couch because he had not felt right about sleeping in their bed without Sam. Sam and Jason kissed, and as they began to get passionate, Sam told Jason that she had never stopped loving him. They kissed again. When Danny cried out, Jason and Sam playfully argued about who would see to him. Sam won the battle, and while she was gone, Jason found his wedding ring and put it on.

Sam carried Danny to the bedroom and placed him in Jason's arms. She gave Jason her wedding ring, and Jason placed it on Sam's finger. Jason told Sam that he would love her forever. Sam said that her ring would never be removed from her finger again. Sam took a photo of the happy threesome and said it was the first of many family pictures.

Sam noticed the blinking message light on their phone. When she and Jason heard the message from Bernie, Sam encouraged Jason to go take care of his job. Sam said that she and Danny would be waiting when Jason got home. Jason said that he loved them both. Sam replied that they loved Jason more. Sam gave Jason the phoenix figurine as a token of her love for him and told him to be careful.

After Jason was gone, Sam showed Danny the dragon figurine and told him the story of the dragon and the phoenix. As she was talking to Danny, Sam heard a knock on the door. When Sam opened the door, John McBain was waiting.

On the docks, Bernie heard a noise. When he turned, Joe Jr. was holding a gun on him. Despite Bernie's pleas, Joe Jr. shot him. Bernie was still alive, and as Joe Jr. prepared to shoot Bernie again, Jason arrived and shot Joe Jr., who crawled away. Jason ran to Bernie, who tried to tell Jason what he had done for Duke, but Jason was focused on Bernie and told Bernie to save his strength. Suddenly, a shot rang out, and Jason crumpled to the ground. Jason lay still and unmoving as his blood pooled and dripped steadily into the Port Charles harbor.

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