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January 2 to January 6, 2012
After discovering the positive reaction to her song, Angelina posted a video message on Faceplace. Nikki, Nick, and Victoria all criticized Victor for wanting to marry Sharon. Patty sabotaged Genevieve so Genevieve would tumble down the stairs. Jack caught Genevieve but was afraid for her life and asked her to move in with him. Angry over Kevin, a drunken Chloe kissed Daniel. Nick took Faith from Sharon, rescinding her custody. The results of the DNA test showed that Billy was the father of Chelsea's baby. Eden took a picture of Chloe and Daniel kissing. Billy believed that Victor had arranged for Chelsea to entrap him in Myanmar. When Angelo learned that Kevin was in a motel with Angelina, he put out a hit on Kevin. Thanks to Victor's influence with a judge, Sharon was awarded joint custody of Faith with Nick. Ronan and Paul agreed to work together on Diane's murder and the incidents at Genevieve's house. Phyllis ripped Sharon to shreds in the new issue of Restless Style over Sharon's engagement to Victor. Devon accepted business advice from Tucker. Adam fumed about Sharon's engagement to Victor, forcing Sharon to have him arrested for violating the restraining order. Impressed by Victor's promise to always protect her, Sharon agreed to marry him.
January 9 to January 13, 2012
Kevin and Angelina went to Angelo's hideout on Long Island Sound, where they discovered Jeffrey. Billy got Chelsea to admit on tape that their sexual encounter had been consensual. Nick and Phyllis help Nikki open one of Deacon's files, and it contained a film of Deacon and Diane having sex. Nikki told Victor that Deacon had blackmailed her into marriage. Patty left Ronan a page from Diane's diary to keep him from questioning her. Tucker rejected Adam's offer to illegally acquire Beauty of Nature. Jeffrey denied leaving Gloria. Billy and Victoria decided to get Chelsea's baby and raise it as their own. Deacon showed Nikki a film of her fighting Diane. Nikki assumed that she had killed Diane, but Ronan proved that Nikki had acted in self-defense. Deacon was arrested for obstructing justice. Sofia advised Neil to take Kay's offer to return to Chancellor. Harmony and Tucker collaborated to help Devon with his cochlear implant. Jeffrey stole the boat and left Kevin and Angelina stranded on the island. Gloria agreed to be Angelo's lady, but asked to take things slowly. Jack was determined to get Beauty of Nature for Adam. Tucker hired Nick to work for McCall. Adam called a board meeting. Nikki walked in at the end of Sharon and Victor's wedding.
January 16 to January 20, 2012
The film footage proved that Nikki killed Diane in self-defense. After turning herself into the police, Nikki was able to recall that Adam and Diane had been conspiring to frame Victor. Jealous of Chloe's closeness with Daniel, Eden sent Kevin the picture of the two of them kissing and when he saw it, he was heartbroken. Avery agreed to be Nikki's lawyer. Angelina told Kevin the truth about not being pregnant and that she didn't need his protection. Adam and Tucker made a secret deal for Beauty of Nature. After taking Harmony's criticism, Devon agreed to get the new procedure for his cochlear implant. Nikki told Deacon she was annulling their marriage. Billy and Victoria moved Chelsea into their home to protect her unborn baby. Ronan got his job back on the force. At the Newman board meeting, Sharon voted Victor's proxy and thwarted Adam's proposal. Sharon was suspicious about Victor's plan and warned Adam that he was walking into a trap. Tucker confided in Ashley that he was working with the SEC in a sting to catch Adam. Jack discovered that Genevieve had vast funds hidden in a Cayman Islands' bank. Nikki was confused by Victor's decision to stay married to Sharon. After getting released, Victor asked Nikki to the ranch and kissed her passionately.
January 23 to January 27, 2012
Nikki was stunned to learn what Victor had done for her. Sharon tipped off Adam about the SEC sting. Nikki and Victor made love at the ranch, while Adam and Sharon got passionate on his desk at Newman Enterprises. When Victor realized Sharon had betrayed him, he told her they were getting an annulment. Paul and Ronan learned that Myrna had evidence in Diane's murder. Victor couldn't fire Adam, so he moved his office into the men's room. Victor worried that Sharon's loyalty to Adam would cost her custody of Faith. Ronan held Adam, Victor, Victoria, Tucker, Nick, Abby, Ashley, Nikki, Phyllis, and Jack for evidence tampering in Diane's murder. Jeffrey hitchhiked back to Genoa City. Due to a blow to the head, Jeffrey had amnesia. Secretly, Genevieve submitted the winning bid for Beauty of Nature. When Victor learned she had gotten his company, he offered Genevieve a partnership. Jack remained unaware of Genevieve's acquisition. Jill discovered Jeffrey at Crimson Lights. Kevin and Angelina built a raft to get to the mainland. Jill took Jeffrey to see Gloria, but he didn't recognize his wife. Patty pretended to be Emily to ask Jack for a second chance. Jack told "Emily" that he was marrying Genevieve.
January 30 to February 3, 2012
Patty took Abby hostage after shooting Jack. Sharon found Adam after Patty had attacked him. Genevieve broke up with Jack on the wedding day, certain that he'd never forgive her for buying Beauty of Nature. Victor refused Sharon's request that he reach out to Adam when he was hospitalized. The Abbotts rejected Genevieve when they discovered that she'd betrayed Jack over Beauty of Nature. Cane reminded the Abbotts of their hypocrisy in the name of business. Genevieve tried to justify her actions, but Cane told Genevieve she was too damaged for him. Jack had emergency surgery, and while he was on the table, John appeared to tell that Jack he had a lot of life still left to live. Ricky found Patty at Father Todd's church and tried to trick her into trusting him. Nick and Phyllis agreed to work on their relationship. After Patty was caught, Ronan realized the she'd been taunting the murder suspects and the cops. Walsh dropped the charges against everyone but Nikki. Phyllis turned down Ricky's offer to reveal all the details about Patty's rampage for Restless Style. Jack regained consciousness, but was paralyzed below the waist. Adam learned that he was blind. Lily said yes to Cane's marriage proposal. Genevieve decided not to sell Beauty of Nature to Victor. Paul blasted Ricky for being a liar.
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February 6 to February 10, 2012
Patty was sent to a prison mental hospital. Adam's blindness seemed to be permanent. Nina was brokenhearted over Ronan leaving on a new FBI mission. Before going, Ronan told Nina that he loved her. Anita moved into the garage apartment to stay with Chelsea. Billy and Victoria hired Paul to investigate Anita. Sharon convinced Adam to recuperate at Hope's farm in Kansas. Walsh finally agreed to drop all the charges against Nikki. Chelsea and Anita conspired to rip off Billy and Victoria. Jill took Jeffrey to see Gloria, but his amnesia persisted. Angelo ordered Dino to kill Kevin, but Angelina intervened and said she was marrying Kevin. Ashley fired Genevieve from Jabot. Michael was unable to invalidate Genevieve's purchase of Beauty of Nature. Kevin returned to town with Angelina after their wedding. Chloe angrily slapped Kevin's face when she saw that he was married to Angelina. Victor was thrilled when Nikki moved back to the ranch. Angelina hated Devon's remix of her single and fired him. Cane and Lily planned a Valentine's Day wedding. Avery learned her father was on his deathbed, but Phyllis refused to go see him. Paul was enraged when Ricky published Patty's story on a true crime blog. Genevieve asked Neil to be COO of Beauty of Nature. Victor rehired Nick. Jack remained paralyzed from the waist down.
February 13 to February 17, 2012
Kay threw a country wedding in Provence, France, for Cane and Lily. At the wedding, Jill noticed that Genevieve was watching from afar. Anita tried to speak with Victor at the Newman ranch but lost her earring there when Victor turned her away. Chelsea faked labor pains to try to distract Billy from Victoria. Nikki noticed Anita's missing earring. Victor assured Nikki that he didn't know Chelsea and Anita. Billy convinced Victoria that they should pay off Chelsea and Anita to ensure getting the baby. Nikki found Anita's earring at the ranch and realized Victor had lied to her. Nikki confronted Anita about conning Billy and Victoria. Bitter Jack decided to launch legal action against Genevieve over her Beauty of Nature purchase. In Kansas, at his mother's farm, Adam struggled with his blindness and urged Sharon to leave. Adam received a visit from Hope's spirit. Sharon decided to stay with Adam on the farm. Kevin was miserable in his marriage to Angelina, but when Angelo threatened the people he loved, Kevin chose to stay with Angelina, and he pushed Chloe away. Without Kevin, Chloe celebrated Delia's first post-cancer birthday with a party at the Chancellor mansion. Victor flew to Paris to seduce Beauty of Nature away from Genevieve.
February 20 to February 24, 2012
Adam gave Sharon his mother's wedding ring. After Paul informed Billy and Victoria that Chelsea and Anita were con artists, Billy ordered Anita out of his house. Chelsea chose to stay with Billy and Victoria and let them raise the baby. Adam heroically put out a fire in the barn while Sharon was away from the farm. At the hospice, Phyllis demanded that her father, George, confess the truth about his criminal past. George accused Phyllis of slandering him. When Victor returned from Paris, Nikki confronted him about the Chelsea/Anita situation, and Victor said he had manipulated things for Victoria's sake. Nikki walked out on Victor because he would not back down from his stance about Victoria. Jack asked a tough guy named Sarge to be his physical therapist. Daisy gave Avery proof of Sarah threatening her on video, which Avery used in court to get Daisy's sentence changed to time served. As soon as she was released, Daisy went after Lucy. Daniel stopped Daisy from taking the baby from Phyllis' apartment. Avery overheard George admit to Phyllis that he'd done all the things she'd accused him of doing. Anita got a waitress job at Gloworm and recognized Jeffrey. Ricky offered to move in with Eden when Kevin and Angelina got the keys to their "new" house.
February 27 to March 2, 2012
George continued stonewalling Phyllis, but Avery caught on and realized that her parents had been lying all along. Lauren told Jill that she'd bought a gun for protection from Daisy. Phyllis was devastated when Daisy took custody of Lucy. Victoria learned about Victor's involvement with Anita and Chelsea. Nikki was able to forgive Victor, but Victoria couldn't. Victoria agreed to be CEO of Beauty of Nature. Adam told Sharon that he was a changed man and wanted to return to Genoa City to make amends. Patty admitted to Paul that Adam had helped her escape from the mental institution. In Dallas for Devon's surgery, Tucker warned Harmony to leave Neil alone because he was a married man. Nick and Phyllis agreed to resume their affair. Because of Hope, Victor allowed Adam back into Newman Enterprises. Paul found Sharon instead of Adam and decided to tell her about Adam's evil ways. Ricky sold Phyllis his story about Patty's escape and Adam's part in it, but Phyllis decided to kill the story rather than publish it. Victoria had second thoughts and told Genevieve she couldn't take the CEO job because of family obligations. Ricky met Daisy. Daniel agreed to fight Daisy for custody of Lucy.
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MARCH 2012
March 5 to March 9, 2012
Phyllis was thrilled when Daniel decided to fight for custody of Lucy. Lauren flipped out when she learned Daisy was living in the building with Lucy. Genevieve tried in vain to reach out to Jack. Michael arranged an immediate custody hearing for Daniel. Jack hired Avery to challenge Genevieve's purchase of Beauty of Nature. Devon's surgery was deemed successful, but he was temporarily deaf. Tucker warned Harmony to stop flirting with Neil. Sharon returned Adam's ring when she learned that he'd helped Patty escape. Even though everyone turned on Adam, he accepted the blame and was determined to be a better man. Phyllis was angry that Nick comforted Sharon so she published the Adam and Patty cover story in Restless Style. Daisy asked Daniel to raise Lucy with her. Kevin accused Daniel of going after Chloe. Angelina tried to help Kevin get out of their marriage. Chelsea wanted to know her father, but Anita used the information to manipulate her daughter. Victoria took the Beauty of Nature position. Billy flew to Los Angeles to discuss a reality TV show based on Restless Style. Paul was furious with Adam for using Patty. Ricky was unapologetic to Paul for writing the story. Phyllis double-crossed Ricky with the cover story. Victor asked Sharon to be the face of a Newman Enterprises cosmetic line.
March 12 to March 16, 2012
Phyllis defied Daniel's advice and intervened while he was visiting with Lucy at the coffeehouse. Daisy watched and summoned a social worker. The social worker urged Daisy to get a restraining order to keep Phyllis away from Lucy. Phyllis was devastated, and Daniel worried that his mother had ruined his chances to win custody of Lucy. Paul and Jack testified against Adam and got Walsh to take him in for questioning. Victor went to Adam's defense, much to Adam's surprise. Victor asked Nick to head up a new cosmetics division for Newman Enterprises. When the board objected to the new cosmetics line, Nick offered to work with Sharon on the project. Adam appeared at the board meeting and swayed the vote in Victor's favor. Lauren and Tucker decided to team up against Victor in future board meetings. Nikki threw a birthday party for Victor. Despite Victoria's warning that she couldn't trust Victor, Genevieve pumped him for information about landing the Mitsukoshi account. Adam began to get his eyesight back. Victoria flew to Los Angeles to take a meeting with the Beauty of Nature ad agency. Billy was thrilled when Victoria surprised him for St. Patrick's weekend. Ashley sent Jill to Japan to make contacts at Mitsukoshi. In Tokyo, Genevieve was surprised when Victor appeared at her teahouse meeting with a phantom Mistukoshi executive.
March 19 to March 23, 2012
In Tokyo, Genevieve anticipated that Victor would show up, and they flirted as they talked business. Jill saw Victor and Genevieve together and snapped a picture of the two in a compromising position. Phyllis was jealous that Nick had agreed to work with Sharon on the new cosmetics line. Phyllis bribed Ricky to spy on Daisy. Phyllis discovered that Lauren had a gun for protection against Daisy. Michael broke up a fight between Kevin and Daniel over Chloe. Kevin finally confessed to Michael why he had married Angelina, and Michael promised to end Kevin's marriage. Devon asked Tucker to help him with Angelina's new song because Devon's implants were not yet engaged. Angelina rewrote the lyrics and made the song a plaintive country ballad. Tucker was blown away by Angelina's passionate performance. Jack, Ashley, and Nikki saw Jill's photo of Victor and Genevieve. When Victor returned home, he informed Nikki that he was not having an affair with Genevieve. Cane stopped Genevieve from bribing an undercover American agent posing as a Mitsukoshi stockholder. Genevieve was furious with Cane, not believing that Victor had set her up and that Cane was helping her. Daniel told Chloe to get over Kevin before trying to move on with him. Angelina told Kevin that he was free to annul their marriage. Jeffrey's memory returned when he heard Angelo saying he'd arrange everything to marry Gloria. Sarge saw Harmony at an A.A. meeting.
March 26 to March 30, 2012
Jeffrey told Gloria that Angelo had kidnapped him and forced him to write her a goodbye note so that Angelo could steal her money. Jeffrey begged Gloria to marry him. Jeffrey denied that he was Chelsea's father. Kevin asked Chloe to forgive him for his sham marriage to Angelina and be his wife. Katherine stepped in to perform the ceremony, and Kevin married Chloe while Jeffrey married Gloria. The four wound up on the same honeymoon flight. Angelo and Angelina decided to move to Los Angeles. Carmine, Angelina's ex, wanted revenge on Kevin. Michael fired Anita from Gloworm. Nick and Sharon flew to Tokyo on Newman Cosmetics business. Adam overheard their plans and told Phyllis. Mr. Mitsukoshi was overjoyed to see Sharon and gave Newman Cosmetics an exclusive deal. At Daniel's hearing, Daisy surprised everyone by urging the judge to restore his parental rights. Ricky informed Daisy that Phyllis had hired him to spy on her. Eden saw Ricky and Daisy getting romantic. Jack decided to have experimental stem cell surgery to walk again. Michael had Jeffrey and Chelsea's DNA tested, and it proved they were father and daughter. Genevieve told Victoria that she was contemplating selling Beauty of Nature back to Victor. Victoria asked Genevieve to sell her the company instead. Tucker and Sofia schemed to make people believe they were fighting. Jack had Genevieve served with a lawsuit challenging her ownership of Beauty of Nature.
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APRIL 2012
April 2 to April 6, 2012
Jack agreed to marry Genevieve in order to get Beauty of Nature from her. Neil returned as Chancellor Industries' CEO. Nikki, Ashley, and Genevieve tried to convince Jack not to have the risky stem cell surgery. Victor accused Victoria of using business to get back at him because of Chelsea and Anita. Victor was determined to reacquire Beauty of Nature, even though Michael warned Victor that he no longer had the liquid assets to make that deal. Sofia and Tucker pretended that she'd been fired so she could infiltrate Newman Enterprises for Tucker. Nikki begged Victor not to punish Victoria over Beauty of Nature. Genevieve told Victor of her plans to marry Jack and give him Beauty of Nature as a wedding gift. Later, Genevieve overheard Jack tell Nikki that he was using Genevieve and would never trust her again. Adam rescued Chelsea from a frozen lake after she'd been fed up with Victoria's smothering. Victoria went to Victor when she needed help to find Chelsea. Billy returned to an empty house. Daniel and Michael were able to get Phyllis visitation rights with Lucy. Jeffrey sent Anita on a trip around the world so she wouldn't blab that he was Chelsea's father and still married to Anita. Chloe so badly undermined Kevin's talk with Carmine that Carmine decided to stay in Genoa City. Kay and Devon agreed to forgive and start over in their relationship. Chelsea went into labor.
April 9 to April 13, 2012
Genevieve overheard Jack tell Nikki that he planned to marry Genevieve only long enough to acquire Beauty of Nature. Genevieve was crushed, but when she confronted Jack, he convinced her that he'd been lying to Nikki. Genevieve agreed marry Jack in Las Vegas. Adam saved Chelsea from the frozen lake and delivered her baby. Victoria and Abby found Chelsea while Adam went to call an ambulance. Once Chelsea was hospitalized, she agreed to give Billy and Victoria the baby as planned. Adam asked Chelsea to keep his efforts to help her secret. Sharon and Ashley were both suspicious of Adam's friendship with Chelsea. Billy was pleased when Victoria named the baby John. Nikki overheard Victor trying to bribe Chelsea to leave town and admitting that he had only hired Chelsea to take incriminating photos with Billy to ruin his marriage to Victoria. Nikki left Victor because of his continuous lies and then confronted Jack to stop him from marrying Genevieve. Victor surprised Genevieve by turning up in her hotel room. Devon was able to hear again when his implants were activated. Cane reached out to Genevieve. Kevin convinced Chloe and Delia to move into his house. Abby got to know Carmine. Sofia was unhappy with Neil when she saw him bonding with Harmony.
April 16 to April 20, 2012
Genevieve wanted to marry Jack, but he told her he had no faith in their future together. Nikki was relieved with Jack's decision, and when Jack learned that Nikki walked out on Victor, he and Nikki made love. Genevieve went to Victor's hotel room with the contract for Beauty of Nature and a bottle of champagne. Victor offered to put Genevieve in charge of the entire Newman cosmetics division, and she agreed to sell to him. After signing the deal memo, Victor and Genevieve made love. The next day, Victor and Genevieve crashed the party for Victoria and Billy's baby, flaunting their relationship and prompting Jack and Nikki to go public with their union. Sofia told Neil that Tucker hadn't really fired her. Neil couldn't forgive Sofia, and later, at the studio, Neil and Harmony shared a slow dance and wound up kissing. Daisy threatened to take Lucy and leave town. Ricky arranged to snatch Lucy from the coffeehouse to make Daniel look like an unreliable parent and secure Daisy a win in the custody hearing. Victoria apologized to Adam for doubting that he'd rescued Chelsea. Adam repaid Victoria's faith in him by telling her the truth about how Victor had hired Chelsea to destroy Billy and Victoria's marriage. Nikki went horseback riding at the ranch, and when she hurt her ankle, Victor cared for her. Despite their closeness, Nikki would not return to Victor. Phyllis believed that Daniel had been set up to lose Lucy at the coffeehouse. Michael was upset with Lauren out of town and neglected an assignment from Victor involving the SEC and Beauty of Nature. Chloe and Delia toured Kevin's house and agreed to move there.
April 23 to April 27, 2012
The judge granted Daisy full custody of Lucy. Phyllis feared she'd go crazy, and Daniel decided to go out of town for a while. At Fenmore's, Daisy taunted Lauren, subtly threatening Fen. Lauren snapped and pulled a gun on Daisy. Michael rushed to represent his wife when she was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. Victor was furious with Michael for failing to call the SEC about the Beauty of Nature sale. Michael apologized, but Victor fired Michael as his attorney. Tucker butted heads with Ashley over his refusal to give up his pursuit of Beauty of Nature. Ashley discovered that Tucker had lied to her about firing Sofia, but had confided in Kay. In court, Chelsea relinquished her rights to baby John, and Billy and Victoria officially adopted him. The Abbotts gathered at the church for John's christening. Jack was thrilled when Kyle showed up as a surprise to be with the family. Jack decided to not have the experimental surgery after all. Kyle was miffed that Jack was seeing Nikki, the woman who had killed his mother. Kyle left the christening, went to see Victor, and asked if he could live with Victor. Neil and Harmony agreed to fight their mutual attraction. Phyllis suspected that she was pregnant, prompting Nick to propose. Adam offered Chelsea support, and they wound up kissing. Genevieve convinced Tucker to back up her story about how she had been able to buy Beauty of Nature.
April 30 to May 4, 2012
Jack asked Sarge to be his physical therapist again. Kyle rejected Nikki's attempts to apologize about Diane. SEC agents questioned Lauren, Tucker, Jack, Genevieve, and Cane about the legitimacy of the Beauty of Nature sale. Lauren resigned from the Newman board to protest Victor firing Michael. Phyllis and Nick celebrated her being pregnant. Sharon was thrown when she realized Adam and Chelsea were involved. Victor refused to rehire Michael. Tucker reneged on his deal with Genevieve. Michael advised Avery to accept Victor's job offer. Jack and Nikki agreed to put their romance on hold. Nick and Phyllis decided to get married immediately. Sharon realized that Phyllis was pregnant. Chelsea was furious when Victor told her to stay away from John. Murphy took Kay to Joe's Diner for their wedding anniversary. Philip called Jill about his knee replacement surgery, and she decided to fly to Sydney to help him. Ashley took a business trip to New York to get away from Tucker after he lied to her about his relationship with Genevieve. Kyle rejected all the advice from Billy and Jack to stay away from Victor. Billy told Victoria that her father could have no place in John's life. Victor offered Chelsea ten million dollars to leave town. Adam told Chelsea he could turn that ten million into one hundred million. Sharon confided in Victor about Phyllis and Nick's plan. Later, after Phyllis disrespected her, Sharon turned to Victor for comfort.
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MAY 2012
May 7 to May 11, 2012
Sharon and Victor shared a romantic moment and a kiss, until Nikki walked in and was shocked to see the connection between them. Later, Nikki blasted Sharon for trying to take her place as Mrs. Victor Newman. Nick rushed Phyllis to the hospital when she was spotting, but they were relieved to learn the baby was fine. Jack and Nikki agreed to stop their relationship because of Kyle. Ashley went home and discovered a drunken Tucker in bed with Harmony. Daisy was suspicious when Daniel said he wanted to marry her, but when he showed her the ring, she was convinced. Phyllis called Danny to help her stop Daniel from marrying Daisy. Daniel and Daisy went to a justice of the peace and were hastily married. Phyllis confronted Daisy to tell her that Daniel had only married her for Lucy's sake. At Jimmy's, Daisy saw her new husband making out with Eden. Jill and Genevieve argued about their mothering skills and had a mud fight in the park. Walsh agreed to a plea arrangement, so Lauren avoided jail time. Kay learned of Harmony's one-night stand with Tucker and asked her to move out of the mansion. After a rigorous physical therapy session, Jack felt movement in his foot. Eden was frightened by Ricky's hatred of Phyllis and told him to move out of her apartment. Paul learned from Avery that Ricky's ex-girlfriend had committed suicide. Ricky researched Danny's marriage to Phyllis. Chelsea turned down Victor's offer of ten million dollars to leave town. Genevieve heard from Colin, whom she helped get out of prison. Ashley refused to speak with a guilt-ridden Tucker. Sharon and Victor decided to fly to Chicago for a romantic dinner.
May 14 to May 18, 2012
Daisy was upset to see Daniel with Eden, but later agreed to move with Lucy into Daniel's garret. Ricky threatened to reveal Daisy's part in Lucy's kidnapping. Daisy sublet her apartment to Ricky, which frightened Eden, who lived across the hall. Lauren and Michael were thrilled to be able to move home again. Kay believed that Jack was in love with Nikki and warned Victor to do something to stop it. Chelsea decided to stay in town and turned down help from Billy and Victoria. Adam persuaded Chelsea to move in with him. Kyle was impressed with Newman Enterprises. Devon blasted Tucker and Harmony for their destructive one-night stand, saying that they could never be family to him. When she saw Tucker comforting Harmony, Ashley declared that she was through with her marriage. Harmony told Neil about her night with Tucker and told him to stay with Sofia. Neil feared that Harmony would use drugs again. Sofia warned Neil that he was blowing their marriage by being so involved with Harmony. Christine was there for Paul after he'd learned that Ricky might have killed his ex-girlfriend. Paul feared that Ricky had the same homicidal tendencies as Isabella. Nikki was tempted by Jack's love, but worried about Kyle's feeling. After seeing Jack working so hard in physical therapy to walk again, Kyle told his father to be happy even if that meant being with Nikki. Daniel took Lucy to see Danny, asking his father how Danny had managed to marry Phyllis just to remain close to Daniel. Sarge saw Harmony say no to drugs. Jack proposed to Nikki. Victor overheard Nikki and Jack. After seeing Adam with Chelsea, Sharon returned to Victor, and they embraced. Unbeknownst to them, Nikki was watching.
May 21 to May 25, 2012
Nikki was overwhelmed when Jack proposed to her, but when she saw Sharon and Victor pursuing their romance, Nikki said yes to Jack. Danny told Daniel that he didn't regret his marriage to Phyllis because it had kept Daniel in his life. On the anniversary of Cassie's death, Daniel blamed himself for his part in her accident. Nick and Sharon wished Cassie had lived to know Faith. Noah returned home to be with family. Nikki and Victor recalled the happiness Cassie had created in their family. Daisy pestered Kevin to tell her about Daniel's involvement with Cassie. Chris confronted Cane about the Department of Justice investigation of Genevieve. When Cane chose not to testify against his mother and risk deportation, Genevieve decided to turn herself in to protect her family. Victor was livid because Genevieve's actions would invalidate his purchase of Beauty of Nature. Ricky pretended to be a freelancer to question Danny about Phyllis. When Danny informed Phyllis of Ricky's scheming, they were unaware that Ricky was listening in via a mini-cam. Neil told Sofia he could never love her like a wife, so Sofia decided to file for divorce. Jack was giddy about the judge's decision, which put him closer to getting Beauty of Nature. Jack also had more feeling in his toes. Sharon, Nick, Phyllis, Victor, Nikki, Jack, and Noah gathered at the Newman Ranch for a memorial dinner of Cassie's favorite foods. Ricky blackmailed Daisy to be his accomplice. Kay convinced Harmony to move back to the mansion. Devon couldn't forgive Harmony for her failures. Abby crushed on Carmine.
May 28 to June 1, 2012
Christine and Danny ran into each other at the Genoa City Athletic Club, and when they realized their attraction for each other had not changed, they made love. Later, they discussed the irony that Daniel was in the same situation Phyllis had created for Danny years before. Phyllis informed Paul that Ricky was immoral. Paul suspected that Ricky might be as dangerous as Isabella, especially after a contact with information against Ricky was killed in a car crash on the way to meet Paul. Phyllis was snarky when she saw that Danny and Christine had rekindled their romance. Ricky and Daisy sneaked into Phyllis' penthouse, and Ricky found a business card for Dr. Tim Reid. Danny thought Daniel's marriage to Daisy was doomed. Eden convinced Noah to move into the spare room. Ricky learned that Tim had lost his license to practice and was a broken man. When Ricky talked to the shrink, Reid blamed his woes on Phyllis. Daniel was forced to have sex with Daisy when she threatened to take Lucy away. Danny asked Chris to go on the road with him, but she wasn't ready to give up her life in Washington. Michael accepted the job as interim D.A., after convincing Lauren he wanted to do meaningful work. Ricky swiped Tim's file on Phyllis and read the notes, which revealed Phyllis' involvement in Christine's hit-and-run accident. At Gloworm, the sight of Victor with Sharon annoyed Billy and Victoria. Sharon tried to make peace with Victoria, but Victoria asserted that Sharon was simply Victor's new pretty toy. Sharon stung Victoria with the information that the night before Billy had married Chloe, he'd had sex with Sharon. Later, Victoria confirmed the story with Billy and then called her father to make sure he knew about Sharon's connection to Billy. Sharon was preparing a cozy dinner for Victor when he abruptly asked her to show herself out of the house.
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JUNE 2012
June 4 to June 8, 2012
Genevieve gave Christine the details of her finances in exchange for Cane being left alone by the government. Genevieve avoided jail time, but her assets were seized, and she was broke. Sharon accused Victoria of being a bitch. Billy thought that Victoria had acted like Victor by lashing out at Sharon. Ashley tried to give Tucker another chance with their marriage, but then realized she couldn't trust him. Despite Victor's last-minute court maneuver, Jack won Beauty of Nature when the judge ruled in his favor. Victor was sure Jack didn't have the money to close the Beauty of Nature deal. Phyllis discovered that Ricky was writing a tell-all book about her. Jack offered Victoria and Abby positions with Beauty of Nature. Phyllis confronted Tim to demand her patient file. Abby agreed to lend Jack the funds to buy Beauty of Nature. When Phyllis tried to tell Michael about her encounter with Tim, Michael stopped her because he was the new D.A. and would have to report her criminal actions. Neil proposed that Sofia move into a nearby apartment, but Sofia packed for her own place. Chloe and Kevin convinced Mrs. Chancellor to invest in their new website. Heather accepted Michael's offer to be assistant D.A. Phyllis and Nick agreed to get married immediately. Tim accused Ricky of being a sociopath. Paul told Chris and Heather he worried that Ricky was as dangerous as Isabella. On her wedding day, Phyllis had a terrible fight with Daisy. Later, Phyllis was alone when she began to lose the baby. Daisy heard Phyllis' cries for help and ignored them. Genevieve tried to hire Kevin to illegally access her secret bank accounts. Michael was sworn in as interim D.A.
June 11 to June 15, 2012
Phyllis lay on the floor in anguish, unable to call for help as she was miscarrying. Nick entered and called for an ambulance, but it was too late. Nick and Phyllis mourned the loss of their baby. Later, Summer, Noah, Daniel, and Faith watched as Nick and Phyllis had a small, private wedding, which Kay officiated. Genevieve hired Kevin to hack into her secret Swiss account to find out who was stealing her funds. Chloe informed Cane and Lily about Genevieve's actions, and Cane confronted Genevieve. Cane and Lily were shocked to learn that Colin had been released from prison. Paul investigated Tim Reid's disappearance. Heather forced Ricky to move out of the apartment because she held the lease. Later, an angry Ricky sent his sister a gift. Paul heard about Ricky's gift and suspected Ricky was trying to harm Heather. Ashley was furious when Jack declared he wouldn't merge Jabot with Beauty of Nature because he wanted to be CEO of both companies. Citing a conflict of interest, Ashley warned her brother to step down from Jabot, or she'd have the board vote him out. After seeing the security footage outside of Phyllis' apartment, Phyllis and Daniel realized that Daisy had heard Phyllis cry for help while miscarrying. Michael said the silent footage wasn't enough to arrest Daisy. Daniel was determined to get Daisy out of his life. Phyllis admitted to Michael that she had paid off Tim to disappear so he couldn't reveal her past in Ricky's tell-all book. At the Newman ranch, Nikki rode Sharon's new present -- an expensive horse -- without consulting Victor. While Victor left to call the police, Nikki appeared with the horse, and then she and Sharon got into a screaming fight, shoving each other to the ground. Victor broke up the fight, but when each one wanted to press charges, a cop took them into custody. Sofia moved out of Neil's. Lauren surprised Michael by getting Fenmore home from Canada. Chloe and Kevin continued searching for investors for their website. Kevin agreed to get behind Daisy, since she promised him that she just needed a second chance. Avery was upset to hear about Phyllis' miscarriage. Ashley told Tucker she had filed for divorce.
June 18 to June 22, 2012
Nikki and Sharon refused to make peace, and Victor declared that wasn't going to help either one of them get out of jail. Lauren comforted Phyllis over the miscarriage and then Lauren realized that Daisy had to have heard Phyllis' cries from outside the door. Tucker discovered that Genevieve was going to pawn her jewelry to pay her hotel bill and agreed to help her. Daisy learned from Ricky's research that Phyllis had run down Chris and Paul with a car years before. When Daisy confronted Phyllis and Daniel with the information, they were unable to use Daisy's failure to act during the miscarriage against her. A mysterious woman put cash into a Swiss safe deposit box. Nikki and Sharon dropped the charges against each other. Kevin reported to Genevieve that someone had changed her bank account password. Genevieve vowed revenge on the person who was messing with her secret bank account. Adam helped Chelsea with her GED test, and she later said she loved him. Sharon believed that Adam was faking his romance with Chelsea. Tucker and Harmony arranged for the Wanted to sing at the art gala when Angelina cancelled. Kevin gave Daisy a job at the coffeehouse. Chloe panicked when the supplies for the gala never showed up. Carmine secretly arranged for the delivery to be delayed. Daisy watched a video of Ricky murdering Rachel, his college girlfriend, on his laptop. Adam told Victor he was planning to propose to Chelsea at the gala. Carmine pretended to hear a truck arrive and tried to trap Chloe in the trunk of a car to get revenge on Kevin for stealing Angelina from him. Ricky realized that Daisy had watched his murder tape. Abby released Chloe and then put herself in the trunk to create a distraction from the failed gala. Michael arranged to meet Daisy, who'd called him with urgent information. Daniel and Phyllis believed Daisy was going to tell Michael about Phyllis running down Chris and Paul and were out to stop her. Michael found a scarf in the alley, but Daisy failed to appear at the arranged spot. Ricky returned to his hotel room, anxious about what he'd done.
June 25 to June 29, 2012
At the gala, Chloe reported that Carmine had attempted to kidnap her. Soon after, everyone learned that Carmine had taken Abby instead. Victor flew in Ronan Malloy to get Abby back. Carmine was shocked to learn that Abby had replaced Chloe in the trunk and was diverting attention from the failed gala by claiming to be kidnapped. Carmine was a wanted man. Chelsea accepted Adam's proposal. Michael found Daisy's scarf -- with Daniel's blood on it -- at the place where he was supposed to meet her. Ricky was pleased that nobody was reporting Daisy's disappearance, then he used Daisy's credit card and phone to make it look like Daniel was covering his tracks after doing away with his wife. Daniel was arrested when the evidence piled up, including Daisy's email to Kevin, warning that if she were harmed, Daniel had done it. Daniel insisted he was innocent, but even Kevin doubted his friend. Eden investigated Ricky's connection to Daisy. In Ricky's hotel room, she found Daisy's wallet and phone. Ricky caught Eden in a lie, saw the phone and wallet, and announced that he'd have to kill Eden. When Eden failed to meet Kevin in the park, Kevin asked Paul to see if she was with Ricky. Paul used a passkey to get into Ricky's room and found Eden's knapsack. Just as Ricky was about to murder Eden, Paul burst in to stop him. Carmine begged Abby to tell the truth about the abduction before it went too far. Devon made peace with Harmony. Tucker was supportive of Ashley during Abby's disappearance. Seeing how badly Ashley wanted her back, Abby called her mom. Ricky refused to let Eden go and blamed Paul for his becoming a killer. Paul was shattered to hear that Ricky had killed Rachel and Daisy. As Ricky was about to slit Eden's throat, Paul shot the gun, and Ricky was hit point-blank, falling backwards out the window.
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JULY 2012
July 2 to June 6, 2012
Abby called Ashley to say that she was not in danger and that she'd faked the kidnapping to draw attention away from the failed gala. Ashley informed Jack and Victor that Abby was okay and that Victor had been right about the incident being a publicity stunt. Victor refused to enable Abby this time. Paul was horrified that Ricky had died from the fall out of the window. Eden regained consciousness but had no memory of what Ricky had said or done. Paul explained that he had shot Ricky to prevent him from killing Eden. Michael stated that the gun Paul had used the serial numbers filed off, making it seem like Paul had planned to shoot his son. Lauren told Michael that it was her gun. Michael feared that Lauren would do jail time for violating her probation. Cane was upset by a mysterious email from "Shirl" to "Claude," the secret nicknames he and Samantha had used for each other as kids. Genevieve swore she'd had nothing to do with the email, and Cane assumed Colin was the culprit. Abby returned and declared that Carmine was her boyfriend. The police arrested the pair, but Abby was able to make a deal to do community service. Michael planned to prosecute Carmine for kidnapping. Jeff and Gloria were impressed by Chelsea's engagement to Adam. Anita returned to reveal that Jeff was Chelsea's father. Anita threatened to tell Gloria that Anita and Jeffrey were still married unless Jeffrey paid her off. Nina convinced Paul to let Christine be his attorney. Daniel was exonerated in Daisy's disappearance when Michael discovered that Ricky had disposed of Daisy's wallet and phone before his death.
July 9 to June 13, 2012
When Heather went through Ricky's personal effects, she showed Christine a copy of Phyllis' credit card statement from December 1994, and Christine realized Phyllis had rented the car that had hit her and Paul back then. Tucker agreed to sign the divorce papers when Ashley said she only wanted to be friends with him. Christine told Paul that Phyllis might have wanted to kill her because Danny had kissed her the day Chris was to marry Paul. Phyllis denied everything when Christine confronted her with the credit card statement. Michael concurred with Christine about the credit card statement and found further evidence that Phyllis had driven the rental car. However, the statute of limitations had expired, and Michael could not prosecute Phyllis. Abby asked Rafe to get Carmine's sentence reduced, but he explained that Chloe was going to testify against Carmine, and he was facing jail time. Abby asked Chloe to talk to Carmine and give him a chance to apologize. Michael warned Phyllis about Christine, but Phyllis refused to confess to anything, swearing to everyone -- Nick, Avery, and Michael -- that she was innocent. Daniel was disappointed in Phyllis and could not hide his feelings. Christine informed Paul and Nina that when Phyllis tried to run her down, Chris had been a federal employee, and there was no statute of limitations on the attempted murder of a federal agent. Christine was intent on putting Phyllis behind bars. Adam asked Victor to invest with him, but Victor would only work with Adam if he dropped Chelsea. Sharon overheard a passionate, angry exchange between Victor and Nikki. Later, Sharon shoplifted a necklace. Harmony asked Neil out on a date
July 16 to June 20, 2012
Nick was furious with Phyllis for having lied to him for years about running Paul and Christine down with a car years before. Feeling betrayed by his wife, Nick moved out of the penthouse. Ronan warned Phyllis that Christine had gotten a warrant for her arrest. In front of Daniel and Summer, Phyllis was arrested. Michael and Ronan were sympathetic to Phyllis and felt Christine was out for revenge. Avery and Daniel urged Phyllis to consider taking the D.A.'s deal, even though it meant five years in prison. Paul warned Phyllis that karma would bite her in the butt. Avery was determined to defend Phyllis, but grew concerned when she realized that Daniel believed Phyllis was guilty. Victor blasted Abby for taking Carmine with her to the ranch. Abby and Carmine made love. Kevin and Chloe accepted Adam's major investment in their web startup. Before leaving town, Adam bought Genevieve's former house as a wedding gift for Chelsea. Sharon learned that Adam was eloping with Chelsea to Kansas. When Victor asked Sharon to move in with him, she reacted by lying to him and leaving town. Sharon wanted to reunite with Adam before his wedding to Chelsea. Adam planned a traditional wedding for Chelsea. Adam arrived at Hope's farmhouse and was startled to find Sharon there. Adam said that a part of him would always love Sharon, but Chelsea was his best friend, and he wanted to marry her. Adam and Chelsea were married at the farm. Victor flew to Kansas and took Sharon back to Genoa City. Sharon agreed to live with Victor, and he moved her into the guest room. Nick warned Christine to stay away from his children. Nick told Phyllis he would stay with her. Billy decided to publicize Phyllis' scandal in order to satisfy the producers of the Restless Style reality television show.
July 23 to June 27, 2012
Billy fired Phyllis from Restless Style because his investors wanted her out. Phyllis resented that Billy planned to use her on the next cover. Later, Nick slugged Billy for betraying Phyllis, unaware that the office cameras had recorded the assault. Ashley insisted that Jack could not be the CEO of a Jabot/Beauty of Nature merger, so Jack met with two Jabot board members to convince them to vote his way. Jeff told Gloria he'd had Anita declared legally dead; therefore, Anita wasn't his wife. Chelsea loved that Adam had bought her the lakeside mansion. Jeff and Anita tried to wheedle their way into Chelsea's rich new life. Cane helped Genevieve in the aftermath of her room being trashed. Genevieve found an old photo of her, Colin, Cane, Caleb, and Samantha and tried to get Tucker to comfort her. Cane and Lily considered who, other than Genevieve, could be attacking the Atkinsons. Sofia told Neil about her exciting New York job offer. Neil said if Sofia dared take the position, he'd fight for Moses in court. After being rejected by Adam and unhappy with Victor, Sharon acted out by stealing items at Fenmore's. Chelsea, in post-wedding bliss, told Sharon to keep away from Adam. Tim's neighbor identified Phyllis to the police. Phyllis admitted that she had paid off her ex-psychiatrist to go on vacation. Tim received a call from his neighbor about Phyllis being arrested. Michael and Ronan accused Christine of having a vendetta against Phyllis. Heather demanded Paul fire Christine as his attorney because Phyllis distracted her. Jack and Nikki agreed to a wedding the next week, even though he was not yet able to walk. Ashley witnessed a passionate argument between Genevieve and Tucker and was convinced Tucker had never loved her like that. Adam liked Chelsea's name for Kevin and Chloe's website. Abby was unable to convince Gloria to rehire Carmine. Kyle asked Eden out on a date.
July 30 to August 3, 2012
During a police interrogation, Tim admitted that Phyllis had paid him to leave town, but he would not reveal what she'd said in confidence in their therapy sessions. Tim later blackmailed Phyllis with a tape in which she confessed to the hit-and-run. Phyllis refused to have sex with Tim, but he wanted money and something from her. Michael planned to take Tim to court to force him to reveal what he knew about Phyllis' past. Nick remained oblivious to Phyllis being squeezed by Tim. Christine was stunned when Paul said he wanted to plead guilty to Ricky's murder. Billy and Traci learned that Jack was seizing power of Jabot and Beauty of Nature, forcing Ashley into a lesser role. Victor told Kyle about Jack's moved-up wedding date before Jack talked with his son, prompting Kyle to skip the wedding. Victor and Jack were trapped in an elevator together, but acted like gentleman, much to everyone's shock. The day of Nikki's wedding, Victor whisked Sharon to Las Vegas. On the jet, Sharon agreed to sign a generous pre-nup before a judge married her and Victor. Chelsea thought she might be pregnant, but it was a false alarm. Adam loved the idea of starting a family, and they began baby-making. Before marrying Jack, Nikki returned to the ranch to reminisce about her and Victor. Later, Victor stopped Nikki before walking down the aisle, and Sharon arrived to tell Nikki that she'd married Victor. Nikki wished them well, then proceeded to marry Jack. Adam learned of Sharon's marriage and was unaffected. At the ceremony, Jack was able to stand on his own two feet. Abby gave Kay a check to cover the losses from the arts gala. Ashley approved of Abby's gesture. John's spirit appeared to Jack and criticized him for his greedy ways. Jack rejected his father's advice. Because of Jack, Ashley decided to move to New York and take a leave of absence from Jabot. Tucker tearfully said goodbye to Ashley and their marriage. Victoria was furious with Billy for posting the Sharon/Victor wedding video on the Restless Style page. After going for a post-wedding horseback ride, Sharon was alarmed when Victor's horse returned to the stables, but he'd disappeared. Sofia turned down the New York job offer but resented Neil's tactics.
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August 6 to August 10, 2012
Tucker tried to help Sharon when Victor disappeared on their wedding night. A drunken Sharon went to Nikki's wedding, looking for Victor, and Nikki pushed her into the pool. Billy's first episode of Restless Style was a success, even though Victoria objected to his using family information as gossip. Phyllis freaked out when Billy suggested on the Restless Style television show that he had bombshell information about her case. Chelsea told Victoria that she and Adam were trying to get pregnant. Adam and Kevin hustled to launch the TagNGrab website before the competition. Phyllis refused to sleep with Tim, but agreed to pay him blackmail in exchange for the confession tape. Nick was incensed when he caught Phyllis paying off Tim after wiping out Summer's trust fund to get the money. Avery was disgusted with Phyllis' lies and quit her case to handle Paul's defense. Sharon had a hangover and apologized to Tucker but was still miffed that Victor was gone. Jack promoted Cane at Jabot. Nick warned Sharon to get her head on straight for Faith's sake. Nikki was not pleased with Sharon's efforts to find Victor, so she took over. Kay warned Nikki to attend to her marriage to Jack. Harmony and Neil had their first official date. Avery went to the Newman ranch to collect Victor's legal work, but Sharon denied that she'd signed a pre-nup. Later, Nikki found Victor's phone on the ranch and used it to send a fake text message to Sharon, saying -- as Victor -- that the marriage was over. Sharon was furious about the message, thinking Victor had dumped her. Sharon discovered the pre-nup in Victor's briefcase and realized that she'd get nothing from their brief marriage. Sharon burned the pre-nup, nearly getting caught by Nikki. Eden agreed to try hypnosis to remember the night of Ricky's death. Eden became extremely frightened. Despite Kyle's protesting, Eden continued but could only recall intense fear of Ricky. Eden hoped her words would be enough to help Paul, but Christine had doubts. Christine said goodbye to Paul before returning to D.C., confident that he'd be a free man soon with Avery handling his defense. While his family was in the dark about his whereabouts, Victor stood alone at an industrial loading dock and contemplated what to do.
August 13 to August 17, 2012
Phyllis blasted Daniel's relationship with Heather. Avery was relieved that Phyllis hired Leslie as her new attorney. Heather and Daniel dated in secret and made love. Lauren was frustrated that Eden's memory was not enough to help Paul. Avery got bail for Paul, and Lauren put up the bond. Cane and Genevieve were the victims of another prank from a woman who hired an actor to play Claude Shirl. Tucker offered to give Genevieve a job to do for him, and agreed to pay her bills. Harmony and Neil had a successful second date. Neil asked Devon to keep at eye on Lily and Cane. Jack tried to surprise Nikki with a honeymoon, but she was compelled to fly off to search for Victor. Jack warned Nikki not to go. Victoria and Nick were convinced that Sharon had burned the prenuptial agreement Victor had required before their marriage, but Sharon denied the existence of the pre-nup. Victoria agreed to return to Newman Enterprises to help Nick keep the company from floundering while Victor was missing. Tucker coached Sharon on how to use Victor's proxy to assume the role of acting CEO of Newman. Tucker masterminded a way to take over Newman Enterprises. In Los Angeles, Victor took day work at a warehouse. In a waterside bar, Victor got into a fistfight with some guys who tried to cheat him in a game of dice. Victor won the fight, but seemed in need of a doctor. Kevin asked Phyllis to be a TagNGrab user to generate publicity for the fledgling website. Billy worried about the Restless Style TV ratings. Michael threatened to arrest Billy for not revealing his source to the D.A.'s office. Phyllis learned from Avery that Michael planned to depose Tim. Avery warned Phyllis to stay away from Tim. Phyllis lied to Nick and arranged a sexual liaison with Tim to stop him from talking at the deposition. While waiting in the living room for Phyllis to slip into something seductive, Tim overdosed on erectile dysfunction medication and keeled over. Kevin knocked on the door to the penthouse as Phyllis panicked, thinking that Tim was dead.
August 20 to August 24, 2012
Sharon cited legal precedent and was named acting CEO of Newman Enterprises while Victor was away. Sharon objected to the way Nick reacted to her new role, and Tucker suggested that she fire Nick. Avery suggested that Nick use Sharon's history of "mental instability" to wrest control of the company from her. Jack asked Abby to be his silent partner in buying up shares of Newman stock, which was plummeting because of Sharon's management. Adam questioned Sharon's desire for power, and she said she'd learned about being ruthless from him and Victor. Adam assumed that someone was telling Sharon how to run the company. Sharon fired the head of Newman security when he questioned her stopping the search for Victor. After learning that Chelsea and Adam were having a baby, Sharon had a fit and ripped up the ranch decor. When Abby insulted Sharon on the Restless Style television show, Sharon ordered the stable manager to give away Abby's horses. Sharon also kicked Kyle off the ranch. Kevin and Phyllis put Tim's dead body back in Tim's apartment. Beth, Tim's neighbor, had a run-in with Kevin, who pretended to be an encyclopedia salesman. Later, Beth provided a sketch to the police of the salesman. Kevin forced Phyllis to become part of TagNGrab, reminding her that she owed him. Phyllis lied to Nick when he asked her point-blank if she'd had any part in Tim's death. Michael and Ronan determined that Tim had been moved post-mortem to make it look like he had died alone. Michael was convinced Phyllis was involved because she had a weak alibi and a lot to gain with Tim dying before his deposition. Tucker revealed his takeover plan of Newman to Genevieve, cutting her in on the deal. Genevieve went on the road at Tucker's behest to find Victor. Nikki failed to find Victor in Kansas at Hope's farmhouse. Jack refused to take Nikki's calls. At a Los Angeles waterfront bar, Victor was broke and in bad shape. A woman, Sister Celeste, helped him with a place to stay and a lead for a job. Genevieve walked into the waterfront bar, but didn't notice Victor. When the nun asked Victor his name, he told her to call him Christian.
August 27 to August 31, 2012
Phyllis confided in Ronan about Tim blackmailing her and his dying in her living room. Ronan learned that Kevin had helped her move the body and stash the incriminating rug. Ronan covered for both of them with Michael. Beth identified Kevin as the "encyclopedia salesman," but Kevin lied to his brother and Chloe about being involved with Tim. Chloe warned Kevin to be honest with her. Billy got Kevin to pull up text messages from Tucker's phone and found a lead to a dive bar in L.A. Daniel and Heather escalated their romance, and he urged to get rid of Ricky's things. Heather decided to keep Ricky's Niagara Falls snow globe. Avery and Paul met Ricky's friend, Bryce, who revealed that Ricky had killed Rachel and kept the recording of the murder. After an encounter with a Samantha look-alike, Lily found a "Claude Shirl" business card. Lily overruled Cane and asked Ronan to investigate who Cane and Genevieve's stalker was. Tucker informed Sofia of his plan to use Sharon to take over Newman. Tucker set up Sharon to be eviscerated by a newspaper reporter. Sharon fired Nick when he questioned if she was responsible for Victor's disappearance. Abby decided to buy up all available Newman stock to undercut Sharon's power. Nick and Victoria called a secret board meeting and then confronted Sharon, asking her to step down. Tucker subtly supported Sharon, and she refused to resign as CEO. Nikki returned from her search of Victor's sanctuaries. Jack, who was disappointed about his doctor's prediction that he'd never fully recover, turned on Nikki and said that their marriage was over. Victor was grateful to Sister Celeste for her help. Genevieve followed a lead to the L.A. bar and found Victor. She noticed him grabbing his chest and helped him. He introduced himself as "Christian" and didn't recognize Genevieve. Kyle moved back in with Jack and told his father about Sharon's bizarre behavior, like swiping Kyle's driver's license. In private, Sharon looked at her box of stolen stuff. Phyllis stonewalled when Michael demanded the truth, forcing him to call a judge for a court order. Sharon kissed Tucker passionately.
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September 3 to September 7, 2012
Victoria informed Sharon that Nick would use her mental health history against her, then Victoria found Sharon's box of stolen items. Genevieve informed Tucker that Victor's heart problems were going untreated, and he agreed to send medication. Sister Celeste learned that Victor was struggling to remember his past. Celeste warned Victor not to trust Genevieve. Billy hired Genevieve to do his bidding as well as Tucker's. Billy returned home to Victoria and didn't tell her about Victor. Phyllis tried to make Michael and Nick believe that she and Ronan were having an affair. Michael urged Phyllis to tell the truth. Nick was disgusted with Phyllis, but punched Ronan in the face. Adam and Abby went to the courthouse to hear the results of Sharon's hearing. Nick's testimony was very critical of Sharon. The judge named Victoria interim CEO and asked Sharon to submit to 72 hours of evaluation at Fairview if she wanted to win her job back. Adam encouraged Sharon to walk away from Newman Enterprises -- and Tucker's influence. Sharon made love to Tucker, and he convinced her to go to Fairview. At the mental institution, Sharon was stunned to see Daisy. Cane warned Jack that he risked losing Beauty of Nature and Jabot while buying up Newman stock. Nikki tried in vain to appeal to Jack for another chance at their marriage. Jack held steady with his plan. Jack started divorce proceedings. Nikki went to the ranch to search for clues about Victor's whereabouts, and pleaded for him to return. Avery asked Paul to help her find Ricky's recording of Rachel's murder. Paul learned that Heather had thrown away Ricky's things, except for a snow globe from Niagara Falls.
September 10 to September 14, 2012
Michael didn't believe that Phyllis and Ronan had been having an affair. Despite all Michael's efforts, Ronan, Phyllis, and Kevin stuck with their cover-up story. Ronan arranged for Beth to go on vacation so Michael could not depose her. Phyllis refused Avery's advice, even though her sister was right about Nick's negative reaction to Phyllis' lies. Ronan stunned Nick by revealing he was lying for Phyllis because he was in love with her. Summer learned about Ronan and Phyllis from Fen. Unable to tell Summer the truth, Nick and Phyllis lied about the affair and Summer rebelled by buying vodka. Ronan caught Summer and Fen with the bottle and saved them from being arrested. Paul discovered a flash drive with a video hidden in Ricky's snow globe. In the video, Ricky claimed that if something happened to him, Paul had done it. Lauren was determined to protect Paul by revealing the truth about the gun, but Michael begged her to remain silent. Nick moved back to the ranch. Chelsea and Adam agreed to keep her pregnancy a secret, but then Jeffrey and Gloria overheard Chloe telling Kevin about the baby. Chloe surprised Kevin with a shelter dog. Kevin confessed to Chloe that he was involved with Phyllis' cover-up. Chloe was furious with Kevin. In Los Angeles, Victor stood up for the dockworkers and, in retaliation, was seriously injured on the job. Despite the danger, Victor would not stop fighting for the workers. Genevieve feared that Victor would be seriously hurt. Tucker insisted that Genevieve keep Victor away from Genoa City. Jack told Katherine and Nikki that Victor might have run off with Genevieve. Victoria rehired Nick and ensured that neither of them could be fired without approval from the Newman board. Sharon was stunned to discover Daisy was hiding at Fairview to avoid Ricky's murderous rage. Sharon informed Daisy that Ricky had been killed. Dr. Laurents released Sharon from Fairview, and she immediately returned to Newman Enterprises. Daisy took an overdose of pills to get transferred to Genoa City Memorial Hospital, where she hoped to escape. Jack warned Victoria that Tucker might be plotting a hostile takeover of Newman Enterprises, but Victoria was worried about Jack's five percent acquisition of Newman stock.
September 17 to September 21, 2012
Sharon returned to Newman Enterprises and forced Nick and Victoria to show their support for her as CEO by calling a press conference. Despite Nick and Victoria's warning that Tucker was using her, Sharon continued to trust him. Nikki appealed to Billy to use Restless Style to find Victor. Abby refused to cooperate with the press conference. When Sharon tried to coerce Adam, he threatened to reveal to the judge that Sharon was cheating on Victor with Tucker. In Los Angeles, Victor broke his hand in a scuffle on the docks, and Sister Celeste was nearly run down by a forklift. To protect the nun, Victor pretended to give up the fight for the dockworkers, but he secretly continued to fight. Billy was upset when Genevieve reported that Victor had disappeared. Billy flew to L.A. after Victor returned. Billy asked a wary Victor to trust him. Sofia warned Tucker that he was risking SEC sanctions with his massive buying of the depressed Newman stock. Tucker asked Genevieve to take a picture of Victor. When Sharon saw the photo that showed Victor with Sister Celeste, she assumed her husband had deserted her for another woman. Billy texted Nikki a phone number where she could reach Victor. When Nikki called the number, Victor seemed to recognize Nikki's voice. A dockworker lured Victor into a warehouse that was rigged to blow up. Billy was unable to reach Victor before the warehouse exploded. Adam and Kevin met with Cane to make a deal between Jabot and TagNGrab. Kevin nixed the deal, and Adam was aggravated with Kevin. Michael advised Phyllis to stop keeping secrets and tell Leslie everything she'd done so her lawyer wouldn't be blindsided in court. Christine fumed at Ronan for having had an affair with Phyllis when he was investigating her for attempted murder. Christine informed Ronan that she would be reporting his impropriety to the Department of Justice. Summer moved to the tack house with Nick rather than live with Phyllis. Heather and Daniel's romance was derailed by the news that Daisy was alive. Kevin visited a comatose Daisy at Fairview and promised to protect her. Kevin would not allow Paul to bother Daisy with questions about Ricky. Paul went to see his sister, Patty, and when she created a diversion, Paul was able to sneak into Daisy's room. When Daisy awakened, she told Paul that she'd seen the video of Ricky murdering Rachel, and that was why Ricky had wanted to kill her, too. Paul took the information to Chris, Lauren, and Michael. When they returned to Fairview to get Daisy's testimony, they were shocked to learn that her mother had checked her out of the institution.
September 24 to September 28, 2012
Billy believed Victor had died in the explosion in Los Angeles and told the family. At Sharon's press conference, the news arrived that Victor had died. The Newmans were devastated, but Sharon seemed unfazed. When asked to identify the body, she knew it wasn't Victor but said it was. She had the body cremated and then planned a quickie funeral service. Sharon arrived at the chapel in white because she was going to marry Tucker after Victor's service. Jack was forced to sell Beauty of Nature to Tucker when Victor's death resulted in a margin call on the Newman stock. Chelsea suggested to Adam that they name their baby for Victor. Billy was wracked with guilt because he hadn't taken Victor back home as soon as he'd found him. Kevin urged Billy to tell Victoria the truth. Sister Celeste led Genevieve to an injured Victor. Genevieve nursed Victor as he struggled with a concussion. At the cemetery, Sharon ended the service quickly, not allowing the family to speak. Nikki mourned for Victor at the graveside. She was stunned when Victor suddenly appeared. Victor stopped Sharon's wedding by declaring that she was still his wife. Tucker turned his back on Sharon. Nikki and Kay were unforgiving of Genevieve for having worked for Tucker to keep Victor away from them. Victor ordered Sharon to leave his house. Victor held a press conference, announcing that he was taking charge of Newman Enterprises and that he would right the wrongs done in his absence. Victor and Nikki made love. Katherine disowned Tucker. Jack told Traci he was going to try to get the Beauty of Nature sale nullified. Tucker dared Jack to report him to the SEC. Genevieve offered to testify against Tucker to help Jack with the SEC. Phyllis was stunned to see Danny in town and refused to discuss what had happened 18 years before with Christine and Paul. Danny apologized to Paul for the past. Christine was happy to see Danny again. At Fairview, the security cameras didn't reveal the identity of the woman who'd discharged Daisy. Victor assured Billy that he wouldn't reveal to Victoria what Billy had done in Los Angeles. Patty knew more about what had happened with Daisy than she told Paul. Sharon filed a lawsuit against Victor for abandonment, prompting him to have Michael press charges against Sharon.
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October 1 to October 5, 2012
Phyllis was upset that Daniel seemed to be dating Heather, even though he denied it. Daniel and Heather convinced Chloe and Kevin to keep secret that they were indeed having a romance. Ronan tried to tell Phyllis that he loved her and was on her side, but she said she was committed to reuniting with Nick. Lauren advised Phyllis to keep her distance from Danny and Christine, but Phyllis was too irate to stay away. When Danny told Phyllis that he knew she had run down Christine and Paul years before, Phyllis revealed that she'd seen him kissing Christine the night of the hit-and-run. Christine overheard and told Michael that Phyllis had admitted to having a motive for attempted murder. Nina was furious when she learned that Phyllis was having an affair with Ronan. Phyllis and Nina threw insults at each other. Noah blasted Sharon for the way she was handling things and the effect on their family. Sharon was arrested and jailed. When Sharon attempted to broker a peace with Victor, he said that he was through with her. Avery and Nick celebrated Faith's birthday, but Avery wouldn't betray Phyllis' trust by responding to Nick's leaning in for a kiss. Victor and Nikki decided to take their renewed relationship slowly. Jack gave Tucker 48 hours to get things in order before he would called the SEC on Tucker...or take Beauty of Nature back from him. Tucker fumed at Genevieve for betraying him, but she was unapologetic. Sarge confided in Jack about his brother. Harmony didn't seem to remember Sarge's brother, but he recalled that she'd had a part in his brother's death. Devon rejected Tucker as a father. Eden tried hypnosis again to remember the night Ricky had died. Eden could only recall a few words that made Paul look guilty. Kyle encouraged Eden to tell the police or Paul what she remembered. In the alley outside the Athletic Club, Paul found Ricky's knife in a sewer grate. At the police station, everyone was shocked when there were no fingerprints on the knife. Later, a mysterious person walked past the alley. Lily and Cane had a romantic night together at the Athletic Club. Ronan went to see Phyllis again; she succumbed to his advances, and they made love. Kay disowned Tucker and announced that she would give Tucker's inheritance to Devon.
October 8 to October 12, 2012
Summer walked in on Phyllis and Ronan having sex. Summer blabbed to Nick, who planted a surprise kiss on Avery. Summer took a bat to Ronan's car, but he agreed not to press charges. Summer convinced Fen to sneak out for the night. The teens shared a kiss while their relatives and friends searched for them. Fen voluntarily returned home, and Summer went ballistic when she saw Phyllis and Ronan talking at Phyllis' trial. Michael pressured Chloe into spilling the truth about Kevin's role in the cover-up of Tim's death. Kevin confessed all to Michael, but he despised Michael for backing him into a corner. Kevin couldn't forgive Chloe for exposing his secrets. At the trial, Michael interrogated an uncooperative Kevin. The trial was delayed because the judge became ill, and everyone in the courtroom was stunned when the replacement judge dismissed the case. Victor accepted Tucker's offer to sell Beauty of Nature to Victor if Victor dropped the lawsuit against Sharon. Unaware of Tucker's sacrifice, Sharon signed the annulment papers and reported Tucker to the SEC. Tucker was arrested for stock manipulation, but he was soon released. Sharon agreed to recant her statement, and she and Tucker declared a truce. Victor learned that Sharon had sold enough of his personal Newman Enterprises stock to compromise his stake as majority shareholder. Victor approached Adam about siding with the Newman family to prevent a takeover, but a resentful Adam sold his shares to Jack instead. Tucker struck a deal with Jack, who openly planned a hostile takeover. Adam and Chelsea planned to go on a "baby moon," but on their way to the airport, they found themselves about to collide with a distraught Summer.
October 15 to October 19, 2012
Phyllis walked out of court a free woman. Christine told Paul that she would sue Phyllis in civil court to get justice. Kevin was furious with Chloe for ratting him out to Michael, but chose to forgive her after the case was dismissed. Michael decided to ignore all the laws that Ronan had broken to protect Phyllis. Nick informed Phyllis that he was filing for divorce. Summer's car hit Adam's, and they all landed in the hospital. Nick learned that as a result of the accident, Chelsea had lost the baby, but he didn't tell Summer. Phyllis decided to get Summer to forgive her by winning Nick back to reunite the family. Avery charmed Nick over a game of chess. Summer went to apologize to Adam and Chelsea, then learned that she'd caused Chelsea to lose her baby. Summer was devastated and asked Noah to let her move into his New York apartment. Eden told Paul, Christine, and Heather about a dream in which Ricky had spoken to her. They deciphered the words, and Paul hoped they were clues to evidence that would prove Ricky was a homicidal maniac. Christine decided to follow the clues, since Paul couldn't go to California because of the trial. Sharon was hurt by Noah's rejection. Adam hid the pain of losing the baby from Chelsea. Summer told Noah that she'd file for emancipation. Cane used a fire drill at the Athletic Club to smoke out the Samantha impersonator. The woman claimed that Genevieve had hired her to gaslight Cane. Genevieve adamantly denied that she hired the woman, but Cane believed the impersonator. Later, the impersonator reported to her boss that the plan was working. Jack seized control of Newman Enterprises and fired Victor, Nick, and Victoria. John's spirit appeared to Jack to condemn him for taking Victor's company. Victoria urged Billy to spy on Jack by going to work at Newman Enterprises. Nikki rushed Victor to the hospital when he collapsed in his office. Diagnosed with double concussion syndrome, Victor instructed his children to fight without him to get the company back. A drunken, broken Sharon went on a rampage and burned down Victor's house. Adam found Sharon in the fire, rescued her, and then covered up her arson.
October 22 to October 26, 2012
Victor went to the ranch and was stunned by the destruction. Victor said that Nikki was what was truly important, and he asked her to marry him for the last time. Phyllis tried to comfort an angry Summer about the car accident that had caused Chelsea's miscarriage. Nick helped Avery when she was locked out of her apartment. Phyllis suspected that Nick and Avery were poised to have an affair. Phyllis put off Ronan because she wanted to get Summer back in her life. Summer found out about Jamie, the teen whom Ronan was mentoring. Cane was disappointed that Jack had someone else in mind to be CEO of Jabot. Genevieve offered the Samantha impersonator $100,000 and learned that Colin was behind the scheme, but Cane wasn't convinced. Cane told Genevieve that she was poison to him and he wanted her out of his life. Jack asked Phyllis to work with him at Newman Enterprises. Phyllis offered to spy on Newman for Nick, but Nick informed her that he wanted no part of Newman Enterprises anymore. Jack persuaded Neil to leave Chancellor Industries to be Jabot CEO. Katherine said she was the only suitable replacement for Neil and that she'd come out of retirement. Billy was upset about Jack's choice for Jabot CEO because that was the job he had wanted. John warned Jack that the pain in his back was a symptom that he was doing wrong. Victor warned Jack that he was not long for the Newman office. Victoria wished that Nick would work with her to get Newman back. Billy gave Victoria inside information about Newman to help her launch a counter-takeover against Jack. Paul advised Christine to drop the lawsuit against Phyllis after a nasty confrontation between the two women. Noah worried that something was going on with Sharon and warned Nick. Sharon saw the rubble in the Newman living room but had little memory of starting the fire. Adam said that she'd been drunk and was responsible. Sharon tried to confess to Victor, but found Jack in Victor's office; Sharon realized how she'd destroyed the Newman family with her antics. Adam convinced Sharon to stay in an abandoned cottage on his property where she could lie low until the investigation into the fire ended. Chelsea was frustrated with Adam, unsure of why he was drifting away from her. Summer asked Avery to help her get emancipated from her parents, but Avery made her see the down side of that plan.
October 29 to November 2, 2012
Adam told Sharon that he thought she might need professional help, since she was so upset and out of it. Chelsea was frustrated when Adam bailed out on TagNGrab and wouldn't let her take his place. Adam took a position at Newman Enterprises as CFO. Tucker thought Katherine was risking her health by resuming her role as CEO of Chancellor. Victor was disappointed that Nick wouldn't be fighting for Newman Enterprises. Billy told Victoria that he was uncomfortable spying on Jack. Victoria couldn't walk away from Newman Enterprises and flew to Miami to undermine Jack's new regime. Adam told Sharon that he had found a doctor that could help her. Noah told Nick that Sharon had left a message on his cell phone, and they became suspicious that Sharon might have been involved in starting the fire at the ranch. Nick vented to Avery about his struggles with his family. Nikki told Victor that she believed that Sharon was the only person who had motive to start the fire. Victor's arson investigator found a bracelet in the ruins and Victor recognized it as one he'd given to Sharon. Harmony surprised Neil with the news that she was leaving Genoa City to be with Ana. Jack was delighted when Phyllis signed a contract to work at Newman, but later, after he had an attack, Phyllis took him to the hospital, where the doctor said that Jack needed to have surgery or risk paralysis. Phyllis was upset when Jack named Adam acting CEO while Jack had surgery. Kevin set up a meeting with Michael and considered asking Gloria for help after Adam wanted out of TagNGrab. Chloe and Chelsea bonded over their love of fashion. Adam met with a shady man to hire him to set fires to vacant buildings throughout town and to make it look like arson. Summer asked Jamie if he wanted to hang out, and he reluctantly agreed. Genevieve went to Claude Shirl's room and found signs of a struggle and blood on the floor. Ronan suspected Genevieve of foul play. Cane refused to help Genevieve. Tucker gave Genevieve a wad of cash, and they shared a bittersweet kiss as she left Genoa City.
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November 5 to November 9, 2012
Adam assured Chelsea that he was protecting Sharon and not having an affair with her. Chelsea learned that Sharon had suffered a breakdown and that Adam was establishing an alibi to cover for Sharon burning down the ranch. Nick and Noah agreed that they needed to track down Sharon. Billy got a message from Eddie G. that Eddie had abducted Victoria. Eddie's ransom demand was two million dollars. Jill returned to Genoa City when Tucker asked her to convince Katherine not to return as Chancellor Industries' CEO. Katherine resented Jill's advice. Avery and Nick's relationship grew closer, even though Avery assured Summer that she and Nick were just friends. Phyllis spied Avery kiss Nick at the gym, and she was jealous. Summer pretended to be a girl named Brittni on Faceplace to get Jamie to open up about his checkered past. Ronan suspected that Summer was using the Brittni alias to hurt Jamie. Victor went to Newman Enterprises and learned that Phyllis was working there and that Jack was having surgery on his back. After his surgery, Jack told Phyllis that he needed to get back to work. When she cautioned him to slow down, Jack asked her to move in to the guesthouse to help him. Phyllis agreed, but kept her relationship with Ronan from Jack. To deal with the back pain, Jack resorted to medication. Chelsea warned Sharon to keep her hands off of Adam. Dr. Watkins had a session with Sharon and learned that Sharon had burned down Victor's house. Kevin was upset that Chloe was ready to dive into a new business venture with Chelsea and forget about TagNGrab. Kevin asked Michael if he could borrow 15 million dollars. Kevin was upset that Michael shot down his ideas. When the arsonist burned Gloworm to the ground, Kevin asked Gloria to use her seven million dollar insurance settlement to invest in TagNGrab. Billy went to Nikki for Victoria's ransom money. Nick went to Avery's to return her gloves, but he really wanted to escalate their romance.
November 12 to November 16, 2012
Ronan and Phyllis had an awkward official first date, and Phyllis realized that they might not be meant to be. Nick opened his heart to Avery and expressed how crazy he was about her. Avery feared that Phyllis would never accept Avery and Nick as a couple. Phyllis had a heart-to-heart talk with Jack and realized her marriage to Nick was over. Adam apologized to Chelsea for keeping secrets, and assured her that he chose her over Sharon. Chelsea wasn't convinced because Adam continued being obsessed with caring for Sharon. Noah met with Sharon and learned that she was seeing a therapist. Dr. Watkins diagnosed Sharon with bipolar disorder and prescribed medication to treat her. Sharon was concerned that medication would alter her personality. Noah took Faith to visit Sharon. Ronan told Phyllis that he thought Summer might be involved with whomever was cyberbullying Jamie. Phyllis told Nick about Summer's possible involvement with Jamie, but Nick defended Summer. Michael and Lauren realized their disapproval of Summer only made her more appealing to Fen. Summer reached out to Jamie, and Fen was jealous. Victor learned that Victoria had been kidnapped because Billy owed someone money for gambling. Victor took charge of the situation because he didn't trust Billy. Nick and Billy left together to pay off Eddie and get Victoria back. Victoria got Eddie to trust her a bit, but then he caught her trying to use his phone. Eddie pointed his gun at Victoria, ready to take her away from Billy. With Tucker's support, Jill suggested that she and Kay run Chancellor Industries together. Neil asked Leslie to work for Jabot. John appeared to Jack and said that he was worried about Jack. Jack refused to take any time to heal, even after Sarge said he wouldn't start rehab until Jack slowed down. Jack asked Phyllis to keep an eye on Adam for him. Phyllis made a toast to the new beginning of Newman Enterprises and also for her and Jack. Jack was in pain, but refused to let Phyllis know how bad it was. Christine found the video of Ricky killing Rachel, but Michael wasn't sure it was enough to exonerate Paul. Nina walked in on Paul and Christine kissing. Noah received a satchel filled with money from Adriana.
November 19 to November 23, 2012
Nina was heartbroken when she saw Paul and Christine kissing. Nina realized that things were over between her and Paul and decided she was going back to Los Angeles. Paul was thrilled that Michael dropped the charges against him, and he said he didn't want to forget it. Leslie accepted Neil's Jabot offer. Lily was thrilled to be working with Cane at Jabot, but he was uneasy. Chelsea told Adam that she believed that Sharon was still in love with him. Sharon left Adam's and told Noah that she had bipolar disorder. Sharon told Noah that Adam saved her from the fire and that she'd started it. Phyllis told Avery she was never going to be okay with Avery dating Nick. Adam informed Phyllis that they needed to work as a team for the sake of Newman Enterprises. Jack questioned Adam about an acquisition Adam had made without Jack's approval. Jack leaned on his pain medication, and on Thanksgiving, he questioned whether he had been right to acquire Newman Enterprises. Phyllis promised to stick by Jack's side no matter how tough it got. As Phyllis went to embrace Jack goodnight, he surprised her with a passionate kiss. Jill and Katherine got into a heated argument over the terms of their working together at Chancellor Industries. Katherine gasped for breath as Jill rushed to call 9-1-1. Katherine sat up and told Jill that it was merely a test to see how genuine Jill's feelings for Katherine were. Jill was relieved. Devon rejected Tucker's offer to save the music studio. Devon reiterated that Neil was his father and determined he was going to work at Jabot instead. Victor told Nikki he blamed himself for allowing Victoria to marry Billy. Nikki said Victoria would have married Billy no matter what. Billy and Nick tracked down Victoria, but not before Eddie was shot and killed. Max tried to hurt Victoria, but she survived and left on the jet with Nick and Billy. Sharon agreed to move home and get back on her meds. Noah surprised Sharon by taking Faith home for a visit.
November 26 to November 30, 2012
Nikki and Victor were relieved when Nick and Billy took Victoria home from Miami, but Victoria was traumatized by the experience. Victor was determined to get Victoria to divorce Billy. Victor followed through on his threat to Billy and told Victoria that Billy had known about Victor's amnesia and kept it from the family. Victoria was devastated by the lie, but also blamed Victor for using the information to blackmail Billy. Victoria agreed to let Billy remain in the house while she contemplated their future together. Nick and Avery made love and decided that Phyllis couldn't dictate where their relationship was heading. Avery proposed that Nick follow his dreams in his next business venture. Victor learned Jack was dependent on pain medication to do his job at Newman. Despite Kyle's request that Phyllis remain with Jack while he recovered, Phyllis decided to move home. Ronan received an assignment in Washington, DC, and accepted it when Phyllis told him she didn't want a relationship with him. Tucker bought Adam's share of TagNGrab and bought out Kevin and Chloe for pennies on the dollar. Kevin was crushed, but Chloe chose to move on to a new fashion business with Chelsea. Chloe wanted to use Tucker's money as an investment, but Kevin said they needed the money to keep the bank from foreclosing on their house. Michael was disappointed by Kevin's risky financial dealings, but agreed to lend him $10,000. Chelsea confided in Chloe that Sharon had been living in the cottage. Tucker asked Jill to dinner. Neil relegated Cane to training Devon at Jabot. Lily assured Cane that Neil would treat him fairly. Alone together in the office at night, Lily and Cane started to make love on Neil's desk, unaware that he was on his way back to Jabot. Kyle and Phyllis plotted to oust Adam from Newman Enterprises. Victor urged Nick to assume the fight for Newman while Victoria recovered, but Nick refused to get back into the family business. Summer accused Phyllis of betraying the Newman family by siding with Jack. Nick was worried that Summer was acting out because of the divorce. Nina forgave Paul and Christine before returning to Los Angeles. Christine flew to New York to end things with Danny because she was in love with Paul again. Ronan asked Michael and Paul to mentor Jamie while Ronan was in Washington. Fen envied that his father and Summer were concerned about Jamie. Summer saw Jamie's most recent harassing text messages and then told Fen to stop bullying the kid. Despite Adam's assurances to Chelsea that he was only Sharon's friend, Chelsea was jealous and suspicious. Chelsea confronted Sharon and warned Sharon that she'd tell everyone Sharon had burned down Victor's house if Sharon didn't stop leaning on Adam. Chelsea then told Adam he could only fix their problems by never seeing Sharon again. Without telling Chloe, Kevin broke into the TagNGrab account and transferred money from there into his personal account.
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December 3 to December 7, 2012
Avery showed Nick a loft space and suggested he turn it into a nightclub. Noah was excited about the project and wanted to be part of his father's plans. Billy tried to get a traumatized Victoria to open up about the kidnapping. Jack tried in vain to make amends with Victoria and Billy. Jack grew more dependent on pain pills. Adam and Chelsea continued squabbling about Sharon. Victor informed Adam of Jack's painkiller dependency and urged him to move against Jack for control of Newman Enterprises. Sharon confessed to Dr. Watkins that Chelsea had threatened to reveal that Sharon had started the ranch fire. Sharon sent Adam back to his wife and told him she couldn't rely on him any longer. When Nick found out about Sharon being on the property, he confronted her and learned that she had bipolar disorder. Nick warned Adam not to exploit Sharon's illness for his benefit. Neil convinced Leslie to work with him at Jabot despite their mutual attraction. Devon criticized Neil about the uptight environment at Jabot. Tucker flirted with Jill over dinner. Michael warned Fen that Summer was not a good influence. Later, when Summer needed Fen's help, he rejected her because he was jealous of her friendship with Jamie. Summer blamed Phyllis for ruining their family. Phyllis told Summer about why she'd left home as a teenager. Summer was more comfortable with Avery than with Phyllis. In a staff meeting at Newman Enterprises, Jack became increasingly forgetful, a result of the medication he was abusing. Jack bribed a doctor to write another prescription for pain pills when he'd used all he had. Nikki and Victor moved into a luxury penthouse then hosted a party for friends and family. Sharon crashed the party to apologize to the Newmans, but they treated her with disdain. Noah took a swing at Carmine, who was bartending, when Carmine mocked Sharon. Adam followed Sharon home from the party and tried to calm her. Adam kissed Sharon deeply. Chelsea, who'd followed Adam, discovered him embracing Sharon. While Victoria went to her parents' housewarming, Billy redecorated the house to look like a beach in Jamaica. When Victoria arrived home, she was pleasantly surprised. Victor told Nikki he'd invited Adam to the party to lull him into a false sense of security. A New York City detective questioned Noah about Adrianna.
December 10 to December 14, 2012
Victoria was touched when Billy transformed their home into a Jamaican resort to remind her of when they fell in love on the island. Later, after she'd had an argument with Victor in which he tried to get her to fight for Newman Enterprises, Victoria agreed to fly to Jamaica with Billy. Avery told Nick that she'd been married, but had cheated on her husband. The man Avery had loved had died while serving in Afghanistan. Nick opened up to Avery about his marriages to Sharon and Phyllis. Avery discovered that Summer had been snooping in her storage unit. Avery asked Summer to keep what she'd read in Avery's things private. Chelsea told Nikki and Victor that Sharon had started the fire at the ranch. Christine ended her relationship with Danny and moved back to Genoa City to have a future with Paul. Lily urged Leslie to get Neil to relax at work. Neil met Leslie's brother Tyler, a graphic designer. Neil agreed to have Tyler work up a pitch for Jabot. Phyllis and Kyle worried about Jack when he missed an important meeting. Jack woke up in his car, unaware that he'd spent the night there. Jack hired Sarge's nephew, Mason, as his assistant. When Phyllis stated that Jack was too dependent on drugs, Jack yelled at her to back off. John's spirit told Jack that the pain pills wouldn't erase the loneliness in his life. Fen's jealousy of Jamie festered, and he sent more harassing text messages. Jamie's father was arrested for DUI, which meant Jamie would likely be placed in foster care. When Michael and Lauren reached out to Jamie, Fen was angry. Summer sympathized with Jamie about his father. Jamie kissed Summer. Victor told Nick about Sharon having started the fire. Sharon admitted to Nick that when she started the blaze, she had been mentally ill. Nikki asked Chelsea to testify against Sharon, but Chelsea feared losing Adam. Sharon made Adam see that Chelsea had told Nikki and Victor about the fire because she'd seen Adam kiss Sharon. Adam told Chelsea that Sharon didn't deserve to lose her children and be imprisoned because of Chelsea's insecurities. Chelsea confided in Chloe about her shaky marriage, and Chloe offered to get even with Sharon for Chloe. Victor realized the other fires in town had been Adam's way to cover for Sharon. When Kevin admitted to Chloe that he had stolen money from the TagNGrab bank account, Chloe ordered him to put it back. Chloe invited Chelsea to stay with her and Kevin.
December 17 to December 21, 2012
Sharon considered abducting Faith, but took her back to Nick. Avery offered Sharon legal advice. Chelsea refused to testify about Sharon and the fire because Adam would never forgive her. Victor and Adam made a deal: Adam would turn on Jack as long as Victor left Sharon alone. Adam then assured Jack that he wasn't really going to help Victor regain Newman Enterprises. Adam couldn't say that he didn't love Sharon, prompting Chelsea to ask for a divorce. Sharon told Dr. Watkins that she was afraid of her feelings for Adam. Chloe was disappointed when Gloria decided to buy a racehorse with Jeffrey instead of investing in Chloe's fashion business. Jack was too strung out on pain pills, so Phyllis had to take a business meeting in Chicago for him, nearly missing Summer's birthday. Phyllis read Jack the riot act when she returned. Michael romanced Lauren on their anniversary. Michael and Lauren asked Jamie stay with them rather than having to be placed into a group home. Lauren and Michael were puzzled when they found Fen had a burner phone. Fen fumed when he learned that Jamie had kissed Summer. Katherine fought with Jill over her relationship with Tucker. Katherine collapsed and suffered a concussion. A story leaked in the press about Jack's pill problem. Adam accused Mason of telling tales about Jack. Leslie's brother, Tyler, pitched a radical marketing scheme for Jabot. Jack hated it, and Neil was so incensed that he quit.
December 24 to December 28, 2012
Jack and Phyllis spent Christmas together, but Phyllis left before they got too intimate. Nick discovered that Avery was holding the dog tags of a soldier named Dylan. Adam finally shared his grief about the miscarriage with Chelsea. When Adam told his wife how Sharon had helped him realize that he belonged with her, Chelsea misunderstood and walked out on Adam. Victor insulted Billy during Christmas, prompting Victoria to lash out at her father. Victor threatened Adam to get him to seize Newman Enterprises from Jack. Nick and Sharon celebrated Christmas with their kids. Sharon interviewed with Cane to become the face of Jabot. Nick told Phyllis that his relationship with Avery was serious. Lauren and Michael discovered Fen's burner phone. Fen demanded that Summer choose between him and Jamie. Kevin shared his plan with Chloe to recover the money that Alex, the New York Police Department detective, was seeking. Chloe discovered that there was a huge reward for finding the missing money. Michael learned that Jamie had been beaten at the group home. Michael insisted Jamie move in with the Baldwins. Cane warned Lily that Tyler had a crush on her. For Christmas, Tucker asked Katherine to give him a chance to make peace with her. Jill informed Tucker that Kay's stress level had put her health in danger. Jack resorted to buying pills from a drug dealer. Kyle, Phyllis, Billy, and Neil staged an intervention for Jack, but he denied he was an addict. Jack then fired them all. After a run-in with Sharon, Victor had new instructions for his private detective.
December 31, 2012 to January 4, 2013
Adam and Chelsea reunited once he agreed that they'd leave town after he got the right people in place at Newman Enterprises. Jack spent New Year's Eve with Stephanie, a call girl Victor had hired to set Jack up. Jack passed out and found Stephanie dead on his floor the next morning. Adam helped Jack stage a heart attack and dispose of the body. Jack agreed to seek private counseling for his addiction. Phyllis chose to stay with Jack rather than help Daniel relocate to Savannah. Billy told Victoria that Jack wanted him to take over Newman Enterprises. Nick searched online for information on Dylan McAvoy, Avery's mystery man from the past. Nick and Avery celebrated New Year's Eve at the unopened Underground. Nick prepared to spend Cassie's birthday with Faith and Sharon. Noah confided in Nick about Adriana and why Alex was questioning him. Kevin and Chloe decided to keep the stolen cash. A jealous Fen told Jamie that Summer sent the messages from "Brittni," and Jamie disappeared. Michael turned to Paul for help dealing with Fen's troublesome behavior. Michael flipped out when he saw Fen manhandling Summer. Victor's investigator uncovered the fact that Stephanie had died of a drug overdose. The investigator reported to Victor that Stephanie was the daughter of Congressman Wheeler. Sharon told Adam that Cane had not offered her the Jabot spokeswoman job and wondered if he'd hire her at Newman Enterprises. Neil and Leslie made love.
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