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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 21, 2012 on GH
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Monday, May 21, 2012

At the lake house, Molly and T.J. spent some time together, while Alexis worked late. Molly was curious what excuse T.J. had given for not being at home. T.J. had claimed to be studying for a test at the library. Molly started to kiss T.J., but they jumped apart when Sam arrived to pick up Alexis. Molly quickly explained that Alexis wasn't home, and that T.J. was there to study for a test. Sam smiled, and then revealed that she and Alexis were scheduled to attend a Lamaze class together.

T.J. decided to head home, so Molly walked him to the porch. T.J. worried that Sam might tell Alexis about his visit, but Molly was confident that Sam wouldn't say anything, because Sam didn't know that Alexis had forbidden Molly from seeing T.J. T.J. relaxed and then promised to see Molly at school the following day. After T.J. left, Molly returned to the living room, and then promptly questioned why Alexis, not Jason, was going to the birthing class with Sam. Sam claimed that it had been Alexis' idea.

Molly accepted the explanation, but suggested that Sam call Jason, since Alexis wasn't available. Sam admitted that she couldn't, because Sam and Jason were no longer together. Molly was stunned, so she demanded to know what had happened. Sam was reluctant to tell her teenage sister, but Molly insisted that she wasn't a child anymore. After some cajoling from Molly, Sam reluctantly confessed that Jason wasn't the baby's father, and then revealed the details of her rape.

Molly was moved to tears, as Sam finished the story. Molly wanted to help her sister, so Sam admitted that it had helped to talk with Molly about it. Molly wished that she could rewind time, so that she could stop Sam and Jason from going to Hawaii, because they had been so happy that day. Sam agreed. After Molly fetched a glass of ginger ale for Sam, Molly assured her sister that Jason loved Sam.

Molly was certain that Jason would also love the baby when he held it. Sam agreed, but explained that Jason had difficulty believing that, because the baby was a reminder of how he had failed to protect Sam. Molly insisted that it was ridiculous, because Franco had drugged Jason and Sam. Molly urged Sam to try to make things work with Jason, because Jason and Sam's love was special. Molly then offered to go to the Lamaze class with Sam, since Alexis wasn't around.

At the hospital, Liz bumped into Jason. Moments later, a nurse recognized Jason, so she assumed that he was there for Sam's birthing class. The nurse started to lead Jason to the class, but Jason explained that he was not attending the class with his wife. The nurse seemed baffled, so she checked her list, which confirmed that Alexis would be Sam's birthing partner. The nurse was embarrassed, so she quickly left. Liz apologized for the awkward situation, but she was curious why Jason was there.

Jason explained that he had seen a doctor for a six-week checkup and that he had been given a clean bill of health. Liz was relieved, but she confessed that she was worried about Jason and Sam. She was curious if Jason and Sam could patch things up. Jason admitted that he had visited Sam on Sam's birthday, but they hadn't talked about the baby. Liz realized that the rape and Franco's connection to Jason were a lot to process, but she insisted that it wasn't the baby's fault, so Jason and Sam needed to talk.

Jason complained that Sam kept putting John McBain in the middle of things. Liz explained that Sam had a lot going on, so she was emotional. Liz admitted that sometimes it was easier to talk to a stranger, because they didn't have any preconceived notions. She recalled how easy it had been for her to open up to Ewen when she had met him, but Jason argued that Ewen was a psychiatrist. Liz admitted that she hadn't known that at the time, so it had been easy to confide to him. She suggested that Sam might feel the same way about John.

Jason conceded that Liz had a point. Liz pointed out that Jason loved Sam, so she was curious if he really thought that his marriage to Sam was over. Jason confessed that he didn't know, but he had been tempted to move forward when he had seen Sam on her birthday. However, nothing had changed about his feelings for the baby, so he couldn't make any promises to Sam. A short time later, Liz walked Jason to the elevator and then decided to check on Ewen.

Jason hoped that Ewen recovered quickly, for Liz's sake. Liz smiled and admitted that she hoped that everything worked out for Jason and Sam. Liz and Jason shared a friendly hug, as Sam and Molly exited the elevator.

At Kelly's, Carly was lost in thought as she recalled Johnny giving her the Cinderella bracelet and confessing that he had remembered everything that she had told him. Shawn spotted Carly at the counter, so he walked up and commented that she seemed a million miles away. Carly smiled up at him, as Shawn glanced the bracelet. He was curious if it was for Josslyn. Carly admitted that it had been a gift from Johnny, as a peace offering for cheating on her. Shawn wondered why she was holding on to it.

Carly admitted that it was a good question, because the bracelet was a reminder of Johnny's betrayal. She grabbed a napkin, dropped the bracelet into the napkin, wadded it up, and handed it to a passing waitress to throw away. Carly regretted that she hadn't left with Shawn when Shawn had gone to Johnny's penthouse to whisk Carly away from Johnny. Shawn pointed out that Carly had had strong feelings for Johnny, while Shawn had just been a friend. Shawn assured her that he was fine and that he had been seeing someone.

However, Shawn was sorry that Johnny had hurt Carly, so Carly explained that Johnny had promised that Kate had been a one-time thing. Shawn wondered what kind of person expected to be forgiven for cheating. "Me," Carly admitted. Carly told Shawn that she had cheated on Jax with Sonny when Michael had been shot in the head. Carly recalled that she had begged for forgiveness, just as Johnny had begged her for forgiveness. Shawn was curious if Carly believed that Johnny had been sincere.

Carly insisted that it didn't matter, because the circumstances had been different. Carly reminded Shawn that she had been married to Sonny four times, while she and Johnny had only dated for a few months. She conceded that Jax had forgiven her, but she didn't know if she could do the same for Johnny. A short time later, T.J. entered the diner. Shawn demanded to know where T.J. had been, so T.J. explained that he had been studying at the library and reminded Shawn of the text message that he had sent to Shawn.

Shawn looked at the message. "Lib. Klr test," Shawn read. Carly admitted that it made perfect sense to her. Exasperated, Shawn sent T.J. to their apartment to study. After T.J. left, Shawn returned to the topic of Johnny. He was curious if Carly wanted to forgive Johnny. Carly argued that Johnny had cheated, so Shawn reminder her of the bracelet that she had been carrying around. Carly reminded him that she had thrown it out, so Shawn suggested that perhaps she had made her decision.

After Shawn left, Carly thought about Johnny's impassioned plea to give him a second chance. Carly went to the trash can, retrieved the bracelet, and then left.

At Crimson, Dante kicked open the door to Kate's office and told the person seated behind Kate's desk to freeze. Lulu quickly assured Dante that it was okay, so he flipped on the lights. Lulu was curious what Dante was doing there, so Dante explained that security had called when someone had tripped the silent alarm. Lulu revealed that she had been forced to break into the office, because Kate had changed the locks. She pointed out that it was safe for Dante to put the gun away, so Dante sheepishly apologized, and then holstered his gun.

Lulu admitted that it had been exciting, not frightening, to see Dante in action. Dante was curious why Lulu was in Kate's office, so Lulu explained that the printer had called her, looking for someone to approve the cover for the next edition of Crimson, because Kate and Maxie hadn't been available. Dante reminded Lulu that she no longer worked for the magazine, but Lulu shrugged, and then held up the photo that she had selected, featuring a model with a black and white striped blouse. "I was thinking of going with horizontal stripes, but do you think it's in poor taste, considering that most of the office is modeling this look?" Lulu asked. Lulu realized that it didn't matter, because she suspected that Kate would freak out, regardless of what Lulu chose.

Lulu admitted that she had difficulty believing that Kate had attacked Dr. Keenan. Dante confided that it made him wonder if perhaps Kate had been responsible for shooting out Anthony's tires. Lulu pointed out that there was a big difference between hitting someone over the head and speeding down a winding road at night while skillfully shooting out two tires. Dante suggested that Kate might have some hidden talents. Lulu argued that Kate loved Sonny, so it didn't make sense that Kate would frame him. Dante reminded her that he had to investigate all possible angles.

Lulu was curious if Dante had any other leads on the shooting, so Dante revealed that Johnny was the prime suspect, because Johnny had the strongest motive -- and the means to kill Anthony. Lulu doubted that Johnny had changed that much since she had dated him, but Dante pointed out that Johnny was "messed up" and that Johnny's hatred for Sonny had poisoned the young Zacchara. Lulu suggested that perhaps Sonny had influenced Dante's view of Johnny, because Carly had spent the night with Johnny on the night of the shooting. Dante suggested that alibis were like any other story -- sometimes they were true, and sometimes they were not.

At the police station, Alexis watched through the two-way mirror as Sonny confronted Connie. She glanced down at her phone too see if there had been a message from Dr. Snyder; however, she saw the reminder that she had been scheduled to meet Sam for the birthing class. Instead of leaving, Alexis remained riveted to the scene unfolding before her.

In the lineup room, Connie admitted to shooting out Anthony's tires. Connie explained to Sonny that Kate had been wavering about staying away from Sonny, despite the ultimatum that Kate had given Sonny on that fateful night, so Connie had decided to show Kate how dangerous Sonny was. Sonny wondered why Connie had made Kate relieve their tragic wedding day by putting on the bloodstained wedding gown. Connie feared that Kate would not live a long life, so she had hoped to shock Kate into remembering how deadly Sonny could be. Sonny suggested that perhaps Kate thought that being with him was worth the risk. Connie insisted that Kate was an idiot.

Connie informed Sonny that she had been shot, too, on the wedding day, so she had felt Kate's fear, pain, and helplessness as Sonny had begged Kate to stay alive. Connie had hoped that wearing the bloodstained wedding dress would have done the trick, but then "Dr. McDreamy" had talked to Kate on the pier. Sonny wondered if that were the reason that Connie had shot out Anthony's tires. Connie explained that she had needed a guarantee to make certain that Kate didn't change her mind about taking Sonny back, so Connie had decided to make it appear that Sonny had done the one thing that Kate had asked him not to. Connie bragged that she had gotten her hands on an unmarked gun, and then had shot out Anthony's tires.

Sonny wondered if Connie had bothered to stick around to see whether anyone else had been injured. Connie was unrepentant, as she admitted that the dress had made her uncomfortable, so she had taken off in the opposite direction to clear her head and return to Kate's office. That was when Sonny had arrived to tell Kate about Robin's death. Connie conceded that Sonny knew exactly how to work Kate, because Kate had left with Sonny. Sonny recalled that Kate had decided to return to work later that evening, so Connie revealed that she had taken over when Kate had arrived at Crimson. Connie had then seized the opportunity to plant the gun.

Sonny pointed out that Connie had hurt Kate, not him, because two innocent people had died. Connie shrugged, and then insisted that they had been collateral damage. Sonny was outraged. He wrapped his hand around Connie's throat in anger, but Connie screamed that he had left her no choice. Seconds later, Kate emerged.

Sonny immediately released his grip, and fought back tears as he tried to soothe Kate. Kate was visibly shaken, as she asked what was going on. Sonny assured Kate that everything was okay and asked what she last recalled. Kate remembered waiting for Dr. Snyder to arrive, and then confronting Connie about the gun that had been found at Crimson. However, Connie had refused to answer her. "She told me," Sonny admitted. Kate was filled with dread, as she asked what Connie had said.

At the Zacchara penthouse, Anthony aimed a loaded gun at Johnny, who had been shoved to the ground by his grandfather. Johnny dared Anthony to shoot him, and then confessed that he had been responsible for shooting out Anthony's tires. "I could have been killed," Anthony said in disbelief. "That was the idea," Johnny snidely replied. Anthony demanded to know why Johnny would turn against him like that.

Johnny admitted that the timing had been perfect, because Sonny had revealed to everyone that Claudia had been Johnny's mother, not his sister. Johnny confessed that he had suspected Anthony of taking aim at Dante in the parking garage, so it had been easy to accuse Anthony of the deed when Sonny had shown up at the penthouse with a thirst for vengeance. Anthony wondered why Johnny had called to warn Anthony that Sonny was on the hunt for him, so Johnny explained that it had been Carly's idea. Johnny had been ready to wash his hands of Anthony until the dream. "What dream?" Anthony asked.

Johnny recalled waking up in bed after Johnny and Carly had made love. According to Johnny, he had dreamed that Claudia had urged Johnny to kill Anthony, because she wanted Anthony to be punished for denying her the opportunity to be a mother to Johnny. In the dream, Claudia had insisted that Johnny, not Sonny, end Anthony's life, so Johnny had slipped out of bed to avenge Claudia. Anthony didn't buy the Hamlet story, but Johnny assured Anthony that it was true.

Johnny claimed that he had arrived at the Quartermaine mansion in time to see Anthony throw a suitcase into the trunk of the car and take off. Johnny admitted that he had been the person driving behind Anthony with the high beams on, and he had shot out the tires. On the way home, Johnny had realized that he could frame Sonny for the crime. Anthony was curious why Johnny had planted the gun in Kate's office, rather than at Greystone Manor. Johnny explained that there had been too many guards at Sonny's home and that the police would have needed a search warrant to locate the gun.

Johnny revealed that he'd overheard Max and Milo mention that Sonny had been searching for Kate, so Johnny had gone to Crimson, because Sonny would eventually show up there. Sonny had gone to Kate's office, so it had worked out perfectly. Afterwards, Johnny had returned home, and then had slipped into bed with Carly, who had been sleeping soundly. Johnny smiled smugly, as he realized that Anthony knew it to be the truth. Anthony's expression clouded with hurt and rage as he reminded Johnny how he had raised Johnny as his own, and loved him like a son.

Anthony insisted that he had built his empire to pass down to Johnny, so he couldn't believe that Johnny would repay him like that. "The truth hurts, don't it?" Johnny asked. "Not half as much as this will," Anthony hissed, as he cocked the gun. Johnny sprang up and grabbed the gun. After a brief struggle, a shot rang out. Anthony and Johnny looked at each other with rounded eyes.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

At the Drake residence, Patrick tucked Emma in as she slept. Emma's eyes popped open, and she asked if "Aunt Liz" would be her new mommy. Patrick explained that Aunt Liz was a friend, who had taken care of Emma when he hadn't been able to. Emma was curious if Patrick had been sick. He admitted that, in a way, he had been, but he assured Emma that he would be fine.

Patrick confessed that he had needed some time to figure out what to do without Robin. He acknowledged that there might be times when Aunt Liz might have to help out again, but he promised to spend more time with Emma. Emma was curious if Patrick had taken his medicine, so Patrick explained that Emma was all of the medicine that he needed.

At the hospital, Sam and Molly watched Jason and Liz share a hug. Molly quietly reminded Sam that they had to get to the Lamaze class, but then Jason glanced in their direction. Sam and Jason exchanged a long, tense look, so Liz explained that the hug had been a celebration, because Liz had received great news about Ewen, who was expected to recover. Sam was curious why Jason had been at the hospital. Jason told her about his follow-up appointment with Dr. Morrucci, who had given Jason a clean bill of health.

Sam explained that she and Molly were at the hospital for a birthing class. Molly volunteered to let Jason take her place, but Jason didn't reply. Jason and Sam squirmed uncomfortably, as Molly desperately tried to persuade Jason to attend the class. Liz took pity on the couple, so she gently suggested that Molly allow Jason and Sam to discuss it privately. Jason was startled when Molly insisted that Jason could still be a part of the baby's life, even though he wasn't the father. Sam quickly asked to have a private word with Jason, so he followed Sam to a quiet corner.

Jason seemed dismayed that Sam had made the baby's paternity public. Sam apologized for Molly's insensitive remark, but she reminded him that Molly was her sister. Sam admitted that she had felt compelled to explain things when Molly had questioned why Sam and Jason were no longer together. Jason was surprised when Sam suggested that the Quartermaines would have to be told, because the baby was a Quartermaine, and Jason's family would wonder why she was raising the baby alone. "But you don't have to," Jason told Sam.

Sam's face lit up with joy, as she asked if Jason wanted to raise the baby with her. Jason admitted that he wanted to, but he feared that it would be too difficult to accept living with Franco's baby. Sam wondered if he might change his mind. Jason didn't know, because she had moved out before they could discuss the alternatives. Sam was curious what kind of alternatives Jason had in mind. Jason broached the possibility that Sam give the baby up for adoption.

Jason assured Sam that there were people out there who would love the baby without judgment, as the baby deserved. Sam fought back tears, as she admitted that she had set aside her own personal issues with adoption to consider the possibility of giving the baby up to a loving couple. She conceded that it would be a good solution for everyone, so Jason quickly reminded her that they could have their own children when she was ready. Sam confessed that she had grown to care for the baby after seeing the sonogram and feeling it kick.

However, Sam's feelings for the baby had intensified when Ronnie had held a gun to her stomach, because that was the moment that the baby had become real to her. Sam admitted that she loved her child, and wanted to raise it. She assured Jason that she could handle the baby's paternity, even if Jason couldn't. Molly walked up to remind Sam that the class was about to begin, and then offered Jason another opportunity to take her place as Sam's birthing partner. "It's just you and me, sis," Sam replied sadly.

At the Rendezvous Motel, John was looking at the old newspaper clipping about his sister's tragic death due to gang violence, when Téa knocked on the door. John invited Téa in and asked about Starr's arraignment. Téa revealed that Starr had been denied bail. John was confident that Téa would find a way to keep Starr from being convicted, so Téa confided that it might not be necessary, because Todd had a plan. John wondered what Todd had up his sleeve, but Téa suggested that it would be better if John didn't know.

John warned Téa not to trust Todd, so Téa assured him that it wasn't necessary; she intended to keep working on Starr's defense. John suggested that Téa consider discrediting Michael on the witness stand, but Téa explained that Starr didn't want her going after Michael. John pointed out that Téa could always argue that Starr had suffered from emotional distress. Téa suddenly groaned, as she rubbed her stomach. Concerned, John wondered if everything were okay with the baby. Téa smiled as she explained that the baby had just reminded her that it would arrive soon.

Téa remarked that it might be a race to the finish between her and John's friend, Sam. Téa was curious what was going on between John and Sam, so John assured her that they were just friends. John insisted that it had been a coincidence that he and Sam had ended up in the same motel. Téa smiled knowingly, because John had a compulsion to rescue damsels in distress. John feared that he was making things worse for Sam, because Jason blamed John for some of Jason and Sam's marital woes.

Téa wondered if it were a good idea for John to be friends with the pregnant wife of Sonny's enforcer. John explained that it was complicated, but it wouldn't be a problem for much longer, because John intended to return to Llanview after Sonny had been dealt with. Téa decided that it was her cue to leave, because she didn't want to end up having her baby in John's motel room. John urged her to reach out to him if she needed help with Starr's case. "Damsels in distress could do a lot worse than John McBain," Téa replied with a smile.

Carly was delighted when she bumped into Todd outside of Kelly's, because she had wanted to talk to him. Todd agreed that it was a good idea, and then suggested that they start by discussing how Michael was the key witness against Starr. Carly admitted that she had no idea that Michael had been instrumental in Starr's arrest; however, she assured Todd that Michael hadn't acted out of malice. Todd insisted that Michael wouldn't testify. Carly warned Todd not to do anything to Michael, or Todd would have to deal with her.

Todd assured Carly that he had a plan to help Starr. "Good," Carly replied. She admitted that she would hate for things to end up badly between them. Todd smiled as he wondered if that were a threat. Carly warned Todd that she wasn't someone he should mess with, but Todd doubted that Carly would ever hurt anyone, unless it was unintentional in pursuit of a higher purpose. Carly wondered if that was what Todd told himself when he hurt people.

"Yes," Todd admitted, and then added that Victor had been an exception. Carly was stunned by his lack of remorse for shooting his brother. Todd accused Victor of being a bastard who had stolen Todd's life for eight years, during which time Victor had hurt Todd's children and wife. They agreed that they would do anything to protect their children, and then talked about Todd's plan to help Starr. Todd filled Carly in about his deal not to reveal that Kate had shot out Anthony's tires in exchange for Sonny dropping the charges against Starr and Michael recanting.

Carly wasn't sure if Sonny would agree, but Todd insisted that Sonny cared about Kate, so he was confident that Sonny would eventually accept the deal. Carly was curious if Todd could live with those terms, since it would mean that Hope and Cole wouldn't get justice. Todd insisted that he needed to focus on Starr. He felt responsible for what she had done, because he had set a poor example by going to the courthouse with the intention of killing Sonny.

Carly appreciated Todd's desire to make things right, but his plan depended on Sonny forgiving Kate for sleeping with Johnny. Todd was curious if Carly could forgive Johnny. She confessed that she didn't know, even though a friend had reminded her that she had done a lot of things that had seemed unforgivable. Todd admitted that if she could forgive Johnny then it gave Todd hope that he, too, could be forgiven.

At the police station, Starr spotted Michael when she returned from her arraignment. Michael explained that the assistant district attorney had wanted to go over his testimony against Starr, so Michael had heard that Starr hadn't been granted bail. He was sorry that she would have to remain in jail until the trial. Starr suggested that she would have to get used to it, because Michael's testimony would likely seal her fate. Michael reminded Starr that she only had herself to blame, because she had held Sonny at gunpoint, and threatened to kill him. Starr accused Michael of being cold, because she had ultimately chosen not to shoot Sonny.

Michael argued that Starr would have killed Sonny if he hadn't talked her out of it. Starr claimed that Michael's determination to testify against her stemmed from anger, not a sense of justice. Michael insisted that he wouldn't lie under oath, no matter how much Todd pressured him. Starr was curious what her father had to do with it, so Michael told her about his encounter with Todd at Metro Court. Starr assured him that she had told her father to stay out of it.

Starr admitted that she'd had time to think while she had been in jail. She wanted her life back, so that she could honor Hope and Cole. Michael wished that he could help, and then suggested that perhaps the judge would go easy on her. Starr realized that it was pointless to continue their discussion, so she asked to be taken back to her jail cell.

In the lineup room, Kate wanted to know if Connie had confessed to shooting out Anthony's tires. Sonny gently suggested that they wait for Dr. Snyder to arrive, but Kate insisted on knowing what had happened. Sonny told her that he had watched her through the two-way mirror, as she appeared to talk to herself. Kate explained that she often saw Connie in mirrors, so she had been talking to her alter. Sonny revealed that he had raced into the lineup room when Kate had collapsed in tears. Sonny wiped away his own tears, as he told her about meeting Connie.

Sonny admitted that he believed that Kate had dissociative identity disorder, and that it had been Connie who had slept with Johnny, not Kate. Kate was relieved, but she confessed that she feared that Connie was capable of hurting people. Sonny vowed to get Kate help, but Kate insisted on knowing what Connie had said. Kate tearfully asked if the gun had belonged to her. "It was Connie's," Sonny quietly clarified. Kate dissolved into tears, because she realized that it meant that she had been responsible for the death of Starr's family.

Sonny tried to calm Kate down, but she was too distraught. Sonny decided to talk to Alexis, who had been listening in the adjoining room. Alexis decided to talk to a judge, so that Kate could be transferred to Shadybrook. Sonny warned her that the judge couldn't know about Kate's role in the accident. Alexis pointed out that only they knew about it, so it wouldn't be an issue. Later, Kate was taken to Shadybrook.

At the Zacchara penthouse, Anthony collapsed to the ground with a gunshot wound to the stomach. "Bet you weren't expecting that, were you?" Johnny asked. Anthony clutched his stomach, and begged Johnny to call for help. Johnny picked up the gun, which had fallen to the ground. Johnny refused to call anyone, because Anthony had tried to kill Johnny, so Johnny had the opportunity to return the favor.

Anthony warned Johnny that Johnny would go away for murder when they found Anthony's body in the penthouse. Johnny assured his grandfather that he intended to dispose of Anthony's body. Anthony promised to keep quiet about Johnny shooting out Anthony's tires, but Johnny explained that it wasn't necessary, because Johnny had arranged for someone to take the fall. Anthony's eyes rounded as Johnny explained.

Shortly after Kate's arrest, Johnny had gone to the police station to talk to her. Kate had been furious when Johnny had entered the interrogation room, because he had caused her enough harm. Johnny explained that he had talked to Sonny, to assure Sonny that Kate hadn't lied about the DID. Kate wondered why Johnny would do that, so Johnny confessed that he needed to make amends if he hoped to get Carly back. Johnny had confided to Kate that Sonny had seemed to believe him, which had triggered Connie to emerge.

According to Johnny, he hadn't expected to talk to Connie, but she had begged him to help her, because she didn't want to go to Shadybrook. Connie had also revealed that Kate had begun to question if Connie had shot out Anthony's tires. Connie had emphatically denied any involvement in the accident. That was when Johnny had been struck with inspiration. Johnny had suggested that Connie confess to shooting out Anthony's tires, because it would push Sonny away.

Johnny was certain that Sonny would never forgive Kate for framing Sonny for the deaths of two people. Connie had been reluctant to go along with it, because she would still end up in Shadybrook. Johnny had explained to Connie that she could spend some time at the sanitarium, and then pretend to be integrated. Afterwards, she would be free to live wherever she liked. Connie had smiled, because it had seemed like the perfect solution.

Johnny gloated to Anthony that Connie would likely go along with the plan. Anthony was surprised, because he hadn't thought that Johnny had it in him to be that cold and calculating. Johnny reminded Anthony that it ran in the family. Anthony warned Johnny that Kate might end up in "the loony bin" for the rest of her life, but Johnny didn't care, as long as she was out of his life. Anthony was curious if Johnny had stuck around the scene of the accident long enough to see that Anthony's car had struck Starr and Cole's car.

Johnny admitted that he had learned about Cole and Hope's deaths the following morning. Johnny recalled reading about the tragedy in the newspaper, and then crumbling to the ground in shock. "Oh God, no," Johnny had muttered, as he had read the front-page story. "Not a little child," Johnny had cried in disbelief.

Anthony insisted that Cole and Hope's deaths were on Johnny's hands. Johnny was aware of that, because he lived with it every moment of the day. Johnny admitted that he was reminded of it everywhere he looked, in his dreams, and whenever he saw a young father with his daughter. Johnny confessed that it made him feel sick. "I can't bring them back, but I can make amends," Johnny added. Johnny vowed to help Starr.

Anthony assured Johnny that Johnny was a good man, so Anthony was certain that Johnny would do the right thing by calling someone to help Anthony. Johnny informed Anthony that Anthony knew too much. "You left me no choice," Johnny said, as he raised the gun, and aimed it at Anthony. Anthony insisted that they were family, so Johnny couldn't kill his "old man."

"You are not my old man," Johnny growled at Anthony. Anthony tried to stand up. "Goodbye Grandpa," Johnny said, and then fired three bullets into Anthony at point-blank range.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Outside of Kelly's, Carly overheard Sonny on the phone instruct someone to call if Kate needed anything. After Sonny ended the call, he spotted Carly. He quickly explained that Kate was having a difficult time being away from Crimson, but Carly admitted that she knew that Kate had tried to kill Anthony. Carly revealed that she had talked to Todd, who had filled her in about Kate's confession and Todd's offer to keep quiet about it if Sonny dropped the charges against Starr and Michael recanted. Carly wondered if Sonny intended to let Kate pay for killing Cole and Hope. Sonny insisted that Kate hadn't been responsible for the crash; Connie had shot out Anthony's tires.

Sonny told Carly about what had transpired at the police station. Sonny had no doubt that Connie was real, because Connie's personality and mannerisms were completely different from Kate's. Sonny confided that Connie had even bragged about causing the tragic accident. Carly was stunned, because a little girl had been killed. Sonny revealed that Kate had been distraught when she had learned what Connie had done.

Carly felt terrible for Kate when Sonny told her that Kate had suffered a complete breakdown, and that Alexis had arranged for Kate to be transferred to Shadybrook. Carly wondered if Kate could be helped. Sonny hoped so, because he blamed himself for everything. Sonny explained that Connie existed to keep Kate away from him, so everything that Connie had done had been to that end, including trying to kill Anthony. Carly insisted that Sonny had had no way of knowing that Kate had dissociative identity disorder. He argued that Connie's sole purpose had been to destroy Sonny and Kate's relationship.

Carly conceded that Connie had been good at it, because she had also ruined what Carly and Johnny had shared. Sonny was adamant that Johnny should never have gone along with Connie's plan; however, he acknowledged that if it hadn't been Johnny, then it would have been someone else. Carly was surprised when Sonny revealed that Johnny had tried to explain that Kate hadn't betrayed Sonny. Carly wondered what Sonny intended to do about Kate, so he explained that he had made arrangements for Kate to get help. Carly was curious if Sonny was going to accept Todd's offer, but Sonny remained undecided. He wondered if Carly might forgive Johnny, but she didn't know.

At Kelly's, Spinelli demanded to know what Matt intended to do about Maxie's incarceration for a crime that Matt had committed. Matt explained that he had intended to confess, but Maxie had pleaded with Matt not to. Spinelli pointed out that clearly Matt hadn't, since Maxie was still in jail. Matt was stunned, because he had assumed that the evidence that Spinelli had uncovered would have been sufficient to vacate Maxie's conviction. Spinelli explained that the district attorney had wanted more proof of Maxie's innocence, so Spinelli had been forced to reveal that Matt had killed Lisa. Matt was stunned by the new development, but Spinelli didn't feel sorry for Matt, since Matt had killed Lisa.

Spinelli feared that Maxie would remain in jail, unless Matt persuaded her to sign the district attorney's agreement. Matt wondered what Spinelli was talking about, so Spinelli filled Matt in about the terms of the agreement, which would require Maxie to testify against Matt. Spinelli admitted that Maxie had refused to sign it. Matt couldn't believe what Maxie was willing to do to save him. Spinelli accused Maxie of making a series of bad choices, which had landed Maxie in a hellhole with a tormentor named Tiny.

Matt warned Spinelli that it wouldn't be easy to change Maxie's mind, because Maxie wanted to spare Patrick more heartbreak by losing a brother. Spinelli insisted that Matt had to change Maxie's mind, but Matt explained that Maxie thought that Matt's freedom was worth more than hers. Spinelli was curious if Matt agreed.

Later, Spinelli bumped into Sonny outside of Kelly's. Spinelli confessed that Sonny looked as if the weight of the world were on Sonny's shoulders. Sonny admitted that was exactly how he felt. Spinelli sympathized, because Spinelli knew what it felt like to have the woman he loved struck behind bars. After Spinelli left, Milo called Sonny to let Sonny know that Todd was with Milo. Sonny promised to be there shortly.

At Pentonville, Felicia pleaded with Maxie to sign the papers that the district attorney had drawn up, but Maxie refused to send Matt to jail. Felicia insisted that Matt's attorney could argue that there had been extenuating circumstances. Maxie was frustrated, because Spinelli had broken his promise to her, so Felicia explained that Spinelli had tried very hard not to tell the judge about Matt's role in Lisa's death. Maxie appreciated that Spinelli was brilliant and amazing, but she wanted him to broaden his horizons, instead of waiting around for her to take advantage of him. Felicia changed tactics by reminding Maxie how Maxie's imprisonment had hurt Mac. Maxie argued that she deserved to be in jail.

After Felicia left, two inmates bribed a guard to let them into the visitor's room, where Maxie was quietly crying. The guard took the money, and then walked away. Tiny and Kino entered the room, and then shut the door behind them. Maxie nervously asked what they wanted, so Tiny explained that they had something that would make Maxie feel better. Maxie demanded to know where the guard was. "It's time for her favorite soap opera. You know how it is," Kino replied.

Tiny advised Maxie to relax, because they just needed her for a makeover. Maxie remained wary, but she admitted that she was good at makeovers, and that cheekbones where her specialty. Tiny laughed wickedly, and then revealed that the makeover was for Maxie. Kino and Tiny wrestled Maxie to the table. Kino held Maxie down, as Tiny pulled out jars of Maxie's creams, and then smeared the contents all over Maxie's face. A short time later, they showed Maxie their handiwork.

Maxie cried when she saw a teardrop tattoo under her eye, which matched the one that Tiny sported. Tiny warned Maxie that next time the tattoo would be real, not drawn with an eyeliner. After Tiny and Kino left, Maxie pulled out the papers that the district attorney had given her. A short time later, Matt arrived. He saw the papers on the table, so he admitted that he knew what they were. Matt implored Maxie to sign the agreement. Maxie tearfully confessed that she had.

At the police station, Dante talked to Mac about following up on who had shot out Anthony's tires. Dante explained that Johnny was the prime suspect, but Kate couldn't be ruled out, because the gun had been found in her office. However, Dante revealed that Kate had been transferred to Shadybrook during the night, after Kate had suffered a complete breakdown. Mac instructed Dante to focus on Johnny, so Dante left to question Johnny about the shooting.

Later, Mayor Janice Lomax entered the squad room to talk to Mac. Mac was stunned when the mayor fired him without preamble. Mac led Mayor Lomax to his office, where she explained that she had ample reason to relieve Mac of duty. She pointed out that the situation with Ronnie had been an embarrassment, but Mac argued that they had all been blindsided by Ronnie's true nature. Mayor Lomax insisted that there had been too many unsolved cases, starting with the accident that had claimed the lives of Cole Thornhart and his daughter, Hope.

Mac insisted that they had done their job, but the district attorney had failed to convict Sonny. Mayor Lomax explained that Cole and Hope had been related to some influential people, who wanted the case solved. Mayor Lomax then mentioned Maxie's conviction. "She's innocent, Jan," Mac replied. He assured the mayor that Maxie would be released from jail soon, but Mayor Lomax explained that it was too little, too late. She gave Mac half an hour to clean out his desk, and then left.

Tracy went to the boathouse to look for Anthony, because she hadn't seen him, since the previous evening. Tracy noticed a pair of shoes sticking out from underneath a tarp in the boathouse, so she lifted the tarp. She was annoyed when she saw that various boating items had been left strewn about under the tarp.

Luke entered his hotel suite, where Anna was weeping on the sofa. Anna held up a shampoo bottle that Robin had given to her, and then explained that it smelled like Robin. Luke tried to offer Anna words of comfort. He conceded that there would be good and bad days, as she slowly inched forward. Anna thought that it might help if she felt useful and spent more time with Emma. However, Emma's life was busy with play dates, preschool, and spending time with Patrick.

Anna had no idea where she fit in, so Luke suggested that they work together to plan and execute the perfect crime. Anna chuckled, but declined. Luke assured Anna that things would get better, but he reminded her that she wasn't the world's strongest woman. Anna insisted that she needed to pretend that she was. Moments later, Tracy knocked on the door, so Anna ducked into her bedroom, while Luke answered the door.

Tracy handed Luke a box of chocolates to express her gratitude. She was curious how Luke had managed to get rid of Anthony. Luke confessed that he hadn't done anything, prompting Tracy to wonder where Anthony was. She was certain that her wayward husband would soon surface, so she demanded to know what Luke planned to do. Luke advised Tracy to relax, because he had everything under control. Tracy wasn't satisfied; she wanted to know details.

Luke explained that he had a friend, who was a pilot for a steamer that shipped "used cars" to Uruguay. He confided that the steamer would be carrying an extra passenger when it shipped out later that evening. Tracy warned Luke that Anthony could easily book passage back to Port Charles, so Luke explained that he had arranged for a friend in Montevideo to have Anthony arrested for smuggling. According to Luke, once a person checked into a Uruguay prison, they never checked out. Tracy smiled with satisfaction, so Luke instructed her to get Anthony to the boathouse. He promised to take care of it from there.

Anna overheard Luke and Tracy plotting. After Tracy left, Anna wondered what Luke and Tracy had been talking about. Luke was spared from answering, because Felicia knocked on the door. Luke was pleasantly surprised to see Felicia. Felicia greeted Luke, and then explained that she needed to speak to Anna. Luke excused himself, and then left.

Felicia began to cry as she told Anna about Maxie's decision not to cut a deal with the district attorney. Felicia quickly regretted dumping her problems on Anna, because Anna had just lost Robin. Anna assured Felicia that it was fine, because Anna had been crying on Luke's shoulder earlier. Felicia was curious what was going on between Anna and Luke. "Nothing," Anna insisted. Felicia revealed that she'd once been involved with Luke, which had led to Felicia and Mac's breakup.

Anna recalled hearing about Felicia's relationship with Luke, but Anna once again stressed that Anna and Luke were just friends. Shortly after Felicia left, Mayor Lomax dropped by to visit Anna. The mayor revealed that Mac had been fired, so the mayor wanted Anna to take the job.

At the Zacchara penthouse, Johnny sat on the sofa, as echoes of the fatal gunshots that had killed Anthony rang in his ears. Johnny slid the gun to the end of the sofa, where Anthony's dead body was slumped on the floor. "What have I done?" Johnny asked, as tears of remorse filled his eyes. Johnny made a quick call to one of his henchmen to check in. He explained that he had something to wrap up, and then ended the call. Johnny went to pick up Anthony's body, but jumped back in shock when Anthony suddenly gasped for breath.

After several heartbeats, Johnny realized that it had been his imagination. "What do you expect when you spent the entire night next to a dead body?" Johnny chastised himself. Johnny decided to take a shower and fetch a cup of coffee to clear his head, but froze when Anthony's ghost suddenly materialized behind him. Anthony wondered if Johnny had thought that it would be easy to get rid of him. Johnny insisted that Anthony hadn't given him a choice. Johnny couldn't risk anyone finding out that Johnny had caused Cole and Hope's deaths.

Anthony accused Johnny of being cold for expecting Connie to take the fall, because Kate would believe that she had killed Cole and Hope. Johnny argued that Kate would likely get off on an insanity defense, but Anthony insisted that it didn't change anything, because Johnny would always have Cole and Hope's blood on his hands. Anthony wondered if Johnny were ready to carry that on his conscience for the rest of his life. Johnny bragged that he had finally managed to get away from Anthony, but Anthony was curious why, if that were true, Anthony was haunting Johnny.

Johnny screamed for his grandfather to shut up. Moments later, Dante knocked on the door. Johnny tried to ignore Dante, but Dante warned Johnny that Dante would have probable cause for entering if Johnny didn't open the door. Reluctantly, Johnny went to the door to find out what Dante wanted. Dante was curious why Johnny refused to invite him in. "A little thing called the fourth amendment," Johnny replied.

Dante explained that he had a few questions about the night that Anthony's tires had been shot out. Johnny argued that he had an alibi, so he advised Dante to question Kate, since the gun had been found in her office. After Johnny slammed the door in Dante's face, Anthony smiled with satisfaction, because Connie clearly hadn't confessed to the police. Anthony warned Johnny that Johnny would end up going down for three murders. Johnny tried to figure out how to get rid of Anthony's body. Moments later, Anthony received a text message from Tracy, asking Anthony to meet her at the boathouse.

Later, Johnny was sitting on the sofa when Carly knocked on the door. She explained that she wanted to talk to him, so Johnny opened the door.

At the police station, Dante stopped by Mac's office to update Mac on what had transpired at Johnny's penthouse. Dante was shocked when Mac revealed that Mayor Lomax had fired Mac because Cole and Hope's family had wanted the case solved. Mac advised Dante to be careful, because Mac's replacement might have reservations about Dante's connection to Sonny. Dante insisted that he would never use his badge to protect Sonny. Mac believed him, but the new police commissioner might not. Dante offered to talk to Mayor Lomax, but Mac insisted that it wasn't necessary, because Mac didn't want to work where he wasn't wanted.

After Mac cleared out his office, Felicia walked up. She implored Mac to help her find a way to get Maxie out of jail. Mac assured her that he would, and then revealed that he would have plenty of time to do it, thanks to the mayor.

Tracy returned to the boathouse, hoping that Anthony had received her message. She was frustrated when she saw a pile covered with a tarp inside the boathouse. "Doesn't anyone know how to put things way around here? This looks just like a dead body," Tracy groused, as she lifted the tarp. Tracy's eyes rounded in stunned disbelief as she fell back. Anthony's body was under the tarp.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

At Pozzulo's, Todd was enjoying a meal when Sonny walked in. Sonny demanded to know what Todd was doing there, so Todd explained that they needed to talk. After Sonny dismissed Milo, Todd wanted to know what Sonny had decided: whether Kate would be exposed as a killer, or Sonny would drop the charges against Starr in exchange for Todd's silence. Sonny offered Todd a third option by pulling out a gun. Todd realized that Sonny wasn't interested in playing, so Todd stood to leave. "Stay," Sonny ordered Todd.

Sonny revealed that Sonny and Milo would take Todd to the marshes, where Sonny would kill Todd. Later, Sonny would have Todd's body dumped into the harbor, and then Sonny and Michael would testify against Starr, to make certain that Starr went to jail for attempted murder. Sonny vowed that no one would ever know about what Kate had done. Todd was not intimidated, because it was clear that Sonny hadn't thought things through.

Todd opened a briefcase, and then produced a copy of the Sun, featuring a front-page story about Kate's dissociative identity disorder, and Connie's role in Hope and Cole's deaths. Todd explained that if anything were to happen to him, then the story would run the following day; however, if Sonny agreed to Todd's terms, then another edition of the Sun, featuring a story about the district attorney would go to press.

Sonny refused to bend, so Todd reminded Sonny that Starr's and Kate's fates were in Sonny's hands, which Todd suspected appealed to Sonny's need to be in control. Sonny warned Todd that it was a big mistake to blackmail him, but Todd was unfazed. Todd explained that he was familiar with DID, so he had no desire to go "medieval" on Kate. Todd realized that Kate had a disease, so he didn't blame Kate for what had happened to his granddaughter. Sonny seemed skeptical. Todd admitted that someone he greatly admired had the disease, so he hoped that Kate received the help that she needed.

At Shadybrook, Olivia was on the phone with Steve as she watched Kate through the window of Kate's room. Olivia explained that she had no idea why her cousin had been admitted to Shadybrook, but she intended to find out. Meanwhile, Kate sat in bed, tormented by the memory of learning that Connie had caused the deaths of Cole and Hope. Moments later, Olivia entered the room. Kate tearfully greeted her cousin. Olivia was relieved, because she had feared that Kate wouldn't have been happy to see her.

Kate wondered if Olivia were alone. She was disappointed when Olivia gently explained that Sonny wasn't there. Kate regretted that she hadn't heeded Ewen's advice by checking into the sanitarium sooner, so Olivia assured Kate that Ewen was expected to make a full recovery. Kate welcomed the news. Olivia was curious why Kate had been transferred to Shadybrook. Kate told her cousin about the breakdown in the lineup room and revealed that Sonny had witnessed everything, so he knew that Connie was real.

Kate tearfully confessed that Connie had done something worse than sleep with Johnny, but she refused to elaborate. Olivia apologized for giving Kate such a hard time about changing her name and who she was, but Kate insisted that Olivia had been right to call Kate out on it, because Kate had hurt a lot of people, including Kate's mother. Olivia argued that Kate hadn't done anything wrong by changing her name and getting an education. Olivia was proud of her cousin, and vowed to be by Kate's side, because Kate was the closest that Olivia had to a sister. Later, Olivia offered to talk to the staff about getting Kate a nicer room, but Kate insisted that it wasn't necessary, because they were all the same. Olivia promised that Kate wasn't alone, and then suggested that Sonny was in Kate's corner too.

Carly observed that Johnny looked terrible when he opened his door, so Johnny explained that he hadn't slept well. Carly suggested that a guilty conscience would do that to a person. Johnny recalled killing Anthony, but quickly brushed the memory aside, as Carly entered the penthouse. Carly demanded to know why Johnny had talked to Sonny. She suspected that Johnny had been hoping to score some points with her, but Johnny explained that he had done it for Kate, because Kate had been innocent.

Johnny admitted that he had known that Kate had DID, and that Connie had been dangerous. Johnny regretted that he had taken Connie up on her offer to hurt Sonny, instead of getting Kate the help that Kate had needed. He confessed that he had lost sight of what was important to him. He realized that he would have lost Carly eventually, because he was broken and tended to break everything that he touched. Carly was curious what else he had done, besides sleep with Kate, that made him feel so guilty.

Johnny insisted that he had hurt people, and that it couldn't be undone. Carly pointed out that, between the two of them, there wasn't a person in town whose lives they hadn't trampled. Johnny argued that Carly could be forgiven, but Johnny couldn't atone for the things that he had done. Carly admitted that she had cheated on Jax once, with Sonny, even though she had cared about Jax at the time. Carly knew what it was like to need forgiveness and to be forgiven. Johnny wondered if she were ready to forgive him.

"Maybe," Carly answered. However, she turned to leave, because she wasn't quite ready to do it. Carly asked Johnny to be patient, and then left. After Johnny closed the door, Anthony's "ghost" laughed. Anthony conceded that Carly might have bought the "anguished bad boy" routine, but Anthony doubted that Carly would ever forgive Johnny when she learned that Johnny had killed a child. "That's the real Johnny," Anthony insisted.

Monica was on the patio when she heard a noise in the parlor. She entered the mansion, as Delores and a police officer walked into the parlor. Delores explained that Alice had let them in, and then revealed that they had received an anonymous call about gunshots being fired. Monica thought that the call was a prank, because she had been there all day and hadn't heard any gunshots. Moments later, Jason walked in. Jason wondered what was going on, so Monica assured her son that everything was fine and invited Delores to look around.

Delores thanked Monica, and then left. Jason wondered if Edward was at home. Monica revealed that Edward had gone to the office, so Jason decided that it was for the best, because he had to tell Monica something about Sam's baby. Monica feared that something was wrong with the baby, so Jason assured her that the baby was fine. However, he wasn't the baby's father. Monica was stunned as Jason told her that Franco had raped Sam. Monica wondered how long Jason had known, so he admitted that he had recently found out.

Monica realized why Jason had been reluctant to tell Edward about the baby, because Edward had been looking forward to having a great-grandchild. "Edward will still be getting his great-grandchild," Jason revealed. Jason told Monica that Susan had given birth to twins, and that Heather had sold Jason's brother to a nurse. After Monica recovered from the shocking news, she acknowledged that Jason and Sam had a lot to work out. Jason confessed that he and Sam were not together, because Sam wanted to keep the baby, while Jason was unable to assure Sam that he could love the baby and be a father to it.

Monica revealed that after Susan had died, Monica hadn't wanted anything to do with Jason either, because Jason had been a reminder of how rocky Monica and Alan's marriage had been. However, all of the pain, anger, and resentment had disappeared the moment that Monica had held Jason. Jason insisted that his situation was different, but Monica disagreed. Monica pointed out that Jason had been an innocent baby, just like Sam's child. Monica admitted that she had loved Alan, so it had been impossible not to love his son. She thought that Jason owed it to himself and Sam to find out if the same would be true for Jason.

At Kelly's, Heather spotted Sam having breakfast. Heather remarked that she hoped that Sam was drinking a decaffeinated beverage, because Heather wouldn't want Sam's little bundle of joy to "vibrate" its way out of Sam's womb. Sam was curious why Heather was unaccompanied, so Heather informed Sam that Steve would be along shortly. Heather claimed that she was concerned about the baby's well-being, because the baby was her flesh and blood, regardless who the father was. Heather then wondered what the paternity test had revealed. Sam refused to answer, but Heather figured it out from Sam's expression.

Steve was curious what was going on when he walked up. Heather smiled brightly, as she claimed that they had been talking about the baby. Sam added that Heather had mentioned that the baby would make them all one big happy family. Heather relaxed when Steve excused himself to take a call from the hospital. After Steve walked away, Heather was curious if Jason knew about the baby's paternity. Sam revealed that he did, so Heather goaded Sam by suggesting that they shout the news from the rooftop, because Franco had been a famous artist.

Sam turned the tables on Heather by proposing that they also tell everyone how Heather had stolen Susan's infant son while Susan had been unconscious and then had sold him to the nurse who had delivered Franco. Sam wondered how Steve would react to the news. Heather suspected that it would be similar to Jason's reaction when Sam had told Jason about the paternity results. Heather coldly suggested that Sam had reaped what she had sowed. Sam was outraged that Heather would say something like that, but Heather was unapologetic, because Sam had broken her promise to Heather by refusing to deliver Heather's letter to Steven Lars when Heather had been locked up in Ferncliff.

Heather vowed to make Sam pay if Sam crossed Heather again. Heather assured Sam that she'd never hurt a pregnant woman, but Sam wouldn't remain pregnant for much longer. Sam informed Heather that Jason had decided to tell the Quartermaines about the baby's paternity and how Franco had ended up with Betsy Frank, so it was only a matter of time before Steve learned the truth. As if on cue, Steve returned. Heather claimed that Sam had invited Heather to the baby shower, so Heather had decided to buy the baby finger-paints to encourage its artistic sensibilities. Steve explained that he had to get to work, so he needed to drop Heather off at the apartment.

Later, Sam was surprised to see Jason enter the diner. Jason admitted that Molly had told him where to find Sam. Jason revealed that he had told Monica everything. Sam wondered how Monica had reacted to the news. Jason conceded that it had been hard, so Sam was curious if Monica wanted to be a part of the baby's life. Jason thought so, which didn't surprise Sam because Monica had always loved Jason.

Sam promised to let Monica have a relationship with the baby, because not everyone felt that way. Sam announced that she had to pick up Molly, so Jason wondered if they were going to another birthing class. Sam confirmed that they were, so Jason was curious how it was going. Sam chuckled, because Molly was a bit intense. Jason was surprised when Sam suddenly wondered if Jason would like to join her.

In the boathouse, Tracy stumbled backwards in shock as she stared at Anthony's body, which had been under the tarp. Tracy landed on the cot, and then jumped when she felt the gun. "Damn you, Luke Spencer," Tracy growled in anger. Moments later, Luke entered the boathouse. He stopped in his tracks when his eyes landed on Anthony's body. Luke quickly closed the door, and then demanded to know what Tracy had done.

Tracy denied that she had killed Anthony, but she suspected that Luke had done the deed. Luke also denied killing Anthony. They briefly argued about it, until Luke heard voices. He peeked out of the window and saw Delores, followed by a police officer, heading to the boathouse. Luke and Tracy quickly scooped up Anthony, and then fled through the back door.

Moments later, Delores and the police officer entered the boathouse. Delores noticed something on the floor, so she slipped on a latex glove, and then ran her finger through it. Delores realized that it was blood, so she decided to look for the person who was bleeding.

Luke and Tracy deposited Anthony's body in the chaise lounge on the patio. Luke thought that they should move the body inside, so Tracy crept to the patio doors to check the parlor. She was surprised to see Jason talking to Monica, so she decided to eavesdrop. Moments later, Tracy turned to Luke in stunned disbelief. She told him that Susan Moore had given birth to twin boys, and that Franco had been Jason's twin. Luke spotted Delores and the police officer heading their way.

Frustrated, Luke wondered if someone had implanted a homing device in Anthony. Luke and Tracy quickly slapped a hat on Anthony's head, put a drink in his hand, and then made it appear that they had all been enjoying the weather. Delores walked up and then informed them that someone had reported gunshots on the premises. Tracy insisted that no one had a gun, because Edward had sold his gun collection years earlier. Delores looked pointedly at Anthony and then demanded to know if Anthony was armed.

Delores was puzzled when Anthony didn't reply, so Tracy claimed that Anthony was napping. Delores wanted Tracy to wake him up, but Tracy refused, because it was the only peace that she'd had from her husband's sharp tongue. Delores received a call that the forensics team was at the boathouse, so she left. Luke and Tracy began to bicker about what to do next.

In the parlor, Monica was furious when Heather strolled in. Monica reminded Heather of the restraining order, so she ordered Heather to leave. Heather explained that she had stopped by to answer any questions that Monica might have about Susan's delivery and Franco. Monica suggested that Heather could answer those questions in criminal court. Heather thought that some fresh air might improve Monica's mood, so Heather invited Monica to join her on the patio. "What's going on here?" Heather asked when she opened the door and saw Luke and Tracy arguing on the patio.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Todd visited Starr in jail to let her know that her legal troubles would soon be behind her. Starr was skeptical, so she was curious if he had seen Téa. Todd bragged that that he, not Téa, would be saving Starr. He was confident that Starr would be pleasantly surprised by how things turned out in court later that day. Starr demanded to know what Todd had done, so he explained that he'd had a chat with Sonny. Todd was hopeful that Sonny would persuade Michael to recant.

Starr wondered why Michael would change his story, so Todd deftly evaded her question by reminding her how much Todd loved her. Starr knew that Sonny was a "seriously dangerous" person, so she was concerned that Todd had pissed off a mobster. Starr didn't want to lose her father again. Todd assured Starr that she could relax, because he and Sonny had reached a mutual understanding. Moments later, a police officer arrived to take Starr to court.

At the courthouse, Michael insisted that he was ready to testify, so he promised Sonny that there wouldn't be any backing out. "Then you got to make it happen," Sonny replied. Michael was shocked that Sonny wanted him to change his story, because Starr would try to kill Sonny again, if she were free. Sonny insisted that Michael needed too tell the judge that there had been a mistake, so Michael demanded to know why. "Todd Manning," Sonny answered.

Sonny explained that he didn't want Todd talking to the police. Michael realized that Todd was blackmailing Sonny, so Sonny admitted that Todd had figured out who had caused the accident that had killed Hope and Cole. Michael wanted to know who Sonny was protecting, but Sonny refused to tell Michael anything else. Moments later, Todd and Starr arrived for court.

In the courtroom, Starr was concerned because Téa wasn't there, so Todd called to leave Téa a message. Afterwards, Sonny and Michael entered the courtroom. Sonny stood next to Todd, so Todd quietly wondered if they had an understanding.

Later, Starr and Todd left the courtroom. Starr was stunned that the charges against her had been dropped. However, she wished that she knew what Todd had done to get Michael to change his story. Todd told her that it didn't matter, as long as Starr was free. Starr disagreed, but she was more worried about why Téa hadn't been there. Todd promised to track down Téa, and then left.

In the courtroom, Sonny explained that he needed to go to Alexis' house, because Alexis was concerned about Kristina. Michael offered to go with Sonny, but Sonny assured Michael that it wasn't necessary. However, Sonny wanted Michael to know that he had appreciated Michael's cooperation. "Turns out I'm pretty good at perjury. Must have picked that one up from Mom," Michael quipped.

Sonny suspected that Michael hadn't wanted Starr to go to jail. Michael agreed; however, he also wanted Sonny to be safe. Sonny insisted that everyone had won, including someone important to Sonny. Michael followed Sonny out of the courtroom, but stopped when he spotted Starr on the phone with Blair. Starr cut her call short when she saw Michael. Starr thanked Michael for changing his story.

Michael was curious if Todd had mentioned that Todd had blackmailed Sonny. Starr wasn't surprised. Michael revealed that Todd knew that Sonny hadn't shot out Anthony's tires. "How?" Starr asked, as her eyes rounded with shock. Michael explained that Todd had figured out who the real shooter was.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Monica threatened to call the police if Heather didn't leave. Heather suggested that some fresh air might calm Monica down, so she invited Monica to join her on the patio. Heather was surprised when she opened the door and discovered Tracy and Luke bickering. Heather wanted to know what was going on, until she saw Anthony on the chaise lounge. Heather tried to introduce herself to Anthony, but Tracy and Luke quickly blocked her path.

Heather was miffed by Anthony's rudeness, because he had ignored her, but she quickly became distracted when Monica stepped out on the patio. Monica demanded that Heather leave, but Heather refused. Luke was curious why Heather was there, so Monica quickly backtracked by insisting that she and Heather adjourn to the parlor. Monica invited Tracy to join them so that they could discuss a private matter. Monica realized that Anthony was uncharacteristically quiet, so she wondered what was wrong with him. In unison, Tracy and Luke explained that Anthony was sleeping.

Tracy confessed that she knew about Jason's "psychotic twin brother," Franco. Monica feared that Anthony would wake up, and use the information for financial gain, so she insisted that they all go to the parlor. Everyone filed inside, leaving Anthony on the patio. Luke hovered near the door, periodically checking on Anthony, while Tracy joined Monica on the sofa. Tracy suggested that Monica was overreacting to the news about Franco. "Jason hasn't brought ELQ to its knees, and look at what he does for a living," Tracy pointed out.

Monica was offended that Tracy had compared Jason to a psychopath like Franco, who had killed for sport. "As opposed to killing for a paycheck," Tracy replied. Monica insisted that Jason only killed in self-defense, so Jason was nothing like Franco. Meanwhile, Heather drifted over to Luke to find out why he seemed so interested in his ex-wife's husband. Luke insisted that he and Tracy were still friends, so Heather wondered if they were close.

"Yes," Luke cautiously answered. "As close as you and I?" Heather asked. Tracy walked up and demanded to know why Heather was still there. Heather insisted that she was family, because Jason and Franco's mother, Susan, had been Heather's cousin. Monica argued that Heather wasn't a Quartermaine, so Monica ordered Heather to leave. Heather realized that she was outnumbered, so she warned them all that they hadn't seen the last of her.

After Heather left, Monica wondered if anyone had any idea how to defuse the Franco situation. Luke warned Monica that Heather was a loose cannon, so Monica offered to hire Luke to run interference. Luke insisted that his hands were full with other matters. "With what, or should I say, with whom?" Monica asked, as she pointedly looked at Tracy. Tracy feigned concern for Monica's health by remarking that Monica looked pale.

Tracy suggested that Monica lie down. Monica conceded that she felt overwhelmed by everything, so she agreed to take Tracy's advice. However, she wanted Tracy to deal with the police, who were still on the premises because of the report of gunshots. Tracy assured Monica that she would handle it, and then waited for Monica to leave. Afterwards, Tracy and Luke returned to the patio. They were surprised when they discovered that Anthony was nowhere in sight.

At the Rendezvous Motel, John called Anna but reached her voicemail. He wondered if she could get an extension on the investigative allowance, because he was almost out of time.

At Kelly's, Sam asked if Jason wanted to go with her to the Lamaze class. She was disappointed when he didn't reply, because she realized that his answer was no. Sam admitted that she couldn't stop thinking about Monica and how Monica had been able to love Jason even though he had been a product of an affair between Alan and Susan. Jason insisted that their circumstances were different, but Sam argued that Monica had made a decision to see Jason for who he was, not what his parents had done. Sam was certain that Jason would be able to love the baby if he allowed himself to believe it.

Sam didn't want to push Jason, but she didn't want to lose him either. Moments later, a reporter entered the diner and then approached Sam and Jason. The reporter was curious if Sam and Jason wanted to comment on the story that the Port Charles Press intended to run. Sam and Jason appeared confused, so the reporter held up an early edition of the newspaper, with a headline that read, "Honeymoon Horror."

Sam demanded to know how the press had found out about her rape. The reporter insisted that he couldn't divulge his source, so Jason warned the reporter that the newspaper couldn't print the story. Sam claimed that the newspaper would be liable, but the reporter disagreed if the story were true. Sam insisted that their personal lives were private, but the reporter reminded her that Franco had been a renowned artist and serial killer. Sam and Jason refused to comment on the story, so the reporter gave them the copy of the newspaper, and then left.

Sam immediately apologized, but Jason insisted that it wasn't her fault. Sam realized that it was pointless to continue their earlier discussion, so she decided to pick up Molly. Shortly after Sam left, John walked in. Jason glared at John. "Proud of yourself?" Jason asked, as he showed John the newspaper article. Jason warned John not to use Sam to get to him, but John assured Jason that John would never use a tabloid to go after Jason.

Jason didn't believe John, so he wondered if John's obsession with Sonny had been worth trashing Sam's life. John insisted that he hadn't done anything to Sam, but Jason accused John of going after Sam while she had been at her most vulnerable. John was curious if Jason had talked to Sam about Jason's theory. Jason reminded John that Jason had found the bug that John had planted in Sonny's home. John didn't deny it, but he clarified that he intended to use Jason, not Sam, to get to Sonny, because Jason was like a brother to Sonny.

According to John, Jason was Sonny's weakness. Jason wondered why John was still in town, since Sonny had been acquitted. Jason reminded John that Sonny had had an inured arm on the night of the shooting and wouldn't have been foolish enough to stash a gun where it could be found. Jason questioned what kind of cop John was if John hadn't figured out that Sonny had been framed. John confessed that it had never really been about Sonny's trial.

John explained that Sonny had committed other crimes, which Sonny had to answer for. Jason was curious why John had to be the cop who made Sonny pay. John admitted that it was personal, and then told Jason about the shooting in Atlantic City. Jason was surprised to learn that the woman killed in the incident had been John's sister. Jason argued that John didn't have any proof that Sonny had been responsible for John's sister's death, so John vowed to get what he needed.

Later, John returned to the motel to call Natalie. Natalie was not pleased when John revealed that he would have to remain in Port Charles for a little while longer. John explained that he had set things into motion that he needed to see through. John smiled when Natalie calmed down. She told him that she missed him, so he admitted that he missed her, too, and then promised to call her later.

Outside of Kelly's, Jason shoved the newspaper into the garbage. Moments later, two Beechers Corners police officers walked up, identified themselves, and then informed Jason that he was under arrest for the murder of Robert Frank, also known as Franco.

At the lake house, Alexis hoped that Sam hadn't been upset that Alexis had missed the Lamaze class. Molly assured her mother that Sam had understood that Alexis had needed to work. Alexis imagined that Molly had questions about why Jason hadn't been at the hospital. Molly revealed that he had been, but Molly doubted that he had known about the Lamaze class. Alexis was curious what Jason had been doing there, so Molly groused that he'd been hugging Liz Webber, among other things. Alexis assured Molly that Sam and Jason loved each other, so Jason wasn't ready to move on.

Alexis was confident that Sam and Jason would work things out. Molly hoped so, but she didn't think it was fair that Jason wasn't the baby's father. Alexis was shocked and immediately demanded to know what Molly was talking about. Molly realized that Alexis hadn't known, so she urged Alexis to talk to Sam. Alexis assured Molly that she would, but first she wanted to know what Molly knew, including who the baby's father was. Alexis explained that, as a mother, it was her job to protect her children, so she needed to know what was going on.

Alexis wondered how it was possible that Jason wasn't the baby's father. "Because I was raped," Sam answered from the doorway. "Franco raped me," Sam clarified. Sam told her stunned mother about what had transpired in Hawaii. Alexis hugged Sam, and then asked why Sam hadn't told her sooner. Sam explained that she and Jason had tried to put it behind them so that they could move forward.

Sam talked about finding out that she was pregnant, the first paternity test, learning that Franco had been Jason's twin, and then taking the second paternity test, which had confirmed Sam's worst fears. Alexis felt terrible for Jason. Sam admitted that it had been difficult for him, which was why Jason feared that the baby would be a constant reminder of Franco. Sam admitted that she had wanted to tell her mother about the rape, but she had feared that Alexis would think that she was damaged. Alexis insisted that she saw someone beautiful and strong, who had gone through something horrible with grace and dignity, when she looked at Sam.

Sam doubted that others would feel the same way when the article was published. Alexis wondered what Sam was talking about, so Sam told her mother about the article in the Port Charles Press. Alexis immediately called Diane, in an effort to get the article pulled. Diane promised to do what she could, but Diane doubted that she could stop it. Sam suggested that they call Kristina, so that Kristina wouldn't be blindsided by the article. Alexis wished Sam luck, because Alexis hadn't been able to reach Kristina for weeks.

Molly gave Sam the number to Kristina's roommate. Kristina's roommate revealed that Kristina had left Yale weeks before. Frantic, Alexis called Sonny. A short time later, Sonny arrived. Alexis told him that Kristina was missing, so she wondered if Sonny knew where Kristina was. Sonny reminded Alexis that Alexis had wanted Kristina to have a real college experience, so he had pulled his guards.

Alexis decided to call the police so that they could organize a search party. "Don't bother, I'm right here," Kristina said from the doorway.

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