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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 20, 2012 on GH
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Monday, August 20, 2012

At General Hospital, Jason caught up to Spinelli as he was about to deliver flowers to Alexis and a large teddy bear to Josslyn. Jason herded Spinelli into the chapel and told Spinelli that he had a job for him. Spinelli listened in amazement as Jason explained to him that both Alexis and Josslyn had been injected with the same substance at the same time, apparently at Wyndemere.

Spinelli played devil's advocate when Jason suggested that Dr. Ewen Keenan was involved and detailed why he suspected the good doctor. Eventually Spinelli said that he trusted Jason's instinct and would do whatever Jason wanted him to do.

Jason told Spinelli to investigate Ewen fully. Jason said to check bank records, personal records and any link between Alexis and Josslyn. Spinelli said that he would get started if Jason would deliver the teddy bear and flowers in Spinelli's stead.

Elsewhere in GH, Sonny and Kate talked about what had happened to Josslyn and Alexis while Kate waited for her appointment with Ewen, who hovered nearby. When Sonny asked, Ewen said that it had been touch and go for Josslyn and Alexis, but both were better. Sonny said that the perpetrator should burn in hell. Before Ewen could respond, Sonny got a call from John McBain. McBain said that he was waiting at Sonny's restaurant and that they needed to talk. Sonny left, and Kate went to her appointment with Ewen.

Ewen congratulated Kate on how well she was doing. Kate said that she was happy and wanted to know if it was okay to marry Sonny. Ewen said that she deserved to be happy. Kate worried because she had not remembered causing the accident that had killed Starr's daughter and boyfriend, and she still felt guilty about abandoning her baby son. Ewen told Kate that recovering all her memories would take time because they were painful. He advised Kate not to blame herself.

Kate was effusive in her compliments to Ewen and his treatment regime. Ewen said that he did not deserve such high praise, but Kate insisted that he did. Kate's continued admiration triggered Ewen's guilt, and he said that he could no longer treat Kate. Ewen said that he had made serious mistakes and had to give up Kate's case. Kate would not accept his answer.

Kate told Ewen that he had been there for her and that she would be there for him. Kate said that Ewen could tell her anything, and it would not leave the room. Kate told Ewen that he was not evil; he had helped her even after her Connie persona had bashed him over the head with a paperweight. Kate refused to see another doctor. Ewen agreed to continue treating Kate. He told her that issues from his past had caught up with him but that he would not let them interfere in Kate's therapy.

Kate said that she had found forgiveness and understanding from Sonny, Starr, and Ewen, as well as the courage to move on and that Ewen could do the same. Ewen replied that it did not apply in his case. Kate said that it was always possible to find love and forgiveness. Ewen said it was too late for him. As Kate left the office she told Ewen that it was never too late.

After Kate was gone from the office, Ewen filed her case folder and left. Spinelli approached, used his lock picks, and let himself inside. After a cursory look around, Spinelli opened Ewen's laptop and started looking for clues.

In another part of the hospital, Dante listened to results from the crime scene investigation at Carly's place. When Lulu approached, Dante told her that no progress was being made in finding out who had kidnapped Josslyn and injected her. Lulu expressed fears that the same thing might happen to their child. Dante assuaged her fears and told her that he had made a doctor's appointment for her.

While they waited, they discussed their fears and joys about becoming parents before they were ushered into Dr. Varahabhotla's, who told them to call her Dr. V, office. Lulu said that they were there to confirm the results of a home pregnancy test before telling their families. Dr. V ushered Lulu and Dante to an examining room. When they returned to Dr. V's office, Lulu asked what was wrong. Dr. V told Lulu that she was not pregnant.

Trey was talking on the phone, getting good news about Alexis from Kristina, when Starr arrived home. She confirmed that Josslyn was also okay. Starr said that she wanted to finish the conversation that she and Trey had been having about his dad. Trey said that he had told Kristina that his dad was in jail. Starr wanted to know if Trey had told Kristina everything about his dad. Trey reluctantly admitted that he had not told Kristina that his dad had a history with Sonny.

Starr wanted to know if Trey had gotten involved with Kristina as a way to get revenge on Sonny. Trey said he had met Kristina long before he had found out about his dad's history with Sonny. Starr wondered why Trey's father would be in favor of Trey's relationship with Kristina unless he saw it as a means of revenge on Sonny. Trey flashed back to the conversation in which his dad, Joe Scully Jr., had said that to take down the king, Trey had to marry the princess. Starr said that Kristina should know all about Trey's dad.

Starr got a text message from Johnny and had to leave, but told Trey that they would talk later. Trey asked Starr to keep quiet about their conversation. Before she left, Starr told Trey not to let his father's past with Sonny ruin his own future with Kristina.

John McBain was on the phone with Sam when Sonny arrived at the restaurant. When Sonny started to ask questions, John said that it was better to avoid the subject. John sat at a table and poured a glass of wine. Sonny quipped that it was good to see that John was making himself at home. John said that he thought Sonny's restaurant was the best place to meet if they wanted to keep their association secret.

John offered Sonny the wine and said that Sonny would need it because Joe Scully Jr. had been released from jail, and the case against him had been dismissed. Sonny said that he had tried to warn John that the system would fail.

John said that it had been a good case but that Scully had found a powerful ally. John had checked and found that a high-powered lawyer from New York had assisted Scully's attorney and that as a result, the case had been dismissed and sealed. John said that things got even stranger when he checked the jail visitor's log. John said that all records of Scully's visitors had been erased, including his and Sonny's visits. Sonny said, "So much for justice,"

McBain said that justice had not set Scully free. He said that someone had corrupted the system. Sonny reminded John that John had told Sonny that if Scully got off, he belonged to Sonny. John reminded Sonny that they had to find Scully first.

At Wyndemere, Jerry offered Scully coffee, but Scully wanted answers instead. Jerry acquiesced and showed Scully a small suitcase containing several canisters. Jerry said that the canisters contained a potent chemical capable of killing everyone in Port Charles except for Alexis, Josslyn, and Jerry, who had received inoculations. Jerry said that everyone else was expendable. Scully said that his son was not expendable. He added that he had not agreed to let his son die. Jerry told Scully that if he wanted to save his son, he should get him out of Port Charles.

Shawn arrived at the hospital with flowers for Alexis, who was up and around. Alexis accepted the flowers and thanked Shawn for helping Molly the previous day. Shawn said that Molly was a compliment to her mother. Alexis tried to avoid anything personal, but Shawn insisted on talking about their attraction and finally asked Alexis out for dinner. Alexis said that she had a history of being attracted to psychopaths, probably tracing back to her father, and that Shawn was much too nice and normal for her. She added that it probably would not work out between them for that reason.

Shawn said that he was just asking for a casual get-together. Shawn added that perhaps Alexis' recent brush with death was a message from the universe that it was time for a change. Alexis thought for a moment, capitulated, and agreed to go out with Shawn.

Jason and McBain met up at General Hospital. Jason said that he had no leads on whoever had injected Josslyn and Alexis. John told Jason that Scully was out of jail, and Sonny might soon be calling on Jason to locate Scully

At Wyndemere, Jerry started coughing while looking at his medical records. He swallowed a pill from a prescription bottle.

Kate found Sonny at his restaurant. When she asked him about his morning, he said it had been rough. Sonny told Kate the news about Scully, adding, "The man who raped you is out of jail."

Trey answered the door to his apartment and was surprised to see his dad, Joe Scully Jr., standing in the hallway.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

At the hospital, Dr. V. revealed that Lulu was not pregnant. The doctor explained that various things could have led to the false-positive result of the pregnancy test, including a defective pregnancy test, human error, or a "chemical pregnancy." Lulu and Dante wondered what a chemical pregnancy was. Dr. V. revealed that sometimes an egg was fertilized, but didn't advance to the next stage. Lulu was curious if the doctor was suggesting that Lulu had had a miscarriage.

Dr. V. admitted that they didn't consider it a miscarriage when a pregnancy didn't progress beyond a couple of days. The doctor explained that it was common and that most women wouldn't know that they were pregnant unless they took an early pregnancy test. Dante was concerned about any lasting effects of the chemical pregnancy, so Dr. V. assured Dante and Lulu that Lulu was fine. Dr. V. was paged, so she excused herself and left. Lulu seemed disappointed by the news. Lulu admitted that she had thought about all of the reasons why it hadn't been the right time to have a baby when she had first suspected that she might be pregnant.

Lulu reminded Dante that money was tight, she had just started a new business, and they didn't have the room in their small loft for a child. However, Lulu confessed that despite all of those reasons, she felt as if she had lost something wonderful. Dante admitted that he was sad too, because he couldn't stop thinking about how excited they had been at the prospect of becoming parents. However, he was relieved, because it was clear that they both wanted to have children. Lulu wondered why they should wait. Dante smiled when she admitted that she wanted to get started making a baby right away.

At the Haunted Star, Johnny called Carly to check on Josslyn. Carly assured him that Josslyn was doing well, so the doctors had agreed to let her go home later that day. Johnny promised to meet Carly at the hospital before Josslyn was discharged, so Carly assured Johnny that he could take his time because she had some forms to fill out. After Johnny ended the call with Carly, Starr walked in. Johnny sensed that something was on Starr's mind. "As a matter of fact, yes, there is," Starr revealed.

Starr told Johnny that she had learned something about a person who was close to someone she cared about. Johnny suspected that it had something to do with the secret that Trey had told Starr. Starr was embarrassed that Johnny had been able to read her so easily. Johnny pointed out that she wasn't good at deception because she was a fundamentally honest person. Johnny wondered if the secret affected Kristina in some way, but Starr refused to tell him.

However, Starr was conflicted because she was keeping something from Michael. She had no idea how people kept things from the people that they claimed to care about. Johnny squirmed, but Starr didn't notice. He suggested that Starr decide whom she cared about more: Trey or Michael. Starr admitted that Trey was a friend, but Michael was clearly more than that to her. She was afraid if she confided to Michael then he would tell Kristina, who tended to overreact.

Starr was reluctant to cause tension between Michael and Kristina. Johnny suggested that it sounded like a good reason not to tell Michael, but Starr didn't want to be dishonest. Starr recalled that Johnny had vowed to be honest with Carly after Carly had given Johnny a second chance, so Starr decided to follow Johnny's lead. Johnny confessed that Carly didn't know everything about him. Starr appreciated that no one could know everything about a person, but she realized that telling her secret could prevent someone from being hurt.

Later, Starr signed some forms as she confessed that she couldn't believe that her album was finally finished. She thanked Johnny for making everything possible. Johnny smiled and admitted that it had been a smart business decision on his part. Starr insisted on thanking Johnny one final time for all that he had done for her, including helping her to decide what to do about Trey's secret. After Johnny left, Starr called Michael.

Todd approached Carly at the nurses' station as she filled out some forms. Todd wondered why she hadn't called to tell him about Josslyn. Carly admitted that it had been touch-and-go for a while, but Josslyn was fine. Todd insisted that he would have been there for Carly if she had called him. Carly appreciated that Todd cared, but she had had her family and Johnny at her side. Todd bristled at the mention of Johnny's name, but Carly assured him that Johnny had been wonderful from the moment that they had realized that Josslyn had disappeared.

Todd immediately blamed Johnny for what had happened to Josslyn. He thought that it was fortunate that another little girl hadn't died because of Johnny. Carly demanded to know what Todd had meant by that remark. Todd realized that he had said too much, so he tried to leave, but Carly wanted to know what little girl Todd had been referring to. "My granddaughter, Hope," Todd answered.

Carly pointed out that Johnny hadn't been responsible for what had happened to Hope, but Todd argued that Johnny had sent Kate into a tailspin by sleeping with Connie. Todd insisted that Johnny was not who he seemed to be, and Todd looked forward to the day when everyone learned the truth. Carly was tired of Todd maligning Johnny. She reminded Todd that he had moved to Port Charles to be close to Starr because Starr was the only person who could tolerate Todd.

Carly admitted that she was trying to be Todd's friend, but he made it difficult. Todd assured her that he was her friend, but it wasn't in his nature to be selfless. He wanted to know what he could do to prove to Carly that he valued her friendship. Carly admitted that being there for her was enough. Later, Todd returned with some coffee for Carly. However, Johnny arrived at the same time, so Carly led Johnny to Josslyn's hospital room.

In the hospital's chapel, Kristina and Molly admitted that it was a miracle that Alexis and Josslyn had survived being injected with a mystery toxin. Molly wanted to spoil their mother by serving Alexis breakfast in bed when Alexis went home. Kristina couldn't wait for life to get back to normal. Molly was confident that it would be normal again soon, especially since Kristina had cancelled Mob Princess. Kristina looked away, prompting Molly to wonder what Kristina was hiding.

Kristina told Molly about Trey's dilemma and his unusual wedding proposal. Kristina asked Molly not to tell anyone, but Molly warned Kristina that Alexis and Sonny would object to Kristina marrying Trey. Kristina assured Molly that the wedding would be in name only. According to Kristina, Trey's father needed the money because he was in jail for a crime that he hadn't committed. Molly remained skeptical about Kristina's decision to marry Trey, but Kristina insisted that was merely a ratings stunt.

Kristina assured Molly that there was time to break the news to Alexis and Sonny, so Kristina would figure out a way to tell her parents about the wedding. Molly suggested that perhaps the sham wedding might lead to true love. Kristina explained that she would have the marriage annulled quickly, even though she cared about Trey, because it was a "mercy-marriage."

Joe paid his son a visit at Trey's apartment. Trey was delighted to see his father but frustrated that Joe had been unfairly arrested. Trey encouraged Joe to file a lawsuit for the unjust arrest, but Joe wanted to celebrate his freedom. Trey was curious when Sonny would be arrested for the murder, but Joe was more interested in knowing when Trey planned to marry Kristina. Joe smiled knowingly when he spotted a woman's tank top on the sofa.

Trey snatched the garment out of his father's hand as he explained that the top belonged to his roommate, whom he considered to be a good friend. Trey added that his roommate was dating Kristina's brother. Trey then turned the conversation back to Joe's legal troubles because he was concerned that Joe might be arrested again. Joe assured Trey that the charges had been dismissed for lack of evidence. Trey assumed that he no longer had to marry Kristina, but Joe quickly disabused Trey of that notion.

Joe appreciated that Trey had been reluctant to marry Kristina because Alexis had been sick, but Alexis was recovering, so nothing stood in Trey's way. Trey was curious how Joe knew that Alexis had recovered from her illness. Joe revealed that the story had made the news, so Joe had read about it in the Sun. Joe was eager to toast to the happy couple, but Trey insisted that everything had changed because Joe no longer needed the money to mount a defense against the false charges.

Joe insisted that he was drowning in debt and that his antique shop was close to bankruptcy because of the money that he had invested in Trey's reality show. Joe claimed that he didn't want to put it all on Trey's shoulders, but Sonny had their family's money, so it was imperative that Trey marry Kristina that very night. Trey warned Joe that Kristina wouldn't want to steal the limelight from Sonny and Kate, but Joe continued to pressure his son. Joe insisted that Trey needed to be married to Kristina before Sonny learned the truth about who Trey really was. Trey was curious how certain Joe was that Sonny had framed Joe for the murder. Joe was offended and hurt that Trey didn't believe him.

Trey immediately apologized. Joe vowed on their pendants that he was trying to protect Trey. Joe urged Trey to go through with the wedding, and then left. A short time later, Kristina arrived. Kristina admitted that she wanted to talk to Trey about getting married.

At Pozzulo's, Kate reeled from the news that Joe had been released from jail and that the charges had been dropped. Kate admitted that she had hoped that she would never have to lay eyes on the man who had raped her. Sonny explained that someone had pulled some strings to arrange a closed hearing to get the charges against Joe dropped. Kate demanded to know where Joe was, but Sonny admitted that he didn't know. However, he assumed that Joe had returned to New Orleans.

Kate hated the idea that Joe was walking around free, so she wondered what Sonny planned to do about it. Sonny promised that he wouldn't let Joe ruin what they had or get near Kate and their families. Kate wondered if Sonny intended to hunt Joe down. Sonny refused to jeopardize her recovery. He was stunned when Kate suggested that they kill Joe together.

Kate quickly clarified that she had meant it figuratively, not literally. Kate wanted her and Sonny to banish Joe from their lives by letting the past go. She explained that therapy had helped her to move forward. Sonny agreed that he had had better things to do with his time than to go after Joe. Kate smiled. She revealed that she had planned to visit Olivia, so she wanted to tell her cousin about their engagement because Olivia had been instrumental in getting Kate and Sonny back together.

Sonny assured Kate that she could tell the world. Kate beamed with joy as she asked Sonny to wait for her. Kate wanted to go over some wedding plans when she returned from her visit with Olivia. After Kate left, Sonny called Max to ask Max to track down Joe. Sonny made it clear that he wanted Joe unharmed because Sonny intended to deal with "that son of a bitch" personally. Joe strolled into the restaurant in time to hear Sonny's remark.

Todd spotted Kate as she approached the nurses' station to ask which room Olivia had been moved to. Todd realized that he could expose Johnny's secret without getting his hands dirty by reminding Kate that she had not been responsible for the crash that had killed Hope and Cole. Todd smiled as he called out to Kate to ask for a minute of her time.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dante and Lulu talked about their plans to start a family as they left the doctor's office. Lulu confessed that she had already picked out names for their baby. Lulu liked Juliet for a girl and Rocco for a boy. Dante chuckled at the idea of naming their son Rocco Falconeri. Lulu admitted that it had been a joke at first, but she had grown to like the name. Moments later, Luke rounded the corner. Luke overheard Dante and Lulu talking about naming their children, so he asked if Lulu was pregnant.

Lulu was concerned because Luke was out of bed. Luke explained that he was ready to go home and then turned the conversation back to Lulu's possible pregnancy. Lulu explained that it had been a false alarm. Luke hadn't realized that starting a family had been on Dante and Lulu's list of priorities. Dante conceded that it hadn't been until they had thought that Lulu was pregnant, so Luke assured them that they had his full support.

Lulu hugged her father in gratitude. Dante smiled and changed the subject. Dante revealed that Anna had taken a short leave of absence, so Dante hadn't had the opportunity to track down Heather's accomplice because he had been busy looking into what had happened to Alexis and Josslyn. Luke and Dante reviewed what little Luke had been able to piece together about the man who had helped Heather, including that the man had worn expensive Italian shoes.

At the nurses' station, Todd wondered how Kate was feeling. Kate assured him that she was fine and then explained that she was there to visit her cousin, Olivia. Todd admitted that he wanted to discuss a possible partnership with Kate, but Kate made it clear that she wasn't interested. Todd glanced at Johnny and Carly, and then took off to catch up with Kate. Todd revealed that he wanted to put Kate behind the helm of Crimson, but Kate didn't believe him because he had told her that the fashion magazine hadn't been lucrative. Todd claimed that he was a sucker for a lost cause, so he wanted to resurrect Crimson.

Kate wondered why Todd hadn't offered the job to Lucy Coe, Erica Kane, or even Blair, since each woman had been a successful magazine publisher. Todd claimed that he had no idea who Lucy and Erica were, and he certainly didn't know Blair. Kate couldn't understand why Todd would want to work with a woman who had robbed him of his granddaughter and had caused him so much pain. "Maybe you're innocent," Todd replied. Kate assumed that Todd was suggesting that Connie didn't exist.

Todd assured Kate that he knew for certain that Connie was real, but he also knew how integration worked. Todd explained that integration, by its very definition, meant that Kate and her alters became one, including their memories. Todd insisted that it didn't make sense that Kate couldn't recall the events that had led to the tragic crash, so he thought that Kate should question why Connie would keep those memories from Kate. Kate remained skeptical, so Todd suggested that Connie might be hiding something.

Kate was clearly rattled as Todd wondered why Kate had never discussed it with her doctor during their sessions. Todd reminded Kate that Connie had set out to deliberately ruin Kate's life, so Connie didn't have any reason to protect Kate from the memories of the horrific crash. Todd was also baffled as to why Kate had so readily believed Connie's confession without any proof. Kate was curious who else could have caused the crash. Todd claimed that he had no idea, but he assured her that everyone lied, including alter personalities.

Frustrated, Kate reminded Todd that her alter had confessed, so Kate had taken responsibility for the lives that Connie had taken. Kate suggested that Todd accept it if he truly wanted to work with Kate. Kate stormed off, so Todd warned her that, in the future, he would only talk to women who had one personality. Moments later, Luke bumped into Todd. Todd smiled nervously when Luke admitted that Todd seemed familiar.

Luke introduced himself, so Todd admitted that he knew Luke's niece. "Oh, you know Caroline. I'm so sorry," Luke replied. Todd revealed that he was Todd Manning. Luke recognized the name of the publisher of the Sun, so he was curious why Todd had hired a "nutcase" like Heather Webber to write a gossip column. Todd claimed that he had felt sorry for Heather because crazy ran in Todd's family.

Todd explained that he had hoped to earn some karma points by giving a mentally challenged soul some help. However, Todd conceded that he had picked the wrong lunatic. Luke noticed Todd's shoes as Todd started to walk away. Luke was curious if Todd's shoes were Italian. "English," Todd clarified. Luke wondered if Todd wore a size eleven shoe. "Eleven-and-a-half. Who are you, Dr. Scholl's?" Todd asked.

At the nurses' station, Carly assured Johnny that Josslyn was on the mend and eager to go home. Johnny suggested that they check on Josslyn when he noticed Todd watching them. Moments later, Carly and Johnny entered Josslyn's hospital room, but Josslyn was asleep. They didn't want to wake her, so they returned to the hallway to talk. Johnny was curious why Todd had been at the hospital, so Carly revealed that Todd had heard about Josslyn.

Johnny wondered if Todd had said anything about him. Carly admitted that she suspected that Todd was jealous of Johnny because Johnny had been Starr's hero after Hope had died. Johnny was curious what Todd had said, so Carly confessed that Todd had accused Johnny of being too distracted to properly protect Josslyn from harm. However, Carly assured Johnny that she became more committed to Johnny each time Todd badmouthed him. Carly promised that nothing Todd could say would change that.

Later, Dante stopped by to let Carly know that they had searched her property for any clues as to who had taken Josslyn. Dante revealed that the lock on the front door had been picked, so Carly decided to take Josslyn to the hotel until the danger had passed. Carly then asked about Olivia. Dante assured Carly that Olivia was recovering, but it would take time for his mother to deal with the effects of the LSD. Carly and Johnny were surprised when Dante mentioned that Heather had had an accomplice who had helped Heather take care of Luke in the woods. They started to question Dante about it, but Dante was called away.

Carly commented that whoever had helped Heather had to be seriously deranged. Moments later, Johnny received a text message about the club. Carly assured him that she could call for a car when Josslyn was discharged, so she didn't mind if Johnny had to leave. After Johnny left, Carly was getting Josslyn dressed when someone appeared in the doorway. Carly's smile faded when she looked up. "Oh, my God," Carly whispered.

In the hallway, Johnny passed Kate. Kate had a flash of Connie's memory of the last time that Connie had paid Johnny a visit in his office. Johnny wondered if Kate was okay. She assured him that it was nothing, but Johnny admitted that she seemed distracted. Kate explained that she had been on her way to visit Olivia, and then walked away.

At the Haunted Star, Starr greeted Michael with a kiss and then confessed that she needed to talk to him about Trey. Michael bristled at the mention of Trey's name, so Starr asked him to stay calm. After Michael agreed, Starr admitted that Trey had told her something. Michael suspected that Trey had made some unwanted advances on Starr, but Starr assured Michael that Trey only had eyes for Kristina. However, Trey was keeping a secret from Michael's sister. Starr revealed that Trey's father was in jail and that Trey's father had history with Sonny.

Michael wondered if Starr knew what the connection between Trey's father and Sonny was. Starr admitted that she had no idea, but she promised Michael that Trey wanted to be straight with Kristina. Michael was certain that Trey was playing his sister, so he decided to call Sonny. Starr warned Michael that it wasn't a good idea, because it might cause more friction between Kristina and Sonny. Michael conceded that Starr had a point, so he opted to have a talk with Kristina first.

At Pozzulo's, Joe admitted that Sonny's restaurant reminded him of Fortunato's, where Sonny and Connie had hung out when they had lived in Bensonhurst. Sonny wasn't interested in small talk, so he pulled out a gun and aimed it at Joe. Sonny suggested that Joe shouldn't have taken his freedom for granted. Joe urged Sonny to calm down. Moments later, Milo entered the restaurant. Sonny ordered Milo to check Joe for weapons, so Milo patted Joe down, and then announced that Joe was unarmed.

Joe assured Sonny that he wasn't there to hurt Sonny. Sonny ordered Joe to sit, and then instructed Milo to call Bernie to make certain that the guards were on alert. Sonny also wanted Milo to personally keep an eye on Kristina. After Milo left, Sonny pointed out that he could end things with Joe once and for all. Joe suggested that they cut to the chase. Joe was confident that Sonny wouldn't pull the trigger, because McBain would be all over Sonny.

Sonny smiled knowingly, as he warned Joe not to count on it. Joe and Sonny began to rehash the past. Joe managed to push Sonny's buttons by referring to Kate as Connie. Sonny made it clear that her name was Kate, but Joe argued that her name had been Connie when she had put everything into motion. "When you raped her," Sonny corrected Joe. Joe insisted that he had been there, so he knew exactly what had happened.

Sonny was enraged, so Joe boldly invited Sonny to pull the trigger because Joe was an outcast, without anyone to avenge him. Sonny refused to kill Joe, because Sonny had made a promise to Kate. However, Sonny made it clear that Joe had better stay away from Kate. Joe suggested that he and Sonny find a way to coexist, but Sonny refused to make any compromises with a man who had threatened Sonny's children. Joe insisted that it had been a misunderstanding because he loved children, even though Connie had killed the only child that Joe would ever have.

Sonny was unmoved. Joe appreciated Sonny's concern about his children, because Joe would feel the same way in Sonny's shoes. However, Joe warned Sonny that no one could protect children from themselves. Joe used Kristina's involvement with the reality show as an example. Joe warned Sonny that Sonny had looked weak to his rival mobsters because Sonny had given in to Kristina's demands. Joe was eager to see the debut Mob Princess, but Sonny informed him that the show had been shut down, so none of the episodes would see the light of day.

Sonny changed the subject by making it clear that he wanted Joe to return to New Orleans. Joe admitted that he had some business in town. Sonny advised Joe to make it quick because Joe was not welcome in Sonny's town. After Joe left, Joe vowed that the town would not remain Sonny's for long.

At the apartment, Kristina announced that she had decided to marry Trey. She realized that her parents wouldn't be happy, but she was determined to help Trey and his father. Trey was at a loss for words, prompting Kristina to wonder if he'd had a change of heart. Trey admitted that he didn't want to take advantage of her. Kristina assured him that he wasn't because she did care about him. Trey was relieved because he liked her too.

Kristina was shocked when Trey suggested that they hop on a plane that very night and fly to Las Vegas to elope. Kristina pointed out that she didn't have a wedding dress, but Trey assured her that she would get one in Las Vegas. Kristina didn't understand why there was a rush, so Trey explained that he had promised to give the investors a wedding right away. Kristina argued that she wasn't ready to get married. Trey pretended to accept her decision as he commented that his father was on his own. Kristina offered to talk to the investors, but Trey insisted that it wouldn't make a difference.

Trey admitted that his father was out of jail, but his father had been left on the brink of bankruptcy because of the show. Trey continued to push Kristina to change her mind by assuring her that they could be back in the morning and get the marriage annulled as soon as they had satisfied the investors' demands. Kristina began to weaken, so Trey suggested that they could sell their story as a modern day Romeo and Juliet, in which the mob princess ran away with the mob prince from a rival family. Kristina confessed that it sounded interesting, but it was a lie. Trey pointed out that their audience wouldn't have to know that, and it would raise the stakes. Kristina finally relented.

Trey and Kristina started to leave, but stopped short when they saw Milo standing on the doorstep. Milo explained that he had been ordered to keep a close eye on Kristina. Trey announced that they had changed their mind about leaving, so he closed the door on Milo and then assured Kristina that they would find another way to get to the airport. Moments later, Joe called for an update on Trey's plans to marry Kristina. Trey admitted that he had hit a snag, so Joe made it clear that it was imperative that Trey marry Kristina that very day.

In the hallway, Michael and Starr arrived. They stopped to talk to Milo, unaware that Trey and Kristina were plotting to sneak off to the airport.

At the lake house, Sam apologized for having kept John waiting. She handed him an envelope as she explained that Alexis had arranged for an associate at the law firm to draw up a petition to lift Natalie's restraining order. John was surprised that Alexis had thought about his situation, given how sick Alexis had been. Sam admitted that she had reminded her mother to take care of it. Sam confessed that she felt responsible for John's troubles, so she was determined to help him in any way that she could.

Sam didn't think that it was fair of Natalie to use Liam against John and to deny John an opportunity to explain himself. John confessed that he hadn't told Natalie about the kiss because he couldn't assure Natalie that he hadn't meant to kiss Sam. John admitted that it had taken every ounce of his will to pull away from the kiss. Sam reminded John that they had been in a bad place, but John argued that he would have been lying if he had told Natalie that, because the kiss had meant something to him.

Sam was curious what John planned to do next, so John explained that he was determined to fight because he had never thought that Natalie would use their son to hurt him. Sam realized that she had it easy compared to John, because Jason wouldn't contest their divorce. She immediately apologized because it had sounded as if she had been letting John know that she would soon be free. Sam realized that was probably too soon. John agreed, but he warned her that they would have to have that conversation one day. "I know," Sam quietly admitted.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Liz lit candles, as she waited for Ewen to arrive for their date. She thought about her talk with Jason and Jason's admission that he didn't trust Ewen.

Meanwhile, Jerry called out to Ewen as Ewen was about to knock on Liz's front door. Jerry noticed the bottle of wine in Ewen's hand, so he assumed that Ewen intended to "seal the deal" with Liz. Ewen revealed that the police were looking for the person responsible for what had happened to Alexis and Josslyn, so it wouldn't be a good idea for Ewen and Jerry to be seen together. Jerry warned Ewen not to say anything to Liz. Moments later, Liz threw open the door. Jerry managed to slip away before she spotted him.

Liz admitted that she had heard voices, so Ewen explained that he had checked his messages. Liz believed the lie and invited him inside. Ewen opened the bottle of wine while Liz fetched the wine glasses and hors d'oeuvres. Ewen poured them each a glass of wine while Liz asked how Alexis and Josslyn were doing. Ewen assured her that they were recovering.

Liz was relieved because she had felt awful for Carly. She was curious if Carly had managed to reach Jax. Ewen explained that the urgency had passed because Josslyn was doing better, but Liz was certain that Jax would want to know. Liz realized that someone had tried to lure Ewen to Wyndemere with the same fake phone call as the one that Alexis had received, so she was curious if there had been any additional attempts. Ewen became defensive because he suspected that Jason had asked her to question him.

Liz assured Ewen that Jason had nothing to do it. She explained that she had simply been concerned about Ewen's safety because he might have been a victim too. Ewen relaxed as Liz admitted that Ewen was one of the most compassionate people that she had ever met. Ewen kissed Liz, but she pulled away when things began to heat up. She assured him that she cared about him, but she wasn't ready to be intimate.

Liz wanted them to take their time. "What if this is all the time we have?" Ewen asked and then kissed her again. Liz jumped up from the sofa, prompting Ewen to wonder if her hesitation had something to do with Jason. Liz explained that it was about her and what she was comfortable with. Ewen immediately apologized and agreed to take things slowly. Ewen started to leave, but Liz didn't want him to drive after he had been drinking, so she invited him to spend the night on her sofa.

At Pozzulo's, Jason left a message for Spinelli to return his call because Jason wanted to know what Spinelli had learned about Ewen. Moments later, Sonny entered the restaurant. Jason sensed that something was troubling Sonny, so Sonny revealed that Joe had dropped by. Sonny told Jason about Joe's release from jail and Kate's reaction to the news. Jason wondered if Sonny wanted Jason to do anything about Joe, so Sonny instructed Jason to leave Joe alone.

Sonny intended to personally take care of Joe when the time was right. Jason was curious why Joe was in town, so Sonny explained that Joe had claimed it was business. Sonny and Jason agreed that they needed to find out what Joe's business was. Moments later, Spinelli burst through the door and announced that he had found a connection between Alexis, Josslyn, and Ewen. Sonny was not pleased to hear that Jason and Spinelli had been digging into Ewen's background because Ewen had been instrumental in helping Kate.

Jason explained that he had concerns about Ewen because Ewen had shown up at Wyndemere when Jason had gone to Spoon Island to look for clues about who might have injected Alexis and Josslyn with the life-threatening toxin. Sonny wondered what Spinelli had uncovered, so Spinelli began to babble about how Ewen had put himself through medical school in Australia by sheering sheep. Eventually, Sonny ordered Spinelli to get to the point. Spinelli explained that Ewen had excelled in medical school, so Ewen had had his choice of psychiatric residencies in Australia, but Ewen had opted to go Anchorage. Spinelli wondered if Jason and Sonny thought that it was odd that an Australian had moved to Alaska.

"Just like Jax," Jason replied. Jason was curious if Spinelli had found a connection between Ewen and the Jacks family. Spinelli explained that it was yet to be determined, while Sonny admitted that he had hoped never to hear Jax's name again. Jason was certain that it wasn't a coincidence that both Ewen and Jax had left Australia to live in Alaska. Sonny wanted proof that Ewen was connected to what had happened to Alexis and Josslyn before anyone made a move against Ewen.

Jason ordered Spinelli to go to Alaska to dig for more information. "Alaska? Like, 'I can see Russia from here'?" Spinelli asked. Jason explained that he wanted Spinelli to find a link between Ewen and Jax.

Michael and Starr became alarmed when they realized that Trey and Kristina were not in the apartment. Michael suspected that Trey and Kristina had slipped out of the window. He feared that Trey and Trey's father were using Kristina to get to Sonny, so he decided to call Sonny. Starr cautioned Michael to slow down because there might be an innocent explanation for why Trey and Kristina had slipped out of the apartment. Michael reminded Starr that Sonny had tightened security around the family, which indicated that something big was going on. Michael was certain that it had to do with Trey, but Starr insisted that there wasn't any proof of that.

Starr decided to call Trey, so Michael left a message for Kristina to call him back. Starr confessed that she didn't expect Trey or Kristina to return their calls if they were having fun. Michael agreed, so he fetched Trey's laptop to look for clues. Starr thought that it was an invasion of privacy, but Michael argued that Trey had lost the right to privacy when Trey had disappeared with Kristina. Moments later, Michael discovered that Trey had ordered two plane tickets to Las Vegas for that very night.

At Metro Court, Tracy was on the phone with Alice, so she didn't see Joe until she bumped into him and spilled a pot of chicken tarragon soup on him. Tracy immediately apologized, but Joe assured Tracy that it was fine. Tracy was surprised that he knew who she was, so Joe admitted that everyone in town knew who Tracy Quartermaine was. Joe was curious if she preferred Zacchara instead of Quartermaine, so Tracy made it clear that she wanted nothing to do with the Zacchara name. Joe chuckled as he admitted that Tracy could have done better than marrying a guy like Anthony Zacchara.

Tracy wondered if Joe lived in Port Charles, so Joe cryptically explained that he was staying at the hotel. Tracy was curious what room he was in, so Joe flirtatiously invited her to his room. Tracy explained that she had asked because she intended to pay for his dry cleaning. She was curious what Joe's name was, so Joe told her his first name and then walked away. Tracy was watching Joe when Luke rounded the corner. Luke had to repeat Tracy's name several times before she realized that he was there.

Luke was curious what had snagged Tracy's attention. "Wouldn't you like to know?" Tracy replied with a secret smile. Luke was curious what Tracy was doing outside of his hotel room. Tracy revealed that they had heard that Luke had been released from the hospital, so Alice and Cook had persuaded Tracy to drop off a pot of chicken tarragon soup. Luke appreciated the thought, but he preferred to have his soup in a bowl, not on the floor. He invited Tracy into his hotel room, but Tracy was reluctant to go in because of Anna.

Luke admitted that Anna was gone. "Oh. And they said that it wouldn't last," Tracy replied. Luke ignored the comment as he clarified that Anna had gone to Switzerland, thanks to Tracy's friend, Heather. Tracy reminded Luke that Heather had been obsessed with him, so Heather had not been a friend of hers. Luke explained that the point was that Heather had told Anna that Robin was alive. "That's impossible," Tracy insisted.

Luke agreed, but he conceded that Heather was a convincing liar. Luke had tried to reach Anna several times, but she hadn't answered his calls. He was concerned that Anna's enemies might try to take advantage of Anna in her vulnerable state. As if on cue, Anna called Luke. However the connection was spotty, so Luke wasn't able to have a conversation with her. Luke decided to fly to Zurich to find Anna, but Tracy objected to him taking a commercial flight.

Tracy thought it was a fool's errand, but she could tell that Luke was genuinely concerned about Anna, so she offered him her private jet. "You always come through when I really need you," Luke admitted. He thanked her for her generosity. Tracy warned him not to scratch the seats because they were Corinthian leather.

Joe cleaned up and then left a message for Trey to call him back when Trey made it out of town. Moments later, Jerry arrived. Joe hustled Jerry into the room, and then shut the door. Joe couldn't believe that Jerry had taken such a huge risk by returning to the hotel that had once been the scene of one of Jerry's infamous crimes. Jerry insisted that he knew the hotel like the back of his hand, so he wasn't concerned about anyone seeing him. Jerry was curious if Joe had managed to get Trey out of town, so Joe admitted that, with any luck, Trey was long gone.

Jerry was pleased when Joe assured him that the team was in place and awaiting Jerry's orders. Jerry revealed that he had the perfect method to ensure that the pathogen entered everyone's blood stream, so he wanted Joe and the team to meet him at the reservoir later that evening. Joe was curious if Jerry was certain that the plan would work, so Jerry admitted that he had once used a similar toxin on Nikolas Cassadine with satisfactory results. Joe wondered how Jax would feel about what Jerry had done to Josslyn and Alexis.

Jerry confessed that he had taken steps to make certain that Jax was stranded on the other side of the world. However, Jerry was confident that Jax wouldn't be concerned because Jax would soon receive word that Josslyn would make a full recovery. Joe demanded that Jerry give him a vaccine, so Jerry assured Joe that Joe was covered. After Jerry left, Joe wondered what he had gotten himself into. Moments later, Joe received a text message from Trey revealing that Trey and Kristina were on a plane. "At least one of us is safe," Joe mumbled.

At the hospital, Carly and Josslyn were surprised when Jax entered the room. "Daddy," Josslyn squealed with delight. Jax hugged his daughter as he explained that he had gotten to the hospital as fast as he could. Carly assured Jax that their daughter was recovering. Jax gave Josslyn a present that he had picked up in Shanghai. It was a music box that he hoped would remind Josslyn of her father whenever she listened to it.

Jax revealed that he had bought the music box just before he had received word of Josslyn's illness, so he had taken the first flight to Port Charles to deliver the gift in person. Josslyn played with the music box while Jax pulled Carly aside to find out what had happened. Carly told him everything that they had been able to piece together. She confessed that she had initially feared that Jax had taken Josslyn when Josslyn had disappeared. Jax assured Carly that he would never take Josslyn away from Carly again. Carly couldn't figure out what the connection was between Josslyn and Alexis.

"Me," Jax answered. He reminded Carly that Alexis was his best friend, and Josslyn was his daughter. Carly couldn't believe that someone would inject Josslyn and Alexis with a toxin to lure Jax back to Port Charles. Jax suggested that perhaps Sonny was behind it, but Carly insisted that Sonny would never harm Josslyn or Alexis, so it had to be someone else. Jax conceded that Helena might have been behind it, and then revealed that he had been delayed on the tarmac in Shanghai.

Jax had no idea if the incidents were connected, but he intended to find out. Carly was concerned about Sonny's reaction when Sonny learned that Jax was in town, but Jax didn't care because Jax was determined to get to the bottom of things. Josslyn announced that she wanted to go home, so Jax offered to take Carly and Josslyn to the hotel.

Later, Jax carried Josslyn into his hotel suite. He then invited Carly to go swimming with them. Carly accepted because it had been a long time since they had spent time together as a family.

Meanwhile, Jerry appeared in the hallway, unaware that Jax was in the next room. Jerry called a mystery person to report that the plan had been put into motion. However, Jerry warned the person not to violate their agreement, or Jerry would go after the person with everything that he had, because Jerry had nothing to lose.

Friday, August 24, 2012

In Lucerne, Switzerland, Luke prowled around a sanitarium, looking for Anna. A woman in a while lab coat spotted Luke, so she asked him if he needed help. Luke introduced himself as Dr. Reik Von Schemerman, so the woman revealed that she was Dr. Obrecht. Luke showed Dr. Obrecht a picture of Anna as he asked if the doctor recognized the woman in the photo. Dr. Obrecht revealed that a woman fitting Anna's description had been admitted. Luke explained that the woman suffered from paranoid schizophrenia and was his patient, so he wanted to see her.

Dr. Obrecht warned Luke that the patient had escaped several times and had been found wandering around the sanitarium, so they had been forced to sedate her. Luke hid his surprise when Dr. Obrecht opened the door to Anna's room. Anna had been restrained in a straiT.J.acket and appeared to be catatonic. Luke asked to have some time alone with his patient, so Dr. Obrecht left. Luke anxiously examined Anna, but she quickly eased his fears when she smiled at him. Luke helped Anna out of the straiT.J.acket as she filled him in on how she had managed to get herself admitted to the sanitarium.

Luke wondered if Anna had found Robin. Anna revealed that she suspected that Robin was in a heavily guarded area of the sanitarium. Anna realized that Luke didn't believe that Robin was alive, but Anna felt obligated to search for her daughter, even if she might be chasing a ghost. Luke explained that he believed in Anna, even though Heather had a knack for ferreting out a person's weakness and exploiting it. However, Luke was determined to help Anna. Moments later, Luke and Anna heard someone jingling keys on the other side of the door, so Anna jumped back into bed as Dr. Obrecht entered the room.

Luke announced that it was in his patient's best interest to remain in the sanitarium, so he wanted to review her charts. Dr. Obrecht led Luke to her office. Anna waited until they were gone, and then slipped out of the room. Anna made her way to the heavily guarded area of the sanitarium where a woman was being kept in a locked room. Anna picked the lock and entered the room. "Robin?" Anna asked as she looked at the patient in the bed.

At Liz's house, Liz smiled as she picked up one of her sons' water toys. After she put the toy gun away, she got dressed for the day. Moments later, Jason arrived. Jason explained that he needed to talk to Liz about Ewen. "Did I hear my name?" Ewen asked as he appeared on the staircase without a shirt.

Jason looked away to hide his annoyance. Liz explained that Jason had been about to tell her something about Ewen. Ewen was surprised when Jason admitted that he had been wrong about Ewen. Jason claimed that he had been upset about Josslyn and Alexis when he had made the accusations against Ewen. Jason apologized for jumping to the wrong conclusion, so Ewen thanked Jason

Moments later, the hospital paged Ewen, so he explained that he had to leave. Ewen thanked Liz for a wonderful evening and then left. Liz waited until Ewen was gone and then clarified that Ewen had slept on the sofa. "Good," Jason replied. Liz was curious why Jason was really there, so Jason admitted that he had lied; Ewen was hiding something. Liz didn't want to hear it because Ewen had been wonderful to her.

Liz explained that Ewen had been there for her when everything had fallen apart. Jason told her about Ewen's connection to Alaska, but Liz didn't think that it was suspicious that Ewen had moved to the same place that the Jacks family had. Jason reminded her that Ewen had shown up at Wyndemere when Jason had been searching for clues about what had happened to Josslyn and Alexis. He was curious if Ewen had ever said anything to Liz about the Jacks family. Liz reluctantly admitted that Ewen had named each member of the Jacks family during Liz and Ewen's first date.

Jason suddenly recalled that Jerry Jacks had once given Nikolas Cassadine an injection of a toxin similar to the one that Alexis and Josslyn had been given. Liz argued that Patrick and Robin had been able to create an antidote for the compound that Nikolas had been given. Jason hadn't realized that Patrick had been involved with synthesizing the antidote.

Jason announced that he had to leave, but he asked Liz to be careful and not mention anything to Ewen. Jason confessed that he wouldn't be able to handle it if something happened to her.

At the hospital, Patrick drank some water and then left Anna a message to let Anna know that Emma had a dance recital later that week. Patrick revealed that Emma was playing the Rosebud princess, who had an English accent, so it would mean a lot to Emma if Anna attended the event. After Patrick ended the call, he went to Olivia's hospital room. Patrick assured Steve and Olivia that there wasn't anything physiologically wrong Olivia. Steve was concerned about Olivia's hallucinations, but Patrick assured Steve that it was a good sign that they had decreased in frequency.

Steve handed Olivia a glass of water while he talked to Patrick. Olivia began to scream in horror when she looked at the contents of the glass. Steve and Patrick became concerned when Olivia explained that the toxic water appeared green. Patrick decided to call Ewen. A short time later, Ewen arrived to check on Olivia.

Olivia became hysterical when she saw Ewen because his face appeared distorted. Ewen tried to ease Olivia's fears, to no avail. Terrified, she accused Ewen of being the devil out to steal her soul. Steve tried to calm Olivia down while Ewen and Patrick left the room. Ewen was rattled by the encounter, so Patrick reminded Ewen that Ewen was a good man and that Liz agreed.

Ewen warned Patrick that Olivia couldn't be released from the hospital in the state that she was in. Ewen explained that General Hospital could only do so much for Olivia, so if she didn't improve soon, they would have to transfer her to Shadybrook. In Olivia's hospital room, Steve suggested that they turn on the television to get Olivia's mind off of her terrifying hallucination.

Later, Jason approached the nurses' station to talk to Patrick. Jason revealed that it concerned Robin.

Meanwhile, Ewen returned to Liz's house. He explained that his schedule was clear, so he wanted to spend the rest of the day with Liz. Liz invited him in, but she sensed that something was troubling him. Ewen admitted that one of his patients had had a setback. Liz felt bad for Ewen, but Ewen changed the subject because he was curious how things had gone with Jason. Liz confessed that she had a few questions for Ewen, but she became distracted when she glanced at the television. "Oh, my God," Liz said in stunned disbelief.

In Joe's hotel room, Jerry revealed that 1.4 million people lived without clean drinking water. According to Jerry, dirty water killed more people than war, malaria, and HIV combined. Jerry insisted that the people of Port Charles took their water for granted because they assumed that it was limitless. Jerry explained that they drank it, bathed in it, and played in it without giving a second thought to how they squandered a resource that gave them life. Jerry decided that the denizens of Port Charles needed a wakeup call to force them to examine their priorities. Jerry suggested that perhaps the citizens of Port Charles would dispense with their rivalries and unite, because people seldom valued their lives until they were in danger of losing them.

Joe wondered if Jerry truly believed that Jerry's plan would draw people together. "That remains to be seen," Jerry replied and then added that it was a good day to be away from Port Charles. Jerry announced that he had to leave to tie up some loose ends. After Jerry left, Joe called Trey to leave his son a message requesting that Trey text with an update on the nuptials. Joe insisted that Trey not return to Port Charles until Joe let Trey know that it was safe. Moments later, Tracy knocked on the door.

Tracy handed Joe a brand new white shirt to replace the one that she had ruined. Joe invited her in so that he could show her how the shirt fit him. After Tracy entered, Joe put on the new shirt. Joe turned on the charm as Tracy helped him with the cufflinks. Joe noticed that Tracy wasn't immune to him, so he kissed her. Thing quickly heated up, so they fell into bed together.

Later, Tracy was horrified that she had slept with a man she barely knew. Tracy started to leave, but Joe wanted her to stay because he had enjoyed the time that they had spent together. Tracy was reluctant to stay until Joe asked if there was another man in her life. At the reminder of her troubles with Luke, Tracy changed her mind. Satisfied, Joe turned on the television.

Carly paid Todd a visit in his hotel suite. She revealed that she and Josslyn had spent the night at the hotel with her husband. Todd was furious because he assumed that she had married Johnny. Carly quickly clarified that she had been referring to Jax. Carly explained that Jax had returned to Port Charles because he had been concerned about Josslyn. She assured Todd that Jax had slept on the sofa.

Todd was curious why Carly thought that he would care where Jax had slept. "I don't know," Carly quietly admitted. Todd suspected that she wanted his advice about what she should do, so he urged her to end things with Johnny. Todd confessed that he would love to see the expression on Johnny's face when Johnny realized that Jax was in town. Carly insisted that she and Jax were over, prompting Todd to wonder why she was talking to Todd. "Thanks for nothing," Carly snapped, irritated.

Carly headed to the door, so Todd admitted that he couldn't support her decision to be with Jax or Johnny, so he was curious what she wanted from him. Todd confessed that all he had to offer her was his support and a friendly shoulder. "Is that enough?" he asked. "Yeah," Carly quietly replied and then left.

Johnny was stunned when Jax, wearing only a towel, opened the door to Carly's hotel suite. Johnny demanded to know what Jax was doing there, so Jax explained that he was visiting Josslyn. Johnny wasn't satisfied because he wanted to know why Jax was in Carly's suite. Jax informed Johnny that Carly had invited him to stay. Johnny followed Jax into the suite to wait for Carly. Jax went to get dressed while Johnny thought about the night of his club's opening when Carly had toasted to Johnny finally breaking free of the mob and getting everything that Johnny had wanted.

Jax returned to the living area and admitted that he was disappointed that Carly had become involved with another mobster. Johnny revealed that he was out of that life, but Jax didn't believe him. Johnny insisted that he loved Carly and Josslyn, so Johnny would protect them with everything that Johnny had. Jax had heard that before, so he didn't put much stock in it. Moments later, Carly entered. Jax thought that it was odd that Carly hadn't mentioned being involved with Johnny.

Johnny bristled when Jax suggested that perhaps one of Johnny's enemies had been responsible for Josslyn's illness. Carly reminded Jax that they had determined that Jax was the common link, not Johnny. Carly made it clear that Johnny was a part of her life, so Jax was curious how serious Carly and Johnny were. Johnny decided to let Carly and Jax work things out, so he left. Afterwards, Carly reminded Jax that Jax had left her, so he didn't have a right to question her private life.

Jax wondered if Carly had received the divorce papers. She admitted that she had, so Jax was curious why she hadn't signed them. Carly insisted that she hadn't had a chance. "Why not?" Jax wondered. He suspected that Carly wasn't ready to let him go. Moments later, Josslyn entered the room and asked to watch television with her parents.

Jerry paid Todd a visit and introduced himself as James Craig. Jerry explained that he had a business proposition for Todd, so Todd agreed to give him thirty seconds to talk. Jerry revealed that he knew that Todd had recently purchased LexCorp, which had included a local cable franchise. Jerry wanted to buy it from Todd. Todd pointed out that the transaction would have to be vetted by the Federal Communications Commission, so Todd wasn't interested. Jerry opened his briefcase to show Todd that it was filled with cash. Todd immediately had a change of heart.

Later, Todd turned on the television and discovered that Jerry was on the air. "Greetings and salutations," Jerry said. "Please pardon this interruption from your regularly scheduled programming. I'm sure many of you are wondering, 'Who in heaven's name is this man? Why is he on my television? Where is my soap opera?' If that is the case, please allow me to introduce myself. Some of you may know me as James Brosnan, others, as James Craig, but the name that most of you know me by is my real one. I am Jerry Jacks. Do I have your attention? Please listen closely, because I have something very important to say. I've been keeping a little secret and I think it's time to let you all in on it," Jerry revealed.

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