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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 23, 2012 on GH
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Monday, July 23, 2012

In Todd's hotel suite, Todd refused to accept that Blair intended to marry Tomas. He demanded to see the engagement ring, so Blair pulled it out of her purse. Todd wasn't impressed, because it wasn't what she deserved, nor was it from him. He wondered why she had waited to tell him about the engagement until after they had kissed. Blair started to apologize, but Todd didn't want to hear it.

Todd reminded Blair that they had two children together and that he loved her. He insisted that he would live and die for her, but Blair told Todd to stop being so dramatic. Todd accused her of leading him on. Blair claimed that she hadn't told him sooner because she wanted the focus to be on Starr, since it was Starr's big night. Todd didn't believe that Blair had kept quiet about the engagement for their daughter's sake.

Todd accused Blair of not telling Todd and Starr about the engagement, because, deep down inside, Blair didn't want to marry Tomas. He suspected that was why Blair had let him "wine and dine" her. Blair reminded Todd that he had kissed her, but Todd argued that Blair had been a willing participant. Todd was certain that Blair loved him and wanted to marry him. Blair tried to deny it, but Todd didn't believe her, so he dared her to tell him that she didn't love him. "I can't," Blair tearfully confessed.

Todd wasn't satisfied, so he pushed for Blair to admit that she loved him. "Fine, I love you," Blair confessed. Blair conceded that she would always love him, because he was under her skin and in her head and heart. However, she couldn't be with him, because every time that they were together, he did something to screw things up. Todd explained that he had left Llanview because he was determined to put his mistakes behind him and do better.

Blair wondered if Todd could promise her that he would never do something awful again. Todd thought about Heather's threat to tell everyone about the baby switch, as Blair demanded that he look Blair in the eye and vow that nothing would destroy their relationship again. Todd couldn't do it, so Blair was curious where that left them. "Maybe it's perfect. Maybe now we find out who we really are," Todd suggested.

Blair feared that she wouldn't survive another relationship with Todd. Todd said he had always thought that he and Blair would be together. Blair confessed that she loved him so much that she had been willing to put everything that had happened between them behind her when he had returned to Llanview. Todd wondered why she couldn't do that again. Blair tearfully explained that she had been deeply hurt when John had arrested Todd for Victor's murder, because Todd had lied to her and her world had blown up.

"Mine too," Todd admitted. Todd warned her that she was making a poor choice by marrying another man when she loved Todd. Blair insisted that it was the only choice that she could make and then left.

On the Haunted Star, Connie entered Johnny's office and closed the door. Johnny admitted that he had thought that Connie was gone. "Yeah. What can I say? The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated," Connie replied. Connie applied bright red lipstick while Johnny wondered why Kate and Connie hadn't been integrated. Connie explained that the integration couldn't happen until Kate knew all of Connie's secrets. Connie clarified that she still had a "whopper" of a secret.

Connie explained that Kate didn't know that Connie hadn't shot out Anthony's tires, which had led to the deaths of two innocent people. Johnny suspected that Kate was trying to play him, so Connie assured him that she wasn't Kate. Johnny didn't believe her. Connie decided to prove that she was Connie by talking about their encounter in the interrogation room, when Johnny had persuaded Connie to take the blame for the shooting. Johnny remained skeptical, so Connie admitted that it was in her best interest to protect Johnny's secret.

Connie explained that she would cease to exist if Kate ever learned the truth, so it was imperative that Johnny not grow a conscience and tell anyone about what had really happened. Connie admitted that she had seen the look on Johnny's face when Johnny had paid Kate a visit at Shadybrook. She knew that Johnny felt guilty about what he had done, so she offered to be Johnny's safe place to talk about the shooting without fear of it getting out. Johnny regretted what he had done, but he refused to lose Carly and the new life that he had carved out for himself, so he assured Connie that he wouldn't say anything to anyone. Connie poured herself a drink as she admitted that she needed to lay low for a while.

Johnny warned Connie that she had taken a big risk because Kate would be concerned about another blackout. Connie assured Johnny that Kate wouldn't realize it because Connie had emerged while Kate had been asleep, so Connie intended to slip back into bed with Sonny before Kate woke up. Moments later, Connie left, unaware that the camera that Heather had planted in Johnny's office had recorded Connie and Johnny's conversation.

Michael and Starr returned to the Haunted Star to look for Starr's white rose. Starr insisted that it was a lucky charm, but Michael credited Starr's talent for her successful performance. They talked about the evening as they searched for the flower. Starr was happy that her parents knew about Starr and Michael's relationship. She was also pleasantly surprised that Todd and Blair had appeared to get along.

Michael admitted that it had been easier for him after his parents had found new love interests to focus on. He regretted reminding Starr of Kate, but she assured him that it was fine. She understood the nature of dissociative identity disorder; however, she would always think of Hope and Cole whenever she saw Kate. Starr changed the subject by continuing the search for her rose. Michael was flattered that his gift had meant so much to Starr. Starr insisted that she appreciated Michael, because he was patient, understanding, sweet, and cute.

Michael and Starr kissed. Afterwards, Starr confessed that she wanted to thank Johnny too. She admitted that she had stopped caring about music when Hope and Cole had died, but Johnny had turned that around for her. Michael pointed out that Johnny's motives weren't pure because Starr was good for business. Starr and Michael went to the office, but Michael stopped her from entering when he heard voices from inside.

Michael suspected that Johnny was with Carly, so Michael didn't want to walk in on Johnny and Carly in a compromising position because it would scar him for life. Starr appreciated Michael's situation, so she decided to leave Johnny a note. Michael looked for the flower one last time while Starr wrote a quick note expressing her gratitude for what Johnny had done for her. Starr was delighted when Michael found the rose.

On the deck, Lulu confronted Patrick with the bottle of amphetamines that she had found in his jacket pocket. Patrick assured her that it was not what it looked like, but Lulu didn't believe him. She realized that Patrick had never stopped taking the amphetamines as he had promised. Patrick denied that he had a problem with the pills, but Lulu disagreed. Moments later, Maxie called Lulu. Patrick implored Lulu not to say anything to Maxie about the pills.

Lulu assured Maxie that Patrick was safe and then lied by claiming that he had returned to the Haunted Star to fetch something that he had forgotten. After Lulu ended the call, she explained that she had lied for Maxie's sake, because Maxie had been proud of herself for persuading Patrick to stop taking the pills. Patrick insisted that his pill use had been blown out of proportion, but Lulu didn't buy it. Patrick denied that he was an addict, so Lulu decided to test him by threatening to toss the pills overboard.

Patrick lunged for the bottle of pills. "Okay, I need them. Are you satisfied?" Patrick asked, as Lulu held the pills out of reach. Patrick explained that he had tried to stop taking the pills, but he had needed them because they dulled the pain and allowed him to see and touch Robin. Lulu reminded Patrick that he had kissed her, not Robin. Lulu explained that Patrick didn't honor Robin's memory by throwing his life away.

Lulu reminded Patrick that Emma was grieving, too, so Emma needed her father. Patrick feared that he wasn't strong enough, so Lulu promised to get Patrick the help that he needed. Patrick insisted that all he needed was Robin. Lulu gently put her arm around him as he began to weep inconsolably.

At the police station, Anna showed Dante the map of the woods where Anthony's body had been recovered from a shallow grave. She revealed that there had been an abandoned cabin nearby, where she suspected Luke was being held. Dante told Anna that Heather was in Anna's hotel suite with his mother, so Anna instructed Dante to take Heather into custody, because they had enough evidence with the forged letters and Archibald Boles's statement to arrest Heather.

At the hotel, Olivia was horrified when Heather revealed that the syringe that Heather held was filled with a concentrated dose of LSD. Olivia tried to get away, but Heather closed in on Olivia. The women struggled until Dante burst through the door with his gun drawn. Heather quickly stepped away from Olivia, but it was too late. Heather had jabbed the needle into Olivia's side and injected Olivia with the LSD. Dante raced to his mother's side while Heather ran out of the suite.

At the nurses' station, Epiphany told Steve that Dante had left a message for Steve to call because Dante was looking for Olivia. Steve thanked Epiphany and then started to walk away. Epiphany was surprised that Steve didn't seem concerned, so Steve explained that he knew what it was about. Steve revealed that Olivia was convinced that Heather had been consorting with criminals, even though the police had cleared Heather of Anthony's murder. Steve admitted that it seemed like Olivia was on a crusade against Heather. According to Steve, Olivia was the most stubborn person that Steve had ever known.

Later, Dante arrived at the hospital with a distraught Olivia. Steve demanded to know what had happened, so Dante explained that it appeared that Olivia had been injected with a large dose of LSD. "How?" Steve asked, stunned. "Your mother," Dante answered, as Epiphany tried to calm Olivia down. Dante handed a plastic bag containing the syringe to Steve so that it could be tested.

Meanwhile, Olivia became increasingly agitated and paranoid, so she broke away from Epiphany and grabbed a scalpel. Olivia waved it around as she tearfully ordered everyone to stay away from her. Olivia accused Steve of ignoring her warnings and letting "the monster" out of its cage. The tension turned to alarm when Olivia suddenly held the scalpel to her own throat. Dante edged closer to his mother as Steve assured Olivia that he loved her. Steve promised to return the monster to its cage and never let it out again. Olivia dropped her guard long enough for Dante to disarm her.

Orderlies quickly put Olivia in a straiT.J.acket, and then led her away. Steve assured Dante that Olivia would get the best care that Steve could provide, but Dante was furious. Dante blasted Steve for ignoring Olivia's warnings about Heather and for believing that Heather had changed, even though Heather had remained obsessed with Luke. Steve insisted that he was sorry, but Dante demanded to know if Steve could promise him that Olivia would recover. Steve admitted that he didn't know.

At the cabin, Luke struggled to put out the fire that had started when a lit candle had dropped on a pile of papers. Luke's efforts were in vain, so he desperately fought to break free of the bonds that had kept him tied to the chair. A short time later, Anna arrived at the cabin with a police officer in tow. Anna sent the police officer to call for the fire department when she saw smoke billowing out of the cabin. After the police officer left, Anna called out to Luke. "Slim," Luke replied from inside the cabin.

Anna looked around for something to cover herself with so that she could get to Luke and free him. She spotted a blanket and picked it up, but Heather appeared in the doorway. Luke was stunned when Heather knocked Anna out. "What did I tell you about having company when I wasn't here?" Heather scolded Luke. Luke cried out for Anna, while Heather retrieved Anna's gun.

Heather decided that things had gotten too messy, so it was time for Heather and Luke to leave. Heather mentioned that she had encountered Olivia in Anna's suite, so Luke demanded to know what Heather had done to Olivia. Heather assured him that it hadn't been anything that she wouldn't have eventually done, so everything had worked out nicely. Luke called out to Anna again, so Heather wondered what it would take for Luke to get over Anna. Anna suddenly jumped up and punched Heather in the face.

Heather crumbled to the ground, dazed. "You are one crazy bitch," Anna told Heather, as Anna handcuffed Heather. Afterwards, Anna untied Luke and helped him out of the cabin, as police officers and the fire department swarmed the cabin. Everyone froze when Heather suddenly appeared in the doorway, wielding the gun. "If I can't have Luke, no one can," Heather shouted, and then fired the gun.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Blair went to Starr's apartment to visit before heading home to Llanview. Starr had thought that Blair and Todd were having dinner together, so Blair revealed that the evening hadn't gone well, because Blair had told Todd about her engagement to Tomas. Starr was happy for her mother, but curious why Blair hadn't mentioned the engagement sooner. Blair insisted that it had been Starr's big night, but Starr suspected that Blair had been afraid of Todd's reaction.

Blair fetched a couple of bowls of chocolate chip ice cream and then returned to the living room. Blair noticed that Starr was quiet, so Starr confessed that she was concerned about Todd. Blair admitted that Todd was upset because Blair had unwittingly sent him mixed signals. Blair explained that Todd had jumped to the wrong conclusion when he had learned that Tomas had not accompanied Blair to Port Charles. Starr wondered if Todd had tried to get back together with Blair.

"Worse," Blair confessed. Blair told Starr about Todd's proposal of marriage. Blair explained that she had turned Todd down because of the things that he had done and the people that he had hurt. Starr was curious if Blair and Todd might have had a chance if Blair hadn't been engaged to Tomas. Blair conceded that she would always love Todd, which she had told Todd, against her better judgment. However, Blair couldn't trust Todd.

A short time later, Blair asked Starr to take care of Todd, hugged her daughter, and then left.

In Todd's hotel suite, Todd threw the ring box across the room and then proceeded to trash the room. In the hallway, Carly heard the commotion, so she used the master key to let herself into Todd's suite. Carly realized that Todd's date with Blair hadn't gone well. Todd suggested that Carly leave, but Carly refused to budge. She warned him that the vase that he was about to throw wasn't complimentary, so Todd told her to add the cost of the vase to his bill.

Todd wanted to be left alone, but Carly demanded to know what had upset him. Todd revealed that Tomas had stayed in Llanview so that Blair could tell Todd that Blair and Tomas were engaged. Carly felt bad for Todd, but Todd confessed that the best part was that Blair had told him about the engagement after Todd had asked Blair to marry him. Todd showed Carly the diamond ring. Carly thought that it was beautiful, so Todd invited her to take it. Carly was tempted but ultimately declined.

Todd explained that Blair had admitted that she loved him, but she didn't want to be in a relationship with him because Blair was afraid that something terrible would happen and her heart would end up broken. Todd conceded that Blair was right. Todd was certain that he and Blair would be happy for a while, until he did something to wreck it, leaving Blair to pick up the pieces. Carly suggested that he could change. Todd explained that Blair appreciated that he was capable of bad things, but Carly argued that they all had a past. Todd wondered why Carly assumed that he was talking about the past.

As if on cue, his "Crazy calling," ringtone signaled that Heather was calling him. Carly chuckled, as she admitted that she wanted to know who was calling. Todd revealed that it was one of his employees, prompting Carly to guess that it was Heather. She revealed that Heather had attacked Olivia in the police commissioner's hotel suite, so she advised Todd to find a new gossip columnist. Carly admitted that she didn't know the whole story behind the attack, but the police were looking for Heather.

Todd wondered if the night could get any worse. Carly assured Todd that he hadn't deserved what Blair had done to him, but Todd disagreed. Carly argued that he didn't have to be a bad person simply because Blair had accused him of being one. Todd explained that Llanview was filled with people who thought the worst of him; he offered to take her there sometime to meet them. Carly admitted that she had a similar reputation in Port Charles. Todd was surprised because he thought that Carly was a pillar of the community.

Carly confessed that she had made a ton of mistakes and had told a lot of lies that many people refused to let her live that down. Carly suggested that Todd consider proving Blair wrong. Moments later, Carly decided to head to the hospital to check on Olivia. Todd hoped that Olivia recovered. Carly smiled and told him that he had made a smart move by not taking Heather's call.

After Carly left, Todd check his voicemail. Heather explained that she needed his help and threatened to reveal his secret if he didn't cooperate.

On the Haunted Star, Patrick tried to leave, but Lulu refused to let him run away from his pill problem. Patrick assured Lulu that she had gotten through to him, but Lulu didn't believe him. She reminded him that he had made a similar claim before, but it had been a lie. Patrick asked Lulu to trust him not to put Emma in a dangerous situation, but Lulu refused to back down. She insisted that he had been lucky so far, but that luck would eventually run out, like it had for Luke.

Lulu was curious if Patrick would trust Emma's life in the hands of a doctor who was high on amphetamines. She urged him to go to the hospital and detoxify, but Patrick explained that it was too dangerous. Patrick revealed that he had taken drug samples from the hospital, so he was afraid that Monica might piece things together. Lulu realized that Patrick had a difficult road ahead of him, but he needed to get clean.

At the Drake residence, Maxie was pacing the floor when she heard someone on the front porch. Maxie was startled when Mac, carrying a sleeping Emma, entered the house. Mac had used a key that Robin had given to him. He revealed that he and Felicia had spent a wonderful day with Emma, but Emma had woken up from a nightmare, crying out for Patrick. Mac had realized that Emma had been afraid of losing Patrick, the way that she had lost Robin, so he had decided to take Emma home, so that Emma could see Patrick and wake up in her own bed. However, Emma had fallen asleep on the way home.

Maxie revealed that Patrick wasn't home. After Mac carried Emma to the bedroom, he returned to the living room to talk to Maxie. He sensed that something was troubling her, but Maxie assured him that Patrick was fine. Maxie assured Mac that Patrick was doing better since she had moved in, so she was certain that having her around was a big help to Patrick. Mac was concerned about Maxie because she had her own life to live.

Maxie reminded Mac that Patrick and Emma were her husband's family, so she had an obligation to help them. Mac warned Maxie that she couldn't take care of everyone while ignoring herself. Maxie explained that her career was a mess, so she didn't even know if she had a job. She imagined that Mac could appreciate her predicament, since he had lost his job. She immediately apologized for the insensitive remark, but Mac assured her that it was okay because he liked his new life. However, Mac was certain that Robin wouldn't want Maxie to stop living her life to care for Patrick and Emma.

Maxie appreciated that Mac was concerned about her, but she insisted that she was where she needed to be. After Mac left, Maxie resumed her pacing. Moments later, Emma appeared in the doorway of the living room. "Where's daddy?" Emma asked.

In the woods, Anna helped Luke out of the burning cabin. She informed a police officer and fireman that a woman was still inside the cabin, but everyone froze when Heather suddenly loomed in the doorway, wielding Anna's gun. "If I can't have Luke, no one can," Heather shouted, as she fired a shot. Luke jumped into the path of the bullet before it struck Anna. Anna was horrified as Luke collapsed in her arms. Heather recovered from the shock of shooting Luke and started to blame Anna for what had happened.

Anna tackled Heather to the ground, wrenched the gun out of Heather's hand, and then ordered one of the police officers to take Heather away. Meanwhile, a firefighter tried to help Luke.

At the police station, Delores was at her desk when Heather was escorted into the squad room. Heather insisted that she didn't belong there, as the police officer complained to Delores that Heather hadn't shut up during the entire ride to the police station. Heather claimed that the man she loved needed her, so Delores was curious if Heather meant Luke, the man that Heather had shot. Delores led Heather to the interrogation room as Heather explained that she hadn't intended to hurt Luke. Delores accused Heather of aiming for the police commissioner, so Heather assured Delores that it hadn't been personal.

According to Heather, Anna didn't deserve Luke. Delores reminded Heather that Heather had pumped Olivia full of LSD. "Desperate times," Heather replied. Delores doubted that Heather would be able to wiggle out of the long list of charges with another fake alibi. Heather was confident that she wouldn't be prosecuted for "this unpleasantness."

Heather requested her cell phone so that she could make a phone call and straighten everything out. Delores doubted that anyone would take Heather's call, including Steve. Heather bragged that she had an "ace in the hole," but Delores suggested that Heather would need a magician to make the charges disappear. After Delores left the room, Heather left Todd a voicemail message, explaining that she was once again the victim of the police department, so she needed Todd's help.

Later, Heather wanted to try to call Todd again, but Delores reminded Heather that Heather was only entitled to one phone call. Delores warned Heather that Anna wouldn't go lightly on Heather, but Heather wasn't concerned, because she knew how to handle Anna.

At the hospital, Steve explained that he couldn't make any guarantees about Olivia's prognosis until he knew for certain what Heather had injected Olivia with. Steve reminded Dante that LSD had been Heather's drug of choice in the past, but Heather might have branched out, so Steve had to wait for the lab to tell them what had been in the syringe. Steve wanted his mother found before she harmed anyone else. Dante warned Steve that it might be too late. Steve was stunned when Dante revealed that Maggie's suicide note had been forged, so the police suspected that Heather had murdered Maggie and used the note to clear Steve of the charges in Memphis and cover up the murder.

Dante revealed that Heather was facing murder charges for killing Maggie, attempted murder charges for what Heather had done to Olivia, and more charges, depending on what Heather had done to Luke. Moments later, Luke was rushed into the hospital, with Anna by his side. Steve wondered where Heather was, so Anna told him that Heather had tried to kill her, but Luke had taken the bullet. Steve instructed the paramedics to take Luke to a treatment bay. Dante started to call Lulu, but put the phone away when he spotted her arrive with Patrick.

Lulu wondered what was going on, so Dante filled her in on the shooting. Lulu raced to the room where Steve desperately worked to save Luke's life. Steve refused to let his mother get away with another murder.

Dante approached Patrick to tell Patrick about Olivia's condition. Dante wanted to know if the LSD could cause permanent brain damage, so Patrick explained that it was not his area of expertise. Dante wanted Patrick to check on Olivia, but Patrick suggested that Dante call Dr. Keenan.

A short time later, Patrick arrived home. Emma ran into her father's arms and explained that she hadn't been able to see him because he had been lost. Patrick assured his daughter that she had found him, so she didn't have anything to worry about because everything would be okay. Emma relaxed, as Patrick hugged her tightly.

After Luke was stabilized and taken in for surgery, Anna thanked Steve for helping Luke. Steve insisted that it wasn't necessary because his mother was responsible for Luke's condition. Anna decided to go to the police station to deal with Heather, so she asked Lulu to keep her posted on Luke's condition and then left. After Anna left, Steve wondered if Dante would mind if Steve checked in on Olivia. Dante was certain that Olivia wouldn't mind.

After Steve walked away, Lulu asked Dante what was going on. Dante revealed that Luke hadn't been Heather's only victim. Lulu was shocked when Dante told her about what had happened to Olivia. She felt terrible about the angry voicemail message that she had left for Dante, so she asked him to erase it when he checked his voicemail. Dante hugged his wife and assured her that everything would be fine.

Anna entered the interrogation room. Heather was desperate for news on Luke, so Anna revealed that Luke was alive. Heather was relieved, but Anna warned Heather that it was the end of the line for Heather. Anna started to list the charges that Heather was facing. Heather suggested that Anna stop, or Anna would never know what Heather knew. Anna assured Heather that she wasn't interested, but Heather doubted that that was true.

"It's about your daughter," Heather added. Anna warned Heather that Heather didn't know anything about Robin. "I know one thing...she's alive," Heather replied.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

At Greystone Manor, Kate woke up in bed with Sonny. She seemed startled at first to see him, so he asked her if everything were okay. Kate admitted that she had been afraid that she had been dreaming. Sonny relaxed as he offered to show her just how real everything was. After a passionate kiss, Sonny revealed that he had promised to meet Michael for brunch, so he invited Kate to join them.

At Manning Enterprises, Todd listened to Heather's voicemail message threatening to expose the baby switch if he didn't help her. Todd put the envelope with the results of Sam's baby's paternity test in the safe and then deleted Heather's message. "That woman is going to ruin my life," Todd grumbled. "What woman?" Starr asked from the doorway. Todd didn't answer, so Starr assumed that he had been referring to her mother. Starr told him about Blair's visit.

Todd resented that Blair had returned to Tomas after she had thrown Todd's ring in Todd's face. Starr assured Todd that Blair had been genuinely concerned about Todd, because Todd tended to retaliate when he was hurt. Todd blamed John for his troubles with Blair. According to Todd, everything had fallen apart when John had arrested Todd, so Todd decided that John needed to be eliminated. Starr warned her father that Todd would end up in jail like Starr had when she had gone after Sonny.

Starr reminded Todd that John was a cop, so she implored her father to leave John alone. Starr suggested that Todd open his heart to another woman. She assured him that it was possible, because she had found Michael. Todd decided to voice his opinion about Starr's relationship with Michael, but all he could do was repeatedly say that Michael seemed very nice. Starr had no idea what Todd was trying to tell her, so she returned to the topic of John.

Starr ordered Todd to leave John alone, even though she doubted that Todd could really do anything to hurt John. Todd warned her that it sounded like a challenge.

At the Metro Court Restaurant, Johnny's thoughts were on the night before, when he had talked to Connie about the shooting. Carly noticed Johnny's serious expression as she walked up, so she wondered what had prompted his fierce concentration. "Kate," Johnny admitted. Johnny told her about Sonny and Kate's visit, when Kate had questioned Johnny about what had transpired in the interrogation room after Kate's arrest. Johnny claimed that he had forgotten that Connie had kissed him until Kate had asked him about the incident.

Johnny assured Carly that he had pushed Connie away, but Carly promised that it didn't bother her. Moments later, Michael walked up. Carly was surprised to see Michael up so early, so Michael admitted that he could say the same about Carly. Michael explained that he and Starr had overheard Johnny and Carly in Johnny's office the previous evening, long after the nightclub had closed. Carly suggested that Michael had been mistaken about the time, unless Johnny had had a mystery guest. Michael admitted that he hadn't looked at the time, so it was possible.

Johnny relaxed, as the conversation drifted to Michael's relationship with Starr. Moments later, Starr arrived. Michael explained that he and Starr were scheduled to have brunch with Sonny so that Michael could tell Sonny that Michael and Starr were dating. Michael sensed that Starr was tense, so Starr admitted that she was worried about Todd. Carly wondered what had happened. "Nothing...yet," Starr replied. Johnny changed the subject by asking if Starr had seen the glowing reviews of her performance in the Sun.

Starr chuckled and reminded Johnny that her father's reviews weren't objective. However, Starr was grateful to Johnny for giving Starr an opportunity to pursue a career in music. Everyone grew quiet when Sonny and Kate arrived. Michael offered Starr the opportunity to leave, but Starr declined. Kate realized that Starr would be joining Michael and Sonny for brunch, so she started to excuse herself, but Sonny insisted that Kate stay. Johnny tried to break the tension by talking about the club's opening night, but Sonny cut Johnny off by asking Michael and Starr to join Sonny and Kate at a nearby table.

After Michael and Starr sat down, Michael announced that he and Starr were dating. Sonny admitted that he had concerns because of what Starr had done. Michael and Kate immediately defended Starr by reminding Sonny that Starr had been in a different frame of mind. Starr assured Sonny and Kate that she was familiar with dissociative identity disorder, so Starr didn't blame Kate for what Connie had done. Sonny didn't want to discuss it, but Kate thought that it was important that they talk about what had happened, because Kate would one day have Connie's memories of the horrific night. Nearby, Johnny's expression became tense when he overheard the exchange at Sonny's table.

In Todd's office, Todd looked at the picture of John and Sam's Fourth of July kiss on the docks. Todd didn't want to hurt Sam, so he decided to send the picture to Natalie. He figured that it would be karma for John destroying Todd's relationship with Blair. Todd slid the picture into an envelope with a note and then arranged to have it picked up. A short time later, Todd handed the envelope to a mail clerk with instructions that it be delivered by the end of the day. Carly arrived as the mail clerk left.

Carly revealed that Starr had been worried about Todd, so Carly had decided to check on him to make certain that Todd didn't do something foolish like go after Johnny. Carly urged Todd to lean on a friend, but Todd pointed out that he didn't have any friends. Carly assured him that he had one, provided that he didn't go after her boyfriend. After Carly left, Todd decided to delete the link to the live feed of Johnny's office. However, he ended up seeing footage of Johnny's visit with Connie. Todd assumed that Johnny was cheating on Carly with Kate.

In the restaurant, Sonny admitted that he wanted Michael to be happy. Kate added that Michael and Starr both deserved it. Starr thanked Kate, so Michael offered a toast to moving forward.

Meanwhile, Carly returned to let Johnny know that she had talked to Todd. Carly was confident that Todd wouldn't hurt her property nor Johnny.

At the hospital, Anna recalled her encounter with Heather in the interrogation room, when Heather had claimed that Robin was alive. "You evil bitch," Anna had screamed at Heather, as she accused Heather of lying. "Have it your way," Heather calmly replied. Anna ordered Heather to be taken to a jail cell. "But my way is so much better. Don't you think?" Heather asked, as she was hauled away.

At the hospital, Luke opened his eyes. Lulu was at his bedside. Luke wondered how Anna was doing, so Lulu assured him that Anna was fine. Luke was relieved when Lulu revealed that Heather had been arrested. Lulu felt terrible that she hadn't realized sooner what Heather had done.

Luke assured Lulu that he didn't blame her. Lulu confided that the forged letter that Heather had sent had made Lulu doubt her marriage to Dante. Luke reminded Lulu that Heather knew what to say to people and how to manipulate them. Moments later, Anna poked her head into Luke's room, so Lulu excused herself so that Anna and Luke could be alone.

Lulu approached a nurse to find out where Patrick was. The nurse explained that Patrick wasn't working. Lulu clarified that she had been looking for Patrick's hospital room. The nurse checked the computer but didn't see an admission for Patrick.

At the Drake residence, Patrick spotted a note from Maxie. The note explained that Maxie had taken Emma to daycare. Moments later, he heard an urgent knock at the door. It was Robin. Robin pushed her way past Patrick as he opened the door. Patrick smiled with joy.

Robin explained that she was there because Patrick needed her. She confronted him about his amphetamine use, but Patrick insisted that the pills made him feel like the explosion and her death had never happened. Robin wanted Patrick to get well, for their daughter's sake, so she implored Patrick to stop taking the pills. Patrick argued that the pills allowed him to hold onto Robin, but Robin feared that he would eventually end up hurting Emma. Patrick begged Robin to help him. "Help me first," Robin replied.

Robin explained that Patrick could help her by taking care of their daughter, because Emma needed him. Patrick cried that he couldn't go on without Robin, so Robin assured him that she was still there. She insisted that he didn't need the pills to feel her. Patrick admitted that he had told Emma the same thing, but the words hadn't helped him. Patrick was stunned when Robin revealed that she was alive.

Patrick believed Robin, because he had seen her everywhere. "Patrick, stop," Lulu gently told Patrick when she entered the house. Patrick didn't seem to hear Lulu, as he continued to talk to Robin. Lulu put her hand on Patrick's shoulder, to get his attention, but Patrick shrugged it off and glared at Lulu. He panicked when he turned back to Robin, but she wasn't there. Frantic, Patrick ran around the house, looking for Robin.

Lulu explained that Robin wasn't there. Patrick argued that Robin had been in the living room. Lulu wished that had been true, because she was certain that Robin would urge Patrick to stop taking the pills and pull himself together for Emma's sake. Patrick reluctantly admitted that Robin had said something similar to him. Lulu urged Patrick to listen to Robin, and then took his hand so that she could take him to the hospital for treatment. Patrick allowed Lulu to lead him out of the house, but he stopped in the doorway to look back one last time.

Robin stood in the living room. "Patrick," Robin whispered. Patrick looked at her longingly and then closed the door.

At an undisclosed facility, a nurse entered a hospital room. "Rise and shine, Robin," the nurse said, but then tensed when she noticed that the bed was empty. The nurse did a quick search of the room and then raised the alarm that Robin was gone. Robin, who had been hiding behind the door, slammed the door into the nurses' face. The nurse crumbled to the ground, so Robin dashed out of the room.

A short time later, Robin was dragged back to her hospital room and strapped down to the bed. The nurse was furious when she discovered that Robin had been hiding the medications under the mattress. The nurse called her superior to report what Robin had done and ask for instructions. Robin cried out, begging Patrick and her mother to find her. Later, the nurse returned with a machine.

Robin realized that it was an E.C.T. machine that was used for electroshock therapy. Robin tearfully begged Patrick and Anna to help her, so the nurse assured Robin that Robin would get all of the help that Robin needed. The nurse applied metal devices to Robin's temples, despite Robin's orders to stop.

In Luke's hospital room, Anna thanked Luke for taking the bullet that had been meant for her. Luke reminded Anna that she had saved his life, too, which meant that they were responsible for each other's lives. Luke assured Anna that he had been on his way to talk to Tracy when Heather had kidnapped him. However, Luke also had needed to talk to Anna about why Robert had left before Robin's funeral.

"What if Robin didn't die?" Anna suddenly asked, cutting Luke off. Anna told him about Heather's claim that Robin was alive. Luke was certain that Heather had been playing mind games with Anna, because Heather's attempt to drive Anna insane with an overdose of LSD had failed. Anna realized that Heather couldn't be trusted, but it was clear that Anna wasn't ready to dismiss Heather's claim entirely. Luke was certain that Heather merely wanted to torture Anna. Moments later, a nurse entered the room. Anna excused herself, but assured Luke that she would return.

At the police station, Heather was delighted when she saw Steve waiting for her in the interrogation room. Heather assumed that her son was there to help her, but Steve quickly clarified that he was there to make certain that Heather never saw the light of day again. Heather was shocked when Steve admitted that he wanted Heather to be institutionalized because of what had happened to Olivia. Heather claimed that she had been forced to inject Olivia with LSD, but Steve refused to listen to Heather's excuses.

Steve was disgusted that he had defended Heather, because he had been desperate to believe that she was better. Heather assured her son that she was, but Steve disagreed. "You're certifiable," Steve shouted at her. "I am not crazy," Heather argued. Steve agreed; she was a murderer.

Steve revealed that he knew the truth about Maggie's murder and the forged suicide note. Heather insisted that she had done it to save Steve, but Steve didn't care. He informed her that he intended to revoke his guardianship of her. Heather warned him that she would be forced to return to Ferncliff. Steve confessed that it was where Heather belonged.

"Steven Lars," Heather cried out, as he started to leave. Steve turned to remind her that his name was Steve. Heather assured him that she knew what his name was, because she was his mother. "Not anymore," Steve replied and then walked out. Heather was devastated.

Later, Heather spotted Anna in the squad room, so she asked how Luke was doing. Anna decided to take Heather to the interrogation room for a private chat. Anna locked the door and sat down. "You're going to tell me what you know about Robin," Anna told Heather.

At the hospital, Steve studied Olivia's MRI.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

On the Haunted Star, Johnny spotted Connie's tube of lipstick. He was confident that he was in the clear, as long as Kate never learned that Connie hadn't shot out Anthony's tires. "I wouldn't be too sure about that," Anthony replied. Johnny glared at Anthony, who was seated in Johnny's chair, sporting a bloody bullet-riddled shirt. Anthony revealed that he was there to make certain that Johnny never forgot what Johnny had done.

Anthony explained that Johnny couldn't keep a guilty conscience down. Johnny insisted that he had been doing everything possible to help Starr, and that it was unlikely that Kate would ever find out the truth. Anthony was curious how long Johnny thought that that would last, so Johnny explained that Connie had incentive to keep the secret, because Connie would cease to exist if Kate learned the truth. Anthony pointed out that Connie was unpredictable, as he planted seeds out doubt in Johnny's mind. Anthony suggested that the only way to make certain that the truth stayed buried was to kill Connie or flee town.

Johnny was through killing people, and he refused to walk away from the nightclub and Carly. Anthony insisted that Johnny and Carly were over; Johnny just didn't know it. Johnny threw his drink across the room, which dislodged the camera that Heather had hidden in the clock above the door. "No, this can't be happening," Johnny said, as Anthony gloated. Anthony wondered how much Johnny was "on the hook" for. "Everything," Johnny whispered. "You, my grandson, are good and screwed," Anthony replied.

At Manning Enterprises, Todd watched the surveillance tape of Johnny's office from when Connie had paid Johnny a visit. Todd assumed that Johnny was having an affair with "super hot Kate Howard." "Excuse me?" Kate asked from the doorway. Todd looked up and smiled at her. "You look good, not crazy," Todd replied.

Kate made it clear that she wasn't there to talk about her dissociative identity disorder. She wanted Crimson back, because the fashion magazine was her life. Todd admitted that he'd rather discuss Kate and Johnny two-timing Sonny and Todd's good friend, Carly. Kate refused to discuss her past with Todd, so she reminded him that she was part owner of the hotel, which meant that she had to approve any changes that he made to the offices on the floor. Todd explained that Carly had signed off on his renovations. Kate threatened to get Sonny involved if Todd refused to give Kate her job back as the editor of Crimson.

Todd admitted that Kate sounded more like Connie than a "hoity-toity fashion magazine editor." Shortly after Kate left, Todd resumed watching the footage from Johnny's office. "Gotcha," Todd said with satisfaction when Connie revealed who she was to Johnny. "Kate, I hate to say I told you so, but these alters, they don't go away so easy," Todd commented, as he listened to Connie talk to Johnny. Todd perked up when Connie mentioned taking the blame for a shooting that Johnny knew she hadn't been responsible for. Todd was stunned when Johnny acknowledged that Johnny had shot out Anthony's tires.

"Johnny, you son of a bitch, you killed my granddaughter," Todd yelled. Todd continued to watch the tape with hatred simmering in his eyes, as Connie assured Johnny that no one would know about their talk. "Guess again," Todd growled. Todd was frustrated that he hadn't seen the truth sooner. He realized that he couldn't make Johnny suffer the way that Hope and Cole had suffered, but Todd could make Johnny die.

A short time later, Todd entered Johnny's office. "Hi, Johnny. Everything okay?" Todd asked.

At the nurses' station, Steve studied Olivia's MRI. Liz approached her brother to see how he was doing. Steve realized that she had heard about what Heather had done. Liz nodded, and then asked what Olivia's prognosis was. Steve explained that Olivia had absorbed a lot of LSD, so he didn't know. Liz assured Steve that Ewen was a wonderful doctor, so she was confident that Ewen would be able to help Olivia.

Steve thanked Liz for her support. Liz broached the subject of Heather, so Steve made it clear that Heather was not his mother. His mother was the woman who had raised him, Liz, and their sister, Sarah. Steve accused Heather of using him all of his life, starting with when Heather had sold him on the black market as an infant. Steve regretted that he had trusted Heather.

In Olivia's hospital room, Ewen checked Olivia's pupils. Dante was curious how long Ewen intended to keep Olivia sedated. Ewen explained that he needed to be certain that Olivia wouldn't pose a danger to herself or others, so Ewen wanted to wait until the LSD had left her system. Ewen warned Dante that Olivia might be frightened and confused when she woke up, so Dante needed to be strong. Ewen admitted that he had only met Olivia a few times, but he'd had the impression that she was a shrewd and stubborn woman.

Dante smiled, because Ewen knew Olivia better than Ewen had realized. Ewen was confident that Olivia wouldn't let Heather get the best of her. Shortly after Ewen left, Steve entered the hospital room. Steve was filled with regret for not heeding Olivia's warnings about Heather. Dante insisted that the doctors at Ferncliff should never have released Heather, so it wasn't Steve's fault.

Elsewhere at the hospital, Lulu and Patrick arrived. Lulu offered to fetch Steve to admit Patrick for treatment, but Patrick had second thoughts. Patrick admitted that he couldn't do anything without Robin. Lulu assured Patrick that everything would be fine, so she led him to a nearby room. Patrick lashed out at Lulu by accusing her of assuming that she was some kind of expert simply because she had a couple of relatives who had battled addiction. Patrick warned her that his reputation might be ruined if word got out about his amphetamine use.

Lulu feared that Patrick might lose Emma if he didn't get help. Patrick reluctantly agreed, so Lulu offered to get Dr. Keenan. She asked Patrick to stay in the room, so Patrick agreed. "I can't go anywhere without Robin," Patrick admitted after Lulu left.

Liz bumped into Ewen in the hallway. Ewen confessed that he had missed Liz and apologized for not following up with her after their date. He confessed that he had sensed her backing off, so he had done the same. Ewen regretted that, so he wanted her to know that he was still interested in dating her. Liz smiled, but didn't say anything.

Later, Liz called the lab to get the test results on Olivia for Ewen. She was put on hold, so she looked at her cell phone, which had Ewen's number on the screen.

Lulu and Ewen entered the hospital room where Patrick was waiting. Ewen assured Lulu that he could take it from there, so Lulu left. Ewen revealed that Lulu had told him about Patrick's substance abuse. Ewen warned Patrick that Patrick would go through drug withdrawal, but the most challenging thing would be for Patrick to learn to move forward without Robin. However, Ewen promised Patrick that it was possible.

Ewen admitted that he had treated doctors before, so he knew that it was important to be discreet. Patrick was relieved and assured Ewen that he hadn't been high when he had operated on Ewen. "Good to know," Ewen replied. Ewen's phone rang, so he handed Patrick some papers to fill out, and then left the room. Patrick's eyes filled with tears, because he had to write deceased next to "spouse" on the form.

Lulu went to Olivia's hospital room to check on Dante and Olivia. Dante shared the details about Olivia's reaction to the LSD. He couldn't believe that someone had done that to his mother. Dante admitted that he had been told that Olivia would recover, but he was afraid it wasn't true. Lulu hugged Dante as Kate walked up.

Dante quickly filled Kate in about what had happened to Olivia. Lulu was surprised when Kate offered to get Dante something to eat. Kate explained that it was something that Olivia would do. Dante and Lulu smiled but declined her offer. Dante was certain that Olivia would want Kate by her side, so he urged Kate to visit with Olivia.

Kate entered Olivia's hospital room. Steve sat at Olivia's beside, so Kate assured him that Olivia would recover. Kate explained that Olivia was tough and strong. Kate had been to hell and back, so she was confident that Olivia would do the same. Moments later, Dante and Lulu entered. Kate suggested that they take Olivia's hand to say a Hail Mary prayer, which was a Falconeri tradition when a family member was ill.

In the interrogation room, Anna demanded to know why Heather had been so cruel as to tell her that Robin was alive. Anna wanted proof of Heather's claim. Heather reminded Anna that Anna had initially refused to hear her out, because Anna had been focused on listing Heather's crimes. Anna argued that Heather had killed Maggie, had nearly killed Luke, and had harmed Olivia. Heather was confident that Olivia would be fine.

Heather admitted that she had experienced a little too much of the "purple haze" once herself. "And look at me now," Heather added. Anna turned the conversation back to Robin. Anna threatened to compel Heather to talk, if Heather didn't cooperate. Heather noted that Anna didn't look well, so she asked if Anna had been lying awake at night, wondering if Heather had told the truth.

Anna accused Heather of lying about Robin. Heather continued to play her games by offering to tell Patrick, but Anna refused to let Heather torture Patrick. Heather agreed to tell Anna what she knew on the condition that Anna gave Heather full immunity, dropped all of the charges, and offered a public apology. Anna refused. Heather was stunned when Anna pulled out her gun and aimed it at Heather.

At an undisclosed location, Robin was strapped to hospital bed, while a nurse prepared to give Robin an electroshock treatment. Robin cried for Patrick and her mother to help her, but her cries fell on deaf ears. Desperate, Robin promised not to try to escape again, but the nurse insisted that Robin couldn't be trusted to even take her pills. Robin suggested that they inject Robin intravenously with the medication, but the nurse had her orders. Robin demanded to know who was behind the orders, but the nurse refused to tell her.

Robin explained that there were side effects to electroshock treatments, including brain damage, but the nurse was experienced with the treatments. Robin warned the nurse that Robin's mother was an experienced killer, who wouldn't hesitate to end to lives of anyone who had harmed Robin. Robin was certain that her mother would eventually find Robin. The nurse assured Robin that they were aware of who Anna was, so they were prepared. Robin's fear turned to anger as she ordered the nurse to crank the machine high, because if they didn't kill her, then Robin vowed to kill everyone in the room.

The nurse ignored Robin, as she strapped a mouthpiece around Robin's head, to keep Robin from biting her own tongue during the treatment. Robin tearfully promised herself that she wouldn't forget Patrick and Emma. Moments later, the nurse hit the button that delivered the electric shock.

In the interrogation room, Heather told Anna about a mystery patient who had been admitted to Ferncliff's critical care unit. Heather revealed that she had managed to slip into the patient's room, so Heather had seen Robin with her own eyes. According to Heather, Nurse Fletcher had overseen Robin's care, but Nurse Fletcher had been taking orders from a man only known as "Doctor."

At Ferncliff, Nurse Fletcher told her superior that she had given Robin the electroshock treatment, as he had ordered. However, Robin hadn't responded as expected. The doctor entered room number sixteen. Robin appeared to be in a catatonic state as she stared at the wall, so he leaned down to check Robin's pupils. The doctor was revealed to be Ewen Keenan.

Friday, July 27, 2012

With Todd away, Sam took the opportunity to search his office. Spinelli joined her, but urged her to give up the case and work on her marriage to Jason instead. Sam said that she could not give up the case because when something did not make sense to her, she had to figure it out. Sam said that Todd's actions did not make sense. Sam said that the only reason that Todd would hire Heather was if Heather was blackmailing him. Sam added that the way Todd treated Sam made Sam believe that Heather's blackmail had something to do with Sam.

Spinelli asked Sam if it was possible that Sam was trying to keep herself distracted from all the pain and grief that she had experienced recently. Sam said that she did not give up easily. Spinelli retorted that she had given up on her marriage. Sam said that she was not the one who had given up, but Spinelli pointed out that Sam had chosen to keep secrets about Franco from Jason. He asked if Sam had kissed McBain to punish Jason. Sam tried to blame Jason again, but Spinelli told Sam that if she and Jason did not find a way to turn to each other, they would grow further apart.

Sam said that the way to fix things was to find out what Todd was hiding. She said that she had looked everywhere but in Todd's safe. She asked Spinelli to help her crack it, but Spinelli said that he preferred to check on Olivia at General Hospital. Spinelli left Manning Enterprises while Sam remained behind and attempted to open the safe.

Todd confronted Johnny on the Haunted Star. Johnny quickly figured out that Todd was the one who had been spying on him with the hidden camera. When Jonny tried to act tough, Todd said that Johnny would be wise not to mess with him because Todd's father, Victor Lord, had been a very evil person, and that his mother had been a certified psycho. Johnny responded by telling Todd to get out of his office.

Todd practically crowed when he said that he had been right about Johnny. Todd told Johnny that he had never believed anything Johnny had said, but he could understand how a grieving Starr could be taken in by Johnny's lies. What Todd did not understand was how Johnny had fooled a smart woman like Carly, who Johnny had clearly been telling lies. Johnny wanted to know why Todd had not backed off as he had promised Carly he would do.

Todd said that he had intended to erase the video files, but the footage of Johnny and Connie had popped up, and Todd had been unable to resist listening. Todd said he had been astounded when he had heard Johnny admit to killing Todd's granddaughter. Johnny told Todd that it was Connie who had admitted to the killing. Todd replied that normally he would admire a man who could manipulate a mentally ill woman into taking the fall for him, but not in this instance. Todd speculated that Johnny's manipulative skills could explain how Johnny was able to get Starr on his payroll. Before Johnny could move, Todd grabbed Johnny around the throat and started squeezing.

Johnny struggled, but Todd did not let go until Johnny admitted that he had caused the fatal accident that had killed Starr's daughter and boyfriend. Johnny staggered away and said that he had deep regrets. When Todd started for him again, Johnny picked up a baseball bat and waved it at Todd. Todd called Johnny a whiner who was hiding behind a woman. Johnny asked if Todd had done things that he wished he could take back.

Johnny said that he was doing everything that he could think of to make amends. Sarcastically Todd said that Starr had made a fair trade: her boyfriend and daughter for a recording contract that would make the guy who had killed them rich. Todd wondered out loud what Carly would think of Johnny's actions and started dialing the phone.

Carly met up with Jason at the Metro Court and was surprised that he was there to see a lawyer because he and Sam were divorcing. Carly urged Jason to wait. She said that Sam was grieving and would get over it. Jason said that things had gone too far for that. Jason told Carly that he had kissed Liz.

Carly astutely figured out that Sam had done something to trigger Jason's action. She was not surprised to learn that Sam had kissed John McBain. Jason also told Carly about the ugly scene at Kelly's between Jason and Steve that Sam had witnessed. That was when Sam had learned about the kiss between Jason and Liz.

Carly said that it did not matter. Carly said that she knew that Jason and Sam loved each other and that Jason needed to find Sam and start over. Carly's phone started ringing. She looked at it and said that Todd could wait. Jason urged her to take the call.

The phone rang several times before Carly answered. When she answered, Todd was about to speak, but Johnny stopped him. Johnny told Todd that if Todd told Carly that Johnny, not Connie, was responsible for the accident that killed Hope and Cole, Johnny would tell Sam what Todd had done to her baby.

Anna went to Ferncliff to look for Robin. She found the critical care unit and started a search. Inside Robin's room, the nurse who had administered electroshock talked to a doctor who was revealed to be Ewen Keenan. He said that the nurse had not given the proper dosage. He told the nurse that he'd wanted Robin calm, not comatose. He ordered the nurse to leave. Once the nurse was gone, Ewen told Robin that he was sorry for the shock treatment, but that Robin's repeated escape attempts had made it necessary.

Ewen said that he knew that Robin wanted to go home, but that was not possible. He said that Robin's loved ones were moving on, and Robin had to accept her fate. Ewen showed Robin a brochure and told her that it was for a clinic in Switzerland where Robin would be sent for her future care. Both Ewen and Robin heard raised voices in the hallway, and Robin recognized Anna's voice and called for her. As Ewen walked to the door, the brochure fell to the floor.

Outside the room, the nurse stopped Anna, who said that she was a police officer. She showed the nurse Robin's picture, but the nurse denied ever having seen Robin. Anna broke down a little and explained that Robin was her daughter and that Heather Webber had reported that Robin was in Ferncliff. The nurse said that Heather was an unreliable liar who should not have been released -- and who would not have been if the nurse had been in charge.

Ewen poked his head out of Robin's room and signaled for the nurse to get Anna away. When Anna insisted on a search, the nurse steered her down a hallway away from Robin's room. Ewen made a phone call and told someone else that Anna was a problem and that they had to move Robin immediately. When Anna and the nurse returned from searching, Robin's room was empty. When Anna checked out the room, the nurse was conciliatory. Anna left Ferncliff without finding Robin.

At General Hospital Tracy went to see Luke. She said that she could not believe that he was still alive and a hero after taking a bullet for Anna. Tracy said that it was a shame that even Heather could not kill Luke. Tracy told Luke that she hated him, but Luke told her that she did not. Tracy told Luke that he had lied to her when he had said that they could not be together because the police would be suspicious. She said that the truth was that Luke had the hots for Anna. At first Luke tried to deny it, but eventually told the truth when Tracy asked if Luke had planned to let her down easy and then rush back to Anna for a romantic dinner.

When Luke said yes, Tracy said that it was his first honest answer. She started to leave, but Luke stopped her. He said that he was genuinely sorry. Luke said that he had planned to tell Tracy that his feelings for Anna had changed. Tracy snapped that Luke would no longer get into her bank account.

Luke said that her money was not what mattered. Luke said that even though he did not deserve it, he was going to ask for Tracy's forgiveness anyway. Tracy said that she was not forgiving him. She reminded Luke of their marriages and about all the times that he had lied to her or let her down.

Tracy tried to leave again, but Luke said that no matter what, he needed her in his life and would go looking for her again as soon as he was out of the hospital. Luke said no when Tracy asked if he would give up Anna. Tracy responded that she and Luke were perfectly matched in a way that Anna would never understand. Tracy added that she knew that it was not over between her and Luke. She said that she wanted a front-row seat while she watched Anna figure Luke out and kick him to the curb. Luke asked if that meant that he was not forgiven.

Tracy said that Luke was not forgiven, but that there was the slightest chance that if Luke crawled back after Anna threw him over that she might take him back. Tracy said that even with all the misery that Luke had caused her, he was the best time she had ever had. Luke smiled and said that the same was true for him, too.

Elsewhere at GH, Patrick and Liz talked as Patrick prepared to check himself into the drug rehabilitation program. Patrick fessed up to Liz and told her about his addiction and his inconsolable grief over Robin's loss. Patrick told Liz that Ewen was helping him. Patrick said that Ewen was a good guy and urged Liz to give him another chance romantically.

Patrick admitted that earlier in the summer, Ewen had asked Patrick if Ewen should be concerned about Jason, and Patrick had said yes. Liz tried to explain her complicated relationship with Jason, but Patrick said that his only concern was Liz, and he did not want to see her hurt. Patrick said that Ewen was single, unencumbered, and a nice guy, and all Patrick was advising Liz was to give Ewen a chance.

Anna arrived as Patrick and Liz hugged. When Anna asked if things were okay, Liz said that they were talking about Robin. Anna said that that was a good thing and that she was on her way to check on Luke. After she left, Patrick thanked Liz for not saying anything about his addiction. Liz said it was not her place. Patrick said he was getting treatment but assured Liz that it was not the drug addiction that was the problem, but saying goodbye to Robin.

Ewen pushed Robin, who was in a wheelchair, down a hallway. He assured her that she would like the Swiss clinic. His phone rang. When he answered it, the caller was Liz who said that she had been thinking about their conversation and that she would like to go out with him again. She told Ewen that Patrick had encouraged Liz to give Ewen another chance. Liz commented on how well Ewen and Patrick seemed to be hitting it off.

Anna sought out Luke and told him about her trip to Ferncliff. Luke told Anna that Heather was playing games and that Anna should not let Heather do that. Anna said that despite not finding Robin, she had felt waves of anxiety rolling off the nurse she had met. She showed Luke the brochure about the Swiss clinic. Anna said it had been lying on the floor as if someone had been in a hurry to leave. Luke urged Anna to drop her investigation, but Anna said that she had to go to Switzerland and investigate if there was even the slightest possibility that Robin could still be alive.

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