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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 30, 2012 on GH
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Monday, July 30, 2012

Kate entered the coffee warehouse just in time to overhear Sonny ask Max about Joe Jr. and then tell Max to "take care of it." When Kate asked what he meant, Sonny told her that he was not ordering a hit. He said that he was telling Max to stay on top of things in Atlantic City and keep Sonny informed about the progress of Joe Jr.'s trial. Kate acknowledged Sonny's desire to take more action against Joe Jr. and asked him if the trial would be enough. Sonny said it would have to be enough because he had promised Kate not to do anything else.

Kate was glad. She said that between losing Crimson and Olivia's hospitalization after Heather overdosed Olivia with LSD, she had her plate full. Sonny was surprised to hear about Olivia and immediately offered to cover her hospital expenses, but Kate said that Olivia and Dante were too proud to take Sonny's money. When Sonny asked about Crimson, Kate told him that Todd had bought it and refused to let Kate have it back. Sonny said that he would help Kate start another magazine.

Kate stressed to Sonny about how difficult starting another magazine would be. Sonny suggested that what Kate needed was to take a walk on the beach, kiss a little, and then go out for dinner. Kate said it sounded great, but she was due in therapy with Dr. Keenan and had to go. She told Sonny that her therapy was going very well, but she still had to face the big issue. Sonny told her to stop worrying about the accident that had killed Starr's boyfriend and daughter.

Kate said that her issues went back further. Kate said that she carried tremendous guilt for abandoning her son in a boarding house immediately after giving birth. Kate said that she had no idea about what had happened to the child after she left it, but that Joe Jr. blamed her because he had not had a chance to know his son. Kate said that she felt guilty because she had brought a living being into the world and then abandoned it to die. Sonny told Kate to stop beating herself up.

Kate was in tears and wondered if her son was out there somewhere. Kate hoped that someone had found her baby, adopted it, and given it a better life than she could. Kate said that she hoped for that possibility so that she did not have to face the fact that she was a murderer. Sonny told Kate that she was not a murderer. He said that Kate had left the baby because she was young and desperate and did not know what to do. Kate said that she was working with Dr. Keenan so that she could live with the guilt she felt about her son.

Kate said that, deep down, she knew that her son had not survived and that only therapy would help her resolve her issues and let her son rest in peace.

Trey visited with Joe Jr. in jail while Joe awaited trial. Joe Jr. was relieved to know that nobody knew that they were father and son and that Trey was continuing to keep their secret. Joe Jr. assured Trey that his lawyer would get him acquitted of the charges, which Joe Jr. claimed were false and an attempt to frame him, perpetrated by Sonny.

Joe Jr. claimed that Sonny had been jealous of him and had first stolen Joe Sr.'s love and then his business. Trey said that he knew that Sonny had been after Joe Jr.'s girl, but thought his dad did not want any part of the mob business. Joe Jr. said that the girl had only been a part of it. He said that Sonny had been jealous of everything that Joe Jr. possessed and had decided to take it. Trey again said that he thought that Joe Jr. had not wanted any part of the business.

Joe Jr. said that he loved his dad despite the business and that if not for Sonny, he would have been much closer to Joe Sr. Joe Jr. told Trey that a son wanted his father's love so badly that he would turn a blind eye to his failings, even his crimes. Trey said that Joe Jr. was smart to walk away and let Sonny be the surrogate son, rather than to be part of the mob.

Joe Jr. said that the point was that Sonny had walked away with an empire worth millions. Trey said it was dirty money, but Joe Jr. was quick to point out that dirty or not, the money belonged to Joe Jr. and Trey. Joe Jr. said that he had planned to use the money for good things so that he could make up for his father's actions. Joe Jr. blamed Sonny for denying him his rights. Trey said that he did not care about the money. All he wanted was for his dad to go free.

Joe Jr. said that he appreciated Trey's sentiments, but fathers were supposed to leave a legacy for their children. He told Trey that when they got what was theirs, Trey would never have to labor on a reality show again. Trey said that he liked the show. Joe Jr. said that when they got the money, Trey would be able to realize his dream of being a world-class director. Trey said that they could use the reality show to infiltrate Sonny's home and business and perhaps dig up some dirt.

Joe Jr. said that spying on someone as lethal as Sonny was too dangerous, and there was no way that he was going to let his son do that. Joe Jr. told Trey that he had another plan, but it required Trey's help. Joe Jr. said that they could not go after Sonny openly. Joe Jr. told Trey that his plan involved the mob princess, the actual princess not the show. Joe Jr. quipped that if they wanted to take down the king, Trey would have to marry the princess.

In Metro Court, Carly tried to convince Jason that Sam still loved him. Her phone started ringing, and she tried to ignore it when she saw that it was Todd calling. Jason insisted that she take it. Carly did, but all she heard was garbled conversation until Todd said that he would have to call her back.

Carly was puzzled when she hung up. Jason wanted to know what she had going on with Todd. Carly said that he was a friend. Jason said that Bernie had checked Todd out and that Todd was dangerous and had a history of violence. Carly said that Michael and Starr were dating, which Jason also said was a bad idea, but Carly was not so sure. She said that she had been very worried about Michael after Abby's death, and she thought that he was finally happier than he had ever been.

Jason worried that Michael was trying to save Starr because he had been unable to save her family. Carly took the optimistic approach and suggested that Michael and Starr might heal each other. Jason worried that if Michael and Starr broke up, Starr would run to Todd, and Todd would retaliate. Jason said that part of his job was to protect Sonny, and he had to worry about anyone who might prove to be a threat.

Carly said that Todd was a friend to her and would not hurt her. Carly opined that Jason was wrong about Todd just like he had been wrong about Johnny. Carly said that both Todd and Johnny were trying to turn their lives around. Carly said that Todd liked to act tough and mean, but secretly he did many kind and generous things, like being good to Sam and giving her a job.

Jason was surprised to learn that Sam was working for Todd. Carly thought it was because Sam did not want to be with Spinelli, who was close to Jason, but Jason said that Sam loved being a P.I., and the only reason that Sam would take a job with Todd was to investigate him. Jason worried that Todd was dangerous and Sam would get hurt. Carly encouraged Jason to go see Sam and tell her how he felt, because Sam might appreciate his concern. Jason was still thinking when Carly left the table where they were sitting.

Sam was in Todd's office, one number away from opening his safe, when Kristina walked in on her. Sam quickly hid her safe-cracking equipment, and Kristina did not have a clue about what Sam was doing. She invited Sam for coffee, but when Sam declined, Kristina said that she had a problem that could not wait. Sam took Kristina to the waiting room and listened to Kristina talk about her feelings for Trey and his desire to keep their relationship professional. Sam said that the easy solution was to quit Mob Princess, but Kristina said that the show was important to both her and Trey.

Sam asked Kristina if she could accept Trey's wishes and reminded her of her actions when Ethan had suggested that they could only be friends. Kristina said that she had been in high school then and that things were different with Trey. Kristina said that Trey understood a part of her that no one else did, including Sonny, who insisted that Trey was hiding a secret. When Kristina said that Sonny knew nothing about Trey, Sam gently pointed out that Kristina did not know Trey very well either.

Kristina got defensive and said that she knew everything about Trey because of the kiss that they had shared. She said that she had thought that something was starting up between them, but that Trey had become weird and distant ever since he had gotten a call from his dad while they were at the coffee warehouse. Kristina remarked that Trey had seemed eager until he got that call and had not been the same since. Sam suggested that they investigate Trey's dad, but Kristina jumped to Trey's defense.

Sam agreed that Kristina was probably right and that Sam should probably not be giving relationship advice, considering the state of her own marriage. Sam told Kristina that if Trey could not see how wonderful Kristina was, then he did not deserve her. Before leaving, Kristina gave Sam a hug. Sam went back to the safe. As she started working on the last tumbler, Jason walked in.

Starr called for Johnny but Michael, who had followed her to the Haunted Star, sidetracked her. They kissed, and he apologized for leaving early that morning to get to his class. They talked about their dinner with Sonny the previous evening. Michael was convinced that Sonny was okay with the fact that Michael and Starr were dating. Starr was not so sure about Todd, but Michael did not want to borrow trouble, and besides, he vowed, nothing would stop them from seeing each other.

Starr laughed and said that she did not want to distract Michael from his class work or be the reason that he failed. Michael said that he was responsible for his own grades. Michael said that he liked school and that it was the semester where he would declare his major. When Starr tried to find out what that would be, Michael said that if it were up to his grandfather, he would run ELQ, but Edward's dream was not his dream. Michael also said that there had been a time when he wanted to be trained to take over Sonny's business and that he had even tried to work for Johnny when he ran the Zacchara mob.

Starr asked if Michael wanted to be a gangster. Michael said that he had a one time, but that his goals had changed. Michael said that looking back, he thought that he had been trying to get Sonny's attention. Starr liked that answer and offered to help Michael study. Michael grinned and took her hand; as they left the boat, he told Starr that he did not know how much studying he would get done.

In Johnny's office on the Haunted Star, Todd dialed Carly. The phone was ringing when Johnny dropped a bombshell. He told Todd that he knew that Todd had switched Sam's live baby for Téa's dead one. Johnny threatened to tell Todd's secret if Todd revealed that Johnny, not Connie, was responsible for Hope and Cole's deaths. Todd paused and then told Carly that he would call back.

Johnny told Todd that once he'd learned from Officer Padilla that Anthony's body had disappeared, he'd sent his henchmen out to look for it. They had spotted Heather driving around with it and had followed her to the shack in the woods. While one of them had watched the shack, the other had followed Heather to the spot where she had buried Anthony. The one watching the shack had seen everything that had transpired there from the time that Heather had left the shack until Todd had taken the live baby from the planter box and given it to Téa.

Todd said that Johnny had no proof, and it was Johnny's word against Todd's. Johnny said that there was only one person he had to convince, and that person was Sam, who, Johnny thought, would be tenacious until a paternity test was done. Johnny said he would bank on the fact that Sam would want her baby back, even if it were Franco's. Todd remembered the paternity test results hidden in his safe that proved that Jason, not Franco, was the father of Sam's baby.

Todd asked why Johnny had waited so long to reveal his knowledge. Johnny said that at first he did not want to draw attention to Anthony's body and that later he had not wanted to hurt Starr any more. Johnny told Todd that they were alike in many ways. Johnny said that they both acted out emotionally and did things that they knew would hurt people and then afterwards did everything in their power to make amends. Johnny said that was why he was helping Starr and that was why Todd was being nice to Sam.

Johnny tried to get Todd to agree that neither of them would tell what they knew about the other. When Todd did not respond, Johnny bluffed and asked for Todd's phone so that he could call Carly and tell her about Todd's deception. Todd still did not respond. When Johnny said he could use his office landline, Todd said that perhaps Johnny should call Carly because maybe Todd did not care what happened to him, and that maybe all Todd wanted was for Carly and Starr to know the truth about Johnny. Carly boarded the Haunted Star and headed for Johnny's office.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

At Metro Court Restaurant, T.J. and Molly arrived for their first dinner date. Molly was horrified when Alexis and Shawn showed up. Molly objected to Alexis chaperoning their date, so Alexis looked to Shawn for support. Shawn refused to get in the middle of things. T.J. assured Alexis that he and Molly were just having dinner, but Alexis refused to leave. Molly realized that Alexis feared that T.J. and Molly might sneak off to get a room.

Alexis denied it, but Molly didn't believe Alexis. Molly implored her mother to trust Molly. T.J. promised that he just wanted to have dinner with Molly and to prove that he could be trusted. Alexis finally agreed to leave with Shawn. Afterwards, T.J. and Molly were seated at a table. T.J. was disappointed when Molly ordered a simple meal of salad, roasted potatoes, and water, so Molly invited T.J. to order for her. She was impressed when he selected a gourmet entree.

T.J. confessed that he had researched the menu online, because he didn't want to embarrass Molly. Molly assured him that he could never embarrass her; however, Alexis was a different matter. After dinner, Molly thanked T.J. for the wonderful dinner. She wondered where Alexis and Shawn had gone. T.J. joked that they were probably somewhere having a really hot time. Molly burst out laughing.

Alexis and Shawn arrived at the Floating Rib for drinks. Alexis confessed that she'd had reservations about leaving the teens at the restaurant, but she didn't want to alienate Molly. Shawn tried to lighten the mood by joking that T.J. had probably whisked Molly to the honeymoon suite. He chuckled at Alexis' shocked expression. Shawn suggested that Alexis was worried because the very idea of sex made Alexis uncomfortable.

Alexis assured Shawn that he was wrong, but Shawn didn't believe her. Alexis tried to prove her point by revealing that she had played strip pool in the past. Shawn didn't believe Alexis, so Alexis invited Coleman over to their table to confirm her story. Coleman assured Shawn that it was true and added that Alexis was a pool shark. Shawn suspected that Coleman was lying for Alexis, so Alexis challenged Shawn to a game strip pool. Shawn agreed.

Shawn lost the first game, so he had to take off his shirt. Alexis' eye's rounded with appreciation at Shawn's impressive muscled chest and tight abdomen. Shawn won the next game, so Alexis had to take off her shirt. The games continued until Alexis was left standing in her slip and Shawn had to remove his boxers. Coleman objected to the removal of Shawn's boxers, so Alexis agreed to let Shawn keep his boxers on, if Shawn conceded that she had been uptight.

Shawn admitted that Alexis was far from uptight. Alexis smiled with satisfaction, and then knocked back a shot of tequila. She quickly sobered when she realized the time. Alexis didn't want Molly wondering where Alexis had been, so Alexis asked Coleman to call a cab for her, while she quickly got dressed. Shawn handed Alexis her blouse as she dashed out of the bar.

In the Atlantic City jail, Joe insisted that the only way to take down Sonny was for Trey to marry Kristina. Joe realized that it was a radical move, but Sonny and Sonny's family were living high off of Joe Sr.'s empire, which had been intended for Joe and Trey. Joe claimed that Trey couldn't take back what was rightfully theirs unless Trey married Kristina. Trey wasn't interested in the money, so Joe warned Trey that Joe's impending trial would financially wipe out Joe.

However, Joe assured his son that it wasn't just about the money; Joe wanted payback for Sonny killing Joe Sr. and framing Joe Jr. for murder. Joe claimed that the time that Joe had spent "rotting" in jail had robbed Joe and Trey of precious time together. Joe wanted Sonny to answer for all of Sonny's wrongs. Trey agreed to help Joe, but Trey was reluctant to use Kristina. Joe explained that Sonny wouldn't hesitate to kill Joe and Trey if they were to go after Sonny directly. Joe was certain that Kristina was the key to getting to Sonny.

Trey admitted that he had pushed Kristina away, so he suspected that Kristina would question if Trey were to suddenly propose marriage. Joe's temper flared as he warned Trey that they had to stop Sonny, or else Joe would end up being railroaded and sent to prison for a long time. Trey quickly capitulated, so Joe apologized for the harsh way that he had spoken to his son. Joe then shifted gears by asking if Trey still had the St. Columbus medal. Trey nodded, so Joe admitted that people had thought that Joe was crazy for raising a child on his own.

According to Joe, some had even suggested that Joe give Trey up for adoption after Trey's "bitch mother" had left them, but Joe had refused to abandon his son. Trey smiled when Joe confessed that Joe was proud of Trey. Joe believed that he had given his son the best of himself, so Joe only wanted one thing in return. Joe asked that Trey return to Port Charles to reclaim their birthright.

Kristina entered the warehouse, looking for Trey. Sonny was surprised that Kristina didn't know where Trey was, because Sonny had thought that Trey and Kristina had been joined at the hip. "Not lately," Kristina admitted. Sonny sensed that something was troubling Kristina, so Kristina claimed that she was worried that Sam and Jason wouldn't find their way back to each other. Sonny assured his daughter that he would help Sam and Jason if he could, but things weren't that simple.

Kristina reminded Sonny that Sonny and Kate had managed to work through their problems. Sonny explained that it had been a difficult journey. Sonny appreciated that Sam was hurting and using the anger to hide from the pain. Sonny had been there before, as had Kristina when Kiefer had abused Kristina. Kristina wished that she could make Sam understand that being angry didn't fix things, but Sonny suggested that Sam needed to work that out for herself. Sonny tried to take advantage of his daughter's willingness to talk, but Kristina balked.

Kristina decided to leave, so Sonny wondered if it were truly that difficult for her to be alone with him. Sonny had thought that they had started to connect, but Kristina explained that she had only been there to look for Trey. Sonny assured Kristina that he was still her dad and that he missed her. Sonny wanted to spend time with Kristina. Kristina immediately became defensive when Sonny mentioned the show. Sonny and Kristina briefly argued about Trey's intentions towards Kristina until Kristina admitted that a part of her wondered if perhaps Sonny was right when he suggested that Trey only cared about Mob Princess.

Kristina confided that she and Trey had seemed to hit if off when they had first met, but Trey had kept her at arm's length since filming for Mob Princess had started. Sonny was curious what Kristina intended to do about the distance between her and Trey. Kristina was tempted to quit the show, but she feared that the show was the only thing that kept her and Trey together. Sonny wondered if Kristina really wanted to be with Trey if all that Trey cared about was the show.

Sonny was afraid that Kristina was doing the show for the wrong reasons. Kristina had thought that she knew what she wanted, but she was no longer sure. Moments later, Trey entered the warehouse, looking for Kristina. Kristina wondered where the film crew was. Trey revealed that the show might not be a good idea, so they should rethink proceeding with Mob Princess.

In Johnny's office, Todd wondered what Carly would say if she were to learn that Johnny had killed Hope, Cole, and Anthony. Johnny threatened to expose what Todd had done. "What did you do?" Carly asked from the doorway. Johnny tried to cover for the slip, but Todd admitted that Todd had done something terrible. Johnny nervously asked Todd what Todd was doing. Todd let Johnny squirm for a few minutes, and then confessed that he had planted a camera in Johnny's office.

Carly was outraged at the invasion of privacy. She demanded to know what Todd had seen on the footage. Todd confessed that he had seen Johnny and Carly "going at it." Carly was livid. Todd apologized and admitted that it had been upsetting to witness, but it was a bell that he couldn't un-ring. Carly insisted that Todd apologize to Johnny for putting the camera in Johnny's office.

Todd refused, so Johnny assured Carly that it wasn't necessary. Johnny just wanted Todd to promise not to do it again. Carly received a call from Josslyn's camp, so she excused herself to answer the phone. After Carly stepped out of Johnny's office, Johnny admitted that Todd had made a smart move by not revealing Johnny's secrets. However, Johnny wanted things to end there.

Carly returned before Todd could reply. Todd assured Carly that he and Johnny had reached an understanding, and then apologized to Carly again for invading her privacy. Todd confessed that he admired everything about Carly, except her choice of boyfriend. After Todd left, Johnny wondered if Todd would keep up his end of the deal. Carly doubted that Todd would plant any more cameras in Johnny's office, but Johnny decided to sweep his office daily to be certain.

Carly couldn't believe that Todd had watched them make love. However, she was relieved that Todd's prediction that Johnny had been hiding something had been wrong, so she was confident that Todd would finally leave Johnny alone.

At Manning Enterprises, Sam attempted to break into Todd's safe, but Jason interrupted her. Sam wondered what he was doing there, so Jason admitted that he had heard from Carly that Sam was working for Todd. Sam explained that she had wanted a fresh start, but Jason didn't believe her, because he knew that Sam hated office work. He suspected that the job was a cover. Sam was curious why Jason cared, so Jason reminded her that she was still his wife.

Jason warned Sam that Todd was dangerous, but Sam argued that she was perfectly capable of taking care of herself. Sam confessed that Todd didn't scare her. She admitted that she had gotten to know Todd quite well since joining Manning Enterprises. Jason wondered if Todd had mentioned why Todd was interested in her baby. Sam was taken aback by the question, so Jason explained that Carly had mentioned that Todd had showed up at the baby's funeral.

Sam wasn't surprised, because Todd had had an article about her and the baby. Jason was certain that she was investigating Todd, so Sam explained that she and Spinelli had been hired to keep an eye on Heather. Jason pointed out that Heather had been arrested, so there was no reason to continue the investigation. Sam confided that she suspected that Heather had blackmailed Todd to give Heather a job, so Sam was determined to find out what was going on. Sam admitted that Todd had also talked about Sam's baby on several occasions for no apparent reason.

Sam was certain that the safe would provide her with answers. Jason volunteered to guard the door while Sam cracked the safe. Sam accepted the offer, so Jason stood watch. A short time later, Todd arrived. Sam heard Todd question Jason, so she quickly closed the safe and stepped out of Todd's office. Sam pretended to be surprised to see Jason. Jason claimed that he was there to talk to Sam, but Sam insisted that it wasn't the time.

After Todd entered his office, Sam revealed that she had managed to get into the safe, but hadn't had time to check the contents. Meanwhile, Todd noticed that the picture that hid his safe was askew. Todd went to check the safe, which had opened without Todd having to punch in the code. Todd pulled out the envelope, which contained the results of Sam's baby's paternity test.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Alexis went to the Floating Rib to look for her cell phone. The pool table triggered memories of Shawn taking off his shirt during their game of strip pool. Alexis reminded herself to focus on the mission at hand, so she asked the bartender if she could look in the lost and found. The bartender, who had been arranging things under the bar, stood up. Alexis was startled to realize that it was Mac. Mac jokingly asked if she had misplaced her underwear, and then held up a pair of bedazzled thongs. Alexis was not amused.

Alexis demanded to know what Mac was doing there. Mac revealed that he was the new bartender. Alexis thought that it was a waste of Mac's talents. Mac reminded her that he had once owned the Outback, so he enjoyed working behind the bar. Mac then shifted gears by admitting that Coleman had told him about Alexis' game of strip pool with Shawn.

Alexis explained that she and Shawn had intended to chaperone Molly and T.J.'s date, but Molly had objected, so Alexis and Shawn had decided to get a drink. Alexis revealed that Shawn had accused her of being uptight, so she had decided to prove Shawn wrong by challenging him to a game of strip pool. Mac noticed that Alexis blushed when she talked about Shawn. Alexis suggested that Mac get his eyes checked, and then changed the subject by asking Mac about his rekindled romance with Felicia. Mac explained that he and Felicia had agreed to take things slowly, but he wanted to focus on Alexis.

Mac insisted that Alexis deserved to be happy, because she was beautiful, sophisticated, and intelligent, so he urged her to lower her guard and give Shawn a chance. Alexis complained about couples always trying to play matchmaker. Mac assured Alexis that it was fine with him if she preferred to stay single, but he thought that she could do worse than dating a guy like Shawn. Alexis conceded that she'd had fun with Shawn. Mac apologized for overstepping, but Alexis assured Mac that she appreciated his advice. Mac smiled and told Alexis to ask Shawn out.

At Kelly's, Shawn was distracted by thoughts of Alexis taking off her shirt during their pool game, so he didn't pay attention to what he was doing. T.J. spoke up when Shawn filled T.J.'s glass of orange juice to overflowing. Shawn quickly cleaned up the mess as T.J. asked what was wrong with Shawn. Shawn didn't immediately reply, prompting T.J. to wonder if it had anything to do with Molly. T.J. feared that Alexis had gotten to Shawn, so T.J. made it clear that he refused to break up with Molly because Alexis was uptight. Shawn quickly defended Alexis.

Shawn reminded T.J. that Alexis had overlooked T.J.'s shady past, so she deserved T.J.'s respect, not his judgment. T.J. was curious how Alexis had managed to win over Shawn. Shawn tried not to think about Alexis taking off her shirt, as he ordered T.J. to eat breakfast. Later, T.J. announced that he was headed to the pool with Molly. Shawn thought about Alexis as he told T.J. to have fun and say hi to Molly. T.J. thanked Shawn for keeping Alexis busy the previous evening.

Shawn misheard, so he assured T.J. that Shawn and Alexis hadn't gotten busy. T.J. frowned as he pointed out that he hadn't said that. T.J. accused Shawn of acting strangely and then left. A short time later, Alexis arrived. Shawn greeted her and jokingly mentioned that it was nice to see her with her shirt on. He quickly stammered that he hadn't meant to imply that she hadn't looked good without her shirt. Alexis started to ask Shawn out, but a young woman ran into the diner, threw herself into Shawn's arms, and kissed him.

Nearby, Liz and Steve arrived for breakfast. Steve was reluctant to be away from the hospital, but Liz insisted that he needed a break. She assured him that Kate would call if Olivia's conditioned changed. Liz was also confident that Ewen would take good care of Olivia. Steve hated being a doctor sometimes, because it seemed like too many people lost their battle. Liz reminded him that he had also seen plenty of people win.

Liz revealed that Ewen had faith in Olivia. "And you have faith in Ewen," Steve added. Liz smiled as she admitted that she had agreed to go out with Ewen again. Steve was surprised that Liz and Ewen were back together. Liz quickly clarified that she and Ewen had never been a couple. Steve was curious what had inspired Liz's change of heart about Ewen.

Liz credited Patrick, who had made her realize that she might have been taking Ewen for granted. Steve was happy that Liz was moving forward. Liz confided that she was surprised that Ewen was still interested in her after she had sent Ewen mixed signals. Steve was certain that Ewen was thanking his lucky stars that she had given Ewen a second chance.

In Patrick's hospital room, Patrick slept as Ewen confessed that he'd had no choice; Ewen had needed to take Robin away from Patrick. "What did you say?" Lulu asked from the doorway. Lulu wanted to know how Ewen had taken Robin away from Patrick. Ewen led Lulu into the hallway, where he sternly reminded her that Patrick was in a hospital, not a hotel. Ewen insisted that Lulu couldn't simply barge in on Patrick whenever she pleased. Lulu quickly apologized as she explained that she had simply wanted to check on Patrick.

Ewen explained his remark about Robin by revealing that Patrick hadn't had any hallucinations about Robin because of the drug withdrawals. Lulu accepted the lie. Ewen assured Lulu that he was confident that Patrick would recover because Patrick had told Liz about the substance abuse. Lulu realized that it was a good sign because it meant that Patrick was no longer in denial.

After Lulu left, Ewen returned to Patrick's hospital room. Patrick was awake, so Ewen explained that they would have to deal with Patrick's grief, but first Ewen wanted Patrick to focus on knowing that Patrick would get through the pain of losing Robin. Patrick wondered how Ewen could be so certain, so Ewen admitted that he had been through it himself when he had lost someone close to him. Patrick invited Ewen to talk to him about it, but Ewen declined. Ewen reminded Patrick that they were doctor and patient, so Ewen didn't want his personal history to distract from that.

However, Ewen wanted Patrick to know that Patrick had a future ahead of him. Patrick agreed to take Ewen's word for it. Ewen promised that it was true and then confided that Ewen's relationship with Liz was proof. Later, Ewen's phone rang. He advised Patrick to rest and then left the room. Ewen found a private corner to answer the call.

Ewen reminded the caller that he had told the caller not to contact him on that line. "Fine, fine. You're the boss," Ewen replied when the caller scolded him. Ewen confirmed that Robin had been safely transferred to a clinic in Switzerland and that Anna had no idea. Moments later, Liz rounded the corner.

Dante spotted Lulu, as he exited the elevator. Lulu greeted her husband and explained why she was at the hospital. She was surprised that Dante wasn't mad that she hadn't mentioned Patrick's troubles sooner. She explained that she hadn't wanted to spread rumors, but Dante suggested that confiding to her husband wasn't spreading a rumor. He then pointed out that it hadn't been the first time that she had kept something from him.

Dante conceded that they had some issues that they needed to address, so Lulu suggested that they go home to talk things out. A short time later, Dante and Lulu arrived at the loft. Lulu offered to make breakfast, but Dante insisted that it could wait. He wanted to talk about the forged letter from Luke that Heather had sent to Lulu. Lulu was startled when he pulled it out of his back pocket.

Dante explained that Anna had given the letter to him because it had been part of an investigation. Lulu realized that Dante had read it. Dante wondered why she had lied to him about the letter by claiming that it had been a bill. Lulu explained that it had been awful knowing that her father had said something so hurtful to her. Dante suspected that there had been more to it.

Dante read the part of the letter that suggested that Lulu was a free spirit like Luke, so Lulu shouldn't hesitate to leave if she felt the itch to fly, because it was better to end things quickly with Dante than to drag it out. Lulu reiterated that the letter had been horrible. Dante agreed, especially when there was some truth to it. Lulu insisted that Dante was making something out of nothing. Dante was curious why, if that were true, she hadn't told him about the letter. He suspected that it was because the letter had struck a cord.

Dante promised Lulu that he would believe her if she told him that he was wrong. Lulu confessed that she couldn't do that, because the letter had made her question their relationship.

In the Atlantic City jail, Joe prayed that Trey didn't fail him. Joe was confident that Trey was his secret weapon. Sonny overheard Joe, as Sonny approached the jail cell. Sonny was curious who Joe intended to take down. Joe evaded the question by demanding to know what Sonny was doing there. Sonny revealed that he wanted to talk about Joe's son.

Joe tried to distract Sonny by pushing Sonny's buttons but Sonny refused to take the bait. Sonny pointed out that Kate hadn't told anyone about the pregnancy, so Joe wondered why Sonny cared about a child that Kate had dumped in the trash. Sonny demanded an answer. Joe claimed that Father O'Brian had told him, because the priest had thought that Joe had a right to know that Kate had contemplated aborting the pregnancy. "Can you blame her?" Sonny asked.

Joe argued that it went against their religion. "So does rape," Sonny countered. Joe ignored the jab, as he revealed that Father O'Brian had heard that Kate had rented a room in a boarding house, so Joe had tracked her down. According to Joe, the old woman who had run the boarding house had found the lifeless body of the baby abandoned in the dresser drawer when she had tried to collect the rent from Kate. Sonny wanted to know what the woman had done with the child. Joe claimed that the woman had arranged for the baby to be buried in a potter's field.

Sonny wanted details about the old lady, but Joe refused to provide them. Joe suggested that Sonny ask Kate about the old lady and the boarding house. Joe expected Sonny to have some sympathy for Joe, because Joe had lost a son. Sonny made it clear that he didn't care about Joe's loss. Joe wondered how Sonny would feel if someone had killed one of Sonny's children. Sonny warned Joe never to mention Sonny's kids again.

Joe insisted that he had just been trying to make a point. Sonny vowed to kill Joe if Sonny ever suspected that Joe intended to harm one of Sonny's children. Joe promised to say a prayer for Sonny and Sonny's children, as Sonny stormed off. "They'll need all the prayers they can get," Joe mumbled to himself.

In the apartment, Trey recalled his conversation with his father when Joe had outlined his plan for Trey to marry Kristina to get to Sonny. Trey returned to the present when he heard a knock on the door. It was Kristina. Kristina wanted to know if Mob Princess was really over. Trey invited Kristina into the apartment because he thought that she deserved an explanation. Kristina reminded him that she had disrupted her family's lives for the show.

Trey admitted that he had decided to pull the plug on the show because his father had landed in some trouble. Trey assured Kristina that everything was okay, but it had made Trey realize how easily their fathers could be ripped out of their lives. Trey regretted that he had encouraged Kristina to argue with Sonny for the sake of Mob Princess. Kristina realized that Trey was serious about pulling out of the show, so there was no reason for Trey to remain in town. "What if there is a reason for me to stay?" Trey asked.

Kristina couldn't imagine why Trey would want to remain in Port Charles. "You," Trey told her. Trey confessed that he liked Kristina, because she was smart, funny, and didn't hesitate to call people out on their stuff. He claimed that he hadn't stopped thinking about her since their kiss. Kristina was stunned when Trey admitted that he wanted to pursue a relationship with her. Trey was about to kiss her, but Kristina pulled back because she needed a moment to take it all in.

Trey realized that there were plenty of guys lined up to go out with her. Kristina assured him that he was the only man that she was interested in. Trey smiled and kissed her.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

At the loft, Dante wondered if Lulu had believed Luke's letter, which had suggested that Lulu's marriage to Dante wouldn't last. Lulu reminded Dante that Luke hadn't penned the letter, but Dante argued that it didn't matter. Lulu explained that she had been having a crisis of confidence, because of their arguments, so she had been shaken when she read the letter. Lulu felt as if she had been sabotaging herself, but Dante conceded that he wasn't blameless. Lulu assured Dante that she loved him, but she questioned if their marriage could last.

Dante suspected that a part of Lulu feared that he would let her down, the way that Luke had. Lulu insisted that she was the problem, not Dante, because the Spencers were known to run away from the things that were supposed to be good for them. Lulu insisted that she loved Dante and had tried to be a good wife, but they seemed to be going in two different directions. Lulu had been reluctant to tell him about the letter because it had put a spotlight on her insecurities. Lulu reminded Dante that she enjoyed taking risks, but Dante was overly protective -- unless he was the one taking the risks.

Dante realized that he had been smothering Lulu. Lulu promised Dante that she loved being married to him, but she felt as if she didn't measure up to her family's history. However, the nightclub fulfilled her in a way that her previous jobs hadn't. Dante confessed that a part of him feared that Johnny was using her, but Dante had also been jealous because Lulu had once been romantically involved with Johnny. Dante apologized for acting like a jerk and vowed to find a way to make it up to her. Lulu assured him that he didn't owe her anything, because her problems were her own.

Dante regretted that he had been so controlling, but Lulu insisted that he was allowed to have an opinion. Dante promised to be more supportive. He realized that their marriage wasn't perfect, but he wanted to make it work. Lulu apologized for not including Dante in her decision to open a nightclub with Johnny and for buying a dress that they couldn't afford. Lulu admitted that the nightclub's opening night hadn't meant anything without Dante by her side. Dante assured her that he had wanted to be there.

Dante realized that Lulu wanted a guarantee about their marriage. However, he couldn't give her one. Dante explained that she would have to take a leap of faith and trust that he would be there to catch her. Dante kissed Lulu. Afterwards, Lulu admitted that she wished that they had talked weeks earlier. Dante and Lulu smiled as they made their way to the bedroom to make love.

At Trey's apartment, Trey kissed Kristina and then assured her that he had genuine feelings for her. Trey suggested that they go to the bedroom, but Kristina pulled back. She explained that she needed to tell him something. Trey was stunned when Kristina admitted that her previous boyfriend had been abusive. Trey wanted to know where Kiefer was, so she revealed that Kiefer had died. Trey asked for details about the abuse, so Kristina confided that the abuse had been ongoing and had escalated until Kristina had landed in the hospital.

Trey was horrified by what Kristina told him, so he promised never to hit her. Kristina believed Trey, but she wasn't ready to sleep with him. Kristina confessed that she needed time to learn to trust him. Trey assured Kristina that she could set the pace. Kristina relaxed because it said a lot about the kind of person that Trey was.

Kristina wondered what Trey's father would say. Trey was startled by the question, so Kristina reminded him that his father had invested a lot of money into Mob Princess. She feared that Trey's father would not be pleased about Trey's decision to cease production. Trey assured Kristina that his father could write it off. However, Trey was confident that his father would be delighted that Trey had a chance to date someone like Kristina. Kristina was flattered.

Kristina kissed Trey and then left. Afterwards, Joe called. Trey admitted that he was uncomfortable using Kristina to get to Sonny, because Kristina was a really nice person who didn't deserve to be used like that. Joe pressured Trey to stick with the plan, so Trey promised to marry Kristina.

At the hospital, Ewen spoke on his cell phone. He assured the caller that no one knew that they were working together. Seconds later, Liz rounded the corner. Ewen quickly ended the call as he admitted that he hadn't seen her. Liz was not surprised, given what he had just told the caller. Ewen explained that he had been talking to a patient who was a celebrity.

Ewen claimed that the patient had been referred to him. Liz appreciated that Ewen couldn't tell her the identity of the patient because of doctor/patient confidentiality, but she was curious if he could tell her how Patrick was doing. Ewen explained that Patrick's addiction wasn't too severe, because Patrick hadn't been using amphetamines for long. Liz warned Ewen that Patrick would have a more difficult time giving up Robin, because his grief allowed Patrick to hold on to Robin.

Ewen confessed that he felt guilty where Patrick was concerned. Liz insisted that Ewen had no reason to feel that way, because Ewen was trying to help Patrick. Liz explained that Patrick had to get his footing. Ewen appreciated the support, so he invited Liz out to lunch.

Outside of Kelly's, Sam thought about her encounter with Jason at Manning Enterprises, when he had reminded her that she was still his wife, so he was worried about her getting on Todd's bad side. Sam shook off the thoughts and started to enter the dinner. However, she bumped into her mother as Alexis was leaving Kelly's. Alexis warmly greeted Sam, so they sat down at one of the outdoor tables to chat. Sam mentioned that production on Mob Princess had been shut down. Alexis was delighted, because it meant that Trey would be leaving town.

Sam warned Alexis not to count on it, because Kristina had romantic feelings for Trey. Sam revealed that Trey had kept Kristina at arm's length because of the show. Alexis realized that Trey had likely stopped production on the show so that he could pursue a relationship with Kristina. Alexis was curious how Sam knew about Kristina and Trey, so Sam confided that Kristina had talked to Sam about Trey when Kristina had asked about Sam and Jason's marriage. Alexis admitted that she had supported Sam and Jason's relationship -- until Jason had refused to accept Sam's baby.

Alexis was curious where Sam and Jason stood. Sam admitted that Jason had paid Sam a visit, but there was a distance between them, so Sam feared that they might not be able to find their way back to each other. Alexis was shocked when Sam confessed that things had gotten complicated because Sam had kissed John. Sam explained that she and John had been hurting and drinking.

Alexis assured Sam that she wasn't judging Sam, but Alexis was surprised. Sam revealed that the surprising thing had been Jason's reaction when he had witnessed the kiss between Sam and John. Sam explained that Jason had kissed Liz. According to Sam, she and John had been caught up in a bad moment, but Liz was more than another woman to Jason, because Jason and Liz had had a child together. Sam insisted that it didn't matter that Jake was gone, because Jason and Liz shared a connection.

Alexis was certain that it wouldn't be the last time that Jason hurt Sam, so Alexis wondered if Sam intended to divorce Jason. Sam admitted that she hadn't thought about it. Sam explained that it wasn't about ending her marriage, but finding a way to forgive Jason. However, every time that she tried, something stopped her. "What?" Alexis asked.

Sam feared that she would never be able to forgive Jason, so she would keep finding ways to punish him. Sam loved Jason too much to do that to him. Alexis suggested that sometimes the most loving thing to do for a person was to let the person go. Sam was too confused to make any decisions. Alexis assured her daughter that she would represent Sam if Sam decided that she wanted out.

At the Floating Rib, Jason was shooting pool when Sonny entered. Sonny told Jason about the trip to Atlantic City to get answers about Kate's baby, and Joe's comment about Sonny's children. Sonny had a feeling that Joe was making a statement, so Sonny wanted Jason to beef up security on all of Sonny's children. Sonny then changed the subject by revealing that Kristina had talked to Sonny about her concerns regarding Jason and Sam's marriage. Jason admitted that he feared that Sam would never be able to forgive him.

Jason confessed that he had tried to talk to Sam several times, but something always seemed to happen. "Like what?" Sonny asked. As if on cue, Liz and Ewen entered. Jason and Sonny looked up, so Liz and Ewen approached their table. Liz introduced Ewen to Sonny. Ewen made small talk, while Jason looked away. Afterwards, Ewen led Liz to a nearby table.

Sonny wondered what that was "all about." Jason had no idea what Sonny was talking about, but Sonny didn't buy it. Sonny pointed out that Ewen had been treating Kate for months, so Sonny was curious if Liz's introduction had been for Jason's benefit. Sonny sensed that something was going on between Jason and Liz. Jason confessed that he had kissed Liz after seeing Sam and John kissing on the docks.

Sonny pointed out that Jason and Liz had a lot of history, but Sonny doubted that Jason had been thinking about that when Jason had kissed Liz. Jason assured Sonny that the last thing Jason wanted to do was hurt Liz or Sam. Sonny reminded Jason that regardless what happened, Sam was still Jason's wife, so Jason needed to do what was best for everyone. Sonny suggested that Jason call it quits with Sam if Jason and Sam couldn't work things out. Jason explained that he couldn't be the one to file the papers, but he wouldn't fight it if Sam decided that she wanted a divorce.

Jason just wanted the pain to stop, so Sonny advised his friend to figure out what would be less painful in the end. Jason didn't know how to walk away from the life that Jason and Sam had built. Jason became distracted when he glanced at Liz and Ewen's table.

Ewen asked if Liz was okay. She was curious why he had asked, so Ewen pointedly looked at Jason, as he answered, "Your friend." Liz apologized, but Ewen assured her that it wasn't necessary. He appreciated that she cared about Jason and that Jason and Liz might have ended up together if things had been different. Ewen realized that Jason's marriage was falling apart and that Liz wanted to help, but she held back because she didn't want to get in the way of Jason working things out with Sam. According to Ewen, it said a lot about Liz's empathy and generosity, which were qualities that he admired.

Liz smiled, and then changed the subject by joking about Ewen's deep, dark secret. Ewen looked nervous, so Liz reminded him about his ability to play the harmonica. Ewen relaxed, but Liz teasingly wondered if there was another deep, dark secret that she didn't know about.

Meanwhile, Sonny had to say Jason's name to get Jason's attention. Jason looked away from Liz and turned the conversation back to the original subject of Joe. It didn't escape Sonny's notice, but Jason explained that they needed to be ready if there was a chance that Joe would go after Sonny's family. Sonny revealed that Joe was a coward and a liar, so Sonny was certain that Joe already had a plan in place.

Friday, August 3, 2012

At Wyndemere, Ewen spoke to Liz on the phone. He admitted that he had enjoyed their lunch, so he wanted to know when he could see her again. Liz invited him to join her and Aiden for breakfast at Kelly's, but Ewen had to decline because he had a meeting. After Ewen ended the call, Jerry Jacks entered the parlor. Ewen assured Jerry that Robin had been transferred to a clinic in Switzerland. Jerry wondered what Robin's mental state was, so Ewen explained that she was semi-lucid and had no idea where she was.

Ewen assured Jerry that Anna had dismissed Heather's claims as the ranting of a lunatic. Jerry was pleased and grateful for everything that Ewen had done. Jerry insisted that Ewen's unfettered access to the hospital had made it possible for Jerry and Jerry's men to get into the lab and smuggle Robin out. Jerry also appreciated that Ewen had provided the anonymous corpse to plant in the lab. Ewen reminded Jerry that Maxie blamed herself for Robin's death, but Jerry didn't care, because the lab explosion had required careful planning. Ewen felt bad because Robin's family was grieving for a woman who was alive.

Jerry pointed out that it could have been worse; they could have killed Robin. Jerry thought that it was ironic that Patrick had turned to one of the few people who knew that Robin was alive for help. Ewen didn't know how Patrick could be expected to move on from such a tragic loss. "Yeah, I know. It's sad, isn't it?" Jerry replied. Jerry wondered how many people had seen Robin, and if anything could connect the mystery patient at the clinic to Robin. "Nothing," Ewen assured Jerry.

Jerry sensed Ewen's tension, so Ewen admitted that he could tell that Jerry was enjoying himself. Jerry smiled and asked for details about Robin's transfer. Ewen announced that he had plans, so he had to leave. Jerry was curious if Ewen's plans included Liz Webber. Ewen demanded to know how Jerry had known about Liz, so Jerry revealed that he made it his business to know everything about his associates.

Jerry remembered Liz fondly and told Ewen about the time that Jerry had held several people hostage at Metro Court. Jerry revealed that he had played an amusing game with the hostages where everyone selected a nickname for themselves. Liz's nickname had been "Baby's-Breath Liz," because she had been pregnant with Jason Morgan's child at the time. Jerry wondered if Ewen had met Jason. Ewen admitted that he had, so Jerry warned Ewen that Jason was lethal.

Jerry was curious if Jason knew that Ewen was "sniffing" around Jason's paramour. Ewen clarified that Jason was married. Jerry chuckled, because marriage had never stopped anyone, especially Jason and Liz. Ewen resented the way that Jerry talked about Liz. Jerry realized that he had struck a nerve, so Ewen assured Jerry that Ewen's relationship with Liz wouldn't be a problem. Jerry warned Ewen that it had better not be, because Jerry didn't want anyone to know that Jerry was in town or behind Robin's disappearance.

At Kelly's, Jason bumped into Sam as she was about to leave. Jason was curious if she'd had a chance check Todd's safe, so Sam explained that she intended to as soon as possible. Jason shifted gears by reminding her that they needed to talk. Sam agreed, but she tensed when Liz walked in with Aiden. Sam insisted that she needed to get to work and then left. Liz hoped that Sam hadn't left because of her, but Jason assured her that he was the reason that Sam had been in a rush.

Jason and Liz sat down at a nearby table to talk. Liz felt bad that things were still tense between Jason and Sam. Jason revealed that he had recently helped Sam with a project. Liz thought that it was a good sign, so she wondered if Jason and Sam had talked. "A little," Jason admitted, but he conceded that things had to change. Jason then asked if Liz had enjoyed lunch with Ewen.

Jason had noticed that Ewen had kept looking at him, so Jason feared that he had made things awkward for Liz. Liz revealed that it was her fault, because she had kept staring at Jason and Sonny. She confessed that she couldn't help but notice when Jason was around. Jason admitted that he always noticed Liz too. Liz explained that Ewen was perceptive, so he had probably picked up on the tension between her and Jason. Jason blamed himself, because he had kissed her.

Jason didn't want to mess things up between Liz and Ewen, so she confessed that she had pulled back from Ewen because of Jason. Liz explained that Ewen had sensed something between her and Jason when Ewen had arrived at her house for their date awhile back. However, Ewen had decided to ask Steve and Patrick about it, instead of her. According to Liz, Steve and Patrick had told Ewen that she and Jason shared personal connection, so Ewen had assumed that Liz had feelings for Jason that ran deeper than friendship. "Is there anything to that?" Jason asked.

Jason didn't want their friendship to keep her from being with someone else, but Liz assured Jason not to worry. She admitted that something had happened on the night that Jason kissed her. Liz had realized that she had been holding back. She had thought that it was because of what had happened to Jake, but the truth was that she didn't have a good track record with relationships, so she feared that all of her relationships were doomed to fail. Jason apologized for making her feel that way, but she insisted that she had made her own mistakes.

Liz admitted that, regardless how her relationships had ended, she'd had good times. She wanted to feel those feelings again. Jason urged her to try again and promised that he wouldn't get in the way. Liz confessed that she'd had other reservations about Ewen, including not wanting her children to get attached to someone who might not stick around. She also confided that something had happened on Spoon Island that had made her leery about dating Ewen.

At Manning Enterprises, Todd thought about his conversation with Johnny, regarding Johnny's role in Hope and Cole's deaths. Starr suddenly appeared in the doorway, demanding to speak with Todd about the camera that he had planted in Johnny's office. Starr was furious that Todd had spied on Johnny, when all that Johnny had done was give Starr an opportunity of a lifetime. Todd started to defend his decision to spy on Johnny, but Starr told him to save his breath, because she knew that Todd had apologized. Starr appreciated that Todd had her best interests at heart, but she wanted him to trust her, because she was an adult and knew how to take care of herself.

Todd suggested that he could still offer Starr advice, but Starr wanted Todd to respect her boundaries. Todd agreed. After Starr left, Todd called Johnny to demand to know what game Johnny was playing. Johnny explained that he had told Starr about the camera because he wanted Starr to know that he and Todd had reached an agreement. Todd reminded Johnny that there was a taped confession that Todd wouldn't hesitate to turn over to the police. Todd couldn't understand how Johnny could look Starr in the eye, knowing what Johnny had done to her.

At the Haunted Star, Johnny quickly ended the call with Todd when Dante strolled in. Dante apologized for being a jerk and promised not to cause any more problems. Johnny was curious why Dante hadn't been there on opening night, so Dante explained that he had been busy saving Olivia from Heather. Johnny had heard about Olivia's ordeal, so he wished her a speedy recovery, because he still cared about her. Dante wondered why, if that were true, Johnny had blackmailed her boyfriend.

Moments later, Starr walked in, so Johnny introduced her to Michael's brother. Starr confessed that she had heard Dante accuse Johnny of blackmail, so Johnny explained that it had been something in reference to his old life. Johnny assured Starr and Dante that those days were behind him. Dante was skeptical, so Johnny reminded Dante of Dante's promise. Dante reminded Johnny that Dante was still a cop and that Anthony's murder was unsolved. Starr thought that Heather had been arrested for burying Anthony, so Dante explained that it appeared that Anthony had been dead prior to Luke and Tracy finding Anthony.

Johnny squirmed when Starr suggested that the same person who had killed Hope and Cole had also killed Anthony. Dante revealed that Kate had been in police custody at the time of Anthony's murder, so it couldn't have been Connie. Dante explained that there were several suspects, including Johnny. Starr immediately defended Johnny, claiming that she would know if she was working with a killer. After Dante left, Johnny thanked Starr for her support. He assured her that the police didn't have any evidence against him and never would.

Lulu entered Patrick's hospital room, where Maxie was waiting. Maxie demanded to know why Lulu hadn't told her that Patrick had been admitted to the hospital for his substance abuse. Lulu explained that she'd had her hands full, because Luke had been shot and rushed into surgery, and Olivia had been admitted after being injected with LSD. Maxie pointed out that Lulu could have said something when Maxie had called her to see if Lulu had found Patrick. Lulu insisted that she hadn't been able to because Patrick had been hallucinating about Robin at the time.

Maxie's eyes filled with tears as she was reminded of what she had taken from Patrick. Maxie conceded that all that mattered was that Patrick received help. Maxie was frustrated because she couldn't give Patrick the one thing that he needed: Robin. Maxie confessed that Patrick had told her that the pills had helped him to hold on to Robin. Lulu wondered how Patrick was doing, so Maxie revealed that he'd had a rough night and was at a group meeting, opening up to strangers, which she imagined had to be difficult for him. Lulu assured Maxie that Patrick was in good hands with Ewen.

Maxie asked about Luke and Olivia, so Lulu updated her on both of their conditions. The conversation then drifted to Lulu and Dante. Lulu confided that she and Dante had been drifting apart. Maxie suspected that it was because of Johnny, so she warned Lulu that Johnny was a slow-motion train wreck, who couldn't make Lulu happy. Lulu assured Maxie that Lulu and Dante were in a good place, because they'd had a heart-to-heart talk.

Lulu wondered how Matt was doing, so Maxie revealed that Matt was working in the prison's infirmary. Maxie admitted that Matt was happy that Maxie was looking after Patrick and Emma. Moments later, Lulu decided to check on Luke, but she ran into Dante in the hallway; he was on his way to see Olivia. Dante confessed that he had paid Johnny a visit to apologize and to warn Johnny that Johnny was still a suspect in Anthony's murder.

In Llanview, John arrived home, but Natalie and Liam were not there. John looked around until he spotted a picture on the table. It was of him and Sam kissing on the Fourth of July. Moments later, Clint Buchanan's driver rang the doorbell. The driver gave John a letter from Natalie. The letter revealed that Natalie had left John because of his kiss with Sam. John demanded to know where Natalie had taken Liam, so the driver explained that he had dropped Natalie and Liam off at the airport.

John called Natalie. Natalie told John that she was taking Liam to London. John was furious that she had taken their son out of the country. He went to fetch his passport, but Natalie revealed that she had taken it. John warned her that it wouldn't stop him from following her, so Natalie ended the call. John paced around in anger until he saw a large envelope in a trashcan, as well as a letter from Todd. "You son of a bitch," John growled.

At Manning Enterprises, Todd was livid that Johnny had disconnected the call, so Todd decided to call Johnny back so that Todd could hang up on Johnny. Todd mumbled, "No way you're ever gonna tell anybody what it is that I've done." Todd quickly ended the call when he saw Sam standing in the doorway. Todd claimed that his comment had been in reference to a charitable donation, which he preferred to keep anonymous. Sam seemed to accept the lie, so she asked if Todd needed anything before she settled in at her desk. Todd suggested that she fetch something from his safe.

Sam tensed as she reminded Todd that she didn't know the combination to the safe. Todd was confident that she wouldn't need it, because he had a feeling that the safe wasn't closed all of the way. Sam went to the safe to retrieve the piece of paper that Todd instructed her to get. Sam glared at Todd as she waved the piece of paper at him and demanded to know what the meaning of it was. The paper read, "You're fired."

Todd slid the envelope with Sam's baby's paternity test out of sight as he accused Sam of breaking into his safe. He realized that Jason had been standing guard. Todd wanted to know what she had been looking for, so Sam suggested that perhaps it had been something about her baby. Todd was taken aback by the remark, so he wondered why she would say that. Sam went on the offensive by asking what he had been doing with a newspaper clipping about her baby. Todd realized that Heather had been right; Sam had been spying on him.

Sam admitted that she had been investigating Heather, but she wanted answers about why Todd had had the article, why he had hired Sam, and why he had been at her baby's memorial service. Todd reminded Sam that his granddaughter, Hope, had recently been killed in a car crash, so Sam wasn't the only person to mourn the loss of a child. Todd claimed that he had been filled with remorse because Starr and her family had been on their way to Llanview to support Todd, so he felt partially responsible for what had happened to his granddaughter. The article had resonated with Todd, so he had gone to Sam's baby's memorial service, because he hadn't been able to attend Hope's funeral. Finally, Todd pointed out that Sam had asked him for a job because she had wanted a fresh start.

Todd accused Sam of taking advantage of his compassionate nature to secure the job. Moments later, John stormed into Todd's office, vowing to make Todd pay for what Todd had done.

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