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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 10, 2012 on GH
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Monday, September 10, 2012

At the marina, Sonny, Johnny, Jax, Carly, and Todd waited impatiently for Jerry to show up with the antidote. Sonny was ready to give up and go when Jerry arrived with Alexis, whom he had kidnapped at gunpoint earlier. Todd wanted to get down to business, but Sonny wanted to know why Jerry had kidnapped Alexis.

Jerry said it was for love, but Todd did not care. Sonny said that Jerry could not have Alexis. Alexis agreed, but Jerry said that he would kill everyone there if Alexis did not go along. Sonny and Johnny pulled guns, but Jerry's thugs rushed in and disarmed them. Sonny and Jax refused to give Jerry the money until Jerry let Alexis go. Todd argued that getting the cure was more important than Alexis, whom they could chase once they had the cure.

Jax, Sonny, Carly, and Johnny all argued that Jerry should let Alexis go. When Carly said that Jerry owed Jax, Jerry responded that Jax owed Jerry -- and Jerry intended to collect.

Shawn made it to the police station and told John McBain and Dante that Jerry had kidnapped Alexis. Shawn showed John a paper that Jerry had dropped as he made his getaway. The paper held numbers that John recognized as latitude and longitude. He was able to figure out that Jerry was headed for the marina. John, Dante, and Shawn rushed out.

Sonny and Jax continued to argue with Jerry about Alexis. Finally Alexis spoke up and said that she would go with Jerry willingly -- if he gave up the antidote and saved her children. Jax told Alexis that he would not let her sacrifice herself. Alexis said that Jax could not stop her. Jax shot back that Jerry could not be trusted. During the confusion, Todd transferred the money to Jerry's account.

John, Dante, and Shawn arrived at the marina. Dante did reconnaissance and found Jerry and his five men. Shawn, Dante, and John split up to attack Jerry's position. Inside the warehouse Sonny insisted to Todd that Jerry could not be trusted and would double-cross them. Jerry said it was true; he would double-cross them if not for Jax, whom he felt compelled to save. When the money transfer was confirmed, Jerry prepared to leave, but he told the group that he would not give them the combination to the locked case until he was safely out of the country.

Outside the warehouse, Jerry's men spotted Dante, John, and Shawn, and the men opened fire. Inside, Jerry, Jax, and Carly struggled with Jerry for his gun, which went off during the struggle. At first, it appeared that Carly had been shot, but the bullet had actually hit Johnny. Outside the warehouse, John and company subdued Jerry's men.

Carly noticed that Johnny was bleeding badly. As she attended to him, Jerry quickly left with Alexis. Jax and Sonny followed Jerry out of the warehouse. John, Dante, and Shawn arrived. Todd called for an ambulance while John tried to find a way to unlock the case with the antidote.

As John examined the locked case that Jerry had left behind, which supposedly contained the antidote, he mumbled that it was too simple. Dante got on the phone to call for backup, but Shawn stopped him by voicing fears that Jerry would kill Alexis. Dante said that the police were already stretched thin, and he hung up the phone. Shawn told Dante to help McBain open the case and distribute the serum while Shawn hunted for Jerry and Alexis.

After some thought, Dante and John tried the combination, 88110. They were relieved when it opened the case that Jerry had left behind. Inside were four large bottles of serum and a bomb set to go off in 54 minutes.

Sonny and Jax argued while they searched for Jerry. Meanwhile, Jerry escorted Alexis to a tugboat and told her it was their ride. Carly and Todd helped Johnny out of the warehouse. Todd stayed with Johnny, and Carly went for the car. Todd told Johnny that Carly wanted him to live. Todd handled Johnny roughly. As Johnny groaned, Todd asked if Johnny thought he was going to bleed to death. When Johnny groaned again, Todd said that it was what Johnny deserved for killing Todd's granddaughter.

At General Hospital, Steve pushed Sam's wheelchair to the elevator and said that her scans looked good, and he was sending her home to spend time with her family. When Sam asked about the antidote, Steve said that they were looking for a counteragent but were running out of time. When Sam inquired about Steve's family, he said that his grandmother was at Disneyworld with Liz's children and had no idea about the virus in Port Charles.

Steve added that Olivia was still in the hospital, suffering hallucinations as the result of an LSD overdose that his mother, Heather, had given Olivia. Steve said that Heather had called from Ferncliff, and Steve had told Heather that he wanted nothing more to do with her. Steve apologized for letting Heather out of the institution in the first place. Sam soothed Steve and said that he had just been trying to be a good son. Steve said that Heather should never be let out of Ferncliff again.

Sam was in the lobby when a young mother collapsed while holding her baby. Sam rushed to take the baby as Steve helped the mother. As Sam held the infant, she thought back and remembered believing that the dead baby that Jason had given Sam at the garden shed had not been hers. As Sam held the living baby, she remembered her own child. When Steve returned, Sam was pensive as she handed the child to Steve.

In a GH examination room, Jason looked at the results of Sam's baby's blood tests and realized that Sam and Franco could not be its parents. Jason told Liz that he remembered that Sam had not believed that the dead baby had been hers. Liz was sure that the blood tests contained a typo, but Jason was not so sure. Liz played devil's advocate and told Jason not to get his hopes up. Jason said that things did not add up, and he had to know the truth.

Jason said that something was wrong because the blood types were off, and that the baby that died had hemophilia, a condition not diagnosed before birth, which should have been diagnosed because of Sam's excellent prenatal care. Liz asked for an explanation of how the switch could have occurred. Jason admitted that he did not have one, but that there was a period of time that could not be accounted for after Sam put the baby in the planter box and passed out in the garden shed and before Jason arrived and found the dead baby. Liz thought that Jason's theory was a stretch and suggested that he was in denial.

Jason asked how he could confirm the paternity of the dead infant. Liz said that a second autopsy was needed, and Sam would have to give permission. Liz was convinced that Sam's baby was dead and that Jason was clutching at straws. Liz said that nothing would be proven, and it would hurt Sam. She asked if Jason really wanted to hurt Sam that way. Sam was passing by and overheard. She asked what Liz meant by her remark.

Jason said that they had been discussing Sam's baby. Sam said that she was sorry about everything and knew that her baby was dead and could not have survived. She said that the baby's death could not have been Jason's fault. Sam admitted that she could not help fantasizing about what their life would have been like if the baby had lived. Sam almost said more, but instead remarked that she had to go and walked away.

Jason turned to Liz and admitted that he could be wrong about the baby but said that he had to know the answers. Liz suggested that just as Sam's fantasies were a way to deal with her grief, so was Jason's theory that Sam's baby was still alive -- a way to deal with his grief. Jason said that regardless, he still needed to find out the truth.

Liz departed, and Sam returned to the room. Jason asked where she was going next. Sam said she would go spend time with her family. She bemoaned that fact that Jerry had not spared the children. Jason said that there was still a chance that the antidote or a counteragent would be found. Sam asked what Jason would do. Jason said that he was waiting for surgery. Sam thanked Jason for making her see that her baby's death had not been her fault.

Sam said that maybe she would see her baby soon. Jason told Sam not to think about dying. Sam responded that her life with Jason had been amazing. Sam said that if she died with Jason, she would die happy. Jason hugged Sam. Sam told Jason goodbye, but Jason said, "Don't say that." Instead Sam said, "See you later." She was crying as she left the room.

In the lobby, Steve told Liz that the lab and CDC still had no results and had been unable to find the antibody in Tracy's blood. Steve and Liz hugged and told each other how much they cared for each other. Steve looked at a tearful Liz and assured her that they were not saying goodbye.

Liz checked on Jason again. He thanked her for her help with the baby's medical file. Liz said it did not matter. Jason said he refused to accept that they would all die. Jason reiterated that despite any obstacles, he had to know the truth about Sam's baby.

After her escape from Ferncliff, Heather went to Llanview to see Téa Delgado, who believed Sam's baby to be her own child. Téa recognized Heather as the woman who had saved her child's life, not the woman who had swapped Téa's dead baby for Sam's live one. When Téa invited Heather in to see the baby, Heather introduced herself as Susan Moore. When Téa got a phone call, she allowed Heather hold the baby.

While Téa took care of business, Heather told baby Victor, that nobody knew that he was actually the child of Sam and Jason. Heather told the baby that Téa was a good mother but would not love him like Heather could. Heather hugged the baby and told him that he was her new Steven Lars and her second chance to be a good mother. Téa was upset after her phone call. When Heather questioned her, Téa said that her daughter was no longer able to babysit, and she needed a full-time nanny so that she could go back to work.

Heather leaped at the opportunity and offered to become Téa's nanny in the short term until Téa could make other arrangements. Téa was reluctant at first, but Heather was very convincing. Téa was glad to have the woman, whom she believed had saved her child, as his new nanny. Téa was impressed by how easily Heather was able to soothe Victor when he cried and seemed to instinctively know that the baby liked his back rubbed.

Téa said that with her daughter in college, she had forgotten how to parent an infant. Heather said that it would all come back. When Téa asked if Heather had children, Heather said that she had one son. Heather said that she was very close to him and gave a sly look at the baby. Heather said that too much planning did not allow time for happy accidents. Téa agreed and said that although she was accustomed to banging on closed doors, she would take a chance on Heather, as long as her references checked out.

Heather quickly agreed to get her references together and assured Téa that if hired, Heather would treat baby Victor as if he were Heather's own son. As Heather left, Téa said that if Heather's references checked out, it would be the best thing to happen to her since Todd had found Heather in the woods and Heather had saved baby Victor. Heather was smiling like the cat that ate the cream.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Outside of the warehouse, Dante decided to call the police, but Shawn warned Dante that Jerry would kill Alexis if the police swarmed the marina. Dante changed his mind when Shawn vowed to find Jerry and rescue Alexis. After Shawn walked away, Dante entered the warehouse. John and Dante examined the locked briefcase that held the antiserum. John suspected that the combination might be related to the Dead Man's Hand, so Dante set the numbers to 8-8-1-1-0.

The briefcase snapped open, but it had been rigged with a bomb, so John and Dante were unable to get to the serum. Dante wondered why Jerry had left the antiserum if the intention had been to blow it up. John suspected that Jerry would deactivate the bomb with a remote, once Jerry was safely away. However, John decided to call a contact at the FBI for help with the bomb so that they could get the antiserum to the hospital intact.

At the marina, Todd and Carly tried to help Johnny to the car, but Johnny's gunshot wound was bleeding too heavily. Johnny collapsed, so Todd ordered Carly to fetch the car. After Carly left, Todd pulled a handkerchief out of his pocket. Todd growled that Johnny deserved to die for killing Hope, as he covered Johnny's nose and mouth with the handkerchief. Todd assured Johnny that the death would be peaceful, unlike the way that Hope had died.

Todd quickly pulled away from Johnny when Lulu suddenly appeared and called out to Johnny. Todd's body had blocked Lulu from seeing what Todd had been doing, so she assumed that Johnny was unconscious from the injury. Lulu shouted that Todd should have been putting pressure on the bleeding wound, so Todd claimed that he had been doing that when Lulu had arrived. Moments later, Carly's car screeched to a halt by the trio. After Johnny was settled into the backseat with Carly, Lulu announced that she was staying at the marina because she needed to find Dante.

Lulu was relieved when Dante stepped out of one of the warehouses. He implored Lulu to leave because Jerry had planted a bomb in the briefcase with the life-saving serum, but she refused. Dante and Lulu entered the warehouse to check on John's progress. They were stunned when John revealed that he had been put on hold. John explained that the bomb was more complicated than anything that John had ever seen. Dante made another attempt to get Lulu to leave, but Lulu insisted that, live or die, they would stay together.

John's contact finally picked up the call, so John explained the situation. John wondered if they had something to cut the wires with, so Lulu fished around in her purse for nail cutters. Dante proceeded to follow John's instructions on how to disarm the timer. Dante's hands shook, so Lulu helped him cut the wire. However, the bomb continued to remain active, so John ordered Dante and Lulu to leave.

Dante and Lulu wanted to stay to help John, but John explained that they still had hope, because the Centers for Disease Control and the doctors at General Hospital were working to find a cure. After Dante and Lulu left, John's frustration mounted when he couldn't find a green wire that would deactivate the bomb. John realized that he was on his own, so he ended the call. John glanced at a picture of Natalie on his cell phone as he bemoaned not having had a chance to say goodbye to his son or to tell Liam and Natalie that he loved them. "My fiery redhead," John softly said to Natalie's picture as he decided which wire to cut.

Jerry led Alexis to his boat in the marina and tied her hands to a handrail in the bridge. Jerry explained that the boat would take them to their future, but Alexis warned Jerry that Jax and Sonny would hunt him down. Jerry explained that it was in Jax's best interest to remain on land. Alexis' eyes rounded when Jerry showed her the remote detonator to the bomb that he had planted in the briefcase with the antiserum. Alexis reminded Jerry that she was a Cassadine, so he should not underestimate her. Jerry didn't seem threatened, so Alexis changed tactics by agreeing to cooperate in exchange for Jerry's promise to deactivate the bomb.

Alexis realized that something was wrong with Jerry when he suddenly began to cough. She was curious if he was sick, but Jerry gave her a vague answer and changed the subject. Jerry explained that he had to leave, so he warned her not to do anything stupid. After Jerry left, Alexis tried to work free of the rope that bound her wrists. She vowed to throw Jerry to the sharks if she was still onboard when the boat hit the open waters.

Sonny and Jax searched the marina for any sign of Jerry and Alexis. Jax spotted his brother's boat, so he started to head in its direction, but Sonny was too weak to follow. Jax suggested that Sonny try to rest, but Sonny was determined rescue Alexis. Jax promised to deal with Jerry, so Sonny made it clear that he would kill Jax himself if anything happened to Kristina's mother. Jax assured Sonny that Sonny would have a lifetime of opportunities to kill him.

Shortly after Jax walked away, Shawn spotted Sonny. Sonny was set on finding Jerry, but Shawn insisted that Sonny needed Shawn's help. Shawn and Sonny boarded a boat and made their way to Jerry's boat. They managed to slip on, unseen, and find Alexis. "What took so long?" Alexis asked to break the tension. Shawn freed Alexis as she inquired about the bomb.

Shawn admitted that Carly and Todd had been in possession of the serum last. Alexis groaned because it meant that the bomb had likely not been deactivated. Sonny wanted to get going, but Alexis refused to budge, because she feared that Jerry would trigger the bomb if she weren't there when he returned. Sonny explained that Jax needed his help.

"He's on the boat?" Alexis asked. Sonny ignored Alexis' question as he ordered Shawn to get Alexis off of the boat. Shawn hauled Alexis away, so Sonny made his way to the dock.

On the dock, Jerry looked at the city skyline. "Goodbye, Port Charles," Jerry said with relish. He started to untie the boat from its moorings but froze when Jax suddenly appeared dangling the keys to the boat. Jerry demanded that Jax return the keys, but Jax refused. Jerry reminded Jax that the counteragent to the pathogen was in the warehouse, so Jax was wasting time by talking to Jerry. Jax explained that he wanted to help his brother, despite the awful things that Jerry had done, because Jax loved Jerry.

Jerry laughed and then revealed that he was dying. Jax assumed that it was from the pathogen, but Jerry clarified that the Balkan's assassin had shot Jerry with a bullet laced with plutonium. Jerry explained that he had managed to survive the shooting and the plunge into the harbor's icy waters, only to discover that he had radiation poisoning. Jerry had found someone who had the cure -- but for a steep price. Jerry admitted that he had made a payment, but there was an outstanding balance due.

Jax realized that Jerry intended to use the ransom money was for the final payment. Jerry thought that it was ironic that the balance he still owed represented the numbers of the Dead Man's Hand, which their father had credited for their success and died for. "And now, I'm gonna die from it too," Jerry added.

Jax insisted that he would help Jerry, but Jerry wasn't interested, so he demanded that Jax return the keys to the boat. Jerry was furious when Jax tossed the keys into the water. Jerry pulled out a gun and the remote detonator. Jerry decided that the people of Port Charles couldn't have a new life if Jerry couldn't. Jax caught Jerry by surprise by knocking the gun and remote detonator out of Jerry's hand. A brief struggle ensued until Sonny appeared and shot at Jerry.

Everyone dove for cover as Jerry and Sonny exchanged gunfire. Jerry managed to shoot a hole into a full barrel of gas near Sonny.

Todd, Carly, and Johnny arrived at the hospital. An orderly helped Johnny to a gurney and then went to aid another patient. Johnny had regained consciousness, so he revealed that he needed to tell Carly something. Todd was desperate to get Carly away from Johnny, so he told her to find a doctor. Carly didn't want to leave Johnny's side, but Todd insisted that the doctors would be more apt to help her because they knew her.

After Carly walked away, Todd warned Johnny to keep quiet about Todd's secret. Moments later, Carly returned without a doctor. Frustrated, Todd decided to find a doctor himself. Johnny insisted that he needed to tell Carly everything, but Carly wanted Johnny to conserve his strength. Johnny argued that Carly needed to know everything before he died.

Johnny didn't get a chance to elaborate because Todd returned with Steve in tow. Steve examined Johnny's gunshot wound and quickly whisked Johnny away. Todd wondered if Carly was okay, so Carly revealed that Johnny had wanted to confess something to her. Carly was curious if Todd knew what it was about. Todd shrugged his shoulders, so Carly admitted that Jax had told her about Todd and Johnny's argument at the marina. "Is that what Johnny was talking about?" Carly asked.

Carly made it clear that she wanted the truth, because it might be her final few moments on earth. Todd complained that Johnny didn't deserve Carly because Johnny had been lying to her. Todd gently warned her that Johnny hadn't changed, but Todd knew someone who would change for Carly. Moments later, Steve called out to Carly. Steve explained that Johnny was stable, but the pathogen had weakened Johnny, and the bullet had done significant damage.

Steve suggested that Carly spend some time with Johnny, so Todd offered to accompany her. Carly declined because she wanted to be alone with Johnny. Later, Johnny was resting when Carly told him that she loved him. She assured him that whatever he had to tell her could wait. Todd eavesdropped as he stood outside of Johnny's hospital room.

Patrick surveyed the crowed emergency room until he spotted Steve at the nurses' station. Patrick was looking for Monica, so he wondered if Steve had seen her. Steve shook his head but agreed to let Monica know if Steve ran into her.

Meanwhile, Monica received some bad news via a phone call, so she decided to find Tracy.

Tracy provided another sample of blood while Joe stood nearby recalling the moment that Tracy had unwittingly drunk the antiserum. Tracy couldn't understand why she was the only person who hadn't been affected by the pathogen. Joe suggested that fate worked in mysterious ways. Tracy argued that there was mysterious and then there was cruel. Tracy became concerned when Joe began to cough.

Joe advised Tracy not to count him out, because he might survive thanks to her generosity, her heart, and her blood. Tracy wasn't concerned about the blood that she had given, but she was worried about the eighteen million that she had paid to Jerry. Moments later, Monica approached Tracy to ask for a private word with her sister-in-law. Tracy followed Monica to an examination room where Monica explained that someone close to them had died from the fever. Tracy assumed that it was Edward, but Monica clarified that Cook had passed away. Tracy was annoyed because Monica had made it sound as if Edward had succumbed to the fever.

Monica reminded Tracy that Cook had been a part of their family, so Cook deserved to be mourned for as long as they could. Tracy sobered at the reminder that others might soon die from the pathogen, so she hoped that the CDC developed a cure quickly. Monica and Tracy were stunned when Patrick suddenly appeared in the doorway and announced that he might have the cure in his hand.

Patrick explained that he had been able to isolate the antibodies that Tracy's immune system had generated. He had developed an antiserum, which he had tested. The antiserum had worked, but it had taken hours to develop, so he only had one dose left. Joe entered the room in time to hear Patrick's news, so he was curious who would get the antiserum. Patrick handed the vial of antiserum to Monica, so that the chief of staff could decide who would get it. After Patrick left to spend time with his daughter, Tracy demanded that the cure be given to Edward. Monica explained that she had to follow a protocol.

Tracy insisted that antiserum belonged to Tracy, because it had been made with Tracy's blood. Joe tried to weigh in with an opinion, but Monica wasn't interested in anything that Joe had to say. Monica revealed that a doctor should get the dose so that the doctor could help the patients. Tracy argued that Monica owed it to Alan to save Edward.

Later, Edward arrived at the hospital. He saw Emma sitting with Patrick, as an orderly pushed Edward's wheelchair to an examination room. Tracy joined her father and closed the door. She apologized for making Edward go to the hospital, but she had wanted him near her. Tracy promised Edward that he could rest, but first she wanted him to drink some medicine. Tracy handed the antiserum to Edward.

In the waiting area, Patrick held his ailing daughter. Emma was curious when she would get better. Patrick promised Emma that it would be soon, so Emma wondered if Patrick was sick too. "A little bit," Patrick admitted. Emma quietly asked if they would get to see her mommy if they didn't get better. "I hope so," Patrick answered.

Monica spotted Patrick, so she asked him if he had seen Tracy. She explained that Tracy had stolen the vial of antiserum from her office.

Meanwhile, in the examination room, Tracy's eyes welled up with tears as she told her father that she loved him. "I love you, too," Edward replied. Tracy leaned down to kiss him, and then went to the door.

Monica was furious when she saw Tracy, but Tracy warned Monica to be quiet and then approached Patrick. Tracy explained that Edward wanted Emma to have the cure. Patrick explained that he couldn't accept the vial because of the hospital's protocol. Tracy argued that she had stolen the antiserum, so it belonged to her and therefore, they were playing by Quartermaine rules. Patrick turned to Monica for help, but Monica insisted that she had no idea what they were talking about and walked away.

Patrick accepted the vial and carried Emma to the examination room, so that Edward could see Emma through the window. Meanwhile, Tracy followed Monica to the elevator. Tracy admitted that she would always be grateful for how well Monica had always treated Edward. Monica held back tears as she wondered if Tracy was feeling okay.

After Monica walked away, Tracy returned to Patrick's side. Patrick looked at Edward to make certain that Edward wanted Emma to have the antiserum. Edward gave Patrick the thumbs-up, so Patrick instructed Emma to drink the antiserum. Edward smiled.

Tracy looked at her father with love as she confided to Patrick that Edward had always hated it when Tracy became emotional. According to Tracy, Edward didn't have any room for sadness in his life. Her father had lived a long good life, filled with laughter, adventure, happiness, love, and good fortune. There had been pain, loss, sadness, and regret, but Edward wouldn't have changed a thing. Tracy explained that if it was Edward's time, then her father would be reunited with the woman he loved: Lila.

At the marina, Shawn and Alexis stopped running after they were a safe distance from Jerry's boat. Alexis credited Shawn with saving her life. Shawn admitted that Molly wouldn't have forgiven him if he hadn't rescued Alexis. "Neither would I," Shawn added. Shawn and Alexis kissed. Moments later, they heard an explosion.

Nearby, Dante and Lulu declared their love for each other and then kissed. Seconds later, an explosion rocked the marina.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

At the warehouse, John decided that he had nothing to lose, so he clipped the red wire in honor of Natalie's fiery red hair.

On the dock, Jerry and Sonny exchanged gunfire, while Jax took cover. Meanwhile, one of Jerry's bullets pierced a gas barrel, so gas poured onto the dock.

Shawn and Alexis kissed but jumped apart when a loud explosion rocked the marina. Shawn realized that Jerry's boat had blown up. Alexis feared the worst for Sonny and Jax, so she ran to where Jerry's boat had been docked. The dock was littered with fiery debris, but there was no sign of the boat or the men.

Elsewhere, Dante and Lulu were stunned when they heard a loud boom and saw a ball of fire in the distance. Their heats sank because they assumed that John had perished in the explosion along with the antiserum. Moments later, John walked up and handed the briefcase to Dante. Dante wondered what had caused the explosion, so John promised to investigate, but first John wanted Dante and Lulu to take the antiserum to the hospital before it was too late. Dante was curious how John had known which wire to cut. "Lucky guess," John answered.

Dante hoped that John's luck didn't run out. After Dante and Lulu left, John glanced at his cell phone with the picture of Natalie and Liam.

Shawn had just ended a call with the Coast Guard when John walked up. Shawn quickly filled John in on what had transpired on the dock. John wondered if there had been any survivors. Shawn admitted that it didn't look good. As if on cue, Sonny pulled himself up onto the dock.

Shawn and Alexis went to aid Sonny. After Sonny caught his breath, he revealed that a punctured barrel of gas had exploded. Sonny had no idea what had happened to Jax, because Sonny had been thrown into the water by the force of the explosion. John suggested that Shawn, Alexis, and Sonny return to their loved ones, while John stayed behind to handle things.

At the lake house, Sam called Alexis when she realized that Alexis wasn't home, but the call went to voicemail. Afterwards, Molly entered the living room with T.J. in tow. Molly was alarmed when she noticed the cut above Sam's eyebrow. Sam assured her sister that it was fine. Sam was more concerned about Molly.

Molly dissolved into tears as she admitted that she was afraid of dying. Sam rocked her sister in her arms. After Molly calmed down, she asked Sam if Sam knew where Alexis was. Sam was certain that wherever their mother was, it was important. T.J. decided to call Shawn, so Molly reminded him that he had left his cell phone in her bed. Sam was not pleased, so she waited until T.J. left the room to discuss it with Molly.

Molly promised that nothing had happened; Molly and T.J. had merely fallen asleep. Sam relaxed because she was happy that Molly had had an opportunity to spend time with someone important to Molly. Molly wondered why Sam wasn't with someone important too. Sam admitted that she had been. "You were with Jason...or John McBain?" Molly asked. "Both," Sam answered.

Sam explained that she had said her goodbyes to both men, even though Sam wasn't certain that it was actually the end for all of them. Molly admitted that it felt like it, but Sam insisted that there was still hope for a cure. "What if we're saved?" Molly asked. Sam admitted that she'd asked a similar question, which had led to a conversation with Jason about what things might have been like if they had never learned the truth about Sam's baby's paternity.

Sam was certain that she and Jason would have been raising their son together. However, it hadn't worked out that way. Sam regretted that she had punished Jason for that, because he hadn't deserved it. Molly was curious if that was why Sam had turned to John. Sam explained that there was something about John that went beyond friendship. Molly was curious which man Sam would want to be with if they survived the pathogen: Jason or John. Sam was evasive, but Molly was certain that Sam knew, in her heart, which man Sam would want to be with.

"I do," Sam conceded. Molly didn't have an opportunity to probe further because Alexis and Shawn arrived home. Molly, Sam, and T.J. warmly greeted Alexis and Shawn. Alexis explained that Jerry had forced Alexis to leave, but Alexis didn't want to focus on that because the nightmare was over.

At the hospital, Monica warned Steve that the authorities were just as sick as the rest of the people in Port Charles, so she hoped that Patrick's research would give the Centers for Disease Control a head start in developing enough antiserum for distribution.

Kate left Sonny a voicemail message. She hoped that he had found the antiserum and was on his way to the hospital. After Kate ended the call, she spotted Steve. Kate called out to him because she was curious where Olivia had been moved to. Steve was confused, because Olivia was supposed to be in the same hospital room that she had been in. Kate became concerned because Olivia had disappeared.

On the hospital's rooftop, Olivia wandered to the ledge while looking up into the sky with a smile of joy. A short time later, Steve and Kate appeared in the doorway. They were shocked when they saw Olivia standing on the rooftop's ledge as she looked up into the sky. Kate started to panic, but Steve advised her to stay calm so that they didn't startle Olivia. Kate hovered behind Steve as Steve slowly approached Olivia and conversationally asked what Olivia was doing on the ledge.

"Hey, guys, have you ever seen anything so beautiful? That light?" Olivia asked, while balancing on the ledge. Steve and Kate assumed that Olivia was referring to another kind of light, because Olivia wanted to end her life. They promised Olivia that things weren't as bleak as they seemed. Kate warned Olivia that the LSD had caused the hallucination. Olivia laughed as she climbed down from the ledge because she had just been enjoying the rain.

Olivia admitted that it had reminded her of her childhood when Olivia and Kate had played in the rain. Steve and Kate wore matching expressions of concern, so Olivia assured them that everything was going to be okay. Kate gently explained that it wasn't raining. Olivia's smile disappeared when she realized that Kate was right. Olivia blamed it on the fever, but she wished that she could tell the difference between what was real and what wasn't before she died.

Steve gently reminded Olivia that her other visions had turned out to be premonitions, so perhaps the one about the rain had been one too. Olivia thought it was ridiculous to think that they would all be saved by some rain falling from the sky. Steve insisted that he had heard of crazier things. Olivia smiled weakly, so Steve hugged her tight. Afterwards, Olivia urged Steve to get back to work because his patients needed him. Steve promised to find Olivia later and then left.

Kate and Olivia remained on the rooftop as they talked about their childhood. Olivia confessed that she had once read Kate's diary. Kate doubted that she had written anything important in the diary because Kate had only been thirteen-years old at the time. Olivia admitted that Kate had mentioned having a crush on a boy. Kate recalled losing a friend over that crush because her friend had told the boy. Olivia confided that she had been touched by what Kate had written about Olivia. Olivia recalled that Kate hadn't been upset about losing her friend because Kate had considered Olivia to be her best friend.

Olivia assured Kate that she had never peeked at Kate's diary again. Kate smiled because she had been a wise teenager to have recognized how important Olivia was to her. The cousins hugged and then left the rooftop.

Dante and Lulu arrived at the hospital and promptly turned the briefcase with the antiserum over to the appropriate people. A short time later, Sonny walked in. Dante spotted his father, so he was curious if Sonny had found Alexis and Jerry. Sonny quickly filled Dante and Lulu in on what had happened at the marina, including the explosion that had claimed Jerry and Jax's lives. Dante revealed that the antiserum had been delivered, but it would take time for the CDC to produce enough of it to give to everyone. Lulu pointed out that time was a luxury that they might not have.

Kate was delighted when she saw Sonny in the emergency room. She ran into his arms and kissed him.

Liz wheeled Jason into an examination room, so that he could wait until an operating room became available. Jason jumped out of the wheelchair because he intended to track down Jerry and find the cure. Liz didn't care if Jason hated her, but she refused to let him walk out of the hospital with a gunshot wound in his leg, because he could bleed to death in the parking lot. Jason assured her that he didn't hate her. Liz challenged him to prove it by getting on the table and staying put.

Jason sat down as instructed, and then asked how bad it was in the emergency room. Liz revealed that the only place more crowded was the chapel. Jason imagined that many were eager to set things right before they died. Liz suspected that Jason was thinking about the possibility that Sam's baby might be alive. Moments later, Monica walked in because she needed Liz to cover for a nurse who had become too ill to work.

After Liz left, Monica asked how Jason's leg was doing. He assured his mother that it wasn't too bad. Monica apologized because Jason would have to wait to have the bullet removed, since the operating rooms were backed up. Jason was curious how Monica was holding up. Monica admitted that she was more concerned about the patients, especially Edward.

Monica confessed that Edward was sick and frail, but Tracy was with Edward. Jason was surprised when Monica revealed that Tracy appeared to be patient zero, because Tracy had been exposed to the deadly pathogen but had not been affected. Jason pointed out that Tracy's blood could be used to develop a counteragent. Monica admitted that Patrick had already synthesized a cure, but there had only been one dose left after the tests.

Monica told Jason about Tracy's attempt to save Edward and Edward's decision to give the antiserum to Emma. Monica thought that Edward had been a true hero, which was a quality that Jason shared with Edward. Jason assured Monica that he knew that she loved him. Monica admitted that she was grateful that Jason had allowed her to be a part of his life. Monica reminded Jason that his birthday was the following day, but it wasn't something that Jason looked forward to because it was also Franco's birthday.

Monica apologized for reminding Jason about Franco. Jason confessed that he had been thinking a lot about Sam's baby. Monica knew that Sam had been at the hospital earlier, so she had hoped that Jason and Sam would have been together. Jason revealed that Sam was with her family. Monica argued that Jason was Sam's husband, which made Jason part of Sam's family. Monica acknowledged that she and Alan had fought bitterly at times, but they had always been there for each other when it had mattered.

Monica had hoped that it would be like that for Jason and Sam. Jason admitted that he and Sam had talked about how things might have been different if they hadn't learned the truth about the baby's paternity. Monica appreciated that Jason and Sam had had a lot to deal with, including losing the baby. Jason confided that he had questions about that, and then showed Sam's medical file to Monica as he explained the discrepancy that he had discovered. Monica blamed the difference in blood types on a clerical error. Moments later, they heard cheering in the hallway, so Monica left to investigate.

At the nurses' station, Steve saw Liz looking at Ewen's patient file. He apologized for leaving it out for her to find, but Liz assured him that it was okay. Steve regretted that he had pushed Liz to date Ewen because Ewen had turned out to be more of a danger to her than Jason was. Liz confessed that Steve had been right to question if she had been holding back with Ewen because of Jason.

Steve wondered if Liz had said that because Ewen had died. Liz was grateful to Jason for saving her life, but she reminded Steve that she had saved Jason's life in the past. Liz pointed out that she and Jason had a history that went back years before Jake. She recalled Jason being the only person who hadn't tried to fix things for her when she had thought that Lucky had died. Liz revealed that Jason had listened to her without diminishing how she had felt. Liz appreciated that Jason had always been like that with her.

Liz conceded that she and Jason had drifted in and out of each other's lives, but her feelings for Jason had never quite gone away. Steve wondered if Jason felt the same way about Liz. Liz confided that sometimes it seemed as if Jason did. She admitted that she had started to talk to Jason about it, but John and Sam had walked in, so Liz had dropped it. Steve thought that it had been for the best, because Jason and Liz's lives were not compatible. Steve pointed out that Jason was a criminal, and Liz was too good of a mother to expose her children to the violence of Jason's lifestyle.

Liz reminded her brother that they might die from exposure to the pathogen, so she didn't know why she should be expected to stay away from Jason. Steve didn't want his sister to get hurt. Liz assured Steve that she hadn't told Jason how she felt.

Later, Dante announced to everyone in the emergency room that the cure was available, so the doctors would begin to administer it. Dante urged everyone to contact those who had been exposed to the pathogen to spread the word. Everyone cheered.

Afterwards, Olivia felt a raindrop on her hand, so she asked if Dante and Lulu had felt it. They had no idea what Olivia was talking about. "Never mind," Olivia said, and then walked away. Dante and Lulu were eager to get back to their lives before the crisis had hit. Dante reminded Lulu that they had been working on getting Lulu pregnant. Lulu smiled and kissed her husband. Later, they returned to the loft and showered together.

Sonny broke the news to Kate that Jax had likely died in the explosion. Kate was upset, so Sonny admitted that Jax had been a true hero during the crisis. Kate confessed that she thought that Ewen had been as much of a victim of Jerry's as Jax had been. She realized that Ewen had done some terrible things, but she wished that he could have been saved. Sonny didn't blame Jason for fatally shooting Ewen, because Liz's life had been in peril. Sonny then changed the subject by confessing that he wanted to marry Kate as soon as possible.

Sonny explained that the crisis had taught him that there were no guarantees, so they should appreciate what they had. Sonny was eager to finish what they had started years before by marrying Kate right away. Kate was confident that she could throw a wedding together in a week.

Meanwhile, Liz called her sons to tell them the good news. She assured her boys that she loved them and promised that they wouldn't waste another single moment. She was unaware that Jason had rounded the corner and had overheard her conversation.

At the lake house, Alexis, Shawn, Sam, Molly, and T.J. celebrated when they received word that a cure was available. Sam watched as each of the couples hugged. Sam's face lit up when John suddenly appeared in the doorway. Alexis was eager for an update, so John reported that they hadn't found Jax's body. Alexis was relieved that Jerry was dead, but she wanted the search to continue for Jax. Sam thanked John for everything that he had done.

John excused himself, so Sam followed him to the porch to ask him where he was headed. John explained that he didn't want to get in the way of her spending time with her family. Sam reminded John that they had faced death together, so she thought that they should "re-welcome" life the same way.

Sonny and Kate went to the rooftop just as the rain began to fall. They smiled and kissed. Seconds later, Olivia walked out and smiled with joy when she felt the raindrops on her face. Moments later, Steve joined Olivia on the rooftop and kissed her. Jason stopped in the doorway of the rooftop as the two couples kissed. Sonny turned in time to see his friend, so Jason stepped out into the rain. Moments later, Liz joined Jason, so Jason put his arm around her and pulled her close.

At the lake house, Molly, T.J., Alexis, and Shawn had a water fight, while Sam and John stood on the porch, holding hands and feeling the rain wash over them.

This episode featured the song, "I'll follow you," by Jon McLaughlin

Thursday, September 13, 2012

At the Drake residence, Mac poured water into three glasses, and then handed a glass to Felicia and one to Maxie before raising his glass to offer a toast to life. A short time later, Maxie answered a knock on the door. It was Spinelli. Spinelli hugged Maxie, relieved that she had survived the deadly pathogen. Mac and Felicia stood in the living room, watching.

Spinelli pulled away from the hug as he apologized for getting swept up in his enthusiasm. He then greeted Mac and Felicia and assured them that he was happy that they were well too. Mac was curious where Spinelli had been during the crisis, so Spinelli revealed that he had been in Arizona, doing a background check on Ewen. Spinelli admitted that he had returned to Port Charles as soon as possible. Maxie was curious if Spinelli's warm greeting meant that he no longer hated her. Spinelli assured her that he had never hated her.

Maxie was delighted because it meant that she and Spinelli could be friends again. Spinelli quickly set her straight; he doubted that they would ever be friends again. Maxie was hurt, so Felicia and Mac decided to give Maxie and Spinelli some privacy, but Spinelli wanted them to stay. Spinelli conceded that he cared about Maxie, but he wanted more than Maxie was willing to give him.

Spinelli refused to trail behind Maxie, with his heart in his hand, while she treated him like a speck of dirt. Maxie was shocked that Spinelli thought that she treated him badly. Spinelli realized that Maxie didn't act out of malice, but she took his devotion to her for granted. Maxie tried to deny it, but Spinelli argued that her actions spoke louder than her words. Spinelli refused to settle for friendship.

"What are you saying? All or nothing?" Maxie asked. "That's exactly what I'm saying," Spinelli answered. Moments later, Spinelli received a text message from Jason. Spinelli explained that he had to leave, so he reiterated that he was happy that Maxie and her family were recovering from the pathogen, then he left. Afterwards, Felicia sent Mac out of the room so that she could have a private word with Maxie.

Felicia admitted that Maxie's father, Frisco, had been exciting, spontaneous, and everything that the storybooks had said that a prince should be, but Felicia and Frisco had grown apart and gone in different directions. Felicia had struggled with that in the beginning, because she had chased a dream of who she had thought that she and Frisco should be as a couple. Felicia then talked about Mac. Felicia confessed that Mac was strong, stable, and sensitive. Maxie laughed at the idea that her uncle was sensitive, but Felicia assured her that Mac didn't hide his emotions.

Felicia appreciated that Mac had always been there for her, listened, and always took her feelings into account. Felicia insisted that Mac was loyal and, most important, forgiving, just like Spinelli. Maxie wondered if her mother were suggesting that Maxie get back with Spinelli. Felicia clarified that she wanted Maxie to open her heart to new possibilities. Maxie argued that her situation was different from Felicia's, because Maxie had broken Spinelli's heart by cheating on him and then had married another man. Maxie reminded Felicia that Matt was in jail, so Felicia was curious if Matt had asked Maxie to wait for him.

Maxie confessed that she felt obligated to remain married to Matt, but Felicia suspected that Maxie was hiding from whatever it was that Maxie truly wanted. Felicia admitted that there had been a time that she had thought that she could only love Frisco, but she had learned that she loved the man who was there when she woke up, when she arrived home at the end of the day, who was crazy about her and loved her back. Moments later, Mac returned to the living room because he had to get to work. Maxie watched as Mac kissed Felicia and then asked how he had gotten so lucky that he had the most beautiful woman in the world waiting for him at home. After Mac left, Maxie pulled out her cell phone and looked at a picture of Spinelli.

Sonny entered Jason's hospital room to check on his friend. Jason assured Sonny that the bullet had been removed from Jason's leg, so Jason was on the mend. Sonny was surprised that Ewen had managed to shoot Jason, so Sonny jokingly asked if Jason was slowing down. Jason admitted that he hadn't taken the shot right away because he had been afraid of hitting Liz. Sonny was relieved that Ewen and Jerry were dead, which meant that it was over. "Except it isn't," Jason quietly replied.

Sonny recounted the events that had transpired at the marina, following the shootout between Sonny and Jerry. Sonny revealed that he hadn't seen any sign of Jax after the explosion, so someone would have to break the news to Carly. Jason started to get out of bed to do just that, but Sonny stopped him. Sonny hadn't forgotten that it was Jason's birthday, so Sonny decided to tell Carly that Jax was dead.

After Sonny left, Jason picked up the folder with Sam's medical records. After several minutes of reading it, he decided to get up. However, a nurse spotted Jason, so she threatened to sedate him if he tried to get out of bed again. Moments later, Spinelli arrived. Spinelli was annoyed that Jason had neglected to mention the gunshot wound, so Jason assured his friend that he was fine. Spinelli regretted that he had discounted Jason's suspicions about Ewen, so Jason reminded his friend that he wouldn't have found Liz without Spinelli's help.

Jason thanked Spinelli for a job well done and then admitted that he needed Spinelli's help again. Jason showed Spinelli the folder with Sam's medical records as he explained that things didn't add up because the baby's blood type hadn't matched Sam's or Franco's, none of the prenatal tests had indicated that the baby had had hemophilia, and the baby's lungs had supposedly been undeveloped, even though Sam and John had reported that the baby had cried and had seemed healthy at birth. Spinelli agreed to hack into the hospital's mainframe. Moments later, Spinelli announced that Sam had donated the baby's tissue, so there was a strong possibility that Spinelli could get the answers to Jason's questions without alerting Sam. Jason instructed Spinelli to do whatever was necessary.

At the nurses' station, Carly greeted Todd. Todd showed her a mock cover of the next edition of the Sun. Carly chuckled because Todd had taken full credit for saving the town. She was curious why Todd hadn't given credit to anyone else, like John, Dante, or even Jax, who was still missing. Todd reluctantly agreed to go to his office to find out what he could about Jax, but he became sidetracked when Starr and Michael exited the elevator. Starr threw herself into her father's arms while Michael greeted Carly.

Todd was happy to see Starr, but he threatened to break Michael's kneecaps the next time that Michael took Starr out of town without telling anyone. Starr tactfully changed the subject by asking if Todd had really saved everyone. Todd turned to Carly to confirm his claims. Carly acknowledged that Todd had been resourceful, but Jax had deserved the most credit. Carly then shared the details about the shooting at the warehouse. Carly assured everyone that Johnny would be fine, but Starr was eager to see Johnny.

Todd decided to accompany Starr to Johnny's hospital room. Johnny was asleep when Todd and Starr entered the room, so Starr went to Johnny's beside to tell him that she hoped that he recovered quickly. Starr admitted that Johnny was an amazing friend and she was grateful to have him in her life. Starr felt that she owed Johnny a lot for all that he had done for her. Todd couldn't listen to Starr shower Johnny with praise, so he tried to usher her out of the room. Starr glared at her father and then resumed telling a sleeping Johnny that Johnny was the most generous person that she knew

Todd had heard enough, so he once again tried to haul Starr out of the room. Starr demanded to know what was going on. Todd insisted that Starr was misguided about Johnny, and then suggested that she let Johnny rest. Starr glanced at Johnny, who appeared to be restless in his sleep, so she agreed to leave. Todd decided to linger behind. After Starr walked away, Todd shut and locked the door and then closed the blinds.

Todd picked up a pillow and whispered Johnny's name. Johnny didn't respond, so Todd covered Johnny's face with the pillow in an effort to smother him. Johnny woke up and managed to shove Todd away. Todd insisted that Johnny deserved to die for killing Hope, Cole, and even Anthony. Todd lunged at Johnny and began to smother him again but changed his mind because he decided that Johnny wasn't worth facing a murder trial for. However, Todd made it clear that he wouldn't hesitate to kill Johnny if Johnny revealed Todd's secret.

Johnny warned Todd that Jax had overheard them, so Jax would continue to dig until he figured out what Johnny was hiding. Johnny made it clear that he would give Todd up in a heartbeat, so Jax was a problem for Johnny and Todd. Todd wasn't concerned because he was confident that Jax wouldn't stay in town. Todd agreed to keep Johnny's secret in exchange for Johnny's promise to keep quiet about Todd's secret. Todd extended his hand, so Johnny shook it to seal their bargain.

Near the nurses' station, Michael wondered if Carly was okay. Carly admitted that she was tired because she had sat vigil at Johnny's bedside. She was relieved that Johnny would recover, but she confessed that she was concerned, because Johnny had tried to tell her something before the surgery. Carly admitted that Todd had attributed Johnny's ramblings to the fever. Carly's eyes filled with tears as she confessed that it had been a difficult couple of days. Michael hugged his mother and reminded her that the worst was over.

Moments later, Michael spotted Sonny by the elevator, so he ran to his father to hug him. Sonny was eager to hear about Michael's trip to Las Vegas, so Michael confessed that he had to tell Sonny something about Kristina and Trey. "Is she okay?" Sonny asked, concerned. Michael assured Sonny that Kristina was fine, so Sonny explained that it would have to wait because he had news about Jax. Sonny revealed that Jax had perished in the explosion at the marina.

Carly refused to believe it, so she started to make some phone calls. Sonny explained that the Coast Guard had searched, but they hadn't found any bodies. Carly pointed out that Sonny had survived the explosion, so it was possible that Jax had too. Moments later, Starr walked up, so Michael told her about Jax. Starr tried to offer Carly words of comfort, but Carly didn't want to hear it. Carly angrily accused Sonny of wanting Jax dead and blamed him for Jax's fate.

"Carly, you got it all wrong," Jax said. Everyone turned with varying degrees of shocked expressions as they looked at a bedraggled Jax. Carly ran into his arms as Sonny asked what had happened to Jax. Jax revealed that he had been thrown into the water during the explosion and had hit his head. Jax had been disoriented but had managed to find a large piece of debris, which he had clung to during the night. Jax had swum to shore at the break of dawn.

Jax credited Sonny with saving his life when Jerry had pulled a gun on Jax. Jax revealed that Jerry had been terminally ill, so the ransom money had been part of the payment for the cure. Sonny insisted that it didn't justify what Jerry had done. Jax agreed, but it had given Jax some answers. Carly was eager to get Jax checked out, so she dragged him away. After they left, Michael told Sonny that Kristina had married Trey. Furious, Sonny stormed out of the hospital.

Later, Carly hovered over Jax, but Jax warned her that she had other things to worry about. Carly was curious what he was talking about, so Jax reminded her that Johnny and Todd had been lying to her.

Joe tracked Tracy down to Edward's hospital room. Tracy explained that she had stopped by to pick up Edward's hat. Joe was curious how the Quartermaine patriarch was doing, so Tracy revealed that Edward had made a remarkable recovery. Tracy wondered how Joe was feeling, so he admitted that he felt like a new man. Tracy confessed that she had liked the old one, and then admitted that it felt as if Port Charles had been given a miracle. Joe reminded her that he had been confident that they would make it.

Joe was curious if she had heard anything about Jerry Jacks, so Tracy told him about the explosion at the marina. Tracy thought that it was exactly what Jerry and his cohorts had deserved. Joe reminded her that the good news was that the crisis was over. Tracy surprised Joe by inviting him to stay with her at the Quartermaine mansion so that they could get to know each other better. Joe explained that he was in town to take care of business, which he needed to attend to, so he promised to talk to her about it later. Tracy decided to check on her father, so they started to walk out of the room with Joe.

Joe panicked when he spotted Sonny at the nurses' station, so he quickly pulled Tracy back into the room. Startled, Tracy wondered what was going on, so Joe claimed that he wanted her and couldn't wait. Joe and Tracy kissed, and then made love. Later, Tracy admitted that their tryst had been unexpected. Joe suggested that there was nothing wrong with celebrating the joy of being alive. Tracy admitted that she was happy that she had met him, but she realized that she didn't know his last name.

Joe was relieved when his phone rang. It was Trey, asking to see his father.

At the lake house, Sam greeted Kristina and Trey. Kristina was curious where Alexis was, so Sam revealed that their mother was with Shawn. Sam promised to explain later, but first Sam wanted to know where Kristina and Trey had been. Sam was stunned when Kristina confessed that she and Trey had eloped to give the reality show a grand finale and to save Trey's father's investment. Trey started to explain everything, but Sam warned him that it hadn't helped to hear him confirm that he had married Kristina for the money.

Sam was curious if Kristina had considered the ramifications of eloping with Trey. Kristina was certain that everyone would understand once Kristina explained that she and Trey intended to annul the marriage quickly. Trey decided to excuse himself to make a phone call, so he left the room. Sam worried that Trey had pressured Kristina into getting married, but Kristina reminded Sam that Mob Princess had been Kristina's project too. Kristina then asked about Sam's ordeal. Sam filled Kristina in on what had transpired during the crisis.

Moments later, Trey returned to announce that he had to get back to the apartment to take care of some last-minute production stuff. Kristina wanted to get their annulment started, so she asked him to call her when he was free, and then kissed him goodbye. "Wow, you guys are really romantic," Sam observed. Kristina admitted that it was strange to be someone's wife. Sam reminded Kristina that it wouldn't be for long because Kristina had to get an annulment quickly. Sam felt bad for their mother because Alexis would have her hands full, taking care of Kristina's annulment and Sam's divorce.

Kristina was stunned that Sam and Jason had decided to divorce. Sam explained that she and Jason had made the decision prior to the crisis, but Alexis hadn't had a chance to draw up the papers. However, Sam didn't see the point in waiting because there wasn't any reason to put it off.

Later, Sonny showed up at the lake house, looking for Trey. Kristina was furious that Michael had told their father about the wedding, but Sonny didn't care because he wanted to talk to Trey. Kristina explained that she had merely married Trey for the reality show because Trey's father would have lost all of his money. Sonny demanded to know who Trey's father was.

At the apartment, Trey hugged his father when Joe walked through the door. Joe admitted that he was glad that Trey had left town when Joe had told him to. Trey conceded that it had been a lucky coincidence and then wondered if Joe had known about the impending crisis. Joe denied any knowledge of Jerry's diabolical plan. He claimed that he had simply wanted Trey safely married to Kristina before Sonny had found out. Trey revealed that Kristina expected to annul the marriage.

"Eh, let her. Doesn't mean it's going to happen," Joe replied. Joe was delighted that he and Trey were about to get everything that they had wanted. Moments later, Starr walked in. Starr took one look at Joe and then asked if Joe was Trey's father.

At the hospital, Tracy found Joe's pendent in the bed that they had made love in. She noticed that his initials were JMS.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

At the lake house, Kristina explained to Sonny that she had married Trey to save his father's investment in Mob Princess. Sonny decided to have a talk with Trey's father, so he demanded to know the man's name. Kristina insisted that Sonny couldn't do that, but Sonny would not be swayed. Moments later, Alexis arrived home and announced that Jax had been found. Sonny admitted that he had already known that, prompting Alexis to ask why Sonny hadn't called to tell her.

Sonny explained that he had been sidetracked with something else, and then looked pointedly at Kristina. Alexis warmly greeted Kristina with a hug, as Kristina admitted that she had been worried about Alexis, Sam, and Molly. Alexis assured Kristina that everything was fine, so Alexis wanted an explanation for why Kristina had left town without a word to anyone. Sonny suspected that it was because Kristina had feared that Alexis would lock Kristina up and throw away the key. Alexis was curious if she should sit down, so Sam admitted that it might be a good idea.

Sonny offered Kristina the opportunity to tell Alexis the news, but Kristina couldn't find the words. Alexis was stunned when Sonny revealed that their daughter had eloped with Trey. Kristina quickly assured her mother that she intended to annul the marriage. "Damn right you are," Sonny said, as he left to track Trey's father down. Kristina tried to change Sonny's mind, so she followed him out the door.

Alexis tried to put Kristina's wedding into perspective. Alexis conceded that, given the recent crisis, Kristina's marriage wasn't the worst thing that could have happened. Sam agreed that Kristina had simply made a bad decision; it wasn't life or death. Alexis wanted Kristina's marriage annulled quickly so that Trey would be out of Kristina's life for good. After Alexis left the room, Sam glanced down at her wedding band.

Later, Alexis handed Sam the divorce papers that Alexis had drawn up. She explained that Sam simply had to sign the papers to end the marriage, but Sam was hesitant. Alexis was curious if Sam was having second thoughts, so Sam admitted that she had talked to Jason about what things might have been like if the baby had lived. Sam confessed that it had broken her heart to imagine how happy she and Jason could have been. Sam also revealed that she had felt closer to Jason than she had in a log time and that she had realized that her baby had died because of what she had done.

Sam admitted that she had let Jason hold her for the first time since the baby had died and that Jason had gone out of his way to ask Patrick about how and why the baby had died. Alexis reminded Sam that the baby had died of respiratory failure. Sam explained that the baby's lungs had been undeveloped, so the baby would have died regardless. Alexis pointed out that it proved that Sam hadn't been at fault. "It wasn't Jason's fault either," Sam replied.

Alexis argued that Jason had sent some henchman after John. Sam assured Alexis that she was not excusing that or how Jason had shut down on her during her pregnancy, but Sam had made mistakes too. Alexis was curious if Sam was ready to forgive Jason. "I think so," Sam quietly confessed. Alexis reminded her daughter that there wasn't a deadline on signing the papers, so Sam should take all the time that she needed to figure things out.

Alexis broached the subject of John, but Sam didn't want to talk about him. Alexis advised Sam to go to Jason, while Jason was still Sam's husband, and tell him what Sam had told Alexis. "What do you have to lose?" Alexis asked. Sam smiled and thanked her mother.

On the porch, Kristina confessed that she didn't know where Trey's father was, so Sonny decided to talk to Trey instead, because Sonny refused to let anyone mess with his daughter. Kristina explained that she had agreed to marry Trey because she had seen how much Trey had loved his father and how protective Trey had been of the man. Kristina confessed that she would have done the same for Sonny if she had been in Trey's shoes. Sonny insisted that it wasn't the same because he wouldn't have asked her to do something that extreme. Kristina told him about Trey's father's legal troubles, which only served to irritate Sonny further.

Kristina reminded Sonny that he had been in the same situation a number of times, except Sonny had had a support system, whereas Trey's father only had Trey. Kristina asked her father to understand why she had felt compelled to help Trey in any way that she could. Sonny admitted that Kristina could be quite persuasive when she wasn't yelling. Kristina hoped that it meant that Sonny would leave Trey alone, but Sam walked out of the house before Sonny could reply. Sam smiled brightly as she confessed that she had something that she needed to do.

Moments after Sam left, Alexis joined Kristina and Sonny on the porch. Alexis revealed that Sam and Jason might work things out after all. Kristina was happy for her sister, but Sonny warned Kristina not to get any ideas, because Kristina had to end her marriage to Trey or Trey was a dead man.

Michael went to Greystone Manor to talk to his father, but Kate explained that Sonny wasn't at home. Kate was curious if Michael had enjoyed Las Vegas, so Michael revealed that he had only gone to Las Vegas to stop Kristina from marrying Trey. Kate was shocked, so Michael assured her that the marriage was only temporary. Kate doubted that it would matter to Sonny, because Sonny would flip out. Michael confessed that Sonny already had, so Michael had stopped by to tell Sonny the whole story. Michael explained that Kristina had married Trey to save Trey's father from financial ruin.

However, Michael sensed that Trey was hiding something from Kristina. Michael revealed that Trey had confided to Starr that Trey's father had a problematic history with Sonny. Kate's concern mounted when Michael confided that Trey had later claimed that Trey had made the whole thing up to raise the stakes for Mob Princess, but Michael was skeptical. Michael feared that Trey had married Kristina as a way to get back at Sonny. Michael was curious if Kate recalled anyone from Brooklyn who might have had a serious grudge against Sonny.

Kate could only think of one person, so she was curious what Trey's last name was. "Mitchell," Michael answered. Moments later, Starr called Michael.

At the apartment, Trey explained that Kristina expected the marriage to be annulled. Joe didn't care because he and Trey were on the verge of getting everything that they had wanted. Moments later, Starr entered. Starr immediately suspected that Joe was Trey's father, but Trey denied it. Starr didn't believe Trey because Trey and Joe looked a lot alike. "You are Trey's famous, or should I say infamous, father," Starr said. "Guilty as charged," Joe confessed.

Starr wondered how Joe had gotten out of jail, so Joe claimed that the police had figured out that Joe was innocent and had set him free. Starr was curious if Joe was proud of his son for marrying Kristina to save Joe's investment. Joe ignored the censure in Starr's tone as he assured her that he was very proud of Trey, because it meant that Joe wouldn't lose his shirt. Starr wondered if Joe cared about what everyone else might lose because of the marriage. Joe didn't answer, so Starr asked about Joe's history with Sonny. Trey quickly reminded Starr that he had made the story up, but Starr waited for an answer from Joe.

Joe claimed that he had never heard of Sonny until Mob Princess. Starr appeared skeptical, but she left the room without further comment. Furious, Joe demanded to know why Trey had told Starr about Joe's connection to Sonny. Trey blamed Joe, so Joe dragged Trey to the hallway to continue their discussion without Starr eavesdropping. Trey hated having to lie to everyone, especially Kristina, whom Trey feared would be destroyed because of Joe's stupid grudge against Sonny. Joe resented Trey belittling what Sonny had done to their family and insisted that they would have nothing without Trey's marriage to Kristina.

Contrite, Trey explained that he had just needed someone to talk to, so he had turned to Starr because she was a friend. Joe thought that Starr had an odd way of showing friendship by accusing Trey of lying. Trey insisted that all that mattered was that Kristina believed him. Joe was curious how Michael factored into everything. Trey revealed that Michael was Starr's boyfriend. Joe was certain that Michael had shared Starr's concerns with Sonny, so it was only a matter of time before Sonny put the pieces together.

Joe quickly apologized for his outburst and suggested that he would be less overbearing if Trey's mother had been around so that she might have balanced things out. Trey assured his father that it was okay; he understood what they were doing and why. Joe confessed that there might be a way to make things right with Sonny. Joe wanted Trey to remain married to Kristina and to go to Sonny to confess that the marriage was real, even though it had started out for the wrong reasons. Trey doubted that it would win Sonny over, but Joe was confident that Trey could turn things around by showing Sonny the kind of man that Trey was and what Trey was made of.

Joe lifted Trey's pendant to remind Trey that Trey was Joseph Mitchell Scully III. Trey noticed that Joe's pendant was missing, so Joe promised to find it. In the meantime, Joe wanted Trey to fix things with Sonny.

Meanwhile, Starr popped her head into the living room, but didn't see Trey or Joe, so she went to the door to look through the peephole. Starr saw Joe and Trey in the hallway, so she called Michael. "You'll never guess who is here," Starr told Michael. Michael was shocked when Starr revealed that Trey's father was at the apartment, so Michael promised to be right over. However, Joe was long gone when Michael arrived. Starr confided that Joe had denied knowing Sonny, so Michael was curious if she had believed Trey's father.

"Not completely," Starr admitted. Starr was curious where Michael had been, so he told her about his talk with Kate.

Meanwhile, Trey arrived at Greystone Manor. Kate coldly informed Trey that Sonny wasn't at home. Kate questioned Trey's reason for marrying Kristina, so Trey repeated what Joe had told him to say. Kate was not impressed. She revealed that Michael had asked her if she had known anyone named Mitchell from Brooklyn. Trey relaxed when he realized that the name hadn't rung a bell with Kate. However, Kate noticed the pendant that Trey wore around his neck.

Kate demanded to know where Trey had gotten it. "My dad," Trey answered. Kate stared at it as flashbacks from the night that Joe had raped her, when he had worn a similar pendant, raced through her mind. Distraught, Kate tore the pendant from Trey's neck to take a closer look at it. Trey demanded to know what was going on, as Kate looked at the initials on the back of the pendant. "J.M.S. Joseph Mitch Scully," Kate said in despair.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Monica noticed Tracy holding something, so she asked Tracy what it was. Tracy revealed that it was Joe's pendant. Monica was curious how Tracy had ended up with it, so Tracy started to explain, but then opted to simply say that the clasp had broken. Monica wondered what was going on between Tracy and "the hanger-on." Tracy was offended by the term, but Monica refused to apologize because she was certain that Joe was after Tracy's money.

Tracy revealed that she had asked Joe to move in. Monica didn't want a stranger under her roof, but Tracy insisted that Joe wasn't a stranger. Tracy didn't expect Monica to understand, since Monica hadn't had a man since "the industrial revolution." Monica ignored the remark as she announced that she intended to run a background check on Joe, because he might be a drug-peddling psychopath for all they knew. Monica was curious what Joe's last name was, so Tracy was forced to admit that she didn't know. Monica laughed, so Tracy snidely informed Monica that Tracy's relationship with Joe had been spontaneous combustion, rather like all of the men that Monica had cheated on Alan with.

Monica warned Tracy not to go there. Tracy explained that she and Joe had clicked, so Tracy had opened her heart to him. Monica intended to increase the security at the mansion because Tracy's last stray had been Anthony Zacchara. Tracy argued that there was no comparison; Joe was not deranged, vengeful, or a mobster. Monica was curious what Joe did for a living, so Tracy revealed that he was an antiques dealer.

"That explains his interest in you," Monica quipped. Tracy conceded that she'd be making similar jokes if their roles had been reversed. However, Tracy explained that Joe made her feel alive, so she wanted to explore the relationship to see where it went. Monica admitted that Joe appeared to care about Tracy, so she suggested that Tracy find out the man's full name.

Later, Joe entered the parlor, so Tracy welcomed him home. Joe confessed that he liked the sound of that. He was curious if she had seen his pendant. Tracy held it up but refused to return it until he told her his last name.

At the hospital, Jason was limping on crutches as he and Spinelli made their way down the hallway. Jason appreciated Spinelli's help looking into the discrepancies with Sam's baby. Moments later, they bumped into Liz. Spinelli told her that it was a pleasure to see her looking so well after her brush with death. "Which one?" Liz asked.

Spinelli felt bad that Ewen had put Liz through such an ordeal. Liz pointed out that if it hadn't been for Spinelli, Ewen might have gotten away with it. Spinelli insisted that the credit for saving Liz went to Jason. Liz smiled and thanked both men. Spinelli excused himself because he had an important job to attend to. He wished Jason a happy birthday and then left.

Liz also wished Jason a happy birthday, but Jason confessed that he wished that he could erase it altogether because it was also Franco's birthday. Liz apologized and changed the subject. She suspected that Spinelli was looking for answers to Jason's questions about Sam's baby. Jason admitted that he trusted Spinelli to get to the bottom of things. They approached the nurses' station, so Liz revealed that she had a birthday present for Jason; she had gotten the doctors to approve Jason's discharge from the hospital.

Jason smiled with relief. Liz's shift was ending, so she insisted on taking him home because she wanted to talk to him about something that she wasn't comfortable discussing at the hospital.

Meanwhile, Spinelli went to the lab. He encountered a young lab technician named Ellie, whom he hoped could help him. Spinelli explained his dilemma, but Ellie refused to run any tests on the baby's tissue without the mother's consent. Spinelli explained that Sam was his business partner and a close personal friend, but Ellie refused to test the tissue without the proper authorization. She explained that her supervisor was a stickler for playing by the rules, even though the woman had made the lab techs work longer hours than they should. Spinelli assured Ellie that she was unlikely to get caught.

Spinelli eventually persuaded Ellie to run the tests. A short time later, Ellie confirmed that the baby's blood type had not been a match to Sam's. Spinelli realized that there was a good chance that Sam's son was alive.

At the penthouse, Jason was taken aback by the birthday decorations and balloons. Liz explained that she had forced Max to give her the key to the penthouse so that she could decorate for Jason's birthday. She had thought that it would be a nice way to celebrate life after what they had been through, but that had been before Jason had told her about Franco. Liz apologized and then started to take everything down, but Jason told her to stop.

Liz didn't want Jason to pretend on her account, so Jason confessed that he appreciated the effort and he appreciated Liz. Liz seized the opportunity to talk to him about their relationship. She didn't want to waste any more time being scared, so she wanted Jason to know how she felt. Liz confessed that she had gone out with Ewen because she couldn't have Jason. She realized that the kiss on the bridge had been a rebound thing, but she had needed to find a way to forget about Jason.

Liz regretted that she had ignored Jason's warnings about Ewen. Jason apologized, but Liz insisted that he didn't have any reason to be sorry because he had saved her life. Liz had been terrified when Ewen had held a gun to her, but she had completely trusted Jason; she always had. Liz acknowledged that there had always been a pull between her and Jason that she couldn't explain but that she didn't want to ignore anymore. Liz confessed that when she looked at him, she didn't just see Jake's father or Emily's brother, but her friend.

Liz conceded hat there had been a lot of missed chances for them over the years, so she didn't want another to pass them by. Jason's eyes filled with tears as she suggested that they didn't have to unless something had changed. "No," Jason confessed. Liz wanted to be sure that Jason and Sam were still getting a divorce. "Yes," Jason replied just before they kissed. Moments later, Sam opened the front door but stopped when she saw Jason and Liz.



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