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Friends and family gathered to celebrate and honor Edward Quartermaine's life with a special Quartermaine Thanksgiving tradition.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 19, 2012 on GH
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Monday, November 19, 2012

At the hospital, Liz was stunned when she realized that the composite sketch of the man that Olivia had described was Cesar Faison. Liz showed Robert the picture as Olivia asked who Faison was. Robert admitted that Faison was the one person that he had hoped never to see again. He warned them that things had gotten a lot worse if Faison was involved in Duke's return. Liz insisted that it didn't make sense, but Olivia assured them that the man in the sketch was definitely the man that Olivia had seen when Olivia had encountered Duke.

Olivia wondered who Faison was, but Liz had no idea where to begin. Robert explained that Faison was a relic from the Cold War. According to Robert, Faison had been a Black Ops operative who had gone to work for the bad guys. Olivia wondered how Liz and Robert knew Faison, so Robert admitted that Faison had been a master spy who had framed Robert as a traitor. Liz added that Faison was evil. Olivia was curious why she had never heard of Faison, so Robert and Liz revealed that Faison was supposed to be dead, even though they had never recovered the body.

Olivia couldn't understand why she would see Faison when she had looked at Duke. "Well, there's your million-dollar question, kids," Robert replied. Robert was curious what the success rate of Olivia's visions were. Olivia explained that she had only been wrong once: however, Olivia cautioned Robert that some of her visions had only been meaningful in retrospect. Liz wondered if Faison and Duke had ever crossed paths.

Robert admitted that Anna was the only link between Faison and Duke. He revealed that Faison had had a life-long obsession with Anna, which had started when Faison's mother had been Anna's nanny. Liz couldn't understand why Olivia would have seen Faison when Olivia had encountered Duke. Robert speculated that perhaps Faison had crossed paths with Duke in the Turkish prison, but Olivia insisted that her visions were not that complicated. Olivia explained that when she had seen Connie instead of Kate it had turned out that Connie had returned, which meant that her visions were about what was actually there.

Robert suggested that Olivia's vision might mean that Duke was Faison, which made sense to him because Faison would approach Anna from a different angle, since Anna despised Faison. Liz wondered if Faison would actually have plastic surgery to look like Duke. Robert pointed out that Faison had the resources to do it, but Olivia thought that it was crazy. Robert explained that it wasn't any crazier than Duke returning from the dead after twenty years during a time when Anna was vulnerable from the grief of losing Robin. Olivia was curious what Faison hoped to gain by surgically altering his face to look like Duke, so Robert pointed out that Faison was "psycho," so it was futile to speculate on Faison's motivation.

Robert decided to warn Anna, so he pulled out his phone to call her. Olivia and Liz cautioned Robert to reconsider because Robert didn't have any proof. Robert realized that they had a point because Anna might not believe him, so he couldn't risk Anna tipping Faison off by telling him about Robert's suspicions. However, Robert had to find proof quickly before Faison made his next move.

At Faison's apartment, Faison, masquerading as Duke, wondered if there was anything to stop him and Anna from being together. "No, there's nothing to stop us," Anna quietly answered. After a passionate kiss, Duke suggested that they go to the bedroom. Anna balked because she wanted to slow things down. Faison insisted that he had waited a long time to hold her, make love to her, and wake up with her in his arms, so he begged her to not to make him wait any longer. Anna wavered, so Faison kissed her again.

Anna and Faison started to go to the bedroom, but Anna got cold feet again. She explained that she needed a moment, so Faison wondered if it had to do with Robert's sudden appearance in Port Charles. "No," Anna assured him. Faison claimed that he didn't want to pressure her, but he was curious why she was reluctant to spend the night with him. "Sorry, it's you, Duke," Anna answered. Faison was taken aback by the answer and immediately apologized if he had done something wrong.

Anna explained that it was hard to put into words, but it was not how she had pictured things. Faison claimed that he had imagined reuniting with her and rekindling their love, even though he knew that she might have moved on during the years that they had spent apart. Anna recalled how happy they had been, so Faison assured her that they could recapture that happiness again. Anna wondered if she felt the same as he did. "Of course," Faison replied as he assured her that his love for her hadn't changed. He turned the question around, so she admitted, "Something's changed."

Anna didn't know what was different, but she realized that if she had been wrong about Duke's death then she might have been wrong about other things too. Faison tried desperately to recover the ground that he had lost by conceding that the years in a Turkish prison had changed him in some ways. However, he begged her not to tell him that his fight to get back to her had been for naught. Anna promised him that he hadn't lost her, but she needed time. Faison assured her that she could take as much time as she needed because he was certain that they would be together in the end. After Anna left, Faison's temper flared as he threw Anna and Duke's wedding picture across the room.

At Maxie's apartment, Maxie insisted that Ellie was not her and never would be. Maxie explained that Maxie and Spinelli belonged together, so they should seize the opportunity to live happily ever after with each other. Maxie begged Spinelli to pick her, but Spinelli confessed that her declaration of love had been unexpected. He likened it to reading what he thought was the last chapter of The Lord of the Rings, only to discover that there was another chapter waiting. Maxie smiled because she thought that she and Spinelli were like Frodo and Samwise, who had reminded together despite weathering great difficulties.

Spinelli reminded Maxie that she had told him that her feelings for him were strictly platonic. Maxie admitted that she had felt that way until her mother had returned. According to Maxie, watching Felicia and Mac rekindle things had made Maxie realize that instead of running away from Spinelli, she should have run towards him. Spinelli admitted that he had loved Maxie, hopelessly and helplessly, for a long time. Maxie assured him that they could have their happy ending, but Spinelli looked sad.

Spinelli admitted that he had carried a little piece of paper in his wallet, on which he had written a speech to convey his feelings, in case Maxie had had a change of heart about their relationship. Maxie wanted to hear what Spinelli had written, but he confessed that he had thrown the paper out the previous week. Maxie's smile faltered as Spinelli explained that he had decided to move on with Ellie because he couldn't wait for Maxie anymore. Maxie argued that he loved her, not Ellie, but Spinelli insisted that he had given Ellie his word. Frustrated, Spinelli asked why Maxie hadn't told him sooner that she loved him.

Maxie implored Spinelli not to throw away what they had for a girl that he barely knew simply because Maxie had made him wait. Spinelli argued that Ellie was intelligent, imaginative, humorous, unexpected, and emotionally courageous. He admitted that he liked Ellie and that she liked him. Maxie reluctantly conceded that she liked Ellie too. Spinelli wondered if Maxie could honestly tell him that she would be content to be with him in a year when his idiosyncrasies began to wear on her and when she became drawn to someone darker. Spinelli feared that Maxie simply wanted what she couldn't have.

Maxie assured Spinelli that she wasn't that shallow person anymore, so she promised him that things could be different. Spinelli explained that he had slept with Ellie because it had been a choice, not because they had been drunk or in pain. Spinelli had made a promise to Ellie but Maxie didn't care because he was breaking Maxie's heart. Spinelli accused Maxie of being unfair, but Maxie refused to apologize. Spinelli insisted that he couldn't be happy with Maxie if it was at Ellie's expense because Ellie trusted him.

Maxie noticed that Spinelli had talked about trust but he hadn't mentioned anything about needing or being attracted to Ellie. Maxie was curious if Spinelli wanted Ellie more than he wanted Maxie or if he simply didn't want to hurt Ellie's feelings. Spinelli confessed that he didn't want to hurt Maxie or Ellie. Maxie insisted that he would be doing just that if he chose Ellie, because Spinelli and Maxie belonged together. She was certain that he would realize that eventually. Spinelli conceded that Maxie was an enchanting and endlessly fascinating person, so he wished her all the happiness in the world.

Maxie's eyes swam with tears as she realized that Spinelli didn't want her. "Not in the way that you want," Spinelli admitted. Maxie accused Spinelli of being with Ellie only because he didn't want to hurt Ellie and then stormed out. Later, Ellie arrived home. She was delighted to see Spinelli, so she asked if Maxie was home. Spinelli revealed that Maxie wasn't there, so Ellie confessed that she wanted to curl up on the sofa with Spinelli and watch Lord of the Rings. Spinelli suggested that they watch something else, so Ellie told him that she had recorded a documentary. "Perfect," Spinelli said with a gentle smile.

At the Haunted Star, Lulu was going over payroll when Dante entered. After a quick greeting, Lulu told Dante that Olivia had had a vision during an encounter with Duke, so she suggested that Dante pay Olivia a visit. Dante hated that Heather had been deemed too crazy to stand trial, because he believed that Heather should be held accountable for what she had done to his mother. Lulu revealed that Olivia's vision might have helped Robert. Dante was surprised to hear that Robert was in town, so Lulu told him that Luke had asked Robert to keep an eye on Anna. Dante was curious why Luke hadn't returned himself, so Lulu explained that Luke was working on something in Turkey.

Dante was curious what Olivia's vision had to do with Luke and Robert. Lulu explained that Olivia had seen a different man when Olivia had looked at Duke, but Olivia hadn't recognized the man. Robert had offered to help Olivia figure who the man had been. Dante debated whether or not to get involved, since Olivia didn't know Robert, but Lulu admitted that Olivia seemed more concerned about Dante and Lulu having a baby than the vision. Dante apologized and explained that he had asked his mother to give them some space, but Lulu assured Dante that it was fine.

Dante was surprised when Lulu revealed that Olivia had offered to pay for a surrogate. Dante reminded Lulu that Olivia couldn't afford it. Lulu realized that, but she had been touched by Olivia's support. Dante revealed that Sonny had also offered to give them the money needed have a baby via a surrogate. Lulu wondered how Dante felt about that. Dante explained that Sonny had lost Jason and, essentially, Kate, so Sonny was eager to help someone in his family. Dante admitted that he was okay with taking the money from Sonny.

Moments later, Dante's phone rang. After a brief exchange with the person on the other end of the line, Dante ended the call and announced that he had to leave. Lulu was curious where Dante was going. "To our favorite felons' house, the Quartermaines'," Dante answered. He kissed his wife and then left.

A short time later, Maxie walked in. Lulu became concerned when she noticed that Maxie was in tears. Maxie claimed that she didn't want to talk about it, but Lulu didn't believe her, or else Maxie wouldn't have sought Lulu out. Maxie confessed that Spinelli had chosen Ellie, not Maxie.

At Sam's penthouse, A.J. was relieved when he realized that Michael was okay. However, it quickly dawned on A.J. that Tracy had set him up. Michael was curious what was going on, so A.J. followed Michael into the penthouse to tell his son how Tracy had tricked A.J. into jumping bail by suggesting that something terrible had happened to Michael. Michael warned A.J. that the police would figure out that the ankle monitor had been tampered with. A.J. admitted that Tracy had known exactly how to play A.J. because she knew that Michael was A.J.'s first priority. Michael had an idea about how to salvage the situation, so he instructed A.J. to stay put.

Michael promised that A.J. would be safe at the penthouse. "No, he won't. A.J. is not welcome in this house," Sam announced as she appeared in the living room. Michael explained the situation to Sam, but Sam was unmoved. She thought that A.J. deserved to go to jail for believing Tracy's lie. "My son comes first," A.J. insisted, but Sam accused A.J. of being manipulative. Michael implored Sam to let A.J. stay there as a favor to him, so Sam gave Michael half an hour to get things straightened out.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Monica wondered where A.J. was. Tracy carefully kicked the ankle monitor out of sight as she pointed out that A.J. couldn't have gone far without alerting the authorities. Monica heard a beeping sound, so she was curious what it was. Tracy claimed that she had no idea what Monica was talking about, but Monica followed the sound of the beeping. Moments later, Monica found the ankle monitor. Tracy feigned surprise and told Monica how sorry she was that A.J. had proven himself to be the perpetual disappointment that he had always been.

Monica didn't buy Tracy's act, so Tracy was curious why Monica was mad at her instead of at A.J. who had put Monica's home at risk by jumping bail. Tracy insisted that A.J. would never change. "If this is what it takes to break through your denial, then so be it," Tracy added. Monica was certain that Tracy had something to do with A.J. cutting off the ankle monitor and leaving, but Tracy denied it. According to Tracy, it had been inevitable because A.J. was who he was and deserved to be in jail.

Moments later, Dante arrived looking for A.J. because the ankle monitor appeared to have malfunctioned. Monica hid the ankle monitor behind her back as she tried to stall Dante but Tracy snatched the device out of Monica's hand and gave it to Dante. Monica accused Tracy of manipulating A.J. into cutting off the ankle monitor, but Dante demanded to know where A.J. was. Michael suddenly entered the parlor to explain that he could have A.J. there within fifteen minutes. Michael revealed that Tracy had tricked A.J. into leaving by implying that Michael had been seriously hurt.

Monica was livid. Tracy insisted that she hadn't broken any laws, and then proceeded to list all of A.J.'s crimes. Tracy claimed that A.J. deserved to be behind bars where he couldn't hurt the Quartermaine name and reputation. Michael pleaded with Dante not to arrest A.J., but Dante explained that it was out of his hands. Michael reminded his brother how Dante had once lied to keep Sonny from going to jail for shooting Dante in the chest. Dante argued that he'd had to live with the lie every day since, which he didn't wish on Michael. Tracy grew weary of Michael trying to keep A.J.'s whereabouts a secret, so she informed Dante that A.J. was at Sam and Jason's penthouse.

Later, Tracy was sipping on a martini as Michael told Monica that he intended to call Diane to meet A.J. at the police station. Monica appreciated that Michael wanted to help A.J., but she insisted that it was her job as A.J.'s mother. Tracy warned Monica that it wouldn't do any good to call Diane because A.J. was going to go to jail, and when he did, the mansion would go on the auction block. Tracy intended to buy it and then finally evict Monica.

At Sam's penthouse, A.J. thanked Sam for letting him stay there, but Sam wasn't interested in his gratitude because she hoped that Tracy's plan worked. A.J. spotted a picture of his brother, Jason, and picked it up. Sam ordered A.J. not to touch her things or to make any attempt at small talk with her, because they weren't friends. A.J. reminded her that they were family, but Sam made it clear that A.J. and Jason had been brothers in name only. Sam insisted that Jason had never forgiven A.J. for what A.J. had done to Michael, so she was certain that Jason wouldn't approve of the way that A.J. had manipulated Michael.

Sam admitted that she would call the cops herself if it weren't for Michael, because A.J. was using Michael the same way that A.J. had used Jason when the brothers were growing up. Sam believed that he would turn himself over to the police if he truly cared for Michael. A.J. assured Sam that she didn't have to worry because he would probably end up in jail soon. Sam refused to feel sorry for A.J. A.J. admitted that he had done enough of that himself, so he didn't expect her to.

Sam was startled when A.J suggested that they had something in common. A.J. knew that Jason had fiercely and loyally loved Sam, so Jason would have forgiven her for anything. A.J. admitted that Jason had loved him the same way before the accident. However, after the crash, Jason had barely been able to look at him. Sam resented A.J. pretending he gave a "damn." A.J. confessed that he had returned to Port Charles to see his son and to make amends, so he hated that he had missed the opportunity to make peace with Jason.

Sam insisted that Jason would return to her and their son. A.J. was surprised that Jason and Sam had a son. Sam revealed that the baby's name was Danny, so A.J. asked if he could see the baby. "Why, so you can kidnap him?" Sam asked. A.J. didn't blame Sam for doubting him, but he promised her that he was a changed man. He vowed to tell his brother how sorry he was for everything when Jason returned.

Sam appeared to soften as A.J. conceded that they both knew that he didn't have a lot of time before he went back to jail, so he desperately wanted to see his nephew. Sam fetched Danny and then introduced her son to A.J. A.J. smiled when she revealed that the baby's name was Daniel Edward. A.J. admitted that Danny was a beautiful child, so he imagined that Jason had been very proud. Sam stiffened and carefully replied that she and Danny had had a rough time in the beginning. However, they intended to wait for Jason to return.

A.J. vowed to wait for his brother's return too. Sam asked A.J. to stop "doing that." A.J. insisted that he hoped that his brother was alive. A.J. realized that he didn't have the right to ask, but he wondered if it would be okay for him to hold his nephew for a minute. A.J. explained that he hadn't had a lot of time with Michael when Michael had been a child, so it would mean a lot to him to hold his brother's son. Sam appeared on the verge of agreeing, but Dante suddenly pounded on the door and announced that he knew that A.J. was there.

A short time later, A.J. was handcuffed. A.J. wondered if it was necessary to be handcuffed, but Dante insisted that it was department policy. Before Dante hauled A.J. away, A.J. told Sam that she and Danny would always have a friend in him.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

At the Drake residence, Patrick was on the phone with Monica. He was relieved that Edward was stable, but offered his services if there was anything that he could do for the Quartermaine patriarch. Patrick admitted that he would always be grateful for Edward's selfless gift to Emma during the crisis when they had been infected with the deadly pathogen in the town's water supply. Patrick wrapped up the call with Monica as Robert arrived. Patrick told Robert about Edward's declining health and confided that Edward wouldn't be with them much longer.

Robert was saddened by the news because Edward had always been a Port Charles "institution." Robert recalled that almost everyone had been terrified of Edward, except Robin, who had had Edward wrapped around her finger. Robert grew somber at the thought of his daughter, so he changed the subject by explaining that he was there to deliver a present to Emma. Patrick explained that Emma was at school, so he invited Robert to leave the gift in case Robert didn't have the time to stay. Robert didn't blame Patrick for being angry because Robert had left before Robin's funeral.

Robert apologized, but Patrick insisted that Anna was the one who deserved an explanation. Robert admitted that he had already talked to Anna, so Patrick confessed that he had heard about Robert's long-lost son. Robert revealed that Luke had only claimed that Ethan was Robert's son to keep Robert from taking his own life. Robert acknowledged that, on some level, he had always known the truth, but Robert had seized the opportunity to chase after Ethan because Robert had been unable to accept that Robin was gone. Robert confessed that he still couldn't.

Patrick's anger towards Robert eased because Patrick could empathize. Patrick credited Emma for getting him through the ordeal of Robin's funeral. Robert urged Patrick to treasure Emma and to keep her close instead of taking things for granted the way that Robert had. Patrick assured Robert that Robin had been proud of Robert and that Emma bragged about her grandfather. Robert smiled and admitted that he wanted to give Emma the present in person, so Patrick agreed to call the school to let them know that Robert would stop by. Patrick was certain that Emma would enjoy the surprise.

At Sam's penthouse, Sam was glad to see John when he stopped by for a visit. She confided that a lot had happened since she had last seen him, and then revealed that they had been wrong about Jerry Jacks being responsible for Jason's shooting and disappearance. Sam explained that she had started to review the manifests of all of the commercial vessels that had recently shipped out of the harbor to see if there might be anyone who had a connection to Jason. John gently advised Sam to slow down a little, but Sam insisted that Jason was shot and needed her. John argued that she didn't know that, so he urged her to take a step back to gain some perspective.

Sam reminded John that he had agreed that Jason was not dead because they hadn't found a body. John didn't dispute it but he explained that there was a difference between following logical clues and driving oneself crazy. Sam's temper flared because she had thought that John had been on her side. John assured her that he was. John suggested that Sam take some time off by spending a few hours in the park with Danny to get some fresh air, but Sam resented John trying to stand in for Jason. John promised her that he wasn't trying to do that, but Sam didn't believe him.

Sam felt bad that John couldn't be with Liam, but she made it clear that he couldn't "borrow" Danny. She doubted that Jason would approve. John was a little surprised by Sam's suggestion that he wanted to substitute his son with Danny, so he decided to leave. Sam insisted that she was throwing him out, so she advised him to concentrate on his own family and leave hers alone.

At Manning Enterprises, Carly stormed into Todd's office, complaining that she was losing her son. She stopped short when she noticed Connie sitting behind Todd's desk. Carly demanded to know what Connie was doing in Todd's office, so Connie informed Carly that Connie and Todd shared the office. Carly didn't believe Connie, so Connie suggested that Carly ask Todd, who had suddenly appeared in the doorway. Carly threatened to call security to toss Connie out of the building, so Connie reminded Carly that Connie was part owner of Metro Court and editor in chief of Crimson, so Carly didn't have any right to throw Connie out.

Carly demanded that Todd deny Connie's claims, but Todd explained that he couldn't. He added that he hadn't had a choice about reinstating Connie at the helm of Crimson. Todd was curious what Carly was doing there, so Connie revealed that Carly was having trouble with Michael and wanted Carly's "bed-buddy" to fix it. Carly ordered Connie to get lost, but Connie insisted that she was working. "What's next? Body glitter?" Carly asked in a snarky tone. "Like you've never worn it," Connie shot back knowingly as Carly stomped out of the office.

Todd followed Carly to the reception area to find out what was troubling Carly. Carly explained that A.J. was out on bail, so she was afraid that A.J. would worm his way into Michael's life and turn her son against her. Todd reminded Carly that A.J. would likely end up in jail, so it wouldn't work in the long run. Carly revealed that Diane was representing A.J., so there was a strong likelihood that A.J. wouldn't be convicted. Meanwhile, Connie tiptoed to the door to eavesdrop.

Todd argued that Michael would see A.J. for who he was because A.J. was scum. Carly was curious what Todd would do if someone like A.J. had tried to lure his children away. Todd admitted that it had happened, so he had killed his brother, Victor. Carly thought that she should take a page out of Todd's book by killing A.J., but Todd urged Carly to reconsider. Carly feared that it might be the only way to get A.J. out of their lives, but Todd was certain that there was another way. Carly was frustrated by Todd's lack of support.

Todd pointed out that he would lose his friend, with whom he hoped to have sex, and a confidant if she ended up getting caught for killing A.J. Todd didn't want that to happen. Carly and Todd were startled when Connie suddenly dropped some files, alerting them to her presence on the other side of the door. Carly noted that they could add spy to "conniving skank" on Connie's list of flaws. Connie picked up the files as she explained that she had just wanted to get Todd's opinion about something. Connie snatched up a pair of thongs to ask Todd what he thought about the skimpy underwear.

Carly's lip curled with hatred, so Connie decided to push Carly's buttons by announcing plans to get Johnny's opinion. Connie wondered what color Johnny would prefer and then smiled wickedly as she claimed that Johnny liked Connie to go without underwear. Carly ripped the thong underwear out of Connie's hand and wrapped them around Connie's neck to strangle Connie. Todd quickly pulled Carly off of Connie.

Connie was rattled by Carly's burst of violence, so she decided to go home. After Connie left, Carly admitted that her anger at Connie was just a distraction. She was really furious with A.J. Carly recalled that she had been in a similar situation a year earlier when Michael had agreed to go to work for ELQ. At the time, Carly had feared that the Quartermaines would turn Michael against her. Todd pointed out that it hadn't happened, so he was confident that Michael would eventually see A.J. for who he really was.

At Kelly's, Alexis bragged to Shawn that her grandson was insanely adorable, so she looked forward to introducing Shawn to Danny when Sam calmed down enough to let Alexis back into her life. Shawn was confident that it would be soon. Moments later, Sonny entered the diner to talk to Alexis about A.J. Sonny explained that Dante had called to let Sonny know that a judge had released A.J. on bail, so Sonny wanted Alexis to find a way to keep A.J. away from Michael. Alexis couldn't believe that the man who had kidnapped Sonny's two sons and Kristina was free. Sonny agreed, so he wanted Alexis to have a restraining order issued to keep A.J. away from Michael.

Alexis appreciated Sonny's concerns about A.J., but she explained that Michael was an adult, so Sonny couldn't act on Michael's behalf. Sonny was frustrated because Michael had already begun to defend A.J., so Sonny was determined to keep A.J. from derailing Michael's life. Alexis pointed out that Sonny didn't have a legal standing to keep A.J. out of Michael's life and then warned Sonny that it wasn't a green light for Sonny to take non-legal action against A.J.

Alexis cautioned Sonny to tread carefully because going after A.J. would only drive Michael away. Sonny hated how Johnny, Connie, and A.J. worked the system to their advantage, while he was forced to sit back and do nothing. Alexis assured Sonny that it was inevitable that A.J. would screw up, so she advised Sonny to just wait it out. After Alexis left, Shawn admitted that Alexis had been right.

Sonny didn't like sitting on his hands waiting. He confessed that he felt like everything was piling up on him, so Shawn extended his condolences for Sonny's loss. Sonny pointed out that he hadn't just lost Jason; he had also lost Kate. Shawn was curious if something could be done to get Kate back. Sonny reminded Shawn that Connie had worked the system, so she was legally out of his reach. "You know what? Screw the system," Sonny said as he decided that it was time to do things his way.

Sonny refused to stand by while Kate slipped further away from him. Sonny had seen glimpses of Kate, so he was certain that she wanted him to keep fighting for her. Sonny admitted that he had depended on Jason to take care of things for him, but that was no longer an option, so he wondered if Shawn was available. Shawn insisted that he was out of the business, but Sonny recalled a time that Shawn had worked for him. Shawn pointed out that Sonny had despised Shawn, but Sonny confessed that he'd had a change of heart about Shawn.

Shawn wondered what Sonny wanted him to do. A short time later, at Metro Court, Shawn was standing in the elevator when Connie entered. She wondered what Shawn was smiling about, but Shawn didn't answer. At the diner, Sonny received a text message from Shawn that read, "Bird's in the cage."

Outside of Kelly's, Alexis ended a call on her cell phone when John approached her. After a quick greeting, Alexis admitted that she was worried about Sam because Sam was in complete denial about Jason. She confessed that her daughter refused to see Alexis, Kristina, and Molly. John told her about his disastrous visit with Sam, so he suspected that he had been added to the list of people that Sam didn't want to see. John revealed that Sam had suggested that she and John each focus on their own lives.

John conceded that Sam had a point. He confessed that he rarely slept at night because he spent his waking hours thinking about how quickly he could slip in and out of where Natalie and Liam were living. However, he realized that he couldn't do that because the police would arrest him, take Liam away, and throw John in prison. Alexis explained that Clint Buchanan had deep pockets and a lot of attorneys at his disposal, so it was an uphill custody battle. John realized that he owed Alexis money, but Alexis was more concerned about whether or not John could prove to the courts that he could support his son. She was curious if John had a job.

John admitted that Clint had threatened to have Clint's brother, Bo, fired if John was reinstated at the Llanview Police Department. Bo had assured John that he wasn't afraid of Clint, but John didn't want to put Bo in a situation like that. Alexis urged John to find a job, preferably in Port Charles. Alexis suspected that, despite what Sam had said, Sam needed John.

At Michael's apartment, Michael appreciated the coffee that Starr had made. Starr had wanted to thank Michael for letting her spend the night on the sofa, but she wondered if it was awkward for him that they hadn't been intimate yet. Michael reminded her that they had decided to wait until it felt right for them. He confessed that his head wasn't in the right place to take their relationship to the next level. However, he was grateful that Starr was a good listener because it had helped him. Starr sensed that something was still bothering him, so Michael admitted that he hadn't been able to sleep because he had been thinking about A.J. all night.

Michael revealed that A.J. had risked being sent back to jail by taking off the ankle monitor because A.J. had feared that something terrible had happened to Michael. Starr suggested that it was a sign that A.J. genuinely cared about Michael. Michael had no idea what to do about that because A.J. had caused a lot of damage in the past. Michael explained that as bad as Sonny and Carly had been, A.J. had been worse, so Michael couldn't simply throw his arms around A.J, call him dad, and forget about everything that had happened. Starr was curious if A.J. wanted that. Michael admitted that A.J. simply wanted to have a relationship with Michael, but Sonny and Carly were convinced that A.J. was out to use Michael.

Starr wondered what Michael thought because ultimately Michael's opinion was the only one that mattered. Michael couldn't understand why things had to be so confusing, so Starr suggested that there might be a middle ground where each side had been a little right and a little wrong. Michael admitted that he was trying, but Sonny and Carly would never accept A.J., and A.J. wouldn't accept Sonny and Carly. Michael explained that Sonny had threatened A.J. with death if A.J. had refused to sign over his parental rights, while A.J. had caused Carly's miscarriage when A.J. had pushed Carly down a flight of stairs when she had been five months pregnant. Michael doubted that they would ever be able to be one big happy family.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy was looking at fabric swatches for new drapes in anticipation of gaining ownership of the mansion. Monica entered the parlor and ordered Tracy to put everything away. Tracy insisted that Monica should be mad at A.J., not Tracy, because it was A.J.'s fault that Monica would lose the house. Monica and Tracy traded barbs until Tracy asked "Stripes or patterns?" as she held up the swatches. "Stripes," A.J. answered from the doorway.

Monica happily welcomed her son home as Tracy demanded to know how A.J. had managed to get out of jail. A.J. credited Tracy's stunt because it had allowed Diane to argue extenuating circumstances, which had prompted the judge to give A.J. a second chance. Monica was thrilled that Tracy's plan had backfired. Tracy warned Monica that A.J. would hurt his mother the same way that he had hurt Edward, Alan, and Jason. A.J. was tried of Tracy's attitude and called her out for lying about Michael. Tracy refused to apologize as she argued that Michael didn't need A.J. in his life. A.J. disagreed because he believed that his son needed him more than anyone realized.

Tracy was certain that A.J. would eventually relapse, which started another round of arguments between nephew and aunt. Meanwhile, Edward's nurse entered the parlor to whisper something to Monica. After the nurse left, Monica told Tracy that it wasn't the time to argue. Tracy ordered Monica to stay out of it. "It's Edward," Monica quietly explained.

Tracy wondered what was wrong with her father, so Monica gently explained that Edward was unresponsive, his breathing was labored, and his pulse was slow. Tracy wanted Edward taken to the hospital but Monica reminded Tracy that Edward had a living will, so he had made his wishes clear. Tracy wanted to argue, but Monica advised Tracy to focus on spending what little time was left with Edward. A.J. wanted to see his grandfather, but Tracy objected. Tracy insisted that Edward hadn't given A.J. a single thought in years. According to Tracy, A.J. was not a part of the family.

A.J. reminded his aunt that Edward didn't even know that A.J. was alive but Tracy didn't care because she was Edward's next of kin, so it was her decision. After Tracy left, Monica told A.J. that Tracy would never make a scene in front of Edward, so he should go to Edward if he wanted to see his grandfather. A.J. wanted to do what was best for his grandfather, so he decided to call Sam and Michael to let them know what was going on. A short time later, Starr, Michael, Sam, and Danny arrived. A.J. thought that Edward would want to see Michael and meet Danny.

Michael invited A.J. to join them, but A.J. declined because Tracy had made her feelings clear on the matter. However, he encouraged Michael to tell Edward how much Edward had meant to Michael. "Okay, I'll tell him for the both of us," Michael promised and then followed Sam and Danny upstairs.

In Edward's room, Tracy asked the nurse for an update. The nurse admitted that Edward remained unresponsive, so Tracy dismissed the nurse. Afterwards, Tracy sat down next to her father's bedside and took his hand in hers. She urged him to rest and promised that he would feel better when he woke up. Tracy assured Edward that everything was fine and that ELQ shares were up, so she could run the family's business after all. She also revealed that she had found the missing eighteen million dollars, so everything was fine.

Tracy thought that Edward looked better because the color had returned to his cheeks. She insisted that her father was invincible, so the doctors, including Monica, had no idea what they were talking about. Moments later, Monica entered the room. Monica put a hand on Tracy's shoulder to offer Tracy comfort. Tracy dissolved into tears as she turned and hugged Monica tightly. Monica patted Tracy on the back as Tracy pleaded with Edward not to go.

A short time later, Michael, Sam, and Danny appeared in the doorway. Tracy brushed past them without acknowledging them, while Monica smiled warmly in greeting. Monica assured them that Edward could hear them and then left the room. Michael sat down and took his great-grandfather's hand. Michael conceded that they hadn't always been close, but Michael had always admired Edward because he knew that everything that Edward had ever done had been out of love for his family. Michael was deeply touched that Edward had always made Michael feel like a part of the family, even though Michael didn't bear Edward's last name or work at ELQ.

"I love you, and I'll never forget you," Michael vowed. Sam sat down in the seat that Michael had vacated. She introduced Edward to his great-grandson, Daniel Edward. Monica returned as Sam revealed that Daniel was Jason's biological son. Monica's eyes filled with tears as Edward's hand reached out and Danny grasped his great-grandfather's finger.

In the parlor, Starr admitted that it had been thoughtful of A.J. to call Michael and Sam. A.J. was certain that Edward would have wanted it. Tracy stopped outside of the parlor as she overheard A.J. and Starr talk about Edward. A.J. had wanted everyone to have a chance to say goodbye to Edward. Starr was curious what A.J. would have said.

A.J. admitted that he would have apologized to his grandfather for being an alcoholic, for being greedy, for being jealous of Jason, and for being a coward. A.J. explained that Ned and Jason had always been able to stand up to Edward, unlike A.J. Finally, A.J. would have told his grandfather, "Look at me. I mean really look at me because I really think you'd like who you see." A.J.'s eyes filled with unshed tears because Edward would probably never know that A.J. finally had his head screwed on straight.

In the hallway, Tracy was moved by A.J.'s confession, so she entered the parlor and told A.J. to go to Edward before it was too late. A.J. raced to his grandfather's bedroom, but Monica met him at the door. She explained that it was too late; Edward was gone. Monica went to the parlor to break the news to the family, while A.J. entered Edward's bedroom. A.J. took Edward's hand in his and began to weep.

In the parlor, Monica told everyone that Edward had passed away. However, she revealed that he had said one final word, loud and clear, before he had taken his last breath. Tracy asked what Edward had said. "Lila," Monica replied. Everyone turned to look at the picture of Edward and Lila on the mantel.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

At Kelly's, Heather, sporting a black wig, glasses, and a white nurses' uniform, sat at the counter, reading the newspaper, which featured a picture of Edward with a headline proclaiming that Port Charles had lost a legend. Moments later, Steve and Olivia entered the diner. Shawn greeted them as he handed them each a menu. Steve explained that he had to work, so Olivia added that she had decided to join him for a bite to eat before Steve went to the hospital. Shawn was surprised that they weren't spending the holiday with family, so Olivia revealed that Dante and Lulu had gone to Bensonhurst to spend Thanksgiving with the Falconeri clan.

Olivia said she would have spent the day with her cousin, but Kate's mental illness had made that impossible. Olivia felt terrible for Sonny, so Shawn suggested that they not count Kate out yet. After Shawn took their order and left, Olivia admitted that Shawn's remark had been a bit odd. Steve shrugged it off, but Olivia thought that it had sounded as if Shawn had known something. A short time later, Shawn returned with their order. Olivia jumped out of her chair in horror when she had a vision of Heather serving the food.

At the counter, Heather carefully turned away and hid behind the newspaper as Olivia told Steve about the unsettling vision. Steve decided to check with Ferncliff, so he called the sanitarium. After Steve ended the call, he assured Olivia that Heather was at Ferncliff and asleep in bed. Olivia thought that it was an odd time of day for Heather to be sleeping, so Steve suggested that perhaps Heather was taking a nap. He insisted that Olivia was safe, so she could relax.

At the counter, Shawn handed Heather a BLT and chatted about the newspaper headline. Heather cryptically revealed that she had known Edward very well. After Shawn turned away, Heather slipped out of the diner. Later, Shawn grumbled about the nurse who hadn't paid for her order. Steve spotted the newspaper, so he told Olivia about Heather's brief marriage to Edward.

Steve explained that Heather had exploited Edward's grief over losing Lila by tricking Edward into marriage. Edward had quickly figured out that Heather had only been interested in the Quartermaine fortune, so the marriage had been annulled. Olivia felt terrible for Monica because Monica had endured so much loss, so Steve reminded Olivia that A.J. had returned from the dead. Olivia couldn't wrap her head around how that was possible, prompting Steve to confess that he had helped Monica with the ruse. Olivia was stunned and prayed that it didn't return to haunt Steve.

Sonny stopped by Michael's apartment to check on Michael after hearing about Edward's passing. Sonny offered Michael his condolences and admitted that he had always respected Edward, even though Edward and Sonny hadn't been friendly. Sonny let Michael know that he was there if Michael needed someone to talk to. "Who better than your father?" Sonny asked. Michael didn't want Sonny to turn Edward's death into a contest between Sonny and A.J. Sonny assured Michael that he wasn't trying to do that, but Michael pointed out that making a big show saying 'I'm your father' felt like it.

Sonny reminded Michael that he was Michael's father. "I know," Michael replied. Sonny conceded that he and Edward had had one thing in common: their love for Michael. Sonny promised that he wasn't there to fight about A.J., but Michael was curious if Sonny would have killed A.J. to keep A.J. away from Michael. Sonny remained ominously silent. "I guess that's a yes," Michael said.

Sonny wondered if Michael thought that what Sonny had done had been wrong. Michael confessed that he thought that Sonny had gone too far, but Sonny insisted that he'd do it again to protect Michael. Michael was curious what Sonny had been protecting Michael from, so Sonny explained that he had been afraid that A.J. would drive Michael into a tree the way that A.J. had done to Jason and that A.J. would shove Michael down a staircase the way that A.J. had pushed Carly. Michael pointed out that A.J. had never had a chance to be a father, so Sonny couldn't say that A.J. would have hurt Michael.

Sonny believed that he had been a better father to Michael than A.J. could have been. Sonny acknowledged that he had messed up at times, but raising Michael had been the best thing that Sonny had ever done. Sonny realized that Michael wished that A.J. had been around when Michael had been growing up, but Sonny wondered if Michael wished that Sonny hadn't been. "No, I don't," Michael answered. Michael assured Sonny that Sonny had been a great father, but Michael wasn't a child anymore, so he wanted to get to know A.J. for himself. Sonny advised Michael to keep his head up and to stay on guard.

Sonny changed the subject by asking if Michael had plans with Starr, so Michael revealed that Starr had returned to Llanview to spend the holiday with her mother. Michael admitted that he was headed to the Quartermaines' to spend Thanksgiving with them. Michael wondered what Sonny intended to do, so Sonny assured him that he had plans and then left.

Later, Sonny entered Kelly's. Shawn yelled from the kitchen that the diner was closed, so Sonny explained that he was there to talk turkey, not to eat turkey. Shawn emerged from the kitchen, smiling, and greeted Sonny. Sonny was curious how Connie was doing. Shawn admitted that she wasn't happy about being kidnapped. Sonny assured Shawn that Connie was where she should be. Sonny realized that Kate wouldn't be home for Thanksgiving, but he was hopeful that she would be around for Christmas.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Monica placed a condolence card on the mantel next to a picture of Edward. A.J. noticed that they were quickly running out of room for the cards. Monica smiled sadly as she explained that a lot of people had loved Edward. Monica recalled a time that she had cancelled a trip to Arizona to sit at Edward's bedside when he had been in the hospital. She admitted that those who hadn't loved Edward had respected him. Monica expected the church to be crowed for the funeral the following day.

Moments later, Alice entered the library to inform Monica that they had a problem with the caterer, who wanted to know how to prepare the yams for the Thanksgiving dinner. Monica reminded Alice that Tracy was in charge of the caterer, but Alice couldn't find Tracy. A.J. wondered if they should have a Thanksgiving dinner when no one was in the mood to celebrate, but Monica pointed out that Thanksgiving had been Edward's favorite holiday, so it was a well-intentioned gesture on Tracy's part. Monica decided to deal with the caterer, who had scared Alice more than Cook ever had. Meanwhile, A.J. recalled a special conversation that he'd had with his grandfather years earlier when A.J. had been eager to discuss a business merger for ELQ and Edward had expressed pride in A.J. for being well-informed about the deal.

Moments later, the doorbell rang, so A.J. went to answer it. A.J. was pleasantly surprised when he opened to the door and saw Skye standing on the doorstep. Skye was shocked that her beloved brother A.J. was alive, and no one had told her. A.J. and Skye hugged each other and then went to the library to catch up. Skye had her daughter, Lila Rae with her, so Skye settled Lila Rae on a chair with a family photo album, while Skye and A.J. talked. Skye wanted to know where A.J. had been, but A.J. insisted that they could discuss it later because the day was about Edward.

Skye admitted that the house seemed empty without their grandfather. She was curious if A.J. had had a chance to talk to Edward before Edward had passed away. A.J. confessed that it had been too late by the time that Tracy had sent A.J. to Edward's bedroom. Skye thought about the last time that she had seen Edward when Edward had arranged for his jet to fly her to any destination of her choosing, no questions asked. However, Edward had wanted her to stay in touch and to return with Lila Rae. Skye realized that she had been able to keep one of her promises. A.J. noticed that Skye beamed when she looked at her daughter, so Skye confided that Lila Rae was a better person than Skye had ever been.

Skye admitted that she was trying to be a good mother. A.J. confessed that he was staying in Port Charles for a similar reason, because he wanted to have a relationship with Michael. Moments later, Monica returned. Monica greeted Skye, so Skye introduced Lila Rae to Monica and explained that Monica was Lila Rae's grandmother. Lila Rae hugged her grandmother. Monica's eyes filled with tears as she confessed that Lila Rae had made her day. Monica realized that she and Skye hadn't always seen eye-to-eye, but Monica was certain that Alan and Edward would be happy that Skye and Lila Rae were there.

Elsewhere, Tracy was at the family's mausoleum as she placed a flower by Alan's plaque. She told her brother that their father had passed away and then admitted that she felt alone. Moments later, she heard approaching footsteps. Tracy looked up and smiled; it was Ned. Tracy hugged her eldest son. Afterwards, Ned confessed that he couldn't believe that Edward had passed away. Ned realized that Edward had been elderly, but he had seemed invincible to Ned. Tracy admitted that her father had been her rock and that nothing had seemed real unless Edward had given her his seal of approval.

Tracy gently placed a flower by Edward's plaque, which read, "Edward Louis Quartermaine 09/02/18 -11/20/2012." Tracy recalled Edward's words to her on her wedding day to Luke when Edward had admitted that he had been happy for Tracy because it had been clear to Edward that Luke made Tracy happy. Misty-eyed, Tracy returned to the present as she confessed that Edward had been the glue that had held the family together. "What's going to become of us?" Tracy asked forlornly. Ned reminded her that they were Quartermaines, so they would survive. Tracy had her doubts, but Ned insisted that they had Tracy, the toughest of all of the Quartermaines, to guide them.

Ned invited Tracy to return to the house with him, but she wanted a few more minutes alone, so Ned went without her. Meanwhile, at the house, Skye told A.J. that the pain of losing Edward was slightly more bearable because they had A.J. back. "Speak for yourself," Ned replied from the doorway. Monica warmly greeted Ned as Skye welcomed him home. Ned hugged Monica and then smiled at Lila Rae. Skye explained that she was trying to ease Lila Rae into the family, so Ned advised Lila Rae to get out while she still could.

"Ned," everyone scolded Ned in unison. Skye ordered Ned and A.J. to behave and then took Lila Rae for a walk around the grounds. The tension was thick between the cousins as they each took turns goading each other. Monica tried to change the subject by asking how Ned's daughter, Brook Lynn, was. Ned explained that Brook Lynn was on a concert tour and that his brother, Dillon, was in the Far East, shooting a film, so they hadn't been able to make it. Ned then resumed trying to push A.J.'s buttons, so Monica reminded Ned that it wasn't the time or place.

Monica was curious if Ned had seen his mother, so Ned revealed that Tracy had needed some time alone because the family that Tracy had grown up with was gone. A.J. extended his hand to Ned in an effort to call a truce, but Ned wasn't interested. Ned resented A.J. thinking that A.J. could show up, years later, thinking that everything that A.J. had done would be erased. However, Ned then apologized to Monica for not visiting more often, so Monica tactfully pointed out that they had all chosen different paths. "Some of us regard the family more than others," Ned replied, as A.J. rolled his eyes.

Ned recalled once talking to Edward about how Edward had taught Ned to take risks. Meanwhile, Monica was certain that Edward would want his grandsons to get along.

At the mausoleum, Tracy cried as she realized that there was no one left to share her childhood memories of the Quartermaine Christmases in Oyster Bay or the time that the family had vacationed in England and Tracy has shoved Alan into a lake. Tracy's smile was bittersweet as she recalled that Lila had also shoved Tracy into the water to teach Tracy a lesson. Tracy tearfully remembered how Edward had taught her to drive and how she had backed the car into the breakfast room's wall. Her heart broke as she realized that no one would remember what had made her family laugh and cry. "My family," Tracy whispered sorrowfully.

Tracy gently touched Edward, Lila, and Alan's plaques as she wept that she was the only one left. Tracy stiffened when she heard someone approach. She demanded the courtesy of privacy, so Skye apologized and explained that they hadn't realized that Tracy had been there. Tracy was not pleased when she saw Skye and Lila Rae standing in the mausoleum. Skye offered her condolences to Tracy but Tracy remained hostile, so Skye admitted that she had wanted Lila Rae to see the people who had been important to Skye, including the woman that her daughter had been named after.

Skye led Lila Rae to Lila's plague as she revealed that Lila had been a beautiful person inside and out, like Lila Rae. Tracy thought that it was inappropriate for Skye to talk about people whom Lila Rae wasn't biologically related to. Skye reminded Tracy that Edward and Alan had loved their family, which Skye had been blessed to be a part of. Skye pointed out that blood didn't make a family; love did.

A short time later, Tracy returned to the mansion. Tracy resented that Monica expected Ned to get along with the man who had been directly responsible for Edward's death. "Tracy, what in God's name are you talking about?" A.J. demanded. Tracy pointed out that A.J. had been the last person to see Edward alive. Monica quickly corrected Tracy by reminding her sister-in-law that Monica had been with Edward when he had passed away and that Edward had been gone by the time that Tracy had agreed to let A.J. see his grandfather. A.J. realized that Tracy was in pain, which made Ned bristle because Ned didn't appreciate A.J. patronizing Tracy.

Monica's temper flared because she didn't recall Ned calling to check on any of them during the crisis with the deadly pathogen when everyone had been moments away from death. Monica, Tracy, Ned, and A.J. began to argue as Skye and Lila Rae returned. Alice walked in and warmly greeted Skye. Alice wondered if Skye and her daughter would be joining them for dinner, but Tracy made it clear that Skye wasn't welcome because Skye wasn't family. Monica insisted that Skye and Lila Rae were welcome because Edward and Alan had loved Skye.

The arguing resumed, so Lila Rae asked her mother if everything was okay. Skye assured Lila Rae that all was well and then added, "Welcome to the family." Meanwhile, Alice went to the door when she heard the doorbell. It was Michael. Michael could hear everyone yelling at each other, so Alice apologized for the noise.

Alice was mortified that the Quartermaines couldn't stop squabbling even out of respect for Edward. Michael remembered how accepting and happy Edward had been when Michael had agreed to go to work for ELQ. Edward had been proud of Michael and eager to work with his great-grandson, but had warned Michael that being a part of the family was a great responsibility.

Michael entered the library and shouted, "Hey. Hey. What are you doing? Aren't we here for great-grandfather?" Michael reminded everyone how important family had been to Edward, so they should honor Edward's memory by making it a Thanksgiving that Edward would have wanted. Duly chastised, everyone agreed that Michael was right.

Meanwhile, Heather crept into the parlor to look for Edward's will. She found it in the desk, so she pulled it out and read it. "Oh, Edward," Heather said, "You thought of everything." She slid the will back into the envelope and shoved it into the drawer. Heather was about to leave when Skye entered the room, looking for aspirin for her headache. Skye immediately recognized Heather. Heather quickly whipped out a deadly knife and took Skye hostage.

In the library, everyone heard Skye's scream, so they raced to the parlor. Ned begged Heather to release Skye and promised to let Heather leave, but Heather didn't believe them. Alice, carrying a bat, sneaked up behind Heather and conked Heather over the head with it. Heather dropped unconscious to the ground as Skye ran into Ned's arms. "Nice," A.J. said in response to Alice's quick thinking. "Guess it's a traditional Quartermaine Thanksgiving after all," Alice said as she disarmed Heather.

Later, Steve and Olivia arrived as two orderlies from Ferncliff carted Heather, who had been put into a straitjacket, through the foyer. Heather insisted that she had only wanted to spend Thanksgiving with Steve. Olivia ordered the men from Ferncliff to get "that lunatic" out of there. After Heather was taken away, A.J. apologized to Michael for all the craziness. A.J. had been touched by what Michael had said about family, so he was happy to have his son there.

Michael admitted that he was glad that A.J. was back, but he barely knew A.J., so A.J. shouldn't expect to bond overnight. A.J. assured Michael that he understood, but he was curious if anyone had talked to Michael about A.J. "Like who?" Michael asked. A.J. decided to drop the matter, so he led Michael back to the library.

In the library, everyone reminisced about Edward and all of the special moments that Edward had shared with Lila and his loved ones. Tracy recalled telling Edward that she loved him during the crisis and how Edward had smiled gently, while he gave Patrick the thumbs-up after Edward had given Emma the last dose of life-saving serum. In the library, everyone raised their glasses as Ned said, "To Edward Quartermaine. There will never be another one like him."

At Ferncliff, Heather, who remained in a straitjacket, was locked in a padded room as she repeatedly said in a sing-song voice, "I know something that the Quartermaines don't know."

At the mansion, everyone entered the parlor to have dinner but stopped short when they saw that Heather had left it in shambles during her struggle with the men from Ferncliff. Ned tried to be optimistic by suggesting that they could salvage the dinner, but Alice called the pizza place that they had usually ordered Thanksgiving dinner from. However, it had been closed for renovations. Everyone was disappointed because their Thanksgiving dinner had been ruined.

Moments later, the doorbell rang, so Alice went to the door. She was shocked to find a dozen pizza boxes on the doorstep. Alice carried them in and told the family about the special delivery. They were unaware that Edward's ghost had appeared in the doorway as everyone joined together to sing the Thanksgiving song that Edward had sung every year. Edward's ghost joined in as he reached for Lila's hand.

Afterwards, Edward and Lila went to the staircase. Edward asked Lila if she wanted to renew their commitment to each other. Lila assured him that she did, so Edward smiled down at her. Lila stood up from her wheelchair and then, hand-in-hand, Edward and Lila walked up the stairs and into the light.

The episode was dedicated in loving memory to John Ingle, 1928 - 2012

Thursday, November 22, 2012

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Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, did not air today. The pre-emption was planned, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of this programmng change.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, November 26, and pick up where the Wednesday, November 21 show concluded.

On behalf of the entire Soap Central team, we are so thankful for your continued support. You've made the last 17 years an incredibly amazing -- and soapy -- time. We appreciate your loyalty, and look forward to continuing our coverage of your favorite soaps for many more years.

If you're bummed out by the lack of new episodes, take some time to check out some of our features that you may not get to visit on a regular basis: our Daily Recaps Archives has recaps dating back to 1996, our Two Scoops columns feature commentaries from 2004 to the present, and our Who's Who in Port Charles section offers detailed character profiles for past and present GH characters.

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