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General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 30, 2012 on GH
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Monday, April 30, 2012

When Luke unlocked his hotel room, he was surprised to find Heather lurking there. She told him that she needed help to get Steve released from the Memphis police. Luke told her to leave and not to return. He said that he had problems of his own. Luke tried to retrieve his gun, but Heather had it and pointed it at Luke. Luke told Heather not to get crazy. Heather said that Maggie had called her crazy and would not do it again. Luke replied very calmly that if Heather used the gun, it would prove that she had not been ready to leave Ferncliff.

Luke asked Heather to give him the gun. Heather said that if Luke would not help her, she would have to go to Memphis and help Steve on her own. Luke responded that Heather needed to rethink going to Memphis because she would be crossing state lines, which would result in the revocation of her release from Ferncliff. Plaintively, Heather said that Steve needed her help. Luke pointed out that Steve had a huge support system, including Olivia, Audrey, and Liz.

Heather worried that none of them would be able to help. Luke was cajoling as he assured Heather that Steve would be okay. He told her that Lulu was missing, and he needed to find his daughter. Heather understood when Luke said that he really needed to find Lulu and that he had to have his gun back. She gave it to him and asked it that meant that they were friends. Luke assured her that they had always been friends and encouraged Heather to return to Steve's apartment to await news.

Heather told Luke that she would be there for him if he needed her. Luke said that Heather had always been there even when he did not need her. Heather left, and a relieved Luke mumbled, "Ferncliff, you need your license yanked," as he closed the door behind her.

Dante confronted Ronnie about Lulu's whereabouts. Ronnie insisted that he knew nothing and tried to make a joke of it, but Dante got increasingly upset as he accused Ronnie of lying, framing Padilla's husband, and committing the assaults on the dancers. Dante let all his suspicions pour out and grabbed Ronnie by the throat. Ronnie turned the tables on Dante and accused him of being a dirty cop, framing Eddie and of being the perpetrator of the assaults. When another officer arrived to break up the fight, Ronnie said that he had proof of Dante's guilt. The officer looked in Ronnie's desk drawer and found a photo and a pair of boots, which Ronnie claimed were Dante's.

The officer handcuffed Dante to a desk and went to find an Internal Affairs officer. He left Ronnie to watch Dante. Ronnie taunted Dante and admitted that he was guilty and had framed Dante because Dante was starting to get suspicious of Ronnie. He gloated that IA would put Dante in prison. Ronnie walked out. He left Dante struggling and screaming that Dante would not rest if Ronnie hurt Lulu.

Maggie and Liz got a gurney and emergency room help for Ewen. While Liz helped the medical staff, Maggie looked for clues in Ewen's office to account for his collapse. While Liz waited for the doctor to examine Ewen, Maggie returned with a paperweight in a plastic bag. The paperweight had traces of blood and hair on it. Liz and Maggie were talking about the unknown "crazy" patient that Ewen had recommended for commitment to Shadybrook when Heather walked up. Heather assumed they were talking about her and immediately went on the offensive.

Both women quickly assured her that they were talking about someone else. Heather told them about Steve and the murder charges pending in Memphis. Liz was very surprised to hear the news about Steve, but insisted that she had to see Ewen when the emergency room doctor told her that Ewen was conscious. After Liz left to see Ewen, Heather said something unflattering about her to Maggie, who wanted to know more about Steve's arrest.

Heather paused and recalled the conversation between Dante and Olivia that she had overheard. She realized that Maggie had known Steve in Memphis and that Maggie was somehow implicated in the murder charges against Steve.

Ewen was conscious when Liz entered his treatment bay. When she asked who had attacked him, he told her it was Connie.

Connie rushed to the Crimson office and retrieved a fortune in cash from the office safe. She was startled when Olivia rushed in. Olivia, who did not have a clue that Connie had taken over Kate, said that she needed help and told Steve's story. Olivia said that she needed to borrow cash to get Steve out of jail on bail. Connie said that she could not help because she was using her cash to take Sonny on a vacation. Olivia wanted to know why Kate could not use her credit cards. Connie replied that she did not want to pay the interest charges and besides, she was not responsible for Olivia's boyfriend's problems.

Olivia asked if Kate was still mad because Olivia had taken Kate to task for going after Steve. Connie turned away, smiled to herself, and then turned back to Olivia and admitted that she was. Then Connie added that she was not going on a trip with Sonny because Sonny had dumped her when he had found her in bed with Johnny. Connie said that she had been sleeping with Johnny for months and that Sonny had shot up the place when he found the duo in bed.

Olivia was flabbergasted. She said that she thought Kate was in love with Sonny. Connie responded that the heart wanted what it wanted. Olivia suggested that Kate did not seem like herself and might need to see the shrink again.

Connie did not like that and said that she did not think that Ewen was available. Connie said that she was actually going away alone until everything had blown over. Connie took her wallet out of her purse and said that she had reconsidered Olivia's request. She pulled out a pile of bills and peeled one off. Connie told Olivia that she was giving Olivia one dollar so that Olivia could buy a clue. Connie then tried to leave the office, but Olivia said that Connie was not going anywhere.

Anna and Mac were at the courtroom, waiting for Maxie's sentencing hearing, when Maxie's mother, Felicia, arrived unexpectedly. Felicia and Anna hugged as Felicia offered condolences on Robin's death. When Mac asked why Felicia was there, Felicia said she was in Port Charles to be with Maxie. Mac was hostile and said that Felicia was a little late. He said that Maxie would not want to see Felicia and reminded her of Maxie's reaction to Felicia at Georgie's funeral. Felicia said that Maxie had needed someone to blame. Felicia said that she was Maxie's mother, and Maxie needed her.

Mac told Felicia to leave, but Felicia said that she was staying. Mac said he was the one who had stayed and that Felicia could not return to town and pick up where she had left off. Felicia asked Mac if he was trying to protect Maxie or punish Felicia. Mac said he was not trying to punish Felicia; he just wanted what was best for Maxie. Felicia walked away to see Maxie

Anna got a call from Luke, who asked her to skip the sentencing because he needed her help to find Lulu. Anna agreed and told Mac that something important had arisen and she had to go. Mac asked her to talk to Felicia. Anna said it would do no good. She said that if it were Robin in the courtroom instead of Maxie, nothing would keep her away.

Down the hall, Alexis talked to Matt, who kept remembering bits of what had happened on the boat the night Lisa had perished. Matt wanted Alexis to orchestrate a plan to save Maxie, but she told him that all she could do was plead for leniency. Matt said that he kept thinking about that night but could not remember any of the details. Alexis said that she could not help Maxie if Maxie would not let her. Alexis worried that regret would kick in once Maxie was in prison. She encouraged Matt to speak with Maxie.

Inside the courtroom, Spinelli was stunned to find out that Maxie had know all along that Matt had murdered Lisa. Spinelli insisted that Maxie had to tell the truth, but Maxie said that she had gone to great lengths to protect Matt. She said that it was her fault that Matt had been drunk and forgotten everything that happened. Maxie claimed that she was also responsible because Patrick and Emma had lost Robin and said that she would not be the cause of them losing Matt also. She added that Patrick and Emma needed Matt in their lives. Maxie said that she could survive prison, but could not survive breaking up a family

Spinelli replied that they needed Maxie as well. Maxie said that she was nothing special, not a doctor who could save lives like Matt. She begged Spinelli to keep his mouth shut. Spinelli said that Maxie was special to him and that he loved her. Maxie told him that if he loved her, he would do as she wished and not say anything. Before Spinelli could go on, Felicia walked in. Maxie asked what Felicia was doing there.

Felicia said that she was Maxie's mother and was there to support Maxie. Maxie said it was nice and then told Felicia to go away. Felicia said that she understood Maxie's anger. Maxie said that Robin was dead because of her. Maxie told Felicia that Felicia was a terrible mother and called herself a terrible daughter. Felicia assured Maxie that she had faith in Maxie. Matt entered the courtroom in time to hear their conversation.

Before Spinelli could confront Matt, the judge entered and the bailiff called the court to order. Alexis told the judge that Maxie had pleaded guilty against legal advice. The judge asked if Maxie was changing her plea. Alexis said no. The judge was about to pass sentence when Spinelli stood up and shouted, "No."

Anna found Luke, who told her that Lulu was missing. He told her about the assault case and about Lulu's suspicions that Ronnie was the real stalker. Luke said that he was unable to reach either Dante or Lulu. Anna said that she had seen Dante earlier when he had been at the courthouse, looking for Lulu. Luke checked his gun and said that if that freak Ronnie had touched Lulu, he would kill him with special circumstances.

Anna and Luke went to the police station, where they found Dante handcuffed and screaming to be released so that he could go after Ronnie and find Lulu before Ronnie hurt her.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

At the courthouse, the judge asked Maxie to rise, so that he could sentence her for the crimes that she had confessed to. Spinelli stood up, and then announced that he had information that would change everything. Spinelli insisted that Maxie had not murdered anyone, but the judge reminded Spinelli that Maxie had confessed, so Spinelli shouldn't waste the court's time. Spinelli argued that someone else had killed Lisa Niles and Briggs. Spinelli suddenly recalled Maxie's tearful plea to keep quiet about Matt's role in Lisa's murder, because she didn't want Patrick and Emma to have to suffer any more than they had.

Spinelli begged the judge to consider Maxie's many wonderful attributes when the sentence was rendered. Next, Felicia stood up to admit that she had been a horrible mother to Maxie, and therefore, was partially responsible for what had happened. The judge pointed out that Felicia hadn't killed anyone; however, Maxie had, so Maxie would be sentenced accordingly. The judge reminded Maxie that Maxie had pleaded guilty to two counts of murder, and forgery. He conceded that Lisa's death might have been justifiable homicide, but there had been no excuse for the second murder. Everyone was stunned when the judge sentenced Maxie to twenty years at Pentonville, without the possibility of parole.

The judge ordered the bailiff to take Maxie into custody, but Matt ran up to Maxie to beg her to tell the judge the truth, before it was too late. Maxie's eyes filled with tears, as she assured everyone that she was ready to serve her sentence. Felicia wept, and vowed to stand by her daughter. Spinelli promised Maxie that he would not stop fighting for her, as she was led away.

Carly's cell phone rang, so she picked it up. It was Johnny. Johnny was surprised that Carly had answered his call, so Carly explained that she had wanted to tell him, "Go to hell." Carly disconnected the call, and then knocked on Jason and Sam's penthouse door. Sam opened the door, so Carly marched into the penthouse, as she explained that she was there to see Jason. Sam revealed that Jason wasn't home.

Carly assumed that Jason had been doing something for Sonny until she noticed Sam's troubled expression. Carly wondered if Jason and Sam had argued, but Sam ignored the question to remind Carly that Carly had a boyfriend to turn to when Carly needed help with problems. Carly admitted that she had ended things with Johnny after catching him in bed with Kate. Carly embarked on a tirade about how Johnny had played her, and then ended her rant with the comment that, at least, she hadn't fallen in love with Johnny.

Sam suspected that the opposite was true; Carly had fallen in love with Johnny. Carly revealed that perhaps Luke had been correct to suspect that Johnny had been a replacement for Jax. Carly confided that it was her and Jax's fifth anniversary. According to Carly, she had planned to sign the divorce papers, so she had gone to Johnny's to share the news with him, but had been surprised to find Johnny in bed with Kate. Carly suddenly realized that she had shared too much information with Sam, but Sam suggested that sometimes it was easier to share something personal with someone that they shouldn't.

Carly sensed that Sam was no longer referring to Carly's situation. It dawned on Carly that Jason might not be at home for another reason. Sam admitted that Carly was free to say, "I told you so." Carly wondered what had happened, so Sam explained that she had made everything worse with Jason by trying to protect him again. Carly assured Sam that Jason loved Sam, and that nothing could drive Jason away from his marriage, because Jason had made a promise to Sam. Sam appreciated the support, so she admitted that she was confident that Carly would get through the disappointing breakup with Johnny, because no one could take Carly down.

"Oh, God, I think we just had a girlfriend moment, " Carly said with horror. Carly suggested that they pretend that the conversation had never happened, so that they could return to hating each other. "Please. I've already started," Sam replied. Carly walked to the door, but then stopped to assure Sam that Jason would return. Sam smiled, and then thanked Carly.

At Greystone Manor, Jason was relieved when he saw Sonny sitting in the parlor. Jason explained that he and Michael had been concerned, after Sonny had disappeared from the birthday party. Sonny revealed that he had walked in on Johnny and Kate in bed together. Jason insisted that it didn't make any sense, because Kate loved Sonny. Sonny clarified that the affair had been going on for four months, and that he suspected that Kate had wanted to punish him for nearly getting her killed on their wedding day. Jason remained skeptical, and suggested that perhaps something else had been going on with Kate.

Jason confessed that he had asked Spinelli to dig into Kate's medical records, and that Ewen had been ready commit Kate to Shadybrook, but Sonny brushed it off. Sonny resented that Kate had lied to him, and wondered if Jason knew what it felt like. Sonny was surprised when Jason admitted that he did. Sonny was curious what was going on with Jason and Sam, so Jason revealed that the baby wasn't his, and that Jason had been forced to watch while Franco raped Sam. Sonny urged Jason to talk to Sam about it, but Jason explained that Sam had been turning to John McBain for solace.

Sonny was certain that John had ulterior motives for lending Sam a sympathetic shoulder. Jason agreed. Sonny assured Jason that Jason and Sam would be able to work things out, but Jason confided that Sam questioned Jason's ability to love the baby. Jason then quietly admitted that a part of him wondered if he would be able to look at the baby without being reminded of what had happened to Sam. Jason realized that it wasn't fair to Sam or the baby. Sonny didn't know what to say, except that it wasn't the child's fault.

Jason then revealed that it would help if they could find something to use against John, so that they could get John out of their lives. Sonny warned Jason that McBain was squeaky-clean, so it wouldn't be easy. However, Sonny advised Jason not to let John get between Jason and Sam. Jason quickly turned the conversation back to Sonny and Kate. Sonny admitted that Dr. Keenan had left a message, so Jason suggested that Sonny return the doctor's call. After Jason left, Sonny listened to Ewen's message, and then called Ewen, but the call went to voicemail.

At Crimson, Olivia was stunned to realize that her cousin had handed her a dollar bill to help with Steve's legal expenses. Connie didn't show an ounce of remorse, as Olivia grappled with the realization that Kate had kicked Olivia to the curb. Olivia insisted that the cousin that she had grown up with would never have treated Olivia like that. "What the hell is wrong with you?" Olivia demanded. Johnny suddenly appeared in the doorway, and eagerly offered to explain exactly what was wrong with Kate. Connie glared at Johnny, and then quickly explained that she was leaving town, so Johnny would have to accept that their relationship was over.

Olivia berated her cousin for betraying Sonny, and then accused Johnny of ruining lives, including Steve's, in an effort to take Sonny down. Olivia crumpled up the dollar bill, and then threw it at her cousin, vowing never to ask Kate for another thing. Connie chuckled, and then snidely wondered if Olivia might change her mind. After Olivia stormed out, Connie was curious what Johnny had done to Olivia's boyfriend. Connie realized that Johnny had regrets when he refused to answer. Johnny confirmed that he wished that he could undo what had happened to Steve, and others.

Connie insisted that she and Johnny had had a good time, but Johnny argued that he had lost the one thing that had mattered most to him. Connie was curious if he expected her to call Carly, but Johnny admitted that it was useless. Connie wondered why he was there, so Johnny explained that he wanted to talk to Kate. He was surprised to see Connie in the office, because Ewen had been determined to take Kate to Shadybrook. Connie bragged that she had persuaded Ewen to change his mind about Shadybrook. Johnny confessed that he was worried about Kate, but Connie suspected that Johnny was more concerned about doing damage control, because he was afraid that Kate would accuse him of rape.

Connie assured Johnny that Kate was gone, and that as far as Connie was concerned, it had been sex between two consenting adults. Johnny had doubts about what he had consented to, but Connie reminded him that their plan had been a success, because they had each achieved their goals. Johnny agreed that it was unlikely that Sonny would take, Kate back, but Johnny wanted to make things right with Carly. Connie made a wisecrack, and then started to leave, but Johnny refused to let her go. Johnny explained that Connie wasn't real; she was merely a part of someone, and not a good part. Johnny regretted what had happened with Kate, but Connie insisted that he had nothing to worry about.

Johnny argued that he had taken advantage of Kate. Connie vowed to carry out her original threat, by accusing him of rape, if he didn't leave. Johnny realized that Connie meant it, so he left. Afterwards, Connie grabbed her bag of money, and then went to the elevator.

At the nurses' station, Heather observed that Maggie didn't seem well. Maggie explained that she was worried about Steve's legal troubles. Heather recalled Olivia mentioning to Dante that Maggie had known about what had happened in Memphis. Meanwhile, Maggie wished that she could help, because Steve didn't deserve to be in jail. Heather agreed, and then suggested that they all write glowing letters of recommendation on Steve's behalf. Maggie agreed to write one, but she had little faith that it would help.

After Maggie went to check on Ewen, Heather saw a doctor hand a bottle of propranolol to a nurse, and then explain that the patient had to take the medication exactly as prescribed, because too much would kill the man. The nurse set the bottle down, and then turned her back after the doctor left, so Heather seized the opportunity to swipe the bottle of pills. Afterwards, Heather persuaded Maggie to escort Heather home, because Heather needed constant supervision, per the terms of Heather's release. A short time later, Heather and Maggie arrived at the apartment. Olivia called Heather to make certain that Heather was home, and then assured Heather that, according to Dante, Steve was being treated well by the Memphis police.

Olivia promised to be at the apartment soon, and then ended the call. Heather relayed the information about Steve to Maggie, and then offered to make some iced tea. Maggie accepted, so Heather fetched two glasses of tea, and then dumped the propranolol into Maggie's glass. Maggie took the offered glass of tea, unaware that it had been spiked. Heather smiled with satisfaction, as Maggie drank the tea. Afterwards, Maggie decided to get back to the hospital, but then swooned when she stood up.

Heather urged Maggie to sit down, so Maggie agreed. Heather casually picked up the newspaper, and then began to talk about Maxie's trial, and what a smart move it had been for Maxie to arrange for someone to forge a suicide note confessing to killing Lisa. Maggie suddenly realized that Heather had drugged the tea. Heather warned Maggie that Maggie should not have called Heather crazy, as Maggie succumbed to the drugs.

Later, Heather wiped the glasses clean, as she assured Maggie that Maggie could rest in peace, knowing that Maggie had helped Steve. Heather was confident that everyone would soon know that Maggie had killed the patient in Memphis.

At the hospital, Ewen tried to get up, even though he was weak and had a head wound. Liz wondered who had hurt Ewen, so Ewen revealed that it had been Connie. Liz was curious if Connie was the patient whom Ewen had recommended for inpatient therapy at Shadybrook. Ewen confirmed that it was, but then passed out before he could explain that Connie was actually Kate Howard. Liz decided to check Ewen's patient files to determine exactly who Connie was, but bumped into Olivia outside of the examination bay.

Olivia told Liz about Steve's arrest. Liz confessed that Heather had already informed her of Steve's legal troubles with the Memphis police. Olivia was startled to hear that Heather had been at the hospital, but Liz assured Olivia that she had sent Heather home. Olivia quickly called to touch base with Heather. Afterwards, Olivia met back up with Liz, so that they could figure out how to help Steve.

Liz revealed that she might know someone who might help, but first she needed to find a file on the patient who had attacked Ewen. Olivia was shocked when Liz explained that a patient named Connie had assaulted Ewen. Liz then confided that Ewen had been determined to take Connie to Shadybrook, but Liz couldn't find the patient's file.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

At the penthouse, Sam put down the figurines of the dragon and the phoenix when Jason arrived home. Sam was curious if Jason were there to stay, but Jason didn't answer. Sam suggested that it was a simple question, but Jason argued that nothing was simple, because she had shared everything with John McBain, not her husband. Sam assured Jason that she would gladly change things, if she could, but that was impossible, so they should focus on moving forward. She insisted that what mattered was that Jason knew everything about Franco and the baby, so they could forget about John.

Jason explained that it was impossible, because John was everywhere. Sam's temper flared as she accused Jason of being a hypocrite, because she couldn't confide to John, yet Jason didn't mind Liz, a woman with whom Jason had history, sticking her nose in their business. Jason quickly clarified that Liz had defended Sam to Jason. Jason then revealed that he had opened up to Liz, because Liz had noticed Jason's troubled expression after Jason had showed Liz the picture of John. Sam conceded that neither John nor Liz was the problem, Sam and Jason were.

Sam confessed that she felt like Jason looked at her as if she were tainted. Sam needed to know how Jason felt about the baby. "Will you, or will you not, be able to love this child as if it were your own?" Sam asked. Jason asked what Sam wanted to hear, but he admitted that he needed more time. Frustrated, Sam asked how much more time Jason would need, and then wondered if he would know by the time she gave birth, or when the baby was a couple of months old. Sam insisted that she was able to give their child the love that it deserved, but Jason reminded her that it wasn't their child.

Jason explained that he couldn't pretend that Franco hadn't been a part of creating the child. Sam was crushed, but insisted that the baby needed Jason's love, patience, and protection. "Please, tell me that you can give all of that," Sam pleaded. "I can't," Jason quietly replied. Sam refused to believe that, because he had been able to love Michael. Jason revealed that he was afraid that the baby would be a constant reminder of what Franco had done to Sam.

Sam admitted that she couldn't walk away from her baby, because it was a part of her. Sam reminded Jason that the baby was innocent; it hadn't asked to be conceived. Jason insisted that he just needed more time to think things over, so Sam decided that it would be for the best for her to move out. Later, Sam returned to the living room with her packed bag. Jason wanted Sam to stay at the penthouse, but Sam refused. Jason wondered if she intended to go to Alexis' house, but Sam wasn't ready to answer a lot of uncomfortable questions, so she promised to call Jason when she found a place.

At the door, Sam quietly told Jason that she loved him, and then left. "I love you too," Jason replied after the door closed. He looked at the two figurines, and then recalled when he and Sam had exchanged the special presents. He pushed the memory aside, and then set the phoenix on the mantel, in front of Sam's picture.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny left Ewen a message and then walked over to the wet bar to pour a drink. Sonny was unaware that a listening device had been planted under the wet bar, and that John McBain sat in a hotel room, listening to Sonny. Moments later, Michael entered the parlor. Michael explained that he had been worried about Sonny since Sonny had disappeared from the birthday party. Michael was shocked when Sonny admitted that Sonny had walked in on Kate and Johnny in bed together. In the hotel room, John said that it couldn't have happened to a more deserving person.

Meanwhile, Michael couldn't believe that Kate would betray Sonny like that, because it was clear that Kate loved Sonny. Sonny explained that they had been fooled, because Kate had been seeing Johnny for months. Sonny regretted that he hadn't trusted his own instincts when he had noticed Kate's odd behavior. Sonny was certain that it had been a sign of Kate's infidelity. Michael still had difficulty accepting that Kate had been unfaithful, so Sonny revealed that Kate had also been seeing a psychiatrist.

Michael wondered if Carly knew about Johnny and Kate's affair, so Sonny admitted that she did. Michael felt sorry for Kate, because he was certain that his mother would make Kate's life miserable. Sonny decided to change the subject, so Michael asked Sonny about the birthday gift on Sonny's desk. Sonny hadn't noticed it, so Michael picked it up to hand to his father. However, Michael took a second look when he noticed that it was a framed newspaper clipping about a gang-related death in Atlantic City. Sonny realized that John McBain had left the gift, so Michael was curious what the significance of the present was.

Sonny explained that John blamed Sonny for the death of the young woman in the article. However, Sonny quickly clarified that John had his facts wrong, and that Sonny hadn't been to blame for the woman's death. Sonny vowed that he would not let John pin the tragedy on him. "We'll see about that, Sonny," John remarked in the hotel room. Meanwhile, Sonny asked if Michael had heard from Starr. Michael admitted that he hadn't, so he presumed that Starr had returned to Los Angeles.

Sonny thought that it had probably been for the best, because Starr needed to move on. Moments later, Michael decided to leave, but he was concerned about Sonny. Sonny promised Michael that he was fine, and then hugged his son.

At the hotel, John pulled on his jacket, and then answered his cell phone, as he left the room. It was Natalie. John asked how Liam was doing, and then stopped short when he bumped into Sam in the hallway.

At the Zacchara penthouse, Johnny was on the phone with one of his henchmen. Johnny informed the goon that Sonny had fired shots in Johnny's home the previous evening, so Johnny wanted Sonny's activities monitored. Johnny intended to be prepared the next time that he encountered Sonny. Johnny instructed the goon to call back with an update, ended the call, and then picked up his gun to make certain that it was loaded. Moments later, someone knocked on the front door. It was Starr.

Starr wanted to know how sure Johnny was that Sonny had caused the accident that had claimed Hope and Cole's lives. Johnny explained that he could tell her about the kinder, gentler side of Sonny, or the side of Sonny that had tried to kill Johnny the previous night. Starr wondered why Sonny would be angry enough to want to shoot Johnny, so Johnny claimed that it had been a misunderstanding. Starr was curious why Johnny hadn't called the police, so Johnny confided that things didn't work that way in his world, and then accused Sonny of coveting power and having a complete disregard for innocent bystanders.

Starr watched, as Johnny returned his gun to the box. Starr quietly confessed that the pain wasn't getting any easier. Johnny assured her that it would pass, but Starr explained that she felt guilty for being alive, and for not making certain that Sonny had been convicted of killing her family. Johnny realized that it might sound cold, but he insisted that what was done was done. He urged her to accept it, and to focus on her music career.

Starr was curious if Johnny believed that she could simply let go of her grief. Johnny appreciated that it wasn't easy, because he had allowed his own anger to consume him. Johnny conceded that he had hurt Sonny badly, but it had cost Johnny dearly. Moments later, Johnny excused himself when his cell phone rang. After Johnny's henchman reported in with an update, Johnny returned to the living room, but Starr had left.

At Greystone Manor, Starr reached into her purse as she knocked on the front door. Sonny opened the door.

At Metro Court, Carly was waiting in the lobby when Connie exited the elevator. "Going somewhere?" Carly asked. Connie smirked at Carly, and then bragged that Johnny had enjoyed having sex in Kate's office. Carly seethed with rage as she promised that Johnny would tire of Kate. Moments later, Carly slapped Connie when Connie claimed that Johnny had been disappointed with Carly as a lover. Heated words were exchanged, and then Carly shoved Connie.

Carly and Connie pulled each other's hair, rolled around on the floor, and hurled insults, as the staff and guests watched in horror. Eventually, a gentleman was forced to step between the brawling women, to pull Carly and Connie apart. Carly spotted the scattered papers on the floor, and immediately picked up one of the pages. Carly realized that it was a page out of Kate's patient file. "DID? What the hell is DID?" Carly asked. Connie snatched the paper out of Carly's hand, and then warned Carly to drop it, or Carly would learn firsthand what it was. Carly wasn't the least bit intimidated, so she ordered Kate to leave.

Connie reminded Carly that Kate was part owner of the hotel, so Carly wasn't in a position to order her around. Carly insisted that everyone had grown tired of Kate, but Connie was quick to inform Carly that Johnny hadn't. Carly suggested that Kate go to Johnny's, because he deserved Kate. After Carly sauntered away, Connie gathered up the scattered papers. She overheard two police officers talking as they made their way to the elevator to question Kate regarding Ewen's assault. Connie quickly darted out of the lobby before they noticed her.

At the Zacchara penthouse, Johnny was surprised when he opened the door and saw Carly standing on his doorstep.

At the hospital, Olivia questioned Liz about the patient named Connie who had attacked Ewen. Liz explained that she had looked for a patient file, but it didn't appear that Ewen had a patient named Connie. "But he does have one named Kate," Olivia replied. Olivia confided that Kate had been born Constanza Falconeri, and then admitted that Kate had been seeing Ewen as a patient. Liz and Olivia recalled recent encounters with Kate, when Kate had acted strange and out of character. Olivia didn't understand why Kate would attack Ewen, so Liz explained that Ewen had intended to admit Olivia's cousin to Shadybrook.

Olivia begged Liz to look for any information that would help to explain what was going on with Kate. Liz suggested that Olivia warn Johnny, but Olivia assured Liz that Johnny could take care of himself. According to Olivia, Johnny had changed, and had been responsible for Steve's arrest. Olivia didn't object when Liz decided to call the police to alert them to the possibility that Kate had attacked Ewen. Olivia promised to keep Liz posted about Steve, and then left to track down Kate.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

At the police station, Dante desperately tried to explain to a fellow police officer that Ronnie had framed Dante for attacking the dancers. Dante then accused Ronnie of snatching Lulu, so he begged to be released from custody. The police officer insisted that Dante would have to wait until Internal Affairs had sorted things out. After the police officer left, Delores walked up to Dante's jail cell. Dante pleaded with her to help him, but Delores had little sympathy for Dante's plight, because Dante had been ready to send Eddie to jail.

Dante revealed that Lulu had grown suspicious about Ronnie, so Lulu had turned to Luke for advice. According to Dante, Lulu had disappeared after she had left Luke's hotel suite. Dante quickly filled Delores in on what had transpired in the squad room, when Ronnie had falsely accused Dante of attacking the dancers. Dante assured Delores that he would never harm a woman, so Delores pointed out that she had said the same thing about Eddie, but Dante hadn't believed her.

Dante apologized, and then admitted that he wouldn't be able to live with himself if something happened to Lulu. Delores softened, and then unlocked the jail cell. However, she warned him that she'd shoot him herself if she found out that Dante had lied to her. Dante and Delores raced to a computer to get the GPS signal on Lulu's phone. Dante was relieved when the cell phone suddenly turned on, because he was able to pinpoint its location.

At Metro Court, Luke was worried about Lulu, so Anna reminded him that his daughter was resourceful. Luke felt like a failure, because he had sent his daughter in the wrong direction. Luke's mind raced to every horrible possibility if Lulu ended up in harm's way. Anna warned Luke that he couldn't afford to let himself go there. Luke was immediately contrite, because he realized that he had inadvertently reminded Anna of her own regrets regarding Robin.

Anna assured Luke that she was fine, and then pointed out that Lulu's situation was different. Luke agreed, but he had a history of not being there for his children, so they had learned not to expect anything from him. Anna and Luke talked about Ethan's and Lucky's decisions to leave town. Luke admitted that he had pushed Lucky away, because Luke hadn't been ready to be forgiven for Jake's death. Anna suggested that Luke had underestimated Lucky, because Lucky knew exactly the kind of man that Luke was. Anna's pep talk renewed Luke's determination to find Lulu.

Anna agreed to help Luke, so she pulled out her phone to make some calls. Luke warned her not to call the local police, because they had believed Ronnie's lies. Anna decided to reach out to someone else.

At a local motel, John was on the phone with Natalie when he spotted Sam in the hallway. John heard Liam calling for Natalie, so he promised to call Natalie back later. After John disconnected the call, he asked what Sam was doing at the motel. Sam admitted that she had left Jason, "because of you." John was surprised, so Sam explained that she had confided things to John that she should have first talked to Jason about. Sam then quietly added that she had lost Jason's trust.

Sam pulled the dragon figurine out of her pocket. John wondered what it was, so Sam told him what the dragon and the phoenix symbols signified to her and Jason. Sam suspected that Jason might have understood her decisions if she hadn't shared the results of the paternity test with John. John felt bad for causing problems between Jason and Sam, but Sam assured him that he was not to blame. Sam explained that the real problem was that Jason wasn't sure if he would be able to love the baby, so Sam had decided to give them some time to sort things out.

John was curious which room Sam was staying in. "204," Sam answered, holding up her key. John showed her his key, and then revealed that he was staying in the room next to Sam. John feared that it might not be a good idea, but Sam was too tired to look for another place to stay, and her room had been the last one available. Suddenly, they heard a television blare in a nearby room. Sam was curious if it were a common occurrence.

John admitted that the place was usually quiet. Sam shrugged her shoulders, and then wondered where the vending machines were. She decided to stock up on snacks, since she would be up for most of the night. John pointed her in the right direction, and then knocked on the door of the room with the loud television.

In an undisclosed motel room, Ronnie had Lulu bound and gagged on a bed. He claimed that she hadn't given him a choice. He noticed her eyes drift to the door, so he smiled wickedly, as he explained that Dante would not be rescuing her. Ronnie revealed that Dante had been arrested for attacking the dancers. Lulu spoke over her gag, warning Ronnie that the police would soon figure out that Ronnie had lied.

Lulu tried to scream for help, but Ronnie warned that she wasn't in any position to anger him, so he advised her to be quiet. Ronnie was livid, because he had planned for Eddie to be blamed for the attacks, until Lulu had decided to "play" detective. Ronnie needed to clear his head, so put on a cartoon to keep Lulu busy, and then went to take a shower. Lulu used her feet to scooch the remote close enough to turn up the volume on the television.

Moments later, Ronnie ran into the room with a towel wrapped around his hips. He was furious, because he realized that Lulu had intended to draw someone to the door. As if on cue, someone knocked. It was John McBain. Ronnie and John had never met, so they didn't recognize each other. John asked Ronnie to turn the volume on the television down, because there was a pregnant woman in a nearby room who needed her rest. Ronnie snidely informed John, "I didn't knock her up," and then tried to close the door.

John used his foot to keep the door from closing. John ordered Ronnie to turn the volume down, but Ronnie threatened to put a hole in John's foot if John didn't move it. John decided to back away, so Ronnie slammed the door shut. Moments later, John's phone rang. It was Anna. She asked John to meet her at the hotel, because she needed his help. After John ended the call, Sam returned, munching on a bag of cheese curls.

John plucked the bag out of Sam's hand, urged her to eat something healthy for the baby's sake, and then left. Later, Anna and Luke greeted John in the lobby. They quickly filled him in on what had happened with Lulu. John agreed to help them find Lulu, so Anna sent John a picture of Ronnie, and then went to the police station with Luke. John looked at the picture and realized that Ronnie was the belligerent man at the motel.

At the police station, Luke and Anna were startled to discover that Dante was not in any of the jail cells. Delores approached to inform them that they were in a restricted area. Luke didn't care; he wanted to know where Dante was.

In the motel room, Ronnie scolded Lulu for turning up the television. He warned her not to pull another stunt, and then returned to the bathroom to get dressed. Afterwards, Ronnie decided to see the manager, in an attempt to do damage control in case anyone had complained. Lulu spotted her cell phone on the bed, so she watched Ronnie leave, and then immediately used her feet to draw it close enough to get her hands on it. Lulu managed to turn the cell phone on, but then dropped it out of reach, before she could call anyone.

In the hallway, Ronnie and Sam were startled when they bumped into each other. Ronnie remarked that it appeared that Sam and Jason's honeymoon was over, "and with a bun in the oven, no less." Sam ignored the callous comment, and asked if Ronnie were there because of the noise complaint. Ronnie assured her that he had taken care of it, but Sam heard a loud thump in the room. She urged Ronnie to check it out, but he dismissed it. Sam decided that she would investigate, so Ronnie grabbed her arm, and then in a menacing tone told her, "I'm afraid I can't let you do that."

A short time later, John returned to the motel. He drew his gun as he approached the door, but stopped when Dante suddenly rounded the corner. Dante made it clear that he was there to save Lulu, so John and Dante quietly crept to the door. Dante kicked in the door, and then followed John into the room.

At the Zacchara penthouse, Johnny was relieved that Carly had decided to hear him out. Carly kneed Johnny in the groin, and then strolled into the living room, while Johnny doubled over in pain. Carly bragged that she had kept her promise to "kick Kate's ass across the lobby." Johnny was willing to let Carly do whatever she needed to, as long as she heard him out. Carly warned Johnny that she would never believe anything that he told her, because he had betrayed her.

Johnny explained that Kate had a split personality, and that it had been Kate's second personality who had been in bed with him. Carly gave Johnny points for creativity, but she insisted that it was a ludicrous story. Carly changed her mind when Johnny clarified that Kate's dissociative identity disorder was called "DID" and that Kate had been seeing Ewen Keenan for treatment. Carly recalled seeing Kate's patient file with DID written on the top of the page. Johnny assured Carly that it was a serious disorder, and that he had read a book about a mother and daughter in Pennsylvania, who had suffered from DID for years.

Carly pointed out that it didn't explain why Johnny had slept with Kate's alter personality. Johnny admitted that he had been furious after Sonny had been acquitted of shooting out Anthony's tires, and then had managed to shut down Johnny's lucrative arrangement at the hospital. Johnny conceded that he had been looking for a way to strike out at Sonny, so Kate's alter had appeared at the right time to take advantage of Johnny's anger. Johnny insisted that Kate had merely been a means to an end. "So was I," Carly replied.

Johnny argued that what he had shared with Carly had been real. Carly admitted that he had hurt her worse than she could have imagined; she hoped that it had been worth it. After Carly left, Johnny's henchman called to update Johnny on Sonny's activity. Johnny insisted that he didn't care, and then ended the call. Afterwards, Johnny opened the box where he kept his gun, but the gun was gone.

At Greystone Manor, Starr was curious if Sonny intended to invite her in. Sonny opened the door, as he admitted that he had thought that she had returned to Los Angeles. Starr explained that she had some unfinished business in Port Charles, and then told him about her recording contract falling through in Los Angeles. Sonny was stunned when she revealed that Johnny had decided to pick up the contract. Sonny warned Starr that it might not be a good idea to work with Johnny, because Sonny was certain that Johnny had been responsible for shooting out Anthony's tires. Starr confessed that Johnny was equally certain of Sonny's guilt.

Starr was upset, because it was clear that Sonny's life had returned to normal. Sonny realized that Starr couldn't see things clearly because her pain and grief were too deep. However, he insisted that Johnny was a convincing liar. Starr revealed that she knew about the shooting in Johnny's apartment, so Sonny clarified that he had never intended to kill anyone when he had fired the gun into Johnny's bedroom wall. Sonny explained that it had been personal, so Starr pulled a gun out of her purse, and then said, "So is this."

Sonny quickly held up his hands, and talked to Starr in a calming tone. He urged her to think about what she was doing, so Starr assured him that she had. Sonny was curious where she had gotten the gun, but Starr was evasive. Sonny realized that it was Johnny's gun, so he accused Johnny of putting a gun in a "little girl's" hands to carry out Johnny's vendetta. Starr resented being called a little girl, so she angrily reminded Sonny that she had been the mother of the child that had been killed in the crash.

Starr tearfully confessed that she was tired of missing Hope and Cole. Starr believed that Sonny should be the one who had died, not her family. Sonny urged Starr not to let revenge ruin her life, because her life wasn't over. Starr disagreed, and then decided that it was time for them to leave. Sonny wondered where she wanted to take him, but Starr would only tell him that it was a special place. She then forced Sonny to lead the way to the car.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Dante and John gathered evidence in the room where Ronnie had held Lulu. John offered to help Dante find her. John found evidence that led him to believe Ronnie had taken Sam as a second hostage. John suggested that, with two hostages, Ronnie would not likely have gotten far.

John noticed a matchbook from the Haunted Star and asked if Dante was familiar with it. Dante explained it was a casino on a yacht that belonged to Lulu's father. Dante noticed that Lulu's keys were missing, and she'd have to have them to get into the casino.

Dante wanted to call Jason to have him meet them there, but John stated that Jason didn't belong there, because he wasn't a cop.

At the Haunted Star, Ronnie had Sam and Lulu tied up. He taunted them, telling them they were powerless. Lulu told him that having kidnapped a cop's wife and the wife of a mob enforcer ensured that he'd end up with a bullet between his eyes.

Sam told Ronnie that John, an ex-CIA agent, knew she was missing. Sam and Lulu suggested that Ronnie leave town. Ronnie said he didn't have a choice -- he'd have to kill them. Sam carefully worked one hand free of its bonds. Dante and John arrived and observed from outside the main room.

Carly admitted to Jason that he'd been right about Johnny. She blamed herself for having believed in Johnny. At least he had not taken Michael into the business, she told Jason. "I don't understand why it's hurting so bad," Carly cried.

Jason expressed that Kate had been acting strangely and was surprised that she'd hurt Sonny by sleeping with Johnny. Carly laughed and replied that it hadn't, according to Johnny, been Kate -- but her alter-ego, Connie. Carly scoffed at the notion, but Jason was intrigued. Jason asked Carly if Johnny might have been telling the truth, and she answered that Johnny had seemed sincere.

Jason said that he was leaning toward believing the scenario. Carly remembered that she'd seen Kate's medical record and that there was a document in the file that referred to Kate's DID diagnosis. All Carly knew was that it was an acronym for something that meant split personality. "Obviously, Dr. Keenan thinks she's dangerous, and I'm starting to wonder if he's right," declared Jason.

Jason explained that Kate had become increasingly erratic. He told Carly that Kate had gone ballistic when he'd questioned her about the gun found in her office. "You think the gun is Kate's?" wondered Carly. "No," Jason replied. "Maybe it was Connie's," he theorized. Carly let Jason know that Kate/Connie had headed to the airport. Jason rushed out.

At the airport, Connie purchased a one-way ticket to Rio. She paid with cash and showed her passport when the ticket agent asked for identification. He immediately noticed that the passport was for a Kathryn Howard. In Connie's head, Kate begged to be released.

Connie flirted with the man and explained that she was Kate Howard, traveling under an assumed name so as not to be mobbed by fans of Crimson. The ticket agent believed her and gave her a boarding pass.

While Connie waited for the plane, she began to have an argument with Kate, and other passengers noticed. One called a friend and told them that Kate Howard was having a meltdown and was mostly likely on drugs. In the restroom, Connie and Kate stared at each other in the mirror and continued to argue.

Kate begged Connie to let her go. "I love Sonny, and I'm not going to let you win," Kate vowed. "I'm the real one, Constanza Louise Falconeri," taunted Connie. "You're the alter, and you're finished," she mocked. Connie let Kate know that Dr. Keenan had been neutralized but wouldn't admit what she'd done to him. Connie returned to the waiting area, just as Jason arrived.

Johnny called Starr and left her a message. He said she had something of his and that he hoped she wasn't where he thought. As he left, Michael knocked on the door, and Johnny answered. "This is for my mother," Michael stated before he punched Johnny in the face.

Michael berated Johnny for having used Carly to get back at Sonny. Johnny swore that he really cared for Carly, but Michael yelled at him for sleeping with Kate. Johnny made it clear that he'd slept with Kate only one time and that it had been on Kate's terms. Michael accused Johnny of having shot out the tires on Anthony's car and framing Sonny.

Michael said that Starr hadn't believed him when he'd told her that Johnny would have had motive and opportunity to frame Sonny. "Maybe she just wanted to get out of Port Charles and never look back," Michael concluded. Johnny disabused Michael of that notion. Johnny mentioned he'd bought out Starr's record contract and that she'd stay in Port Charles and record an album.

Johnny told Michael that Starr had stolen a gun from the penthouse. Michael called Sonny but got his voicemail. He ran out, and Johnny called one of his men, ordering him to find Starr, but not to harm her. Michael arrived at Sonny's and viewed the security footage, which showed Starr leading Sonny out at gunpoint.

At the site of Cole and Hope's deaths, Starr held a gun on Sonny. She blamed him for the crash that had killed them, and she threatened to kill Sonny. Sonny pointed out that a jury had found him not guilty. He suggested that Cole wouldn't want Starr to commit murder.

Sonny told her the story of how Michael had been shot because Anthony had put out a hit on Sonny. Sonny asked Starr how she'd feel if she was wrong and ended up murdering the wrong man. "What about Michael?" asked Sonny. "Have you thought what it's gonna do to him?" he queried.

Sonny warned Starr that pulling the trigger would not serve justice and would not relieve her suffering. Just as Starr began to squeeze the trigger, Michael arrived and begged her to stop.

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